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  1. Why hast thou lured me on, fond muse, to quit
    The path of plain dull worldly sense, and be
    A wanderer through the realms of thought with thee
    While tears that never knew thy visitings sweet,
    Cold souls that mock thy quiet melancholy,
    Win their bright way up Fortune's glittering wheel;
    And we sit lingering here in darkness still,
    Scorned by the bustling sons of wealth and folly?
    Yet still thou whisperest in mine ear, 'the day—
    The day may be at hand when thou and I,
    (The season of expectant pain gone by),
    Shall tread to Joy's bright porch a smiling way,
    And rising, not as once, with hurried wing,
    To purer skies aspire, and hail a lovelier spring.'

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Title (uniform): Fame

Author: Gerald Griffin

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Works by Griffin

  • For further information, please see Gerald Griffin's Chronology and Bibliography.

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Griffin, Gerald (1895). ‘Fame’. In: Poems and Plays: The poetical and dramatic works of Gerald Griffin.‍ Ed. by [unknown]. Dublin: James Duffy, p. 134.

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Creation: By Gerald Griffin (1803–1840). 1830s?

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Keywords: literary; poetry; Gerald Griffin; 19c

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