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Irish Quatrains

Unknown author

Edited by Kuno Meyer

Irish Quatrains


    1. Brussels MS 5057-59, p. 50

  1. Cid glic fri h-ailchi uara,
    cid saer ac imirt bhéla,
    cid binn a dord fri duana,
    do chuala as borb nat légha.
  2. Though one be cunning at cold blocks of stone,
    Though one be a master-wright at wielding the axe,
    Though sweet his voice in singing songs,
    I have heard he is dull who does not read.
  3. 2. Ibidem, p.49

  4. Cros Dé ocus Colmain Ela
    ro fitir feba ech,
    co na ro h-escarthar
    is na ro h-escarthar m'ech.
  5. The cross of God and of Colmán of Ela,
    Who knows the virtue of horses,
    That I may not be thrown,
    And that my horse may not be thrown.
  6.  p.455

    3. Brussels MS 5100-4

  7. Macán Maire ingeine
    dom snádhadh ar gach n-galar,
    ar in tessaigh bhíos h-i c-cind,
    ar gach n-gábudh i t-talamh.
  8. A gabhail ind uisce occ indmat do lámh ⁊ do beiri mót' aigidh ⁊ mot' mhullach ⁊ no-t-aincenn ar cech n-olc.

  9. Dear son of Mary the maid,
    Save me from every trouble,
    From the heat that is in the head,
    From every danger on earth.

    To be sung in water when washing thy hands; put them about thy face and about thy crown, and it will save thee from every evil.

  10. 4. Ibidem

  11. Corp slemain
    ocus taebh fota remhar,
    biaidh in colann acc lobhudh,
    is an t-anam acc demon.
  12. A sleek body
    And a side long and stout—
    Anon the body rots,
    And the Devil gets the soul.
  13. 5. Leabhar Breac, p. 176 marg. sup.

  14. Boimm is boim,
    a mairg do-s-beir ina broind:
    noco buidech mac Dé de
    do línad na féltige.
  15.  p.456
  16. Bit upon bit,
    Woe to him who puts them into his belly!
    The Son of God will not be pleased with him
    For filling the privies.
  17. 6. Ib., p. 99 marg. inf. - Brussels MS 5100, fo 91a

  18. Ma ro-t-fia,
    caith in domnach ar Dia;
    ma no-t-fia 1, no-chrena,
    mana 2 chrena, no-chia.
  19. If thou hast
    Spend the sunday for God's sake;
    If thou hast not, buy,
    If thou buy not, weep.

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Title (firstline): Macán Maire ingeine

Title (firstline): Corp slemain

Title (firstline): Boimm is boim

Title (firstline): Marotfia

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  • Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale, MS 5057–59, p.50.

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‘Irish Quatrains’ (1897). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 1. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, pp. 455–457.

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  date 	 = {1897},
  pages 	 = {455–457}


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