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Messe ocus Pangur bán

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    Messe ocus Pangur bán

    The scholar and his cat

  1. Messe ocus Pangur Bán,
    cechtar nathar fri saindán:
    bíth a menma-sam fri seilgg,
    mu menma céin im saincheirdd
  2. Caraim-se fos, ferr cach clú,
    oc mu lebrān, lēir ingnu;
    nī foirmtech frimm Pangur Bán:
    caraid cesin a maccdán.
  3. Ó ru biam, scél cen scís,
    innar tegdais, ar n-ōendís,
    tāithiunn, dīchrīchide clius,
    nī fris tarddam ar n-áthius.
  4. Gnáth, h-ūaraib, ar gressaib gal
    glenaid luch inna línsam;
    os mé, du-fuit im lín chéin
    dliged n-doraid cu n-dronchéill.
  5. Fūaichaid-sem fri frega fál
    a rosc, a n-glése comlán;
    fūachimm chēin fri fēgi fis
    mu rosc rēil, cesu imdis.
  6. Fāelid-sem cu n-déne dul
    hi n-glen luch inna gērchrub;
    hi tucu cheist n-doraid n-dil
    os mē chene am fāelid.
  7. Cia beimmi a-min nach ré
    nī derban cách a chēle:
    maith la cechtar nár a dán;
    subaigthius a óenurán.
  8. h-Ē fesin as choimsid dáu
    in muid du-ngní cach ōenláu;
    du thabairt doraid du glé
    for mo mud cēin am messe.

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Title statement

Title (uniform): Messe ocus Pangur bán

Title (translation, English Translation): The Scholar and his Cat

Responsibility statement

Electronic edition compiled by: Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Funded by: University College, Cork and Professor Marianne McDonald via the CURIA Project.

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2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

Extent: 1005 words

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Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of University College, Cork

Address: College Road, Cork, Ireland— http://www.ucc.ie/celt

Date: 1996

Date: 2010

Distributor: CELT online at University College, Cork, Ireland.

CELT document ID: G400001

Availability: The hard copy on which the present electronic edition is based is copyright by Oxford University Press, and is here used by kind permission of the publishers.

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Manuscript sources

  • Unterdrauberg Carinthia, MS Codex Sancti Pauli.


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  3. Whitley Stokes, John Strachan, Thesaurus Palaeohibernicus, vol. 2 (1903) 293–4.

Sources, comment on the text, and secondary literature

  1. W. J. Gruffydd, Pangur, Bulletin of the Board of Celtic Studies 7 (1933) 4.
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The edition used in the digital edition

‘The Scholar and his Cat’ (1956). In: Early Irish lyrics, eighth to twelfth century‍. Ed. by Gerard Murphy. Oxford: Clarendon Press, p. 2.

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  editor 	 = {Gerard Murphy},
  title 	 = {The Scholar and his Cat},
  booktitle 	 = {Early Irish lyrics, eighth to twelfth century},
  editor 	 = {Gerard Murphy},
  address 	 = {Oxford},
  publisher 	 = {Clarendon Press},
  date 	 = {1956},
  pages 	 = {2}


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All editorial introduction, translation, glossary, notes and indexes have been omitted. Editorial corrigenda are integrated into the electronic edition. Only the text of the Murphy's edition is retained, and for this electronic edition the variants cited by Murphy are not reproduced. A full citation of variants is likely in a future electronic edition.

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Creation: By anonymous authors in Irish monastic scriptoria c.800–850

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  • The text is in Old Irish. (ga)
  • The subtitle is in English. (en)

Keywords: poetry; medieval; humour; cats

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