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Agreement between Gerald, 9th earl of Kildare and the Mac Rannalls, A.D. 1530

Maílín Ó Mael Chonaire

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Agreement between Gerald, 9th earl of Kildare and the Mac Rannalls, A.D. 1530

Is h-e so cunnrad ⁊ deintiur ata etir Geroid Mac Gearailt, Iarla Cill Dara, ⁊ Mag Radnaill .i. Fedlim mac Concobhair mic MurchadhaMael Ruadnaidh mac Eoghain mic UilliamÍr mac Briain mic UaithneSemas mac Mael Ruadnaidh mic Fergail, do ced ⁊ do toil a ceile ⁊ maithe Cloinni Maileaclainn go h-imlan .i. scilling asan cartun ina fuil cin ag h-Ua Ruairc ⁊ ac Mag Radnaill don Iarla gacha bliadhna ⁊ a íc gacha samna, do cinn a cosanta ina coraid ar gach aen da m-biad fa cumachtaib in Iarla. Slana De ⁊ minna na h-eclaise ar Mag Radnaill ⁊ ar na dainibh maithi-sin fa comall don Iarla. Geallad ⁊ firinne an Iarla ris sin do comall doib-sen. Is iat na fiadna do bi do lathair in cunnarta-sin .i. in t-Iarla fein ⁊ Uilliam BailisSemas BoaisUilliam DiuidConcobar mac Culruaidh. Na daine maithe adubramar remainn do echtaigh in cunnradh-sin ⁊ Mailin Og mac Mailin h-I Mail Conaire do sgribh h-e ina fiadhnuse fein in cuiced la do mí Nouimber a Magh Nuadat. IN t-ochtmad cinc Hannri fa ri Sacsan in inbaid-sin, anno domini m. ccccc. xxx. Ni roibe séla ag Mag Radhnaill ⁊ do ordaigh sé séla Coláisde Muigh Nuadadh ar in deinntiur-so. Trí marc do pein ag in Iarla ar in duine ara m-biaid fiacha bacfas gell don maer .i. Conchobar mac Culruaid. A leth-sin ag Mag Radhnaill ⁊ ag na dainib maithi do-rinne in cunnradh-sa ⁊ a leth eli ag in Iarla.

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Title (uniform): Agreement between Gerald, 9th earl of Kildare and the Mac Rannalls, A.D. 1530

Author: Maílín Ó Mael Chonaire

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Electronic edition compiled by: Donnchadh Ó Corráin

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2. Second draft.

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  • Dublin, National Library of Ireland, Deed formerly in the possession of the Duke of Leinster. A lithographed facsimile of an exact copy by Seosamh Ó Longáin is published with the edition of the text, and has been used as the basis of a fresh collation.


  • Charles W. Russell, On an agreement, in Irish, between Gerald, ninth Earl of Kildare, and the Mac Rannalls; ..., Proc. Royal Irish Academy 10 (1869), 480–96.

The edition used in the digital edition

‘On an agreement in Irish between Gerald, ninth earl of Kildare, and the Mac Rannalls; executed at Maynooth, November 5, 1530, and sealed with the seal of the College of Maynooth’ (1869). In: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy‍ 10. Ed. by C. W. Russell, pp. 480–489.

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  editor 	 = {C. W. Russell},
  title 	 = {On an agreement in Irish between Gerald, ninth earl of Kildare, and the Mac Rannalls; executed at Maynooth, November 5, 1530, and sealed with the seal of the College of Maynooth},
  journal 	 = {Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy},
  address 	 = {Dublin},
  publisher 	 = {Royal Irish Academy},
  volume 	 = {10},
  date 	 = {1869},
  pages 	 = {480–489}


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Creation: By the jurist Maílín Ó Maol Chonaire, at Maynooth, Co Kildare.

Date: 1530-11-05

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  • The text is in Modern Irish. (ga)

Keywords: law; prose; 16c; agreement

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