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Molaisse und seine Schwester


Edited by Julius Pokorny


Molaisse und seine Schwester

Boí síur Mo-Laissi Lethglinne oc légund i Mo-Laisse. Is-sí didiu do-imthirthed in clérech. Mac-clérech didiu hi combuid in chlérig. Imman-arnaic dóib ⁊ in mac-caillech co m-bo torrach de.

“Bíaid olc di-sund” ol a m-banscal, “dia festar in clérech. Do-béra a miscais forn, conna gébam nem na talmain. Is lóur íarum” olsi, “mo mudugud-sa. Eirg-siu for a imgabáil!”

“Nī-m-érbara-sa didiu a ben!” ol in mac-clérech.

“Nī-epér, mani-tí trem' thóeb”, ol a m-banscal. “M'écn(d)airc-se”, olsi, “do gabáil co-mmaith!”

“Mad-am béo-sa”, olse-sium, “nī-bía(e) i n-iffurn”.

“For foísom n-Dé ón” olsi-si.


Luid-sium íar-sin co m-boí i n-Ardd Macha(e).

Asbert nech and fri Mo-Laisse íarum: “Atá a chlérig in mac-caillech co n-idnaib.”

“Ro-bat idain dían-báis ón” ol Mo-Laisse ⁊ fo-gait nime ⁊ talmain airre.

Ba fír són. Nī-s-tarraid comman. Do-cóid eter úir ⁊ iffern. Nī-relic in clérech a adnacul i-rrelic. Conid issin móin fri cill an-ís ro-adnacht.

Mac-clérech di Laignib ránic cucai-sium co Ardd Macha(e).

“C'indas”, olse-sium, “do M'Laissiu?”

“Amein”, ol in mac-clérech.

“⁊ in mac-caillech?”

“Iss-ed so”, olse. “Do-cóid eter úir ⁊ iffern. Nicon-fess cía do-d-rigni.”

“Maith dano” olse.

N-a-lléici tra íar-sin for gabáil a écn(d)arca .i. secht m-bíaite cech laí leis ⁊ chét sléchtan ⁊ na tri coícait cech laí leis.

Do-tét a-túaid íar-sin. Bendachaid don chlériuch.

Im-comairc cech rét dó.

“Iss-ed so”, ol in clérech.

“Áil dam”, ol in mac-clérech, “bothnat díamair i n-geisinn Día fri cill an-echtair.”

“Maith”, ol in clérech.

Do-gní boith samlaid i fochraib ind ligi. Blíadain dó and. Fecht and didiu con-da-acca(e) cucai.


“Bendacht fort' anmain tra” olsi. “Is maith ataí frium-sa. Do-m-essurt inge bec.”

“Cid as mó do-tt-essairc?” ol in mac-clérech.

“In bíait”, olsi-si. Is and asbert:

  1. A cétal fota(e) figlech
    in bíait is inmain adrad.
    Dia n-gabtha(e) erum di léir
    nī-beinn nach céin i n-damnad.
  2. In bíait is inmain adrad
    céin-mair anmain dia n-dichet!
    Fíu la ríg do-don-farci
    cethéora darti fichet.

“In bíait ón”, olsi, “is-sí no-m-chobradar-sa.”

Fecht and didiu tánic Fursu cráibdech dochum na cille, conacca(e) side timthirecht n-aingel issin móin dond lig(i)u.

“Maith, a mMo-Laissi”, ol Fursu, “cía nóeb fil issin móin?”

“Ídal fil and”, ol Mo-Laisse, “demon caillige”.

“Décca(e) so, a mMo-Laissi”, ol Fursu. Conacc(e) so: timthirecht aingel dind lig(i)u dochum nime.

Tucad íarum in corp assin móin, co ro-adnacht issind relic. Co n-dernai Fursu foísom in mac-clérig co n-dernai nóeb din mac-clériuch ⁊ co n-dechaid dochum nime.

Conid ferr cech ernaighthi didiu in bíait do tessarcain anma(e) ar demnaib.

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Title (uniform): Molaisse und seine Schwester

Author: unknown

Editor: Julius Pokorny

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Electronic edition compiled by: Ruth Murphy

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1. First draft, revised and corrected.

Extent: 1400 words

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Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of the Department of History, University College, Cork

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The editor does not indicate either manuscript foliation or variant readings but combines both versions trying to reconstruct the text.

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  1. Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS 1339, alias H 2 18 alias Book of Leinster.
  2. Chatsworth, Book of Lismore, written for Fínghin Mac Carthaigh Riabhach (ob. 1505) and his wife Caitilín (ob. 1506), at Chatsworth since 1930, published in facsimile: R. A. S. Macalister (ed), The Book of Mac Carthaigh Riabhach otherwise the Book of Lismore, Facsimiles in Collotype of Irish Manuscripts V (Dublin: Stationery Office for Irish Manuscripts Commission 1950).

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‘Molaisse und seine Schwester’ (1913). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 9. Ed. by Julius Pokorny, pp. 239–241.

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  editor 	 = {Julius Pokorny},
  title 	 = {Molaisse und seine Schwester},
  journal 	 = {Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie},
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  address 	 = { Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1913},
  pages 	 = {239–241}


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Creation: By unknown scribes in Irish monasteries. c.800–1000

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  • The text is in Old and Middle Irish. (ga)
  • Annotations and title are in German. (de)

Keywords: religious; prose; medieval; Mo Laisse

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