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An sgítheach tú, a mhacaoimh mná

Gofraidh mac an Bhaird

Edited by Thomas F. O'Rahilly

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  1. An sgítheach tú, a mhacaoimh mná, —
    nó an lór libh an líon teastá
    tred chéibh ródghloin bhfíthe bhfinn
    d'ógbhaidh gach críche i gcoitchinn?
  2. Dá madh tarbha a n-agra ort,
    lot fear ná buaidhreadh bantracht,
    mór do dhíth oirir Eórpa
    red throighthibh síth (sáir)leónta.
  3. Ní fhuil d'áille it aghaidh sheing,
    ní fhuil d'fhoistine it intinn,
    a ghruaidh úr ghealghairthe ghlan,
    acht súr meadhraighthe meanman.
  4. Tríbh do rad, a rún miochair,
    troid do na trí haitheachaibh,
    bas tlachtbhán fa corcra i gcath,
    daltán ochta na nUlltach.
  5. Nó is tríbh tugadh (trom an choill)
    bearradh geóin ar Choin gCulainn
    ris an gcuraidh, re Coin Raoi,
    isan Mhumhain ghloin ghéagnaoi.
  6. Mac Dáire i ndíol a mhasla
    ciorrbhas an Cú éachtach-sa;
    lot an churadh a crígh Bhreagh
    a chumhal is díbh dlighthear.
  7.  p.96
  8. Nó is tríbh tángadar tiogh laoch,
    gasradh Ghréag na ngreagh neambaoth,
    do thimhneadh teaghlaigh na Traoi,
    a fhinngheal gheanmnaidh ghlórnaoi.

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Title (uniform): An sgítheach tú, a mhacaoimh mná

Title (firstline): An sgítheach tú, a mhacaoimh mná

Author: Gofraidh mac an Bhaird

Editor: Thomas F. O'Rahilly

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Electronic edition compiled by: Beatrix Färber

Funded by: University College Cork, School of History

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1. First draft.

Extent: 695 words

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Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of University College Cork.

Address: College Road, Cork, Ireland— http://www.ucc.ie/celt

Date: 2016

Distributor: CELT online at University College, Cork, Ireland.

CELT document ID: G402324

Availability: Available with prior consent of the CELT programme for purposes of academic research and teaching only. The text is reproduced with the kind permission of the estate of Thomas F. O'Rahilly.

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Manuscript source

  • Dublin, Royal Irish Academy 5, (MS 23 D 4), a 17th-century manuscript from Munster.


  • Thomas F. O'Rahilly, Dánta Grádha: an anthology of Irish love poetry (A.D.1350-1750), second edition (Cork 1926).

The edition used in the digital edition

‘An sgítheach tú, a mhacaoimh mná’ (1926). In: Dánta Grádha‍. Ed. by Thomas F. O’Rahilly. Cork: Cork University Press, pp. 95–96.

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  editor 	 = {Thomas F. O'Rahilly},
  address 	 = {Cork},
  publisher 	 = {Cork University Press},
  date 	 = {1926},
  pages 	 = {95–96}


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Creation: By the Irish bardic poet Gofraidh mac an Bhaird; the date range was supplied from the Bardic Poetry Database. 1600–1625

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  • The text is in Classical Modern Irish. (ga)

Keywords: bardic poetry; Gofraidh mac an Bhaird; love; Classical allusions; Ruraiocht allusions; proverbs

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  1. 2016-06-27: SGML and HTML versions created. (ed. Beatrix Färber)
  2. 2016-06-23: Header created; file proofed (1) and encoded, queries resolved using information from the Bardic Poetry Database at the DIAS website; file parsed and validated. (ed. Beatrix Färber)
  3. 1998: Text captured by scanning. (ed. Students at the CELT project)

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