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Von heimlichen Sünden


Edited by Kuno Meyer

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Von heimlichen Sünden [Rawlinson B. 512]


Imrorāid Grigoir Rōmae, fer ind raith, do pecdaib inclithib na n-dōine nā tabrad 1 i cobais. Cīid fri Dīa ⁊ ferais nemēli fris corrofaillsigthe dō an cruth noimacr;cfaitis. Tāinic aingel adochum ⁊ asbert fris: “Is mōr do brón ⁊ dot dīdnad tānac-sa ō Dīa, ⁊ an duine dia n-déni-siu deithidin, taibred a choibseana fīad Dīa cona dúilib ⁊ tailced déra ⁊ bad edh indso chanas”: Domine quis habitabit2 et Domini est terra3 Te decet4 Deus in nomine5, Deus misereatur6, Deus in adiutorium7Deus in adiutorium usque Festina etir gach dā salm et “Appropinquatur”“pater“Ascendat usque ad tronum”. “In fil anaill?”, ol Grigōoir. “Fil”, ol in t-aingel. T sailm .i. Dominus illuminatio8, Judica, Domine, nocentes9, Exurgat10. Doémat na t sailm sea ar format ⁊ demnaib ⁊ erchotib, acht rogabthar gach dīa ⁊ “Deus in adiutorium usque Festina11 etir cech dā salm“pater”. Mad dīan-adrige, dā psalm ⁊ cantaic, Confitemini Domino in aeternum12 Super flumina13 Benedicite14“Ante faciem tuam” usque “Confirma me”. Nī fil do pecdaib dognē nech ina colainn nā hīcat na harra sa acht ēcndach an Spiruta Naeib.

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Title (uniform): Von heimlichen Sünden

Title (extended): [Rawlinson B. 512]

Author: unknown

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Benjamin Hazard

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2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

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Date: 2004

Date: 2010

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Manuscript Source

  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 512, fo. 41 a 2; see Brian Ó Cuív (ed.), Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Bodleian Library at Oxford and Oxford College Libraries, 2 volumes (Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies, 2001-2003) vol. 1, 232-244.

The edition used in the digital edition

‘Von heimlichen Sünden (Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften)’ (1901). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 3. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, p. 30.

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  editor 	 = {Kuno Meyer},
  title 	 = {Von heimlichen Sünden (Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften)},
  journal 	 = {Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie},
  number 	 = {3},
  address 	 = {Halle a. S.},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1901},
  pages 	 = {30}


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Creation: By an unknown Irish monastic author. c.600–c.900

Language usage

  • Text is in Old and Middle Irish. (ga)
  • Some words are in Latin. (la)
  • The title and some words in the footnotes are in German. (de)

Keywords: religious; prose; medieval

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