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Gillian Barrett


I am an experienced management and IT professional with 15 years’ experience working in a variety of IT, innovation and project management roles.  I was a founding member of the innovation team at Musgrave Group, Ireland’s largest retailer. I returned to academia in 2011 and completed a Masters in Innovation, Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship.  In January 2017, I completed a PhD in University College Cork in the field of innovation management. My primary research interests include open innovation, high-tech SME firms, entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial founder. 

Research Interests

My research interests lie in understanding the adoption of the open innovation practices within the SME sector and in particular within the global high-tech SME sector.  My research explores the nature of the adoption of open innovation practices within global high-tech SME firms across the ICT and medical device industries from a founder/CEO perspective.

I am interested in understanding the following: (1) the extent of adoption (the various forms and processes) of open innovation practices (2)  the motives, benefits and challenges of adopting such open innovation practices (3)  the partners with whom global high-tech SMEs collaborate with (4) the factors that influence the adoption (or not) of open innovation practices (5) how these open innovation practices are managed by global high-tech SME firms.


Conference Publications

Barrett G., Dooley L., Bogue J (2018) Open Innovation adoption in global high-tech SMEs: an exploration of the underlying particulars EURAM Reykjavik University, [Details]
Barrett, G., Dooley, L. & Bogue, J. (2017) Open Innovation adoption, ambidextrous practices and the role of the organisational life cycle on global high-tech SME firms BAM Warwick University, [Details]
(2016)R&D Management
Dooley, L. Barrett, G. & O' Sullivan, D. (2016) SME innovation practices across low and high-technology industries: is open innovation being adopted? R&D Management [Details]
(2015)R&D Management
Barrett, G., Dooley, L. & Bogue, J. (2015) Understanding open innovation in the born global firm: the influencing factors R&D Management [Details]
Barrett, G., Dooley, L. & Bogue, J. (2015) Are the open innovation practices of born global SMEs leveraging their explorative and exploitative potential? BAM [Details]
Barrett, G., Dooley, L. & Kenny, B. 2014. (2014) The evolving characteristics underpinning the development path of two born global firms ICSB [Details]
(2014)R&D Management
Barrett, G. & Dooley, L. (2014) Contextual factors impacting on the adoption of Open Innovation: the case of three Irish born global firm R&D Management [Details]
Barrett, G. & Dooley, L. (2014) Open innovation as a start-up strategy: the case of two Irish born global firms ISPIM [Details]
(2013)RENT XXVII Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Competitiveness
Kenny, B., L Dooley and G Barrett (2013) Stimulating Innovation While Dealing With Constraints: The Case of Ireland against the Backdrop of the Global Financial Crisis RENT XXVII Entrepreneurship, Institutions and Competitiveness [Details]
(2013)R&D Management
Dooley, L., Kenny, B., Barrett, G. & Lupton, G. (2013) Organisational Innovation Practice: Assessing the impact of the global financial crisis R&D Management [Details]

Published Reports

(2015)Are the open innovation practices of born global SMEs leveraging their explorative and exploitative potential?.
Barrett, G. & Dooley, L. (2015) Are the open innovation practices of born global SMEs leveraging their explorative and exploitative potential?. Intertrade Ireland, Ireland. [Details]

Professional Activities

Honours and Awards

 YearTitleAwarding Body
2012Intel Challenge Europe Intel
2012Emerging and Dynamic Company of the Year Enterprise Ireland
2014Marion McAneney Graduate Research Award Intertrade Ireland


 EmployerPositionFrom / To
Musgrave Group Project Manager; IT Manager/


2012UCC MScInnovation Commercialisation and Entrepreneurship
2017UCC PhDInnovation Management

Teaching Activities

Teaching Interests

I teach a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate modules across a number of different disciplines including management, innovation, entrepreneurship, operations and project management.

Modules Taught

 Term (ID))TitleLinkSubject
2020Introduction to Management and Organisation MG1004Introduction to Management and Organisation
2020Operations Management MG4037Operations Management
2020Entrepreneurial Business Start-Ups MG4034Entrepreneurial Business Start-Ups
2020Project Management MG4004Project Management

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