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James Moroney


James graduated from UCC in 2011 with an honours degree in Applied Psychology. Since the he has been taking part in research for a PhD in Psychology in UCC.
Outside of college James has been coaching rowing since 2010 and was an athlete before then. James currently coaches with Lee Rowing Club but has coached with other clubs in the past (UCC and Cork Boat Club). 
In his short tenure as a coach with Lee Rowing Club James has had many successes as a coach at both national and international level. In 2013 he was involved in the coaching of no less than 7 athletes from the club that made it onto the Irish National Team.
He currently coaches men and women from J14 up to Novice Level. He is a qualified Level 2 coach (the 2nd of 4 levels) and actively makes use of his reseach knowledge in his coaching. In 2012 he was made Vice Captain of Lee Rowing Club. 

Research Interests

James is currently conducting research into Self-regulation and its applications to Physical activity and Sport Performance.
Self-regulation is the process through which all volitional action takes place and through which an individual attempts to achieve a goal.
James' research focuses mainly on the limited strength model of self-regulation that states that all self-regulation and self-control requires a limited resource to operate. When this resource is used up people can no longer self-regulate properly which can hinder performance on all volitional tasks.
James is applying this model to sport performance in order to help athletes and coaches improve performance and training adherence. The research covers general sport psychology areas such as goal setting, self-efficacy and motivation as well as more specicfic self-regulatory areas such as individual differences in self-regulation and increasing self-regulatory strength.      

Teaching Activities

Teaching Interests

 1st Year Psychology Tutor 2011-Present  

Ap1149 Social and Developmental Psychology

Ap1123 Cognitive and Biological Psychology

Ap1110 Proffessional issues in Psychology.

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