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Géisid cúan

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    Géisid cúan

    Créide's lament for Cáel

    Tāinic an ingen & do sīn re 'thāebh h-ī & do-rinne nūalghubha & toirrsi mhōr. “Cidh dhamsa”, ōl sī, “an bās d'̇faghāil do chumhaid mu chēle in tan a-tāt na fīadhmhīla folūaimnecha ac faghāil bhāis dā chumhaid?” & at-bert Crēdhe:

  1. Géisid cúan
    ós buinne rúad Rinn Dá Bhárc:
    bādud laích Locha Dá Chonn
    is ed chaínes tonn re trácht.
  2. Luinchech corr
    i seiscenn Droma Dá Thrén:
    sis ní aincenn a bí —
    coiṅfíad dá lí for tí a h-én.
  3. Trúag in fhaíd
    do-ní smólach i n-Druim Chaín;
    ocus ní nemthrúaige in scol
    do-ní in lon i Leitir Laíg.
  4. Trúag int séis
    do-ní in dam i n-Druim Dá Léis:
    marb eilit Droma Sílenn;
    géisid dam dílenn dá h-éis.
  5. Ba sáeth lim
    bás in laích ro laiged lim:
    mac na mná a Daire Dá Dos,
    a beith is cros úasa chinn.
  6. Sáeth lim Cáel
    do beith i richt mairb rem tháeb,
    tonn do thecht tar a tháeb n-gel;
    is ed rom-mer mét a áeb.
  7.  p.150
  8. Trúag in gáir
    do-ní tonn tráchta re tráig:
    ó ro báid fer ségda sáer
    sáeth lim Cáel do dul 'na dáil.
  9. Trúag in fúaimm
    do-ní in tonn risin trácht túaid,
    ac cenngail im charraic caín,
    ac caíned Chaíl ó do-chúaid.
  10. Trúag in tres
    do-ní in tonn risin trácht tes;
    mise do-dechaid mo ré:
    messaite mo gné (fo-fes).
  11. Caínce corr
    do-ní tonn trom Tulcha Léis;
    mise nochan ̇fuil mo maín
    ó rom-maíd in scél rom-géis.
  12. Ó ro báided mac Crimthain
    nochan ̇fuil m' inmain dá éis;
    is mór tríath ro thuit le a láim;
    a cíath i ló gáid nír géis.
    & do sīn an ingen re tāebh Chāeil & fūair bās dā chumhaid; & do h-adlacad īat ar-āen a n-āeiṅfert ann sin; & as misi fēin (ar Caīlte) ro tocuibh in līa fil ōsa lighi, conidh Feart Cáeil & Crēidhe a-derur ris. Ad-rāe búaid & bennacht, a Chaīlte, ar Pādraic: s maith in scēl do innisis; & caidhi Brōcān scrībhnid? Sunna, ar Brōcān. Scrībthar lat gach ar chan Caīlte. & do scrībadh.

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Title (uniform): Géisid cúan

Title (translation, English Translation): Créide's Lament for Cáel

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Electronic edition compiled by: Donnchadh Ó Corráin

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2. Second draft, revised and corrected.

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Availability: The hard copy on which the present electronic edition is based is copyright by Oxford University Press, and is here used by kind permission of the publishers.

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Manuscript sources.

  1. Chatsworth, Book of Lismore, 207a (B).
  2. Oxford, Bodleian Library, Rawlinson B 487, 17v (R).
  3. Killiney, Co Dublin, Francisan Library Dún Mhuire, 13 col. 1 (F).


  1. S. H. O'Grady, Silva Gadelica (London 1892). 2 vols., P. 113.
  2. Whitley Stokes, Acallamh na Senórach, Irische Texte, 4th series, vol. 1 (Leipzig 1900) 24.

The edition used in the digital edition

‘Créide’s Lament for Cáel’ (1956). In: Early Irish lyrics, eighth to twelfth century‍. Ed. by Gerard Murphy. Oxford: Clarendon Press, pp. 148–150.

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  title 	 = {Créide's Lament for Cáel},
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  editor 	 = {Gerard Murphy},
  address 	 = {Oxford},
  publisher 	 = {Clarendon Press},
  date 	 = {1956},
  pages 	 = {148–150}


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Creation: By anonymous authors in Irish monastic scriptoria c.1150–1200

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  • The text is in Middle and Early Modern Irish. (ga)
  • The subtitle is in English. (en)

Keywords: poetry; medieval; love; Créide and Cáel

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