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Letters from Patrick Sarsfield, earl of Lucan, 1691

Patrick Sarsfield

Edited by John T. Gilbert


Letters from Patrick Sarsfield, earl of Lucan, 1691

1. To George Clarke, secretary-at-war.

Limerick, October 8, 1691.

Sir, —Be pleased to get general Ginkel's pass for the under-named officers to go into the country to dispose of what effects they left there, and to return with their arms, equipage, and servants, and you will oblige, sir, your most humble servant, —Lucan.

Lieutenant-colonel Birne and captain Charles Birne, captain Garrett Birne, captain Bryan McDonnell, captain George Brenan, captain Thomas Bedford, captain John Birne, captain Bryan O'Neile, lieutenant  p.309 Daniel Doyle, lieutenant Peter Byrne, ensign James Birne, ensign Charles McDonnell, lieutenant Patrick Carroll, ensign Martin Murphy, ensign Peter Bath.

2. To baron de Ginkel

October 17th, 1691.

My lord,—I am extremely surprised to meet with the difficulties count Nassau makes as to the embarkment of the wives and children belonging to our troops, which he says is done by your excellency's order. I suppose, if so, it must be by some misconstruction, for it was at all times agreed to by your excellency and the justices without any difficulty, that the women and children belonging to our men should be permitted to be shipped with them if they pleased. And the first article does expressly provide that all manner of persons whatsoever that were willing should go for France. And what the count de Nassau objects out of the seventh article, which mentions only the transportation of the troops, that article relates to the number of ships to be provided and tonnage of them, and does by no means cut off or bar the former article. And I am confident, upon serious reflection, your excellency will be of the same opinion. As we have hitherto proceeded of both sides with sincerity and candour, so we, relying upon your excellency's honour and the public faith, expect now to be dealt withal without wresting or extorting any meaning out of the articles contrary to agreement and the genuine sense, which fair manner of proceeding will add to the reputation of your arms that of your justice. My lord, the count de Nassau, notwithstanding that I consented to have a second examination of our men as they marched out of Limerick, does expect to have another examination here, although by the articles there was to be but one. I shall, therefore, desire your excellency to send your orders that none such be demanded, it being contrary to all agreed. As for the troops that were in Kerry and this side of the Shannon, in regard the review of those was put off to Cork by major-general Talmach and me, if your excellency pleases, let those be examined by the count de Nassau here. My lord, pray despatch your orders about these matters, for, until these obstacles are removed, the troops cannot p.310 embark, and the troops of Limerick cannot come away before. I am confident this of the count de Nassau is a mistaking of your order, for I never can suspect that one of your honour and integrity would break articles so solemnly made. As delay in this matter is inconvenient for you and us, I shall beg you to despatch your orders to the count de Nassau about these matters, and that count Nassau be likewise ordered to provide quarters for our embarkment, for the convenient quarters for the embarkment are taken up by the troops.

This occasion, my lord, does only give me an opportunity to assure your excellency that I am, with all respect imaginable, your excellency's most humble servant, —

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‘Letters from Patrick Sarsfield, earl of Lucan, 1691’ (1971). In: A Jacobite narrative of the war in Ireland‍. Ed. by John T. Gilbert. (First published 1892). Shannon: Shannon University Press, pp. 308–310.

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  note 	 = {(First published 1892)},
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Creation: by Patrick Sarsfield, earl of Lucan

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