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Aidan O'Donoghue


Aidan joined CMRC in November 2010. He holds a degree in Engineering and a Masters in Coastal Management & GIS, both from University College Cork. Aidan has worked on a number of projects within the Governance group, most notably on CoastAdapt and GEOSPECS. He also applies his GIS experience on projects such as the SECAD Community Trails Initiative. More recently Aidan has become involved in the Marine Ecology group, primarily as a researcher on the EcoJel project, which aims to assess the threats and opportunities posed by jellyfish in the Irish Sea. Key to this work was the tagging of Lion’s Mane (Cyanea capillata) and Compass (Chrysaora hysoscella) jellyfish off the coasts of Dublin and Kerry in order to monitor and assess the movement of potentially nuisance jellyfish.

Since the beginning of 2011 Aidan has been central to the Cork Harbour Plankton Initiative, which aims to build baseline data of zooplankton in Cork Harbour. The Initiative comprises two components: 1. Monthly zooplankton tows and 2. Laboratory-based identification and abundance measurements. A particular interest of the Initiative is to identify and record gelatinous zooplankton. In his spare time, Aidan is a keen outdoors enthusiast. He is a hillwalker, swimmer and kayaker. More recently, he is working towards gaining his PADI Open Water Dive certificate. Aidan also holds a National Powerboat Level 2 Certificate.

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