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Ní rí fíre acht flaith nimhe

Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird

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    Ní rí fíre acht flaith nimhe


  1. Ní rí fíre acht flaith nimhe,
    rí fíre flaith na cruinne;
    do bhí ar neamh fan lia lighe
    fear fine, Dia agus duine.
  2. Ar chléith dhoinnbhear dia hAoine
    do coinnmheadh Dia dar ndín-ne;
    daor do bhraith an raon róin-ne
    laogh na hóighe, an flaith fíre.
  3. Rí fíre an fear nar chronuigh
    cneadh na cíche dar gcabhair;
    a chóir is é ar n-a oighidh
    oidhir Dé tóir a tabhaigh.
  4. Tar a thal tiad a dhaoine
    níor mhiadh le mac na hóighe
    dá chíos ní um chneidh na cíghe
    rí fíre, gein na glóire.
  5. Tug malairt do Mhac Moire
    slat do agair{}
    ar aoi a dhéire mar dhlighe
    caoi cridhe déine, a dhuine.
  6. A Pheadair, déaghaidh dhúin-ne,
    déanaidh, a easbail fhíre,
    guidhe ar mo chrú le chéile;
    tú féine id dhuine dhínn-ne.

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Title (uniform): Ní rí fíre acht flaith nimhe

Author: Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird

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Electronic edition compiled by: Margaret Lantry and Margaret Lantry

Proof corrections by: and Margaret Lantry

Funded by: University College Cork and Professor Marianne McDonald via the CURIA Project.

Edition statement

1. First draft, revised and corrected.

Extent: 774 words

Publication statement

Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of University College Cork.

Address: College Road, Cork, Ireland— http://www.ucc.ie/celt

Date: 1997

Date: 2012

Distributor: CELT online at University College, Cork, Ireland.

CELT document ID: G402070

Availability: Available with prior consent of the CELT programme for purposes of academic research and teaching only.

Source description

Manuscript source

  • Castlerea (Co. Roscommon), Clonalis House, Book of the O'Conor Don, 90.

Secondary literature

  1. Pádraig Ó Macháin, Poems by Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird, Celtica 24 (2003) 252–263. [Survey article about Mac an Bhaird's oeuvre with further literature.]
  2. Lambert McKenna, 'Christ the King', Irish Monthly 56 (1928) 654.
  3. Pádraig Ó Macháin (ed), The Book of the O'Conor Don (Dublin: DIAS 2010).

The edition used in the digital edition

‘Ní rí fíre acht flaith nimhe’ (1938). In: Dioghluim Dána‍. Ed. by Láimhbheartach Mac Cionnaith. Dublin: Oifig an tSoláthair [Government Publication Office], p. 145.

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  title 	 = {Ní rí fíre acht flaith nimhe},
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  address 	 = {Dublin},
  publisher 	 = {Oifig an tSoláthair [Government Publication
  date 	 = {1938},
  pages 	 = {145}


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Profile description

Creation: By Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird, an Irish bardic poet. c.1575–1625

Language usage

  • The text is in Classical Modern Irish. (ga)

Keywords: bardic; poetry

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  1. 2012-06-19: Addition made to bibliographical detail; new wordcount made. (ed. Beatrix Färber)
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