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James II. to officers of Irish forces on arrival at Brest, 1691

King James II

Edited by John T. Gilbert

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James II. to officers of Irish forces on arrival at Brest, 1691

James, Rex, — Having been informed of the capitulation and surrender of Limerick and of the other places which remained to us in our kingdom of Ireland, and of the necessity that forced the lords justices and general officers of our forces thereunto, we shall not defer to let you know, and the rest of the officers that came along with you, that we are extremely satisfied with your and their conduct, and of the valour of the soldiers during the siege; and most p.312 particularly of your and their declaration and resolution to come and serve where we are. And we assure you, and order you to assure both officers and soldiers that are come along with you, that we shall never forget this act of loyalty, nor fail when in a capacity to give them above others a particular mark of our favour. In the meantime you are to inform them that they are to serve under our command and by our commissions. And if we find that a considerable number is come with the fleet, it will induce us to go personally to see them and regiment them. Our brother, the king of France, had already given orders to clothe them and furnish them with all necessaries, and to give them quarters for their refreshment. So we bid you heartily farewell.

Given at our court at St. Germain's, 27th November, 1691.

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Title (uniform): James II. to officers of Irish forces on arrival at Brest, 1691

Author: King James II

Editor: John T. Gilbert

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  • Royal Irish Academy, MS G 24. G. 7, no. 67.

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‘James II. to officers of Irish forces on arrival at Brest, 1691’ (1971). In: A Jacobite narrative of the war in Ireland‍. Ed. by John T. Gilbert. (First published 1892). Shannon: Shannon University Press, pp. 311–312.

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  note 	 = {(First published 1892)},
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Creation: by King James II

Date: 1691

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Keywords: political; prose; 17c; Jacobite War; James II

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