CELT document G500001

Traigshruth Firchertne

Unknown author

Edited by Kuno Meyer


Traigsruth Feircertni so. 1

1. Briatharogum Morainn mic Máin

  • b feochas foltchāin .i. cos feoidhe bān lais ⁊ is ālaind a barr
  • l lī sūla .i. leam nó gius
  • f aireinech fiann .i. ar inchaibh .i. sgiath
  • s lī ambī .i. lī mairbh
  • n costud sīde .i. nin garmna .i. nī aurgabar acht a síth
  • h condal con .i. is ann foceird con alti ūaill .i. scēi
  • d arddam dossa
  • t trian (.i. cuilenn) roith .i. carpait
  • c ithchar fear .i. cāch ag ithe a cnó
  • q clithchar boscill .i. eilit nó geilt
  • m ardam maisi .i. fínemain arin fāsas a n-airde
  • g glaisem gelta .i. edlenn nó edhend
  • gg lūth leighe .i. gilcach ar imat a īcce
  • st aire srabha .i. draighen
  • r tinnem ruice .i. cairthenn nó tene truim
  • a ardam iachtadha .i. feth .i. fefe nó ferdris
  • o congnaid ech .i. aitenn nó echlasc
  • u gruidem dāl .i. fraech
  • e aercnaid fer nó fid .i. idhadh .i. fefe a tuth nó fe a fhlesc
  •  p.44
  • i sinem fedha .i. ibhar.
  • ea snāmchar fer .i. crithach
  • oi sruithium aicde .i. feirius
  • ui tuthmar fear .i. crann fir nó elann
  • pin millsem fedho .i. spín
  • x 2 od .i. uch saethaig ⁊ c. .i. midua .i. seim munchael

2. Briatharogum Mic in Ōicc

  • b glaisem cnis .i. cain er– nó crectha nó fuarc
  • l lūth ceathra .i. leam nó gíus
  • f coimēt lachta .i. toeí
  • s lūth beach .i. blāth soilech
  • n bāg ban .i. garman
  • h bánad gnúisi .i. scéi
  • d gres sāir .i. daur
  • t smiur gūaile .i. iarn
  • c cara bloisc .i. coll
  • q brīg anduine .i. ceirtech
  • m marusc 3 n-airlig .i. muin
  • g med nercc .i. gort
  • gg ēitiud midach .i. gilccach
  • st mōrad rūn .i. sraiph nó draighen
  • r romnad drech .i. cairthenn nó trom
  • a tosach fregra .i. a
  • o foillem sāire
  • u sīlad cland .i. talam
  • e commain carat .i. clesach uisce .i. éiccne
  • i cained sen nó aileam āis .i. ibhar
  •  p.45
  • oi sruithem aicde .i. ór
  • ui tuthmar fear .i. crann fir nó eilend
  • pin millsem fedho .i. spín
  • cc od saethaig .i. uchra.


3. Briatharogum Concaulaind so

  • b maisi malach .i. creccad
  • l lūth cethra .i. leam
  • f dīn cride .i. scíath
  • s tosach mela .i. sail
  • n bāg maisi .i. garman
  • h annsam aidhche .i. hūath
  • d slēchtain sāire .i. niama sairte
  • t trian n-airm .i. tinne iairn
  • c millsem fedho .i. cnō
  • q dīghu fethail .i. cumdaigh
  • m conair gotha .i. tre muin
  • g sāsadh ile .i. arbhar
  • gg tosach n-echto .i. ícce
  • st saigid nēe;l .i. a ddē súas
  • r bruth fergga .i. imdergadh
  • a tosach garma .i. á
  • o lūth fiann .i. fráech
  • u forbhaid ambí .i. ūir
  • e brāthair bethi .i. é
  • io lūth (nó līth) lobair .i. aes
  • ea cáinem écco .i. éiccne

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Title (uniform): Traigshruth Firchertne

Editor: Kuno Meyer

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Electronic edition compiled by: Benjamin Hazard

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2. Second draft.

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  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS. H 3 18, p. 311. For full details see T. K. Abbott and E. J. Gwynn (eds.), Catalogue of the Irish manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin (Dublin 1921) MS 1337, pp. 140–58.

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‘Traigshruth Firchertne’ (1910). In: Anecdota from Irish Manuscripts‍ 3. Ed. by Kuno Meyer, pp. 43–45.

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  editor 	 = {Kuno Meyer},
  title 	 = {Traigshruth Firchertne},
  journal 	 = {Anecdota from Irish Manuscripts},
  number 	 = {3},
  address 	 = {Dublin},
  publisher 	 = {Hodges Figgis},
  date 	 = {1910},
  pages 	 = {43–45}


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Creation: 600–1200

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  1. From MS. H 3 18, p. 34. Cf. Book of Ballymote, p. 309a 50, edited by G. M. Atkinson in the Kilkenny Archaeological Journal for July 1874, no. 19, p. 202 ff. 🢀

  2. .em. (with overstroke on m) added below x, i.e. emuncholl 🢀

  3. inarusc? 🢀


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