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O'Brien of Ara

Thomas Osborne Davis

Edited by T. W. Rolleston

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    O'Brien of Ara 1

    Air: The Piper of Blessington

  1. Tall are the towers of O'Ceinneidigh, 2
    Broad are the lands of MacCarrthaigh, 3
    Desmond feeds five hundred men a-day;
    Yet, here's to O'Briain 4 of Ara!
    Up from the Castle of Druim-aniar, 5
    Down from the top of Camailte,
    Clansman and kinsman are coming here
    To give him the CÉAD MÍLE FÁILTE.
  2.  p.311
  3. See you the mountains look huge at eve—
    So is our chieftain in battle—
    Welcome he has for the fugitive—
    Uisce-beatha6 fighting, and cattle!
    Up from the Castle of Druim-aniar,
    Down from the top of Camailte
    Gossip and ally are coming here
    To give him the CÉAD MÍLE FÁILTE.
  4. Horses the valleys are tramping on,
    Sleek from the Sacsanach manger,
    Creachts the hills are encamping on,
    Empty the bawns of the stranger!
    Up from the Castle of Druim-aniar,
    Down from the top of Camailte,
    Ceithearn7 and buannacht are coming here
    To give him the CÉAD MÍLE FÁILTE.
  5. He has black silver from Cill-da-lua 8
    Rian 9 and Cearbhall 10 are neighbours,
    'N Aonach 11 submits with a fuililiú
    Butler is meat for our sabres!
    Up from the Castle of Druim-aniar
    Down from the top of Camailte,
    Rian and Cearbhall are coming here
    To give him the CÉAD MÍLE FÁILTE.
  6.  p.312
  7. 'Tis scarce a week since through Osairghe 12
    Chased he the Baron of Durmhagh 13
    Forced him five rivers to cross, or he
    Had died by the sword of Red Murchadh! 14
    Up from the Castle of Drum-aniar,
    Down from the top of Camailte,
    All the Ui Bhriain are coming here
    To give him the CÉAD MÍLE FÁILTE.
  8. Tall are the towers of O'Ceinneidigh—
    Broad are the lands of MacCarrthaigh—
    Desmond feeds five hundred men a-day;
    Yet, here's to O'Briain of Ara!
    Up from the Castle of Druim-aniar,
    Down from the top of Camailte,
    Clansman and kinsman are coming here
    To give him the CÉAD MÍLE FÁILTE.

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The concluding stanza was found amoung the author's papers, and was inserted in the first edition. It is believed to have been a personal reference, not to any Geraldine but to William Smith O'Brien.

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  • First published in the Nation on 28 June 1845.

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Davis, Thomas Osborne (1910). ‘O’Brien of Ara’. In: Thomas Davis: Selections from his prose and poetry‍. Ed. by T. W. Rolleston. 310—312. Dublin and London: The Talbot Press.

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Creation: by Thomas Davis

Date: 1845

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Keywords: literary; poetry; 19c

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  1. Ara is a small mountain tract south of Loch Deirgdheirc, and north of the Camailte, or the Keeper Hills. It was a seat of a branch of the Thomond princes, called the O'Briens of Ara. 🢀

  2. Vulgo O'Kennedy. 🢀

  3. Vul. M'Carthy. 🢀

  4. Vul. O'Brien. 🢀

  5. Vul. Drumineer. 🢀

  6. Vul. Usquebaugh. 🢀

  7. vul. Kerne. 🢀

  8. Vul. Killaloe. 🢀

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  10. Vul. Carroll. 🢀

  11. Vul. Nenagh. 🢀

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  14. Vul. Murrough. 🢀


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