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An Old Irish poem on St. Patrick

Unknown author

Edited by Kuno Meyer

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    An Old Irish poem on St. Patrick

  1. Pātraicc Macha mārtai Gāidil,
    glaine rīagla,
    pritchais doïb cen chleith coemna
    sē deich mblīadhna.
  2. Bathais Pātraic fodarōenaig,
    rīgda ind rīagail,
    dus-fuc Pātraic cen ail n-ūaboir
    a taig dīaboil.
  3. Doïb bas brithem dia brātha,
    bret[h] as doidngiu,
    nī fuil nōeb connī a airde
    co tī in Coimdiu.
  4. Coimdiu feisin dou doridnacht
    fonn ar feraind,
    is leis fīr gach Gōidil glanuill
    do hsīl Breguinn.
  5. Bratir dūn ardabstail Ērenn,
    ind nōib rōitir,
    rothecht seochu mac mec Fotaid
    cert cech cōicid.
  6. Co rooirdnestar slūag sacart,
    sruith in dīne,
    līn forsrolēg grād co nūibe,
    teora mīle.
  7. Mad in slūag n-ardepscop n-ūasal,
    ūaisliu dānaib,
    secht cōicait n-epscop n-ūag n-ōebin
    ūad fo grādaibh.
  8. Grīan gel Gōidel, glēre garta,
    rēle ar rechta,
    [i]r ralēg cen luithe lochtai
    suithe sechta.
  9. Secht cēt aipgitrech ra-scrībai,
    screptra scrībenn,
    secht cēt celd ba cāin dos-rorann
    do Māil īrenn.
  10. Ardchell dorrāighai dō feisin,
    fonn na flatha,
    adba n-arcc n-ōg īarthair betho
    Ard mōr Macha.
  11. Madh an ro-dūsaig do marbaib,
    is mó mīlib,
    nī ̇fail cenn connī a ārim,
    is drem dīrim.
  12. D'egnuib īarthair dūisig domuin
    is dō tārctait,
    do lou brāthai cech fis fīrtait
    is fris dāltait,
    is ē a flaith fīrda fōemtaitt
    prīmda Pātraic.
  13. Epscop Hērenn ocus sacart,
    sruithe sāmtait,
    d'egnoibh Ērenn is ed lēgdait,
    lēgenn Pātraic.

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Title (uniform): An Old Irish poem on St. Patrick

Title (firstline): Pátraic Macha mártai Gáidil

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Beatrix Färber

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1. First draft.

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  • Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, Stowe, B. IV 2, fol. 143b.

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  • See http://www.ucc.ie/academic/smg/CDI/PDFs_textarchive/Meyer_Medley_Irish_Texts_ACL3.pdf

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  • See http://mujweb.cz/enelen/km.htm

The edition used in the digital edition

‘A Medley of Irish Texts: Poems I. An Old Irish poem on St. Patrick’ (1907). In: Archiv für Celtische Lexikographie‍ 1. Ed. by Kuno Meyer. 303–326: 303.

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  address 	 = {Halle a. d. Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1907},
  note 	 = {303–326: 303}


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Creation: By an unknown Irish poet Old Irish period.

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Keywords: poetry; medieval; religious; St. Patrick

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