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Hassan Alkhayuon


I am a Lecturer in Mathematical Sciences, specialising in nonlinear dynamics. I completed my undergraduate studies in Iraq before pursuing a PhD at the University of Exeter, UK, between June 2015 and December 2018. Subsequently, I moved to University College Cork (UCC) to work as a postdoctoral researcher between September 2019 and August 2023. I have been a lecturer at UCC since August 2023.

Research interests:

I am interested in the theory and application of nonlinear dynamics and bifurcation theory. In particular, my research interests include:
  • Tipping points in the climate and ecosystems.
  • Agent-based modelling and stability of healthcare systems.
  • Dynamic games with applications to cancer treatment.

Check out my Google Scholar, GitHubMathSciNet, and ORCiD 

Teaching Interests: 

I'm currently teaching:
  • AM4064 Perturbation and Asymptotic Methods.
  • AM1054 Mathematical Software.
  • MA1011 Mathematical Methods I.

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