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Toghuil tsītha Truim inn so


Edited by Kuno Meyer

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Toghuil tsītha Truim inn so

Toluidh Bodhp in reimim dochum in tshítha ræinid curchan a dhóchum rodhalbestar for alailiu indlautar diabereadh forcaomhnacair talamchumhscugud isind aoir faietar neōill etarbūasach ūaistib din buiresc 1 rubertsat for alaili. Atnaidh Bodhp fuasmudh dinrabhaing consernaigh inílping búi i curchān. Focerd curchān abaid dinlengaid ocus sernais in ceirnín bōi ic Bodhp ic imdítin a thāib. Īachtaidh Bodhp. Itcūas do Sárān mac Boidhb soidid a ath ⁊ longais curchān fo dí nō fo trī ⁊ ramaightar isin sīth, cutardsat ā cacha hairdi treithe, conbuiretar i caomthach nasoduine.


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Title (uniform): Toghuil tsītha Truim inn so

Author: unknown

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Benjamin Hazard

Funded by: University College, Cork and The Higher Education Authority via the LDT Project

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2. Second draft.

Extent: 583 words

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Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of University College, Cork

Address: College Road, Cork, Ireland—http://www.ucc.ie/celt

Date: 2004

Date: 2008

Distributor: CELT online at University College, Cork, Ireland.

CELT document ID: G300004

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Manuscript Source

  • Dublin, Trinity College Library, MS 1337, olim H 3 18, page 60a. For details see T. K. Abbott and E. J. Gwynn (eds.), Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin 1921) 140–158.

The edition used in the digital edition

‘Toghuil tsītha Truim inn so (Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften)’ (1912). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 8. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, p. 104.

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  editor 	 = {Kuno Meyer},
  title 	 = {Toghuil tsītha Truim inn so (Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften)},
  journal 	 = {Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie},
  number 	 = {8},
  address 	 = {Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1912},
  pages 	 = {104}


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Project description: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

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Correction: Text has been checked and proof-read twice.

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Creation: By one or more unknown Irish monastic scholar(s). 900–1200

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  • The text is in Middle Irish. (ga)
  • One word is in Latin. (la)

Keywords: mythology; prose; medieval; saga

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  1. Pre-1997: File captured. (data capture Staff at the CURIA Project)
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