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Fuaras mian, ón, fuaras mian

Donnchadh Mór Ó Dálaigh

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    Fuaras mian, ón, fuaras mian



  1. Fuaras mian, ón, fuaras mian,
    rí saidhbhir agus é fial,
    file mi-se ag iarraidh grás
    mar dhleaghthair gach dámh do riar.
  2. Fuaras neart, ón, fuaras neart,
    rí láidir agus é ceart,
    rí éisdeas bille na mbocht,
    rí nach olc do-rinne a reacht.
  3. Mo rí mór, ón, mo rí mór,
    rí nach cuireann suim i stór;
    ag so an rí dhíolas gach neach
    don uile idir bheag is mór.
  4. Mo rí féin, ón, mo rí féin,
    rí nach diultann neach fan ngréin;
    ós é as fhearr dhíolfas mo dhán
    molfad tar cách mo rí féin.
  5. Leigeam dóibh, ón, leigeam dóibh
    táinte slóigh an bheatha bhuain;
    molaim feasda rí na ríogh,
    is é Críost as fhearr fa dhuain.
  6. Míchéal maor, ón, Míchéal maor,
    nar leig mé as an raon riamh,
    molfaidh mi-se aingeal Dé
    ós dó féin fuaras mo mhian.

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Title (uniform): Fuaras mian, ón, fuaras mian

Author: Donnchadh Mór Ó Dálaigh

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Electronic edition compiled and proof-read by: Margaret Lantry

Funded by: University College Cork. and Professor Marianne McDonald via the CURIA Project.

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2. Second draft.

Extent: 915 words

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Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of University College Cork.

Address: College Road, Cork, Ireland—http://www.ucc.ie/celt

Date: 1997

Date: 2008

Date: 2014

Distributor: CELT online at University College, Cork, Ireland.

CELT document ID: G402051

Availability: Available with prior consent of the CELT programme for purposes of academic research and teaching only.

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Manuscript source

  1. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 252, 15 (alias F vi 1: see Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, fasc. 5).
  2. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 36, 280 (alias F v 5: see Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, fasc. 1).
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  7. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 604, [c] (alias 24 M 11: see Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, fasc. 15).

The edition used in the digital edition

‘Fuaras mian, ón, fuaras mian’ (1938). In: Dioghluim Dána‍. Ed. by Láimhbheartach Mac Cionnaith. Dublin: Oifig an tSoláthair [Government Publication Office], p. 86.

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  editor 	 = {Láimhbheartach Mac Cionnaith},
  title 	 = {Fuaras mian, ón, fuaras mian},
  booktitle 	 = {Dioghluim Dána},
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  address 	 = {Dublin},
  publisher 	 = {Oifig an tSoláthair [Government Publication
  date 	 = {1938},
  pages 	 = {86}


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Project description: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts

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Profile description

Creation: By Donnchadh Mór Ó Dálaigh, an Irish bardic poet. c.1200–1250?

Language usage

  • The text is in Classical Modern Irish. (ga)

Keywords: bardic; poetry; religious

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(Most recent first)

  1. 9-September-1996: Text proofed. (ed. Margaret Lantry)
  2. 2014-07-07: Daterange for creation revised, manuscript details revised; new wordcount made. (ed. Beatrix Färber)
  3. 2010-11-16: New wordcount made; conversion script run. (ed. Beatrix Färber)
  4. 2008-10-10: Header modified; keywords added; file validated. (ed. Beatrix Färber)
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