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Saltair na Rann



The Saltair na Rann, “Psalter of the Staves or Quatrains”, a collection of 162 Early-Middle-Irish poems now for the first time printed, is contained in its entirety only in the Bodleian MS. Rawl. B. 502, ff. 19-40. But there is a copy of one of the poems (No. 10) in the Lebar Brecc, a MS. of the fifteenth century; and corrupt and modernised copies of poems 4, 5, and 6 are to be found in a MS. also belonging to the Royal Irish Academy, marked 23. G. 25, written by one O'Longan about seventy years ago. The Lebar Brecc version of No. 10 will be found at p. 111b of the lithographic facsimile of that MS., Dublin, 1876.

The Saltair, like the Oengusso and other pseudonymous matter, is attributed to Oengus the Culdee, who flourished in the beginning of the ninth century; and his name—“is me Oengus cele Dé”, “I am Oengus the Culdee” —actually occurs in line 8009. But that this attribution is erroneous follows, first, from the numerous Middle-Irish forms which the poem contains 1 and which cannot possibly be due to the transcriber, and, secondly, from its mention, in l. 2342, of an event—the murrain which began A.D. 985— and in ll. 2349-2365 of certain contemporary kings, as well as of Dub-dá-lethe, one of S. Patrick's successors in the see of Armagh, who died A. D. 1061.

Our MS., Rawl. B. 502, is a large quarto, now containing 83 leaves of vellum in a hand of the twelfth century, and 20 leaves of paper. The vellum portion has been so fully described by the late Dr. Todd (Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, vol. 5, pp. 164-168) and by Mr. Macray (Catal. Codd. MSS. Bodl., Part V., fasc. J, cols. 719-722) as to render further description unnecessary. Only this opportunity may be taken to note that the “Short Tract on Irish Grammar” stated to occur at fo. 63b is really one of the so-called Brehon law treatises—Coic  p.ii conara fugill, 'five paths of judgment,' of which there is (according to Dr. O'Donovan) a fuller copy in a MS. in the library of Trinity College, Dublin, marked H. 3. 18—and that the Latin passage at fo. 53 b. seems to run thus: “Hii omnes sancti (sic) inuoco in auxilium meum per intercessionem sanctce Marice et sanctarum et (sanctor)um, quarum et quorum Deus nomina nominauit, et quos praesciuit et praedistinavit conformes fieri imaginis Filii sui in uitam ceternam in Christo Jesu Amen.” The poems now printed begin at fo. 19 a. 1 and end at fo. 40. b. 2. They are written in double columns, with 50 lines in each.

According to the scribe's note following line 7788 the poems now printed fall into four divisions, (1) the Psalter, (2) the poem on repentance, (3) the poem on confession, and (4) the ten poems on the Resurrection. That note means: “Thus far the body of the Psalter of the Quatrains, to wit, the thrice fifty poems (duana). Two after, (one) for confession, and (the other) for repentance; and ten to set forth the Resurrection; so that there are twelve and thrice fifty poems altogether.” The thrice fifty poems—equal in number to the psalms, and hence “the Psalter”—deal for the most part with incidents from the Old Testament. But the first poem contains a kind of description of the universe; poems XI (on the penance of Adam and Eve) and 12 (on the death of Adam) are founded on the Vita Adae et Euae, two texts of which have been published by W. Meyer (München, 1879); and poems 42-50 relate to the life of Christ. Poem 151 expresses repentance for transgression and prays for forgiveness. No. 152 is an expression of ignorance of God and his various works. Nos. 153 to 159 describe the events on each day of the week before the last Judgment. Sense here is so completely sacrificed to metrical requirements that these seven poems are, to a large extent, unintelligible to me. 160 deals with the seven resurrections—namely, (1) that of the apostles, (2) of the prophets, (3) of the confessors, (4) of the martyrs, (5) of the saints, (6) of the virgins; penitents, and baptized infants, and (7) of the rest of the human race. Poem 161 treats of the coming of the demons out of hell to earth, the fall of the idols, etc. The last poem, 162, describes the triumph of the angels over their foes, the rewards of the righteous, the punishments of the wicked.

It may be well to give a précis of the three most important of the poems, namely, 1, 11, and 12.


1. 2 The creation of the world (line 3), the sun (5), heaven (13), earth (15), light and darkness (17,18), day and night (19, 20), the earth separated from the primal material (29, 30), surrounded by the firmament (34), the world like an apple (36), the mists, the current of the cold watery air (44), the four chief winds, the eight sub-winds (45-52), the colours of the winds (53-80), the distance from the earth to the firmament (97-101), the seven planets (101-104), the distance from the earth to the moon (105-112), the radiant heaven, that from moon to sun (113-116), the windless, ethereal heaven, the distance between the firmament and the sun (121), the motionless Olympus or third heaven (125-128), the distance from the firmament to heaven (133-136), from earth to the depths of hell (141), the five zones, the firmament round the earth like its shell round an egg (165-169), the seventy-two windows in the firmament (181, 182), with a shutter on each (188), the seventh heaven revolving like a wheel (199), with the seven planets from the creation (204), the signs of the zodiac (205-220), the time—30 days, 10 hours—that the sun is in each, the day of the month on which it enters each, the month in which it is in each sign (233-256), the division of the firmament into twelve parts, the five things which every intelligent man should know—namely, the day of the solar month, the age of the moon, the height of the tide, the day of the week, saints' festivals.

11. The Penance of Adam and Eve. For a week after the expulsion Adam was without fire, house, drink, food, or clothing (1483-1486). He laments to Eve their lost blessings (1491-1530), and admits his fault (1531-1534). Eve asks Adam to kill her, so that God may pity him the more (1535-1546). Adam refuses to destroy his own flesh and blood (1547-1560). Then, at Eve's request, Adam goes to seek for food and finds nought but herbs (1561-1572), 'the food of the lawless beasts.' He proposes to Eve to do penance, to adore the Lord in silence, Eve in the Tigris for thirty days, Adam in the Jordan for forty and seven, a flagstone under their feet, the water up to their necks, Eve's hair dishevelled and her eyes directed to heaven in silent prayer for forgiveness (1573-1628). Adam prays the Jordan 'to fast with him on God' (co troisced lais for Dia) with all its many beasts, that pardon p.iv may be granted to him. The stream ceases: gathers together every living creature that was in its midst; and they all supplicate the angelic host to join with them in beseeching God to forgive Adam (1629-1652). Forgiveness is granted to Adam and to all his seed save the unrighteous (1653-1660). When the Devil hears this, 'like a swan, in the shape of a white angel,' he goes to Eve as she stands in the Tigris and gets her to leave her penance, saying that he had been sent by God. They then go to Adam, who at once recognises the Devil and reveals the deceit to Eve (1661-1716). Eve falls half-dead on the ground, and reproaches Lucifer (1717-1756). Lucifer defends himself, repeating at length the story of his expulsion from heaven for refusing to worship Adam (1757-1872). He concludes by threatening vengeance to Adam and his descendants (1873-1880). Adam then leaves the river and Lucifer departs (1884). Adam and Eve then live alone for a year on grass, without proper food, fire, house, music, or raiment; drinking water from their palms and eating the green herbs in the shadow of trees and in caverns (1885-1896). Eve brings forth a beautiful boy, who at once proceeds to cut grass for his father, and whom his father called Cain (1897-19 IQ). God at last pities Adam and sends Michael to him with various seeds, and Michael teaches him husbandry and the use of animals (1913-1932). Seven years afterwards Eve brings forth Abel (1933). In a vision Eve sees Cain drinking the blood of Abel. Adam therefore builds a house for each of the brothers (1941-1956). Gabriel announces the murder of Abel and foretells the birth of Seth (1957-1968). Adam's seventy sons and seventy daughters are born to him after the transgression (1969). The signs set in Cain's forehead (1997-2000). Cain's death in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, which is thenceforward barren (2005).

12. Adam's death. Adam, being 930 years old and feeling his death at hand, tells Eve of his approaching end (2021-2032). Eve regrets that she does not die first (2033-2037). Adam comforts her by saying she will die in nine months, and tells her how to act after his death (2040-2076). Michael comes at Eve's entreaty to cleanse Adam's soul and take it to heaven (2077-2152). God comes to receive Adam's soul, which remains in the third heaven, named Ficconicia (2153-2208), till the Resurrection. Adam's body is anointed with the Oil of Mercy and buried in Hebron (2217-2228), where it remained p.v till the Deluge. His head was then swept to Jerusalem, and remained in the gateway till Christ's cross was planted therein (2229-2240). Enos, Noah, and other patriarchs are then mentioned (2241-2292). The numbers of years from Adam to the Deluge, from the Deluge to Abraham, from Adam to the birth of Christ (2293-2336), the number of years to the murrain, the names of some of the leading princes reigning about that time in Ireland and in Scotland, those of Eadgar on one side of the English Channel and Hlothair on the other, an allusion to the ravages caused by the Danes from Denmark (2337-2380): the rest till the day of doom nobody could declare except the high King of the sun, whose life never ends (2381-2388).

The tradition mentioned in lines 7529, 7530, that Christ was born from the crown of the Virgin's head, is worth noting 3; and the description of some of the signs at the Crucifixion (7761-7772) may be quoted as a specimen of the style of the poem (I omit two chevilles), and as illustrating Sophus Bugge's theories about the Baldr-saga:—

  1. Darkness sprang over every plain:
    Earth's dead arose:
    Dear God's elements were afraid
    When the veil of the temple was rent.
    Every creature wailed
    Heaven and earth trembled:
    The sea proceeded to go over (its) bounds:
    Hearts of black rocks split.
    The King who suffered in (his) fair clay,
    A cross for sake of Adam's children,
    Thereafter took a prey (of redeemed souls),
    So that he overcame Hell.
The metre in which the bulk of the Saltair is composed is deibide, each line of the quatrain consisting of seven syllables, the second and  p.vi fourth ending with a word exceeding in the number of its syllables the words respectively ending the first and third; the first and second lines rhyme together, as do the third and fourth. Alliteration is frequent, and a word in the middle of one line often rhymes with a word in the beginning or middle of the following line (e.g. rúinib, dúilib, lines 9, 10, sorcha, dorcha, 17, 18). Poem 152 is in a different metre, rannaigecht mór, each line ending in a monosyllable, and only the second and fourth lines rhyming. In 153-162 the first and third lines of each quatrain regularly end in rhyming trisyllables, the second and fourth in rhyming dissyllables. Internal rhymes are frequent, e. g. fogur, domnuch, 8021, 8023, luaichthi, cruaidi, 8037, 8039. The first, second and third words in the first line of a quatrain sometimes rhyme respectively with the first, second and last words of the third line; see e. g. 8125-8127, 8137-8139.

The text has been printed with the utmost care. It is right to say that in the MS. several of the marks of length are so faded that they can be discerned only by the keenest eyes and in the most favourable light. I may, therefore, have undesignedly omitted some of these marks. Contractions have been extended, and the extensions represented by italics. The text has also been punctuated, proper names spelt with initial capitals, apostrophes have been used where vowels have been omitted, and hyphens introduced to separate the transported t and lt from words beginning with vowels.

In conclusion, though several of the words are explained in the Index, it contains so many new vocables as to the meanings of which I am either doubtful or quite in the dark, that I have called it an Index Verborum rather than a Glossarial Index. It will, it is hoped, be useful to future Irish lexicographers.


Edited by Whitley Stokes

Saltair na Rann


Saltair na Rann

Psaltar narann inso sis dorigni Oengus Celi-De. Rawlinson, B 502 fo 19a col 1-fo 40b col 2


1. 1.

 19 a 1
  • Moríse rí nime nair,
    cenhuabur, cenimmarbaig,
    dorósat domun dualach,
    morí bithbeo, bithbuadach.
    Ri osduilib thargca gin,
    rí ósfudumnaib aicgéin,
    ri tess, tuaid, tíar ocus tair,
    fris níderntar immargail.
    Ri coruinib robai, fail,
    riȧndúilib, rian-aimseraib,
    rí bithbeo beus, blaith adenn,
    ri centossach, cenforcenn.13 
    Ri dorigne nem noithech,
    nihúaibrech, niimchloithech,
    ocus talam, tolaib tlacht,
    comtren, coṁfossaid, comnart.17 
    Ri dorigne sorcha saer
    ocus dorcha con-anaeb:
    indaranai islaithe lan,
    araile isadaig imlan.21 
    Ri rodelb tétadbul De
    dochetadbur nandule,
    .....s frisamla suthach
    inmass amra écruthach.25 
    Ri rodelb eisse cacḣnduil
    rosderb cengesse coemruin,
    eter mín isgarb condath,
    eter marb ocus beothach. 29 
    Ri rothepi, bladmar, brass,
    asinchetadbar admas 4,
    talam tromm toracht, delm chert
    dian'fonn fothacht fotlethet.33 
    Ri rochruthaig, nícuac cinte,
    hicuairt nafirmiminte,
    domun delbda derbda druing,
    mar ubull febda fircruind.37 
    Ri rodelb dluma iartain
    hura coderb imthalmain,
    rith roseim osbith, buaid ̇ngle,
    indaeor uair uscide.41 
    Ri c(ria)thras usce n-an, n-úar
    foriathmass nan-al n-ollmuad,
    iarsrebaib cosesraib sruth
    iarmesraib comesrugud.45 
    Ri roordaig ocht ̇ngaetha
    torgaib cenlocht lanaeba,
    cethri primgaetha coṫngaib,
    cethri fogaetha feochrai.49 
    Cethri fogaetha aile,
    rádit auctair ergnaide,
    bidhi an-arim fírchert
    dogaethaib dagaeth deec. p.253 
    Ri rodelb datha nȧngaeth
    rosderb frisratha slanaeb,
    iarclechtaib rith roratha (?),
    combrechtaib cachilldatha.57 
    Ingel, incorcarda glan,
    inglass, induaine allmar,
    inbuidi, inderg, derb dána,
    nisgaib fergg frisodála.61 
    Indub, indliath, indalad,
    intemen, inchiar chálad,
    indodar, doirchi datha,
    nidat soirchi sogabtha.65 
    Ri rosordaig oscachmaig
    na ocht fogaetha feochrai,
    rodelb cenditha, dín saeth,
    cricha nacethri primgaeth.69 
    Anair incorcra glanbda,
    andess ingel gle, amra,
    atuaid indub gailbech, grach,
    aniar indodur engach.73 
    Inderg, inbuidi 'male,
    eter gil ocus corcrai,
    indúani, inglass, croda (?)  5 lir,
    eter huidir isglegil.77 
    Indliath, inchiar, grainne ȧnguir,
    eter huidir iscirduib,
    intemen, indalad tair,
    eter duib ocus corcair.81 
    Coir rocoraiged acruth,
    doronad an-orddugud,
    fogaessaib glessib cenchlith
    iarsessib, iarsuidigthib.85 
    Na da gaeth dec, tolaib tress,
    tair ocus tiar, tuaid istess,
    rii roscuibdig cotagaib,
    roscuibrig fo secht ̇nglassaib. 19 a 289 
    Ri dosnarbair iarsessaib
    imthalmain con-ilglessaib,
    cach digaeth dib imglés ̇ngle
    isoengles foraib huile.93 
    Ri dosrat iaṙnglessaib clecht,
    iarmbessaib centarimthecht,
    indarahuair, blaith iarmblai,
    induair aile ainbthechae.97 
    Rí tadban tomus donleirg
    othalmain cofirmimint,
    fris domidet, met glanna,
    fritiget natalmanna.101 
    Rosuidig secht rinne reim
    ofirmimint cotalmain,
    Satuirn, Ioib, Mercuir, Mars,
    Sol, Uenir, Luna lánmas.105 
    Ri rorimi, rigda inbla,
    otha talmain coesca,
    semile fichet archet
    fordamidet 'naglanmét.109 
    IS hé sain int-aear huar
    linib haial friimluad,
    dianidainm triallach, derb tra,
    annem niabach n-airerda.113 
    Indrae ohescgu cogrein
    ri rorím cȯngle glanleir,
    dacet mile, mor insmacht,
    latri cethair cethrachat.117 
    ISse sin int-ethier huais
    cengaeth, cenaear n-angluais,
    dianidainm, cen balba ̇mbla,
    innem n-amra n-etherda.121 
    Trichutrumma, intsain doleir,
    eter firmimint isgrein,
    morí rindbalcc, rofír sein, p.3
    dorindnacht dorimirib.125 
    IS hisin indOlimp huag,
    cenchumscugud, cenimluad,
    iarsliucht saer nasruthe sen,
    dianidainm intresnoebnem.129 
    Damile déc, torainn ̇ngle,
    archoiccétaib déc mile,
    cain rith rindrethait insain
    ofirmimint cotalmain.133 
    Met naré, ruathar cint,
    othalmain cofirmimint,
    isse inmet sain, srethaib srath,
    ofirmimint coriched.137 
    Cethrimili fichet sain
    artrichait cet domilib
    oshunn coriched, reim n-oll,
    cenmotha firmamentom.141 
    A met na ree sein uile
    othalmain corigsuide,
    issed fil othalmain tinn
    sís cofudomnaib Iffirn.145 
    Rí cachthuir thuathaig, dein, deirg,
    rofuathaig fein firmiment,
    feib baderb laiss oscach maig
    rosdelb donmaiss ecruthaig.149 
    Ri nan-uile n-adbar n-án,
    arm-buili bladmar bithmár,
    inglóruill cocessair chain
    dosrorainn icoiccressaib.153 
    Incuiced criss guires chness
    morí ruithes triasirthes,
    frisasad sluagda saigthe
    dahuarda imdamesraigthe.157 
    Huarda andess isuarda atuaid,
    indamesraigthe, ismórbuaid,
    incriss tessaigthe, isderb de,
    eter nada mesraigthe.161 
    Rí targcai cech ruirig reil
    rosuidig smachtai fouagreir,
    rodagni cenchétlud ̇ngle
    dochetchruth nafirmiminte.165 
    Amal bis abloesc immog
    acht noslui línib hilchor,
    fial nafirmiminti imbith
    tria bithu forabithrith.169 
    'Macuaird focheird atoimsi,
    iarsreith suairc fri sirsoillsi,
    isannsu infomus 'moa mbeir,
    ni triit tarsnu toimsideir.173 
    Rorannad iarn-intliucht ̇fail,
    feib rodelgnaisset auctair,
    dasebratta fochis chain,
    dasé phairt 'nan-irchomair.177 
    Huide mís dogrein cachphairt,
    iarseis nan-ugtar n-ardaitt,
    forith hinathur 6(?) gluair ̇ngle,
    cech mbliadain dosstimchellae.181 
    Hisindfirmimint cogle
    sesca dáse senistre,
    dothaitni fridia 'malle
    cachphairti se senistre.185 
    Ata iarrúini indrig reil
    rodelb duine ::: huagreir,
    fodluthad, cendolma ̇ndein,
    comla forcach senisteir. 19 b 1189 
    Trénbrat demin, torom n-án,
    marbad gemen coem comlán,
    tuinech torachta rosrig
    imthalmain contib immib.193 
    IM thrínimi ata centair
    trinimi impe, hit himsláin p.4
    insechtmad nem, isse sein
    rochertad eternimib.197 
    Ni sossad suaircc slóig ai̇ngel
    acht iscuairt chóir coemdaingen,
    amalbis rothmol forluth
    triabithu forbithimputh.201 
    Iṅfirmimint, ilar ̇mbla,
    isnasechtrind airegda,
    ata foroenrith, gluair ̇ngle,
    otha inn-uair rocruthaigthe.205 
    Ri rorann ruandath osleirg
    nifualrad fann firmimeint,
    srethaib samlaib, slemnaib slecht,
    indibrannaib derbdai déc.209 
    Ri oscachairm, oscachdinn,
    dorat ainm forcachn-oenrinn,
    nimennair iaṙndligud dlecht
    donadibrennaib deec.213 
    Fuath cachrenna, ruathur ̇ngle,
    itimchuairt firmiminte,
    feib rosderbait delgnaid {}
    ishuandelbaib ainmnigter.217 
    Aquair, Pisc, Ariet, Tauir treb,
    Geimin choir ocus Cancer,
    Leo, Uirgo, Libru, Scoirp scrus,
    Saigitair, Capricornus.221 
    Ri corúnaib roscoraig
    innaṅndlumaib dermoraib,
    sreith nasliab, oscachblai,
    frisreith grian ocus escai.225 
    Tricha lathi, lórda  7 luad,
    ladech n- úara ocus lethuar,
    cotriall trechess oscachdind
    rethess grian incachoenrind.229 
    In grian suairc, iarn-urd riagla,
    forcuairt cacha oenbliadna,
    hi quindecim kalde, cain dind, issann téit incachn-oenrind.233 
    Grian in-Aquair, hed centáir,
    doróined im-mis Enáir,
    ocus hiPisc {} cogle
    dorimther im-mis Febrae.237 
    Grian in-Ariet, aurdaircc dí,
    dothadbat im-mis Martíi,
    ocus hiTauir grian diareir
    dothaitni im-mís Apréil.241 
    Grian hi̇nGemin im-mis Máii
    isdemin, ni imarchlái,
    nochochiuin guires cachtreib
    im-mis Iúin gan iCanceir.245 
    IM-mís Iuil ingrian il-Leo,
    issann ferass alangleo,
    teit grian adenus friatuisc
    inUirginum  8 in-Auguist.249 
    Dothaitni grian fhiadcachdru̇ng
    iSeptimber inLibrum,
    grian nodafoilcc nochosceil
    iScoirp im-mis Ochtimbeir.253 
    In Sagitarium grian dosfeim
    oscachrian inNouimbeir,
    inDecimber, ischian clú,
    bidgrian inCapricornú.257 
    Athe sein indaserind
    dosrosat Fiadu foṙfinn,
    oscachrian rethait foṅmbith
    riu reithes grian alanrith.261 
    A coic cachlae d'̇fiss cenbrath
    dlegair docachintliuchtach,
    docachoen, cengláma gné,
    bis fograda ecailse.265 
    Laa mis grene, ésca aes,
    rith mara cen immarbáes,  p.5
    laa sechtmaine, feili noeb n-uag,
    iarcertglaine con-imluad.269 
    Ri rosrethaig, sróenaib slamm,
    dorethaib roenaib retlann,
    feib nosairbrig osrannaib
    rosanmnig dian-anmannaib.273 
    Cid caem lenn inleth fail frinn
    firmiminti nan-ilrind,
    inleth aili, lith cengeis,
    nocon-eitchiu ciachemmeis.277 
    Ri rogni clichis cenmeirg
    iarnafithis firmimeint,
    comfocus tadbain adreich
    imthalmain docachoenleith.281 
    Ri rodelb firmimint fír
    conarennaib cendimbrig,
    immontalmain, cengoi ̇ngle,
    imsoi ontrath coaraile.285 
    Ri dorigni muirlinn mair
    osaṅfirmimint imslain,
    inmuirlinn aili isi inmuir,
    fordasniada imthalmain. 19 b 2289 
    Ri reil doraiṙngert cachfáith
    coimdiu cumtaig cachcoemgraid,
    dorosait grein crotha glain,
    forosna nem imthalmain.293 
    Ri dorigni esca n-án
    ocus inḋfairrgge imslán,
    foriaguil dosrona inrí,
    condatcora, comchuibdi.297 
    Sessed rann domuin cech
    hissi meit fil in-escu,
    ocus isingréin coglan
    sé commet dec intalman.301 
    Ri dorigne ilar mil
    fonḋfairrce ̇ndermair ndírím,
    nithadbann nech acht mori
    an-anmann nach an-airmi.305 
    Ri dorigni sreba sluag
    donahénaib friimluad,
    doaltaib isnaslebib,
    dograigib formagreidib.309 
    Hilerda nan-anman n-án
    is nan-ildelbda ̇ndermár,
    nifail hicrí rimess sin
    acht mad inrí donoebnim.313 
    Ri dorigne aéar n-uar,
    ocus tene reil rorúad,
    ocus talam bladmar, brass,
    ocus sruth raglan rethess.317 
    Ri rosil talmain iartain
    dolubaib, dȯfidbadaib:
    lan indomun diambolud,
    con-immad an-iltorud.321 
    Ri conic huacht ocus tess,
    mori firen frim'̇firless,
    ishe rosuidig cachseis,
    ri centuirim, cenaisnéis.325 
    Inrí reil narun corath
    doarfaid dún cachn-ingnad,
    diathuicsin treothu, din ̇ngle,
    is trialin amirbaile.329 
    Ri rogni cacḣnduil foleith,
    aicseid ocus nemaicseid,
    acht inri rodelba sain
    nifail nach rí fortalmain.333 
    Nifail dodainib dai̇ngnib,
    doai̇nglib na harchai̇nglib,
    nech thucas triadindchur de,
    na fail d'i̇ngnud  9 lam'rigse,
    Moríse ri nime náir 10.
  •  p.6

    2. 2.

    337 Ri dorigni riched reil
    conachrichaib diacomréir,
    treb thogach, duanach, dȧngen,
    dosluag amra árchȧngel.341 
    Riched conilhur adrȯng,
    saer, sithech, nadimchumung,
    cathir dronoll cocetrath,
    met dondomonn adechmad.345 
    Failet ann trimuir cenmeth,
    duirimthimchellat riched,
    mur doglain huaine, gnim cain,
    mur dior, mur dichorcair.349 
    Mur n-uaine cenchess im-mach,
    mur n-óir fricness nacathrach,
    im-medon frigelgloir cain
    mur ̇ndermor dichorcairglain.353 
    Fail ann, cotrichim trethan,
    cathir chrichid, chomlethan,
    fail inti, frisíd solus,
    set sir cethriprimdorus.357 
    Met cachdoruis dib foleith
    toeb fritoeb, dini iartomus,
    mili darcachn-oendorus.361 
    Fail crois d'ór incachdorus
    frisella slog sirsolus,
    ri rosdelba centalgga,
    hite remra roárdda.365 
    En dodergor forcachcrois
    oschind lerglor nach anfois,
    incachcrois frihernól cuir
    gemm dermor doleic logmuir.369 
    Archȧngel cechlai, luad ̇ndil,
    conasluag oríg richid,
    coclasschetal, coceol glé,
    timchell cacha oenchrose.373 
    Fail ann faithchi cechdoruis
    cain fritaichmi derbthomuis,
    samlaimse cech dib fofeib
    fritalmain conamuireib.377 
    Cuaird cachafaithchi foleith,
    conagrenchaib airgdidib,
    conabrugaib foblath bil,
    conalubaib ligaidib.381 
    Ced adbal lib, lathar ̇ngle,
    met nafaithchi fairsi̇nge,
    mur d'argut, cengnim n-aithbi,
    rognid imcachoeṅfaith(chi).385 
    Airfortoich namur im-maig
    immondun docachoenleith, 20 a 1
    cosostaib slanaib sidib
    diarmidi dohilmilib.389 
    Ocht n-airfortaig ann frisreith
    cocomraicet 'moncathraig:
    nimtha samail nasét sruith
    donmét fail cachairfortuig.393 
    Cachairfortach lan lubaib,
    conangrenchaib credhumaib,
    mur dochriad chaim rochalcad
    cotren imcach n-airfortach.397 
    Damur deec, toraind ̇nglé,
    'nan-airfortach, 'nafaithchi,
    cenmthat natrimúir im-maig
    failet imon primchathraig.401 
    Cethracha dorus hitreib
    richid conarigsuideib,
    atri cacha faithchi feith,
    isatri cachairfortaich.405 
    Cethridoruis airri im-mach p.7
    nan-irfortach n-immechtrach,
    frisintetblai, tolaib smacht,
    frisincetna athchomarcc.409 
    Comla d'argut, cain ardreich,
    cachdoruis donḋfaithchisin,
    comlada creda corath
    fridoirsi nan-irfortach.413 
    Nafrithmuir ondun im-mach
    innan-huili n-airfortach,
    samlaithir fribladbail ̇mbla
    otha thalmain cohésca.417 
    Mur nafaitchi, feib dasli,
    rosdelbtha dofindruini,
    an-airde, adbul foneib,
    otha thalmain coglangrein.421 
    Natrimuir, met an-athfaig,
    timchellait inprimcathraig,
    tadbain an-airde cenmeirg
    othalmain cofirmimeint.425 
    Suidigud namur im-maig
    immondun, immoncathraig,
    rathrian cachmúir, monor ̇ngle,
    reil radiall secharaile.429 
    Ri rosfossaig cotangeib
    nassossaid 'monprimchathraig,
    deimni ataichmi ondun im-mach
    'nafaithchi, 'nan-irfortach.433 
    Sluaig sil Adaim, aidble baind,
    innandalaib frianderbraind,
    gle iaṙndligud dib rosoich
    sechinud cech oensossaid.437 
    Bid cachsluag diib foleith
    'nan-airfortach, 'nafaitchib,
    lánaib doligaib fofeib
    dosidaib, dosonmigeib.441 
    Noeb isnúibhuaga corath
    fobraenbuada, iarmbraenchath:
    scérdair frisinslog im-maig,
    bertair isinmorchathraig.445 
    Cathir De conasoillsi,
    cidat mora aprimdoirsi,
    nitheit inti óthalmain treib
    acht mad oentriar dodoeneib.449 
    Duni conái dligid Dé,
    duine óg iarfirinne,
    congnim adma nadchlithe
    duine amra athirge.453 
    Congérdair cobáid im-maig
    nanaeb isinprimchathraig,
    febdae fo lib, lith rochlos,
    cach dib daraprimdoros.457 
    Nadoirsi chaindelbdai, glain,
    lainderdai dondlíc logmair,
    con-ollbladaib, segtait slóig,
    conacomladaib dergoir.461 
    Tri athchomairc cechdoruis,
    cain glanthogairt toebtomuis,
    fricachclothalt, erim ̇ngúr,
    athchomarc for cachoenmúr.465 
    Aurdrochait nandorus n-og
    cain set solus dodergór,
    atat fonéim, nassad ̇ngle,
    airddiu cachceim araile.469 
    O cheim docheim, erim ̇ngur,
    isreid dreimm isinprimdun,
    cainsluag sidi, set rosaig,
    mór mili cét dochétaib.473 
    Hicuaird nam-mur, mor n-athbach,
    im-medon naprimchathrach,
    lebinn glainidi glórdai,
    drochte dronai dergórdai.477 
    Filet ann brugi bláthi p.8
    bithura cach bithráthi,
    cotorthib cachthoraid dil,
    conambolthaib milidib.481 
    Fail ann centoirsi didnad,
    fail soilsi censirdibad,
    ceoil gluara, caini, grinni,
    buana, baidi, blaithbinni.485 
    Fail ann ni sásas cech slóg
    hirichiud rigda romór, 20 a 2
    fogur nȧngrad, nacéol ̇ngle,
    bolud namblath ̇mboltnaigthe.489 
    Fail mór dosostaib, saer slán,
    fail mór class cobsaid comnar,
    fail ann mor slúag, seol snassi,
    fail mor ceol cechoenclassi.493 
    Failet ann linni lethna,
    ailli aninni anoebtrethna,
    gleorda immocanat classi,
    suarca, segdai, somblassi.497 
    Failet ann srotha sėngga
    docheniul cach coemlenna,
    frisasad sloig, sir sotlaib,
    fail ann mór dofindtopraib.501 
    Failet ann lecga lordai,
    failet foraid forordai,
    forbrig naslog dosrogaib,
    fail ann mór do rigsrothaib.505 
    Fail ann mór ̇mbíle ̇mbroga,
    mór tiri friimthoga,
    mor sét sétach, slán saine,
    mor cet cetach clármaige.509 
    Mor ceol caimnaig cenbine
    fail iroenmaig rindnime,
    mor seol suilig, mor sreth séis,
    nadróig tuirim noaisneis.513 
    Fail ann iarset, srethaib smacht,
    cet acethair cethrachat,
    fiadgnuis indrig cotagaib
    iar n-árem afochraicaib.517 
    O thosuch domuin cobrad
    clann Adaim, cidhe acomrad,
    ni choemsaitis, digrais seis,
    cech oen fochraic dib d'aisnes.521 
    Cenmothat sain cotaigaib
    fail innim dofochraicaib,
    lir bannai ̇fleochaid, fuám tricc,
    no slamma snechta snigit.525 
    Sossad slan morig rathmar
    fil forlar naprimchathrach:
    ismor cet mili 'mobeir
    hitimchuaird ȧfosscemeil.529 
    Dior derg rogníd huile
    dorig richid rigsuide:
    ri corúnaib doforgaib
    osnamúraib erordaib.533 
    Sossaid Ai̇ngel cosoillsib
    nessaim donaprimdoirsib,
    Archȧngeil conan-airbrib
    isnessam donaebai̇nglib.537 
    Uirtutes, nert oscachmaig,
    isnessam doArchȧnglib,
    Potestates, deoda tlus,
    isnessam Uirtutibus.541 
    Principatus, blaith aseis,
    isnessam Potestatés,
    Dominationes, drȯng demein,
    fodiuplaib inḋfosscemeil.545 
    Amra inslog roscing uili
    forscemul indrigsuidi:
    nóeb inrori roscȯngaib
    Troni conamórdrȯngaib.549 
    Sluaig Hiruphin rosfossaig
    itimchuairt indrigsossaid, p.9
    tuas sech cechoen fondrig reil
    sernait slog sáer Saraphin.553 
    Noi̇ngrad nime, noebda ambal,
    imrig nan-uili n-adbar,
    cendimbúaid fribriga blat,
    cen imhuail, cenimṁformat.557 
    Lainib lánaib forig recht,
    isshé an-arim firchert,
    dase sescat, sluag fofeib,
    cechoengraid donagradaib.561 
    Arim cechsluaig, lith cenmeth,
    nifail nech rodasfessad,
    acht marofitir inrí
    dodosrosat donemphní.565 
    Ri huasal uasdaib uili,
    ri richid con-imdruine,
    ri febda firian fossud,
    rí riġfial 11 'narigsossud.569 
    Ri rohóc, ri sen icein,
    ri rodelb nem imglangrein,
    ri nan-huile noeb corath,
    ri caim, ri cain, ri cruthach.573 
    Ri dorigni nemthech necht
    doainglib centarimthecht,
    tir nanóeb, namac ̇mbethad,
    clar find, fota, forlethan.577 
    Rosrethaig sosad, sid saer,
    fossad forethaib rig roen,
    cuaird cháin, glanna, crichid, gle
    doaes amra athirge.581 
    Morí immarthus osintslóg
    sanctus Dominus Sabaoth,
    diacain uasdind, forseol sercc,
    ceol cethri sanct find fichet.585 
    Ri roordaig inclais chert
    na cethri sancht find fichet, 20 b 1
    cáin canait canthus dontslog
    sanctus Deus Sabaoth.589 
    Ri fossud fial, febda, find,
    sid sossud, selbda, soenmind.
    lasfail tret nan-úan, nuall ̇ngle,
    'món-Uan n-úag nemlochtaigthe.593 
    Ri reil rohorddaig inn-Úan
    iarsintsleib foraimluad,
    cethrimili mac 'nȧndiaid,
    cethorcha ocus cét glanriad.597 
    Crichid class, congloraib cruth,
    donahógaib ceneilniud,
    canait ceol ̇ngluair immalle
    indiaid indUain etrochtai.601 
    Comchoema, comluatha, gluair,
    iarsintsleib indiaid indUain,
    scribtha 'nangnuisib corath
    an-ainm isainm indAthar.605 
    In ri rohordaig inguth
    donanemdaib fritinphiud,
    lethan, londgur, lathar ̇ngle,
    amal tondgur n-iluisce.609 
    No amal guth crot carait nuall,
    canait cennachlocht lórmuad,
    linib lerthol uascechraind,
    no amal nuall dermór toraind.613 
    Ri bili bethad foablath
    slige frisrethad soergrád,
    abarr, abroenrad cechleith
    roleth darroemag richid.617 
    Forsasaid indénlaith án,
    congaib glerath cheol comlan,
    cenaurchra, corogud rath,
    dothorud no duilerad.621 
    Alaind indenlaith coṫngæib, p.10
    cechen glermaith cet n-etteib, 12
    canait cenbet, cogleor gle,
    cet ceol cacha oenheitte.625 
    Ri rogni mór n-adba n-an,
    mór ̇ngnim cadla, cóir, comlan,
    lam'rig rogmár oscechmaig
    fil cech ollgrad cenesbaid.629 
    Fail leis secht nimi, nert n-uag,
    cengeis, cenbine findluad,
    imthalmain, tolaib tine,
    con-anmaimm cechoennime.633 
    Aear, ethiar oscachdru̇ng,
    Olimpus, firmamentum,
    nem n-usce, nem n-ȧngel n-uag,
    nem hifail Fiadu findmuad.637 
    Fil leis ilar n-amra ̇ndrȯng,
    fil mor n-adba cenimroll,
    fail lais nói ̇ngraid, cossar chaid,
    fail lais sosad cechoengraid.641 
    Fail indechmad, grad congaib,
    censechnad slan sil Adaim,
    dóini foadoi triamnai trel,
    cotaoi Fiada findgel.645 
    Fail ann sid, fail suba slán,
    cenguba, cenathchosan,
    frisrethu sluaig, segda thuir,
    fail bethu buan bithsuthain.649 
    A fail domaith láṙnDia dil,
    dianoebaib innanoemtreib,
    nifail iarsetad naseis
    nech conní acetmad d'aisneis.653 
    Coimdiu conn cechgrada gluair,
    targ{} drȯng betha bithbuain,
    romsaera iaṙndul acri cath,
    inri dorone inriched.
    Ri dorigni riched reil.

    3. 3.

    657 Ri dorosat nanoi̇ngrad
    nimi fricumtach coemnár,
    foglanblad achrotha glain,
    friaadrad, friaairmitin.661 
    Trigd doib, torainn glan,
    asnessu dochum talman,
    Angeli frisretha seis,
    Archangeli, Uirtutes.665 
    Potestates, oebind bla,
    ithe trigraid medoncha,
    Principatus, bag centreis,
    ocus Dominationés.669 
    Trigraid hisuachtarchom dib
    ifrecnarcus indardríg,
    Troni fririgsuide réil,
    Hiruphin is Saraphein.673 
    In dechmad grad, canar lib,
    censechnad slan síl Adaim,
    uasbith cenguasacht icrí
    dodosruasat monaebrí.677 
    Ri rochoimsig nagrada
    cotoimsib cech degdána,
    linib lianmag angnim cain,
    frian-iarair, frian-airmitin.681 
    Secht ̇ngrad ann, airegda ingnim,
    friasainsemla indardríg,
    dogress doib, cenchithu cruth,
    triabithu coaairfitiud. 20 b 2685 
    Dagrad dib, derbdu dalaib,
    fritorroma sil Adaim,
    fricechcangin ̇ngnathmair ̇nglain,
    Ȧngil ocus Archȧngeil.689 
    Ȧngeil gléglana, gnim cert, p.11
    doreir Dé fritechtairecht,
    indArchai̇ngil cenchaire,
    ithé nauasaltechtaire.693 
    Uirtutes, nerta cechthan,
    fridenam nafirt findglan,
    Potestates, delbda atlacht,
    atfebda frifollomnacht.697 
    Principatus, blathi gne,
    fríathi nȧngnim cinte,
    Dominationes, nóebda cruth,
    sluag soerda frismachtugud.701 
    Troni, dichraidiu combrig,
    fiadrigsuidiu indardrig,
    hilar shircanait ceol ̇ngleir
    Hiruphin isSaraphein.705 
    Crichid cenchrinhed inchlass
    fochanat riched rindmass,
    cliar gel formaig rind roalt
    nacethrisen find fichet.709 
    Nosfreccrat naslóig slana
    doib conhettgat hilgrada,
    conidhed canthus inslog
    sanctus Deus Sabaóth.713 
    Ri rofoilsig dam, deilm 13 n-an,
    ni dothoimsib nan-hilgrad,
    diasostaib saidbrib sluagdaib,
    dian-airbrib, dian-ilbuadaib.717 
    Dodeccrai osbetha bann
    srethaib ilretha rétlann,
    caine már góo gréne,
    connaibe fochomglére.721 
    Diafebsai aidchi huimle,
    diacennsai, diangnathchuibdi,
    diacainduthracht cenchaire,
    diandeeircc, diatrocaire.725 
    Diaslaine, slicht cendochta,
    dian-áne, dian-etrochta,
    diacruth gle, coemda, glanna,
    diȧngne noebda n-adamra.729 
    Diasidaib, srethaib seolaib,
    diȧngnímaib, diȧnglancheolaib,
    diamodaib amraib aildib,
    dian-aitdib, dian-ilarmib.733 
    Arim nan-ȧngel innim,
    doreir arFiadat findgil,
    fritaidbsigud, derb ̇ndana,
    iarfailsigud 14 spírtalda.737 
    Nihed an-airim, amorí,
    lín acuire fochoemli,
    acht madlin intsluaig atraig
    icoemthecht cacharchai̇ngi(l).741 
    A hoen, adó, atrí trel,
    ado friu conidcuiċfer,
    dacuiciur, iaṙngairib gle,
    isshi indarim deichde.745 
    Dadeich derba, torainn tricc,
    tiagait hisincertfichit,
    ocus trideich, triallait blait 15,
    issed tiagait hitrichait.749 
    IArsintrichait, taidbret bí,
    doaidbet imut arí,
    cethrideich, iarslanaib smacht,
    isi indárim cethrachat.753 
    Coicdeich iarsreith sliucht fónait,
    ised tiagait icoicait,
    sedeich, cengairim, cenacht,
    issed indárim sescat.757 
    Secht ̇ndeich hisechtmoga slan,
    ocht ̇ndeich ochtmoga ollmar,
    nodeich innochait iarset,
    ocus deich ̇ndeich inglanchet.761 
    Deichcet inmili, mod mór, p.12
    ocus deichmili inlegeón,
    deichlegeon dogres cachdia,
    issed tiagait hicuinia.765 
    Deichcunia, coleir ciagléis,
    issed tiagait inmarés,
    deichmares, miad milib bla,
    techtas coderb caterua.769 
    Decim caterua rochlús
    tíagait in-exercitús,
    deichnexercitús, teanm tra,
    tiagait coderb inturba.773 
    Deichturba derb nȧndrȯng ̇nden,
    issed tiagait in-agmen,
    deich n-aigmen ȧngel gid ̇ngil
    icoemthecht cacharchȧngil.777 
    Fail secht n-archȧngliu innim
    laruiri richid rindgil,
    lacachn-archȧngel foleith
    sechtdeich agmen doȧnglib.781 
    IShésin innomad grad,
    dorónad fornim noebnár,
    ȧngel ̇ngleglan cenmennar
    icoemthechtaib archȧngel. 21 a 1785 
    Na ocht grad cenmothá sin,
    dosrósat Dia coderbden,
    acht mori rángle fornim
    nifail roairme an-árim.789 
    Tuirmem friagairm fiadrig recht
    ainm na cethri fer find fichet,
    drȯng duassach d'arbrib ȧngel
    nan-uasal, nan-archȧngel.793 
    Gabriel, Michél, maith an-greim,
    Raphiel, Panachel oebind,
    Babichél, Raguel roclos,
    Mirachel, Rumel rigdos.797 
    Fafigial, Sumsagial slán,
    Sarmichiel, Sarachel saergd,
    Uriel, Hermichel maith mass,
    Sarachel, Barachel bladbras.801 
    Lihigiel, Darachél cenchol,
    Segiel, laSariel sairdron,
    Lonachel, Arachél tan,
    Stichiel, Gallichiel gleglan.805 
    Guidem doib, derb dín cenmeth,
    arinrig rodelb riched,
    'mobethu cenchithu, cruth cain,
    triabithu 'nambithoentaid.809 
    Cibhe gabas cuit nói ̇ngrad
    etir iarmerge is tiugnar,
    roḋmbia nem, nassad ̇ndȧngen,
    imbithoentaid archȧngel.813 
    Datrian insein, sluaig roclos,
    robai innim rian-imarbos,
    atrian huili, fotheidm thinn,
    dochuatar dochum n-Iffirn.817 
    Atethach, aChoimdiu cain,
    domf'orcraid, dom'hessbadaib,
    tabair dam dilgud hifus
    dom'ainblib, dom'aneolaus.821 
    Ciarobai doanble arád
    airmi aidbli nan-ilgrád,
    anroradius, sonad sír,
    isdomolad mororíg.825 
    Cianobeth cét tėngad ̇ndron
    frisirlabra cenairchron,
    níaisneidfind triabithsír
    cétmad adamra m'ardríg.829 
    Ardruiri búan betha bricc
    doruirmi cachsluag sainglic,
    arcli, aṙnduasach, arn-abb,
    inrí huasal doruasat.
    Ri dorósat nanoėngd.

    4. 4.

    833 MoRí rigda oscachthur
    roraide friLuciphur:
    'biait fót, feib dochangen ̇ngel,
    airbri imdai archȧngel.837 
    'Tabair uait airmitiu iarsreith
    doAdom, dom'chomdelbaid,
    na nói ̇ngrad coibli gleir glain
    biait foimti fri'tairitein.'841 
    'Airmitiu d'Adam, nichél,
    arimsiniu, nithibér,
    ar badairniul fiadcachthur
    dianamthairbiur fonsósur.'845 
    Roraidi fris rí narind,
    aFiadu firen firfind,
    'nocotbia airmitiu glan,
    úarnatabrai reir d'Adam.'849 
    Roraidi Lucifur leir
    aithesc ̇ndiumosach ̇ndrochceil:
    'bamri reil oscach cai̇ngin,
    fomgnifet indilai̇ngil.853 
    'Betit indȧngeil fomtraig,
    dogén féin mochomtocbáil,
    biam tigerna oscechdru̇ng,
    nibia rí aile huasum.'857 
    Lucifer colin agraid
    rotrascair achomthocbail,
    rotairinn adiummus tind,
    dorimmart dochum n-Iffirn.861 
    Mili bliadan, mod ̇nglanna,
    adfiadat nascribenna,
    ochruthad ȧngel, gnim cert,
    conostarraid tarimthecht.865 
    Ruiri narind réltai máil
    targai dind domuin drechmair:
    niseng abrig oscachbla:
    ferr cachrig morí rígda.
    Mori rigda oscachthur.

    5. 5.

    869 Ri dorigni carcair cain
    doLucifur, diademnaib,
    tír ̇ndorcha ̇ndubach ̇ndér ̇ndrenn,
    ger, dianidcomainm Iffern.873 
    Cathir grainne, glérib cath,
    censlane, serb, sirechtach,
    aigthech, uamnach, ilar ̇mbrath,
    gaibthech, guamnach, golpartach.877 
    Buidni biasta, buiriud pian,
    ruibni riastrai frianriad,
    bádud, plagud, brëud, bruth,
    tragud, largud, leod. loscud.  21 a 2881 
    IMoṅmbeist ̇mbuirr, blóraid benn,
    ostuind truim, tolaib ilchend:
    duilgib drichnes fricachsluag,
    coruibnib riches roruad.885 
    Coic cét cenn fridiartain tinn,
    coic cét fiaccail cechoenchind,
    cét lam, cét bass, indel ̇nglaiss,
    cét n-ingen forcachoenbaiss.889 
    Ilar thor ̇ndoel, duba drui̇ng,
    ilar cruma cael clenchruind,
    ilar cuan ̇ngér, ciasta, cerb,
    ilar ̇mbiasta ̇mbuan, ̇mbelderg.893 
    Ilar loscond lan dogail,
    foralar icimsergain,
    fricach imchuaird nacathrach,
    ilar nathrach n-imathlam.897 
    Ilar ̇mbrothlach nambled ̇mberg,
    nambiasta n-ochrach n-airderg,
    ilar ̇ndelb ̇ndomblas ȧngal,
    ilar lonnbras leoman.901 
    Ilar lasrach lonn cechleth,
    ilar casrach ̇ngarbthened,
    ilar ̇ndlúm ̇ndlomtha tuarcat,
    ilar ̇ndorcha ̇ndubluachat. p.14905 
    Fail mór domuirib moamúr,
    hIffirn cotuilib tromthúr,
    friplagud nasluag siabar,
    friambadud, friambithphianad.909 
    Muir ̇ndubtemen, temel truag,
    muir ̇ndaiged tened tromruad,
    muir ̇mbren, muir tren, dėngge dath,
    muir nél, muir neme natrach.913 
    Inmuir serb suiges insluag,
    mor ̇ndelb drubas fothromnual,
    incach ̇naird fobrón fíantach,
    gol mairg ocus mórhiachtad.917 
    Híttu, huacht ocus tess
    crintu, chúac, grandaib garbchess,
    sluag luath landub foralar,
    cȯnglamrud, con-athchossan.921 
    Gáir gér gbi, hír iṡferg,
    fothair díni ̇ndér ̇nherderg,
    friȧngrella cenchoibli ̇ngle,
    sroigli tenna, teinntide.925 
    Acethair cethorchat cet
    nisechmalat foroenshét,
    failet fridamnad Diabuil,
    in-Iffurn dohilphíanaib.929 
    Cianobeth cet mili fer,
    conatengthaib iarnaideib,
    oenphian dib, cobrath ̇mbrudin,
    nichoemstais doderbthurim.933 
    Madnofail d'hilphianaib ann,
    in-Iffurn huathmar imgann,
    lia natluibi formaigaib,
    no duili for fidbadaib.937 
    Fail ann rig nadrigda bes,
    gribda, gann, cetaib ilglés,
    duairc, doer, dressachtach adrech
    cloen, cessachtach, cossaitech.941 
    Crimnach, gruamnach, gnath icbrath,
    hirach, uarach, airbirech,
    ciar, cernalach, caras cath,
    dian, drenngalach, diumussach.945 
    Engach, huaichlech, ilar crech,
    tedmnach, tuaimnech, disceinmnech,
    gristaig, craestuib, granne agne,
    discir, doescair, dergnaide.949 
    Ri dorat tromdigail tind,
    forsluag n-anhettail n-Iffirn,
    truaga, tána frigortai,
    buana, bana, bithbochtai.953 
    An huili cestait intslúaig,
    icráesluch Iffirn adruaid,
    ciarombet cét tengad dein,
    niaisneidfind frim'aimsir.957 
    Adba n-Iffirn, ilar phian,
    mairg bís fócritḣfeidm comchian,
    glenn golmar, gann, gne ali,
    morí rogmar dorigni.
    Ri dorigni carcair cain.

    6. 6.

    961 Ri dorigni Pardus ̇mblaith,
    cuairt crichid, cobsaid, comsnáid,
    caintír toirthech, digrais foss,
    dodainib rian-immarbos.965 
    Rí robennach bruig reid ̇mblaith,
    Pardus frisuirded sáergraid,
    iarcinniud cachthuir thogaig,
    con-immud cechiltoraid.969 
    Col-láinib loraib lubaib,
    comagib, comorbrugaib, p.15
    coscathaib scoth forcachmaig,
    conamblathaib bolordaib.973 
    Cocadius cainol roclos,
    con-ainius, con-aebinneos,
    conabruig barrglas, bladmar,
    feidb tadbas babithsamrad.977 
    Bethrach, broenach, brogach, bras,
    tir tethrach, togach, tonnglas, 21 b 1
    saer saechtairthír, suthach srath,
    caem, cain, cetharchair, cruthach.981 
    Clar cóir, cobsaid, cumtaig dind,
    fal frifóir forsaid forfind,
    isdín caich, is mur ̇mbroigthech,
    bithblaith, bithur, bithtoirthech,985 
    Sossad slan, suthach, sid sáer,
    fal ̇fossud, fulach, fírnoeb,
    sreba sencha, selbcha sreith,
    cenérchra, cenimhesbaid.989 
    Mag maith, moinech, milib mind,
    doinech, daith, dinib derb dind,
    cosrethaib saidbrib seolaib,
    airbrib aidblib, ilchéolaib.993 
    Rí roordaig innadail,
    topur indhordain ̇forláin,
    astecat glaini crotha,
    cethrisreba sirsrotha.997 
    Sruth d'̇fín, sruth d'ola, dal dil,
    sruth loga lemnacht langil,
    sruth maith mela, monar ̇nglan, 16
    frisasad nanoebanman.1001 
    Ainm foleith cechsrotha slain,
    cenchleith friclotha coemdail,
    Fisson, Geon, cain cenlen,
    Tibris ocus Eufraten.1005 
    Fisson sair sires areim,
    Tibris siar siles slanéim,
    Eufraten combuaid fodes,
    Geon fothuaid dian dirges.1009 
    Indola sáir, iarslicht slán,
    infin siar srethaib sirdal,
    inmil fodess, digrais buaid,
    inlemnacht sílas sairthuaid.1013 
    IMsoat, dosoat iarsain,
    doréir indrig donoebnim,
    cenmeth, cenditha, cenchais,
    cechleth fochricha Pardais.1017 
    Ríi foides enlaith n-en ̇ndil,
    cenlen darróendes richid,
    cocanat ceola cenchais,
    beoda fobiliu Pardais.1021 
    Docain coglerdaith cengreis,
    indenlaid caim cenaithmeis,
    set sáire fririagla raith,
    cliara caine cet ceolmaith.1025 
    Cet dochetaib en iallaib,
    cét n-itte, cét ceol cliaraib,
    mor cet ceol calad cencleith,
    gleor canar dorig richid.1029 
    Rí rodelb Pardos foali,
    ishe arn-armdos airgdidi,
    dorat mur mor n-imme thenn,
    diór immaimthimchell.1033 
    Ri betha barrglais boirchich,
    ri Pardais con-iltoirthib,
    rodelb lanamain iartain,
    donahuilib anmannaib.1037 
    Ri doruasat Adam n-án,
    fochruth cengúasacht coemnar,
    congrad, cenamlós rochlos,
    hiPardos rian-immarbos.1041 
    Bai Adam tritrath centess,
    imbadud fograd glanches,
    fortalmain tinn centreorud, p.16
    cenanmain, ceninbeogud.1045 
    Bai corp Adaim tribtrathaib,
    cenanmain friderḃfathaib,
    fritindrad centrist, delm ̇ngle,
    icfigrad Crist d'esserge.1049 
    ISsintresló iarnagein,
    rodelbad anim Adaim,
    iartoebthogud friadin ̇ndocht,
    cenoentogud friafirchorp.1053 
    Coroainmniged iarsain
    onacethri rétglannaib,
    Archon, Dissis, rotdelb Dia,
    Anatole, Missimbria  17.1057 
    Noimís lána, lathar ̇ndil,
    orohet Adam anmain,
    iarsliucht sruithi senchad slán,
    corodelbad abanscal.1061 
    Dianid comainm Eua án,
    crichid, chorcorda, coemnar,
    dil, delbda, toga 18 rainni,
    fotha febda fírclainne.1065 
    Iarsain asraracht Adom
    assasuan cenimgabud,
    coṅfacca inmnái, mín adath,
    segda, suaichnid, sochrutach.1069 
    Amal rodeccai aggnuis
    dosroega sechcach ̇nderbduis,
    doraṙngert dí, eraim ̇ngle,
    combad sainserc sochaide.1073 
    'IS orot rirfes cencleith
    cach amathair 'saathair:
    ondiu triabithu, buaid nein,
    biaid cechoen uainn dit'ogréir.'1077 
    Ardruiri indroith, rigda ail,
    gargruide fricroich coemnair, 21 b 2
    rofigli 'nacrí roclos,
    inrí dorigní Phardos.
    Rí dorigni Pardos ̇mblaith.

    7. 7.

    1081 Ri rorade aithesc ̇nglan
    friEua ocus friAdam,
    toirthi Parduis, bag cengeis,
    iartimnu De domeldais.1085 
    'Aratoimlid frisid sáin
    toirthi Parduis, bolad náir,
    ile, uile, aurdaig rann,
    isdiles duib acht oenchrann.1089 
    'Cofessabair bith fosmacht
    centruaigi, centochomrac,
    censnim, censaethar frisreith,
    cenaes, cenolcc, cenanim.1093 
    'Cenchrine, cengalar cruaid,
    imbithbethaid combithbuaid,
    faṙndul conem, nassad ̇ngle,
    in-aes togach trichtaige.1097 
    Mili bliadan, buadach gair,
    ocus se huara dohuaraib,
    cengoe, cengabud, roclos,
    robai Adum hiPardus.1101 
    Dia artooir, derbait mail,
    rodelb cech cooir comlain:
    nitli tlaithcumtaig arcest
    inrí roraid inn-athesc.
    Rí rorade athesc ̇nglan.

    8. 8.

    1105 Baformtech Diabul desin
    friAdam conachlannaib,
    am-bith sunn cenlocht, luad ̇ngle,
    'nacurp n-uág dochum nime.1109 
    Nahuili anmanna icrí
    dodosrosat monóebrí:
    friPardus imuich cenchad
    isAdom nosordaiged.1113 
    Indúair theigtis ascechcrích
    sluaig secht nime 'monardríg,
    cachanmanna corptha cain
    doticed dochum n-Adaim.1117 
    Cach díb assa airm corath
    foagairm ocus fríaadrad,
    doAdaum, balainn inmod,
    dothictis diaairfitiud.1121 
    Rosmachtastar Dia donim
    forsnahuilib anmannaib,
    atichtu ascechleith cengreis,
    combitis ardreich Parduis.1125 
    IArsain imsaitis fordeis
    censil n-úabair nahaincceiss,
    cach dib díaadbai coglan
    iaṙmbennachad doAdam.1129 
    Bafeochair féig, fichtib ell,
    inbeist imamnas, imchenn,
    ciachruth fogebaid fonim
    conair d'admilliud Adim.1133 
    Lucifer, lin cest ̇nglanna,
    luid im-mesc nan-anmanna,
    'sintsluag friPardus im-maich,
    conid ann fuair innathraig.1137 
    'Nirbdimmain dobith im-maich,'
    arDiabul frisinnathraig,
    'arthuaichle tricce, delm ̇ngle,
    ardoglicce, arth'amainse.1141 
    'Bamor inguassacht 'sincol
    Adam huassot d'ordnigod:
    ossar nanduli 19 methlad,
    nibadchin duini amandrad.1145 
    'Orat noisichu fricath,
    toisechu rothuistiged,
    atgliccu asaimdil cechcruth,
    nachattairbir fondossor.1149 
    'Gaib mochomarle cenchess,
    denamm cotach iscarddes,
    coiste fadein frim'cheil ̇nglain,
    ass náteig dochum n-Adaim.1153 
    'Tabair dam inad it'churp
    iarmodliged, iar'mintliucht,
    condechsam fogs iaṙmbla
    arndís adochom n-Euá.1157 
    'Aurailem fuirri 'malle
    torud incrainn aurgairthi,
    coroheralasi coglan
    iarum iṅmbiad forAdam.1161 
    'Acht condechsat andís 'malé
    as dartimna atigernai,
    nisbia grad laDia ifus,
    ticfait cenblath oPhardus.'1165 
    'Cialuag nomtha fiadcachthur,'
    arinnathir friDiabul,
    'arfailti duit im'churp chain
    cennachlocht dom'chomaittreib?1169 
    'Arthreoir duit iarset sain
    d'admilliud Euá isAdaim,
    ardul lat iarfír frigreis,
    ciphe gním frisan-eirreis?'1173 
    'Caluag ismo dober duit
    feib ata meit armorhuilcc, p.18 22 a 1
    arn-óentu iaṙmbes, iaṙmbruth,
    bid dogres arn-anmnigud.'1177 
    O fȯfuair adbai donbrath
    rosamlai indelb nanatrach,
    isfóil dodeochaid frifoss
    iarcoir Parduis dondoros.1181 
    Rogart indnathir im-maig:
    'indamchluini, aben Adaim?
    deni, aEua chrotha cain,
    sechcách cena m'acallaim.'1185 
    'Nimhuain friacallaim neich,'
    arEua frisinnathraig:
    'itu icfrithalim im-mach
    nan-anmanna n-indligtech.'1189 
    'Massathú indEua roclos
    coclú frifeba hiPardos,
    ben Adaim alainn nadchres,
    furri alim molanles.'1193 
    'Intan nadbi Adam hifos
    isme chometas Phardos,
    cenchess, amil blaith banna,
    dognim less nan-anmanna.'1197 
    'Ciaheret teit Adam uait,
    cialeith focheird achainchuaird,
    tan nadbi frihuáir ifos
    frithalmi intsluaig iPardos?1201 
    'Fofacaib lim, lith ̇nglanna,
    frithalim nan-anmanna,
    intan teit foglanblad cenmeth
    fadein d'adrad inChomded.1205 
    'Ail dam ní d'athchomarc huait  20,'
    arindnathir chóel comsuairc  21,
    'uair isglandil dochial chain,
    aEuá, aandeir Adaim!'1209 
    'Cibhed imraidi dorad
    nichomcraidfe, amíl mindnár,
    isderb nibadoirchi ifus
    sloinnfi duit iaṙndiutius.1213 
    'Abbair frim, aEua án,
    feib donrala fricomrad,
    lasinflaith farmbretha ifos
    inmaith foṙmbetha iPardos?'1217 
    'Condechsam cenlocht iarsreith
    innarcorp dochum richid,
    nichuingem flaith bísmo ifus
    nanfil domaith iPardus.1221 
    'Cech fia {} feib roclos
    dosrossat Dia hiPardos,
    acht oenchrann uili cencleith,
    ata dídu forriaguil.1225 
    'Hé dodilsig dún Dia dil,
    amil banna bánamail,
    Pardus fridonad adruing
    acht madtorad indoencraind.1229 
    'Lecid incrannsa coglan,'
    rofuacart damsa is d'Adam,
    torud craind gairb darmogair
    bethi mairb diandessabair.'1233 
    'Ciabethi commeit foṙmbla,
    túsu isAdam, aEua,
    ni forgliccu, a choem, glanna,
    inda oen nan-ánmanna.1237 
    'Cia beith slog mór foib im-mach,
    istróg niforn-intliuchtach:
    amal cech n-anmanna ̇mborb
    isamlaid ataid frioenord.1241 
    'Nocorrubai forlaith lain
    acht mad maith aoenurán,
    uair natarfaid duib ni d'ulcc,
    ismessaiti forn-intliucht.1245 
    'IS mor forn-essbaid imgaes,
    ata Dia icfortogáes,
    tan is d'oencraunn maidis uilc p.19
    nadleic duib ni dothormailt.1249 
    'Aire arrancas incrann ̇ngúr
    isheire nachalecar dúb,
    deochair eter maith isolcc
    conaraib accaib d'intliucht.1253 
    'Nabdat dolam, eirg doncraunn
    diȧfromad immóenubull,
    dechair eter olcc ismaith
    rotbia codocht ondarḋflaith.'1257 
    'Cidmaith t'intliucht, erim ̇ngle,
    cid lán raith dochomarle,
    dul cosincrann nilamur
    arbith arnahérbalur.1261 
    'Tair, anathir, fein doncraunn,
    ocus tuc de oenubull,
    acht cotora int-ubull dam
    rannfat etrom isAdam.1265 
    'Rofessammar fiadcachdru̇ng
    acht condessamar inn-ubull,
    doscel cenhír, erim ̇ngle,
    dus infír mar atbeire.'1269 
    'A Eua solus cengeis,
    hoslaic róm dorus Parduis,
    cenlen acht coros innunn,
    dober donchraunn inn-ubull.'1273 
    'Ciaoslac rot teis innonn
    donchraunn ciabera uboll,  22 a 2
    nibia fuirech fort hifus
    dothairisem hiPardus.'1277 
    'Acht dober inn-ubull duit
    dodeochair maith ocus uilcc,
    cennachlocht doreg im-mach
    manimthair cacht na cumrech.'1281 
    Rooslaic Eua foclith
    indorus riasinnathraig:
    cennachcith luid, nirbúmall,
    forarith cosinn-oencrann.1285 
    Dofuc Eua inn-ubull n-úag
    dondabaill, bascel n-imthrúag,
    dȯfuaid Eua aleth, nirbuglan,
    roleic inleth n-aill d'Adam.1289 
    Ri rothraith drȯng Iffirn {}
    rosglaíd focrithfeidm comtruag,
    rogail cedsaithrach trichath
    infail faebrach baformtech.
    Ba formtech Diabul disein.

    9. 9.

    1293 O shunn duaid Eua foleith
    leth indubuill aurchotig,
    roclaemclai clí, lethansmacht,
    dorochair di acoemthlacht.1297 
    Eua fritindrad cenlocht,
    bai̇ngnad abith imnocht,
    rosgab crith gréic, cenchruth ̇nglan,
    coroleic guth for Adam.1301 
    Fogairm Eua, feib rodlecht,
    dodechaid ceṅfrithuidecht,
    Adam fein cenae, cenlocht,
    coṅfacca amnai lomnocht.1305 
    'Noconalaind maratai,'
    arsé, arAdam, friadagmnai,
    'cid ardotralaid hicacht?
    cia rotsáraig 'motnoebthlacht?1309 
    'Nochonepér rit insein,
    amothigerna aAdaim,
    coragba huaim, cenhuath ̇ngle,
    coluath leth indubuillse.'1313 
    O rogab Adam cenclith
    leth indubuill aurchotig,
    rofacaib athlacht centhucht
    corabe fesin lomnucht.1317 
    Ci rotbrathaig, aben baith, p.20
    rotrathaig narbsat fírgaeth?
    donrat frisnim saethraich séis,
    rotbaithig, rombaethigeis.'1321 
    'Nathir iarfír, feib roclos,
    gaid dím atichtu iPardos,
    iartichtain dí sunn tuc de
    ubull doncraunn aurgairthe.1325 
    'Atrubairt rim iarsein sunn:
    'aben, geib uaim inn-ubull,
    madail duit cofesser olcc,
    arnabad essel t'intliocht.'1329 
    'A Eua, afiss madail duit,
    dechair maith  22 ocus morhuilcc,
    geib inn-ubullsa caem, ̇nglan,
    raind etrut ocus Adam.1333 
    'Rogabussa huad innsain
    ubull cosiṅfrithorgain,
    huair náfetar ciarét olcc
    cofacca mobith lomnocht.1337 
    'IMthegind siar ocus sair,
    foṙfemdinn athimargain,
    niblaith, bahi̇ngnad rith rois,
    rofaid fȯfidrad Pardois.1341 
    'Nathir rongáel, garb agraph,
    donrat frisaeth triaaslach,
    dochéin rochind agnim cain,
    abreic ronmill, aAdaim.'1345 
    'A Euá, conhilur glonn,
    nimaṅfacamar th'uboll,
    isreil fornn feib atam nocht
    condrancamar friamorolcc.1349 
    'Ata ni ismessu de tra:
    scarthain cuirp ocus anma,
    corp lobtha hitalmain tind,
    isanmain dochum n-Iffirn.'1353 
    Huair dorochair dib atlacht
    roslín truaigi istocomrac,
    duairc leo dochraid acuirp gil,
    cenfial ̇nglan dian-imditin.1357 
    Réil dochach dib dath achuirp
    ofoṙfacaibthi glenuicht:
    arscath aféile, fuam ̇ngle,
    tucsat duilli nafiche  23.1361 
    Nifrith friligthorba ̇ndul
    acht indficomna ahoenur,
    fid fann iPardus corath
    nach crann forsm-beth duilirath.1365 
    Cocuala Adam hitrial
    ȧngel coarad friGabrial:
    'seinter lat cocoir cornn ̇ngle,
    coroa agloir fo secht nime.1369 
    'Heirgid huili cȯngraid glain
    hicomdail friaṙnDulemain,
    combúaid frigním dȧngen ̇ndil,
    slúaig ȧngel do secht nimib. 22 b 11373 
    'Tinolaid forsluagad slan,
    nibahuathad forcomdal,
    condechsaid cogle rochlos
    hicoemthecht Dé doPhardos.'1377 
    IArsain doluid inrí rúad
    doPhardus conamorsluag,
    remi codȧngen cenchol
    class ai̇ngel iccocétol.1381 
    Dessid hiruphin iarfir
    bahe rigsuide indardrig,
    im-medón Pharduis corath,
    inbale hífail crann bethad.1385 
    Rosernad cech sluag iarsreith
    cechgrad gluar conaairbreib,
    ocus dessid morí reil
    fodessin forhiruphein. p.211389 
    Dellid inḋfidbad forlar
    Parduis frifidrad fonnram,
    rostairbir adduiri den
    arairmitiu aDuleman.1393 
    'Incualabarsi coglan
    ingním dorigni Adam,
    adula, cenidna ̇nglan,
    darm'thimna, darm'forcetal?1397 
    Dodechaid cach dib forleth
    iscáth inchrainn forteched,
    cȯn-erbairt guth Dé donim:
    'nimaith romba, aAdaim!'1401 
    Roraid Adam, erim n-úag,
    friDia aaithesc n-erthrúag:
    'marosárugus dosmacht
    moben forom roaslacht.'1405 
    Atbert Dia d'Adam coglan:
    'dochin huair nachatamar,
    dogénat doclanna iartain
    dogres acin d'imresain.1409 
    'Diambad athirge dognéth
    Adam con-immud achnéd,
    dodilgfitis do coglé
    achinta doridise.1413 
    Forforcongart fein fofeib
    inflaith feig foraai̇ngleib:
    'curid Adam cengnim ̇nglan
    aPhardus dochum talman.'1417 
    Lotar indai̇ngil iarsain
    dodlomad Eua isAdaim,
    dograig domma frigorta,
    lobraig lonna lomnochta.1421 
    Gaid Adam doib arforclu:
    'anaid frim, anoebai̇ngliu,
    comblassind riandul im-mach
    ni dothorud crainn bethad.'1425 
    'Anfamit frit, monuar bal,'
    arsluag ȧngel friAdam:
    'istruag linni fiadcachthur
    an-dorinni Luciphur.'1429 
    'Indamchluine, aDe dil,
    arth'ȧnglib, arth'archȧnglib?
    indeonaigi dam triarath
    ni dothorud craind bethad?'1433 
    'Ni blasfi torad inchraind
    bethad fritolad mordrui̇ng,
    hed beit 'mole fogris grinn
    an-dis dochorp ist'anim.1437 
    Rosbade atol triȧfroiss,
    rosplage bal immarbois,
    roslín ciabair granne cath
    iarum oshunn doduad.
    O shunn duaid Eua foleith.

    10. 10.

    1441 Rirorádi, eraim ̇nglan,
    friEua ocus friAdam:
    'dochuabair huaim darmorecht,
    nipta ni dom'deolaidecht.1445 
    'Eirgcid imbethaid ̇mbáethraig,
    seirgthig, snimaig, sirsaethraig;
    toirsech, tróg, ceṅfiala fos,
    forbia log farn-imarbos.1449 
    'Forclanna, formeic, formna,
    fogniat duib cachoenlaa,
    nochosta maith, monar ̇nden,
    conosti allus forhécen.1453 
    'IMmad n-ȯnggalar fortá,
    scarad cuirp ocusanma,
    snim ocussaethar cechthan,
    áes ocus críni chrithlam.1457 
    'Frithalid 24 aslach 25 Diabuil
    cechlaithi cechoenbliadain,
    nachfoṙfuca lais diathig, p.22
    dochum n-Iffirn adhuathmair.1461 
    'Foṙngnimrada diamatglain
    iarm'thimnaib, iarm'forcetlaib,
    doberthar nem, noithech cruth,
    dochach iarnachainairliud.'1465 
    Ri richid ránmair, nisuail,
    ri betha bládmair bithbuain,
    nitlaith aglegraim cechtan,
    ri roraid, éraim n-erglan.
    Ri roraide, éraim ̇nglan.

    11. 11.

     22 b 21469 Ri doridnacht talam tlacht
    doAdaum iarnatharmthecht,
    nirbo dímdach doDía dein
    manbad airchra diaaimsir.1473 
    Bái Adam sechtmain ifos
    iarnathathchor aPardos,
    fritoirsi centein, centech,
    cendig, cenbiad, cenheted.1477 
    Húair rombatar imbochtai
    dochúatar in-huachtgortai;
    mor doimaithbeur incachthan
    bái eter Eua isAdam.1481 
    'A Eua choir crotha cain,
    artroig tra dot'impartain,
    fuarír, ronlad aPardos
    triat'mignim, triat'immarbos.1485 
    'ISmor forfacsam domaith
    orochradsam arn-ardflaith,
    Pardus ronbai fogairm glain,
    conahuilib airmitnaib.1489 
    'Oetiu, failti dún roclos,
    slainte, aine, oebinneos,
    bruigi balthai, glannai cruth,
    lubai amrai, airfitiud.1493 
    'Sassad saeri, sid slan sain,
    nassad noibi d'anmannaib,
    aithbi derrit, hilar ̇ndú,
    cobrai menic friai̇ngliu.1497 
    'Bithbethu iaṙmbes forDé deis
    dogrés imbrugaib Pardais,
    ir-robatar fogne chain,
    duile De 'coarn-airmitein.1501 
    'Nahuili anmann fonim
    dosrossat moDia derbdil,
    forgreim oscachdinn condath
    issind nodosordaiged.1505 
    'Nínloiscfed tene, delm ̇ngle,
    ocus ninbaidfed (usce),
    nafaebur fédim, met gal,
    nateidm, nacredemgalar (?)1509 
    'Nibai dodúilib De dil
    duil nothissed friarmenmain,
    innim natalmain diarcur,
    acht int-ȧngbaid Lucifur.1513 
    'Cid Lucifur, linib sess,
    nichoemnacair arn-amless,
    cein bamar forecht, reim ̇ngle,
    iartimnu, íarforngaire.1517 
    'Húair rosáraigsem Dia dil
    dorat dún nahuilisin,
    oscachdinn cachduil 'malé
    atat frinn hicotarsnai.1521 
    'NiDia robolochtach rind,
    aEua chorcra caeṁfind,
    issinn rosáraig inflaith,
    ciarontáraig diabithmaith.'1525 
    Roráid Euá, arbai hicacht,
    hitruage iartarimthecht:
    'aAdaim amrai oscachmaig,
    cid nachammarbai im'chintaib? p.231529 
    'ISme dochoid darsinsmacht,
    isme doroni intarmthecht:
    coir duit momarbad dishain,
    amothigerna, aAdaim!1533 
    'Acht cotorchrorsa, delm cert,
    im'chinaid, im'tharimthecht,
    mote dogentar cogle
    frit odoDia trocaire.'1537 
    'IS lor rochráidsem indrig,'
    arsé, arAdam, cendimbrig,
    'aben, níden fingail fort,
    ciabeo i̇ngortai, ciamtoebnocht.1541 
    'Nihimmer molaim, luad neim,
    form'̇fuil nach form'̇feoil fodein,
    cidmor dolocht, linaib gal,
    isdom'chorp forcoemnacar.1545 
    'Nocochoir duin asnachmud.
    atherruch dia athsargud,
    nadernai infiṙflaith, aben,
    aṙndibad, arlándilgenn.1549 
    'Nádechsam huaid huidi cían
    lademnu ifudomnaib pian,
    nachaṙndilsi Dia dochur
    dorisi doLucifur.1553 
    'Nifail maith foaṙndalaib,'
    arsi, arEua, 'aAdaim,
    cenetach dun, centech te,
    cenbiad atbelam gorte.1557 
    'Ronbáe biad, ronbai tlacht,
    céin bamar centarimthecht,
    iartarmthecht dún isiaṙndial
    nicharfail tlacht no dagbíad.1561 
    'A fir, cuiri cuaird cenmeth
    iarsét suairc forcachnoenleth,
    dús infogebtha frifeis
    dobiud dún ní domelmais.'1565 
    Rola Adam cuaird coléir
    hifocus, in-etercéin,
    nifuair ni dobiud badglan
    fodiud acht lubai intalman. 23 a 1 1569 
    Lubai intalman, glas andath,
    biad nan-anman n-indligtech,
    nidadtlaithi dun frifeis
    iaṙmbiadaib blaithib Parduis.1573 
    'A Euá denam cogle
    pennait buan isatheirge,
    corglanmais fiadrig narecht
    ni diarcintaib, diartarmtecht.1577 
    'Dena mothinchosc dishain,
    amothigernai, aAdaim,
    húair nachfetar fiad cachrainn
    cinnas dogníther pennaind.1581 
    'Dena mothinchosc coléir
    iarth'intliucht, iardoglanchéil,
    nadern féin forcraid nachthur,
    naraib form essbaid d'oenmud.1585 
    'Adram incoimdid 'mole
    hitoe, cenchomlabrae,
    eirggsiu isruth Tigir trén,
    isragsa isruth n-Iordanén.1589 
    'Trila trichat, torainn ̇ndil,
    dobith duitsiu isruth Tigir,
    mésse in-Iordanén fosmacht
    secht la caine cethrachat.1593 
    'Beir let licc clochi cobsaid
    fot'suidi, fot'choemchossaib,
    corucsa limm licc n-aili
    fochumma, fochosmaile.1597 
    'Coraig incloich isintsruth,
    dena fuirri fothrucud,
    batuicse amalbiae comblait
    coriae int-usce dobragait.1601 
    'Thȯfolt scailti cechcruth cenmeth p.24
    iarsinsruth forcachn-oénleth,
    bi hitost frisnim sneid sain,
    dorosc féig frisna nemdaib.1605 
    'Suidig dodalaim cechthrath
    friruirig nime noe ̇ngrad,
    guid iarfirdul ciabé hitoss
    imdilgud dot'immarbos.1609 
    'Nidarglain d'acallaim Dé
    iartarmthecht, iarn-i̇nglaine,
    arnidat gleóir glethig gle
    aṙmbéoil ethcich elnide.1613 
    'Aitchem nahuili duli
    rodelb Dia triaglanrúni,
    corguidet lenn rig narecht
    imdilgud diartarimthecht.1617 
    'Deni inchruthsain domod maith,
    ocus attaig infiṙflaith:
    cororcoemchinni cogle,
    nitgluase, nitchumscaige.'1621 
    Secht la cethrachat cenlén
    d'Adaum isruth Iordanén,
    trila trichat d'Euai dil
    hisruammaib srotha Tigir.1625 
    Aingeil De cachlá donim
    oDia dothorromu Adaim,
    diaforcetal feib roddet
    cocenn nói laa ̇ndeec.1629 
    Rogaid Adam hitgi thren
    iarum forsruth n-Iordanén,
    cotroisced lais forDia ̇ndil
    conahuilib hilmilaib.1633 
    Tarrasair insruth 'nathoss
    diaremim, diaanforos,
    inrigsruth diarith roan,
    cotarddad dilgud d'Adam.1637 
    IArsin targlammair insruth
    cechmíl beo bái 'nacrisluch,
    lín acuiri cruth rosgab
    combatar huili imAdam.1641 
    Rogadatar diblinaib,
    Adam, sruth is ilmílai,
    truag rofersat annual n-án
    frisluag n-úag na nói noebgrad.1645 
    Corguiditis leo cenchlith
    nahuili grada aCoimdid,
    cotardad Dia dilgud ̇nglan
    cennach ̇ndibdud doAdam.1649 
    Gadatar Dia cotasgeib
    nanoi̇ngrada con an-airbreib,
    imdilgud d'Adaum hifus
    diagábud, diaimmarbus.1653 
    Dorigni Dia aragradaib
    slandilgud cinad Adaim,
    con-aittreib thalman cechthan
    connem nallglan noebúasal.1657 
    Ocus rodilig iarsain
    diachlannaib, diachinedaib,
    acht inthé natibri cert,
    téis darreir ̇nDe in-anrecht.1661 
    Marrochuala Demun dub
    dilgud dothabairt d'Adaum,
    'ragsa iarfebai coglé
    dochum n-Euae dorise.1665 
    'Conostuc astsruth triathlás,
    conasrucur rith forbás,
    corobadur ni diamud
    'moacrabud dochumscugud.' 23 a 21669 
    Doluid Lucifer luath laind,
    infáil feochair firthuachaill,
    mar hela ir-richt ȧngil gil,
    coEua dosruth Tigir.1673 
    Roraid ria int-angel rosmert
    darlia, badiaairchisecht: p.25
    'aEua ̇fíal crotha gil,
    iscían atái isruth Tigir.1677 
    'A ben, ciarbogle dochruth,
    rochoemcláis gné 'singarbsruth,
    cennach ̇mbríg ̇mbládbrais rofeis
    rotmarbais, rotmudaigeis.1681 
    'A ben, tair ardoDía ass,
    nabi ní sia istsruth amnas:
    dori ruad romfáid forfecht,
    uad tánac dot'tairchissecht.'1685 
    IArsain tic Euá asintsruth,
    bai fortir 'cotirmugud,
    dosfánic nél iarsétsain
    cotarmairt héc cenanmain.1689 
    Nihaithgen Eua cogle
    Lucifer linib hilgne,
    donbanscail ̇febdai bá hirc  26,
    báe amenmai icumtabairt.1693 
    'A Eua, cid arnotgeib?
    ismor dogni d'imrateib:
    cucut glethánac donim
    laforngairi De derbdil.1697 
    'Tiagum ass dochum n-Adaim,
    aben, nábi ichildalaib,
    gadamar huili Dia ̇ndil
    imdilgud duib forcintaib.'1701 
    IArsain dochuatar cotrén
    corice sruth n-Iordanén,
    coAdam, huastreba tor,
    Eua án is Lucifor.1705 
    Marrodeir(c)e Adam astsruth
    forEua, for Lucifur,
    rȯngab crith, balan dogail,
    rol-lin grain gnuisi Diabuil.1709 
    'Monuar, aEuá ̇fechtai,
    rotmera dothuicthechtai,
    fer thánic lat forfecht foss,
    ishé rotmert hiPardos.1713 
    'A Eua truag, centucht ̇ndil,
    cid doṫfuc osruth Tigir,
    cenfoṙngaire rig rechta,
    cenȧngel ̇nglan coemthechta?1717 
    Maratchualá Euá insain,
    reba adchosain Adaim,
    dosfuit forlar, luid is-sás,
    isbec nadechaid dianbas.1721 
    'A Lucifeir, a Demuin,
    cid 'moatai diarlenamuin?
    rongailaigeis, cían roclos,
    ronbaithaigeis híPardos.1725 
    'O roscarsatar arcuir
    nacharlén, a Lucifuir:
    triat'chuimleng itám hicacht,
    nichuingem dochomaitecht.1729 
    'Nisinn rogab domaithius,
    nó rotchuir ot'̇fiṙflathius,
    nisinn rothimgair fochlid
    dochor dodindgnaib richid.1733 
    'Nisinn rogab nasosta
    batar fout, ahaṅfosta!
    nisinn rotscar frit'sluagu,
    frit'cheolu, frit'hilbuadu.1737 
    'Nisinn dotrat fochairib
    ot'brúigib, ot'mormaigib,
    condatfil fodeilb Diabuil
    triabithu fobithphianaib.1741 
    'Nisinn fotragluais donim,
    ahanbhuais! triat'imresain:
    nisinn rotscar frit'gnim cain,
    nisinn rogab th'airmitin.1745 
    'Nisinn rotla ot'soillsib,
    fotrochess ot'mórchoimsib, p.26
    dadoṫfail fodein toimdig
    imbithphein, imbithdorchib.1749 
    'Dochumthocbail frírig recht
    iarfír dotrat in-amnert,
    fofuarais mor doduilgi
    triat'diummus, triat'anhuimli.1753 
    'Cidtái diarfagail hifus
    huáir dorralaid oPhardus,
    ronslátais 'moaṙmbethaid ̇nglain,
    donrátais icomrarcain.'1757 
    'Incuman lat, a Adaim,
    nafuarus d'ulcc fotdagain?
    mochur domaig nimi nair,
    mabith fothrúaigi digraid.1761 
    'Incuman lat, aAdaim,
    nafuárus d'ulcc fotdagain?
    mochur acomgnais ȧngel
    in-hIffern ̇ndúr ̇ndáirdȧngen.1765 
    'Incuman lat, aAdaim,
    nafuarus d'ulcc foddagain?
    mochur fochrithdelm chaire
    in-Iffern cet ̇ngolgaire.  23 b 11769 
    'Incuman lat, a Adaim,
    nafuarus d'ulc foddagain?
    mochor aflaith Fiadat find
    itír síanbrat siriffirn.1773 
    'Incuman lat, aAdaim,
    nafuarus d'ulcc triat'dagain?
    mobith fochiabair cengrad
    fodeilb Diabuil, fodóermam.1777 
    'Incuman lat, aAdaim,
    nafuarus d'ulcc fot'dágain?
    niraba cenchith, cenchath,
    onló rodattuistigad.1781 
    'Trúag a Adaim dodigail
    tríat 'dágain dún diblinaib,
    dochursu abrug Pharduis bil,
    ismochursa donaebnim.1785 
    'Adfiasa duit cenbréc ̇mbrais,
    orsam heolach set senchais,
    féib leir donralad donim,
    missi ocus tússu, a Adaim.1789 
    'Diatarat Dia tinfed ̇nglan
    dochum dochuirp ítalam,
    rodelgnad fricachduil tind
    inlá rodelbad t'anim.1793 
    'Diarotchruthaiged coglé
    fochosmailius deilbi Dé,
    dian-erbrad fricach ̇nduil ̇ndil
    cotissed dot'airmitin.1797 
    'Diarfáid Dia Michel donim
    cucut sechcach, áAdaim,
    conotruc foglanblad glan
    doadrad inDuleman.1801 
    'O r'adrais rig narecht rinn
    Fiadait fír foroll foṙfind
    roidpart Dia cach ̇nduil dein
    tribithu frit'airmitein.1805 
    'Diarfóed Dia Michél cach
    con-ȧngliu, con-archangliu,
    cotistais cenmerbi mod
    doadrad adeilbiseom.1809 
    'Diarfaid Dia Michel, mod ̇ngle,
    dochur cuarda secht nime,
    cotuc nói noebgraid inraith
    in-oendail cosinfiṙflaith.1813 
    'Roraid Michel frim iaṙfír
    cotissainn d'adrad indrig,
    ceṅfuirech, cenchoised cath,
    combad me toisech tissad.1817 
    'IArsain dodecad fodeoid
    lafoṙngaire maith Michéoil,
    cotarrasar fom'niab glan
    hifiadnaissi inDuleman.1821 
    'Rorádi rinn inri rán: p.27
    'cluinid alucht nanoi̇ngd!
    tabraid uaib airmitiu glan
    dom'chomdeilbsi, doAdam.'1825 
    'Roraid Michel frisinrig
    athesc firen cen dimbríg:
    'cóir docachgrad cocruth chain
    dochomdelbsu d'airmitain.'1829 
    'Radimse friDia asmothas
    athesc feochair firamnas:
    'nach hé Adam, herim ̇ngle,
    óssar nȧndúle n-uile?1833 
    'In córu insinser iarsreith
    dodul d'adrad intsósair,
    fó insósar, cendalbad ̇ndil,
    ischóir d'adrad intsinsir?1837 
    'Roraid trian intsluaig cogle,
    eterȧngle isarchȧngle,
    roforgellsat fiadcachthur,
    'isfír forsta Lucifur.'1841 
    'IArsain rorade guth Dé:
    'cluinte, a Lucifuir coglé!
    bidhe intsosar bashuasal
    cein beosa 'coadinduasad.'1845 
    'Ciathíasat lucht noėngrad cain
    diaairmitnigud Adaim,
    niragsa dó, digrais cruth,
    huair imsiniu hituistigud.1849 
    'Romla fochetoir donim
    Día, triat'chinaid, aAdaim,
    iarfrithtuidecht damsa amne
    fathimna, friȧfoṙngaire.1853 
    'Uair nádernsam cuibdi ̇nglé
    nahuimli friafoṙngaire,
    ronfáid lín arsluaig {} si̇ng
    cenbuaid indochum n-Iffirn.1857 
    'A Adaim, ciabadhe dodúis,
    nimmaṅfacamar dognúis,
    triat'chinaid ronlad coglan
    donimib dochum talman.1861 
    'IArsain tarrasarsu hifos
    dararn-essine hiPardos,
    basonmech duit ascachcruth
    manitissed cumscugud.1865 
    'Rothacrus cogér iarsain
    tren doratus domenmain,
    missi hipíangubaib fogreis,
    tússu i̇ngrianbrugaib Parduis.  23 b 21869 
    'Amrubart brec cofoigli
    frit fein, frit'mnai codailbi,
    ismaith amrorfus mogus
    conabtorlus aPhardus.1873 
    'Atberim frit aithesc ̇ndron,
    ancondníis d'ulc is d'herchol
    innim, hitalmain iartain,
    isfrit dogen, aÁdaim.1877 
    'Mannerat cachni 'sinbiuth
    imdochlaind, imdochiniud,
    icathaib garbaib cenchleith,
    i̇ngalraib, itedmannaib.'1881 
    O rofersat ȧngriss ̇nglain
    andíss ocan-imressain,
    dofuargaib Adam astsruth,
    rofáid uádaib Lucifur.1885 
    Bái Adam iarsain coglé
    bliadain forbruig betha ce,
    cennech n-aili, foendul feb,
    acht se oenur 'sa óenben.1889 
    Centorud tren, delm ̇nglanna,
    acht fér, cuit nan-anmanna,
    cenbiad, centenid, centech,
    cennós, cencheol, cenhétach. p.281893 
    Ocool usci dabois builid,
    dodig (sic) forsnaglasluibib,
    hifoscadaig nacrann ̇nglan,
    inhuamaib tírmaib talman.1897 
    Ruc Euá gein, cáin inbert,
    fochetoir rogab himthecht,
    maith atreoir trebair diathreib
    icbuain inḋféoir diaathair.1901 
    Fristoimsidir dath aball
    soillsidir óen naretlann,
    builid, ballda, bládmar, bras,
    badba, feochair, fíramnas.1905 
    'ISmaith robai Dia rind,
    a hEua fossad, heṙfind!
    rombái mor domgáes hifus
    triabáes nach dotromarbus.'1909 
    Rogart Adam ainm diamac,
    Caïn 27 garb, cróda, comnart;
    ranlin mebul ocus brath,
    duine dremun, discailteach.1913 
    O roairchis Dia fodeoid
    doÁdam ichithi inḋféoir,
    crichid imroraid coglan
    ismithig cobair d'Adam.1917 
    Foidis Dia Michel, mod ̇nglan,
    donim dochum natalman,
    combríg cachthoraid {} dil,
    is cosílaib écsamlaib.1921 
    Cotart doÁdam iarsreith
    friadanad cachsil sáindleith,
    iscor'thinchoisc dó cogle
    ordugud natrebaire.1925 
    Rosdechraig dó forlicc glain
    cachluib tricc ticc triathalmain,
    'sna huili aidmi corath
    batardai̇ngne fritrebad.1929 
    IS rothaiselb dó iartain
    cech mil beo bái fortalmain,
    'dena frit'̇fognam coglan
    andomnad, andegdamnad.'1933 
    Secht ̇mbliadna iarsain coglé
    coruc Euá gein n-aile,
    doAdam, bacain ingial,
    mac diarbochomainm Abial.1937 
    Togaide De, torum ̇ngle,
    duine firien fiṙfuirbthe,
    robai iarcomram De dil
    icfognam diathuistidib.1941 
    'Dotharfas aslingge dam,'
    arsi, arEua friAdam,
    'fuil Abeil, condruine dein,
    dool huile doChaen.'1945 
    'Tabair domenmain insain,
    amothigerna, aAdaim,
    huamun lam'cride, lam'cheill,
    Cáïn domarbad Abeil.'1949 
    'A ben, cobérthair insain,
    madmaith laDia ̇nderbdemein,
    nibíat in-oentaig frifes,
    biaid cach díb innathegdais.'1953 
    Dorigni Adam dáthech,
    tech docechtarde forleth,
    tech doCháïn, cain intrial,
    ocus tech aili d'Abial.1957 
    Foidis Día Gabrial ̇nglan
    condeṙfis scéoil cohAdam,
    'Caïn ciar, garbdai, cenchéil,
    atá ictrial marbtha Abéil.1961 
    'Acht nafinnad Eua húad
    inscel frifeba firthrúag,
    Caïn ibas dig diafuil,
    uair ismac diles Diabuil.1965 
    'Nacumscaiged tra forcial
    ciamarbaid Caïn Abíal, p.29
    rombia mac achrotha glain
    diamba comainm Seth saindil.' 24 a 11969 
    Bretha doAdaum roclos,
    cengabud íarn28-immarbus,
    sechtmoga mac ladis dein
    achertchúmma d'i̇ngenaib.1973 
    Ri thuargaib dámac Adaim,
    huasnatuathaib dermáraib,
    Abél ocus Caïn caín,
    conaclannaib comnartaib.1977 
    Ri rothidnacht dodoenib
    domun conadegmóinib,
    babuidech d'Abial ochein
    is badimdach doChaeïn.1981 
    Ri dorúasat oscachcruth
    nocoderna asídugud,
    Caïn cuilech, garg athríal,
    iarsin coromarb Abíal.1985 
    Dácét ̇mbliadan, mellach miad,
    ised roposlán d'Abíal,
    nidalb, adfiadar ochéin,
    coromarbad oChaéïn.1989 
    Inrí roraidi iarsin
    rocacḣn-oen dichlaind Adaim,
    aracomaltis areir
    conaromarbtais Caen.1993 
    Ciphé nodmarba fonim
    Caïn isincinaidsin,
    nigebthar friagnimrad gal
    fair doberthar sechtdigal.1997 
    IArsain dorat mori réil
    comartha inchuil forCaeïn,
    arnabeth fochlith incol
    dobert cnocc foraheton.2001 
    IArsin bamarb Cáïn cenrad
    fescur i̇nglind Iosofath,
    diamben crann crom codocht dron
    frisincnocc bái 'nahéton.2005 
    Huair dorochair Caïn ann
    i̇nglinn Iosophath imgann,
    ata fochoibchi chaire
    centoirthi, centarbaige.2009 
    Ri dorat Seth soer iarcein
    d'Adaum inn-inad n-Abeil,
    conidhúad silsat iarsain
    clanna soera síl Adaim.2013 
    Cethracha bliadan, nibalb,
    adfiadar cenág n-ergarb,
    fȯfeth cengalar, cenchath,
    coragaib inSeth sílad.2017 
    Arcoimdiu gle corúinib
    bae ré rianaprimduilib,
    dorimgart corp dochrí chain
    inrí doridnacht talmain.
    Ri doridnacht talam tlacht.

    12. 12.

    2021 Saegul Adaim, nirbogair,
    cenbaegul cofessabair,
    tricha dó, derb bai fó feib,
    arnoicétaib dobliadnaib.2025 
    IArsin tánic galar glan,
    feib tic docach, forAdam,
    robái frifeba cachthucht
    aben Eua friaiduct.2029 
    Rofitir Adam adáil,
    roráid fríEua findnáir,
    'roscarusa rut isrot'chlaind
    isdongalursa atbailim.'2033 
    'Dirsan doDia, toirm ̇nglan,'
    arsi, arEua friAdam, p.30
    'nachbisiu fricete  29 ifus,
    nachmissi téite arthuus.2037 
    'Monuar isdochloemchlod chain,'
    arsí, arEua, 'aAdaim!
    missi trúag cennert hifus,
    tussu dothecht arthuus.'2041 
    'A Euá gleir crotha glain,
    tabair coleir dot'menmain,
    nocobia nacein isgle
    sunn ipein darm'éssese.2045 
    'ISgarit ciabe cenbrath
    re robáe eterarcruthad,
    nibia fogriis, isgne ̇ngle.
    achtimís darm'hessese.'2049 
    'Abbair frim cenlocht, ȧfir,
    cid dogéin frit'chorp coemdil?
    arisderb lat t'éc dishain,
    amothigerna, aAdaim!'2053 
    'Nachamtaidled cos nalam,
    natath duini domhétran,
    cotistar oDia donim
    d'ordugud mochuirp coemdil.2057 
    'Lecid mochorp, cain inmod,
    innachacht cenchumscugud,
    derb limm lessaigfid mochrí
    insaerdenmaid domrigní.2061 
    'Érig, ahEua cogrinn,
    ocus heirg itchrosfigill,
    foid huait fordeis Dé, aben,
    m'anim cogle fornaebnem.2065 
    'Indanim dorigni Día dam
    hé rostimgair coinglan,
    taet cuce cohuag diathreib
    icoemthecht sluáig doȧngleib.  24 a 22069 
    'Aben nimdana iarfir
    immadala modegríg,
    indferg dorigni, réim ̇ngle,
    bann baide ocus trócaire.2073 
    'Attaig, Eua, inríg ráin,
    coti iarfeba im'chomdáil,
    menithí frim'dichial ̇nden
    cotí Michial archȧngel.'2077 
    Atraig Eua, insoe forlar,
    cȯngul cogoe, codermar,
    frire n-uare nodossaig
    cotruaigi, conderfadaig.2081 
    'Arco-fuin damsa, amorí!'
    arsi, arEua cocoemlí.
    'incoir iarth'adrad hifus
    dún labrad hit'frecnarcus?2085 
    'Meit mochuil, met mophectha,
    manimbé set sirhettla,
    menitabra dilgud dam
    nochomtha labra langlan.'2089 
    Fillid aglúni forlar
    Eua truag durí chomrád,
    'frit arí richid moder
    conomthi inmilid Michel.2093 
    'Doglanad anma Adaim
    diascarad friadualchaib,
    dia imthus, iaṙndul forcel,
    cori arbri archȧngel.'2097 
    'Erig, aEua, donlár,
    glerib rochlos dochomrád:
    rosiacht dind richid doscel,
    dotriacht inmilid Michel.2101 
    'Dochuaid aanim ochurp
    Adaim, haEua coemcucht!
    coraig cen grain, cain in dúis,
    coda dílaim, achoemgnuis !'2105 
    Dodechaid Euá iartain p.31
    coluath indochum n-Adaim,
    cofuair Ádam, met ngrada,
    centinfissin ̇n-anala.2109 
    Uair nacuala cocruth chain
    guth Adaim diaacallaim,
    roscloi aciall cenchoimsi
    fricoi cian, frisirthoirsi.2113 
    'A Eua, tocaib dorosc
    ocus daim dun dothinchosc;
    suidig th'imcaisin ̇ngeir ̇nglain
    súas coleir donanemdaib.2117 
    'A ben, tocaib dognuis ̇nglain
    dodescin anma Adaim,
    feib immurchurthir cogel
    eterarbri archangel.'2121 
    IMsoidi Eua iarsain
    dodescain anman Adaim,
    coṅfacca inn-anmain cóem ciuin
    Adaim icoemthecht Michiuil.2125 
    Intan bai Eua iartain
    icaithni anma Adaim,
    coṅfacca chuici íarsetaib
    sluag n-ȧngel coclasschetlaib.2129 
    Coṅfacca Eua riastsluag
    saraphin, saer ahimluad,
    cain intretel dȯfórgaib
    cotrib hettib forórdaib.2133 
    Coṅfacca Euá iarsin,
    iarsindaeor donoebnim,
    friataitnemchi rosochta,
    tri heoin gela etrochta.2137 
    Intan bái icdeiscin nan-én
    Eua féssin cenimlén,
    amal ruithni dogrein glain
    foṙfemid an-imcasain.2141 
    Rochlos inchlas conem nél
    nanoebȧngel imMichél,
    rosernsat sreith cosúairc sein
    'macuaird immaltoir n-Adaim.2145 
    Congabsat claschetal coir
    indá̇ngeil immonaltóir,
    roloiscset luib fiadcachdru̇ng
    dianidainm ornamentum.2149 
    Rosined indethach thren
    codiriuch triasinn-ahér,
    cor'oslaic, cenchoimsi ̇ngle,
    doirsi nafirmiminte.2153 
    Conoebthanic Dia donim
    dofrestul anma Adaim,
    inrigruiri uascachdu,
    condessid 'narigsuidiu.2157 
    Luid fiadinrig ran reim ̇ndein,
    oenȧngel án doȧngleib,
    sephain cogrinn coel ̇nglain ̇ngil,
    bái athoirm dind fo secht nimib,2161 
    Foguth inchuirn, cohog án,
    doluid slog na nói noebgrad:
    batar fírdruine acliar glan
    fiadrigsuide inDuileman.2165 
    Concanat, cainiu rétaib,
    fochliaraib, fochlaschétlaib.
    isbennachta incachthan
    ardrí nan-uile n-adbar.  24 b 12169 
    Roslechtatar huili iarlar
    sluag n-uag nan-ȧngel noebnár:
    rogadatar coDia ̇ndil
    imdilgud cinad Adaim.2173 
    'Dochomdelbaid, amori,
    tú doruassat donephni:
    heralmit fort, comul ̇ngle,
    ardodeirc, ardothrocaire.'2177 
    IArsain rofáid inri ruad
    saraphin cohoponn uad, p.32
    iarleittreib rotoeb naslóg
    cosnahettib dodergór 2181 
    Coragaib anmain cenches
    Ádaim coroda bades,
    isruth nasirdru̇ng nasnau
    indatinum ciriasu.2185 
    Cotuc lais anmain ̇ngil ̇nglain
    Ádaim amlaid asruthsain,
    orosuidig marthuis tan
    fiadagnuis inDuleman.2189 
    Fodoralaid fein forlár
    anim Adaim cocoemgrád,
    'naligu, fiadinrig ruad,
    bái friré teora pmhuar.2193 
    Cotarat inri iarsain
    laim fochenn anma Adaim,
    cennachcathim, cáin inscel,
    corosathin doMichél.2197 
    'Nibadicheoil, toraind ̇ngle,
    aMichéoil, famórgaire,
    anim Adaim sunn ifus
    rodosamaig hiPardus.2201 
    'Beir inn-anmain ̇ngil ̇nglain
    Adaim áin conaairbrib:
    suidig fodiglaim cengreis
    isintresrígrainn Parduis.2205 
    'In tertio caelo', arDia,
    'dianidainm Ficconicia,
    bid ann centaidbsin pene
    coamsir nahesseirge.'2209 
    Nahuili grada cachdú,
    eterangliu isarchai̇ngliu,
    babind aclasschetal ̇nglan
    icmolad inDuleman.2213 
    Ardilgud d'anmain Adaim
    diaphecthaib, diadualchaib,
    arabrith cengrisse ̇ngress
    arisse dochum Parduis.2217 
    Ola thrócaire duib sunn
    isindluib ornamentum,
    tabartar imchorp n-Adaim
    diaglanad diadualchaib.2221 
    Tri hanairt slana, soer sain,
    ecortar imchorp n-Adaim,
    ocus atnagar coléir
    fritaeb adnacuil Abeil.2225 
    Corp arsenathar Adaim,
    iarn-eladnaib ildánaib,
    ochéin fogarbchacht báis brón,
    coroadnacht in-Ebrón.2229 
    Robai ann fothromthur thenn
    cotoracht tonngur ̇ndilenn,
    corp Adaim fodalaib dron
    congradaib 'naadnacol.2233 
    Trethan dilenn oscachmaig
    ismor n-írenn rocechlaid,
    dothuc doAdaum achenn
    coruc coHierusalem.2237 
    IArsain tarrasair incenn
    indorus Hierusalem:
    centrist roclannad iartain
    croch Crist icolaind Adaim2241 
    Ianus 30 arthus trianarath
    torogart ainm De Athar,
    ocus Noe, nassad ̇ndil,
    cétnadarinnscan arim.2245 
    Nocorogenair fonim,
    dochiniud Eua isAdaim,
    duine badchoimiu, corp criad,
    inda Noe mac Lamiach.2249 
    Cethrur gelda, gnimraid gúir,
    febdai adfet inscriptuir,
    sinium saegul oscachmaig
    batar 'sindaimsir toisig. p.332253 
    Mathussalem, érim ̇ngrinn,
    bahe ingradgemm riandilinn,
    Noe, Sem slán, balaech liath,
    isinmael Melchisediach.2257 
    Ochṫmbliadna sescat, niscail,
    arnóicetaib dibliadnaib,
    cenbaigul raith, rethaib renn,
    saegul maith Mathussalem.2261 
    Coic cét bliadan iaṙngaes gle
    issed robae in-aes Noe,
    intan breth do clann, cain miad,
    Sem, Cham ocus Iafiath.2265 
    Tan tanic diliu, delm n-uag,
    darsiṅmbith, darsinmorsluag,
    issed bai in-aes Noe cenchlith
    secét caini doblíadnaib. 24 b 22269 
    Secht lá cethrachat ar cét
    bái Noe 'naairc, ba derbret 31,
    iaṙndilinn triamna comblait,
    bai tri cét bliadan archoicait.2273 
    Noifichit secht ̇mbliadan bind
    bai Sem mac Noe riȧndilinn,
    ado trifichit cotgaib
    iaṙndilinn arcoiccétaib.2277 
    Melchisidech, saigtis slúaig,
    anaimthis incachglanbuaid,
    iarset cenbaegul cotgaib
    sáegul secét dobliadnaib.2281 
    Ri rodrósat oscachrainn
    dechnebur dóib donchetclaind,
    innandalaib, tolaib grinn,
    otha Adaum codilinn.2285 
    Adam la Seth, srethaib iath,
    Ianus, Cainan, Malaliach,
    Iareth fial, fichtib rót,
    ocus int-amra Enóc.2289 
    Mathusalem, sercc nasluag,
    ocus Lamech, linib luad,
    ocus Noe, noithech trell,
    rosnái uastonnaib dílenn.2293 
    O Adam, herbág arclann,
    cotarscur ̇ndermar ̇ndilenn
    deichfichit bliadan, buaid ̇mbil,
    cethri deich ardibmílib.2297 
    Otha dilind, troeta sluag,
    coAbram n-amra n-adruad
    ado sescat, sliucht cenchlith,
    dobliadnaib arnóicétib.2301 
    O Adam coAbram n-án,
    cȯngradaib glanmam comlán,
    trimili miadbla imchloi ̇nglicc
    cethri bliadna isnoifichit.2305 
    O Abram, cenbaisi becht,
    cotanic Moisi ahEgept,
    nisechnada forcheill cain,
    cethracha archoiccétaib.2309 
    O Adam, cenbassi bruig,
    coluid Moisi Muir Romuir,
    ocht bliadna fochet foli
    secht cet isteoramili.2313 
    Otha Moise, monor ̇ngle,
    coDauid macc n-Iesse,
    cenbet, cenbaegul 32 cotgaib,
    saegul coic cet dobliadnaib.2317 
    Otha Adam, comul ̇ngle,
    coDuid mac n-Iesse
    cethri bliadna sescat slig
    archet archethramilib.2321 
    Otha Dauid, cenbaig ̇mbróin,
    condici brait Babiloin
    sesca noi̇mbliadna buana p.34
    ocus cóic cét cohuaga.2325 
    Otha Adam cosinbrait
    Babiloin bai foblathblait,
    noi̇mbliadna cethrachat gní
    secht cet cetheoramíli.2329 
    Otha inbrait, brechta rainn,
    cotuttacht Crist icolaind
    coic cét, ciaragla (sic) cachalt,
    ocus sé bliadna sescat.2333 
    Mad oAdam docachslóg,
    congénair mac De dimór
    cóic míli iscét, cialla cacht,
    ocus sé bliadna nochat.2337 
    O gein Crist, cétlach cét mbla,
    cohár cetach nacethra
    mili fonóibriaguil recht
    acht dioenbliadain deec.2341 
    O Adam nȧnglorgrad ̇ngle
    comórár nan-indile
    se mili, mod ̇ngialta ̇nglicc,
    cethribliadna nóifichit.2345 
    Tan tanic indigail truag
    forhinnilib nan-iltuath,
    citnirig rechta, reim ̇ndein,
    robatar 'sindamsirsin?2349 
    In-amsir Cinaeda cain
    meicc Maelcholaim for Albain,
    forherainn cenlethrainn lainn
    doChinaed mac Maelcholaim.2353 
    Ocus Briain for Mumain maiss,
    Donncad for Laigniu lanbrais,
    isCathal for Cruachain chain,
    ocus Eochaid forhUltaib.2357 
    IS Fergal nan-airech n-ell
    for Ailech rebrach Rigrenn,
    mac Conaing, meic Neill congail,
    flaithri sluagach sil Eogain,2361 
    Ocus Dubdaletha lóir
    forsretha sil hErimóin,
    súi cosaidbri segtai rainn
    osmur maigni meic Alprainn.2365 
    Othalinus, línib slog,
    bamac donOtha hermor,
    bafoṙngairthid uascachmaig
    inresin doRómanchaib. 25 a 12369 
    Batar dárig, reil asliucht,
    for nadathír immuir n-Iucht,
    Hlothair for Franccaib congail
    ishEtgair for Saxanaib.2373 
    IS Maelcoluim, cetaib ngal,
    riambuidnib broga Bretan,
    cȯngelgart cechcomlainn cain,
    degmac Domnaill meic Eogain.2377 
    ISsindaimsirsin, cet glonn,
    robái lȯngas nacúllom,
    hicsaigid forcachgním ̇ngarg
    Danair atírib Danmarg.2381 
    Ohsain cobráth, brígach beirt,
    nidamsnímach etercheirt,
    nifail innim nach hicrí
    tuccas sain acht monaebri.2385 
    Ardri grene, gle roclos,
    ishé dorigne Phardos,
    isferr cachrig, rigda achruth,
    nifail crich forasaegul.
    Saegul Adaim nirbugair.

    13. 13.

    2389 Ri rorádi frisil Seth
    comet ȧngnim cocomtren,
    cenoentaid immuich nataig
    friclainn Caïn miscadaig.
    Cendula darséis nosmacht  p.35
    dartimna indrig dorosat,
    foriagail roithenaig réil
    cenchardes friclaind Caeïn.2397 
    Cenimcloemclod, maine mass,
    cenluige, cenlanamnas,
    cenchuibdi clethi no cuil,
    'céin bethi fordruing 33 domuin.'2401 
    Roaintadaigsetar iarcein
    sil Seth ocus clann Caeïn,
    corothuismiset iartain
    trenfir ocus trenchoraid.2405 
    Clann Chaïn ocus sil Seth
    roóentaigset cocomthren,
    condeochatar darcachsmacht
    d'adrad idal isarracht.2409 
    Romiscnigsetar Dia ̇ndron
    achlanna cenimmardol,
    corochinn iarnȧngnimaib
    atabairt fothromdigail.2413 
    Inri corath ríge drȯng
    frisnagaib cath no comlonn,
    cain conoibi, blaith alii,
    ferr cach ríg rí roradi.
    Ri roraidi frisil seth.

    14. 14.

    2417 Ri roraide athesc n-an
    friNoe nassad n-imlán:
    'sil Seth dochótar darm'reir
    hiclemnas clainni Caeïn.2421 
    'Rochummaiscset ciabtarglain
    friclaind Cáïn miscadaig:
    romsaraigset ascachcruth:
    dursan dam atuistigud.2425 
    'Huair dochuatar darmosmacht
    coclaind Caïn cet n-arracht,
    dardreich ̇ndomuin, tromsruth tenn
    dolecub tonngur ̇ndilenn.2429 
    'Dilegfat claind Adaim huaig
    cobrugib betha balcbuain,
    dosbér uili imbas imbath
    otha turcbail cofuined.2433 
    'Acht Noe ochtur diathreib
    nilécim doclaind Adaim,
    imbethaid doshin nahóc
    acht infer amra Enóc.'2437 
    Mori dorosat cachtreib
    robae ré rianaai̇ngleib,
    arrohet cachri cengrain cest,
    inri roraid inn-athesc.
    Ri roraidi athesc n-an.

    15. 15.

    2441 'Cluin, a Noe noithig, cenlen,
    doticfa diliu trom, trén:
    'dentar lat, frisrethad slóg,
    hethar dírecra dimór.2445 
    'Adluthath tarbach iartain
    dobii isdobitomain.
    dȯfid Lebain, línib clár,
    trethaebledach trén, dermar.2449 
    'Coica cubat, nignim grach,
    isintaibled ichtarach,
    cethorcha 'sinmedon mud
    isintricha 'sinduachtaruch.2453 
    'Cethrib sostaib, slicht 'sindaircc,
    odrumlurgain codrumslait,
    sesrachaib sreth soer triablait
    conespadaib oenchubait.2457 
    'Comet centoirsi, centór,
    atoimsi ceniṁfordol,
    afot, alethet, luad ̇ngle,
    eter isle ocus ardde.2461 
    'Coica cubat, gnim cenbáes, p.36
    innalethet centogaes: 25 a 2
    trichét cubat, comul ̇nglan,
    hed bad fot adrumlurgan.2465 
    'Tricha coir cubat cenchleith
    innahairde icomsreith,
    frisruam sniges donim noeb
    adorus assafirthoeb.2469 
    'Senistir fritoimsi dein,
    frisoilsi, friimcaissin,
    innahairdde armosmacht
    cenforcraid acht oenchubat.2473 
    'Hilar n-adba n-amra n-úag
    caingnim glanbda friaimluad,
    srethaib sretta frisid sain
    lin leptha dolanamnaib.'2477 
    Ri rothimgair imcach ̇mbuaid,
    romiscnig fingail forrúaid:
    nitlaith rotuaslaig delm de,
    roraid 'nachluasaib 'cluinte.'
    'Cluin, aNóe noithig cenlen'

    16. 16.

    2481 Ri roraidi friNoe nar:
    'heirg isinn-ethar n-imslan,
    tu isdothrimeic namma,
    ocus forcethri cáinmna.'2485 
    Percoba, cainiu cachfiach,
    setig Noe meicc Lamhiach,
    mna natrimac, monar ̇ngle
    Olla, Oliua, Oliuane.2489 
    Sessiur doclainn, cain amíad,
    batar icNoe mac Lamíach,
    trimeicc mathi, milib lá,
    ocus teora ingena.2493 
    Sem saer asinser, sliucht ̇ngle,
    innaclainni cruthaige:
    genatar fritindrem tlacht
    ingen etercach n-oenmacc.2497 
    Olla ben Sem, soer friaháil,
    Oliua ben Chaim choemnáir,
    Oliuana, baigthi treith,
    asósser ben Iafeith.2501 
    Ri dorimmart, nisluag suail,
    inairc Noe foroenhuáir,
    dineoch rothecht muir istir,
    lanamain cachoenmil.2505 
    Innán-adbaib, bág cenail,
    ba sluag mor dolanamnaib,
    conalóintib, lathar ̇ngle,
    isdiambiadaib techtaide.2509 
    O rolínad indarc huag
    robái indigal forimluad:
    adfiadar fír, fo-rum ̇ngle,
    babriathar rig roraide.
    Ri roraidi friNoe nar.

    17. 17.

    2513 Ri tharlaic sruthlind snamaig
    dodilgenn clainni Adaim
    acht oenchethrur fer namma,
    ocus acethri óenmna.2517 
    Ocus Enoc crabuid guir,
    amal adfiad inscriptuir,
    aoenur othuinn dothuinn,
    amal cachn-ethait etruim.2521 
    Snegdatar sruamma donim,
    romebdatar triathalmain,
    fortuili doib, tola ̇ngle,
    cethracha lá ocus aidche.2525 
    Airdde nadilenn olar,
    feib adfet scribenn cóemnar,  p.37
    cuicprimchubait dec cencleith
    rosiacht suas osnaslebib.2529 
    Intan conscerthar cacḣndúil,
    amal adfet inscriptúir,
    ishe airet sain rosaig
    lassar lái brátha brethaig.2533 
    Donech robai imbethaid bi
    dorosat Dia hicoemchrí,
    dosrat indiliu fothracht
    acht inrothecht indoenbarcc.2537 
    Ri nimi nair, nassad ̇nglé,
    rí conic traig istuile,
    ártuassi cacḣmbrig, cacḣmbrait,
    huaisle cachri ri tarlaic.
    Ri tharlaic sruthlinn snamaig.

    18. 18.

    2541 Ri sáer rodosás cogle
    Noe lin amuintire,
    cethracha archet lathi lenn,
    diambai fothonnaib dílenn.2545 
    IArsain rogab techt forcúl
    indiliu troeta tremúr,
    rorathaig Noe nȧngabud
    inḋfairge doimthragud.2549 
    Fóidid Noe thechtaire uad,
    infiach fechtaide fonnluath,
    dus infagba sliab no srath
    no iath forsatarrasad.2553 
    O fuair fíach abiad fodéin
    immaig forcarraic, forsleib,
    forachulu cosceol gle
    nithanic doridise. 25 b 12557 
    Huanduair thall Noe acheill de
    donḋfiuch dub delaidi,
    conacart fein, febda bainn,
    iarsain cuca incolaim.2561 
    Ri cengrain, cengris, cengreiss,
    niṁfail bith innaheisleis,
    nicli choel, iscoem ali,
    inri saer rodosassai.
    Ri sáer rodosas cogle.

    19. 19.

    2565 Foidis Noe incolum ̇nglan
    uad forinlinnmuir n-allmár,
    dus infagbad, hérimm ̇ngrinn,
    talmain trein tarbaig tírimm.2569 
    Focheird incolum cuairt ̇ngle,
    iartimnu, iarfoṙngaire,
    cotoracht inn-aircc cenbrath
    nifuair ait forstarrasad.2573 
    Roreraig Noe uad alaim
    arcenn incolaim coemnáir,
    cotuc cucai amuig, mod ̇ngle,
    combai im-medon nahaircce.2577 
    Combái Noe sechtmain iarsain
    centaidbsin, cenimcasin,
    dibith buan acht fairggi fraig
    dithuaith nótir no talmain.2581 
    ISsindochtmad lathi lainn
    idid Noe uad incolaim,
    dús infagbad diachuaird chain
    taidbsiu dothir natalmain.2585 
    IArtrath nona, noithi máil,
    tic incolum 'nachomdáil,
    dochum Noe, nassad ̇ndil,
    iscroeb dophailm 'nabelaib.2589 
    Maritconnairc Noe fodeoid
    inphailm ingulbaun indeoin,
    roderb lais, lith cennachcol,
    dochuaid diliu dondomon.2593 
    Roattlaig buidi dondríg p.38
    robáid inmbith conabrig,
    arasoerad, srethaib sell,
    dothonngur dermor dilenn.2597 
    Huair nachtoracht tren infiach
    cofis scél domac Lamiach,
    ishé fath incholuim gle
    iarsain rofaidi Noe.
    Foidis Noe incolum ̇nglan.

    20. 20.

    2601 Tarrasair, batromm, indarcc,
    amalbis lȯng forfoentracht,
    foglere roslessaig Dia
    forslessaib slebi Armenia.2605 
    Ri roforcongart cogle
    forNoe lucht nahairce
    athuidecht immach coglan
    asindairc dochum talman.2609 
    IArtuidecht doib asindaircc
    ri roraid friu foroenaitt:
    'nabarsílaid frisid sain,
    linaid inhuili talmain.'2613 
    InDecimbir kalainn, cáin benn,
    luid Noe fortonnaib dilenn,
    iquint-kalainn Mai iaṙndia
    doluid forsleib Armenia.2617 
    Adropart Noe, nuall cencleith,
    edpart uag uad donComdid,
    frifegad cachdrui̇ng dorhell
    iarternam dothuinn dilenn.2621 
    In rí roradi iarsain
    friNoe conachaemclannaib:
    'toirthi indomuin docechleith
    taírcaid, tomlid, tinolaid.2625 
    'Nibartorbae, érim n-uag,
    diliu thromm troeta trensluag,
    hicein atchethi uascachmaig
    intuaig nimi n-illdathaig.'2629 
    Mori niclethach cenchrad
    rofallnai inn-ethar ̇ndermar,
    orian dorian, foraig thaig,
    cosinsliab forstarrasair.
    Tarrasair, batrom, indaircc.

    21. 21.

    2633 Ri rotidnacht bith ̇mbuidech,
    otha turcbail cofuined,
    mainib maccraid, mo cachfiach,
    dotrib maccaib meic Lamiach.2637 
    Ri rodelb dreich domuin duinn,
    roselb sreith sobáil saerdrúing,
    rohuc cendith, fochucht chert,
    acrich iarfut, iarlethet.2641 
    Crich talman cechcruth imracht,
    brig bladmar, bruthmar, breccbárc,
    orían Deprofane anair
    síar co colomnaib Herccail.2645 
    A lethet, atuaid fades
    diafethet buáid nadimchres,
    oRiphi rigtreib imra
    codithreib nan-Etheopda.2649 
    Mori, nachdoimm diachlannaib,
    raroinn itribrigrannaib,  25 b 2
    roainmnig ingleochuaird glicc
    Assia, Eoraip issAffricc.2653 
    Ri dorat Eoraip nan-iath
    dochlainn amra Iafiath,
    cotuasciurt n-Assia triablait.
    cosrethaib srotha Eofrait.2657 
    Ri rothidnacht dochlainn Chaim
    inn-Affraic n-uasail n-imslain,
    cosin Romuir, ruathur cert, p.39
    eter Assia ocus hEgept.2661 
    Saerchlann Sem diatarat Dia
    primrann airegda Assia,
    osruth n-Eofrait, nímtha sain,
    cocricha airthir domuin.2665 
    Coicmeic deec, digrais scel,
    robatar laIafeth,
    asecht fichet laSem slan,
    iscuiciur laCam coemnar.2669 
    Ciabeit fribrig ̇mbladmair ̇mbrais
    indríg óstalmain telglais,
    ferr cachrig rindbalcc nareth
    ri doridnacht bith ̇mbuidech.
    Ri doridnacht bith ̇mbuidech.

    22. 22.

    2673 Sluáig sil Adaim, aidbli drui̇ng,
    condanaib domuin dessduind,
    rodomnad, ostrebaib dal,
    dȯfognam Demuin codermar.2677 
    Ondairiur astorgaib grian
    cofuiniud, forgal fírian,
    rodamnad, fodigail dacht,
    d'adrad hidal isarracht.2681 
    Onduair atbath Noe nar
    coaimsir n-aurdairc ̇n-Abram,
    nifrith dib oenfer foleith
    nohetraiged inCoimdeid.2685 
    Rodiultsat an-Dia ̇ndil,
    roliunsat infirchretim,
    tair ocus tiar, tess is tuaid,
    rodasgab cess conglanbuaid.2689 
    Arcathbarr cenduithi dath,
    isbrathlȧng brúithi bidbad,
    nidúi doi indrȯngaib artuath,
    arsúi soi slonnaib srethsluag.
    Sluag sil Adaim, aidbli drui̇ng.

    23. 23.

    2693 Rogenair fer maith combuaid
    fonél cachnaith Nemruaid,
    focan scel cachdru̇ng dualaig,
    robotrén foriltuathaib.2697 
    Nemruad sein, mac Ceo, meic Caim,
    tuargaib agleo comorgin,
    gnim tuir othalmain cenmeth,
    corissed lais inriched.2701 
    Ropomilid, milib gal,
    ropfoglainntid, roṗfelsam,
    ecnaid ermaith cachdana,
    ropóhergnaid ilgrada.2705 
    Lais cetnaairnecht insain
    arthús dochlannaib Adaim,
    athomus coglé cȯnglain
    indre eternem istalmain.2709 
    Doroemaidir, bith combuaid,
    anair, siar, fodes, fothuaid,
    tirib, tuathaib, tolaib sreth,
    mílib, stadib, linib leth.2713 
    Senchaidi sil Adaim ain
    targclamtha lais in-oendail,
    scela dochein leo roclos,
    feib réil rolathi aPardos.2717 
    Feib rothimgair Caïn cíar
    cetnafingail forAbíal,
    feib rodiglad, scél doléir,
    forsil Seth, forclaind Caeïn.2721 
    Acht Noe aochtur fobrón,
    'nahethur luchtmar lermór,
    clann Can, sil Seth nasen,
    dorigni indiliu andilgen.2725 
    Frithalem rig nimi nél,
    flaith cachafini firthrén,
    nitharda fornn, delm triagail, p.40
    digail seirb seirgthig samlaid.2729 
    'Gabaid mochomairle ̇nglain,'
    arNebrúad friclainn Adaim,
    'forbeir fornem, nassad ̇ngrinn,
    ocus nobsaerfa ardilinn.'2733 
    Maithgein mairre mo cachmiad,
    cathgeib cȯngaire goríad,
    ingrian gluair goires cacḣngair,
    cenmair tuaith diarogenair.
    Rogenair fer maith combuaid.

    24. 24.

    2737 Rochomarleicsetar iarsain
    airig sil uaibrig Adaim:
    'ropadferr dun, tola gle,
    techt 'narcorp dochum nime.2741 
    'Turcbam tor ̇ndermor olár,
    denam friDia comthocbal,
    gniad cach huan immasech,
    beram conoibi nemthech.  26 a 12745 
    'Acht rissam nemthech ̇ndaingen
    in-oentaid nanoebȧngel,
    nirtora diliu, tren all,
    isdemin nachhepelam.'2749 
    Forcongair Nemrúad forcach,
    cȯnglonnaib gelgrúad coemrád,
    athuidmi, frigaile ̇ngair,
    frimuinbi maigi Sennair.2753 
    Sennar mac Sem, srothaib iath,
    hua doNoe mac Lamiach,
    sechtmad mac fichet Seim slain,
    oroainmniged mag Sennair.2757 
    Dorinolsatar intsluaig
    dogním tuir noithig Nemruaid,
    túargabad, batren indail,
    coriacht súas osnanélaib.2761 
    Inri nadrelic doib sain
    rostairmesc tria hilberlaib,
    conatucad nech cogle
    cid notharged diaraile.2765 
    Ri dorat oenberla doib
    riacumtauch intuir Nemróid,
    roemnastar doib triagart
    comtar ado sechtmogat.2769 
    Ri dorigni scail intsluaig,
    hé rothairmesc tor Nemruáid,
    dochuaid glaini ahergnai
    dochoemthecht achomberlai.2773 
    Ri rodechraig claind Adaim
    archéill, archruth, argradaib,
    nihairim claen, cain insmacht,
    dachenel saer sechtmogat.2777 
    IArcomarlib Nemruaid nair
    cosonardib nasaerdáil,
    cenlen istrén rodamert
    inscel rochomarleicset.
    Rochomarleicsetar iarsain.

    25. 25.

    2781 Ri rochar Abel nan-iath,
    Seth, Noe, Melchisediach,
    Enoc ocus Loth, lith lan,
    ocus int-amra Abram.2785 
    Rí doraiga Abram n-án
    arfírinni aoenuran,
    sechsluag sil Adaim nȧngal
    batar icadrad idal.2789 
    Rothaiṙnger d'Abram cecḣmbuaid
    arathuidecht omorthuaid,
    aradula leis fodess,
    rambiad tír bithdiless.2793 
    Ri rothidnacht do tír Caim p.41
    ocus clárbruigi Cannáin,
    comba forba dó iartain
    diaclannaib, diachenélaib.2797 
    Ri lasi̇ndeochaid fodess
    condnanacair 34 ambithles,
    luid lais Loth, linib lathar,
    fodes, mac aderbrathar.2801 
    Ri ránic doglinn Mamrai
    dothegdais Abraim amrai
    fodeilb tríir, digrais insmacht,
    diatormailt inn-oegidacht.2805 
    Ri asbert friSarrai slan
    noberad mac doAbram,
    forbertais achlann iartain
    comtis leir fíadgenemain.2809 
    Ri rosaer Loth conachlaind
    diasai inmnái icoirthi salaind,
    diatard digail, deilm n-amra,
    forcathracha Sodomda.2813 
    Ri rodail d'Abrám cechtoir,
    domac Thaire meic Nachóir,
    romsaera forcrochad pían,
    ri reil rorochar Abial.
    Ri rochar Abial nan-iath.

    26. 26.

    2817 Ri dorat d'Abram insin
    frisilad, frisírtuistin 35,
    isairdirc, fobetha barc,
    mac diarbochomainm Isac.2821 
    Ri dorat d'Isaac, babuaid,
    ocus doingin Bathuail,
    uaidib genatar, lith lor,
    Issau ocus Iacob.2825 
    ISsau slechtach, slicht imracht,
    roboserccach laIssác,
    isIacob, con-idnaib ail,
    ropoinmain líamathair.2829 
    ISsac fridead n-aissi,
    glead gnima glangaisse,
    badluim degóir, dramm datta,
    basenóir dall dinerta.2833 
    Rogaid séire foramac
    cenleire, linib legart,
    forIssau cofargbad ail,
    cotarddad abennachtain.2837 
    Bai Rabecca iccloistecht fris,
    ingen Bathúail ceneislis,
    coruc ahoscor coglan
    dochosnom nabennachtan. 26 a 22841 
    Inhed bái Issau ictriall immach
    'sin sliab iarfír frifiadach,
    doluid inben triahet n-og
    cotrét nooisce Iacob.2845 
    Goromarb menn moeth immaig,
    roḋmberb fȯfeth dolubaib,
    gnim dían cȯnglére imracht
    corothriall sére d'Isaac.2849 
    Rofuaig crocenn inmind móir
    triabáig imlaim n-Iacóib,
    fochosmailius lama Issau,
    gnim dana ciarb'immargú.2853 
    Rolathair coluath, lith n-og,
    amathair doIacob,
    asraracht centreithi tracht,
    cotarat seire d'Issác.2857 
    Tan rucad intsére dron
    coIssaac diachubuchol,
    richt Issú sluagach, slicht n-óg,
    bahuamnach laIacób.2861 
    'Fail sunn sére sainglicc sláin p.42
    duit, ameic airdirc Abráim,
    laIssau saergrinn, srethaib sluaig,
    lat'mac n-oebind con-ilbúaid.'2865 
    'Nician bai hlssau icseilgc,
    manidgau dó triachoemcheilg,
    mochthánic astsleib isgle
    mase thuc insérese.'2869 
    'ISme dorigni inseilgc séig
    forsinchétnaleirg dontsléib,
    fuair hifocus, gleiri gair,
    adbar seire dom' athair.'2873 
    'Nabi icimrigi forbuáid,
    ameic ingini Bathúail !
    nithu Issau semnach naslóg,
    acht istú int-engach Iacób.'2877 
    'Nacathaig frim, asruith ran,
    aathair, ameic Abram,
    frit' seircc ̇ngraidgrinn ismé Issau,
    fritt niráidim immargau.2881 
    'Tuc huait friimdel n-achtach
    dam doláim dialámachtad,
    cofessur cogle ingnim n-óg
    inhe Issau no inne Iacob.'2885 
    'Gia dobér molaim it'laim,
    nichel, atu hit' choemdáil,
    atatgen, istú rommalt,
    tren dogní mochumtabart.2889 
    'DomacIssau, irgna buaid,
    ocus ingen binn Bathuail,
    doig ambith foaengne gle,
    coir doib ciabtis cosmaile.'2893 
    'Bess isshé Issau, slicht n-og,
    bess noconhé Iacob,
    bess isglé m'esbaid im'gaes,
    bess ismé fil fortogaes.'2897 
    Seṅfoccul sein ochéin móir,
    lacachsruith, lacachsenóir,
    nimedar mall immasech,
    achtcorbdall bidamarsech.2901 
    Duni truag, docharda, dall,
    loburda, lubrach, lanmall,
    olcc athairsin imgaes ̇ngle,
    iarscaichsin achétfaide.2905 
    'Tomail inséire soer, sláin,
    anoeib, ameic ain Abraim !
    hith dochuit frit' gnássad ̇nglain,
    duit ropsásad sainemail.'2909 
    Dorumalt Isáac iarsain
    inséire cosobarthain,
    tuargaib adílaim atraig
    isródail abennachtain.2913 
    inib glangrad, cruth imracht,
    eter Abram is Isaac,
    inbennacht targbad dontslóg
    cotarddad do Iacób.2917 
    Dasechṫmbliadna, cenbaes ̇mbroin,
    issed bái in-aes Iacoib,
    cain adrann cachtucht rothecht
    intan ruc inprimchinnecht.2921 
    Huair dorat inséire sáim
    diaathair domacAbraim,
    arhuamun abráthar diabrath
    nifitir cid dogenad.2925 
    Asbert fris amathair maith:
    'heirg forteched riat' brathair,
    caemgnim caindelbda cengrain,
    cotreib lainderda Labain.'2929 
    Luidis Iacob conabuaid
    dothig Labain meic Bathuail,
    bacain condolbtha cenbrath
    inbaid lommartha cairech.2933 
    IArsain condasfuair immaig,
    itoeb indliss lainnerda,
    diingin congili andath, p.43
    cenbini ocnigi acairach.2937 
    Até batar ann fofeib,
    fiadchuirib clann ocáireib,
    imgil, cenglora, cengrain,
    díingin lola Labain. 26 b 1 2941 
    Roraid friu ingilla combúaid:
    'cia airm sunn fil mac Bathuail,
    brathair momathar, mod n-án,
    fer dianidcomainm Labán?'2945 
    IArsin fersat failti fris,
    risiṅngilla ceneislis,
    luid indaranai, bareim ran,
    diahinnisi doLaban.2949 
    Atraig Laban, línib gal,
    'mach arcenn meic ashethar:
    ferais frais forfailti fris,
    dambeir friaais diathegdais.2953 
    Rothairgid Laban lán-log
    aringaire doÍacob,
    cach huan bec badubbrecc dath,
    cach uan liath, cach uan alath.2957 
    IAcob nosernad sreith
    isnahoimrib uiscidib,
    flesca beca, brecc andath,
    arambelaib nacairach.2961 
    Natreoit chairach immasech
    icfegad naflesc finnglan,
    datha naflesc cotagaib
    hed nobid forsnahuanaib.2965 
    Tuc adiingin iarsein
    Labain, lór cenimressain
    iarnathimgaire frihail,
    d'ingaire caire Labain.2969 
    An-anmann cengnim caire,
    radait auctair ecnaide,
    Lia ligda, linib gial,
    ocus indrigda Rachíal.2973 
    Bái inailt incechtarde
    ocnasethraib sochraide,
    an-anmann, cenmedra mael,
    Bala ocus Selpha sochain.2977 
    Robatar uli mále,
    etir sethra is hinailte,
    cengrain, iarcomdeddaid choir,
    icomlepaid oen Iacoib.2981 
    Bertait cethri meic fothri,
    dó fribríg bailcc foglanli,
    ochtur onasethraib sreith,
    cethrur onahinailteib.2985 
    Cuit cachamna dib foleith
    diaclaind choir inacomsreith,
    feib rosern rí run cachcruth,
    isferr dún andeligud.2989 
    Semeic la Lia, linib gial,
    ocus damac roRachial,
    rí bethra bailcc rodascar
    cethra maicc nadacumal.2993 
    Ruben, Semeon, Leui lor,
    Isachar soer, Zabulon,
    Iudas iaṙnDia centerce (?)
    meic Lia liuchdeircce.2997 
    Neptalim isDán dana,
    dámac buadacha Bala,
    Asser isGad, delbda dé,
    da mac Selpha sochaine.3001 
    IOseph an, aurdairc ochein
    ocus inbán Beniaméin,
    rogabsat cathairi gíal
    damac rachaine Rachial.3005 
    Dámac dec sin, cennach gin
    Iacoib hui Abaráim, p.44
    conandechraib incachthreib,
    conacethraib máthrechaib.3009 
    Sechtmoga bliadan bai túaid
    ifail Labain meic Bathúail,
    corothríall diathir, din cert,
    conadibmaccaib déec.3013 
    Tan tánic Rachial atúaid,
    ingen Labain meic Bathúail,
    dorigni thargleo triabrath,
    tuc lea lamdeo áathar.3017 
    Doluid Laban lonn 'nandiaid,
    etermag ischaill issliab,
    condastárraid, cenchess ̇ngle,
    tess immedon intslebe.3021 
    Maratchonnairc Rachial rán
    ingen lainnerda Labain,
    luid as forleith, lathar ̇ndu,
    amal nobeth friidnú.3025 
    Dorat Rachíal chorcra, chaem
    lamdeo aathar sís fotaeb,
    roclos agol, rochlai dath,
    amal mnai beth iclamnad.3029 
    Romert Laban, linib gial,
    indaban forsrabi Rachial,
    nirbobés leo, luth n-alta,
    lamachtad mna lamanta.3033 
    Ferais Iacob combúaid
    failti móir frimac ̇mBathuail,
    conarlaic do, cȯngrad gle,
    siriud slán nasaccraide.3037 
    Huair nafuair alamdeo ann
    bai inbangleo nar'imgann,
    tuargabad leo forsinmaig
    carnn comluga iscomchotaig. 26 b 23041 
    Carnn inchotaig sin lacách
    cennacḣndíl cocaid cobráth,
    eterchlainn laind Labain lóir
    ocus clanna Iacoib.3045 
    Ai̇ngel De thimgair cachslog
    bai icimguin friIacob,
    rofersat cath, comul ̇ngle,
    cenbath arfut nahaidche.3049 
    Rodbi int-ai̇ngel saer, nisneid,
    Iacob sechbil asceith,
    isósain, aidbligthe inscél,
    roainmnigthe Israhél.3053 
    Luid techt con-ascadaib húad
    oIacob, cain int-imlúad,
    coIssau soid, basliucht ̇ngle,
    dobith doib 'nambráthirse.3057 
    IArsain rothaṙngert Issú
    cain glanbert, nihimmargau,
    ambith cenances, nadchres,
    'na cardes, 'nacomathches.3061 
    Cenolcc, cenfingail, gnim ̇ngle,
    iartimnaib nambrátharse,
    cenmei̇ngg, cenmebuil, cenbrath,
    cendebuid, cendolbanrad.3065 
    Meicc Iacoib ilar ambla,
    hit meicc sethar doDina,
    Sechim mac Ammoir, triabrath,
    romarbsat lucht achatrach.3069 
    Dásecht ̇mbliadna bai ifus,
    forecht riagla, fochádus,
    corothimart, cota mert,
    dó thochta itír n-Egept.3073 
    Ri doraega, digrais gair,
    Iacob húais sechabráthair,
    conid diaclaind, crichid scel,
    dáthreib dec mac n-Israhel.3077 
    Mac-thaṙngertaid De donim p.45
    bagart glangeltaid coemdil:
    isbreo osbri nan-abb n-án,
    inrí dorat doAbrám.
    Rí dorat d'Abram insin.

    27. 27.

    3081 Doraṙngert Iacob coglan
    diaclaind inlin robatar:
    'bethi uli frifessa feig
    hirrichtain lessa Ioseiph.'3085 
    Foidis Iacob, gec congreim,
    Ioseph arsét coSecheim,
    cain céim fodiud óthreib,
    combiud éim diabrathreib.3089 
    O rosiacht coSechim slán
    Ioseph 'coambai incél comlan,
    fofuáir ann fer, forom ̇ngle,
    icimthecht achonaire.3093 
    Roiarfacht dó infer féig:
    'can dodechad, cid notheig?
    cid condaige, adbul gair,
    nocia foratai iarair?'3097 
    'Dodeochad m'oenur om' threib
    combiud donabuachaillib:
    amscith, amtriamain cachthóir,
    foriarair mac n-Iacoib.'3101 
    'Meicc Iacoib, congloir glain,
    mased hitái 'coniarair,
    isnaraidaib rodoscar
    atat imthaebaib Totham.'3105 
    Dodechaid Ioseph iarsein
    corocht Totham coabrathreib,
    assan 'nalaim, luath aruth,
    marclach fuirri dobiud.3109 
    Arachind tinolsat dail
    meicc Iacoib hui Abráim,
    roraid cachdib ris 'mosech:
    'innhe seo int-aislingthech?'3113 
    'A bráthriu, fegaid foṙnglóir,
    nádenaid ni basécóir,
    cia nomthoirsed ni dorath,
    ni foirbsi notaiscérad.'3117 
    'Monuar nocomaith dochial,
    aIoseph, ameic Rachial,
    rot robaeth cengáes ̇nglinne,
    derb rotogaeth t'aslingge.'3121 
    'Anromidair moDia dam
    etir doinib intalman,
    ni chumai̇ng nech uaib triabáig
    athormach nachadigbáil.'3125 
    O shunn atches ochein móir
    fís doIoseph mac Iacoib;
    rommiscnigsetar fosmacht
    abrathir tria imformat.3129 
    Luid colón doib isinslíab
    Ioseph cȯnglor, conglanmiad,
    cocrait 'nambrathreib abrath
    dial-lathreib conaragad.3133 
    Rofóemad leo abás fosmacht
    menisoerad morígmac,
    nirn-anacht airdmes roclos,
    nochairdes no condolbos.3137 
    ISsindinbaidsin amne,
    iartimnaib ríg noemnime,  27 a 1
    doEgept conglor, cȯngraig,
    luid lucht mor dochennaigeib.3141 
    O recait friu forsinmaig
    Ioseph ossar, ambrathair,
    bafó lith luidi, luad cert,
    combo frith itúaith Egept.3145 
    IAsse mac Sechis, slicht ̇ngle,  p.46
    batoissech nacennaige,
    diabrathrib fein, febda triall,
    isse dorúacell 36 Iosiaph.3149 
    Putrifaris, forom cert,
    issé baherri Aegept,
    tuc arIoseph, diamba imbrait,
    trichait leth n-unga n-argait.3153 
    Aes Ioséph intan rorith
    hitír n-Egept fria 37 derbdith,
    congaes gelbda fochucht chert,
    secht ̇mbliadna derbda déec.3157 
    Dásecht ̇mbliadna, babuaid becht,
    bái Ioseph itír n-Egept,
    cotoracht38 atúaid iartain
    coIacob conamaccaib.3161 
    Batar icachtaib iarcein
    fosmachtaib huaislib Ioséiph,
    doIacób, bagnimrad cert,
    rofirad feib dorarngert.
    Doraṙngert Iacób coglan.

    28. 28.

    3165 Ri conoebi oscechthreib
    rofaidi ríanabrathreib,
    cengoe, cengaili, gnim cert,
    combóe fodaire in-Egept.3169 
    IArsain rorith, babúaid becht,
    fritoisech ituaith Egept.
    cachmaith buan combai dó ifus
    dorat dó auagcommus.3173 
    IArom rodacar aben 39,
    intigernai doruacel,
    triaaslach n-imthach fochlith
    dorimgart 'nacomlepaid.3177 
    Roraid fria ingilla coglan:
    'nihetragim dala ban,
    ocus mé indaire centreóir,
    m'oenur itirib anheoil.'3181 
    Roradi fris inben blaith:
    'natabair laim frim doraith:
    aní dobiur duit amne
    fail mor nech lasmadbuide.'3185 
    'Aben, bendacht fortgnúis ̇nglain,
    nachamluaid dot'baethbriatraib,
    inhed bambeo, buaid ̇ngelbda,
    nifellub form'thigerna.'3189 
    Roscrutai inben coleir,
    uair naderna ingilla aréir,
    forsiṅngilla ̇nglan cenchol
    cinnas doberad baegol.3193 
    ISsed roscrutai inben baeth,
    ónarabi ifus inlaech,
    ingilla dothecht nachthan
    le coseotu istech talman.3197 
    'Tair lim dodeiscin mosét
    agillai, nihimmarbréc,
    oslaic reom aglas dontaig,
    aIoseph caem Cannanaig!3201 
    'A fir, tair remum istech,
    narbamcrimnach comrairgnech,
    uair nadigthim, fri set slán,
    istech ̇ndorcha m'oenurán.3205 
    IArsain luid Ioseph istech,
    nirb'anhumal imrisnech,
    nifitir inmnai diabrath
    combai iarcúl nacomlad.3209 
    Huair foṙfemid uascachcruth,
    iaṙnglerib, aóentagud,
    doIoseph, bagnim n-etig,
    imforbart fair forecin. p.473213 
    Atrullai uaide immach,
    assalamaib lomnachtach,
    rohéige inben nert acind,
    roscar friféle firthind.3217 
    Tarraid ag ̇fodoíre tróig
    doIoseph án mac Iacoib,
    achor hicarcair, gním ̇ngann,
    fosmachtaib i̇nguforgall.3221 
    Ardri búan betha broenaig,
    connic buaid cach primoenaig,
    cengaili arcli cotangaib,
    ri conoibi oscachoentreib.
    Rí conoebi oscechthreib.

    29. 29.

    3225 Doarfas fís, foromm cert,
    doForann, dorig Egept,
    nifrith dó cosúidib srath,
    diadrúidib nech dosfucad.3229 
    Nifrith frigeirchert osmaig
    Eigept conafortúathaib,
    ecnaid no drui no súi snéid,
    nech dosfucad coglanréid.3233 
    Badebthach Foraind friathúaid
    corogail rolaind rorúaid, 27 a 2
    fridruidib duithib cachtreib,
    friasuidib, friaecnadeib.3237 
    Batar fri sothochta serc
    dácomalta icríg Egept,
    sechcach fridálaib cachthreib
    'nagradaib, 'nachomarleib.3241 
    Friatoil togaig, friaig thaig,
    'nachoraib, 'naglanchocráib,
    indarafer d'Egept comblait,
    araili glechert d'Affraic.3245 
    Batar cenancess rochlos
    'nachardess, 'nachomaltos,
    babráthair máthar, mod ̇ngle,
    cechtarde dib diaraile.3249 
    Gaid rí Affrici doib, delm n-óg,
    combad tadchrethi dodergór,
    feib sogabtais oscachrainn
    acht coromarbtais Forainn.3253 
    IArsain triallsat folaimm fair,
    forForainn, forsinn-arḋflaith,
    indarafer feimdeth gail
    arba d'Egept aathair.3257 
    Infer aili d'Affraic áin
    fricathslait cairi comlain,
    tarmlaic acholainn fricath,
    tarmmairt Forainn domarbad.3261 
    Rohirgaibthi lasinrig,
    rodirgnaithi fodimbrig,
    fofuctha icachtaib cocían
    isincarcair coIosíaph.3265 
    Doarfas aisli̇ngthi dóib
    'sindaidchisin fochetóir,
    hicacht carcrach crimnach {}
    basnimach amenmandrad.3269 
    Ruc Ioseph doib congloir gle,
    breith cóir foran-aslingthe:
    feib baderb tarbaid triabrath
    baamlaid rochomallad.3273 
    'IMmárach indarafer,
    nibagdach, crochfaider,
    biad araili, slanaib síd,
    i̇ngdaib icondardríg.'3277 
    Bae inri, foglámaib gne,
    dodálaib aaisli̇ngthe,
    dondleo lerggach, niṙmbai bin, p.48
    bafergach friadegdáinib.3281 
    Atchúaid do int-óclach, gnim ̇ngle:
    'nabi forsnim th'aisli̇nge:
    ata 'sincharcair cenchess
    duini t'apthaib tuaslaicfes.3285 
    'Fer ruc breith forfís, forruth,
    forndís bámar icumriuch,
    feib rothaṙngair achíall chain
    issamlaid forcoemnacair.'3289 
    IArsain tucad fograd cain
    Ioseph án asincharcair,
    fíadslúag Eigept, amra bainn,
    combai ifrecnarcus Foraind.3293 
    Roiarfacht Forainn fadein
    dó fiadintslúag coglanléir:
    'nirbatruag, innis doscel,
    ciatuath duit no cíacenél?3297 
    Atchuaid Ioseph corath,
    cofossad, coainmnitach:
    'nicóir gó fiadríg cȯngin,
    atúaid dam, acch Cannáin.3301 
    'Nihed domthabair fograd,
    m'athair bahúa doAbrám,
    int-Abram adrann ochein,
    nir'bunad fann doChalldéib.3305 
    'Ata hitaṙngeire ochéin,
    sain, a Forainn conglanchéil!
    bidlán de inbith bladmall, bán,
    donDia dian-adrann Abrám.'3309 
    'Tarfas dam fis, fúaim n-amra,
    romloisc gris ahetarba,
    nech nosfuaslaiced, fuam cert,
    nifuar d'intliuchtaib Egept.'3313 
    'Aisneid inn-aislingthi n-an,'
    arIoseph alainn imnar,
    'cluinem uait centris, centlas,
    inḋfís cinnas dotarfas.'3317 
    'Andommarfas, ameic raith,
    duitsiu dalfas cecḣmbithmaith,
    diambera breith fír forsein
    nibia díl forth' airmitein.'3321 
    'Bidbreth fír beratsa, ȧflaith,'
    arsé, arIoseph inbithraith,
    'gním gle friollblad cechcruth,
    cendolbad, centuscurnud.'3325 
    'Secht ̇mbai metha tarfas dam,
    secht ̇mbae caila, clú n-ingnad,
    na secht ̇mbae caela, clú gle,
    duatar na secht ̇mbae remrae.3329 
    'Secht punainn lána dogn,
    secht punaind sėnga, saeb dál,
    na secht sėnga, ba truag tra,
    duatar na secht granmara.3333 
    'Cocúala inguth 'coarad rim,
    cluinti, a Foraind nadandind,  27 b 1
    ismor indrún, ruathar ̇ngle,
    fil ríathur it'aisli̇ngthe.3337 
    'Tabair domenmain cenbrath,
    delgnaid docachintliuchtach,
    bidlán bith fonelaib bla
    doscelaib nafissisea.3341 
    'Diambera breth fíri fair,
    forsinn-aisli̇ngthe n-ingnad,
    indmass domuin dotrega,
    dolúaig fein abithdoéra.'3345 
    'In fer foil beras breith ̇ngle
    cocoir forsinn-aisli̇ngthe,
    cendoimme diss nambrig ̇mbrass,
    roinne ris dȯflathemnas.'3349 
    Cor'̇faillsigder duit cenchess
    int-aisli̇ngthe laind landes, p.49
    gnim cadla, agillai cengrain,
    attaig Dia n-amra n-Abraim.3353 
    'Rotbia limm airmitiu intslóig,
    rotbia grad, rotbia onóir,
    mafíraid duit ácachcruth
    indfissiu dofuaslucud.'3357 
    'Tuctar dam gremmann cencd,'
    arsé, arIoseph cosoergrad,
    'feib taṙngir dochomrad cloth
    cocomlan diacomollud.'3361 
    'Rotbia lim greim Dé fodéin,
    rotbia m'ordan coglanleir,
    grian ocus esca 'mole,
    muir istír, dru(ch)t isdathe.'3365 
    Atchúaid Ioseph dó cogle,
    doFor(ai)nn ahaislingge,
    conadlumaib dluthaib dein,
    iscorunaib riagaltaib.3369 
    Macán Iacoib cosinrath,
    bahé inliacoir lainn luágmar,
    ósglaindírge 'nagnim cert,
    rogab airrígi n-Egept.3373 
    Int-aislinge luágmar, lín cert,
    bahuathmar lasluag n-Egept:
    amal teidm torainn atass,
    físs doForaind doarfas.
    Doarfas fís, foromm cert.

    30. 30.

    3377 Ri tríarath doraiga ochéin
    triaimcasin réid roréil,
    combai Ioseph, lín asloig,
    ósEgeipt uasail ardmóir.3381 
    Secht ̇mbliadna lana mole,
    sommá, slána, sonaidé,
    ógab Ioseph gloir garta
    coaimsir namórgorta.3385 
    Fotroirgell, bagnim cialla,
    Ioseph cocenn secht ̇mbliadan,
    nagebad, cidmor insmacht,
    etach, nahor, nahargat.3389 
    Nigébed Ioseph nachfiach
    onatuathaib acht madbiad,
    cai̇ngnib cainib, ciniud cert,
    diadliugud doríg Egept.3393 
    Rothinolad lais insain
    nafuair frisna secht ̇mbliadnaib,
    'naduinib trénaib daingnib,
    innaindsib eradblib.3397 
    Dosrocht gorta garbda, garg,
    dosrort frifodla fodard,
    rodascrin cenchoimsi cruth,
    roslín toirsi isderchainiud.3401 
    Doratsatar uili arbiad
    tuatha Egept doIosiab,
    cidmór rothechtsat fosmacht
    eteror ocus argat.3405 
    Doratsatar féin dondríg
    andoire dochinn ambíd,
    natiastais aidid ̇ngorta
    innalainib lomnochta.3409 
    Rosbiath Ioseph sechcachclaind
    sloig fer n-Egept imForaind
    fogne riagla, ruathar n-án,
    fricóic ̇mbliadan comlán.3413 
    Rosbiathastar fiadcachsluag
    cenrad friForainn findrúad,
    sé cét dec mili, mod ̇ndil,
    arfichit cet domilib.3417 
    Cenmothat dala dligid
    aes dana ocus primfilid,
    druid diana docachmaig,
    cruitti clíara, clesamnaig.3421 
    Cenmothat mogaid, mod cert,
    sluag soraid fritimthirecht, p.50
    ismna bana, buidnib blá,
    meicc ána ocus ingena.3425 
    Cenmotha insluag roslin mairg,
    natuath trúag ascechoenaird,
    tictís iarn-elluch fosmacht
    dochennuch itír n-Egept.3429 
    Rí rombennach oscach maig,
    cenon, cenolcc, cenerbaid,
    gorbomál cach maige móir
    Ioseph án mac Iacóib.  27 b 23433 
    Ruiri richid, Rigda gáir,
    crichid cachcuirid comláin,
    arcli fricath oscách blái,
    inri triarath doraegai.
    Rí triarath doraega ochéin.

    31. 31.

    3437 ISindara bliadain, luad ̇ngrinn,
    ór'gab ingorta gerthind,
    luid clann Iacoib, bagnim cert,
    doluaig bíd itír n-Egept.3441 
    IMrulat dargarbaib 40 gelt 41,
    iartirib amraib Egept,
    il-lurg intslúaig, trúag atli,
    cosintuaith imbái int-ardrí.3445 
    Roslín mertain, rosgab cess,
    diafechtaib otir díles,
    cenergna n-eolais, centreóir,
    cenberla itirib aneóil.3449 
    Roptar snímaig 42 iarsétaib
    diȧngnímaib, diambaethbétaib,
    fiadnasluagaib oscechmaig,
    truagaib, tursig, dércóintig.3453 
    Meirtnig rostacht amenma,
    rosnart fochacht coṁfedma,
    cennech diabreith, leo baceist,
    cosinn-airríg an-atheisc.3457 
    Lotair triamedon intslúaig,
    broccaig, naconnim comthrúaig,
    congabsat foss, febda fír,
    hifrecnarcus indardríg.3461 
    Foidis techtairi tind huad,
    aracenn cogrinn, coluath,
    amal atgeoin ingnim cert,
    airri airtmitnech Aegept.3465 
    Tinsit andúine fotig,
    fillsit glúine fochombáig,
    roslecht diadúis diadoss 43,
    fiadagnúis 'nafrecnarcus.3469 
    Roiarfacht doib, derb roclos,
    Ioseph congloir, cenamlos:
    'raidid afír dúir foṙngair
    can duib no can tancabair?3473 
    'Cid condnaigid 'naṙmbrúig bras,
    cenairig, cenfíreolas,
    cenberla fririad relta,
    amal áes ̇ndian taiscelta.3477 
    'No maraes ̇mbraith foraig thaig,
    bis ochathraig dochatraig,
    censcribenn lib, línib drech,
    censcela ríg no ruirech?3481 
    'Nimtha forsamail sunn se
    acht mad aes braith ísligthe,
    no slebbaire loittit smacht,
    no brécaire icbrecairecht.'3485 
    'Donrimmart gorta congrain
    attuaid acríchaib Cannáin, p.51
    friarn-adlaic uaig, huar'crich cain,
    feib tecait sluaig fer ̇ndomuin.3489 
    'Fonrathaig tir Caim ochéin
    arn-athair badoChaldeib,
    roalt cengris gaibt (sic) cengrain,
    bamac Isaic meic Abráim.3493 
    'Bráthir sinn huile martám,
    lín arcuire 'sarcomdal,
    icgaire arn-athar nachthan,
    ismac aile aṙmbrathair óssar.'3497 
    'Masȯfír friheraim n-án,
    foṙmbith-iarmui doAbram,
    tucaid huaib etere ̇ngle
    fritichtáin doridise.3501 
    'Tan tissaid arcúl nachtan
    lib diatí inbrathair ossar,
    forbia forn-eitteire fein,
    isdogéntar forn-ogreir.'3505 
    Riandúla doib forafecht
    diatír conacennaigecht
    il-laim indairrig friandail
    doratsatar Issachair.3509 
    Roraid Ioseph, scél cenchess:
    'dogress dogen foṙmbithless,
    incechhuair formbia faṙndail
    uaimm duib árDia n-Abaraim.'3513 
    IArsin dochuatar diatír
    feib fosruácar cendimbríg,
    rofucsat fritascaid tróg
    ascaid arDia doIacob.3517 
    IArum rancatar diataig
    soera, slana, somenmnaig:
    dosfarraid maith fogloir glain
    flaith lóir 'sindarabliadain.
    ISindarabliadain, luad ̇ngrinn.

    32. 32.

    3521 Roattlaig Iacób án
    diaChoimdid, bagním comlán,
    feib fuair achlann, glaṅfír cert,
    fáilti laairrig n-Egept.3525 
    Feib rostriall fochai̇ngnib ciúin
    in-iathaib aidbli aniuil,
    rosnalt cenbét oscechmaig
    dosrat forsét sainemail.  28 a 13529 
    Feib dosfuc forcúl, nicress,
    óscachmúr conamorless
    atichtain buidig diatig
    isdiaruirig roatlaig.
    Roatlaig Iacob án.

    33. 33.

    3533 Dorigset comarli cóir
    maccrad amra Iacoib,
    andul iarfithisi fecht
    doridisi itír n-Egept.3537 
    Dochuatar iarsétaib slain,
    cenbétaib cethirn comlain,
    cotren tluachtar darcachtír
    coruactar cosinn-ardríg.3541 
    Fuaratar colór cenhír
    fáilti mor icondairrig,
    feib bamellach laceill cóir
    roṡmbái cennach fochetoir.3545 
    Gabais Ioseph escra n-úag
    atnaig il-laim fir diasluág:
    tabair triahaccail diambrath
    isaccaib naCannanach.3549 
    Nidimraig lotar diatír,
    nibdardimdaig dondairrig, p.52
    feib roellacht doib cechtriall
    bai ambennacht forIosiaph.3553 
    Tan batar nalíni arinmaig,
    amal bid míli onchathraig,
    rodlȯng, nimebul diadail,
    drong dremun dian-irgabail.3557 
    Nibtar foichligthi fritóir
    rocroichligthi fochetóir,
    tuctha codúra donmaig
    foracula donchathraig.3561 
    Tuctha coneoch rostechtai,
    'nacimmidib cumrechtai,
    batrúag afatal cenbríg
    combatar fiadinn-airrig.3565 
    Frisrogart int-airrí dóib
    roraidi friu fochetoir:
    'truag dodail farcuire ̇ngle
    faṙngabail uili icmeirle.3569 
    'Uair libsi, ni lathar ̇ndil,
    inmeirli cenimressain,
    infarcin clothach asbiur
    forcrochad cosinn-oeṅfiur.'3573 
    'A airri Egept cenchess,
    rosatglechert friarlanles,
    niclothach dot'búaid, dot'blaid,
    trúaig dochrochad cenchinaid.3577 
    'Niheol dún, ciacol fogin,
    dur dron doBeniamein,
    fonralaig mairb mesctha mir
    dodalaib indescrasin.3581 
    'Fortgellam cech ̇nduis, din cert,
    it'gnúis, aairri Egept,
    arn-idain, fiadtestaib Dé,
    dochinaid indescraise.'3585 
    'Tucaid dochind forn-anma
    uaib aitire n-eramra,
    farn-ósarbráthair fodéin,
    dianid comainm Beniaméin.3589 
    'Éirgid iarforsetib snéid,
    isleicid Benieméin,
    huair isleis, lith cesta ̇ngle,
    frith escra naEgipte.'3593 
    'Ossar naclainne, gnim ̇ngle,
    fir foxal fainne fíre,
    issé isdiliu diarslog
    liarn-athair, laIacób.3597 
    'Guidmit ní, menipgrain lat,
    dii, aairrí nahEgept,
    cia rondairane dot'réir,
    coronsaera Beniemein.3601 
    'Mad marb duini fonim glass
    dochumaid, isgnim n-amnas,
    bid marb Iacob fodein
    diachainiud Beniemein.'3605 
    'A maccrad Iacoib áin,
    frigartrad dochlainn Abráim,
    cenchlothchobair, cennach ̇mblaid,
    dorochrobair forcinaid.'3609 
    Rorelsat ascel cenbríg,
    roslechtsat fiadinn-airrig:
    'fortgellam Dia, dana de,
    darslana onchinaidse.'3613 
    'Tabraid forcobais centláis,
    rad forais riandig tiugbais,
    failsigid fornech nith ̇mbras,
    dorinnsid gnim n-imamnas.'3617 
    'Ciambadlonnbrass digal Dé,
    fornn bacomadas friarcloenré:
    coir ciaroncrinad colár
    icinaid artargabal.3621 
    'Ronbaidsemmar, bagnim trog,
    rocraidsemmar Iacób, p.53
    romertsam coem diaṙngnáthaib,
    rorecsam arn-oenbrathair.3625 
    'Atmora arcinaid donbrath,
    nidarn-idain diarsóerad: 28 a 2
    triallamm arn-aided, scel ̇ngrinn,
    tiagamm fochlaideb ̇ngérthind.'3629 
    'Nirbochoir dam foṙmbádud,
    fota ataid in-imgábud,
    targa fortacht De fortóir,
    achiniud amra Iacoib!3633 
    'Bidbann buada foraṙndáil,
    ahiarmhui uagdai Abraim!
    gengnim ̇ngessi, triadil ̇ngair,
    iss messe rorecsabair.'3637 
    Rodosmachtaigset foalaim,
    roattlaigset acomdáil,
    sníset cocóir acainti,
    rochisset armoṙfailti.3641 
    'Fuapraid cotenn, nibartroig,
    eirgid arcenn Iacóib,
    cenlen, islethan forcert,
    tren fortrethan in-Egept.'3645 
    Ri dafuc atúaid iartain
    Iacob conamaccaib,
    dialotar fodess forfecht
    foainm Ioseph in-Egept.3649 
    O sunn rancatar fodes
    coIoseph hicomaithches,
    ani badech docachthreib
    dorat Ioseph díabrathreib.3653 
    Robai Iacob, bagnim cert,
    censním itírib Egept,
    malle friachlainn conamblait,
    dábliadain arsechtmogait.3657 
    Mori coragrad ochéin
    dofuca Abrám oChalldéib,
    hé cotnarlaic iarcóir cheirt
    doib anisin dorigset.
    Dorigset comarli cóir.

    34. 34.

    3661 O shunn atbath Ioseph án
    niṡmboe saere nosaergd:
    fir Egept, comeit cloine,
    dosratsat fothromdoere.3665 
    Rodosdairsatar diaréir
    iarn-ec indamrai Ioseiph,
    daire amlaid, eraim ̇nglé,
    nitharlaid forbith buidé.3669 
    Mor dochlainn, batrog inscél,
    beirthi dislog Israhel,
    cosuilib dessaib, deilm ̇ndil,
    conbendais assacennaib.3673 
    Mor dacechulcc, nabucert,
    fodaimtis fosluag n-Egept:
    nibai dóere badteinné
    comarbdais aprimgeinné.3677 
    Ciarbothromm andoire dacht
    robae anDia 'coafortacht:
    inmet fordi̇ngtis intsluaig
    forbartais incachoenhuair.3681 
    IOseph mac Iacoib áin,
    meicc Issaic, meic Abaraim,
    dorumalt, fririagla recht,
    deich fichit bliadna in-Egept.3685 
    Dochuaid forcel, cluithi cin,
    forslicht sen súithi soerdil
    facbaid dámac, maith ȧngraim,
    Mánnases ocus Effraim.3689 
    Dorumensat cach fosmacht,
    fosrugensat fir Egept,
    diambúaid, diammathius, diamiad,
    cosinn-uair atbath Iosiaph.
    O shunn atbath Ioseph án.

    35. 35.

    3693 Rogénair Moisi, mod ̇ngle,
    in-amsir natromdóire:
    rolad, ciarbochain achruth,
    ass hisruth Níl diabádud.3697 
    Conafuair Termod, gnim cert,
    ingen Forainn rig Egept,
    'condsruth, icinnlat alám,
    cainbe fial, forssaid, ̇findnar.3701 
    IArsin cofoṙngart diamnaib
    conotuctáis asintráig
    inmac ̇mbec incrotha glain,
    uair dorat Dia foamenmain.3705 
    Rodacar Termod iarsein
    feib caras cách aoengein,
    coron-erail, bacain glonn,
    baforgo diadegaltrom.3709 
    O shunn roalt combatrén,
    diall friclaind mac n-Israhél,
    dochuaid ifat fiadcachclaind,
    narbomac d'ingin Foraind.3713 
    ISsu cenlen, lúad ̇nglanna,
    cenathair trén talmanna,
    forfailtig gnim gle cachthuir
    'sindaimsir irogénair.
    Rogénair Moisi, mod ̇ngle

    36. 36.

    3717 Cotranic lá forsinmaig
    frioendiis icimsergáin,
    indaranai diachlainn cheirt,
    araili badoEgeipt.  28 b 13721 
    O shunn atgeoin, narbotrén,
    infer dochlainn Israhél,
    bahe ingnim garb cenchert,
    romarb infer ahEgept.3725 
    Rofitir intúath cogle
    fer domarbad doMoise,
    feib leir dorigned cocert
    atchuas doaírrig Egept.3729 
    Forfúacart Forainn cocert
    forferaib amraib Egept,
    nabeth dó dín innachdu
    acht abas no ahinnarbu.3733 
    Dodeochaid Moisi forfecht
    forteched riasluag n-Egept,
    iartírib, iarslicthib srath,
    cofarnaic indingenrad.3737 
    Cofuair slog mór forsinmaig
    dogillaib isd'ingenaib,
    icimmain chairech fosmacht
    dochum topur istiprat.3741 
    Ocdéne natrebthach tren
    imslessaib slébe Coréb,
    bamor angair forsinmaig
    icdail usci diacairchaib.3745 
    Dessid Moissi, bamod ̇ngle,
    forochair naconaire,
    snimach, saethrach, bec anert,
    aoenur, icsírimthecht.3749 
    Moisi batrén incachdáil
    dochiniud clainni Abráim,
    nicheil ceol ̇ngle ̇ngnimrad ̇nglicc,
    is doréir De cotnic.
    Cotnic la forsinmaig.

    37. 37.

    3753 Robatar ann, cainig cain,
    'coacáirib hitimmarcain,
    in-immblib intsluaig comblait,
    díingin inprimsacairt.3757 
    Roraid friMoisi, mod ̇nglan,
    iarsain indaraingen: p.55
    'cid nacharcobrai, dín cert,
    ahóclaig út ahEgept?3761 
    'Ataṙfail cenduine trén
    arn-oenur in-etarlén,
    immunn-usce n-uar, cachcruth,
    ata inslúag icarsárgud.'3765 
    Atraracht Moisi, mod ̇ngle,
    nipuhéirge meraige,
    cotarat cobair trein trait
    dohingenaib intsacairt.3769 
    Rogartatar leo diataig
    Moise amru cachn-armaig,
    con-éicsitar ascéla
    dian-athair cenimséna.3773 
    In sacart sluinti gaissi
    rofer failti friMoise,
    aracruth, aracheil ̇nglain,
    arfortacht diaingenaib.3777 
    Rofastai insacart iarsein
    inaoentaid, in-oentreib,
    iartimnu indríg, ruathar ̇ndil,
    dorat aprimingin.3781 
    Hiclemnas intsacairt cenlén,
    ifichaib slebi Coreb,
    dorumalt Moisi, mod ̇ngle,
    ann tresraind aaimsire.3785 
    Noemrí nime, nert cechsluaig,
    coemcli cenbini bithbuaid,
    ri betha borggaig cenbrath
    rosnordaig feib robatar.
    Robatar ann cainig cain.

    38. 38.

    3789 Báe lathi Moysi immuig
    isleib Choreb 'coachairib,
    conidnarlassair inrí
    atathlassair teintidi.3793 
    Ri roforcȯngart amne
    formac n-amra, forMoyse,
    roraidi fris, ruathar cert:
    'isferr duit dul in-Egept.'3797 
    Roraid Moysi, monor ̇ngle,
    'nituidecht frit' forngaire:
    rofetar fein, febda bainn,
    amfer ecraite doForaind.'3801 
    'Heirgg lamobrethir forfecht,
    arcenn intsluaig in-Egept:
    notnoibfaider fiadcachclaind,
    notsoerfaider forForaind.3805 
    'Bera uaim comartha lat,
    notsaerfa forecomnart,
    conach fil ni n-uag fonim,
    coni tichtain frit'menmain.'3809 
    Fofuair mor dobuáid cenbrath,
    mor n-ecnai uaig con-ógrath,
    con-uaill, bamór ̇ngaissi ̇nglé,
    fofuair Moise, bái lathe.
    Bae lathi Moisi immaig.

    39. 39.

    3813 Ri dorat fleisc ̇mblaith ̇mbalnái
    il-laim Moisi meic Amraí  28 b 2
    diar'lass indrub, rígda scél,
    imrún ríg isléib Choréb.3817 
    Rí rorádi codána
    friMóise taidbsiu alama,
    indarahuair dí baclam,
    induair aile bagléglan.3821 
    Rí dorat sain frisam lái
    doMoisi, domac Amrái, p.56
    isamlaid sain, ségda insmacht,
    'dogress dogensa tȯfortacht.'3825 
    In ri rofaídi fritóir
    dochlannaib aibni Iacóib,
    dochath labrethir ̇nDe dil
    friForann conadrúidib.3829 
    Rí rochart Moise forfecht
    coForann, coríg n-Egept,
    cotarlaiced uad cenlén
    clanna amra Israhel.3833 
    'Manistarlaice coluath
    meicc Israhel, línib tuath,
    fóidfet mor ̇ndigal dishain,
    'modílfat uad arécin.'3837 
    Ri fotat huili nasloíg,
    isshé artuire dergoir,
    ninlen cloen, nago, naceist,
    ri dorat dó iṅmblaithfleisc.
    Ri dorat fleisc ̇mblaith.

    40. 40.

    3841 Raidid Moisi fiadcachclainn
    iarsain iarum friForainn:
    'lessaig dosluaig fein foleith,
    leic uait athuaith dinCh(o)imdeid.'3845 
    Asbert Forainn, forom ̇ngle,
    natibred doib asaere,
    cofessed cia bad mó nert
    anDiasom no dia Egept.3849 
    Dogniat druidi indríg,
    triabrichtu ainble aṅfír,
    nathracha colúath doṅflaith
    dolbsait afuath díaflescaib.3853 
    Dorigni Moisi, mod ̇ndil,
    in-anmaim indrig donim,
    labrethir ̇nDe fiaḋflathib,
    diafleisc combaglenathir.3857 
    Nathir Moisi fuabrad cath,
    frinathracha nandrúad,
    istig arbelaib indrig
    dodasfuaid cosinn-oenmír.3861 
    Gabais anathraig dolár
    Moisi fiadintaig lomnán,
    noscroith, nodosai ifleisc,
    lasinslog, robomorcheist.3865 
    Moisi minn osbetha barc,
    hua Iacóib meicc Isaac,
    aaithesc glan, gnimrad ̇ngle,
    isdoreir De roraide.
    Roraid Moisi fiad cachclainn.

    41. 41.

    3869 Bahuamnach Forainn amne,
    iarsin roraid friMoise:
    'maith limm dula doib forfecht,
    masomaith latuaith n-Egept. '3873 
    Dodechaid Moisi diathig,
    atreib Forainn forúabrig,
    conhécaid coglan inscél
    dodagdainib Israhel.3877 
    Amal dochuaid Moisi uad
    forcȯngart cuce inmorsluag
    dorat fohír forcachsmacht,
    rolín dímus isdasacht.3881 
    Asbert Foraind censena,
    friachlanna, friachenela:
    'fortuatha De, torum ̇nglé,
    tabrad cachtormach ̇ndoére.'3885 
    Batar toirsech intuath trúag
    friMoisi aran-imluad;
    'acht furail saethar issmacht
    nifuaramar ni dufortacht.'3889 
    Radid friu Moisi combúaid:
    'nabid fribaisi ̇mbeltrúaig, p.57
    dal De donessai cechrainn,
    bidtressai indás bág Foraind.'3893 
    Ardrí Egept, ilar ̇nglonn,
    ri góach, guinech, garblonn,
    batarb tnu frigleo, fricath,
    aned babeo bahuamnach.
    Bahuamnach Forainn amne.

    42. 42.

    3897 Ri roráid friMoisi cotrén:
    'abbair friclaind n-Israhél,
    dentar leo, lathar ̇ngle,
    uan d'idpairt cachoentige.3901 
    'Uan firenn bliadne insein
    cengaili ̇nduib no temein,
    afuine forgris cechcruth,
    cenachnáma dobrissiud.3905 
    'Frithalid inn-uan cenlocht
    doidpairt incachoenphort,
    ahithi istig cenni immach,
    cossaib cenn isinathrach.  29 a 13909 
    'Menibe istig, torum ̇ngle,
    dodoenib lin ahithe,
    taet nech ammuig onachdru̇ng
    cach uaib inahiallacraund.3913 
    'Lalubai lachtoc, luad ̇ngle,
    laharán nemdescaigthe,
    bachla forláim, línib ell,
    forcressa forn-imthimchell.3917 
    'A ithi forsessam sain,
    aḣfuil fofarn-aursannaib,
    diaforraib, fuidel foleith,
    aloscud duib iteneid.3921 
    'A denam dogres insein
    docach oen incach oentreib,
    doforaithmet, monar clecht,
    fortuaslaicthi aEgept.'3925 
    Atat inmuirig fotráig
    doruirig nimi noebnáir:
    dorat mór ̇ndígal hicri
    forrigab ri roráidi.
    Ri roráid friMoisi cotrén.

    43. 43.

    3929 Ri dorat mor ̇ndigal tren
    dosairad mac n-Israhél:
    bamaidm torainn forcechmaig,
    forForainn conathuathaib.3933 
    Loscainn riasca, reim ̇ndata,
    cuili, biasta, brecnata,
    bolcgach, lasruth fola fann,
    dorcha, tene istorann.3937 
    Plag naprimgeinne huili,
    etercethri ocus duine,
    gol cecha clethi, gním cert,
    rochlos lafiru Egept.3941 
    Ri dorat nadeichplaga
    forthu frihuair combaga,
    nilac rogní iarcóir cath,
    inri dorat mor ̇ndigal.
    Ri dorat mor ̇ndígal tren.

    44. 44.

    3945 Roleicset dilmain uadaib
    'nandirmaib, 'nammorsluagaib,
    samlaid dochotar forfecht
    cosetaib amraib Egept.3949 
    Cethrichet tricha triamnaib,
    indóiri doib dobliadnaib,
    in-Egept daill tairbert tren,
    dochlaind airdeirc Israhél. p.583953 
    IArsain scarsat fridóire
    Egeipt con-ilur clóine,
    iaṙmbliadnaib coriagail raith
    trichat iarcethricétaib.3957 
    Dorigset sét, sliucht combuaid,
    cenbét ahEgeipt sairtuaid,
    cengrissa, bacain intsluaig,
    doRamissa, doSochuaith.3961 
    Ri ragmas dasfuc trianert
    adoire amnas Egept,
    dorat nel impu fride
    istor tened cachn-aidche.3965 
    In tene icloscud intsluaig
    Egeipt 'sindaidchi adhuair,
    innél dorcha doib fri
    combruissitis acairpdé.3969 
    IArsin roraidset colainn
    sluaig fer n-Egept friForainn:
    'tiagam forarcul cenlén,
    lecamm uain claind n-Israhél.3973 
    'In dia asdech forbith búan
    dorat meth forarmorslúag;
    atá iccathugud cotrén
    darcenn clainne Israhél.'3977 
    Asbert Forainn fergach friu:
    'nileicfem arlaesechu,
    conostucam lenn imbrait,
    latoeb arn-oir 'sarn-argait.'3981 
    Dochuaid Forainn conasluag
    'nandiad imMuir romra Ruad,
    nasluaig remi rosatriuin
    ocus Forann fohírdiuid.3985 
    Inri dodasaer iarsin
    arForaind cona airbrib,
    triamuincinn Mara Romuir
    dosfuc innan-irchomair.3989 
    In muir mór, comílib scel,
    triastuc Dia claind n-Israhél,
    rodáil rí grene cenrainn
    forformnu féne Forainn.3993 
    Báe Gaidel friglegelt cain
    in-Egept 'sindamsirsain,
    dobreth Scotta fiadcachclainn,
    ingen airmittnech Foraind.3997 
    Atroebaid Gaidel combúaid
    dula dó indegaid intslúaig,
    uair bafaith, friglea scél,
    uamun Déa mac n-Israhél.4001 
    IArsain dochuaid Gaidel Glas
    il-libuirn lir lethanbras,
    fuapraid meirge mara maill
    arhuamun ferge Foraind.  29 a 24005 
    Luid Gaidel cain conabuaid
    iársain sechIndia sairthúaid,
    corogab tir, torom ̇ngle,
    in-insi Deprofane.4009 
    Luid ondindsi, erctais slúaig,
    Deprofane sel siarthuaith,
    bái 'nafichaib lín ̇mbliadna
    fonacrichaib Caspianda.4013 
    Robaided ann, arim chert,
    dodegdoinib fer n-Egept,
    coic cét rig rán, regtai rainn,
    immonn-ardrig, imForaind.4017 
    Lin intsluaig cenmotha sin
    nifitir nech an-árim:
    nochinned forcachdine
    arimbed ahilmile.4021 
    Ri tarlaic Muir Romuir ruad
    forForainn conamórsluag,
    nitherna leo diatírib
    cid oenfer dohilmilib.4025 
    IArnandamnad, gnim glinni,  p.59
    iarmarbad aprimgindi,
    nicheil cech sui, srethaib slecht,
    cosin roṡmbái rosleicset.
    Rosleicset dilmain uadaib.

    45. 45.

    4029 Ri tuc claind n-Israhél ass
    intan rommol inmorchlass,
    cenmna, cenmaccu, fricath
    cet mili fer n-armach.4033 
    Oshunn rosiachtatar tír
    roattlaigset dondarríg,
    aternam iaṙngábud cacht,
    iaṙmbádud andergnámat.4037 
    IArsin túargabad inchlas
    domolad De bacomdas:
    cansatar, badeoda intlus,
    hili uli cantemus.4041 
    Siur doMoisi, Maire már,
    iarsain rosephain timpán:
    rochachain ceol doríg nél
    labantrocht mac n-Israhél.4045 
    Ri rán rodluig riasinslúag
    adruimni dogba dubrúad,
    rí oscachbrí conem nél,
    inri tuc claind n-Israhél.
    Ri tuc claind Israhél ass.

    46. 46.

    4049 Batar buidig doDia dron
    iarternam doMuir Romor,
    robdar dimdaig Dé forruth
    oshunn rancatar dithrub.4053 
    'Truag doDía donrat im-mert,
    nachanrelic in-Egept:
    donfuc iarsétaib cechcruth
    diarn-écaib isindithrub.4057 
    'Cenbíad, cenlinn, lethan locht,
    cenétach beos arbithnocht,
    ronlín bochta, ronbás bath,
    dogena ingorta armarbad.'4061 
    Ri roráid friu aurdairc dul:
    'inhed bethi 'sindithrub,
    nochoforbia immaig no taig
    airchra bíid no etaig.'4065 
    Ri rodosas donmaind blaith
    ocus indiall en imthlaith,
    inlind friatoir ascechmaig
    dȯfuc doib asindailig.4069 
    Srotha indithruib, delm n-ada,
    ciabtar nemi nemnecha,
    lacach, ciatserba slassa,
    doibseom batar somblassa.4073 
    Dorigset sét, sliucht combuaid,
    al-lam chle frimuir morgluair,
    siarthúaid darcach fich frifeth,
    focrich n-amnais n-Amaléch.4077 
    Gnisit cathu croda ríad
    frisluag n-uathmar n-Amaliach:
    dorochair mór n-armach de
    tall triacrosfigill Móise.4081 
    O roláset ár intsluaig
    Amalech aurdairc adrúaid,
    imsliab Sina, srethaib socht,
    rosuidigsetar lȯngphort.4085 
    IArcathaib, iarnithaib níad,
    friclainn n-íraig 44 n-Amaliach,
    isléib Sina, sluagda ȧngal,
    fobannaib buada batar.
    Batar buidig doDía dron.

    47. 47.

    4089 Doarfas gnim n-i̇ngnad doib
    isleib Sína fochétoir, p.60
    fiadgnuis intslúaig  45, torom ̇ngle,
    daig derg dermor teintide.4093 
    Inní dodechaid donim,
    dodi̇ngnaib richid rindgil,
    coformaig recht sainglicc slan
    forciniud n-airdirc n-Abrám.4097 
    Rí rogart caini gnima
    Moisi lais islíab Sina, 29 b 1
    cendig, cenbiad, bamod ̇nglé,
    cocenn cethrachat lathe.4101 
    Rí doridnacht doMoisi
    deich ̇mbríathra glana gaéssi 46,
    iarsrethaib ríagla, reim ̇ndil,
    dothinchosc inmorpopuil.4105 
    Dothidnacul rechta reil
    cenimracul triaglancheil,
    inri thánic donim glass
    cotimnaib doib doárfas.
    Doárfas gnim n-i̇ngnad doib.

    48. 48.

    4109 Anhed robai Moisi istsleib
    nochosrala fordagceil,
    dorigned leo, nir'gnim coir,
    ocdam deligthi dergóir.4113 
    IArsain, bamessu cechscél,
    dothúathaib mac n-Israhél,
    eter firu ismná cenrath,
    andul huili diaadrad.4117 
    Diultud forríg n-ȧngel n-úag,
    bamor ingnim donmorsluag,
    ocus ahithi inḋfeoir gairb
    fiaddeilb indócdaim hermairb.4121 
    Ferggach friu Fiadu bacoir,
    friclainn n-engaig n-Iacoib,
    cotarmart tairbert intslúaig
    fothuinn talman frioenhúair.4125 
    Gorogaid Moisi iarsin,
    forsinRíg conaai̇nglib,
    coroléiced dó achosc fein
    'satimargain diauagréir.4129 
    Manibed Moisi, mod ̇ngle,
    asbert inRi orddnide,
    óenfer díb frigleo nagail
    nafaicbed beo fortalmain.4133 
    Fiadgnuis Dé, badiada túr,
    icfoglaim ríagla isrigrún,
    isleib Sinaï, sliucht ̇ngle,
    aned cian robai Moise.
    Anhed robáe Moisi istsleib.

    49. 49.

    4137 Foṙfócart Moisi fonert
    forsinsluag bái 'nacoimthecht,
    iarsin frire teora n-úar,
    coromarbtais inmorslúag.4141 
    Conar'choicled, croda gair,
    nech amáthair no athair;
    no diabráthair, bág comblait,
    no diachaim, no diacharait.4145 
    Roshort Moise, monor ̇ngle,
    etercethri ocus duine,
    eterfiru ismaccu ismna,
    dosrat fochlaidiub diglá.4149 
    Rumenmnaiged lais iarsein
    indelb dindór derg demein:
    doridnacht doib, nirbothruag,
    trianambiud donmorslúag.4153 
    Dorimnai Día, torom ̇ngle,
    acosc censil comairge,
    iarn-urd gaissi, croda cacht,
    isforMoisi forfócart.
    Forfócart Moisi fonert. p.61

    50. 50.

    4157 Dotharraid teidm duairc dóib,
    iarcein dogalur medóin;
    bamarb sochaidi dontsluag
    dondimsruth roenach roruad.4161 
    Ri roraidi friu coglé:
    'denaid nathraig n-umaide:
    turgabar fricrann corath
    uasinslúag frisirsellad.4165 
    'Ciphe ardoscé donmaig
    incrann ocus innathraig,
    biatslana cachȧndénat,
    dogalur nihepélat.'4169 
    Figuir Crist atbeir annsain,
    dodeochaid diartesargain,
    tuargabad fricrann corath,
    is dararcenn rocrochad.4173 
    Cibhé frisaiccidar ann
    Issu Crist cumtachta arann,
    rambia nem, nassad ̇ndai̇ngen,
    imbithoentaid archaingel.4177 
    Sloig sil Adaim docechdu,
    eternoebu isphecthachu,
    ili huile, comgrad ̇ngle,
    atá acomdal friMoisi.4181 
    Manbad ruirig nimi nair
    conic cachsuilig sogid,
    balór d'huathaib oscechmaig
    donatúathaib diatarraid.
    Dotharraid teidm duairc doib.

    51. 51.

    4185 Ri roráide friu cenlén
    friclainn n-amrai n-Israhél,
    conderndtais doib eclais ̇nglain
    ocus indarcc testemain.4189 
    Dias doib frisóirsi slecht,
    fricerdacht, friprimgoibnecht,  29 b 2
    Adiar adma irdaig múr,
    isint-amra Ithidún.4193 
    Dotreib Leui, lathar ̇ndil,
    doreir indrig donoemnib,
    sechtmoga fer, fobaid fecht,
    friacobair, friatimthirecht.4197 
    Cetnagnim gnisset marchloc
    dabach humai istudloc,
    con-ilur delb, lethan lecht,
    trethan derb trifer ̇ndeec.4201 
    Gnim tanaissi, tadbat ruin,
    admat adfét inscriptúir,
    eterfiru ismaccu ismná,
    bacc iairnn cechoenfir iarma.4205 
    In tres gnim, roglé cenchol,
    tegdas Dé tabernacol,
    nir'bu dínnim laDía ̇ndil
    conamílib mírbailib.4209 
    Cethramad gnim, indarc úag,
    cain imracht fricach n-imlúad,
    ór delgnaid, dín docachthreib,
    amal cachscrin n-ildelbaig.4213 
    Ri dororainn dóib, babúaid,
    inn-eclais n-orhuill noebúaig,
    etirfot, cenchaillti cert,
    etirairddi ocus lethet.4217 
    Tricha cubat, comul ̇nglé,
    etirlethet isairdé,
    coica cubat, fochucht cruth,
    innafut frisuidigud.4221 
    Cláraib cainib crotha glain,
    slánaib, soeraib, sodelbaib,
    iartinnrud tairchil cachgreim
    dofidrud saindil secheim.4225 
    Cuairt cethrochair, cumtaig gd,
    nirbodrechrothail dermár, p.62
    cathclái gelbdai, gnim n-ogdai,
    fachlái febdai forordai.4229 
    Ri rosorddaig clethaib clar
    dosforgaib srethaib soergrad,
    rodascinn frihergna alt,
    dáchlar dec ségdai sescat.4233 
    Dáchlar déc 'mondorus ̇ndron,
    caintomus cenimmfordol:
    cethriclair déc, derbdair sein,
    serntair immonsenisteir.4237 
    Tri cláir fichet incachsliss
    clichet cenag, cenanfiss:
    dáchubat, nidechelt tair,
    bid il-lethet cechoenchláir.4241 
    Cethricláir fosummib dé
    inhuillib naecalsé,
    feib dorumat, rigda rad,
    trichubat incech oenchlar.4245 
    Se fotha dec, derb cenlocht,
    ar secht fichtib doarggot,
    eturru islar, lith fribaig,
    dáfotha dib cech oenchlair.4249 
    Airddi nafochrai 47 folí
    huasnafothaib findruini,
    cubat frifut alame,
    ceniṁforcraid n-imhairme.4253 
    Dorus sneid sair segdai máil,
    solus frigrein cain comláir,
    cenardgrain gnim, cian cachcruth,
    intsanctair 'nafiriarthur.4257 
    Cethriclair comlain, gnim ̇ngle,
    occȯngbáil nasanctare,
    cofothaib fiadtuathaib treib
    conafuathaib forordaib.4261 
    Altoir fridorus antuaid
    friloscud n-edpart noebúaig,
    altóir aurgnaidi 'nadess
    friaurnaigthi nadimchres.4265 
    Inprimaltoir cosindrath
    frignimgart gloir roturcbad,
    cechthucht foardbilib óir
    baharddidir ucht Aroin.4269 
    Deil telchinni tiar istair,
    anniab amal chorcarglain,
    dírge cechtolgdail tailce
    fritorgbáil nadrumslaite.4273 
    Tuiri tren diriuch dolar
    frisiniud sruthi soergrad,
    fondrumslait déin derbtha slóig,
    cotribdelbaib dec dergóir.4277 
    Coluid triasindrummslait druin
    frituidmi nasuanemuin,
    fair tuas cenlen, laid lorda,
    én uais con-aib ̇forórda.4281 
    Coroiset lár dicechleith
    fornaclaraib hicomsreith,
    gníthi ondrumslait immach
    sithbi n-anart n-ildathach.4285 
    Oenanart tairsiu anechtair,
    coemthoracht ciacomnertaid,
    frisnima seirgthi sóeba,
    frignima, frigarbgaetha.4289 
    Clar diargut, gle cenmeth,
    cechtarde nadaprimleth, 30 a 1
    iartuidmidib, togach tóir,
    sechtmoga folach ̇ndergóir 48.4293 
    Fri srėng doib, fricuimrech ̇ngle,
    nan-anart coir coimtige,
    bacan dron dergoir togaig
    dochur forcechn-oeṅfolaig.4297 
    Suidigdir tairsib immaig, p.63
    diataibsin donaslogaib,
    slessa set frisella slog
    tricessa dec dodergór.4301 
    'Dénaid fritarba cechdruing
    arcc amra, demin forgaill,
    'monfleisc, 'moanmaind, monoṙngle
    imnolecdai taiblide.4305 
    Cethricubait, comol ̇ngle,
    dobith ifut naairce,
    atri 'naairdi, mod cert,
    ocus adó 'nalethet.4309 
    Cethridrolaim diór dron
    asindairc diahimmarchor,
    dádrol treothu, derg angne,
    dondor amra forloiscthe.4313 
    Delb hiruphin forsindaircc,
    dindór hilarcháin imtháirc,
    cofathaib niam, nassaid gle,
    coscathaib ascíath scailte.4317 
    'Sintsanctáir suidigter lib
    indarc noeb cona aidmib,
    isanart sroil, sreth centair,
    eter inslog 'sinsanctáir.4321 
    Cocétlaib griannaib cechcruth,
    cocliaraib, con-airfitiud,
    con-orthonaib, cocóraib,
    comolbthogaib dermoraib.4325 
    Flesc Moisi, flesc Aróin aith,
    cenlaisi, línib ollgraid,
    coica n-unga n-óir gleglain
    cechtarde nadaflescsain.4329 
    Flesc maith Moisi, monar cert,
    rofer foraesa aEgept,
    nathir doilbthe, delgnaid cruth,
    derbaid forafiruachtur.4333 
    Flesc Aróin, baamra dúis,
    gradgloir glanna fiadgelgnúis,
    foblath bil bolaid noibe,
    fothorud cechdegmoine.4337 
    'Sindlestar lán cosinmaind
    cet dior centádrainn,
    hisinprimchaindelbra choir
    tri cét n-u̇nga ̇nderb ̇ndergoir.4341 
    Secht ̇mbenna buana, búaid ferb,
    forsinchaindelbrau cruanderg,
    gnitis dindor gle glanna,
    forṡmbitis secht sutralla.4345 
    Cuich gela cuairt cennachcleith
    suig frisreba suairc sainred,
    intu nobruindis bannae
    nosuildis nasutralla.4349 
    Secht cét u̇nga 'sin meis móir
    cocethricrossaib dergóir,
    furri adó sechtmogat sla
    d'aran remúir nemdesctha.4353 
    Incaindelbra 'sindleith tess,
    cain, caindelbda, cendimes,
    inmias atuaid, taircthi rúin,
    cosnabargenaib remuir.4357 
    Ilar nacúach, nacód cass,
    ilar lestar lór, lannmass,
    ilar mías menmaib mórdaib
    cosnadelbaib dergórdaib.4361 
    Dior huili, ilar ̇ndelb,
    condruine, ni mod n-inderb,
    nastaba, tolaib gestal,
    stomacha istuslestar.4365 
    Srethaib sutrall, soillsi scuir,
    frisoimsi 'sintabernacuil,
    caindelbrai gelbdai glordai
    ité delbdai dergórdai.4369 
    Forlassad coléir dogres
    ola ocuscheir fochomlés,
    iarnaterchur fridídnad,
    cenherchur, cenairdíbdad.4373 
    Tech fricomdail cechtharbai, p.64
    cenchomraid, cenchomlabrai,
    cenfáilti, centoirsi traig,
    soillsi eterocus adaig.4377 
    Tempul diada, dín cech áin,
    tegdais rodígrais rocháin,
    friacallaim De, sunn sel,
    fritinchosc, friforcetal.4381 
    Nachastathigi aes baeth,
    mná no meicc no laine laech,
    naci̇nged sét asossad,
    acht aes fírien fíṙfossad.4385 
    Aés trúag, aes deoda dessa,
    athláich ocuslaichessa,
    sluaig sin súairc, dúairc, tolaib gair,
    impe 'mocuairt díanechtair.4380 
    Tiagat 'sindeclais folí
    aes óg, sacairt, leignidi, 30 a 2
    isáes humal, ceim forais,
    íarn-athirge, íaṙnglanchobais.4393 
    In chlass inchleir, bacert cóir,
    toirnet coleir dondaltóir,
    tairismig, nibatlúamnaig,
    athé feta, forhúamnaig.4397 
    Gaibed cach agreimm tarbái
    doreir Aróin meic Amrai,
    glaini glethig friacacairt,
    friabrethir inprimsacairt.4401 
    'Dentar lib iaṙmbes cechcuir
    dogres isintabernacuil,
    edpart matinda, mét bla,
    ocus idpart fescorda.4405 
    Bolud naluba ascachthoeb
    latorroma inSpirta Noeb,
    clu con-áne frignassad,
    frislane, frisirsassad.4409 
    Ri roráid friu: 'sernnaid sreith
    'mondeclais dicachoenleith,
    forson reilgce corebaib,
    doanartaib oengelaib.4413 
    'Dorus indindliss fodess
    cain set solus narb'imchress,
    frituttacht Dé, deoda nuall,
    friathigid namorsluag.4417 
    'Nabid forn-aittreib, mod neim,
    eterchrann cai̇ngil isgin:
    set inSpirda Noeb foleith
    fritauttacht, fritathigeid.'4421 
    Bid amne indeclas folí
    feib dosrorann int-ardrí,
    uascachmaig rodasderscaig
    cenforcraid, cenimthesbaid.4425 
    Ri dosrat foríaglaib recht
    dosfuc ahíathaib Egept,
    ishé mal naslog, slan síu,
    inri ran raraid fríu.
    Ri roraidi friu cenlén.

    52. 52.

    4429 Ri roráid friu aithesc n-uag
    dohorddogud forsinsluag,
    immonn-eclais n-ena n-aird
    tritreba docachóenaird.4433 
    Tritreba condéni anair
    greni friturcbail toebdein,
    isatrí dondleith aniar
    frisreith, frifuiniud fírian.4437 
    Tritreba dondleith andes
    cencleith frifeba firles,
    isatri tecrais cech ̇mbuaid
    frisinn-eclais afírthuaid.4441 
    Ri roraidi friu triarath,
    friaiffrenn, fricelebrad,
    treb Leui lerol cengreis
    im-medon, immonn-eclais.4445 
    Indaramac d'Ioseph án p.65
    Mannasse mílib ollgd,
    dessid iarndligud Dé de
    in-inud trebe Leue.4449 
    Rí dorat Áarón fosmacht
    combahe bapmsacart,
    ocus Moisi, mo cech n-ail,
    itoisigecht inpopail.4453 
    Ri betha buirr, buan ablat,
    ri domuin {} dorosat,
    ri oscach ríg, cengleo cert,
    ri roraid friu inn-athesc.
    Ri roráid friu athesc n-úag.

    53. 53.

    4457 Ba formtech iarsain inslóg
    friMoisi ocus frihArón,
    imdliged sacairt, sáer smacht,
    ocus immontoísigecht.4461 
    Atrachtár iarsin codian,
    triadiumus istrianriad,
    in-agaid Moisi, mod n-án,
    Core, Abiron, Dathan.4465 
    Inri rodígail insain
    forru fein forasluagaib,
    rosloisc tene, tolaib gal,
    ocus rossluic intalam.4469 
    Atraig insluag diarb'gnath cath
    diambas arrodis brathar,
    con-erlatar, lin atuir,
    corice intabernacuil.4473 
    Rosnort int-ȧngel cogle
    arherge doib friMoise,
    cethrimili dec dontsluag
    lacet toisech ̇ndian dermuad.4477 
    In-agaid mac n-ammra n-án
    triallsat cath calma comlán,
    intslúaig 'nasrethaib 'mosech
    sech bafeochair, baformtech.
    Baformtech iarsain inslog.

    54. 54.

    4481 Raidid Moisi frisinsluag
    arnabetis forimluad,
    flesc cachatreibi cengeiss
    dothabairt leo dondeclais.  30 b 14485 
    Nech assa flesc, buan bolud,
    úraigfes foalantorud,
    toimled dodeoin De, din ̇ngle,
    ord saer nasacerdóte.4489 
    Clannaid Moisi doib cechfleisc,
    batuaslucud domorcheist,
    flesc Ároin, amra bolud,
    rothaitni folantorud.4493 
    Rooirdned Aron insain
    isacerdóti in phopail:
    dorairned diumus namborb,
    roairbered cechfodord.4497 
    Mosi mórglan, moltais máil,
    targai inslograth 'nasóerdail,
    clethaib cialda, gair cencleith,
    iarrethaib ríagla ráidid.
    Radid Mosi frisinslúag.

    55. 55.

    4501 Rocluned cach, clu cengeis,
    tan teged Áron d'eclais,
    dó dicechleith deoda tíi,
    cantais céola clucíní.4505 
    Ado secht ̇ndeich, comgrinn cóir,
    tuidmide dronmind dergóir,
    ocus ubull dondór gle
    eter cech dá cluicíne.4509 
    IArnacumrech, cumnech gloir,
    dichocholl huillnech Aróin, p.66
    iarnacrechad, crichid cruth,
    iarsrethad, iarsuidigud.4513 
    Aron baamru cech n-ail,
    saided 'sintabernacuil,
    centathair diagrad foglóir,
    'nachatháir druimnig dergóir.4517 
    In chathair chóir, cain acucht,
    centathair donprimsacurt,
    lór duis fiadcachdrui̇ng dein,
    adruim frisintuiridein.4521 
    Dothairced cach dib adáil
    docechleith immonsanctáir,
    senad sruithi, sóerda slóig,
    dofuctais recht iscanoin.4525 
    Achethri meic, monor ̇ngle,
    Aroin uasail meic Amrae,
    bitis frigartglóir, cain cacht,
    osaltóir nóib nan-edpart.4529 
    Slúaig nasacart, srethaib gd,
    cach dib 'sadruim friachoemchlar,
    dondeclais noeb bamasse,
    fricumtach nacóemclasse.4533 
    Nafograid ann friandeochair,
    nadeochain, nasuibdeochain,
    friannad caindle, gnim cert,
    fritairbe, fritimthirecht.4537 
    In slog biid ifus frifeis
    docechleith immonn-eclais,
    séolaib soiḋngeib, suilgib srath,
    céolaib cuibdib rochluined.
    Rocluined cach, clu cengeis.

    56. 56.

    4541 BAmertnech Moisi, mod n-uag,
    frihilchai̇ngni, friimluad,
    friaforcetal ascechcruth,
    friasrethad, friasuidigud.4545 
    Friorddugud caich fomám,
    isfriimmad an-ilgrad,
    fricuibdigud foglóir glain,
    friatinchosc, friatimmarcain.4549 
    Friambid coóg, forecht run,
    frisreith iarslecht naslógdún,
    fohuamun Dé, dind arthlus,
    cenhúabur, cenimmarbus.4553 
    Dorat achliamain coglé
    comairli maith doMoise,
    'guid dondRíg reil, reim fobaid,
    nech dontsluag dot'imchobair.'4557 
    Rogaid Moisi, monor ̇nglé,
    iarsin forríg nair nime,
    corothogad nech dontslúag
    diachobair fricachn-imluad.4561 
    Inri doraiga triarath
    asintslúag frisid sonthach,
    frietargleód cai̇ngen ̇nglicc
    dáfer déc istrifichit.4565 
    Sessiur derb dib docachtreib
    dobrithemnaib bronngaethaib,
    fricocairt cai̇ngen, gnim ̇ngle,
    forbélaib morglain Moise.4569 
    Cȧngnib gleraib, gloraib cacht,
    ardib trenaib tocomrac,
    laMoise modmar cenmeth,
    sech bamolmar, bamertnech.
    Bamertnech Moisi, mod n-uag.

    57. 57.

    4573 ISnasabbotib saeraib,
    isnafelib fírnóebaib,
    tictis d'eclais, tola trén,
    sloig móra mac n-Israhél.4577 
    Ticed cach dib docach leith
    con-edpartaib diaChoimdeid,  30 b 2
    batar hili slóig ascuir p.67
    fritóir dontabernacuil.4581 
    Ticed ann Moisi combúaid,
    cathbarr gaissi cach morslúaig:
    basainigthi sechcecḣngnuis
    fíal glainidi friagelgnúis.4585 
    Cid dondeclais, cid dodáil,
    cid dochertchlais achomráid,
    diis arsechtmogait, mod cert,
    bahé lín bíd 'nachoemthecht.4589 
    Cenócdaine, cenaes ̇mbaeth,
    acht toga fer fíal, fírgaeth,
    friatimarcain, cuibdi cacht,
    frifuigli, fribrithemnacht.4593 
    Dochoistecht fritimna trel,
    fri hidna, fri forcitel,
    sreba naslúag ascachthreib
    tictis isnasabboteib.
    ISnasabbotib soeraib.

    58. 58.

    4597 FORcȯngrad Moisi maith, mór,
    cenbaisse braith forArón,
    darcenn intsluaig, tolaib smacht,
    dul doerdduch nan-idpart.4601 
    Atraiged Árón friandail,
    coslánóg isintsanctáir,
    baceim comlan comgraid ̇ndil
    icomdail inglanai̇ngil.4605 
    Tairced int-ȧngel donim
    icomdail Aróin imdil,
    con-innisenn dó cenlen
    adlaice macc n-Israhél.4609 
    Aisneided Arón foleith
    doMoisi cenimthesbaid
    mor doathescaib idnaib,
    dochétlaib, doglantimnaib.4613 
    Aisneided Moisi cenchleith
    diathuathaib, diadagdoineib,
    connachbeth díb nachsluag sen
    digsed huad cenforcitel.4617 
    Condechaid coglé centair
    d'acallaim Dé 'sinsanctair,
    briathar bunaid, bág cenbráth,
    huair bacubaid forcongrad.
    Forcongrad Moisi maith mór.

    59. 59.

    4621 Ri Rosbiath iarn-urd riagla
    frire dáfichet bliadna,
    isindíthrub, digrais scél,
    dithreib dec mac n-Israhél.4625 
    Ri thuc doib inmaind donim
    frituara tarbaig, ̇nderbdil,
    ocus indiall én diadéoin
    conabetis cenhurféoil.4629 
    Ri thuc doib sruam usci uair
    asindailig reil, rachruaid,
    cechblas bamaith leo fonim
    fogeibtis forsnuscisin.4633 
    Nadáthuaith déc centrebad,
    mnáib, maccaib istréṅferab,
    soillsidir ingrein alí,
    inri réil rodasbiathái.
    Ri rosbiath iarn-urd riagla.

    60. 60.

    4637 Maire ingen Ammrai ain,
    finngel frisamlai soergid,
    mor dul dulcc doromnat aclú,
    robá icformait friabrátriu.4641 
    Rosgab claimi, rosoi dath,
    fiadroscaib nasluag sonthach:
    menbad Moisi, monar ̇ndein,
    atbelad dinchlaimisein.4645 
    Duini delbda, togu drong,
    banscal ̇fedbda ̇foretrom, p.68
    cen aliud imgaissi gné,
    siur maith doMaisi Maire.
    Maire ingen Amrai áin.

    61. 61.

    4649 Oshunn rosiacht inslúag
    coArnon n-airdairc n-adrúad:
    foidit uadib dreimm triablad
    diatuathaib dothascelad.4653 
    Rodosterbaiset foleith
    oenfer glicc dicachoentreib.
    rodasfaidset forset slán
    dochuairt imcricha Cannán.4656 
    Corofegdais leo cenbrath
    inmór immed achathrach,
    aslúaig imtarláin diȧngail,
    imtarilerda acóraid.4661 
    IMtartaicthig atrebthai,
    imtarimdai an-ilchethrai,
    imdar ilarda alubai,
    imtar cáine aclarbrugai.4665 
    Oshunn dochuatar forsét
    nochostarraid nachoenret,
    coruachtatar, monor ̇ngle,
    cocenn cethorchat lathe.4669 
    Huair rofegsatar intír,
    etermin ocus anmín,  31 a 1
    tancatar cencredim cruth
    foracúlu dondíthrub.4673 
    Mór n-ergal, mór n-erbach n-úag,
    mor tortrelmach friimluad,
    ismór cath ̇ngarbron rochacht,
    coArnon orosiacht.
    Oshunn rosiacht inslúag.

    62. 62.

    4677 Gabsat aCoimdid dothair
    fiadambriathrib 'nammordáil:
    'faṙnDía doforfuc forbrath,
    cian atá ocfoṙmbrecad.4681 
    'Fuaramar tír n-uar n-ai̇nbtech,
    acgarb, anmín, etortech,
    con-ilur drȯng, trén athbach,
    con-immud ahillnathrach.4685 
    'Con-ilur achorad cruaid,
    ocus coniurt ammorsluag,
    con-armaib grandaib, glassaib,
    conágaib, conhernmassaib.4689 
    'Cocuradaib gleraib cath,
    coturadaib trenmiled,
    conacathrachaib calmaib,
    dai̇ngnib, deimnib, dithoglaib.'4693 
    Rotriall Satan asoimled
    arecnach ammorchoimded,
    indna trúag triamuin roscacht'
    timna Diabuil rogabsat.
    Gabsat aCoimdid dotháir.

    63. 63.

    4697 IArsin rohimclóe inscél
    laIéssu ocus laCaléb:
    'gó thairic dóib ascachdu,
    nachascreitiu abrathriu!4701 
    'Fuarammar morthír mainbthech,
    toichthech, trebthach, iltairthech,
    con-ith isblicht, bafo fecht,
    cofín, comil, cocruthnecht.4705 
    'Memais remaib forcechtuáith,
    bidforcoscraig conglanbuáid,
    bidlib huili, linib bla,  p.69
    eter tír iscathracha.4709 
    'Cosétaib saidbrib slánaib,
    con-ardib, con-ildanaib,
    tírib, túathaib, tolaib dál,
    feib rothaṙngered d'Abram.'4713 
    Cia roscuibdig morí ran
    roscuibrig focacht commám,
    rola nel dicachtreib toi
    iarsin inscel roimchlóe.
    Iarsin roimchlói inscel.

    64. 64.

    4717 IArsin tarmairt moDia dil
    frisintúaid n-engaig n-anbil
    corossluiced talam tenn
    acor foleittreib lethglenn.4721 
    Raidid friu Moisi cenlén,
    menbad Iessu ocus Caleph,
    amal én 'mon-iadai sás,
    noragdais huili oénbás.4725 
    Sét cethrachat lathi lén
    fail oshunn cotir Cannan,
    rigfidir sét bas mo de
    cocenn cethrachat ̇mbliadne.4729 
    Nocoría nech dib aréc
    donadib trebaib deéc
    cocrich Cannan, crichid scel,
    acht mad Essu ocus Caleb.4733 
    Tír Cannain cofairgi fraig
    nista daréis an-ecnaig,
    acht marannait, airdairc dul,
    formeic iarforn-adnacul.4737 
    Rádid friMoisi iarsein
    moDia déoda baderbdein,
    toimlid forre marcachsruith
    dogress ingnais indíthruib.4741 
    Menbad Essu, immaid raith,
    ocus Caleph cóir, ciallmaith,
    atabairt fo thalman tlacht
    iarsin moDia dil tarmart.
    IArsin tarmairt moDia dil.

    65. 65.

    4745 Dochuáid aclu forcachleith
    coscélaib atrénmiled,
    corolín cechtuaid toirsi
    arhúamun am-mórloi̇ngsi.4749 
    Dodeochaid cách dicachtreib
    cosinsoerslúag n-anaichned,
    sluag cechthiri, derb colar,
    con-ilur mili Moáb.4753 
    Rosgab crith grainne atcha.
    eter tír iscathracha,
    robaid brig nasluag nasreth
    cengnim, cengail, cengasced.4757 
    Tarchomail cach cumtaig arg
    cosinslóg serig serbgarg,
    nifrith dib tuath trelmach, trén,
    gabad friclainn n-Israhél.4761 
    Tinolsat dóib, torum ̇ngle,
    cethricatha coimtide,  31 a 2
    Seon, Bassan, badbda slóg,
    amra Moáb isAmmón.4765 
    Memaid remib, ruathar ̇ndein,
    forsnacethrib slógaib sein,
    cirtis cerpaib incath cron
    forleccaib arddaib Arnón.4769 
    Dorochratar ann frigail
    forsnaslébib slamdergaib,
    sessiur sescat cet frilar
    ar secht mílib, bamorár.4773 
    Ri dosfuarggaib, uathmar ail,
    cathaib cródaib comramaib,  p.70
    aclú cenchiabair cechleith,
    iarsin iarmaib dochúaid.
    Dochuaid aclu forcechleth.

    66. 66.

    4777 Foidit huadib Balám ̇mbras,
    badrui, bacóir, bacomadas,
    diam-mallachad dicachbla
    triabrechtaib adruidechta.4781 
    Doluid foragabrai gluair
    Balam ahucht inmorslúaig,
    connágabdais cle fricath,
    cotuaid Dé diamallachad.4785 
    Doluid ȧngel Dé diatraig
    arcinn Baláim baethbriatraig,
    nachareilic siar nosair,
    asinḋfiad hitarrasair.4789 
    Gabaid forbualad aheich
    Balám baeth dicechoenleith,
    conid arlassáir indláir
    dondaithiusc airdairc imnair.4793 
    'Cenombuala fobagaib
    lat'feirg, lat'bruth, aBaláim?
    nimleic ȧngel Dé nachleth
    conachlaidiub derg tened.'4797 
    Forcongart tóisech intsluaig
    forBalám cennachglanbúaid:
    'asinbaile atái triabrath
    deni uait ámallachad.'4801 
    Asoslaic Balám agin
    friathesc n-alaind n-imdil,
    uran uair balán dorath,
    nirochan acht bennachad.4805 
    Tuargaib Balam aguth ̇ngluair
    darasargud inmorslúaig;
    diambennachad, monar ̇ngle,
    forfeimdes ahergaire.4809 
    Nirás nacḣnduine dalbda
    commus huili aaurlabra,
    isderb is lam'Choimdid cain,
    rodelb nem ocus talmain.4813 
    Macc Beoir, bág ̇mbuiden ̇mbras,
    baleor plág friag n-amnas,
    forset saer, deochair triablait,
    uair bafael feochair foidit.
    Foidit uadib Balam ̇mbras.

    67. 67.

    4817 Ri rosheitte, ri rosbiath,
    rí dodassáer aranriad,
    isindíthrub frisith sain,
    cethrideich doib dobliadnaib.4821 
    Ri dorat comarle ̇nglaein
    doMoisi cona slúagaib,
    diatír trebach cennachcacht
    iarciunniud acethrachat.4825 
    Ri roraid riu uascech cruth:
    'mithig dúib techt ondithrub,
    cosintír saer suthach slan,
    doraiṙngered doAbram.4829 
    'Eirggid forset dobartaig:
    nabid uamnaig, imeclaig:
    messe forsaera arcachcath,
    etirdered istossach.4833 
    'Ciambat ilardai naslúaig,
    ciamtar imdai indríg rorúaid,
    nigebat frib fornachmaig
    icathaib, icomramaib.'4837 
    Ri dorát doib biad bacet
    dona dib trebaib deéc,
    arri óchéin, glan alí'
    ishe inri reil roshéti.
    Ri rosheti, rí rosbiad.

    68. 68.

    4841 'Clunid mothimna doléir:
    narbardúrcridig  49 docheil,
    nadénaid friu, ruathur ̇mbras,
    cuibdi, cardes no clemnas.4845 
    'Lam friidal ̇nglethech ̇ngal,
    friethech, frigúforgal,
    censaint, cenaccobur ̇nglé,
    maini caine cocéile.4849 
    'Cengail, cenecnach, gním cain,
    cenetrad, cenduinorgain,
    honoir tuistide, dreim ̇nglan,
    serc Dé ocus comnessam.4853 
    'Cométaid iarn-urd ríagla
    inchaisc cachaoenbliadna,
    ochoicid déc, isdin cert,
    cosinn-oen febdai fichet. 31 b 14857 
    'Foirbthi, feidli, feth cenchel,
    foglaim ocusforcitel,
    ladeichthimna, torum ̇nglé,
    cometaid recht n-imdibe.4861 
    'Ladechmada  50, derbtha bí,
    primiti ocus primgeinni,
    honoir doDia, digrais gair,
    dogres isintabernacuil.4865 
    'Cách conaalmsain iartain,
    iaṙndligud, iaṙndutrachtaiab,
    isiarrúnaib cridi chóir
    dogres iconglanaltóir.4869 
    'Nadermaitid timna ̇nDé,
    idna huimle aurnaigthe,
    niburn-ecnaigid Dé dil,
    nibforcétludaig, cluinid.'
    'Cluinid mothimna doléir.'

    69. 69.

    4873 Orddaigid inn-eclais n-uaig,
    dogres immedon intsluaig,
    se sluaig rempi, rígda gair,
    ocus sé slúaig 'nadegaid.4877 
    Nocolaimed nech dontslúag
    macc n-Israhél friimluad,
    dochois nalaim, comrac cuir,
    friclar dontabernacuil.4881 
    Treb Leue colini théol
    immoneclais cenanshéol,
    friaimmarchur oscechcruth,
    friasrethad, frisuidigud.4885 
    Muinter nasacart fosmacht
    ocimmarchur nan-anart,
    batheisreite, srethaib srath,
    immonn-eclais dianechtair.4889 
    Drong nȧndeochain, derb lacach,
    friimmarchor curtínad
    cosnafuilgib, bamod ̇ngle,
    cotuidmib nadrumslaite.4893 
    Sluag nasacart, sochla dal,
    friimmarchur nacoemclar,
    cocachcumtuch, cain allí,
    conafothaib findruini.4897 
    Senad nasruithi foleith,
    amal bite 'nacomsreith,
    iartimnaib De tiagait de
    d'immarchur nasanctáre.4901 
    Achethrimaicc conamblait
    Aron indhuasalsacairt,
    iarn-urd ríagla, ruathur ̇nglé,
    fri immarchur nahairce.4905 
    Indarc huasal osintslóg
    iarnacumtuch dodergór,
    conaaidmib, aidble bainn,
    cocilurnn lán dodegmaind. p.724909 
    Arón amra, ard agair,
    bahuasalsacart húasaib,
    deichtimna De, digrais bes,
    forabruinnib dobithgres,4913 
    Treb Leue col-línib cest,
    nocodlegat atairmesc,
    friairdiu domuin, dín cloth
    fricai̇ngniu, fricathugod.4917 
    Na aurraind tíri natúad,
    na iṁfognam rige rorúad,
    na snim no saethar, sliucht ̇ngle,
    acht dliged an-ecailse.4921 
    Inri rosnordaig, reim n-uag,
    etereclais ocus slúag,
    indeclas diareir cogle,
    insluag doreir naecailse.4925 
    Indeclas conagradaib,
    sruithib slógaib saerdanaib,
    airbrib alaib uascechmaig,
    ardib anaib ordaigid.
    Orddaigid inn-eclais n-uaig.

    70. 70.

    4929 Rádid Moisi menicc dóib,
    huair basnimach, sruith, senóir,
    'Iessu mac Nun, nassad ̇ngle,
    fortoisech darm'essese.'4933 
    Mosi mac Amra, meic Caid,
    meic Leue, meicc Iacaib,
    meic Isaic, meic Abraim óig,
    meic Thaire dil, meic Nachóir.4937 
    Meic Reu rocháin, rúathar ̇ndein,
    meic Seruch saer, meic Ebeir,
    meic Sale sláin, srethaib gal,
    meic Fallech, meic Arfaxad.4941 
    Meic Sem sochraid, srethaib iath,
    meic nair Noe, meic Lamiach,
    meic Mathussalem óscechrot,
    ocus meic huasail Enóc.4945 
    Meic Iareth, tomthaib triath,
    meic maith molbthaig Malalíal,
    meic Cainain, meic Enos ail,
    meic Seth saindil, meic Adaim.4949 
    Adam mac Dé, di̇ngnaib dál,
    dorimgair Fíadu findnar,
    gle cocachn-eladain n-óig,
    sé senathair armorslóig.  31 b 24953 
    Dorumalt Moisi, mod mass,
    in-oitid, in-oclachas,
    iarn-urd riagla, rethaib recht,
    dá̇fichet blíadna in-Egept.4957 
    Dafichet aili comblait
    iclemnus inprimsacairt,
    os sléib Choreb, grata bainn,
    forinnarba óForainn.4961 
    Dafichet aili, deilm n-uag,
    do 'sindithrub riasintslúag,
    iartimnu ríg nimi nel,
    ocimthus mac n-Israhél.4965 
    Se fichit bliadan insain,
    cenforcraid, cenimhesbaid,
    saegul Moisi, mílib rann,
    feib leir adfet inscríbenn.4969 
    Inrí rongart lais immach
    Moisi crichid glantoisech,
    conruc leis ontslog forleth
    onduáir thanic aamser.4973 
    Oshunn roscarad friaslúag
    Moisi con-ilur imluad,
    nibae dib nech lasmadbecht
    aadnacul no hetsecht.4977 
    Mac Ammrai baardrí intsluaig, p.73
    combáig baldai, combithbúaid,
    crich aaissi, derrit breth,
    Moisi menicc noráded.
    Rádid Moisi menic doib.

    71. 71.

    4981 Lín afer fír ferdais feirg
    fricath croda claidebderg,
    secht cet dec tricha, deilm dil,
    arsecht cetaib domílib.4985 
    IShé lin doruaraid díb
    diatuathaib cenimmirím,
    iarn-ec an-athar, cechcruth,
    iarnandíth isindithrub.4989 
    Mairb huili isdithrub insin,
    an-athir, as-senathir,
    cenoenfer ̇mbeo fonim nel
    acht madhEssu ocusCaleph.4993 
    Inri rodastraeth triafrois
    hicinaid an-immarbois,
    rodastroeth triachetfaid ̇ngairg
    cin indecnaig 'sindoenaird.4997 
    Deithbir badchosc docach sain,
    cobrath triabithu samlaid,
    donech frignim, cetlach ̇ngle,
    baeth an-écnach nasruithe.5001 
    Cenárim mogad nachthreib,
    maccaib, mnáib no ingenaib,
    oscechmaig frigaethgail gnim
    lainib laechaib alánlín.
    Lín afer fír ferdais feirg.

    72. 72.

    5005 Ri rooirdnistar mac Nún
    Essu, con-immud hilrún,
    cor'bhé bahárdri dontslog,
    icdul darmaige  51 Moób.5009 
    Ri roráid frihEssu n-uag:
    'heirg frilessu namorslúag:
    frithail cocalma, gním ̇ngle,
    catha garba, geintlide.5013 
    'Suidig naslúagu 'nasreith,
    bii impu docach oenleith,
    nigébat frit'gnuis ̇ngddai
    buidni borba barbardai.'5017 
    Ri dorat sainhsamlai slain
    forclainn n-airegdai n-Abráim,
    ambith cencessu, cenchacht,
    cein bae hEssu itoissigecht.5021 
    HEssu cocoscor cȯngrad
    dosrat fochoscor coemnár,
    iarmaigib Moab, mod mass,
    cosruth n-Eordanain n-admas.5025 
    Trifichit míli iarsét,
    trichoic mili laglanchet  52,
    cet mili morfesser múad
    docachoenleith donmorslúag.5029 
    HEssu fodiud, delm n-uag,
    triur dorosern inslúag,
    cenlen frisrethad sechtar,
    coimthrén 'coan-imnertad.5033 
    Cia nolindais forru inmag
    slúaig cechthiri, tolaib gal,
    rianothuathaib codinnim
    nomaidfed forilmílib.5037 
    Ri roréidig doib sét slán
    doascnam tíri Cannán:
    cossaib tirmaib, digrais scél,
    lotar darsruth n-Eordanén.5041 
    Dofucsat leo asintsruth,
    fricorgud, fricertugud,
    lasinslog, balór n-eire,
    cloch mor cachaoentreibe. p.745045 
    Ri rianadúilib, delm n-úag,
    ri bias beos iaṙmbrath bithbúan,
    rí uas gin, isgle roscar,
    inrí réil rooirdnistar.

    73. 73.

     32 a 15049 Ri rodaslín dobrig brais
    clanna Israhél admais,
    corosirset acricha
    immaigib imhEricha.5053 
    IArsain rosernsat ascuir
    árteclammad amorchruid,
    insluag lonn, lín an-athbaig,
    san chan immonprimcathraig.5057 
    Inchathir cumtaig datha
    frifrithalim n-ilchatha,
    dosrimchelsat, derb, dana
    secht muir tréna, dermara.5061 
    Secht stuic rosephain inslúag
    immoncathraig friimluad
    corolegai, lathar ̇ngle,
    mur cechlathi sechtmaine.5065 
    Lucht nacathrach conalí,
    hili, huili, ilmíli,
    doreir De troethas cacḣngail,
    dochotar fogin claideib.5069 
    Acht mad Rab, amru gnímaib,
    nitherna dontromdígail,
    dothréon natrúag nithuaraid
    oenfer donamorslúagaib.5073 
    Ri dosfuc forsoirthib sláin,
    adoirthib díthruib dermair,
    reim n-an cenag, iarset sir,
    inrí rán rodaslanlín.
    Ri rodaslin dobrig brais.

    74. 74.

    5077 Tinolsat tor tolach talc
    corad comfossad comnart,
    arcind túaithi Dé dochath
    secht tuatha Cannán cathach.5081 
    Clanna Cannan gniset cath
    frituaith Dé, dúr rodelbad,
    coroclaithe fobrig bróin
    icrichaib broga Bethróin.5085 
    Tan turcbad Essu adiláim
    friCoimdid nime noebnáir,
    nomaided incath granna
    forsecht tuathaib Cannána.5089 
    Tan bascith lais, lathar ̇ngrinn,
    adilaim icroṡfigill,
    dossleced hIessu friathoeb
    foramuintir bafírroen.5093 
    Dorónsat toisig intslúaig
    comairle ̇nglicc conglanbúaid,
    rosuidigset folama
    dicloich tréna dermára.5097 
    Romebaid incath iarsein
    ocus roscail indimguin,
    nirb'hanad díb, derb inrad,
    coralád huili andergár.5101 
    Coromarbtha na secht ríg
    conasluagaib, slocht  53 ̇ndirim,
    cechoeṅfer beo, torgbad dail,
    dochiniud clainni Cannáin.5105 
    Doaitne ingrian frisinslóg
    dondleith aniar darGabón,
    nisgluais roṡmbai innatass
    frirae dálathi lanmas.5109 
    Tarrasair intsoillsi dil
    iartimnu Dé donoebnim;
    fir sluaig Cannain comtarmairb
    nirosluaid asindoenairm. p.755113 
    Andorigni Dia donim
    dofertaib, doadamraib,
    ardainib frihuair ̇mbáge
    atdirecrai, díárme.5117 
    Na secht rig réil, reim ruanaid,
    congail géir commórslúagaib
    buadaib, bagaib, brigaib blat,
    tuathaib, tírib tinolsat.
    Tinolsat tor tolach talcc.

    75. 75.

    5121 Roraind Essu, airdirc scél,
    dosluagaib mac n-Israhél,
    indiraind déc, deilm dána,
    secht primthuatha Cannána.5125 
    IMraind atíri d'espaib
    dorigset mor d'imresnaib,
    conidcrannchor roscoraig
    fornatuathaib dermoraib.5129 
    Cetnacrann iarcuimnib cein
    babúidnib Benieméin,
    isnadálaibse iarséol
    intánaise laSemeón.5133 
    Suidid intres, bagnim cóir,
    lasíl suilig Zabuloin,
    incethramad, gnimraid graid,
    laclaind n-irglain n-Isachair.5137 
    Incuiced crannchor, gnim gér,
    laglanthor cinid Assér,
    insessed crannchor iarseing
    dochlainn noithig Neptalim5141 
    Insechtmad crannchor laDán
    iarcertrad glannchor comlan,
    int-ochtmad glanbda, gnim ̇ngrinn,
    laciniud n-amra n-Effraim.  32 a 25145 
    Innómad laGád cenchess,
    conág frisruth anairdes,
    indechmad crann d'Iudas diadeoin,
    isroga rann laRubeoin.5149 
    Treb Mannase, mílib gne,
    rorannadside hicerde,
    frisruth aness fofuair greim,
    al-leth n-aill tuaid icEffraim.5153 
    Treb Leue, colinib scél,
    fothírib mac n-Israhél.
    cennacḣngaile, congrad glé,
    frisoere, frisacerdote.5157 
    Indeclas nóeb conaairc
    rodosuidigthi in-oenailt,
    frisilad saincomnart slán,
    fritaircomrac acomdál.5161 
    Secht primthuatha Cannáin cain
    fallain conafortuathaib,
    eter sessu nasluag soimm,
    dorigni hÉssu ingléraim.
    Rorainn Essu, airdirc scel.

    76. 76.

    5165 Treb Iuda, treb Semeoin séim,
    ocus treb Beniamein,
    siarthuaid ontsruth tana thren
    cocricha mara Torrén.5169 
    Lethtreb Mannase centáir,
    treb Effraim, treb Issacháir,
    atuaid cecḣndiriuch dontsruth
    frisiniud, frisuidigud.5173 
    Treb Neptalim, noithech scél,
    ocus treb áibnech Assér,
    cechcruth rognisset ambuaid
    dontsruth rosinset sairthuaid.5177 
    Treb Zabulon slaides feirg,
    ocus treb Dán daigerdeirg,
    acuir friglanaige ̇ngluair  p.76
    omuir Galaile sairthúaid.5181 
    Treb Ruben, treb Gaid nadchress,
    fograd frisruth anairdess,
    nocomeirtnech amasse,
    ocus leithtreb Mannásse.5185 
    Dondleith anair dothreib Dáin
    sernait sreith slébe Lebáin,
    frislatbrig slaidi sluaig sréin
    icaccrich uaig Israhéil.5189 
    Annaneos, nuall nadchres,
    Sidarios, ruad riges,
    Echeos, glere cengin,
    trisluaig sin slebe Lebáin.5193 
    Ebron, Gassear, Masheal már,
    Gabaa, Gesseon, Galád,
    cathracha attaig úaig
    clainni Israhéil adruaid.5197 
    Ri dosfuc triadíthrub trén
    istrisindsruth n-Eordanen,
    ri congart cóir cotagaib,
    dorotacht doib cechoentreib.
    Treb Iuda, treb Semeoin séim.

    77. 77.

    5201 Ri dosfúargaib triananert
    adóire huathmair Egept,
    ishé rodasidaig, sliucht slán,
    forcrichaib clainne Cannán.5205 
    ForFelistín oscechmaig,
    forNathsared, forGalaib,
    forArabia conaslóg,
    forMoáb is forAmmón.5209 
    Forbrugaib Abethib ban,
    forsrethaib naSamratán,
    fornamaigib, mod cenlén,
    san chan im sruth  54 ̇nIordanén.5213 
    ForZeb, forZebe, sliucht n-án,
    forPsalmandra, forIsmál,
    forsliab Sióin, rethaib rad,
    forGalad, forIosophath.5217 
    ForAmalech oscechdru̇ng,
    forAssur is forTirum,
    forMadian mín, mod glanna,
    forCisson, forSissarra.5221 
    Forfiliis Loth, línib gial,
    forEdom, forhIdumiam,
    forAmorreorum, reim n-án,
    forGebal isforBassán.5225 
    Fortir ̇nGeth, forCarmill cron,
    forTerebinthe, forTabor,
    forGalgala rochar Dia,
    formaig Messopotamia.5229 
    Fortírib naningen n-úag,
    Selfaid fritindrem tromslúag,
    Malaa, Melcha, Egia án,
    Micha ocus Tersa tonnbán.5233 
    Forglinn n-Ammrai, amrai rád,
    cétna adbai doAbrám,
    forSeon slanda naslóg,
    forSamara, forBethrón.5237 
    ForhEricho, aurdaig slog,
    forGiluae ̇nglain, forGabón,
    forriathur Cedróin cenbreic,
    forsliab n-amra n-Olaueit. 32 b 15241 
    F(or) ca(ch) tuaith trein, derbcenlen,
    rogabsat meicc Israhel:
    doreir Dé, bagnim cenchol,
    rolethsat darsindomun.5245 
    Otha Alaxandir ain,
    aness oAffraic imslain,
    fothúaid cocrich Med isPers,
    rorigset acomaithches5249 
    Dondleith aníar, aith cenlén p.77
    otraig mór mara Torrén,
    fosrugensatar comblait
    sair cocrich n-orda n-Eofrait.5253 
    MoDia tricc frisrethchor slamm,
    rí conic trethnu torann,
    ri condathaeb oschrí chain,
    rí centathair dosfuarcaib.
    Rí dosfuargaib trianert.

    78. 78.

    5257 RI Rodasáer uascechmúr
    arcechn-irgail, réim rogúr,
    connachasclai cath no crech
    aned bai Essu atoissech.5261 
    Robris for trichait cath crúaid,
    ruc acoscur anglanbuaid,
    con-ilur muirech, mod neim,
    cotrichait ruirech roreil.5265 
    Oshunn báth Éssu mac Nún,
    atoisech tolaib tromthúr,
    liunsatar cach dib foleith,
    rodiultsatar aCoimdeid.5269 
    Fichi bliadan ocus chét
    aés Éssu meic Nun rian-éc,
    cor'hadnacht, fograda greim,
    inTamara, isleib Effraim.5273 
    Ri robai riambetha bann,
    dorigni retha retglann,
    conrotaig cecḣngd hicri,
    inrí rán rodasaeri.
    Ri rodasáer uascechmúr.

    79. 79.

    5277 OShunn Roscarsat, gnim glé,
    friadrad rig noebnime,
    rodasbate plág dibaid,
    dosrat focachtromdigail.5281 
    Dosrat cenbaide fomnad
    fodóire, fobithfognam,
    Gussán garg, crodu cechnia,
    toisech Mesopotamia.5285 
    Ochṫmbliadna doib, toromm n-án,
    fodubdoire doGussán,
    conastorslaic uad triablait
    Nathanel amra aurdairc.5289 
    Rodasdáer coleir colór
    reil ri naMoáb Eglón,
    cotuc Ógeth huad triachath
    arécin iarnamarbad.5293 
    Rodasdáersatar diambríg
    Sissarra ocus Iabín,
    condossaersat dicechthracht
    Diborra ocus Barác.5297 
    Fosrordi̇ngsetar codían
    Amalech ocus Madían:
    gle rodasaer Gedeon cain
    lafortacht Dé donoebnim.5301 
    Diatarfas indlassar lór
    asindailig réil romór,
    diafer broen forincnai ̇nglain
    diambai tart forsintalmain.5305 
    Ort trifichit mili mas
    artribcetaib, gnim n-amnas,
    inidapad Oreb de
    Psalmanae Zeb is Zebe.5309 
    Bai clann Israhél cachtreib
    fodóere, fodeirmitneib,
    cenbuaid, cenbrig, cenbaeg ̇mblat,
    friarig osunn roscarsat.
    Oshunn roscarsat, gnim glé.

    80. 80.

    5313 Bretha doGedeon glan glic
    deich meicc ocus trífichit,
    rosnort acht oenfer, baliach,
    ambrathair Abimeliach.5317 
    Acht atrula int-ossar uad p.78
    Ionás toxal natromsluag,
    bagnim truag dodai̇ng d'aes raith
    atascomai̇ng foroenchlaich.5321 
    Ilardai atoisig cechthreib,
    nibtar foismid foroensreith,
    Tolia, Ior, Ioipti óg,
    Abisson, Abigilón.5325 
    Ri rosdilsig doéc thricc
    nónbur dóib istrifichit,
    foroencloich cuchtai, cain blai,
    isann ructhai ambrethai.
    Bretha doGedeon glan glicc.

    81. 81.

    5329 Genair dothreib Dán, delm
    Samson slan, sochla, saergein,
    mac Manúail, mind mordais máil,
    dochiniud amra Abráim.  32 b 25333 
    Dochuaid assathír immach,
    huair badelbda, diummussach,
    cotuc mnái n-uallaig, trúag gnim,
    dithuathaib naFilistin.5337 
    Ní rosaisneid nech fomeirg,
    gnimrada Samsóin slegdeirg,
    feib lor doranic, tuc ̇ndein
    mór docech hulc ochlemnaib.5341 
    Trisluag nasinnach, sliucht ̇nglé,
    doloscud nafinemnae,
    triasinfidba cnáma crúaid,
    dian-erbailt míli morsluaig.5345 
    Triasinfodb {} ̇ngell ̇nglan,
    triasinceist cruaid cáin comram,
    triadoirsi, tarbach clissiud,5349  dian-erlai uadaib diatreib
    nacathrach doforbrissiud.
    tren asnatricumrigib,
    trianan-indriud centlathe
    cosluagaib cechoenrathi.5353 
    Mori reil rígda rathmar
    dorigni firt n-imathlam,
    diambai icselach naslúag
    Samson slan, serig, slamrúa(d).5357 
    Diambai in-hitaid osindleirg
    ocslaide inchatha cródeirg,
    dia rodáil dó Dia dig
    dolind glan asindfíaccail.5361 
    Dianmert fodein truag cumma
    doberrad amormu̇ngga,
    bade bai andith iartain
    andegdoenib in-oentaig.5365 
    Samson slattra slaidi slúaig,
    ba mál machta mac Manúail,
    nifrith amacsamla sain
    isindamsir rogenair.
    Genair dothreib Dán, delm ̇ndein.

    82. 82.

    5369 Genair gein airmitnech án
    Samuel óg, ettal, imnár,
    mac Elcanna, glan abbeirt,
    ocus mac Anna ambreit.5373 
    Alcanna, crichid agreim,
    deNamatha ósleib Effraim;
    Anna, bási aben combúaid,
    máthair sainsemail Samúail.5377 
    Basui, basacard  55 sruith, saer,
    bahalgen, craibdech, glanáeb,
    bafaith humal, ennac, óg,
    friforcital namorslóg.5381 
    Rí dorat digail iartain
    forhEli conamaccaib,
    Samuel iarsin, srethaib smacht, p.79
    sechbafaith, baprimsacart5385 
    Oshunn báth Essu combúaid
    coamsir saindil Samúai(l),
    nibae dib cotacoimsed
    dopriṁfaith noprimthóisech.5389 
    Ri dasfuargaib, milib scel,
    fortirib macc n-Israhél,
    diathuaid batréṅfer badech,
    rogénair gein airmitnech.
    Génair gein airmitnech án.

    83. 83.

    5393 Bahuallach forDagon 56 dían,
    diahídal immid anrían,
    arc Dé cuce rian-ócaib,
    iarsligthib, iarprimrótaib.5397 
    Diatardad dígal cotrén
    fortirib mac n-Israhél,
    icind Hele conachlaind,
    dochuatar huile imbadbraind.5401 
    Diatorchair dib isinchath
    trichet mili fer n-armach,
    imdámac Hele andiis,
    Ofne ocus Finees.5405 
    Diarucsatar leo indairc
    Filistín feib dosrimthairc,
    línib gelglor conangrain
    dothempul dérmor Dagain.5409 
    Or'siacht coDagan diathaig
    airc inCoimded cumachtaig,
    dorigni dé min islúaith,
    rochlaemchlai gne 'sindoenúair.5413 
    Mór domilib, buiden ̇mbras,
    dorochair dib, delm n-amnas,
    rodosnairg Dia, toromm ̇ngle,
    arairgabail nahairce.5417 
    Cid nahí naherbalt díb
    rodospianta fodimbríg,
    lotar forru immach, mod ̇ngle,
    conara an-imthelgthe.5421 
    Arcc indríg reil rígi áir
    morchoimded nime noebnair,
    robai ann fogris grada
    secht mís caine comlána.5425 
    Tuargabad indarc corath
    fordiócbáe cendomnad,
    al-loeg fogaile cachta,
    até caine, comblechta. 33 a 15429 
    Rochumrigthe leo dondairc
    cuibdigthe feib dosrimthairc,
    fuath lochad 57 landai lordai,
    fuath nan-ainne erordai.5433 
    Ri rosnordaig nadibai
    cosinn-airc cenimmarbae,
    iarconair chóir, crichid scél,
    cotarrasair forambel (?)  58.5437 
    Batar ann túatha frifeis
    dianidainm Bidsomieis,
    dosrinolsat, toga ̇ngle,
    doimcassin nahairce.5441 
    Acht chena insluag, lathar ̇ndil,
    dodeochaid diahimcasin,
    trifichit fer feochair glóir,
    bamarb uadib fochetóir.5445 
    Cáeca mili, medar n-úag,
    iarsin bamarb donmorslúag,
    dontúaith dathglain, dine ̇ngle,
    imchathraig Bidsomite.5449 
    Bidsomite foidit scél
    cosluagu mac n-Israhel,
    cotissed nachslúag dib de p.80
    coluath arcenn nahairce.5453 
    Dodeochatar natúatha
    cuce, caine, comlúatha,
    d'̇fáilti fria, cenait n-uabuir,
    frihairc indrig roruanaid.5457 
    IArsin cotucsat hifén
    indarc docharraic Abél,
    argra de delbais cechcath
    cotegdais Aminadab.5461 
    Elizorus rigdu rath,
    dochinud Aminadab,
    fricacart cáin, caingen ̇nglé,
    bahé sacart nahairce.5455 
    Indarc amra, ilair blad,
    in-adbai Aminadab,
    robai fichit ̇mbliadan ̇mbind
    isintúaith Cariathiarim.5469 
    Coroḋmbroe rí betha bailcc,
    rodclái triagertha comthailc;
    badremun degrach dochath,
    sechba menmnach bahuallach.
    Bahuallach forDagon 59 dían.

    84. 84.

    5473 Oshunn dorúacht indárcc úag
    darmórtíri, darmórtuath
    meic Israhél, cosreib sáil,
    rothinolsatar oendáil.5477 
    Friinnarbu n-idal n-él
    dothirib mac n-Israhél,
    dorinolsat, srethaib srath,
    combátar huili imMesbad.5481 
    Roráid Samuel, snímach scél,
    frisluag n-írach n-Israhél;
    'doforfua digal cechmaig
    icin forn-idal n-ȧngbaid.5485 
    'Manichuirid húaib coluath
    ilar forn-idal n-ollmuad,
    derb doforfua digal tinn
    oríg nime náir nóebfind.'5489 
    Doratsat réir ̇nDe cech
    meic Israhél fiadchainchlú;
    rodosslechtsat doDia dil
    iarsin cenadrad n-ídail.5493 
    O shunn atchuas iarfír
    doslúagaib naFilistín,
    dodeochatar conacath
    cucu corice Mesbad.5497 
    Roraidsetar, érim n-úag,
    meic Israhél friimlúad:
    'corob linni búaid donchath
    guid inCoimdid cumachtach.'5501 
    Adropart audpart triarath
    isrogaid coduthrachtach,
    Samúel dorig nimi nél,
    darcenn clainne Israhél.5505 
    Inrí thuc inn-arcc forcul
    immusracht darcechmórmúr,
    incechairm, cechdú, cendín
    dorat maidm forFilistín.6509 
    Ri dorat digail cendín
    forslógaib naFilistín,
    oscechthracht frisratha smacht
    indarc oshunn doroacht.
    Óshunn doruacht indarc úag.

    85. 85.

    5513 Ohel, Abía, erctha buáid,
    dámac sain segda Samúail,
    nibatclithemail 'moscél,
    brithemain mac n-Israhél.5517 
    Ecoitchinn 60 eat frigním ̇ngann, p.81
    frigubreith, frigúforgall:
    badimdaig díb, tola trén,
    sloig mora mac n-Israhél.5521 
    Linib treb dál, tola ̇nglé,
    otha Dán coBersabe,
    dochum Samuél cosindrath
    dodeochatar coRamath. 33 a 25525 
    Gadatar doDia, delm n-úag,
    isgadatar doSamúal,
    fricathu, fribruth, fribríg,
    conábetis cenoenríg.5529 
    IArfacht dóib Samuel frisreith:
    'cid tachthi Día forcoimdeid?
    forríse isferr cechríg ráin,
    ardruire nime noebnáir.5533 
    'Fónmissi robriss recht réil
    foirb ritecht darbforn-amréir,
    arforfelmáine cenlén,
    adegdáine Israhel!'5537 
    IArsin roraide inslúag
    an-athesc fir friSamúal:
    'friimmad ̇mbrig ̇mbuidenn ̇mbla
    niruibem cenríg ̇ndóenna.'5541 
    Rooirdnistar Samuel faith
    Saul mac Cis conglanbaig,
    frisoerbríg ̇ndúasaig, deilm ̇ndil,
    dooenríg {} uasail.5545 
    O shunn rogab ríge rúad
    Saul digrais daigermúad:
    rodaslin galma ocus glóir
    clanna ámra Iacóib.5549 
    Connabetis cenrig rain
    gádatar huili ahoendail:
    romiscnigset, mílib scél,
    Abía ocus Ohél.
    Ohél, Abía, erctha buaid.

    86. 86.

    5553 Nás ri Ammón, aurdairc rád,
    dorat smacht forsluag Galad,
    cosúilib dessaib tennaib
    dogait asacoemchennaib.5557 
    Conaclannaib rosdoeraid,
    gnim nammail 61 fodubroenaib,
    cocoicthib trenaib trommaib,
    cocroicnib díȧnglédrommaib.5561 
    Rogáid slúag Galad cogle
    forNas ossud sechtmaine,
    dus infoigebtais fonim
    nech donech an-imditin.5565 
    Foidit atechtairecht trúag
    coSaúl is coSamúal,
    dus infogebdais nert n-óg,
    nos-ainsed forslúag n-Ammón.5569 
    Dolluid Saul iarsét sen,
    sécet míli, cenimlén,
    ocus tricha míli mass,
    doslúagaib n-Iuda n-amnas.5573 
    Rodobris coslattra slán
    forNás cath calma comlán:
    bahé achetnacoscur ̇nglé
    iarnagabail ir-rige.5577 
    Doluid Sául, gléraib cath,
    cotúatha n-Ammon n-engach,
    tor troeta triáth, sas naslóg,
    roiad imNas ri Ammón.
    Nas rí Ammon, airdirc rad.

    87. 87.

    5581 Coscur n-aili trén túargaib,
    diar'maid forsnamorsluagaib,
    con-immud muirech, mod n-án, p.82
    riaSául, rian-Ianothan.5585 
    Diatancatar cucu intslúaig
    Filistín feochair firchruaid,
    nicondilgud acht congail,
    diandibdud, diandianarggain.5589 
    Dodígail Náais, noithech ág,
    forSául, forslúag Galad,
    cocath gér geimlech, gnim n-óg,
    icoemthecht neimnech n-Ammón.5593 
    Díarmide daigrech dín
    drȯng daigrech naFilistín,
    tricha mile cairptech cath
    issé mili fer n-armach.5597 
    Lotar lín ateglaig dein
    bagním dedgair coanaimteib,
    dámíle laSaul slán
    ismíle laIonathán.5601 
    Cofopartatar inslog
    naFilistin, nan-Ammon,
    corálsatar og glanóg ̇ngrinn
    for Ammon, forFilistim.5605 
    Macc Ciss óragab ríge
    robris formór n-ilmile,
    rosindre iarcoscur glé,
    dorigne coscur n-aile.
    Coscur n-aili tren túargaib.

    88. 88.

    5609 Fecht dodeochatar otír
    fianna feochra Filistín,
    sluaig sin sirden frislait srén
    dodilgen mac n-Israhél.5613 
    Arim asluaig, slicht cenchol,
    línib atuath, atromthor,
    secht mili fer, ferr cech ̇ngail,
    con-armaib, congascedaib.5617 
    Tinólsatar, tola tren,
    slóig mora macc n-Israhél,  33 b 1
    bahuamnaig triamnaig diatraig
    combatar uili in-oendáil.5621 
    Cororaid moRí noebnar
    sech cach n-oen friIonathán,
    condigsed íarfoimsin fir
    do'ṙfaicsin sluaig Felistin.5625 
    Dochuaid Ionothan forleth
    aoenur 'saarmiger,
    coromarb díb, díni ̇nder,
    fichi mili fer fortrén.5629 
    Ri dorat digail, delm n-án,
    forrígaib rian-Ianothán,
    oMachim, comílib slóg,
    cocrich n-iraig n-Achilon.5633 
    Nir'línaib fer, formnaib snas,
    lainib ligdaib, ler n-ernmas,
    nisnacht osbrí brigda brass,
    acht moRi rígda rinnmas.5637 
    Rucsat réim, rod rainni sloig,
    dochlod clainni Iacoib,
    fribríg bert, fricumtach ̇ngal,
    otír fecht dodeochatar.
    Fecht dodeochatar otír.

    89. 89.

    5641 Ri roraid friSamúel súg
    con-erbarad friSaúl,
    condechsad lín athor triath
    cendil d'argain Amaliach.5645 
    Conátuctha lais ambrat,
    étach, nahór, naargat,
    atairbirt uili frilár,
    etermnái isfer, badergár. p.835649 
    Centáin cethra, cengraig cóem,
    centróetu muc foroenróen,
    connátuctais leo coatech
    almai gabur nachairech.5653 
    Dodeochaid Sául iarsein
    cosindneoch fuair diócaib,
    coroslig seirgib selggaib,
    díglaib demnib drumdergaib.5657 
    Tri cét míli, maith inscél,
    doslúagaib mac n-Israhél,
    ocus deich mili, mor mbla,
    diocaib treibe Iuda.5661 
    Rosaraig Saul nasluag
    ani roraidi Samúal,
    tuc leis toirti attír natriath,
    ocus tuc ríg n-Amaliach.5665 
    Togach rohiccad infiach
    friAgach, friAmaliach,
    osbri niblaith abríg buan
    inRi roraid friSamúal.
    Ri roraid friSamúel súg.

    90. 90.

    5669 Badebthach friSaul slán
    Dia deoda, dechrach, dermar,
    diar'anacht Agach, rad ̇nglé,
    diar'sáraig afoṙngaire.5673 
    Samúal cenanad rosiach
    coAgach rig n-Amaliach:
    rochind aaided n-ada
    fochlaideb inGalgatha.5677 
    Rí roraid friSamuel faith
    athesc n-inclithi n-imtlaith:
    'inn-ined Sául, slicht síd,
    deni lat oirdned Duíd.'5681 
    Ri doraega, rúathar ̇nglé,
    Dauid degmac Iessé,
    or'bamac slán secht ̇m[]bliadna
    dorat fogd chomchialla.5685 
    Rí betha binn, búan ablat,
    arcrúan ̇ngrinn, arclithcomnart,
    dondindlach sainti 'masech
    acht badimdach, badebthach.
    Badebthach friSau l slán.

    91. 91.

    5689 Inrí dosfuc sechinslóg
    Abimelech coMoób,
    aben isadámac, cain blá,
    dialuid oBethil Iudáe.5693 
    Abimelech, censíl ̇mbrón;
    Nóemi, Malléon, Celleón,
    Orbba friluth, líth ̇ngarta,
    ocusRuth Moabdita.5697 
    Dodechaid huide fata
    Ruth rochain Moábdita
    laNóemi, mílib bla,
    cotoracht Bethil Iuda.5701 
    Rooentaig iarsin friBoz
    mac Salamoin, nirb'anfost:
    húaide rogenair iarcéin
    mac diarbochomainm Obéid.5705 
    Salamon slan, srethaib séis,
    bahiarmhuasede Fares:
    Fares friglanail, gnim ̇nglé,
    bamac Tamair isIudae.5709 
    Ruth máthair Obed, rád ̇ngle,
    Obeth athair Iessé:
    Iessé, cendimess díth,
    baathair díles Dauíd. p.84 33 b 25713 
    Duíd togu dodelm glé
    bai fechtas ichingaire:
    dofarraid leo, lan dogail,
    coruc caerig diacháireib.5717 
    Cororaith foróenaib ríad
    Dauid aoenur 'nadíad,
    triagradaib achoiblid chain,
    cotarraid inleoamain.5721 
    Coforbart Dauid dána,
    coleomain nalonnbága,
    cotuc trialáeschur cenchleith
    asachráesluch incáireig.5725 
    Rofersat cumleng ̇ngradach
    Dauid 'sindleo lonndbágach:
    tressiu Dauid, tolaid crich,
    lafortachtain indardríg.
    Inrí dosfuc sechinslóg.

    92. 92.

    5729 Rothinólsat slúagad sír
    tuatha feochra Filistín,
    con-hilur ̇mbuada, mor scél,
    cotuatha mac n-Israhél.5733 
    Con-immud sleg ocus slúag,
    conniurt curad claidebruad:
    batrén roindled leo insain
    dian-inred isdian-argain.5737 
    Dodilgenn andrȯng ̇ndalach,
    amban, amac mórgradach,
    diacor diacrichaib, mod cert,
    diafichaib aforaithmet.5741 
    Sinsit cenerbrón donchath
    inslóg dermor diummussach,
    congabsat lȯngphort ̇nglám ̇ngle
    forlár glinne Tribinthe.5745 
    Eterfocus ocus chián
    dorigset huili comtriall,
    intsluaig cendil, tolaib tlacht,
    diatuaithtir rothinólsat.
    Rothinólsat slúagad sír.

    93. 93.

    5749 Tucsat leo tréṅfer n-írach
    diarb'ainm Gola garbgní
    nirb'fer suairc sochraid oslóg:
    bahéo duairc dermór.5753 
    Matud mógda merda mend,
    mor d'étuch aimthimchell,
    inaairdde, adbul deil,
    secht ferchubait core sein.5757 
    Lurech imme, garb achruth,
    fricomrac, fricathugud;
    cóeca dochétaib u̇nga
    robae innacomthrumma.5761 
    Bái slind agae fiadcachdru̇ng
    secht cét u̇nga doiurn,
    cocraunn chain, crichid, cumma,
    remidir déil damchu̇nga.5765 
    Ahiallacrann humai glain
    otha aglúine cotalmain:
    dohiurn glass rochummad,
    cathbarr immachertmullach.5769 
    Claideb gér garbda 'naglaic,
    méit claidib garmna comthailc,
    scíath forachliu, niclithi,
    balethiu indá damseche.5773 
    Fer cachlaithi lais il-lén
    dislógaib mac n-Israhél,
    nifrith díb oenfer foleith
    folilsad arái ̇ngaisceid.5777 
    Gola granna congail gluair,
    dána fritola tromsluaig,  p.85
    frisrengal nirb'súairc asmacht,
    batrénfer duairc tí thucsat.
    Tucsat leo trénfer n-irach

    94. 94.

    5781 Giabdarilardai intslúaig
    clainni Israhél adrúaid,
    rosgab crith, gléraib ellach,
    riȧnGola ̇ngér garbgrennach.5785 
    Dosrat hituaim immondeil,
    roscacht cenhuail, cenergail,
    glerden roscnái sechcacḣndáil,
    trénfer cechlae diandigbail.5789 
    Rolin toirsi, rogab ferg,
    Saul sliṡfota slegderg,
    fer cachlae laiss, ciarbobin,
    domarbad diadegdáinib.5793 
    Saul mac Ciss croda, ger,
    ri cóir clainni Israhél,
    rogell aingin cenmeth
    frióenfer dafi̇nggebad.5797 
    Dosrat frisním, serig sel,
    cendín demin diatairchel,
    trúagdai garbdai cennachtlí
    ciamtaramrai ilardai.
    Giabdarilardai intslúaig.

    95. 95.

    5801 Dodeochaid Dauid amné,
    ossar clainne Iessé,
    isindinbaidsin othreib,
    'sin slog colón diabrathreib.  34 a 15805 
    Cocuala incóe, nuallaib nél,
    bóe forsluagaib Israhél,
    acomruc désse cenchath,
    fer cach lae díb nomarbad.5809 
    Roiarfacht Dauid cenchleith
    isinphopull diabratreib:
    'coalog dobeir no ciarath
    inrí donḋfiur nombífad?'5813 
    Atchuadatar inbráthir,
    briathraib bithib bithblaithib,
    doDauid, cenní iarcul,
    feib léir rodgellai Saul.5817 
    Rogellai Saúl mac Ciss
    ahingin cendil ̇n-indliss,
    lacachmaith do doberad
    dondoeṅfiur dafi̇ngebad.5821 
    Dauid dualach, tolaib gal,
    bahé inset sluagach salmglan,
    badeccair taidbsen diadrech
    isindaimser dodechaid.
    Dodeochaid Dauid amné.

    96. 96.

    5825 'Regatsa,' arDauid cenlén,
    'coSaul rig n-Israhél,
    cotuc aingin cenclith
    is coromarb incóraid.'5829 
    Gabsat acharait cechcruth
    achosc isa chairigud:
    diabraithrib robogábud
    alabrad noaimrádud.5833 
    Roraidi Dauid cotren
    fiad dagdáineib Israhél:
    'fingébsa infer hut dontslóg,
    istábar dam adaglóg.'5837 
    Rogellai Saul iarsain
    doDauid cenimresain
    aingen dó, demin scél,
    agrad sechclainn n-Israhél.5841 
    'Ainige fris, foglóir glain,
    ameic Cis chóir comramaig! p.86
    cendimiad imchoible cruth,
    cofírian diafírugud.'5845 
    'Rótbiat limm anige intslúaig
    fotheisc sainigthe Samuáil,
    feib thorgaib bríg imratha
    fom'̇forgal fein fíṙflatha.5849 
    'Enech Ioseph uascechdu
    Moisi, Iacob isIessu,
    henech fodeoid oscechdáil
    uaisliu doib Dia Abaráim.5853 
    'Huaim dait fricecḣndáil, delm ̇nglé,
    frit'laim, ameic Iessé,
    frisotharfa dochor cain
    acht coromarba incoraid.'5857 
    'Muirfetsa Gola, gním ̇ngle,
    bihé cora arcardine,
    biaid mobríg bág forassa,
    doreir morig regatsa.'
    'Regatsa,' arDauid cenlén.

    97. 97.

    5861 Luid cenlurig, lathar ̇ndein,
    Dauid arcinn indfirsin,
    cengae, censcíath, cloithi bann,
    cenchlaideb cíar, cenchathbarr.5865 
    Rogab cóic clocha cengin
    atraig intsrotha dermair,
    dodosrat fein fribuáid {}
    innathéig n-uaig n-áigarda.5869 
    Gabaid cloich díb, bagnim ̇ngér,
    sréid huaid isinn-aer,
    roben Gola iclethi achind,
    corocht conice ainchinn.5873 
    Doluid Dauid cucai iarsin,
    gaibid dó achlaideb fessin,
    cotuc achenn triagail ̇ngúir,
    combóe forbélaib Saúil.5877 
    Dauid cenbini adreth buáid
    oruirig nimi noebuáig,
    nitrúag dluige ríanadreich,
    baluath luide cenluirech.
    Luid cenluirig, lathar ̇ndein.

    98. 98.

    5881 Atrachtatar nadaslúag
    donchath croda claidebrúad,
    doimruachtain cinn icenn,
    doimthuargain cocomthenn.5885 
    Frifúrad nȧngrúam ̇nglorach
    nacúrad, nacruadchorad,
    colin ȧndrȯng ̇ndían ̇ndaigrech,
    bátar ciai iccomclaidbed.5889 
    Ri dorat triall forsincath
    riȧnDauid ̇ndian, dássachtach,
    coroemid incath cendil
    forslog faelid Filistín.5893 
    Bai crú garb darcorp centlí
    icath glinni Treibinthi,
    diatorchair dib, toromm ̇nglé,
    séssiur cóica coicmile.5897 
    Slúaig naFilistín fonél
    ocus slúaig mac n-Israhél, 34 a 2
    nírbuchian friginol ̇ngal
    tinól dían atrachtatar.
    Atrachtatar nadaslúag.

    99. 99.

    5901 Oshunn romebaid incath
    ríanDuid cosinmórrath:
    atbered inslóg cogúr:
    'ferr comor 62 indá Saúl.'5905 
    Ocmolad Dauid, delm n-uag,
    sechSaúl, sech inmorslúag, p.87
    babind acéol ̇ngrinngel ̇nglé
    innan-ingen n-Ebraidé.5909 
    Intan baóenmíli aig
    ocSaúl conaslúagaib,
    deichmíli mora, mordíth,
    dorochratar ocDauíd.5913 
    Tinól Dauid diluth glan
    friherud nahairmiten,
    cetheirtréin tairbbig foleith
    dichairdib, dichomdíneib.5917 
    IArsin tuc fobríg buadaig
    ingin Sáuil srethsluagaib,
    Míchol mór, mó cách ̇ngaine,
    dohinchaib nandagdaine.5921 
    Or'ort Gola, cruach golach,
    diambái inslúag 'coamormolad,
    lammac croda {} cȯngail
    baduairc laiss aimcasain.5925 
    Intslúaig indruirig combríg
    inmuirig immonn-ardríg,
    bafaelid cach díb dialuid
    incath oshunn romebaid.
    Oshunn romebaid incath

    100. 100.

    5929 Dorigensatar sid slan
    Dauid ocus Ionathán,
    íarriaguil Dé, fochucht chain,
    friaré hifut asaegail.5933 
    Dorat Ianothán iarfír
    huad aheirriud doDauid,
    eter etach friríad rath,
    eter gae issciath ischlaideb.5937 
    Rochinnset acotach cáid
    cennach cocad imchomdáil,
    cidolcc, cidmaith, triabith sír,
    etir Sául isDauíd.5941 
    Duthracair Michol cenmeth
    abráthair, aairchinnech,
    ambith icairddes cendíth
    Ionathán ocus Dauid.5945 
    Bái Dauid foglórai grad
    iarcórai friIonathán,
    innathig fomíad, fecht ̇ngúr,
    octriall dothecht coSaul.5949 
    Rogab Míchol, medar fír,
    cotrebar tinchosc nDauid:
    'nidechais frislemna scel,
    coríg n-ergna n-Israhél.5953 
    'Náteig cotdiss, agass glé,
    comac Ciss cencommairgé,
    babaeth meni adair rún,
    nátabair toeb friSaul.'5957 
    Doluid Saúl frisnúad sid
    coluath dothegdais Dauid,
    fritairsin Dauid ifus
    cenaigsin, cenfurachrus.5961 
    Induair dodechaid, tarm trén,
    ri croda clann n-Israhél,
    ann dothaet Dauid, delm ̇ngúr,
    immach forsét coSaúl.5965 
    Sernai Saul insreth slain
    imthreib ̇nDauid commórgin:
    roiad marnathraig, níth ̇nglé,
    imchathraig meic Iessé.5969 
    Mar'tchuala Míchol iṅmbreis
    conrúala insluag 'montegdais,
    rothinól dintoirt tachtai
    nalínbroit, nahanartai.5973 
    Dor'imthas, bahé ingnim cass,
    ambé findchass fíramnas,
    rosuidig cosuairc naslaimm
    immuacuaird immoncerchaeill.5977 
    Conderna fúath indfir de
    colúath innagaethrige, p.88
    feib ba bés bith icétlud
    dogress doib foainétgud.5981 
    Rogart asdorus immaig
    smacht solus Saul sáergein,
    roraid comall, monor ̇nglé,
    'infail tall mac n-Iessé?'5985 
    Roraid Michol, mín aguth,
    friSaúl diachennsagud:
    'menipcél críntaig dochath
    mochen tíchtain degathar.'5989 
    'A Michol merda, menmnach,
    gelda, genbda, comdelbach,
    taet 'mach fochléire cachta
    doché ile, dochomalta.'5993 
    'Aní condnigi, ameic Ciss,
    achlí gaili ceneisslis,  34 b 1
    atá sunn, cennach gláim ̇nglé,
    eter daláim th'inginé.'5997 
    'Ciabeith dolám, lathar ̇nglé,
    dardrochmac n-an n-Iessé,
    ninanais fritindremm tinn,
    ahingen Achinoym!'6001 
    'Cidnech badmó miscais lat,
    arí Israhél con-armacht,
    tissed ríandígla fom'guth,
    nirígda duit mosárgud.'6005 
    'A Míchol mer, menmnach, mas,
    ahúa engach Athemas,
    nítbia frit'dil ̇ndogra ̇nder,
    rígdomna mac n-Israhél.'6009 
    'A meic Ciss fort'glonnaib gaib,
    nabris fordochommorgeib,
    na 63 báid triaderbága trén,
    cenn n-erbága n-Israhél.'6013 
    'O dorala, rúathar ̇nglé,
    frim'thala mac Iessé,
    duit, abé féne fechtach,
    nibacéle cridserccach.'6017 
    'Ameic Ciss clechtaig, gnim ̇nglé,
    nahettraig mac n-Iessé,
    tairinn thogail gnáthaig ̇ngil,
    nasáraig dodegingin.6021 
    'Násáraig Ionathán uais
    cȯngail gnáthaig, corochrúais,
    cenolc, cenainces, cendíth,
    rogab cairdes friDuíd.6025 
    'Nasáraig Samuel fáith finn,
    congab grad núalnar, náebdind,
    nasaraig cengáisi ̇nglór
    Máisi, Ioséph, Iacób.6029 
    'Nabris báig n-airech noláech,
    noainech nafer fírgáeth,
    nagnáthaig ni assia doscél,
    nasáraig Dia n-Israhél.'6033 
    'Cia dobertha dam frimthóir,
    aben, cét n-unga ̇ndergóir,
    argais galais no gart ̇ngle,
    nianais mac n-Iesse.6037 
    'Rodonanacht Dia donim,
    cain glanalt cenimresain,
    fogdglunn, cenchúairt ̇nglassa,
    dochúaid uait doṅfabullsa.'6041 
    Foruirecht Míchol nanníth,
    cendul indegaid Dauid,
    corocht Dauid, reim iarruth,
    icéin in-oen nandithrub.6045 
    IArsin adcocrat cencrad,
    Dauíd ocus Ionathán,
    cor'chinnset cenchíthu cess
    triabithu 'nambithchardess.6049 
    An-óentu dogress cechcruth,
    atóebtu cendíscailiud,
    fofiadnaib indinngnaib gal p.89
    iartimnaib dorigéntar.
    Dorigénsatar síd slán.

    101. 101.

    6053 Bái Dauid 'sa druim frifraig
    fecht fiadindríg 'sindrígthaig,
    focháinbuide nandrȯng ̇ndál,
    in-oensuidi isIonathán.6057 
    Luam laidi fochaini cruth,
    gengaili ocairfitiud,
    dondríg, dontslúag, centeidm tind,
    icseinm athimpáin téidbind.6061 
    Dauid indratha, réim saer,
    bafotha flatha fírnoeb:
    sephain seol salmda osbla,
    baceol n-amra n-adamra.6065 
    Basegunn séim ascechmud
    archruth, archéil, archoibliud,
    lasinsluag sóer, soismert sid,
    bind leo coistecht friDauid.6069 
    Ciarboairfitiud lacách
    linib tairchitul ̇ndermár,
    iarsét slemun, sechinslóg,
    dochoid Demun iSaól.6073 
    Sreeis Saúl uad insleig
    forDauid isindrígthig,
    triachlár cruaid itoeb achinn
    robidgc ingái gluair gerthind.6077 
    Atraracht inslúag istaig,
    batoracht núall integlaig:
    indar lacach gae indríg
    robáe triamedón Dauid.6081 
    Atraracht Ionathan ard
    coruc reim ruanaid rogarg,
    cor'idnacht Dauid, toem ̇nglé,
    uad coóen nafidbaide.6085 
    Rochathaig cogarg, combríg,
    friaathair, frisinn-ardríg,
    rȧngab guba, rochlói cruth,
    ardula diasarugud.6089 
    Ferais Míchol debaid tinn
    friSaul, friAchinoim,
    nochor'bo choimsech acath,
    batoirsech, batromdebthach.  34 b 26093 
    Ferais inslúag athber ̇ngúr
    forsindríg ruam, forSaúl,
    adul censamsúgud sid,
    diasárugud imDauid.6097 
    Mac Sauil slaide glonn ̇ngal
    badúscud lonn leoaman,
    rosoer cenchíabair cachta
    achlíamain, achomalta.6101 
    Ri rodnanacht forsinmaig,
    cenámarc ondleoamain,
    hé rosáer cenbuide indríg
    isintsuide imboe Dauid.
    Báe Dauid 'sadruim frifraig.

    102. 102.

    6105 Dorigni Dauid, deilm n-án,
    comarle ocusIanothán,
    imdul cencleith frigail gúir,
    cenbeith itegluch Saúil.6109 
    Roraidi Ionathán fris:
    'Saul natabair d'eisleis,
    an frit'gairm ifail sunn sel
    naclochi dian-ainm Ephel.6113 
    'Cofesser friselba síd
    inmaith frit menma indardríg.
    indeil dúrchathach natres,
    no'ndúthrachtach frit'amles.6117 
    'Dotrua comarda uaim,
    bid sodamna frit'banbúaid. p.90
    imdul reut, recht ̇ngúr ̇ngle,
    nothecht arcúl dorise.6121 
    'Fochuriub uaim saigit snéid,
    féig friglaineilc frit'glanchéil,
    airet rosso, réim corath,
    cid icéin nofaicserad.6125 
    'Mad hicein chi̇ngges cenchess
    ber cheim cinnes dot'lanles:
    menipcían frisoirchi sain
    toirchi codían dorígthaig.'6129 
    Dochúaid Ianothán istech,
    cosindríg, cosinteglach,
    condessid censil ̇ndogra
    innasuidiu rigdomna.6133 
    Roiarfacht Saúl frisním
    d'Ianuthan scéla Duíd:
    'ciabaile ifail, delm ̇nda,
    dȯfer comtha comdána?6137 
    'Ciabaili ifail immaig
    drochmac Iesse ȧngbaid?
    nithoracht fiadnachdru̇ng tra
    sunn in-oen naláasa.'6141 
    Atchuaid Ianuthán, án aig,
    dondrig rán innarígthaig:
    'dochúaid, cendechel, deilm tra,
    diathreib, doBethil Iudá.'6145 
    Roráid Saul frisnuad sess:
    'cia istslúag nádigni m'amles,
    tan istussu rogni inse,
    adrochmeic namerdrige?'6149 
    Dochúaid Ionothán immach
    combái formúr nacathrach,
    feib nognathaiged cendíth
    dús inrathaigfed Dauid.6153 
    Focheird cenlén onmúr 'maig
    airchur trén forsinn-ailig,
    segda, sodalbtha, slicht ̇nglé,
    icomartha cumnigthé.6157 
    'Máta nech iconcloich thall,'
    arIonathan nírb'imgann,
    'orthad colúath, táet cotricc,
    isléced uad insaigit.'6161 
    Rí roleth brat nimi náir
    imthoebu talman tonnbáin,
    ocus gin ̇ngúir conalí,
    diaréir cachduil dorigní.
    Dorigni Dauid, delm n-án.

    103. 103.

    6165 Luid ass Dauid, tolaib rath,
    cengáe, censciath, cenchlaideb,
    iarcálaib garb rogáel gail,
    fácaib aarm 'sindrigthaig.6169 
    IArsin dochúaid fochucht cacht
    coAchimilech sacart,
    cotormalt leis, gleire guir,
    bargena réile reṁfúir.6173 
    Cianchacht imchȧngnib cuirp criad,
    roiarfacht Abimeliach,
    doDauid r'iarfacht cucht cain,
    'indatglain lucht dotheglaig?'6177 
    Dorat Dauid teist iarfír
    ifrecnarcus indardríg,
    cencomrac dó frimná imne
    re trilá is teoran-aidche.6181 
    Robái cenglorai, cengeis,
    claideb Golai 'sindeclais,
    fribrig ̇mbladailc fiadcachslóg,
    iarnathabairt doSaól.6185 
    Roráid Dauid ciarbodalb,
    'olcc dul icéin cendagarm,
    fritala indrig, rúathar ̇mbras,
    domrala triatinninas.'  35 a 16189 
    DoAchimilech nirb'folith, p.91
    rofer fáilti friDuid,
    ocus doridnacht do immach,
    claideb Golai gér golach.6193 
    IDumeus atchúaid inscél
    doSaul ríg Israhél,
    Dauid colucht rabolíach,
    rochaith bíad Abimeliach.6197 
    Nitrúag fúair fáilti fosmacht
    Dauid icsluag nasacart,
    ocus ruc cenloga leis
    claideb Gola ceneisleis.6201 
    Luid Saul cechthucht iarmbrath
    corágaib lucht nacathrach,
    ort slúag nasacart cenclith,
    coiciur arcethrifichtib.6205 
    Rosnort iarcétrud agleo
    in-étgud, ephud lineo,
    labruth ̇mbrathlaig, bág amné,
    'sinchathraig dian-ainm Noué.6209 
    Acht itrulai oenfer díb
    corice tegdais Dauid,
    Abiathar conablait,
    macc Abimeliach sacairt.6213 
    Romiscnig Saul, gnim ̇nglé,
    Dauid mórmac Iessé,
    coforcongrad lais, lethan scél,
    nabeth forcrích n-Israhél.6217 
    IArnafocra domac Ciss
    Dauid nitharat eisleis,
    cennachtechel dochuaid ass,
    ruc atheged coAchess.6221 
    Roimraid cách fiad indríg
    intrath dodeochaid Dauid,
    'innhé seo inclí glanna
    Dauid ri natalmanna?6225 
    'In dosom labras inslúag
    nan-ingen n-amnas n-adrúad:
    'ort Dauíd derb deichmili,
    ort Saúl serb óenmíli?'6229 
    IArsin rongab galar gér,
    frisním calad nirb'imthrén,
    corochumscaiged achíall,
    cotunscanad (sic) cachn-anríad.6233 
    Cororaid Achis triasním,
    niharaithis forDauíd;
    'berid uain cenmíad immach
    induini ̇ndían ̇ndásachtach.'6237 
    Luid Dauid, linib aslog,
    hitírib minib Maob,
    con-aes lathair, con-aig thaig,
    coamáthair is coathair.6241 
    IArsin roaittreb coog
    indess im-Maffa, im-Moób,
    brig bladmar rogab Maffa
    primadbar inḋfirflatha.6245 
    O roathain fiad inslog
    aathir forrig Moob,
    foIsrahél, ilar crích,
    iarsin ass doluid Dauíd.
    Luid ass Dauid, tolaib rath.

    104. 104.

    6249 Saul iarselaib frisním
    dorat mebail forDauid,
    diatardad Míchol fogreis
    doAlathi mac Lais.6253 
    Roráidset coleir coluth
    amuinter fein friSaúl:
    'biaid nech imbánugud Dé
    dosárgud 64 meic Iessé.6257 
    'Digelaid doDia cechcruth
    fort fein, fort'clainn, fort'chiniud,
    Dauid fridalgud nachdil
    dosargud 'mochetmuintir.' p.926261 
    Tuirid natuath tinach trén,
    ilar nuall mac n-Israhél,
    cotrethnaib iarsrethbruig súg,
    bátar debthaig friSaúl.
    Saul iarselaib frisním.

    105. 105.

    6265 Bóe Dauid ré mór foleith
    fofuacru, foinnarthaib,
    fodichruth, foclére greim,
    indithrub slebe Carmeill.6269 
    Icailltib Séb, srethaib sleg,
    imrulaid Dauid tonngel,
    isleib Síon immallé
    isindithrubaib ainge.6273 
    Secet caini gascid glain
    diocaib friimmargail,
    doDauid iarfír frifraiss,
    bahé alin foralȯngais.6277 
    Bantrocht coem, corcarda, cóir,
    conatimthaigib dergóir,
    drȯng n-ingen, drȯng ̇ngilla cert,
    friatindrem, friatimthirecht.6281 
    Friseilg, frifiadrad fogd,
    cenmeirg friciallrad comlán,
    conafein húathmair cenlén,
    fortúathaib mac n-Israhél. 35 a 26285 
    IMsliab Carmeill docachleith
    cengarbgreim friachomaithcib,
    bamenic nodechrad dáil
    imchethraib n-aidblib Nabáil.6289 
    Nabál iCarmill rochlos
    gabál gremma icomaithcheos,
    balcbethraid osbetha blá,
    aittrebthaid indithrubá.6293 
    Abigail, glan agreimm,
    ben Nabáil slébi Carmeill,
    set suthach, slicht nádchelar,
    banscal cruthach coemtrebar.6297 
    A almai aidbli cenmeirb
    imCharmill docachoenleirg,
    míli dogabraib frigleith,
    teoramili docháireib.6301 
    Dochúas oDauid coathech,
    inbaid lommartha cairech,
    coNabál frigabáil ̇nglé,
    diaglanáil imfeis n-aidche.6305 
    Araburba friaig thaig
    isarchumga amenmannraid,
    Nabál sin slebi Carmil
    rofemid immoenbargin.6309 
    Coic muilt, dacét ̇mbargen ̇mbil,
    dacét mías docharicib,
    daphaitt fína, iarset sid,
    ruc inben lee doDauíd.6313 
    Cethrib cétaib gilla cain
    iarsétaib friimmargail,
    conarmrath tánic 'nadáil
    Dauid domarbad Nabáil.6317 
    Ferais inben fáilti fris,
    friDauid cennach n-eisleis:
    'cucut tucsam forset sain,
    nifailmet darth'airmitein.'6321 
    'Manithorasta modáil,'
    arDauid frimnái Nabáil,
    'imbarach 'sinchamair chain
    nobíad Nabál cenanmain.'6325 
    Nabal nemnech, gemlech, crín,
    attib tadail dorȯfín:
    'sindechmaid lá, líth cenchol,
    bamarb Nabál aoenor.6329 
    IArsin tuc Dauid cendáil
    Abigail mnai Nabail,  p.93
    dosrimthos dó Dia donim,
    con-innmos, con-innilib.6333 
    Inrí robennach sechcách
    Dauid frihellach n-ollgd,
    secht dé badichmaig cendíth
    isdíthraib imbai Dauid.
    Báe Dauid ré mór foleith.

    106. 106.

    6337 Sephi 65, niptar seccle slóg,
    atchuadatar doSaól,
    'Dauid dichmaig, doig notcheil,
    'naṙndíthruib, 'narnderriteib.'6341 
    Doluid Saul, nisuail sain,
    lín aslúaig conaarmgail
    frigním ̇ngúr cumtaig catha,
    combái ictúr indithruba.6345 
    Rosuidiged longphort leis,
    bagním comnort ceneisleis,
    rosainig cosrethaib sét
    formaigib nacairechtrét.6349 
    Fofúair fiaddínib athuir
    huaim itírib indithruib,
    frignim cinti achuirp cachcruth
    luid inti diaimthelgud.6353 
    Dauid cotriathaib darb'bai
    bái in-iarthur nahuamai,
    tréin iartimchul daire daill,
    conaféin, conafairaind.6357 
    Roráidset fris, réim cendíth,
    amuinter féin friDauíd,
    'feib thaṙngert duit, rem cenbrath,
    innossa rochomolnad.6361 
    'An-doraṙngered ochéin
    dorairbered fot'huagréir,
    iscían inbúaidsi fosmacht,
    isindúairsi doroacht.6365 
    'Mór intuicthiu oDía dil,
    duitsiu, aDauid toebgil!
    osdálaib tharaic triablait
    fot'lámaib dodergnamait.6369 
    'Gaibther doclaideb ger glé
    dot'reir, ameic Iessé!
    naroa dál derbdrȯng immach
    Saúl slan serblonn sirthech.'6373 
    Atraracht Dauid iarsin
    ocusrochoisc amuintir,
    badechrad fodétgail dúir
    doletrad étaig Saúil.6377 
    Dodécaid fein, febdai glonn,
    Dauid delb dreim {} dodrȯng,
    cor'letair, gním ̇ndetlach dúr,
    inn-étach bai imSaul.6381 
    Cia dochuaid Saúl immach
    asinduaim isinteglach, 35 b 1
    rogaba friglamma gné
    nimbai samái laSephé.
    Sephi, niptar seccli slóg.

    107. 107.

    6385 Dolluid Dauid dána dúr
    aidchi sáma coSaúl,
    coruc agái cumnech cóir,
    lacúach ̇ndruimnech ̇ndergóir.6389 
    Ingái robae itóeb achind,
    maroen frichúach coemgrinn,
    ruc Dauid, bagéire gúr,
    indédesin oSaúl.6393 
    Manbad omain Dé donim
    glé fricachcomul cóemdil,
    frisretha sell nagreiss gúir
    noberad leis cenn Saúil.6397 
    Dorigni troich ̇ndorchaid dé p.94
    cotorchair icath Giluáe,
    nimbái suidi saigthi síd
    ondaidchi doluid Dauid.
    Doluid Dauid dána dúr.

    108. 108.

    6401 Cein bae Dauid dichmaig, dil
    isdithruib 'coaimditin,
    bacomaithech, glére glé,
    Nabail slebi Carmelle.6405 
    Corothafind Saúl ass,
    latochim abag ̇mbladbras;
    luid friadintrén 66, narbodis,
    itir ̇nGed coriacht Achis.6409 
    Dorat Achis, glérib crech,
    inchathir dianidainm Siclech,
    conatír, tolaib dliged,
    doDauid friaprímhined.6413 
    O roaittreib Dauid dian
    iSiclig conamormiad,
    isé aainm oshain illé,
    Siclech án nan-Iudaidé.6417 
    Fecht dochoid Dauid cengreis
    dothecht slógaid laAcheis,
    daraéissi tanic crech,
    cor'ort, coroloisc Siclech.6421 
    Nir'leicsetar leo nacein
    Dauid sluag naFilestein,
    artessed Dauid nachdis
    fofuacru uadib d'Achis.6425 
    'Arnáronfuapair cosneid
    mac Iesse meic Obéid,
    niraga linn Dauid trén
    dochath frisluag n-Israhél.'6429 
    Nirelic Dia Dauid dil
    dothuilled intslúagaid sin,
    ór ishe sin, srethaib slóg,
    fecht diaromarbad Saól.6433 
    Tan dochúaid Dauid iarsain
    coAchis conasluagaib,
    fúair adún ̇ndonn iarnacrod,
    Siclech, lomm iarnaloscod.6437 
    Centech, centegdáis, delm ̇nglé,
    ceninnmas, ceninnile,
    cenduine ̇mbeo fonim nél
    n'innisfed dóib nachn-oenscél.6441 
    Cenmná, cenmaccu, mét ̇ngal,
    cenór, cenargat n-allmar,
    censosid fritoirsi atraig,
    tarmairt Dauid ahaidid.6445 
    Luid Dauid indiaid intslóig
    coroacht cosruth Pessóir,
    cofuair fer d'aes indfechta
    iarfemiud ahimthechta.6449 
    Dó dobreth biad cenbrath
    laDuid diacomnertad,
    ruc eolas uair narboscíth
    dochum intsluaig rianDauid.6453 
    IArsin dochuaid Dauid ass
    cotrib cétaib, gnim n-amnas,
    fogeib dacét cóir cachta
    fós iarfemiud imthechta.6457 
    Mebaid forru, bafúam fír,
    forsintslúag mór rianDauid,
    cofárgsat centuili ̇ndala
    huili cruid ȧngabála.6461 
    Gabais insluag raind inḋfaidb,
    gluair iarnȧngalais glégairb,
    cenní dondini bai ifus
    hisuidib firi hiforus.6465 
    Nirelic Dauid, dalb tenn,
    acht rainn nafadb cocoitchenn,
    doib icein congrad cengreis,
    cobráth combad beim forais. p.956469 
    O dochuaid coAchis n-án
    fȯfuair mathius commorgd,
    congail glé cech cluid rogníd
    doreir Dé céin boe Dauid.
    Cein bói Dauid dichmaig, dil.

    109. 109.

    6473 Saul sírach slaide sluaig
    basnímach iarn-éc Samúail,
    cosaibe fogaili gné,
    cennoibi, cenfáithsine. 35 b 26477 
    Mac Cis Cenlíthaib folén
    forcríchaib mac n-Israhél,
    rodlín snim sribgrinn, slicht ̇nglé,
    ohingrim meic Iesse.6481 
    Bái mac Ciss icocud chían
    friDauid conamórmíad,
    cotorachtatar otír
    sluaig fer fortrén Philistín.6485 
    Dor'inól fribualad ̇mbal
    sluagad n-Israhél n-armglan,
    aracenn, cengailib gne,
    forcláraib cainib Giluae.6489 
    Indadaig riasincath ̇ngúr
    robai snim mór forSaúl,
    arnaconfitir triarath
    cia fors'maidfid inmórchad.6493 
    Dodeochaid Samúel iarsin
    coSaúl inn-aidchisin,
    con-erbairt fris, rád cenbrath:
    'notmairfider immárach;6497 
    'Ocus dotrimeicc, mod cert,
    hit'chinaid, it'tairimthecht,
    ocus ár trog, díglach, trén,
    forslóg n-írach n-Israhel;6501 
    'Ocus roscarad frit'scél
    ardflaithius macc n-Israhél:
    t'imthacht friafégad cofír
    doridnacht Dia doDauid.'6505 
    Inri scaras gói frifír,
    cȯngaib clói, glanas anfír,
    dorat adigla, deilm n-og,
    ruc breith primda forSaol.6509 
    Intrath rothaitne ingrian glan
    oscechrían imdreich talman,
    feib bagnáth dóib dul dochath
    rogab cách achatheirred.6513 
    Gnísit cath ciana, cét ̇nglonn,
    snisit frifíana ferdrȯng,
    icath Giluae conaslog
    romarbad iarsin Saól.
    Saul sírach slaide sluaig.

    110. 110.

    6517 Batar ocSaul mac Ciss
    morféssiur doclaind dílis,
    cethrimeic, monor n-ada,
    triingena imglana.6521 
    Melchisau, basluagach slán,
    Iessu, Ispas, Ionadán,
    Brígente, Merob medrach,
    ocus Michol mormenmnach.6525 
    Achinoym amáthair mass,
    ingen amra Athemas,
    ocus Saúl, srethaib gal,
    nibochlethaib robatar.
    Saul sírach slaide slúaig 67.

    111. 111.

    6529 Sil Saul snímaich frisrén
    forclainn n-íraig n-Israhél,
    nirosliuna hed diacur
    acht madtreb Iuda ahoenur.6533 
    Dorat Abner triagail ̇ngúir p.96
    rígi d'Ispas mac Saúil,
    fordeichtreib tarraid areir
    isfortreib Beniemein.6537 
    IAṙndechraib dóib díni dé
    debthaig immonn-ardríge,
    centlí tarba, foraig thaig,
    niptaramra oentadaig.6541 
    Fosralaig cenrige rúad
    or'sáraig Saul Samúal,
    immȧnduinib duinnig dúir
    niptarsúinig síl Saúil.
    Síl Saul snímaig frisrén.

    112. 112.

    6545 Bae dígal deithbir doráith
    dirain fordeichtreib dimbláith,
    lataidbsin fainni forúin
    in-aimsir clainni Saúil.6549 
    Rodoselaig cechsluag saer
    rodosdedaig fodubraen,
    garbthenn dosrimmart cuairt cacht,
    dosnarmchell cech n-ecomnart.6553 
    Rodastroeth cech n-olc arhuair
    rosglaed cechlocht cenlonnbuaid,
    dosr'imgair arsechcói cath
    indinbaid robái indígal.
    Bae dígal deithbir doráith.

    113. 113.

    6557 Rogab Dauid, tola ̇nglé,
    rígi n-ogda n-Iudaidé,
    iaṙngormchath nȧngruad ̇ngúr,
    itorchair slúag imSaúl.6561 
    Roaittreb in-Ebrón án
    rochaitreb Cebrón comlán,
    fortreib Iudae, cengris ̇nglé,
    mis ocus secht ̇mbliadné.6565 
    Fóidis Dauid, censíl ̇mbróin,
    techt coIspas mac Saóil,
    cotuctha dó, saer sluinter,
    Michol chaem achétmuinter. 36 a 16569 
    ISpas mac Sauil cenlén,
    rogab ríge n-Israhél,
    dȧfuc Michol, ciarb' olc leis,
    oAlathis mac Lais.6573 
    Corucad doDauid húad,
    'arbuide n-Iuda n-ollmúad,
    aṙmbeith iaṙmbes hitóebtaid
    dogres innarfíróentaid.'6577 
    Bai cluichi garb, glinni glór 68,
    forochair linni Gabon 69,
    eterAbnér mac Néir nair
    ocus Iob mac Sairb soeráil.6581 
    Cethror aṙfichit coglé
    doBeniemin is d'Iudae,
    fochutrummu cenclói clu,
    dorochair 'sincétchuinnscliu.6585 
    'Singleo thánaise iarnarím,
    doócaib Beniemín,
    dorochratar, traig fritraig,
    trifichit artribchétaib.6589 
    Romebaid incath iarsin
    forAbnér conasluagaib
    Asser mac Sairb, srethaib scél,
    conid ann romarb Abnér.6593 
    IOb badicerta crich,
    toisech míltnechta Dauid,
    macSairb, baglanger imgail,
    romarb Abner 'nadígail.6597 
    Banna ocus Recab, réim rúin,
    marbsat Ispas mac Saúil:
    frisretha sell iarnadíth p.97
    rucsat achenn coDauid.6601 
    Céin báe Dauid forIuda trén
    riaríge mac n-Israhél,
    in-Ebron frignim n-aircc n-íd
    bretha secht maic doDauid.6605 
    Ammon asinser, slicht n-óg,
    Eleab, Abisolon,
    Athenoias, frigart ̇nglán,
    Asfothías ocus Esrom.6609 
    Rí dorát recht n-Iuda n-oll,
    doDauid deoda drechdonn,
    srethaib slánaib slógaib sid
    congdaib rogab Dauid.
    Rogab Dauid, tola ̇nglé.

    114. 114.

    6613 Tinólsat dáil, derb cenlén,
    sruithred slóig mac n-Israhél;
    iartimnu Dé, din cech síd,
    dodeochatar coDauid.6617 
    Doratsat rígi, réim ̇nglé,
    domac amra Iesse,
    doDauid conamílib
    fortúathaib, foriltírib.6621 
    Rogab Dauid rígi ran
    cechacríchi cocomlán,
    othá Dán, fritola Dé,
    coclár broga Bersabé.6625 
    Arcruth cengaile imgaes,
    arsáere, arairmitin,
    nibái remi innachdú
    ríg n-aile bádadamrú.6629 
    Lín amuirech, lín amál,
    rím aruirech corogd,
    lín aslúaig sláin frisár slait,
    bamór indál tinolsat.
    Tinólsat dáil, derb cenlén.

    115. 115.

    6633 Tricha bliadan, cenbaes bríg,
    iarn-urd riagla, in-áes Dauid,
    fortir, fortalam, treb tlácht,
    coragab fír flathemnácht.6637 
    DoDauíd centressi tra
    sluinnit seissi senchassa,
    fricethrachait ̇mbliadan ̇mbalcc
    roríaglad ȧfollomnacht.6641 
    Cethricóraid, cóir andíth,
    dorochratar laDauíd.
    Benedab, Séb, Góla cain,
    isinfer cosé méraib.6645 
    Cethrur nalúaided, laíded ̇nglé,
    laDauid mac n-Iesse,
    Ethán delbda, tolaib rún,
    Assaph, Eman, Ithidún.6649 
    Agitophel, sód cengreis,
    is hIssau Arachiteis,
    dede cosinairdib (sic) síd,
    daprimchomairlid Dauíth.6653 
    Tan rogab airichas n-ard
    Dauid daigermas derbgargg,
    friág n-úathmar, uascech bla,
    baslán dotuatach tricha.
    Tricha bliadan, cenbaes bríg.

    116. 116.

    6657 Túargabad lais, líth cenlén,
    primchathir mac n-Israhél,
    forsleib Sioin, srethaib sell,
    cor'̇fothaig Hierusalem.6661 
    Suidig forsléib, sossad slán,
    Sion snéid, srethaib saergd, 36 a 2
    rosmathig fritoir uasdinn
    cathir coir fagabulrind. p.986665 
    Tricha mili, mod cenhír,
    lotar d'ócaib laDuíd,
    arcenn nahairce congrad
    cotegdais Aminadáb.6669 
    Conaclasschétlaib glinnib,
    conacruittib céolgrinnib,
    con-organ cainiu clíaraib,
    comáinib, comórmiadaib.6673 
    Bai indarc forcuclaigi gell
    'coatabairt diHierusalem:
    tarall lám Oxa inn-airc ̇n-óig:
    bamarb Oxa fochétóir.6677 
    Úair dosfuargaib, rígda ell,
    coslúagaib Hierusalem,
    arcc Dé thargcai oscach traig
    tucad lais donprimchathraig.6681 
    Riasinn-airc noib, noithi mail,
    li̇ngged aṙfailti ̇ndermáir,
    Dauid frialuth, línib smacht,
    amal druth icfurséoracht.6685 
    Badegrach rodéc immach
    Míchol menmnach, meruallach
    forsinríg, reim cendochta,
    baréil di ahimnochta.6689 
    Rochúrsaig inrig fomeirg
    corondúsaig fomoṙfeirg,
    cotarat Dauid, delm n-om,
    amallachtain arMíchol.6693 
    Incathir centomaidm tenn,
    dían' comainm Hierusalem,
    cain cumtach, clú cotagab,
    oscachdu dofúargabad.
    Túargabad lais, líth cenlén

    117. 117.

    6697 Dauid cotrethnaib tor trell
    forsrethbruig Hierusalem,
    róriagla fodelba tlacht
    tribliadna derba trichat.6701 
    Rosrethaig tolgdail triath tenn
    iartorgbail Hierusalem,
    oscechdándíne drȯng trén,
    il-lánrige n-Israhél.6705 
    Mespossad friattach n-án
    mac baccach bae icIonadán,
    dafuc Dauid osdrȯngaib
    sechcách innabithcommaid.6709 
    Ammon mac Dauid, delm n-án
    dorat forran forTamár;
    eter fer ismnái bacol,
    isde báe amudugod.6713 
    Abisalon, ni frisid,
    romarb Ammón mac ̇nDuíd,
    combái cendíamra fogreis
    teorabliadna forlȯngais.6717 
    Muinter Dauid, frisíd slóg,
    fecht lotar coríg n-Ammón,
    impu rogerrtha atuinchi
    is roberrtha alethulchi.6721 
    Nisrelic Dauid, delm n-óg,
    dían-imcasin donmórslóg;
    frian-athnugud, friatogo
    robátar inhEricho.6725 
    Tuc Dauid Annon mac Náis
    ríg n-Ammón indig tiugbáis,
    cotuc amind diachind chóir
    irabi tallann dergóir.6729 
    Roart Dauid, glérib crech,
    tír n-Ammoin forcechn-óenleth,
    rodamnad cosáthib slóg
    Ramath, cathir nan-Ammón.6733 
    Teora bliadna, bochta bríg,
    bói gorta in-aimsir Dauid,
    cotarmartad huili ambás
    icinaid Ammonitas.6737 
    Saúl robris cotach ̇ngér p.99
    Ammonita isIsrahél,
    dosrat fochrúach cachta,
    romarb slúag Ammonita.6741 
    Ai̇ngel Dé tharic cech síd,
    radid coglé friDuíd:
    arnaraib dígal forslóig,
    adíbad forsis Saóil.6745 
    Doratta darcenn intsloig
    morféssiur clainne Saóil,
    dosr'idnacht Dauid datta
    ilámaib Ammoníta.6749 
    LahAmoníta coataig
    archomailliud inchotaig,
    doréir Dé, sochlai senchai,
    rochrochdai in-oentelchai.6753 
    Sedba, Sobab, Nathan nár,
    Salemon ocus Ibár,
    Elessia lanmas cechdía,
    Iafeig ocus Iabía.6757 
    Elizammama, aurdaig rád,
    Elida, Elezeliáb,
    clanna Dauid, sretha snó sell,
    bretha dó inHierusalem. 36 b 16761 
    Rí con-ammodair bith ̇mbán,
    con-allodaib ollmár,
    rí coláinib lúathaib líth,
    ostúathaib tuárgaib Dauid.
    Dauid cotrethnaib tor trell.

    118. 118.

    6765 Tinolsat deimni teclai
    slúagai sergi Sirecdai,
    cotolcaib nator talc, trén,
    doorgain mac n-Israhel.6769 
    Dodíbad tuath itraiti,
    dochrínad uad Affraice,
    cotindrud natriath, torm tenn,
    dohindriud Hierusalem.6773 
    Forrogellsat iarfír fecht
    noragtais itír n-Egept,
    cobrath natargtais díatig
    cor'airgtis Alaxandir.6777 
    Focart dóib Dauid derb drúad,
    fosropart inserb slegrúad,
    combátar lanaib lerggaib
    donasrábaib srebdergaib.6781 
    Ort dib Dauid, delbda drech,
    deichmíli derbdai traigthech,
    ocht cét córad carpat cruaid
    cethorcha míli marcsluaig.6785 
    Inrí doruásat cechríg,
    rí cenguásacht, cendimbríg,
    ríȧnDauid trén derbdai raind
    dosrat hirén romadmaim.6789 
    Slúag naSerda, sretha drȯng,
    frifúam febda faebarglonn,
    lethnaib, lúathaib, lúardaib lac,
    trethnaib túathaib tinólsat.
    Tinólsat deimni teclae.

    119. 119.

    6793 Rothráeth natúatha díana,
    dosrat fogláed comríada:
    trialonnbruth nambríg ̇mbassa
    rol-lin tondgur diummusa.6797 
    Dorairchel ilar tiri
    cuaird gairbthenn fochoemríge,
    Dauid, ciarbo deoda doss,
    dorigni mor d'immarbos.6801 
    Dia roráined 70 lais lín slog
    bái focumachtu clannmór,
    diatuc inmnái dorímid,
    diaromarb atrénmílid. p.1006805 
    Dáinib, dínib, tolaib dind,
    máinib, milib ammórmind,
    glé roscacht triagin, triacath,
    dosrat fotig diatroethad.
    Roteth natúatha díana.

    120. 120

    6809 ÓR'̇fáided Íob, bátrúag scél,
    d'arim sluag mac n-Israhél,
    otha Dán, frithola Dé,
    coclár broga Bersabe,6813 
    Nóimis lána, lathar tricc,
    isoenlá tesbaid difichit,
    fririad robalcc natriath tenn
    cotoracht Hirusalem.6817 
    Dorigni Iob dondríg ráin
    inslóg dorim 'narígdáil,
    cóir adfét deserc Dé dil
    trichet dec dóib dimilib.6821 
    Ocht cét mili foroen recht
    díni nan-óentreb ̇ndéac,
    treb Iuda arfír, adfet scél,
    cóic cét míli fer fortrén.6825 
    IArcach n-áraim díb aruair,
    coslánaib sid frisrethbúaid,
    róráid 71 innia, núall cenlén,
    torraim Día slúag n-Israhél.6829 
    'Menisbennachad Iob án,'
    arint-ȧngel óg imnár,
    'ferg Dé rofig forfartur
    eterríg ocus phopul.'6833 
    IOb baóg imgním cert,
    dondrig, dontslóg basainserc,
    othír dothír fribrig ̇mbreth,
    ondríg díarím rofáided.
    Ór'̇fáided Íób, bátrúag scél.

    121. 121.

    6837 Fergach fris Fíadu, féidm n-úag,
    aran-árim namórslúag,
    uair narbo leis asnach cruth
    ambíathad nach an-étiud.6841 
    Bai ferg aili laDía ̇ndil,
    lathigerna donóebnim,
    diar'ort amílid, mét gal,
    tuc amnái iarnamarbad.6845 
    Roraid Spirut Dé friGád
    aithesc glé, crichid, comlán:
    'ráid friDauid, nigó gaib,
    roga dó artribbrethaib.6849 
    'Secht ̇mblíadna dó bochta búan,
    ocus gorta conaimlúad,
    no trimis agair riacreich,
    no gris galair trib latheib.' 36 b 26853 
    Roraid Gád fri Dauid tan,
    ciarbochrád riamenmanrad:
    'toticfa dígal nochath
    triath'imrádud ̇ndiummasach.'6857 
    Corogaid Duid iarsein
    asoerad foranáimteib,
    dígal basmaith lais fodein
    tabrad forru diaógréir.6861 
    Dauid babibdu rechta
    fricachtimnu tarmthechta,
    d'̇fis trialla deochair dochath,
    Fíadu fris feochair, fergach.
    Ferggach fris Fíadu, feidm n-úag.

    122. 122.

    6865 Rosnort int-ȧngel cosnéid
    triachinaid diumsa Duíd,
    sechtmoga míli, mor scél, p.101
    dodíni mac n-Israhél.6869 
    Dorigni Dauid fogail
    athirgi fothromdéraib,
    cocétlodaib salm slechta,
    in-étgodaib cilecda.6873 
    Ri rodet dilgud derb, dein,
    doDauid diamórchintaib,
    dodeccraib agním clithi
    iarnahettlaib athirgi.6877 
    Dodeochaid Gad glanbda gle,
    comac n-amra n-Iesse,
    con-erbairt fris, fath cenchlith,
    'dena tegdais donChomdid.6881 
    'Túargaib altóir doDia dil,
    buidnib balcthoir donChomdid,
    in-aria, cenlunni lí,
    Ornaunndi Iabussi.'6885 
    Dorinnscan Dauid insein
    doruirig nimi nóebgil,
    nicheil frignim ̇nglérda ̇nglan
    tempul sain ségda Solman.6889 
    Mor míli iarset roslas,
    mor cét, mór ̇ndíni ̇ndronmas,
    mor slúag rosmacht frisnúad sel,
    nitrúag rosnort int-ȧngel.
    Rosnort int-ȧngel cosnéid.

    123. 123.

    6893 Dorodiúsaig Día amac
    'naagid frifrituttacht,
    mór d'ulc triabrathaib rogní
    diaathair combad athri.6897 
    Dor'inól slúag sleoda sneid,
    in-agaid ̇ndeoda ̇nDauid,
    triabladblat feib rofirad
    cotarmart aathrígad.6901 
    Túargaib cosluagaib cosreith
    combuadaib, combrithemnib 72,
    nir'̇fírda dó dul donchath
    iartecht corígna aathar.6905 
    Abisolón, srethaib slúag,
    rothinól cath claidebruad,
    d'innarba Dauid cotrén
    nabeth forcrich n-Israhél.6909 
    Glérdin rofersat incath
    treṅfir Dauid comorrath:
    riacruadgail nacórad crón
    rotheich slog Abisolón.6913 
    Uarromebaid incath cerb
    for Abisolón slegdergg,
    amȯng buidi, mín adath,
    rogiul dogéscu darach.6917 
    IOb trénfer derbtha treith
    toisech míltnechta Dauid,
    donchath chródonn rogab greimm
    atacomȯng dooenbeim.6921 
    O shunn romarbad amac
    dor'arbrad fothochomracht,
    cotarmairt éc, bascél tróg,
    dochumaid Abisolón.6925 
    Asbert Iob, bascél treith,
    fiadintslóg mór, friDuid:
    'ragab bás baide fobrón
    dochaine Abisolón.'6929 
    IArum rogab aríge
    Dauid con-ilur míle,
    uair dorochair leis icath
    Abisolón slógbuadach.6933 
    Dilliud for Duid dána
    con-immud cechdrochdála,
    Abisolón díandiumsaig
    ríanarian dorodiúsaig.
    Dorodiúsaig Día amac.

    124. 124.

    6937 Diatánic Dauid andess
    darIordanan, nirb'imchres,
    tárnactar 'nadáil cenlén
    slóig Iuda, slóig Israhél.6941 
    Rofer slóg Iuda coslán
    fáilti friDauid ̇ndermár,
    bafálti fóil, nirbothrén,
    failti sloig mac n-Israhél.6945 
    Rofer Sephi, gléssib glór,
    forséssib Abisolón,  37 a 1
    rotriall cath aili fogreim
    mac Bachaire osléib Effraim.6949 
    Sephi mac Bachairi braiss,
    doclainn Israhél admaiss,
    rothinól slóg, nirb'frisid,
    dochomhéirge friDuid.6953 
    Romebaid fair, nifuair dín,
    rian-Iób comuintir Duid,
    corocht incathraig, cét ̇mbla,
    Abella Pedamacha.6957 
    Corongiuil Iob ilar cath,
    nirbochiuin cóir conarmrad,
    condessid mardlúm dardreich
    immondún docachóenleith.6961 
    Bae banscal écnaid is'dún
    iarfrecraib imcechglanrún,
    d'acallaim Iób bái 'sinchath
    doluid formúr nacathrach.6965 
    Gorelic gairm, ba gním n-óg,
    formac Sairb, nirbuerthróg,
    donmúr fiadintslog immaig
    condernai Iob d'acallaim.6969 
    'A Iob it'foimsid frisíd,
    achoimsid forslóg nDuíd,
    nahimbeir luinni colén
    formuimmi mac n-Israhél.6973 
    'Seṅfoccul buada, buan scél,
    latuatha mac n-Israhel,
    docachcheist chialchaid rotchná
    iarfaig inPedamachá.'6977 
    Roraid Iob ilar dáil,
    fiadintslog frisiṅmbanscáil:
    'teilgc cenn meic Bachairi 'mach,
    nigébthar ell nacathrach.'6981 
    Roradi inben iarsein
    comblathi, cenimresain:
    'ferr oenfer dontslog dodul
    indá inmor domudugud.'6985 
    Dorigned sain arIob
    mac Sairb frisretha soerslóg,
    cenn meic Bachairi immach
    rolad darmúr nacathrach.6989 
    Dorumalt Dauid cenchess
    ahorddan, ahairechass,
    cofargaib friSolam slán
    iarsin inflaithius forlán.6993 
    Samma mac Geraid condith
    iaṙndebaid dó friDuid,
    roslecht doDauid cotrait
    darIordanan diatánic.
    Diatánic Dauid aness.

    125. 125.

    6997 Rogab Solam, srethaib slúag,
    rígi n-Israhél n-adrúad,
    rí samlaid nifrith sunn sel,
    eter talmain isnóebnem.7001 
    Con-écnu óg, cocruth glan,
    targcai cechslóg séis Solman:
    balór forggal oscachmaig
    arorddan, arairmitein. p.1037005 
    Écna Solman, srethaib slóg,
    osbith bladmar mardergór,
    macsamla Solman, síth ̇nglan,
    nifrith dorigaib talman.7009 
    Dáarrig dec, digrais gair,
    héd robátar icSolmain,
    cach forachuaird, demin scél,
    fordáthuaith dec Israhél.7013 
    Frithalim tigi indrig
    sloig sir Solman meic Dauid,
    fritinol bíd ocus chiis
    cachdíb icind cachoenmíss.7017 
    Fess cech n-aidchi, cenchess cain,
    tairbi tigi Solamain,
    cenlubai lergg, leri líi,
    censelgc slebi nahuisci.7021 
    Tricha miach cruithnecht osblái,
    trifichit miach n-eornáe,
    deicḣndaim fichet bó, nibréc,
    ocus cet molt, ba morthrét.7025 
    Arécnu, arordun oll,
    frifrecru forgal fírdrȯng,
    amru brígaib, brosnaib gal,
    osrígaib rogab Solam.
    Rogab Solam, srethaib slúag.

    126. 126.

    7029 IS leis rothurcbad olár
    incumtach crichid comlán,
    oscach clothmaig, cocruth glan,
    tempul sruith sochraid Solman.7033 
    Fácbaid Dauid, déde ̇ndein,
    diamarbad icSolamain:
    Iob trén {} dlomad cath
    ocusSambe mac Gerad.7037 
    Solam basúi saigtis máil
    frifoglaim écnai imláin,
    'coadrad, nidal cenbríg,
    rohuc hed docach ardríg.7041 
    Mac Dauid fritarba trén,
    ríi macc n-amra n-Israhél,  37 a 2
    cengói, cengeiss, cumtaig rath,
    Solam isleis roturcbad.
    ISleiss rothurcbad olár.

    127. 127.

    7045 Oadrad indidail áin
    dorat Día digail ̇ndermáir,
    forclainn Solman, sruth nasreith,
    coroscartha frideichthreib.7049 
    Síl Solman forróed, réim ̇nglé,
    rodastróeth rí rindnime,
    cenforgal, cenmiad mathius,
    cenordan, cenárdflathius.7053 
    Mac Solman Robuam rofich
    fordethreib conadligthib,
    ocus hIrobuam roclos
    fordeichtreib rogab flatheos.7057 
    Solam básui saigtís drui̇ng
    frifoglaimm n-ecnai n-eruill,
    roscar fribúaid isfriblaid,
    ohuair adartha indidail.
    Oadrad indidail áin.

    128. 128.

    7061 Rí dorat dígail, deilm n-úag,
    forsinríg réil hIrobuam,
    diancursaig infáith foleith,
    diambái icadrad indídail.7065 
    Domarbad inḋfátha áin
    luid hIrobuam conagin,
    seccais alám, lathar ̇ngrinn,
    immonclaideb ̇ngarb ̇ngérthinn.7069 
    Diatormailt infáith iṅmbíad
    dartimna ̇nDé, baanríad, p.104
    rí rofaed leo lán dogail,
    iarsain cucai diaargain.7073 
    Ruri betha, bríg nadbréc,
    rorude imgretha glangéc,
    rochacht cachrí fogin glain,
    inrí dorat indígail.
    Rí dorat dígail, deilm n-úag.

    129. 129.

    7077 IArn-écaib hIrobuam ráin
    dodeichtreib, deithbir golgair,
    in-Israhél, foglór gal,
    robái mór n-arracht n-ídal.7081 
    Bái mór n-ergal ̇ndegrach ̇ndian,
    bái mór doulc, doanríad,
    eter déthreib, tolaib treb,
    ocus deichtreib nan-imned.7085 
    Bái dóib fritindriud mór cath
    dian-indriud isdiatróethad,
    cechsluaig 'mosech, foraig thaig,
    dogeintib isd'echtrannaib.7089 
    Bái, badeithbir, toirsi thrúag
    fordeichtreib conamórslúag,
    slúag nuall nan-idal cechthreib
    imhIrobuam iarn-écaib.
    IArn-écaib hIrobuam ráin.

    130. 130.

    7093 Rogab rígi, réim n-achtach,
    Achab úallach imthaltach,
    croda, conglandath, congail,
    friandamnad, friatimmarcain.7097 
    Fritimarcain cáich forecht
    iarfinnaltaib fath firchert,
    friadrad De, tolaib gál,
    frimandrad n-ȧngbaid n-ídál,7101 
    Frihinnarba n-echtrann n-úag,
    línib aclechtchlann comlúad,
    frigním ̇nglé ̇nglériu cechcruth,
    friréir ̇nDé dohorddugud.7105 
    In-amsir Hele cenchol,
    conglere, ceniṁforddol,
    fordeichtreib conagrad glé,
    Achab án rogab rígé.
    Rogab rígi, réim n-achtach.

    131. 131.

    7109 Rí dor'úargaib Héle fáith,
    glére crúanmaith cechcomráid,
    lestar lán, cenáeb n-engaig,
    inSpírta saér sechtdelbaig.7113 
    Teorabliadna, buan inscél,
    bái tart fortúaith n-Israhél,
    nirelic deochair Día dil
    broen fleochaid doib donoebnim.7117 
    Ann dognid Héle amra
    infirt n-aurdaircc n-adamra,
    oenmac nafedba fȯfeib
    dothathbeogud ahécaib.7121 
    Ort incóecait, bagnim glan,
    dosacarddaib nan-ídal,
    roloisc tene diblinaib
    infeoil fíadnahardrigaib.7125 
    Diabreithir baferr cecḣndáil
    Héle condene noebnáir,
    roloisc tene trom, tuaimnech
    cét fer fortren, foruaibrech.7129 
    Rohoirdnestar, araseircc,
    Héle, Helesius airdeircc,
    frignim cumtaig cóir cechgid 73,
    combahé doib báprimfáith. 37 b 17133 
    Dorurgabsat Hele fáith p.105
    slúaig ai̇ngel nimi noebnáir,
    fornem noebda niab nemed,
    icarput dian dergthened.7137 
    Tuistid talman, tolaib drȯng,
    bladmar frifuismiud ferdrȯng:
    isamru brígaib congaib
    Rí osrígaib doruargaib.
    Rí doruargaib Héle faith.

    132. 132.

    7141 Ri RUC Héle oscech rót
    in-óenbaili coHenóc,
    he dorat rath, ruithnib rían,
    emnaide forHelessiam.7145 
    Diar'luid Helessium cenlén
    fectas dosruth Iordanén,
    luid insruth forcúl, ceim cían,
    laforngaire Helessiam.7149 
    Diambennach, mod ̇ngémlech ̇ngle,
    insruth nemnech nemide,
    oshain cobráth, nibág brass,
    conidhe insruth slán somblass.7153 
    Dialuid set sáer, slan cenbrath,
    Helesius lan donoebrath,
    fobas martra rodasmacht
    inmacrad romallachsat.7157 
    Díarodail Día codían
    derb labréthir Helesiam,
    bagním tuicsi dontuaith dein,
    sruaim uisci dothalmannaib.7161 
    Ri frisindalat 74 intsluaig,
    rii congradgart, conglanbuáid,
    ri tarcai cechfein, fuaim ̇nglé,
    morí reil rȯfuc Hele.
    Rí ruc Hele oscechrót.

    133. 133.

    7165 Diambennach Helesius lor
    mellach fricobair coemslog,
    bec d'olai glannai bái is'treib
    connárothallai il-lestraib.7169 
    Oenmac mná, batoirm truagi,
    bamarb dobidc oenúaire,
    atraracht abrath, beirt pían,
    óshunn tanic Helesíam.7173 
    Dorigni firt n-amra n-uag
    Helesius fiad inmorsluag,
    claimi Nemain doreir De
    luid 75 agledail forGesse.7177 
    Bafinbert Helessi lain
    ocimthecht iartír Dathain,
    frinuall n-ȧngel cenmailli
    bainsluag dolándailli.7181 
    Incorp roláad, luad ̇nglé,
    forlige lór Helessé,
    atraracht cencheo, gním cóir,
    amal bidbeo fochetóir.7185 
    O shunn cái Helessius arcel
    eternoebu fornoebnem,
    bafergach friu Dia donim
    artharmthecht daratimnaib.7189 
    Fedb rogáid cofobaid fial
    acobair forHelessiam,
    indola glé, gleoir corath,
    isdodeóin Dé rosbennach.
    Diambennach Helessius lór.

    134. 134.

    7193 Rí doraraic doib mór slúag
    fogradgreit echtrann nadrúad,
    forro cȯngbgail cherta p.106
    dodígail atarmthechta.7197 
    Ri rodatriall, tolaib drȯng 76,
    fairne fían fortren, fortromm,
    lín armach, censíl n-etla,
    dodamnad am-morphectha.7201 
    Rí dosrat fogailib gail,
    fodairib, fothromdiglaib,
    fosolaig cengrad, cengloir,
    brónaig imbrait Babiloin.7205 
    Secht míli tréṅfer fritóir
    ructha imbrait ̇mBabilóin,
    ocusmíli, mét cachta,
    doaes cachahintliuchta.7209 
    Deichmíli fer ferdais nual
    ised rombai 'sinmórslúag,
    cenmná, cenmacu folli,
    cenaes ̇ndán, ceniunachi.7213 
    Rí tarccacht bith ̇mbladmar ̇mbras
    rosmacht cechn-adbar n-amnas,
    congaib iarsiraib seircc 77,
    rí corigaib doraraic.
    Rí doraraic doib mór sluag.

    135. 135.

    7217 Ri tarlaic inlíc ochéin
    hicenn nadeilbi dontsleib,
    isint-herdornn óg cenrig
    icscribunn coir caindligid.7221 
    Rii roscar inríg roclos
    friarigi, friaarḋflatheos,
    combái secht ̇mbliadna foleith
    amal nacethra iccomgleith.  37. b 27225 
    Ri roheirn dál domuin troig
    corala ár inmórsloig,
    diatuc leo cenmerbe ammaig,
    cenn deOlferne 'sincathraig.7229 
    Rí rofaed inn-ȧngel n-uag,
    bagnim ̇ndȧngen frihimluad,
    feib imroraid, rigda scél,
    dochobair mac n-Israhél.7233 
    Dia rohort frisaerbuáid sain,
    frióenhuair donanaimteib,
    noifichit mili, met cath,
    ocus coeca arcet corad.7237 
    Rí roreraig, rigda triall,
    iarn-edaib doEzechiam:
    cóic bliadna déc, dochtaid dul,
    doforcraid forasaegul.7241 
    Ri ruc ingrein cuires cách
    diaréim ruithess corognath,
    fri deich n-úara foracul,
    fogne búada buan brígrun.7245 
    Ȧndorigni morí raith
    arsíl n-Adaim dobithmaith,
    osbith builid, bág centreis,
    islia tuirim is aisnéis.7249 
    Formorgrain Med ocus Pers
    Greic ocusRomain rigthess (sic),
    forbriga betha comblait,
    foraríga rí tharlaic.
    Rí tharlaic inlic ochein.

    136. 136.

    7253 Ri roeirn 78 doib dál triarath,
    cidhed aman bahingnad,
    dosíl Adaim, gradaib cruth,
    cosmailius cosainigud.7257 
    Doalmaib airbrib fonéim,
    doénaib aidblib aéir,
    dobíastaib bit cenblaid,
    dohiascaib snait isrothaib.7261 
    Dodechraib gotha nan-én
    ocus acrotha comthrén p.107
    doberlaib cechmil bladmair,
    dian-ergnaib, dian-iladbaib.7265 
    Glé nihinunn seis nasmacht,
    gne, nahintliucht, na admat,
    naberla, naciall, nacruth,
    nahergna no horddogud.7269 
    Rí rodasgni, gnim glanna,
    ildelba nan-anmanna,
    ri congrad cenchredim cain,
    morí ran roheirn dooib.
    Ri roeirn doib dál triarath.

    137. 137.

    7273 Ri thuc doib ilar luba
    triathalmain ahimthuga,
    forberat uili immalle,
    ciatecsamla itcosmaile.7277 
    Sain ní diafognai cechluib
    dosrósat Dia diadegthoil,
    sasait, sergait, línait blait,
    ícait, bethaigait, marbait.7281 
    Ri rosfaillsig foriagail
    friataidbsin cechoenblíadain,
    folígdath frididnad suth,
    fricrínad, frihurugud.7285 
    Brechtrad cechdatha foli
    clechtmaith dosrigni int-ardri,
    dath amlaid fricetlud ̇nglan
    nibái foretgud Solman.7289 
    Adamra indrig naruam rath,
    nimtha luad aran-ilar,
    atlíu luibni fidbad fann
    noruibni rinndglan retglann.7293 
    Rí dosrergaib osbith balcc
    friserggad, friinforbart,
    nignath imbruc oscechtreib,
    congrad dȯfuc dooib.
    Rí tuc doib ilar luba.

    138. 138.

    7297 Ri rosáer Abel centair
    dogradmiad domuin dermair,
    daroega, frisuilge seirc,
    triahuimle, triaglanedpairt.7301 
    Rí rosaer fritormach triath
    Noe nóebglan mac Lamiach,
    ocus Abram fiadcachdru̇ng
    dearmgrad Caldeorum.7305 
    Ri rosáer Loth, lathar ̇ndil,
    dintslog, isadahingin,
    diatargbad inplág badbda,
    diatardad sár Sodomda.7309 
    Ri rosáer Isaac ochéin
    dondidpairt isindardsléib,
    diatuc int-ai̇ngel inmolt
    diambai fonchlaidiub glénocht.7313 
    Ri rosáer Iacob doaitt
    doláim Isau meicc Isaic,
    diȧndechaid fothuaith combuaid
    dothig Labain meic Bathuail.7317 
    Rí rosáer fritreba tóir
    Ioséph ossar clainne Iacóib,  38 a 1
    dianfarslaic Dia trialáthar
    dolámaib aderbráthar.7321 
    Ri rosáer Ioseph, fo fecht,
    asincharchair in-Egept,
    combahairri oscechclainn
    orofúaslaic fís Forainn.7325 
    Ri rosáer Moisi, met rath,
    dosruth Níl cenabádad,
    díar'erail Día, derbod raind,
    forTermod ingin Forainn.7329 
    Ri rosáer Moise, mor scél,
    ocus popul n-Israhél, p.108
    doMuir Romuir, rigda smacht,
    isdodiglaib nan-Egept 79.7333 
    Ri rosáer, segda atóir,
    dogin Balaim meic Beóir,
    dialuid clann Israhél áin
    doaittreib tíre Cannáin.7337 
    Ri rosáer, saerda inscel,
    sluag noebda mac n-Israhél,
    diarosfuc, ruamna cenlén,
    darsruth n-uarda n-Iordanen.7341 
    Ri rosáer Iessu mac Nún
    diambai ictogail naprimdún,
    conasluag dichra, dána,
    dochathaib naCannana.7345 
    Ri ran rodasáer secho
    Raab diráenaib hEricho,
    diarlegsat, duiri athbach,
    secht muir innaprimchatrach.7349 
    Ri rosáer Oeth 80 ócda
    dochlaidiub naCiclopda,
    ocus Geodeon, gním ̇ndana,
    doburba nambarbarda.7353 
    Ri rosáer Samson cenhír
    dolámaib naFilistín,
    diar'bris díarig roimsi rath
    primdoirsi namorcatrach.7357 
    Ri rosáer Susannam slain
    diatucad isinmordáil,
    donguforgull roches cath,
    dian-erracht cach diaclochad.7361 
    Ri rosáer Hele fáith
    ocusEnoc án imthláith.
    fogriandaib caidib cengeis
    indiamraib blathib Parduis.7365 
    Ri rosáer Dauid alchur
    diambai aoenur is'dithrub,
    diatuc incairig coglan
    agailig indleoman.7369 
    Ri rosáer Dauid dána
    dochathaib nacombága,
    diatuc cenn Gólai, gním ̇ngúr,
    combae forbélaib Saúl.7373 
    Ri rosáer Ezechiam slan
    ciarb'focus adédendal,
    diarohícad cosolmai
    dongalur, dondinnlobrai.7377 
    Ri rosáer Daniel, deilm ̇nglan,
    acuthi naleoman,
    ocusNeman, rosóe lí,
    asindindlobrai grandí.7381 
    Ri rosáer Michiam, mod ̇mblaith,
    dodiumus uaibrech Achaib,
    ocus Ionas fiadcachclainn,
    díatanic abrú bledmaill.7385 
    Ri rosáer, baleor dobuaid,
    naNinuiandai frioenhuair,
    dia rostarmchell, mor inmairg,
    tob tened dicachoenaird.7389 
    Ri rosáer Toba, derb de,
    diambai itroga nadaille,
    isnatrimeic cosindrath
    rodasaer is'tsurnn tened.7393 
    Ri rosáer Petur cechcruth
    bahecgal rianabádud,
    dial-luid coCrist, cengói ̇ngle,
    diambái fordói nafairge.7397 
    Ri rosáer Petar centair,
    bahettal in-aurgabail,
    dianforslaic angel Dé dil
    acosraib, acumrigib.7401 
    Rí rosáer Eoin bai tan
    trianagnim ̇ngleóir ̇ngléglan,
    digae gona indnemi glais
    ocus dindolai amnais. p.1097405 
    Rí slógdil rosaer cenlen
    Maire mórdil Magdalen,
    cenathelluch, deoda tlus,
    d'atherruch in-immarbus.7409 
    Rí saer Teclai ̇ndíascaig ̇ndil
    onabíastaib béldergaib,
    isint-aṅfabrocht forruth
    bahadbalbocht dinḋfuatluch.7413 
    Ri rosáer Pol, bláith aniab,
    ocus noeb naslóg Siliem,
    batar fochircolggaib cath
    icrinchumgaib nacatrach.7417 
    Romsaera Dia trebar trén
    arDemun conadubnél, 38 a 2
    feib rodasaer, slicht roscar,
    cechnoeb remitrubarmar.7421 
    Rí cengáeli caine imrúin,
    ri conáibe oscechnoebdúil,
    fogni cachminn, mocachmiad,
    ri narind rosáer Abial.
    Rí rosáer Abial centáir.

    139. 139.

    7425 Rí Roróen romaib cenmeth
    cech ̇ndoraid forcechoenleth,
    uair bátar mogaid, mod ̇nglan,
    dorig nimi ocustalman.7429 
    Ri dorat fothraig cechtúaith
    congail, cȯngrain, conglanbúaid,
    conidhé aconn, acenn,
    acathir Hierusalem.7433 
    Rí dorat sobarthain sláin
    forciniud n-amra n-Abráim,
    mor ríg, mor faithi, mór ̇mban,
    génair oAbram armglan.7437 
    Ri oscechrinn, ruathar ̇ndil,
    tuarcgab cachdind diadulib,
    rosuidig frisid cechsreith
    rí cendíth docachóenleith.7441 
    Nicheil cachsúi segda slán,
    manidcloe ergna n-imlán,
    fogníat geill cechcoim n-inceil
    donRíg réil roróen remib.
    Rí roróen romaib cenmeth.

    140. 140.

    7445 Ri dosnúargaib óscech iath
    Isaac, Iacób, Iosiaph,
    Moisi ocusIessu fófríth,
    Samuel deoda ocus Dauid.7449 
    Rí rochar Heli cechdia,
    Helesium isIsaia,
    Heremiam frifeba fiss,
    Etzechel isDanielis.7453 
    Hestra, Osse, Ohel án,
    ocus Abdias imlán,
    isMichiae, bafó fia,
    Ambacuc is Fuffoniae.7457 
    Agiae, Zachariae cencheist,
    athair Iohain uasail Babtaist,
    Misaelis fiadcechdru̇ng
    ocus Machabeorum.7461 
    Rí d'anglib glanaib géraib,
    ri d'arbrib fonemnélaib,
    ri corígaib, rigda ail,
    mó rigaib, rí dosfuargaib.
    Ri dosnúargaib óscachiath.

    141. 141.

    7465 Ri Rosaer Sarra combúaid,
    Rabecca ingin ̇mBathuail,
    nadíphiair, mor am-míad,
    Lia lór ocusRachíal. p.1107469 
    Ri dosfuargaib oscechcrích
    Ester, Conra isIudith,
    mathri nafatha, mod ̇mbláith,
    ocus indAnna baṅfáith.7473 
    Ruiri richid, rí roscar
    huili máthri nan-apstal,
    nadíMaire, milib triath,
    máthair Iohain Elizafiath.7477 
    Ri rodasaer oscechthreib
    arcech n-olcc, arcech n-erbaid,
    slúag nanoebuag immasech
    lasluag namban n-athergech.7481 
    AṙnDia delbda, tolaib drȯng,
    arFlaith fial, febda, foroll,
    arClí, nicloen oscechblai,
    Ri naroen rosaer Sarrai.
    Rí rosaer Sarrai combúaid.

    142. 142.

    7485 Macc Zachair sainsercc intslúaig
    glainelcc ceṅmbathail ̇mbithbuaid,
    mac Elizafeth, sid ̇nglé,
    remthectaid ríg noemnimé.7489 
    IOhain Babtaist, blaith ingein,
    baremthechtaid Crist coemdil,
    rosluind doMaire mormiad
    diambai imbroind Elizafiad,7493 
    Diatanic Maire, mor míad
    dofis scel Elizafiad,
    diaraid ria cenchaire cath
    Maire máthair inChoimded.7497 
    Hua Iobe cenathis cinn
    dorinnscan bathis ̇mblaith bind,
    gleoir indógraith óscechdáil
    Iohain mórmaith mac Zacháir.
    Mac Zacháir sainsercc intslúaig.

    143. 143.

    7501 Ri doRaiga, ruathar ̇nglé,
    indflesc dochlainn Iesse,
    indóg findlem, glan agné,
    Maire ingen Ebraidé.7505 
    Insa dosraiga ochéin
    oaimsir athar Abéil,
    baili buan cechberlai bind,
    Maire úag ingen Iochim.  38 b 17509 
    Rí thanic donim nerta
    diaroet chorp ̇ndóinachta,
    mó cech ̇mbríg ardeseirc ̇ndil,
    dothesargain sil Adaim.7513 
    Ri dorósat bith ̇mbuidi,
    conic traig ocus tuili,
    robai nói mis, morda re,
    imbrú naógda Ebraide.7517 
    Ri thanic icolla crí,
    hé donrosat donephní,
    donfuaslaic dochum nimi
    triachoimpert nahingini.7521 
    Huaislium rígaib rígda gein,
    rí rogenair imBetheil,
    doraṙngert cechfaith ochein
    gigned iflaith Ochtauein.7525 
    Diatánic Gabriel donim,
    mor inglanmiad dondIngin,
    mor inbrig De rodasta
    doreir indríg dosraiga.
    Ri doraiga, ruathar ̇nglé

    144. 144.

    7529 Ri Rogenair, ni bine,
    domulluch nahIngine:
    réil doraittni oscechrainn,
    rian-Enair, in-ocht kallainn. p.1117533 
    Ri diar-rochet, cain cai̇ngen,
    class ȧngel isarchaingel,
    sid dodoenaib oscechbruig,
    indocbail Dé uasnemdaib.7537 
    Rí roruithnig rétlaind ráin
    riasnadruidib 'nachomdail,
    diatucsatar leo lith lor
    mirr ocus tuis isdergór.7541 
    Rí bái imBethil, buaid becht,
    ruc reim techid in-Egept,
    diambai inteduar oscechmaig,
    diar'hort Heruad inmaccraid.7545 
    Rí tucad aness 81 iartain
    oshunn rohort indarggain,
    cor'alt iarsain, bagnim gle,
    inNazáreth Galaile.7549 
    Rí dessid, nitlaith atlí,
    eterscribae isfarsaidi,
    foraiarair, triamain triath,
    diambai Maire ocusIosiab.7553 
    Rí roimchomairc, mor scel,
    dosruithib mac n-Israhél,
    rí dorat mor cesta ̇ngle
    forsuidib rechta Moise.7557 
    Rí romol Semeon bacoir,
    diambái iconglanaltóir,
    diatuargaib foradílaim,
    ardruire nimi noebnáir.7561 
    Rí dorat forngaire trén
    forsruth n-amra n-Iordanén,
    conarogluais, clú cengeis,
    inhed rombas 'conbatheis.7565 
    Rí tarrasair fiadintslog
    moruiri fírmaith finnmór,
    forṡndessid inSpírut Noeb
    laforggal Fiadat fírsaer.7569 
    Mac Dé, Dia deoda cechthan,
    baoen, batréoda derbglan,
    nihé inforuallach friagair,
    ri robúadach rogénair.
    Rí rogenair, ni bine.

    145. 145.

    7573 Ri Róaen, Rothroisc coglé,
    cethrachait lá ocusaidche,
    ardessmerecht docachsruith,
    indiamraib dorchaib dithruib.7577 
    Ri tharlaic cuce, gné gaind,
    nagorta foracholainn,
    coroclóad Demun de
    triasinn-aimsigud trede.7581 
    Ri doraiga teglach ̇ndil
    diachumtuch eter dóinib,
    dosil Abráim, árim ̇nglain,
    dáfer dec doapstalaib.7585 
    Ri rochar Petar isPol,
    Andreas uais isIacob,
    Iohain, Pilípp, blaith ȧngus,
    Bartolom ocusTomus.7589 
    Rí rochar Madian maith, mór,
    isinglaṅfial Iacob,
    Simon isTatha centass,
    Matha, Marc ocus Lucas.7593 
    Ri rochar dásessiur fer,
    bahé atheglach toebgel,
    ladeisciplu, noebda smacht,
    ado soerda sechtmogat.7597 
    Ri arroet bathis fosmacht
    cenathis ardeismeracht,
    rofigle cengaile gne
    inrí dorigne inn-óene.
    Ri roáen, rothroisc coglé.

    146. 146.

    7601 Ri Robennach, mellach búaid,
    na secht lestru usci úair, 38 b 2
    diamboe 'sinchoiblid gil glain,
    dianderna infín i̇nGalail.7605 
    Rí imRulaid, rígda fecht,
    combuidin móir 'nachoemtecht,
    diar'hiicc inclam, comul ̇nglé,
    bae fortoeb naconairé.7609 
    Rí ruthanic, tolaib drȯng,
    incathraig Capharnaum,
    diabrethir féin, feib rothúir,
    roíccad mac inchetuir.7613 
    Rí conattail il-lui̇ng lóir,
    in-ainbthine dein dermóir,
    diar'choisc iṅngaeth corbothláith,
    corabi inrianfeth robláith.7617 
    Ri rofaed drȯng ̇ndotchaid, ̇ndúb,
    'sindorcraid cenimforddúl,
    diar'hícc fer fothedmaib tra
    dogrethaib dremnaib demna.7621 
    Rí rosas nacoicmili,
    cenmotha slóg cechdine,
    dochoicbargenaib, mod n-án,
    ocus dondáoenbratan.7625 
    Rí robennach, ferr cechgein,
    nadáiasc, nacoicbargein,
    cotaṙfuaraid léo foleith
    dáchliab déc diafuidlechaib.7629 
    Ni dinsid tiar na tair,
    rí in-hislib, ri in-arddaib,
    adrell cechrig immosech,
    ferr cechrig ri robennach.
    Rí robennach, mellach búaid.

    147. 147.

    7633 Ri cos'tuctha dagalar
    bodor ocusamlabar,
    immuich arbélaib intslúaig
    rodashicc isindoenhuair.7637 
    Ri conattaig, tuiccsi dáil,
    deog d'uisque forsiṅmbannscáil,
    dian-ebairt frie centlais
    bái coicer innacomgnais.7641 
    Ri rohic, amra tola,
    mnai truaig dindrobur fola,
    diataraill alám focleith,
    finna abrothirni innétaig.7645 
    Rí rohicc mac nafedba
    diantuc othoraib demna,
    amra firt fiadrȯngaib dál,
    diarohiccad inbacclám.7649 
    Ri condranic forsinmaig
    frideichnebur doclannaib,
    nícian rolla fordala
    comtar coema comlana.7653 
    Ri robennach secht ̇mbargin
    la bec d'iascc, nírbo daidbir,
    facbait secht cleib d'fuidlib de
    sloig nacetheoramíle.7657 
    Ri rocháimchlai cruth cia cóir
    intan luid islíab Taboir,
    diatarfaid, gléalt cenhacht (?),
    adéacht trianadoenacht.7661 
    Tan bateist coiċfer, gnim n-og 82,
    Petar, Iohain isIacob,
    cȯngaissi ceilli, clú cass,
    Moise ocusHele admass.7665 
    Rí bethad buadaig, buan blad,
    cli imgretha gluair ili gor:::
    nicerr fribrig buidni bla p.113
    ferr cachríg ri cos'tuctha.
    Rí cos'tuctha dágalar.

    148. 148.

    7669 Rí Roirscart isroglan
    tempul sóer segda:::
    tegdais dil deoda Dé bí,
    bid teg n-amra n-aurnaigthi.7673 
    Rí rothodiusaig ahuaig
    Lazair balór dolánbuaid,
    iarnaécaib, feib roclos,
    in-adnacul cethri ̇ndenos.7677 
    Mori réil, coméit glaine,
    imrualaid muir ̇nGalaile,
    cossaib tírmaib, deoda gáir,
    fescur fiadnaapstalaib.7681 
    Ri roshícc fiadchuirib clann
    forsintsét nadámac dall,
    dianderna donchríaid chéir
    combarosc roglan roréil.7685 
    Ri rȯfuc immrim n-amra
    indomnuch naglanphalma,
    diatucad dó immasech
    indassan isint-ochech.7689 
    Rí frisin-erbairt inslúag
    huili eter tren ocus trúag;
    'dena arn-íc triabithu sir,
    atbennachda, ameic Dauid!'7693 
    ArCoimdiu glé cumtaig rath
    turcbaid cechgne cechcumtach,
    cain clí cendigna, cenchacht,
    mori rigda rohirscart.
    Ri rohirscart isroglan.

    149. 149.

     39 a 17697 Ri dorigne triacheill ̇nglain
    humalloit diaapstalaib
    india dardain, foglóir gle,
    riacaisc móir nahésserge.7701 
    Ri robennach tuara doib
    imtrath nóna fochétóir,
    dian-ebairt friuu triarath,
    robui nech díb 'coaglebrath.7705 
    Ri roraidi friu cogle
    forgal febda firinne:
    'nech uaib tic arthus donméiss
    ishé ata fordrochséis.'7709 
    IArsin dochuaid Iudas ass
    con-ilur ̇mbriathar foglas,
    commairni aríg, bagnim trait,
    archuic u̇ngaib dec argait.7713 
    Ri roraidi friu cocert
    frisinslóg bái 'nachoemthecht:
    'scailfidir intret coglé
    innocht immonn-oegaire.'7717 
    IArsin asbeir Petur bán
    ocus aétan frilár:
    'ní nomscarad friCrist cain
    nifil innim notalmain.'7721 
    Ri roraidi athesc n-uag
    friPetur fiadinmorsluag:
    'nomdiultfa fothrí triachleth
    riasiu gaires incailech.'7725 
    Inri rodasalt sunn sel
    fritinchosc, friforcetel,
    roraid friu triacomrad cain:
    'bid forcomdal i̇nGalail.'7729 
    Cuaird nime imchlar betha bind,
    suairc slan frisretha soérgrinn,
    gnim centathair taidbrit bi,
    morí rachain dorigni.
    Ri dorigni triacheil nglain.

    150. 150.

    7733 Ri secht nimi, rí talman,
    ardruiri nan-iladbar, p.114
    imrulaid etronn, fo fecht,
    friré tribliadan trichat.7737 
    Ri dochoid fecht forfolocht
    bahé inri tairchert torocht,
    diarochind Iudas iṅmbrat(h)
    diambui i̇nglinn Iosofath.7741 
    Ri risfer failti osblai
    Iudas triaphoicc ̇mbrathemdai,
    rí cosrucad sluag 'nadail,
    rí rucad in-aurgabail.7745 
    Ri rúad rofucad hicacht
    hitech coslúag nasacart,
    diarodiult Petur cobras
    nadrabe 'namuinteras.7749 
    Rí rodamair cech ̇ndigail
    fophlagaib fiaderrigaib,
    ri tarcbad fiadchuirib clann,
    rí fors'tardad guforgall.7753 
    Rí dochoid fricrann crucha
    asathoil nir'athrucha:
    ri noeb diatardad indneim,
    rí goét 'nathoeb colagein.7757 
    Ri dochoid iarsoeralt slecht
    asadoenacht 'nadéacht:
    rí rosáilset frian-úine,
    rochainset nahilldúile.7761 
    Tarblai̇ng dorcha darcachmag:
    mairb thalman asrachtatar;
    bathómnaig dúili Dé dil
    diar'̇fodluig fíal intempuil.7765 
    Rochichlaig cech duil, deilm ̇nglan,
    rochrithnaig nem istalam,
    muir darcricha rothriall techt,
    cride cloch ciar roscáilset.7769 
    Ri roches hicriaid chain
    croich darcenn clainni Ádaim,
    iarsin ruc creich, calma adrenn,
    cotarat láim darhIffern.7773 
    Ri rochuimrig Demun dub
    dianidcomainm Lucifur:
    atat fochrithfeidm osain
    sloig hIffirnn conan-amsaib.7777 
    Ri dofuc brait hIffirn uair
    apein, acrithfeidm comtruaig,
    rosuidig slánaib foadeis
    forbruigib bánaib Parduis.7781 
    Rí doeni, tolaib cai̇ngen,
    ri ai̇ngel, ri archai̇ngel,
    dessid iarsin, soerda clu,
    osrigaib 'narigsuidiu.7785 
    Mori ríġfial ̇forlassad,
    isflaith firian forbhassach,
    doróssat cecḣmbrig, mod ̇ngle,
    ferr cechrig rí secht nime.
    secht nime, rí talman. 83

    151. 151.

     39 a 27789 I samaithrech, febda fecht,
    aCoimdiu, domtharimthecht:
    dilig dam cachcin romthe,
    aCrist, ardotrocaire.7793 
    Ardothitacht cain hicrí,
    ardogein, amo noebri!
    ardobathis ̇mbuain hifus,
    dilig dam cech n-immarbus.7797 
    Ardochrochad colére,
    omarbaib arth'eseirge,
    tabair dam dilgud mothal,
    aritFiadu fírthrocar. p.1157801 
    Ardofresgabail soer sel 84
    cosinn-Athair fornoebnem 85,
    feib roradis frim riatecht,
    dilaig dam motharimthecht.7805 
    Ardothitacht, déoda ingair,
    domess forslog síl Adaim,
    arnoėngrad nimi cenchlith,
    dilgiter dam mochinaid.7809 
    Arbuidin nafátha fir,
    ardrȯng molbthach namartir,
    dilig dam cachcin romgab,
    arfairinn nan-húasalathar.7813 
    Archleir nan-apstal cenchol,
    arsluag nan-uag ̇ndeiscipol,
    arcach noeb corath rigda,
    dilig dam momígnima.7817 
    Arcech noebuaig osbith bras,
    arbantrocht naprimlaichas,
    dilig dam cach cin fonim,
    arMaire n-amra n-Ingin.7821 
    Armuintir talman, torm ̇ndil,
    armuntir nimi noebgil,
    tabair dam dilgud basdech,
    domchintaib uair 86 amaithrech.
    ISamaithrech, febda fecht.

    152. 152.

    7825 Nimtha saegid forDia ̇ndron
    con-ilur mod medar ̇nglan,
    condarcuiri arcrichid ̇ngel,
    ruiri reb richid romchar.7829 
    Relat triarintriuchta (?) ráid,
    áes indintliuchta áin ém,
    iarfinnalta frisid sloig
    inganta móir morig réil.7833 
    Retha gaissi canar lib
    cotibgaib cenbaisse blad,
    dána cenecla nachneich,
    slana iarsreith ecna corath.7837 
    Coniarfus duib, duraib eim,
    ni dorunaib moríg réil,
    gleod cachcesta uair daruair,
    leor buaid diafesta doleir.7841 
    Denaid friartarba cenchrith,
    amra rith relaid iarsreith,
    nadibleisc linib run raith,
    tur daith forcachceist foleith.7845 
    Cia 'cata, iaṙnglé doléir,
    dála De diareir rothúir,
    ciamét naree, reim n-uag,
    robui inri ruad riacachdúil.7849 
    Cia dorat comairli coir
    cenbríg ̇mbroin dondrig hiruin,
    riasiu nobeth bith ochein,
    siu dogneth rí reil cacḣnduil.7853 
    Siudognetis ai̇ngil uais
    artuais cechcai̇ngil iarséis,
    siu nobetis moini arbes
    nagres nadoine fondeis.7857 
    Nariched natalam tir,
    namuir mil met magar muad,
    no nachdúil glanglanna cél
    nem nél no anmanna úag.7861 
    Cia rochuimnig domrig rain
    cengrain cordascuibdig fein,
    cech duil derb frisoerbuaid slain
    rosdelb frioenuair diaréir.7865 
    Cia adbar adbal infess
    diacess inbith bladmar brass,
    incuman lib arcachn-ai
    ciabunad diambai inmass?7869 
    Heisse rotheipi cech ̇nduil p.116
    iarruin rosleice 87 diaréir,
    inrí doruasat cechcri,
    int-uasabb rogni ingréin.7873 
    Cia rolin dosilaib bith
    dolubaib lígaib cenchleith,
    cia rodelb friathuil andath,
    ciarath forcachluib foleith?7877 
    Cia rosdechraig innacri,
    cia rosgni iarcechraig gleo,
    cia cruthaig glanglanna clú
    nadu nachn-anmanna beo?7881 
    Bunad anman lib ingle
    congaib gne glanbda col-lí,
    ciacinn cenbaegul riȧngein,
    saegul sein cechduini bí?7885 
    Cia 'cata indarim úag
    fil forsluag sil Adaim áin,  39 b 1
    cia 'coata, cendánim duib,
    árim ̇nguir ganim cechtraig?7889  Ónchetna duini robúi,
    etir fer ismnái col-lí,
    fordomun dérgidach Dé
    gle coṡndedinach atchí.7893 
    Crícha aicgein airm itát,
    aicbeil imrat, rígda inset,
    cose nirosfoillsig mori
    doneoch icrí rianaéc.7897 
    Cid canat tonna, toirm trén,
    cennachlén lonna fritóir,
    congaibet gala, crech ̇ngúr,
    cachleth darmúr mara móir?7901 
    Can tic tuili trethan tuaircc
    lethan cuairdd fobetha barcc,
    cialeth fondomun rotháig
    intan astig forcachtracht?7905 
    Cialín nasluag, srethaib drȯng,
    dosceil tonn muad mara mind,
    ceti arbair trebait ann
    dondleith tall dontalmain tinn?7909 
    Fillit anglúni cognath
    cechtrath cennacḣndúiri dréil,
    molad marcharait cohóg
    canait cechslog dondríg réil.7913 
    Cid roleth bith, brigach cuaird,
    cid dogni suairc sirach set,
    isindaidchi fririad reb,
    ocus grian gel cidimthet?7917 
    Ocus esca cid dodfeim
    tan doceil nacḣngesca ̇nglan,
    cid dogni cithu gaeth cain,
    cid nachgaim triabithu sam?7921 
    Cialin naretlann adrann
    mod mall friarim oscech dind,
    rethait rithrosc iarsetsain,
    cidcotasgaib na sechtrind?7925 
    Cia de ismo messar combuaid
    infail uaib rofessad iarfír?
    aer alad, ilar neil,
    nó intalam tren trebach tír?7929 
    Cia de islethiu domun dúr
    no isdoimniu amúr, monur muad,
    ciaso baili ata incrann
    lethas barr daraer n-úar? 887933 
    Cid 'mifoil̇ngi torann tren
    cenlen lin abarann ̇mbúan,
    argair cechn-ahél athrial
    sair, siar, isinaher n-úar?7937 
    Cia criathras usce n-an, n-uais,
    iarluais forcach n-iathmass n-éis,
    cia roalt crotha dogres
    dorat bes forsrotha séis?7941  p.117
    Cairm itat adbai nȧngaeth
    baeth balnai imrát fricacḣmbruach?
    neoil indaeoir, noithech bes,
    cid doib dogres bid forluad?7945 
    Cialin nȧngaeth carait nual?
    ciabrig buan canait friimluad?
    ciadechair fail dararath?
    ciadath ata forcachgaeth?7949 
    Cȯngili cinnas atat
    na secht nimi noebda cuaird?
    cid dosgni fostaib cenbet?
    ciamet fil 'nasostaib suairc?7953 
    Cia 'coata tomus inchlair
    richid rain friforus fír?
    cia doroemadair ochein
    diareir coemchathir indRig?7957 
    Cade lín atheglaig lib
    rosdedlaig Dia dil diathreib,
    inḋfir rodelb betha brig
    indrig robái rianagein?7961 
    Tuirmid triariagla, rét reil,
    ciamét bliadan cobrath ̇mbúan,
    tuirid lib triabescna bríg
    ciahaes esca forsindlúan.7965 
    Can dodechamar ille
    forbith ché chetarchair gle,
    infitir forcialbann clú
    ciadú cosatiagam dé?7969 
    Acht aṙnDia, derb centair,
    rondelb riandail domuin dúir,
    'coarflaith cenguasacht, cencrich,
    'coarrig donRuasat cecḣndúil?7973 
    Cia rogni cech n-uili n-uag
    lethan luad fribuidi ̇mbríg,
    acht monoebrí donim nél
    arn-oenDia trén, ishé aṙndil.7977 
    IS he doruasat cechret
    cenbet, arn-uasabb, nadbrec,
    rí rosmacht foraessu ec
    iarset rochacht gaessu Gc.7981 
    Cometaid cenecla agáis
    ecna cenbaes oibind bes,
    doneoch dorucai morí
    bec dofucaid ni diags.7985 
    Tairinnid foṙmbréthir móir,
    atibtroig treithfir fondríg,  39 b 2
    ennga huimli duib lagáis,
    nabid forbáis nofribrig.7989 
    Nabagaid ahecnu uag
    nual cenecla crabuid gúir,
    lib niderb osbetha bríg
    retha indríg rodelb cacḣndúil.7993 
    Truag foṙmbith fodorchaib trel
    forfeb fothomthaib Dé dil,
    ingnassaib garbdai cechcin
    nidatglain forn-adbai hil.7997 
    Hili huili dúili Dé,
    dili druini dreim asmá,
    iarnacáintuistin foleith,
    coemthuicsin cachneich nimtha.
    Ni hetraigim rúna Dé,
    gle nisteclaigim frimla,
    firthuicsi rig bethad bí,
    anhed beo hicri nimtha. Nimtha.8005 
    Ni naderna sen nasúi
    nadrúi nisderbai bamá
    ciapsat guir fricrabud ̇nglé
    túir fordalaib Dé nimtha. Nimtha.8009 
    ISme Oengus céle Dé,
    coemdos gle clere fodchna,
    diathuicthib deimnib De
    tuicsin forcachní nimtha. Nimtha.8013 
    Morí corunib, cain clú, p.118
    cachdu diaduilib ata osbith,
    balcc bladmar {} frimre
    acht adrad frimre nimtha. Nimtha.

    153. Deichdúan naheisseirge inso.: 153.


    8017 Bacoir docachcristaide;
    cianochiad cachthratha,
    huamun domnaig tristaide
    sechtmain rialathi ̇mbratha.8021 
    Biaid fogur fenedach
    congairib grandaib garbaib,
    isindomnuch dedenach
    rian-eisseirge domarbaib.8025 
    Ticfa nel derg teinntide
    atuáisciurd nime ninaig,
    granna, gér, garb, geintide,
    lethfaid dartalmain tinaig.8029 
    Ticfa fleochud fuilide
    asindníul dorcha dogor,
    truag deochair diarcuiribne
    linfaid inn-huili ̇ndomon.8033 
    IMtrath terta tinscanat
    frossa fégfola fomnaig,
    nitercca, niimscarat,
    coti leth lathi indomnaig.8037 
    Ticfat luaichthi lasracha,
    ticfat toirne centola,
    ticfat cruaidi casracha,
    ticfat froslacha fola.8041 
    O leuth lathi lanaide
    cotrath nona nicletha,
    fleochud fola falaide
    fochetheora ardda inbetha.8045 
    Tomadmann tuath talmanna,
    cretha granna isglorae,
    inmuir colin anmanna
    tet daramuru mora.8049 
    Mairg cechn-oen 'nafrithele
    nachfoichlidar cofooil,
    uamun brátha bitḣféle
    ciadogneimmis bacooir.
    Bacóir docach cristaide.

    154. 154.

    8053 Isindlathiu tánaissi
    dia-luain luaidfiter arbair,
    nidatairdi aniussa
    crithnaigfid nem imthalmain.8057 
    Tonna saile sétaigfit
    frisnahairera ardda,
    biasta bledmaill beccaichfit,
    fochichret gaire garga.8061 
    Guba granne golgaire,
    cui cencheol, garg ȧngretha,
    cenaine, cenforngaire,
    fochethri ardda inbetha.8065 
    Bethu bronach belgaide,
    censid, censláine suba,
    drȯng togach condedgaire
    iaṙndith fortrágaib duba.8069 
    Truaga dini domblassa,
    bergga conbenfat bassa,
    nisuan sidi somblassa,
    lergga conlínfat lassa.8073 
    Ferad cach aneimele
    friDia, din asdaithiu,
    friar Coimdid cȯngel̇féle,
    ararsoerad 'sindlaithiu.
    ISsindlaithiu tánaise.

    155. 155.

    8077 'Sintres laithiu lainderda
    dia-mairt 'mustuairc amura
    arCoimdiu cóir caindelbda p.119
    timmairgfid cuaird adula 40 a 18081 
    Legf(ait) fothai fudomnai
    domuin dein, dál asderbu,
    crethfait clocha cruthamrai,
    cosceraitar friandelbu.8085 
    Dluma dergga teintide,
    niseol seim, nisuairc soraid 89,
    gura, cerpa, geinntide,
    fochichret cuaird indomuin.8089 
    Turcgeba sruth sroibtened
    ahuillib talman toebaig,
    cumgeba cruth croithfider
    forbruinnib betha broenaig.8093 
    Bidoenbreo bith brainechda
    othathurcbail cofuined,
    linfaid cloencheo cairechda
    cechrind reil corian ruided.8097 
    Ri cosaidbrib slanchai̇ngen,
    doRósat gréne goho:
    con-arbrib aarchai̇ngel,
    ronsoera 'sintresslóho!
    'Sintreslathiu lainnerda.

    156. 156.

    8101 'Sinchethramad lithlathiu
    cetaine, cetaib omun,
    ticfe athach écaine,
    croithfaid inn-huili ̇ndomun.8105 
    Turcgeba inmuir mormȯngach
    othalmain, tolaib tine,
    cumgeba agrith glorglonnach,
    coroa niulu nime.8109 
    Nuall nambledmall ̇mbeccedach
    nambiasta ̇mbélderg ̇mbirach,
    sluaig nasedlȧng setfadach
    forsintracht tírimm tinach.8113 
    Dofuit sís arithisi
    trethan tromm, toromm n-adbal,
    connachfess afithissi
    cid teite fothuinn talman.8117 
    Tic tathellach tathlúgud
    congnithaib fiadnaslogaib,
    atherruch friaathnúgud
    combi 'nachrichaib coraib.8121 
    Gaetha galacha gera,
    ginmara, cetaib ahél,
    combruet nafidbada,
    comberat leo 'sinn-ahér.8125 
    IAlla ainble, engacha,
    imriadat cech n-iath n-allmar,
    diana, daingne, dedgarcha,
    diallait forbiad intalman.8129 
    Ticfait airde inganta,
    casrai cruaidi, cru granna:
    sil n-Adaim attimmarta,
    trúaga cechdu andala.8133 
    Atbera insluag sirechtach
    sil n-Adaim sernait srethu,
    an-athesc truag, dínertach:
    'ferr dún bas indabethu.'8137 
    Bresma búana bruthacha,
    gretha grainne congairgge,
    sreba srúama sruthacha,
    consceraiter frifairge.8141 
    Fillfidir nem, nassad glan,
    afudomnaib aadbair,
    cinnfidir agnas adbal
    combruifider fritalmain.8145 
    Mac mor Maire Ingine
    ronsóera laprimmaithiu,
    arcachn-olcc ̇n-óg n-indlide
    'sinchethramad lithlaithiu.
    'Sinchethramad lithlathiu.

    157. 157.

    8149 Coiced laithe lígaide
    dia-dardain, tolaib tine,
    ticfet toirne díglaidi
    conscértar renna nime.8153 
    Nicheil cachduil delgnaide
    timmarta condattrúaga,
    domun duR condedgaire
    roscar friabriga buana.8157 
    Beti dorchai triamannai,
    betit adhuatha adbail,
    srebai solmai síabardai
    linfait ónim cotalmain.8161 
    Toethsat ruibni rétlannai
    sis asostaib asesta;
    nisfoelsat atetbannai,
    formuchthair grian isesca.8165 
    Coe granna ocus golgaire,
    duba dian ocus toirse,
    cenaine, cenfoṙngaire,
    censíd, censuba soillse.8169 
    Sruama serba, seimlide,
    fochasrachaib dosfemed,
    muada merda meirblige,
    isnalasrachaib tened.8173 
    Dia deoda doroegasa
    tarcai turu condaithe,
    marcachnoeb romsoerasa
    archuru inchoiced láithe. Coiced.

    158. 158.

     40 a 18177 Sessed lathi lordata
    dia-haine, tolaib tuile,
    doberthar inmormartra
    ann forsil Adaim huile.8181 
    Nichélat indécnaide,
    leir adfiadat iarsrethaib,
    atbélat ec etlaide
    cachmil beo roblais bethaid.8185 
    Bidbronach, bidbrainechda,
    cruachda focherdaib casrach:
    nibaglorach graigechda
    luarda colerggaib lasrach.8189 
    Oslaicfitir coemdoirsi
    richid ranmair cenbine,
    domun conachoemsoillsi
    fortuigthir arbair nime.8193 
    Nanoeb isindnoebai̇ngil
    isindlassair lúaith lethain,
    atsoer imcachcoemchai̇ngein
    amal iasc bis hitrethain.8197 
    IAṙndul acrí chai̇ngnide
    coCrist caid fordoi dessel,
    bithoentu achaiblide
    cengoi madchin rosessed.
    Sessed lathi lordata.

    159. 159.

    8201 Dia-sathairnn nasechtmaine
    bíaid inbith focrithur,
    firfid graphainn gergaile,
    amal choire forfichud.8205 
    Fochicher achruadchasra
    iarfeirg diagalaib glethib,
    luadfit lergga luathlasra,
    sinfit suas osnaslébib.8209 
    Sergfait srotha serblomma
    iarsrethaib siabrai siṙfecht,
    centuili, cenderbthonna,
    cenrethaib riaglai rigrecht.8213 
    Roinnfitir triathomthaigi
    sithbe naslébi slemun,
    cloifitir triachomchaire,
    menmaigfitir codremun. p.1218217 
    Coclóefet nahaicneda
    cechdúla, deilm asamru,
    sóefeit nabiat attreba
    eterbeohu ocus marbdu.8221 
    Ardrí richid rinnime
    Crist caid conic cacḣngraphainn,
    ronfaema ardinnbile
    coronsaera día-sathairnn.
    Día-sathairnn nasechtmaine.

    160. 160.

    8225 Il-láithiu nalánchȧngen
    domnaig tadban diaṙndoiḋngib,
    ticfait airbri archȧngel
    dochum talman líarCoimdid.8229 
    Congera int-archai̇ngel
    gairm gluair 90 óscriaid cechduine,
    forsil n-Adaim n-ardai̇ngen
    con-héirset hili huile.8233 
    ISsinchetna eisseirge
    riacách foguth indai̇ngil,
    apstail conaseiselbe
    coCrist cenchrad diacai̇ngin.8237 
    'Sindeisseirgi thanaisi
    atressat fáthe inbetha:
    foismedaig nisfailgaisi
    dontress essérgi ingretha.8241 
    'Sinchethramaid essergi
    atreisset martir thalman,
    isincoiced eisseirgi
    huilidettu noeb n-arbar.8245 
    ISintsessed eisseirgi
    heirgit othalmain taisced
    aes óge, aes athirge,
    nanoidin iarnȧmbaisted.8249 
    ISsintsectmaid eisseirgi
    atraig cachoen coanmain,
    atenid, atrommthuilib,
    amuir, atir, atalmain.8253 
    Tinolat drȯng tóebadbal
    dochum dála triacritḣfeidm,
    muinter nimi noebarbar,
    muinter thalman iss iffeirnn.8257 
    IS fossud afledugud
    linib anduis andile,
    asossud, asrethugud,
    fiadgnuis réil rig secht nime.8261 
    Na secht nime noebnara
    fillfitir fodlaib fuiled,
    gebaid tene toebdana
    otha thurcbail cofuined.8265 
    Forhinnaib nalasrasin
    seiss intsluáig innasrethaib,
    osdindaib nacasrasin
    combuaid fobrátha brethaib.8269 
    Atre inrí robúadach
    conidfoidreich doib huile,
    conachroich deirg dodúalaig
    friaaiss fiadgnúis cechduine. 40 b 18273 
    Seiss isuidiu amiadamla
    Mac De Athar centimme,
    innachuiriu grianamra,
    adáapstal dec imme.8277 
    Mac nahOge ebraide
    dorósait slógu hisaithiu,
    din artróge delgnaide
    diaṙndítin isindlaithiu.
    Il-láthiu nalánchaingen.

    161. 161.

    8281 Indomnuch nacomdála
    iarn-eisseirge condremna 91,
    nibaceim soer sograda p.122
    tecait drui̇ng duba demna.8285 
    Tuir nan-arbar n-iffernna
    cendil acarcraib comul,
    fogarbdath acritḣfedma
    linfait inhuili ̇ndomun.8289 
    Dofoethsat nahídala,
    dee duib nȧngeinte cuilech:
    nisfoelsat angnímrada
    dobith fiadgnúis indRuirech.8293 
    Ruibni ruada richessa,
    tene derg troethas duisse,
    duilgi trúaga trichessa,
    con-ilur fergg friȧngnússe.8297 
    Congluaisfi fonn fudomna
    domuin dein, dál condubai,
    artúaisfi condodomnai,
    cenbuaid, cenbrig, cenbrugai.8301 
    Coe granna ocus glammairecht
    condith cenchoimsi ̇ngretha,
    cencennsa, censadailecht,
    censíd frisoillsi sretha.8305 
    Sreba siabra saraigter
    snimaig forhinn nalasra,
    cretha ciara granaigter
    gnimaig forcinn nacasra.8309 
    Guidem frisinmorchoimdid
    incech huair arcomráda,
    arsoerad diartrógdoiḋngib
    indomnuch nacomdála.
    Indomnuch nacomdála.

    162. 162.

    8313 Il-lathiu indluain lainnerda
    bratha friṡndalat píana,
    ferfait arbair ai̇ngelda
    catha fridemna díana.8317 
    Troethfaidir drȯng dergnaide
    triadremnu tolaib guba:
    rian-ȧngliu centerbaide
    mebais fordemnu duba.8321 
    Conatóisiuch dolbaide
    Lucifer léom asdúru,
    in-Iffern ogolgaire
    fochichritar forcúlu.8325 
    IArsin bertair fírbretha
    fíadgnúis De forclainn Ádaim,
    scertair iarnȧngnímgreth(a),
    dechraigfiter 'nandálaib.8329 
    Dlomthar lat drȯng demnachda
    ipíanaib úaraib Iffirn,
    peccthaig censil ̇nderbgarta,
    fochiabraib cruadaib crithfeidm.8333 
    Cechfirian foglangeltad
    fordeiss Dé bí, buan bithfeidm;
    fodimiad cechanrechtach,
    forlaim cli dochum n-Iffeirnn.8337 
    Indformdig, ingúbrethaig,
    inchosnamaig, inchuilig,
    indruid, inderetecdaig,
    ingeint, ingalaig guinig.8341 
    Inmeirlig, indadaltraig,
    ingoaig gloraib guba,
    intsantaig, indiumussaig,
    indeithchich linib luga.8345 
    Inḋferggaig, indetradaig,
    induinoirgnid condremnai,
    aes ecnaig, aes athchossain,
    aes indindlaig nosdedlai.8349 
    IT he sin inprimpeccthaig
    artrebat hIffernn húarach,
    tiagait cenni d'fírettlaib
    laDemun ̇ndremun trúagach.8353 
    Dochum pene suthaine
    icarcair guires grithu,
    iatsom nipdat duthaine
    icafulȧng triabithu. p.1238357 
    Bethu brónach bithtoirsech
    ítu, dochtai iarsetaib,
    cuairt glórach, niclithchoimmsech,
    uacht, gorta, crith fordetaib.8361 
    Dia dil, tuistid dítnidi
    nandúla ̇ndelbda ̇ndegrach,
    ronsoera argliphiti
    nȧndemna in-Iffurnn engach.8365 
    Indnoib isinḋfírianaig
    doreir indAthar nemda,
    cȯngerdar cendímiada 92
    dochum flatha sechtedma. 40 b 28369 
    Nassad side siráidde,
    amru cecḣnduis cenchithu,
    imcaissiu naTrinóite
    ognúis dognuis triabithu.8373 
    Bith isámaib sonmige
    iaṙmbas cendomgnas ̇ndȧngen,
    'nandalaib cendonmige
    dogres hicomgnais ȧngel.8377 
    Cenchrini, cengalara,
    censním, censaethar sníid,
    cenoccurus cotulta,
    cenaurchra broitt nabíid.8381 
    Bith isoere sirsoillsi,
    classa caine, ceoil gelbda,
    innoebi censirthoirsi,
    cenhass, cenáes, cenerchra.8385 
    Adroillemm, adaittrebam
    oentaid ai̇ngel cechtratha,
    liarCoimdid cocaitchennam
    iaṙmbuaid abrethaib brátha.8389 
    Adfiadat indécnaide,
    doréir naríagla asmóo,
    imriadat cohéttlaide
    mili bliadna 'sindlóo.
    Il-lathiu indluain lainerda.

    FINIT, amen finit. ago Deo gratias. Feil Maire hifogomur indiu.

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    Title (uniform): Saltair na Rann

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    • Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson B. 502, ff. 19–40; olim The Book of Glendalough (written c. AD 1130). For MS details see Brian Ó Cuív (ed.), Catalogue of Irish language manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford and Oxford College Libraries, 2 volumes (Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies, 2001–2003) volume 1, MS 34, 163–200. For a facsimile edition with an introduction and indexes, see Kuno Meyer (ed.), Rawlinson B. 502; a collection of pieces in prose and verse in the Irish language compiled during the eleventh and twelfth centuries (Oxford 1909).

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    • Whitley Stokes (ed.), The Saltair na rann: a collection of early middle Irish poems edited from MS. Rawlinson B 502, in the Bodleian Library (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1883)

    The edition used in the digital edition

    ‘The Saltair na rann’ (1883). In: Anecdota Oxoniensia: Texts, documents, and extracts chiefly from manuscripts in the Bodleian and other Oxford Libraries: Mediaeval and Modern Series‍ 1—part 3. Ed. by Whitley Stokes. vi + 155 pp.

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    1. e.g. 'natrimúir' 399, 421, 'scérdair' 443, 'na slóig' 709, 'betit' 853, 'cestait' 953, 'istsléib' 4109, etc., etc. 🢀

    2. A Middle-Irish prose abstract of part of this poem will be found in the first volume of the Laws, pp. 26-30 🢀

    3. So according to the A. S. Adrian and Ritheus (Kemble, Salomon and Saturnus, p. 204) Christ was born of his Mother, 'through her right breast'. So the Bodhisattva was born from Mâyâ's right side (Kern, Der Buddhismus, 30, n.). See, too, other strange births, Liebrecht, Volkskunde, 490; and note the punishment of certain sinners, Visio Tnugdali, ed. Wagner, 1882, p. 28: 'Pariebant, dico, non solum femine, set et viri, non tantum per ipsa membra, que natura constituit tali officio convenientia, verum per brachia simul et per pectora, exibantque erumpentes per cuncta membra.' 🢀

    4. Written as a correction over 'amnass.' 🢀

    5. MS. 'garoda' or 'garrda', but 'c' is written over 'g', and there is a dot under the first a. 🢀

    6. MS. 'riathur', with a dot under and a mark of aspiration over the first 'r', and a stroke over the 'i'. 🢀

    7. 'lór' is written as a correction over the 'luar' of 'luarda'. 🢀

    8. 'um' is written as a correction (!) of 'em'. 🢀

    9. MS. 'di̇ngnaud', but with a dot under 'au'. 🢀

    10. This and similar lines, being mere repetitions of the first line of each poem, do not count in the numbering. 🢀

    11. There seems a punctum delens under, as well as over, the 'f'. 🢀

    12. 'e' written over the 'a' of 'nettaib'.  🢀

    13. Or 'delm', if the dot under 'i' is a punctum delens. 🢀

    14. 'iar' is written as a correction over 'fri'. 🢀

    15. 'l' is written over 'r'. 🢀

    16. 'a' written over 'ae'. 🢀

    17. Corruptions of . Compare MS. Harl. 3362. fol. 7, cited by Kemble, <title type="book" TEIform="title">Salomon and Saturnus</title>, p. 194: Anathole dedit A, Disis D, contulit Arctos, Et Mesembrios M; collige, fiet ADAM. 🢀

    18. Written as a correction over 'torgu'. 🢀

    19. 'i' written as a correction over 'a'. 🢀

    20. Written as a correction over 'fort'. 🢀

    21. Written as a correction over 'chatot'. 🢀

    22. There is a horizontal stroke over the 'h'. 🢀

    23. Written as a correction over 'palme'. 🢀

    24. 'd' written over 'm'. 🢀

    25. 'ch' written over 'ig'. 🢀

    26. MS. 'hairc', but with a dot over the 'a'. 🢀

    27. Here and elsewhere I have placed a diaeresis over the 'i' of this name. 🢀

    28. Written as a correction over 'cen'. 🢀

    29. 'c' written as a correction over the first 't' of 'tete'. 🢀

    30. i.e. Enos. 🢀

    31. Written as a correction over 'nocobréc. 🢀

    32. After 'e' an 'i' seems inserted by a later hand. 🢀

    33. leg. druim? 🢀

    34. Perhaps 'connanacair', as there seems a punctum delens over 'd'. 🢀

    35. Written as a correction over –'thuicsin'. 🢀

    36. Written as a correction over 'rochennaig'. 🢀

    37. Written over 'cen'. 🢀

    38. cotor: over is written 'acht'. 🢀

    39. 'a' written as a correction over 'in'. 🢀

    40. Over 'dargalaib'. 🢀

    41. Over 'gart'. 🢀

    42. Over 'miscnig'. 🢀

    43. Should it not be 'roslechtsat dia ndúis', 'dia ndoss' ? 🢀

    44. 'naíraig', with a dot over the second letter. 🢀

    45. In the MS. the dot is over the 't'. 🢀

    46. Perhaps 'gaeísi'. 🢀

    47. The 'r' is written over 'l'. 🢀

    48. ̇ndergóír (the second mark of length in a later hand). 🢀

    49. Written as a correction over 'dochuirdig'. 🢀

    50. The –'da' is in the margin. 🢀

    51. Written over 'tiri'. 🢀

    52. In margin: 'uirorum🢀

    53. 'o' written over 'i'. 🢀

    54. Written over 'niord' in 'imcrich ̇niordanén.' 🢀

    55. The second 'a' is written over 'e'. 🢀

    56. 'o' written over 'a'. 🢀

    57. MS. 'o' written over 'u'. 🢀

    58. MS. forbabel, with 'l'. '' over 'ba'. 🢀

    59. 'o' written over 'a'. 🢀

    60. MS. 'Ecoitchitchinn', with dot over second 't'. 🢀

    61. leg. 'n-ammail' ? 🢀

    62. .i. Dauid🢀

    63. 'a' written over 'i'. 🢀

    64. MS. 'dosárugud', but there is a dot over the former 'u'. 🢀

    65. Ziphaei, I Reg. xxvi. i. 🢀

    66. Read dinn trén🢀

    67. This should of course be 'Bátar oc Saúl mac Ciss'. 🢀

    68. Written over 'gluair'. 🢀

    69. 'bon' written over 'buain'. 🢀

    70. Read roáirmed? 🢀

    71. There is a hook over the 'a' 🢀

    72. The last two letters are obscure. 🢀

    73. A mark (.,) is under 'cech' and 'graid'. 🢀

    74. Written over 'doralat'. 🢀

    75. Written over 'luaid'. 🢀

    76. Written over 'glonn'. 🢀

    77. Perhaps 'seircc'. 🢀

    78. Written over 'Roroen'. 🢀

    79. Read 'dodíglaib nan-Egeptach'? 🢀

    80. Read Oythis (Od. 9)? 🢀

    81. Written over 'anair'. 🢀

    82. Written over 'coir'. 🢀

    83. Conice inso corp saltrach narann ·· natricoicait duan. Ado hautem post frifoisi(tin) friathirgi, ocus adeich fri haisneis naheisseirgi, conid daduain dec arthribcóictaib duan samlaid. 🢀

    84. Written over 'fornem'. 🢀

    85. Written over '-chel' · 'coelum'. 🢀

    86. Written over '-isam'. 🢀

    87. Written over 'rosteippe'. 🢀

    88. Written over 'núag'. 🢀

    89. Written over 'solam'. 🢀

    90. Written over 'cruaid'. 🢀

    91. MS. 'dremuna', with a dot over 'u'. 🢀

    92. MS. díamiada, with dot over first a. 🢀


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