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Yairen Jerez Columbie


My work focuses on sociology of culture/cultural and media studies and interdisciplinary environmental studies. I currently facilitate the integration of sociocultural perspectives into the work of the multidisciplinary Coastal and Marine Systems Group of the SFI Centre for Marine, Climate and Energy research and innovation (MaREI) of the Environmental Research Institute at UCC. I completed a PhD on critical theory, postcolonial studies and the role of cultural exchanges and artistic movements in community-making processes. Between 2015 and 2019 I taught Latin American and Iberian cultural studies and languages at the Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies of the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies. I hold a BA in Cultural Communication and a MARes in Communication and Cultural Studies for the Universitat de Girona. As a journalist and researcher in Cuba, Spain and Ireland, I have gained experience in sociological and cultural analysis, literary and cultural theory, archival and ethnographic work, interdisciplinary research methods, and media production.

Research Interests

My current research activity focuses on the sociohistorical and cultural dimensions of environmental challenges, climate justice, public participation and the interplay between marginalised knowledge and environmental culture and policy. My research interests include new world philosophies, literary, visual and audiovisual cultures.

Peer-reviewed Publications

Jerez Columbié, Y. & Morrissey, J. (2020). Subaltern Learnings: Climate Resilience and Human Security in the Caribbean. Territory, Politics, Governance.

Jerez Columbié, Y. (2020). Sketches of Black People by White Catalan-Cuban Intellectuals: Afrocubanismo in 1920s Havana. Anthurium: A Caribbean Studies Journal, vol. 16, no. 2, p. 5.

Jerez Columbié, Y. (2019). Prudenci Bertrana, periodista a Barcelona, escriptor-periodista a L’Havana (1919–1920) (Prudenci Bertrana, journalist in Barcelona, writer-journalist in Havana (1919–1920)), Journal of Catalans Studies, 21, pp. 219–37.

Jerez Columbié, Y. (2021). Transculturation and Performance in the Jocs Florals of Havana. Journal of Catalan Studies. (In press).


Jerez Columbié, Y. (2021). Essays on Transculturation and Catalan-Cuban Intellectual History. Palgrave Macmillan (In press).

Teaching Interests

I have integrated my research into the classroom in order to promote an inquisitive approach to learning and to forge critical perspectives that acknowledge cultural diversity and integrate the experiences of underrepresented communities in collaborative processes of co-production of actionable knowledge. My teaching and supervisory interests include but are not limited to Global Citizenship, Postcolonial Studies, Postcolonial Approaches to Development Studies, Participation and Community Engagement, Media Studies, Race and Ethnicity, New World Philosophies, Ecocriticism, Climate Change Adaptation, Perspectives and Methods for Transdisciplinary Research, Intercultural Communication, Hispanic Studies and Caribbean Studies.

Teaching Experience

University College Cork (2015–2019)

HS2014: Understanding Latin America
HS3023: Catalan Cultural Studies
HS1030: Introduction to Spanish and Latin American Studies (team-taught module)
HS2008: Business, Culture and Society in the Hispanic and Lusophone Worlds (team-taught module)
LL3102: European Cultural Identities 2: Cultural Capitals (team-taught module)
HS2022, HS2023, HS3022, HS3123, HS6017: Catalan Language and Culture
HS1101, HS1102, HS2102: Spanish Language


Encyclopedia Entries

(2018)José Martí.
Jerez Columbié, Yairen (2018) José Martí. The Literary Encyclopedia. Encyclopedia Entries.   [Details]
(2018)Fernando Ortiz.
Jerez Columbié, Yairen (2018) Fernando Ortiz. The Literary Encyclopedia. Encyclopedia Entries.   [Details]

Magazine article

(2017)L’espiritualitat alternativa d’Alan Wilson i Skip James: natura a la poètica del blues.
Jerez Columbié, Yairen (2017) L’espiritualitat alternativa d’Alan Wilson i Skip James: natura a la poètica del blues. Magazine article   [Details]


(2018)Hurricanes: Against monsters in the Caribbean and Ireland.
Jerez Columbié, Yairen (2018) Hurricanes: Against monsters in the Caribbean and Ireland. Ireland: Journalism   [Details]

Contact details

  • Yairen Jerez Columbie
    Postdoctoral Researcher
  • MaREI Centre Beaufort Building, ERI, UCC Haulbowline Rd,
    Ringaskiddy, Co. Cork
  • 0214864342

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