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Articles for Newtown, Co. Leitrim

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Articles for Newtown, Co. Leitrim

Articles of agreement made and concluded, by and between Donogh O Harte, of the one parte, and Major Robert Ormesby, on the other parte, in behalfe of Sir Charles Coote, Knight and Barronett, Lord President of Connaght, for and concerning the surrender of the Castle or holt of Newtowne, in the barrony of Drumaheare, unto the said Lord President or whome hee shall apoynt for the Parliament of the Commonwealth of England, June the 3d. 1652.

  1. The said Donnagh O Hart doth conclude, and agree to deliver up the said holt of Newtowne with all the armes, ammunicion and necessaries of warr not heereafter excepted, unto the said Lord President or whome he shall appoynt, at or by twelve of the clocke to morrow without prejudice or imbezilment. In consideracion whereof the said Major Ormesby, doth conclude and agree that the said Donnagh O Hart and those souldiers in that holt shall haue quarters for their lives, and shall haue liberty to march away with their bagg and baggage, without impeachment, except armes, and amunicion.

  2. The said Donnagh O Hart (if hee desire the same) shall haue a proteccion graunted to him, and his men, to live in the State's quarters, with his and their families, as to other protected persons.

  3. That the said Donnagh O Hart shall haue the full benefitt of the little corne that hee, and those souldiers in pay in the said holt sowed themselves, without rent, or contribution for this yeare, and a howse assured them to keepe their corne in safe from any under the Parliaments comand.

  4. The said Donnagh O Hart (if he submitt to protection) shall haue for this yeare the grazeing of twenty cowes free from contribucion.

  5. The said Donnagh O Hart is to haue the small boat and cotts which hee hath on Newtowne Lough without any impeachement.

  6. Lastly the said Donnagh O Hart is to haue six musquiteers and six pikes allowed him, and his men, out of theire armes which they are to deliver up with his owne sword, in case hee submitt to protection for his necessary defence against Tories, which hee is to give security shall not bee imployed against the State.

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Title (uniform): Articles for Newtown, Co. Leitrim

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  • MS. in Library of the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, p. 48.

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‘Articles for Newtown, Co. Leitrim’ (1880). In: A Contemporary History of Affairs in Ireland‍. Ed. by John T. Gilbert. Vol. 3. 2. Dublin: Irish Archaeological Society, p. 322.

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Creation: by officers of the English army

Date: June 1652

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