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Regula Choluimb Chille

This Regula Eremitica seu praescripta fratribus in eremo degentibus, as Colgan calls it, was edited by Reeves in the appendix of his edition of Primate Colton's Visitation of the Diocese of Derry, p. 109, from a transcript by Michael O'Clery, and accompanied by O'Curry's English translation. The importance of this old document justifies the publication of a second copy, on fo. 40 b 2 of the Oxford Codex [=Rawlinson B 512] to correct various errors in O'Clery's transcript or Reeves' edition.

Kuno Meyer


Edited by Kuno Meyer


Regula Choluimb Chille

Incipit Regula Colaim Cilde.

 40 b 2


Bith inn-uathad il-lucc foleith hi fail prīmcathrach, minap inill lat cubus beth i coitchenndus na sochaide.


Imnochta do sechim dogrēss ar Crīst ⁊ ar na soiscēla.



Cach bec nō cech mór nomuinichither di cech rét etir locc ⁊ ēdach ⁊ dig ⁊ bīad, rop de forcongrai t-senōra a comairlecad. Ar nī h-inill do crāibdech airbera bith nach cruth la sōerbrāth fēin.


Locc umdaingen umat cona ōendorus.


Uathad crāibdech umarāidet Dīa ⁊ a timna do tathigid cucat il-laithib līthaib, dot imnertad a timnaib Dē ⁊ a sgēlaib sgrebtrae.


Duine immorro olchenai conscēlaigetar do brīathraib esbaib domandaib fodordad anní nad cumcat do íocc do cuimriuch, acht is mōite fofera sāeth dait ma condístai etir carait ⁊ escarait, nī rofāemtha cucut, acht berat bennachtain mādroillet.


Mog gor crāibdech nemscēlach dianeta do bith ocut timthirecht. Do saethar mesraighthe bidh  41 a 1 cosmail is ed as inill.


Comus forēir neich nach aili. Bescna bus crāibdech.


Menma irlam fri dergmartrai.


Menma fossaid fedil fri bánmartra.


Dīlgud ō cride da cech aonduine.


Aurnaigthe gsach ar in muintir do tōisigh.


Lēire gabāla ēcnairci amal bid sainchara duit cech marb ireseach.


Imna anma hi sesam.


Do coitchend figell ōn tth co alaile forēir neich nach aili.


Trī torba isind lō .i. érnaigthi ⁊ lubair ⁊ legund.


Ind lubfur do fodail i t .i. do thorba fadēine .i. do torba do luic do neuch bas fīr-tóisc dó, araill do chuit inna m-brāthar, araill do gor ina coimnesam .i. rop d'forcetul scrībend cecip tarba arnābeither ind espa, id est ut Dominus ait:“Non apparebis ante me uacuus” .i. cech nī ina urd chóir.


Nemo enim coronabitur nisi qui legitime certauerit .i. secheam dērce rē cech rēt.


Nī airbertha biudh co m-ba guirt.


Nī cotalta co m-ba ēim lat.


Nī acallta nech co m-ba fri toiscc.



Nach forcraid no sechna do dīles praind do ētach fúir, tabair fri airchisecht inna m-brāthar dochoiset do bochtaib olchenai.


Serc Dē ō uilib craidib, ō uilib nertaib.


Searc do coimnesaim amlut fodēin.


Feidliugud a timnaib Dē tsin uili aimsir.


Do mod ernaight[h]e co taothsad do déra, do modh di obair tórbaigh do slechtan-  41 a 2aib co tī th' allas co menic, menbat solma do déra.


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  1. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 512, fol. 40b 2–41a 2. See Brian Ó Cuív, Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford and Oxford College Libraries, Dublin: DIAS 2001–2003.
  2. Bibliothèque Royale, Brussels; MS 5100–4 [transcript by Michél Ó Cléirigh].


  1. K. Meyer (ed.), Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften: Regula Choluimb Chille, Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie 3 (1901) 28–30.
  2. Acts of Archbishop Colton in his metropolitan visitation in the diocese of Derry, A.D. MCCCXCVII, with a rental of the see estates at that time; ed. from the original roll, in the archiepiscopal record closet of Armagh, by William Reeves. Dublin, For the Irish Archaeological Society, 1850, p. 108–112. [Available on CELT.]

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‘Regula Choluimb Chille’ (1901). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 3. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, pp. 28–30.

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