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Sinead O'Connor


I graduated from University College Cork with a BA in European Studies and Italian in 2011. As part of my BA, I undertook a year of study in the University of Bologna, in Bologna, Italy. I completed my final year dissertation on the socio-spatial segregation of international students in Bologna, and continued my work on international students, socio-spatial segregation and encounter in urban space in my PhD in 2011. Under the supervision of Dr. Therese Kenna and Dr. Piaras MacÉinrí, I am currently pursuing my doctoral thesis, which utilises the geographies of encounter to understand how people interact with difference in diverse micro-publics of urban space, in particular international students' experiences of the city and university.

Research Interests

My research interests include the geographies of encounter, difference and the city, social inclusion/ exclusion, socio-spatial segregation and racism and discrimination. 


Conference Contributions

(2013)RGS-IBG Mid-Term Postgraduate Conference,
O'Connor, S (2013) International Student Experiences and Interactions with Domestic Students. [Oral Presentation], RGS-IBG Mid-Term Postgraduate Conference, University of Birmingham , 25-MAR-13 - 27-MAR-13. [Details]
(2013)Conference of Irish Geographers,
O'Connor, S (2013) International Students' Experiences of Discrimination and Prejudice in the City and University. [Oral Presentation], Conference of Irish Geographers, National University of Ireland: Galway , 16-MAY-13 - 18-MAY-13. [Details]
(2012)Conference of Irish Geographers,
O'Connor, S (2012) International Students and the Internationalisation of Tertiary Education in Ireland. [Poster Presentation], Conference of Irish Geographers, Trinity College Dublin , 25-MAY-12 - 27-MAY-12. [Details]
(2014)Association of American Geographers,
O'Connor, Sinéad (2014) Prejudice, micro-publics and the university:International Students’ Experiences of Discrimination and Prejudice at University College Cork, Ireland. [Oral Presentation], Association of American Geographers, Tampa, Florida , 08-APR-14 - 12-APR-14. [Details]

Professional Activities

Honours and Awards

 YearTitleAwarding Body
2014Postgraduate Travel Award Geographical Society of Ireland

Professional Associations

 AssociationFunctionFrom / To
Geographical Society of Ireland Member/
Association of American Geographers Member16-OCT-13 / 15-OCT-14

Teaching Activities

Teaching Interests

European Studies - ES1001 An Introduction to Europe and the European Union 

MA in European Development Studies:
ES6001: European Development: Different Meanings to Different Europeans
ES6008: Research Strategies

Migration and Settlement - GG2041 Contemporary Human Migration and Settlement in Europe (lecturer)

GG1003: Cultural Geography: An Introduction to Place, Space and Globalization

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