Colin McGuire

Postdoctoral Researcher
University College Cork

T: +353-21-490-3000
Irish Reasearch Council Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Fellow
School of Music and Theatre
136 Sunday School Road
Department of Music
University College Cork


Colin McGuire holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology and an MA in Electroacoustic Composition from York University. Writ large, his work centres on music and the body. Currently, McGuire is researching music and martial arts in order to examine intertextual meanings, transnational identity construction, and resistance to oppression. Between 2008 and 2016, participant observation and performance ethnography fieldwork on Chinese kung fu, the lion dance ritual, and percussion music was conducted at Toronto, Canada’s Hong Luck Kung Fu Club. Through investigations of transmission, body-experience, and heroic display, McGuire contributes to broader discussions of embodiment and diaspora. He is also interested in how being attentive to choreomusical connections between movement and sound can contribute to our understandings of idealized social values and relationships.

As a composer and sound artist, McGuire has worked with dancers and choreographers like the Little Pear Garden Collective and Ballet Creole’s Patrick Parson. Under the DJ/producer pseudonym Ronin E-Ville, his beat-driven eclectronica has been in the Top 20 of Canada’s campus/community radio charts for electronic music and was also licensed to the Gemini Award-winning TV show Departures.

Research Interests


Music & Martial Arts; Drumming in Chinese Kung Fu & Lion Dance; Music & Identity; Music & Diaspora; Music & Embodiment; Ethnographic Methods; Intertextual Discourse Analysis; Phenomenology; Interdisciplinary Research


Music Technology

DJ Culture; Consumers as DJs; Technoculture; Music Technology & Performance; Aesthetics & Ethics of Sampling; Ontology of Digital Audio; Intersections of Art & Popular Musics; Interdisciplinary Collaboration; Post-Acousmatic Music

Peer Reviewed Journals

(2015)'The Rhythm of Combat: Understanding the Role of Music in Performances of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Lion Dance'
Colin McGuire (2015) 'The Rhythm of Combat: Understanding the Role of Music in Performances of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts and Lion Dance'. MUSICultures, :1-23 Globe icon [Details]
(2010)'Rhythm Skills Development in Chinese Martial Arts'
Colin P. McGuire (2010) 'Rhythm Skills Development in Chinese Martial Arts'. The International Journal of Sport and Society, 1 (3):209-218 Globe icon [DOI] [Details]

Other Journals

(2014)'The Concrete and the Ephemeral of Electronic Music Production'
Colin McGuire (2014) 'The Concrete and the Ephemeral of Electronic Music Production' Dancecult, 6 (1) . Globe icon [DOI] [Details]

Book Chapters

(2016)'Hong Kong: Food of the Fragrant Harbour'
Colin McGuire (2016) 'Hong Kong: Food of the Fragrant Harbour' In: Sean Williams (eds). The Ethnomusicologists’ Cookbook: Complete Meals from Around the World (Volume II). New York: Routledge. [Details]

Honours and Awards

 YearTitleAwarding Body
2016Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship Irish Research Council
2014T. Temple Tuttle Prize Society for Ethnomusicology, Niagara Chapter
2014CSTM Paper Prize Canadian Society for Traditional Music
2011SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council