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Cétemain, cain cucht

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    Cétemain, cain cucht


    Ro fogluim-sim in trēide nemthigius filid .i. teínm lāega & imus for-osna & dīchedul di chennaib. Is ann sin do-róine Finn in laīg-si oc fromad a éicsi:

  1. Cétemain, cain cucht,
    rée rosaír rann;
    canait luin laíd láin
    día laí grían gaí n-gann.
  2. Gairid cuí chrúaid den;
    is fo-chen sam saír:
    suidid síne serb
    i m-bi cerb caill chraíb.
  3. Cerbaid sam súaill sruth;
    saigid graig lúath linn;
    lethaid fota fraích;
    for-beir folt fann finn.
  4. Fúapair sceith scell scíach;
    im-reith réid rían rith;
    cuirithir sál súan;
    tuigithir bláth bith.
  5. Berait beich (bec nert)
    bert bonn bochtai bláith;
    berid slabrai slíab:
    feraid saidbir sáith.
  6. Seinnid caille céol;
    con-greinn séol síd slán;
    síatair denn do dinn,
    dé do loch linn lán.
  7.  p.158
  8. Labraid tragna trén;
    canaid ess n-ard n-úag
    ̇fáilti do thoinn té;
    táinic lúachra lúad.
  9. Lengait fainnle fúas;
    im-said crúas cíuil cróich
    for-beir mes máeth méth;
    innisid loth loíth.
  10. Leig lath fath feig;
    fert ar-cain cuí chrúaid;
    cuirithir brecc bedc;
    is balc gedc láith lúaith.
  11. Losaid foirbríg fer;
    óg a m-búaid m-breg m-bras;
    caín cach caille clár;
    caín cach mag már mas.
  12. Melldach rée rann;
    ro fáith gaíth garb gam;
    gel ros; toirthech tonn;
    oll síd; subach sam.
  13. Suidigthir íall én
    i n-íath i m-bí ben;
    búirithir gort glas
    i m-bí bras glas gel.
  14. Greit mer, imrim ech;
    im-sernar sreth slúaig;
    rosáer rath geilestar:
    ór eilestar úaid.
  15. Ecal aird fer fann;
    fedil fochain ucht;
    uiss ima-cain
    “Cetemain, cain cucht”.

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Title (uniform): Cétemain, cain cucht

Title (translation, English Translation): May-Day

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Electronic edition compiled by: Donnchadh Ó Corráin

Funded by: University College, Cork and Professor Marianne McDonald via the CURIA Project.

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2. Second draft.

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Date: 2010

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Manuscript sources

  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, Laud 610, 120r.


  1. Kuno Meyer, Revue celtique 5 (1881-83), § 20, 201-202. With corrigenda in Archiv für celtische Lexikographie 1 (1900) 482.
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  4. Kuno Meyer, Selections from Ancient Irish Poetry (London 1911) 54 sq.

The edition used in the digital edition

‘May-Day’ (1956). In: Early Irish lyrics, eighth to twelfth century‍. Ed. by Gerard Murphy. Oxford: Clarendon Press, pp. 156–158.

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  editor 	 = {Gerard Murphy},
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  publisher 	 = {Clarendon Press},
  date 	 = {1956},
  pages 	 = {156–158}


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Creation: By anonymous authors in Irish monastic scriptoria c.700–800

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  • The text is in Old Irish. (ga)
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Keywords: poetry; medieval; nature; Fianna; Finn cycle

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