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Monuments: B

1. Barnack

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-07-18
Date 18 July 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Northamptonshire
Townland Barnack
OSMapRef TF 075045
Area England
GeneralContext Carved panel of Christ in Majesty.
Location aisle of the Church in Barnack.
GeneralDescription This panel has a carving of Christ in Majesty, which is dated to the eleventh century.
GeneralDescription Christ is a bearded figure, seated on a throne. His clothing is draped over him and has unusual inverted folds (these may have been copied from a manuscript). His feet and hands are not covered. There is an object on his left knee, which may be a book (?), and his right hand is raised, possibly, in blessing.

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