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Finn and Grainne


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Finn and Grainne

 181a2Luid Find hua Baiscne do thochmorc Graindi ingine Cormaic hui Chuind. Roraid immorro na faidfed fri Find, acht mina thuctha di in tochra nochuindigfed fair; ar is coma dimaig rob ail di-si d'iarraid fair-seom, ardaig na coimrised fris. Roraid  p.459 immoro Find dobérad inni no-iarfad sidi, gemad gar ingar. Adbert in ingen na gebad tindscra aili uadh, acht lanamain cacha fiadmila robai 'san Eri do thobairt i n-aenimain, co m-beith ar tua na Temra, ocus robaíg isi na comricfidis acht mina thuctha in imain sin. “Ragad-sa fris” or Find. “Rag-sa,” or Cailti cosluath mac Oisgein Conscein maic na Cerda di Muscraigi Dotrut .i. mac sidi ingine Cumaill. Luid dono Cailti ⁊ rostimairg lanamain cacha fiadmila leis, cotuc in chorrimirgi coroibi ar faithgi na Temra. Dochomlai ait i m-bai Cormac ⁊ ro-indis do inni sin .i. tindscra a ingine ar tua na Temra. “Cid as andsom leat tucais?” or Cormac. “Ni ansa. Romgab do leith losinan,” ar Cailti. Doradad immoro Graindi do Find iarsin ⁊ ni ba sén sida ón, ar ni robadar a corai corscarsad. Ba miscais tra lasin n-ingin intí Find ⁊ ba he a med a miscin condorogaib 1 galar de. Dorónad fes Temra la Cormac ⁊ rothaomlaidsed fir Erenn di cach leith di, co m-badar oc tomailt feisi Temra. Fir Ereand immoro im Chormac isin rigtheag ⁊ Find dono cosna fiandaib i cumai cháich. Ac teacht do Graindi seach Cormac ro-airigaistair drochblath fuirri. “Cid imatai, a bean?” or Cormac. Is and adbert side co hiriseal seach in airchind fri Cormac: “Deithber dam-sa on, a macain, a Cormaic. Fil fom' cridi cru comed olair méth miscais ceili, condad feithi mo cuirp comarda”. Is and asbert Cormac: “Dursan dub Graindi fris rocian railcead cobfeis coiblig faidiul fri comol cuis cach beo cromarb cach miscneach”. Asbert Coirpre: “Nitasail dib grenne iarraith maroach rodlis”. Cormac cecinit: “Armothasa indisli Graindi moi mo chuirp gom chinaid for gula mo cland saineamail. Timarg ar tind magar tindscra coleith lanfhiachaib armutaisi tailcedar andia cuana tri”. Rochuala Find in sin ⁊ rofidir a miscais acon n-ingin ⁊ roraid andso: “Is mithig son dunn scarad fri leca tromdruisi cotber fri bru breitheamon, ar ni theit nach n-om a coiri. Cro ni hebthar nach salach segar tria leastra lind lasar. 181b1 Mor miscais malartaig coscara cétmuinterus itir lanamnai lucht. Li sula serc saer fidbad feili folaigther gananimgann carrustair hi colla chnis na comraicther fri miscais mna nadrongagter dia feadaib fir nach debaig rosuidigthi lanumna lin scaraid cen imdiubairt”.


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Title (uniform): Finn and Grainne

Title (extended): [Book of Lecan, fo. 181a2]

Author: unknown

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Ruth Murphy

Funded by: University College, Cork

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1. First draft, revised and corrected.

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  • Dublin, Royal Irish Academy MS 535, olim 23 P 2, olim Book of Lecan, fo. 181a, 2. This vellum MS was complied for Giolla Iosa Mór Mhic Fhir Bhisigh before his death in A.D. 1418. Digital images of the Book of Lecan can be viewed on the website of the ISOS Project (http://www.isos.dias.ie/english/index.html).

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‘Finn and Grainne’ (1897). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 1. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, pp. 458–459.

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  address 	 = { Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1897},
  pages 	 = {458–459}


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Creation: By unknown authors in Irish monasteries. 13th century or later

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  • Text is in Middle Irish. (ga)
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  • The title contains English. (en)

Keywords: saga; prose; medieval; Finn Cycle

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