Prof. Josephine Hegarty, Professor (Scale 2)

Ms. Sinead M O'Brien, Clinical Skills Nurse

Prof. Eileen Savage, Head Of School

Prof. Geraldine McCarthy, Professor/Head Of Department

Prof. Jonathan Drennan, Professor

Dr. Aine Mairead Horgan, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Patricia Leahy-Warren, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Tom Andrews, Lecturer

Dr. Stephen Bradley, Lecturer

Ms. Caroline Brady Nevin, Lecturer

Dr. Aileen Burton, Lecturer

Ms Maria Caples, Lecturer

Ms. Carol Condon, Lecturer

Dr. Nicola Cornally, Lecturer

Mr. Patrick Thomas Cotter, Lecturer

Dr. Rena Creedon, Lecturer

Dr. Sile Creedon, Lecturer

Ms. Caroline Dalton, Lecturer

Ms. Patricia Fehin, Lecturer

Dr. Serena Fitzgerald, Lecturer

Dr. Angela Flynn, Lecturer

Dr. Irene Hartigan, Lecturer

Ms. Claire C. Hayes, Lecturer

Ms. Michele Hughes, Lecturer

Dr. Sean Joseph Kelleher, Lecturer

Dr. Margaret Landers, Lecturer

Ms. Stephanie Lawrence, Lecturer

Dr Elaine Lehane, Lecturer

Ms Anne-Marie Martin, Lecturer

Ms. Ann McAuliffe, Lecturer

Dr. Bridie McCarthy, Lecturer

Dr. Joan McCarthy, Lecturer

Dr. Vera McCarthy, Lecturer

Dr. Geraldine McLoughlin, Lecturer

Dr Helen Mulcahy, Lecturer

Ms. Margaret Murphy, Lecturer

Ms. Siobhan Murphy, Lecturer

Dr. Brendan Noonan, Lecturer

Dr. Rhona O'Connell, Lecturer

Ms. Caroline O'Connor, Lecturer

Ms. Moira O'Donovan, Lecturer

Ms. Anna M. O'Leary, Lecturer

Dr. Máirín O'Mahony, Lecturer

Dr. Patricia O'Regan, Lecturer

Ms. Maria O'Shea, Lecturer

Ms. Agnes Phelan, Lecturer

Dr. Teresa Wills, Lecturer

Mr. Mohamad Saab, Studentship

Ms. Regina Murphy, School Manager

Ms. Nuala Walshe, Clinical Skills Manager

Ms. Therese Ahern, Senior Executive Assistant

Ms. Nadia Curran, Senior Executive Assistant

Ms. Helen Forbes, Executive Assistant

Ms. Sheila Hedderman, Senior Executive Assistant

Ms. Laura Leahy, Executive Assistant

Ms. Sarah Murphy Kearney, Executive Assistant

Ms. Marina Delea, Program Administrator

Mr. Jan Thomas Erlandsson, Systems Administrator

Mr Anthony Archer, Chief Technical Officer

Mr. Sean McCloskey, Allocations Officer

Ms. Jane O'Neill, Accounting Technician

Ms. Samantha Riordan, Technical Assistant

Dr. Harry Gijbels, Retired

Ms. Anne Lynch, Retired

Dr. Alice Coffey,

Dr. Lynne Marsh,