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As a Research Assistant, I have worked on the EPA-funded ClimAg project, as well as the SFI- and industry-funded H-Wind project.

ClimAg seeks to identify the multifactorial drivers of fodder crises by:
  • developing a detailed understanding of the multiple interlinked drivers of previous fodder crises affecting the Irish agricultural sector
  • combining datasets from 21st century climate simulations with grass growth models to predict the frequency and severity of fodder crisis events under future climate change scenarios
The focus areas of H-Wind include:
  • Utilising green hydrogen as the interface between offshore wind energy, gas networks, electricity system, and markets, and to develop new markets for zero-carbon green hydrogen.
  • To help assist Ireland in ensuring the delivery of the EU strategy on energy system integration, and to also help with the government's 2050 targets.
  • Suitable hydrogen hubs for the Irish, Celtic, and Atlantic Seas, which are necessary to meet the goal of this large-scale hydrogen production from offshore wind farms, along with hydrogen storage and transportation.
  • The customer value chain, policy recommendations, hydrogen safety and procedures, and concepts for scalable and optimised offshore wind.

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(2022)International Symposium on Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems,
P. Leahy, N. Streethran, K. Hickey, A. Wingler (2022) Increased severity and frequency of fodder production deficits under future climate conditions in Ireland. [Poster Presentation], International Symposium on Climate-Resilient Agri-Environmental Systems, Dublin, Ireland . [Details]


 EmployerPositionFrom / To
University College Cork Research Assistant16-MAY-22 /
University of Stavanger Research Fellow01-APR-18 / 30-APR-20


2022University of Aberdeen MScGeographical Information Systems
2017Heriot-Watt University MScRenewable Energy Engineering
2016Heriot-Watt University BEngMechanical and Energy Engineering

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