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König Guaire und Oennu maccu Laigse

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  • H: Dublin, Trinity College Library, H. 3. 18, p. 48b.


Edited by Kuno Meyer

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König Guaire und Oennu maccu Laigse. (Harleian MS. 528O, fo. 25b.)

h-Áonna macūi Laigsie , is hē robo anmcarae di Gūairie . Rongauhud 'diu lia Guairi mac baintrebthuigi. Ronnassa secht qumala for in mbantrebtaich nō bās a mec ar ae tect il-lubgort aire . Luid se īerum di foigde cāich dīe quingid forfūasluicthi a mec. Luid co Hōine, aircinnech sedhe Clūanae mic Nois . Cōinis a himned pris . 'Gaib in rann sa di Gūaire,' ol ōenna. Gaibthi sīar. 'Quid dinratt ōena dit ?' or Gūaire. 'Rogaub an rand sa dam dia gabāil doid-se .' 'Gab!' ol sé .


  1. 'A Gūairi, an imrāidhi
    glassad īarna bāine ,
    'gus seiss det t'ōenur cin nech
    inn-ūir Cille mec Dūaach?'
  2. 'Amenicān imrāidim' (or Gūaire)
    ocus dno cōin innlāidim ,
    cech n-ōen ronānaicc a less
    nī dig ūaim cin domonces '.

'Is ē mo domonces m'ōenmac.' 'Rotpia dno', or Gūairi, '⁊ dīgēltar ar ōennae'. Ba fīr sōn. Each lia Haonau ara dtard cét loilgech. Romarb bachlach do muintir Clūanui hoc a tafonn asa gort. Itcumuincc cūaille trit . Cēt mbō ronas for in mbachlach inn. Luid co Gūairi die faigde. 'Gaiuh inn rann sa do ōenu', or Gūaire. Imtēt īerum ass . 'Cid tuccais ō Gūaire?' 'In rann sa', ol in bachluch.

  1. Do mac Loigsiu pa mōr ngō
    ar in āincend an cēt mbō :
    ar mōr do dula ar in mbeg
    ind fuban indt sacarbec.

'Fubun ōn ', or Āenu. 'Ēnuhó ūait dam-sa, a bacloicch', or Ōenu. Rouhātar tra forsna himdīgluib sin cēn romarsat dīblīnuib Gūairie ⁊ ōennae .

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Title (uniform): König Guaire und Oennu maccu Laigse

Author: unknown

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Benjamin Hazard

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Date: 2006

Date: 2010

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  • London, British Library, Harley MS. 5280, f. 25b. For full details see Robin Flower and Standish Hayes O'Grady (eds.) Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the British Library, formerly the British Museum, vol. 2 (London 1926, repr. Dublin 1992) 298–323.

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  • See http://www.ucc.ie/academic/smg/CDI/PDFs_textarchive/Meyer_Neue_Mitteilungen_ACL3.pdf

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‘König Guaire und Oennu maccu Laigse’ (1905). In: Archiv für Celtische Lexikographie‍ 3.1. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, pp. 1–2.

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  address 	 = {Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1905},
  pages 	 = {1–2}


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Creation: By an unknown Irish monastic author. 900–1200

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Keywords: religious; prose; medieval

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