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The colloquy of Colum Cille and the youth at Carn Eolairg


Edited by Kuno Meyer

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The colloquy of Colum Cille and the youth at Carn Eolairg

Imacaldaim Calldaoim Cille ⁊ ind oclaig oi cartt hEolairc.

Asberat alailiu bod e Moggan mac Fiachnaoi. Aisbert Coldam Cille fris: “Can dolot-sa, a ócloiug?” ol Colum Cille.

Respondit iueinis  556a: “Dodechusa”, oul ind oclauch, “a tírib ingnadu, a tirib gnath, cai fesur uoit-siai foat forsin mbebai acaus fout forau ngenir ⁊ fot forsa n-adnuic fis ⁊ anufis”.

Respondit Colum Cille: “Cescc”, oul Colum Cidle, “coiuch reboi riam inn loch sae aetcium?”

Respondit iuenis: “Rofetur-sae aenísein. Bae bouide, bai scothach, ba glas, ba tilchuch, ba holaich, ba hosrach, ba harigdech, ba carbthech. Rodiultsea inbasiu as re n-aus 1, indbasi hée ⁊ inuuisi ron rothrachtach, inuaisi cú alldaich immorulaid, inuaisi douiniu, rogabus fuaithrib seoluip siul mboideai, beris seoul nglaus, badus seol derg fo combrethaib feula. Roiechtsat mnae dimm acht naet feiutir athair máthair cidber atcutlubrur fri doine biu co timtach fri marbu”.

Asbert Colldam Cidle aithairrauch frisin n-oicluig i: “O saini(?) innsi(?) friun anuir cid fotha ní?”

Frisgart ind óiclauch: “Fil firu fondmuriu foltliubru fóó, fil buu huathmuru alachtmaru fóó assa bint ngeime, fil damai daumdai, fil euchu eithdiu, fiul déichendua, fiul tréchendi ind-Eoruip, i n-Aisia, i tirib ingnath hferund glaiss osa ilimel coa inbir”.

“Lour cosiun”, oul Colum Cille. Atraig Colum Cille leis forleith dia acalldaim ⁊ doiarfuidid na rún nemdai ⁊ talmandai. O rubatur hisin cobrunn lethlaí noi ointrath co'raile, muinnntir Coluim Chille oca n-deicsi di etarcheín.

O roglei ind cobrunn, co n-acatur talmidu docelur erru ind oclach. Ni fetautur cia luid cia tauluid. In tain mboei a mueintar og a guidea Colluim Cidlea arafaillsighedh doeib ní donn cobrunn, asbert Colum Cille friu natcaeumnicair cid aeonbrethir do epert friu do neuch doráided fris, ocus asbert ba moud diles do daeinib a neasmaisneis doib. f. ī.

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Title (uniform): The colloquy of Colum Cille and the youth at Carn Eolairg

Title (extended): [Book of Lecan, fo. 181a2]

Author: unknown

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Ruth Murphy

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1. First draft, revised and corrected.

Extent: 1100 words

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  • Dublin, Trinity College Library, H. 3.18 part II, pp. 542-564; 16th century.

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‘The colloquy of Colum Cille and the youth at Carn Eolairg’ (1899). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 2. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, pp. 314–315.

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  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1899},
  pages 	 = {314–315}


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Creation: By unknown scribes in Irish monasteries. c.750-900

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Keywords: religious; prose; medieval

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