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Caroline Blackshields


My PhD project involves the development and characterisation of hydrogel based controlled release drug delivery systems for local anaesthetics.  I am also employed as a research assistant on a collaborative project with Merrion Biopharma, Trinity College Dublin funded through the Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership programme.  Research in this project focuses on their Gastrointestinal Retention System (GIRES™) for enhanced drug delivery

Research Interests

For my PhD I carried out research in the area of formulation of hydrogel based beads and films for controlled delivery of local anaesthetics to wounds to provide pain relief. My postdoctoral research consists of a collaboration with Merrion Pharmaceuticals, based in Trinity College Dublin. The work involved consists of optimising the GIRES (gastro retentive system) for prolonged delivery of drugs which would otherwise require frequent dosing or produce unwanted side effects due to widely fluctuating blood drug levels.

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