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A list of ancient Irish authors

Unknown author

Edited by Whitley Stokes

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A list of ancient Irish authors (Book of Ballymote, 308 b 12).

Nai persaind in Senchusa Moir bérla Fene .i. tri rig ⁊ tri filid ⁊ tri naeim .i. Patraic, Beneoin, Cairneach na tri naeim. Laegairi, Corc, Dairi na tri rígh. Ross, Dubthach, Feargus na tri filid. ut

  1. Laegairi, Corc, Dairi dur.
    Patraic, Beneoin, Cairnech coir,
    Ros, Dubthach, Fergus co feib.
    nói sailgi sen Senchuis Moir.

Reraid o thus domain co dilind.

  • Tuan mac Cairill o dilind co Patraic.
  • Colum CilleFinnia iar Patraic.
  • Findtan mac Bochra iar Colum Cille.
  • Suide, druidi, filid iar Finntan.
  • Dallán h-ua Forgaill in fili. ut .i.
  1. Dallan mac Alla meic Erc.
    meic Feradaigh gan timi,
    ardollam Erenn gan on.
    is e ro mol Colum Cille.
  • Cathbadh primrighdrai.
  • Na teora Fercertne in filid.
  1. Fercertne caem comcubaid.
    Labradha Luirc lai
    Fercertní i fail Concobair.
    Fercertni ic Coinrai.
  • Colman mac Coimgellain in sai ⁊ in fili.
  • Cennfaelad mac Ailello.
  • Athairne Ailgisech cona scoil.
  • Amairgin mac Ecicsalaigh.
  • Amairgin glúngel mac Miled.
  • Nera mac Morainn in drai.
  • Morann mac Main in t-oghmoir.
  •  p.15
  • Ogma mac Elathan meic Delbaid.
  • Nera mac Findchuill a Sid al Femin.
  • Morann mac Coirpri Croimcind.
  • Morann mac Cairpri Cind Chait.
  • Bresal Bríuga Bochétach.
  • Cormac mac Airt, h-ua Cuinn Cétchathaig.
  •  2
  • Coirbre Liphechair mac Cormaic.
  • Sencha mac Ailello in sai.
  • Concobar mac Nesa in rí.
  • Fuathach Firchestach in fili.
  • Dubh da Conn in righ glam.
  • Roigní Roscadhach in roth-ogaim. 1
  • Baetach h-ua Buirecháin.
  • Fachtna mac Senchad.
  • Laigeach fili Mumu eicís.
  • Critine fili.
  • Find h-ua Baiscni.
  • Eatan ingen Den Cecht, in banfili.
  • Coirpre mac Etna in fili.
  • Dubthach mac h-ui Lugair in fili.
  • Sencan Toirpeist in rigfili.
  • Senbec h-ua Ebricc in sai ecsidh.
  • Fithal Firghaeth Laechbriathrach.
  • Eithne ingen Emangaeth.
  • Bricni mac Carbri in bilteanga.
  • In Morrigan.
  • In Dagdha.

.xl. iiii. 2 staraidhe Gaedel ro cumsat in lebur n-airise a sdaraibh ⁊ a n-annalaibh.

Cormac mac Culennain rochum in Sanais Cormaic.

It eat sin persaind senchusa ⁊ gabala ⁊ uraiciptha ⁊ amhra ⁊ genilach ⁊ imagallama.


Cowes, Isle of Wight.
Whitley Stokes.

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  • Dublin, RIA, MS 23 P 12,Book of Ballymote (Leabhar Bhaile an Mhóta), 308 b 12. For details see Robert Atkinson (ed.), The Book of Ballymote, a collection of pieces, prose and verse, in the Irish language in part compiled in the fifteenth century, published from the original manuscript, by the Royal Irish Academy with an Introduction, Analysis of contents and Index (Dublin, 1887). This entry is omitted from the Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy (Dublin 1926–43).


  • Whitley Stokes (ed.), A list of ancient Irish authors (Book of Ballymote, 308 b 12.), Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie 3 (1901) 15–16.

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‘A list of ancient Irish authors’ (1901). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 3. Ed. by Whitley Stokes, pp. 15–16.

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  journal 	 = {Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie},
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  address 	 = {Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1901},
  pages 	 = {15–16}


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