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List of officers taken prisoners at Ballymore, 8 June, 1691


Edited by John T. Gilbert

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A list of the officers taken prisoners at Ballymore, the 8th of June, 1691.  1

Colonel Ulick Bourke, governor.—Lieutenant-colonel Peter Barnwall, of my lord Gormanston's regiment.—Lieutenant-colonel Thomas Thomas Corbet, of colonel Nicholas Fitzgerald's.

Of my lord Bellew's:—major John Dowdall, captain Valentine Russel, captain Owen Murphy, captain William Pippard, lieutenant p.273 Thady Croly, lieutenant Thomas Macarton, lieutenant John Ley, ensign Branagan, ensign Thomas Tuite, ensign Thomas Smith, David Kennedy, adjutant.

Of sir Maurice Eustace's: —captain Thomas Sherlock, captain Thomas Aspoll, captain Valentine Browne, lieutenant George Fitzgerald, lieutenant Francis Tipper, lieutenant Symon Hart, ensign Andrew Aspole, ensign Matthias Eustace, ensign John Keating, —Connor, chirurgeon.

Of colonel Henry Dillon's: —captain Thomas Dillon, captain Gerard Dillon, lieutenant Morgan Reynolds, lieutenant James Leynam, lieutenant Redmond Fitzgerald, ensign Charles Castoloe.

Of colonel Walter Bourke's:—captain Luke Sheile, captain Robert Fitzgerald, lieutenant Peter Dally, lieutenant Walter Dalton, lieutenant Philip Fox.

Of colonel Charles Moore's:—captain Roger Wolverston, captain John Bourke, captain John Bruerton, lieutenant Christopher Barnwall, ensign Daniel Sullivan, ensign John Bourke, ensign Nicholas Synott.

Of colonel Oxborough's:—lieutenant Luke Everard.

Of my lord of Gormanston's:—ensign Barnewall.

Of colonel Goughegan's:—captain Charles Taaff.

Of colonel Clifford's:—captain Edward Bourke, cornet Daniel Griffith, quarter-master John Caffery, James Mabe, storekeeper, John Pierce, chaplain.

These three not being owned by the governor, the general has ordered them to be included in the number of raparees:—ensign Timothy Lenaghan, ensign Henry Bryan, quarter-master Thomas Joy.

There were found besides in the custody of the provost-marshal twenty-seven private men, which were made prisoners.

The number of the prisoners taken in the fort of Ballymore were: 780 private men, 259 raparees, 645 women,—children.

Endorsed: 8 June, 1691. List of the officers taken prisoners at Ballymore.

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  • List of officers taken prisoners at Ballymore, 8 June, 1691; Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 24, G 7, no. 22.

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‘Prisoners at Ballymore’ (1971). In: A Jacobite narrative of the war in Ireland‍. Ed. by John T. Gilbert. (First published 1892). Shannon: Shannon University Press, pp. 272–273.

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  note 	 = {(First published 1892)},
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