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Gáir na Gairbe glaídbinne

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    Gáir na Gairbe glaídbinne

    The Cry of the Garb


  1. Gáir na Gairbe glaídbinne
    glaídes re tosach tuinne;
    rátha aidble aíbinne
    d'íasc oc irshnám 'na bruinne!
  2. Gairit lem mo chomainmne,
    fégad lán línas múru:
    buinne rothrén roGairbe,
    uis 'gá chor ar cúlu.
  3.  p.114
  4. Is súairc immar glecait-sium
    tuile is aithbe co n-úaire;
    imá-sech do-ecmait-sium
    sís is an-ís cech úaire.
  5. Cairche cíuil at-chluinim-se
    'sin Gairb go n-glúaire geimrid;
    ra muirn móir con-tuilim-se
    i n-aidche adúair eigrid.
  6. Éoin chalaid co céolchaire,
    céoilbinne a n-gotha gnátha;
    impa rom-geib éolchaire,
    'má ceilebrad cech trátha.
  7. Binn lem loin oc longaire
    ocus éistecht re h-aifrenn;
    gairit lem mo chomnaide
    ar drumchla Durthaigh Faithlenn
  8. Is ríu-sein con-tuilim-se
    ar bennaib is ar barrgail;
    na céolas do-chluinim-se
    is airfeitiud dom anmain:
  9. Céol na salm go salmglaine
    i Rinn Ruis Bruic cen búaine;
    dordán daim duinn damgaire
    do lecain Erce úaire.
  10. Codlad adúar áenaidche;
    éistecht re trethan tuinne;
    gotha aidble énlaithe
    d' fhidbaid Fheda Cuille;
  11. Osnad gaíthe geimreta;
    fúaim doininne fa dairbre:
    géisid lec úar eigreta
    oc maidm tría gáir na Gairbe.
  12.  p.116
  13. Duilig trátha d' urmaisin
    i m-bentar cluic cen bailbe,
    ra sían Inbir Dubglaise
    oc ra gáir na Gairbe.
  14. Muir na fairrge fograige
    timchell síar dorais Airbre
    gairde lim im chomnaide
    éistecht re gáir na Gairbe.
  15. Druim Lethet co l-línmaire
    dercain donna ar a dairbre;
    a mac alla is mírbuile
    fhrecras lem gáir Gairbe.
  16. Ess Máige, Ess Dubthaige,
    Ess Rúaid cos' reithet maigre,
    gidat imda a turthaige
    binne fogar na Gairbe.
  17. Benn Boirche, Benn Bógaine
    is Glenn Bolcán go m-bailbe,
    mór n-aidche, mór nónaide
    tánac fa gáir na Gairbe.
  18. Tonn Túaige, Tonn Rudraige
    (nídat imfhoicse a n-airde):
    gairde lim ná a n-urnaide
    éistecht re gáir na Gairbe.
  19. Taídiu thenn na tairngire,
    binn a h-airdess co n-áine;
    in Tacarda ainglide —
    ga h-ess as glaine gáire?
  20. A Mo Ling na connailbe
    gus' tucus cenn mo báire,
    go n-derna mo chomairge
    ar ifrenn as garb gáire!

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Title (uniform): Gáir na Gairbe glaídbinne

Title (translation, English Translation): The Cry of the Garb

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Electronic edition compiled by: Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Funded by: University College, Cork and Professor Marianne McDonald via the CURIA Project.

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2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

Extent: 1065 words

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Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of University College, Cork

Address: College Road, Cork, Ireland— http://www.ucc.ie/celt

Date: 1996

Date: 2010

Distributor: CELT online at University College, Cork, Ireland.

CELT document ID: G400044

Availability: The hard copy on which the present electronic edition is based is copyright by Oxford University Press, and is here used by kind permission of the publishers.

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Manuscript sources

  • Brussels, Bibliothèque royale, 5100–4, p. 52.


  • Whitley Stokes, Poems ascribed to S. Moling. From Brussels MS. 5100–4, pp. 50–67, Anecdota from Irish Manuscripts 2 (Halle 1908) 23–24.

The edition used in the digital edition

‘The Cry of the Garb’ (1956). In: Early Irish lyrics, eighth to twelfth century‍. Ed. by Gerard Murphy. Oxford: Clarendon Press, pp. 112–116.

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  editor 	 = {Gerard Murphy},
  title 	 = {The Cry of the Garb},
  booktitle 	 = {Early Irish lyrics, eighth to twelfth century},
  editor 	 = {Gerard Murphy},
  address 	 = {Oxford},
  publisher 	 = {Clarendon Press},
  date 	 = {1956},
  pages 	 = {112–116}


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Creation: By anonymous authors in Irish monastic scriptoria c.1125–1175

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  • The text is in Middle Irish. (ga)
  • The subtitle is in English. (en)

Keywords: poetry; medieval; Suibne; Geilt

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