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Nick Hogan


Nick Hogan is a graduate of NUI Galway, where he completed a BA degree in Archaeology and Legal Science followed by a Masters degree in Landscape Archaeology. He was appointed Technical Officer for the department in 2008 and is responsible for teaching and support in the areas of archaeological fieldwork and computing. As an experienced field archaeologist with a range of skills in excavation, land survey and geophysics, Nick is particularly interested in the application of digital technologies to the study of archaeological sites and landscapes. He also has responsibilities as the department's IT Officer, Field Officer and Health and Safety Representative.

Teaching Activities

Teaching Interests

AR2045 - Introduction to Archaeological Fieldwork (Module Coordinator)
AR3060 - Archaeological Approaches in Forensic Science (Contributor)
- Archaeological Survey and Remote Sensing (Module Coordinator)
AR6002 - Introduction to Graphics for Archaeologists (Coordinator - Workshop Series)
AR6002 - Introduction to GIS for Archaeologists (Coordinator - Workshop Series)
AR6004 - Archaeological Excavation: Planning and Research Design (Contributor)
AR6005 - Archaeological Excavation: Strategy and Practice (Contributor)
AR6008 - Training Excavation
AR1010 - Introduction to Archaeology (Evening Certificate, Contributor)
AR1013 - Archaeological Field Project (Evening Certificate, Module Coordinator)

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