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Colophon from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 610, being an annal for the year 1454

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Colophon from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 610, being an annal for the year 1454

The poem “A Dé dúilig adateoch” from Laud 610, 46a2 is edited by Meyer and the following scribal colophon:

1. Text


Is í áis in tigerna an nodluic so atám .i. mile bliadain ⁊ cethri cét bliadain ⁊ cethri bliadna déc ⁊ da fichet ⁊ is mor d'fhétfamais d'innsin do maithius fir in leabair so  1 ach nach ail leis féin a légin dúin a cur sís ⁊ gid ed, ni fetaim féin gan a innisin in sluaiged doroine sé a n-Uíb Feilmeda, oir do bamar ocht lá ⁊ ocht n-oidche inti d'ainneoin Laigen ⁊ is é in adbar do so seoch gach maidm ⁊ cach sluaiged ⁊ cach ar gabh do caislenaib .i. mé féin faris annsa sluaiged so ⁊ a mét d'fhín ⁊ d'fheoil ⁊ d'usci bethad ⁊ do cinél cach maithiusa fuarus ann ⁊ mé a lebaid mo tigerna.

1. Translation

This is the age of the Lord this present Christmas viz. 1454 years. And we could relate much of the excellence of the owner of this book, but that he himself would not let us set it down. However, I cannot but tell of the hosting which he made in Hy Feilme  2, for we were on it for eight days and eight nights in spite of the men of Leinster; and the reason why I mention it above every victory and every hosting, and all that he took of castles, is that I myself was by his side in this hosting, and for the abundance of wine and meat and usequebaugh  3, and all manner of good things I got there, and I in the bed of my lord.

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Manuscript sources

  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 610, fol. 46a2.


  1. Kuno Meyer: 'A Dé dúilig adateoch', Anecdota from Irish MSS. 17. A Prayer. MS Laud 610 fo. 46a [with translation]. Gaelic Journ. 7 (1897) 130.
  2. Kuno Meyer: [Text ed. from Rawl. B 502, fo. 46a] Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie 1 (1897) 497.

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‘Colophon from Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud Misc. 610, being an annal for the year 1454.’ (1897). In: Gaelic Journal‍ 7. Ed. by Gaelic Union, pp. 130–131.

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Date: 1454

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  1. i.e. Oxford, Bodleian MS, Laud Misc. 610 🢀

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