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The four jewels of the Tuatha Dé Danann

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  • B: Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, 23 P 12 [Book of Ballymote]
  • E: British Library, Egerton 105


Edited by Vernam Hull

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Ceithri cathracha i r-robadar Tuatha De Danand ic foglaim fheasa ocus druidechta, uair is fis ocus druidecht ocus diabaldanacht ro fhogain doib. it e-seo anmanna na cathrach .i. Failias, ocus Findias, ocus Goirias, ocus Murias. Ocus is a Failias tucad in Lia Fail, fil i Temraig, no gesed fo cech rig no gebead h-Erind . A Gorias tucad in claidheb bai ic Nuadaid. A Findias tucad sleg Loga. A Murias tucadcoire in Dagda.

Ceithri fiseda badar isna cathrachaib sin .i. Fessus bai h-i Failias, Esrus bai ic Gorias, Uscias bai a Findias, Semias bai a Murias. Is aco sin rofoglaimsed Tuatha De Danand fis ocus eolus. Sleg Loga, ni gebthea cath fria na fris inti a m-bid laim. Claidheb Nuadad, ni thernad neach ara n-dergad{} . O da berthea asa thindtig bodba, ni gebti fris inti a m-bid laim. Coiri in Dagda, ni teigead dam dimdach uad . An Lia Fail, fil i Temraig, ni labrad acht fa rig Erenn.


Ad-beraid, imorro, aroile do seanchaidib conid a n-dluim ciach tistais Tuatha De Danann i n-Erind. Ocus ni h-ead on, acht a longaib na morloinges tangadar, ocus ro loiscsed a longa uili iar tuidecht i n-Erind. Ocus is don dluim ciach bai dib side, at-dubradar aroile conid a n-dluim chiach tangadar. Ocus ni h-ead iar fir . Ar is iad so da fhochaind ara r' loiscsead a longa na r' fhagbaidis fine Fomra iad do fodail forro, ocus na ro thisad Lug do cosnum rigi fri Nuagaid. Conid doib do chan in seanchaid:

  1. Tuath De Danand na set soim.
    Cait a fuaradar fogloim?
    Do rangadar suigecht slan
    A n-druigecht , a n-diabaldan.
  2. Iardanel find, faith co feib,
    Mac Nemid, mac Agnomain ,
    D'ar mac baeth Beothach bertach,
    Ba loech leothach, lanfhertach.
  3. Clanna Beothaich, — beoda a m-blad —
    Rangadar sluag niath nertmar,
    Iar snim is iar toirrsi truim,
    Lin a loingsi co Lochluinn.
  4. Ceithri cathracha,— clu cert —
    Gabsad a rem co ronert.
    Do curdis comlann co cas
    Is d'foglaim a fireolas.
  5. Failias ocus Goiriasglan,
    Findias, Murias na morgal,
    O maitea madmann amach,
    Anmanna na n-ardchathrach.
  6.  p.85
  7. Morfis ocus Erus ard,
    Uscias is Semiath sirgarg,
    Re n-garmand, — luag a leasa —
    Anmann suad a s-sarfeasa .
  8. Morfis fili a Failias fen,
    Esrus a Gorias, germen,
    Semiath a Murias, dind dias,
    Uscias fili find Findias.
  9. Ceithri h-aisceda leo anall,
    D'uaislib Tuaithi De Danand:
    Claideb, cloch, coiri cumal,
    Sleag ri h-aidid ardcurad.
  10. Lia Fail a Failias anall,
    Gesed fo rigaib Erend.
    Claideb lama Loga luidh
    A Goirias, — roga rocruid.
  11. A Findias tar fairrgi i fad
    Tucad sleg nemneach Nuadat.
    A Murias, main adbol oll,
    Coiri in Dagda na n-ardglond.
  12. Ri Nime, Ri na fer fand,
    Ro-m-aince, Rig na rigrand,
    Fear ca fuil fulang na fuath,
    Ocus cumang na caemtuath.

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Title (uniform): The four jewels of the Tuatha Dé Danann

Author: unknown

Editor: Vernam Hull

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Electronic edition compiled by: Philip Irwin

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2. Second draft.

Extent: 1326 words

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  • Dublin, Trinity College, 1318 [Yellow Book of Lecan], p. 190, col. 907. For full details see T. K. Abbott and E. J. Gwynn (eds.), Catalogue of the Irish manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin 1921) MS 1318, pp 94–110 and 342–48.

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‘The four jewels of the Tuatha Dé Danann’ (1930). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 18. Ed. by Vernam Hull, pp. 73–89.

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  editor 	 = {Vernam Hull},
  title 	 = {The four jewels of the Tuatha Dé Danann},
  journal 	 = {Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie},
  number 	 = {18},
  address 	 = {Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1930},
  pages 	 = {73–89}


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Creation: By (an) unknown Irish monastic author(s). 900–1200

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Keywords: mythology; prose; medieval; saga

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