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Finns Stammbaum und die Fiana


Edited by Kuno Meyer

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Finns Stammbaum und die Fiana

 183 b1

Find mac Cumaill mic Suailt mic Eltaim mic aiscne mic Nūadad Neacht mic Sētna Sithbaic. Ailiter: Find mac Cumaill mic Baiscne mic Fhir dā roth mic Guill mic Irguill  p.561 mic Dāiri mic Deaga mic Sin mic Rosin. Ocus is aici sin rotinōilead coin ar tūs i nĒrinn. Trī cōicaid rīgfhēinnid bādar araen re Find. Erroi nōnbair cach fir dīb. Lānfilidecht cach fir dīb ⁊ ceard manchani la cach fir dīb ut fuit la Coinculaind.

It ē na fianda sa uili fichsedar cath Cuilind ⁊ cath 10  Clīach ⁊ cath Comair trī n-usce ⁊ cath Muigi Inis ⁊ Slēibi Mis ⁊ cath Lūachra ⁊ cath Sīde Femin ⁊ cath Fea ⁊ cath Crinda ⁊ cath Sīdi dā bolc. It ē dochfhichsedar iarsuidiu Indsi nDerglacha i sīdaib la Find for Rudraige mac mBoidb ⁊ for Dearcroichniu. Nach tra lasa ndeachadar i cath, 15  is roime romuided.

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Title (uniform): Finns Stammbaum und die Fiana

Author: unknown

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Benjamin Hazard

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2. Second draft.

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Date: 2006

Date: 2010

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  • Dublin, Royal Irish Academy MS 23. P. 2. (Book of Lecan) fo. 183 b 1. For further details see Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy (Dublin 1926–70) MS 535, pp. 1551–1610; see also Kathleen Mulchrone (ed.), Leabhar Mór Leacain: facsimiles in collotype of Irish manuscripts, vol. 2 (Dublin 1937).

The edition used in the digital edition

‘Finns Stammbaum und die Fiana’ (1912). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 8. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, pp. 560–561.

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  address 	 = {Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1912},
  pages 	 = {560–561}


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Creation: By an unknown Irish monastic author. 900–1200

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  • Text is in Middle Irish. (ga)
  • Supplied title is in German. (de)
  • One word is in Latin. (la)

Keywords: saga; prose; medieval; Finn Cycle

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