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Laa n-aen robāi Mac Coisi

Edited by Kuno Meyer

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Liber Flavus Fergusiorum

 92b1Laa n-aen robāi Mac Coisi for brū Locha Lēbind 1 co faca ai ōenmnāi ina suidhi ōsin loch ⁊ fadan guil aisti. Bratt ūaine impe, trillsi taitneacha um a ceand. Āille do mnāibh an domhain a dealb. Ba mōr ⁊ ba dīairmhe a mēd seoch mnāib a haimsire. “Cidh tāi ag gul?” ar Mac Coisi. “Fil a domhna occum”, or sisi, “.i. mo chētshearc ⁊ mo chētleannān do marbad andiū a Sīth Codhail ⁊ a breith dia adhnacadh co Clūain mic Noisi co rusadhnacht innti.” Ceileabrais Mac Coisi dī īar sin ⁊ teit co Rubha Conaill co hairm 10  a mbāi rí Ēirenn .i. Congalach mac Māilmithíg ⁊ atfēt an scel sin uile dó. “Gu Clūain dūind ambārach!” or Congalach, “dia fhis an fīr an sgēl sin.” Tīagaid co Clūain arambārach .i. Congalach ⁊ Mac Coisi. Fīarfaigthir leo dona clēirchibh an roadhnacht fer na deilbi sin occa isin trāth sin. Atpertsat 15  na clēirig nā roadhnacht duine oca isin trāth raithi sin uile.

Gabaidh Congalach for eiliugud Mic Coisi ⁊ a chluiche ime. Teacaid a cClūain an aidhche sin. Docūaladar an clog mairb isan madain arnambārach. Manach ba marb isan baile ⁊ tucadh dia adhnacal cor claidhedh derc dó āit a fuil Leacc 20  na nDrūadh andiū. Ō rāncus sealad sīs isin tochailt frīth fuil ⁊ duille úrbethe ann. Ba hingnadh mōr leo-som sin.


Cech doimne noroisidh an t-adhnacul ha mō sa mō nogeibthi an fuil ⁊ an duille. Innisder do chāch an sgēl sin. Tecaid cāch dia fheghadh co mbādar ōs cenn an adhnacuil. Atpert 25 Congalach friu: “Tochlaid an adhnacul an gcēin nogēbthai an fuil ⁊ an duilli.” Dognīther an clais co domain.

Fogabar sgūab beithi 'na hīchtar ⁊ duine ana meadhōn ⁊ a bēl sīs. Indistir do Chongalach ⁊ do Mac Coisi sin ⁊ do chāch archena. Tecai uile ōs cinn an adhnacuil. Tōgbaid anís 30 īarum an corp asan adnacal. As ē tra ba cāime cruth ⁊ delb d'feraib an betha. Folt buidhe fair. Āenguin adhbul ana chneas. Cōic traighthi fiched ana airde. Seal dōib ag a fēchsain. Claitir an fert fair īarum. Tic cāch arambārach dia fhēchsain ⁊ docinnedh comairle cidh dogēndis fris. Tochailter 35 an fert dorīssi ⁊ nī frīth ann an corp ⁊ nī fes a sgēla īarum.


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Title (uniform): Elfenbegräbnis

Title (original, Irish): Laa n-aen robāi Mac Coisi

Author: unknown

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Benjamin Hazard

Funded by: University College, Cork and The HEA via the LDT Project

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1. First draft, revised and corrected.

Extent: 850 words

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Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of the Department of History, University College, Cork

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Date: 2005

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Manuscript source

  • Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, Liber Flavus Fergusiorum, 23 O 48 (early fifteenth-century vellum); for full details see Kathleen Mulchrone, T. F. O'Rahilly et al. (eds.), Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy (Dublin 1926–70) MS. 476, 1254–73.

The edition used in the digital edition

‘Elfenbegräbnis (Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften)’ (1912). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 8. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, pp. 559–60.

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  title 	 = {Elfenbegräbnis (Mitteilungen aus irischen Handschriften)},
  journal 	 = {Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie},
  volume 	 = {8},
  address 	 = { Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1912},
  pages 	 = {559–60}


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Creation: By one or more unknown Irish monastic author(s) in the Middle Irish period. 900-1200

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  • The text is in Middle Irish. (ga)
  • The title and some annotations are in German. (de)

Keywords: tale; prose; medieval

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  1. pre-1998: Text scanned and proof-read (1). (data capture Staff of the CURIA Project)
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