Onomasticon Goedelicum

locorum et tribuum Hiberniae et Scotiae

An index, with identifications, to the Gaelic names of places and tribes

Edmund Hogan, SJ

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Onomasticon Goedelicum


an Cabhán, t. and c. Cavan, Fm. iii. 544, vi. 1958, O'Grady's Cat. 585, Ci.; ¶  over 20 tls. of same name; ¶  is in mBreifne, Ar. 68; ¶  caislén an Chabháin, Au. iii. 512, 524; ¶  Cowan, Caven, in Dumfriesshire and Galloway.
cabhán an chatha
Cavanacaw; ¶  several tls. in Tyr., Don. and Arm. cabhán an churaig; ¶  at Druim Cet, called fr. Columb Cille's curach reaching it a mile or two fr. the r. Roe, Bco. 48 b 1.
Seleucia in Magh Sennar, Lu. 1.
cabhán na gcnó
Cavanagrow, 2 m. fr. Markethill in Arm.
cabhán na crann árd
Ci., Au. ii. 212; ¶  in c. Tyr., or betw. it and Arm., Lan. iv. 317; ¶  may be in Tyr., where are two tls. Cavan O'Neill, one in p. Kildress, nr. Cookstown and one in p. Aghaloo, nr. Caledon; ¶  may be Cavanacaw, 2 m. fr. Arm., on Newry road, Fm. iii. 82.
fluvius C., A. 8 b 1; ¶  fr. context seems betw. Saul nr. Downpatrick, and Arm. city, prob. nr. Arm., perh. at Cavanacaw, a place mentioned in Stuart's History of Arm., p. 163, as 2 m. SE. of Arm. on the Newry road. The Airthera of Arm. and the N. Ui Néill hearing of St. Patrick's death at Saul, went thither to bring him for burial in Arm.; ¶  before they reached Saul the body was buried in Down. By a miracle, worked to prevent a battle betw. them and the Ulaid of Down, they found a (phantom) bier at Saul, and took it towards Arm.; ¶  but when they were too far away from Saul and Down, and it was too late to go back, the phantom bier (siabhar-fúat?) vanished. On this I base my attempt at identification; ¶  the texts relating to this obscure subject are at A. 8 b 1, 6 b 1, Tl. 254, 256, 222, and are given under "Collum Bovis," Druim Bó, Muindaim, q.v. Two other places, somewhat out of the line of march, reflect Cabhchenne—viz., Caheny in p. Aghadowney, SW. of Coleraine, and Coghen, 3 m. E. of Clones.
Cabragh, in p. Easky, b. Tireragh; ¶  g. Cabraige, d. Cabraig, Fy. 480, 252, 169; ¶  O Condachtan of C., in Duthaidh Hui Chaemain, in Huibh Fhiachrach, Lec. 169, Fir. 27.
cabrach cormaic
in Ráith Rígh at Tara, Lg. 152; ¶  .i. Tibra fuil a taebh Rátha na Rígh aniar 7 tri hanmanda fuirrthi .i. Liaigh 7 Tibra bofindi 7 Dearc dubh; ¶  is de ata, "ni taed a Laed co Liag; ¶ " an dara nai a Teamhair Sair 7 araile a Teamair Siar, I. 143 b 1.
cacabus bracani
Cs. 423; ¶  v. Coire Brecáin, betw. Eire and Alba. cacal; ¶  as.; ¶  now Cagala and Cagganula tl. in p. Ballintober, NE. of the abbey, Fy. 190, 192; ¶  Cagal, in dry. of Mayo, d. Tuam, Tax. cacin; ¶  Colman Cacin, Ll. 367.
cachra norba boaireach
Cachra norba Boaireach fr. Cnamchaill to Áth Cliath in the E. belong to the Dal Cais of Ormond, Lec. 410; ¶  a place (?); ¶  leg. cach re n-o. b.
cadanaigh na fedh
in Hi Maine, Lec. 187. cadd; ¶  gs. or gp.; ¶  v. Insi Cadd, Ll. 171 b.
in Huene (Owney), c. Limk., Sw.; ¶  Cathair Gathir (?).
cades barne
S. of the l. of Israel; ¶  fri Sruth Eordannen an-air, Lb. 125.
cades galilee
in the W. of Treb Neptalim, Lb. 125.
B. iii. 138; ¶  S. Bríg.; ¶  cfr. Cader Gathir.
gs.; ¶  Cenel mBindigh Glindi, C. mBindigh in Cadrochaid and the C. mBindigh of Tuaithi Rois, Lec. 130.
cadus cuilli athrachta
nr. Baile mór Húi Floinn and Esa Da Chonna in Connacht, Con. 29 a.
Tl. 350, Sliab Cae (?), A. 19 a; ¶  seems in Mun.; ¶  v. next word.
cae bhéil átha na circe
nr. Dún Tri Liag, Hb. 14 a.
caechán bóirne
Lct. 92; ¶  seat of K. Mun. in Boirinn, Lec. 377, Lct. 92.
Dá mac Forannáin Caechmaige (The Hui Cuirc), Ll. 324. caeileasna; ¶  a tulach, nr. Tulach na fiadh, W. of Tulach in Mail in Machaire Laighen, Lis. 228 b.
caeilli na gcuradh
gs.; ¶  now called Oirthear = b. Orior, c. Arm., Mr. 274.
caeimh eirne
cath C.E., fought in O'Neill's country, betw. O'Neill and Mac Lochlainn, Gc. 164.
caeiriud sinaig
ac Aeiriud S. ic Lochaibh Eirni, I. 109 a 2. cael; ¶  a stream flowing through a marsh; ¶  a marsh (Kerry and Cork); ¶  a narrow neck of a lake, Os. 591.
an Chael, al. Cael uisci; ¶  the Narrow Water nr. Carlingford L., Ra. 114; ¶  Cluain Dalláin i bfail Snámha Ech, i. an Cuan láimh risan Caol i n-Uibh Echach Uladh, Fg. 68, Md. 92.
Partraidhe in Ceara ext. fr. Cael to Fal, Lec. 167; ¶  Cael Partraige, as.; ¶  the neck of l. betw. L. Carra and L. Mask, to NW. of Ballinrobe; ¶  the Bridge of Keel marks it, Fy. 152, 158, 200. cael; ¶  Keel, in W. of Achill Island, Fy. 482.
Mochua Cháil, L. 367; ¶  v. Caeluisce.
Coinchend of C., Fg. 160., Md. 224 = Caelchad, Ll. 361, Mt. 32; ¶  there are Keelagh in Derry and Cavan, and Keelaghy in Ferm.
Tuath Muighi na Beithighi in Ceara ext. fr. Callaind to Ulaich Chaelaind, Lec. 167.
cael an tsnaoimh
Colintraive in Argyles, Max. 42.
caelas cille breanainn
Kilbrannan Sound, Aran, Scotl., Sk. ii. 78.
in Leix, l. of Erc mac Lugna, Ll. 318, Lec. 274, 216. caelchad; ¶  Féile of Conchand of C. on 20th Aug., Ll. 361, Mt. 32; ¶  v. Caelachad.
a hill in Lein., Sas. 4773.
caellincemgerin (the granges of)
d. Glendal., Cr. an. 1179. caelmóin; ¶  O'Brien slain in C. in Mun., Bb. 105 b, Fir. 641. cáel muscraige; ¶  g., Cáil M.; ¶  C. M. oc Lochaibh Erni, Bb. 124a, Lec. 113, Fir. 705; ¶  Aed mac Guaire of Caill Muscraidhe in Lochaibh Erna, Lb. 23.
cael na héirne
in Ferm., Ods. 591; ¶  v. Cael Uisce.
Keeloges, at Gormanston, Gor. 16 b.
gsth.; ¶  in the Cuanacha; ¶  the Ceathrumha na C., l. of Brian O'Brien, Ai. 110 b, Hb. 11 b.
cael partraighe
in b. Carra, Mayo, Fy. 158.
in Corco Eala, Lec. 450; ¶  so called fr. Cael, son of Fedlemid Rechtmar, Fir. 106.
caelsháile ruadh
Killary Harbour, Mayo, pronounced in Connemara as caol-sháire ruadh, Fm. v. 1272, Lct. 100, Fy. 482; ¶  "bay and strait", arm of the sea, now Killary, S. of p. Balinakill, b. Balinahinch, Galw.; ¶  NE. of Damhros haven, Wc. 7, 118, 44.
cael uiscce
Narrow-water, in b. Upr. Iveagh, Down, betw. Warrenpoint and Newry, Fm. iii. 344, Au. i. 346, Ch. 145; ¶  Caislén C., Lec. i. 398, Au. ii. 252, i. 346, Fm. i. 462; ¶  coinne do ghabail do hua Neill, i. do Eogan an Ch. U. re clann Domnaill mic Muircertaigh hui Conchobuir, Au. iii. 120; ¶  do choiméd an Cháil; ¶  do dhul ar in Cael, ibid.; ¶  Mag Uidhir do dola coblach for C. U. a coinne Enri (hui Neill) 7 Cairbrech, Au. iii. 120, 128, 46; ¶  Tadhg O'Briain, rígdamhna Mumhan and O'Conor of Connacht offered the kingship of Ireland to O'Neill, in order to drive out the foreign foe, an. 1258; ¶  they did so at C. U. at Belleek, hence T. O'B. is called of Cael Uisge, Fm. iii. 368, Au. Lc.; ¶  but the Mun. Annals seem to name him so fr. his claiming the sovereignty at C. Uisge, K. 184 a, St. B. 527.
al. Cael na h-Eirne, the narrow part of L. Erne, nr. Castlecaldwell, Belleek, c. Ferm., Ci., Fm. iv. 772, v. 1440, Ar. 142, Gc. 175, Ch. 164.
one of the Cavenaghs, Lc. ii. 111.
the "Three Caemnae" of Erin are the Abdaine Lusca, the Righe trí Cualann, and the Sechnaboide of Ardmacha, Bb. 42 a; ¶  place (?).
caemthir fhiacha mic neill
Hui Braein in the Caemthir Fh. M. N., Lec. 143; ¶  v. Tir Fhiacha Mic Néill; ¶  Hui Tomaidh and their kindred in Teach Sinche and the Hui Brain with their kindred in Caimthir Fiachach mic Neill, Bb. 51 a, Fir. 170.
al. Uisnech, Lec. 559, Sa. 83 b, Lg. 48. Fm. i. 20, Tor. 302, K. 124 b.
forte Aondruim Cronán Eps. Caondroma, Fep.; ¶  St. Crónán, Bp. of Caondruim, died in reign of Domhnall, son of Aodh mac Ainmirech, K. 163 b.
Ll. 127 b, 128 b, Bb. 46 a; ¶  Tara.
the Caenna of Luigne in connacht are of the Clann Ailello, Ll. 331.
of Ui Briúin Cualand, Ll. 389.
Cruachan Maighe Abhna a cC., Md. 266; ¶  = Cruachan Maige Abna i n-Eoghanacht Chaisil, F. 154; ¶  a Daertuath Caisil, Sto. 40 a.
b. Kenry, Limk., Tp. Ti. 74; ¶  a cCondae acus a n-espuccoideacht Luimnigh, Md. 8; ¶  Cell Aithche i mbaruntacht Chaenruidhe i cC. Luimnigh, Md. 8, 360, Lct. 77, Ods. 572. caenraige; ¶  in Mun., Fir. 298, Fy. 345.
caenraige aidne
ic Connachtaib at Árd Aidne, nr. Ardrahan in b. Kiltartan, Galw.; ¶  dp. Caenrigibh Aidne, Fm. ii. 640, Fy. 53, Fir. 256.
caenrige breifne
caenrige muirbuilg
I. 66 a, Fir. 501; ¶  v. Muirbuilg in Ulst. caenraige ui cairpri; ¶  in Mun., now Kenry, Bb. 144 b, Lbl. col. 901, 90; ¶  a b. in c. Limk., Fm. v. 1592.
a man of Kenry in c. Limk., Fm. ii. 770, 824.
caen segaind
Minaintia, in Britain, where Constantinus was buried, Lec. 304; ¶  leg. Caer S.; ¶  cf. Caer (Sant, Sent).
caer abroc
v. Caer Ebroic.
caer aen
in Bretain, I. 91 b 2.
Caeraige, Ciarraige, desc. fr. Caer, son of Mudorn Dub, Lec. 180.
c. breatan
in Britain, Bb. 113 a, I. 91 b 2, Ha. 806, Z. 175 a. c. bruat; ¶  in Britain, I. 91 b 2; ¶  Caer brut, Ha. 806.
c. caratoc
in Britain, Bb. 113 a, Ha. 806, Z. 175 a.
c. ceilimon
in Britain, Z. 175 a.
c. ceilimenao
in Britain, Bb. 113 a.
c. céisi
in Britain, Bb. 113 a.
caer clonmaparuis
one of the 24 chief cities of Inis Bretan, I. 91 b 2.
caer clunndan
one of the 24 chief cities of Inis Bretan I. 91 b 2.
caer colon
one of the chief cities of Britain, Bb. 113 a, Z. 175 a, Ha. 806.
caer coluim
one of the chief cities of Inis Bretan, I. 91 b 2. c. cose; ¶  in Britain, Z. 175 a.
c. don
in Britain, Ha. 806, I. 91 b 2.
c. druith ecolcoit
in Britain, Z. 175 a; ¶  Caerdruithgolgod, Ha. 806; ¶  Caer Druiti Golgait, I. 91 b 2.
c. ebroc
York; ¶  Caer Ebroic, Fia. 172; ¶  Cáer Ebroc, City of York, Eboracum, Au. i. 376; ¶  g. Caere Ebroc, Tig. Rc. xvii. 10; ¶  gs. Cáiri E. Cg. 150, Fir. 408; ¶  d. Cair Ebrocc, Lec. 42; ¶  Caer Ebroic, Fia. 158, 172; ¶  cu rocht ó Indsi Mogh co Cæir n-Abroce, Lis. 8b; ¶  C. Abhroc, Sc. 32 b 1, Lec. 41, Bb. 113 a, Ch. 271; ¶  Caerabrog, Ha. 806, Z. 175 a.
an. 1375; ¶  with its waters and fisheries belonged to Augustine Abbey of Trim, Tr. 354.
caer edin
Carriden in Linlithgowshire, Cps. 438.
c. eilemon
in Britain, I. 91 b 2, Ha. 806; ¶  v. C. Ceilimon.
c. giraígon
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  Caer Girangon, Z. 175 a. c. gleu; ¶  Glou fd. Caer G. al. Glusester on the banks of the Sabrinne, Lu. 4; ¶  al. Glou (?); ¶  C. Glu, al. Glu-Seghtar for brú Sabrinne, Bb. 117 a.
c. gluteolcóit
in Britain, Bb. 113 a.
c. gorthigernd
in Gunnis, in the N. of Britain, Lu. 3, Z. 175 a, Bb. 113 a, 117 a, Ha. 806.
c. graat
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  C. Graad, Z. 175 a.
c. grucon
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  C. Grugan, I. 91 b 2, Ha. 806, Z. 175 a.
c. grutas
in Britain, Ha. 806.
c. guent
a chief city in Britain, Bb. 113 a, Z. 175 a.
c. guidind
in Britain, Ha. 806.
c. guiting
in Britain, I. 91 b 2.
c. guitus
in Britain, I. 91 b 2.
c. guistínt
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  C. Gustaint, Z. 175 a.
c. gusdirt
in Britain, Ha. 806.
c. gutaís
in Britain, Bb. 113 a, Z. 175 a.
al. Fir Caire of the Cenél Caolchon of Ulst., Fir. 781. cáer-irangain; ¶  one of the prim-cathracha Indsi Breatan, Ha. 806, I. 91 b 2.
c. legion
Chester, Britain; ¶  cath Cáire Legion, Tig. an. 612, Au. i. 86, I. 91 b, Bb. 113 a, Cps. 438, Z. 175 a, Ha. 806.
c. leiridoin
in Britain, Ha. 806.
c. leirion
in Britain, I. 91 b 2.
c. leoin ar phuisc
in Britain, Bb. 113 a (Z. 175 a, Ha. 806, where the spelling is corrupt).
c. lerion
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  C. Lergion, Z. 175 a.
c. luaill
in Britain, Bb. 113 a, Z. 175 a; ¶  C. Luel Carlisle, Cumberland, Eng., Sk. i. 236; ¶  al. C. Lliwelydd, Welsh for Carlisle, Max. 16.
c. luaire
Carlowrie, in W. Lothian, Scotl., Sk. i. 325.
c. ludaín
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  C. Lugain, Z. 175 a.
c. luitcoit
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  C. luiticoit, Ha. 806; ¶  C. Luiteoit, Z. 175 a; ¶  C. Luitigoit, I. 91 b 2.
c. lulaill
in Britain, L 91 b 2; ¶  v. C. Luaill.
c. lunaind
in Britain, Ha. 806; ¶  London (?).
c. machuit
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  C. Machod, I. 91 b 2, Ha. 806; ¶  C. Mac Aid, Z. 175 a.
c. meguaid
in Britain, Bb. 113 a, Z. 175 a; ¶  C. Meguaid, Z. 175 a; ¶  C. Medhguit, I. 91 b 2; ¶  C. Medguid, Ha. 806.
c. mencíp
in Britain, Bb. 113, Z. 175.
c. mencisd
in Britain, I. 91 b 2, Ha. 806.
c. na mbrocc
old Irish Life of St. Columba; ¶  on NE. coast of Scotl., Adr. 191.
c. oen
in Britain, Ha. 806.
c. pensa
in Britain, Bb. 113 a, Ha. 806, Z. 175 a.
c. pheris
Dumfries; ¶  Nennius, Max.
c. pheus
in Britain, Bb. 113 a, Z. 175 a, Ha. 806.
c. prennsa
in Britain, I. 91 b 2.
c. rent
in Britain, I. 91 b 2.
c. reus
in Britain, I. 91 b 2.
c. sent
in Britain, Bb. 113 a, Z. 175 a; ¶  C. Sant, Ha. 806.
Téid Ó Domhnaill cona shluagh hi ttír namhalgaidh, agus ro gabhadh caislén Caorthannáin agus Cros maoilíona lais, Fm. v. 1386, Lc. ii. 258; ¶  in Tír Amalghaidh, Con. 77 b, Fir. 804; ¶  now Castle-hill; ¶  a tl. on W. side of L. Conn, on the limit of Glen Nephin, b. Tirawley, c. Mayo, Fm. iv. 704, v. 1386, Fy. 482, 238, Lc. ii. 258.
(the C. of Tirconnel desc. fr. Caerthann, grandson of Conall Gulban), Mr. 156.
caerthenn ban finn
al. C. Clúana Dá dhamh, q.v.
caerthenn clúana dá dam
al. C. C. Banfhind; ¶  d. Caerthiund C. Dá Dam, in Ulst., S. of Ath na Mórrígna, Lu. 105 b; ¶  S. of Sliab Fuait, and betw. it and Fochaird Muirthemne, Sas. 2314, Lis. 216 a, 223 a; ¶  betw. Sliab Fuait and Rót (or Róe?) na carpat, Sas. 3438, and Róe (or Ráe) na carpat is nr. Sliab Fuait, Sas. 3446. caer urnoc; ¶  in Britain, I. 91 b. 2; ¶  C. urnocht, Ha. 806.
caer urtath
in Britain, Bb. 113 a; ¶  C. Urtocht, Z. 175 a. cagaire; ¶  at Cruachan, Bb. 207 a.
in dry. Mayo, d. Tuam, Tax.; ¶  v. cacal.
cai aengusa (?)
Aengus mac Coach a quo Cai A., I. 65 b 2. caiamba; ¶  in Lesser India, Lis 131 b.
láeig beca ar beraib a fedaib Cáibden, Ll. 297 a. caichtubil; ¶  Fm. iii. 242; ¶  v. Lathach C.
cai emnain
Liber Caiemnain, Ll. 367.
in Italy, Ct. 31.
chalky, calcareous hill nr. Kelso, called Chalk Heugh, of old written Kelhou, Calchow, Max. 19.
cail boidmail
ad alveum Sinone, A. f. 11 a 2; ¶  place on the Shannon at which St. Patric crossed into Connacht; ¶  Boidmalus, his charioteer was buried here and the place was bestowed on St. Patric.
in Magna Graecia, Bb. 268.
island in Muir Torrian, belonging to Graecia Magna, Bb. 268 a.
al. caille, coill, q.v.; ¶  when the nom. sg. is Caille, the word is put under Caille.
caill a maolain
Im. 161.
c. an mhuilinn
Killywillin, tl. in p. Templeport, b. Tullyhaw, c. Cavan; ¶  ar loch Crannoigi Caill an Mh., Au. iii. 386.
c. an olloman (?)
the dues Ríg Caille an Oll. to K. of Tara, Bb. 152 a; ¶  leg. C. an Ollaman (?).
c. ballain
in c. Longf., Hb. 126.
c. barrain
or C. Brain; ¶  in Thomond, C. 17 b.
c. belaich
at Bernaid na Sciath in Lein., and nr. Sith Neachtain, Lec. 612.
c. chadhoin
i.e., Caitcoit Clechhebh in Britain; ¶  v. C. Calidoin, Bb. 117 a.
c. cháid
Ll. 154.
c. cairche
um Bruidin Dá Choga, Hx. 203, col. 2 (Kilcorkey?); ¶  Lorgaire gave his dau. Cairche to Cronán, fr. her Caill Cairche named in Bruiden Da Choga, Bb. 49 a, Fir. 165, 412.
c. calidoin
al. cait coit cladeb, Lu. 4; ¶  cait coit cleid uman, Ha. 822.
c. chas
Slaine who cleared the Caill chas in Brugh mbrec glas, Lec. 84.
c. chéirp
at Druim Chliab, in Connacht, Ll. 212.
c. chind abrat
Meadraidi and Saidri Caille chind A., Lec. 107; ¶  v. C. Ch. Febrat.
c. chind fhebrat
Odran and Medran, sons of Miccraith mic Throchaill, &c., mic Nuadat Caille chind Fhebrat, Ll. 350, Fir. 751; ¶  Daigri, mac Nauda Neimnidh Caille C. F., Bb. 121 b; ¶  v. Cenn Febrat.
c. clumain
at Tuam; ¶  óta Ath mBó co C. C., Rc. xviii. 50.
c. cobthaig
maidm Caille C. for Síl Muiredhaigh ria n-Uachtar Connacht, Fm. ii. 1040, Ch. 330; ¶  on border of S. Galw. and Thomond, O'D. and Hen.
c. coiméda
in Crioch Ua Tairsidh Laighen, al. Druim Criadh, Lis. 210 b, Sas. 1363.
c. chola
Fg. 114; ¶  = Cell Cule, Mt. 26.
c. comlaind
in Lein, betw. Drumain na Féinde and Cnoc duma hEirc, Lis. 196 b.
c. cuan
v. Caille Cúan; ¶  Tailtiu, queen of the Firbolgs, after first battle of Magh Turedh, came to Caill Cúan and cleared it of its forest; ¶  al. Tailtiu, Ll., 9, 137, Lec. 24; ¶  al. Tailte, ext. fr. Escir to Ath Dromand, fr. Mónai Móir .. fr. r. Seile (the Blackwater) to Ard na Srade, Ll. 200; ¶  C. Chúain ds. .i. i Caillid C. .i. Caill Chúanach, Ll. 137 a; ¶  iar sligid móir do Chaill Cuan; ¶  seems to be betw. Dún Imrith and Ath da Ferta, which was to NW. of Dún Imrith, Cf. Tbr. 242; ¶  C. Cuan, al. Taillte; ¶  Caill C. ropo cethchur crand ó Eisgir co hAth nDrumand, ó Monai móir meid nuide, ó Ail co hArd na Suidhe; ¶  a Asuidhe antuidi Sealga gus na daill dis daim Druim dearga, gnath ceann carpaid a Cail Sair iniath mend a Cail Clochair, Cumur Currach, Crich lini, ard mBanba a mbidis rinni badar co socrac coin Carpri ar bru Tiprad Mungairde, I. 165 b 1, Bb. 225 a; ¶  go hait Chailli Cuan ris i ráiter Tetedha tonnghlasa taitnemhacha taebhuaini Tailten, Hx. iii.; ¶  v. Caille Cuan, Caillid C.
c. eachdhach
Rí Caille Eachdhach's dues to the K. of Tara, Bb. 152 a.
c. finntain
'san Enghaile (i. Anghaile), c. Long., Au. iii. 54. c. fochlad; ¶  v. Caille F.; ¶  Conaghmore and Cros Pátric are on the site of that wood; ¶  ainm feraind fil hi nhuib Amalgada i n-iarthur-tuasciurt Connacht ocus is cell indiu, Lh. 99, Fir. 693, Lis. 3 b 4 a; ¶  Silva (Fochloth, Fochlothi, in occidentalibus plagis, Fochlithi, Fochluth, Silva Focluti), A. 10 b a, 11 aa, 14 bb, 23 bb; ¶  Cross Pátricc fri Caill Fochlad anair; ¶  g. Caille Fochlad, Tl. 130, 406; ¶  ó Chaillib Fochlad, la Áu Amalgaid 7 ua Caillib Fochlad, Tl. 32, 136.
c. in daingin
Aed Muimhnech slain there, Con. 22 a, Au. ii, 358; ¶  seems in or nr. Moylurg.
c. insi aichle
Md. 342; ¶  C. I. Ailche (?).
c. insi ailche
Mochua of C. I. A.; ¶  Feast on xii. Kal. Dec., Ll. 365, Mt. 39.
c. laimhrigh
i Feraib Rois in Ultaib, Hk. 382.
c. lethaird
in Mun., al. Caill Fhian, so called fr. the Fiana of Fiachaidh Muilleathan, Lis. 180 b.
c. lugmind
Ingena Bresail in C. Lugmind, and Ingena Choluim in Cill Chalaidh, subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 353.
c. mac ndraigh in chasain
Sas. 2945.
c. mhór na mbrethnach
O Mulconry's abode; ¶  he died at C. mhór na mB., and was buried at Trim, Con. 52 b.
c. muadhnatan
al. C. na mbuiden betw. Drumcliff and Benn Bulbin in N. Sli., Sas. 1542, Lis 221 b.
c. na mbuiden
al. Caill Muadhnatan, betw. Druim Clíab and Benn Gulbain, Lis. 211 b, Sas, 1542; ¶  in N. of c. Sli.
c. na crann
maidm Chaille na c., Au. ii. 254; ¶  in Meath; ¶  al. Kilmore in b. Ballyboy, King's c., Mi., Fm. iii. 172.
c. na ccuirrittin
Killygordon, b. Raphoe, Don., Fm. v. 1490. c. na culindtraigi; ¶  in the Caladh in Anghaile (?), Con. 55 b. c. na gcuradh; ¶  "now called Oirthear," Mr. 274; ¶  Dun Adhmainn in Tír O mBreasail in it; ¶  the b. Orior, c. Arm.
c. na sindach
nr. the Faitche of Cork city, Lb. 214 b.
c. oichni
at Cruachain, Ll. 246.
c. salach
san Anghaile; ¶  co Caill Salaigh, kilsallagh tl., 2 m. SE. of Edgeworthstwon, c. Longf., Fm. iv. 878, Au. iii. 108.
c. taidbig
Fm. ii. 1192, H. 80; ¶  v. C. Tuidbig.
c. tochaill
in Mid-Mun., Lis. 181 a.
c. tomair
fr. context seems in Thomond, the Dal gCais land, Cg. 196.
c. tuidbig
cath Caille T., the Luigni were overthrown here by the Cinel Coirpri, Au. i. 226, Fm. ii. 1192; ¶  O'D. suggests Kiltabeg, nr. Edgeworthstwon, c. Longf.; ¶  he and Hennessy take these tribes to be those of Lune, c. Meath, and of Tethbha, c. Longf.; ¶  but the Luigni of Leyney and the Cenel Coirpri of Sli were also neighbours of each other; ¶  Iomairecc Caille Taidhbig in ro mebaid for Luigni ria gCenél Coirpri; ¶  Bellum Caille Tuidbig ubi Luigni prostrati sunt (et), Cenél Coirpri Victoriam accepit, H. 80, Fm. i. 360, Au. i. 226; ¶  C. Tuidhbic, Tig. Rc. xvii. 261.
c. úallech
Lonán Caille Úaillech, Fg. 216; ¶  of Killhuaillech, Ct. 131, 471; ¶  St. Lonan, son of Senach had a ch. here; ¶  the monks of Clonmacnois obtained it and exchanged it with the monks of Clonard for Cell Lothair (or Kill-Ochuir, Colg. 131) in Brega and for Cluain Alad Deirg in the west, Tl. 76, and Index to Fg.; ¶  now Killoilach, c. Westm., dry. Mullingar, Tax.
v. Caill, Coill.
d. cailli, r. in which Niall Caille was drowned, Ca. 125, 342.
Mórlongphort la T. O Conchobhair a gcath C. go thugadh a óighréir féin ó Desmhumhoin dó, Hb. 102; ¶  in Desmond (?). cáille; ¶  S. Muadnat of C. i cCairpre Droma Cliabh, Fg. 10, Md. 8; ¶  in b. Carbury, Sli.
in Cúl Breagh, Bb. 50 a; ¶  Fir. 163.
Crích an Chaílli in Tirawly, Fy. 224; ¶  Mullaghnacross in p. Templemurray is in the centre of Caille; ¶  Cinneada an Chaille nr. Killala in b. Tirawly, c. Mayo, Fy. 8; ¶  the tribes of the Caille are the Hi Derg, the Hui Aodha Aird Ó nAodha, Fir. 248; ¶  al. C. Conaill.
the Ui Briuin ar Chaille, Fir. 304.
c. aibhinne
monastery fd. by St. Fintán, Ct. 357; ¶  v. C.-au-inde. caille an ollaimh; ¶  Lct. 182; ¶  C. Fhallamhain, q.v.
c. anuist
so called fr. Anuist, wife of Seangaid, Lec. 386.
c. au inde
v. C. aibhinne; ¶  St. Finten, son of Aid, fd. that monastery, Ad. 144; ¶  could it be Cell or Cailli Abhainne of the river? Skeane thought it was Cally, a churchyard in p. of Bendothy in Pertshire, nr. a chapel named fr. St. Fink (i.e., Finten), Adr. 145; ¶  Cailli anfinde, Ad. 457.
c. cannáin
at Sliabh Echtga, Ll. 170, Lbl. 916; ¶  p in Druim Dicuill in Eichtge, Ll. 199.
c. charman
at the r. Babluain in Bairend Charman; ¶  al. Bairend Cliach, in Lein., Lbl. 428, 461; ¶  v. Babluan.
c. coluimb
in Laighis of Lein., Ll. 318, Lec. 274.
c. conaill
g. an Chaille; ¶  ext. ó Thráigh Murbhaigh (.i. Tráigh Ceall at Rathlacken, nr. Killala); ¶  go Fersaid Tresi (.i. Fersaid Rátha Bhrain), under Rafran Abbey, in p. Killala, b. Tirawly, Fy. 8, 166, Fir. 248, 274, Lec. 160, 169.
c. conaill
in Ulst.; ¶  Árd Ua Canaind Caille Conaill submitted to Aed of Aileach, Ll. 184; ¶  Do rat do Conall ó Tuaith Inbir co Cobae .i. C. Conaill, Hc. 2, 725; ¶  in Ulst., Sto. 19 b 2; ¶  Cumscraid Meand Macha gave to Conall Cearnach the l. fr. Traid Indbir Colpa to Coba, i.e., Cailli Chonaill Cearnaigh, Lec. 342; ¶  Argain Caille Chonaill, a Royal Tale, Ll. 190.
c. conaing
Cumain Fota of Cell Cumain in Cailli Conaing in Tir Amalgaidh (?), Lec. 161; ¶  v. Caille Chonaill.
c. conrui
in Echtga; ¶  S. of Eichtge, al. C. in Chlaidib Deirg, Ll. 170, 199, Lbl. 917; ¶  Cailli Conrai, S. of Sliabh Eachtga; ¶  it is the Cailli of the Claideb derg, the laech luind Laigdech Laimderg, Lbl. 917.
c. corbmaic
fr. Oclan to Luimneach, and fr. Cnamhchoill to Luachair, Cg. 86.
cailli chosnuma
ds. al. Mag Raigne, Sas. 5012; ¶  in the l. of the K. of Lein.
caille chronáin
Killichronan (Mull).
c. cuan
Rd. (Rc. xv. 316); ¶  at Tailtiu before the games; ¶  v. Caill C.
c. eachach
al. Fir Cell, in King's c., Lct. 178.
c. elo
silva Elo, Colmán of C. E., Cs. 341, 415; ¶  seems nr. Muscrige Thíre; ¶  but must be nr. Lann Elo, now Lynally, nr. Tullamore.
c. fallamain
hi Mide, F. 145, Fg. 176, Bb. 140 b, Md. 248, Bb. 151 b, Lec. 190, Fm. ii. 790, 1134, Lct. 176; ¶  Ua Lorcán tigerna C. F., Lc. 16; ¶  Hua Clercen rí C. F. slain in battle betw. the Feara Cell and Eile, Hb. 83; ¶  Rí C. F., Lis. 145; ¶  O Lorcáin Rí Galeng 7 Tuath Luighne 7 C. F., Au. i. 542, 540; ¶  Ross ech in C. F., Lct. 176, Ll. 362, Md. 248; ¶  al. Russagh nr. Street in b Moygoish, N. Westm., in it, Nen. 201.
c. fochlad
al. Caill Fochlad, Bb. 140 b, Lb. 25, 26 a, Lh. 36, O'S. F.; ¶  in Tirawly, c. Mayo, Of. 397; ¶  v. Caill Fochlad; ¶  Cros Patricc nr. it, Tl. 130; ¶  in Uib Fiachrach, N. 202, nr. Killala: caille F., caill F. fil in hUib Amalgada, Lh. O.S.F. p. 36; ¶  Cros Pátricc fri Caill F. anáir, Tl. 130; ¶  Donaghmore and Cross Patrick, Killala, nr. it, Hy. 463; ¶  Sylva (Fochade, Fochothi, Fochlithi, Fochitae, Focluti, Fochloch Fochluth) in A.; ¶  dp. Caillib Fochlai, Tl. lviii.
c. fochladha
in Meath, Fm. i. 514; ¶  Foghly, in b. Fore, c. Westm., Mi.; ¶  under Knock Eyen on edge of L. Derryvaragh, Dm. iii. 569.
c. foghair
Baile cailleadh foghair; ¶  Castlefore, nr. Fenagh, c. Leit., Fm. iv. 984.
c. follamhain
more usual form than C. Fallamain, q.v.
c. fothaidh
in Breifny, Tp.
c. gailian
Goll C. G., a chief of the Fian of Finn, Lbl. 333. c. galeng; ¶  for bru .. Ll. 190.
c. in chlaidib deirg
al. C. Nathfraich, al. C. Conruí in Eichtge, Ll. 199.
c. in chosnuma
al. Ossraighe, Mag Raighne, Lis. 227 a b, Sas. 4551.
c. in chosnuma
Cf. p. 23; ¶  seems betw. Connacht and Ciarraige Luachra.
c. in chosnuma
al. Cell Buadnatan, N. of Drumcliffe, Sli., Sas. 6894; ¶  on the line fr. Drumcliffe to Assaroe.
c. in cullaigh
Donnchadh, son of Aodh Slaine, died at Dam-liag Cianáin; ¶  Conaing (died) above C. in Cullaigh, Fir. 163.
c. in druadh
in Mun., Fer. 200.
c. ísil
.i. silva Humilis, Cs. 917; ¶  nr. Clones, and seems in d. Ardsrath or Derry.
c. lonche
nr. Cnoc Rafan; ¶  im Ráith Fiachach mic Monche in Cnucc Raphann, Ll. 201.
c. lugdach mic oengusa
in Echtga, Ll. 170.
c. mac n-eirc
al. Firmhaighi, Lis. 176 a.
c. nathfráich
al. C. conrui, S. of Eichtge, Ll. 199, 170.
c. mór
fri Cnogba a tuaid, Lu. 58 a.
c. na longforta
Keillanalongforta, now b. Kilnalongurty, E. of b. of Owney, co. Tipp., Kj. iv. 313.
c. na manach
Kilnamanagh b., c. Tipp., Fm. ii. 850.
c. ó cathasaigh
Bran. 153 b; ¶  in Lein.
c. ollaman (?)
Cúig mna cúig eich cúig cuirn cuig sceith mar tuarastal ó righ Teamhrach do righ C. Oll ... I. 137 b 2; ¶  v. C. Follamain.
c. phiarosi
Creach mhór la macaibh Piarois Dalatun a C. Ph. ar an Dalatúnach, Hb. 128.
c. raigi
7 Eps. Domnaigh C. R.; ¶  v. Domnach Caille Raigi, Ll. 374.
c. ruad
dá chreabhar ón gCoillid Ruaidh, PRIA viii. 188.
c. sichist eichin
at Athens on brink of Port na Gairge tridondai, where the ship Argo was built, Bb. 231 a.
c. uailleach
Kiloolagh, dry. Mullingar, Dm. ii. 412.
caillich charman
ds.; ¶  Baireand Charman in Caillich Charman at Badbluain, i.e., the r. called Bairrenn Cliach at Bearna Cleithi, Lec. 461; ¶  v. Caill or Caille Ch.
caillid cúan
as. of Caille C., at Tailtiu, Bb. 225 a, Ll. 137 a, Bb. 403 a, Rc. xv. 316.
in Croe bancita belonging to Hui Bairrci, in Lein., Bb. 74 a; ¶  i.e., Croebancita (i.e., an Craobh, or Coill Bainceada), in Hui Bairrche of Lein., Fir. 466.
in Conmaicne Réin, in Breifne, Bb. 92 a.
caillin crubach
O'Ferrall slain by the Meathmen, is in Ch., Lc. ii. 84; ¶  Con. 44 a, which seems to have C. Curbach; ¶  now Killeen, p. Rathreagh, b. Ardagh, c. Longf., Ci.
cailliu carmuin
at Babluan, al. Bairand Cliach, I. 150 b 1; ¶  v. Caille Charman.
caillrige luirg
beaten by Ui Briúin, Au. i. 216; ¶  in Moylurg, c. Rosc., Hen.; ¶  v. Calraige.
desc. fr. Airifacsad, Lec. 70.
caillte dáingne
W. of Cashel, nr. Limk., X. 430 b.
i Tírib na nAirther, in Connacht, X. 159. cailuisge; ¶  nr. Es Ruaidh, Au. ii. 254; ¶  v. Caeluisce.
Caislén C. (of Narrow Water), Au. ii. 314; ¶  nr. Caislén Maige cobha (?); ¶  v. Caeluisce.
Domnall C. circ. 1160; ¶  Dermot MacMurrogh's charter; ¶  fr. Cell Caimáin, Kilcavan, in Wexf.; ¶  Caimánaigh, or Caemánaigh, the Kavenagh clan.
Mac Lochloinn, K. of Cinél Eoghain, slain by Brian O'Neill in the battle of C., Ai. 54 b; ¶  cath Caimeirge; ¶  in old Kinel Owwen; ¶  seems nr. Maghera, c. Derry, or on borders of Tirconnell and Tirone, Fm. iii. 302, Au. ii. 298.
in the Eoganacht Glennomhnach in Caoilli, in Mun., Lis. 182 b.
cath Caimlinne fought by K. of Aradh, Lis. 185 a. caimlinn; ¶  an Burcach Caimlinne killed at Dún dá Lethglas, Au. ii. 552, Fm. iv. 662; ¶  Camlin in b. of Up. Massareene, c. Antr. caimlinn; ¶  r. Camlin, c. Longf., Fm. iv. 663; ¶  flows through t. of Longf.
Camelon in Stirlingshire, Max.
v. Caemthír. cháin (?) Mochua Cháin, Ll. 367.
one of the three Dúine of the Tuatha De Danand, Bb. 19 a, Lec. 25; ¶  one of the three Druimne of the Tuath De Danann, Lec. 561.
mt. in Cuailnge (?), Lu. 65.
caindealbra in bandtrachta
in Raith Cind Con in S. of Magh Feimhin in Mun., Lis. 233 a.
d. Caindlíg, nr. Bruiden Da Choca, NE. of Athlone; ¶  Ro bith Caindlech ingen Uarba setich Dubtaigh isin Caindlic, Hc. 2, 719.
i.e. Tara, Fm. ii. 902.
Ll. 128 b, .i. Uisnech, Ad. 270.
Kilk., so called in the "Census Cameralis of Cencius," written before 1102, Lan. iv, 239.
in the Muir Libis, Bb. 12 a. cainnteirbure; ¶  Canterbury in Engl., K. 173 b.
Au. i. 40; ¶  Bellum Cainri filii Neill 7 beoigh (Epscop) Árda Carna, of (Domnach) Cainri (?); ¶  H. supposes Cainri to be a man's name, and, as Niall had no son so named, suggests Cairbri, but the probability is that some words are dropped; ¶  for Cainri cf. Domnach C.
Eboracum, York, Fm. ii. 640.
for C., &c.; ¶  v. Cairpre, Coirpre.
one born or bred in cairbre, Au. ii. 300, 60; ¶  v. Cairprech.
later Ciarraige, ext. fr. Tralee to the Shannon, Os. iv. 298.
Mocholla Caircaire .i. Munnu, Ll. 368, Bb. 125 b, Lec. 118.
cairchaire brigte
Colman C. B., Ll. 367, Lec. 116.
the Húi Gobbáin in C., Lec. 210.
Carrigans, on Don. bank of the Foyle, 3 m. S. of Derry; ¶  hua Néill isin Cairrcín 7 hua Domnaill a nDruim Bó, Au. iii. 350; ¶  al. Cairgín, Au. iii. 610, Os. vi. 20.
cair craoibhdigh
betw. Crioch Maille and Cill Mic Ui Donnain in Thomond—"Do Chair Craoibhdigh," Ai. 73 a.
caire breacáin
Lis. 16 b; ¶  v. Coire B.
cair ebrócc
ds. Tig. Rc. xvii. 373, Au. i. 376; ¶  Caoír E., Lc. i. 4; ¶  g. Cáire E., Z. 382, Cg. 164; ¶  g. Caoíre E., Lc. i. 4; ¶  v. Caer E.
g. Colum Cairech, Ll. 366, Lec. 115.
caire comain
Ceannmhar Caire Comain in Cloenloch na nDesi, Lis. 176 b.
caire legion
gs., Tig. 613; ¶  Chester; ¶  v. Caer L.
chairem (?)
Mochua Chairem, Ll. 367, Lec. 117.
g. Mocrido Cairene, Bb. 125 b.
cair glou
Gloucester, on the Severn, N. 106.
ríge O Maine ó Chairidh go Gréin, boundary of Ui Maine, I. 39 a 1.
cairigh doghair
Tadhg an Sléibhe mac Rudhraighe and other Dalcais youths drowned in C. D., Ai. 44 a.
Carlingford, c. Louth; ¶  tainic a tír a Cairlind, Au. iii. 496, Fm. vi. 1998, Mi.; ¶  ó Ile go Cairlinn, is go Bárr brigh dé Bóinne, Bran. 172 a.
C. 7 na Lee, given to Fiachra of Dal n-Araide for helping to defeat Ailill in battle of Ocha, Fm. i. 150; ¶  no doubt nr. Na Lee in b. Coleraine, Derry; ¶  Cethern mac Fintain Carrlóig in Ulst., Ll. 94; ¶  g. Carrlaoigh, Carrleagh mt. nr. Ailech, b. Inishown, c. Don., Fia. 14.
Mocumma Cairnáin, Lec. 117, Bb. 125 a.
the bb. of Carbery in Mun.; ¶  Mainéstir Tige Molaga hi cC. isin Mumain in Epscopoidecht Ruis; ¶  Mag Carthaigh Cairpreach; ¶  Mág Carthaigh Tigerna Ó cCairbre; ¶  la Mág Carthaigh Cairpreach; ¶  tainisi Ua cCairpre; ¶  tigerna Ua C., Fm. iii. 300, 640, 632; ¶  iv. 762, 832, 982; ¶  v. 1270; ¶  Mág Carthaig Cairbrech, al. Mag C. Riabhach, tigerna Ua cCairbre, Au. iii. 66, Fm. v. 1280, 1282, 1288, 1402; ¶  Baintigherna Ua Cairbre, 1288; ¶  Mag Carthaigh Cairpreach, 1334; ¶  Cairpreachaib dp. the Carberies of Macc Carthaicch Riabhaicch; ¶  Banndan r. in it, Fm. v. 1580, 1762; ¶  Cairprigh; ¶  dp. Cairpreachaib, the men of Carbery, ibi. 1762; ¶  gs. or pl. Cairbreach, ibi.
Carbri in c. Limk., Sw. an. 1251; ¶  now Kenry, Obr.; ¶  tigerna Ua Coirpre, Fm. ii. 848; ¶  .i. Ui Cairbre Aebhdha in c. Limk., O'D.
al. Cairpre C. Ui Ciardha; ¶  Ua Ciarda Rí C., Bk. 27 a; ¶  Fm. ii. 1092, Au. i. 470, Cg. 156, Ci.; ¶  dp. Cairprib, Fm. ii. 1038; ¶  i Laignib, b. Carbury, Kildare, Tp., bounded ancient Meath, K. 121 b; ¶  bordered on Tethba, Fir Tethba 7 C., Fm. ii. 874; ¶  Clár C., Fm. v. 1474.
al. C. Cabra, q.v. Cluain Bronaigh i cCoirpre i Tethba a ngar do Ghranard, Md. 340; ¶  Cairpri .i. Tethbai Tuaiscirt, Lu. 56 a = Críoch Coirpri, Fg. 242; ¶  in it is Granard, c. Longf., Of. 314, Ct. 119, 133, C. 142; ¶  Tuath Glasraidhe, nr. Cairbre and L. Silinn, Fir. 52; ¶  Cenél Cairbre, Ch. 105; ¶  in c. Longf.
al. C. Droma Cliab, Fen. 314, 354; ¶  Druim Cliabh i cC. Fg. 114, F. 102; ¶  Cell mac nEogain in it, Of. 382; ¶  Loch Meilge (L. Melvin) in it, Fm. i. 78; ¶  Loch Gile eitir C. acus Breifne, Md. 38; ¶  v. Au. ii. 72, iii. 524, 560, Fm. ii. 1104, Fy. 481, Ci., Ui., Fia. 68; ¶  a n-Íchtar Cairpri, Au. iii. 560; ¶  triocha céd Locha Gile, tug do Chairbre conghloine; ¶  as duthaidh Cairpri iar sin, go Call caoin an dubhfhothir, St. B. 597; ¶  le Cairbre air sin sloinn, go Froinnghlais (leg. Fionnghlais?) ceanntair Coruinn, in Sli., St. B. 593.
Cell Cuilinn i cCoripre, Md. 28; ¶  St. Brig Chochlach in C., Lec. 89; ¶  Féile of Flanrum C., xviii. Kal. Sep., Ll. 361.
c. aodhbha
al. Ui Fidgeinte in c. Limk., Fm. iii. 45, note; ¶  O Donobháin rí C. A. in regione Limericensi, Ai. 50 b, 20 b; ¶  now Kenry in c. Limk., l. of the O'Donovans and O'Cuileans or Collins, Obr.
c. arad
in Duharra and adjacent lands in Tipp., N. 256.
c. cliach
Clann Cairpri Cliach fr. Cind Clairi to Luimneach, Lec. 368.
c. droma cliabh
b. Carbury, c. Sli., occupied by descendants of Caerbre, son of Niall I. H.; ¶  Drumcliff was the site of a monastery of St. Columba's; ¶  Con. 19 b, Lct. 130, Au. ii. 210, Fg. 10, Fm. iii. 178, iv. 1030, Lc. ii. 112, Bb. 150 b, Lis. 144 a, Lec. 621, Mi., Ci.: Caille is in it, Md. 8; ¶  Druim Cliabh is in it, Md. 150; ¶  vil of Grange in it, Ar. 276.
c. gabra
v. Cairpre; ¶  in c. Longf., al. North Teffia, Of. 401, 402; ¶  now b. Granard, Bk. 27 a, Fm. ii. 976, iii. 156, iv. 786, B. lix. 883, C. 136, Hb. 114, Con. 46 b, Cer. i. 240; ¶  C. Gobra, Lec. 621; ¶  al. Teathbha, or Teffia, W. part of c. Westm., Fm. iii. 156, note.
c. gobra
v. C. Gabra.
c. laigen
in Kild. ext. to Hill of Allen, Tp.; ¶  v. Cairbre and Cairbre Ua Ciardha; ¶  he marched through Ui Failge and Cairpre Laigen, Con. 65 a.
c. lici arda
Cairpre, son of Niall Naoi nGiallach, fr. whom are C. Lici Arda and C. Droma Cliab, Lec. 128.
c. mór
Tig. Rc. xvii. 339; ¶  Ferghal mac Foghartaig ríg C. Móire, prob. called Mór in contradistinction to C. Ua Ciardha, b. Carbury, c. Kild.; ¶  but Carbery in Cork is 41 m. long and over 21 m. broad, Carbury in Kild. 9 by 11, Carbury of Sli. 3 by 9; ¶  Inis na Lainde hi cC. Móir, where the airchinnech Droma Cliabh was burnt; ¶  tigherna C. Móiri, Fm. ii. 816, 826; ¶  tainic Finnén i Coirpri Mhóir Lis. 25 a; ¶  Cell Espoig Róin in C. Móir, Lec. 89; ¶  it is Carbury in Sli.: St. Dallán of C. Mór Droma Cliab, Bb. 117 b; ¶  Carbria Magna in Connacht, Ct. 133; ¶  Venit Rodamus ad Snam Luthir in regione generis Karbri Móir; ¶  rex generis Karbri mortuus est, Cs. 320; ¶  v. Cenel Cairpri; ¶  Aed, Rí Cairbre móire 7 Dartraige, Ch. 211, b. Carbury, c. Sligo; ¶  v.: also Cairpre, Coirpre; ¶  Coirpre, Ua Ruairc, tigerna Dartraighe 7 tigherna Coirpre, Fm. ii. 816; ¶  Coirpraib Móraib; ¶  ua Canannáin do mharbadh do Coirpraibh Moraibh, Fm. ii. 664.
c. rosalithri
Ross-Carbery, in Cork, Of. 330.
c. ua cciardha
b. Carbury, in Kild.; ¶  but ext. far beyond it; ¶  Cell Chuaca in it, Fg. 12; ¶  Cell Cuaiche in it, Md. 10, F. 60, Fg. 48; ¶  in it are Druim Fertain ocus Inis Uachtair for Loch Sílenn, F. 60, Fg. 48; ¶  in Meath, Fir. 168; ¶  Rí C. hUa C., Au. ii. 30; ¶  Druim Fertain in it, Md. 64; ¶  Tech Mael-aithgen i cC. Ua cC., nó i Moigh Lacha; ¶  i n-iartur Breg, Fg. 110, F. 99; ¶  Tech Maolaithgen is in it, Md. 146; ¶  al. C. Laigen, al. Bermingham's country, Fy. 276; ¶  v. Ch. 235, 249, 277, 349, Fm. ii. 1078, iii. 28, B. lx. 349; ¶  Coirprib dp. .i. C. Ui. Ciardha, Fm. ii. 670.
in the W. of c. Cork, al. Corca Luidhe, fr. Bandon to Crookhaven and the r. of Kenmare, O'Brien; ¶  gp. Cairbreach, Ar. 22, 24, Ston. A. p. 85; ¶  Cairprech, Fm. ii. 958; ¶  Cairpreachaib, dp. Bandon r. in them, Ar. 306; ¶  the two Carberys.
men of Cairbre, c. Sli., Au. iii. 84, 36, 120; ¶  gp. Cairbrech, Au. iii. 120, 60.
Cairraige in Cuib, Ulst., Ll. 333.
al. Cairrgin; ¶  ds., isin cCairrccín; ¶  vil. of Carrigins on r. Foyle, 3 m. S. of Derry, Fm. iii. 122, iv. 1178. cairrtada in trir; ¶  at Cul ó bhFind on border of Sliabh Luga, in Luighne in N. Connacht, Lis. 238 b.
v. Caer S.; ¶  Constantinus buried there, Ha. 812. cairte; ¶  on the W. of the Slaney (Keting on Niall Naoighiallach), Enniscorthy (?).
(Carha or Carrownacarha, p. Kilgarvan, in region of Coolcarney, b. Gallen, c. Mayo), Fy. 420, 481.
cairthi aidhleo
Ronsat Tuatha De Danann Carn Mór .i. Cairthi, Aidhleo Aidhleo ainm an céid fir romarbadh dib, (cath Maighe Tuireadh), Z. 95 a.
cairthe carnain
Fen. 385; ¶  Carnan was one of the Conmaicni Cuile Toladh about 100 years later than S. Patrick's coming to Tara; ¶  Bicine, son of Cairnean, of the Conmaicne Cuili Tolad, fr. whom is called Cairthi Cairnen, Lec. 266; ¶  Carnan, son of Tail, fr. whom C. Carnain is called, Fir. 540.
cairthe derg
nr. Rathcroghan, N. of Roilig na ríog, p. Kilcorkey, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 205; ¶  an Chairrth Dherg, the red pillar stone at Ráith Cruachan in the middle of Aonach na Cruachna, where Dathi was buried, it marked his grave up to an. 1666 (Mic Firb. Gen., p. 251), Fy. 24.
cairthi liacc fada
as., in or nr. Moylurg, Lc. i. 612, Con. 32 b; ¶  .i., cnoc a Cartha tl. in p. Killukin, b. Boyle, c. Rosc., ibi., and O'D., Cairthe Liacc fatta, Fm. iii. 546; ¶  a pillar stone is on top of the hill.
cairthi muilche
as.; ¶  fr. Boyle they sent their scouts "go Creit, co Cairthi Muilche 7 co Tor Ghlinne Ferna, co tucsat crecha móra leo co Árdcarna; ¶ " Fm. and Con. have Cairthe Muilchen, q.v., Lc. i. 322, Fm. iii. 274, Con. 7 a.
cairthe muilchen
al. Gleann a' Chairthe, or Glencar valley, in c. Leit., next c. Sligo, Fm. iii. 274; ¶  v. Cairthi Muilche. caisbherna; ¶  Caisbhearna, prob. Casorna, in p. Badoney, b. Strabane, Tyr., Gc. 160.
v. Cascene.
al. Caisse, Casse, hitherto unidentified, is, I think, in tl. of Mullacash (Mullach Caise), in p. of Killashee, al. Killassy, Killussy (Cell Uasaille), a p. 13/4 m. S. of Naas, c. Kild.; ¶  v. Casse.
al. Caissel, al. C. na Ríg in Corcu Eathrach, c. Tipp., Of. 382; ¶  al. Sidh-dhruim, Lct. 28; ¶  babtitzavit filios Nioth Fruich i tír Mumæ super Petram Coithrigi hi Caissiul, A. 15 b a; ¶  quies Feidilmthi Ríg Cassil, Ll. 25 b; ¶  rí Caissil, Lb. 220; ¶  hi Caisiul na Ríg, ds.; ¶  luid Patricc hi crích Muman do Chaisiul na Righ, Tl. 214, 194, 250, 196, Lis. 5 b, K. 122 a; ¶  Eisseirgi Pátraic a nDún: a ordan a n-Ard Macha: i telchan Chaisil cheolaig; ¶  rodheonaig trian a rátha, Lis. 6 a; ¶  Chief See of Leth Mogha, K. 173 b; ¶  Aonghus rí Mumhan acus Caisil, Md. 238; ¶  truag Caiseal gan Cormac, Lis. 141 b; ¶  Eoganacht Caisil, F. 60, Fg. 48; ¶  "the royal city of the Momonians," Cs. 479, B. lix. 892; ¶  in 1097, dedicated to God by Muircertach Ua Brian in a general assembly of the clergy and laity of Ireland; ¶  in 1135 Cormac's Chapel dedicated, Ch. 138; ¶  v. Au. i. 482, 312, Lis. iv. 334, Lct. 32, Mr. 188, Lis. 26 b, 105 b, Md. xxxviii., xxxiv., Fia. 140, Ci., Mi., Ac. 7.
on E. of Island of Achill, Fy. 481.
c. aengusa
C. A. mic Crundmaeil at Brugh na Bóinne, Bb. 190 b, Lbl. 408; ¶  C. nA. mic Scrunnmail, a Didgna of Brugh na B., I. 145 a 2.
c. an urláir
built at Doire-Choluim-Chille, round the Tempal Doire, and people forbidden to cross over it, Fm. ii. 1146; ¶  "80 houses were removed outside that wall of Derry," ibidem.
c. bracáin
al. C. Uí Brocáin, in Moylurg; ¶  in tl. Carrickmore, SE. of t. of Boyle, in p. and b. Boyle, c. Rosc., Fm. v. 1262; ¶  Bél Atha Chaisil B., Fm. iv. 1080, Con. 63 b.
c. cairpri
in b. Cera, c. Mayo, boundary of p. of Mag Fhiondalbha or Manulla, its opposite bounds being Crannan Tornaighe, Fy. 154; ¶  in Tuath Mhuighe Fhiondalbha; ¶  the patrimony of the Ui Cearnaigh ext. fr. Crannán Tornaighe to C. Cairpre, Fir. 271; ¶  the Duthaidh Hi hEidneachain in Tuath Muighi in Dalb, in Ceara, ext. fr. Carnan Tornaidi to C. Caipri, Lec. 168.
c. carnmaig(e)
Gormlaith ben Briain Gormlaith na ttri lemend, i.e., léim in Temraig, léim in Áth Cliath, and léim in Cassell Carnmaig, Ll. 334.
c. coscraigh
on or nr. L. in Sguir in c. Leit., in Mag Raghnall's country, Au. ii. 484; ¶  4 sons of Cathal mac an Caich Meg Ragnaill were captured by Conor Mag Ragnaill on L. Scuir and brought to C. Cosgraigh (Magrannell's place), Au. ii. 480, Con. 36 b, Lc. i. 468, Fm. iii. 588; ¶  may be on Castle Island or Prison Island on L. Scur, O'D.
c. craebighe
al. C. Craoibhe; ¶  Castle Creavie in Kirkcudbrightshire, Max. 107.
c. craoibhe
Cruivie in p. Logie, Fife, Max.; ¶  but may be for C. Craobhighe.
c. cuirc
Cashel of Munster, Cg. 126, 160.
c. dhomhnaill na girre
or guirre, a cairn on Doomore, Tullaghan tl., p. Ballysadare, Sli., Pb. 223.
c. dubh
Cashel Dhu in Sutherland, Jo.
c. finnbair
bellum Caissil F., Au. i. 134; ¶  bellum Caisil Findbairr, Ch. 106; ¶  cath Caisil Fionnbhair, Fm. i. 288, Hb. 69; ¶  at St. Finbar's, Cork (?).
c. irroe
al. C. Irre, C. Irai; ¶  S. Maneum quem ordinavit episcopus Bronus filius Ieni, qui est ic Caisiul hIrroe servus Dei socius Patricii Tl. 94; ¶  Brón Caisil Irre, Tl. 108, 138, 140; ¶  sech Druim Cliab ó Chaisiul hIrre lasna Rossa sair iar Maig Ene, 146; ¶  epscop Bron ó Ch. Irroe ua Fiachrach Muaidhe, Fg. 112; ¶  = Bron Eps. Caisil, Mt. 26 = Cell Easpuig Bróin (?); ¶  C. Irrae i n-Uibh Fiachrach Muaidhe, Md. 148, Fep.; ¶  quies Broni Episcopi Caisil Irre, C. 510, Ch. 36; ¶  v. Ct. 134, 136, 142, 271; ¶  Killaspugbrone (.i. Cell Episcuip Bróin), a little W. of Sli.; ¶  in Cuil Irra, a peninsula SW. of Sli. t., Petrie, p. 179; ¶  v. Cell Epscuip Bróin.
c. laithmhe
Castlelaffy, in p. Kilmeena, in b. Burrishoole, Mayo, Burke of C. L., Fy. 481, Fir. 805.
c. locha dergáin
Au. iii. 92; ¶  i Tír Oilella, Au. iii. 92, 522; ¶  C. L. Dearccáin, Fm. iv. 856; ¶  Castledargan in p. Kinross, b. of Tirerrill, c. Sli.
c. mhanannain
nr. Rathcroghan, in tl. Glenballythomas, p. Kilcorkey, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 205, note.
c. miadhacháin
nr. Bóthar Sendomnaig or Shankill, in b. of S. Ballintober, c. Rosc., Lc. ii. 492, and Ci.
c. mór
in p. Killaraght in b. Coolavin, Fy. 481.
c. muman
Ll. 183 b, Bco. 5 a, Ce. 40, Ci., Mi.; ¶  Cashel in c. Tipp.
c. na gclog
the city of Cashel, Of. 410.
c. na heilidhe
al. C. na hOilidhe ar brú churraidh Chind Eitte, ar Machaire nan Nailech, in p. Kilronan (?); ¶  seems in c. Rosc., Lc. ii. 425, 481, Ci.
c. na ríg
al. Lis na laechraide, Sas. 5387; ¶  Caisil na Ríg, Bk. 6 b, Lb. 28 a, Lis. 5 b, St. B. 439, Ry. 178; ¶  ds. Caisiul na Ríg, Tl. 214; ¶  Caisiul regum, Au. i. 336; ¶  i.e., Cashel, c. Tipp.; ¶  v. Caisel.
c. tobair in tserbáin
close to Cnoc na carad in Mag Raghnaill's or Mac Diarmada's country (as Cnoc na carad is Knocknacarrow in b. of Boyle, c. Rosc., Lc. 547, Caisel T. is about there), Lc. 452.
c. tulachain
at Tullaghan, p. Ballysadare, c. Sli., Pb. 275. caisle; ¶  an inlet of the sea (Galw.), Ods. 590; ¶  hence Cashla Bay, Connemara.
Castile, Spain; ¶  inghin righ na Caislen, Au. iii. 464, Lis. 103 b.
al. Caisleun, Caislean, Caisleán.
al Dún Mac Conchobhair, in Tir Fiachrach, a Baile Puirt of K. of Hui Fiachrach, Fir. 276.
caislén a ccroma
Caisléan a cCroma; ¶  Domhnall Mór O'Briain Rí Dhá Chuige Mumhan do rinne C. a cC. cois Máighe, Hb. 6 b; ¶  Croom.
c. aine
Castle of Earl of Desmond, in Aine, Au. iii. 518, Con. 72 b.
c. áird-abhla
in Crích Tethba, Con. 1 b; ¶  Castle of Lisard in c. Longf.
c. airdfinain
built A.D. 1185, Ai. 47 b; ¶  Ardinnan Castle, 7 m. SW. of Clonmel.
c. áird na riagh
C. of Ardnarea, Ballina, c. Mayo, Fm. iii. 654. c. aird rathain; ¶  Ardrahin C., c. Galw., Fm. iii. 394.
c. áird termuinn
Brian, son of Maoileachloinn got C. A. T., Fir. 316.
c. airsi
Sir Risderd (Darcy) tig. Caisléin A., 30 m. fr. Paris, Fir. 840.
c. an bhaile nui
Newcastle Mac Kynegan, Newtonmountkennedy, c. Wick., Fm. iii. 464.
c. an bhaile nuí
Castle of Newton, E. of Kilbeggan, b. Moycashel, Westm., Fm. iv. 1086, Con. 24 b.
c. an bharraich
Lec. 82 b b; ¶  C. an Bharraigh, Fy. 160; ¶  C. in barraigh, Ui.
c. an bharraigh,
Castlebar, Mayo, Fm. iv. 810, v. 1688, Fir. 805, Fy. 160, 481, Gc. 192, Ci., Con. 49 b; ¶  in Clann Moris in Connacht, Con. 49 b; ¶  Clann Cuain are called Fir Siuir, fr. the Siuir which flows by C. an B., Fir. 272.
c. an bhennota
Bannada Castle, in b. Leyney, Sli.; ¶  C. an Beannatta, Au. iii. 566, Fm. iii. 396.
c. an bhúrcaigh
Castle Burke in E. of p. Ballintober, b. Carra, Mayo, Fy. 481.
c. an chabáin
O'Reilly's c. of Cavan, Con. 72 a, Lc. ii. 220.
c. an chail
the castle of the Narrow (Water) nr. Esruaidh, Au. ii. 254.
c. an cairthe
al. C. an chartha, in Castletown, tl. Glencar, Killasnet p., c. Leit., now Castlecar; ¶  al. Baile Uí Ruairc, Fm. iv. 1148, v. 1434, Lc. ii. 302, Con. 83 b.
c. an chalaidh
Callow Castle on S. side of L. Gara, c. Rosc.; ¶  in Magh Luirg, in p. Kilnamanagh, Au. iii. 566, Fm. v. 1290.
c. an chalaidh
C. of Callow in p. and b. Kilconnell, Galw., Fm. iv. 1096.
c. an chathirtha
a gCuilecha, in b. Kilmaine, Mayo, Lc. ii. 490, 412, Ci.
c. an chláirigh
Tor. 68.
c. an chlocháin
Cloghan Castle, p. Kilbelfad, b. Tirawley, Fy. 481.
c. an daingin
in Hi Failgi, Con. 83 b; ¶  the Dangan, now Philipstown Castle, King's c., Fm. v. 1498.
c. an dúna
N. of L. Righ, Ai. 51 a.
c. an dúna
on high rock, NE. of Island of Omey (Iomaith), now Castle of Doon, Wc. 283.
c. an dún lóith
in Desmond, built by Fitzgerald, an. 1215, Ai. 53 a; ¶  Dunloe Castle, v. Dún Lóith.
c. an eich
in the W; ¶  the Fitzgeralds owned it, Fir. 794.
c. an fheadáin
in Delvna-Eathra, in p. Lusmagh, King's c., Fm. v. 1544.
c. an fothair
in Delvin, al Gardha an Chaisléin, now Garrycastle in King's c., Fm. v. 1340.
c. an inbhir
Inver Castle, at Invermore, or Broad Haven, Mayo, Fy. 481.
c. an liosa mhóir
in Breifne Ua Raghallaigh Fundoir Philip mac Maolmórdha mic Aodha Conallaigh, an. 1639, Hx. 853.
c. an lisín
Castleishen tl., nr. Tullaghlease, and in p. Killvolane, c. Cork, Fm. vi. 2172; ¶  .i. Castellum Castri, O'S. III. vi. 3.
c. an locha
Tomas Mac Mathghamhna do chuir Caislean an Locha suas 7 a raibhe ó Bhaile Atha Cliath go Droichet Atha faoi Chioschain, Genealach Ui Raghallaigh, Hx. 852; ¶  C. an Locha, i.e. at Killarney Lake, Fm. v. 1338.
c. an mheandoda
Bannada Castle, nr. Ballaghaderreen (v. Beann fhoda), Fm. v. 1390; ¶  now Bannada Abbey, the two last owners of which were Daniel and James Jones, S.J.; ¶  now a Convent of the Sisters of Charity; ¶  Mendat, gs. in Mendota, d. Mennut, Mendut, "abode," "home," the word is in the Bk. of Arm., and is glossed "ionad" by O'Clery.
c. an mhuine
the foreigners of Dub. and of Tulach Árd built a C. in Dún Seachlainn, in Sgrín Choluim Chille, C. an Mhuine and C. Chnoic an Mhoga, Ai. 44 a; ¶  seems in Meath.
c. an mulladh
in Breifne Ui Raghallaigh Funduir Conchubhar mór mac Seain mic Philip mic Geroid Ruaidh, Hx. 853.
c. an oibre
Nobber Castle, c. Meath.
c. an phuca
in Mun., Fer. 153.
c. an turraic
Turrock C.; ¶  in Turrock tl., p. Taghboy, b. Athlone, c. Rosc., Fm. v. 1434; ¶  C. an Tarruic, in Maineachaibh, in Hui Maine, Con. 83 a.
c. an uabhair
Castleore tl., in b. Tirerrill, p. Killerry, c. Sli.; ¶  Fm. iv. 714; ¶  Castle Anover, Ac. 312; ¶  C. in n-uabhair, Lc. ii. 68, Ci.; ¶  in Muintir Elide in Connacht, Con. 43.
c. an uabhair
in Desmond, Fm. iii. 374 note, Ai. 56 b.
c. árdda rathain
C. of Ardrahan, b. Dunkellin, Galw., Lc. i. 448, Con. 19 a.
c. átha an chip
ar brú Maighe Nisse, in c. Leit., Fm. iii. 314., Con. 20 b.
c. átha angaile
nr. Sliabh Lugha, now Castlemore-Costello, SW. of Kilcolman, b. Costello, Mayo, Fm. iii. 412; ¶  Con. 20 b., fr. which it seems not far fr. Áth an chip; ¶  but v. Áth Angaile.
c. átha cliath an chorainn
C. of Ballymote, b. Corran, Sli., Fm. iii. 516, 472, Con. 25 b, 30 b.
c. átha conaill
in Breifne Ui Raghallaigh, Fundóir Uaitér Talboid, Hx. 853.
c. átha in gail
in Corand, Connacht, built by Mac Uilliam Burke, Con. 18 b.
c. átha liacc
C. of Ballyleague, c. Sli., Fm. iii. 414.
c. átha liacc
C. of Ballyleague, p. Cloon-tuskert, b. S. Ballintober, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 246, Con. 4 a.
c. átha luain
Athlone C., Fm. iii. 318, Ai. 52 a.
c. átha na suaidhe
built by Clann Maicne Eoghain Ui Cheallaigh, Hb. 137.
c. átha seanaigh
Ballyshannon C., c. Don., Fm. iv. 904, vi. 1924.
c. átha truim
Castle of Trim built 1225, Ai. 53 b.
c. átha tuirtre
Ai. 52 b; ¶  in Ui Tuirtri.
c. baile an dúin
Ballindoon C., in Sli., Fm. iv. 796.
c. bhaile an fhaoitigh
in the Ceathrumhadh of Breac-choill, in Baile an Fhaoitigh in Cuanachaib, Ai. 110 b, Hb. 11 b; ¶  Ballineety in p. Cahirnarry, c. Limk.
c. baile an lacha
O Domhnall seized the castle of Mac Uibilin on Inis an Locháin, in the Ruta, and also C. B. an L., Con. 90 a.
c. baile an topair
Ballintober C., in c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 622, Hb. 130.
c. bhaile bhaiteir
ruined by O'Kelly and by O'Maoilsheachloinn, Hb. 127; ¶  v. C. Uaiteir.
c. baile locha capuill
Caislén 7 Badhun B. L. C. do Shliocht Shemuis na Ffiadh Í Chinneide, Ix. 35; ¶  in O'Kennedy's l. in Ormond; ¶  v. B. Locha C.
c. baile masc
i.e., Camen Masc in Laighis, Ll. 60; ¶  must be Dunamase.
c. baile mic hodaind
in Coill; ¶  Coill Droingi, or Delvin, Meath, Con. 55 b.
c. baile na huamha
in Magh Luirg, Connacht, Con. 71.
c. baile riabhaigh
Tor. 80.
c. baile ui baoighill
Ballyweel C., on N. of Don. Bay, Fm. iv. 920.
c. bhaile uí chatháin
in Pobal Bhriain, q.v., Hb. 8 a, Ai. 107 b.
c. bhaile ui mhatan
C. Bharrcho do denamh do Chathol Ua Fhearghoil 7 C. B. Hui M. do thionnsgnodh lá Muiris mac Conchobhair, Hb. 132; ¶  in O'Ferrall's country; ¶  v. next word.
c. barrcha
Barry Castle, in p. Taghshinny, nr. Ballymahon, b. Shrule, Longf., not Magh Breacraighe as O'D. suggests in Fm. iii. 464, but corrects at Fm. iv. 978; ¶  C. Barrcho, Hb. 132, 134; ¶  in Anghaile, Con. 55 b.
c. becc
al. c. na mallacht, at Rosc., Fm. iv. 836, Con. 52 a. c. beoil an chláir; ¶  Belclare Castle, now Ballinclare, p. Kilmacteige, b. Leyney, Sli., Fm. v. 1314; ¶  in Crích Gaileng in Connacht, Con. 70 b.
c. beoil átha na cairrge
in Breifne Ui Raghallaigh, Hx. 853. c. beoil fersde; ¶  in Trian Congail, belonging to Clann Buide, Con. 70 a; ¶  Belfast Castle, Fm. iv. 1100.
c. biorra
Birr, King's c., Fm. iii. 182, v. 1408, Lc, i. 250. c. blathach; ¶  Castel Blathach, given by the citizens of Limk. to Abp. of Dub., Cr. an. 1200.
c. bona drobhaise
built by O'Connor at Bundrowes, Con. 53 b, 54 b.
c. bhona finne
nr. Tanrego, b. Tireragh, Sli., Fm. iii. 494, Con. 27 a; ¶  Buninna Castle.
c. bona gaillime
on E. of Galw. r., at its mouth, Ai. 45 b, Con. 6 a, Fm. iii. 264, Lc. i. 310, Rc. xviii. 299.
c. bhriginis
in Tuadhmhumhain, built an. 1193, Ai. 49 a.
c. brothalaigh
in Coill Droingi, in Delbna, Meath, Con. 55 a. c. bhunraite; ¶  Bunratty C., Clare, Ai. 59 a.
c. cael
.i. C. Mic Gerailt; ¶  Castlekeel, in b. Clanmorris, Mayo, Lct. ii. 352.
c. cael na creatalaighe
do mholadar na breithemhain cethrumha mir do'n lethchethramhain atá fa'n C. gCaol na Creatalaighe do Domhnall Mac Ruaidhri; ¶  Leathchethramha in Ch. Chaoil, Ix. 46, 47; ¶  Cratloekeel Castle, nr. Cratloe Castle, c. Clare.
c. cailuisge
Con. 14 a; ¶  nr. Castle Caldwell, on L. Erne, Fm. iii. 172; ¶  C. of Narrowwater, nr. Newry, c. Down, Fm. iii. 344.
c. cairpre
Carbury Castle, c. Kild., Fm. iv. 1094, 1042, Bran. 92 a.
c. cairrige cítal
in Mun., Con. 69 b; ¶  Castle of Carrigh Kettle, in b. Small-county, Limk., Lc. ii. 209, Ui., Mi.
c. calatroma
in Galtrim p. and tl. in b. Deece, Meath, Fm. iii. 26.
c. caoch
Castlekeagh, p. Killedan, d. Achonry, in S. of b. Gallen, Fy. 481.
c. caoimhín
in Mun., Fer. 153; ¶  Castlekiffin, 11/2 m. S. of Doneraile, c. Cork, Pgi. 142.
c. caorthannáin
Castlehill, Tirawley, c. Mayo, Fm. v. 1386, Ci. c. carna; ¶  Carn Castle, in tl. Garranard, p. Moygownagh, Tirawly, Fy. 336, Fir. 842.
c. carraige
the Earl of Desmond was taken in Offally, but his son-in-law brought him to C. C., Con. 61 a.
c. cheananais
Ai. 46 a; ¶  Hb. 121; ¶  leg. C. Cenannsa, or Kells.
c. chille áir
v. Cell Áir, Fm. iii. 78.
c. chille bisgi
recte Bigsighe, Kilbixy, Moygoish, c. Meath, Fm. iii. 92.
c. cille barrainne
in Kilbarron tl. and p., c. Don., Fm. iv. 720; ¶  C. cille Bairrfhinne, Con. 43 a.
c. cille britain
Kilbritton Castle, in b. Carbury, c. Cork, Fm. iv. 880.
c. chille cáindigh
Ai. 49 a, Hb. 119; ¶  Kilkenny Castle.
c. cille calman
in c. Sli.; ¶  seems in b. Costello, Fm. iii. 412, Con. 20 b, 22 b; ¶  C. cille Colmáin; ¶  C. of Kilcolman, in b. Costello, Mayo, Fm. iii. 440; ¶  in p. Kilcolman, Lc. i. 467.
c. chille dalua
Killaloe Castle, Fm. iii. 190.
c. cille fiacail,
Ai. 49 a; ¶  leg. C. Cille Fiacla (?).
c. cille forgla
in Desmond; ¶  built by Fitzgerald, Ai. 53 a.
c. cille iurin
Fm. v. 1410; ¶  v. Cell Iurin.
c. chille manntain
Fitzadelm took C. C. M., fr. Fitzgerald; ¶  also the l. Remann had nr. Dub. and Loch Garmain, X. 431 a; ¶  Wicklow c.
c. cille móire
Kilmore Castle destroyed by O'Reilly, an. 1227, Fm. iii. 242, Con. 3 b.
c. cinn áird
Kinnaird Castle nr. Caledon, c. Tyr., Au. iii. 446, 448; ¶  in Tír Eoghain, Con. 80 a.
c. chinn clair
W. of Lismoyny tl. in p. Ardnurcher, al. Horseleap, b. Moycashel, Westm., Fm. iii. 182.
c. cinn corad
in Kincora tl., p. Wheery, b. Garrycastle, King's c., Fm. v. 1340.
c. chinneitigh
Castle of Kinnity, tl. and p. in b. Ballybritt, King's c., Fm. iii. 182.
c. cinntuirc
in Ealla; ¶  Kanturk, b. Duhallow, c. Cork, Fm. v. 1304, Con. 69 b.
c. cláir átha dá caradh
Castle of Clare, nr. Ennis, c. Clare, Fm. iii. 412, Con. 20 b.
c. clártha
incorrectly called Clare Castle, in p. Killare, nr. Ballymore, L. Sewdy, c. Westm., Fm. v. 1484.
c. cluaine
in Uib Caisin; ¶  Cloon nr. vil. of Tulla in E. of c. Clare, Fm. vi. 2088, 2110.
c. cluana heoais
Clones Castle, c. Mon., Fm. iii. 170, Ai. 52 b.
c. cluana ioraird
at Clonard, Ai. 47 a.
c. cluana rámhfada
Tor. 31; ¶  C. of Clonroad at Ennis, c. Clare, Ui., Mi., Ci.
c. cnoc
Castleknock, a p. ch. in d. Dub., Ct. 81, 625; ¶  al. Caislen Cnucha.
c. cnuic in choscraidh
Uaithne Mac Geochachain slain in C. c. in C., Con. 62 a; ¶  in or nr. Mageoghagan's country.
c. cois mainge
i nDesmumhain móir, Con. 69 b; ¶  al. C. na Mainge, Castlemaine in Kerry, Mi.
c. conchobhair
Castleconor, on r. Moy, in b. Tireragh, Sli., Lc. i. 580, ii. 432, Fy. 363, 481, Fir. 11.
c. conderi
Uilliam Burc turned back fr. Cúl Ráthain to C. Conderi, Con. 28 b; ¶  Connor Castle.
c. coradh finne
Corofin Castle, in tl. and p. Cummer, b. Clare, Galw., Fm. iv. 974.
c. credi
Hb. 74, Tig. an. 728; ¶  Castellum Credi, Au. i. 180; ¶  Collis Credulitatis, Sk. 9; ¶  C. Credi, Moorhill, now Boothill, nr. the old Abbey of Scone, Adr. 383, Au. i. 180, Cps. 439, Sk. i. 288.
c. criaidh
at Dún Trí Liag, Hb. 14 a.
c. croma cois maighe
built by O'Briain, Ai. 106 b; ¶  Castle of Croom in p. Croom, b. Coshma, Limk.
c. cuanach
at Four Mile Water, 4 m. fr. Clonmel.
c. cúan dor
built by An Baroideach in Desmond, Ai. 53 a.
c. cúile maili
al. Cúile mhaoile, in Tír Ailello; ¶  Colooney Castle, 5 m. S. of Sli., Con. 72 b, 61 b, Hb. 102, Fm. ii. 1020, vi. 2016.
c. cúile mic in treóin
.i. C. Ui Dhochartaigh, now Castleforward, on L. Swilly, on limits of bb. Inishowen and Raphoe, Fm. iv. 920, v. 1396, Con. 79 a.
c. cuile rathain
Coleraine Castle on r. Bann, c. Derry, Fm. iii. 178, Con. 72 a.
c. chuingche
O'Brien slain at C. C., Tor. 20; ¶  Cuinnche is Quin in b. Bunratty, c. Clare, Ui.
c. cuinn
Tp.; ¶  seems Inse Ui Chuinn, Ti. 80; ¶  Inchiquin, c. Clare. c. dearmhaighe; ¶  Castle of Durrow, King's c., Fm. iii. 70.
c. doire an chnocáin
in Leithseisreach Soilchearnáin, in Pobal Bhriain, Ai. 107 b, Hb. 8 a; ¶  in Pubblebrien, c. Limk.
c. doire páttraic
in Meath; ¶  in tl. and p. of Derrypatrick, b. Deece, Fm. iii. 26.
c. droma tairsicch
nr. Lr. Bann r., likely opposite Coleraine; ¶  Drumtarsi p. in d. Derry was nr. Killowen, as it lay betw. Camus and Dunbo, Fm. iii. 328.
c. dubh átha dara
Domhnall mór O'Briain Ri deighionach Da Cóigedh Mumhan built it, Hb. 6 b, Ai. 106 b; ¶  at Adare (?).
c. dúna cíaráin
in Desmond; ¶  on Abhainn Chinnmara, built by Carúnach, an. 1215, Ai. 53 a; ¶  Castle of Dunkeeron, in S. of c. Kerry.
c. dhuin cremtannain
Dun Castle, destroyed by the men of Cairbre and Breifneacha, Fm. iv. 802; ¶  C. Dúine Crimthain, Con. 48 b; ¶  v. Ui Cremthannáin.
c. dúin chúile
Au. ii. 314.
c. dúin imgáin
al. C. D. Imghain, D. Imdhain; ¶  Castle of Dunamon, on r. Suck, betw. cc. Rosc. and Galw., in b. Ballymoe, Fm. iii. 264, Con. 6 a, Hb. 135.
c. dúine inse an dúine
in Desmond, Ai. 57 a.
c. dúin deódha
on the r. Suck in t. of Ballinasloe, in which is Dunlo-street, Fm. ii. 1020; ¶  C. D. Leogho, Hb. 102.
c. dúin lis
in Ulst., Geroit mac Uipilin owned it, Con. 70 b; ¶  Dunluce Castle in Antr.
c. dúna locha
built by the Normans an. 1208, Ai. 51 b.
c. dúin mic tomain
in Desmond, ruined by Mac Carthy, Ai. 57 a. c. dúna na mbarc; ¶  built by Carúnach, Ai. 53 a; ¶  at the Dunamark r., which falls into Bantry Bay, 11/2 m. N. of Bantry.
c. dúin na séad
in Desmond, Ai. 64 a.
c. dúna úrluing
in Desmond, Ai. 57 a.
c. durmaighe
al. C. Dearmhaighe, Castle of Durrow, in King's c., Fm. iii. 70, 182.
c. édain dubhcairrcce
Edenduffcarrick, now Shanescastle, c. Antr., Fm. iv. 1180, 1178.
c. eiscreach abhann
Castle of Iniscrone nr. r. Moy in Tireragh, Fm. v. 1314, in Tir Fiachrach, Connacht, Con. 70 b.
c. enaigh
an island in L. Enagh East, in p. Clondermot, c. Derry, Fm. v. 1540.
c. enaigh
in tl. Annagh, al. Hazlewood in b. Carbury, c. Sli., Fm. v. 1416, vi. 2496; ¶  M`Dermot of Magh Luirg called Diarmait an Enaigh, Con. 80 b.
c. eesa duibhe
al. C. Easa Duibh; ¶  Ardee Castle, 3 m. W. of Ballylongford, c. Kerry, Fm. ii. 1081.
c. étain daire
Castle of Edenderry, ruined by Furnamal an. 1416, Con. 51 b.
c. feorais, or C. Feoiris
Pieris mac Fheoiris slew Muircheartach O Conchobhair Failge, Maolmordha, the Calbhach O Conchobhair, an. 1305; ¶  in C. Fheorais, Con. 26 a, Ai. 63 b; ¶  C. Feorais, Carbury Castle, al. Birmingham's Castle, c. Kild., Fm. iii. 480, Au. ii. 402.
c. fheoruis
in Críoch mic Fheoruis on the Muaidh, in Mayo, Hb. 124.
c. gannoc
Diganwy, nr. the Conwy in Caernarvonshire, Wales, Fm. iii. 314; ¶  in Breatnaibh, Con. 11 b.
c. gearr árda ferta
Castle of Ardfert, 4 m. N. of Tralee, Ar. 306; ¶  in Clann Maurice, Fm. vi. 2278.
c. glinni
cath Caisléin G., seems in Meath, in Clann Colmain; ¶  Ro bris tra Maelsechlainn ri Teamrach cath C. Glinni forrthu, Cg. 20, Z. 354.
c. granaird
in Cairpri Gabrai, Con. 54 a; ¶  in Deisgiurt Breifne, built by Riocard Tuit, an. 1199, Ai. 50 a.
c. ilisi
O'S. II. iv. 28; ¶  Castellum Ilisium quod est in O Murchuorum ditione; ¶  Castle Ellis, p. and place in b. Ballaghkeene, Wexf., 5 m. SE. of Enniscorthy.
c. imper
built by Daltun, Hb. 136; ¶  Empor is site of a Catholic ch. in p. Leyney, Westm.
c. in baile nua
in Meg Eochachan's l., Con. 64 b.
c. in bhaile nua
in O Fergail's l., c. Longf. Au. ii. 384. c. in bharraigh; ¶  Au. iii. 64; ¶  C. in Barraich on r. Sinir, Lec. 168; ¶  Castlebar, Mayo.
c. in bennada
Con. 19 a, 78 a; ¶  Bannada, c. Sli.
c. in chalaidh
a castle of O'Kelly, Con. 65 a; ¶  v. Caladh.
c. in corran
in W. Connacht, fr. C. in Corran, to the Rodba, Con. 30 a.
c. innse
the Castle of Ennis, built by Turlogh O'Briain, an. 1284, Ai. 61 b.
c. innse
built by Mathghamhain O'Briain, Ai. 114 b.
c. insi
Inch Castle, on Inch, in L. Swilly, betw. Fahan and Rathmullen, Au. iii. 180.
c. innsi ceithlionn
al. C. I. Sgéithlend, Enniskillen, Lc. ii. 330.
c. innsi heogain
Greencastle, at W. entrance to L. Foyle, Fm. iii. 550; ¶  Newcastle on L. Swilly, Au. ii. 450, 462, Ai. 63 b. c. innsi sgéithlend; ¶  Lc. ii. 330; ¶  C. I. Sgellin, Con. 69; ¶  Enniskillen; ¶  C. I. Sgéithlend, Lc. ii. 330; ¶  Enniskillen.
c. in renna
Castle of McRaghnaill, Con. 64; ¶  in b. and c. Leit.; ¶  cf. Rinn-loch in same c.
c. irrind duin
C. ir-Rind Dúine (?), in Magh Ai, Connacht, Con. 4; ¶  Rindown Castle on L. Ree.
c. leacain
Castlelackan, in p. Lackan, b. Tirawley, Mayo, Fy. 482; ¶  in Tir Amhalghaidh, Fir. 805; ¶  W. of Killala Bay.
c. leasa móir
built an. 1185, Ai. 47.
c. lecce deirge
Leckderg Castle; ¶  seems nr. Claenloch, al. Belhavel L. in p. Killarga, b. Dromahaire, Leit., Fm. iii. 322; ¶  in Conmaicne in Brefney, Con. 12.
c. leige
al. C. Leighe; ¶  O'Demsy's Castle of Lea; ¶  do ghabháil Caisléin L. for Uibh Diomusaigh, Fm. iv. 978; ¶  1 m. S. of Portarlington, Mis. i. 232; ¶  the p. of Lea contains the castle and Portarlington.
c. leithbhir
Lc. ii. 440, Fm. vi. 1934; ¶  C. Lithbir, Lc. ii. 344; ¶  C. Liffir, Lc. ii. 260, Con. 78, 89; ¶  O'Donnell's castle of Lifford in Don., 1/2 m. W. of Strabane.
c. lethrátha
MacEochagáin slain there, Con. 65; ¶  v. Lethrath, Lara, al. Abbeylara, c. Longf.
c. liathdroma
in Muintir Eoluis, Con. 79; ¶  in vil., p., b., and c. of Leit.
c. lionoid
Lynott's Castle; ¶  tradition says Lynott lived in Carns Castle, p. Moygawnagh, b. Tirawley, Mayo; ¶  later a branch dwelt at Rosserk, in r. Moy, Fm. iv. 704.
c. lis áird abla
in Angaile (?); ¶  built by O'Feargail, an. 1370, Con. 41 b.
c. lis áird abla alla
in Magh Donbadun, Con. 52 a.
c. locha cairigin
burned by Fir Teabhtha, Ai. 34 b.
c. locha darccain
C. L. Dargan; ¶  in Tír Oiliolla, Con. 72 b, 55 a.
c. locha gair
it was relieved by Sil mBriain, Sil Aodha, and Sil gCearbhail, A.D. 1515, Con. 72 b.
c. locha in scuir
Con. 43; ¶  C. L. an Sccuir, at L. Scur, nr. Kescarrigan, c. Leit., Fm. iv. 718.
c. locha laoghaire
v. L. Laoghaire, in O'Donnell's l., Fm. iv. 884.
c. locha melghe
at L. Melvin Castle, i.e., Rosslcogher Castle in c. Leit., Fm. iv. 850.
c. locha mesca
al. C. L. Meascca, L. Mask Castle, Con. 19 a, Fm. iii. 394.
c. locha uachtair
in Breifne Ui Raghallaigh, funduir an tIarla Ruadh, an. 1162. Hx. 853, Con. 43; ¶  v. Cloch Locha Uachtair.
c. mael
Castlemoyle, b. Strabane, Tyr., Au. iii. 246, 432, Mi.; ¶  in p. Ardstraw, Pgi. i. 65.
c. mael
Castlemoyle, in p. Westlongfield, b. Omagh, Tyr., Fm. iv. 1078, note.
c. mael
Castlemoyle, 2 m. SW. of Tuam, Pgi. i. 253.
c. maighe brecraighe
in c. Longf., perh. at Barry in p. Taghshinny, nr. Ballymahon, Fm. iii. 464, Con. 24 b; ¶  at Street in b. Moygoish, Westm., Mis. i. 239; ¶  v. C. na Sraide.
c. maighi caba
built by Mac Muiris an. 1252, Con. 14 a.
c. maighe cóba
Au. ii. 314; ¶  the Castle of Maighe Cóba attacked by O'Lochluinn, Ai. 48 a.
c. mhuighe dumha
Castle of Moydow, p. and b. in c. Longf., Fm. iii. 464, Con. 24 b.
c. maighe heille
Castle of Moyelly, King's c., Fm. iv. 1094. c. mhaighe slaine; ¶  built by Richard Pleimionn on r. Boyne, Ai. 45; ¶  Castle of Slane, Hdi. 92, 94.
c. maighe tamhnach
Castle of Moyhownagh, in King's c., Fm. iv. 1094.
c. mairtin
Maurice Eustace got C. M. through his mother, a dau. of Ugánach Rátha Cobhthaigh, Fir. 645; ¶  Richard Eustace, of Castle-martin, nr. Kilcullen Bridge, c. Kild., was a Jesuit in 1585.
c. mannainn
Mannin Castle, in Loch na n-airneadh, in p. Aghamore, b. Costello, Fy. 482, Con. 54.
c. mic conchobhair
in Tír Fiachrach Muaidhe, al. Dun Mhic C.; ¶  Castlemic Conor, al. Castleconor, tl. and p. on E. of r. Moy, b. Tireragh, Sli.; ¶  a chief seat of Kings of Ui Fiachrach, Lec. 169, Fm. iii. 654, iv. 910, Fy. 172.
c. mic henri
in Umhall Tuaisceartach, Ai. 55 b, Con. 12 b, Hb. 123, Fm. iii. 326.
c. mic eoin
in Larne, a dTrian Conghail, Au. iii. 498; ¶  in Clann Neill Buidhe, in Ulst.; ¶  Con. 70 d; ¶  Mac Eoin Bissett's Cas. of Glenarm.
c. mic fheorais
Castlecarbury, in NW. of c. Kild., Fm. iii. 480. c. mis gosdelb; ¶  in Brefney, Con. 10.
c. mic shuibhne
al. Rath Maolan, in Ulst., Con. 73 a.
c. milic
Castle of Meelick, nr. r. Shannon, in b. Longford, Galw., Fm. iii. 282, Con. 8 a; ¶  C. M. na Sinda, Con. 30 a.
c. mhoghchromtha
ruined by Finin Mac Carthy, an. 1260, Ai. 57 a; ¶  Macroom (?).
c. mór
in Muskerry, Ai. 131 b.
c. mór
a Muigh Luirg, Au. iii. 566, Lc. ii. 260, 572.
c. mór
Castlemore in b. Costello, Mayo, Gc. 208, Fy. 482.
c. mór chilli colmain
in Connacht, Con. 28 b.
c. mór mic coisdelbh
al. C. M. m. Goisdelbh, al. C. M. m. Goisdealbhaigh; ¶  Castlemore-Costello, nr. Airteach, but in b. Costello, c. Mayo, Au. ii. 456, Lc. i. 624, ii. 476, Fm. iii. 558, v. 1390, vi. 1974; ¶  nr. Airtech, Con. 33.
c. muighe obhair
Burke built it in N. Clann Uilliam, Fir. 807. c. muilinn adam, in Connacht, Con. 59; ¶  in b. Corran, c.Sli., Lc. ii. 358.
c. mhuilinn mhidheacháin
attacked by the Chief of the Daltons, Hb. 136; ¶  in or nr. Westm.
c. muille uanach
in Ui Maine; ¶  name seems preserved in Owenag, in p. Taghmaconnell, b. Athlone, Rosc., Ci. 609; ¶  in Con. 8 a it is C. Muille Uaindi.
c. muinecháin
Con. 68; ¶  at Monaghan.
c. muirghioll
in Desmond; ¶  Ai. 57.
c. muirisín
Castlemorrison, in b. Conillo (Ui Conaill Gabhra), Limk., Fm. v. 1720.
c. na háirde
7 m. NW. of Golam Head, c. Galw., Wc. 101.
c. na m-brí
al. C. na mBríg; ¶  Brees, or Brize Castle, in p. Mayo, and b. Clanmorris, Fy. 482; ¶  isna Brígibh i cCloinn Muirís, Fm. vi. 1988.
c. na caillige
Hag's castle, in L. Mask nr. Ballinrobe, Fm. iii. 102, Lc. i. 190, Fy. 482, Wc. 18, 185, Gc. 194, Con. 6 b, Ac. 235.
c. na circe
Castle Kirk, al. Hen's Castle, on an island in NW. of L. Corrib, nr. Bealanabrack r., in p. Cong, Lc. i. 314, Fm. iii. 268, Fy. 330, 482.
c. na cranncha
Nuinsin, B. of Delvin, married the dau. of Alaboidigh (Talbot) and got with her C. na C. in Áth Cliath, Cill Mugor, &c., Fir. 840.
c. na cuilentraighe
in Laighis Ui Mordho, Con. 50, 70.
c. na cuilenntraighe
Cullentragh in p. Rathmoline, in SW. of Meath, Fm. ii. 1116, Hb. 111, Ai. 37; ¶  also Cullentragh in Wexf., Kilk., Mayo.
c. na cúile traighe
built by O'Conor, Ai. 37 b.
c. na damhcha
in b. Corcomroe, c. Clare, Au. iii. 92; ¶  residence of Ua Conchobuir Corcomruadh; ¶  v. C. na Dumhcha.
c. na daoile
Deel Castle, nr. Crossmolina, b. Tirawley, Mayo, Fy. 482.
c. na deircce
Castlederg, in NW. of b. Omagh, Tyr., nr. c. Don. on r. Derg, Fm. iv. 1234; ¶  C. na Dergi, Au. iii. 474; ¶  C. na Deirgre, Ar. 272; ¶  seems nr. Baile Nua, now Newtownstewart.
c. na dumhcha
Ua Conchobhair tigerna Corcamodhruadh do marbadh in a bhaile féin .i. hi C. na D.; ¶  Dough Castle, 2 m. W. of Ennistimon, nr. Lehinch, Clare, Fm. iv. 852; ¶  now C. na Dúimhche. c. na heille; ¶  al. c. na hElle; ¶  Castle of the Neale, vil. in b. Kilmaine, 3 m. S. of Ballinrobe, Mayo, Fm. v. 1706, Lc. ii. 422. c. na nenuighe; ¶  on Finnloch Ceara; ¶  Anies Castle, nr. Ballinrobe, Fm. v. 1846.
c. na finne
Castlefinn on r. Finn, b. Raphoe, Don., Au. iii. 580, 150, 270, Fm. iv. 898, O'S. iii. vi. 5.
c. na gaillmhe
Galway Castle, Fm. ii. 1021; ¶  built by O'Flaherty in 1124, Wc. 25.
c. na gaoithe
Castlenageeha, in p. Kilcummin, b. Tirawley, Mayo, Fy. 482; ¶  in N. Clann Uilliam Connacht, Fir. 806.
c. na gráinsighe
Grange Castle, b. Carbury, c. Sli., Au. iii. 560, Mi.; ¶  in Íochtar Cairbre, Con. 77.
c. na mabach
Maperath, NW. of Kells, c. Meath; ¶  An Mabach do mharbadh i n-a chaislen féin, Au. iii. 464.
c. na mainge
Castlemaine in Kerry, Fm. vi. 2082, v. 1756, Lc. ii. 456, Ci.; ¶  in Desmond, Ai. 53.
c. na mallacht
Castle na Mallacht do dhenum la hUilliam hua Ceallaigh ar aghaidh caisléin móir Rosa Comáin, Au. iii. 76.
c. na hoghmaighe
Omagh Castle in c. Tyr., Fm. v. 1300, iv. 1066, Con. 72, 85.
c. na hoirenchi
Au. iii. 418; ¶  in c. Mon.(?).
c. na pailisi
Palace Castle, nr. Beaufort, N. of the Lr. Lake, Killarney, Au. iii. 492; ¶  in Desmumhain Móir, Fm. v. 1365, Con. 69 b.
c. na sccairbhe
Scarriff Castle in E. of Ui Blóid, c. Clare, Fm. vi. 2088.
c. na sligige
Sligo Castle, Con. 11.
c. na sraide
al. C. Muighe Breacraighe, al. C. Sraide M. B., at Street, nr. Rathwoen, b. Moygoish, Westm., Fm. iv. 994.
c. na tortgabail
C. na T. Conailli Muirthemne (leg. Tortgabála?), Lec. 181.
c. nechtáin
Naghtan's Castle, al. Castlefinn, b. Raphoe, c. Don., Fm. iv. 898.
c. núa
nr. Clonmel; ¶  Pionndragas of Tuath Pionndragasaigh in Cluain Meala owned C. Núa, Fir. 835.
c. nua
Newcastle, t. in b. Glenquin, Limk., Fm. v. 1722, Ods. 590.
c. nua (in c. Galw.?)
Seisreach an C. Nuaidh, belonging to the Sliocht Ricaird mic Uilliam Buirc, Hb. 14 b.
c. núa
Newcastle, b. Shrule, c. Longf., Hb. 137, Ci.; ¶  Roiberd óg Nugent of C. Nua, Fir. 840.
c. núa
Newcastle, in Clonlonan, c. Westm., Fm. v. 1514.
c. nua
Newcastle, in Inishowen, p. Moville, c. Don., Fm. v. 1540.
c. núe
ag Fersait an Ch. Núi, Newcastle, at foot of Slieve Donard, in b. Iveagh, Down, Fm. iv. 892, Au. iii. 126.
caislén nua innsi h-eoghain
Greencastle, b. Inishowen, c. Don., nr. mouth of L. Foyle, in p. Moville, Fm. iii, 480, 550, Fa. 1, Con. 26, 33.
c. núa liamhain
Newcastle-Lyons, 4 m. SW. of Lucan, c. Dub.; ¶  C. Núa liamhain is lith C. Bairnin beart Shuaithe beag da bhfuil degra oraibh, ó thigh tagra a thogabair, Bran. 92.
c. nua findacáin
do blodhadh la Branachu, Lc. ii. 112, Con. 46 b; ¶  al. Newcastle Mac Kinnegan, ruined castle 21/2 m. S. of Kilcoole, c. Wickl; ¶  fr. it the vil., p. and b. of Newcastle have their name, Pgi. iii. 18; ¶  Branachu ap. = the Ui Brain or O'Byrnes; ¶  C. Nua Ui F., Lc. ii. 112.
c. phuirt an tulcháin
for Sionainn, .i. C. Ui Mhadadháin on the Shannon; ¶  Portolohane, now Portland, in SW. of p. Lorha, c. Tipp., Fm. iv. 924.
c. puirt na trí namat
in c. Don., where O'Donnell wrote the Irish Life of St. Columba, an. 1532.
c. rátha áird chraoibhe
nr. Banada, in b. Leyney, c. Sli., Fm. iii. 396; ¶  the castles of Sligo, Bennata, and Raith áird Craibi burned by O'Conor, Con. 19 a.
c. raithin
of Mac Suibhne of Tír Baghaine, c. Don., Con. 76. c. riabhach; ¶  Castlereagh, inauguration place of O Néill of Clann Aedha Bhuidhe, or Clandeboy.
c. riabhach
Castlerea in b. Ballintober, Rosc.; ¶  an C. R., Au. iii. 442, 566, Mi., Ci., Ar. 78; ¶  C. riabhach Chlainne Faghartaigh, in Machaire Connacht, Con. 77 a; ¶  many Castlereagh tls.
c. riocaird
Walshe of C. R., Fir. 840; ¶  Castlerickard in S. of Meath not far fr. border of c. Kild.
c. rossa commáin
Roscommon Castle, Fm. iii. 572, iv. 662, Con. 18 a.
c. seáin alahid
in Anghaile, Con. 55 b.
c. sgrinne choluim chille
John De Courcey hid himself in the Castle of Sgrinn which he had built, Ai. 47; ¶  leg. Scrín C. C., q.v.
c. sláine
Sláine, al. Baile S.; ¶  Slane, betw. Navan and Drogheda, on site of the seat of Marquis of Conyngham, Fm. iii. 26.
c. sléibe luga
Castlemore-Costello in Mayo.
c. sliccigh
c. Sligigh; ¶  Sligo Castle, Fm. iii. 314. iv. 840, Au. ii. 304.
c. suicín
seems nr. the head of r. Suck, c. Mayo, at Ballinlough, Fm. iii. 314, Con. ii b.
c. tighi da coinne
Tiaquin Castle in b. of Tiaquin, c. Galw., Fm. iii. 400, C. T. Da. C. and all Conmaicne ravaged, Con. 19 a. c. tighe templa; ¶  Castle of Templehouse, in E. of b. Leyney, Sli., Fm. iii. 414; ¶  perh. at Loch Templehouse 4 m. SW. of Ballymote, Pgi. i. 467.
c. tiobraide
built an. 1185, Ai. 47 b.
c. tiomolaige
in Desmond, built by Nicholas Buidhe do Barra, Ai. 53 a; ¶  at Timoleague, c. Cork.
c. tire leicín
built by Ua Fearghail, Hb. 137; ¶  in Longf.
c. tobair tuillsce
at Tulsk, vil. in b. and c. Rosc., Fm. iv. 792, Con. 7 b.
c. toirbeirt
in Breifne Ui Raghallaigh, Hx. 853.
c. tuaithe easa gréine
al. C. Tuatha Easa gréine go na fhearann ag Murcha na Tuagh, Hb. 9 a, Ai. 109 a; ¶  in Ara.
c. túama dágualann,
Hb. 119; ¶  C. of Tuam.
c. tuilsci
at Tulsk, in b. and c. Rosc., Con. 55 b, Hb. 137.
c. tulaigh mongain
in Breifny O Reilly, Hx. 852–3.
c. uaiteir
at Cavan, Hx. 853, 861.
c. uanag
Onagh Castle, in b. Athlone, c. Rosc.
c. ui cairpri
i.e., Léim Ui Banain, taken by Earl of Kild., Con. 72 b; ¶  Castle of Carbury, in c. Kild.(?).
c. ui cheallaigh
Castlekelly, nr. L. Conn, p. Kilbelfad, b. Tirawley, Fy. 482.
c. ui chonaill
O'S. II. iv. 15, Castleconnell, v. C. ui Chonaing.
c. ui chonaing
Rc. xviii. 291; ¶  Castleconnell, c. Limk., Fm. iii. 19, vi. 2040, Lc. i. 212, Tor. 147, 242, Cl. 51, Con. 18 a, Hb. 13 b, 119, Ai. 44 a; ¶  6 m. NW. of city of Limk.
c. ui chonchubhair failge
Con. 83; ¶  the Dangan, at Philipstown, King's c.
c. ui fhlainn
Castle of Macroom, Obr.
c. uí ghara
W. of L. Gara, c. Sli., Au. iii. 622.
c. uilcín
in c. Limk., Fm. iii. 126; ¶  Castle Erkin, t. in p. Caherconlish, b. Clanwilliam, c. Limk., Ods. 590.
c. ui liatháin
Castle Lyons, c. Cork, Obr., Au. i. 463; ¶  Caislén Ui Liathain in dry. Ui Liathain, d. Cloyne, Tax.
c. ui mhadadháin
al. C. Puirt in Tulcháin, at Portlohane, al. Portland in SW. of p. Lorha, b. Lr. Ormond, Tipp., Fm. iv. 924. c. uí mháille; ¶  O'Malley's Castle, E. of Clare Island in Clew Bay, Fy. 482.
c. ui maille
the Castles of Lismóre, Dún Coradha, Coraghlaise, and Ua Maille and all the Castles of Iomacaille were broken down by Mac Carthy, Ai. 51 b.
c. hui neill
Dungannon, Au. iii. 470, Fm. v. 1301.
c. hui ruairc
Castlecar, in p. Kilasnet, c. Leit., Au. iii. 312, Fm. iv. 906.
caislib candain
Candan, son of Edlicu, lived at Cluain Candain in Crích Ele and at C. C., where he was buried, Bb. 203 b; ¶  dp. of Caisel; ¶  in Eile O Cerbhaill; ¶  Caislib Gannan, Dindsenchus, 52. caislín; ¶  al. an Ghlasfhairge, betw. Inber Mór and Wexf., Cf., p. 60; ¶  Glascarrig Point and Abbey, c. Wexf.
gs., Caspian Sea, Ll. 135 b.
a people of India, Lb. 150.
v. Casse.
Inis C., and Inis Creit, Lec. 57.
caistel bona gaillbi
c. of Galw., Con. 5 a, Au. ii. 286; ¶  Galway Castle.
caistel calatruma
in Meath, Au. ii. 184; ¶  Galtrim Castle. caistel ceanannsa; ¶  i Mide, Au. ii. 184; ¶  Castle of Kells, Meath, Au. ii. 184, Fm. iii. 26.
caistel cnuic
al. Caisleán Cnucha; ¶  Castelcnok, Ah. 58, 57, an. 1314; ¶  in Tachnehy dry., Dub., Cr.
caistiall cuilmaoile
on r. Owenmore, SE. of Ballysadare, an. 200; ¶  Coolooney Castle.
caistel daire phátraic
i Mide, Au. ii. 184; ¶  at Derpatrick (?). caistel droma tairrsigh; ¶  nr. Coleraine, Au. ii. 310.
caistel dermont
Gr. 36; ¶  Castledermot, c. Kild.
caistal glinni
Maelseachlainn, K. of Tara, defeated the Norsemen i cath Caistail Ginni, Ll. 310 a.
caisteoil mhaighe cobha
in b. Upr. Iveagh, betw. Loughbrickland and Newry, c. Down, Fm. iii. 80.
caistiall mór meic goisdelbaigh
Ar. 96; ¶  in b. Costello, c. Mayo. caistel na caillighe; ¶  Au. ii. 290; ¶  v. Caislén na C.
caistel na deirgi
Castlederg, Au. iii. 424; ¶  v. Caislén na D. caisdel sgathdergi; ¶  on Sketrick Island, Strangford Lough, c. Down, Au. iii. 228.
caistel sláine
i raibe Ricard Fléimenn, Au. ii. 184; ¶  v. Caislén S.
caisteal suibhne
Castle Swin, in Cantire, Dl. 115.
caisteal tirim
in Scotl., Stewart, p. 504.
cais ui chatháin
al. Léim an mhadaidh in O Catháin's l. in Ulst., Con. 88 a; ¶  Limavady.
one of the 7 divisions of Alba under the Cruithne, Bb. 113 a; ¶  Cait, Caithness in Scotl., Sk. i. 186; ¶  v. Inis Cat, Críoch Cat.
caitcoit clechebh
al. Caill Chadhoin, Bb. 117 a; ¶  Airthiur and the Breatain fought their 7th and 8th battles with the Saxons in Caill Caillidoin .i. Cait coit cleid uman a hocht im lesc Guinidoin, Ha. 822, Bb. 117 a.
Colum Caite, Ll. 369; ¶  place-name (?).
v. Cathair.
v. cathraime, cethraime.
O'Ruairc, K. of Connacht ag tabhairt Madhma na Caitince ar Mumhain, Ai. 20; ¶  in or nr. Mun. (?).
caittil finn
in Mun., Adr. 391; ¶  Dun Kettle (?); ¶  a place-name (?).
in Connacht is a flat green field on brink of river or lake; ¶  in Mun. is a ferry-plce or landing place for boats; ¶  a ferry, Im. 134, Ods. 591.
an Caladh; ¶  1. Passage nr. Queenstown; ¶  2. Passage in c. Waterf. (?).
gen. an Chalaidh, in Clare, on the N. of the Shannon nr. Limk., ext. to S. boundary of p. Kilmurry-na-Gall, Tp.
cath an Chalaidh fought by O'Brien, Ardri Erenn, Tor. 117; ¶  v. previous word.
Callow, b. Kilconnell, Galw., Fm. vi. 1947, 1988, 2008; ¶  Calah, Ac. 123, Lec. 187; ¶  K. of Calad in Hi Maine owned fr. Móinín Raideach to Cluain Tuaisceart na Sinda, I. 41 b 1, Lec. 187; ¶  fr. Móin Inraidech to C. T. na Sinna, Im. 54; ¶  Maoilseachloinn Ua Ceallaigh Airdri Ui Maine o Chaladh go Gréin, A.D. 1402, Hb. 133.
Caislén an Chalaidh a Muigh Luirg; ¶  Callow, on S. of L. Gara, in p. Kilnamannagh, b. Frenchpark, Rosc., Fm. v. 1390, Lc. ii. 261, Au. iii. 556.
al. Caladh na hAnghaile, al. b. of Rathcline, c. Longf., Lc. i. 263, ii. 63, 141, 263, Fm. iv. 806.
Calraighe an Chaluidh, in Bri Leth, Fir. 670.
in Connacht; ¶  An Arta and the Caladh given to Diarmaid, Lec. 156, Fir. 236.
al. Caladh na cairge, Rockingham, nr. L. Key, c. Rosc., Ci.; ¶  C. cairrci Locha Cé, Con. 5 b.
fr. Migdonia Partholán sailed to C., Lec. 545.
calad choill
Tax.; ¶  in d. Kilmore (?).
c. gleo cethirn
in Críoch Rois, in Ulst., Ll. 91.
c. insi aonaigh
Caladh of Inisheany, in Westport Bay, Mayo, nr. Bartraw Point, Fm. iii. 278, Con. 7 b.
c. innsi crema
in Connacht, Con. 2 b; ¶  v. Inis Crema.
c. látha
St. B. 747; ¶  in c. Cork, mentioned with the r. Brighid and Tech Molaige.
c. locha measca
al. Port Locha Measca, in Ballincalla p., b. Kilmaine, Mayo, Fm. iii. 214, Wc. 46.
c. locha techet
L. Techet Callow, betw. L. Gara and Clonnagunnane, c. Rosc., Fm. iv. 726; ¶  C. L. Deichet, Con. 43 b. c. mag; ¶  Calathmag .i. terra Eoganacht, Cs. 226; ¶  al. Eoganacht in Mun., Cs. 225, C. ii.; ¶  Caladmaige, gs., It. iii. 91.
c. na h-anghaile
Callow, along the Shannon, in b. Rathcline, c. Longf., betw. Muinter Gillagan and the Shannon, Fm. iii. 270, iv. 704, 1032, 1142, v. 1510; ¶  g. Calaidh na h-A., Lc. ii. 62; ¶  O Fergail, Lord of C. na h-A., Con. 42 b.
c. na caircce
i Maigh Luircc nr. Rockingham, Boyle, c. Rosc., by L. Key, Fm. iii. 556, Au. ii. 292, 454, Ci., Con. 29 b; ¶  al. Calath na Carraige, Kj. ii. 342.
c. na feirse
al. C. na Feirtse, a castle built there by Maurice Fitzgerald an. 1215; ¶  g. Calaith na F., Ai. 53 a; ¶  now Callinafersy in the valley of the r. Lane, c. Kerry, Pgi. ii. 352.
c. puirt na cairrcce
Caladh of Rockingham, nr. L. Key, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 280, Con. 8 a.
c. rois
in Íle, Scotl., Fir. 402, Hb. 68; ¶  O'Duve-gan, fo. 47; ¶  v. Calathrois.
hi faithci Caladromo, Au. i. 246; ¶  Galtrim, b. Lr. Deece, Meath; ¶  v. Calatruim.
c. sionna
g., an Chalaidh, nearly co-ext. with b. Kilconnell, Galw.; ¶  in Ui Maine, Tp.
c. truim
i mBuaignib, where Blathmac died in 665, Sil. 401; ¶  v. Calatruim; ¶  nr. Tara; ¶  Cormac Ua Cuind was expelled fr. Tara to C. Truim, Lis. 199 a; ¶  v. Calatruim.
gs., Colman Calath, Ll. 367.
v. Calathros.
ds.; ¶  Bellum Cnuicc Coirpri i Calathros uc Etarlinddu, itir Dailriatai 7 Foirtrind, Au. i. 192; ¶  Etarlind-de seems the adjective of Etar-lind, applied to a place bounded by two or more sheets of water, and this supports Skene's identification; ¶  Calitros, Tig., an. 677; ¶  cath i Calitros in quo victus est Domhnall Breac, a Pict of Dál Riada; ¶  Caltharois est in Ila, O Duvegan, fo. 47, Hb. 68; ¶  in W. of Scotl., Fia. 86; ¶  in Latin Calatria, ext. fr. Falkirk to the shore of the Firth comprising the Carse of Falkirk, and the pp. of Falkirk, Denny, Polmont and Muiravonside, bounded on N. by the Carron, on S. by the Avon, Skene's Cps. lxxx., Sk. i. 247; ¶  Callander, in Perths., Max. 13, Sk. i. 247; ¶  Reeves suggests Calros, on N. of r. Forth, Ac. 109. calatruim; ¶  ds. Fia. 64, Lg. 191, Lec. 53; ¶  n. or a. Bb. 91 b; ¶  in Meath, Au. ii. 184, Lc. i. 152; ¶  tl. and p. of Galtrim, in b. Lr. Deece, Meath; ¶  Rí Calatroma, Fm. iii. 26, Ch. 146, Au. i. 346, 352; ¶  caislén Calatruim (sic), Lc. i. 152; ¶  Calatromo, Au. i. 246; ¶  Caistel Calatruma, Au. ii. 184; ¶  Barún Calatromma, Fm. iv. 1006; ¶  two sons of Cecht, of the Corcamruadh, occupied C., Bb. 91 b, Lec. 53, Lg. 191.
Calvary, Kp. 399.
Ailmag la C., Ll. 18 a; ¶  leg. Calraige (?).
al. Temair in Meath, Bb. 22 a.
in SW. of Egypt, where Gaedel was born, Bb. 171 a.
gp. Cald, Ml. 62 b, 54 c; ¶  ap. Caldeu; ¶  d. Calldaib, Tph. ii. 393; ¶  the Chaldaeans.
Caledonia, Scotl., Rc. xxii. 155; ¶  rí na Calidonia, Ston. A. pp. 146, 147.
Bb. 237 a; ¶  in Grecce (?).
Tig. an. 677; ¶  v. Calathros.
Chaldæan, Bb. 301 a, Lb. 137 b, Mm. 566; ¶  Bb. 3 b; ¶  dp. Callagdaib, Bb. 268 a.
Chaldaeans, Bb. 11 a.
maidm mór do thabhairt le Gallaibh a Callaidh ar Uater a Burc, i. mac mic Iarla Uladh 7 ar Thadhg hua Cerbhaill, Au. iii. 56; ¶  v. Caladh.
in Druimnibh Breag, Bb. 94 a; ¶  Callan, l. of Mellifont, an. 1178, Sw.
as.; ¶  Callann, ns. in Íb Cuanach; ¶  al. Suide Patraic, Sas. 5727, 5733; ¶  in b. Cuanach, c. Limk.
Caille, gs.; ¶  Seán Caille (FitzGerald) drowned in Callainn Ghlinne O'Ruachtuin in Desmond, Fir. 787; ¶  Callann Glinne Ua Ruachtain, r. in Kerry, Ci.; ¶  Callan in Desmond, Gr. 164; ¶  Callainn Glinne O'Rúachtain in Tuaith Chinnmara, Ai. 56 b; ¶  iarla Sheanuidhe Challainne, Ston. A. p. 42; ¶  a seat of the FitzGeralds, Ston. B. 508, 509.
Callaind, daf.; ¶  now the King's r. at Callan, c. Kilk., Tp., Kj. i. 252; ¶  Callain t. and terr. in c. Kilk. belonged to the O'Gloherny's and O'Cealys, Obr. Ac. 140; ¶  Callan, al. Ralbride (Rath Brigde?), in d. Ossory, Tr. 445, an. 1462.
c. Mayo; ¶  Tuath Muighi na Beithigi in Ceara ext. fr. Callaind to Ulaich Chaelaind, Lec. 167, Fir. 271; ¶  r. of Ceara in Connacht on border of Hui Uata and the Hui Chind, Lec. 167; ¶  in Cera, Mayo, in opposite point to Máiteog Achaid Fobuir, Fy. 150, 188; ¶  fr. Maitheog to Callainn and Bunreamhar to Abhainn na Mallachtan was the l. Hui Uada and Hui Chindchnamha, Fir. 271, Fy. 151.
Fm. i. 470, Pd. viii. 38; ¶  Calland, Au. i. 350; ¶  three rivers named Callann, says O'D.—1, in c. Arm.; ¶  2, in c. Kilk., now the King's r.; ¶  3, in Gleann Ua Ruachtain (Glanarought), c. Kerry; ¶  he thinks Niall Caille was drowned in No. 2; ¶  Hen. prefers No. 1; ¶  in Mun., Ac. an. 843; ¶  nr. Arm., Ai. 17 b; ¶  Calland, nsf.; ¶  Niall Cailne Niall ón Challaind, Ll. 184 a, 130 a; ¶  K. 165 b, Fir. 754; ¶  d. Callaind, Ll. 94, 98, I. 134 a; ¶  a r. W. of Arm., Lbl. 873, At. ii. 103, Fm. i. 138, B. xxvii. 297; ¶  one of the 3 Dubhaibhne of Erin, Ll. 16, Bb. 23 b, Lg. 86, Sb. 4 a 1, K. 131 b, Fm. i. 42; ¶  one of the limits of the tuath of Magh na bethighe in Ceara, Hyf. 152; ¶  prob. Claureen r., which falls into L. Carra. callann; ¶  Pd. viii. 38; ¶  Calland nsf., gs. Cailne, Ll. 184 a; ¶  d. Callaind, Ll. 130 a, 98 b, Bb. 49 a, Sil. 79; ¶  Callaine, gs.; ¶  Crimthann C. was a T. de Danann, ML. 90; ¶  which Callann? callann; ¶  al. Callán; ¶  highest mt. in c. Clare, in Ui Cormaic, in the O'Hehir's l., Obr.
callchaill chain
Tara: Do bi tan ba Call Chaill chain, / A n-aimsir Mic ain Ollchain, / No co ro Slecht in Coill Cais, / Liath Mac Lughna Lethanglais, Sa. 1 b 2.
call-cain in foithre
Fen. 390; ¶  a point on the bounds of Cairbre Droma Cliabh, "prob. the N. extremity of b. Carbury, Sli.; ¶ " it also was on the boundary of the Triocha Easa Ruaidh, b. Tirhugh, Don.
at L. n-Eirne, Ar. 128.
Fen. 396 (recte Call cain?); ¶  the point of Cairbre Droma Cliabh opposed to Abhainn mor (Owenmore at Collooney, c. Sli.); ¶  "it must have been nr. Ballyshannon," Hen.; ¶  leg. Call Cain (?).
dp.; ¶  Chaldaeans, Sr., p. 48.
ch. in Carbry, in Connacht, Ce. 340; ¶  St. Muadnat of.
calle fochlaidhe
Connaught, Ct. 5, 10, 123, 141; ¶  v. Caille F. calléva; ¶  1, Silchester in N. of Hamps.; ¶  2, Haslemere in Surrey, connected with Irish caille, a wood (Holder's Alt Kelt Sprachschatz); ¶  an ogam has been found at Silchester. calnaherich; ¶  belongs to Canons of Disert Keivin in d. Glendal., Cr. 1263.
in Africa, one of the Colomna Hercuil, Ll. 223. calpta; ¶  Magmoir and Calpta, two names of the Boyne, betw. Tobar Mochae in Chleirigh, Bb. 194 a.
B. vii. 565; ¶  v. Calraige and Geinealach Corca Laidhe, p. 26.
Calry, clár Calraidhe, St. B. 548; ¶  v. Calraige,
i.e. descendants of Lugaidh Cal, Ca. 318; ¶  the posterity of Lugaidh Cal branched into 7 septs, viz.—the Calraighe of Brí Leith, al. C. an Chalaidh; ¶  C. Innse Nisc, desc. fr. Fraechar, son of Lugaidh; ¶  C. Tre Maige, fr. Cobhthach; ¶  C. of Breaghmhaine, fr. Ailill; ¶  C. Luirg, fr. Lughaidh, son of Lughaidh (O'Drean its hereditary chieftain); ¶  C. of Corann, fr. Aenghus, son of Lughaidh, are C. Luirg and C. of Corann (O'h Innreachtaigh is the hereditary ch. of C. of Corann); ¶  C. of Cuil Cearna are of the race of Aenghus (O'Scingin is their hereditary ch.); ¶  fr. Eochaidh, son of Aenghus, son of Lughaidh [Cal], come C. of L. Gile and the Dartraighe; ¶  the 4 chief septs of Dartraighe and C. are Meg Fhlannchaidh (their kings), Meg Crunnluachra (their dynasts), Tealach Churnain (their poets), Ui Finn (their Brughadha, farmers); ¶  the septs of C. are Tealach Crunnluachra, Tealach Curnain, Tealach Critain, Tealach Treabhaire, Tealach Uaruisce, and Tealach Cairnean; ¶  the C. of Muirisc in Tir Ua nAmhalghadha come fr. Cael, son of Lughaidh Cal, al. C. of Magh hEileag, O'Mailfhina its hereditary chieftain; ¶  they became extinct but a few and Ui Gaibhtheacháin and Ui Floinn took the l., so that they are the most powerful therein and these also are of the race of Aenghus, son of Amhalghaidh; ¶  Cuil Cearnadha is called Calraighe Cuil fr. being in the angle of Fith Gathlaidh; ¶  and, if the learned say truly, it should be called C. Innse Nisc; ¶  its hereditary tribes are Ua Cuinn, Ua Iarnain and Ua Finain and O Rothlain is its chief; ¶  (the references were, alas! omitted in transcription for press, but many of them will appear under the various Calraigi); ¶  Lughaidh Cal mac Ithe is uaid Dartraidhe na C., Hz. 16, Sa. 63 b 2; ¶  C. Luirc, C. an Challaigh, C. Insi Nisc, and C. Muighi Muirisc come fr. Lughaidh Mal, Lec. 242; ¶  i.e., Treb ol C., W. of L. Erne; ¶  the Corco Laigi and the Corco Orchten in Mun; ¶  one of the 46 Aicme of the Aitechaigh, Bb. 96 b, 140 a. c.; ¶  al. C. Droma Cliab, al. C. Locha Gile; ¶  exiit ad regiones Callrigi Tre Maige et fecit æcclessiam juxta Druim Leas, et erexit ad Campum Ailmaige et fundavit ibi Domnach Ailmaige, a edocht du manchuib Drommo Lías ocus du maithib Callrigi, A. 15 a a, 17 a b; ¶  "veniens in finem Calrigi, babtitzavit filium Cairthin .... Druimm Daro .i. Druim Lias," A. 17 a b; ¶  luid P. hi crích Callraigi do Druim Dara bali itá indiu Druim Lias, Tl. 144; ¶  this sept occupied Drumlease in c. Leit., and all the obscure place-names of A. 17 a b must be at or nr. Drumlease and Domnach Ailmaige; ¶  v. Calrige Aelmaige; ¶  comprising the N. of c. Sli. and part of c. Leit., p. Drumlease, c. Leit., was in it; ¶  also the p. Calry, in b. Carbury, c. Sli., Tp., Fm. vi. 2010, Ar. 134; ¶  al. C. Locha Gile, N. 262.
Calry = p. Ballyloughloe, b. Clonlonan, c. Westm., Tp., Ci.; ¶  Clann Cholmáin 7 C. d'éirgi dóib ... Baile Meg Amalgaidh; ¶  this is Magawley of Calry, al. Ballyloughloe, Westm., Au. iii. 254, Fm. ii. 738, 1076, Of. 401, K. 191 b; ¶  Calry held by Magawle, the chief is Ballyloghlow in b. Clonlonan, Hdi. 104; ¶  Art Ua Maoilseachloinn do losccadh araibhe do chaislenaibh i nDealbhna, a cC., 7 a mBreaghmaine, Fm. iii. 394; ¶  "Tá Calraighe i dTefa, go madh di Sliabh Calraighe i ccondae an Longpuirt," Fir. 257 (in Marq. of Drogheda's copy), Fm. iv. 937; ¶  v. C. an Chala.
Ua Gaibhthecáin and Ua Mailinna, two chiefs of C. in Uib Amalgaith, Lec. 168, Fir. 274; ¶  v. C. Trí Maige.
c. ailmaige
in c. Leit, around Drumlease and Dromahaire; ¶  v. Ailmag; ¶  Ailmag la C., Ll. 18 a, Lg. 92, K. 132 a.
in Brédach, in W. of b. Tirawly, Mayo, Fy. 164; ¶  = p. Crossmolina, bounded on N. by the Bredach, or p. Moygawnagh, on E. by the Two Bacs, on S. by Glen Nephin, and on W. by Erris, Fy. 238; ¶  Calraigi slaughtered by Ui Fiachrach, Au. i. 24 c.
c. bregmuine
in b. Brawney, Lec. 141, Gc. 26; ¶  c. Westm.; ¶  Maolfothaigh, fr. whom are the C. Breaghmhaine, Fir. 175.
c. brigh léith
around Sliabh gCallraighe, nr. Ardagh, c. Longf., Gc. 26; ¶  Laighi divided his Cland into seven parts, i.e. C. Bri Leith, i.e., the Callraighe of the Calach, the Callraighe Inis nísc, & c., Bb. 111 b.
C. of Cashel, Fir. 668.
c. connacht
named fr. Lugaid Cál, L. 14, Gc. 70.
c. cúile
C. C. of the Síl Aengusa, Bb. 111 b, Fy. 423.
c. chúili cherna
Coolcarney, which comprised pp. Attymass and Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 246, Gc. 26.
c. cúli cernadán
navigatio ab Bertlaig im-Bertlaig Calrigi Culi Cernadan, Tl. 250, 142, liv.; ¶  a tribe occupying the district of Bertlacha on E. side of the estuary of the Moy, in b. Tireragh, c. Sli.; ¶  Ua Rothláin, taoisech C. Cúile-Cearnatan, Fm. iii. 160, 224; ¶  v. C. Cúili Cherna.
c. droma cliab
Gilla Isa O'Carroll, chief of C. of Druim Cliab died an. 1252, Con. 14 b, Au. ii. 334.
c. in chala
al. C. in Chalaigh, Of. 329; ¶  in S. Teffia, nearly co-ext. with p. Ballyloughloe, b. Clonlonan, c. Westm., Fm. ii. 976, iii. 78, iv. 937, Gc. 6, 26, Mis. i. 253, Hb. 107.
c. in choraind
in b. Corran, c. Sli., Hb. 110, Gc. 26; ¶  dp., Calraigibh in Chorainn .i. Calraighiph Móra, Fm. ii. 1104.
c. insi nisc
Of. 329; ¶  al. C. Cúile Cearnada Gc. 6, 26.
c. laithim
in b. Carbury, almost = p. Calry, nr. t. of Sli., Fy. 482, 276; ¶  Calraighe, al. C. Laithim, Calry p., betw. Glencar and L. Gill c., Sli., Fm. vi. 2010; ¶  in Cairpri Móir Droma Cliab, Lec. 453, Fir. 167.
c. locha gile
in Carbry of Sli., Of. 329; ¶  Calry p., nr. L. Gill, Fm. iii. 588, Ci., Mi., Gc. 28, Con. 36 a.
c. luirc
Of. 339, Gc. 6; ¶  foirddbe Caillrighe Luirg la Úu Briúin; ¶  ar Calraighi Luirgg la hÚu Briuin, Au. i. 216, 300, Fm. i. 418; ¶  Hennessy says in Magh Luirc, c. Rosc.; ¶  M`Carthy says in b. of Lurg, c. Ferm.; ¶  O'D. places them in Magh Luirg, in b. Boyle, c. Rosc., Gc. 26; ¶  and he seems right, as I find in dá Challraidhe sin .i. C. Luirg 7 C. in Choraind, Gc. 26 and Ui Briuin points in the same direction; ¶  the Callraighe of Lorg, of the Sil Luighdeach, Bb. 111 b.
c. maige héleóg
co-ext. with p. Crossmolina, b. Tirawley, Mayo, Fm. iii. 408; ¶  al. C. Muighe hEleag, Fy. 12, 482, Fir. 248, Gc. 30; ¶  O Maelfhiona was its chief.
c. maige muirisc
in Tirawley, Of. 329, Gc. 6.
c. móir
dp. Calraigib in Chorainn .i. Calraigib móraib, Fm. ii. 1104.
c. móir
in W. of Tuatha Eachach, under O'Neill and not in Connacht, Bb. 96 b.
c. mór
W. of the Ui Neill, who are W. of L. Erne, Lec. 271.
c. tethba
al. C. Teptha, Tig., Rc. xvii. 220, Fir. 369, Ch. 14; ¶  Calry of Teffia in cc. Westm. and Longf.; ¶  Sliab gCalraighe (Slievegolry nr. Ardagh, c. Longf.) is in it.
c. trí maige
al. C. trí Muighi, of the Síl Cobthaig, Bb. 111 b; ¶  in b. Tirawley, Gc. 26.
Galtrim, c. Meath, Dm. ii. 370; ¶  recte Calatruim. caluistun; ¶  in Adthy dry., d. Dub., Cr. 147; ¶  now Calverston (?). camabha; ¶  Hui Eochach na Camabhann in Hi Fhiachrach, Fir. 148. camach; ¶  at Droched Átha; ¶  Cormac Gailenga told the Mabrocu they should go to Camach, Bb. 109 a.
Droichet Camcha; ¶  Camma Bridge on the r. Inny, Ro. camach; ¶  al. Camach Brígde; ¶  Comarba Camcha Brígde; ¶  now Camma p. in b. Athlone and nr. vil. of Tobar Brigdhe, Brideswell, c. Rosc.; ¶  the old well is 8 m. WNW. fr. Athlone, Im. 78, Ci., Mi.; ¶  Camcha, gs.; ¶  Camma p. in b. Athlone, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 258, Lc. i. 186; ¶  Comharba Chamcha Brigdi in Hi Maine (where the people of O Maine are baptised); ¶  one of the 7 Primh Comharbs of Hi Maine, Lec. 187, I. 41 b 1.
Fg. 66, Md. 90, C. 799; ¶  but "am Achad," Mt. 20. camachad; ¶  Colman of C., Ll. 358, Fg. 66; ¶  Mochua of C., Lec. 117; ¶  Molua of C., Ll. 358, 368, Bb. 125 a, Ai. 151 a; ¶  Cammagh, in p. Oughteragh, b. Carrigallen, Leit. (?). (N.B.—12 slips were lost betw. Camabha and what is here given of Camachad; ¶  some of them referred to Camachad, and might have helped to identify.)
camach brigde
v. 3rd Camach.
Ega a fons in Aldasa, a Carrac, betw. the Gall-Gaeldelu and Cendtiri i Cattaib in N. of Scotl.; ¶  a camair immuich, Ll. 371; ¶  but v. Ll. 371.
leg. Samhair, flows fr. the Galtees by Bruff into r. Maigue, nr. Bruree, c. Limk., Mm. 485.
crícha C. produce apples and fruits of paradise, Lis. 121 b.
al. Cammas, Camus, Cambas, Cambos, Cambus Comhgaill; ¶  g. Camsa; ¶  al. Camus Macosquin in b. Coleraine, c. Derry, Fm. ii. 638; ¶  Camus-juxta-Bann, 3 m. below Coleraine, Pgi. i. 475; ¶  in d. Derry, and dry. Binnagh, Tax.; ¶  S. of Lecmag, Ch. 4; ¶  Cammas Comgail for brú Bandai, F. 161, Fg. 206, Bco. 21 a, Mt. 38; ¶  Comgell of Cambos, Ct. 349, C. 139, B. lx. 446; ¶  Cambas Comgill, Ad. 96; ¶  Mo-Cholmóc ab. Camsa, Ll. 364; ¶  the Ui Mic Uais and Fir Li ext. fr. Bior to Camos, Fir. 331.
"Camus-juxta-Morne", p. contains the t. of Strabane, c. Tyr., lies betw. the Foyle and the Morne, Pgi. i. 302.
Ath an Chámais, at Camus Bridge, 2 m. S. of Clonmel; ¶  v. Ath an C.; ¶  v. next word.
a manor of Archbp. of Cashel, Tax. p. 282; ¶  this is the Cambas of A. 19 a 2, q.v.
Tráig Mara Camais, Os. v. 96.
Cammus ua fathaid tíre; ¶  al. Camas O Fothaid Tíre; ¶  Danes land there and plunder it and Inis Labraind and Darinis, but are defeated by Eoganacht Locha Léin; ¶  K. has Caoiminis o bhFothaid, nr. Killarney; ¶  prob. in Iveragh, or in Corco Luigdhe, v. Ll. 309, Cg. 222, Ix. xxxvi., Fir. 786.
Camus in Uib Mac Uais Breg, Lg. 14.
in c. Limk. are Camas House, nr. Newcastle; ¶  Camas House, nr. Bruff; ¶  C. House, nr. Cashel; ¶  C. House, nr. and S. of Coleraine; ¶  Camus Bay, in b. Moycullen, Galway.
"at Dunard on r. Camath," Annals of D. F. in F. I. 18, an 1445, cited Fm. iv. 944, note; ¶  Camagh bridge is on r. Inny, on limits of b. Fore, c. Westm.; ¶  leg. Camach.
in India, Lis. 131 a.
cambaé patraic
Brónach, ingen Milchon mic Buain Cambaé Patraic in Daire, mother of Mochoe Noendromma, Ll. 372; ¶  a place (?). cambalau; ¶  Cambalu; ¶  in India, Lis. 124 a, 124 b, 225 a. cambas; ¶  this, the oldest form, is Cambas Comgill, in Ad., and Cambas a Forgais, A. 19.
v. Camas.
in the E., Campision is its capital, Lis. 122 b. cambus cenet; ¶  Cambus Kynet, in d. of S. Andrew's, Scotl., Tr. 334.
cambus cinel
seems in d. Dumblane, Gal. of Pap. Registers ii., p. 33.
cambus mór
in p. of Dornoch, Sutherland, Inv. xx. 322. camchluain; ¶  ac Damchluain in Uib Briúin Eola inocus Conmaicne Cúile, Lbl. 900.
Cath Camchluana, Bran Dubh slain there, K. 162 b; ¶  al. Cath na Damchluana, Au. i. 82; ¶  seems nr. Templeshanbo, at foot of Mount Leinster, c. Wexf., Fm. i. 229.
in Tyr., Au. ii. 298, Lc. i. 354, Con. 10 a, Hb. 122; ¶  not identified, Ci.; ¶  but I think it is same as Caimdeirghe (q.v.), Camderry, in b. of Omagh, c. Tyr.; ¶  in a battle here in 1241 O'Neill and O'Donnell defeat Mac Lachlainn, K. of Cenél Eogain, and O'Neill becomes K. of C. Eogain.
r. and p. in the union of Glenavy, c. Down, Ra. 5; ¶  Camlin, al. Crumlin, r. in p. of Camlin, which p. is 11/2 m. N. of Glenavy, c. Antr., Pgi. i. 301.
cammar cethar sliged
N. of Dún Delca, Lu. 105 b.
al. Cammus; ¶  v. Camas, Cambas.
Sinchell Camni, Cs. 249.
r. Camogue, nr. Loch Gur, c. Limk.
an C. il-Laoighis; ¶  al. Port Laighise, now Maryboro', Queen's c., Fm. v. 1506, Mi.
in Italy, Lis. 116 a; ¶  Campania or Ager Campanus. campat rego; ¶  in Tebthai, Hb. 71.
Máire, wife of Tighearna Campher, in Scotl., Fir. 423. campision; ¶  city of Cambu, in the E., Lis. 122 b.
campulus bovis
Cs. 384; ¶  Achad Bó.
campus albus
Cs. 501; ¶  often rendered Whitefield; ¶  is really Mag n-Ailbe .i. Campus Ailbe, Cs. 409; ¶  at or nr. Lethglenn. campus inis; ¶  Magh Inis, A. f. 3 a 2; ¶  Saul, in Dichu's l. in it; ¶  Lecale Up. and Lr., c. Down.
campus liphi
Mag Life, A. f. 10 a 1.
campus lunge
in Ethica, Scotl., Ct. 360, 493.
campus navis
v. Mag Luinge, Ct. 360, 493.
Monastery in c. Wexf., B. lix. 284, 273, 287, 288; ¶  in Ui Cennselaig; ¶  St. Abbán of, C. 617; ¶  v. Canros; ¶  at Camross hill, 3 m. NW. of Taghmon; ¶  there is also Camross, 6 m. W. of Mountrath, Queen's c.
tuatha Connacht ó Loch Aillinne co C., Lc. ii. 404, 410; ¶  r. in SW. of c. Rosc.; ¶  prob. r. Hind, Ci.
Camthír; ¶  Camtir and Dathir in Duin belonged to Cenel Colmain, Bb. 82 b, Lec. 234, X. 110.
Camisk, in Ayrsh., and Camiskie on the Lochy, Max. camul; ¶  city of the east, 2 days' journey E. of Sasion, Lis. 122 a.
v. Camas.
camus na ngall
Camusnagaul, at Fortwilliam, Scotl., Jo.
ca na ndéiseach
Morning-star r., b. Costhea, c. Limk., Ods. 581; ¶  misprint for Ath na nDéiseach (?).
canaind gall
Senlabair of C. nGall, in Ulst., Ll. 94. canandai; ¶  al. Candandai; ¶  it was got fr. the Canaanites, Bb. 2 b, 135 a, Lec. 68.
canand eigeipti
Alma dau. of the K. of the Cruithnig was mother of Serb mae Proic, K. of C. E., Lec. 91, Bb. 118 b, which has Canandan Egipti.
candida casa
al. Rosnat, Cell na Caise, now Whithern in Galloway; ¶  al. Futerna, Sk. ii. 37, 48.
in India, Lis. 127 b.
Canaan, in Asia, Bb. 5 b; ¶  Cannannai, Lu. i., Bb. 5 b. cannan galilee; ¶  Lb. 145.
canra norba boaireach
in Ormond, ext. fr. Cnamh Caill to Ath Cliath sair, in Dal Chais, Bb. 98 b.
cella St. Albani in Ui Cennsilaig, and nr. or in Find-Magh, Cs. 525, 528–9; ¶  mentioned with Ross Mic Treóin or New Ross; ¶  leg. Camross, nr. Taghmon.
i senad C., in the Synod of Canterbury, Sil. 445, 409. cantaibrecda; ¶  an Ocian C. .i. an mhuir fuil eitir Eirinn 7 Espáin, Fia. 158.
Brian Boru's seat, Icel. Sagas; ¶  now Kincora. cantarborg; ¶  Canterbury, Engl., Bb. 116 b, I. 93 a, Nen. 88; ¶  Cantwarabyrig, in Jutish.
Sruth na Trai, the r. of Troy, Bb. 241 b; ¶  Xanthus, al. Scamander.
Fothad Canand is de isberar .i. o Canaind onchoin ro bói aicce unde dicitur Canund i Maig Life, Ha. 857 (.i. Dun Canaind, Duncannon, nr. Clane?).
in Mun., Lis. 182 a; ¶  in b. Fermoy, as I gather from the names given as in Caoille.
caoille an chosnamha
nr. Deisi Big, ext. fr. mouth of r. Maigue towards Limk. city, Fm. v. 1580.
caoile conaill
an C. C. in b. Tirawly, Fy. 166; ¶  al. an Caeille, ibi.; ¶  in NE. of b. Tirawly, Fy. 482.
in Tir Fhiachrach, Fy. 168.
caoil móna
Isé an Brian So (of Ara) tug maidhm Caoil Móna, Hb. 9 a, Ai. 108 b.
caoimh-thíre fiachach mic neill
Ua Braoin gona Choimhnesa fo C. F. mic N., Hx. 210, col. 1; ¶  v. Tír Fiachach Mic Néill.
caoin inis ó fathaidh
K. 165 a; ¶  v. Caiminis.
for words so beginning see Cael.
Keel, narrow strait betw. L. Carra and L. Mask, divides Partry from b. Kilmaine, Fy. 152, 200; ¶  Caol, ds.; ¶  al. Droichead an Chaoil, NW. of Ballinrobe.
caol brenainn
Kilbrennan Sound (Arran).
caol na herne
v. Caeluisce, Caoil na hEirne, part of L. Erne, nr. Belleek, Fm. vi. 1924, Ods. 591.
the Cavanaghs of Borris, & c., Hk. 356.
v. Cain, Caen, for words beginning with Caon. caoncholl; ¶  on boundary of Carbury, c. Sli.; ¶  attá Éidhneach ní sliocht cam, go roich ba deas go Caoncholl; ¶  ó Bhearnas go taisi treabh, go Ros idir dha inbhear, St. B. 593; ¶  v. Collchaoin. caondruim; ¶  Fm. i. 20; ¶  al. Uisnech; ¶  v. Caendruim.
caonraige áird aidhne
in Aidhne, Fy. 52.
g. Cath C.; ¶  b. Kenry, Limk, Fy. 308; ¶  Pallaskenry is a vil. in it.
an inhabitant of b. Kenry, c. Limk., Ro.
and words so beginning, v. Caer.
capa círunt
al. Capa Círoth, Bb. 10, Lg. 55, Fir. 116, 86; ¶  Ac. 19, Lec. 537 has Capa Ciron.
Capadóicc, Cappadocia, Ll. 135 b, 223, Lb. 154, Bb. 233 a, Fer. 112.
descendants of Magoc, or Masoc, son of Japeth, Lec. 67; ¶  al. Capadocaí, Bb. 2 a; ¶  Capadoccu, Bb. 274 b; ¶  Capadócda, Bb. 3 b.
now Selebcia, in Senair, Lec. 68.
sailing W. from Greece, Partholan reached C., Fer. 13.
NW. of r. Meander, Bb. 269 a.
the Philistines and the Capatorium, Lec. 69. capella isold; ¶  SW. an. 1224; ¶  Chapelizod, nr. Dublin.
Glenn Cappaige, gsf. Dinds. 25.
Pd. viii. 38; ¶  nr. Dub., Sp. an. 1295; ¶  Cabra.
caprach cormaic
i Ráith Ríg, Pd. viii. 22; ¶  well at Tara, E. of Ráth na Righ al. Tipra Liaigh, Tipra bó findi, Derc Dubh, Bb. 188 b, Rd. 1, Sa. 5 a 2.
caprach eidig
Caillte cosluath mac ... mic Eithig, fr. whom is called C. Eidig; ¶  Genealach Hua Fiadchatha, Ha. 795.
of Clann Mesraim, son of Cam, Bb. 2 b.
caput litoris
a lake nr. Darerca's Monastery, and 4 dietis distant fr. Kild. town, Cs. 172; ¶  .i. Cenn tragha (?).
Abhain Chara, betw. Feara ceall and Ely O'Carroll, King's c., Fm. iii. 189, note.
g. carad, d. Caraidh; ¶  Domnall O'Ceallaigh of Hi Maine ó Charuidh gu Gréin, Fm. v. 1434, Lc. ii. 302, Con. 83 b; ¶  .i. Cara na dtuath, now Carranadoo, in b. Ballintober N., c. Rosc., Ci.; ¶  N. or NE. boundary of Hy-Many, Fen. 328, Fm. v. 1434, Im. 66, 130, 134; ¶  Caraid, ds.: the Marasgalacht of the armies of the King, fr. Caraid to Luimneach, belonged to the Saerclannaibh of O'Ceallaigh, Lec. 187.
cara an fedha
tar Cara an Fedha, Weir on the Boyle r., Lc. ii. 384.
cara chóla cuirc
in Connacht; ¶  O'Conor pillaged Clann Cathail O Flannachain, and returned to C. C. C., Con. 29 a, Lc. i. 576, Ac. 273; ¶  in c. Rosc.
cara conaill
Ath Caradh Conaill, on r. Shannon, E. of Port-Lecce, now Carrick-on-Shannon, Fm. iii. 410, Ci.
c. cora culaind
ds.; ¶  al. Cara Chulmhaile, q.v., Au. ii. 376. caracorum; ¶  al. Unccam, city in the E., once belonged to the Tartars, Lis. 122 b.
c. culmhaoile
ag Caraidh Chúlmhaile, Weir of Collooney, c. Sli.; ¶  battle there, Lc. i. 502, Pb. 55.
c. doghair
Rc. xviii. 292; ¶  Tadhg in tSlébe mac Ruaidhri and some of the K. of Dal Cais's sons drowned there.
cara droma ruisc
Carrick-on-Shannon, Lc. ii. 270, Ci., Con. 79 a; ¶  al. Carrickdrumrusk.
c. eacharadh (Eacharaid)
English defeated there by the Muinter Maoil tSinna (of Cuircne in Teffia), Fm. iii. 92; ¶  (in p. of Augher, b. Deece, in Meath (?), O'D., .i. Edcharud Lobráin, ds. Fm. ii. 1150).
c. eachdroma
NW. of Clann Cuilein, Tor. 162.
in Asia, Lec. 70.
c. muintire banain
ds. Caraidh M. B.; ¶  in c. Ferm., nr. Tamhnach an reata and Arda Muintire Luinín, Fm. v. 1318; ¶  now Carryvanan (Cara Ui Bhánáin), in p. Derryvullan, b. Tirkennedy, Au. iii. 504; ¶  al. C. Ui Bhánáin.
c. na dtuath
al. Caradh na dt., Caranadoe bridge, in b. and c. Rosc., where r. Uair joins r. Shannon, Fm. iii. 19, note, 446. cara senaigh; ¶  Caraid S., at L. Erne, Bb. 124 a, Lec. 114. carbaban; ¶  Antichrist to be reared there, Lis. 110 a.
carbad beg
Leth an Chairbuid bhig, in Barrett's country, Tirawley, Hz. 75.
carbad na n-abadh
in town of Arm., Lc. i. 20.
seisrech Carbuit in Pobal Bhriain, Ai. 108 a, Hb. 8 b. carbradhi; ¶  the Carbradhi, or Andaraidh for Luachair Carbradhi, calma Árdmuige anbha an gach aird, I. 176 b 2.
Fen. 32 b; ¶  v. Cairbrige, Coirprige, a sept in Fanad, c. Don., to which St. Columcille's mother belonged, Fir. 151. caracrum; ¶  in p. Kilnegarvan, b. Gallen, c. Mayo, Fy. 366. carcair; ¶  in Rosac na Righridhi, nr. Tuath Ó nDuinnin, in Mun., Lis. 183 b.
as., .i. Carcair na gCléireach in Burren, or betw. Burren and Meadhraighe, Fm. vi. 2198; ¶  Corker Road, in Burrin, Mi., Ar. 196.
r. Carcair rises in p. Doneraile, c. Cork, and joins the Abhainn bheag, Ro.
carcair an léith macha
at Brugh na Bóinne; ¶  v. C. Leith Macha, Lbl. 407; ¶  v. C. Léith M.
carcair brigte
St. Colmán Carcairi B.; ¶  or Criarchari Brigte (?), Bb. 124 b.
carcair glais mic mhongaidh
at Fail mhuc nDrebhrinde, N. of Leitribh Cranncha, in Lein., Lis. 197 a.
carcair léith machae
at or nr. Brugh na Bóinne, I. 145 a, Bb. 190 b.
c. na gcléirech
now the Corker road, NW. of monast. of Corcomroe, b. Burren, Ar. 196, 242; ¶  g. na Carcrach, Ar. 242.
c. na ngiall
house at Tara wherein the hostages were kept and also at Dún na nGed, on the Boinn, Lbl. 321, K. 157 b. carcaír sinchill; ¶  in Dartry, Sli., Fm. iii. 248, note. carconna; ¶  in c. Wexf., nr. r. Slaney, Gr. 122; ¶  Pembridge has Carcarne.
car craibhdhig
they go to Cill mhic Ui Dhonnáin, to Car C., and through Críoch Mhaille, Tor. 163; ¶  in c. Clare (?); ¶  leg. Carcair craibhdhig (?).
cárda o gcarbre
al. Garga na dtréd, Cf. p. 60; ¶  seems to be on the coast of Carbery, c. Cork.
Carduille, Carlisle, Cps. 439.
in Dumbartonsh, Scot.
fort nr. Castleforward, bb. Inishowen and Raphoe, on L. Swilly, Fm. iv. 920, note.
in India, Lis. 131 a.
region nr. Thibet, Lis. 126 b. carlan; ¶  Mobeoc Carlain, Bb. 125 a.
Carrlaoigh; ¶  Carrleagh mt. nr. Ailech, in b. Inishowen, c. Don., Fia. 14.
Ag triall do Mhaolmordha O Raghallaigh ó'n Fhraingc go Flondrus chum a bheith 'na thaoiseach Campa, fuair se bás a Mainistir na gCapuis Eireannaigh a gCarler, Hc. 854; ¶  Carlier or Charleroi in Flanders (?).
there Óenach Carman was held; ¶  was on site of t. of Wexf. (O'Curry, Mm. ii. 38, O'Don. in Lct. and Fm., and Hen. Lc. i. 34); ¶  was in S. of c. Kild. (Hen. Au. i. 345); ¶  "was really n the present c. Carlow" (Hen. Au. i. 567); ¶  was in c. Kild. (Dr. M`Carthy in Index to Annals of Ulster); ¶  Hen., in language too long to quote, twice expresses his disedification at "such an acute topographer" as O D.'s equation of Carman with (Loch) Garman, "for which there is no authority"; ¶  he objects—1, that if Fedlimid, marching from Cashel to meet the K. in c. Kild., went round by Wexf., he would probably get very short shrift from the Ui Ceinnselaigh; ¶  2, that when Mac Gillapátric inaugurated his succession to the kingship of Ossory by celebrating the Aenach Carman "he was not likely to go for that purpose to Wexf., where he would probably get a very warm reception from the Ui Ceinnselaigh"; ¶  in support of Henn.'s objections I will add two stronger ones: 3, in Fm. ii. an. 1079, it is said that O Conor Faly's land was plundered by the men of Teffia and Cairbre (who, however, were defeated), and next O Conor Faly celebrated the Oenach Carman; ¶  fr. this O'D. infers that O C. Faly claimed the highest authority in Lein., as that fair was held at Wexf.; ¶  it is incredible that O C. F. made good his claim to predominance over Lein. by celebrating an Oenach at Wexf. while the Danes were there in force and the K. of Lein. and of the Foreigners and of Leth Mogha was still powerful; ¶  his country was 60 m. fr. Wexf., as the crow flies, and his family had little power in the 11th century, when he held the Oenach, and are only thus noticed by the Four Masters: the Lord of Ui Failge killed by his own people in 1051; ¶  the L. of Ui F. blinded by his brother Conchobur in 1070; ¶  the L. of Ui F. slain in battle by Conchobur O Conchobuir in 1071; ¶  in 1079 this Conor O C. Failey defeats the men of Cairbre and Teffia, and afterwards celebrates the Oenach Carman; ¶  in 1089 Donnchad, Lord of Lein. (or of Ui Ceinnselaigh), was slain by Conor O C. Failghe by an unfair advantage (the Annals of Ulster and the An. of Loch Cé say "a suis occisus est"); ¶  in 1094, this Conor, Lord of Ui Failghe, was taken prisoner by O Brien, K. of Mun., and in 1115 O Brien and the Foreigners of Dub. defeat the Leinstermen in a battle in which were slain the Lord of Ui Ceinnselaigh and Conor O C., Lord of Ui Failge, and his sons; ¶  in 1092 Donnchad, son of O C. Faley, was killed by his own brothers; ¶  a man with such a record as Conor O C. Faley did not obtain supremacy in all Lein. and celebrate it at Wexf. after a triumphant march of 70 or 80 miles; ¶  and I conclude that his Oenach Carman was in Ui Failge or nr. it. Though I believe that the Oenach Carman of Mac Gillapatric and O Conor, of not a metaphorical expression, was near their borders, where I will identify a Carman, I do not wish to deprive the Faithche of Wexf., now called the Fáith, or Fair-green, of the glories of the ancient Oenach Carman fully described in the Books of Lein. and Ballymote. Yet all the evidence seems to show that Carman was a large plain on the banks of the Burren and the Barrow, which unite at the town of Carlow; ¶  here the Kings of Lein., whose palace of Dind Ríg was close by, held every three years an Óinach—that is, a Grand Council, of their Sub-Kings and Chiefs—an exhibition, a cattle-show, a fair and races; ¶  these Kings and their civil and military advisers showed great judgment and tact in selecting for the Óinach a place at the geographical, social, political, and military centre of Lein., nr. the royal palace, which was the rendezvous of the warriors of Lein. when about to march against their foes, as we learn fr. Cath Ruis na Ríg, and nr. or not far fr., the five great tribal divisions of the Province now represented, respectively, by the dioceses of Ossory, Leighlin, Kildare, Ferns, Glendaloch (and Dublin); ¶  from this central place also they could quickly send a "punitive" expedition if Mun. or Meath were mean enough to invade their borders during the Óinach; ¶  that shows it ought to have been there; ¶  but, then, Irish eccentricity might have held the Oinach Carman at Loch Carman, at the town of Wexf., where O'Donovan and O'Curry place it; ¶  I answer that that Carman was nr. the r. Burren in Idrone (Bairenn Cliach), which joins the Barrow at Carlow; ¶  nr. Idrone (Clíu, gen. Cliach); ¶  nr. Dind Ríg, which is nr. Burren and Idrone; ¶  nr. Berna Cleighi; ¶  nr. Mag Lifi; ¶  nr. Mag Mesca and Ui Failge; ¶  in close connections with laces nr. or not far fr. r. Burren; ¶  by its Óinach, in close and sole connection with clans whose lands meet nr. the Burren. 1. Carman was nr. r. Burren: -Bairend Charman i Caillich Carman at Bairend Cliach and at Berna Cleithi, Lec. 461; ¶  Bairend Carmen co Cailliu Carmuin ic Bairind Cliach ic Bernae na Cleithe, I. 150 b; ¶  Caille Carman at Bairend Chliach ic Bairind Carman ic Berna na Cleithi, Lbl. 428; ¶  Digais, wife of Carman, and mother of Bairend fr. whom is named Bend Bairne Carman (Bairne is gen. of Bairend), Lec. 461; ¶  Bairend Charman at the r. Bablua (Dindsenchus Bairne Cermain, Ll. 194); ¶  Bablua, q. v., is Bairend; ¶  at Coilliu Cermain and at Babluan al. Bairend Clíach at Bernae na Cleite, Bb. 195 b; ¶  Bairend Cearmain .. i Colbu Cearmain 7 ic Babluan al. Bairenn Cliath ic Bearnaidh na Cliath, Sa. 20 b 1; ¶  2. Carman was in or nr. Idrone; ¶  see Clíach in No. 1, the gen. of Clíu in Uib Dróna, A. 18 b, Ll. 23 a, 129 a, Fm. i. 88, Hk. 406, Ch. 43; ¶  3. nr. Dind Ríg on the Barrow; ¶  ar bruach Bearbha idir Cheithiorlach 7 Leithghlenn, K. 118 b, betw. Carlow and Lethglenn, Of. 172; ¶  Dind Ríg in Mag n-Ailbe, Tig. Rawl., B. 502, fo. 1 b; ¶  4. nr. Berna Cleithe, v. No. 1; ¶  5. nr. Mag Lifi: Carman Liphi. Ll. 169 b; ¶  Mag Lifi included Maistiu, or Mullaghmast (A. 10 a) within 10 m. of Carman, indeed Mullaghmast has been identified with Carman, as we shall see infra; ¶  6. nr. Mag Mesca and Ui Failge: Mag Mesca at Aenach Carman, Lbl. 418; ¶  Aenach Carmuin, al. Aenach Sengarmain in Mag Measca, Bb. 193 b; ¶  Sencharman in Mag Measca i n-Uib Failge, I. 149 a 2 (Ui Failge included Mag Fea and Cell Osnadh in c. Carlow, nr. r. Burren, Bc. 15); ¶  7. in close connection with places nr. or not far fr. r. Burren: Rí Railend (5 m. S. of Athy), Rí Carman, Rí Fothart Osnadaigh (b. of Forth, c. Carlow), the Ui Dróna (b. Idrone, c. Carlow), Ui Bairrchi (b. of Slieve Margy, in Queen's Co.), Ui Buide (b. of Ballyadams, Queen's Co.), are grouped together in Lct. 210—214; ¶  Aillend árd Carmon clothach, and Almu (Will of Cathair Mór), Lct. 202; ¶  liach liomsa Cnoc Almaine 7 Aillenn, liach lom Carman 7 fér dar a rótta .. all n-árd n-Almaine, flaith nár Náis, Fm. ii. 572; ¶  mór liach Life gan Cerball (K. of Lein.), liach lemsa Cnoc Almaine 7 Allenn, liach lem Carman, Fia. 220; ¶  Braein Carmain ... ór-al Alman, Fm. ii. 652; ¶  Triacha long do laechraid Liamna .. dligid im na crícha im Charmon tricha banmog, tricha bó, Lct. 40 (Liamain was in Mag Laigen, al. Mag Lifi, F. 83); ¶  Flann Temra don Tailltenmaig, Cerball don Carmain Cinaig, Fm. 570, Ch. 182 (i.e., as Tailltiu was to Temair so was Carman to Dind Ríg?); ¶  Slogad la Feidlimid (ríg Caisil) corici Carmain; ¶  slogad la Niall (rí nErenn) ar a chenn corice Mag n-Ochtair, Au. i. 344, Fm. i. 460; ¶  Cath Maige Ochtair isin tealaig ós Cluain Conaire a ndes, Fm. i. 212—that is, the K. of Cashel reached S. of Kild., and marched to Cloncurry, in N. Kild., where he was awaited and defeated by the K. of Ireland; ¶  8. Óinach Carman in ancient and in comparatively modern times was always and only held by kings, sub-kings, and chiefs, whose lands met nr. the junction of the Burren with the Barrow. This is clear from the description of it in Ll. and Bb. given in Mc. ii. 40, as well as from the Irish Annals:—On the right of the K. of Carman, al. K. of the Barrow or Dind Ríg, sat the K. of Ossory, on his left, the K. of Ui Failgi; ¶  in accordance with the will of Cathair Mór, the Uí Failgi (al. Síl Rosa Failgi), the Laigsi, the Fotharta (or Laigsi Fothairt), and the Clann Condla, al. Ossairgi, were the chief leaders of the celebrations; ¶  the Uí Dróna, in whose land it was, displayed unbounded "hospitality" (oegidacht hUa nDróna); ¶  and the K. of the Barrow distributed the prizes, Mc. iii. 526–547; ¶  in historical times one K. of Ossory and his Ossorians held the Óinach Carman an. 1033, and one K. of Ui Failgi did the same in 1079, Fm. ii. 826, 914, Au. i. 566, Lc. i. 34; ¶  Carman was one of the 7 chief cemeteries of Erin, at it were many meeting-mounds, 21 raths, 7 mounds, 7 plains or fields (without a house) reserved for the Óinach; ¶  it may be said that cúan (harbour), ráth-lind (bounteous water), and bruachaib (banks), applied to Carman, would not suit the t. of Carlow; ¶  I think so: the tide goes higher than St. Mullins, and from New Ross to Athy (10 miles N. of Carlow) the Barrow is navigable by barges; ¶  a writer in Pgi. ii. 399, i. 316, got very nr. the real Carman; ¶  "the Rath or moat of Carman or Mullaghmast nr. Ballytore, 6 miles E. of Athy, its site is a gently sloping hill crowned by an extensive rath, and nr. it are 16 mounds, on which the elders of the States of S. Lein. sat in council, these mounds are held in veneration by the peasantry." Gen. Carman (Fm. ii. 1142, i. 48, Sb. 4 a, Fm. ii. 826, Lct. 14, 210, Lc. i. 34, Mc. iii. 526), and dat. Carmain (Fm. an. 903 and bis in Mc. iii. 536) point to nom. Carmu or Carma; ¶  but nom. Carman, Cormon, Cormun (Sas. 1274, Ll. 215 a, 169 b, Lct. 202, Mc. iii. 526, Pd. viii. 38, Fm. an. 903); ¶  gen. Carmain, Fm. i. 44, Au. i. 566; ¶  Carmuin, Sr. 64 a bis; ¶  dat. Carmon, Cormun, Ll. 127, 296 b, Bb. 46 b; ¶  Carman, Fm. i. 76, 460, ii. 570, 652.
al Ernul, in Canann, Lbl. 272, Lb. 126.
name or initial part of the name of about 300 townlands; ¶  often carnd, carnn.
ó Charnd co Corccaig, fr. C. to Cork, Lb. 215 b, 219; ¶  seems to be Ui Echach of Cork; ¶  Grend Mumun ó Carn go Cliu, Ll. 46. carn; ¶  ó Charn teas go hAileach Néide, Ry. 150; ¶  = Carn Uí Néid. carn; ¶  mt. in Kenmare range, about 2,000 ft. high; ¶  An Carn, Ry. 128.
in d. Kilfenora, Tax.
N. of Indeóin; ¶  on Medb's march fr. SE. of Cruacha into Ulst., Ll. 56, Hf. 5 a.
Carnsore Point, b. Forth, Wex.; ¶  hence b. Forth is Fortharta in chairn, Lec. 211.
part of Clann Colmain, ext. fr. Carn to Sligi etar na da Chairthi (Clann Colmáin in Meath), Bb. 82 b; ¶  Roscar Crae and Tír Ratha mic Siláin went to Colman; ¶  the part thence, fr. Carnd to Sligi edair na da Cairthi, was the part they occupied, Lec. 234, X. 110.
an Carn; ¶  "Conchobor of Carn," Rr. 30; ¶  1, that is of Arm. (cf. ó fhlaith Macha ... ó iarla in Chairn, Fen. 366; ¶  a Chongail Mullaig Macha, Mr. 172); ¶  or 2, Carn na foraire ar Slíabh Fuaid, Lu. 78 a b; ¶  which was nr. Newtownhamilton and guarded the pass to Conchobor's palace of Emain; ¶  Conchobor's son was called "Nia an Chairn" in H. 3, 18, p. 594; ¶  Cormac Conloinges was called Nia an Chairn, .i. of Finncharnn na foraire on Sliab Fuiad, Ca. 402; ¶  cath in Chairn in Dailaraide, Lec. 578; ¶  rí in chairn .i. Crimthand, who was slain by Rudraige, Ll. 129 a.
in Cairnn, gs. in Tirconnell, Mr. 164.
gs. cáirn; ¶  Carns, in S. of p. Castleconor, b. Tireragh, Sli., Fir. 274, Fy. 482, 166.
SE. of Cruacha Aíi, Lu. 56; ¶  Carnfree nr. Tulsk, c. Rosc., Kj. ii. 342.
as.; ¶  Carn Castle, or Carns in E. of p. Moygawnagh, b. Tirawley, Fy. 336, 482; ¶  nr. Clochán na nDall in Tir Amhalghaidh, Tir. 843.
Cárna Thermaind Meg Craith, ds. a Cárna Th. Meg Craith, Au. iii. 416; ¶  in Donegal.
carn achaid leithdeirg
in Fernmag, 7 battles fought nr. it by the Collas routing the Ulaid, Ll. 332, 333, Bb. 64 a, Fir. 302, Lec. 175, Lg. 158, K. 150 a, X. 56.
c. aedha
in Corann in Connacht, Sto. 22 a 2.
c. aedha mic lidhne
s. of Bearn Leachta Ua Setna in Mun., Lis. 176 b.
c. ailche
Au. i. 208, in Mun.; ¶  O'D. suggests Carnelly nr. t. Clare, c. Clare, Mi., Fm. an. 742; ¶  Cath C. Ailche lá Mumoin in quô cecidit Cairpre mac Chonomisc, Hb. 77.
carnail cuind céd cathaigh
a Dindgna of Brugh na Bóinne, Bb. 190 b, Lbl. 407, I. 145 a l.
carn airend
Lu. fo. 36; ¶  seems nr. Larne, c. Antr.; ¶  C. Airenn, Lu. 41 a; ¶  seems nr. Bangor, c. Down; ¶  the two dam allaid came fr. C. A. and took Funchi to Tech Dábeóc, Lu. 41 a.
c. airid
al. Cnoc ós Fiodh, Fir. 573; ¶  Airid was grandson of Fergus Mac Róigh; ¶  so in Ulst. (?).
c. alba
Sas. 3947; ¶  seems in c. Rosc.
c. allaid
Lugaid Find slain by the Féini of C. A., Ll. 205. c. amhalgaith; ¶  chief of N. Ui Fiachrach or O'Dowd inaugurated there, Lec. 165, 247, Fy. 100, 442, 347; ¶  C. A. built by Amalgaid, son of "Fiacra Elgaid," to have the Aenach Ua nAmalgaid around it, Lec. 493, Rd. Rc. xvi. 142; ¶  on top of Mullaghcarn, 1/2 m. fr. Killala, Fy., 100, 442, 482, Fir. 261.
Mo-Chuma Carnáin, Ai. 151 a. carnán; ¶  Hmd. p. 225–6, A.D. 1304–1306.
carnan clone gunethe
on W. of Dub., fr. St. Patrick's ch. through the vale up to Karnan Cluana Gunethe, nr. Kilmainham, Gn., Hmd. 51, an. 1192, Sw.; ¶  Carnaclogh at Dolphin's Barn.
carn an eilde
in p. Lairg, Sutherland, Inv. xx. 111.
c. an éinfhir
.i. Tara, Of. 186; ¶  Carnd in Aenfhir, al. C. an Óinfhir, al. Tara, Ha. 732.
c. an laoigh
Carnalea, nr. Bangor, c. Down, Dc. i (?).
c. an righ
on Magh Féiminn, in Mun., Ai. 89 a, Hz. 35. carnan tornaidi; ¶  the Duthaidh Hi hEidneachain, in Tuath Muighi in Dalb, in Ceara, ext. fr. Carnán T. to Caisel Cairpri, Lec. 168.
carn aret
in Medrige, S. of Galw., Of. 336.
c. asaraidh (?)
Carnasaraidh, in p. Kilmartin, Argyle, Scot., Carswell's Prayer Book, xiii., xxvi.
c. bhaile
An cárnbhaile and an Cnocrad, given by O'Conor to Plunkett, con. in loose leaves at end of vol. without pagination. c. bhalair; ¶  Dl. 108; ¶  in the N. of Ireland (?); ¶  C. Wallair, Dl. 58; ¶  Carn Balair (?), seems Almu, or nr. it.
c. bó
Carnbo in Kinross, Scotl, Jo.
c. boguilt
in deachmhadh ingnadh Indsi Bretan Cloch fil a Carnd mBoguilt, I. 93 b 1.
c. brammit
ár for Gallaib Átha Cliath oc Carn mBrammit la Cerball tigerna Osraige, Fm. i. 474; ¶  in Ossory or betw. it and Dub. (?).
c. breacnatan
Ban Buanainn bandrai of Sith Cairn B., Lis. 174 b.
c. breissi
al Carn uí Neid in SW. of Clann Deirgthine, al. Desmond, Fm. v. 1732.
c. bricrenn
nr. Carnn Fraich meic Fhidaig in c. Rosc., Sas. 7689. c. buide; ¶  W. of Mangerton nr. Tralee, ML. 26; ¶  perh. some Carnn Baoi nr. Dunboy in Beare; ¶  may be "Hungry Hill" nr. that spot (?); ¶  fr. Cloth Barrach, p. 30, it is clear that it was in p. Kenmare; ¶  Hungry Hill is now called Cnoc Taod; ¶  Dala Coinn do comhairle gan an bealach sin d'ionnsaigh acht gabhail i Mullach na Mangarthan budh dheisi 7 nior stada le Conn go rainig i bhfiadhnaise in mhoighe ina raibhe Eoghan a bhfoslongphort 7 scaoileas sgeimhealta go Scaoilte go Carn Bhuidh Hx. 678, 679.
c. cachta
Cinfhaelad mac Blaithmaic, rí C. Chachta, slain in battle by Finnachta, Ll. 185.
c. caibill
fri Loch Riach a tuaid; ¶  N. of Lochrea, c. Galwy., Ll. 170 a, 18, Rc. xvi. 274.
c. cáiridha
in S. Lein., Sas. 3902, Lis. 225 b.
c. cairpre luisc
Dergthene got the l. ext. fr. Áth on Sruth Badb Medb and fr. Lios Lathraigh na tri lecc to C. Cairpre Luisc, Lec. 37; ¶  v. Clann or Ui Dergthene.
c. chais chonluain
Aided Mic Airt on top of C. C. C., Ll. 128. c. calain; ¶  Leath-Bhaile Cairn Chalainn belonged to Sliocht Uateir Burc, Fa. 2.
c. cantain
cath Lapaist in C. C. betw. the Ultu and Hú Echach Coba, Ll. 41.
c. carnan
Adamair slain at C. C. by Eochaidh Foltleathan, al. Aibtleathan, Lec. 88.
c. cesra
al. C. Ceasrach, in Connacht, Lec. 543, K. 122 b, Fir. 30, Lg. 2; ¶  C. Ceassra ós Búill messaid, Ll. fo. 3; ¶  in Cúil Ceassra above the Búill iasccaigh, Lg. 16; ¶  cf. Cúil Cesra, on r. Boyle, An. of Kilronan, an. 1571; ¶  C. Cesra, al. C. Cesrach, said to be the carnn on top of Cnoc Meadha Siúil, now Knockmaa, nr. Tuam, in b. Clare, Of. 162; ¶  .i. Tumulus Cæsaræ, Gp. 417.
c. ceit
1 m. SW. of Rathcroghan, p. Kilcorkey, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 206; ¶  Carnket, in E. of p. Baslick, c. Rosc., Ods, 592.
c. cind
on r. Barrow, in Muig Ailbe, Lec. 603.
c. cinn cirb
Rucsat cenn 7 cairthi cach fir leó 7 cenn Cirb maille friu gur adnacad a Carn C. Cirb é; ¶  Cath Muighe Tuireadh, Z. 96 a; ¶  nr. Moytura (?).
c. clainne aodha
mt. in b. and c. Longf., Fm. iv. 994, note. c. chláre; ¶  in Etar Priainiu in Irrus, the Hui Brigti of C. C., Ll. 328; ¶  C. Chláir; ¶  Clár, son of Brigit, d. of Dubhthach of the Ulaid, whose Carnd is in Edar Biniu, X. 82.
c. coirrslébe
Ed. 492; ¶  on the Curlew Mts. in Connacht, Lec. 490, Lc. 1, xxxvi.; ¶  Cé, Drai Nuadhad Airgedlaimhe, ro thaed a cath Muighe Tuiredh ar n-a ghuin is in cath co rainic carrn C., Sa. 80 b 1.
c. coghna
ac Loch Riach, Sa. 78 b 2.
c. colla na n-other
in Ulst., battle betw. the Collas and the Ulstermen there, Lec. 175.
c. conaill
cath Cairnd Ch. Betw. Diarmait and Guaire Aidne in Connacht, Lu. 115 b; ¶  battle there in 645; ¶  in Aidne, Lu. 116 a; ¶  which is co-ext. with d. of Kilmacduagh; ¶  seems Ballyconnell, nr. Gort, Fm. i. 260; ¶  in Aidhne, c. Galw., called fr. Conall Cael mac Aengusa mic Umhoir, of Dun Aengusa in Aran, Lec. 554, Fir. 67, v. Bb. 16 b, 208 a b, K. 124 a, 163 b, Lec. 23, 494, Ll. 41, Hc. 1 a, 142 a, Of. 176, Os. v. 283, Sc. 12 a 1, Sd. 7 b 1, Sa. 46 a 1, 45 b 2, Au. i. 258, Fm. i. 386, Fia. 62.
c. conaill
al. Cnoc Gréine, Grian buried there, Oig. xvii. xliv.; ¶  in Mun. or Aidne (?); ¶  C. Conaill in Magh Conaill, in Bera, Ll. 211.
c. conáin
raoined for Fiora Áirde Ciannachta hi cath Cairn C. ria cComasccach mac Congalaig; ¶  O'D. says "now unknown" (but as this Commusgach mac Congalaig was tigerna Ciannachta, Fm. i. 458, the place is in Ciannachta), Fm. i. 432.
c. conbruic
called fr. Conbroc ingen Eachach Thuatha of Dalnaraidi, Lec. 272; ¶  C. Conbruic of Duma bó Imbrick, i.e., the Mulluighe bó of Eacho Saillne, Bb. 95 b; ¶  Midend, druith Echach mic Maireda, Conbroc his cú, and Uiríu his dau., went to Liathmaine; ¶  the Carns are nr. or on E. of Loch Neagh, Bb. 96 a. c. congail; ¶  in Mag Rath, where Congal Claen was buried, Mr. 174. c. conluain; ¶  Bres, al. Breisse, son of Art, slain there, Ll. 127 b, 19 a, Lg. 108, Of. 248, Hk. 334, Lec. 51, 88, 581, K. 133 a; ¶  fr. Corcu Conluain I guess it is N. of Slieve Baune, c. Rosc., q. v.
c. cornáin
seems in Lein., and in the plain nr. Gowran, c. Kilk. (?); ¶  Bretain fo cios and fo cáin in Lein.; ¶  under Diarmaid mac Maelnambo of Carn Chornain (Carnn Curnáin, Lu. 40 a), Lbl. 340; ¶  Diarmait was K. of Lein.; ¶  Carnsore Point (?); ¶  Aedh Ornidhe set out fr. Áth Cliath to Carn Caem Cornain and returned after devastating Germagh Gabráin, Ll. 184; ¶  Is leo (Síl Eremoin) o Echtgai gus in Tuind ig Tuaidh Inbir a tuaidh ó Thoraigh co C. Cornan, I. 26 a 1; ¶  a thuaidh o Thoraigh gan táir; ¶  go Toraig go C. Cornáin, St. B. 657.
c. cornáin
Cornan died of grief for his wife Airiu, who was drowned in the overflow of L. Neagh; ¶  inde C. Cornáin, Lu. 40 b; ¶  this seems nr. L. Neagh; ¶  K. Adamair slain at c. Chornáin, Lec. 52. c. crimthaind; ¶  Crimthand Draeich-deleith of the Huib Cuirbb, fr. whom Carn C., Gen. of Hui mac Caille, Ll. 321; ¶  Cremthand Dreach-doleith of the Huibh Cuirb, fr. whom is called Carn Crimthaind, Lec. 414; ¶  in Mun.; ¶  the three Crimthaind Derc-deleth of the Hui Cuirb, fr. whom Carn Crimthaind is called, the Gen. of Hui mac mBroc, Bb. 100 a; ¶  Tri Crimthaind drech doleth de Huibh Cuirb diada Carnn Crimthaind, Gen. of Hui Mac Caelle, I. 83 a 1; ¶  in Imokilly, Cork.
c. cruachain
cath i C. Cruachain, Sc. 44 a 2.
c. cúili ceasrach
i Connachtaib, Bb. 22 b, Lf. 5 a, Fer. 9; ¶  Cesra's grave in Connaught.
c. cuilidh
Carnn C., W. of Cluain beag in Atharlach, c. Tipp. Lis., 199 b.
c. cuip
ML. 90; ¶  seems nr. Brug na Bóinne.
c. culmaili
in Connacht; ¶  al. Carra Culmaili in or nr. Cairbre, Con. 24 b; ¶  at Collooney, c. Sligo.
c. daim deirg
Rc. xv. 447.
c. daire
nr. Sliab Mis, Sas. 6237.
c. daire bairrbennachtach
Sil. 18.
c. dega
Carn of K. Daig a quo Hui, D., of whom was Bp. Aengus of Raith na n-Espog., Ll. 330, Bb. 94 a, Fir. 493, Lec. 276, I. 65 a 1.
c. doach
Doe of C. D., Lec. 278; ¶  of the Dál fFiatach, Fir. 498, I. 65 b 2.
c. dreimne
NW. of Foibreach, Lbl. 873, Sil. 79; ¶  cf. Cúil Dreimne.
c. dromo
Cairndrum at end of Glen Dochart, Skene's Cps. lxxxiii. c. dubh; ¶  Carnduff, in c. Kilk. (?), Kj. iv. 136, 140.
c. duib doire
al. C. Gairb daire, Sas. 2040.
c. dúin cuair
d. of Bp. of Dáimhlíag ext. fr. Slíabh Breagh to Carn D. C., and fr. Lochán-na-himrimhe E. to the sea, K. 174 a. c. dumha; ¶  Tuathal killed in 106, his monument at Carndoo, Kilwaughter, Co. Ant.
Cornishman, Rc. iv. 374.
carn eachach
al. C. Eothaile 7 a Cenn iartarach na trága, at Moytura, Z. 98 b; ¶  in Corann, c. Sli., Sto. 22 a 2.
c. eacha lethderg
in Farney, c. Mon., where Cath na dtrí Colla was fought, Of. 360.
c. eirid
so called fr. Eired, son of Mog Ruith, druid of Mac Con., Lec. 269.
c. eochaidh
prob. Drummillar, nr. Loughbrickland, Down, Dc. 1. xv.
c. eolairg
Tig. Rc. xvii. 16; ¶  site of a bat. consequent on Cath Crínda Bregh: Crinna-Conachad, Sithbe, Druim Fuait, Carn Eolairg; ¶  at Cath Móna Doire Lothair, Ui Neill of Cinel Conaill and Cenél Eogain defeated the Cruithne and won na Lee 7 C. Eolarig, Fm. i. 198; ¶  seems nr. shore of L. Foyle, in c. Derry; ¶  cf. Carrac Eolairg and Lee.
c. eolairg
in Corann, Connacht, Sto. 22 a 2.
c. érenn
Au. i. 428–9, Fm. ii. 584; ¶  Carnearney, in p. Connor, c. Ant., Ra. 341; ¶  in p. Ahoghill, b. Lr. Toome, Ui; ¶  this Eriu was dau. of Eacha Saillne of Ethach Tuatha of Dalnaraidi, Lec. 272; ¶  C. Ereann, in Dál n-Araide, and nr. the Ravel Water, Fm. ii. 585, Lg. 206.
c. eret
in Megraidi, Lec. 454; ¶  v. C. Eirid.
c. farchair
al. Feart Crimthainn, on Sliabh Suidi in Righ, in Connacht, Lbl. 899, Bb. 144 b, which has C. Forchair; ¶  on Slieve Wee an Ree, in Clare, opposite city of Limk.; ¶  v. Sliab Aidheda ind Righ.
c. feradaig
Ll. 17; ¶  three or four places, in the region in which it certainly was, suggest or reflect the name; ¶  1, Correenfeeradda tl., nr. and betw. Cnoc Aine and Kilballyowen; ¶  Kilballyowen is one of the most conspicuous mansions in the p. of Bruff, and adjoins the prominent and fertile hill of Knocaney, Pgi. i. 283; ¶  2, Cappanafaraha tl., in p. Bruff, and in b. Small-County before Acts 6 and 7 William IV.; ¶  3, Cahirnarry (Carn fhearadhaigh?), a p. 31/2 m. SE. of city of Limk., and nr. Donaghmore, which St. Patrick founded; ¶  4, Cahircorney (cathir in chairn?), nr. Loch Gur; ¶  there are raths and druidical monuments about it; ¶  5, Loch Gur, in this p. of Chaircorney is surrounded by lofty hills; ¶  the extensive assemblage of druidical remains, gigantic relics, on Cnoc in Dúine and other islands about the lake render it, perhaps, the most interesting spot in Ireland for an antiquarian visit (Pgi. ii. 292), and, therefore, for a visit by our Apostle. All these are pretty close together, except Cahirnarry, which is 5 m. fr. Loch Gur. The texts quoted infra point out this particular district, but not the precise hill or carn. Dr. O'Brien, in Vallancey's Collectanea, i. 432, says the Carn is on Knockaney; ¶  so does Hennessy, Ch. 365; ¶  it is Seefin (Todd, in Cgg. 309; ¶  MacCarthy, in Ui); ¶  "prob. Seefin," O'D., Fm. i. 41; ¶  but Seefin mt. is 121/2 m. in a straight line S. of Knockany; ¶  however, Lec. fo. 204 mentions C. Feradaig and Cenn Abrad as a S. boundary of Cormac Cas' land, and Seefin is nr. Cenn Abrad; ¶  O'D., in Fy. 344, places it "nr. Limk.," in Mi. he does not identify. From the following authorities we find that it was—1, in Mun., Ct. 157; ¶  2, in Clíu, Tig. Rc. vii. 180, Au. i. 96, Hb. 65; ¶  v. Aine Cliach; ¶  3, on boundary of Cliu Mail, Lec. fo. 204; ¶  4, i nDéisib, and the K. of Mun. defeated there by the N. Déisi, Fir. 688, Fm. i. 310; ¶  v. Deisi Bicc and Áth na nDéise (2 m. fr. Knockaney and Rathanny); ¶  5, at Beirn Trí gCarbad, K. 159 b; ¶  6, betw. Limk. city and Berna Trí Carpat, Lb. 213 b; ¶  7, N. of Mullach Cae in Uí Fidgenti, Tl. 203–4; ¶  Is hi rand Chormaic Chais i gCliu Mail; ¶  ó Mullach Clairi go Bearnai tri Carpad agus ó Charn Fearadhaigh agus otha Ceann Abrad bo thuaidh co Focharmháighi, agus la táibh Máighi anair co Luimneach, Lec. fo. 204; ¶  Lugaidh Meann made sword-land of the tract ext. fr. Beirn trí gcarbad at C. F. to Luchad, i.e., Bealach-an-Luchaide, and fr. Áth na Bóraimhe to Léim an Chon, K. 159 b; ¶  Gabais Fiachra ó C. F. co Mag Mucrama, Lbl. 900; ¶  he killed Feradach, the grandson of Rocorp; ¶  according to rule, he brandished his arms, which are under the Duma of the beautiful Carn; ¶  Feradach was killed in the battle of C. F., and there Fert Feradaig is, Lec. fo. 240 a b; ¶  fr. Tl. 199–209 we learn that St. Patrick went west fr. Cashel to the city of Limk., by Kilfeacle, Cullen, b. Coonagh, E. Cliu, Pallasgreen, Listeely al. Kilteely, Mungret, Donaghmore, Singland, Limk., Patrick's Well—all, fr. Cullen to St. Patrick's inclusive, in or nr. Aine and Knockany; ¶  C. F. seems in Knockaney, or nr. it in the places mentioned supra.
c. ferchis
in Mun., Lis. 199 a.
c. fiachach
nr. Ushnagh, c. Westm., Tl. 80, in Magh Midi nr. L. in Carn F., Lec. 368. Bb. 107 a; ¶  nr. Delvin, Fir. 182, 654, 658, Hc. 583 a, I. 88 a 3, 186 a 2; ¶  it is clearly in Cenél Fiachach; ¶  al. Carn Fiachach meic Néill in Meath, Ca. 358, Fiachu mac Néill slain at C. F., in Meath, Fir. 182, Ll. 42, Ac. 51; ¶  in iomairecc Cairn F. Aelgal tig. Tethba was defeated; ¶  now Carn, in b. Moycashel, c. Westm., Fm. i. 364, Au. i. 230, in p. Conry, b. Rathconrath, Fm. ii. 1192; ¶  in p. of Conragh, al. Conry (on E. border of b. Rathconrath), there is a hedge school at Carne attended by 30 children, Pgi. i. 494.
c. fíachrach
Cf., p. 69; ¶  seems nr. Ventry.
c. finnachaid
on Sliabh Fuait, Sas. 1735; ¶  in Benn Boirche, Sas. 1748; ¶  ó Charn F. atuaid co Temraig, Sas. 1663; ¶  in Ulst., Lis. 212 b; ¶  al. Dubh da Fhoirend, Lis. 200 a.
c. forchair
al. Feart, or Feartán Crimthainn on Sliabh Suidi, Connacht, Bb. 144 b; ¶  v. C. Farchair; ¶  on Slieve wee an ree nr. Cratloe and Limk.
c. fordroma
K. Maelseachlainn defeated Thomond here, Au. i. 498, Lg. 219, Fm. ii. 724, Ch. 232; ¶  seems in or nr. Thomond; ¶  but v. Fordruim.
c. fráich
on Cnoc na dala, Carnfree, Carns tl., Ogulla p., in b. and c. Rosc., al. C. Fraich mic Fidaich, Con. 27, Lc. ii. 122, Fy. 435; ¶  C. Fraoich, Fm. iii. 220, iv. 792, 1014, Sas. 7599, Ac. 265, Rc. xvi. 137; ¶  al. C. fry fitz fidhy, Mis. i. 244; ¶  al. Carnn na hairmi, Sas. 1452; ¶  al. C. Freich, Dl. 36; ¶  chiefs of Síol Muireadaigh inaugurated there, K. 156 b; ¶  O'Conor inaugurated there, Au. ii. 274.
c. furbaidhe
Fep., a carn on Sliab Cairbre, or the Carn mt. in N. of c. Longf., Lec. fo. 231, 501, Sto. 29 a 1, Fm. vi. 1886; ¶  Cell Modáin was nr. Carn Furbaidhe, C. 253, Ct. 452; ¶  Muadan, epscop ó C. F., Fg. 48; ¶  Muadán Cairn Furbaide, Mt. xvii., Md. 64; ¶  nr. Kilmodan, c. Longf., Mt. 25; ¶  Carn, tl. in p. of Kilglass, b. Abbeyshrule, c. Longf., Ods. 592, Rc. xvi. 38; ¶  C. Furbaide 7 Eitni, on Sl. Uilleand, Bb. 220 b; ¶  on Sl. Uilleann, in Connacht, Lec. 501; ¶  al. Carn hui Cathbhadh, Ll. 199 a, I. 161 b 2; ¶  i Sl. Uillenn an-iar, Sa. 51 b 1, Ll. 205; ¶  C. Furbaidi na fian, Lu. 47 a, Ll. 124 b, Rc. xvi. 38; ¶  is not this same as Carn na Foraire? c. garb-daire; ¶  at Dún na mbarc, al. Teach Conaill mic Neill, K. of Cenel Conaill, Lis. 214 b; ¶  palace of K. of Cenél Eogain, al. C. Duib Doire, Sas. 2040; ¶  Carngarrow, in b. Kilmacrenan, Don. c. gecain; ¶  in W. Connacht, O Flaithbheartaigh, heir of C. G., Con. 45 b, Lc. ii. 100; ¶  in c. Galw., Ci.; ¶  v. C. Gegach.
c. gegach
al. Gno beg; ¶  O Flaherty, heir to C. G., Fm. iv. 774; ¶  v. C. Gecain.
c. glais
the d. of Ardsratha ext. fr. Slíab Larga to Carn nglais, and fr. L. Craoi to Beinn Foibhne, K. 174 a; ¶  "eitir Ráth-both 7 Domhnach mór," Fm. iv. 832; ¶  seems The Tops, a hill on border of dd. Derry and of Raphoe, 1 m. fr. Castlefin, Fm. iv. 832, Mm. 476.
c. gorm
Cairngorm, in Aberdeen, Max.
c. í ghláin
St. B. 741, seems in Barrymore, c. Cork.
c. in aenfhir
Tara, al. Tulach in trír, al. C. kin A., Lec. 558, 569.
c. in aenfir
ar Tulach an Trir, at Moytura, Z. 95 a; ¶  but?
c. inaith fheinead
Balar mac Doig mic Neid neartmhair, fhir móir ós méid echtair aitt. Uad raither Carn inaith Fheinead ar arfhaghaib énfear airc, I. 98 a 1.
c. in bocuit
a wonder of Indis Breatan, cloch fil for C. in Bocuit 7 atealta com (con ?) air toir indte 7 cid berar fon doman fo geba for in Carnd cenda, Ha. 823.
c. i neid
in S. Mun., Of. 18; ¶  v. C. ui Néid.
c. in fhéinnedha
betw. Beinn Edair and the sea, Sas. 173, Lis. 202 a.
c. in fhéineda
to W. of Rossach Ruaig, Ca. 294, Hc. 2; ¶  566 b; ¶  seems in Mun.; ¶  the Northerns defeat the Munstermen there.
c. ingine briain
in O Dowd's country, Lec. 167; ¶  al. Miosgan Meidhbhe on Ardnarea in Cuil Irra (?), Fy. 443.
c. in rig lugdach
in Magh Feimin, Ll. 210.
c. ír
v. Sliabh Ír.
c. irbadh
E. of Indber Domhnann, Lis. 198 a.
c. lamha
in Dalriedia, Ct. 126; ¶  Carnlawe, Dl. 38; ¶  v. C. Laoigh. c. laoigh; ¶  Ll. 94 b; ¶  Carnalea, 2 m. fr. Bangor, c. Down (?); ¶  there are 2 Carnleas in c. Antrim.
c. leca
C. Lecca; ¶  in Uib Cellaig Cualann, i Crích Cualann, nr. Bohernabreena, but not visible from it, Lu. 87 a, 99 a; ¶  seems betw. Bruiden Da Derga and Dub. Bay; ¶  cf. Sliab Lecca.
c. leitri duibi
in Luachair, Lis. 194 b.
c. liath
in p. of Dornoch, Sutherland, Inv. xx. 319.
c. locha eachach
On E. of L. nEachach, Lec. 271; ¶  Carnloch.
c. lugdach
at Loch Lugporta, i.e., Port Lughaidh, Fir. 658; ¶  al. Lecht Logha ac L. Lughborta, Sa. 84 a 1; ¶  Cath Cairn Lughdhach in Mun., Fia. 138; ¶  Cps. 403; ¶  a prince of Deisi slain in it; ¶  C. Lughdach seems in Decies of Waterf. and S. of it and nr. the sea, Fm. i. 490, Au. i. 368, Ch. 154; ¶  betw. the S. Blackwater and the sea, in Mun.; ¶  C. Luigdech in Mun., Sas. 3555, p. 306, Lis. 223 b; ¶  in Mun., S. of Neimlidh, Lg. 202.
c. lugdach
al. C. Máil, in Magh Uladh, Ll. 170, Bb. 224 b, Sa. 63 a, Rc. xvi. 48.
c. lúghdach
al. Sidh Lúghdach, at L. Lúghdach, al. Sidh na Carad, Bb. 107 a; ¶  Carn Low tl., c. Don.
c. mac nairbrech
Sléibh Cinn Abrad, Sto. 15 a 1; ¶  v. C. mic Dairbrech.
c. maccu buachalla
in Cuib, N. of Dundalk, in Ulst., Lbl. 599; ¶  C. mac mBuachalla at Dún Sobairci, Ll. 73; ¶  Doluidh Meadhbh 7 fir Ereann go Dun Sobhairce, leanus Cuchulainn go mor dibh an lá sin 7 marbhus fear Taidhle i Tlaidhle 7 macu Buachaille ó bhfuil Carn mac mBuachaille, Hf. 28 a.
c. macraidhe laigean
at Tara, I. 143 b; ¶  2 a Temraig a taebh Shesgainn Temrach atuidh, I. 143 b 2, Sa. 4 a 1; ¶  v. C. na Macraide.
c. macraidhe ua néill
at Tara, at the N. of Desil Temrach, al. Carn Tuaisceartach na Macraide, Ll. 30, Bb. 188 b, Sa. 4 a 2, I. 143 b 2.
c. maelglasáin
S. of Lic Uidhir in Mun., Lis. 176 b.
c. mag
Ll. 267 b; ¶  Carnnmhagh, N. of Indber Locha dá Dháil, Lis. 196 b; ¶  Dáil Cais in Carnd M., Lbl. 919; ¶  in Thomond; ¶  7 bishops and 7 virgins in Carnmag, Ll. 349, I. 108 b 1, Lb. 17; ¶  Leinstermen beaten at Carnmagh, Ai. 14 b.
c. mag ulad
Ll. 267 b; ¶  al. Mag in chairn, Rc. xiii. 10; ¶  Carnmallow, p. Quin, Clare (?).
c. máil
in Muirthemne, Louth, Of. 330, Gc. 6, Bb. 110 b, Lec. 242, C.M. i Muig Ulad, Sa. 63 a 2, Lec. 242; ¶  C. Máil, al. carn Lugdach in Magh Ulad, Bb. 224 b, Ll. 170, 210, Lec. 511, I. 164 b 2, Gc. 66; ¶  i. Maig Ulaid, no Carn Luigdech, Ren. Dind. Rc. xvi. 48.
c. mail con cúlaind
Dind do Dhindaibh in Brogha, Sa. 7 b 2.
c. maine
in Connacht, on Slíab Cairbri, Lec. 501; ¶  on Sliabh Cirbre, b. Granard, c. Longf., Fm. vi. 1886.
c. malarta
Carn Manannain in Ulst. (Carn Malarta on margin), Lis. 224 b.
c. manannáin
Sas. 3648; ¶  fr. 3689 it seems W. of Glenn in Scáil in Dal n-Araide, where S. Patrick was a slave; ¶  in Ulst. (Carn Malarta in margin); ¶  I am Aedh mac Aedha fr. Rachlaind, I came here to (Rot na Carput) to ... ask you why this Carn should be called C. Manannain, Lis. 224 b.
c. matharcaime
in Gabair Ulad, Lec. 282, I. 65 b 1.
c. mheadhbha
al. Cruachan, Gc. 170.
c. meilghe
at E. end of L. Meilghe in Cairpre, Lg. 121.
c. mic cairthin
Au. i. 270; ¶  Donnchadh, K. of I. defeated Aedh Ningor and septs of Meath fr. Tailltiu to C., 790; ¶  nr. Tailtiu. c. mic con; ¶  at Druim Lias in Tirib Calraige, X. 94.
c. mic dairbrech
in Cend Abrad, in Magh Locha, Lec. 367; ¶  C. mac n-Airbreach i Sliab Cinn Abrad, Sto. 15 a 1; ¶  leg. C. mac nDairbrech (?).
c. mic táil
Bb. 91 b (?), Lec. 264 (Gen. of Corcomruadh), Tor. 282, 297; ¶  al. C. Connachtach, in tl. Ballygeely, p. of Kilshanny, c. Clare, Fm. v. 1669.
c. mór
Cath Cairn móir mind, fought by K. of Erin against Síl Eremoin, Lec. 62, Ll. 16, Fm. i. 38, Lg. 85; ¶  .i. Carn mór Sléib Betha (?), q.v.
c. mór
Carnmore tl. in p. Clones, in c. Ferm., part of Sliabh Beatha, ro imthigsiot don taobh thoir do Loch Erne ó Charn Mór Slébhe Betha go hEs Ruaidh, Fm. vi. 1940; ¶  Carn mór Slébe Betha, Ll. 4, Bb. 12 b, Lec. 543, Fer. 9, Fir. 29, I. 163 a 1, Sa. 56 b.
c. mugaine
in Airget-Ros, I. 96 b 1, Ll. 321, Bb. 99 b, Lec. 413, Fir. 627; ¶  nr. Toomyvarra, b. Up. Ormond, c. Tipp., Tp.; ¶  al. C. Mugana or Mugna, Fir. 627, 780, X. 132, I. 96 b 1; ¶  Le hUibh Marga in chríche mar chuid Eoganacht réidh Ruis airgid triath gach siodha badhbha bhoirme fá Carn Mileadha Mumhaine—Bran, 154 b; ¶  al. c. Mumhain, I. 82 b 2.
c. na hairmi
al. C. Fraeich, Sas. 1459; ¶  now Carnfree, c. Rosc. c. na curad; ¶  al. in Garbthanach in Uib Muiredaig, Lis. 226 a, Sas. 4125; ¶  in c. Kild.
c. na deise
in Muigh Liffe, in Críoch Laigen, Ha. 720.
c. na fingaile
al. Duma na Con, E. of Lis na mban, S. of Coolavin in Sli., Sas. 7412, Lis. 239 a; ¶  betw. Coolavin and Cruachu in c. Rosc., Sas. 7559.
c. na fóraire
Cf., p. 62; ¶  seems nr. Sliabh Mis in Kerry, or nr. Ventry.
c. na gaoithe (?)
Carnegithe in d. Cork, Tax.
c. na ngilla
betw. the dá Carn na nGiolla was the Deiseal Temra, Lg. 152.
c. na macraide
al. C. Macraide Laigen; ¶  bruindid a Temraig atúaid Adlaic Diadlaic in tslúaig, dá thopur fo dechair de sís co Carn na Macraide, Pd. viii. 22, Lg. 152; ¶  N. of Sescend Temrach, Ll. 30, Bb. 188 b, Lbl. 403.
c. naoi
Carnew, in b. Shillelagh, Wick.
c. na trí gcros
at Clonmacnoise, Mi.
c. nemid
in Uib Liathan in Mun., a battle there; ¶  Lec., p. 337, or fo. 167; ¶  in the Great Island nr. Queenstown.
c. óchtair bile
in Farbill, c. Westm.; ¶  Of. 314; ¶  v. C. Uachtair B.
c. ói
Áth Carnói im-Bóind, W. of Tara; ¶  v. Áth C. Ói.
c. oiliolla
on W. of L. Arrow, b. Tirerrill, Sli., Fy. 482. c. oilltriallaigh; ¶  at Hepastown, c. Sli., Lc. i. 6, Mm. 100.
c. omra
it and c. Romra were nr. L. Gill, Rc. xvi. 146, Lec. 498; ¶  C. Romar 7 C. Omhrain an carnn ele ac L. Gile, inntibh sin áit a tíghe, Sa. 90 a 1.
c. riabach
E. of Árdeachlas eachlaisi mac nEna, Ha. 748; ¶  Carnreagh, p. Blaris, Down (?).
c. richida
al. C. Richeda; ¶  cath Cairn R. in Desmumain; ¶  the Marthu al. the Érna, beaten there, Ll. 18, Lec. 63, 579, Lg. 92, Fm. i. 48, Z. 470, col. 1.
c. rode
in c. Wexf., Of. 18.
c. romra
at Loch Gili, Lec. 498, Rc. xvi. 146; ¶  C. Romur, an Carnn airtherach ac L. Gile, Sa. 90 a 1; ¶  nr. L. Gill, Sli.
c. ross
now Horetown, c. Wexf., Mm. 481; ¶  leg. C. Ruis (?).
c. ruide
Sas. 3883; ¶  Find said at Gord in Fhosdaidh, "I have given at Ráith Cró thrice 50 uingi in enló, and the full of my bowl in Carn R., " Lis. 225 b; ¶  v. C. Rode.
c. ruta
Carn of Ruad, wife of Dathi and mother of Ailioll Molt, on Mullach Ruta, al. Tealach na Molt in Huibh Fiachrach Muaidhe (?), Lec. 164.
c. seaghain bhuide
on Altigarron hill, nr. Dunmanway, c. Ant., Dc. ii. 340.
c. segill
rectory of d. Arm., now Carnteel; ¶  v. C. Siadhail. c. sétni; ¶  A. 18 b; ¶  in Dalriata; ¶  al. C. Sedna, C. 375, Ct. 146. c. siadhail; ¶  cath Cairn tSiadhail, Au. ii. 296, Lc. i. 348; ¶  Carnteel p. and vil. nr. Aughnacloy, in b. of Lr. Dungannon, c. Tyr., Fm. iii. 296, v. 1366, Ci., Con. 9, Ai. 54 a, Hb. 122.
c. slebhe beatha
on Sl. Beatha in Ulst., Lg. 2; ¶  v. Slíab Betha. c. sléibhe slanghe; ¶  al. C. S. Slangha on Sl. Donard, Lg. 15, Mi., Sc. 6 a 2; ¶  c. Down.
c. sogradach
on NW. of Cruachu in c. Rosc., Sas. 3912, Lis. 225 b.
c. tasaigh
seat of the chief of Ui Liathain; ¶  in b. Barrymore, Cork, Fia. 218.
c. ticeon
in Bretnaib Corn, Bb. 115 b.
c. tighearna
St. B. 747; ¶  in c. Cork, mentioned with the r. Brighid and Tech Molaige; ¶  ó Chairn Tighernaigh co Carn uí Néid, Hx. 736; ¶  Carntierna nr. Rathcormack, c. Cork, Mm. 267; ¶  in l. of Fir Maige Feine; ¶  Ceanna Droma in it, Cb., chap. 10; ¶  C. T. Mic Deghaid, E. of Glend Brighdi, Lis. 176 b.
c. trachta eothaile
al. Coluga; ¶  in Carnsa in rachomra chomraicsem cotí muir dar roé Hui Fiachrach na ticfad tairis, Ll. 354, Bb. 117 b, 140 b, N. 198; ¶  C. T. Eothaille, N. of Moytura, Lec. 557, Lec. 89.
c. tuathail
Carntoul (over 4,000 f.), in Aberdeensh.; ¶  Carrantuohill (3,414 f.), Kerry.
c. uachra
ro marbh Tighearnmas Feradach (a quo Carnn Feardaigh) a cath Chairnn U., Sa. 34 b 2; ¶  in Aine Cliach, v. C. Feradaig. c. uachtair bili; ¶  Bile Dathi fell southwards to C. U. B., whence the name Fir Bili, Ll. 200, Lbl. 344; ¶  al. C. Úchtair B. in Farbill, c. Westm., Of. 314.
c. uain
in p. of Loth, Sutherland, Inv. xviii. 330.
c. ucha focend
Cath Cairn U. F. and Cath Dúine Masca against Laigis, Lec. 615; ¶  in Leix (?).
c. hui chathbath
"Lechtan laechda láich collí, fertán fraichda forbaidi," on Sliabh Uillend, Ll. 199.
c. uilleand
Uilleand mac d'Fhind Hui Bhaisgni, is ar Sléibh Uilleann atá a carnd, I. 147 a 2.
c. uí néid
nr. Mizen-head, in SW. of c. Cork, Fm. v. 1630, Fir. 299, K. 118 b, 122 a; ¶  ó Charn Tighernaigh co C. Uí Méid, Hx. 736; ¶  C. Uí Neit, S. of Cnoc Brenaind in Mun., Ll. 375; ¶  the length of Ireland is calculated from Carn ui Neid to Cloch an Stuacáin, K. 118 b, 122 a; ¶  ó Charn Breissi mic Ealathan mic Neid in Iarthar Deisceirt chóiccidh Cloinne Dercctine, in SW. of Desmond, Fm. v. 1733, Ai. 21 a, Lec. 24, Lg. 47, Bb. 11 b.
c. uirend
so called fr. Uiriu, dau. of Echu Saillne mic Mairedho, Bb. 95 b.
c. ui tholairg
at Loch Ribh; ¶  Ua Tolairg, chief of Cuircne, buried there, Fm. ii. 670, Ch. 212; ¶  on margin of L. Ree.
c. ulpha
i mBregaib, Bb. 113 b.
cath Carpair, Fy. 22; ¶  seems in France.
carpat cathair
al. Aillenn in Kild.; ¶  .i. Alend, in Lein., Bb. 193 a, Ll. 162.
Diomedes went with 80 ships fr. C. to Troy, Bb. 237 a. carrac; ¶  Carrick, in dry. Ui Bairche, d. Kild., Tax.
Carrig, in dry. Mullingar, d. Meath, Tax.
cethraimi na Cairgi; ¶  Carrick, tl. in E. of p. Attymas, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 422.
Cinaed Cairgge, Au. an. 775.
ds. 'san gCarraig, Ti. 72; ¶  i.e., Carrac an Phoill, now Carrigafoyle, b. Irachticonnor, Kerry.
g. na carrgi, the Rock of L. Cé, Au. ii. 276, Fm. v. 1416.
O'Gallagher, comarba na Cairrcce, Carrick, in c. Don., Fm. v. 1338, Lc. ii 178, 244.
Tadc mac Céin defeated the Ulaid ic Cath Carge, Ll. 328. carrac; ¶  Carrick, in Scotl., Con. 26 b.
in Inis Eoghain, St. B. 610.
Carricke in Carberi, c. Kild., Gr. 48.
ecclesia Carikensis, founded by St. Temoreris, C. 378. carrac; ¶  diocesis Carrichensis, 14 cent., Brady's Episc. Suc. I. xix.
carrac almaine
al. Carraic na hAlmaine, in the NE. fr. Sliabh Luga, or Cúl ó bhFind, Lis. 238 b.
c. an bhraghad, al. Caistel Ruad
now Rostrevor, Ro.
c. an chait
nr. Gaulstown, c. Kilk., Kj. i. 367.
c. an chiúil
nr. E. of L. of Killarney, in d. Ardfert, Fm. iii. 566.
c. an choblaig
g. in W. Corco Bhaiscinn, Fm. vi. 2090; ¶  Carrigaholt, in c. Clare, Mi.
c. an choblaigh
on Newport Bay, c. Mayo.
c. an chomraic
Carrigahorig, in Lr. Ormond, p. Terryglass, c. Tipp., 5 m. N. of Borrisokane; ¶  nr. L. Derg, Fm. v. 1510.
c. an drohaid
O'S. III. vii. 4; ¶  .i. Rupes Pontis; ¶  nr. Macroom; ¶  leg. C. an Droichid.
c. an easa
Carrickanass Castle in p. Lockan, b. Tirawley, Mayo, Fy. 482.
c. an easa
in Kilmocomogue, b. Bantry; ¶  4 m. fr. Bantry, Ods. 592; ¶  C. an neasaig, Torrente rupis arcem, O'Sullevan's Cas. in Bantria, O'S. III. vii. 1.
c. an phúca
Rupes Lemurum, O'S. III. vii. 6; ¶  Cas. in Muskery, O'S. III. vii. 5; ¶  Carrigaphooca, nr. Macroom, c. Cork.
c. an phuill
Ar. 306; ¶  Carrigafoyle on an island in the Shannon, 2 m. W. of Balylongford, b. of Irachticonnor, Kerry, Fm. v. 173; ¶  Castle of Ua Conchobair Ciarraighe, Fm. vi. 2278, Ci.
c. an túrma
at Sliabh na mBan, Kj. i. 361.
c. an uisce
St. B. 741; ¶  seems in Barrymore, c. Cork.
c. aodha
nr. Erris, N. of Inishkea, Fy. 483.
c. baile ui searcaigh
in Henry óg O'Neill's l., Fm. iv. 1229, note.
c. beg
in Mag Luirg, Con. 74 b; ¶  Seisrech Carraige bige belonged to Sliocht Seáin mic Uilliam Buirc, Hb. 14 b.
c. bladraige
al. C. Bladraide; ¶  the Dún Caircce B. in NE., Lec. 30, 572; ¶  in Emer's Half and by the sea-shore, Lg. 78, 96; ¶  in Murbolg, Bb. 20 a, 23 a, Lec. 574; ¶  v. Murbolg; ¶  v. Fm. i. 28, Fir. 99; ¶  C. Bladraige and C. Brachaide were built by Mantán mac Caichir, and were in Murbolc, and perh. the same fort.
c. brachaide
cumdach Cairge B. in Murbulc by Mantán mac Cachir, Ll. 15; ¶  cf. C. Bladraige, as Murbolc is nr. Murlough Bay in c. Antr.; ¶  Ua Maelfhabhail tig. Cairrce B., Fm. ii. 1158; ¶  Diarmait, of Cenél Fergusa, rí Cairrce B., Lec. 132, Fir. 144 X. 8; ¶  M'Carthy in Ui, after O'D. and Hen., makes this Carrickabraghy in p. Clonmany, b. E. Inishowen, Don., but ?; ¶  v. Tp., Au. i. 334, Fm. ii. 688, St. B. 610, Ui., Mi., Fia. 152; ¶  Ruarc tig. Cairrge B., Fm. ii. 578.
c. brena
al. Monkton in d. Dub., Sp. 1606, p. 56; ¶  now Monkstown, leg. C. Brenain (?).
c. brenan
in Bre dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  seems nr. Stach Lorgan; ¶  Carrubrennan, given to St. Mary's Dub., an. 1200, Sw.
c. breogain
at Airthir Feimin in Mun., Fer. 18; ¶  nr. Clonmel.
c. bretan
epscop Diarmait in C. B., Ll. 365.
c. carthin
a boundary of Kilruddery, Rst. 4. c. cé; ¶  on L. Cé, Ed. 493; ¶  al. C. Locha Cé.
c. cital
Carrigkettle, in p. Kilteely, b. Small county, Limk., Fm. v. 1304, Lc. ii. 208, Ods. 592; ¶  a Cuiced Muman, Au. iii. 492, Con. 69; ¶  in W. of Cinneide na Cóirchloiche's trian of Ó cCuanach, Ai. 111 b; ¶  v. Hb. 12 b, 14 a; ¶  Karakitel, in Huhene (Owney), Sw. an. 1199.
c. clíodhna
5 m. SW. fr. Mallow, on the right to Cross of Domhnach Mór, Hm. ii. 124; ¶  on the coast of tl. Keenogrena, p. Kilfaughnabeg, in W. of b. E. Carbery; ¶  and another in p. Kilshannick, b. Duhallow, Cork, Fm. v. 1549, note; ¶  C. Cliodhna, in p. of Glountán, c. Cork (Dublin Penny Journal, p. 16).
c. clíodhna móire
Carrig Cleena More, in p. Kilshanic, b. Duhallow, Cork, Kj. iv. 12.
c. cloch cuiri
Sas. p. 279, l. 759.
c. clumain
Cros Fergusa at Tara, in the C. Cl., W. of Carn na Macraidhe, Bb. 188 b.
c. clúni
Cross Fhergossa at Tara: Fergus was a holy pilgrim ... is hé fil i carraic Clúni ... Ll. 30; ¶  Carrickclony, c. Kilk.
c. cochaill
Carra Cachaill in terra de Arklo, d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1173 (?), 1192.
c. choinche
at Ros Bennchuir in W. of Ireland, Sil. 11; ¶  on the sea-shore nr. Ros-mBennchoir, Bc. 19, q.v.
c. colmáin (Bp. of Dromore)
on shore at Nendrum Vetra Colmani, Cs. 829; ¶  al. Lecc Colmáin (?).
c. conluain
at Sliab Bladma, Sas. 559; ¶  at Cenn Slebe Smoil mic Edlacair, al. Sliab Bladma, Lis. 204 b.
c. crodaind
Ll. 43.
c. dagri
A. 10 a; ¶  cf. Maelruanaig hUa Daighri, Au. ii. 10; ¶  Daigre Ua Dubatáin, Fm. ii. 870.
c. dergan
seven cloaks for the Queen of Hi Maine every year to C. D., Lec. 187.
c. dobhair
S. 436; ¶  perh. Carrickdover, in c. Wexf., PRIA. vii. 184; ¶  but v. C. Doghair, and C. Domhain Dobhair.
c. doghair
Tadhg an tSléibhe mac Ruaidhri do bhádhadh ag Caraig Doghair, et araill do Macaibh righ Dal., Hb. 119; ¶  in Antrim or Down (?).
c. doiren
nr. Rosc. t., Con. 50 a; ¶  Carrickadarrin in b. Boyle, c. Rosc., Ci.
c. dombhán dobhair,
in Ireland, Dl. 46.
c. drobeoil
Ll. 194, Lec. 461; ¶  Dimain, son of Carmun Calad Cend, went to Carraic D.; ¶  Dinds. of Lein., Lbl. 428, I. 150 b 1; ¶  in Lein., Bb. 195 b.
c. dubháin (?)
Carrigduvan, al. Carrigdovan, in dry. Fermoy, d. Cloyne, Tax.
c. dunáin
dá feadóic Cairrge D., PRIA. vii. 186, S. p. 346; ¶  Carrigdownane tl. and p., c. Cork (?).
c. eachroma
in Thomond, nr. Tulach Hui Dheaghaidh, Ai. 73 a.
c. eoghain
Mr. 104; ¶  in E. of Erin, fr. Osgleann in Umhall, to C.-E. = across Ireland; ¶  perh. Carrickoghan in p. Termonamongan, c. Tyr. (?).
c. eolaircc
at L. Febail, Bco. 10 b, 11 b, 24 a 2; ¶  Cath Cairgi Eolairg, Lec. 590; ¶  in Ulst., Lbl. 347, Hb. 52; ¶  gu C. Eolairg gu bord Locha Febail, Ib. 88.
c. fheorais
Carrick Feorais, al. Carbury Hill, c. Kild., Ac. 260.
c. fergusa
C. Ferghusa; ¶  now Carrigfergus losgadh Chairge Ferghusa, Au. iii. 420, 14, 484, 554, Lc. i. 242; ¶  Ar. 122; ¶  go Carraicc F., Fm. iii. 478, v. 1270, vi. 1998; ¶  Mainistir na mBráthar Minúr was in it, Au. iii. 498, 420.
c. fethaighe
built by Ún; ¶  as he settled in Connacht and at Rath Uin (Rahoon, nr. Galw.), prob. C. F. is nr. there, Fm. i. 26; ¶  C. Fethaidhe, in Emer's half, Lg. 78, Fir. 99.
c. fionna mhúighe
O Suilliobhán mór Cairge Fionnamhúighe, Ai. 130 a.
c. fráich
in Magh Ai in Connacht, Lbl. 654; ¶  the K. of Connaught inaugurated there, Con. 1 b, 4 b; ¶  v. Carn Fráich.
c. grifin
i. C. na Siúire, in Ormond, Fir. 812, 822; ¶  Carrick-on-Suir.
c. guill
Ll. 205.
c. guill
Carrac Guill in the W. (thiar), taken from Goll mac Morna, Lis. 214 b.
c. i. cat
in Britain; ¶  a wonder, .i. Bairrneach for Carraig i Cat .i. bairneach oc Ceoltaib triacha míle cemenn ó'n Muir amach, Ha. 823.
c. í laighean
Cell na Ccléireach at Carraig Í Laighean, nr. Cork, Ai. 28 b; ¶  Carrigaline.
c. inbhir
in Island Magee, Dc. i. 20; ¶  al. Carrac Inbir uisci and Lind Uachaill were opposite boundaries of Dál n-Araidi, Of. 190. c. in farnaidhe; ¶  in Tearmann Brighi Gobhunn, Mun., Lis. 182 b.
c. ind fomorach
al. Dún mór, Lis. 236 a, Sas. 6544; ¶  seems Dunmore, in Galw., about 9 m. fr. the r. Suck.
c. in scáil
al. Scairb, in Inéoin, Ll. 194.
c. laoghaire
in Cineul Maine, Fir. 780; ¶  is de Carrac Laegaire, is de tolongeth Cenél Mane a Cleir, is de Fert Coelae hi Taulaig, X. 160.
c. leithdeirg
in Ulst., Bb. 223 b, Lec. 510, I. 164 a 2.
c. léime an eich
battle by Fergus, son of Niall, at C. L. an Eich, an. 567, K. 160 a, Lg. 184; ¶  v. Léim an Eich.
c. leime laegairi
in a Trian of O gCongairb in Tuath Muighi finne, in Mun., Lis. 183 a, Fer. 153; ¶  now Carrigleamleary, nr. Mallow, Cork.
c. liath
acc an gCarraicc léith etir dá abhainn .i. Fionn 7 Modharn, Fm. v. 1550; ¶  Carricklea, in p. Urney, b. Strabane, Tyr.; ¶  C. Lieth .i. Rupes cana, O'S. II. iv. 23; ¶  battle betw. Toirdhealbhach Luineach and Aodh O Néill.
c. leith
in Carraig leith, nr. Roche's l., Fer. 153; ¶  Carrigleigh, 2 tls. in b. Fermoy.
c. leth
gs. Cairrgi Leithe, Cf. p. 43; ¶  in Thomond; ¶  or here for Thomond.
c. locha an tairbh
caislén do thinnsgnadh le Mag Uidhir ar carraig Locha an Tairbh, Au. iii. 446; ¶  L. an Tairbh = L. Ateriff, c. Ferm.
c. locha cé
Au. ii. 210, iii. 40, 48; ¶  al. Mac Dermot's castle, on an island in L. Cé in Mag Luirg, Fm. iii. 574, iv. 689, 1108. c. locha gair; ¶  at L. Gair, N. of Abha mhór in Mun., Lis. 196 a; ¶  v. L. Gair.
c. mac a mboireann
in Thomond, Ai. 73 a.
c. machaire rois
in the plain of Farney, c. Mon.; ¶  Carrickmacross in it; ¶  v. Machaire Rois.
c. maic grifin
Carrick McGryffyn, in c. Tipp., Kc. 30; ¶  either Carrick Beg or Carrick-on-Suir, which are parts of the same town. c. manann; ¶  in the sea, betw. Scotl. and Lein., Lis. 192 b.
c. meadhon (?)
Karukaman, John Duff Walshe of K., Kc. 96: now Carrickmines, betw. Dalkey and Bray.
c. mic anna
Carrigmeacan, Carrickmackan, nr. mouth of Cashin Bay, c. Galw, Wc. 70.
c. mic diarmada
al. C. na Rígh on L. Cé, c. Rosc., Lc. ii. 332, 402; ¶  Misi Brian Mac Diarmada do sgríb sin, ag Carraig Mic Diarmada, al. C. Locha Cé, Mm. 535, Con. 68, 81.
c. mór
the 7 Eps. Cairge Móri, Ll. 374 c, I. 110 b, col. 2. There is a Carrickmore in Tyr., Leit., Don., and Wick.
c. murbuilg
ds., Rr. 14; ¶  at it was the castle of Celtchair, son of Uithichair; ¶  Dunseverick Castle was in Murbolg Dalriada, Fm. i. 26.
c. na halmaine
Sas. 204, 7320; ¶  NE. of Sliab Luga or Cúl Ó bhfind, Lis. 238 b.
c. na gcat
Carricknagat, in b. Bantry, Cork.
c. na gcloch
al. Cairgín na gcloch, on Sliab na mban, c. Tipp., Kj. p. 347, an. 1851; ¶  is, I think, the "Cargi ny glach" of Dl. 46, in Ireland.
c. na clog
dá iolar Cairrge na clog, PRIA. vii. 186, S. p. 346.
c. na corra
in c. Cork, Ry. 126; ¶  C. na Cori .i. Rupes cori, a castle in Muskerry, O'S. III. vii. 4, marg.; ¶  C. na Corra, nr. Macroom, Gc. 89; ¶  Carrignacurra (castle), in p. Inchageelagh, c. Cork, Kj. i. 477.
c. na gcurach
al. Benn Edair, Cf., p. 59, Howth Head.
c. na ndruadh
ó ro siact an drai cu mboi isind inis (i. Dairinis), tic in muir tairrsi ocus baitter in drai cona muintir innti, conad hí sin Carrac na nDruadh anui, Lis. 21 b; ¶  Dairnis, i. inis bui ar bélaib Innis Cathaig anairdhes, Lis. 21 b.
c. na hénlaithe
over the edge of Sliab Mis. (in Kerry), nr. the sea or out of the sea, Sas. 6438; ¶  cf. Loch na hÉnlaithe, At. vii. 150.
c. na fiach
Síth do denum d'O Domnaill 7 d' O Neill, O Domnaill ar Machaire an tSencaisléin 7 O Neill a Carraic na Fiach, Au. iii. 524; ¶  seems E. of Sencaislén, in c. Tyr., opposite Carrigans (Mac Carthy).
c. na plágha
Carrigaplau, rock at Shanbally, Monkstown, c. Cork. c. na rígh; ¶  .i. longport oinigh ocus oirrdercuis Clainni Maolruanaidh, Lc. ii. 332; ¶  v. C. Locha Cé.
c. na rón
At. iv. 132; ¶  seems nr. Sruth na Maoile, At. iv. 136. c. na sciath; ¶  Iarla Cairge na S., ceannamhnas Lochlann, Ston. A. p. 130.
c. na siogaidh
al. C. na seagaidh, on the coast, in p. Kilmoe, b. W. Carbery, c. Cork, Ods. 697.
c. na siúire
in d. Lismore, Fm. iii. 558; ¶  Carrick-on-Suir, c. Tipp., Fer. iii. 558, Ods. 592; ¶  C. na Siuiri, Siuiri Rupes, O'S. IV. i. 3.
c. o gcoinneall
now Carrigogunnell Castle in p. Kilkeedy, b. Pubblebrien, Limk., nr. r. Shannon, Ods. 592, Mi., Ci., Lc. ii. 302; ¶  C. O Cainnell, C. Ó cCoinnell, Fm. v. 1434, 1698, 1728, 1836, K. 183 b, St. B. 526, Con. 83; ¶  O'Brien was Lord of Popal Briain and C. Ó cCoinnell.
c. holairc
Imaccallaimidh Colum Cille 7 Anod óCarraic hOlairc, Z. 178 b; ¶  v. C. Eolairg.
c. ollacháin
al. C. Uallacháin (?), Katty Gollagher, a little hill over Ballycorus, nr. Enniskerry, c. Dub.; ¶  Carrigollga (?), on Ordnance map.
c. omoren
Carrecomoren, de C. usque Glassenulmoy, seems in O'Tool's l. in c. Kild. or c. Wick., Cr. c. 1180.
c. phátraic
the Rock of Cashel, Mm. 623, K. 122 a.
c. patruice
Carrickpatrick, O Rourke's town, seems nr. Dromahaire, c. Leit., Fm. v. 1300.
c. phiarais
Carraig Phiarais thiar, Kp. 1514; ¶  Ballypheris, b. Kilnamanagh, c. Tipp. (?).
c. riabhach
Carrickreagh, in c. Leit. and c. Ferm.
c. rócháin
in Barret's country in Desmond, Ai. 78 a; ¶  al. C. Rúacháin; ¶  v. Bél Átha Carraige R.
c. rosa cré
Butler, Earl of C. R. C., al. Earl of Ormond, Fir. 822; ¶  at Roscrea.
c. tuathail
Carigthothel, Gn. an. 1288; ¶  Carrigtoohil, nr. Midleton, c. Cork; ¶  Karrec Tochell, Ch. an. 1234.
c. uas loch gair
the black steed of Díl mac Dáchrech won three races there, Ll. 206; ¶  at Lough Gur, c. Limk.
c. ui ghláimhín
Mizen head in p. Kilmoe, in SW. of Cork, Kj. i. 478.
c. ui laighean
Cell na gcléirech at Carrac Í Laighean in Cinél Aedha, nr. Cork city, Ai. 286; ¶  Carrigaline.
c. uisce
Dá Claind Conaill Cearnaigh Dal Araighi (held the land) ó C. Uisce co Lind hUachaill, I. 67 a 1, Fir. 504.
carraigín an amhais:
in p. Kilteely, c. Limk., Ods. 571. carrain; ¶  O'S. I. i. 4; ¶  Carrinno promontorio et Clochstacano in Ultonia sito contra Scotiam, O'S. I. i. 4; ¶  Garron Point, c. Antr., at which is "Clough-a-stookan" a limestone pillar nr. the road.
carrainn fearadhaicc
Seisreach Charrainn Fearadhaicc; ¶  belonging to the Sliocht Ricaird mic Uilliam Buirc, Hb. 14 b., leg. Carn Feradaig, q.v.
Carrane, in p. Aghaboe, Queen's Co., Aq. 28.
in Iarthar-Aoibh Eachach in Mun., Ai. 78 a; ¶  Carrann triath na Mainge an Charrainn 's an tSléibhe, Ry. 194, 196, 202; ¶  .i. Carn Feardaig (?).
Oengus, son of Niall Caille, fr. whom are Clann Oengusa, i.e., Carrbaetan, X. 4.
carrid cluana tarb
Is and sin da cuid Tairdealbach mac Murchaidh mic Briain in degaidh na nGall is in fargi co tuc in bunni robarta bulli fair imCarrid Cl. T., Z. 395; ¶  leg. Coraid C. T. carrlóeg; ¶  Cethern mac Fintain Carrlóig in Ulst., Ll. 94; ¶  Carrlaoigh, Carrleagh mt., nr. Ailech, b. Innishowen, c. Don., Fia. 14; ¶  v. Cairlóeg.
Carlingford, in b. Lr. Dundalk, Louth, Fm. iii. 178, Au. ii. 256, Lc. i. 250.
Creach le macoibh Piarois Daltún ar an Daltúnach 7 do rugadar na Dalatúnaigh air ag an gCarrthann, Hb. 128; ¶  in Dalton's country, c. Westm.
an. Ch. r. Caragh, c. Kerry, Ry. 128, 200; ¶  the r. Carra falls into Castlemaine, Harbour, D. and G. 23.
triucha céad hUa cCaisin i cCartaig, Ai. 71 b. cartacin; ¶  al. Cartaighin; ¶  in SW. of Africa, Lb. 149, Lec. 42. carthada in trír; ¶  Cairthedha in trír, Sas. 7303, 7343; ¶  at Coolavin in S. Sli.
fr. Cartaicc Móir co hAlexander Móir, Lb. 149; ¶  Carthage.
tuath Cartaige in Spain, Ll. 136 b; ¶  Carthagena. carthe arnain; ¶  Arnan of Conmaicne Cúle Tolaid, fr. whom Carthe A. is called, Ll. 332.
carthe crainn beodha
seems in Mag n-Ailbe, cf. Of. 314.
caruc baine
fr. C. b. and Dún Mongain to Síth Lethet Oidne, Hc. 555 b.
r. in c. Louth, now Annagassan, where Ardee r., Dunleer r., and Mile-stone r. meet, Ods. 592; ¶  Fir Bhreagh go nuige an Casán, K. 121 b; ¶  .i. Casán Linne (?).
cois Casáin i gCineál mBéice, Ry. 144; ¶  in Kinelmeaky, c. Cork.
casán ciarraige
now Cashen r., or the Feale fr. r. Brick to the sea, Fy. 38; ¶  Diseart Hui Triallaigh, on the brink of Cassáin Ciarraidhe in Ciarraidhe Luachra, Lec. 163; ¶  Casán Ciarraige, al. Uisge Geal, Cf. 60.
casán cloinne mic muiris
Ry. 68; ¶  r. Cashen, in Clanmaurice. cascaille; ¶  al. Cascoill, first name of Eamhain Macha, from the time of the Tuatha Dé Danaán, then Eachras Chuan up to the time of Eochaidh Iolbhuadhoigh, then Druim mór up to the time of the sons of Diothorba, the Fionnachadh was its name when Macha got possession of it, Fir. 579, 576.
Mo-Ernóc Casceni, Ll. 368; ¶  M. Caiscene, Lec. 118; ¶  Mo Ernoc's Day is 23rd Dec., Fg. 244.
Cashel, B. lxiii. 158; ¶  Casselia, B. xxx. 600, Ct. 26, C. 751.
the Casraige and the Dál mBuachalla descendants of Conget Chonganchnis of the Forslointe Ulad, Ll. 331.
cassán clóenta
the Lecht of Colman, son of Diarmuid and of Suibne are above Cassán Cloenta, Ll. 43; ¶  Cassán Clointa, "Path of Clane," Ll. 116 b; ¶  now Clane, nr. Sallins, c. Kild.; ¶  like Cassán Linne at Annagassan, perh. an artificial ford across the Liffey, as the other across the outfall of the Dee and Glyde; ¶  v. Cloenad, Áth Cloenta.
cassán linne
al. Casán L., "the tide was full there," Fm. ii. 848; ¶  mouth of r. of Ardee, nr. Castlebellingham, O'D.; ¶  at Annagassan, c. Louth, Au. i. 585, B. lx. 446; ¶  Lec. Cassáin Linne i n-Ulltaib, F. 66; ¶  Linn Duachill, i. Casan Linne, Mt. 20; ¶  Linne Uachaille for brú Chasáin Linni i n-Ultaibh, Fg. 64, Md. 90; ¶  al. C. Linde, F. 131, Fir. 750; ¶  Crech la M. hua Néll a bferaib Breg conustarraid Ua Cathusaig, rí Breg, ic C. L. ocus an mhuir lán ar a chinn, Fm. ii. 848, Lc. 46, Au. i. 584; ¶  so it is in Brega and nr. the sea; ¶  and in Mi. and Ci. it is identified as "The mouth of the Ardee r.," and Ui says "perh. Annagassan, c. Louth; ¶ " Casán-Linge in Meath, K. 155 b; ¶  Casan Line, al. Locha, flows by Dromore, Ra. 105; ¶  the r. Lagan in c. Down, Ce. 3 a; ¶  Linn Duachaille, now Magheralin was on the banks.
cassan na gcuradh
nr. Assaroe, Fm. vi. 2032; ¶  dangerous ford at Assaroe, Ballyshannon, Ar. 148, i.e., Semita Heroum, O'S. III. v. 7.
Caisse, Caise; ¶  l. in Mag Life betw. two hillocks (Eiriu 7 Albu); ¶  2. in Uibh Faeláin; ¶  3. nr. Grellach Dá phil, al. Greomach Dá phil; ¶  4. nr., or at, Cell Auxili; ¶  5. connected with Áth Truisten and Áth Cille Corbnatan; ¶  6 is or seems a stream: "for brú Caisi, for taebh Chaisi." I think it is in tl. of Mullacash, nr. Mullacash House (cf. Kilcash = Cell Caise), and in Mag Lifi, encircled by the r. Liffey at a distance of fr. 21/2 to 5 m., also in Ui Faeláin, and within 1 m. S. of Cell Auxilli or Killashee, and within 4 miles of the p. of Kill; ¶  this Mullach Caise may be one of the two hillocks; ¶  the road fr. Áth Truisten or Athy to Dub. passes by or through, and nr. it crosses the road which leads through Naas to Meath; ¶  here Eustace of Mullahasse lived in 1598 (my Description of Ireland, in 1598, p. 47); ¶  Lóiguire, son of Niall, K. of Meath and Ireland, defeated by the Leinstermen, swore never to exact the casttle-tribute, but soon entered Kild. and lifted cattle all the way fr. Síd Nechtain (the Sweep of Carbury) to Caise at Mullacash, which was 18 m. SE. of Síd Nechtain, and was killed there by a flash of lightning (the lightning flash of a scian of one of the warriors of Naas which was close by?). I give passages that refer to this hitherto unidentified place:—Ite reanda Ua mBairrche la Laigniu .i. Cluain Conairi 7 Cell Auxilli; ¶  7 dib in craeban cita-condagab in Chill, 7 itat dib Fine acon Chill .i. Ui Laigine i Caisi, 7 Ui Duib Chilline, 7 as dib Ui Madaid la hUu Enechlais Maige, 7 is leo ó Áth Truisten cusin áth i Cill Corbnatan, Lec. 198; ¶  Ranna Hua mBarrchi la Laignib .i. Cluain Conaire 7 Cell Auxaille 7 is dib in Craeban (.i. in Callin) citta congab in Cill (.i. cos angeib in Chell) 7 atá dib fini oc in Cill .i. Hui Laigeni, Hui Cassi 7 Hui Duibcilleni, et is díb Hui Mátaid in Huib Enechglais Maige, et is leo ó Áth Trusten cossin Áth in Cill Corpnatan, Ll. 314; ¶  Luid Laegaire slogad már co Laigniu; ¶  ó ranic Grellaig ndaphil for taeb Chassi im-Maig Liphi eter na dá cnoc .i. Eriu 7 Albu a n-anmand atbath andsin ó gréin 7 ó gaith 7 óna ráthaib archena, Lu. 118 b; ¶  dorochair Laegaire i taeb Chasse, Ll. 24 a; ¶  ig Grellaigh Daphil for taeb Caisse, im Maig Liphe, eter na da chnoc, idón, Eriu ocus Alba a n-anmann, Bb. 48 b, 32 b; ¶  at Grellach by the side of Caisi in Mag Lifi, betw. the two hills Eri and Albu, Lec. 609; ¶  for taobh Caise, in Hui Faelain, betw. the two hills Ere and Alba, Lg. 181; ¶  Greallach Daiffill near the Liffey, K. 157 b; ¶  oc Greomaig Daphil, al. Grellaig ghaifil for taeb Chaisse i Maig Lifi etir in dá chnoc .i. Eiriu 7 Albu, Au. i. 20; ¶  ig Greallaig Daiphil for taebh Caisi i Maig Lífe edir na dá chnoc, Eire 7 Alba, Ch. 26; ¶  atbath i ttaobh Caissi edir Erinn 7 Albain .i. dá cnoc iatsidhe filet in Uibh Faoláin, Fm. an. 458; ¶  Ac. pp. 71, 80, has, "Lagery sunk down in the earth betw. 2 hills neere the r. of Liffie called Ireland and Scotland, but the most part agree that he was stroken dead at a place called Taw Caissi; ¶  Mulmorry O Hargedy rode fr. Clonmacnoise to Greally da Phill, where K. Tuahall held a meeting of his nobles, and gave the K. a deadly blow of a spear" (this place is called Grellach Eilte in all other authorities—E. H.); ¶  bebaid Lóigire for brú Caisi, Zcp. iii. 463. Fr. the above we find that Caisse was a stream in Lein.; ¶  in Mag Lifi and nr. the Liffey; ¶  in Ui Faeláin, which included Naas (in the dry. of which are Cell Uasaille and Mullacash, Tax. p. 246), Lct. 204–5, Gb. 100, 314; ¶  at Killossy "oc in Cill, "nr. which is the p. of Kill; ¶  "for brú and for taeb" point to a r. or rivulet, and if there is such, in Up. or Lr. Mullacash flowing betw. two hillocks, I would identify that water as Caisse; ¶  Dr. MacCarthy, in Ui., places Grellach dá-phil betw. the hills of Dunmurry and Allen, but gives no reason for so doing.
casta silva
Nunnery in d. Tuam, an. 1321, Tr. 216.
al. Callei, Bb. 5 b. Lec. 73.
Chester, Fia. 228.
castra na chore
now Middleton, c. Cork, nr. it was mainister na chora, Mason's Parochial Survey iii. 268.
castro dei
monasterium de C. D., at Fermoy, c. Cork, Gr. 14; ¶  fd. an. 1170, Lan. iv. 248; ¶  Castrum Dei, Beatæ Mariæ, see Fermoyæ B. lv.
castrum rathteamhnain
Coemannus Lord of Castrum Rath-teamhnain, Fl. 385.
Caithness, Cps. 43; ¶  a Pictish part of Scotl., Lec. 303, perh. the gen. is in "Bellum Cato," Au. i. 212; ¶  cf. Ráith, gs. Ratho; ¶  v. Catt.
NE. of Ochun, Ll. 56.
Ua Caoindealbhaigh do ascar a tTraigh Baile 7 a ég a cCathaigh, Hb. 98; ¶  nr. Dundalk (?).
cath aedha finn
the O'Rourkes, O'Reillys, and tribes of Ui Briúin, Fm. iii. 198, 354, v. 1590, Ods. 592, Fen. 121. cathair; ¶  Cathir, Caithir; ¶  30 or 40 places have this name. cathair; ¶  nr. Slievemore in NE. of Achill Island, Fy. 483. cathair; ¶  Butler tig. Caithreach, Fir. 816; ¶  Cahir, c. Tipp.
c. aidáin maicc engussa
seems nr. r. Dabul, nr. Tullamore and Lynally, "Civitas Aidain," &c., Cs. 421.
c. amhann
Cramond, nr. r. Awmon, in Mid Lothian, Max.
c. an phollaig
in Pobal Bhriain, N. of Sruth in Caisleáin, Ai. 107 b, Hb. 8 a; ¶  nr. Limk.
c. árd goiscen
nr. or on Sliabh Míss, Lec. 30.
c. beneoin
nr. Kilfenora and Kilshanny, Ar. 194; ¶  in p. Killelagh, b. Corcomroe, Clare.
c. boirche
in c. Down, battle there, Mm. 591; ¶  Argain Cathrach B., Ll. 190, Ha. 799.
c. bhrec
Cúndumhigh of C. B., Tor. 733; ¶  the Condons of c. Cork (?); ¶  Caherbrack, Waterf.
c. breogaind
Brigantium, Bb. 11 a.
c. caemáin
in O'Dowd's l.; ¶  al. Duchus Muinteri Caeman, Lec. 167; ¶  C. Caomháin, al. Cathair Mór, Fir. 270, Fy. 140; ¶  same as C. Caemain (?).
c. chairn riabaigh
in Dal Cais, N. of Dún nEchlais, Lec. 409, Bb. 98 b.
c. cairt
Caer Cairt, Cathcart Castle on the r. Cart, Max. 16. c. carmain; ¶  Bb. 194 a; ¶  at Wex. or Carl.; ¶  v. Carman.
c. cheallaigh
Donnchad O'Briain, Easpog at C. C., Hb. 7 b; ¶  C. Cealla in Ai. 107; ¶  nr. Gort.
c. chiaráin
al. Saigir, Bc. 18.
c. cinncon
Au. i. 104; ¶  Cyclopean stone fort nr. Rockbarton, b. Small-county, Limk., O'D., Mi., Cri., Lct. 90; ¶  C. Cind Chon; ¶  royal residence of K. of Cashel, Bb. 149 a, I. 136 a 1, Lec. 377, Lis. 143 a, Ch. 86, Hb. 65.
c. cind choradh
built by Brian; ¶  Kincora, Fm. ii. 770, Au. i. 530, Lbl. 958; ¶  nr. Killaloe,
c. chinn leis
in Clármachaire na Múmhan Ai. 63 a; ¶  the four Seisreachs of Cathrach Cinnleis, the six S. of Caislean Conaing, &c., belonging to Richard, the heir of Uatar de Burc, Hb. 14 a; ¶  al. C. C. Lis.
c. chinn lis
in Mun., Tor. 33; ¶  Caherconlish, b. Clanwilliam, Limk., Ods. 592.
c. chinn mogha
i.e., Cashel, K. 121 b.
c. chluana
F. 19; ¶  See or civitas of Clonmacnoise (?); ¶  C. Cluana mic Nóis, Fm. iii. 14.
c. chnuic fhochair
built by Brian Bóroimhe, Lbl. 958; ¶  in Thomond (?).
c. chnuis
a rígport of Cashel, Lec. 377, Lct. 88, Lis. 143 a; ¶  C. Cnis in I. 136 a 1; ¶  C. Cnuais in Bb. 149 a.
c. compostilanensis
Compostella, Lis. 103 b.
c. conaind mic febair
i.e., Torinis, or Inis in Tuir, Tory Island, NW. of Don., Ll. 7; ¶  C. Chonaind; ¶  i. Tor Conaind, Ll. 127 a; ¶  C. Conaing .i. Tor Conaind, Bb. 45 b; ¶  al. C. Conainn, Fir. 39, Lg. 21, 165.
c. conaing
al. Tara, At. iii. 385.
c. conchaid
il-Letha, i. silva magna i nDéssib Muman, F. 65; ¶  called Cathir mic Conaich, Mt. 19.
c. chonchobair
a castle of the O'Brians of Ara, on the brink of L. Dearg, still to be seen there in A.D. 1762, Ai. 716 a, 109 a, Hb. 9 a; ¶  castle on island in S. of L. Derg, 21/2 m. N. of Killaloe, opposite the demesne of Derry, gives its name to Caherconner t. in p. Templeachally, b. Arra, c. Tipp., Ods. 592.
c. conmaicne
the See of Ardagh, Fm. ii. 1156.
c. conrai
in Connacht, nr. Sruth Broin, on the sea coast, Lbl. 777.
c. conrói
Lu. 110 b; ¶  one of the 3 chief dúns of Eire, Lbl. 237, Zcp. iv. 171; ¶  C. Conrúi, Mr. 212; ¶  the Caher of Curoi mac Dairi, Caherconree mt. c. Kerry, S. of Tralee; ¶  on Sliabh Mis, Fer. 143; ¶  C. Chonraoi, al. C. na Claonráighte, Cf. p. 62; ¶  nr. Tralee.
c. corcoráin
C. Corcráin; ¶  O'Briain of C. Corcoráin, i.e., of the O'Briens of Inistimáin, Ai. 113 a; ¶  in Thomond, Ai. 107 b; ¶  .i. Brian na Corcaidhe a C. C. 7 a mBaile an Chaisleáin, Hb. 7 b.
c. cormi (Grange of)
l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. an. 1200; ¶  Cahercorney tl. and p. Limk.
c. craebhruaidhe
Emuin Macha, Bb. 224 a.
c. crobhaing (or Crofhinn),
al. Temair, At. iv. 214.
c. croffinn
al. Tara, Of. 186, Rc. xv. 278; ¶  C. Chrofhind; ¶  .i. Temair, .i. a hainm ac Tuaith Dé Danann, Pd. viii. 28, Bb. 22 a, Lec. 565, 569; ¶  C. Chroind, Ll. 30, Hc. 2, 467.
c. cruachna
Sluagh Connacht used to bury at C. C.; ¶  there is not a Cnoc (Mound) at Cruacháin wherein there is not buried a king, a prince, noble women, or poets, Bb. 137 a; ¶  v. Curachu.
c. cuan
rochuadar ar creich inn Uib Findgenti 7 ro airgseat Cathraig Cuan 7 ro marbsat Donnubán rí Ua Findgenti, i cath Cathrach C. im-Mumain, Cg. 102, Z. 360; ¶  clearly, in Ui Fidgenti, c. Limk.; ¶  Cathir Cuain in, or bordering on, the land of Monasternenagh, c. Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. chuind
Lh. 181; ¶  Caherquin, nr. Dingle.
c. chuirc
C. C. for aici muir; ¶  a rígport of K. of Cashel al. Mun.; ¶  prob. the ancient name of Cathair gheal, nr. Cahirciveen, Lct. 91, Bb. 149 a; ¶  Lis. 143 a, Lec. 377; ¶  C. Cuirc mic Bolcan, rígport Caisil, I. 136 a 1.
c. dá chon
Cahiracon, in b. Clonderalaw, Clare.
c. dá chorr
in Magh Mell, in Connacht, Ll. 272.
c. daibhidh
al. Beithil Iúda, Fer. 96.
c. daim deirg
Sas. 1870, Lis. 213 b; ¶  N. of Síd Finnachaid and Sliab Céide; ¶  in c. Don. or c. Arm.
c. daim díleann
al. Dún Rosarach, Lis. 209 b, Sas. 1248, 1250; ¶  seems nr. Almu Laigen.
c. dheochain neasáin
al. Cell Mungairide; ¶  K. 167 a; ¶  Mungret, nr. Limk.
c. dhonáin
in p. of Kildonan, Sutherland, Inv. xviii. 197.
c. droinne
in Tuath Caoille in Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  Caherdinny, nr. Mitchelstown.
c. dub
leithsheisrech na cathrach Duibhe i bPobal Bhriain, Ai. 108 a, Hb. 8; ¶  nr. Limk.
c. dubacáin
in Mun., Fer. 153; ¶  C. Dubhagáin in Tuath Muighi finne, in Triacha Caoille, Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  C. Dugáin nr. Doneraile, Obr.; ¶  Cahirduggan p. in b. Fermoy, 3 m. SW. of Doneraile, c. Cork, Pgi. i. 296.
c. dúine iascaid
on r. Suir in Airthear Femin (Cahir, in c. Tipp., Fm. v. 1570, vi. 1996), Bb. 201 b, Lec. 474; ¶  C. D. Iascad, Bb. 201 b; ¶  C. Dúine Iascaig "on the Siuir," Ca. 308, Hc. 2, 570 a; ¶  Kp. 1575; ¶  C. Dúine hIascighe, Au. iii. 522, Fir. 835; ¶  E. Buitilér, tigerna Trena Cluana Meala 7 Cathrach Dúine Iasccaigh, Fm. v. 1570; ¶  C. Dunesk, in d. Lismore, c. Tipp., Fir. 84, an. 1260.
c. durlais
Gc. 46; ¶  perh. Ráth Durlais in p. of Cell Ruadhain in Lr. Ormond, Tipp.
c. enoch
built by Cain, Lec. 66.
c. essa
Caherass, in p. Croom, Limk., Mm. 486; ¶  v. Ess Maige. c. eta; ¶  C. Etta; ¶  i tir na Colach, Olcalosga was its king, Bb. 230 b, 231 b, Ll. 218; ¶  Aea, al. Colchis whose K. was Aeeta; ¶  or Oeta in Thessaly.
c. evaindir
in Arcaite in Italy, Bb. 259 a; ¶  i.e., Pallantium. c. finnabrach; ¶  C. Findabrach, a rigport Caisil, 136 a 1, Bb. 149 a, 143 a, Lec. 377, Lct. 88; ¶  Kilfenora, c. Clare, a Cyclopean stone fort remains.
c. fursi
Móinan mac Cormaic, abb Cathrach Fursi died an. 778, Au. i. 25; ¶  St. Fursa is buried at Péronne, 21 m. fr. Amiens; ¶  in 1848 I walked as a pilgrim to Péronne and back on a hot summer's day; ¶  I saw many holy wells of St. Fursa in that district, at Cagny, &c.
c. glenn
on l. of Monasterenagh, Sw. 1200.
c. glennamnach
C. Glendamnach; ¶  a ríghport Caisil, Bb. 149 a, Lis. 143 a, I. 136 a 1, Lec. 377; ¶  Glanworth in N. Cork, Lct. 90; ¶  5 m. NW. of Fermoy.
c. gobhunn
in Rosach na Righraidhe, Mun., Lis. 183 b.
c. ianua
Genua; ¶  Beda buried there, Lis. 116 a.
c. ind leomain
in Britain, Lu. 4, Bb. 117 a; ¶  Caerleon.
c. laitin
Bb. 247 a; ¶  Latium (?), but there is no town of that name.
c. lochlann
Kerelauchline in Wigtownsh., Max.
c. luighdeach
Curluddy (castle) in b. Iverk, c. Kilk., Kj. i. 491.
c. mailduib (?)
urbs Maildufi (Bede, L. 5, c. 18); ¶  Maildufsburg, now Malmesbury.
c. mhanannáin
i Tír Tairrngaire, Lis. 225 a, Sas. 3787.
c. meic ailella
Sas. 1600; ¶  seems nr. L. Gur in c. Limk.; ¶  now Cathair Guillamore (?).
c. mic calprainn
Armagh, Fm. ii. 734.
c. mic conaich
Mt. 19; ¶  al. Cathair Conchaid, il-Letha i nDessib Muman, F. 65; ¶  C. mac Conchaidh in Fid Lethan, nr. Lismore, Lan. i. 27; ¶  Féile Cillani mic Tulodrain of C. mic Conaich, on vii. Kal. Ap., Ll. 357.
c. még gormain
in Ui Fermaic; ¶  name preserved in Cahermagorman, in tl. Soheen, p. Dysart O'Dea, b. Inchiquin, Clare, Fm. v. 1592. c. meic maille; ¶  in Lethnocht a Baile of Hi Maille Machaire in Caoille, Mun.; ¶  Ó Conbhaidh is of this place, Lis. 182 b; ¶  in b. Fermoy, Cork.
c. meic nechtain
Ix. 54.
c. meic tuirc
nr. Cong, in b. Kilmaine, Mayo, Fy. 483; ¶  in p. Cong; ¶  demolished and replaced by the glebe house of Nymphsfield, Wc. 7.
c. metuis
C. Metais a rígport Caisil, Bb. 149 a, Lis. 143 a, I. 136 a 1; ¶  C. Methais, Lec. 377; ¶  C. Meathais, Lct. 91; ¶  prob. Cathair na Steige, Staigue Fort, b. Dunkerron, c. Kerry, O'D. c. mionáin; ¶  Caherminane, tl. in p. Killelagh, b. Corcomroe, Clare, Fm. vi. 1906, 2106; ¶  O'Briain Cathrach M., Ai. 164 b.
c. móna
Murchadh (of the O'Briens of Beul átha an Chómhraig) in C. Móna, Ai. 113 a; ¶  v. Bél Atha an Chomhraig, c. Clare.
c. mhór
.i. Cathair Caomain in Mayo, Fy. 140.
c. mhór na gaillmhe
t. of Galw., Wc. 68.
c. mhúnre ionolfe
S. of the world, mentioned in romantic tale, St. B. 706.
c. murchadha
in W. Corco Baiscind, Fm. vi. 2196, Ar. 240; ¶  Mac Gormáin of C. M., Tor. 286, 291; ¶  Cahirmurphy Castle in p. Kilmihil, b. Clonderalaw, Clare, Pgi. i. 433.
c. na hailige
Cahernally, in SW. of Headford and in p. Killursa, b. Clare, Galw.; ¶  a cyclopean stone fort there, Wc. 371; ¶  C. na hAiligi in Cenéal mBuithín, belonged to Meic Cili Cellaigh Ollamhs of O'Flaithbertaigh, Z. 189 a.
c. na haithne
Athens, K. 124 a, St. B. 233, 286, 691, 693.
c. na babhaloide
3/4 m. E. of Rathcroghan, p. Kilcorkey, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 206, note.
c. na mban
fort on S. Island of Aran, Wc. 78.
c. na beirbe
from it Goll came to battle of Cnucha, Sil. 338; ¶  seems in Britain; ¶  Barrow in Britain or Bergen in Norway; ¶  C. na B., i. Dún Ríogh Lochlann, Ston. A. p. 130; ¶  v. Beirbe.
c. na gcat
Cahernagat, in tl. Ballywiheen, 2 m. NW. of Ventry, c. Kerry; ¶  an ogham there, PRIA vi. 439.
c. na cceann
in Oiléan an Uaignis, an island 60 days sail from Greece, mentioned in romantic tale, St. B. 696.
c. na cét
on Sliab Mis. in W. Mun., Sas. 5905.
c. na cipeacdai
i.e., Ceithium, called fr. the Ceithi, Lec. 68. c. na claenratha; ¶  on Sliabh Mis. in Kerry, Sas. 6388, on W. side of Sliabh Mis., Lis. 195 a; ¶  W. of Machaire Lí; ¶  there Cú-rí was besieged and slain, Sas. 6046; ¶  W. of Tralee, prob. Caherconree, al. C. Chonraoi, Cf. 62.
c. na con girre (?)
Cathir na chongearr; ¶  land of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. 1200.
c. náir
on Sliabh Mis., built by Fulman, Lec. 61, or by Goislen, Lec. 572, K. 129 a.
c. na mart
Westport, c. Mayo, Lct. 98, Fm. v. 1802; ¶  old castle on margin of Bay of Westport, which gave its name to Wesport, Fy. 483.
c. na meland
al. Maria Rotunda, .i. Muire na Martra, Lis. 113 b; ¶  seems in Lombardy.
c. na reanna
Cahernaran, on Westport Bay, N. of Croaghpatrick, Fy. 483.
c. na rómha
Rome, Ry. 74.
c. na steige
Staigue Fort, in p. Kilcrohane, b. Dunkerron, Kerry, O'D., Lct. 90.
c. na tánatha
in Pobal Bhriain, Ai. 108 a, Hb. 8 a, which has C. na Tanátha.
c. na trí sruith
mentioned in romantic tales, St. B. 703, 719, 720.
c. nuin
al. Airdea in Latium, Bb. 263 b; ¶  Nun was father of Turnus, ibidem.
c. osrin
in Ulst., betw. Dún dá bend to N. and Lí Túaga to S., Ll. 263 b.
c. phádraig
Cahir Island, N. of Inisbofin and E. of Inis Tuirc, Wc. 117.
c. ruis
Caherush tl. in p. Kilmurry, b. Ibrickan, Clare, Fm. v. 1672, Ar. 240.
c. san sem
Compostella, Spain, Lis. 108 b, Au. iii. 194, Fm. iv. 1112, v. 1340; ¶  Mag Uidhir, i. Tomas og ... do bi 'sa Roim ag a oilithri 7 fo dhó a C. Sang Sem, Au. iii. 268.
c. siauda
3 days' march E. of Teneduc, in India, Lis. 123 b. c. sidon; ¶  Sidon, Lec. 68.
c. sléibhe claire
in Mun., Lis. 219 b.
c. sleibe crot
in the West, Sas. 5674, 5763; ¶  now Slieve Grod; ¶  "the K. of Mun. was there."
c. suibni
secht n-Epscoip Cathrach S., Ll. 374, I. 110 b 1, Lb. 24.
c. taman
Caertaman, now Castlehill, c. Mayo.
c. tibrini
Cathir T., al. Cenanndus na Ríg, X. 367; ¶  Kells, in Meath or Kilk.
c. thuaighe
Bb. 149 a, Lct. 88, Lec. 377, I. 136 a 1; ¶  a seat of the K. of Mun.; ¶  C. Tuaidhi, Lis. 143 a.
dp. Cathanchaib, the O'Cahans, Lc. ii. 154. cathanensis; ¶  C. diocesis in Scotl., Tr. 276, an. 1340; ¶  Caithness. cathayensis; ¶  C. dioecesis; ¶  Inis Catha, Tr. an. 1360, pp. 316, 318, 324.
maidm na C. ettir Cluain Ferta 7 Cluain mic Nóis, island on the Shannon betw. Clonfert and Clonmacnois, Fm. ii. 682, Ch. 215.
Clann Maelfhinne, al. Hui Maelifhine ó Catlechan in Lein., Ll. 314 d.
Almhaoim mór mac Aongusa Ui Dhonchadha went to plunder Uaithne and the Cuimsionnuighe on the Síol mBriain, and Ua Iofarnán, K. of the Cathluith, was slain by him, Ai. 38 a; ¶  the O hIfernans were in Uaithne Clíach, now S. of Owneybeg, c. Limk. cath mónaigh; ¶  Mac Giolla Eascoip, chief of Cloinne Aileabhra Rechtaire Catha Mónaigh, slain by the K. of Ulst, Ai. 43 a; ¶  in c. Down, Fm. iii. 6.
of the Clann Ebir, Lec. 61; ¶  .i. Cathraige (?). cathraidh sandábi; ¶  in Breathnaib, X. 425 b; ¶  leg. Cathair S. (?). catness; ¶  Bd. fo. 39 a; ¶  Caithness.
aon do forslointib Erenn, X. 156.
al. Cathraigi, tribe of Firbolgs; ¶  in b. Clanmacnowen, nr. r Suck, Im. 92; ¶  v. C. Suca, C. Connacht; ¶  an aicme of the Aitechaigh, Bb. 140 a; ¶  Cathraigi Connacht, Ca. 386; ¶  reared Coirpre Cenn Cait, Hc. 2, 590 a, Fir. 59; ¶  ainm o Abdaine gan acht fuair o Cattraibh Connacht, I. 185 b 1.
Cathraige Muman, desc. fr. Eber Find, Ll. 14, Bb. 22 a; ¶  the Cata Cumhal reared Engos Cata, son of Modh Nuadhat, fr. whom the Catraighe Luighe Righe, i.e., the Teurluigh of Sidh mic Fergusa Neid are desc., Bb. 101 a; ¶  Caega fear da Glascadh mac Oilella Oloim a quo Cathraighi, I. 91 a 2.
Cathrigia in Dalriedia, Ct. 146, 182; ¶  v. Cotrige, now b. Carey.
catraige suca
the Catraig Shuca, on both sides of the Suca, from Tuaim Chatraig uachtarach to Portraibh Fidigi, in Hi Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 82; ¶  on both sides of the Suca, from Cúil Uachtaraigh Cathraighe, uair is inand Cúil re cantain 7 tuaim to Portraibh Fííge, 7 Corcho Moncho, Dál nDruithne, Fir Muighe Seincineoil 7 Muinnter Tuaighe Milchon, I. 41 b 2; ¶  in Hi Maine.
cathraime na hoilighi
tl. of Ellagh, in S. of p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421.
indse Orcc 7 Catt, Ha. 865; ¶  Ega in Aldasain i Cattaib, i tuaisciurt Alban, Ll. 371 b; ¶  i Cattaib, in Caithness, Scotl., F. 74.
gs.; ¶  Mochua Cattene, Bb. 125 a, Lec. 117.
Ll. 135–6; ¶  seems as Caucasus.
built by Darius "ar bélaibh" Presbiter Seon, K. of India, Lis. 126 b.
in the E., bordering on Mangua in Tartary, Lis. 128 a. cé; ¶  al. Loch Cé; ¶  Im. 141; ¶  argain Rátha Benne Cé, Mm. 591, Ha. 799.
one of the 7 divisions of Alba under the Picts, Bb. 113 a, Lec. 303.
ceadramuin in chal
l. of Conor oge O'Hurleys (O hUrailaid) = Carowancalla, H. 16.
v. Cell; ¶  746 pp. begin with Kill.
cealla ua maghach
Seanach mac Coirill ó Cheallaibh Ua M., Md. 46.
al. Cantarborg, N. 88; ¶  Canterbury (?).
v. Cenn, Cend.
ceann eitigh
Finan Cam of C. E., Md. 97.
ceann garadh
i nGall-Ghaoidhealaibh; ¶  Blaan, Catán, Colum, and Daniel of C. G., Md. 532; ¶  Kingarth, Bute.
ceann locha
Sechnasach, and Siadhal of C. L., Md. 532.
ceann saile
Becán and Elltin of C. S., Md. 532.
ceann saile
W. of Swords, c. Dub., or in S. of Ireland; ¶  Garbhán of C. S.; ¶  v. Cenn, &c., Md. 532; ¶  Kinsaley, c. Dubl.; ¶  Kinsale, c. Cork.
in Connacht; ¶  Balla in it; ¶  Mo Chua of B. in Ceara, Md. 532; ¶  v. Cera.
in the Muigh reidh at Bethil Iuda, Lb. 159, 125, Lbl. 338.
Sarán of Cluain dá acra, isin Cechair, Fg. 180, Md. 252; ¶  Ceachair Fhechin in Teffia, C. 135.
gs.; ¶  St. Cairell Cechce, Lec. 119.
in it was Uama in fhómharach in the West of Ireland, Sil. 36.
cechtraige slecht
do Chechtraigib Slecht a Breifni Connacht, Lh. 162, al. do Másraigib Maige Slecht a Breifni Connacht (?), Lh. 163.
one of 12 tribes of Ismail, Lec. 71.
cédimthecht coluim cille
a reilec or churchyard in tl. Tulcha Dubglaisi nr. Gartan, c. Don., Bco. 6 a.
a district of Candan Bb. 135 a, Lb. 126.
C. Tíre Tuathail, in Moylurg, Au. ii. 386, Con. 25 a, Tír Tuathail compr. p. Kilronan, in N. Rosc., where there is Keadew tl., Lc. i. 516.
ceide carmain
the Barrgeach who shakes the fidbaidh Cedach Carmain, Bb. 156 b.
ceidech draignech
al. C. Draoinech; ¶  maidm an Cheidigh dhraoinigh; ¶  Keadydrinagh, in b. Carbury, c. Sli., Lc. ii. 192, Fm. v. 1384. ceilbe; ¶  al. Celbe, Rd. 21; ¶  al. Ceilbiu, Ceilphiu, Pd. viii. 38; ¶  in Lein., I. 1496, Lbl. 424; ¶  ds. Ceilbiu, one of the dindgna Erenn, I. 143 a 1; ¶  I find it identified as Celbridge, c. Kild., as if Droichet Ceilbe, but the reference was omitted; ¶  Bé, dau. of Cairpre Niafer was buried here; ¶  or Cairpre mac Rosa al. Cairpre Colbeo, al. c. Niafer there buried alive Cailbe, a noble hostage of Tara; ¶  hence the place name of Cailbeo, or Ceilbeo, Ll. 200, 380, I. 149 b; ¶  al. Raith Geilbe in Lein.; ¶  Teach Ceilbe, dau. of Cerball, K. of Lein., Lbl. 424, Bb. 194 b.
descendants of Tubal, Lec. 67. ceilicda; ¶  descendants of Tairsis, Lec. 68.
céim an doire
the pass of the oak grove; ¶  Camaderry mt., c. Wick., over N. side of Glendaloch.
ceim an fhiaidh
Keimaneigh, c. Cork.
céim an ghabhair
Keamagower Pass Bridge, in p. Kilcaskin, b. Bere, c. Cork, Fm. vi. 2306.
c. urmhumhan
the mt. in Sliabh Eibhlinne nearest to Nenagh, Ods. 701.
cein murthemni
Eps. Neman i Cein Murthemni, Ll. 365; ¶  Kane tl. and p., nr. Dundalk.
the Kinshellas; ¶  dp.; ¶  Ceinnselacaib, Fm. ii. 942. ceipten; ¶  ds.; ¶  Ll. 298 a; ¶  cf. Eas Ceipten, Askeaton.
Lethfoss in it, a stone or boundary mark of Aburnethige, Pc. 6; ¶  prob. Carpow, in Pertsh., Cps. 440. ceiritic eilínc; ¶  in Britain; ¶  is ann sin do rigni Eigist fleadh do Goirtighern, I. 92 b.
v. Domnach Ceirne, ecclessia Cerne.
"Crinda Ceirreand," I. 143 a 1.
ceis chorainn
Keshcorran, in b. Corran, c. Sli., Fm. v. 1768; ¶  it is 1,163 ft. high, nr. it is the vil. of Kesh; ¶  Cés choraind, ds., Ll. 127 a; ¶  Ceis, Bb. 45 b; ¶  Céise in Chorainn, gs., Sil. 306, Fm. ii. 696; ¶  Bruidhean Céise C., Mm. 313; ¶  Murchu Cille Murchon isin cCorann a n-aice Ceise C. a cConnachtaibh, Md. 168; ¶  Céis C., as., al. Corann, betw. Sligech and Coirrshliab na Seghsa, Sil. 279; ¶  N. of Sliab Seghsa, Sas. 1504; ¶  the d. of Cell Aladh ext. fr. Céis C. to Urcuiltenn, K. 174 a; ¶  v. the next three articles. ceis coraind; ¶  in Magh Coraind in Connacht, Bb. 208 a; ¶  Regioni "Corannæ," ut fama est, nomen indidit Dian Kecti e Danannarum gente Cytharædus, Corann nomine, qui hanc plagam in musicæ mercedem adeptus est, Of. 334, Fir. 238, 793, Lg. 128, Ed. 474, Ch. 221, St. B. 509, 597; ¶  Cess Cur in Ireland, Dl. 46.
céis corainn cruitire
the Céis of Corann, the harper; ¶  a hill W. of Ballymote and nr. it, Ar. 76, Con. 5 a; ¶  in c. Sli.
céis chorainn na bhfiann
ds.; ¶  Keshcorran, Sil. 290.
ceis scaibli
Síl Aedha Demuin, son of Cormac, fr. whom are the Hui Maenaigh Ceissi Scaibli in Hui mBairrci-tiri, Bb. 74 a; ¶  the Hui Maenaigh Ceísi Scaibh in Hui Bairrchi Tiri, I. 58 a 1. céissóic; ¶  ar in C., Eg. 88, fo. 2 b; ¶  seems in O'Davoren's place in Burren, c. Clare.
céite sealg
Kittyshalloch in Kircudbright, Max.
céite tíre tuathail
prob. Keadew tl. in p. Kilronan, c. Rosc., Lc. i. 516; ¶  Tir Tuathail = p. Kilronan.
ceitheora fine temrach
O'h-Airt, O'Cealaigh of Bregia, O'Conghaile, and O'Riagain, Mr. 8, Lct. 32; ¶  i.e., Conall, Eogan, Colmanmór, and Aedh Slaine, with their descendants, Lec. 570, 38; ¶  i.e., Sil Conaill, Colmain, Eoghain, Aeda Slaine, belonging to the Clann Ugaine mór, Lec. 38.
Carlow, Fm. iv. 784.
ceithre triacha na garbhthíre
al. Tír Conaill, Lis. 218 b. céiti ua cairpri; ¶  ds.; ¶  in the S., the l. of the Dartraige, Sil. 36, seems not far fr. Cashel.
descend fr. Ceithim, fr. them the city of Cipeacdai is named, Lec. 68.
Findat, of Ros Meic Eircc, or Ceitt, Lec. 112; ¶  leg. Ros Meic Ceitt (?).
v. Ceilbe.
islands of C., Ll. 232.
Cuan Cealga (nr. Inis Gregraidi, now great Beare Island, in Beare Haven, Bantry Bay), Ml. 31; ¶  seems Beare Haven.
now Kil, is found: 1. to the S. of the two Firths, in Wigtown, Kirkcudbright, Dumfries, Ayr, Lanark, Peebles, Renfrew; ¶  2. in every county N. of the two Firths up to Caithness and Sutherland, both included; ¶  also in the Island of Bute and all the Western Islands, R. 398.
The Hui Laidhghein at the C. in Hui mBairrche of Lein., Fir. 466.
Seanach, son of Comgall, Erlam na Cilli in Laigis Laigen, Lec. 216.
nr. and W. of Donaghmore, c. Kild.; ¶  ro bói Brigit ic ingaire cairech i Curriuch Liphe co ndeochaid in comdail Brenaind co Domnach Mór fri Cill aniar, Lh. 118; ¶  v. Cell Náis. cell; ¶  Fy. 202; ¶  al. Cillín na mBuidhean, now Killeen, nr. and W. of Ballinrobe, O'D.
nr. Cashel (?); ¶  Dal Meascorp uile Cilli; ¶  Daerthuatha Caisil, Sto. 40 a.
Kill in dry. Imokilly, d. Cloyne, Tax.
Fiacach Find ó Cill, Bb. 122 b.
cill ... il latharnu
"Killaharna" [O'Don. supplies Cill (Ruaid), q.v.], Au. ii. 230; ¶  battle of (cath Cille, or cath Elne, the district betw. the Bann and Bush, in c. Antr.), Ac. 31.
Eana Cille, Ai. 150 b.
adtuaidh do Dún Dealgan; ¶  the followers of Ceallachan slain at the battle of Dun Dealgan were interred in the Cell by the N. side of Dundalk, Lis. 156.
Ti. 78; ¶  now Kells, nr. Corofin, c. Clare.
géim na Sgealg go Ceallaibh, Ry. 114; ¶  in Kerry; ¶  Kells betw. Cathair Saidhbhín and Gleann Beithe (?); ¶  Sgealg is the Skelligs.
c. abaigh
eidir Mumhain 7 Laighnibh, Sb. 31 b 1.
c. abhaill
Killavil, in p. Kilshalvy, c. Sli.
c. abbain
Abbán of C. A., in n-Uibh Muiredhaigh, Fg. 204, 56, Fir. 727; ¶  i n-Uib Muredaig, nó i n-Elib thuaisciurt atá a cheall (i. Cell Abbain), F. 160, Md. 76; ¶  Ernán Cilli A., Ll. 369, Bb. 126 a, Ai. 152 a, Lec. 119; ¶  Aban Cille A. in Uibh Buidhe, Ll. 383, C. 617; ¶  in dry. Oboy, d. of Kild., Tax; ¶  Abban of Mag Arnaidi, and of C. Abbain, Bb. 122 b, Lec. 110; ¶  in b. Slewmargy, B. lix. 274.
c. abhair (?)
Kilabban tl. and p., Queen's c.; ¶  Killawyr, in d. Annadown, Tax.
c. achaidh
Killeagh; ¶  2 ecclesiastical establishments of the name, one in E. Breifny, and one in Offalia in Lein.; ¶  the latter is sacred to St. Sincheall, and is distinguished fr. the former by the addition of "droma foda," Fm. iv. 954; ¶  so O'D., but, there were more than two—E. H.
c. achaid
in Ui Cennselaig, d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1173; ¶  C. achaith, in d. Dubl., Cr. 1179; ¶  transferred fr. d. Glendaloch to Dub.
c. achaid
al. C. A. Drumfota, C. A. Sinchill, now Killeigh, nr. Tullamore, King's Co.; ¶  Mainistir Chille A., Fm. iv. 954, Lc. ii. 78; ¶  Finn mac Gussáin, Bp. of Kild., died there, Ct. 630; ¶  the tombs of O'Conor Failghe, O'Dempsy, O'Dunn, and O'Molloy, are there, Fm. iv. 954.
c. achaid
Caithsiod biadh Fabhuir le caoicdhigheas et do losgadar an baile 7 lodar iar sin go Cill A. gur airgsiod an cill, A.D. 1172, Hb. 118; ¶  Ceathramha Chille hAchaidh, in Glenn Neimhin in Tir Amhalghaidh, Fa. 3 b.
c. achaidh
Epscop cille Achaid, Fep.; ¶  Killaghy, c. Ferm.
c. achaidh
O Conor Ruadh, O'Kelly and McDermot defeat Mac William and O'Conor Donn, Lc. ii. 122, Fm. iv. 792, Con. 54 a; ¶  O'D. says, prob. Killiaghan, in p. St. John's, b. Athlone, c. Rosc., as O'Flaherty writes about this "Domino de Clanricard inradente ditionem oni O'Kelly; ¶ " it was in Ui Maine.
c. aichidh
a Baili of Hi Ingarduil in Caoille, Mun.; ¶  the Hi Lomthuile are of C. A., Lis. 182 b; ¶  Kyllathyt al. Kyllaych, in dry. Fermoy, d. Cloyne, Tax.; ¶  now Killathy p.
c. achid
Féile Conchind Cille Achid, IV. Kal. Maii, Ll. 359; ¶  Mac Erc of C. Achaidh, Md. 312; ¶  in da Chonchend déc with the 2 Sínchell in C. A., Ll. 373; ¶  C. A. Conchinn, in Corcu Dubni, C. 615, Cs. 520, 519; ¶  fd. by Albán , and called after its Abbot, St. Finán; ¶  Conchend of C. A., Bb. 61 b, Fir. 242, 715, Mt. 22, Lec. 160; ¶  Killaha in b. Magunehy, c. Kerry; ¶  v. Achad C.; ¶  C. A. Cherich Inis, al. Cill Achaid Conchinn, in c. Kerry, B. lix., 273, 283, 284; ¶  Fintán C. hA., Bb. 125 a, Lec. 116.
c. achid
a school of Sinchell there, Tl. xviii.; ¶  v. C. Achid dromfota, in p. Killeigh, 4 m. S. of Tullamore, Fm. iii. 176; ¶  féil in tSinchill Cille Achid, al. féil Da Sinchell, F. 58; ¶  cf. Senchell ó C. A. Sinchill in Úib Failge, F. 107, Fg. 62, Mt. 19, Lec. 99, C. 356; ¶  Lonán of C. A., Ll. 365; ¶  in di Conchend x. with Sinchell in C. A., with Manchan in Leith Moír, Lb. 23; ¶  Cluain Eidhneach, C. A. and Cluain Ioraird plundered, Lg. 211, Cg. 18, Ll. 310, Fia. 194, 198, Au. i. 232; ¶  Clann Maelcharmain are Hui Dubcind, and Mic Gussáin Mic Mugróin of C. A. in Lein., Ll. 314; ¶  Mainistir Chille A. in d. Kild., Fm. iv. 728; ¶  Féile Lonain Ab. Cilli Achid on IX. Kal. Dec.; ¶  in Fg. there in Lonan Chaille Uaillech, 12th Nov., ,Ll. 365.
c. achaid
Dubthach of; ¶  in c. Cavan, Ct. 629, C. 373; ¶  Tigernach abb. of C. A., C. 796; ¶  seems in Breifne.
c. achaidh
Kellachay in d. Raphoe, Tax.
c. achaidh (?)
Kyllacheth or Killanchet in dry. Clonard, d. Meath, Tax.
c. achid conchinn
in Corcu Dubni, Mun., Cs. 520; ¶  written C. Achith; ¶  v. Corcu Dubni.
c. a. dallrach
Ind Romanaigh and Cairrsech, dau. of Brocán in C. A. D., Ll. 373, I. 110 a 1, Lb. 23.
c. a dorbcon
in A. D. in Muscraighe Mitine, fd. by St. Finbarr; ¶  a cavern there called Cuas Barrai, and nr. it a fine r., Cbb. c. 11.
c. a. draignaite
Killighan, b. Athlone, c. Rosc., Ro.
c. a. draighnighe
Fep.; ¶  seems Killaghy in c. Ferm., but prob. Killadreini nr. Kilcool in d. Dub., Cr. an. 1199, 1216; ¶  Feidelmidh and Bp. Daurthech in C. A. Draignige, Ll. 353, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 113, Lb. 22, Fir. 753; ¶  Bb. and Lec. have Draignine.
c. a. drommo foto
al. C. A. Drummota, Au. i. 206, 406; ¶  Killeigh, 3 3/4 m. SE. of Tullamore; ¶  C. Achith Drummoto, in finibus Lagnensium, Cs. 380; ¶  C. Achid Dromfhota, Fer. 43; ¶  in Uib Falgi, 373; ¶  in Ui Failghe, Sen-Sinchell was its abbot, Ch. 51, Hb. 60, Md. 86, Au. i. 50, 206, Fep.; ¶  bás Mhaoilanfaidh of C. A. D., A.D. 746, Hb. 77; ¶  tri Caega Maigistir la dá Cruimthir deug im Shincheall sosar sacart 7 im Sincheall Easp. 7 im da Easp. deug congabsad Cill nAchid Drumad la hUaibh Failge, I. 110 a 1.
c. a droma senáin
Faidal, abb Cilli A., Mt. 39; ¶  Fiadal Cille A. D. S., Fg. 246, Mid. 346.
c. a. duibh
al. Cill Ardubh; ¶  now Killarduff, tl. in p. Dunfeeny, b. Tirawley, 1 m. below the vil. of Ballycastle, Fy. 8; ¶  the Hi Fhiachrach Fhinn; ¶  al. Ui Congaile and Ui Cathusaigh of C. A. D., Fir. 247, Lec. 160.
c. a. fabair
in Umhal on the brink of Loch Crichan, Con. 5 a; ¶  .i. Achad Fobuir, Aghagower.
c. a. goan
Eps. Diarmait of C. A. G., Ll. 365.
c. a. sinchill
in n-Uib Failge, F. 107; ¶  i n-Uib Failge, F. 107; ¶  Sinchell, abb. Glinne Achaidh, Fg. 122; ¶  Cell Achaidh, Mt. 27; ¶  al. C. A. Droma fota, q.v.
c. acht-droma
gs.; ¶  St. Cainich there, Ck.; ¶  leg. C. Eachdroma, Killoughrum, nr. Enniscorthy.
c. ada
in Muinter Eolais, Leit., Ai. 67 b; ¶  Hb. 125.
c. adair
C. Adamair, Adhmuir; ¶  v. Cell Adgair; ¶  Findbárr of C. Adair, Bb. 124 b, Lec. 194, 116; ¶  Findbarr of C. Adamair, Bb. 122 b, Lb. 19, Lec. 109; ¶  Fionnbarr of Cill Adhmuir, Fir. 726; ¶  perh. Kelladmyr, in d. Killaloe of Tax.; ¶  the 3 sons of Oescu, Osccain, or Oschon, son of Fothaidh, were Suibhne, Forannan, or Forann, Forannan, son of Oschon; ¶  it is from these are Fionbhárr of C. Adhgair and Ua Coinisi, Fir. 458; ¶  Finnbarr, descendant of Torannan, of C. hAdgair, a saint of the Dál Meisin Corb, Bb. 72 b, Ll. 367, 384–5; ¶  a Lein. saint, Ll. 313, 351; ¶  Cell Adgeir, in l. of Macgille holmoch and d. Glendal., Cr. 1192; ¶  Cell Adgair, d. Glendal, terra Magilla-mochalmoc, Cr. 1173 circ; ¶  Kilagr (now Kill-égar, the top of the Scalp, is in the tl. of Killegar), Hmd. p. 149, A.D. 1264; ¶  Killacheger, Bre dry., d. Dub.; ¶  it and Clunmine had the same rector, Cr.
c. adhamhnáin
Killennan (Kintyre), Jo.
c. adbach
in Rapalach; ¶  l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. adreini
nr. Kilcool, d. Dub., Cr. 1199.
c. adrochtae
A. f. 13 a 1; ¶  Adrochtae filia Talain received the veil fr. St. Patrick; ¶  C. Athrachta, Lc. ii. 22; ¶  Killaraght in c. Sli.; ¶  the cell, cross and well of St. Atracta are still honoured, Fy. 40.
c. ae
Forandan cille Ae (22nd Dec.), Md. 344; ¶  Fg. 244; ¶  = Cell Dea (Cell Eae, Stokes reading, Fg. 244), Mt. 39; ¶  v. C. Aei; ¶  cf. Inber Dea.
c. aedháin
Lec. 103, Fir. 701; ¶  i n-Ulltoibh, Fg. 68, Md. 92; ¶  nr. Downpatrick (?), in or nr. Strangford L., c. Down; ¶  not known, Dc. i. xlix.; ¶  ro airgseat Inis Cumhscraidh Lathghlais, Cell Aedain, Mag Bile, Bendchor, Fm. ii. 1088; ¶  unknwon to O'D., but it is in c. Down and nr. those other places.
c. aedháin
Baile Chille hAodháin in the b. of Tíramhalghaidh, Fa. 3 b; ¶  Killedan tl. and p., Mayo.
c. aedloga
the 7 Eps. of C. A., Ll. 374, I. 110 b 1, Lb. 24. c. aei; ¶  Seacht nEasp. of C. Aei, I. 110 b, col. 2; ¶  v. C. Ae.
c. aeiris
v. Cell Aires.
c. aenamhna
in the Eoganacht Glennomhnach in Caoilli, Mun., Lis. 182 b.
c. affein
i fail Glinne dá locha, Fg. 108, Md. 144.
c. aibhne
or Calle Aibhne, in d. of Clonfert, Ct. 493; ¶  Killerney, tl. and p. Clonfert, Galway.
c. aigni (?)
Killagny in dry. Offeria, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. ailbe
in E. Meath, fd. by Albán, governed by the Virgin Segnith, Cs. 528, 525, C. 617; ¶  mon. in Meath, S. Abbanus, C. 617; ¶  now Killshine, in E. Meath, S. Sineach, B. lix. 274, 288, 290. See Cill-Sinche.
c. ailche
In maccrad Ennach in C. A., Ll. 373; ¶  in Macraidh Endacc in C. A. .i. LLL. (150) in Cluain Cáin Cuine, Lb. 23; ¶  in Maccraid annac a Cill Ailchi .i. tri chaegaid macan, I. 110 a 1; ¶  cf. C. Ailech.
c. ailech
the 17 Bps. of C. Ailech la Hu Echach, Ll. 373; ¶  An Naemh Easp. Dega a C. A. la hUaibh Eathach, I. 110 a 1.
c. ailltín
in Iniscrone in Tireragh of the Moy, c. Sli., and p. of Kilglass.
c. ain achaid (?)
Mochumma Cilleain Achaid il Leith Chathail on the margin of Tráigh Dromma, Ll. 349, in Lecale; ¶  c. Down (?). c. aindli; ¶  O'Breslen of C. A., in Huibh Amalgaidh, Lec. 169; ¶  Cell Ainnle, C. Fhaindle in Tireragh, Sli., Fy. 166; ¶  Killanly tl.
c. aine
Fg. 50; ¶  Cell Ane i Sléibh Breagh, Mt. 18, Md. 72; ¶  Sedna of C. A.; ¶  St. Sedna in Monte Breagh, C. 1, Ct. 188; ¶  S. Fanchea of C. A., C. 1, B. viii. 271, C. 569.
c. aine duibhe
O'Byrne plundered C. A. D., on the rock above the "tuile truimleon," Bran. 91 a; ¶  Killannaduff, nr. Gorey.
c. ainthinne
Ch of St. Anhin Virgin, now Kilanhin, Kilannin; ¶  the ch. is in Gnó Beg, the p. Gnó mór, Wc. 54; ¶  Killannin, tl. and p., c. Galw.
c. áir
hi Mide, F. 168, Fg. 214; ¶  C. Áir na Midi, Md. xli., C. 59; ¶  atá Ráth Aodha, tempall porraisdi ann (i. i cCill Air) fos, Md. xli; ¶  S. Aid, Bishop of C. A. in Westm., Lan. iv. 345; ¶  also Cell Fair, q.v.; ¶  in Meath, Fep.; ¶  now Killare in Westm.; ¶  in b. Magh Assail (now b. Rathconrath), Westm. a churchyard there, C. 422, Fm. iii. 62; ¶  2 m. W. of Hill of Uisnech, Dm. iii. 574.
c. aird
Tartinna of C. Aird in hUib Garrchon i Laignib, F. 115, Md. 186, B. lix. 778; ¶  Cell Aird in huib Ercain, Mt. 28; ¶  = Coill Aird i n-Uibh Garrcon, Fg. 128; ¶  a ch. in Lein., Ct. 176 (?); ¶  sech n-epscoip Chilli Airdi, Ll. 374; ¶  I. 110 b, Lb. 24; ¶  Moisenóg Cille Áirde, Ai. 151 a.
c. áird
in Crioch Ross, Ciarell Cilli Áird, Ll. 369, Lec. 119; ¶  C. Á., the 3 daus. of Ernán, al. Aed of C. Áird, .i. Anslas, Dartine, and Bronach, Lb. 22, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 113, Fir. 753, Md. 302; ¶  Dartine here and Tartinna of C. A. in Uib Garchon, show that this is the same place; ¶  Montenna of C. A., Ct. 176; ¶  Tamthenna of C. A., C. 422; ¶  v. Cell Araid.
c. áird
Feile Flannan Cilli Áird, Ll. 357, Mg. 54, Mt. 18, Md. 76; ¶  Killard p., nr. Kilrush.
c. áirdbhile
the d. of Cell Aladh ext. fr. Cell A. to Sliabh-an-iarainn, K. 174 a.
c. aires
Ll., Lb.; ¶  C. Airis, Lec., Bb., Fir., Ll.; ¶  Sinell Cilli Aires, the "Aistiri" of St. Patrick, Ll. 353, Bb. 119 a, 124 b, Lb. 220, Fir. 695, Lec. 91, fo. 44; ¶  Féile Sinilli 7 Locheni of C. Airiss, Ll. 356; ¶  Sinell Cill Airisi, Bb. 124 b; ¶  Sinill Cilli Aeiris, I. 109 a 1; ¶  Sinell Chille hArais Patraic, Lb. 23; ¶  Killarush tl., nr. Kanturk.
c. airidh
Con. 39 a; ¶  al. C. Oiridh, Killery p., nr. L. Gill, b. Tirerrill, Sli., Fm. iii. 622, Ci. Lc. ii. 24.
c. áirne (?)
Killarney in dry. Achad eo, d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  Ceall Áirne, Ry. 94, 164, 166.
c. airthir
Cruimthir Lugach i cCill A. i nDelbna Assail, Tl. 74, Ct. 113, 270, C. 780; ¶  in Westm.; ¶  cruimthir Finntan Chilli A., Md. 192, Fg. 136, Lec. 116, Bb. 125 a, Cs. 910, C. 730; ¶  Epscop Ioain (Eoain) Cilli A., 24th Oct., Fg. 202, Mt. 37, Md. 192, 283.
c. airthir
Epscop Cille A., Fep.; ¶  in Down, or Ulst.
c. aithche
Aithche as patrun i cCill A., diæc. acus comitatus Luimnigh i mbaruntacht Chaenruidhe, Md. 360.
c. aithchearda
in Tír Fer Maighe Feni, Bb. 163 a; ¶  in b. Fermoy, Cork; ¶  seems nr. Cell Comair.
c. aithnenn
i nDuthaigh Í Flaithbheartaigh, condae na Gaillmhe, diæc. Tuama dá Ghualann, Md. 360; ¶  Killanin p. is 81/2 m. NW. of t. of Galw.
c. alaid
rofothaigestar P. Cill n-Alaid; ¶  Killala, c. Mayo, fd. by St. Patrick, who placed Bp. Muiredach there, Tl. 134; ¶  in Úib Amalgaid, Ll. 349; ¶  epscopoitecht Cille hAladh, Fm. iv. 1004; ¶  Muiridach in C. Alaid in Tír Hua nAmalgada, Bb. 117 b, I. 110 b, Lb. 17, Ll. 349, 354, 361, Md. 216, Lec. 89, 168, 166, Adr. 172; ¶  it sBp. called epscop Ua n-Amalgaid in Lc. i. 236; ¶  the spelling varies—Alaid in Tl., Ll., Lb. 271 c, Lec., Fy. 164, Mt. 32, seems the best; ¶  Aladh, Fm. iii. 346, iv. 1004, Au. ii. 350, 408, Sil. 52, Ct. 141, K. 173 b, Fg. 154, Md. 216; ¶  Alaigh, Lec. 166, Bb. 117 b; ¶  C. Alaich in Uib Fiachrach Muaide, Lec. 168; ¶  C. Allaigh, Fir. 273; ¶  C. Elaid in Uib Eachach Muaide, Lec. 163, Fir. 707; ¶  C. Ealadh, Fir. 256; ¶  C. Ealaidh, Fy. 50, 418.
c. albáin
in N. Meath, fd. by Alban, Cs. 528.
c. albáin
in Lein., apud plebem hUa Mudi, Cs. 525; ¶  in Wexf., I think, and nr. the Ui Barchi.
c. algan
a manor of Ch. Darcey, Fir. 840.
c. alia
in d. Dub., Cr. 1179; ¶  .i. Cell Aille, the Naul (?). c. allaigh; ¶  v. C. Alaid.
c. an adáin
Croimlinn as C. an andáin, Seilg do thabhairt ó Tamhlacht, Bran. 92 b; ¶  nr. Crumlin and Tallaght, c. Dub. (?). c. an chnuic; ¶  in Ros Brannuibh (Ros Brainduib ?) plundered by O'Byrne, Bran. 91 a.
c. an chruithaigtheora (?)
Killegruir in W. Kintyre, Inv. xx. 64.
c. an dúine (?)
Killadouan, in Leixlip dry., d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  Killadouan St. Ulstani, Cr. 156, now St. Wolstands.
c. amchdeeny,
in Bre dry., Dub., Cr.; ¶  it and Kilcowyl seem under one priest.
c. anga
Fiachaidh Caech, Endach and Edmnaind of C. A., Lec. 113, Bd. 123 b.
c. an ghaobhair
Kilgeever, in b. Murrisk or Upper Umhall, W. of Croaghpatrick, Fy. 484.
c. an ibair
S. of Machaire Cruaicne, Connacht, Con. 60 a; ¶  Beol an tSnamha, betw. C. an Ibair and Cuasan Hui Brain, Con. 57 a; ¶  v. Bél an tSnámha.
c. an iomaire
Killanummery p. in b. Dromahaire, Leit., Fm. iii. 620.
c. an iubhair (?)
Cillanouir, Constable of the Earl of Kild. at Baile na Cloiche and Killanouir, Fir. 840.
c. an mhuilinn,
Kilawillin, on Blackwater, nr. Castletownroche, in Cork.
c. an locha (?)
Kyll-laca took its name fr. a sheet of water in Carrowmenagh, c. Derry, Cv. 82.
c. an naoimh
Kilnave nr. Greenock, Max.
c. an tsléibhe
Killatlevy in b. Connelloe, c. Limk., nr. c. Kerry, Kj. iv. 457.
c. arad
Allabair, Dessabair, Lessabair and Midabair in C. A. at Raith Lid ..., Ll. 354; ¶  Allabair 7 Desabair 7 Midabair 7 Lasabair a C. A. a Crích Aradh, I. 109 a 2; ¶  Aed mac Ernin, and the three daus. of Aed—viz., Angais, Dartaine and Bronaig—in Cill Araid, Ll. 353; ¶  v. Crích Arad.
c. arais
v. Cell Aires.
c. arcalgach (Lassar of)
for brú Locha Lébenn, Fg. 180; ¶  for bru Locha Lébenn isin Midhe, Md. 224, Mt. 32, Ll. 361.
c. árd
in Connaught, Tp. (nr. Toomregan on borders of Cavan and Ferm.?); ¶  St. Cron Cilli Airddi, Bb. 126 a, Lec. 119; ¶  Manachán Cilli Airdi, Lec. 118; ¶  Moisenóg Cille Áirde, Ai. 151 a.
c. arda (?)
Keel Arda in Killaloe, Tax.
c. ardri (?)
Kilardri al. Kilardery, in dry. Muscri, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. ardub
Ui Cathasaich C. A. in Tir Fiachrach Aidne, Connacht, Lec. 126; ¶  Killarriv tl., Galw.
c. ardub
Ui Congaile and Ui Cathasaich of C. A. in Huibh Amalgaid, Lec. 168, Fir. 273; ¶  Killarduff, in p. Doonfeeny, b. Tirawley, c. Mayo, Fy. 164, 222, 484.
c. arealgaich
Mt. 32; ¶  = Cell Arcalgach for brú Locha Lébhenn, Fg. 160, q.v.
c. arga
Finnchadh of, i mBreifne, Md. 306; ¶  = Cell Fhorga, Cell Fhearga, q.v.
c. argeneayn
in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. argoland
in d. Elphin, Tax.
c. arrac cormaic
in Eoganacht Glennomhnach in Caoilli, Lis. 182 b.
c. asnada
in Mag Fea, Hb. 57; ¶  Cath Cellasnaigh, by Muircheartach Mac Earca against Eithne and Aengus mac Nadfraeich, Lec. 138; ¶  v. C. Osnaig.
c. atrachta
Tl. p. 108; ¶  C. Athracht, Au. ii. 512; ¶  C. Atracht, Fm. iii. 618; ¶  C. Athrachta, Fm. iv. 1056; ¶  fd. by St. Patrick for S. Atracht in the terr. of the Grecraige of L. Techet, Tl. liii. 108; ¶  C. Athrachta, Lc. ii. 22; ¶  the p. of Kilaraght is on the E. of this lake, now L. Gara, Mi., Ci., Fy. 40, in Killaraght p. in b. Coolavin, Sli., Fm. iii. 618, Fy. 41, B. lix. 882, C. 278, Ct. 138; ¶  the O Mochains were Keepers of St. Atracht's Cross, Lec. 163, Fy. 41, Con. 39 a, Fir. 254.
c. athraigh (?)
Berchan Mac Nemain and his 3 sisters, Brigh, Corp and Lassar of C. Athriagh (?), Lb. 22; ¶  prob. Killary tl. and p. in Meath.
c. ausaili
Au. i. 324, 386; ¶  v. C. Auxili.
c. auxili
A. 19 a, Tl. 242, Mm. 607; ¶  Killassy in dry. Naas, Tax.; ¶  Killussy, Hdi. 48; ¶  Killossy, Seward's Topography; ¶  now Killashee, a p. 2 m. S. of Naas; ¶  in Huibh Bairrche in Lein., Ll. 314, Bb. 174 a, Fir. 466, I. 58 a 1; ¶  in plain of Liffey, C. 659; ¶  C. Ausaille, Fm. i. 443, Au. i. 8, 324, Ll. 309, Fia. 196, Ch. 165, Mi. Cri.; ¶  v. C. Uasaille, C. Usaille and Casse.
c. baedáin
al. C. Scoba, in Cland Sogain mic Fiachrach Araidi in Conn's half, Lec. 125; ¶  C. Baetain in Dalaradia, Ro.
c. baghuinne
McCarthy of C. B. in Mun., Fir. 619; ¶  C. Báine, Hz. 72; ¶  C. Bainne, Ai. 131 a; ¶  C. Báidhne, Ai. 130 b; ¶  v. C. Buaidhne, now Kilbonnia in p. Killemlagh, c. Kerry.
c. baile an lío
belonged to Burc, a brother of Maoilre of Baile na cCeard, Hb. 14 b; ¶  nr. Ballinagard, c. Limk.
c. báird
i Laighnibh, ni agra, forte C. Bairdne, no C. hi mBaird atá i n-uachtar Connacht, Md. xxxix.
c. bairdne
v. Cell Baird.
c. bairinn laighneach
St. Sarnait of C. B. L., Fir. 753; ¶  v. C. Bairnig.
c. bairnig
Brig and Sarnat, two daus. of Grellan, son of Grillin, in C. B., Ll. 353; ¶  Sinech Derg hUi Buain Cilli Bairnech, Bb. 126 a, Lec.; ¶  Gobnat of C. i mBairnech on border of Muscraige Mitaine and Eoganacht Locha Léin, Bb. 123 a; ¶  I think Bb. places it at Bally Vourney, Cell Boirnig.
c. bhairrfhinn
Bairrfhinn of; ¶  fri h-Essruaidh a tuaidh, Fg. 100, Md. 134, Fep.; ¶  C. Barrainn, Fy. 78, Ci.; ¶  in Tirconnell, Ct.; ¶  Bairr Bairrionn Eps. Cilli Bairrinn, N. of Es Ruaid, Fep.; ¶  now Kilbarron, c. Don.; ¶  Kilbarrayn in d. Killaloe, Tax.; ¶  Cell Barrfhinn (?); ¶  C. Barrfhinne, p. of Kilbarron in b. Tirhugh, c. Don.; ¶  v. C. Barrainne, Mi.; ¶  Ornaide and Brig Ele, of C. Bairrfinde, Bb. 123 b, Lb. 22, Lec. 113, which has C. Barraind. c. baithin; ¶  c. Don.; ¶  seems nr. Cuil mic an tréim, on L. Swilly, Au. iii. 186; ¶  "called Tech Baoithin in Lc., being thus identified with Taughboyne, b. Raphoe, c. Don." (MacCarthy).
c. baoithe
Kirkbuddo, Forfar, Scotl., Sk. i. 135.
c. bharra
Fg. xvi.
c. barrainne
Kilbarron p., tl. and castle, c. Don., Lc. ii. 72, Fm. iv. 720; ¶  v. C. Bairrfhinn, and Caislén Cille B.
c. batháin
Ecclesia S. Boythani; ¶  St. Bathan's, Berwicksh.
c. bec
rectory of Kilbegge, d. Meath, Sp. 1606, p. 57; ¶  Kilbeg, in dry. Kells, d. Meath, Tax.
c. bec
preceptory and rectory of Kilbegge, c. Kild., Sp. 1606, p. 58; ¶  Kilbegs, Gr. 114; ¶  Killibegs, nr. Clane, c. Kild.; ¶  Kilbeg, nr. Athy (?).
c. bec
"Cella Parva," in d. Enachdún, in 1423, Brady's Epis. Suc. ii. 1239; ¶  Kilbeg, c. Galw., Sp. 1606, p. 59.
c. bec
in S. part of p. Kilmore, b. Erris, Fy. 484.
cronan cille bicce (21 Febr.)
Fg. 40, Mt. 16, Md. 54.
c. bec
Ernán Cilli bice, Ll. 369, Lec. 119.
Kellabega, in d. Raphoe, Tax. an. 1302, p. 214; ¶  Cealla Beaga, Killybegs vil., in Tir-Baghaine, Don., Mi., Ci.
cella becca
Kella-begga, in d. Clogher, S. Madeoc of, C. 223. c. bécáin; ¶  Kilpeacon, old ch. in p. Killaldriff, b. Clanwilliam, c. Tipp., at foot of Sliabh gCrot, Ods. 596; ¶  a gCill Bheacáin a Musgraigh Chuirc, don leith thuaidh do Shliabh gCrot, K. 159 b. Of. 382.
c. becáin
an taobh is neasa do C. Bh. do Chnoc na Buaile Glaisi, in Pobal Bhriain, Hb. 8 a, Ai. 108 a; ¶  Kybecan in d. Limk., Tax.; ¶  Kilpeacon tl. and p. 3 m. N.
c. becáin
Kilbeggan in Westm.; ¶  al. C. Beagain, Au. ii. 392, Fm. iii. 194, Mi., Ci.
c. becáin
Kil Bekan in b. Costello, Mayo, Fy. 484.
c. becáin
Maol Póil hua Cinaetha, i. ab mainistrech Cilli Becain, Lis fo. 44 b 1, Mi., Ci.; ¶  the bishopric of Cluain was got by the Ab. of C. B., Con. 25 a; ¶  Kilbeggan, Westm.
c. becnatan
Ui Loinsigh of C. B. in Magh Brengair, Lec. 154, Fir. 233; ¶  Becnat, dau. of Colman, son of Aedh, of C. B. in Tír Coicir, Bb. 121 b; ¶  Lec. 107; ¶  St. Begnat of the Dal Mesin Corb, in C. B., Fir. 725; ¶  Becnat, a St. of the Dal Mescorb, in C. B. and in Tír Choicir, Ll. 350; ¶  Loingseach Mac Loinsich C. B. in Magh Brengair, Bb. 59 b; ¶  Kilbegnet p. and tls. in Rosc.; ¶  tl. in c. Wex.
c. bechóc
Kilbechoc and Kylbeuhoc in 1200; ¶  Kilbucho (Biggar), Jo.
c. becoice
Kilbecoke, nr. Inisteoc, c. Kilk., Pat. Roll, p. 62. c. bedan; ¶  d. Glendal, Cr. 1192.
c. beg
Kilbeg, in dry. Kells, d. Meath, Tax.
c. beg
al. Reileg na cille bige; ¶  Tech Saráin (Tisaran) in it; ¶  in demesne of Moystown, b. Garrycastle, King's Co., Kj. iv. 449. c. beg; ¶  Dun Chille Bice, Downkillybegs, in Ui Tuirtre, Fm. iii. 25, note.
cella beaga
Killybegs, b. Banagh, c. Don., Fm. v. 1322, vi. 1879.
c. begnat
Begnat, St. of the Dál Meisin Corb, in Cill Begnat, Ll. 385; ¶  Beccnat ingen Cholmain mic Aeda ó Chill Beccnat, I. 108 b 2; ¶  Kilbegnet, b. Ballymoe, c. Galw., Ci.; ¶  cf. Kilbegnet, old church at Dalkey, c. Dub.
c. begnata
in d. Elphin, Tax.
c. begnatan
v. C. Becnatan.
c. begoige
attacked by Aodh O'Byrne, Bran. 93 a; ¶  v. C. Becoice. c. béilfhada; ¶  Kilbelfad, in SE. of b. Tirawley, Fy. 484; ¶  v. C. Belfota.
c. beirrche
Hui Shenchain of C. B. in Crích hUa nEinechlais, Ll. 384, Bb. 72 b; ¶  Hui Seanchain, of Síl Coirpre, seated at C. B. in Lein., Bb. 72 b; ¶  chief tribes of Síl Coirbre were Ui Dubháin, Ua Mhionloscan in Crioch na n-Eniochghlais, Ui Colmain, Ui Forodhráin, Ui Seanchain of C. B., Fir. 456.
c. beitheach
Kilbeagh, in N. of b. Costello, Fy. 484.
c. beithne
Kilbehiny, in b. Coshlea, c. Limk., Ods. 596.
c. belad
in Bredach in Huibh Amalgaidh, Lec. 168; ¶  Ó Maoilruaidh of Ardachadh and of C. B., or of C. Ealadh, Fir. 273, Fy. 164; ¶  C. Belad, in b. Tirawly, d. Mayo, Fy. 164, 232; ¶  in p. of Kilbelfad, in district of the Two Bacs of E. of L. Conn.
c. belaich
he told the K. of Ui Mail that he came fr. C. B., Lec. 613; ¶  v. C. Belait.
c. belaig
in Mag Constantin, at Rahan nr. Tullamore, Mc. ii. 38, Laud. 610, fo. 10 a; ¶  one of Ua Suanaid's cells; ¶  seems to be nr. Rahan.
c. bélait
cath Belait, Ll. 302 a; ¶  C. Bélait, 303 b; ¶  the K. of Ireland encamped there facing Brandub, in Wickl., now Killbaylet; ¶  it means cell of the cross-road or pass; ¶  S. H. O'Grady took Belat to be a saint, as Spaniards took (Præfectu)s Viar (um) for St. Viar; ¶  C. Belait nr. Belach Dúin Bolc, Lbl. 944; ¶  tls. in p. Donard, Wickl.; ¶  Kelbelet in d. Glendal. and in Wickl., Cr. 1173 circa, 1192, Sw. p. 20 and an. 1200.
c. belfhota
v. C. Beilfhada; ¶  the 7 sts. of C. Belfhota, Lb. 24; ¶  7 bps. of C. B., Ll. 374; ¶  Litany of Aengus in IER iii. 472; ¶  Kilbelfad p., nr. Ballina, Mayo.
c. bhenaigh (?)
Killvany, al. Kilvan, c. Wickl., Sp. 1606, p. 62; ¶  now Killaveny, pronounced Killavayny.
c. beneoin
in d. Tuam, Tr. p. 2, an. 1216; ¶  C. Beneoin, Tig. Rc. xviii. 33; ¶  Kilbannon nr. Tuam, Fm. ii. 998, Ai. 45 b; ¶  21/2 m. NW. of Tuam; ¶  in d. Tuam, Ct. 204; ¶  Kilbenon in d. Tuam, Sw. an. 1254, p. 56; ¶  in Connacht, Hb. 121, Ai. 45 b; ¶  et ro loisgedh C. Beneoin in Connacht, A.D. 1177, Hb. 121; ¶  C. Beinneoin in Connacht.
c. bennáin
Kilbannan in dry of Aicme, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. bera
c. beara; ¶  Kilberry, nr. r. Barrow, b. W. Narragh and Rheban, c. Kild., Fm. iv. 1202, note; ¶  plundered by O'Byrne, Bran. 91 b; ¶  .i. Kilbery, in dry. Athy, d. Dub., Cr. 147.
c. beraigh
Kilberry, d. Meath, Sp. 1606, p. 57.
c. beraigh
Kilbarry in p. Termonbary, c. Rosc., Lc. i. 358. c. beraigh (?); ¶  Kilberry (Kintyre), Jo.
c. bercháin
Kilberchan, an 1226, in Scotl., Tr. 24; ¶  Kilbarchan (Johnstone in Scotl.), Jo.
c. berichtir
Kill Berrihert in tl. Knoctemple, nr. Tullylease, c. Cork; ¶  Kil Berrihert, tl. in p. Aghabullogue, b. E. Muskerry, c. Cork, the burial ground is nr. Kilberrchert House; ¶  Kilberchert, tl. in p. Ballincuslane, b. Trughanacmy, c. Kerry. This is St. Berechtuine or Beretchert of Tullylease, c. Cork.
c. berráin
in Lr. Ormond and d. Killaloe, B. xxviii. 177; ¶  Kilbarron tl. and p.
c. bhi
i cConnachtuibh, Md. xxxix.
c. bia
Nemán ó Chill Bia, Fep. Md. 232; ¶  Neman and Bia of C. Bia, Ll. 353; ¶  v. C. Bhi, C. Biain.
c. biain
in Moenmag, Rc. xviii. 57; ¶  Creach la hUa mBríain im-Maonmaig gur airg Cill mBiain, Ch. 332; ¶  Kilmeen in Maenmag, nr. Loughrea, c. Galw., Cri.; ¶  in Ui Maine, I. 41 b 1.
c. biain
fd. by Fergus, Bp. of Down, Tig., Rc. xvii. 156, Fep. Au. i. 70, 72; ¶  quies Fergusso Dúna Lethglaise qui fundavit C. Biein, Au. 70, Hb. 62; ¶  seems in d. Down; ¶  in Ultonia, C. 794.
c. bicnedan
Lec. 202; ¶  Hui Chuanda of C. B. desc. fr. Dearcmaiseach, son of Cathair Mór, Lec. 202.
c. bicsige
Kelbigsige in terra Arkelo, d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1173 (?), 1179, 1192; ¶  Kil Bixi in Arclo dry., d. Dub., Cr. 144; ¶  in Uib Garrcon, Bb. 70 b; ¶  Fine Chilli Bicsidi, i.e., the Hi Baethallaig and the Hi Britain in Sil Mella, in Lein., Lec. 190; ¶  Fine Chille Bigsidhe, i.e., Hui Baothghalluigh, or Betheallaigh, or Baigheallaigh and Hui Briotain in Siol Mealla, the Hui Chuain and the Hui Droighnen in Fabhur, Fir. 438; ¶  Fine Cilli Bicsige are descendants of Conall, a chief of the Hui Garrcon, Bb. 70 b.
c. bicsige
i n-Uib Mac Uais Mide, F. 154; ¶  in Iarthur Mide, Fm. iv. 878, Au. iii. 108; ¶  Bisech of C. B. i Mide, Ll. 353; ¶  Biccsech of C. B. i Midiu, I. 108 b, Lb. 21, Lec. iii., Fir. 711, 751, Fg. 124, Ll. 311 c, 353 b, Md. 182, Fm. iv. 878; ¶  C. Bicsiche, Cs. 398; ¶  Kilbixy in dry. Loxouedi, d. Meath, Tax. Tr. 30; ¶  now Kilbixy, in b. Moygoish, c. Westm., Ci, Mi., Mis. i. 226.
c. bile
A. f. 11 a 1; ¶  ch. built by St. Patrick in Mag Traidcni; ¶  it was a possession of the mon. of Scíre; ¶  seems nr. Cell Scire. c. birinn; ¶  p. Kilbirnie in Ayrsh., Max. 7; ¶  I find C. Birend in Lb. 22 for C. Barraind.
c. bléidini
Hui Niad of C. B., in Ossory, Ll. 339; ¶  Nia Uindeoc (of the Hi Deaga) fr. whom are Hui Nia(dh) Chilli B., Lec. 218.
c. bocháin
Kilboghan; ¶  a ch. in Wexf., given in Tintern in 1245, Kj. iii. 218.
c. bodáin (?)
Kilbodan in Balimor dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  at Mullagh bodan nr. Ballymore Eustace (?).
c. bradáin
Kilbradan, in dry. Rathkeale, d. Limk., Tax.
c. bradráin
Kilbraderan, in Rathkeale dry., d. Limk., Tax.
c. braigi ullaighi
Kilbryhooly, in Doire cua tl., in p. Kilnamanagh, b. Boyle, c. Rosc., Fm. iv. 1152.
c. brain
Dromann-iarthar, fr. C. Brain to the lake, given to the Convent of the Trinity on Loch Cé, Con. 9 b; ¶  fr. Lathach Chille Braoin to L. Cé, given by O Conor to the monks of L. Cé, Fm. iii. 294.
c. bratha
7 bps. of C. B., Ll. 374; ¶  7 sts. of C. Brotha, Lb. 24; ¶  Seacht nEpscoip Chilli Brotha, I. 110 b.
c. brecáin
Brecán of; ¶  in Tuadmamhain, Fep.; ¶  fr. it is called the p. of Kilbreckan, in b. of Up. Bunratty, c. Clare, Md. 116; ¶  Kel Brakayn, in d. Killaloe, Tax.; ¶  in p. of Doora.
c. brecáin
Kilbrecan, in dry. Kild., d. Kild., Tax.
c. brecáin
in the Eoganacht of Glennomhnach, in Caoilli, in Mun., Lis. 182 b.
c. bhrénainn
Sioda Mac Namara buried in C. B. in Biorra, Ai. 69 a, Tor. 81.
c. brenainn
Kilbrenyn, al. Kilbrening, in dry. Slievardagh, d. Cashel, Tax., perh. at Baile Cille Brenainn, which belonged to Sliocht Tomáis a Burc, Fa. 2.
c. breni
in Tristildermot dry., d. Dub.; ¶  seems nr. Douenachmor, Cr.
c. brennainn
Kilbrannan, Aran, Scot., Sk. ii. 78.
c. bricin
in Tireragh, Sli., Fy. 172.
c. bride,
in the mountains, in dry. of Technethi, d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  Kylbride, Tax.
c. brigde
Bríg, dau. of Fergus, of C. Brígde, Lec. 112.
c. bhríghde
Kilbride in N. of b. Tirawley, Fy. 484; ¶  Baile Chille B., in b. of Tir-Amhalghaidh, Fa. 4.
c. bhríghde
Kilbride, nr. NW. of b. Murrisk, or Up. Umhall, Fy. 484.
c. brigde
in Sil Muredhuich, in d. of Elfin, Ct. 624; ¶  al. Dún Concobhair, in the Liathaib Feada Manach in Connacht, the residence of Concobair, son of Diarmaid, Lec. 155; ¶  al. Dún Conchobair in Liathana Feadhain Anach in Connacht, Fir. 234; ¶  Kilbriadi, in d. Elfin, Tax.
c. brígde
in Fir Tulach, Westm., Fm. vi. 2054, Fir. 840.
c. brighde
Kilbride, al. Courtown, nr. Gorey, c. Wexf. Pgi. i. 536.
c. brigde
C. B. Major, p. ch. in Maglacha, d. Ossory, Ct. 625. c. brigde; ¶  C. B. Minor, in d. Ossory, Ct. 635.
c. brigde
in Fir cell, d. Meath, Ct. 625; ¶  in p. Tullamore, Dm. ii. 546.
c. bhrighde
on W. of the Slaney, the Druid gave orders that Eochuidh should be bound to the cairthe chloiche (pillar stone) that is to be seen on the W. of the Slaney, betw. C. Bhrighde and Tulach Ó Feidhlimidh, K. 153 a.
c. brigde
Kilbride, in Bre dry., Dub., Cr.
c. brigde
in the t. of Kild., Ct. 625; ¶  C. Brighde, "Kilbride, nr. Osbertstown," c. Kild., Sp. 1606, p. 59; ¶  Kylbride, in d. Kild., Tax.
c. brigde
nr. Trim, Meath, Ct. 625.
c. brigde
in the city of Ardmacha, Ct. 625; ¶  C. Brigite, Kilbride tl. in p. of Bright, c. Down, Ra. 34.
c. brigde
in Gleanntachuir, d. of Derry, Ct. 625.
c. brigde
nr. t. of Antr. in d. of Connor, Ct. 625. c. brigde; ¶  in Hi-Tuirthre, Ulst., C. 503; ¶  St. Brigida.
c. brigde
C. B. Minor, p. ch. in d. Limk., Ct. 625; ¶  Kilbreedy; ¶  Kylbryt Minor in dry. and d. of Limk., Tax.
c. brigde
C. B. Major; ¶  in d. Limk., Ct. 625; ¶  Kilbreddy Major in dry. of Kilmallock, d. Limk., Tax.
c. brigde
in the d. of Waterf., Ct. 625; ¶  Kilbreddy Major in dry. of Kilmallock, d. Limk., Tax.
c. brigde
in the d. of Waterf., Ct. 625; ¶  C. Brighde, nr. Fethard, c. Tipp., Ct. 625.
c. brighde
in d. Dunblane, 1190, Kc. 259.
c. brigde
C. B. Escham, in dry. Mullingar, d. Meath, Tax.
c. brigde
C. Brigte Maige Luinge on N. of the Isle of Tiree in Scotl.; ¶  now Kilbride, Adr. 59.
c. brígde pilat
Kelbride Pilat in dry. Mullingar, d. Meath, Tax.
c. brigdi
tl. Kilbride, al. Carrowcleagh, in p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 420, 484; ¶  in vil. of Baile on Tobair, d. Tuam, Ct. 624; ¶  C. Brighde tl. in half-barony of Ross, N. of L. Measg, Connacht; ¶  Wc. 45–6.
c. brige
Brig ingen Fergusa of C. B.; ¶  subject to St. Brigit, Ll. 353, Lb. 22, Bb. 123 b, 126 a, Lec. 119, Fir. 752.
c. brigte
v. C. Brígde; ¶  there are 37 tls. and pp. in Irel. and 21 in Scotl. called Kilbride or Kilbreedy.
c. britain
Kilbrittan in b. Carbery, c. Cork; ¶  caisdel Cille Britain, Au. iii. 110, Fm. iv. 880; ¶  in Mun., Fer. 197; ¶  Kil Britan in dry Kinalea, d. Cork, Tax.
c. britain (?)
Cell Britton, in terra Wickl., d. Glendal., Cr. an. 1173, 1192.
c. bróine
Kilbrone, in dry. Muscridonegan, d. Cloyne, Tax.
c. bronche
Cainer, of the Hui Dedga, Bronach, Senán Luan and his dau. Curchach and Mita in C. Ingen Laein and in C. B., subject to the Rule of St. Brigit, Ll. 353; ¶  St. Cainer, of the Hui Deagha, in C. B., Fir. 753; ¶  Caimer, Bronach, Senan mac Bécain, Curcach, his dau., Mido, of C. Broinche, Bb. 123 b; ¶  Coemer, Bronach, Senan, Luaineda, Mito in C. Ingen Luain and of C. B. iar Cedgabail, Lb. 20; ¶  Bronach, of C. B., Lec. 112.
c. brotha
Lb. 24; ¶  v. Cell Bratha.
c. bruachis
St. Colman of C. B. and Bruachais, al. C. Bruachais, Ai. 150 b, Bb. 124 b, Ll. 367, Lec. 116.
c. bruane
Mac Nissi of C. Bruane (Kilbroney ?); ¶  cf. C. Bróine, Ll. 369.
c. bruicch
of Baile an Turlaicch; ¶  Kilbree tl., in p. Ballintober, b. Burrishoole, Mayo, Fm. iv. 1082; ¶  O Conor Righdamhna Connacht slain by Uilliam Mac Uilliam in Cellbruig Baile in Turloich, Con. 64 b.
c. buadain
in Ulst., S. Buadanus, C. 738.
c. búadmáil
Tl. p. 92, Ct. 134; ¶  on the (Connacht side of the) Shannon at the ford of Snám dá Én, named fr. St. Patrick's charioteer, Búad-móel, who was buried there; ¶  recte Caill Boidmail, as in A. f. 11 a a.
c. buadnatan
al. Caille in Chosnuma on the road fr. Drumcliff, Sli., to Assaroe, Sas. 6895.
c. buaidhne
battle fought betw. MacCarthy of C. B. and O Bríain, Ai. 47 b, 48 a, 137 b; ¶  C. Buaighne, no C. Baghuine, Kilbonnia Glebe, in p. Killemlagh, b. Iveragh, c. Kerry, Ods. 596; ¶  v. C. Baghuine.
c. buaine
Kilboyne, in p. Ballyhean, b. Carra, Fy. 484.
c. buidi
St. Ernan Cilli Buidi, Bb. 126 a.
c. c.
Mac Táil Cille C., Ll. 313; ¶  must be C. Chuilinn; ¶  cf. Mactaleus in cellola Cuilinn, A. 15 b b; ¶  Mac Táil epscop Cille Cuilinn, Fg. 114, Md. 116, F. 77, Mt. 27.
c. c.
Dalbach Cille C., Bb. 122 a, Lec. 108; ¶  but cf. Dalbach Cúile Follaing, Fg. 202; ¶  Dalbach Cúile Collainge, i Cúil Collainge, Cúile Collaing, Md. 280–2, 398; ¶  Dalbach Cúle Colla, Mt. 37; ¶  Cúl Collingi prope cell Cruimthir in terra hUa Liathain, C. 615; ¶  seems in b. Barrymore, c. Cork.
c. cá
al. C. Caa, Kilka, Kylka, in Tristledermot dry., Cr. 145, Gr. 148; ¶  "Cell Ca" in dry. Ui Mortha, d. of Dubl., Tax., Cr. 149; ¶  Kilka, Sp. an. 1252, p. 657; ¶  at Kilkea Castle, c. Kild.; ¶  cf. Cluain Caa, Fg. 188; ¶  Cruimmthir Catha, Fg. 172; ¶  Cell Cai, Ll. 353, which is perh., the word; ¶  Kylcaa Chapel in c. Kild. (Pat. and Close rolls, p. 164, an. 1547).
c. cabraighe (?)
Celcabria, l. of Mellifont Abbey in 1177, Sw.; ¶  seems nr. Knowth (Crogba) and Cuillen; ¶  there is a Cabragh in Meath; ¶  cf. Cabrach, gf. Cabraighe, now Cabragh.
c. caeidi
p. Kilkeedy, b. Inchiquin, c. Clare, d. Killaloe; ¶  in E. of Uí Fearmaic, Mi,., Fm. vi. 2106; ¶  ó Chill Chaoide acus ó Liter Maoláin i cContae an Chláir, Md. li.; ¶  in Thomond, St. Caideus of C. C. Thomond, C. 540.
c. caeidi
p. in d. Limk., Tr. 339; ¶  Kilkeedy p. 4 m. SW. of the city of Limk.
c. caeimhe
v. c. Chaoimhe, c. coemhi; ¶  c. chóeme.
c. chæmáin
Caemán Ailthir of C. Chæmáin in Gesilli et in aliis locis, Ll. 372, Md. 2, Bb. 118 b, Lec. 90, I. iii. 61; ¶  C. Choemáin in campo Gesille, in Lein., C. 313.
c. caemáin
in note to Fm. ii. 1142, O'D. quotes Keating as saying that Domnall, son of Mac Murchada was called Caemhanach because fostered at Kilcavan nr. Gorey; ¶  but does K. say it was nr. Gorey? He has, at 118 b, C. Caomháin in íochtar Laighen; ¶  Kilkevan, al. Kilcavan. p. is 2 3/4 m. NW. by N. of Gorey and 12 m. N.E. of Ferns, the castle of Domnall Caemanach's father; ¶  it contains the hill of Tara, Ballynastraw, and Limk. hamlet; ¶  the old Cell C. was at foot of Tara Hill, in the glebe land, see Mm. 490; ¶  but there is a Kilcavan 10 miles NW. of Gorey, and Kilcavan p. in S. of c. Wexf., but this was too close to the Gaill of Loch Garman to be safe for Domnall.
c. cai
Crai and Ricenn, Siur Patraic, in C. Cai, Ll. 353; ¶  v. C. Caa.
c. caillech
Banairchinnech of C. C., Lu. 22, Lbl. 370 (which adds Cell dara indiu).
c. caimille
Caimille of, Ll. 383; ¶  Caimeilli of Cell Caimilli, Bb. 117 b; ¶  Mathair Nedchaime Thiri da glas 7 Chaemilli ó C. Chaeimille, I. 111 a, .i. of C. Chimille, Lec. 89; ¶  St. Nedcaeime of Tírdáglas and Cæmilli of CillChimille, Lec. 89; ¶  Cell Chemilli in d. Glendaloch, terra de Uflan, Cr. 1173 circ.
c. chaimín
Kilcamin tl. in p. Gallen, King's Co., Kj. iv. 450. c. chaimin; ¶  on the r. Suca, in Connacht, Lis. 236 a, Sas. 6543. c. chainere; ¶  Lec. 90; ¶  v. C. Chainre.
c. cainnig
ro loiscsit Midhe 7 C. Cainnig do loscadh dóibh; ¶  Kilk. W., a tl. and b. in Westm., Lc. ii. 24, Fm. iii. 622; ¶  they burnt the ch. of Kilk. in Machairie Kwyrcknie, Ac., under A.D. 1362; ¶  Kilkenny, in dry. of Lochseudy, d. Meath, Tax.
c. cainnig
C. Caindig; ¶  city of Kilk., i. ndorus Cille Cainnich, Au. iii., 266, 438, Tp., Ch. 345, Ct. 633; ¶  C. Caindigh do loscadh, Fm. ii. 922; ¶  either Kilk., or Aghabo, or Kilk. W., or Drumachose, note ibi.; ¶  the first certain mention of city of Kilk. is in Fm. ii. 1081, an. 1146; ¶  tigerna Osraighe do mharbhadh do Uibh Braonáin i fiull ar lár Cille C.; ¶  Kilkinnig, Papal Regesta, an. 1224, p. 98; ¶  Kilkenni, ds., an. 1260, in Tr. p. 84, B. xlvii. 652, li. 642, lxi. 120.
c. chainre
Cumman mother of Cainire of C. Chainre, Ll. 372; ¶  Eman mathair Chaindhfhiri ó C. Chaindiri, L. 111 a 2, C. 176; ¶  Cuman, mother of Caineri of C. Chaineri, Bb. 118 b, Lec. 90; ¶  Kilcandra tls. in Rathdrum district, Wickl.
c. cairce
quam tenuit familia Clono Auiss, A. 9 b 2; ¶  nr. Clones, c. Mon. (?); ¶  not Kil-corkey 6 m. W. of Elphin, c. Rosc. (?).
c. chairchi
nr. Bruidin Da Choca in W. Meath, 454.
c. cairech
7 sts. of C. Cairech, Lb. 24; ¶  perh. C. Charach betw. Thurles and Templemore, q.v.
c. caireni
portus Cille Caireni in Lein., Cs. 195; ¶  on Wick. or Wexf. coast; ¶  Lan. i. 468 says, "I am sure it is the ch. t. of the p. of Carn nr. Carnsore Point," Lan. i. 468; ¶  he seems right; ¶  Cairinne of Cell Cairn, Bb. 118 a.
c. cairge móire
7 sts. of C. C. M., Lb. 24.
c. cairill
Cairell of C. C., Ll. 369, Bb. 126 a, Lec. 119, Ai. 151 b; ¶  Kelkirell in d. Derry, Tax.; ¶  Kylchyrryll, al. Termonamongan p. in c. Tyr., ext. nearly to L. Derg, c. Don., Cv. 72, 70.
c. cairill
Kilkerrill p. and tl., c. Galw., Kj. iv. 455. c. chairinni; ¶  Cairinne of C. C. Ll. 372, C. 312, Lec. 90; ¶  C. Cille Chairinne, Md.; ¶  v. C. Caireni; ¶  C. Cairinde, I. 111 b. c. chairiotáin; ¶  ch. in Thomond nr. Inis Cathuigh, C. 340.
c. cairpre
a tTír Aodha a ngar d'Es Ruaidh acus do Sith Rodha Easa Ruaidh, Md. 290.
c. cairpre
in c. Wexf., B. lxii. 347.
c. chairpri
Cairpre Ailithir of C. Chairpri in Sil Fhorannain, Ll. 372, I. 111 b 1, Bb. 118 b, Lec. 90, C. 312, 313.
c. caisi
Kilcash, at the foot of Slievenaman, in c. Tipp., Fm. i. 474; ¶  Shemus Butler of C. Caise, Fir. 820; ¶  C. Caissi in d. Lismore, in cantred of Ywoghin, and 1/2 cantred of Yffathiatha, sic, Tr. p. 84, an. 1260; ¶  Kilcassche, in d. Lismore, Tax.
c. caisil
Enne Cilli Caisil, Lec. 116, Ai. 150 b.
c. caissill
C. Cassaill, in terra Arklo, d. Glendal., Cr. an. 1179, 1173; ¶  Kilcashel tl.
c. chalaid
ingena Choluim 7 ingena Bresail in C. Chalaid and in Caill Lugmind, subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 353, in Bb. 123 b, Lb. 22, Lec. 112, and Fir. 752, which has ingen Choluim 7 ingen Bresail cille Chalaidh 7 cille Lugmind.
c. callain
Kilkallan, in dry. of Grene, d. Emly, Tax.
c. chalma
Colum Drommfhotha, dau. of Ard of Drummut Gesilli, in Cill Chalma in Mag Lifi, Ll. 353; ¶  Kelcama given to Mellifont monks in 1253, Sp. p. 26; ¶  Colum Drumfhada a Cill Chalmtha a Muig Lifi, I. 108 b 2; ¶  C. Chalman; ¶  St. Colom droma foda of C. Calman in Magh Life, Fir. 751; ¶  Gesille of C. Chalman, Lb. 21.
c. chalmáin
Kellcalman, in d. Achonry, Tax.
c. chalmáin
Kilcolman, in p. of Kilcoman, b. Costello, Mayo, Fm. iii. 412; ¶  map in Fy. and p. 484; ¶  v. C. Cholmáin; ¶  in Fm. iii. 440 it is Caislén Cille Colmáin.
c. camadan
in Hui Maine, in p. Aughrim, c. Galw., St. Ruth buried there, Im. 78, note, Lec. 187; ¶  Im. 78 has C. Cumadan.
c. camáin
in Lein., Fir. 134; ¶  nr. Mag Life il-Laignib, Ib. 64. c. can; ¶  Au. i. 356; ¶  is C. Caisi (Fm.) Kilcash, b. Iffa and Offa, c. Tipp.?
c. chaoide
in Thomond, S. Caide, C. 540; ¶  v. C. Caeidi; ¶  now Kilkeedy, p., in d. Killaloe; ¶  its post town is Gort.
c. chaoimhe
Caomh ógh ó chill Chaomhe, Md. 94, 372; ¶  Caomh i. Pulcheria, ibi; ¶  Caoimhe Albanach ó chill Chaoimhe, Md. 294; ¶  al. C. Cóeme, q.v.
c. chaoimhghein
Tadhg, son of Lorcán, K. of Húi-Ceinnsiolaigh, spent the end of his life in C. Chaoimhghein, in Glendalough, K. 179 b.
c. chaol
Kilkeel in b. Mourne, c. Down; ¶  perh. Kilkeyl, Hmd. p. 149, A.D. 1264.
c. chaol
Kilheel (?) in c. Kild.
c. caolbadh
C. Cælbad alla tuaidh do Chenannas, Md. 227, Fg. 160.
c. caomháin
v. C. Caemháin.
c. charach
Kilchare, now Killara, nr. Dorea, betw. Thurles and Templemore, Triumph. 144.
c. carbáin
7 bps. of C. C., I. 110 b, col. 2; ¶  v. C. Corbain. c. carchait; ¶  Killcarchyt in d. Raphoe, Tax.
c. charthaigh
i Tír Boguine, Fep.; ¶  now Kilcar in b. of Banagh, c. Don.; ¶  i Tír Boghaine i cCenel Conaill, Md. 64; ¶  St. Carthach of C. C. in Tirconnell, C. 475.
c. cascáin (?)
Kilcaskan in d. Ross, Tax.
c. cath (?)
Kellecath in d. Achonry, Tax.
c. cathail
ch. and tl. in p. of Annaghdown, c. Galw., Wc. 369; ¶  Ui Callannain of C. C., Fir. 204.
c. chathaile
Hui Callannan of C. Cathaile; ¶  one of 24 Bailes of Cland Feargaile, Bb. 54 b, Z. 188 b.
c. chatain
Kilcattan in Isle of Bute, R. 399; ¶  Catan's feast is 17th May; ¶  Kilchattan in Bute and Colonsay, Jo.
c. chathgaile
Tig. R. C. xviii. 299; ¶  betw. Tuam and Galw.; ¶  perh. C. Cathaile al. C. Cathail, q.v.; ¶  ro loisceadh Leacach 7 C. C. in Connacht, Hb. 121; ¶  Ui Callannain of C. C., Fir. 204; ¶  C. C. in Connacht, Ai. 45 b.; ¶  Hui Calannan of C. Cathaill in W. Connacht, physicians of Hui Briúin Rátha, Ro.
c. ceilbili
Húi Laebucain 7 Húi Maelin Oircindidh Cilli Ceilbili, in O Flaithbertach's country, Z. 188 b; ¶  now p. Kilkilvery in b. Clare, contains t. of Headford, c. Galw., Wc. 370.
c. ceineli (?)
Kel Keineli; ¶  in Ui Felan and d. Gendal., Cr. 1192.
c. céire
Ciar acus Lassar ógha tutelares of Domhnach móin in d. Clogher i duthaigh Meig Mathghamhna, Md. 376.
c. ceis
now C. Céis and Kilkeasy p. and tl. in b. Knocktopher, d. of Ossory, N. 216.
c. ceiss
the celebrated Muilend of Cill Ceiss in Oirier, Bb. 141 a; ¶  leg. Osraigib (?).
c. céli críst
in Ui Dunchada i Fothartaib, il-Laignib (Ui Dunchada was betw. the Liffey and the Dub. mts.), Fep. Md. 62, F. 60, Fg. 46, C. 455.
c. cellaigh
seems in Corco Achlann, Au. ii. 274.
c. cellaigh
in Connacht, Con. 2 a; ¶  Kilkelly p., ch. and vil. in b. Costello, Mayo, Fm. iii. 222, Fy. 484, Lc. 272, 276.
c. chelláin
on a mountain, Ll. 308 b; ¶  seems in Lein.
c. cendmar
i.e., Da. les; ¶  Féile of Sanctan in Cill Cendmar on VII. Id. Maii, Ll. 360; ¶  Sanctán, bp of Cell dá les, Fg. 392; ¶  this is mixed up; ¶  cf. Sanctan, Hermen, Andreas, Canmar (ó chill da les), Fg. 94; ¶  perh. Kill St. Ann, nr. Bohernabreena, c. Dub., where are 2 lisses.
c. cheráin
in Cantire, Of. 476; ¶  v. C. Chiaráin.
c. cerbaill
do'n taoibh tuaidh do Mhuigh Lacha i gCondao in Chláir, Ix. 40; ¶  the Druth of C. C., Bb. 160 a.
c. cere
in Muscraige Tire, Bb. 141 b; ¶  Ui Raibne Cille Cere, Genelac Muscrige Tire, Ll. 323, Bb. 81 a, Fir. 398; ¶  Cere Scad of Cill Cere of the Sil Conaire, Ai. 149 b, Bb. 123 a, 398, Lec. 111; ¶  Ciaresgad in C. C. in Mun., Fir. 720; ¶  Cera of C. C. in Mun., C. 14, 15; ¶  C. Cheri a Muscraide Thire, F. 37; ¶  i Muscraighe ocus i Maigh Ascaid atá, Fg. 8; ¶  C. Chéiri a Muscraige thiri, Kilkeary or Kilkeare, in b. Upper Ormond, c. Tipp., 3 m. SE. of Nenagh, Fia. 86, Ods. 596, Md. 6; ¶  C. Chéire Musccraicche, Md. 6; ¶  C. Crée nomen per corruptionem, nota in marg., ibid.; ¶  Crescad of C. Cheri, Lb. 21; ¶  Ciaresgad in C. Cere, in Mun., Fir. 720; ¶  C. C., al. Chre in Mun., C. 14, 15; ¶  Cereascadh, one of the 3 Seanóiridhe of Síl Conaire, in C. Céire, Ai. 149 b; ¶  Raibne mac Muindich, of the Muscraidi Tiri, fr. whom are the Hi Raibne of C. Ceiri and the Hi Raibne fri Sliab a nEas, Lec. 229.
c. cernáin
Kylkernan, in dry Duleek, d. Meath, Tax.
c. cerne
Kilcarne, al. Kilcarne, in Skreen dry., d. Meath, Tax.; ¶  ecclesia Cerne in Mag Breg, a.; ¶  cf. fir Cherna, prob. Carnes, in p. Duleek, Ml. 66.
c. cesin
on Sliabh Mairgi, Fer. 130.
c. cianáin
on N. bank of the Byne, E. of the Monastery, Fir. 693; ¶  on the Boyne: tuc an t-angel inni Patraic, otha Sliab Mis i nDal Araide co Cill Ciannain ... for bru Boinne a tuaid fri Mainistir anair, Lh. 98.
c. ciannáin
in Island Magee, Ra. 58, Ct. 4.
c. ciaráin
Kilkeran, in dry. and d. Ross, Tax.; ¶  Kilkerrin, 6 m. fr. Clonakilty, Kj. iv. 457; ¶  Kilkerranmore, p. 21/2 m. fr. Clonakilty, Pgi. ii. 441.
c. chiaráin
in p. Moyrus, c. Galw., Wc. 97; ¶  also Kilkerran Bay, in c. Galw., Pgi. ii. 441; ¶  C. Chiaráin, Kilkerran, 2 places in Argylesh., and 2 in Ayrsh., R. 399; ¶  C. Chiaráin, Kilkerran, old name of Campbeltown, in Scotl., R. 399; ¶  C. Chíaráin, Balle Chille Chíaráin, in Pobal Muinntire Crecháin, l. of Shane Bourke, Fa. 2.
c. chiaráin
Kilkeiran, at Tráigh Chiaráin, on Island of Cape Clear, Gc. 22.
c. chiarain
Ciarán Cilli Ciaráin, Lec. 116; ¶  Ll. 367, Bb. 111 a, 124 b, F. 61.
c. ciarascaidh
St. Ciarscadh of the Síl Conuire of C. C., I. 108 b 2, Lis. 147 a; ¶  v. C. Chére.
c. cíche
Comgall of C. C. (colman of C. Cíchi, Bb. 124 b), Ll. 367, Lec. 116, Ai. 150 b.
c. cich
Clann Carthaigh Chille Cioch iad sin, Hz. 77.
c. cillin
it and the marsh of Kilkillin in l. of Monasternenagh, c. Limk., Sw. 1200.
c. chinni
nr. Cell Crumtir in Muscrige, Cs. 52.
c. cinn iubhair
in p. Killedan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 484.
c. chisín
Kilkishen, in b. Tulla, c. Clare, Ti. 80.
c. clethi
Kilclief (?); ¶  Mac Táil Cilli Culind and Caelán Cilli Clethi, Mun. sts, Ll. 349, 351, Lb. 16, 19, Fir. 723, Lec. 108; ¶  Eogan in C. C., Fir. 723; ¶  Eoghan, son of Trichim of C. C., Bb. 121 a, Ct. 110, Lec. 94, 108, Lb. 16, Fir. 723, Ll. 349; ¶  Kilclief (?); ¶  v. next word.
c. clethi
C. Cleithe; ¶  Kilclief, nr. Strangford L., in b. Lecale, Down, Fm. ii. 632, 744. Ra. 38, Tig. Rc. xvii. 355; ¶  Colmán of C. Cleti, Bb. 122a, Fir. 740; ¶  Mac Tail of C. Cuillind and Colman of C. Clethedai, sons of Echaidh Mic Dergain, Lb. 19; ¶  Mochae of C. Ceithi, Lec. 118, Ll. 368, Bb. 125 b, Ai. 151 b; ¶  Sitrioc rí Gall do dul for creich an Ulltoibh insa conccoibh go ro ort C. Chleithe 7 Innis Chosgraigh, A.D. 1002, Hb. 83, K. 170 b.
c. cleithe
Kilcleagh p., in Westm.
c. cleithe
Kilclay nr. Clogher, c. Tyr.
c. cleithighe
Mac TailCille Cuilind i Laignib; ¶  do Shliocht Cuirc mic Luigdech rí Muman dó 7 derbbráthair do Cholmán Cille Cleitighe, Md. 166; ¶  v. C. Clethi.
c. cliathach
Kilcleagh p., in b. Clonlonan, c. Westm., Kj. iv. 449.
c. clochair
Donnchadh patrun na n-iasgaireadh i cCill Clochair, ceithre mhíle ón Droichead (i. ó Droichead Átha) i ndiæc. Ard Macha i cCondae Luth Strabaile, Md. xlvi; ¶  in Bregaib, Ct. 271; ¶  cf. Clogher Head, in c. Louth.
c. clochair
Hui Dega big, or Ui Muiredaigh, in Lein., owners of Ráith Droma, Teach mic Midhnan and Cell Clochair, Lec. 193, Ll. 312, 382; ¶  Teach Mic Midnaim and C. C. belonged to the Hui Muiredaigh, Bb. 72 a; ¶  Achad Cille Clochair, F. 147.
c. clochair
Kilcloher, 4 m. SW. of Ennis, c. Clare.
c. clochair
Kilcloher, a tl. 4 mls. E. of Cappoquin, Waterf.; ¶  C. Clochair, Kilcloher, on r. Shannon, near Loop Head, Clare. c. clogáin; ¶  Kilclogan Commandery of Knights Templars, now Templetown, c. Wexf.
c. cluaine
Kilclooney at Ballinasloe, b. Clonmacowen, c. Galw.; ¶  St. Grellan fd. this ch. in Magh Seincheineoil, Im. 9, Mm. 340. c. chluaine; ¶  in d. Connor; ¶  St. Bolcan of C., C. 377.
c. cluaine
in Mun. (the Geneaology of the Ciarraidhe), Fir. 547; ¶  Ráith Camene, S. of C. Cluaine, Bb. 90 a.
c. cluaisi
in Tuath O Fiannadhuigh, in Caoille, Mun., is the Uamh Adhlaicthi of Tuath O Fiannadhuigh, Lis. 183 b.
c. cluana
betw. Sliab Crot and Marige in c. Cork, C. 573.
c. cluana
Kilcloyne, nr. Carrigtuohill, c. Cork, Kj. iv. 457. c. cluana; ¶  Kilclony in dry. Eliogarty, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. cluana
Kill Cluona, ecclesia prati, O'S. III. iii. 4; ¶  Kilclooney (? c. Arm.).
c. cluana ferta
p. of Kilclonfert in King's c.
c. cnaici (?)
Kelknaki in d. Glendal., c. Wick.; ¶  nr. Rathsalach (?), Cr. 1129; ¶  leg. C. Cuaici. q.v.
c. cnamraige
Cellachan, of the Muscraige Tire of Lesdubáin and C. C. Tíre, Bb. 141 b, 81 a, X. 100, Ll. 323.
c. cobrainne
Scandal C. C. (3rd Maii), Fg. 88, Md. 118; ¶  C. Combraind, Mt. 23.
c. choc
Kilcock; ¶  plundered by O'Byrne, Bran. 91 b; ¶  v. C. Choca. c. choca; ¶  in Cairbre, c. Kild., B. lx. 349; ¶  on border of Meath, C. 465; ¶  atá Cell Choca san Midhe oideacht lae ó Ath Cliath, Md. 378, xxxix.; ¶  Cuaca ógh ó chill chuacca i cCoirpre Ua cCiardha, Fg. 12; ¶  C. Cocco, in Lein.; ¶  aen bó do Ríg Temra do gress as in Chill sin cid cloen bés cech bliadain, Ll. 376, Fir. 451; ¶  Aonbóin Cille Cocctha, in Lein., Fir. 451.
c. coca (?)
Kilcok in Ulst., Bisset's l., Sp. an. 1282, p. 433; ¶  nr. Glenarm, c. Antr.
c. chochair
in d. Clogher, Sw. 366; ¶  leg. C. Clochair (?).
c. chódh
in Carbery, c. Cork; ¶  Tighearna Chloinne Diarmada .i. Fear Cille Chódh, the MacCarthys of Carberry, Ai. 131 a; ¶  Kilcoe p. and tl.
c. coda
Kilcoda in d. Ross, Tax.
c. codigi
l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. coel
Kilkoel, d. Dub.; ¶  seems nr. Rathmichiel and Dalkey, Cr. 1199; ¶  C. Cóill, C. Cael or C. Cúile (?).
c. choemáin
in Árd-Oileán, Aran Isles, Ct. 168, C. 313, 714; ¶  recte 5 m. N. of Aran Isles, Wc. 76; ¶  v. C. Chaemáin.
c. coemhe
Coema ógh ó Chill Choemhe, Fg. 70; ¶  but Coini Cilli Coine, Mt. 20; ¶  Coemhi Albanach ó Chill Coeimhi, Fg. 210.
c. coemgin
in mountain parts of d. Dub., Cr. 1179; ¶  v. C. Chaoimhghein; ¶  Kilkeyvin in Balimor dry, d. Dub., Cr.
c. coice
imairecc Cille Coice i thorchair Fergal tigerna Fortuath Liagen, Fm. i. 878; ¶  Kilcock in b. Clane, Kild.; ¶  v. C. Choca.
c. coindeiri
locally pron. Connyer, not Connor, Fia. 66; ¶  the seven sts. of C. Coindera, Lb. 24; ¶  cf. C. Chaindre.
c. cóine
Féile of Cóine of C. C., on II. Kal. Ap., Ll. 358, Mt. 20; ¶  but C. Coemhe, Fg. 70.
c. choinnigh
Kilkenny city; ¶  baile ina raibhe Comhuirle na hÉiren na suidhe, Ch. 204; ¶  v. C. Cainnigh.
c. choirpri
v. C. Chairpri.
c. coiscle
St. Ernán of C. C., Lec. 119, Bb. 126 a.
c. colccan
Kilcolgan, in b. Dunkellin, Galw., Con. 17 a, Fm. ii. 1940; ¶  v. C. Colgan.
c. colgan
Kilcolgan, p. and vil. in c. Galw., on the bay of G., and b. Dunkellin, Fm. iii. 370; ¶  4 m. SE. of Oranmore, Pgi. ii. 379; ¶  at Áth Cliath Medraige, Ll. 372, Bb. 118 a, Lec. 90, Lb. 14, Fir. 711, Ct. 494, C. 381, Ar. 182, Md. 62, Lc. i. 428; ¶  at Áth Cluana Medraige, I. 111 a.
c. colmai
Faelan Find of C. C., Feast on III. Non. Maii (Foilán, C. 104, Ll. 360, Md. 120), C. 104.
c. cholmáin
t. in b. Arra, c. Tipp., 2 m. W. of Nenagh, Ods. 596; ¶  the Castle of Cill Colmain, belonging to Tadhg na Cuile O Briain in Arad, Ai. 108 b, Hb. 9 a; ¶  in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. colmáin
Kilcolman, in dry. Rathkeale, d. Limk., Tax., Sp. an. 1280, p. 370.
c. colmáin
Kilcolman, in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. colmáin
Cill Colmáin is the burial place of Rosac na Righraidhe in Mun., Lis. 183 b; ¶  Spencer, the poet, resided here; ¶  2 m. N. of Doneraile, c. Cork, Jos. O'Longan, on the Two Fermoys. c. colmain; ¶  Geisille of C. Colmain, in Magh Lífe, Bb. 123 a, Lec. 111.
c. cholmáin
in Dalaradia, C. 313; ¶  v. C. Cholmóc.
c. colmáin
Kilcolman in dry. Shrule, d. Tuam, Tax., in b. Kilmaine, Mayo; ¶  the Castle of Cell Colmáin demolished by the son of Conor Ruadh, King of Connacht, A.D. 1284, Con. 22 b.
c. colmáin
Kilcolman tl. and p. in b. Costello, Mayo, Fm. iii. 440, Ci.; ¶  al. baile mic Rugraidhe mic Goisdelbh, Lc. ii. 292. c. colmáin; ¶  Bp. Colman of C. Colmain, Lec. 103.
c. colmáin
Kilcolman, 7 pp. and about 20 tls. of this name in Ireland.
c. colmáin bháire
C. C. B. a bParóisde Cille Córrnigh i mBarúntacht Bóirne i Condae an Cláir, Ix. 52.
c. colmáin elo
Ecclesia S. Colmaneli in 1247; ¶  Kilcolmanel in 1327; ¶  Kilcalmonell, in Kintyre, Jo.
c. colmáin fhinn
Kilcolman, nr. Ballaghaderreen, b. Costello, c. Mayo; ¶  not in present b. Corran, where Fm. locates it, Fm. iii. 174.
c. cholmóich
al. Cell Colmáin, in the Ards, prob. "Grangee," in p. of Carrowdore, Ra. 18; ¶  Colmán of C.Colmoc, Lec. 108.
c. cholptha
in d. of Down, Ct. 27, at Raholp.
c. columbae
Colum of C. Columbae (Cille Columbe, Bb. 126 a), Ll. 369, Lec. 119, Ai. 152 a.
c. comadan
in Ui Maine, I. 41 b; ¶  C. Cumedan, Im. 7, 8; ¶  Kilcomedon, nr. Aughrim, c. Galw.
c. chomáin
Kilcommon p. in b. Kilmaine, E. of Balinrobe, Mayo, Fy. 324, 484.
c. chomáin
Kilcommon p. in N. of Erris, c. Mayo, Fy. 484, 324; ¶  in Hibh Amalgaidh, Fir. 841; ¶  Ua Caithniad tigerna Iorrais do marbad hi cCill Chomáin, Fm. iii. 56.
c. comáin
in d. of Elfin, Ct. 645; ¶  Kilcommon in Hui Maine.
c. comainn
Kilcommon, b. Clonlisk, King's c., Fm. v. 1506.
c. commain
Clann Sheamuis Mic Cathaoir (Ui Bhroin) .i. Tighearna Bhaile na Coille and tri Bhaile fhiochad oile Cille Commain, Bran. 138 b; ¶  in Wick. (?).
c. chommáin
Killecomman in 1427; ¶  Kilchoman (Islay), Jo.
c. comair
fr. Ceall Aithchearda, in Tir Muighi Feni, I went to C. Comair, Bb. 163 a; ¶  C. Commuir, in Hui Bece Uachtarach in Tuath Muighi finne; ¶  at it is the Uamh Adhluicthi of both the Húi Bece in Mun., Lis. 183 b; ¶  Kilcommyr, al. Kilcomyr in dry. Fermoy, d. Cloyne, Tax.
c. comarthai
the Féile of Mochonna of C. C. on XIII. Kal. Junii, Ll. 360; ¶  Mochonna C. Comarthae, Fg. 100; ¶  Cell Comartha, Mt. 24, Ct. 452, Md. 134.
c. combair
Au. i. 565; ¶  in Uib Echach; ¶  Comber in b. Lr. Castlereagh, c. Down, Au. i. 565, Lc. i. 32.
c. comgaill
the K. of C. C., Bb. 34 b; ¶  Eochaidh mac Muireadhoigh, K. of C. C. in Ard Uladh, Fir. 589.
c. comgaill
in d. Dub., Cr. 1179; ¶  Kilcool.
c. chomlach
the 7 daus. of Cathbath in C. C. in Magh Luirg (Kilcovelagh ?), Ll. 354, Bb. 117 b, Ct. 463; ¶  Tri h-Ingeana Cathbaigh a C. Chomlaich a muigh Luirg, i. 110 b, col. 3; ¶  the Hui Fanan of C. Comlach, of the Tuatha Taiten, X. 35.
c. comóg
Domhnall Mór na Curradh (Mac Cairthigh) won the battle of C. C., Ai. 51 b.
c. comraire
Kilcomreragh, b. Moycashel, c. Westm., Dm. iii. 557. c. conadain; ¶  Tl. p. 164; ¶  fd. by St. Patrick, in Latharna, prob. St. Cuning's, the site of an ancient ch., in p. Carncastle, c. Antr.; ¶  v. Ct. 147.
c. conaig
Finecht, dau. of Lochmi mic Dimma Chiret of C. Conaig, mother of Mochua mac Lonain, Ll. 372, Md. 346; ¶  St. Fuindeacht, dau. of Lochen, son of Dimaecirt of C. Conaich, Bb. 118 a; ¶  Fuindecht, dau. of Lochene, son of Dima Chiret of C. Conaich, Lec. 90, 193; ¶  Fuinnecht ingean Loichin mic Dima Cirig ó C. Chonaigh mathair Mochua mic Lonáin, I. 111 a 2; ¶  Mochua's mother was dau. of Loithene, son of Dioma of C. Connaigh, Fir. 451; ¶  v. C. Connaig; ¶  Kilconny tl. in p. Drumlane, Cav.
c. chonaill
in p. of Kilconnel, d. Clonfert, c. Galw., C. 632, Lc. ii. 426, Ci. Fm. iii. 633.
c. conáin
ch. of Hui Ingarduil in Caoille, Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  Kilconan in Ui Ingardail, an old ruin and burial-ground, O'Longan on the Two Fermoys.
c. conainn
in hUib Maine Chondacht, i Sogan intsaindrud, F. 62; ¶  Ua Mainnín ri Sogain dwelt at Menlach Ui Mainnin nr. Castleblakeney, and Ballydugan and Muine Casáin (the seat of Mac Ward) were in it, Im. 72; ¶  C. Conainn must be nr. those places. c. conata; ¶  l. of Monasternenagh, c. Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. conbraind
Féile of Scandal Cilli Conbraind on V. Nonas Maii, Ll. 360; ¶  C. Conbraind of Mt. 23 is C. Cobrainne, Fg. 88.
c. conchinn
a fir ni maith do bir mo Liudsae for Cuirthir Esseomh do brú Lochae Seing Meissi fén ó Cill C., Hc. 2, 760; ¶  Kilcunnahin tls., c. Tip.
c. conchubair
Fer. 153.
c. conchubhair
Kilconquahar (Elie) in 1461, Kaleconewauth in 1306, Kilcunekath in 1250, Jo.; ¶  in Scotl.
c. condala
Maelán and Fairchellach of C. C., Lec. 112; ¶  Maelán and Fairchellán of C. Condalai, Lb. 22; ¶  Maelan 7 Fairchellan of C. Condala, Ll. 353, Fir. 753, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 112.
c. conduibh
Kilconduff, p. and ch. in b. Gallen, nr. Swineford, Mayo, Au. iii. 14, Fy. 484, Mi., Fm. iv. 702.
c. conghalaigh
in Mun., nr. Dun Araill, Seisrachs of, Fer. 153; ¶  nr. Doneraile (?).
c. congi
l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. an. 120.
c. con ginse (?)
Kilcongyney in dry. Loughrea, Tax.
c. conill
l. of Monasternenagh, c. Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. conla
Kilconla in d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. conla
Kilconly in b. Dunmore, Galw., Mis. i. 219; ¶  C. Connla, Fm. iv. 960.
c. conn
Uilliam, son of Mailsheachlainn O Ceallaigh, sole choice of the royal sons of Erin, died A.D. 1420, and was buried in Cill Conn, in Hi Maine (?), Con. 54 a.
c. connaich
v. Cell Conaig.
c. connaig
the dau. of Loicheini, son of Dimai, was mother of Dimog of Cill Connaig, and was of the race of Cormac, son of Cucorb, Bb. 72 a; ¶  C. Connig, Md. xxv.; ¶  v. C. Conaig.
c. conndi
Creach lá Muiris mac Conchobhair ar Mac Uilliam Dalatún a C. C., Hb. 126; ¶  Kilconny, in Cavan, not Kilcondy nr. Bandon.
c. connla
v. C. Conla, in Galw.
c. chonodhain
in Dalriadia, Ct. 147.
c. copech
in d. Wat., Tax.
c. chora
in Connaugh, Ct. 463.
c. corbaighe
Corbach, dau. of Fiachaidh Mic Nuigh of C. C., Bb. 123 b, Lec. 112, Fir. 752; ¶  v. C. Corpaighe, q.v.
c. corbáin (?)
Kilcorban, in dry. Dundoyri, d. Clonfert, Tax.; ¶  31/2 m. SE. of Oranmore, c. Galw., Pgi. 385.
c. corbháin
Kilcurvan, in d. Elphin, Tax.
c. corbáin
Kilcorban, p. of Tynagh, b. Leitrim, c. Galw., Ti. 38, Lc. i. 421.
c. corbbáin
Kilcorban, in Ely O'Carroll, King's c., O'D. in Fm. ii. 574; ¶  but as Cerball, who was buried at C. Corbbáin, was the last K. of Lein. who resided at Naas, and as Liffey of the ships, Cnoc Almaine, Cnoc Aillenn are said to be sad at the loss of this Flaith nár Náis, I think he was buried at Kill, nr. Naas, and not in Eli O Carroll, which was then considered in Mun.; ¶  Corbbán, of C. Chorbbáin, it is a cemetery wherein 9 kings are buried -viz., Murcian, Moen, Cerball, Cellach, Colmán, Broen, Bran, Faelan and Dunchadh, Ll. 52 b, 201 b, Fm. ii. 574; ¶  the Ui Fionain of Ceall Corbáin, of the race of Cathaoir Mór, Fir. 479.
c. corbmaic
now Frankford, in b. Ballyboy, King's c., Fm. v. 1510; ¶  v. C. Cormaicc.
c. corbnatan
v. C. Chorpnatan.
c. corbrain
7 episcop of C. C., Ll. 374.
c. chorcaighe (?)
Celchorky in d. of Lismore, 1468, Brady's Episc. Succ. ii. 246; ¶  but cf. Curcach Cille Curcaighe ógh, Md. 198.
c. corcráin
Kilcorkeran in dry. Muscridonegan, d. Cloyne, Tax.; ¶  in b. Duhallow, Cork, Pgi. ii. 385.
c. corcu roide
Tl. p. 138; ¶  St. Macc-Rime's ch.; ¶  in Corkaree, Meath (?).
c. cormaicc
Saigir Chiaráin 7 C. Corbmaic do loscad; ¶  now Frankfort, King's c., Fm. v. 1510, Mis. i. 99; ¶  its Missal edited in 1900 by H.J. Lawlor, D.D.; ¶  now (1905) Kilcormic.
c. cornáin
i cConnachtuiph Cornán of C. C. i cClainn Ricaird, Md. xxxix. 374, 390.
c. chornáin
Kilcurnan, in p. Crossboyne and b. Clanmorris, Mayo, Fg. 484.
c. corpaigi
Corpach, dau. of Fiachna mac Nui in Cill Corpaige, subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 353, Lb. 22; ¶  v. C. Corbaighe.
c. corpnatan
Hui Fhínain mic Eochach of C. Chropnatan, in Lein., Ll. 315, Bb. 76 b, Lec. 459, I. 57 a 2; ¶  the terr. fr. Ath Truisten to the Ath in Cill Corbnadan belonged to the Hi Laigine and the Hi Duib Chilline at Cill Auxille in Lein., Lec. 198; ¶  Áth Truisten to the Áth in Cill Corbnatan belongs to the Hui Bairrchi in Lein., I. 58 a 1, Fir. 466, Bb. 74 a.
c. corrfesi
a leasainm, given by the Muintir Lis móir to a ch. called Mór in Magh Ulad, Bb. 163 a.
c. córrnigh
Paróisde Cille C. i mBaruntacht Bóirne i Condae an Chláir, Ix. 52; ¶  Kilcorney p. in b. Burren, 7 m. NW. of Corofin; ¶  Kilcorny in d. Kilfenora, Tax.
c. chrai
Cruimthir Meachair 7 Mursan a C. C., I. 108 b 2; ¶  v. C. Criu, C. Crui.
c. craibnata
al. C. Craebhnada, Finnguala banab Cille C. was dau. of O'Conor, Au. ii. 396, Con. 25 b; ¶  v. C. Craobhnat.
c. craobhnat
Lc. i. 524; ¶  Killcreunata, now Kilcreevanty, 3 m. NW. of Tuam, c. Galw., Fm. iii. 472, Ci.
c. cré
in Leth Mogha; ¶  Cormac Mac Carrthaigh was buried in C. Cré, A.D. 1536, Lc. ii. 290, Con. 82 a; ¶  Kilcrea Abbey; ¶  recte C. Crédhe.
c. crédhe
Mainistir Ch. C.; ¶  Kilcrea, in d. of Cork, and b. of E. Muskerry (C. Chrea, in B. liv. 950), Fm. iv. 1038, Ry. 68; ¶  Cormac mac Taidhg mic Cromaic Meg Carrthaigh, .i. fundubair Mainisdrech Cille Créidhe, Au. iii. 384.
c. cregáin
Kilcreggan (Firth of Clyde), Jo.
c. chriadh
Abhainn Chille Criadh, Ry. 200; ¶  leg. C. Créidhe.
c. cridáin
Kilcridan, in d. Cloyne, Tax; ¶  cf. S. Critán, Kilcredan, p., 5 m. SE. of Castlemartyr.
c. críst
gs. Killecrist, in d. Kilmacduagh, Tax.; ¶  Kilchreest, p., 3 3/4 m. SW. of Loughrea.
c. críst
Christchurch, Dub. (?); ¶  Ath Cliath and Cell Crist damanged in this year, i.e., A.D. 1283, Con. 22 b.
c. críst
Cell Criosd, Bishp of C. C., in Hui Donnchaidh in the Fothartuibh, Fir. 702.
c. crist
Kylkrist Macbean (Christ Church, Dub.?), Hmd. p. 148, A.D. 1264.
c. críst
Kilchrist nr. Campbelton, Max.
c. chríst
Kilchrist (old name of p. at Muir of Ord, and Strath, Skye).
c. crithaith
in d. Dub., Cr. 1179.
c. criu
Crothu, dau. of Briur, of C. C.; ¶  Crundmael of C. Criu; ¶  Cruimther Mechair and Mursan of Cill Criu, Lec. iii. 102; ¶  v. C. Crui, C. Crai (?).
c. crobnatan
v. C. Corpnatan.
c. crobnatan
Hui Finain, of C. Crobnatan (the Cland Bruidge), Bb. 76 b; ¶  v. C. Corpnatan.
c. crochain
i cocrích Laigsi 7 Ossairgi, Ll. 353 a, Lb. 21, Lec. 112, Fir. 752; ¶  Lb. and Lec. have Crocha, Crocho, Cille Crochan; ¶  v. C. Croichi.
c. croichi
Crocho of Cill Croichi, on the confines of Laighis and Osraigi, Bb. 123 b; ¶  v. C. Crochain.
c. cróine
Crón Siúr Pátraic of C. C., Bb. 126 a, Lec. 119, Ai. 152 a; ¶  Cróne Cilli Cróne, Soror Patricii (Cróine ogh ó Ch. Cróine, Md. 28), Ll. 369.
c. cróine
St. Cron of C. Chroine, her feast is on Jan. 27; ¶  dau. of Aodh i fail Fear Cualand in Fotharta Fea, Fir. 703; ¶  this is not St. Patrick's sister; ¶  prob. next word.
c. cróine
Kilcrony in Bre, dry. Dub., Cr.; ¶  well known nr. Bray. c. cróine (?); ¶  Kilcrone in d. Lismore, Tax.
c. cromglaise
i Maig Feimin, Ca. 310; ¶  isin Mumhain, Md. 100; ¶  a Cill Cromghlaise ro hailed in Cairpre sin (i. Cairbre Crom, rí Muman) ac Sceallan Cael, Lis. 30 a, Hc. 2, 570; ¶  as de rongeibh ainm re ais; ¶  ar a altramh a Cromglais, Lis. 30 a.
c. cromglaisi
in Lethnocht, in Hi Maille Machaire, in Caoille, Mun., Lis. 182 b.
c. chromriathrach
Tiobóid Buidhe Ua Maolmhuaidh do mharbhadh lé Cloinn Airt Ui Mhaoilsheachloinn i. C. C., Hb. 132; ¶  in Mulloy's or O Melaghlin's country; ¶  al. C. Cruimriathar, q.v.
c. chronach
al. C. Beacach, al. Tech na Cuarta, in c. Westm., Kj. iv. 450.
c. cronactan
an. 1260; ¶  chapel in d. Lismore, in cantred of Ywoghin, and 1/2 cantred of Yffathiatha, Tr. 84; ¶  in c. Tipp.
c. croo
al. C. an Croo, Cs. 283; ¶  seems in Leix; ¶  v. C. Criu, C. Crui (?); ¶  Kilcrow, nr. Athy (?).
c. cruacháin (?)
Kilcrokan, in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  Kilcrohane p. contains vil. of Sneem.
c. crúain
Clann Connmhaidh, .i. Baile mic Dabhí, i.e., Glinnsge and C. C. were plundered, Con. 79 a; ¶  Clann Chonnmaigh, .i. bailti Mic Dáibhíth, .i. Glinnsce 7 C. Chrúain, Lc. ii. 270; ¶  Glinnsce 7 C. Cruain Bailte Meic Dáuidh; ¶  Kilcrone tl. and p. in b. Ballymoe, c. Galw., Fm. v. 1398.
c. crui
Cruimthir Mechair 7 Mursan in C. Crui, Ll. 553, Lb. 21, Bb. 123 a, Fir. 751; ¶  v. C. Criu.
c. cruimriathar
porraisdi i cCinel Fiachaidh, i. Cell Cruimthir Fraoich, Md. xliv.; ¶  v. C. Cruimthir Fhiachrach, a p. in Westm.; ¶  and C. Chromriathrach; ¶  Kilcumreragh p., 2 m. NE. of Moate Grenogue, Pgi. ii. 393.
c. cruimtir
in Hui Maille Machaire, 11/2 m. N. of Fermoy, on the old road to Ballyhindon Castle; ¶  a ruin and burial ground called Cill Crumper (O'Longan on the Two Fermoys); ¶  in Ui Maille Machaire in Caoille, Lis. 182 b; ¶  Killcrumper in b. of Fermoy, B. lix. 274, 283, 285; ¶  Kylcrumthir, al. Kylcrumphir, Kilcrumhir, in dry. Fermoy, d. Cloyne, Tax.; ¶  nr. Cell Chinni, Cs. 521; ¶  Kilcrumper p. nr. Fermoy.
c. chruimthir
in Ui Liathain in Mun.; ¶  St. Abbanus of, C. 615, 521.
c. chruimthir fiachrach
Hui Brain of C. C. F., X. 176 (the O Breens); ¶  O Mulloy killed there by O Melachlainn; ¶  Kilcumreragh in b. Moycashel, Westm., Lec. ii. 94, Con. 45 a; ¶  the Genealogy of Ua mBroin of C. Cruimthir Fiachna (recte Fiachrach), Fir. 172; ¶  v. C. Cruimriathar.
c. cruimthir fraoich
no C. Cruimriathar i cCinél Fiachaidh, porraisdi, Md. xliv.; ¶  Kilcumreragh in Westm.; ¶  v. C. Cruimriathar.
c. cruimtir lapan
l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. an. 1200. c. cruithnecháin; ¶  "Cella Cruthnechain" of Colton's Visitation, now Kilcronaghan, a p. in d. of Derry, Adr. 191; ¶  now Kylecronechan, c. Don., Cv. 76; ¶  Kellcruchnathan in d. Derry, Tax.
c. cu
... the Cenel ... in Maigh Ailbe; ¶  i. c. Cuilinn (?), Ll. 311.
c. chuaca
Cuaca ógh ó Chill Chuacca i cCoirpre Ua cCiardha (8th Jan.), Fg. 12; ¶  now Kilcock in c. Kild.; ¶  C. Cuaiche i cCairpre Ua cCiardha, Md. 10; ¶  v. C. Choca.
c. chuachi
d. Glendaloch, seems nr. Ráith Salach, Cr. 1173; ¶  2 tls. of Kilcoagh in Donard p., c. Wick.
c. cuáin
Kilquan, c. Wexf. (O'D.; ¶  Md. 192); ¶  al. Kilcoan p., 51/2 m. E. of Clonmines; ¶  also Kilcoan p. 31/2 m. SW. of New Ross; ¶  also Kilcoanmore, 5 m. SW. of Enniscorthy, Pgi. ii. 375, 387.
c. chuain
in Hi Bece Abha, in Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  Kilcoan, in d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  Kilcoan, al. Kilquane p., 7 m. NE. of Cork, in b. Barrymore.
c. chuain románaigh
Cuan Romanach in a Chill, Ll. 373, I. 110 a 2.
c. cuairsighe
Kilcoursey b., al. Foxe's country and Kilcoursey Castle, nr. Clara, King's c., Fm. iv. 822, Pgi. ii. 387; ¶  Mag Eochacáin slain there, Con. 51 a.
c. chuana
in E. Connacht; ¶  another in Tír Briúin, Colgan, Lan. ii. 359; ¶  v. Cuannathe.
c. cuanda
Esp. Felmac o Cill Cuanda (no Tuama), Mt. 18, Fep.; ¶  = Feithmech ó Cill Tuama (16th Mart.), Fg. 56; ¶  Killtoom, in c. Westm.
c. cuannathe
Cs. 934; ¶  seems nr. Loch Orbsen; ¶  C. Chuanna in Connacht, C. 250; ¶  in d. of Tuam, Ct. 625; ¶  Cell Cuonna, seems nr. Gnomór, Cs. 932; ¶  Kilcoona p., SE. of Headford, in b. Clare, c. Galw.; ¶  Mac Cinnain its comarba, Wc. 370, Ct. 625; ¶  Meic Innan of C. Cuana, in Cland Feargaile, Bb. 54 b; ¶  Meic Cínnain comarba Cilli Cuanna in O Flaithbertach's country, Z. 188 b; ¶  Ui Colgan Mec Fionnain of C. Cuanna, Fir. 204.
c. cudan
or C. Tudain, in dry. of Balymor, d. Dub., Tax.
c. chúidbricht
C. Cuidhbreeeht, C. Chuibeirt; ¶  of old, Kilcuthbert, now Kirkcudbright, in Scotl., Sk. ii. 209, Max. cell cuidi (?); ¶  Kellquydi, in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. cúile
Kyl Coule; ¶  al. Kylcoula, in dry. Kyrrycurith, d. Cork, Tax; ¶  in a Trian belonging to Ui Congairb of Tuath Muighi finne, in Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  the Hi Mucada, i.e., an Aicme Chilli Cudi, in Mun., Lec. 222.
c. cúile
in Mag n-Airbi, in d. Cashel, Triumphalia, 200.
c. chúile
in d. Elfin, S. Bolcanus, C. 378; ¶  gs. Killiculy, in d. of Elphin, Tax.; ¶  Kilcooley p., 2 m. E. of Tulsk., c. Rosc.; ¶  Bolcan i cC. Chúle, Fg. 130, Md. 186.
c. cúile (?)
Kilcouly, in dry. Loughrea, Tax.
c. cúile
Eithne, dau. of Muiredach in Uachtar Árd in C. C., Lb. 15; ¶  Inghena Laisren i Cill Cúle, Mt. 26; ¶  = Caill Chola, Fg. 114; ¶  C. Cúile; ¶  Lugaid of C. Cúle (9th Mart.), Mt. 18, Fg. 50, Md. 72. c. cúili; ¶  7 epscoip of C. C., Ll. 374, 110 b 1; ¶  7 sts. of C. C., Lb. 24, Md. 72, 186.
c. cúile (?)
Kilcohul, in d. Dub., Cr. an. 1216; ¶  Kilcool, in Wick.
c. chúile dumai
Bran mac Muridaigh and his wife were burned in C. C. D. in Laigis Chúile by Finachta mac Cellaigh (clearly in Leix; ¶  O'D. placed it at Kilcool, c. Wick.), Ll. 39 a, 39 c, 388, Fir. 426, Au. i. 274, Fm. i. 396, Sto. 3 a 2; ¶  Murchadh, son of Bran, and his wife Aine were burned in Cill Cuile Dumha in Leinster, Bb. 35 b; ¶  Bran Ardcenn (K. of Lein., Fir.), mac Muiredaigh (of the O Tuathal) and his wife Eithne (Aine, dau. of Domnall Midech, Fir.), burned in C. Chúile Dumha, Ll. 39 c, 388; ¶  Nathfraech, Sacerdos, and the Ara of Brigit, in C. Cula Dumai, Ll. 353; ¶  Coole tls. at Abbeyleix.
c. cúili siblinne
Con. 52 b; ¶  nr. Rosc. t.; ¶  v. C. Cúile Silinne. c. cúile sibrille; ¶  Con. 57 b; ¶  v. C. C. Silinne.
c. cúile sílinne
Kilcooley in b. and c. Rosc., Fm. vi. 2495, Mis. i. 220, Fm. iv. 836.
c. cuilen
in Uachtar Árd, Bb. 120 a; ¶  at Oughterard, nr. Kill in Ne. of Kild. (?).
c. chuilind
Kilcullen, c. Kild., Fm. iv. 1138; ¶  Old Kilcullen hamlet in p. and b. of Kilcullen, Kild.; ¶  it contains an old cross, a graveyard, the ruins of a round tower and monastery, Pgi. ii. 390.
c. chuilinn
in Mun., C. 615; ¶  ? Kilcullen in p. Donaghmore, 7 m. NE. of Macroom, c. Cork; ¶  v. Pgi. ii. 30.
c. chuilind
Crutanach of C. C. in Cairpre, Bb. 123 b, Lb. 20, Lec. 112; ¶  Cainer, dau. of Cruthechan in C. C. in Cairpri; ¶  subject to St. Brigit, Ll. 353; ¶  Cainer ingen Cruithnechain i C. Cuilinn i cCairpre, Fg. 24, Md. 28 (which has Carnder and Coirpre); ¶  in Carberry, C. 175, Fir. 752; ¶  rofhothaig P. cella 7 congbála i Maigh Liphi 7 forácaib Usaile i Cill Usaili 7 Iserninum 7 Macc Táil hi C. Culind, Tl. 186, Lis. 5 b, Ll. 351, F. 77, Md. 112, Ch. 50, Au. i. 50; ¶  ar brú abhann Life, Fm. iv. 1138; ¶  a Laighnibh, Md. 167, Lec. 613; ¶  St. Lochinus of C. C., C. 176; ¶  in d. Dub., Cr. 126; ¶  v. next word.
c. cuilind
in d. Glendaloch, in Tristledermot dry., Cr. an. 1179, 1192, 1214; ¶  Glendaloch was afterwards joined to Dub.; ¶  Mac Tail (of the Hui mBairrche) of C. C., Fir. 462, 740, Au. 50, Fm. iv. 1138, Md. 167; ¶  Mac Tail of C. C. desc. fr. Dairi Barrach, I. 57 b 1; ¶  Mac Táil, i. Eogan, son of Corcran, its patron, Tig. Rc. 140, Fm. i. 186; ¶  Mac Táil ó Ch. Ch., Ll. 308 a, 313, Ir. 57 b 1, Lec. 613, Fir. 724, 740, Fep., Ct. 152, 257, Lb. 19; ¶  plundered by Amhlaoibh, son of Gothfraidh, who took 1,000 prisoners fr. it, K. 169 b; ¶  Maelochtraigh, ab. of C. C. and C., Manach, d. 784, Au. i. 260; ¶  oc Ri Cuind eter Forraig Rath ocus Cill Culind, Lh. 121; ¶  Diarmait mac Ailello princeps Cille Cuilinn; ¶  Old Kilcullen, c. Kild., on r. Liffey, Au. i. 456, Mi., Cri., Mis. i. 220; ¶  v. previous word.
c. cuilinn
Kilcullen in c. Kilk., Pgi. ii. 422.
c. chuimin
1 m. fr. Oughterard in W. Connacht, Wc. 54.
c. cuimin
ar bru na Siuire, Sb. 29 b 1.
c. cuimne
Cumman Becc of C. C. i Tamhnacha, Fg. 116; ¶  Kilkevna, in p. Killedan and b. Gallen, Mayo, Fg. 485.
c. cuinge
Findbarr of C. C., Lec. 116, Bb. 124 b; ¶  C. Cuingidh; ¶  secht nepscoip of C. C., I. 110 b 1; ¶  v. C. Cuinge, C. Cunga.
c. chuinne
Kilkenny in p. Taghmaconnell, b. Athlone, Rosc., Kj. iv. 456.
c. chuinni
Creach la Ua Maoilsheachloinn for Chill Chuinni dú rug bú iomdha a Machuire Chuircne, Hb. 133; ¶  Kilkenny in c. Westm.; ¶  v. C. Cainnigh.
c. chuirin
Kilkerrin tl. and p. in c. Galw., Kj. iv. 455.
c. cúirsige
Con. 55a; ¶  Kilcoursey b. and castle in King's c.; ¶  v. Belach Cille C.
c. cula
v. C. Cúile.
c. cula ballderg
Cuanu mac Duanamail in C. C. B., Ll. 352, Lec. 102, 111, Bb. 123 a.
c. cúla derg
Cuana mac Dunamuil of C. C. D., Bb. 123 a, Lec. 111; ¶  v. C. C. Ballderg.
c. cúla dumai
v. C. Chúile Dumai.
c. culain
in Ros nGlaisne, on the banks of the Barrow, Lec. 123. c. cúle; ¶  v. Cell Cúile.
c. culen
or Cill colling in Olethan, B. lix. 274; ¶  c. Cork.
c. cuma
plundered by O'Byrne, Bran. 91 a.
c. cumha
C. Cua (?); ¶  Kilcoo p. in b. Iveagh, Down, said locally to be C. Cumha in Irish, Dc. i. 40.
c. cumadan
Kilcomedon, in p. Aughrim, c. Galw., Im. 78.
c. cumain
la Caille Conaing, al. C. Chuimin; ¶  now p. Kilcummin nr. Killala, on W. of Killala Bay, Fy. 8, 10; ¶  in NE. of b. Tirawly, Fy. 482, 44, 166; ¶  N. of Caille Conaill in Huibh Amalgaidh, Lec. 169, Fir. 274; ¶  of the Clann Conaing, son of Fergus, son of Amhalgaidh, is Cumaoin Foda of C. Cumaoin in Caille Conaing, Fir. 248.
c. cumain
Síl Cumain fota of Cill Cumain; ¶  Cumain Mac Diarmada was interred at the feet of Hui Suanaigh in the Ulaid móir Cille Cumain, Lec. 163; ¶  Kilcummin in b. Clonlisk, King's c., Kj. iv. 450.
c. cumain
i tir O nEathach; ¶  Cumain Mac Diarmada in C. Cumain, Ha. 795.
c. cumain cadan
Cumain Cadan, in Enach Duib, on the brink of the Shannon, Lb. 21, Fir. 738.
c. cumili
Mugenoc Cille C., Cs. 164; ¶  Mugenoch Kylli Cumli studied at Clonard, Cs. 200; ¶  Kilcooly (?).
c. chunda
Luran ó Daeiri Lurain 7 Lorainn ó C. Chunda anís, I. 111 a, 1; ¶  Loaen of C. Chunnu in Disert (Ciaran ?), Bb. 117 b; ¶  Lurán duanaire 7 Loorn of C. Chundu, Ll. 354, 372, Lec. 89; ¶  in the south, Loorn's place, Ll. 372, Lec. 89; ¶  in the south, Loorn's palce, Ll. 372, Ml. 244; ¶  Biran of C. C. anis, I. 109 a 2; ¶  the battle of Fochart in Magh Muirtheimne, fought on accunt of the desecration of C. Cunna by Hui Seaghain (the people of Aedh Roin); ¶  nr. Cell Tairri at Fochaird, Lg. 196, 197, Md. 244; ¶  atá taobh re taobh C. Cunna 7 C. Tairre; ¶  Kilcooney in p. Ballyclog, b. Dungannon, c. Tirone, Fm. i. 330.
c. cunga
Findbarr of C. C., Feast VIII. Ides Sept., Ll. 362, 367.
c. cunga
Dadnan epscop Cilli Cunga; ¶  Feast on III. Id. Ap. at Cong (?), Ll. 358, Fep., Md. 100, Fg. 74, Mt. 21; ¶  Findbarr .i. Brodna of C. Cunga, Md. 242, Fg. 172, C. 597; ¶  Findbarr of C. Cunge i. Broednea, Mt. 33.
c. cungaid
7 sts. of C. C., Lb. 24; ¶  7 bps. of C. Cunid, Ll. 374; ¶  perh. Kilcunny, a suburb of Belturbet, c. Cav.
c. cunna
Md. 244; ¶  v. C. Chunda.
c. cuonna
Cs. 932, 933; ¶  seems nr. Loch Orbsen.
c. curcaighe
Curcach of C. C., Md. 198; ¶  Kilcorkey p., 6 m. W. of Elphin, c. Rsc.
c. curcaise
Curcaise of C. C., Mt. 29, Lec. 112.
c. curnain
in Tuath Muighi finne, in the Caoille, in Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  nr. Fermoy.
c. curnáin
in c. Limk.; ¶  Curnán Beg, Patrún a bporraisde Cille Curnáin i cCaenraighe i cCondae 7 in Epscopoidecht Luimnigh, Md. 392, 8; ¶  in d. and c. of Limk.; ¶  in b. Kenry 4 m. NE. of Askeaton, Pgi.; ¶  Kilcurnan in dry. Adare, d. Limk., Tax.; ¶  O'Briain of C. Cúrnáin, Ai. 111b; ¶  Fairchindeach of C. C. in the Cuanachaibh, Hb. 12 b; ¶  also Kilcornan in cc. Clare, Longf., Galw. and Tipp., and Kilcornan House in Westm.
c. da chamóg
Kildacommoge in b. Carra, Fy. 485; ¶  a p. 41/2 m. NE. of Castlebar, Pgi.
c. dá-chellóc
i n-Uib Cairpri a Mumain, F. 65, Bb. 161 b; ¶  C. Da-Chellocc, Fm. ii. 816; ¶  Kilmallock, c. Limk.; ¶  v. C. mo-Chellóc. c. dachonne; ¶  nr. Tóchar Mónad Coinneda, Lc. i. 220; ¶  C. Dachonna, al. Tech Dachonna; ¶  Tiaquin in b. Tiaquin, Galw., Ci.; ¶  Tiaquin House is 5 m. N. of Athenry.
c. dá chraobhthan
al. Tir dá Chraobh; ¶  Muiredach of C. dá C., Fir. 707.
c. dá druim
Kildadrum in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. daelen
Féile Sancti Treno of C. D., X. Kal. Apr., Ll. 357, Mt. 19; ¶  Trenán of C. D., C. 726, Ll. 357, Mt. 19.
c. daeuess
Rolf Ab Cille Daeuess and Ralf Erennach of C. Dá Lúadh, X. 429 a.
c. dagáin
Kildagan in dry. Loughrea, Tax.
c. daimcinn
Fg. xiv.
c. daindend
Indú Már 7 Indú Bec, 2 daus. of Breccán Mac Brenaind in C. D., subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 353; ¶  Indu 7 Indubhech, daus. of Breacan, son of Brénand, in C. Daindéin, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 112; ¶  Indu 7 Uallduibeach, daus. of Braccan Mac Brenaind in C. Daninde, Lb. 22; ¶  Ionduibec and Inu in C. Daininne, Fir. 752.
c. daingin
al. Baile Baltair; ¶  plundered by O'Byrne, Bran. 91 b; ¶  Kildangan, 4 m. SW. of Kild.
c. daingin in chablai
seems nr. Ballymote; ¶  Ceathrugha Baile do bhuain do Thadhg Mac Sída .i. lethchetrúgha a C. D. in Ch. 7 lethcethrúgha do Bhaile in Mhóta, Ix. 44.
c. daininne
v. C. Daindend.
c. dairbhile
St. Dervila's ch. in W. of Erris, Mayo, Fy. 114; ¶  Kildervila, or Termondervila, in Iorras, Mi.; ¶  C. Dairbhileadh i n-Iarthur Éirenn, Fa. 4, 7; ¶  v. C. Darbile, C. Derbiled.
c. da la
fr. Fiach mac Muireadaigh is the Síl Cillini Scothban at C. Da-la, Lec. 197; ¶  Kildallagh, 2 m. NE. of Coleraine (?). c. dá les; ¶  Sanctán epscop ó Chill da les (9th Maii), Mt. 23, Md. 122, Fep., Bo. lx., F. vii., Fg. 92; ¶  "nescio ubi est Cell da less," F. 85; ¶  in Lein., Ct. 8; ¶  Cell Epscoip Sanctáin nr. Bohernabreena, Dub., is now Kill St. Anne; ¶  I think I saw two lisses there.
c. dalláin
in Breifne, C. 204, Md. 30; ¶  atá i Tulaigh Dalláin fos i tTír Conaill, nota in marg., ibid.; ¶  Fland of C. D., Lec. 99; ¶  Kildallon p. 3 m. N. of Killeshandra, c. Cav.
c. da lóg
Kildalog in d. Elphin, Tax.; ¶  al. C. dá loch; ¶  Kildalough is the same as Drum eidir dá loch, p. Ballysadare, Sli.; ¶  al. Drum derg, in Down Survey, Pb. 280.
c. dallóig
Kildallog at Campbeltown in Scotl., Jo.
c. daltáin
Kildalton in Islay, dedicated to St. John, our Lord's daltán, Max.
c. da lúa
Killaloe d. and t., c. Clare, Lc. ii. 254; ¶  i nDál cCais, Fg. 240, Au. ii. 36, 84, 144, iii. 200, i. 522, Cg. 138, 144, 200, Ch. 257, Cl. 44, Con. 25 a, Ct. 633; ¶  Cell Da-Lua Flannáin, Tp., Tor. 3; ¶  Kildelo in half cantred of Truoghed in Mun., charter of 1200, Kj. i. 391; ¶  Kildelou, an. 1201, Gn. lxviii.; ¶  Civitas Killelouensis, Gb. 31, Tor. 3; ¶  Killaloe. c. dam; ¶  Forgoll of C. D. in Ulst., Lu. 133 b.
c. dá macc
Colman Cille da macc; ¶  like Momaedhoc of Fidh dúin and Colmán of C. dá macc, Bb. 122 a.
c. damnait
old ch. on the S. of Island of Achil, Fy. 485; ¶  the Catholic chapel of Kildevnet is there, Pgi. i. 8.
c. danain
in the Eoganacht Glennomhnach in Caoilli, Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  nr. Glanworth, c. Cork.
c. dara
Druim Criaig fris a rater C. D. indiu, It. i. 106; ¶  C. Daro, Au. i. 40, 436, and passim; ¶  i Laignibh, Md. 4; ¶  Domnach Mór i toeb C. D., Lh. 117, 168; ¶  Loch Lemnachta fri C. D. a tuaith, Lh. 117; ¶  torc allaid ro bói i n-alaile caillid fri Cill Dara a tuaid, ocus ro sen Brigit co n-a bachaill in caille ic Ros na Ferta i Cill Dara fri Cloc-tech a tuaith, Lh. 120, 121; ¶  Techsruithe, an abb. of nuns in C. Dara, Au. i. 278; ¶  Mainistir Chille hAchaidh in easpucoidecht Chille Dara, Lc. ii. 78, Fir. 458, Lh. 108, Md. 4, 8, 34, 36, 52, 118, 354, Bb. 42 a, F. 7, 40, 72, 83, Fg. 7, 10, 28, 38, 88, Mt. 11, 23, Lis. 15 a, 24 a, Cs. 87, &c., 217, 488, Au. i. 240, 325, 328, 329, Au. ii. 18, 66, Au. iii. 112, Fia. 156, Gc. 172, Ci., Mi., Cri., Kp. 929, Cg. 18, 34. c. dara; ¶  Kildara in d. Tuam, Tax.; ¶  Kildare hamlet in p. Templetogher, 31/2 m. NW. of vil. of Ballymoe, c. Galw., Pgi. iii. 341; ¶  in Costelach, in d. of Tuam, Ct. 625.
c. darbile
Kildarvilla in S. of Kilmore p. in b. Erris, Mayo, Fm. iii. 330; ¶  v. C. Dairbile.
c. dareis
Tl. p. 264; ¶  Sinell of St. Patrick's bellringer (astire ? ostiarius, Stokes); ¶  cf. Cell Aires; ¶  a ch. in Connaught, St. Senell, Ct. 272 (?), 188, num. 120.
c. darene
p. ch. in d. of Dub., Ct. 625.
c. dá rígh
Kildaree, name of 2 tls. in c. Galw., and of tl. nr. Crossmolina in Mayo, Ro.
c. darire
Kildorrery p., c. Cork, Kj. iv. 458.
c. daro
Kildare, Au. i. 240, 382; ¶  i.e., Cella roboris, Vita 3 a et 4ta of St. Brigit.
c. darur
in dry. Fermoy, d. Cloyne, Tax.; ¶  Kildorery (?).
c. dayn
or C. ridayn, Tr. 508; ¶  in Mun.
c. dea
Mt. 39; ¶  = Cell Ae, Fg. 244; ¶  cf. Inber Dea, Loch Dea; ¶  perh. at Kildee Catholic ch. in SW. of c. Clare, nr. Dunbeg.
c. dechnain
fr. Tír in Locha to Drumanna Cilli Dechnain was owned by Dal Damail (the Cenel Colmáin), Bb. 82 b, Lec. 234. c. dega; ¶  Kildega in d. Elphin, Tax.
c. deglan
in Meath, Rst. 26; ¶  v. C. Eglan.
c. deilge
C. Deilgge, Au. i. 280; ¶  Cuanan of C. Deilge, Au. i. 172, Bb. 93 b, Hb. 73; ¶  Kildalkey vil. 4 m. NW. of Trim, Pgi. ii. 393; ¶  Cuan of C. D., C. 251, Lec. 45; ¶  v. C. Delga, C. Delcce. c. deirg; ¶  Aodh of C. D., Ai. 150 a.
c. delcce
Sillán of, Md. 32; ¶  Sillán of C. Delge, Ct. 381; ¶  C. Delca, Au. i. 406; ¶  C. Delga, Sillan of C. D. (31st Jan.), Fg. 26, Mt. 14, Au. i. 406; ¶  Huí Cuain Chilli Delga, Lec. 452; ¶  C. Delga given by O Maelsechlainn to Abb. of Kells, Bk. 7 a; ¶  v. C. Deilge. c. deleth; ¶  in d. St. Andrew's, Scotl., Tr. 8, 109; ¶  an. 1218.
c. delga
Kildalkey; ¶  i n-Ardgal, F. 107; ¶  v. C. Delcce.
c. delga
in the Hebrides, Bo. lxv.
c. delgraigi
Mt. 39; ¶  Luchair of C. D., Feast X. Cal. Dec., Ll. 365; ¶  Cell Elgraighe, Fg. 244.
c. delgthen
battle of C. D., Ll. 185; ¶  v. Delgthen.
c. deman
the Longport of Meg Raghnaill in Brefney, Con. 53 a. c. denal; ¶  al. Killdenale in dry. Slievardagh, d. Cashel, Tax.; ¶  now Killenaule.
c. dengain (?)
Kyldegin in dry. Kild., d. Kild., Tax.; ¶  now Kildangan.
c. dera
in d. Dumblane, Scotl., Tr. 112; ¶  an. 1272.
c. derbiled
i n-iarthar Chondacht, F. 128; ¶  v. C. Dairbile, C. Darbile.
c. derce daim
the 7 bps. of C. D. D., Ll. 374, Lb. 24, Fch. p. 108, or Fep.; ¶  Aed of C. Derci D., Lec. 115, Ll. 366, Bb. 124 a. c. deri; ¶  ds.; ¶  de Kilderi per Fahennealy ad Glasmolan, in O'Tool's l., Cr. c. 12, 60; ¶  C. Daire(?).
c. diad
7 sts. of C. D., Lb. 24.
c. diagh:
"Baile na Cairrge Cilldiagh, geall na hairgne let' aimhriar," —Bran. 93 a; ¶  nr. Baile na Cairrge and in Lein. it seems.
c. diarmata
in NW. of p. Attymas, district of Coolcarney, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 485.
c. dimae
in Scotl., Ct. 493.
c. diomma
in Caenrige in c. and d. Limk., Md. 403; ¶  now Kildimo p. in b. of Kenry.
c. dirmaige
Mochoemóc Cilli Dirmaige, Ll. 368; ¶  Durrow (?).
c. dithreibh
episcopal see in Breffney, Ct. 350, 381, 494; ¶  v. C. Mór Dithreib, or Kilmore p. and d.
c. dolowan
in d. Lismore, Tax.
c. domnaig
Kildowny, al. Donaghmore in Magh Aine; ¶  "Moyenne" betw. Belleek, Bundrowes and L. Melvin, Ah.; ¶  C. Domhnaigh, Kildoney in p. Kilbarron, b. Tirhugh, S. of r. Erne, Fy. 80.
c. domnaig
the ch. of Donagh in b. Truogh, c. Mon.; ¶  O'Dunán was its herenach, and St. Patrick its patron, Ti. 50.
c. domhnaigh
see Ceathramh Cille D.
c. domhnaigh-arda
at Innbhior Deaghaidh in N. Lein., K. 156 a; ¶  nr. Donard.
c. domhnaill
in Pobal Bhriain, Hb. 8 a, Ai. 108 a; ¶  in Pobblebrian nr. Limk.
c. domhnáin (?)
Kildounan in dry. Othir, d. Clonfert, Tax.
c. donáin
a p. in Sutherl., written Kilduranach in charter of 1225, Inv. xviii. 197; ¶  Kildonan in c. Ayr, Inverness, Sutherl.; ¶  in the Isles of Skye and Arran St. Donan's Day is the 17th April R. 398; ¶  Kildonain in the island of Egg in Scotl., Adr. 223.
c. dornann
C. Dornonn; ¶  cath Chilli Dornonn do briseadh do Galloibh et do Mac Briain for Mac Taolain, Tig. Rc. xvii. 279, Hb. 88, Ai. 25 b; ¶  v. C. Dronnan.
c. draignech
Dondchadh slain by the Ossorians in C. D., Ll. 334; ¶  C. Droignech in Ui Dróna, now Kildreenagh in p. Dunleckny, b. Idrone E., c. Carl., Adr. 26, Ct. 373, F. 131, Fg. 158; ¶  Ernin, al. Mernocc, in C. Draignech in Uí Dróna, Md. 22.
c. draigníghe
Aibinn, dau. of Manus, of Cill Draigníghe, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 112.
c. droichit
Kyldroght, al. Celbridge, in dry. Leixlip, d. Dub., Tax., Sw. p. 240, an. 1302; ¶  Cell droicht, Cr.
c. droichid
Aided Augaine in C. D., E. of Inber Colpa, Lbl. 320. c. droichit; ¶  Imchad C. D. (25th Sept.) i n-Áird Ulad, F. 147, Fg. 184, Md. 258; ¶  in the Ardes, c. Down, perh. where the Anadoon r. flowing into inner bay of Dundrum is spanned by a bridge.
c. droignech
in Ui Dróna, Ct. 373; ¶  Kildreenagh tl. in p. Dunleckny, Carlow.
c. droma
in d. Killala, Tax.
c. droma
Kildrum p. in b. Corkaguiny, c. Kerry.
c. droma
Kildruma seems nr. Limk. in Sw.; ¶  but his next entry seems to place it nr. Brigown, c. Cork, and this is supported by C. Droma in Mairbhthir, q.v.; ¶  Kildrum tl. in p. Brigown.
c. droma leathain
Druim Leathan ocus Ceall Droma nr. Áth in Charpait i n-iarthur Maighi Maistertha, Lis. 27 b; ¶  v. Áth in Charpait, Druim lethan; ¶  Maelodrán in C. D. was of the Hui Cuirc, Ll. 324; ¶  Maelodrán mac Colmáin, of the Muscraige Tretherne, in C. D., X. 110, Bb. 82 b; ¶  Kildrum tls. in p. All Saints, c. Don. c. dromo; ¶  or Coill droma, Kildrummie, p. in Aberdeen, Max.
c. dromoglais
Mac Liag of C. D., Bb. 123 a.
c. dromo in mhairbhthir
in Trian Tearmuinn Brighi Gobhunn, of Hi Cain in Hi Ingarduil, and in Caoille, Mun., Lis. 182 b.
c. dronnain
Dronnan o Chill Dr. (12th Sept.), Fg. 236; ¶  C. Dronain, Fep.; ¶  Cath Cille Dronnán, Fm. ii. 838; ¶  battle of Kildrunnan, Ac. 176; ¶  O'D. says, "situation of the churbh (sic) not described"; ¶  I think it is Kildronan in c. Kild., mentioned in Ah. an. 1307, 1318; ¶  v. C. Dornann.
c. drostáin
St. Drostan of, B. xxviii. 199; ¶  Kildrostan, Kildusklan, in Glenesk, Forfar, where Droustie's well is, Jo. c. duanghluinn; ¶  Ua Maoilfhithrigh ó Ch. D., Guile Ua Maoilfhithrigh, Hx. 216; ¶  leg. C. Duma Gluinn, q.v.
c. dubirayn
in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. dubthaich
Kilduich (Loch Duich), Jo.
c. duibhdúin
Killadoon tl. in b. Tirerrill, Sli., Fy. 485, Fm. v. 1272, Lc. ii. 204; ¶  Mac Donnchaidh, Ab. of Oilen na Trionoide in L. Cé, was buried in Cill duib Duín, an. 1504, Con. 69 a.
c. duilig
.i. Grangegorman, nr. Dub., as Archb. Alan's Register (fo. 175 a, 175 b, 176 a, 176 b) states; ¶  it is called Celldulig by Urban III. in 1186, PRIA vii. 142, 144; ¶  his day Nov. 17; ¶  "capella St. Dolachi in parochia de Ballygriffine" in the Register of Alan in Marsh Library and T.C.D. copies, ibidem. c. duingin in chablai; ¶  v. C. Daingin in Chablai.
c. duinsighe
Duinsech ógh ó Chill D. i n-Ultoibh, ocus atat tri cealla aice ann (11th Dec.), Fg. 236, Md. 332; ¶  v. C. Fhindsiche and C. Inse.
c. dumha
Fm. i. 448; ¶  al. C. dumha glinn, Kilglinn, p. Balfeaghan, b. Up. Deece, Meath, Au. i. 334.
c. dumi gluinn
i ndeisciurt Breg, Mugenóc hi Cill D. G., A. fo. 16 b a; ¶  Mogenócc hi Cill Dumai G. i ndeisciurt Breg, Tl. 68; ¶  Fg. 246, Fep., Md. 348, Mt. 39, Ct. 129, 270, Ll. 353, C. 262, Au. i. 334; ¶  Ui Mailifithrigh of C. D. G., Hui Chuana of C. D. G., Lec. 146, Bb. 52 b, Fir. 189, 190.
c. dunain
"Ecclesia St. Dunani," in d. Leighlin, Cr. c. 1180. c. eae; ¶  Féile of Forannán of C. Eae, on XI. Kal. Dec., Ll. 365; ¶  v. C. Ae, C. Dea.
c. ealad
in b. Tirawly, Mayo, Fy. 164; ¶  v. C. Alad.
c. ealchrudhe
nr. Kells in Meath, K. 159 b; ¶  v. c. Elgraige. c. eanaigh cluana; ¶  Killaney, nr. Ravernet r., separating the d. of Down and d. of Dromore, in p. Saintfield, c. Down, Dc. i. 53. c. eannga; ¶  Eps. Diomabe in C. E., Lb. 22, Fir. 753, Fep., Ll. 353; ¶  v. C. Ennga, C. Endgai.
c. earca
Cairneach blessed that place, Fir. 112.
c. earga
Finnachad's place, Sil. 24; ¶  Killargy (?); ¶  v. C. Fhearga, C. Fhorga.
c. easpuig
v. C. Epscoip.
c. easpuic
Killaspy, Killaspucke, in p. Dunkitt, c. Kilk.; ¶  Killaspick in c. Wex.
c. easpuig
Gillespie farm in Wigtownsh., Max. 29; ¶  v. C. Epscoip. c. ecáin (?); ¶  Killecan in dry. Eliogarty, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. ech
Muintir Cille h-Ech, the Nugents, Fir. 840; ¶  v. C. Echi; ¶  Killagh tl. and p. in b. Delvin, Westm.
c. écháin
prob. Killeagha, b. Fore, c. Meath. Fm. iv. 816.
c. echairith
Cs. 285; ¶  seems to have belonged to St. Maidoc of Ferns or Clonmore,
c. echi
in Meath; ¶  the Galls of Meath defeated at C. E. by O Conor Falgi and Mag Eochachan an. 1414, Con. 50 a.
c. ecroth
1200; ¶  given to St. Mary's, Dub., Sw.; ¶  seems towards Dub. hills; ¶  v. C. Crithaith.
c. edargabla
tri mic Angain mic Rata a C. E. a Fidmanach, I. 109 a 2.
c. éde
a cantred in Cork, Sw. 1207.
c. egáin (?)
Killegan, al. Colestuffe, a prebend in Ferns, Tax.; ¶  now Coolstuff.
c. eglan
in Hugh de Lacy's l. in Meath, Sw. 1201; ¶  seems nr. Ratoure; ¶  Kilegelan, Rst. 8, 11, 45; ¶  Killeglan, Meath; ¶  C. Eglan in Rathoath dry., d. Meath, Tax.
c. egnaigh
in Termann Cenannsa, Lis. 136 b; ¶  Kilhehgne, Rst. 21; ¶  seems in Meath.
c. eibhicín
Killewekin, now Kulluckin, in b. Frenchpark, Rosc., Fm. iii 77, note.
c. eich
Termonn C. E. in Huibh Failghe, Hb. 94.
c. eich (?)
Killeyche; ¶  in Swerdis dry., d. Dub., Cr.
c. eidir dá abhainn
at junction of r. Owenmore and r. Uncion, p. Ballysadare, c. Sli., Pb. 99.
c. eidhnech
Ciarán of C. E., Bb. 124 b, Ai. 150 b, Fm. ii. 638; ¶  v. Cluain Eidnech (?).
c. eimni
the Gaill brought a flett to Ciarraigi Luachra and plundered C. E., Ll. 309; ¶  in Kerry (?).
c. eirbe
Laigneach and Foindil of C. E., Lec. 113.
c. éisc
Cella pescis (? piscis), Af. 13 a 2; ¶  one of the four-cornered churches built by S. Patrick in Conmaicne hi Cúil Tolat, b. Kilmaine, Mayo.
c. eision
Maidm Cille hE. by Aodh Mac S. O Byrne, Bran. 92 a; ¶  Killeshin p., in SE. of b. Slievemargy, in Queen's c.
c. eithne
Killethny, in d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. eithne
ar Brugh na Boinne, Fer. 191.
c. elaidh
v. C. Alad (Alaid).
c. elge
Tréno mac Deith ó C. Elge, 22nd Mart., Fg. 60; ¶  Trian of C. E., Fir. 735; ¶  S. Trienanus, of C. Elga in Connacht, C. 720. c. elgraige; ¶  Itha of C. E. in Termon Cenansa, Ll. 358; ¶  al. C. Egnaige i termann Cenannsa, Lis. fo. 94 b; ¶  Lucair of C. Elgraighe (23rd Dec.), Fg. 214, Md. 346; ¶  = Lucain C. Dealgraige, Mt. 39. c. helle; ¶  in Balimor dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  seems nr. Kilkerin and Douenach Imlach.
c. eltin (?)
Kill-elty in d. Lismore, Tax.
c. elwen
in manor of Fore, Gor. 7 b.
c. emuinn
plundered by O Byrne, Bran. 91 a; ¶  Kilemyn in Bre dry., d. Dub.; ¶  in gorup of Tylach, Dalkey, Clonken, and Stachlorgan, Tax.
c. enaich
Kill eanaich in d. Clogher, Ct. 184.
c. enda
nr. junction of rr. Abhainn mhór and Muinchinn, p. Kilcommon, b. Erris, Fy. 485; ¶  Enne in C. É., Ll. 367, Lec. 116, Ai. 150 b.
c. enda
Killenda, mon. in island of Aran, d. Tuam, St. Ende of, C. 714.
c. endga
Killanga, b. Dromahaire, Leit.; ¶  Eps. Dimma in C. Ennga, Ll. 353, Fir. 753, Fep., Lb. 22; ¶  Esp. Dimbae of C. Endgai, Lb. 22.
c. eni (?)
Kelleny in d. Annadown, Tax.
c. enna
Killany, in Slieve Bray, Louth, Dm. iii. 548.
c. énna airdne
Killeany, Inishmore, Aran Is., Galw., Fm. ii. 592.
c. enni
Killenny, in d. Kilfenora, Tax.
c. eo
St. Dacua of C. Eo, in Connacht, Bb. 61 b, Lec. 160; ¶  St. Dacau of C. Eó, of Clann Dofa, Fir. 242; ¶  Failbhe 7 Coelan i cC. Eó (30th June), Fg. 126, Mt. 28, Md. 182.
c. eochaille
Lis. 23 a; ¶  seems in c. Clare; ¶  Cell eo-Chaille; ¶  St. Senán dies there; ¶  not far fr. Inis Cathaig; ¶  al. C. na Caillech, as Colgan thinks, Lan. ii. 92.
c. eochain
on the borders of Meath and Offaly, Mm. 395; ¶  seems Killeagha, nr. Oldcastle, in b. Fore, Meath, Fm. iv. 816.
c. eogain
i Maigib Ailbe, Bb. 70 b, Fir, 438; ¶  Cenel nAithi, i Maigib Ailbi, at C. E. in Lein., Lec. 190.
c. eoghain
Kilowen, opposite Coleraine, on r. Bann, Cv. 131. c. eóin; ¶  Ecclesia S. Johannis 1251, Killiean 1243, Killane 1545; ¶  Killean (Muasdale and Torosay, Argyle), Jo.
c. eoth
in c. Waterf., Sw. an. 1203.
c. epscoip bolcain
B. v. 179, C. 377; ¶  St. Bolcan of.
c. epscoip bróin
al. C. E. Róin; ¶  Killaspugbrone nr. Knocknarea, in SW. of b. Carbury, Sli., Fm. iii. 482, Au. ii. 406, Fy. 485; ¶  Killaspugbrone in b. Carbury, Sli.; ¶  a ruined ch., in which the shrine of St. Patrick's tooth preserved there is now in R.I.A.; ¶  it is inscribed "Thomas de Bramighem Dns de Athunry me fecit ornari prisca parte. Benon . Brigida . Patric . Columgille . Brandan." This Baron died in 1376, Pi. ii. 130; ¶  Ui Duibhne of C. easpoig Bróin, Fir. 167; ¶  vid. C. epscoip róin.
c. epscoip dronain
in Huibh Maile Ruba, Ll. 348, Fir. 706, Fep.; ¶  Epscop Dranan of C. E. D.; ¶  C. epscoip Dranain in Hui Maileruba, Bb. 120 b, Lb. 14.
c. epscoip edain
in d. Glendalough, Cr. 1190–1212, 1179.
c. epscoip luighidh
betw. Maolan Chinn tSlébhe and Coirrshliabh na Seaghsa, in Connacht, Fir. 238; ¶  the nobles slain in cath Cesi Coraind in Connacht were buried in C. epscoip Luigith, Lec. 157; ¶  betw. Maelan Chind Sheindsleibhi and Corr Sliabh Seghsa in Connacht, Bb. 60 b.
c. epscuip lonáin
Kilaspuglonane, S. of Ennistymon, Ar. 192; ¶  betw. Ennistymon and Ballypaidin in b. Corcomroe, Fm. vi. 2103; ¶  O'D. says it should be C. E. Fhlannáin; ¶  but ?
c. epscoip malláin
Kil aspuig Malláin in d. Cork, Tax.
c. epscoip moeláin (?)
Killescopmoelan in dry. Loughrea, d. Clonfert, Tax.
c. epscoip óig
Killescopoge in Wick. dry., d. Dub., Cr. 144. c. epscoip rodáin; ¶  (Róddain and Rotáin) hi Muirisc Aigli, Tl. 142; ¶  in Murrisk, c. Mayo; ¶  v. Muirisc Aigli.
c. epscóip róin
Rón in C. E. R., in Cairpri móir, in b. Carbury, Sli., Ll. 354, I. 110 b, Lec. 89; ¶  Ua Tuathaláin of C. E. R. quievit an. 1306, Au. ii. 406; ¶  Fm. iii. 482 has Ua T. of C. E. Bróin d'ecc; ¶  v. C. Epscoip Bróin, now Killaspugbrone tl. and p. in b. Carbury, Sli.; ¶  Epscop Bron in Epscop Rón by báthadh consoineadha, cf. M'Curtin's Gram., p. 17.
c. episcopi sanctani
in d. Dub. 1179, Cr.; ¶  C. Escop Santan, Cr. 1199; ¶  c. Epscoip Sanctain, Fep., Fir. 752, Fm. ii. 668; ¶  Eps. Santain, Eps. Sanctain 7 Eps. Lethnain, trí mic Ríg bretan i C. E. Santain, Ll. 353; ¶  Ep. Sanctan, Lethain 7 Madoc i C. E. S., Fir. 752, now Kill St. Anne (!), nr. Bohernabreena (Bruidén Da Derga), b. Rathdown, Dub.; ¶  there is a Kill St. Anne in p. Castlelyons, Cork.
c. epscoip silláin
Kilescop sillan in l. of Macgilleholmoch (al. Magillamocholmoc), d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1173, 1192.
c. epscoip tairbhin (?)
Killaspictarvin in p. Kiltomy, c Kerry. c. epscoip techtain; ¶  Eps. Laebán, Eps. Sechtain, Eps. Lethan trí mic Chaindeoin, ríg Breatan, in C. E. T., Lec. 112, Bb. 123 b. c. erbi; ¶  Laignech 7 Foindil of C. E., Bb. 123 b; ¶  v. C. Fheirbe. c. ernáin; ¶  in Delbhna Assuil, Meath, C. 537, Ct. 113, 130; ¶  St. Colum of C. E.
c. ernáin
Killernan tl. in p. Kilmurry, c. Clare.
c. ernáin
Killernan tl. in p. Kilmainemore, Mayo.
c. ernáin
Kilearnan, in p. Kildonan, and Muir of Ord, Sutherland, Inv. xviii. 198, Jo.
c. ernin
al. Cellcinnin, in Mun., Tr. 508; ¶  Killernan tl. in p. Kilmurry, Clare.
c. ernine
Ernain of C. E., Ll. 369; ¶  v. C. Ernáin.
c. esra
in d. Dub., Cr. 1179; ¶  Killester, 3 m. NE. of Dub. (?). c. etargabla; ¶  Colmán in C. E. in Fid ... Ll. 354; ¶  Ardargoole, or Adrigoole, in Galw., Mayo, Rosc., Clare, Queen's Co.; ¶  v. C. Edargabla and Fidmanach.
c. eti
nó Cenn Etig (q.v.), F. 73.
given to Ab. Glendal., Sw. an. 1200.
c. fabricc
Au. i. 542; ¶  v. C. Fobrig.
c. fachtna fidne
in Cluain Caoin, in Dealbhna Eathra, Fir. 749. c. fhada; ¶  in Tuath Muighi finne in Mun., the "Uamh Adhnaichti" or burial gorund of the Tuath Muighi finne, Mo-Cæmoc mac Congairb blessed his church, Lis. 183 a; ¶  Cillada, in Tuath Muighi finne, 2 m. N. of Doneraile, O'Longan on the Two Fermoys, MS. in R.I.A.
c. fhada
Uillic de Búrc encamped at Cillada in Connacht, and Aodh Breifne encamped opposite him in C. tSríanáin, Ai. 676.
c. faee
Eochaidh mac Rossa mic Dalláin in cujus hereditate est C. F., I. 82 b 2, Lec. 414; ¶  Kilfea tl. in p. Islandeady, Mayo (?).
c. faile
St. Faile of C. F. in d. Killaloe, Lan. ii. 327.
c. faindche
Faindche of C. F., Lec. 119.
c. fhaindle
al. C. Ainnle; ¶  Killanley tl. in Tireragh, Sli., Fy. 166, 485; ¶  Ó Breslén of C. Faindle (or Aindle) in Tir Fiachrach, Fir. 274.
c. fáir
C. Fhair, al. C. Áir; ¶  Killare p. in Westm., Lc. i. 166, Au. ii. 202, Ci.; ¶  v. C. Áir.
c. faoláin
Foelán o chill Faolain i Laigis, F. 106, Md. 174; ¶  plundered by O'Byrne, Bran. 91 b.
c. fhearga
Killarga tl. and p., b. Dromahaire, Leit., Fm. iv. 824, vi. 1924, 1964; ¶  v. C. Fergo.
c. feargna rochad
the 6 sons of Finchad, .i. the Tréna luchta Domangan of C. F. R. in Ulst., fr. whom desc. the Six Aicme of Sogain Aichi, Bb. 88 a.
c. fechra
in Ossory; ¶  given to d. Dub., Cr. 1199; ¶  Kilfera tl. and p., 21/2 m. SE. of Kilk., Pgi. ii. 408.
c. féic (?)
Kilfek in dry. Muscri, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. fheichin
C. F. in Hibh Maille Machaire in Caoille, Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  Kilfeighny tl. and p. in Kerry (?).
c. fheirbe
Laignech and Fondil in C. F., Ll. 353, Lb. 22, Fir. 753; ¶  v. C. Erbi.
c. fergo
Killarga tl. and p., 6 m. S. of Manorhamilton, Ar. 82; ¶  O Trebair Erenach of C. Fergo, Con. 51 a, 21 a; ¶  C. Forga, Fir. 675; ¶  C. Fearga, Con. 45 a.
c. fernoc
in Bre dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  seems nr. Kilcowyl (Kilcool) and Clunmine; ¶  for C. Ternoc al. C. Ternáin, now Kilternan Abbey (?).
c. fernóc
Kilfarnogue tl. in p. Ventry, Kerry.
c. fhiachach
Fiacha Find of C. F., Lec. 110; ¶  10 Killea and 18 Killeagh tls. and the pp. Killea in Waterf. and Tipp.
c. fiacla
in Muscraige Broegain nr. Áth Fiacla, Tl. 198, B. lxii. 680; ¶  Kilfeacle tl., p. and ch. 4 m. E. of t. of Tipp., in b. Clanwilliam, Ods. 596, Kj. i. 482–3, Fm. iii. 94; ¶  Áth Fiacla a ainm ind átha 7 C. Fhíacla a ainm inna cille i Múscrige Breogain, Tl. 198, Lis. 6 a.
c. fiacach
Fiacra of C. F. desc. fr. Dairi Barrach, I. 57 b 1, Fir. 724.
c. fhianain
Kilfinan in Scotl., Stewart, p. 100, B. lviii. 649. c. fianáin; ¶  Uilliam Buidhe Diuid (Tuite) of C. Fionain, Fir. 834; ¶  clearly in Westm., and, I think, Killynan al. Killynann tl. in p. Rathconnell.
c. fhianáin
Killynann tl. in p. Kilmakilloge, Wexf.
c. fidne
Berchan mac Fidne in C. F. in Cluain Caín in Delbna Ethra, Ll. 351, Lec. 109, Bb. 122 b; ¶  in b. Garrycastle, King's c.
c. fidhninn
at or nr. Caisleán Cuinnighche, Tor. 253; ¶  nr. Quin Castle, c. Clare; ¶  v. C. Finnghin.
c. fhilláin
Kilellan, Scotl. (Lochalsh), Jo.
c. fina (?)
Kilfina in dry. Mayo, d. Tuam, Tax.; ¶  Kilfian p., 6 m. W. of Killala of Killeena tl. in p. Doonfeeny, Mayo.
c. fináin
in Ceara, of Connacht, N. of Loch Measca, N. of r. Rodba, Bb. 128 a, Lec. 124, B. lviii.
c. fináin
in Glengarry; ¶  at E. end of Loch Lochy, where the McDonnells of Glengarry are still buried, Dl. 145, B. lviii. 649. c. finan; ¶  the 7 daus. of Muireadach in C. F. and Cuimni dau. of Finán in Uachtar Arda in C. Fhinan and in C. Chuilen, Lec. 104. c. fhinche; ¶  Killinny tl. in b. and p. Kells, c. Kilk.; ¶  in Mag Roigne, Fm. ii. 1192; ¶  v. C. Finnche.
c. findabrach
Con. 25 b; ¶  C. Finnabrach, B. lix. 889, Ar. 192; ¶  C. Fionnabrach i Corcmodruadh, Ai. 26 a, Fm. v. 1288, vi. 2102, p., tl., and t. in Clare; ¶  the d. Kilfenora is coext. with bb. Corcomroe and Burren.
c. findbáirr
Killfynbarr in d. Kilmacduagh, Tax.
c. findich
il-Laignib, in Osraigib, F. 48, Fg. 28; ¶  Killinny, al. C. Fhinnche, q.v.
c. findóic (?)
Killintag (Morvern), Scotl., Jo.
c. fíne
al. C. Fhine Cormaic; ¶  Killeen Cormac in tl. Colbinstown, p. of Davidstown, c. Kild., 3 m. S. of Dunlavin; ¶  a remarkable cemetery on a mound; ¶  a pillar stone bears Ogam inscription: Duftano Safei Sahattos, and Latin: ivvene Drvvides or iv vere Druuides, P. ii. 2, Shearman; ¶  but in Uib Garchon. Lh. 99, Lan. i. 41; ¶  in Uib Garchon i Forthuathaib Laigen, Fir. 693; ¶  C. Fhíne at Inbher Deaghaidh in N. Lein., K. 156; ¶  it must be now some old churchyard or ruin nr. Arklow; ¶  could it be Killaveany, nr. Tinahealy? when Palladius came to Lein.—i.e., to Inber Dea -Nathi, son of Garrchu, opposed and expelled him; ¶  and Palladius, in that place built three churches—Cell Fine, Tech na Róman, and Domnach Airte, Tl. 30, Fm. i. 128, Lb. 26, C. 570, Ct. 5, 13, 23, 249; ¶  7 bps. of C. F., Ll. 374, I. 110 b 1; ¶  7 sts. of C. F., Lb. 24, I. 110 a 2.
c. finiáin
Kilfyan, B. lviii. 892.
c. fhinnachta
in Luimneach Finnachta in Huaibh Deaga Móra, I. 108 a, col. 8; ¶  Kilfinaghta in bb. Upper and Lower Tulla, c. Clare, Pgi. ii. 638, nr. Limk.
c. finnáin
Kilwinning, in Strathclyde, Scotl., Max.
c. finnáin
Kilfinnan, in Tighnabruaich, Scotl., Jo.
c. finnbhuidhe
Killinvoy, tl. and p. in b. Athlone, Rosc., Lc. ii. 506, Ci.
c. finncháin
Kilfinichean, in Mull, Hebrides—i.e., C. Fionnchaoin, Sk. ii. 130.
c. finnche
C. Findche in Ossory, Fep.; ¶  Killinny in b. and p. of Kells, c. Kilk., Fm. i. 456, Mi., Fep., Md. 36; ¶  v. C. Fhinche. c. finnend; ¶  Lh. 120.
c. finnfit (?)
Kellfinfit in d. Annadown, Tax.; ¶  for C. Finn-feda (?).
c. fhinnghín
in Quin or Cuinnche in Thomond, Ai. 76 a; ¶  v. C. Fidhninn.
c. finnmaige
Cuach al. Coningen of C. F., Ll. 359, Md. 113, Mt. 22; ¶  Conach of C. F. i. n-Uib Enechlais i Fortuathaib Laigen, F. 77, Fg. 86; ¶  Cell Finnmagi in terra Arklo, d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1173 (?), 1179, 1192.
c. finnsiche
C. Fhindsiche i nDáil Araide, F. 156; ¶  Killinchy tl. and p. in b. Dufferin, c. Down; ¶  v. C. Duinsige, b. Dufferin, c. Down (?).
c. finnshneachta
in Pobal Bhriain, Ai. 108 a, Hb. 8 a; ¶  cf. C. Finnachta.
c. finntáin
C. Fionntain; ¶  Kilfountain tl. in p. Kildrum, c. Kerry; ¶  old ruin and graveyard and inscribed pillar-stone, Pi. ii. 5; ¶  Kilfintain, in Mun., C. 11, Cs. 228.
c. finnuabrach
Kilfenora; ¶  v. C. Findabrach.
c. finnuabhrach
Kilfenora tl. in p. Ardfert, Kerry.
c. fintáin de duleng
Cs. 228 .
c. fintainnne
on margin of the strand in S. of p. Kilcommon, b. Erris, Fy. 485.
c. finntanáin
C. Finntinain; ¶  in Thomond (seems nr. Cratloe), H. 35; ¶  as é so suim in gill tug Domnall mac Seaan mic Domnaill 7 Tadhg na Buaile mac Conmara mic Domnaill ar lethcethramhain C. F. do Sida mac Pilib 7 dá cloinn, Ix. 4; ¶  seems in c. Clare.
c. flannáin
in tl. of Kill, N. of Ballindoon p., c. Galw., Wc. 111.
c. fliuchaine
"ó C. Liuchaine," Fg. 220, corrected to "ó Chill (Fh)liuchaine," Fg. 410; ¶  v. C. Liuchaine, q.v.
c. fobric
Au. i. 302; ¶  C. Fobrig, Mailochtrach, Ab. of, Au. i. 200; ¶  Moenach, Ab. of Slane and C. F., d. 772, Au. i. 240; ¶  epscop cille foibrich, Au. i. 340; ¶  C. Foibrigh, steward of Slane and Ab. of C. F., Au. i. 262; ¶  not far from Slane (?); ¶  Kilbrew in b. Rathoath, Meath, Od., Fm. an. 768, Dm. i. 139, but ?; ¶  v. C. Fabricc; ¶  invaded by Cenél Eogain, Au. i. 542.
c. fobric
in b. Ibricken, c. Clare, C. 784, Lan. iii. 324. Pgi. ii. 407 has "Kilfarboy, anciently Kilfobric, contains the t. of Miltown-Malbay, c. Clare."
c. fobhuir
in Connaught; ¶  S. Failbe of, Ct. 204; ¶  at Ached Fobuir, now Aghagower, c. Mayo (?).
c. foda
Kill-foda, in d. Connor, in Ulster, C. 150.
c. foeláin
C. 104; ¶  v. C. Faoláin; ¶  there is Kilfoylan in p. Kilmanaghan, King's Co.
c. fhoeláin
Killealaun hamlet in p. Tuam, Pgi. iii. 339.
c. foilenn
in d. Kilmacduagh; ¶  S. Foila of, C. 456.
c. foirtcheirn
i n-Uibh Dróna i Laighnibh, Fg. 194, F. 155, Fep., Md. 272, Fir. 706, B. v. 15; ¶  in c. Carlow.
c. foithirbe
v. Cúil Foithirbe, Fep.; ¶  Bp. Nathi of C. Fothoirbe; ¶  al. Forthirbe (Fotheirbi gs., Bb.), Lec. 109, X. 76, Bb. 122 b. c. fonche; ¶  belonged to Augustinian Abbey of Trim, an. 1375, Tr. 354.
c. forcland
fri Muaid aniar, Lh. 99, Fir. 693; ¶  C. Forcland; ¶  C. Forgland la hÁu Amalgada íar Muaid, a distance of 1 m. betw. C. F. and Cros Pátric; ¶  in Tirawley, its patronesses are Crébriu and Lesru, daughters of Gléru, Tl. 130, 134, Ct. 141, 211; ¶  C. Fhorclann in Coill Fochloth, nr. Killala, b. Tirawley, Fy. 485. c. forduin; ¶  NE. of the Modach; ¶  al. Pledias, Fir. 694; ¶  Fordun in Scotl.
c. forga
Findchad Epscop ó C. Fh., Fg. 216; ¶  C. Fhorga, C. Earga (q.v.), Fep.; ¶  Killarga, b. Dromahaire, Leit.; ¶  Fionnchadh Epsop cille Forga, mesaim gurab é so espucc Fionnchadh ó Cill Arga i mBreifne, Md. 306; ¶  O Treabhair Coarb of C. Forga, Fir. 675, Lc. ii. 90.
c. forgla
in Desmond; ¶  Caisleán Cille F., built by Fitzgerald, Ai. 53 a; ¶  now Killorglin Castle, c. Kerry.
c. forlochta
7 bps. of C. F., Ll. 374; ¶  7 sts. of, Lb. 24.
c. fraich
v. C. Fróich.
c. frais
al. C. rais, Kilross, in b. Tireragh, Sli., Lc. ii. 288, Ci.
c. fraoich
i Midhe, Md. xxxix.
c. fraoich
v. C. Fróich.
c. fraoláin (?)
Kilfrelan, in dry. Loughrea, Tax.
c. frasuigh
i Midhe, Md. xxix.; ¶  Kilrush tl. in Westmeath (?). c. frasuigh; ¶  i cCoronn, Md. 422; ¶  Kilrasse in Tirerill, Sli., Pgi. iii. 265.
c. frem
d. Glendal., Cr. an. 1173.
c. fróich
7 bps. of C. F., Ll. 374; ¶  7 sts. of C. Fraich, Lb. 24; ¶  C. Fraoich i cCoronn, Md. 422; ¶  Kilfree tl. and p., c. Sli., 5 m. SW. of Ballinafad.
c. frois
Kilfrush in dry. Greine, d. Emly, Tax.; ¶  tl. and p. c. Limk.
c. fuarráin
atá tri míle ó Bhuailtibh Forannáin isin Enghuile, Md. 422; ¶  in c. Longf., many Killurane and Killoran.
c. fuinaegi
d. Gleandaloch, Cr. 1179; ¶  Kel fiumagi in terra Arkelo, d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1192.
c. funchi
i Conaillib, F. 83; ¶  C. fuinche de Ros oirrthir, Au. ii. 38, = Cell Uinche, Fg. 88, Mt. 23; ¶  Killinchy p. and tl., c. Down.
c. fursa
in d. Arm., in Mag Murthenne, c. 91; ¶  C. Ursa, or C. Fhursa, a p. in NW. of b. Clare, Galw., Wc. 371; ¶  St. Fursa of C. Furse in Connacht, C. 89, 91; ¶  contains part of t. of Headford; ¶  Hi Doigrin and Hi Dubain Oircindigh C. hUrsa cona mbaili 7 do aiscin Fursa i Dubáin, in O Flaithbertach's country, Z. 189 a. c. fy; ¶  Kilfy in Wiclo dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  seems nr. Glinfeyl and Killusky; ¶  Kilfy in d. Dub.; ¶  seems nr. Swerd (Swords), Cr. 1260. c. gabra; ¶  Longarad of C. G. i Sléib Mairge, F. 141, Md. 234, Bo. lxxi.; ¶  nó a Muig Fhuathat hi tuaisciurt Osraige, F. 141; ¶  Longarad o shléib Maircce, Fg. 168; ¶  Lon cille gabra, Mt. 27; ¶  Lon i C Gabrai, Fg. 122; ¶  Longarad Cosfind of Disiurt Garad and of C. Gabra in Sliab Mairge, Ll. 371, Mm. 17 ,502; ¶  Kilgory tl. in b. Slievemargy, p. Killaban, Queen's Co.
c. gabrín
cell gen faithche, amuil atá C. Gabrín, Ls. iv. 6. c. gaimne; ¶  Mogobboc C. G., Ai. 151 b; ¶  Kilgevin p. in d. Elfin, Ct. 625 (?); ¶  Kilgawny tl. in Westm. (?); ¶  Kilgainy tl. in p. Clonmel, c. Waterf. (?); ¶  Kilgavanagh in p. Ant., c. Ant.
c. garadh
Cathech i ccrích Ua Maine, Md. 170; ¶  St. Patrick made here the well called Uaran Garad [? p. Oran, b. Ballymoe, Rosc.], Tl. 106.
c. garadh
in third isl. Aran, C. 715.
c. garad
i Muigh Garad i tuaisciurt Osraige F. 142, F. 141. c. garadh; ¶  St. Lonius of, Ct. 565, 625; ¶  Timnen Cille Garadh, Fm. i. 322, Au. i. 186; ¶  O'D., in translation, adds in Scotl.; ¶  did he mistake it for Cenn Garad, Kingarth, in Bute, Scotl.? Hen.; ¶  Kilgarrow, or perh. Kilgarrett, tls. in p. Galloon, c. Ferm. c. garbáin; ¶  C. G., nr. Achad Aball, Ll. 373, Lec. 91, Bb. 118 b, Md. 86.
c. garbáin
in Uibh Ingair in Caoille, Mun., Lis. 182 b.
c. garbháin
Kilgarvan tl. and p. in b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 365, Pgi. i. 124.
c. garbháin
Kellgarvan in d. Raphoe, Tax.; ¶  7 bps. of C. G., Ll. 374, 574, I. 110 b, col. 2; ¶  7 sts. of C. G., Lb. 24.
c. garisc
3 Ingena Eoghain mic Conaill in C. Garrcon, al. C. Gairisc in Lein., Ll. 313, 384, Bb. 72 b, Fir. 456; ¶  the Teora ingena of Mic Conaill in C. Gairaisce, Lb. 19, Fir. 727, Lec. 193; ¶  the 3 sons of Conaill of C. Garrisc, Ll. 385; ¶  the 3 sons of Conall mac Airmora in C. Garraisce in Lein., Ll. 351; ¶  the 3 sons of Conall Iarmordha of "C. Garaisce," Bb. 122 b.
c. garra
the 3 Ingena Eogain in C. G., X. 75.
c. gebáin
in dry. O Morthy, d. Dub., Tax.
c. gégáin (?)
Kylgegan, dry. of Tipp., d. Emly, Tax.
c. gialláin
Onme or Omne i.e. Simul, mac Rig Laigen, al. Giallan, is é fil i C. G. in Huibh Muridaig Feast on VI. Non. Oct., Ll. 363, Lb. 97 F. 154; ¶  Kil Gelan in Tristildermot dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  in Castledermot dry., d. Dubl; ¶  Colmán (nomen ejus prius fuit Giallán) Cilli Giallain, Ll. 367, Bb. 124 b, Lec. 116; ¶  7 bps. of C. G., Ll. 374, Lb. 24; ¶  7 sts. of, Lb. 24.
c. gille genáin
in dry. of O Morthy, d. Dub., Cr.
c. glaissi
C. Glassi, Féile Echi of C. G., VIII. Id. Aug., Ll. 361, Fg. 150, Mt. 31; ¶  C. glass, Tl. p. 82 p. Kilglass, b. Moydow and b. Ardagh, Longf.; ¶  St. Eiche, niece of St. Patrick, and sister of St. Mél, is patronness; ¶  in Teffia, St. Echea Virgo, Ct. 122, 471, Ct. 264; ¶  C. glaisi, Fen. 381; ¶  St. Echi Chille glais, Md. 210.
c. glas
in Eilne, E. of Domnach Mór, A. 18 b; ¶  in Dál Araide: St. Patrick's foundation, Tl. 162; ¶  Kilglais in Dalaraidia, St. Glassic, St. Liberius, Ct. 147, 272.
c. glas
in d. Elphin, Tax.; ¶  Kilglass, in b. Tireragh,, Sligo, Fy. 485, Lc. ii. 496.
c. glasáin
Baile Ch. G. in Pobal Muinntire Crechain, l. of Shane Bourke, Fa. 2; ¶  Kilglassan, tl. nr. Ballinrobe, Mayo.
c. glinne uissen
Hua Uathgail (the poet) of C. Gl. U. in Cuachmagh, Ll. 143.
c. gnoe
d. Glendal., Cr. 1179.
c. gobhail
(Gabhail), atá C. Gabhail etir Eas Ruaidh acus Dún na nGall a tTír Aodha, gidheadh ni fhuil tempall ann anosa, Md. 146; ¶  C. Gobhail, Léan ó Ch. G. (5th Jun.), Fg. 110, Mt. 26.
c. gobain
in Tachneny dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  p. and tl. Kilgobbin. c. gobáin; ¶  Kilgoban in dry. Offeria, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. goban
St. Goban of C. G., Lec. 108.
c. gobhche
Lomán of C. G., Ai. 150 b.
c. gobnaite
Gobnat ógh, i Móin Móir i ndescert Érenn, Fg. 34; ¶  Kilgobnet p. in c. Waterf.; ¶  Kilgobnet, 2 tls. nr. Macroom, 1 tl. in p. Knockane, Kerry, 1 tl. in p. Kilshannig, Cork.
c. gobhra
Lon o C. Gobhra, Md. 178; ¶  Lon i C. Gobrai, Fg. 122; ¶  = Lon Cilli Gabra, Mt. 27; ¶  q.v., perh. Kilgory in p. Kilnoe, c. Clare, or Kilgory in p. Killabban, Queen's c.
c. golre
Lonán C. Golre, Ll. 367, Lec. 116, Bb. 125 a.
c. gon
in Adthy dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  nr. Calveston and Norragh; ¶  Kilgowan, nr. Kilcullen.
c. gonir
Kilgonir in dry. Mayo, d. Tuam, Tax.
c. gormáin
St. Gormán of C. G., i n-airthiur Laighen, Fg. 202, Ct. 16, 38, B. lviii. 388; ¶  Kilgorman tl. and p., 6 m. NE. of Gorey, c. Wexf., in d. Dub., Pgi. ii. 417; ¶  in d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1179; ¶  in Arclo dry., d. Dub., Cr. and Pgi. ii. 417.
c. goubáin
in dry. Kinalea, d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  Kilgobban nr. Bandon, Kilgobbin nr. Mallow.
c. grádha an domhain
where St. Gobnat is venerated in Ardoilean, Aran Isles, C. 714; ¶  recte some miles SW. of Aran Isles, Wc. 76. c. gréine; ¶  in O Conor's country, Con. 55 a.
c. grelláin
C. Grellain; ¶  i dtír Fiachrach Muaide, there are two cells of that name (dá Chill Grelláin) in that region, Fep.; ¶  there is C. Grelláin, Killgrellane tl., nr. Middleton.
c. grelláin
Kilgrellan nr. Jerepont in c. Kilk., Pat. Roll., p. 62.
c. guaire
Cille Guaire, in Huibh Bloid, Ai. 66 a; ¶  Kilgorey in p. Kilnoe, district of Tulla, Clare; ¶  Clann Chais and Clann Chaisin march to C. G., Tor. 57.
c. haeláin (?)
Kilhelan, belonged to Monastery of Passelet, Scotl., Tr. 24.
c. iachtair
seems in c. Cavan or Fermanagh, Hx. 854.
c. iæ
7 bps. of, Ll. 374; ¶  7 sts. of, Lb. 24; ¶  Cell Ia, ch. of bp. Libar, a pupil of St. Finnbarr's at Cork, Cbb. cap. 18.
c. ian
Epscop Aed in C. Ian, Fep.; ¶  v. C. Ian Bec.
c. ian bec
Eps. Aed and Eps. Colmán, of C. Ian Bic, Lb. 15; ¶  Bp. Aed, of the Hi Brigdi in the Deisi Muman, in C. ian bic, Lec. 225; ¶  Killanthony in dist. of Lismore, c. Waterf. (?); ¶  Eps. Manchín in C. Iain Big, Ll. 348; ¶  Bp. Maincen of Inbíc, Bb. 120 a; ¶  C. Ian Mór, Bp. Colman, of the Hi Brigdi in the Deisi Muman, in C. ian móir, Lec. 225.
c. iann
7 daus. of Muiredach in C. I., Lb. 15; ¶  v. C. Ian Bec. c. iarthair; ¶  easbog Cille I., in d. Tuam, K. 181 b.
c. ibair
Cruimne and Comanna, of C. I. and of C. Ingine Guaire, Lec. 106; ¶  al. C. Libir, Ll. 350; ¶  Cruimni and Coman, sons of the dau. of Cronan, or Guaire, and Conall, son of Cronan, of C. I. and C. Ingine Guaire, Bb. 121 b; ¶  v. Cell Iubair.
c. ichtair
i Maigibh Tarra, in Leé, in C. Ichtair, Lbl. 952. c. ichtair lethet; ¶  Rc. xiv. 246; ¶  in Ele, Lbl. 212 b; ¶  v. C. Ichtair.
c. ichtair tire
the Crand Tortan, an ash, and when falling, due SW. to C. Ichtairtire, Ll. 200; ¶  C. Ichtair Thíre, Lh. 199 b, 61, Rc. xvi. 279; ¶  due SE. of Bile Tortan at Ardbraccan, and betw. that place and Tara no doubt, Rc.; ¶  nr. Bile Torton, Of. 314; ¶  Sincin of C. I. T., Bb. 229 b.
c. íde
Killeedy, p. in d. Limk., Md. 428.
c. ilbi (?)
Killilby; ¶  in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. ilin
leith atuaidh do Fhochaird, Fg. 7, Md. 2.
c. i mburneach
Gobnait in C. I. i Críochaibh Músgruidhe Miotháine in the Eoganacht Locha Léin, Ai. 149 b; ¶  leg. G. i cill i mBurneach (Ballyvourney, in b. Muskerry W., c. Cork).
c. imchlúana
7 bps. of, Ll. 374, I. 110 b; ¶  7 sts. of C. I., Lb. 24; ¶  Killacloyne is the name of two tls. nr. Middleton, c. Cork; ¶  may be one of the many Killyclooney, Killcoony in Ireland.
c. imleacha (?)
Killymlach in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  C. Imlich, Killemlagh, in b. Iveragh, St. Finnian of C. I., B. lix. 174; ¶  in c. Kerry.
c. imoire
Killymore in c. Leit., Kj. iv. 451.
c. impodi
C. I. in terra Arklo, d. Glendal., Cr. 1173.
cellín airne (?)
Killenyarny in d. Kilfenora, Tax.
cellín binith
Kellinbinith in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. inbir
7 bps. of, Ll. 374, I. 110 b; ¶  7 sts. of, Lb. 24. c. ind ailithir; ¶  Ailither of C. ind A. i nGarmna, in Iarthur Chonnacht 7 i Cluain Gési i Maig Gési i Maig Threga, Ll. 360; ¶  in Garumna Island, c. Galw.
c. ingen n-aeda
Cuman 7 Cron of C. I. A., nr. Ircherlind in Fotharta Fea, Bb. 120 a; ¶  Cummain, Crón 7 Rignach ingena Aeda Buidi of C. I. A., nr. Ircherlind i Fothartaib Fea, Ll. 370 (i. Fothartaib Feda, Lec. 104).
c. ingen n-ailello
Murgan 7 Fedelm of C. I. A., two Lein. sts.; ¶  in Lein., Ll. 351; ¶  a táib Liamna i n-iarthur Maige Lifi, F. 181; ¶  = C. na n-inghen in iarthar Maige Lifi, Fg. 234; ¶  Fedelm 7 Moghain ingena Ailella Mic Dunlaing, Fg. 234; ¶  F. 7 Mumain, Lec. 119; ¶  see also Bb. 122 a, 126 a, Lec. 109, 203.
c. ingen n-aillen
in Uíb Dróna, F. 91.
c. ingine baeith
Ar. 190, 192; ¶  C. I. Baoith i n-Uachtur Dalcais, Killinaboy, tl. and p. N. of Corofin, c. Clare, Fm. v. 1668, vi. 2100.
c. ingine branin
i Laighis, F. 64.
c. ingen dúna (?)
Kyllyngenduna in dry. Loughrea, Tax.
c. ingen fiachna
Fiachna Find of C. L. in Uib Máil, Ll. 352, Lb. 20, Fir. 726.
c. ingen nguaire
Cromm and Cumman, daus. of Cronan, and Conall mac Cronain in C. Libir and in C. I. nG., Ll. 350; ¶  C. Ingine G., Bb. 121 b, Lec. 106; ¶  Cromni, Coman ... in C. Iubair and in C. I. Gulae (?), Lb. 17; ¶  Guairi 7 Cumainde of C. I. nGuaire, I. 108 b 1; ¶  Cruimne and Comanna of C. Ibair and of C. I. G., Lec. 106, Fir. 751.
c. ingen iárain
hiccor Corcodúibne (sic), F. 159.
c. inghen leinin
i n-Uibh Briuin Cualann a Laighnibh, Md. 68; ¶  C. I. Leinin i n-Uibh Briuin Cualann (in marg. man. rec. Filiæ Lenini in Tamlacht), Fg. 48; ¶  Killininny tl. in p. Tallaght, Dub.; ¶  Cell Ingena Lenin, d. Dub., Cr. 1179.
c. ingen luain
Cainer, of the Huib Dega, cetmuinter Nannida mic Dermada; ¶  Bronach and Senán mac Becain, and Luan and his 2 daus., Curchach and Mitu, in C. I. L. and in C. Bronche; ¶  ch. subject ot the rule of St. Brigid, Ll. 353; ¶  Coemer, of the Hui Degar, and Bronach and Senan mic Becain, and Luaineda ingen Churaich and Mito in C. I. L., Lb. 20.
c. ingen nemnáin
Bercan mac Nemnan and his siters, Corp, Lasar, Dara, in C. I. N.; ¶  Muns. sts., Ll. 351.
c. in inbhir
now and 1558 Kilninver; ¶  Killivinor 1250, in Lorn, Jo.
c. inlach
1260; ¶  ch. in d. Lismor, c. Tipp.; ¶  Bb. Iffa and Offa and Ywoghyn, Tr. 84; ¶  leg. C. Imleacha, q. v.
c. innelich
in dry. Kyrrycurith, d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  Killanully p. in b. Kerrycurrihy, Cork.
c. inse
al. C. Inse an Mhachaire, Killinchy in p. Saintfield, c. Down, Dc. i. 27, Ra. 10.
c. insi
in Inis Sgreobuinn i tír Fiachrach Muaide, Fep.; ¶  now Iniscrone, in p. Kilglass, b. Tireragh, Sli.
c. insi
Altin 7 An ingen óg ó C. Innsi (1st Nov.), Fg. 208, B. lxii. 340; ¶  Ailtin, epscop. 7 an ógh, ó Ch. Insi, Md. 290; ¶  Ailtin 7 Anog of, B. lxii. 340; ¶  prob. Killinchy, tl. and p. in b. Dufferin, Down; ¶  perh. Killinch tl. nr. Carrig-on-Suir.
c. inse an mhachaire
Killinchy in p. of Saintfield, c. Down, Dc. i. 27, Ra. 10.
c. inse bice
Spike Island, Cork, Ro.
c. inse na coille
tl. in p. Killileagh, c. Down, Ra. 10; ¶  now Killinchy of the Woods.
c. in tair
i.e., in Grainseach in Huibh Amalgaidh; ¶  the O Gealagan of C. intair, Lec. 169.
cellin u lugair
d. Glendaloch, Cr. C. 1173.
c. ioain
ch., C. 73; ¶  v. C. Ian.
c. íochtair
al. an Ghrainseach in Tír Fiachrach, c. Sli., Fy. 166, Fir. 274.
c. íochtair lethet
C. Íchtair L., Lbl. 212 b.
c. isclinium
St. Brigit of, Bb. iii. 197; ¶  cf. Druim Inisclinn. c. ísil; ¶  in d. Arm., Tax.; ¶  Mac Murchaidh taisech Muintire Birn ó n-a bráithribh féin ig C. Issill, Au. ii. 322; ¶  Killeeshil, in b. Dungannon, Tyr.; ¶  v. Muinter Birn.
c. ite
Lh. 16; ¶  Killitte, Ac. 130; ¶  Ro gab longes ig Ciarraigi Luachra, ocus hinred leo co C. Iti ocus co Cúil Emni, Ll. 309, 310, Cg. 14, 18; ¶  2 tls. in p. Killeedy, Newcastle, Limk.; ¶  5 m. S. of Newcastle, at foot of Sliab Luachra, Fm. i. 184, 422; ¶  i n-Uib Conaill Gabra, F. 169; ¶  in Uib Conaill in Mun., Cs. 485; ¶  C. de, Md. 428, C. 66, Fer. 159; ¶  Cella Itae at the foot of Sliab Luachra, al. Cluain Credal, Ck. 56 bb, Ods. 599.
c. ithain
Killian p. and b. Killian, Galw., Im. 18; ¶  v. C. Liathain.
c. iubhair
Killure in b. Kilconnell, Galw., Fm. ii. 782; ¶  v. C. Ibair.
c. iubair
Cromni, Coman, daus. of Cronan and Conall mac Cronain in C. Iubair and in C. Ingen Gulae, Lb. 17; ¶  Conall in C. Iubhair; ¶  Fir. 751; ¶  v. C. Ibair.
c. iubhrach (?)
Callouragh, names of many tls.
c. iurin
Killurin, p. Geshill, King's c., Fm. v. 1410.
c. iurin
Killurin, c. Wexf.
c. laebáin
Killevan, in b. Dartry, c. Mon., Fm. ii. 1190.
c. laeinde
Petran ó C. Laeinde, do'n Dál Meissin Corb; ¶  v. C. Lainde, I. 108 b 2; ¶  Pedran of C. Laéinne, Fir. 726.
c. laichteine
.i. Laichtin's churches; ¶  Cella Laichtene; ¶  St. Lachtine's churches were Achad-úr (Freshford, c. Kilk.), Bealach-abhra in Muscraighe, c. Cork, Lis-Lachtin at Ballylongford, c. Kerry, Fm. i. 456.
c. laidibh
Esp. Cillíd Petran of C. Laidibh, at Lenn Uiscidhe, fr. Raith bec-lenn: the bp. was of Dal Mesincorb, Bb. 121 b; ¶  v. C. Laeinde; ¶  Patran of C. Laidib ic Leind, Lec. 107.
c. laimsige
Laimsech 7 Fedelm of the Dál Mesincorb in C. Laimsige, Ll. 350, 385, Lb. 17, Fir. 725; ¶  so also I. 108 b 2, Bb. 121 b and Lec. 107, which have C. Laimside; ¶  scribe gave C. Luimsige fr. Ll. and c. Luimside fr. I. by an error, I think. c. lainne; ¶  Petran, a saint of the Dál Meisincorb, in C. Lainne, Ll. 313, 350, 373, 385, Fir. 458; ¶  p. of C. Lainde, Bb. 72 b; ¶  v. C. Laeinde, Laidib, Leine.
c. laisre
in Hui Bece Abha in Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  there are Killasseragh tl. in p. Kilmeen, c. Cork, and K. in p. Ballynoe, c. Cork.
c. laisre
in d. of Lismore, St. Lasrea V., Ct. 543; ¶  perh. C. Lassaire of Lis. 14 b.
c. laisre
occupied the site of Bruiden Da Chocæ, Bdc. 322; ¶  there was a ford nr it, ibi, 388; ¶  C. Lasre; ¶  C. Laisre; ¶  S. Lassar of that place visited by Colman Elo, Cs. 422; ¶  C. Lasre, in d. Ardagh, Ct. 553.
c. laisre
ch. in the d. Elfin, Ct. 543.
c. laisre
Maguire, Vicar of C. Laisre and Parson i mBothaibh, died, Au. iii. 324, Fm. iv. 1146; ¶  Botha is Bohae p. and C. Laisre in Killassery in SW. of c. Ferm.; ¶  Au. has C. Lasair; ¶  in d. of Clogher, St. Lasrea V., Ct. 543.
c. laisri
Maelodhar mac Ferrdha-Fearadhaigh a quo Hui Mhaeluidhir C. Laisri, I. 86 b, col. 3; ¶  Maelodar of Cland Eachach, fr. whom are the Hui Maeluidir C. Laisri, Lec. 433, Bb. 104 a; ¶  C. Lasrach, Killasser, b. Gallen, c. Mayo, Fy. 484; ¶  at Topar Cille Lasrach, Hc. 2, 718.
c. lalocc
in Connacht in Branan's country Con. 54 b.
c. lamraige
i n-Uib Caitrend a n-iarthar Osraige hi Cluain Eidneach, F. 180; ¶  Gobban Chille Lamhraighe i n-iarthar Osraighe i n-Uibh Caithrenn, Fg. 232, Md. 424, C. 926, War. 189; ¶  in W. of Ossory, C. 750; ¶  Killamery, tl. and p. in c. Kilk., E. of Slievenaman; ¶  41/2 m. SW. of Callan, Fm. ii. 752.
c. lasra
Lassar in C. Lasra; ¶  there Brigit burned "in Jarmain" in cooking a calf, Ll. 353, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 112, Lb. 22, Fir. 752; ¶  Lassair was dau. of Bresail, Fir., Lec., Lb.; ¶  C. Lasra was in Ui Bresail, Bb. 123 b; ¶  perh. in b. O Neilland, Arm.
c. lassaire
C. Lasra, C. Lasrach, C. Lasre; ¶  v. C. Laisre.
c. lathraig osthuile
Berchan, Brig, Coip, and Lassar, Brochán and Cronán in C. L. osthuile, Ll. 353; ¶  C. Lathraige os tuile, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 113; ¶  C. Latrach, Fir. 753.
c. leabhair
Mac Beoláin ó C. Leabair, oirchennach cluig duib Patraic in Huibh Briuin Rátha, Z. 189a; ¶  in p. Killower, in NE. of b. Clare, Galw.; ¶  Mac Beólain of C. L. was keeper of the Black Bell of St. Patrick, Wc. 370.
c. léige
Domhnall Mac Cárthaigh ó C. Léige, Ston. A., p. 44; ¶  in Mac Carthy's country, Mun.
c. leinne
Petran ó C. L., I. 107 b, col. 7; ¶  v. C. Lainne.
c. lethan (?)
Killethan or Killyon in dry. Clonard, d. Meath, Tax.; ¶  v. C. Liadáin.
c. letrach
i tír na nDéisi, Hc. 2, 761.
c. liadáin,
Bc. 8.
c. liadáin
Killedan, in b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 484.
c. liadain
Sil. 5; ¶  seems nr Sierkieran; ¶  v. C. Liadaine.
c. liadaine
al. C. Lighaine; ¶  Killyon in b. Fircall, King's c., Gc. 20; ¶  perh. C. Liadain.
c. liath
Killea tl. in p. Templemore, c. Derry, Ly. 214.
c. liath
there is the 1/3 of a seisreach of 1. in C. liath, in Mun., Fer. 153; ¶  Is iad so fiacha Thaidhg mic Uilliam mic Murcha eir a Cluainin 7 eir a C. Leith o Gort I medhra 7 o guirtin Timin anuas go teoirin Cloinne Tomais mic Taidhg, Ix. 24.
c. liathain
p. and b. of Killian, c. Galw., Kj. iv. 455, Ci.; ¶  seems nr Elphin, Lc. ii. 452; ¶  v. C. Ithain.
c. libir
Cromm and Cumman, daus. of Cronan and Conall mac Cronain in C. Libir, Ll. 350; ¶  v. C. Ibair; ¶  Guairi 7 Cumainde ingena Chroinin 7 Conall mac Croinín a Cile Libir 7 a Cill Ingen Guaire, I. 108 b 1.
c. liuchaine
Fg. 220; ¶  corrected to C. (Fh)liuchaine, Fg. 410. c. loairn; ¶  Ernán of, Ll. 369, Lec. 119, Bb. 126 a.
c. locha
Fintan of C. L. (cf. C. Lacha in d. Derry, Tax.; ¶  Killough in cc. Tipp. and Down), Ll. 366, Lec. 116, Bb. 125 a. c. lochmaige; ¶  Mochae of, Ll. 368, Lec. 118, Bb. 125 b, Ai. 151 b.
c. lochuir
Killochyr in Wicklo dry., d. Dub., grouped with Rathno, Kilmart and Rachly, Cr. 143; ¶  Killougher tl. in p. Balscaddan, Dub.
c. lochuir
in c. Louth, Ct. 174; ¶  Donnchad of, in SE. of Ulst., patron st. of mariners, C. 744; ¶  v. C. Lothair.
c. loebain
in d. of Clonfert, Ct. 188.
c. loiscthe
Findbarr of, Bb. 124 b, Ai. 150 b.
c. lomatt
Fm. iii. 546; ¶  C. Lomat, in Uachtar Tíre in Connacht, Con. 27 a; ¶  Killummod tl. and p., b. Boyle, Rosc., Au. ii. 448; ¶  C. Lomad, at or nr Disert Nuadan in Connacht, Con. 33 a.
c. lomchon
i n-Ultoibh, Fg. 12, Md. 10.
c. lonáin
or C. Lomáin; ¶  in Isle of Man, B. lv. 889.
c. lonáin
C. Lonáin in Fearann Clainne Daug (Burk), Hb. 14 b; ¶  Killonan tls., b. Clanwilliam, Limk.
c. losnaigh
in Mag Fea, Au. i. 28; ¶  al. C. Osnaid, al. Cend Losna, al. Cenn Losnad; ¶  Kellistown, 4 m. E. of Leighlin, c. Carl., Au. i. 28, 30, text and note.
c. lothair (Kill Ochuir, C. 131)
a ch. in Brega belonging to the monks of Clonard, and together with Cluain Alad Deag, exchanged by them with those of Clonmacnois for Caill Uallech, Tl. 76; ¶  v. C. Lochuir.
c. luaithrenn
Luadrenn chraibdech Chorainn .i. ógh ó Chill L. i cCorann (8th Jun.), Md. 148, Fg. 112, Fir. 742, Pb. 431 = Luaitrind Achaid Coraind, Mt. 26; ¶  Killoran p., 61/4 m. NW. of Ballymote, Sli., Pgi. ii. 484; ¶  Luaithrind, dau. of Colman, of C. Luathrind, Lb. 18.
c. luaithrenn
i Laighnibh, ni agra, Md. xxxix.; ¶  Kiillurin in c. Wexf. (?), but cf. C. Iurin.
c. lucain
the son of Mac Eogagan plundered C. Lucain, Ráith Guaire, Baile Portel, Baile na ngall oirghiallach 7 Cell Bicsige, Fm. iv. 970; ¶  now Killucan p. and vill. nr and NE. of Ráith Guaire or Rathwire, b. Farbill, Mis. i. 226.
c. lucain
Kill lukin, al. Kill lochin, p. in the d. of Elfin, Ct. 494; ¶  C. Lucinne, Midnat of C. L., Feast II. Non. Aug., Ll. 361, Mt. 31; ¶  ó Chill Liuchaine, Md. 312, Fg. 220; ¶  Killucan (?). c. lucraide; ¶  Féile of Luccraid of C. L., III. Kal. Maii, Ll. 359; ¶  Lucrid o C. Lucridh, abb Cluana meic Nóis (29th April), Fg. 86; ¶  Luicridh. ó C. L., abb Cluana mic Nóis, Md. 112.
c. lugmind
Ingen Cholmáin and Ingen Bresail of Cill Chalaidh and of C. L., Lb. 22, Fir. 752, Bb. 123 b; ¶  C. Luidmeand, Lec. 112. c. luimsige; ¶  C. Lumsige, C. Luimside; ¶  v. C. Laimsige.
c. lumain (?)
or C. Lumáin, Killiluman in d. Glendaloch, in c. Wick.; ¶  seems nr Kell Belet, Cr. 1192.
c. lunechuir
in d. Elfinn, C. 750; ¶  rather Kilunagher tl. in p. Annagh, Mayo.
c. lusca
Caibell in C. L., subject to St. Bridget (Lb. has Coemell, Fir. has Caimell), Ll. 353, Lec. 112, Lb. 22, Fir. 752; ¶  C. Lusga, Bb. 123 b; ¶  ch. of Lusk nr Dub. (?).
c. mac n-aingin
Hui Tomrair of; ¶  W. of r. Succa in Connacht, Lec. 157, Bb. 60 b; ¶  v. C. mic hAingne.
c. mac con gairb
Kellmaccongarub, Tax.
c. macu birn
Kell macca Birn, d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1190–1212; ¶  there are 2 tls. Kilmacoo in b. Arklow; ¶  Kell macu Buirin, d. Glendal., terra Magilla-mochalmoc, Cr. c. 1173; ¶  Cell maka burn, in l. of Macgille holmoeh, d. Glendal.; ¶  seem nr Dergni or Delgany, Cr. 1192; ¶  Kilmacbeyrne, Hmd. p. 147, A.D. 1264; ¶  C. macber in Bre dry., d. Dub., it and Kimehonoc were under one rector, Cr.; ¶  Kilmakebur in d. Dub., Cr. 1216.
c. maccu buadáin
Kel maccu Buadan, d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1192; ¶  in terra Wicklo.; ¶  C. macua Buadan, in terra Wickl., d. Glendal.
c. maccu geridáin
Kilmacugeridan in dry. Othir, d. Clonfert, Tax.
c. macduan
al. Kil maduan, in dry. Corknuwyn, d. Cork, Tax. c. mac n-énáin; ¶  C. mac Nenain in d. Raphoe, C. 92, Ct. 393, 401, 494, Ad. 191; ¶  it must be C. mac nÉnáin, or C. mic Nénain, as C. mic nEnáin is ungrammatical; ¶  C. mic Nénáin, Md. 150, 160, 162, Fir. 152, Ar. 40, Fm. ii. 1030, iv. 1012, St. B. 598; ¶  C. mic nEnáin, Lc. i. 126, Fen. 346, Au. ii. 124, iii. 474; ¶  I think it is C. mac n-Énáin, al. C. mac n-Éoin; ¶  Kilmacrenan vil., tl., p. and b. in Don.; ¶  "lebar chilli mic nEnain," quoted as containing a record of each event concerning Tirconnell, Ms. has disappeared, Fen. 347; ¶  C. mhic Creunáin; ¶  at C. m. C. O'Donnell was proclaimed king, K. 155 b, Fy. 432; ¶  leabhar Cille Mac Nenán, St. B. 598; ¶  = Cell Mac Neoin, Md. 160, St. B. 600; ¶  Doire Ethne da ngoirther C. Mic Nenain aniu, Md. 162.
c. mac n-eogain
in Cairbre of Sli., Of. 382, Ct. 625; ¶  in Ros Reided, in Crioch Cairpre Droma Cliab in Connacht; ¶  Colmán of C. mac nEogain, Lec. 97, 123.
c. mac n-eoin
al. C. mac Neoin; ¶  Kilmacrenan, c. Don.; ¶  mar fuaras a cCill mac Neoin: a leabruibh ní hord aineoil, St. B. 600, Fen. 354, which has C. mic nEoin, al. Cell mac Nenáin, St. B. 598, Md. 160.
c. macergan
nr Dub. or Donnybrook, Ah. 68; ¶  Kimeracaregan on E. and SE. side of Dub., seems betw. St. Kevin's ch. and Donnybrook, Sw. an. 1200.
c. machermat
1329; ¶  ch. in Cnapdale, Scotl., al. Kil Machormant, Kyl Machormat, Tr. 248, 257, 258.
c. mac flescaigi
in Luigne of Connacht, Cs. 899.
c. maclayn
in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. mac leinín
Kilmaclenin in d. Cloyne, Tax.; ¶  tl. and p. in b. Orrery and Kilmore, Cork.
c. mac menáin
Kilmacmenan in d. Raphoe, Tax.; ¶  perh. for Kilmacrenan.
c. mac n-odhráin
Kilmacnoran, tl. in p. Drung, c. Cavan.
c. macoly
in dry. Fethard, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. mac talmaide (?)
cf. (Cath) Atha Talmaide.
c. mac talmaidhe (?)
(cf. th Talmaide); ¶  C. mac Talewy; ¶  in dry. Taney, d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  C. Mactalwe, Tachnehy dry., Dub., Cr.; ¶  nr Chapelizod and Kilmehud; ¶  C. Macdalowey (Kill Mactalewi, G.), Sw. c. madóc; ¶  al. C. Madog, vicarage in d. Dumblane, Scotl., in 1275, Tir. 115, 112; ¶  Kilmadock, Sk. ii. 193.
c. madolla
Kilmadolla in dry. Wethirchir, d. Cashel, Tax.; ¶  now Kilmastulla tl., p. in c. Tipp. (?).
c. maedáin
(?) Kilmedan in d. Elphin, Tax.
c. m'aedóic
Kilmadock, p. in Menteith, Perthsh., called fr. St. Maedhoc of Wexf., PRIA viii. 450; ¶  Kilmadock (Downe), in Scotl., Jo.
c. maedhóg
Kilmogue tl. in p., Fiddown, c. Kilk.
c. maedhog
al. C. Maog; ¶  bennacht ar an anmain do scribh, on Rudraide Buidhe Mag Mhathghamhna at Cill Mhaog when Philip mac Muiris was in Almhain, 1553, X. 250; ¶  now Kilmeague, c. Kild., nr Allen; ¶  cf. C. Maedhóg.
c. mael
Kilmoyle, names of 8 tls.
c. maeláin
in Magh na Selga in Ulst.; ¶  mac Cuanach of C. Mælain, Ll. 333, Fir. 335, Lec. 181, Hx. 254, X. 58; ¶  Cuanach had 4 sons, Bec, K. of Airgiall, fr. whom the Cenel mBecce are, Baedan, fr. whom are the Cenel mBaedan and the Muintir Diuchairi, Diarmaid, in C. Maelan muighe na Sealga, Bb. 64 b.
c. maeláin (?)
Kilmoylan pp. in Galw. and Limk., and 3 tls. in Limk., and Kilmoylin tl. in Waterf., Kilmelan tl. in p. Moycarky, Tipp.
c. maelanfaid
Maelanfaid of, Ll. 350; ¶  C. Maileanfaidh, Lb. 17; ¶  C. Maelehanfaid, Lec. 107; ¶  Maelanfaidh, of Dail Mesincorb, at C. Maili Anfaid, Bb. 121 b; ¶  Maolan Faidh Ab. Dairinnsi of C. M., Fir. 727; ¶  Maelanfaidh abb Dairinse ag Lis mór Mochuda, F. 40, Fg. 26, Md. 33; ¶  the only equivalent is Kilmalanophy tl. in p. Derryvullan, c. Ferm.
c. maeil choluim
Kelmalcolme, in Scotl., Tr. 24 an. 1226.
c. maeldubháin
a tTír Aodha etir Eas Ruaidh acus muir, acus ní fhuil eaglais ann anosa gidhedh as gnath lenbáin oga d'adhnacul ann, Md. 346.
c. maelduibh
Kilmalduff in 1304, Kilmalew in 1529, old name of Inveraray, Jo.
c. maelrubha
Kilmolrow in 1500, Kilmorow in 1511, Kellcrew in 1661; ¶  Kilarrow (Islay), Jo. Adr. 135; ¶  Killarrow in W. Kintyre; ¶  his name became Mulruby, Olrow, Murry, Marrow, Arrow, Inv. xx. 64; ¶  Isle of Kilmolrue, nr Applecross, Scotl., Sk. ii. 412.
c. maelrubha (?)
Kilmaree Lodge (Broadford), Scotl., Jo.
c. maeltuile
a p. ch. i nDisert Midhe, d. of Meath; ¶  a thobar, a chlog buidhe, a bhachall 7 a dhealbh ann fós, Md. 444; ¶  at Dysart, c. Westm., Dm. iii. 559; ¶  5 m. SW. of Mullingar, Pgi. ii. 167.
c. magnenn
v. C. Maignenn.
c. magtogi
given to St. Fintan of Duleny by St. Columba, Cs. 232; ¶  seems on borders of Meath and Muns.; ¶  Killmatoige in Meath, C. 12, Ct. 496.
c. maicc clarid
Tl. 208.
c. maighe bó (?)
Kilmoyboo in dry. Muscridonegan, d. Cloyne, Tax.
c. maighe ghlais
Kilmaglush, c. Carl.
c. maighe ghlais
Kilmaglish, c. Westm.
c. maighi huachtair 7 iachtair
Scott and Mangu, of the Dál Mesincorp, in Cellabih Muighi hUachtair 7 Ichtair in Cluain Moiscne, Lb. 22; ¶  Scoth and Mengan, of the same parents, and of the Dál Messin Corp, abode in Cellaib Maigi Uachtaraib 7 Iachtaraib and in Cluain Moescnae, subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 353; ¶  Scot and Mongan, of the Dal Mesin Corp, in the Cellaibh Muighi Fuachtardaib and in Ceartarcaib, in Cluain Moiscni, Lec. 112, Bb. 123 b; ¶  C. Muighe Uachtarchaibh, in Cluain Moisgne Dochaide, in Achad Corcraighe, Fir. 753.
c. maigisdir
Hui Broccain of, in Lein., Fir. 464; ¶  Kylmayster in c. Wexf.; ¶  given to Pipparde of Kilea, Sp. Dec. 1, 1550; ¶  St. Maighister of C. Maighistrech, Fir. 724; ¶  Cathan, son of Nathi, of the Hui mBarrci, fr. whom is the St. of "Cluain Rathach," and Maigistir of C. M., Bb. 73 b; ¶  St. Eochaidh of Cluain Rathach, and Maigisdir of C. M., Fir. 463.
c. maignenn
Kilmainham nr Dub., Fm. iv. 910; ¶  Magniu Ab. Cille Magnenn, Féile XV. Kal. Nov.; ¶  ns. Maignenn in Sil. i. 37; ¶  Magniu no Magnend ó Chill M. i toeb tha Cliath, F. 183, 35, Fg. 198, 240, Fep., Mt. 37, 38; ¶  ro socht co C. M. co fachi Atha Cliath, Z. 373, Cg. 150, K. 170 b; ¶  Mogobbóc in C. M., Ll. 364, 368, Bb. 125 b, Lec. 118; ¶  Ecmaing Fursa co Maignenn Chille M., F. 35; ¶  Eochaidh of Cluain Rathach and Maigister of C. M., Lec. 109; ¶  Kilmaignan, prior of, Kc. 45; ¶  prieoir of C. M., Fir. 813, Au. iii. 142, 594, Fm. iv. 910; ¶  Learghus ua Fidcháin eccnaid Cille M., Fm. i. 388; ¶  Filiarum mic Ieir iv., Dairinill, Dairbellin, Cael ocus Comgell i C. M. (26th Oct.), Mt. 38; ¶  = ceithre ingena meic Iair .i. Dairinill, Darbelein, Cael ocus Comghell i cCill na n-Inghen i ttaobh Tamhlachta andes, Fg. 204; ¶  Kilmaignan, Kc. 45; ¶  C. Meinan, C. Menin, 1200, Sw. p. 23; ¶  Kilmenan, Hmd. p. 75, A.D. 1220; ¶  Kilmaynan, Cr. 1248; ¶  Kilmenania, Cam. i. 212; ¶  Kylmaynan, Hmd. p. 497, an. 1261.
c. maignenn
ch. of Mainham nr Clongowes Wood College, c. Kild.; ¶  Kilmainham, in c. Meath, also in d. Kilmore, in c. Cavan.
c. maignenn beg
Kilmaignambeg, Hmd. p. 201, A.D. 1290.
c. maignenn garraisce
the 3 sons of Conall in C. M. G., Lec. 109.
c. maile (?)
Kellmaly in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. maile-chétair (?)
Kylmoly Kedre, Sp. an 1298, p. 249; ¶  v. C. Meilchetair.
c. main
Dauidh of C.M., Hb. 62; ¶  Kilmaine (?).
c. mainches
the Uamh Adhluicthi, or Burial place of the Tuath nDuinnin in Muns., Lis. 183 b.
c. mainchin
Killmanaheen p. and ch., b. Corcomroe, c. Clare, nr Lahinch, Fm. v. 1670; ¶  Mainchin seems St. Munchin.
c. mainchin
Bp. Manchin of C. Manchin, Lb. 15; ¶  St. Munchin's p. in city of Limk., Mm. 630.
c. mainchinn
St. Manchan of C. M., Fir. 718.
c. máire
C. Mawre, d. Glasgow, Scotl., Tr. 427.
c. malaich
the very small monastery of Malach the Briton in the NE. angle of the Deisi, Tl. 198; ¶  in Muns., Ct. 156, 272; ¶  2 tls. of Kilmaloo in b. Decies-within-Drum, Gti.
c. mallach
is Cille Mallach na manach go créachtach, St. B. 747; ¶  Earl of Barrymore is called Bhícon comuis C. Mallaig na maolfhear, St. B. 743; ¶  in Barrymore's country.
c. manach
c. mannagh nr Youghal, Kc. 22.
c. manach (?)
Kilmanna, in dry. Aicme, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. manach
or C. na manach; ¶  Kilnamanagh, in p. Donaghpatrick, N. of Loch Hacket and in N. of b. Clare, c. Galw., Wc. 370.
c. manach
in Uib Dunchadha; ¶  Kilnamanagh tl., in p. Tallaght, Dub., Gti.; ¶  Féile Endei of C. M., II. Kal. Jan., Ll. 355, Bb. 121 b, Mt. 40; ¶  = Enda ocus Lochan (Lochein) o C. na Manach i n-Uibh Dúnchadha, Fg. 250, F. 184, Ll. 313, 350, 373, 385, Bb. 72 b; ¶  al. Cell Manach Escrach and Cell na Manach, q.v.; ¶  Eunda of C. M. was of the Hui Nair, Fir. 458.
c. manach
Kilmanagh tl., p. and vil. in b. Cranagh, Kilk., Fm. i. 412, Au. i. 260; ¶  O'D. and Hen. wrongly suggest Kilnamanagh; ¶  al. C. M. Droichit, q.v.; ¶  St. Natali i C. M., Mt. 30; ¶  Mac Táil ó Chill M. i n-iarthar Osraige, F. 121; ¶  = Nattal ó Cill na Manach, Fg. 146; ¶  in Lein., Ct. 165, 272.
c. manach droichit
i Crích Osraigi, Lis. 18 b; ¶  Kilmanagh, 8 m. W. of city of Kilk., Lan. i. 446; ¶  v. C. M. in Iarthar Osraige. c. manach escrach; ¶  Lochan and Enna, sts. of the Dál Mescorb in C. M. E. (al. Escra) in Huib Donchada, Ll. 313, 350, 373, 385; ¶  Bb. 72 b; ¶  Lochan 7 Sedna a c. Manach Eascrach, I. 108 b 2.
c. manchan
or C. Mainchain, Fep.; ¶  Kilmanaghan tl. and p. in b. Kilcoursey, King's c.; ¶  C. Mancháin, Kj. iv. 450.
c. manntáin
in the lower part of Laighen, Fm. vi. 2050; ¶  C. Mantan, in d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1179; ¶  in Wiclo dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  seems nr Wick. and Kil Pol; ¶  C. Meanntain, al. Inber da glas, Cf. 60; ¶  in Wick.; ¶  C. Mantain, al. Inber da glas, Cf. 60; ¶  in Wick.; ¶  C. Mantain, Regan calls it Kylmantan and Wikingelo, M. 30, 94–2; ¶  in Wick., Ah. 73; ¶  betw. c. Dub. and c. Wexf., Cev. 210; ¶  Wicklow town, Mi., Ac. 66, Mis. i. 238, Ct. 9, 19.
c. mhaoilleachair
belonged to Baron of Castle Conaing in c. Limk., Hb. 13 b; ¶  I think Kilmoyler tl. in b. Clanwilliam, Tipp., 3 m. NW. of Caher, not far fr. c. Limk.; ¶  C. Maoillithar in Muscraidhe belonged to Maoilre Burc of Baile na cCeard, Hb. 14 b—i.e., Burke of Ballynagard, c. Limk.
c. mhaoiliodhráin
in Thomond, Tor. 168; ¶  Killoran tl. in b. Owney and Ara, d. Killaloe.
c. maoláin maige sealga
Hx. 254; ¶  a p. in b. Clare, c. Galw., Gti., For. 168; ¶  Kilmoylan.
c. már
v. C. Mór.
c. mart
or C. na Mart (?); ¶  Kilmart in Wiclo dry., d. Dub., grouped with Rath Nó, &c., Cr. 143.
c. martain
Kilmartin in Argylesh. and the Isle of Sky, 11th November, R. 400.
c. martain
Kilmartin (Lochgilphead), Scotl., Jo.
c. masshan
in c. Kild. (?), Kc. 205; ¶  now Kilmessan.
c. matia donerder (?)
a Muigh-Itha, F. 168.
c. mechair
"Kilmechar in c. Kilk.," Sp. an. 1279, p. 325; ¶  Kilmagar tls., b. Gowran, Kilk.
c. mecho
in Arclo dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  Kilmacoo, 3 tls. in b. Arklow, c. Wick.
c. mechur
in Wiclo dry., d. Dub., lately vacant "through the war," Cr. 144.
c. mecoldris
in Tachnehi dry., Dub., Cr.
c. medhón
Kilmeyn in dry. of Athenry, Tax.
c. medón
in d. Tuam, dry. Shrule, Tax., Tr. 2 (an. 1216); ¶  C. mhédhón, Fm. ii. 1114, Lc. i. 280; ¶  Kilmaine vil. and p. in b. Kilmaine, Mayo, Fm. iii. 50, 398; ¶  b. Kilmaine in S. Mayo; ¶  ancient land of O Talcaráin, Fy. 484; ¶  Wc. 2, Tig. Rc. xviii. 298, Ar. 114; ¶  Killmayne, Ac. 152; ¶  Kilmeane, Sp. 1606, p. 65; ¶  i.e. (?) "Cellola media," A. f. 13 a 2, a four cornered ch. fd. by St. Patrick for the sisters of Bp. Failart; ¶  Laebán of C. M., Bb. 123 b, Lec. 112.
c. medón beg
Kilmainebeg p. in b. Kilmaine, Mayo.
c. megáin
in Ultonia, B. lviii. 894; ¶  Kilmegan p. nr Down.
c. meggeth
Kilmeggeth, nr. Tullach, and in c. Kilk.; ¶  l. of Douiskyr Abbey, Charter of 1212.
c. mehál
a castle in kingdom of Cork or Limk., Sw. an. 1206; ¶  Kilmihil tl. in p. Ballingaddy, or K. tl. in p. Ballingarry, Limk. c. mehenog; ¶  al. Kil Mehanok in dry. Bambech, d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  Kilmonoge p., in b. Kinalea.
c. mehoc
in d. Waterf., Tax.
c. mehud
in Tachnehy, dry., Dub., Cr., nr. Kilmactalway, now Kilmacud.
c. meithne
in Laigis, Lein., Lec. 216, 274; ¶  Garban mac Luighne of the Laighis Leathan Atha, fr. whom are Ceall Garbain and C. M., Ha. 802.
c. meithne
in Hi Cuscraidh Shléibhe in Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  C. Meithne, now Kilbenny, about 4 m. E. of Mitchelstown, at the foot of the Galtees, O'Longan on the Two Fermoys; ¶  Kilbeheny p., Gti. c. melalegog (!); ¶  in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  Kilmakilloge p., c. Kerry (?), or Kilmoyley.
c. melchetair
al. C. Maeil-Chetair, al. C. Maile Chetair; ¶  for brú in mara fri Cnoc mBrenainn a n-iar, Fg. 96, Md. 126; ¶  Kilmalkeder in Kerry, Sp. 1298, p. 249; ¶  Kylmoly Kedre, p. 314; ¶  Kilmelkedar in d. Ardfert. Tax.; ¶  Kilmalkedar tl. and p. in b. Corkaguiny, Kerry; ¶  a beautiful ruined ch., and 2 inscribed stones there, Pi. ii. 7.
c. melláin
Kilmellan in dry. Wethirchir, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. melláin (?)
Kylmellan, Kylmelan, given to All Hallows in 1285, Ah. 57, 58, 60; ¶  seems nr Castleknock.
c. melloc
v. C. Moellóc.
c. mely
in dry. Kyrrycurith, d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  cf. C. Maile.
c. memnáin (?)
Kilmemenan, al. Kylemannenan in dry. Fethard, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. menntain
C. Meanntain; ¶  v. Cell Mantain.
c. meotóin
C. Metoin, fr. Magh nEo Aedh, son of Cathal Crobhderg, marched on the morrow to C. Meotoin in Connacht, Con. 2 b, 19 a; ¶  leg. C. Medón, Kilmaine in Mayo.
c. meracaregan
betw. Dub. and Donnybrook, Sw. an. 1200, Hmd., p. 55, an. 1192; ¶  Kil Mererecaregain, betw. St. Kevin's Ch., Dub., and Donnybrook, Charter of John Earl of Moreton, Gn., Hmd., p. 51, A.D. 1192.
c. meresce (?)
Kilmereske, given to Mary's Dub., Sw.
c. m'ernóic
Kilmarnock in c. of Ayr, Scotl.; ¶  25th Oct. is his day, R. 400.
c. mernot
an. 1329; ¶  in d. of Glasgow, Scotl., Tr. 248, 255.
c. mes
Kilmass in p. Rahara, b. Athlone, c. Rosc., Kj. iv. 455. c. measantan; ¶  in Tachnethy, dry. Dub., Cr. Tax.; ¶  v. c. epscoip. Sanctan, now Kill Saint Ann, nr Bohernabreena.
c. messáin (?)
Kilmessan in Skreen dry., d. Meath, Tax.
c. meuenoc
1275; ¶  in d. Dunkeld, Scotl., Tr. 116.
c. miadan
in Ui Maine, I. 40 b 1; ¶  Kilmeane p. in b. Athlone N., c. Rosc.; ¶  v. C. Mian.
c. mian
Kilmeen, in b. Leit., 3 m. E. of Loughrea, Im. 78; ¶  in Maonmhagh, Hb. 105, Ai. 34 a; ¶  in Ui Maine, Lec. 187.
c. michaeil
Kilmichael, 2 places in Argylesh., also in Isles of Bute and Arran, R. 400.
c. michil
Kilmichael (Lochgilphead), and in Cromarty, Jo.
c. mic ainge
Ui Tomnuir, or Tomruir, of C. in Connacht, Bb. 60 b, Fir. 237.
c. m. cairill
Killmackerrill in c. Leit., Kj. iv. 451.
c. m. cairill (?)
Ceall Mecceril, l. of Monasternenagh, d. Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. m. cairill
Kilmacarrill tl. in b. Boyle, Rosc.
c. m. callain
Mac Dondchaidh died in Portindsi, his own Longport, and was buried in C. m. C., Lc. ii. 106, Con. 46 b; ¶  Kilmacallan p. in b. Tirerrill, a few m. NE. of Portinch, c. Sli., Lc. ii. 107, note.
c. m. cathail
i n-Uib Bairrche, i. i mBelach Gabran, F. 184; ¶  Md. 350, Cbb. c. 3; ¶  Kilmacahill tl. and p., b. Gowran, Kilk.
c. m. coimsi
Kimacumsy in b. Frenchpark, c. Rosc., Lc. ii. 384, Ci.; ¶  a battle there betw. the O'Conors; ¶  v. C. Maelicoisne.
c. m. creiche
nr Enistymon, c. Clare, Mm. 630.
c. m. crethe
in Thomond, Ct. 209, C. 237; ¶  Kilmacrehy p. in which are Liscanonor and Lahinch, c. Clare.
c. m. creunáin
v. C. mac nEnáin, Kilmacrenan.
c. m. duaich
Fg. 28; ¶  C. mic Duach, in b. Kiltartan, c. Galw., Fm. iii. 120; ¶  Kilmacduagh p. and tl. 3 m. fr. Gort; ¶  the ch. of St. Colman, son of Duach, and 9th fr. Dathi, who d. 428, which gives 728 as St. Colman's probable date, Fy. 37, 66; ¶  N. of Cinél Aedha na hEchtge, Fm. v. 1745, Lbl. 796, Lec. 163 (there is also Kilmacduagh tl. in b. Kilmaine, Mayo); ¶  Guaire of Aidne buried there, Sil. 401, Cs. 379; ¶  C. M. D. in Tír Fiachrach Aidhne, Lc. i. 219; ¶  a cConnachtuibh, Md. 38; ¶  v. Au. ii. 372, Fm. i. 426, Cs. 479, C. 213, Fir. 259, B. lix. 880, 888, 889.
c. m. dubháin
al. Maguane nr Kilrush; ¶  p. and ch. in b. Moyarta, Clare, some of the old ch. remains, Fm. vi. 1906; ¶  Kilmacduane, Gti.; ¶  C. mic an Dubháin of C. 538.
c. michen
i n-Ath Cliath, Md. 226, Fg. 164; ¶  at St. Michan's ch., Dub.
c. mic fergusa
Aedan of C. M. Fergusa, Bb. 119 b.
c. mic laisre
Kilmaglasser in b. Burrishoole, Mayo, Fy. 484.
c. m. luigni
Barrfhind of C. mic L., Ll. 366, Lec. 115, Bb. 124 a, Ai. 150 a.
c. m. míolchon
Kilmeelchon in p. of Lusmag, b. Garrycastle, King's Co., Fm. i. 534.
c. m. nenáin
i cCenel Conuill, Md. 150; ¶  founded by Colum Cille Md. 150; ¶  v. C. mac nEnáin.
c. m. sencháin (?)
Kilmashenaghan, in Sanda I., off Mull of Cantire, PRIA viii. 135.
c. m. thaidg
F. 156; ¶  seems in Corcofhirtri do Luignib Connacht; ¶  Mobí Clairainech born there; ¶  Kilmacteige p., b. Leyny, Sli., Kj. iv. 451.
c. m. trena
Cell mac Trena; ¶  Kilmactrena, in d. Elphin, Tax.; ¶  Kilmactranny, in d. Elphin in S. of b. Tirerril, Sli., Fy. 485, Fm. iii. 284, Lc. i. 342, Con. 9a.
c. m. ui donnain
in Thomond, betw. the Linanaibh and Cair Craoibhdigh, Ai. 73 a.
c. midan
in d. Wat., Tax.; ¶  p. ch. in d. Wat., Tr. 417; ¶  Kilmeadon p.
c. mide
(Cell m'Ide), in dry. Bambech, d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  tls. of Kilmeady W. and K. East in p. Drishane in b. W. Muskerry.
c. mide
ó Lios Rudrach isna Déisib co Cill Mide, Sb. 29 a 2; ¶  Kilmeedy E. and K. West, tls. in p. Kinsalebeg, b. Decies-within-Drum, Waterf.
c. mide
Kilmyde in Adthy dry., d. Dub., nr Ardscoll, Cr.; ¶  Kilmead tl. in p. Narraghmore, nr Athy.
c. mhidheáin
Kilvine, in extreme SE. of b. Clanmorris, Mayo, Fy. 485; ¶  p., tl. and vil. of Kilvine; ¶  C. Midáin, Lc. ii. 458; ¶  C. Miadáin.
c. miloc
Kilmilok in dry. Fethard, d. Cashel, Tax.; ¶  Kilmaloge, 3 tls. in b. Iffa and Offa W., Tipp.
c. mingen
Kilmingen in dry. Muscri, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. minne
the Breathnaicc of C. M.; ¶  v. C. Mithine, C. Miodhna, Ai. 22 b; ¶  the Walshes of C. M.
c. míodna
old ch. in p. Kilmeena, b. Burrishoole, Mayo, Fy. 485. c. mithil; ¶  Dataig a C. M. ó (Fh)eith na hImgona co Ceandmara, ó Beand Sigain co Belatha Senain, Ha. 758; ¶  ? Kilmihil p. in c. Clare.
c. mithine
Colum Cille Mithine, Ll. 369, Lec. 119, Bb. 126 a, Ai. 152 a; ¶  Killmitheny belonged to d. of Tuam, Sp. 1253, p. 41; ¶  Kilmeena tl. and p. nr. Westport, Mayo.
c. mo bheonóig (?)
Kilmavevonog in Atholl, Perthsh., R. 400.
c. mobhí
Kilmovee tl. and p. b. Costello, Mayo, Fy. 485; ¶  nr Swineford.
c. mobi
Kelmoby, in d. Achonry, Tax.
c. mobhí
"St. Movee's" Chapel, 3 m. N. of Lusk, c. Dub., PRIA vii. 142.
c. mobhí
Kilmovvee tl. in p. Guilcagh, c. Waterf.
c. mobhinóg
C. Movinoge, a p. ch. in d. Cashel, Hardiman's Stat. of c. Kilk., p. 48, note.
c. mochaemhog
Kilmakevoge tl. and p. in b. Ida, in S. Kilk.
c. mochellóc
Kilmahollok in dry. and d. Limk., Tax.; ¶  C. mochallócc, Kilmallock, c. Limk., Fm. v. 1622, Ar. 278, Ods. 596; ¶  name of tl., t. and b. in Limk.; ¶  in the Decies, C. 511, 749, i.e., in Deise Beg; ¶  Mocheallóg of C. M. of race of Conaire, son of Eidirsgel, K. 163 b; ¶  Eda Léis 7 mac Iarla Cille Dara do chomhthuitim re aroile i cC Mochellóg, an. 1412, Con. 49 b, Au. iii. 62, Lc. ii. 142, Fm. iv. 808, Fep., Killmuchallogum oppidum, O'S. ii. iv. 8; ¶  Kilmahallok, Kc. 202; ¶  Kilmehalloc 1237, Sw.
c. mochellóig
old name of Gorey, c. Wex., Pgi., sub. Gorey. c. mo-chellóc (?); ¶  Kilmallock tl. and p. in b. Ballaghkeen, nr. Enniscorthy; ¶  bu v. C. Moellóc.
c. mochellóig (?)
Kilmakillock, l. of O'Moore, in Queen's Co., Sp. 1606, p. 61.
c. mo chennoc
C. mahenoc, C. Mothenoc in l. of MacGille mo cholmock, d. Glendaloch, Cr. circ. 1173, 1192; ¶  Kel mehenoc, Sw., an. 1200; ¶  Kylemehanok, Hmd., p. 486, an. 1236; ¶  Kilmehanok, Cr. 1248; ¶  Kylmehenok in dry. Bre, d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  Killmakenocke, c. Wick., Sp. 1606, p. 62; ¶  now Kilmacanoge tl. and p., nr Delgany, c. Wick.
c. mo chérog
E. of Glendaloch, B. xx. 322.
c. mocidhgóg
C. Mocidhgóg níor Clúain chruidh uaidh do'n righ rod darochtain, Caithréim A. I. Bhroin, Bran. 92 b; ¶  v. C. Mochaemóg, or perh., Kilmagig tl. in b. Arklow, nr Rathdrum.
c. mo-chua
Kilmacow, in p. Ballingarry, b. Upr. Connello, Limk., Fm. v. 1734.
c. mo-chua (?)
Kilmacow p. and tl. in c. Kilk.
c. mo-chua (?)
Kilmacow tl. in p. Mogeely, nr Fermoy, Cork.
c. mochua
Kylmahoo in d. Kild., Tax.
c. mochua (?)
Kilmahoe in W. Kintyre, Inv. xx. 64.
c. mo-chua (?)
Kilmacow, tls. in b. Arklow nr Rathdrum.
c. mo-chua (?)
Kilmacuagh tl. in b. Brawny nr Athlone. c. mo-chua (?); ¶  Kilmacuagh tl. in p. Kilgefin, c. Rosc.
c. mo-chuaroc
Kilmhorok; ¶  Kilmehurroc in dry. and d. of Limk., Tax.
c. mochuda (?)
Kylmahudde in dry. Taney, d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  Kilmohud in b. of Bré (Bray), an. 1207, Sw.; ¶  Kilmacud tl. and p. in b. Rathdown, Dub.
c. mo choluim
Kilmacolme in 1205; ¶  Kilmalcolm (Greenock), Jo., Max.
c. mochuille
in Tuath O Cursaidh, in the Triacha of Caoille in Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  Kilmaculla tl. in p. Kildorrery, b. Fermoy, Cork.
c. módain
Kirkmaiden, Galloway, Scotl., Sk. ii. 38; ¶  v. C. Múadáin.
c. modichon (?)
Kellmodicu in terra Arklow, d. Glendal., Cr. an. 1173 (?), 1192; ¶  in old graveyard at Delgany an O. I. inscription bears the word Dichu.
c. modiuit
Simplex of; ¶  i Sodhain, Md. 46, Fep.; ¶  i Sogan, F. 51; ¶  i n-Ibh Maine, Mt. 15; ¶  Kilmude in Hy Maine, O'D., note in Md. 46; ¶  perh. Killamude E. and K. West, tls. in b. Tiaquin, c. Galw., nr Mountbellew; ¶  Diuit = Lat. Simplex; ¶  also Kilmood p. in c. Down. c. modomhnóc (?); ¶  Kilmodovenok, al. Kylmodofnog in d. Cloyne, Tax.
c. moelicoisne
in hUib Maine Connacht, F. 131; ¶  Kilmelcosing in dry. Othir, d. Clonfert, Tax.; ¶  Kilmacumsy p. nr Boyle (?).
c. moellóc
Ellóc of C. M. at Loch Garman, Ll. 372; ¶  Elloc of C. Melloc at L. Garman, Bb. 118 a, Md. 2; ¶  Mélloc of C. Melloc at L. Carman, Lec. 90; ¶  Alloc of Meallog ag L. Carmun, I. 111 b 1; ¶  Elloc patronus di C. Moelloc juxta civitatem Wexf., C. 312, col. 1; ¶  Ch. of St. Aloch, nr Wexf., Charter of Henry II., an. 1172; ¶  St. Tullogue, p. in t. of Wexf., Pgi. iii. 53; ¶  where Bishop's Water stream and the military barracks are in p. of St. "Dooloogues," as now pronounced; ¶  Elloc Cille Moelloc, his feast Jan. 1st, Md. 2; ¶  the feast of Siloc al. Moshilóc is 13th July; ¶  v. Cell moshilóc in district of Gorey; ¶  ell is the root of the Ellóc, mo-Ellóc, m'Ellóc, Alloc, m'Eallog, Aloch, Dooloogue, Tullóg (do-Elloc al. t'Ellog).
c. mogináin (?)
Kylmagenan in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax. c. moinenn; ¶  St. Monance, formerly Inverry of Fife, Scotl., Sk. ii. 314.
c. moinni
Kilmoone tl. and p., b. Skreen, Meath; ¶  and Finnabhar-abha (Fennor, c. Meath) and C. Moinni were under Abbot Maelfothartaigh, who died 808, Fm. i. 414, Au. i. 296; ¶  Fm. has C. Monai.
c. moláin
Kellmolan in d. Tuam, Tax.; ¶  C. Móelain; ¶  C. Maeláin (?).
c. mo laissi
v. C. Molassi.
c. mo lapóc
in Uib Bairchi; ¶  now Kilmolappogue graveyard in tl. of Donore, p. Lorum, Carl., Fm. ii. 840; ¶  C. Molapóg and C. an Chnuic, plundered by A. Mac S. O'Byrne, Bran. 91 a; ¶  Creach la Huibh gCinnsiolach a nIbh Bairrche go nástarraidh mac Murchadha mac Dunloing gur bris forro a C. Molapóc, Hb. 88, Tig., Rc. xvii. 380.
c. mo lappóc
nr. vil. of Croghan, N. of Elphin, c. Rosc., Fm. ii. 840, note.
c. molára
p. and old ch. in b. Kilmaine, Fy. 485; ¶  nr Ballinrobe. c. molassi; ¶  burned by the Foreigners, Ll. 309, Cg., Z. 351, K. 165 a; ¶  C. mo Laisse, Mt. 13; ¶  i nDéisibh Muman, Fg. 18, Md. 20, Mt. 13; ¶  Kilmolash, 5 m. SE. of Lismore, Cg. 6; ¶  tl. and p. in Decies-without-Drum, c. Waterf.; ¶  Féile of Molasse of C. M. the XVI. Kal. Feb., Ll. 356.
c. mo-lasse
Kilmolash tls. in p. Inislounaght, nr Clonmel.
c. mo-lassra (?)
Kilmalasser, in dry. Mayo, d. Tuam, Tax.
c. moleran
in d. Lismore, Tax.; ¶  Kilmoleran p., nr Carrick-on-Suir.
c. moli (?)
Kilmoli in dry. Othorna d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  Kilmoyly tl. and p. in Kerry.
c. mo libbo (?)
Kel molibbo, in d. Glendaloch, in terra Wick.; ¶  Cr. an. 1173, 1192; ¶  Skeeyley (= Cille) Malew, now Kirk Malew, Isle of Man.
c. mo-lide
Kylemolidde in dry. Oboy, d. Kild., Tax., Kilmalady tls. nr Tullamore (?).
c. molihegyn
in d. Killaloe, Tax., Kilmaley, p. Clare (?).
c. molonóig
Kilmalinog p. and tl., in b. Longf., Galw., Kj. iv. 454.
c. mo-lua
al. C. mu Lua usu módernorum subtracta 1a sillaba prisci nominis .i. mo, Cella Luenensis dicitur, Cs. 650; ¶  Béal Atha C. Molua, in Thomond, Ai. 72 a; ¶  Lal. c. Da-lua, Killaloe.
c. molua
Killmallow, pron. Kimaloo (Lismore, Scotl.); ¶  older form was Kilmaluog, Jo.
c. moluoc
Kilmaluag in W. Kintyre, Scotl., Inv. xx. 64.
c. moluóg
old name of pp. of Raasay and Kilmuir, Skye, Jo.
c. momhaenóig
Kilmaveonaig (Blair Athol), Jo.; ¶  c. m'Adhamhnog (?).
c. móna
Cath C. M., Ll. 25 b an. 918, Lec. 620, Lg. 218, Au. i. 484, Cgg. 44; ¶  E. of Ráith Aedha mic Bric, Fm. iv. 686; ¶  Kilmona, p. Rahugh, b. Moycashel, Westm., Ac. 308, Md. 134; ¶  Kilmoone, Ch. 218; ¶  Kilmon in Meath, Sw. an 1261; ¶  Ardgal, slain in the battle of C. M. by Domhnal Cnodhba, Fir. 596, Bb. 34 b, Fm. ii. 706; ¶  is leo do rained Cath C. Mona for Domnall mac Muircertaig for rig Temrach, Z. 360, K. 170 a; ¶  C. Móna, Polan Chille Móna (21st Maii), Fg. 100.
c. móna
al. C. Mónai; ¶  Kilmooney tl. and p., b. Skreen, c. Meath. c. monach; ¶  Mm. 607.
c. mo-naemhóig
Kilmonivaig; ¶  Spean Bridge, Scotl.; ¶  pron. Kilmoneevaig, Jo.
c. mo núach
in d. Tuam, K. 181 b; ¶  Kilmac nDuach (?).
c. mophioc
in Lein.; ¶  St. Lian of, C. 312; ¶  Kilpipe tl. and p. in Wick. and Wexf.; ¶  v. C. Riáin.
c. mór
Kilmore in d. Ardfert; ¶  al. Valentia.
c. mór
Kellmor in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. mór
in dry. Muscri, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. mór
l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw.; ¶  an. 1200.
c. mór
Kylmori in dry. Arklow, d. Dub., Tax.
c. mór
Kilmore in d. Ferns.
c. mór
in dry Skreen, d. Meath, Tax., Rst. 21.
c. mór
Kilmore in b. Erris, Mayo, Fy. 485.
c. mór
nr. r. Moy, in Connacht, Olcan of C. 376, 378, C. 176; ¶  v. C. Mór Muaide.
c. mór
Kelmor, p. and d. Kimori, Tr. 344, an. 1462; ¶  in c. Cavan, Fm. iii. 516; ¶  maidm Cille Móri over the son of Rury (O'Conor ?), and the men of Breifne, Lc. i. 590; ¶  Ci. puts it in Cavan; ¶  the Castle of C. Mór, broken down by O'Reilly (this seems in Cavan), Lc. i. 292, 274; ¶  d. of Upr. Brefney, St. Coel of, C. 151; ¶  Cruimthir Coel of C. M. (25th Maiii), Fg. 104, Mt. 25, Md. 138. C. Mór, Feidlimid Chille M. (3rd Aug.), Fg. 148; ¶  = Fethlimmid Cille Máir, Mt. 31, Md. 208; ¶  Feast of Limid Cille Máire, III. Non. Aug. (recte Fedlimid Cille Moire ?), Ll. 361; ¶  in Breifne, Mi., Ci.; ¶  St. Felimius Kilmorensis 9 Augusti, Md. xlvii., Fg. 152, Mt. 31, Md. 208, B. xxxviii. 814.
c. mór
in d. Elphin, Tax.; ¶  in c. Leit., 6 m. E. of Elphin, Fm. iii. 260, iv. 680, Au. ii. 286; ¶  in O'Beirne's country, betw. Elphin and Jamestown, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 374.
c. mór
Kilmore, in d. and c. Arm.
c. mór
Kilmore in d. Down; ¶  Domhnall Mac Airten do écc hi cCill mhóir, Fm. iii. 304.
c. mór
Kilmore in d. Clogher, c. Mon.
c. mór
Aedan of, Ll. 173 a; ¶  Aengus Aine of, Md. 312; ¶  Colman of, Fir. 715; ¶  Ernán of, Ll. 369, Lec. 319; ¶  Liber of, Lec. 117; ¶  Mael-Coba of, Ll. 42; ¶  Ethni, mother of Mochap of, and of a bp. in Lothur Imlich, Ll. 373, Md. 306; ¶  Senach of (2nd Nov.), Fg. 210, B. lix., 272, Md. 294; ¶  Broindind, dau. of Lugnu, mother of Senach Garbh of, Lec. 91; ¶  there seems to be some confusion betw. Senach sacart of C. M., 2nd Nov., Fg. 210 (whose mother was Broinnfinn, Md.), and Senach Garbh nó mac Buidi (10th Sept.), abb. of Clonfert, ob. 620, whose mother was also called Broindind, Lec. 91; ¶  cf. Fg., p. 394; ¶  Tigernach of, Lec. 119.
c. mor
Hua Andocc 7 Hua Cellchin Cille Móiri, hua Sluaisti o Cuil o Sluaisti, hUa Glesain, isiad sin rogadsad eich 7 muil 7 asain in Chairdinail táinic ó Roim co tír nEirenn diforcedal, in aimsir Domhnail móir Hui Bhriain ríg Mumhan conidesin rorecustar comarba Petair cis 7 dlighe Erenn fri Saxanaibh, Lb. 102, Hx. 33. c. mór; ¶  v. Achad Cille Móire, Lc. ii. 152.
c. mór
Kilmore in Lothian and in Lorn, Scotl.
c. mór aedháin
i n-Uibh Méith Menna, Fg. 210, Ll. 173 a; ¶  i n-Uibh Meith Macha (later hands adds Menna, Mar. to signify that the gloss on Fg. reads Ui Meith Menna), Md. 292; ¶  in Himethia, in Ulst., C. 73; ¶  C. M. Aedáin mic Oengussa, Au. i. 210; ¶  in Ui Meith Macha, Md.; ¶  Kilmore p. in b. and c. Mon.
c. mór airthir fhini
i ciunn Maighe hElta, Fg. 220, F. 69.
c. m. aradh
plundered by order of O'Brien, Tor. 48; ¶  4 m. S. of Nenagh, c. Tipp.
c. m. arad tíre
in Mun., C. 173, Lis. 19 a; ¶  v. C. M. Arad.
c. m. cinneich
Fm. i. 482, Au. i. 362; ¶  prob. Kineigh tl. and p. nr Iniskeen, in b. Carbery, Cork; ¶  another Ceann-eich was nr Castledermot, c. Kild., and Kinnyagh, nr Tintern, Wex.
c. m. dithrib
Ad. 99, Adr. 386, Au. i. 190; ¶  Flann, ab. of, Fm. i. 326, Au. i. 190, Tig. 736; ¶  O'D. thinks it is Kilmore in c. Rosc. nr the Shannon (Ct. 381 says it is p. and d. of Kilmore in Breifne); ¶  C. Mór díothraib do losccad la hOaib Crumhthainn, Au. i. 220, Fm. i. 354; ¶  Ui Chrumthainn were of Crumthann, now Cruffon, in Ui Maine in c. Galw., Im. 73; ¶  v Ui Cremthainn, in Crumhthainn; ¶  in Connacht, Ct. 494; ¶  Combustio of C. M. D. ó Uibh gCriomthoinn, Hb. 79; ¶  ceithri meic Dimmain, Brecani, Udnochtad, Curitani, hi omnes i C. M. D. (9th Aug.), Mt. 31; ¶  4 sons of Dimman, and Breocan, Ciaran et alii, in C. M. Dithruib quiescunt, Ll. 361; ¶  school of St. Colum cille at C. M. Dithruimhe, Bco. 24 b, B. lvi. 334, Cs. 395.
c. m. emire
Crundmaol, abb. of C. M. E., Fm. i. 368; ¶  Flaithbertach, abb. of C. M. Emir, Fm. i. 418; ¶  these are not in Mi.; ¶  at the same years Au. has Crunnmael, abb. of C. M. Einir, Flaithbertach, abb. of C. M. Enir, which is the correct form, Au. i. 238, 300.
c. m. enir
al. C. M. Einir; ¶  Crunnmael of C. M. E.; ¶  Kilmore, 3 m. E. of Arm. city, Fm. i. 516, Fep., Au. i. 212, 238, 300, 346; ¶  al. C. Mór Maige Enir, q.v.
c. m. idan
nr Lugmud or Louth; ¶  St. Mocte's place in Metheorum nemoribus, Cs. 906, 905; ¶  it seems C. M. Aedáin in Uib Meith Macha, q.v.; ¶  there is no Kilmore tl. or p. in c. Louth.
c. m. i muig in fhir
Tig. Rc. xviii. 28; ¶  a ch. of the monks of Clonmacnois; ¶  seems in Meath, was under the control of Samad Ciaráin, i.e., Clonmacnois, and may be C. M. maige Inir, or Enir; ¶  a gcuinnchibh C. M. i. Maig an fhir, Hb. 99; ¶  cf. trosgadh Samtha Ciaráin for ua Maelsechlainn ig cuingidh saoire C. Móire Muighe Enir, Ch. 312.
c. m. inir
3 m. E. of Arm. city, Fm. i. 348; ¶  al. C. M. Enir and C. M. Maige Enir.
c. m. maedóc
in Lein., Lec. 613; ¶  cf. Cluain mór mAedóc; ¶  only two Kilmore pp. in Lein.—one in b. Bargy, Wexf., which, I think, is meant, one in b. Carbury, Kild.; ¶  C. M. M. would be Kilmore, Cell mór = Aedóc in Ferns.
c. m. maige ainir
Au. i. 388; ¶  v. C. mor M. Enir.
c. m. maige emir
in Fm. i. 518 and Mi. is a mistake for C. M. M. Einir.
c. m. maighe enir
Kilmore, 3 m. E. of Arm., Ch. 312; ¶  C. M. M. Ainir, Au. i. 388.
c. m. maige glaiss
Tl. 94; ¶  Cellula magna in Campo Glais, A. f. 11 b 1; ¶  in Connacht, Ct. 134, 271; ¶  Kilmore p. b. Ballintober, N. Rosc., fd. by St. Patrick; ¶  Moyglass is a tl. in Kilmore p.; ¶  v. Mag Glais.
c. m. muaide
cellola magna Muaide, A. f. 9 b 2; ¶  in the Brédach, in Huibh Amalgaidh, Lec. 168, Fir. 273, 284, Fy. 164; ¶  in d. of Killala, Sil. 53; ¶  Kilmore-Moy, a short distance to NW. of Ballina, in b. Tirawley, Mayo, Fy. 164, 234, 235, 484.
c. m. na sinna
in Uib Briúin na Sinna; ¶  Kilmore, b. of N. Ballintobber, c. Rosc, 6 m. E. of Elphin, Adr. 99, Fm. iii. 332, 544, Ci.; ¶  C. M. na Synda, in d. Elphin, Tr. 453, an. 1464; ¶  K. of Ui Briúin na Sinna buried in C. M. na Sinna, Con. 13 b; ¶  C. M. na S. in Tirarune, Ac. 319.
c. m. óchtair múaide
Tl. p. 136; ¶  Kilmore-Moy at Ballina, c. Mayo; ¶  Kill-mor-huachtair Muaidhe, in Connaught, St. Olcán of, Ct. 271.
c. moróc
Kilmorack, Beauly, Scotl., Jo.
c. mo róin
Kilmerone, 1245; ¶  Kilmarón (Cupar), Scotl., Jo.
c. mo ronáin
Kilmaron; ¶  St. Ronan's ch. in Fife, Max.
c. mo rónoc
Kilmarónock in Dumbarton, Max.; ¶  Rónóc = Rónán, as Mo-Aedoc = Aedán.
c. mo rónóic
Kilmaronock (Alexandria); ¶  Kilmaronog (Loch Etive), Scotl., Jo.
c. mór osegir
in dry. Sruthir, d. Tuam, Tax.
c. m. pátráic
Casan's place, A. 19 a.
c. m. russín
Kilmorerussyn, in d. Lismore, Tax.; ¶  Kilmore tls. nr Tallow, c. Waterf.
c. m. tíre briúin na sinna
Kilmore p. and ch., 6 m. E. of Elphin, c. Rosc., Adr. 99, Lc. i. 310, Au. ii. 286, 448, iii. 8, Mi.; ¶  v. C. mór na Sinna.
c. m. ua níalláin
Kilmore p. in b. O'Neill and W., al. C. Mór Enir, q.v., Au. ii. 232; ¶  3 m. E. of Arm., Fm. ii. 1010, 1090; ¶  Cruimthir Corc of (4th April ), Mt. 20; ¶  Cell M. hUa N., F. 72, Fg. 70, Md. 94, Mi., Ci.; ¶  C. 727 puts it in c. Tirone, where I find 2 tls.
c. mosamhóc
Cell Mosahok de Bellinganer, in d. Waterf., Tr. 417, an. 1459.
c. moshamóc (?)
Kilmahamogue, tl. in p. Ballintoy, c. Antr.
c. mosamócc
O'Donovan, Hennessy, Todd, Halliday and D. Murphy, S.J., misplace this at Kilmashogue Mountain, 6 m. S. of the Liffey; ¶  my friend, Chas. McNeill, first identified it as nr Island Bridge, Dub., which spans the "Vada de Kilmehauoc" on the Liffey; ¶  his proofs and mine show this clearly; ¶  Niall Glún-dub, eponymous head of the O'Neills, and K. of Ireland, when marching to capture Dub., was defeated by the Danes, and mortally wounded "in the battle of Dublin" on Wednesday morning, Sept. 15, 919. I. All old records call this the Battle of Dublin; ¶  Fm. alone marks the precise spot:- Cath Atha Cliath .i. i Cill Mosamhócc la toeb Atha Cliath, Fm. ii. 592; ¶  they speak of it as matan Atha C. i n-Ath C., téis matan moch do Ath C.; ¶  in the year 920 Niall's successor avenged this Cath Atha C. by defeating the Danes with great slaughter, Fm. ii. 592–598; ¶  called cath (Atha C., ic. Ath c., occ. Diublinn), Ll. 25 b, Bb. 49 a, Ch. 190, Cg. 34, Au. i. 438; ¶  "the great battle of Dublin," Ac. 146; ¶  i n-Ath C., Bb. 50 b; ¶  therefore, C. M. was at Dub., and not 6 m. off; ¶  II. C. M. was at Dub.:- C. Moshamóc Dublinde, Lec. 117; ¶  Moshamoc Dublinne, Ll. 368; ¶  C. Mosamócc la taeb Atha Cliath, Fm. ii. 592; ¶  III. we find the side (taeb) and the spot: the Charter of John Lord of Ireland, of year 1192, states the metas or boundaries of Dub: "In Occidentali parte de Dublin ab Ecclesia S. Patricii per vallem usque ad Karnanclonegunethe ['Carnoclohoyunaghe, that is by Dalphin's barne', Gilbert's 'Calendar of Ancient Records of Dublin, vol 1, p. 194] (Carnán Clono Ui Dhunchada, now corrupted to Dolphin's Barn, at which is a remarkable heap or mound [carnán]) et deinde usque ad Divisam terrae de Kylmenan, et ultra aquam de Kylmeinan juxta Auenelith [the Liffey] usque ad vada de Kilmehauoc, et ultra aquam de Auenelith versus Boream per Ennocnagauhoc," Gilbert's National MSS. of Ireland, Part ii., lxv.; ¶  in a copy of this charter, an. 1200, Sw. p. 22, it is written Cellmohafoch; ¶  the citizens of Dub. in 1236 grant to Randulf le Hore a meadow ext. fr. the old quarry of the Oustmans to Kilmehanok; ¶  the l. of Kylmaynan so far as the water of Avenlyf, thence nr that water so far as the ford of Kylmehanoc, and beyond the water of Avenlyf, towards the N. by Ennocnegannoc .. towards Cobragh of Dub. (now Cabragh), Gilbert's Ancient Records of Dublin, i. 81, 157, at p. 190 of which we have the Ryding of the Frauncheses and Liberties of the City of Dub. according to ancient custome preambulated in 1603: "We passed over the water of Cammok betwixt the arrable land called now the Leis of Kilmayneham, and so directly westward to that parte of the meddowe that lyeth opposite uppon that part of the hill called Kilmahennockes hill and now the hill of Isold's font which is a bow shot of the west syde of Isold's font and west of Ellen Hoare's meddowe over which font is a great hathorne tree and in that parte of the meddowe of Kilmainehame the Maior Swoordberer and others tooke boate and passed upp the water of Aunlyffe neer Kilmaineham bridg wher was said was a foorde called Kilmahenocks foord and then tooke horse and rode eastward over and by north Isold's font and to the font itselfe and then rode to the slade by northwest the west end of Ellen Hore's meddowe and in and throughe that slade northward wher was saide of oulde time was a buyshe of hathorne and so to the top of the hill," &c. So, C. moshamhócc, al. Kilmehauoc, al. Cellmohafoch, was nr the Ford of Kylmehanoc (leg. Kilmehauoc), now spanned by Island Bridge, a little on the N. of which are rudera, which to Ch. McNeill seem to mark the site of the Cell, half way on a straight line betw. the Wellington Monument and the Magazine Fort, Phoenix Park. I would add to our Félires:—Mo-shamóc Dublinne, Ll. 368, Lec. 117, Fm. ii. 592; ¶  Mo-shamhóc Bóithe Comair, Bb. 125 a, Lec. 117; ¶  Mo-shamoc Bothaire, Ll. 368. There is also Kilmahamogue tl. in p. Ballintoy, b. Cary, Antr.; ¶  Samh, al. samóc means sorrel.
c. mo sheanoc (?)
Kilmehannoc, Nevil's l. nr Old Ross, c. Wexf., Sw. 1306, p. 178.
c. mo sencháin
now Kilmashenaghan in the island of Sanda off the Mull of Cantyre, Adr. lxvii.
c. moshílóic
i n-Uibh Ceinnselaigh, Fg. 136, Md. 192; ¶  i n-Uib Degad i n-Uib Cendselaig, F. 118; ¶  printed C. Mothiolocc in Md.; ¶  his feast on 13th July; ¶  Mt. has Mosiloc Cluana Daethcain; ¶  now Kilmichaelogue p., in which lies the t. of Gorey, Wexf., Pgi. ii. 276; ¶  Ui Degad is a rural dry. in d. Ferns, nearly co-ext. with the b. of Gorey, O'D. in Tp. p. lv., Fia. p. 212; ¶  there are also Kilmallock p. and tl. in b. Ballaghkeen, Wexf.
c. muadain
Muadán, brother of Ailithir of C. ind Ailithir, of C. M. in Sléib Choirpri, Feast on IV. Idus Maii, Ll. 360; ¶  Muadán of C. Muadáin, nr Carn furbhuidhe, c. Longf., C. 253; ¶  also Kilvoydan tl. nr Corofin, and Kilvoydan in p. Inchicronan, Clare; ¶  Kilmodan (Argyle), 1250, Jo.
c. mucraissi
mo Chonóc of, Cairine of C. M. and of Galenga in Dealbna Beathra, Bb. 118 a; ¶  Mochonócc ó ch. Mucraisi 7 ó Ghailine a nDelbna Eathra, Md. 342; ¶  Mochonoc of C. Muccraisi, Ll. 349, Lec. 90, I. 108 b 1, I. iii. b 1, Fir. 750, Md. 2; ¶  Kilmocrish,al. Kilmuckridge tl. and p. in c. Wexf., Pg. ii. 512, 520.
c. mucrois
Conoc of, in Ulst., C. 312; ¶  Mo-Conoc uais uamach (19th Dec.), gl. 1a o Chill Mucrois, gl. 2a in marg. Mo-Conocc uamhach é so 7 Mo-Conocc o C. M. 18th Nou., Fg. 242; ¶  Mo-Conoc in crabaid, gl. 1a, uamac(h); ¶  gl. 2a in marg. man. rec. potius Mo-Conócc o C. M. quia Mo-Conocc Uamach colitur 19th Decembris, Fg. 220.
c. mudi
Ernán of, Ll. 369, Bb. 126 a, Lec. 119; ¶  Kilmud, al. Kilmood, p. and tl. in b. Lr. Castlereagh, Down (?).
c. muduach
in Connacht, B. ii. 1117, C. 253; ¶  Kilmacduagh (?). c. mugaine; ¶  Flanan of, Bb. 111 a; ¶  Kilmoone in b. Kinellmeaky, c. Cork, Gc. 18; ¶  there is a Kilmoney p. in b. Kerrycurrihy, Cork, and Kilmoon p. in Burren, Clare.
c. mughna(?)
Kilmone, in dry. Duleek, d. Meath, Tax.; ¶  now Kilmoon.
c. mugor
part of the dowry of Inghean an hAlaboidigh (Talbot), wife of Semus Nugent, Fir. 840 b.
c. mugorin
Kilmugorin in d. Kilfenora, Tax.
c. muine
al. C. Muni, Menevia, St. David's, in Wales, Cs. 278, 402.
c. muire
in Áth Clíath, St. Mary's Ab., Dub., Lc. i. 348, Fm. iii. 294, Con. 9 b.
c. muire
Murchadh O'Brien owned Oileán Áran, Leitir, Tromraith nr Innis, and 12 Seisreachs betw. C. Muire and the Sea, Ai. 115 a; ¶  Kilmurry-Ibrickan, in Ui-Bracain, Mi., Ar. 240; ¶  nr Cathair Ruis in Ui Bracain, Ar. 240, Ix. 8; ¶  Donn Macormain .i. Bicaire C. M. Udacht Muirchertaigh mic Mathghamhna in aimsir a Chais co bfiadhnaise dona Sagartaibh, Ix. 8; ¶  this is Kilmurry Ibrickan p. and vil., c. Clare.
c. muire
Kilmurre in d. Lismore, Tax.; ¶  there are many Kilmurrys and Ballykilmurry in Ireland, which are C. Muire or C. Muiredaigh; ¶  Kilmurry, 5 m. E. of Tuam; ¶  K. 2 m. fr. Thomastown, c. Kilk.; ¶  K., a p. in b. Clonderalaw, Clare; ¶  K., a p. 3 m. fr. Carrick-on-Suir; ¶  K., p. 3 m. fr. city of Limk.; ¶  K., p. 6 m. SE. of Macroom, Cork.
c. muire
Kilmory in Argyle, in Renfrewsh., in Wigtonsh., in Bute, and in Arran, Max.; ¶  in W. Kintyre, Im. xx. 64; ¶  Kilmorie, al. Ecclesia St. Marie de Arane in Arran; ¶  also Kilmorie in Wigtown and Rum, Jo.; ¶  C. Muire, al. Kilmaro, Kilmarow; ¶  in 1251 Ecc. St. Marie, Jo.
c. muireagain
Teach Damhnata, C. Muireagain and Cluain mic Eois were burned by Hugh de Lacy, A.D. 1207, Ai. 51 b; ¶  seems nr Tidavnat.
c. muire eili
Kilmurry-Ely, p. in King's Co.
c. muire na ngall
Kilmurrynegaul, p. and vil. nr Six-mile Bridge, c. Clare.
c. mumaine
Mugain, dau. of Dunlaing mic Enna Niad; ¶  fr. her is called C. Mumaine in Thomond, Lec. 331; ¶  v. C. Mughaine.
c. mund
in Britannia, Cs. 191; ¶  in Argathelia in Scotl., B. lvi. 142.
c. mungairide
al. Cathair Dheochain Easáin, the community of which, attending its 7 churches, consisted of 500 learned monks for preaching, 600 psalmists for singing in choir, and 400 seniors for contemplation, K. 167 a; ¶  Mungret nr Limk.; ¶  v. Mungairit.
c. muni
Brig, Tigern and Duthracht in C. M. i Maig Liphi, Ll. 353; ¶  Brigh, Digern and Duthracht in C. Muine Muighe Life, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 113, Lb. 22, Fir. 753, Lis. 23 b, Fg. 216; ¶  in d. Kild., C. 216; ¶  Kilmoney tls. in p. Rathangan, Kild.; ¶  plundered by A. Mac S. O'Byrne, Bran. 91 b.
c. muni
Tig. Rc. xvii. 158; ¶  Cs. 63, 245; ¶  Cri., Z. 374; ¶  in mBretnaib; ¶  Daibith Cille Muine, Ll. 285, 373, Lis. 23 b, 19 b, Cs. 278; ¶  Magna, sister of David Cilli Mune, Ll. 373, Lec. 90, Bb. 118 b; ¶  "David Ecclesiae Muini" in Wales; ¶  al. Menevia, Ll. 24 b, Ch. 62, Cps. 67, 441; ¶  in Britain, F. 39, 40; ¶  David C. M., F. 55, 60, Fg. 46, Mt. 17, Md. 210, Fep., Sk. i. 387, Cps. 487; ¶  luidh Senan cu C. M. co Dabid, Lis. 19 b; ¶  50 British bps. of C. M. went as pilgrims to Moedóc Fherna, Ll. 24 b, 285, 373, Lis. 23 b, Lec. 90, Bb. 118 b, Md. 210, I. 111 b 2, Fep., Tig. Rc. xvii. 158, Cg. 152; ¶  Cellmunensis civitas in Britannia, Cs. 63, 191, 245, 278. c. munnu; ¶  Kilmun, on Holy Loch, Argyle; ¶  called after St. Fintan Munnu of Taghmon (i.e. Teach Munnu), Sk. ii. 410, Jo.; ¶  C. Munna, St. Mund's in Loch Leven, also Kilmund in Cowal, Argyle, Scotl., Sk. ii. 150.
c. murbhaigh
St. Colmán mac Duach of Kilmurvy, on great island of Aran, B. lix. 891.
c. murchaidh
i cCorann, Md. xxxix.
c. murchon
isin cCorann a n-aice Ceise Corainn a cConnachtaibh, Md. 168.
c. na n-abadh
in p. Faughanvale, d. Derry.
c. naale
p. and ch. of Kinnawley, partly in b. Knockninny, c. Ferm., and partly in b. Tullyhaw, c. Cavan, Au. ii. 562, iii. 18, 622, Fm. iv. 708, Mt. 62; ¶  al. C. Naaile, C. Náile (C. Nadhaile in d. Kilmore); ¶  Noele Inbir Noaile, Naile Inbir Naile 7 abb. Chille Naile 7 Daiminnsi íarttain, Fg. 24; ¶  Náile Inbir Náile a dtír Baghuine a cCenél Conuill 7 abb. C. N. 7 D. a bferaib Manach iartain, Md. 28; ¶  C. Naile i Fearuibh Manach, Fir. 740, 739; ¶  on border of Brefney, C. 169.
c. na mban
in d. Elphin, Tax.
c. na caelán
C. na Caolán; ¶  v. C. na Cailán.
c. na cailán
it and C. Manach in p. Donaghpatrick, b. Clare, Galw., belonged to Ui Meallaigh, Wc. 370; ¶  Hi Meallaigh ó C. na C. 7 ó C. na Manach, taisigh in O Flaithbertach's country, Z. 188 b, Bb. 54 b, Fir. 204.
c. na gcailleach
Killinny in p. and b. Kells, Kilk., C. 540, Fia. 238; ¶  Fechtus do chóidh Finnchadh mac Faeláin Mac Righ Osraidhe do mhílradh a fogus do C. na Caillighe, Hc. 2, 537; ¶  cf. Kilnagalliagh tls. in Clare, Meath, Westm.
c. na caise
al. Rosnat, Candida Casa, Futerna, Whithern in Galloway, Sk. ii. 37, 48.
c. na gcarbad
Kilnagarbet, nr Stradone, c. Cav.
c. na gclérech
Kilneglerach, in dry. Kyrricurith, d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  C. na gC. in Cinél Aodha at Carriag Í Laighean, nr Cork, Ai. 28 b; ¶  Kilnaglery, tl. in p. of Carrigaline, c. Cork.
c. na cluaine
St. Bairre died at the Cross i meódhain, Cille na Cluaine in Desmond, Fer. 89; ¶  Kilnacloona, tl. in p. Ringrone; ¶  fd. by St. Finnbarr on the other side of the r., at which C. Achaid Dorbcon in Muscraighe Mitine was built, Cbb. cap. 12.
c. na gcluaire
the Sliocht Domhnaill Mhathghamhna of C. na gCluaire in the Baróideachaibh in Mun., Ai. 135 b, Hz. 85; ¶  Kilnaglore, in dry. Kyrrycurith, d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  now Kilnaglory p. and tl., 5 m. fr. Cork city.
c. na gcoinínidhe
i Cuanachaibh; ¶  Ceathrumha of C. na C. belonged to Brian O'Briain. Ai. 110 b, Hb. 11 b; ¶  in Thomond(?).
c. na cornaire
al. C. na gCornaire, in the plain round Arm., and at or nr the city, Lc. i. 90, Au. ii. 70, Fm. ii. 974.
c. na gcros
Kilnagross p. nr Clonakilty, c. Cork.
c. na ndér
C. na nerr, .i. cella lacrimarum al. Cluain Asid (recte Cluain Ard?), nr Sliab Crait in Muscrigi of Mun., and not far fr. r. Suir, Cs. 521; ¶  so called fr. the tears of St. Becán, B. lix. 283; ¶  al. Cluainairdense monasterium, St. Becan of, B. lix. 283; ¶  cf. Kilnanare tl. and p. in Magunihy, b. Kerry.
c. naemada
in Magh hAe, Lec. 124.
c. na fer bréige(?)
Cell infearbrigy in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. na bhfear mbuidhe
Kilfarboy tl. and p. in W. Clare; ¶  Miltown-Malbay in it.
c. na fichne(?)
Kilnafichny in dry. Garth, d. Limk., Tax.; ¶  Kilfinny tl. and p., Limk.
c. na fochlaidhe
Cerc ingen Echach mic Laeda mic Aire of C. na F. in Mugdornuibh, Lb. 23.
c. na friuich
Kilnafriych in d. Achonry, Tax.
c. na ngarbhán
tl. and p. Kilgarvan in b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 420, 486; ¶  in O'Dowd's country, Lec. 174; ¶  in Lugnia in Connacht, fd. by St. Fechin, C. 134; ¶  in l. of Coisdelbhach, c. Mayo, C. 143. c. na ngarg ngeal; ¶  O Ruadain acquired the l. fr. Ath na lúb to C. na ng., Fir. 279.
c. na giglara
in dry. Sruthir, d. Tuam, Tax.
c. na ngragal
Lec.; ¶  i. cillín na ngarg, Fy. 158.
c. náile
v. C. Naale.
c. naindi
or C. Aindi (?); ¶  in Carra in Tir Fhiachrach, Mayo, al. C. Buainne, al. C. Ua n-Aindin, Fy. 192.
c. naine
or C. Aine; ¶  Síl Cruaicine in Gabrán and Peatra of C. Naine in Lein., Bb. 72 b, Fir. 458.
c. na n-ingen
C. 104; ¶  i n-iarthar Maighe Life i ttaobh Liamhna, Md. 330; ¶  in iarthar Maige Life, Fg. 234, al. C. Ingen n-Ailello, Fg. 234, Fir. 726; ¶  C. na nIngen, hi Tamlachtai, F. 159, 160; ¶  i ttaobh Tamhlachta a ndes, Fg. 204; ¶  in Campo Liffeo, Ct. 474; ¶  Killininny tl. in p. Tallaght, Dub.; ¶  the gen. Liamhna is Cnoc-Liamhna, Knocklyon in p. Tallaght, rather than Newcastle Lyons, "Newcastle Leuan," W. of p. Tallaght; ¶  in Tallaght p. are Killininny House, Knocklyon House.
c. na n-ingen
Setna (of the Dál Caiss), a quo Hui Maelbretain and the Ingena of C. na n-I., Ll. 322; ¶  Sedna (of the Dal Cas), fr. whom is Mainchin Luimnigh and the Ingena of C. na n-I., Bb. 102 a, Fir. 267; ¶  Killininny in Tallaght p., or Killaneen tl., c. Leitr.(?).
c. na n-inghean(?)
Kilninian, Mull, Scotl., or C. Niniain(?). c. na n-ingen n-ailello; ¶  in the W. of Magh Life, Fir. 726; ¶  v. C. na n-Ingen.
c. na hinsi
Ch. of Eltin, son of Cobhthai, a pupil of St. Finnbarr's at Cork, Cbb. ch. 18; ¶  in c. Cork, or Kilnahinch tl. in p. Kilmanahan, c. Westm.
c. náir
Cummein C. N., Fg. 228.
c. naireatair
Fionnbharr of, Ai. 150 b; ¶  leg. C. Airthir (?).
c. náis
Ll. 52 b, Fia. 224; ¶  Cumman and Sodelb, daus. of Cairpre, Lein. sts. in C. Nais, Ll. 351, Lec. 95, 109, Fir. 726; ¶  Cainne and Sodelb, daus. of Corpri mic Cormiac of C. N., X. 77, Fir. 467; ¶  Kill p., nr Naas; ¶  or Nash tl. in c. Wexf.; ¶  v. C. Neisse. c. na manach; ¶  Nattal ó Chill na M. (31st July), Fg. 146, Md. 206; ¶  = St. Natali i C. M., Mt. 30, C. 169, and MacTail of C. Manach in n-iarthar Osraige, F. 121; ¶  scribe of C. na manach, and abbot of C. Cuilinn; ¶  Kilnamanagh in b. Crannagh, c. Kilk., F. i. 386. c. na manach; ¶  al. Cella Monachorum in regione Cualand in Lagenia, fd. by Eogain of Ardstraw, Cs. 916; ¶  Enda 7 Lochan ó chill na m. in Uib Dunchadha, Md. 350; ¶  the Dodder runs through Ui Dunchadha; ¶  perh. d. Glendaloch had two Kilnamanaghs in Ui Dunchadha and in Ui Muireadaigh; ¶  this is Kilnamanagh House in p. of Tallaght in which is Knocklyon House also (i.e. Liamain, q.v.); ¶  Lochan and Enna of C. na M., Fir. 726, Lec. 194; ¶  v. C. Manach and Cell Manach Escrach; ¶  Lochan and Enna of Cell na Manach na nEscrach (of the Forsloindti Hua Nair), Lec. 194.
c. na manach
in d. Glendaloch in Ui Muredaig or Umail (part of Ui Muredaig), Cr. 1173; ¶  Kel na Manach in Umerathag, d. Glendaloch, Cr. 1192, 1200 Sw.
c. na manach
in Lugnia in Connacht, fd. by St. Fechin, C. 134; ¶  now p. ch. of Kilnemanagh in Leney, c. Sli., nr Bile Fechin, C. 143.
c. na manach
in Aran mór; ¶  dedicated to St. Caratoc Garbh, C. 714, 715.
c. na manach
Hi Meallaigh ó Cill na Manach agus ó Cill na Cailan taisigh bogógi in O Flaithbertach's country, Z. 188 b, Bb. 54 b, Fir. 204.
c. na manach
Killnamanagh, nr L. Gara, b. Boyle, c. Rosc., Fm. iv. 910; ¶  lethbhaile Chille na M. bought by Mac Diarmada an. 1543, Lc. ii. 338.
c. na manach
Kilnemonagh tl., p. Ballysadare, c. Sli., Pb. 230. c. na manach; ¶  Kilnamanagh, in b. Frenchpark, c. Rosc., Lc. ii. 238, Ci.; ¶  in Airteach, Mi.
c. na manach
Manchan of, Lec. 118.
c. na manan
Enne of C. na M., Lec. 116; ¶  recte C. na Manach.
c. na marbán
.i. cella mortuorum in confinio Nenese 7 Fermuige, Cs. 521; ¶  on the border of Waterf. c. and b. Fermoy; ¶  on border of Decies and Fermoy, C. 615; ¶  St. Abbanus of; ¶  nr Brigtown, B. lix. 274, 283, 285; ¶  juxta civitatem Brigobhainn, Lan. iii. 20.
c. na muchoige
Land of O Briain Ó cCuanach, Ai. 110 b, Hb. 11 a.
c. na mullach
Buttevant, b. Orrery, Cork, Fm. iii. 340, 343, O'S. 159; ¶  "Buttevant which Kilnemula cleped is of old"—Spencer; ¶  i.e., Ecclesia Tumulorum, O'S. III. v. 4 marg., nr Kilmallock and Ard Scieth, q.v.
c. na rath
the r. Samir runs nr it, on l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. na rátha
Kilneragh in dry Wethirchir, d. Cashel, Tax.; ¶  Kilnarath p. in b. Owney and Arra, c. Tipp.
c. na retaire
Findbarr of, and Briccine, Ll. 367, Bb. 124 b, Lec. 116; ¶  Kilruddery(?); ¶  Kilrateera tls. in p. Inishcaltra, c. Clare(?).
c. na románach
Kilnaromanak, in d. Elphin, Tax.
c. na románach
betw. Killarney and Milltown, c. Kerry, now Kilnarovanagh; ¶  also Kilnarovanagh nr Macroom, Cork.
c. na saccart
Ernan Midhluachra ic C. na S., Fg. 204, B. lvii. 789; ¶  "Kilsagart," Barbour's poem, 1375; ¶  on road of Midluachra, nr junction of present cc. of Arm. and Louth; ¶  Kilnesaggart (an. 1625), now in Forkhill (Reeves, Ancient Churches of Armagh, p. 23).
c. na seacht n-ingean righ bretan
E. of Castle of Rinvile on Killary Bay, Wc. 120.
c. na seanrátha(?)
Killeshandra p., c. Cav.; ¶  vil. now called Castlehamilton, "Gaelic Almanach" of year 1685.
c. natail
a conflict in the Sraidibh burgéis Chille Natail betw. the people of Mac Conmara and the Constable of the town, Ai. 65 a; ¶  in Clare.
c. na truaghan
(in city of Dub. or nr it); ¶  O Ruairc, K. of Breifne, treacherously slain by Hugh de Lacy on Cnoc Tleachta, his body brought to Ath Cliath to be quartered, and his head was hung on the N. side of C. na T., and then sent to King Henry, Ai. 42 b.
c. neimhidh
Killenevy, in Arclo dry., d. Dub., Cr.
c. neinnidh
Killnoening, Mull, Hebrides, Sk. ii. 35.
c. nemeadha
in Mag Ae, Bb. 128 b.
c. nessi
Ness and Mac Carthind in Cill Nessi and Garban mac Erennaig also there, Ll. 353, Lb. 22, Fir. 753, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 112; ¶  Ingena Cairpri mic Cormaic .i. Cuimni 7 Sodealbh i C. Neissi, I. 107 b, col. 7; ¶  v. C. Náis.
c. nethne
in Laighis, Ll. 318.
c. ninniain
Kilringean, al. Kilninnian in the Isle of Mull, Argylesh., R. 401.
c. nua
Kilnoe in b. Upr. Tulla, c. Clare.
c. nuachongbal
Maelruain Tamhlachta went "dia airge," i.e., Ceppán in Sliabh Mairgge, oc C. N., Ll. 286; ¶  Nohoval at Stradbally.
c. nua rodi(?)
Kel Nurodi in terra Arkelo, d. Glendal., Cr. 1192.
c. oa ndaighri
v. C. Ua nDaigri.
Killoc dry. in d. Limk., Tax.; ¶  C. mo-Chelloc; ¶  Killocia dry., Tax., B. viii. 626; ¶  now Kilmallock.
c. ócáin (?)
Killocan in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. ocascain (?)
Kilocasken in Meath, not far fr. Laracor, Rst. 37.
c. ocennedid
in d. Killaloe, Tax.; ¶  Killokennedy tl. and p. in c. Clare.
c. ocherain(?)
Killocheran, in d. Wat., Tax.; ¶  Killoteran tl. and p.; ¶  v. C. Otterain.
c. ocho(?)
C. Locho(?); ¶  Killochoh; ¶  now Killogh, 2 m. S. of Holy Cross, Triump. 136.
c. óchtair
d. Glendal., Cr. 1179; ¶  seems nr Cill Mantan, Killoughter tl. in p. Rathnew, Wick.
c. ocuran
in d. Kilmacduagh, Tax. c. odigirnany; ¶  in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. odhráin
Killoran tl. and p. in b. Longf., c. Galw., Kj. iv. 454.
c. odhrain
in thomond, Ai. 73 b; ¶  Killoran, nr Nenagh.
c. odhráin
Killoran tl. and p. in c. Galw.
c. odhráin
Killoran tl. and p. in c. Sli.
c. odráin
Killoran, in Colonsay, Hebrides, Sk. ii. 35, Jo. c. o duirrthi; ¶  Killodurhy, al. Killoderry p. in King's c.; ¶  Philipstown in it, Fm. v. 1498.
c. oghain(?)
Killohan, in dry. Tachneilo, d. Dub., Cr; ¶  in dry. Taney.
c. ogealba
Killogulla p., nr Tulsk, c. Rosc., Kj. iv. 451. c. oilach; ¶  Killoilach, al. Killeylack, in dry. Mullingar, d. Meath, Tax.; ¶  Killalea tl. in p. Castletown-Kindalen, nr Mullingar.
c. oilithir
in SW. of Garumna Island, c. Galw., Wc. 64.
c. oiridh
Killerry tl. and p. nr L. Gill, b. Tirerrill, Sli., Fm. iii. 550, Fy. 486, Con. 51 a, Au. ii. 514.
c. olcain
the ch. of Olcán, afterwards known as C. Mór Uachtair Muaide, q.v., Tl. 136.
c. ollamhan(?)
Kill Oluwam in d. Lismore in cantred Ywoghin, and 1/2 cantred of Yffathiatha, Tr. 84, an. 1260.
c. onach
Killonach, c. Dub., Sp. 1296, p. 151.
c. onach
in Trim dry., d. Meath, Tax.
c. onchon
the 7 bps. and sts. of, Ll. 374, I. 110 b 1, Lb. 24; ¶  St. Onchu of C. Onchon, C. 277; ¶  C. Onchon in Pobal Bhriain, Hb. 8 a, Ai. 108 a; ¶  Killonahan tl. and p. in b. Pubblebrien, Limk. c. onchon(?); ¶  Kil Aunekan in d. Cork, Tax.
c. orientis
Cs. 910; ¶  Fintan of Cell Airthir, q.v.
c. n-orrluchta
the 7 bps. of, I. 110 b 1; ¶  Orlagh nr Rathfarnham(?) or Killurly tls. in b. Iveragh, Kerry.
c. orulan
p. ch. in d. Elfin, Tr. 507, an. 1492; ¶  Killoran tl. and p. c. Sli.(?).
c. osallayn
p. ch. in d. Elfin, Tr. 507, an. 1492; ¶  Killosolan tl. and p. c. Galw. killosarn; ¶  in Bre dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  Killossery tl. and p. c. Dub.(?).
c. o sgópa
Killoscobe tl. and p. in b. Tiaquin, Galw., Lc. ii. 444.
c. osnaid
Cath C., Ll. 24 a, Bb. 48 a, Au. i. 30; ¶  in Magh Fea in c. Carl., 4 m. E. of Leighlin, K. 146 b, Fir. 468, 688, Ac. 73; ¶  C. Osnad in Mag Fea in Ui Fáilge; ¶  cath C. hO. an. 493, Sil. 9, Bc. 15; ¶  in b. Forth, c. Carl., Fm. ii. 1164; ¶  C. Osnada in Mag Fea, Bb. 78 a, Tig. Rc. xvii. 120; ¶  now Kellistown 5 m. E. of Leighlin in Magh Fea, Fm. i. 5, K. 158 a, ch. 31, B. lxi. 120; ¶  C. Osnagh, Hx. 199; ¶  Lg. p. 182, puts it in Ui Ceinnselaigh.
c. osnata
p. Killasnet in b. Rosclogher, Leit., in Glenn Dallain, Fen. 402–3.
c. osruidhe
Fg. xvi.; ¶  Killossery tl. and p., c. Dub.; ¶  or Killosseragh in p. Dungarvan, Wat.
c. ossáin
i n-Uib Bece Uachtarach, in Tuath Muighi finne, Mun., Lis. 183 b.
c. ó dtomhrair
now C. ua dtomhrail; ¶  Killodonnell, nr Fort Stewart, at the upper end of L. Swilly, b. Kilmacrenan, c. Don., Fm. v. 1576, vi. 2496; ¶  not Killymard, as is stated in Fm. v. 1449.
c. ó dtónair
Aedh buidhe O Domhnaill died there an. 1538, Lc. ii. 314; ¶  Killodonnell; ¶  v. C. Ó dTomhrair.
c. otteráin
St. Otteran of, nr Wat., B. lix. 174; ¶  v. C. Ocheráin. c. oucain(?); ¶  Killoucan, in d. Kilfenora, Tax.
c. phaain
Ll. 372, Lec. 90, Md. 2, I. 111 b 1; ¶  Paan of, Bb. 118 b; ¶  Kilfane tls. and p. in Kilk.
c. patraic
Kylpatric in dry. Balymor, d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  22 tls. and 5 pp. named Kilpatrick.
c. patraic
in Garrdha Orretha in Baile Shidhnóid, Ix. 14.
c. pátraic
rectory of Kilpatrick, d. Meath; ¶  seems in Fine Ghall, Lc. ii. 386.
c. patraic
Kylpatrick, now Leckpatrick, Cv. 73; ¶  Leckpatrick tl. and p., c. Tirone.
c. patraic
Kilpatrick, Dumbarton, Ayr, Argyle, Dumfries, Isle of Arran, R. 401.
c. peter
in O'Byrne's country, 7th Rep. of Dep. Keeper of the Records in Ireland, p. 56; ¶  now Kilpedder tl. nr. Delgany, Wick.
c. pheder
Kilphedir in p. Kildonan, Sutherl., and elsewhere in Scotl.; ¶  also Kilfeather, Inv. xviii. 198, R. 399, Jo.
c. pian
l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. an. 1200. c. phian; ¶  Kilfian p., b. Tirawley, Mayo, Fy. 486.
c. pichi
d. Glendal, Cr. 1179; ¶  Kilpipe tl. and p. in Wick.(?).
c. piscis
v. Cell éisc.
c. póil
Kylpol in dry. Wick., d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  nr Kilmantan Cr. 143; ¶  Kilpoole tls. and p. in b. Arklow.
c. port patraic
Sidh Druim, al. Cashel, the Cellport Patrick and Primchathair do Rígh Ereann, Bb. 147 b.
c. raighi
Nonmhar da Cheilir da Cruithnibh a quo Ceallraighi, I. 91 a 2.
c. rais
built by Archdeacon of Elphin, Lc. i. 369; ¶  C. Fhraiss at which was Cúil Deghaid, Lc. ii. 288.
c. raisse
7 bps. of Ll. 374; ¶  cf. Kilross or Kilruisse p. nr Coloony, Sli., Pgi. ii. 531.
c. rait
Ratnat of, 5th Aug., Fg. 150; ¶  Kilraghts tl. and p. in Ant.; ¶  seems same as Rathnat Cille Rathnaite (9th Aug.), Mt. 31.
c. raite
Caeman of, Maccaem Patraic, I. 109 a 1; ¶  v. Cell Rath, C. Rátha.
c. raith
Md. 212; ¶  Killyraw tl. in Ferm.(?)
c. raithne
Kylryny, in dry. Cloncurry, d. Kild., Tax.; ¶  now Kilrainy.
c. rannairech
Ll. 301 a; ¶  Hui Lapen in C. R.; ¶  Síl Senaig, Ui Loppin in C. R., Ll. 301 a, 313, 384, Lec. 194, Fir. 458; ¶  Síl Senaig, Ua Lopeni Cille Airecda, Bb. 72 b; ¶  Lecht Aeda mic Ainmerach is in C. R. randgil, Ll. 43; ¶  C. R. is at Monaid Cumascaich nr the house of Brandub in Belach Conglais, Lec. 611; ¶  v. Cell Rondairi; ¶  Bás Chumascaigh in Dún Buiced, Immorro dictum est, Guidhi an Choimdhe Chumachtaigh a fail C. Randaireach robsod diogh Cumascaigh, guin Aedha mic Ainmireach, Hb. 62; ¶  now Kilranelagh tl. and p. nr Baltinglass, c. Wick.; ¶  v. Cell Ronderi.
c. rath
Coimán's place, A. 19 a; ¶  C. Ratha; ¶  at Sliabh gCláire, Ods. 598; ¶  in Mun., S. Coeman, Ct. 157, 272.
c. rátha dorcha(?)
Kylrathdurchy, in dry. Totmoy, d. Kild., Tax.; ¶  Kilrathmurry tl. in p. Kilrany, c. Kild.(?).
c. rathnaite
Féile Rathnat of C. Rathnaite on V. Id. Aug., Ll. 361, Mt. 31; ¶  v. C. Rait.
c. rathusa
in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. recheri
al. Kelredheri, Sw., an. 1224; ¶  seems Kilruddery; ¶  but v. Rechru.
c. rechran
Seigine abb Íe ecclesiam Recarnn fundavit an. 536 (Recran in margin), Hb. 65.
c. rechtais
Kilraghtis p., c. Clare; ¶  C. Reachtais in Clann Chuilein Uachtair, FM. vi. 2232.
c. regnaighe
Reynach p., in which is Banagher, King's c., Lan. ii. 80.
c. réisc
Kilresk in c. Dub., Desc. 39; ¶  nr Finglas.
c. reo
in p. Killala, b. Tirawley, Mayo, Fy. 486; ¶  v. C. Ro, C. Roa.
c. retheni
Kilrinny in 1160; ¶  Kilrethni, 1250; ¶  St. Irnie's Well there; ¶  now Kilrenny, Anstruther, Jo.; ¶  for C. Raithne.
c. retheri
Kilrery (Kilbery?); ¶  Swerdis dry., Dub., Cr.
c. retheri
its bounds in 13th century; ¶  fr. the high road called le Windgates to Carickveily, fr. Carrickveily to Carrick Carthyn, fr. Carrick Carthin to Carrickuenode, fr. that to Log Salyn, and fr. Log Salin to the sea, Rst. 4; ¶  now Kilruddery, nr Bray, Wick.; ¶  in Bre dry., d. Dub.; ¶  it and Kilcrony ch. belonged to ch. of Stagonild, Cr.; ¶  Kelredheri, Sw. an. 1223; ¶  equated with C. Ridire in Gaelic, but cf. Finnbar of C. na Retairi, Lec. 116.
c. retti(?)
Kilretti, in d. Meath, nr Rathgorungille, Rst. 21. c. riabhach(?); ¶  in 1286 Kelrevoch; ¶  Kilravock, Nairn; ¶  C. rewoc, in d. of Moray in Scotl., Tr. 111, an. 1275.
c. ria
Fachtna of, pupil of Finnbarr's at Cork, Cbb. ch. 18. c. riada; ¶  Caeman of, was Patrick's Maccaem; ¶  v. C. Riatai, Lec. 92, Bb. 119 a, Tl. p. 264, Lb. 220, Ll. 353; ¶  C. Reda in d. Derry, Tax.; ¶  Kelrey, Cv. 75.
c. riadain
in Tír Conaill, Bco. 51 b 2; ¶  Kilrean tls. in p. Killibegs Lr., c. Don.
c. riagha
now Kilrea in b. Loughinsholin, c. Derry; ¶  O'Diomain was herenach of it, Ti. 58.
c. riaghla
Ch. of St. Riagail .i. Kilrule .i. St. Andrews, Scotl.
c. riatai
Coeman of C., "maccoem" of St. Patrick, Ll. 353; ¶  v. C. Riada.
one of the Forslointe of Erin, not located, X. 157; ¶  v. Ceallrige, for Calraige(?).
c. righ
in c. Kilk.; ¶  Cloigtheach Chille Righ, Fm. iii. 296 note; ¶  Kilree tl. and p. in b. Kells, Kilk.
c. righmanadh
in n-Albain, Md. 270, Fg. 194, Fep.; ¶  C. Rígmonaig, Fel. 156; ¶  C. Rígmonath, Cps. 486; ¶  C. Righ Mónaidh, St. Andrews, anciently Mucross, Scotl., Sk. i. 297, ii. 136; ¶  also Cenn Righ Mónaidh,Tigh.; ¶  Kilremonth .i. St. Andrews in Scotl.; ¶  St. Cainnech of Achadbó seems its founder, Cps. 486.
c. rignaige
in c. Westm., on border of Lein., C. 399; ¶  but I think it is Kilrane p. in b. Forth, Wexf.; ¶  Rignach, a st. of the Hui Loscain, in C. R. in Fothartaib, Ll. 349, 369, I. 108 b 1, Lb. 17, Lis. 24 b; ¶  C. Rignaichi; ¶  Rignach, one of the 3 sts. of the Ui Loscain at C. R. in Fothartaib Maraib, i.e. in Fotartaib Airbreach, Bb. 76 a; ¶  in Fotharta Iaraibh, i.e., in Fotharta Airbreach, Fir. 483, 703, 750; ¶  in Huibh Enechglais, and in Fothartaibh Airbrech, Ll. 348, Lec. 119, 104; ¶  in Fothartaibh Mara, Lec. 106, 196, Bb. 120 a, 121 a, 126 a.
c. ro
Meicc Draigin ó Chill Ró, Md. 102, Fg. 76; ¶  macc Erce macc Draigin hi Cill Róe Móre i Crích Amalgaid, Tl. 140; ¶  in Tirawly on Killala Bay and S. of Killala and N. of Rosserk; ¶  Mac Draigin of C. Roa, feast on XVII. Kal. Maii., Ll. 358, Mt. 21; ¶  v. C. Róe Mór.
c. rodáin
Kilrodan in d. Elphin, Tax.; ¶  Kilrodan ch. in p. Tibohine, NW. of c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 284, Ci.; ¶  al. Kilroddan.
c. rodáin
in Muresk, c. Mayo, Ct. 271.
c. rodan
1260; ¶  in d. Lismore in cantred of Ywoghin and half cantred of Yffathiatha, Tr. 84.
c. roedam
d. Glendal; ¶  seems nr Cell u Garcon, Cr. c. 1173. c. róe mór; ¶  the ch. of Macc Erce in Tirawley, Mayo; ¶  in this barony are the ruins of Ross Erk monastery, Tl. 140, Ct. 142, 271; ¶  v. Cell Ro.
c. róid (Collán of)
in N. of Eire; ¶  Colmán episcopus fundavit Kellruaid, Cs. 246, 928; ¶  Kilroot tl. and p. in c. Ant.
c. roin
Uidriu, Bp. of, Lec. 239; ¶  in Connaught, Ct. 463; ¶  Roanus of, C. 337.
c. roiss
Sinech Mac Nisi and Eithni in C. Roiss; ¶  in Kild., Kilk., Dub., Waterf., Wexf., Tipp. and Clare, we find Kilrush, Ll. 353, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 113, Fir. 753; ¶  C. Roiss; ¶  Accobrán ó C. Rois i ttermonn Insi Cathaigh, Fg. 24, Md. 28; ¶  i termand Indse Cathaig i Corcu Baiscind, F. 39; ¶  Kell rois in d. Killaloe, Tax.; ¶  Kilrush in Clare; ¶  Meallán ó C. R., Md. 28, C. 271; ¶  C. Rois, in Mun. nr which Colmán Liath and Ronán fought a battle, Bco. 33 b 2.
c rois
Kilros in d. Lismore, Tax.; ¶  Kilrush tl. and p. in c. Waterf.; ¶  Keallrus in Eoganacht, Cs. 226; ¶  Cell Ruis, Triumphalia S. Crucis, p. 158.
c. rois
torchair Tomás (Buitlear) i ruaig Rois, Kp. 1057; ¶  Kilrush tl. and p. nr Athy, c. Kild.; ¶  Thomas Butler, brother of James Lord Dunboyne, fell here, 15th Apr., 1642, Kp. pp. 209, 213; ¶  Eminan of C. Ruis Glaise n-Ainmneach, on the banks of the Barrow; ¶  battle of Belach Mugna was fought here, Bb. 128 a; ¶  Kylros in d. of Kild., Tax.; ¶  tri mhíle ó Chill Dara clogban i Ruis Mucroisi, Md. 354; ¶  Kilros, its ch. and manor given to Abp. of Dub. seems in Kild., Cr. 1264.
c. rois
"in provincia Maugdornorum," Ad. 81, 83; ¶  called Kylrose in Barbour's Brus., x. 251; ¶  now Carrickmacross in c. Mon.; ¶  in Mogdhorna, Ct. 348.
c. rois
al. C. Ruis nr Lisburn, Ra. 46.
c. rois
al. C. Ruis; ¶  Kilross in b. tirerrill, Sli., Fy. 486. c. roiss; ¶  7 bps. and sts. of C. R., Ll. 374, I. 110 b 1, Lb. 24; ¶  7 bps. of C. Raisse, Ll. 374.
c. rois
is e in Maelumai sin ro marb Deichtre mac Indígduibh in a Dun i C. Rois, aidhchi aenaigh Sinchilli agus ruc a indmas as, I. 57 a 2, Ll. 316, 387; ¶  Dechtre mac Fhindich of Dún (Dechtre) at C. Rois, Lec. 203.
c. rónáin
in p. Kilronan, b. Boyle, c. Rosc., Ci., Lc. ii. 16, ii. 472; ¶  O Duigenan of, Au. ii. 486, iii. 124, Fm. iii. 564. c. ronáin; ¶  Kilronan, p. Aghmore, b. Costello, Mayo, Fy. 486. c. ronáin; ¶  Kilronan, in Aranmor, Wc. 77.
c. ronáin
Kilronan p. d. Lismore, Tax., 31/2 m. SW. of Clonmel, Kilronan tl. and p. in c. Waterf.
c. rondairi
in Lein.; ¶  Cumascach escaped being burned in the house of Bran Dubh, and was met outside on the lawn by the Abb of C. R. and beheaded, Lbl. 943; ¶  v. Cell Rannairechta.
c. rosnetin
in d. Lismore, Tax.; ¶  now Kilrossanty tl. and p. in c. Waterf.
c. rotan
in Connacht; ¶  O. Gibillan of C. R., Con. 9 a; ¶  Kilroddan tl. in p. Tibohine, Rosc.; ¶  v. C. Rodáin.
c. ruad
Colman C. R. (16th Oct.), Mt. 37, F. 151; ¶  for brú Locha Láig i n-Ulltaib, Fg. 156, i nDál Araidhe, for brú Locha Laig i n-Ultoibh, Fg. 196, Au. ii. 106, Codex Kilk., 136 b (which has L. Lóig); ¶  C. Ruaide, gsf., i nDalaraide on the banks of L. Laoigh in Ulaid, Fep.; ¶  in p. Kilroot in b. of Lr. Belfast, c. Ant.; ¶  Colmán Cille Ruaide, Lec. 272; ¶  C. Ruadh, in N. of Ireland, St. Ailbe's cell, Of. 413; ¶  as. Cill Ruaid in Ultaib, Au. ii. 106, Fm. ii. 1014; ¶  Colman C. R. XVIII. Kal. Nov., Ll. 363, 366, Bb. 124 a, Lec. 115, Fir. 478, Fia. 52, Cs. 928; ¶  Colman C. Ruaith, Bb. 95 b; ¶  Fintan C. Ruaid, Lec. 116, Bb. 125 a; ¶  C. Roid, Cs. 246, B. liv. 852; ¶  Collán of Buanan Cille Ruaid, Cs. 246; ¶  Ailbeim hErenn Cell Ruaid, Z. 183, col. 2, Hx. 94 b.
c. ruadan
C. Ruadan is the "Ailbeim" of Eriu, Bb. 42 a; ¶  but v. C. Ruad.
c. ruis
v. C. Rois.
c. sabhri
Domhnach sa mi is mithum robssat laimdearg a Laignaibh linte fola frisidar agraffaing Cilli Sabhri in Lein., I. 171 b 1.
c. saile
Attracht, dau. of Tigernach in C. S. in Crích Conaill, Ll. 350, I. 108 b 2, C. 281, Lb. 17, Lec. 107, Bb. 121 b, Md. 216; ¶  Kilsally in p. Ballyclog, Tirone(?).
c. saile
Kilsale belonged to Swords Ch., Cr.; ¶  al. Cenn Saile, q.v.
c. salach
p. ch. in d. of Elfin, in Arteach, Ct. 625; ¶  Killsallagh tl. in p. Drumrat, Sli.
c. salcháin(?)
Kilsalwan in dry. Swords, d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  Cell Sallaghán and C. Salechan, Cr.; ¶  in chapel Isold and Kilselhan, Sw. an. 1224; ¶  Kilsallaghan tl. and p. in c. Dub.
c. santail
al. Kill Sandle, nr Mountsandle, on E. of the Bann, nr Coleraine, Lc. i. 196, Ci.
c. santan
al. C. Santail; ¶  Killsandle, E. of the Bann nr Coleraine; ¶  E. of r. Bann, Fm. iii. 106, Au. ii. 224.
c. sant ninian
Killantringan in Wigtownsh. and in S. Ayrsh., Max.; ¶  Ninian being pron. Ringan and Rinan as the Norse for N. Ronaldshay is Rinansey, St. Rinan's isle.
c. saráin
Killsaran, c. Louth; ¶  a preceptory and manor, Sp. 1606, p. 64; ¶  Kilsaran tl. and p. in b. Ardee; ¶  also Kilsaran tl. in p. Drumlumman, Cav.
c. sarnatail
the followers of Síoda visited Sráide buirgéis Chille S., Tor. 51; ¶  in Clare(?).
c. scandail
C. Sgandail .i. Cell Bian, q.v.; ¶  C. Sganduil, Fergus, bp. of, Fep.; ¶  Kilscannell tl. and p. nr Rathkeale, Limk. c. scíre; ¶  i Midhe, Fg. 60, Md. 86; ¶  i n-iarthar Mide, F. 65, Fir. 711; ¶  nr Cenannus, Lis. 9 b; ¶  in dry. Kells, d. Meath, Tax.; ¶  Kilskeer p. and tl. in b. Upr. Kells, Meath, Au. i. 212, 376–7, Fm. ii. 664, Sil. 288, Bk. 7 a, Ch. 161, Mi., Cri., Ct. 400, 463, C. 337, 784, Fia. 174.
c. scire
atá fós C. Scire i Feraibh Manach i n-Ulltaibh, Md. 86, Fir. 711.
c. scíre
teampoll Machaire Na Croissi 7 teampoll Cille Sgire do losgadh, Au. iii. 616; ¶  Kilskeery Glebe and p. in b. Omagh E., Tirone.
c. scire
in d. Killaloe, Tax.; ¶  Conall espoc Cille Scire, K. 166 b, but he does not say where.
c. sealbhaigh
Kilshalvy tl. and p., b. Corran, Sli., Fy. 486. c. seanaig; ¶  Kilsanyg in d. Kilfenora, Tax.; ¶  "Kilshanny, c. Clare," Sp. 1606, p. 67; ¶  in d. (Kil)Fenora, B. lv. 1037; ¶  Kilshanny p. nr Ennistymon.
c. seanaig
l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. 1200.
c. seanaig
Kilsanig in dry. Offeria, d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  Kilshannig tl. in p. Killiney, b. Corcaguiny, Kerry.
c. seanaig
in Termann Brighi Gobhunn in Mun. (Kilshanny tl. in p. Brigown, Cork), Lis. 182 b; ¶  Kilshannaig tls. in p. Rathcormack, Cork; ¶  Kilshannig p. in b. Duhallow, Cork.
c. sheathain
St. John's Church, p. in W. Kintyre, Inv. xx. 64. c. sechis; ¶  Bronach of, nó Glenn Sechis nunc, Md. 92.
c. segin
Fg. 20, Md. 24; ¶  C. Segain, Mt. 13; ¶  Féile of Segan of C. Segain on XII. Kal. Feb., Ll. 356; ¶  Kilshine p., nr Navan; ¶  v. C. Sinche.
c. seiscnén
Kilshesnan tl. and ch. in p. Killosser, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fm. iii. 390, Lc. i. 446.
c. senain
Senan Líath in C. S., Ll. 353, Lec. 112, Bb. 123 b; ¶  C. tSenain léith, Senan liath of C. tSenain-leith, Lb. 21, Fir. 752; ¶  Kiltenanlea p., c. Clare; ¶  do chuir Domhnall O Briain Cill Shennain le hEasbogacht Chilldaluadh, 1195 A.D., Hh. last page of fragment 8.
c. senar
Kilsenar do loscadh an. 1095, Hb. 97; ¶  Kiltennell tl. and p. nr Gorey, Wex.(?).
c. senbótha
Kelsenbota, in d. Tuam, Tax. 226; ¶  Kilshanvy tl. nr Tuam.
c. senes
nr fons Mucna, A. f. 13 a 2; ¶  al. Senchell, Tl. 110. c. senrois; ¶  nr L. Cre; ¶  St. Cronán of, Cs. 546, Lan. iii. 9; ¶  al. C. senruis Cree, Cs. 286.
c. sescinn
Kilseskin in dry. Loughrea, d. Clonfert, Tax.; ¶  Kilteskill p. nr Loughrea.
c. sesin
C. tSesin in Uachtar tíre in Connacht, Con. 16 a, Lc. i. 418; ¶  C. Sessin, now C. tSéisin; ¶  Kilteashin tl. in W. of Ardcarne p. in d. Elphin, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 308, 364; ¶  or Kilteasheen tl. in p. Rosbryan nr Boyle, C. tSesin, Con. 14 b; ¶  in O'Reilly's country(?), or in Murtogh Mac Gillhooley's country, in Magh Nise, Con. 10 b.
c. sestnain
in tl. of Kilsheshnan, p. Killasser, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 486.
c. sgéith (?)
Kylsketh in dry. Fethard, d. Cashel, Tax.; ¶  cf. Kilskeagh tls. in Galw. and Mayo.
c. sgire
Daolghus Abb C. Sgire an. 755, Hb. 79; ¶  v. C. Scire. c. sidayn; ¶  in d. Killaloe, Tax.; ¶  or C. Fidain(?).
c. sídhe
Breacan of C. S. in Cluain Caoin Dealbhna Eathra, Ai. 149 b.
c. siláin
Kilsilan in d. Lismore, Tax.; ¶  an. 1260, in d. Lismore in cantred of Ywoghin and half cantred of Yffathiatha, Tr. 84; ¶  Kilsheelan tl. and p. in b. Iffa and Offa, Tipp.; ¶  "Kilsilan," Sp. 1278, p. 298.
c. tshile
"Baile tri gCaislén gan cion mar C. tShile uaidh airgthior," Caithreim Aodha Í Broin, Bran. 92 b; ¶  Kiltealy tl. in p. Templeshanbo, c. Wexf.
c. tsíle
in Cloicinn Tíghe Táidhg na Bearbha, of which Cúil Í Shanasáin is part, Ai. 111 b; ¶  Kilteel p. and tls. in Kild.
c. tsile
nr Carraig Chiotal, Hb. 12 b; ¶  nr Carrickkettle in Mun.; ¶  Kilteely tl. and p. in b. Coonagh, Limk.
c. tsimóin
Sliocht C. tSimóin, the O Byrnes, Bran. 138 b; ¶  Kiltimon in p. Upr. Newcastle, c. Wick.
c. since
Since, dau. of Findbarr, son of Luchta of C. S., Bb. 93 b; ¶  in E. Meath, B. lix. 274; ¶  v. C. Ailbe; ¶  Cell Sinche, Kilshine, nr Navan, Bo. lxxx.; ¶  there are 4 Kiltinny tls. in c. Derry.
c. senchille
Kilsinkille in dry. Kinalea, d. Cork, Tax.
c. siniche
Tuath Cille Siniche belonging to Burk of Castle Connell, c. Limk., Hb. 14 a.
c. shinill
Senell of, Lb. 20.
c. slébhe
Fiacc (bp. of Slébte), of C. Slébhe, Fep., Fir. 724, I. 106 b, col. 7; ¶  this must be Slatey at Carl.; ¶  v. Sléipte. c. shléibe; ¶  the Gaill moved N. to Snám Aignech and ruined Landleri and C. Shléibi, Ll. 309; ¶  baile ag Sliabh Cuilenn i n-Ulltoibh, Md. 186; ¶  Moninne, patroness, Md. 186; ¶  al. C. Sléibhe Cuilinn now Killeevy, b. Upper Orior, c. Arm., Au. i. 38, 560, 444; ¶  C. S. Cuilinn, Ct. 564, Mi., Ch. 39, C. 337, B. lvi. 332; ¶  Ussher's Primordia, 735; ¶  Cainge of C. S. died an. 658, Hb. 66; ¶  C. Sléibe Cuilinn, Au. i. 444.
c. slepte
St. Dubliter, Abb. of, C. 105; ¶  Killeavy or Slatey; ¶  v. C. Sléibe.
c. sodidilun
in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. sosad
al. Cill Osnadh; ¶  Ic Sossad Chell barfhácaib a chend la Ailill, nr Leithghlinn, c. Carl., Mm. 483, 484.
c. sránain
Ath Cille S. in O Ruairc's or McMahon's l., Lc. ii. 494; ¶  v. C. Srianáin.
c. srianáin
hi Cill S. hi Muinntir Eoluis, Au. iii. 360; ¶  do loisced tempoll Cille S., Au. iii. 360; ¶  Srianan does not occur in the Calendars, nor could O'D. (iv. 1198) find C. S. in Muinter Eoluis (Leitrim b., c. Leit.); ¶  Longphort do ghabhail a cCill ada do Uillic a Búrc 7 Aodh Breifne do dhenamh longphuirt na naghaidh a C. tSrianáin, A.D. 1310, Hb. 125, Ai. 67 b; ¶  v. Cell Ada.
c. staile
Athracht in C. S., Fir. 751.
c. suadh
Aengus, son of K. of Mun., slain there; ¶  in Lein., Bb. 38 a; ¶  Kilsough tls. in p. Balrothery, Dub.(?).
c. shuathach
at Glenn an Scail, Lis. 224 b; ¶  v. Glenn an S.; ¶  Kilscohagh tl. in p. Crossboyne, Mayo (?).
c. súbhalaigh
W. of Clár Ó Ronghoille, in Thomond, Tor. 76, 129, Ai. 68 b.
c. suird
Caimell in Disiurt Brigte in C. S.; ¶  subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 253, Bb. 123 b, Lb. 22, Fir. 752; ¶  Lec. 112 has C. Suist.
c. tagáin
Cell Tagáin la Cluan mor in d. Glendal., Cr. 1179; ¶  in Tristildermot dry. in d. Dub. (of old in d. Glendal.), Cr.; ¶  Kiltegan tl. and p. nr Baltinglass, Wick.
c. tagáin
Kiltagan in d. Lismore in cantred of Ywoghin and half cantred of Yffathiatha, Tr. 84, an. 1260; ¶  Kiltega in d. Lismore, Tax.; ¶  Kiltegan tl. and p. in b. Iffa and Offa East, Tipp.
c. taidill mic tail
Foirceadal of C. T. mic Tail, Fir. 740; ¶  v. C. Tidil; ¶  Kilteel p. and tl. in c. Kild.(?); ¶  or Kilteale p. in Queen's c.
c. taile(?)
Kiltale in Meath, Rst. 22; ¶  Kiltale tl. and p.; ¶  v. C. tSaile.
c. tairri
in Magh Murtheimhne nr Ceall Cunna, Lg. 196; ¶  Kilharry in p. Donaghmore, in b. Dungannon, Tirone, nr Cell Cunna or Kilcooney in p. Ballyclog, Fm. i. 330.
c. talten
Midgus mac Eirc of, Feile on XV. Kal. Junii, Ll. 360, Fg. 98, Mt. 24; ¶  C. Taillten at Teltown, c. Meath, Fm. ii. 1120, 1176; ¶  Kiltaltyn in dry. Kells, Meath, Tax.
c. tamlamcha
d. Glendal., Cr. 1179.
c. tare(?)
Kill tare; ¶  in dry. Kinalea, d. Cork, Tax.
c. targig
in dry. of Othorna, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. tarsna
Lugna sacart ó C. T. (20th Jan.), Fg. 20, Mt. 13, Md. 22, Ct. 383, St. Lugneus, Ct. 383; ¶  Lugna Crumthir of C. T., Féile on XIII. Kal. Feb., Ll. 356; ¶  Kiltrasna tl. in p. Killashandra, Cav., or Kiltrasna tl. in p. Killeany, Galw.
c. tathchomarc
now C. Tathchúmharc; ¶  Killtoghert p. in b. and c. Leit., Fm. iv. 926; ¶  C. Tathchomhairc, Kiltogher nr Drumshambo, c. Leit., Fm. iv. 772; ¶  in Baile na Cairrci, Con. 50 a, 56 b. celtecdai; ¶  np. the Celts, Lu. 2 a.
cell teidhil
C. Teimhil; ¶  v. C. Tidil.
c. teimhnein
Kiltinan, nr Fethard, b. Middlethird, Tipp.; ¶  C. T., Kp. 854, Ston. A. p. 78; ¶  Kilteuenan in dry. Fethard, d. Cashel, Tax.
c. tenaind
the Hui Chiunan of C. T., Genealogy Ui Caisin, Lec. 434, Bb. 104 a, Ai. 101 b; ¶  Kiltanon tl. in b. and p. Tulla, c. Clare.
c. ternáin
Kylternan in dry. Bray, d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  now Kiltiernan tl. and p. in b. Rathdown, Dub.; ¶  v. C. Fernoc.
c. ternáin
Kealtarnan in d. Tuam, Tax.
Celtiberians; ¶  of the race of Tupal, Bb. 2 a.
c. tidil
Fep.; ¶  Hen. says prob. Kilteel, b. Salt, Kild., but I think it is in Limk. or somewhere in Mun.; ¶  Foircedal was bp. there; ¶  al. Druim Tidil, Fep.; ¶  C. Tidil, Tl. p. 202; ¶  a ch. built by St. Patrick for Muin and Lommchu, who are buried in it, at the hill called Tedel in Arada Cliach; ¶  Kilteely on the borders of Small-county and Coonagh, c. Limk.; ¶  in E. of c. Limk., B. lxii. 343, Ct. 186; ¶  Forcitail in C. Tidill, a Mun. St., Bb. 122, Ll. 351, Lb. 19, Lec. 101, 108; ¶  C. Tidil: epscoip C. T. .i. secht n-epscoip Dhroma Tidil (1st Nov.), Fg. 208, Md. 290.
c. tige colla(?)
Kilticolla al. Brownehall, c. Mayo, Fy. 367. c. tigherna; ¶  C. T. and Druimninn, Caithreim A. mac S. O Byrne, Bran. 91 a.
c. tighernaigh
Kiltierney tl. in b. Lurg., Ferm., Fm. vi. 2328. c. tighernaigh; ¶  Keltierney, an. 1227, at Beauly, Scotl., Jo., who makes it C. Tighearna.
c. tighernáin
Kyltiernan, in the Marches of Dub., Fiant of 20th Aug., 1550; ¶  v. C. Ternain; ¶  attacked by O Byrne; ¶  "Corcach is Cill Begoige as C. Tighiornain do'n taobh thoir," Bran. 93 a.
c. tigernáin
Keltigernan in d. Kilmacduagh, Tax.; ¶  Kiltiernan tls. in p. Kilcolgan, Galw.
c. tilang
C. Tilang i bParróisde Cille Rois i mBarúntacht Chluana-idir-dhá-lá i gCondae in Chláir, Ix. 38; ¶  in p. Kilrush, c. Clare.
c. tilcha
Eochaid mac Ardgail, K. of Ulst., slain at C. Tilcha, Ll. 41; ¶  Kiltillaha tl. in p. Templemore, Tipp.
c. thili(?)
Killthili, O'S. iii. v. 6; ¶  in Muscria Kurkia (al. b. Clanwilliam), Tipp., O'S. iii. v. 6; ¶  Kiltilliha in p. Templemore(?).
c. tircc
Dacholmóc mac Fergusa and Sarnatt of C. T., Lb. 22, Fir. 753; ¶  Kilturk tls. in p. Galloon, c. Ferm.; ¶  leg. c. Tíre(?); ¶  v. infra C. Tuaiscirt.
c. toae
Fachtna of, Lec. 111; ¶  recte C. Toma, q.v.
c. toch
v. C. Tog.
c. tochomhrach(?)
Kiltocowragh in d. Kilfenora, Tax.
c. tog
in regionibus Corcu Teimne, Patricii fuit; ¶  Cainnech episcopus, monachus Patricii, fundavit eam; ¶  episcopus de genere Corcu Theimne venit ad eum de cellola Toch in regiones Temenrigi i Ceri contra solis occasum, A. 14 a a, 15 a b; ¶  C. Tog i tír Corcu Themne rofothaig Cainnech eps. manach Patraic, Tl. 122; ¶  in Connacht, Ct. 139, 271; ¶  C. T. and two cells in Corcu Theimne were Teora Toga al. Túaga, A. 13 b b, Tl. 122; ¶  all these places are in b. Carra, Mayo; ¶  O'D. says somewhere that the Trí Toga are in Partry al. p. of Ballyovey.
c. tolorcain
Killtorlity, district from Ness to Ross, Scotl., Sk. ii. 153; ¶  Keltalargyn in 1279; ¶  now Kiltárlity, Beauly, Jo. c. toltog; ¶  Kiltultoge, b. Ballymoe, Rosc., Ci.; ¶  in Machaire Chonnacht, Lc. ii. 492.
c. tolue
Dolue Lebderc(of), Cs. 382; ¶  Killaloe.
c. tóma
Ninnid epscop C. Tóma i Midhe (13th Dec.), Fg. 218; ¶  tri meic Dubtaig diada .i. Fachtna o C. Toma, Gabrán ocus Euhel an días oile (14th Dec.), Fg. 218, C. 361; ¶  Kiltoom tl. in b. Fore, Westm., 2 m. SW. of Castle-Pollard, Pgi. ii. 545; ¶  Factna in C. Tomma di Connachtaib, Bb. 123 a, Ll. 352, Lb. 20; ¶  Cellach, abb. of C. Tóme, C. Tommae, Au. i. 300, 358; ¶  Nainnid of C. T., Ll. 349, Lb. 17, Bb. 121 a, Lec. 106; ¶  C. Toama, Md. 78, Adr. 173, Hb. 78; ¶  C. Túama, Fep., Ll. 357; ¶  Feithmech ó C. Túama (16th Mart.), Fg. 56, Md. 78 = Esp. Felmac o Cill Cuanda (no Tuama), Mt. 18. c. tóma(?); ¶  Kilthome in dry. Othorna, d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  Kiltomy tl. and p. in b. Clanmaurice, Kerry.
c. tóma
Kiltoma in d. Elphin, Tax.; ¶  Kiltoom tl. and p. in Rosc. c. tomraighe(?); ¶  Kell Thomry in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. toraidhi
Hb. 64; ¶  Kilturra tl. and p. in c. Sli.
c. tormair
Kiltormer tl. and p. in b. Longford, Galw., Kj. iv. 454.
c. torpáin
Kilturpin, c. Cork, Kj. iv. 457.
c. tréinfhir(?)
Kyl traoinhir, p. ch. in d. Clonfert, Tr. 455, an. 1464.
c. treisgne
Lá do chúaidh fa C. T.; ¶  in O Byrne's country, Caithreim A. mic S. O Byrne, Bran. 91 a.
c. trenain
al. C. Srianain, on r. Shannon, c. Leit., Fm. iv. 1198; ¶  v. C. Srianáin.
c. trodan
al. Baile Cille Trodan in p. Tullyrusk, c. Ant., Ra. 6.
c. tuaiscirt
Docholmóc and Sarnat in C. T., i.e., tiri, Ll. 353, Bb. 123 b, Lec. 113; ¶  v. Tuaiscert Tíre; ¶  v. supra, C. Tircc.
c. tuaiti
7 bps. of, Ll. 374; ¶  C. Tuaithe in Laitean(?), Hb. 14 b.
c. tuama
Kiltoom tl. and p. in b. Athlone, Rosc., Kj. iv. 455. c. tuama; ¶  in d. Tuam, Ct. 494.
c. tuama
v. Cell Toma.
c. tuathail
Kyltowyl in dry. Bray, d. Dub., Tax.
c. tuathail
Kiltole, tl. in p. and b. Raphoe, c. Don., Fm. v. 1766.
c. tuca
d. Dub., Cr. 1179; ¶  now Kiltuck.
c. tuirc(?)
Kilturk, nr Dub., temp. Edw. II., Ah. 96.
c. tulach
Comharba C. T., one of the 7 Priomhchomharba of Hy Maine, I. 41 b 1, Lec. 187, B. lxii. 340; ¶  al. Cluain na damraide, Sas. 6540; ¶  seems nr Breicsliab and L. Arrow in Connacht; ¶  Kiltullagh tl. and p. in b. Kilconnell, but chiefly in b. Athenry, d. Clonfert, c. Galw., Im. 18, 78.
c. tulach
in d. Tuam, Tr. 2 an. 1216; ¶  Keltulach in d. Tuam, Tax. c. tulach; ¶  Kiltulagh in dry. Offeria, d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  St. Carthach of C. T. betw. Sliabh Mis and the r. Mang in Kerry, Lan. ii. 352; ¶  Castle-Maine is betw. r. Maine and Sliabh Mis, and is a vil. in the p. of Kiltallagh, Pgi. ii. 540; ¶  Faelan C. Tulach do Ciarraidhe Luachra dó, I. 107 b, col. 5, Fir. 729.
c. ua n-aindin
al. C. Buainne in b. Carra, Mayo, Fy. 192.
c. ua n-aingil
Ro sraona cath C. Ua nAingil re Aodh Finnliath, Hx. 201, col. 1; ¶  leg. C. na n-Aingel(?).
c. úa mbaird
C. Ó mBaird i cConallchuibh (=Cenél Conaill) i n-aice Bhaile Ui Bhaoighill, porraisde maith diaecesis Ratha Botha, Md. 476, Au. i. p. 8; ¶  Killymard tl. and p. in b. Banagh, c. Don. c. ua canegáin(?); ¶  Killocanegan, al. Killoconegan, in dry. Trim, d. Meath, Tax.
c. ua catohudan
belonged to Augustin Abbey of Trim, Tr. 354, an. 1375.
c. uachtair
now p. Kilwaughter in d. Connor, Ra. 53; ¶  nr Larne, c. Ant.
c. uachtair maighe
Killawtyrmoy in d. Lismore, Tax.; ¶  Kilwatermoy p. and tl. nr Lismore.
c. ua gcillín
in Clann Ricard, SW. of Sliabh Echdgi, Con. 53 a; ¶  Killogilleen tl. and p., c. Galw., nr Loughrea.
c. ua gcormagáin
in the d. of Elfin, Ct. 494.
c. ua ndaigri
Cath C. Ua nD.; ¶  Fland mac Conaing slain in battle of C. H. nDaighri by Aedh Findliath, Ll. 25 b, 182, 185, Lg. 203, Lec. 139, 620, Z. 358, Fia. 182, Cg. 32, Ch. 161; ¶  cf., "Possessions of Drogheda and Killaneyr," fiant of 1539, in 7th Rep. of Dep. Keeper of Records in Ireland, p. 42; ¶  "in Drogheda, Mylfelde, Wine Myllfelde, Kyllanaire," p. 85; ¶  C. Oa nDaighri, bellum re n-Aed oc Cill O. for Ou Néill Breg 7 for Laigniu, in which the kings of Bregia and Lagore fell, Au. i. 378; ¶  Killineer tl. at Drogheda, in p. of St. Peter, N. of the Boyne; ¶  the spelling Kyllanaire represents C. Ua nDaighri; ¶  fr. the context it is clear that it is not Killaneer tl. in b. Kinalmeaky, Cork. c. ua ndaighri(?); ¶  Killyneary, in b. Tullyhaw, c. Cav.
c. ua ndaighri(?)
Killyneery, in Tyr.
c. ua ndaighri(?)
Killonyrrye, c. Kilk.; ¶  Fiant of 1550; ¶  Killonerry House in p. Whitechurch, 2 m. NW. of Pilltown, c. Kilk., Pgi. iii. 550.
c. ua ndaighri(?)
Kellinerry in d. Emly, Sw. i. 400.
c. ua dónair
Aodh Buidhe O Domhnaill, heir-apparent of Tir Conaill, died in C. O Donair, A.D. 1538, Con. 85 a; ¶  v. C. Ua dTomhrair.
c. ua duirrthe
in p. Killoderry, al. Killodurhy, nr Daingen, al. Philipstown, King's c.; ¶  Philipstown is in p. of C. O D., Fm. v. 1498.
c. ua ngarchon
C. U. Garcon in d. Glendal., Cr. c. 1173, 1192. c. ua ngeibinnáin; ¶  in the Trian of the Hui Congairb of Tuath Muighi finne in Mun., Lis. 183 a.
c. uaillech
Killoolagh in b. Delvin, Westm., Fm. iv. 816.
c. ua lethain(?)
Killolethan, al. Killaylachan, in dry. Ardach, d. Limk., Tax.
c. ua maigheach
Senac(h) saccart ó Cheallaib ua M. (11th Feb.), Ct. 178, Fg. 34, Md. 46; ¶  Killimy tl. in p. Coolbanagher, Queen's c.(?).
c. ua mílchon
Kill O Milchon; ¶  C. Ua Nilucain; ¶  C. Ua N. 7 Ross Mídhe, leg. C. ui Milchon; ¶  Kilmeelchon in p. Lusmagh, King's c., O'D., Fm. ii. 1146, Ac. 206.
c. uarach
Calloragh (churchyard in tl. Reask, p. Marhin, b. Corcaguiny, Kerry); ¶  2 inscribed stones there, Pi. ii. 5.
c. uasaille
Fep., Ll. 308 a, Lis. 5 b; ¶  Killossy nr Naas, c. Kild.; ¶  C. Usaili, in the plain of the Liffey (c. Kild.), in which St. Patrick left Auxilius, Tl. 183; ¶  in d. Glendal., Cr. 1179; ¶  il Laighnibh, Md. 228; ¶  in Magliffe, St. Auxilius, bp., Ct. 154, 474, Cg. 6; ¶  C. Uasaille 7 Claonad, Fm. ii. 830; ¶  in Uib Bairrche, Ll. 314, Bb. 174 a, I. 58 a 1, Fir. 466; ¶  called Killassy in Nass dry., Tax. p. 246.; ¶  v. C. Ausailli.
c. uasaile
C. Usaile, in Coillin Coimghe, or Doirin Coimghe in Hi Cendseallaigh, Lis. 197 a.
c. ua scópa
C. O Sgópa; ¶  Killoscobe in b. Tiaquin, c. Galw., Lc. ii. 444.
c. ua sona
in Carbria in Connacht, C. 738; ¶  Killasona tl. in p. Granard, Longf.
c. ua dtighernáin
Killodiernan p. in b. Lr. Ormond, c. Tipp. c. ua dtomhrair; ¶  Killymard in b. Raphoe, c. Don., Fm. v. 1448; ¶  C. O. Tónair, Lc. ii. 314; ¶  O'D. in Fm. v. 1448, and Hen. after him, in error, says it is Killymard; ¶  but O'D., p. 1575, says "now called C. ua dtomhrail, anglice Killodonnell nr Fort Steward nr upper end of L. Swilly."
c. ugida
in d. Killaloe, Tax.
c. hui carthind
7 bps. of, Ll. 374, I. 110 b 1, Lb. 24; ¶  Killycarn tl. in p. Skerry, Ant.(?).
c. ui chiarain(?)
Killacheran in d. Waterf., Tax.
c. ui thuathgaili
Dondcuach, bard of; ¶  "an Uisilglind," Lec. 7 b; ¶  Killooly tl. in b. Ballyboy, King's c.(?).
c. ui mail-lachtnai
in Muscraige Tíre; ¶  Commán of, Ll. 323; ¶  Bb. 81 a, 141 b, Lec. 229, X. 100; ¶  Killylaughnane tl. in p. Ruane, b. Upr. Ormond (i.e. Muscraige Tíre), c. Tipp.
c. uinche
i cConaillibh Murthemne, Fg. 88, Md. 118; ¶  i cConailibh i Fid Conaille, Mt. 23, C. 253; ¶  Killanny tl. and p. nr Dundalk, c. Lough(?); ¶  Nechtan of C. Unchi in Conaillib, Feast on VI. Kal. Maii, Ll. 360; ¶  Liamuin, dau. of Calpuirn, sister of St. Patrick, mother of Nechtan of C. U., al. Mac Lemna, who is in Findabair Aba on the brink of the Boyne, Ll. 372, Lec. 90, Bb. 118 a, I. 111 b 1; ¶  Killuny tl. in p. and c. Arm. (?).
c. uinnin
ecclesia S. Winnini in d. Glasgow, Tr. 248, 254; ¶  Kylwinin, an. 1329.
c. uird
Tuath O Conail in the Triacha of Caoille in Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  Kilworth, nr Kilcrumper, c. Cork(?).
c. uisce
Killusky, nr Ashford in Wiclo dry., d. Dub.; ¶  it, Glinfeyl and Kil-fy annexed to Archdeaconry of Glendaloch, Cr.; ¶  Killesky p. in c. Wick.; ¶  al. Cell usquedi, in d. Glendal., Cr. 1179.
c. ui torpáin
at Clonmacnois, Kj. iv. 451.
c. ui uluger
d. Glendal., c. Wick., Cr. 1192; ¶  for Cell Maccu Lugair or Cillín Uí Lugair(?); ¶  there is a Killugger tl. in b. Forth, Wexf.
c. ula
v. Gabhar.
c. ulana(?)
Kilulana in dry. Muscridonegan, d. Cloyne, Tax. c. umabrach; ¶  a d. under Cashel in 14th century, Brady's Ep. Suc. I. XX.; ¶  C. Findubrech, Kilfenora(?).
c. unci
v. C. Uinche.
c. uregi(?)
Killuregy in dry. Offeria, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. ursa
Killursa p., c. Galw.; ¶  v. C. Fursa.
c. usaille
hi Life, Fm. i., 142; ¶  C. Usaille 7 Claonadh, Fm. ii. 830, C. Usaili i Muig Liphi, Tl. 183; ¶  v. C. Ausailli, C. Uasailli.
c. usna
in Fothartaibh Fea, Ll. 390; ¶  al. C. Osnada, q.v. cemige; ¶  Kemige in vale of Dub., Sw., an. 1199; ¶  Kimmage, tls. in pp. of Rathfarnham and Crumlin.
in Ui Maicc Uaiss, where St. Cainnech was reared, Ck. cen; ¶  Sodelbóg, Cen ainm a baile i Maigh Conaille, Fg. 214, Md. 302.
Kells p. and b. in Meath; ¶  das. Lu. 50 b; ¶  as. Cenondas, A. 12 b a; ¶  ds. Cenondas, Petrie's Tara, 98; ¶  Cenindas, Ll. 60; ¶  Ceninnus, Au. i. 292; ¶  Cenunnus, Bk. 6 b; ¶  g. Cenandsa, Cenannsa, F. 87, 160, Ll. 26 a; ¶  Cenansa, Bk. 6 b; ¶  Ceninso, Au. i. 166; ¶  ns. Cenannus, Au. ii. 152; ¶  seems fem. as I read C. consumpta, C. direpta, C. dissipata est, Au. ii. 60; ¶  elsewhere, often referred to: Ll. 25 a, 26 a, 131 b, Bb. 33 a, 42 a, K. 159 b, 146 a, Ct. 508, Tr. 2, 4, Au. i. 288, ii. 22, &c., F. 179, Fg. 230, 240, Ci., Mi., Ui.; ¶  called Kenanensis dioecesis, an. 1216, and Kenles in 1244, Tr. 2, 43, and Ceneles in Sw. an. 1204; ¶  built by Fiacha Finnailches, A.M. 3972–91, and this name was given to a residence of his, al. Dún Cúile Sibrinne, Fm. i. 56, iii. 22; ¶  but there are also Kells b., p. and t. in Kilk., and Kells tls. in cc. Ant., Clare, Kerry and Limk.; ¶  taraill (Colum cille), cusin maighin risa raitter Cenannus inniu, dún righ Eirenn eisein in tan sin, i. dún Diarmada meic Ceirbhuill, Lis. 9 b, Md. 150; ¶  Cell Caolbadh allatuaidh do, Fg. 160, Md. 226; ¶  Cairnech ó Thuilén i fail Chenandsa, F. 87; ¶  Tech na mBretan hi Termand Chenannsa, F. 160, Md. 346; ¶  Cell Egn. (Elgraige, Ll.) i termann Cenannsa, Lis. fo. 94 b.
Kenles, in d. Ossory, Tr. 83, an. 1259, Gr. 82, an. 1537; ¶  Kells in c. Kilk.; ¶  I cannot find its old name, but the b. of Kells was Mag Roigne, Kj. i. 249; ¶  and Kells was most prob. the chief seat of the K. of Mag Roigne, Fm. iii. 22.
Kells in New Galloway, Scot., Jo.
cenannas na ríg
Ll. 58 b, Kells in Meath; ¶  Cathair in Tara and Cond in C. na Ríg, Ll. 315, Bb. 76 a.
Ceallach 7 Lorcán dá rígh na gCénél, fought against Cormac mac Cuilionnain at Bealach Mughna, K. 168 a; ¶  al. Fer na nGenél, in Wexf.(?); ¶  this neuter noun, prefixes n- to vowels, this is omitted sometimes here.
c. aedha
Bp. of Ui Fiachrach 7 C. A., i.e., of d. Kilmacduagh, Fep., Ci.; ¶  in Connacht, I. 136 b 1; ¶  E. half of d. Kilmacduagh, Tp.; ¶  Kinelea in Aidhne, Fy. 373–4; ¶  Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, a branch of the descendants of Eoghan Aidhne; ¶  their kings were O Seachnasaigh and O Cathail, Fy. 54, 84, 373; ¶  of clann Eochach Brec, Lec. 124; ¶  C. A. na hEchtge, Kinalea, SE. half of b. Kiltarton, Galw.; ¶  S. of Cell maic Duaich, Fm. iii. 90, v. 1744, Kj. ii. 342; ¶  betw. Sliabh Echtghi and Cenél Dungaile in Clare; ¶  Gort is in it, Fm. vi. 2010, Arc. 238, 132; ¶  Bél guala in it, Fm. vi. 2280; ¶  O Cathail, lord of C. A., Fm. ii. 1112; ¶  a branch of Síol Fiachrach was C. A. na hEchtge, tribe-name of the O Shaughnessys, in whose l. was Sliabh Echtghe, Sl. Aughty, Fy. 2, 4, Lct. 109, Con. 1 b, Ai. 37 b; ¶  Kinalea in b. of Kiltartan, B. lix., 884; ¶  Síl Aedha, son of Cobthach, fr. whom are the C. A. na hEachtgi, Bb. 128 a; ¶  Sil Ceallaigh, son of Raghallaigh of C. A. of Enach Duin, Bb. 54 b.
c. aedha
the patrimony of Barrach Occ, nr De Courcy's country at Kinsale, Ar. 292; ¶  b. Kinelea, c. Cork. Obr., Tp.; ¶  Rinn Corran, Barry Og's castle, was in it; ¶  nr Cork, Ar. 224, Fm. vi. 2160; ¶  separated by the r. Bandon fr. Courcy's country; ¶  al. Duthaigh an Bhárraigh Óicc, Fm. vi. 2269; ¶  Kinnalea b. in Cork, of old called Insovena, Pgi. ii. 563; ¶  Cell na cCléireach, at Carraig Í Laighean in C. A., not far fr. Cork, Ai. 28 b.
c. aedha
a sept descended fr. Conall Gulban, in b. Tirhugh, c. Don., Lct. 130; ¶  C. nAeda Easa Ruaidh, Lct. 126, Fir. 200.
c. aenghusa
Ua hEochada, lord of C. A. in Midia, Cam. i. 238, Obr.
c. aengusa
the Ui Allmhuráin of Galw., Wc. 127, Fir. 195, O'Halloran.
c. aengusa
a branch of the Ui Amhalgaidh, comprising the families of O Muireadhaigh of the Lagan, and O Radubhan of Gleann an chairn, and Lucht Dúna Finne, i.e., O Cuinn, Mag Odhrain, O Comhdhan, O Duibhlearga, O Bearga, O Blighe, O Duanma or Duanmaigh, Fy. 6; ¶  cf. Ui Amalgaidh in Connacht, Lec. 160.
c. aenghusa
sept of the Cenel-Eoghain; ¶  muire cenéil A. 7 rídamna Oilig, Lc. i. 82, Au. ii. 54.
c. aengusa
were kings of Leth Cathail, Mac Firb. Gen., p. 508. c. aengusa; ¶  Mac Cana, chief of; ¶  in c. Arm., at the mouth of the Bann, Fm. ii. 1114, iii. 174, Au. ii. 260.
c. aengusa
C. n-Oengusa, one of the 4 prímchenéla of Dál Riata in Scotl., Ll. 336, Of. 470; ¶  Aengus, son of Niall Naoi Giallach, fr. whom are the C. nAengusa in Dalriada in Scotl. (one of the 3 strong tribes of Dál Riada, Fir. 402), Bb. 44 a, 84 b., Lec. 128, 240, X. 68.
c. aengusa
in Ili, Scotl., consisting of 30 houses, Lec. 240, X. 69, 68, K. 151 a, Fir. 402.
c. aengusa
Angus or Forfar in Scotl., Sk. i. 280, 344.
c. ahun(?)
Kinelahun; ¶  Curtun in it, in c. Wexf., Sp. 1280, p. 378.
c. ailello
genus Ailello, A. 12 b; ¶  in Tirerrill, c. Sli., Bb. 43 b; ¶  from Ailill son of Eogan mac Néill; ¶  C. Aillella, Tp. 104. c. ainmire; ¶  Congus, bp. of Arm. of C. A., Fm. i. 352; ¶  in Arm. or adjoining regions(?).
c. airmheadhaigh
in Ui Fiachrach or O'Dowd's country in Mayo, Fy. 12.
c. aithemna
at Fidh Cuillinn, Bb. 70 b, Lec. 190; ¶  C. n-A. na Derthean in Lein., so called fr. Aithemain, father of Cairbre Niafer, Fir. 437; ¶  v. C. Athemi, C. Atheinn.
c. amolngith
Cs. 358; ¶  C. Amalgadha, perh. in p. Magherawley (Machaire Amhalghadha), now Magherally, Tp.; ¶  C. Amailge in Ulst., l. of O Millanes and O Murchas, Obr.; ¶  rather b. Tirawly, Mayo, l. of Filii Amolngid, A. 14 b, 15 a; ¶  al. Ui Amalgada, Tl. 629.
c. angain
the 4 Aicme of the C. nAngain (of the Clann Coilcind), Lec. 257.
c. ardghail
Árd Scannlaighe in it, Fg. 236, Lb. 23, Fir. 706; ¶  in Meath; ¶  St. Sgannlach of Druim n-Esgluin in Murthemne, dau. of Seachnusach, son of Colum Cuire in Ard Sganluighe in C. A., Fir. 706; ¶  clearly the same as C. Ardgair, q.v.; ¶  Cluain Conghusa in C. A., Fer. 43; ¶  Cath betw. C. Loighaire and C. Ardgael 799; ¶  the son of Dunlang, K. of C. A., Au. i. 208, 282, 338, Fm. i. 344, 404; ¶  seems in Lein. and nr Cenél Loeghaire, q.v.
c. árdgair
Scandlach, dau. of Sechnasach mac Coluim in Árd Scandlaig in C. A., Ll. 354, I. 109 a 2.
c. arga
b. Ballybrit, in King's c., part of Ely O Carroll, Tp., Obr.
c. atheinn
Eochu immete mac Corpri Niafer athar Corpri Athe, fr. whom are C. nA. at Fid Chulainn, of which is Bean mac Nessan and C. nAtheinn annes, X. 73.
c. athemi
in Lein.(?); ¶  Corpre Athem, son of Eocho mac Cairpre Niafer, fr. whom C. A. ... Saerthenna oc Fidh Chuilend is so called, Ll. 311.
c. athí
in Magh Ailbhe, in Lein., Fir. 438, X. 73; ¶  in Maighibh Ailbe, in Cill Eoghain, Bb. 70 b, Lec. 190.
c. aucha
Findchu of Ros mic Eircc in Cruachain Chenil Aucha, Lb. 21; ¶  Aucha, son of Augen Aurgnidhe, fr. whom C. nAucha is called, X. 72.
c. bacaitt
in Uib Briuin Breifne, Fm. ii. 1134.
c. mhbaetáin
in Ulst.; ¶  Baetan mac Cuanach, fr. whom are C. mhB., de quibus Muintir Diucaire, Ll. 333; ¶  fr. Baetán, son of Daigri, son of Bel, son of Muinneach, of the Muscraigi Tire, Bb. 81 a; ¶  in Muscraige Tíre, Bb. 141 b, Ll. 323; ¶  C. Baetáin mic Muircheartaigh, Mi.; ¶  C. mBaith, dwelt in Breintre, which contains 7 townlands lying NE. of Sliabh Collain, Tp.; ¶  al.(?) C. mBaoith, q.v.
c. baoi
descended fr. Aongus Ceannathrach, son of Caisin, K. 184 b; ¶  in Clare; ¶  v. C. mBaoith.
c. mbaoith
followers of Brian Bóraimhe at Clontarf, K. 171 b; ¶  v. C. Baoi.
c. mbécce
race of Becc, K. of Airgiall, Ll. 333; ¶  seems in Ulst.; ¶  but v. C. mBéice.
c. mbeccon
in Breagmagh in the Desibh Breagh; ¶  in Bregaib, descendants of K. Dathi, Lec. 162, Fy. 24, 32, 346.
c. mbéice
b. Kinelmeaky in c. Cork, Obr., Ry. 144; ¶  now b. Kinnalmeaky, in which the greater part of t. of Bandon lies.
c. mbindigh
C. mBindigh Telcha Óg, Lec. 134; ¶  in c. Tirone, Ci.; ¶  C. mBinnig, Au. ii. 20; ¶  rí Telcha Ócc slain by them; ¶  neighbours(?); ¶  C. mBindich, from Bindech, son of Eoghan Mac Néill, Bb. 43 b; ¶  Ua Con-beathad toisech of, Au. ii. 26; ¶  in Tirconnell, Obr., Of. 402.
c. mbinnig glinne
in Glenconkeine, c. Derry, Fm. iii. 58; ¶  slay Lord of Ui Tuirtre, Fm. ii. 916; ¶  Ui Tuirtri & C. mB. G., Fm. ii. 908; ¶  they and Ui Tuirtri killed ríg Ua Fiachrach Árda Srátha, Au. ii. 28, Fm. ii. 908; ¶  al. Clann Domhnaill mic Lairein, a sub-branch of Cenél Tighearnaigh; ¶  other branches of them are the C. mBindigh Locha Droichid and C. mBindigh Tuaithe Rois, Bb. 44 b, Hx. 186, 191; ¶  desc. fr. Eochaidh Binnech, son of Eoghan, son of Niall, occupied a terr. in c. Derry, Cv. p. 73, note y, Au. i. 562, ii. 30; ¶  seems nr Telach óc; ¶  slay Tig. Telcha óc, Fm. ii. 894; ¶  C. mBinne in glinne a dtuaidh; ¶  in valley of Glenconkeine, b. Loughinsholin, c. Derry, Cev. i. 242.
c. mbinnigh locha drochait
the people of Mag Itha attacked their l. and slew vice-abbot of Cluain Fiachna (in b. Dungannon, c. Tirone), Au. i. 592, Tp.; ¶  C. bindig locha drochait in Tirone, E. of Mag Itha, Fm. ii. 862; ¶  the terr. of the several branches of this tribe is supposed to be the N. of b. Loughinsholin, c. Derry, Au. i. 592, Mi.
c. binnig telcha óg
Hx. 186–191; ¶  v. Telach óg.
c. mbindigh tuaithe rois
in ancient Tirone, E. of the Foyle, Tp., Bb. 44 b, Hx. 186, 191.
c. mbógaine
Fm. ii. 830; ¶  Banagh, Don., Au. i. 570, 354, 258; ¶  included also part of b. Boylagh, Fm. i. 50; ¶  included bb. Banagh and Boylagh fr. r. Eany to Gweedore, Fen. 397; ¶  descendants of Enna Boghaine, son of Conall Gulban, Fen. 138, Au. i. 570, Ch. 73, Ci., Lct. 130; ¶  Mag Cúile Caol in it, Lg. 92, and Sliab Liag, al. Mons Lapidum, Cs. 412; ¶  tribs. of the K. of Aileach, Lis. 144 a; ¶  v. Tigernach, an. 671.
c. mbracuide
in Tirconnell; ¶  l. of O Broders and Mulfavils, Obr.
c. mbrenaind
in Connacht, Mag Tighearnáin, chief of, Con. 22 b, Au. ii. 364; ¶  al. Tellach Dunchadha, Lc. i. 492; ¶  Tullyhunco, c. Cav.
c. bruindia
in Conaillib, Lec. 290; ¶  C. mBruini, i Conaillibh Murtheimhne, I. 68 b, col. 2.
c. builg
in c. Rosc., Lec. i. 168; ¶  seems nr L. Cé, and in M`Dermot's country.
c. mbuinne
in Conaillibh Muirtheimhne in Ulst., Fir. 519; ¶  v. C. Bruindia.
c. mbuithín
Cathair na hAiligi in it; ¶  l. of the Kilkellys, Ollaves to O Flaithbertaigh, Z. 189 a.
c. caeilbaidh
in Dal nAraide, Ha. 868.
c. cáecháin
seems in Druim Lias, Drumlease p., A. 17 a 2, Tl. 338; ¶  in c. Leit.
c. caim
in Affraic, the race of Cam, Lec. 54.
c. cairbre
C. Cairpri, v. C. Coirpri.
c. gcais
race of Cas, son of Fraech, son of Cumscrach; ¶  a sub-section of the Conmaicne, q.v., Fen. 382; ¶  one of the 3 Conmaicne, Fm. ii. 950.
c. cathboth
al. C. Cathboda; ¶  desc. fr. Cathbad, grandson of Loarn mór of Dalriada, Au. i. 150; ¶  in Loarn in Scotl.; ¶  one of the 3 Tréana of Cenél Loairn, in Dalriata, Scotl., Bb. 84 b, Fir. 402, X. 68, Cps. 313.
c. cearnaigh
in Ui Fiachrach, Fy. 54.
c. ciarain
in Corco Artgein, al. C. Concrith, X. 160, Fir. 780. c. cindgamhna; ¶  branch of the Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, descendants of Eoghan Aidhne, of which O Duibhghiolla was chief, subordinate to C. Guaire, Fy. 54; ¶  nr. Kinvara, c. Galw.; ¶  but Tp. puts it in Brefny.
c. cinnend
Mongfind, dau. of Cirdubán of C. C., mother of Iarlaithe of Tuaim da Gualann, Ll. 372, Md. 348; ¶  v. C. Cirand. c. cirand; ¶  in Crích Cenéil Mic Ercae, desc. fr. Ciru, son of Causcraid, Ll. 332 b, Lec. 266, Bb. 92 a, X. 154, Fir. 537, I. 72 b 2; ¶  C. Cirend in Crich-mac-Erci; ¶  descendants of Ciri, son of that Cumscrach who was ancestor of the Conmaicni, Fen. 383; ¶  Crich-mac-Erci was Ultonia; ¶  Moingfind, dau. of Cirrdubán of C. Cirenn, mother of Iarlaithe of Tuaim da Gualand, Bb. 118 a, Lec. 90; ¶  v. C. Cinnend.
c. cobthaig
in Árd Ladrand, Bb. 78 a, Ll. 316, 390, Lec. 200 or 206, X. 79; ¶  Cobthach Crom, fr. whom C. Cobthaig in Árd Ladrand, X. 79; ¶  in Lein., Lec. 200 or 206.
c. coinchinne
C. Conchinne a fhéic o Duni cosin Drochet ic Loch Anmchada, Ll. 325; ¶  Conall Claen, son of Concinn, dau. of Cathboth; ¶  C. C. ext. fr. Feich hO Dúine to the droichet at L. Imchada, Bb. 110 a; ¶  is é C. C. a feicc ó Duna, as far as the Drochet at L. nUchada in Hui Mic hIrc, X. 88; ¶  Isiad C. C. ó Duini co Droicead Locho hImchada, I. 90 a, col. 4; ¶  ext. fr. Féith na h-imghona to Droichead Locho hImchadha, Gc. 38; ¶  seems in Corco Laigde, c. Cork.
c. coirpri
Au. i. 216; ¶  C. Cairbri, C. Cairpri; ¶  in Cairbre Gabra in c. Longf., Of. 401, Rc. xxiv. 53; ¶  race of Cairpre, son of Niall, in b. Granard, c. Longf., and up to 8th century and after were settled in bb. Carbury in cc. Kild. and Sli., Au. i. 124, Fia. 50, Ch. 106.
c. coirpri
C. Cairbri in Cairbre of Sli., Of. 401; ¶  defeated Hui Fiachrach Muirsce (of b. Carbury, c. Sli.?), Tig., Rc. xvii. 164. c. coirpri; ¶  C. Cairpri mic Néill, W. of L. Erne, Lec. 271; ¶  either in W. Ferm. or Carbury in Sli.; ¶  in c. Ferm.(?); ¶  Dub Dúin, K. of, Lg. 191; ¶  Oengus Bronbachal, K. of, Au. i. 108; ¶  Báitán of, Cs. 425.
c. coirpri cruim
al. the Ui Maine, c. Rosc., Au. i. 338, Fm. i. 456.
c. coirpri móir
al. C. Carbri Móir; ¶  al. C. Carbri, Au. i. 386, Fm. i. 516; ¶  in b. Granard, Longf., O'D.; ¶  but?; ¶  cf. tigerna Coirpre móire, Fm. i. 370; ¶  dp. Coirpraib Móraib, Fm. ii. 664; ¶  the Lord of Cenél Conaill invades Ua Failge, and loses tigerna Coirpre Móir, Fm. ii. 700; ¶  tigerna Dartraige 7 tigerna Coirpre 7 airchinnech Droma Cliab burned in Inis na lainde hic-Coirpre Móir, Fm. ii. 818; ¶  tigerna Coirpre Móire d'éc, Fm. ii. 700, 818, 826; ¶  all these show Coirpre Mór in Carbury, c. Sli., and not Carbery in Longf.; ¶  Snám Luthir in Cenél Carbri; ¶  al. C. Carbri Móir, Cs. 320.
c. colmáin
at or nr Rath Coirpri and Cláire hill, Tl. lvi.
c. colmáin
Au. i. 90; ¶  desc. fr. Colman mór; ¶  v. Clann Colmain, Mi., Ui.
c. coluim
Colum, son of Mac Lasri, of Cland Indercaig, fr. whom are Cenel Coluim, X. 109.
c. comgaill
one of the 4 prímchenél of Dál Riata in Albain, Ll. 336; ¶  Lec. 241, Bb. 85 a, X. 70, Of. 470; ¶  C. Comhghaill held Cowall, N. part of Cantire, N. of Crinan Canal, Scotl., Sk. i. 229, Cps. cxiii., Au. i. 158.
c. chomhghaill
in Íle in Scotl., of the race of Eochuidh Muinreamhar, K. 151 a.
c. comrad
Bb. 94 a.
c. conaill
i.e., Hui Maeldoraidh 7 Hui Chanannain, Ll. 318; ¶  al. C. Conaill Gulban meic Néill, Fg. 100, F. 182, Md. 14, Adr. 224; ¶  Ua Canannáin tigerna Ceneoil C., an. 955, Fm. ii. 674; ¶  al. Tír Conaill; ¶  the r. Mourne (Modharn) divided C. C. fr. C. Eogain, Ch. 8; ¶  of old comprised c. Don., save bb. of Inis Eogain and Raphoe (Mag Itha), which belonged to C. Eogain, Fy. 73; ¶  in C. C. are -Domhnach Mór Maighe hIthe, Md. 154; ¶  Gartan, Md. 160, 150; ¶  Tulach Dubhglaisi, Md. 160; ¶  Tech Baoithin, Md. 162; ¶  Cell Mac nÉnáin, Md. 150; ¶  Baile Meg Robhartaigh, Md. 150; ¶  r. Biur, Lis. 9 a; ¶  Cell Carthaigh i Tír Boghaine, Md. 64; ¶  Cill Ó mBaird i n-aice Bhaile Ui Bhaoighill, Md. 476; ¶  Congbáil Glinne Suilighe, Md. 42; ¶  Inis Caol, Md. 136; ¶  Tempul Rátha, Fg. 226; ¶  Tír Bóghaine, Fg. 214; ¶  Tír Lugdach, F. 99.
c. conaill cernaig
were the Laigis of Lein., Ll. 312, Lec. 190. c. conaill cúili; ¶  desc. fr. Feradach, son of Aengus mic Carthaind Finn, Bb. 105 a, Ai. 102 a; ¶  which has C. C. Cúille, and places them in Dal cCais or Thomond.
c. conchinne
v. C. Coinchinne.
c. concride
or C. Concraige in Íle, Ll. 118 b; ¶  C. Conchraiti, Lec., 240, Cps. 310, X. 67; ¶  C. Chonchríche in Ile, Scotl., desc. fr. Eochuidh Muinreamhar of the race of Cairbre Rioghfoda, K. 151 a.
c. concrith
al. C. Ciaráin in Corco Airdgein, Fir. 780.
c. condaich
Bb. 94 a.
c. conlada
Caelchu mac Cail mic Connlada do C. Conlada do Chiarraidhe, I. 107 b, col. 7; ¶  in Kerry(?).
c. corbri
in Teffia, Ct. 17; ¶  v. C. Coirpri.
c. cormaic
in Maenmaigh, I. 82 b 2; ¶  desc. fr. Cormac, son of Eoghan, son of Niall, Bb. 43 b.
c. crauntenani
"genus C.," in Lein., Cs. 445; ¶  v. Ui Cremthenáin. c. gcreimthain; ¶  the Ui Dubhlaigh of, Bran. 152 a; ¶  v. C. Crimthainn.
c. cridan
in Monach, I. 67 a 2; ¶  C. Cridain in Magh Monaigh, in Ulst., Lec. 198; ¶  but v. C. Critain.
c. crimthainn
in Laoghis, round the fort of Dunamase in b. E. Maryborough, Queen's c., Tp.; ¶  v. C. Creimthain.
c. critain
a sept of Ui Maine, Im. 34.
c. croichni
in Huib Bairrchi, I. 57 b 2, Fir. 462; ¶  v. Ui Bairchi.
c. cruithne
the Picts, Ch. 81, Cps. 69.
c. cuaiche
in Aidne, Fy. 56; ¶  a sept of Ui Fiachrach, Aidne,
c. cuallachta
in SE. of b. Inchiquin, c. Clare; ¶  Ballygriffy and Mogowna were castles of their chief, O Griobhtha, Fm. iv. 1122, note; ¶  followers of Brian at Clontarf, K. 171 b; ¶  in Magh Domhnaigh at the Forgas in Thomond, Ai. 76 b; ¶  they marched by the r. Fergus through C. C., Tor. 256; ¶  C. C. and C. Fearmac, Tor. 6.
c. cuinge
Fionnbharr of, Ai. 150 b.
c. ndallan
fr. Dallan, son of Eoghan, son of Neill, Bb. 43 b, Lec. 129.
c. decill
at Cell Boedáin in p. Muckamore, C. 728; ¶  in c. Antr. c. dega; ¶  gens Degha in Ui Ceinnselaig, B. xx. 321; ¶  Ui Dega nr Gorey and Arklow, I think.
c. demmain
Lh. 164; ¶  nr Ibar Cinntrachta(?).
c. diue
in Ui Figeinte; ¶  ic proicept do hUaib Figeinti ocus ic a mbaithius i nDomhnach Mór Cheiniuil Diue, Life of St. Senán, Paris MS. Celt. and B. 1, formerly Ancien Fonds; ¶  Cheiniuil Diue is omitted, Lis. 17 a.
c. dobtha
in Corca-Achlann, c. Rosc., betw. Tír Ailello on the N. and Sliabh Bagna on the S., Of. 375; ¶  a cConnachtaibh, Md. 56; ¶  Cluain Coirpte in it, Md. 56; ¶  in díthrib C. D. i Connachtu, .i. i Cluain Cairpti, F. 51; ¶  O. hAinli, chief of, Au. ii. 388, Fm. ii. 1100; ¶  C. Doftha, Tig., Rc. xviii. 156, Con. 23 a; ¶  al. C. Doffa mic Aengusa, now Doohy-Hanly in Rosc., pp. Kilglass, Termonbarry, Cloontuskert and E. half of p. Lissonuffy, Tp., Lc. ii. 116, Fm. iii. 168, iv. 692; ¶  along the Shannon fr. Carranadoo bridge to Drumduff in E. Rosc., Kj. ii. 342; ¶  one of the Three Tuatha in Connaught, Mi.
c. dobhthai
in Brefny, Tp.; ¶  but?
c. ndomangein
one of the six Sogan of Hi Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 73.
c. dongaetha
is na Deisi Dagland, I. 91 a 2; ¶  in c. Waterf.
c. donnghaile
in Thomond, Mi.; ¶  v. C. Dungaile.
c. duachain
al. C. Luacháin, co-ext. with p. Oughteragh, c. Leit., Fm. iii. 570, Ci., Ui.; ¶  al. C. Luacháin i Uib Briúin Breifne Ua Cuaggáin its chief, Fm. ii. 1134; ¶  at foot of Sliab in Iarainn; ¶  Mag Dorchaidh, chief of, Fm. iv. 694.
c. dubháin
Fen. 383; ¶  race of Dubhan, son of Fraech, son of Cumscrach, in b. Dunmore, c. Galw.; ¶  branch of Conmaicne, q.v.; ¶  W. of the Succa in Connacht, Lec. 157; ¶  one of the 3 Conmaicne, Fm. ii. 950.
c. ndunchada
in Aenach Deisceirt Maigi, Lec. 276.
c. ndúngaile
tribe-name of the O'Gradys, comprised the pp. Tomgraney, Moyno, Inishcaltra and Clonrush in d. of Killaloe, Tp., Ci., Fm. iii. 498, Ai. 238; ¶  O Gráda, chief of, Au. ii. 418, iii. 404, Fm. iv. 796, Con. 19 b, Ai. 57 b, Tor. 66.
c. echach
in b. Loughinsholin, c. Derry, Tp.
c. n-echach
in Connacht, called after Eochaidh, son of Brian, son of Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin, Fir. 195.
c. echach
Ingen Conaill in Cenelaibh Echach in Midi, Lec. 111; ¶  Kinelea, al. b. Moycashel in Westm.
c. n-echach
fr. Eochaidh, son of Eoghan mac Neill, Bb. 43 b. c. n-echach; ¶  one of the 3 Tréana of C. Loairn of Dal Riata in Scotl., Of. 470, Bb. 84 b, C. nEochdach, X. 68; ¶  C. n-Echach meic Muredaig, branch of the C. Loairnd, Cps. 313, Fir. 402.
c. n-echach bili
race of Eachu Find, Lec. 215; ¶  al. C. Echach Find. q.v.
c. n-echach droma lighen
fr. Eocho, son of Domhnall, son of Muirceartach Mac Earca, Bb. 43 b, Lec. 129.
c. n-echach find
the Fothartai of Lein., Lec. 190; ¶  C. Echach Find Fuathairt; ¶  i.e., the Fothairt, the 1st of the two Primh-forslointe of Lagin, Ll. 312.
c. echach gall.
c. n-echach imchomais
in Ailbi, Lec. 215.
c. echach ín chodaig
a branch of the Bredcha, Bb. 46 a; ¶  v. Brédach; ¶  Eochaid mac Eogain a quo C. nEachdach in Chotaig, X. 5. c. n-echen; ¶  in Connacht; ¶  race of Echén, son of Brian; ¶  Ui Biasda, the Ui Blii; ¶  Echen, K. of Connacht and of Clann Briain in St. Patrick's time, Fir. 195.
c. neichin
in Araib, Lec. 423.
c. neichein
fr. Eichen, son of Eoghan Mac-Neill, Bb. 43 b; ¶  v. C. Echen.
c. n-eidersceoil
MacFirb. Gen. 508; ¶  seems to be in Ulaid or c. Down.
c. ellanna
Au. ii. 204; ¶  seems in d. and c. Arm.
c. n-éndai
la Mumain; ¶  a branch of the Húi Ernáin of Lein., who migrated to Mun. in St. Patrick's time to avoid the persecution of Crimthann, K. of Lein., Tl. 192.
c. n-enda
nr Hill of Uisnech in Kinalea, Westm., Tp., Of. 401, Cam. i. 238; ¶  in b. Rathconrath, Cev. i. 238; ¶  in Uib Néill in deiscirt, Hz. 217.
c. n-enda
C. E. mic Neill, W. of L. Erne, Lec. 271.
c. enda
betw. L. Foyle and L. Swilly, C. 370, Of. 401, Fm. ii. 764; ¶  al. Ferann Enna fr. Tirone to Bernas mór (in NE. of b. Tirhugh), and to Sruell (in p. Killyward, b. Banagh), Fen. 314; ¶  betw. Lifford and Letterkenny, Fm. iii. 19; ¶  an. 1602 it contained 30 qrs. of l. according to Domhnall O Galchobhair's will, quoted by Od., Lct. 131; ¶  in b. Raphoe, Don., S. of Inishowen, betw. the arms of L. Foyle and L. Swilly, Tp., Ci., Mi.; ¶  K. of, slain by C. nEogain na hInnsi, Lec. i. 71; ¶  cf. Au. ii. 30, 36, 180; ¶  comprised pp. Raymochy and Taughboyne, Fm. iii. 34.
c. éndi
in Ailiuch Airtich la Connachta hi ceneul hÉndi, Tl. p. 156, N. of Cruachan; ¶  note that Loegaire appears to have occupied Cruachan as well as Tara; ¶  it was there St. Patrick met the monarch's daughters. Connacht was the patrimonial kingdom of Eochaid Muighmeadhoin, Loegaire's grandfather.
c. enda
sept of the Conmaicne (q.v.), desc. fr. Enna, son of Cairid, son of Findchaemh, son of Cumscrach; ¶  Cairid was contemp. with St. Patrick, who converted him, Fen. 383.
c. énda
sept of the Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, desc. fr. Énda mac Amalgaidh, Fy. 62, 14.
c. n-énda
Eunda Eamhalach, son of Brian, son of Eochaidh Muighmheadhoin, fr. whom are C. na nE., Fir. 195; ¶  in Connacht, and perhaps a sept of Conmaicne.
c. nenga
C. nEanga, in Oirgialla, l. of the O Gorans, O Linsechains and O Breslans, Obr.
c. nenga
C. nEanga, in Meath; ¶  l. of the Mac Ruaircs, Obr.
c. enna
v. C. Enda.
c. eochain
of the p. of Dulane nr Kells, Meath, Tp.(?).
c. n-eoghain
al. Tír Eogain, Fia. 10; ¶  Epscop Ceniúil Eogain al. bp. of Derry, Lc. i. 304, Au. ii. 174, Fep.; ¶  McCurtin's Antiq. 279, Au. i. 466; ¶  owned cc. of Tyrone and Derry, and bb. Inishowen and Raphoe, Don., Fm. iii. 6, Ch. 95, Mi.; ¶  10 tricha cet in C. Eogain, Lec. 349; ¶  in the time of Muircheartach mac Erca their territory was enlarged by the conquest fr. Clann Colla of the tract betw. Glencon and Ualraig at Derry, Mr. 141; ¶  Kenelyon, Sw. an. 1215; ¶  Keneleonia, Gb. 30; ¶  Men. nomen amnis atá itir Dál n-Araid 7 C. n-Eogain, F. 146; ¶  it takes plural verb; ¶  ro tinólsat C. n-Eogain, Au. ii. 156; ¶  Eogan alone means C. Eogain as Conall 7 Eogan; ¶  al. C. Eoghain Mic Néill, Md. 14; ¶  .i. C. Eogain.
c. eoghain na h-innse
Fm. ii. 764, Au. i. 524; ¶  Ci.; ¶  b. Inishowen, c. Don.
c. eogain telcha óg
Fm. ii., 1139, 864, Fm. iii. 58, Ci.; ¶  at Tullaghoge, Tirone.
c. erca deirg
in Connacht, Fir. 195.
c. n-ethach
descendants of Loarn in Scotl., Of. 470; ¶  v. C. Echach.
c. faghartaigh
b. Kinelarty, in S. Down, Fm. iv. 662, Tp.; ¶  v. Cenél Fógartaig, and Duibhtrian; ¶  Mac Artan, chief of, Lc. ii. 50. c. failbhe; ¶  followers of Brian at Clontarf, K. 171 b.
c. faithemoin
race of Cairpri Faithemain, son of Eochaidh Inmeiti; ¶  Fidh Cuillind in it, Ll. 380.
c. fhaithigh
in Magh Ailbhe, in Cill Eoghain, they owned Grian na Cille, Ll. 380.
c. fathaidh
in Ui Maine, Im. 34.
c. fechin
in iarthar Connacht, Md. 416; ¶  i crích Maine in Connacht, Lis. 135 a; ¶  in b. Leitrim, c. Galw., Fy. 32, Im. 14, Mi.
c. feichín
fr. the Lios Bhruighne hUa nDungalaigh they went to C.F. in Thomond, Ai. 71 a; ¶  O Brien marched fr. Cill Subhalaigh to C.F., Tor. 129.
c. feidlimid
in Huib Amalgada in Connacht, Lec. 160, Fy. 4; ¶  C. Feidhilmtho defeated Breifne an. 821, Au. i. 316, 318; ¶  C. Fedhlimidh Iorruis la huib Amhalgaidh, comprising the families of O Ceallachain, O Caithniadh, Mac Coinin, O Muimhnecaháin, Mag Fhionain, O Gearadhain, O Conboirne, Fy. 46.
c. feithin
Meic Congaman of, Lec. 163; ¶  v. Cenel Fechin.
c. feradaig
Kinelfarry is, or is in, b. Clogher, Tyrone, Tp., Fm. v. 1290, 1298, Fen. 332, Lec. 450, Au. ii. 34, Lc. ii. 44; ¶  Clogher and Tullaghoge in it; ¶  so it ext. beyond b. of Clogher for miles; ¶  Bp. of Ard Macha 7 C. F., Au. ii. 204; ¶  Mac Cathmhaoil tig. of C.F. in Tír Eogain, Lc. i. 348; ¶  in Tír Eógain, Con. 72 b; ¶  Fm. v. 1312; ¶  al. C. Feradaig meic Eirc, St. B. 600; ¶  the l. of the O Mulpatricks, Obr; ¶  Aed Moltgabaig, a quo C. F. Tulcha Óg, Bb. 104 a, I. 86 b, col. 3, Ai. 101 a; ¶  C.F. was brought under the power of C. Conaill by Aedh O Domhnaill, Bb. 180 a; ¶  troid eter Cenel Feradhaigh fein a Clochar hUa nDaimhin; ¶  Mag Uidir do dul ar creich a C. Feradaich 7 Crech mór do thabairt leis ón tír 7 ó Chlochar, Au. iii. 368, 598; ¶  this shows that Clochar was in C.F.; ¶  C.F., fr. race of Feradach, son of Muiredach, son of Eoghan, son of Néill, Bb. 43 b; ¶  Mac Cathmail, chief of C.F. and of Clann Oengusa, and of Clann Duibinrecht and of Clann Fogartaig, Au. ii. 204, Fm. iii. 64; ¶  Mac Confhebla toisech of, Au. ii. 170; ¶  cath Letairbi eidir C.F. 7 Cenél mic Erca an. 630, Ch. 82; ¶  Hennessy and McCarthy and Od. in Tp. say it comprised b. Clogher, c. Tirone; ¶  but Tullaghoge is 16 or 20 m. fr. b. Clogher.
c. ferga
in Ely O Carroll, co-ext. with b. Ballybritt, King's c., Fm. v. 1508, Mis. i. 259; ¶  Baile mic Adam hi cCenél fearga in Ele Ui Cerbhaill, Fm. v. 1508 is Cadamstown in b. Ballybritt, King's c.; ¶  cf. Con. 61 a.
c. ferga(?)
Kinalargy in p. Mevagh, b. Kilmacrenan, c. Don.
c. fergna
one of the 6 Sogain in Ui Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 72; ¶  O Mainnin, chief of the 6 Sogain, had his chief seat at Menlach O Mainnin nr Castle Blackney, Im. 72; ¶  O Ruairc, uaitne engnama Ichtair Connacht 7 leomhan Cheniuil Fergna, Au. iii. 572; ¶  tribe name of the O Rorke's, Hm. ii. 288; ¶  al. of Breifney Ui; ¶  but?
c. fergusa
Ua hOccáin toisech of C.F. and rechtaire Telcha óg, Fm. ii. 916, 1014, Au. ii. 34; ¶  branch of the Cenél Eogain, Lec. fol. 64, Bb. 43 b; ¶  Ua Mailfhabhaill, chief of, with his kinsman, slain by the son of Mórmair Lemnach (of Leven or Lennox of Scotl.), Au. ii. 260, Fm. iii. 186, Lc. i. 264, Od., Hen. and Ui. say it was Carrac Brachaidhe, al. NW. part of Inishowen.
c. fergusa na heachtgha
race of Fergus, son of Brian, i.e. Ui Briain, the Ui Bruacháin, &c., Fir. 195; ¶  v. Echtge.
c. fergusa salaich
or C.F. Salaig; ¶  in Dalriata, in Scotl.; ¶  one of the 3 Tréna of Cenél Loairn, Bb. 84 b, Lec. 240, X. 68, Cps. 313.
c. fermaic
ext. fr. Dysert to Glencolumbkill and Tullycoman, and fr. Cloonselherny to Leimeneach; ¶  "in Thomond, Coill ó bFlannchadha in it; ¶ " tribe name of the O Deas, co-ext. with b. Inchiquin, Clare, Ar. 190, 242, Fm. vi. 2042, 2101, Obr.; ¶  W. of r. Forgas, Ai. 72 a; ¶  desc. fr. Aongus Ceanuathrach, son of Caisin, K. 184 b.
c. fétho fio
at or nr Drumlease, c. Leit., A. 17 a b.
c. fiachach
al. C. F. meicc Néill, F. 168, Fg. 214, Fm. iv. 1164; ¶  "Kenaliagh"; ¶  they held part of S. Westm. and a large part of King's c. adjoining Mageoghegan's country, Au. i. 198, ii. 396, iii. 24, Of. 401, Mis. i. 196, Ch. 156, Con. 35 a; ¶  b. of Moycashel, c. Westm.; ¶  but anciently ext. fr. Birr to Uisnech hill in Westm., Tp., Mm. 593, Fm. iii. 148, 604, iv. 656; ¶  i Duthaigh Mheg Eochagáin, Md. xl.; ¶  C. Fiachach mic néill were the Mageoghegans and O Molloys, their l. was from Birr to Killare; ¶  later the name applies to former alone; ¶  it was not part of Teffia, Au. i. 198, Fm. iii. 148, note; ¶  nr and E. of Kilbeggan, C. 422; ¶  in it were—Muinter Mailchen, Durmag, Áth in Urchair, Tempall Daidhi and Cell Cruimriathar, i. Cell Cruimther Fraoich porraisdi in it, Fir. 161, Md. xl., xliii., xliv.; ¶  tancatar foghlaid a hUaibh Failge do mharbad daeine Chineoil Fiachach, Lis. 36 b; ¶  Mac Eochagain, chief of, Au. iii. 8, Lc. ii. 46.
c. fhiachach
i.e. Fir Lemna in the N., Lec. 142; ¶  i.e., in Leth Cuinn, in b. Moycashel(?).
c. fiachrach
Lis. 35 b, 36 b.
c. fiachrach muirsge
al. Ui Fiachrach, Tír Fiachrach, in b. Tireragh, Sli., Fm. i. 224.
c. fiangaile
its branches were Clann Brain, fr. whom are Muintir Foghartaigh and Clann Bece, of whom are the Clann Eachach in Ele, Fer. 199.
c. fingein
i.e., the Eoganacht Caisil, Bb. 99 a; ¶  Suilleabhan, chief C. Fingín, Lis. 148 b; ¶  C. Finghín in Mun.; ¶  Rianumhal seems in it, St. B. 412, 402.
c. fhinghine
.i. Eoganacht Ghleannamhnach, Hz. 56.
c. flaitheamhain
in Lein., Tp.; ¶  in b. of Gorey, Wexf.(?).
c. foghartaigh
Mac Artain, sub-K. of C.F., Au. ii. 552, Con. 79 b; ¶  Mac Cartain taoisech of, Md. xxxii.; ¶  C. Faghartaigh in Ultaib, Ti. 60; ¶  the Mac Artans of b. Kinelarty, c. Down, Ci., Mi., Tp., Ui.
c. fogartaigh
al. C. Fagartaigh; ¶  nr Castlereagh, c. Rosc., thence called Caislen Riabhach Clainne Faghartaigh, Fen. 178. c. forggo; ¶  al. Ui Forgo in Ormond, Fm. ii. 1070; ¶  tigerna Ua Forcco, ii. 1038; ¶  hEle 7 Ui Forrga, ii. 878; ¶  Muscraige Tíre 7 Ui Forggo, ii. 724; ¶  seated at and around Ardcrony (O'Hogan's place), nr Nenagh, Fm. i. 450.
c. fothairbi
of the Cenel Eachach Find, Lec. 215.
c. fuirlsen
Fir. 782; ¶  but?
c. ngabráin
one o fthe 4 prímchenéla of Dal Riata in Albain, Ll. 336, Lec. 240, Fir. 402; ¶  in Cend Tíre, Cps. 34; ¶  held Cend-tíre, and Crích Comgaill with the Islands, Lec. 240; ¶  Bb. 84 b, Cps. 314, K. 151 a, X. 69; ¶  cf. Tig. an. 719, Of. 470, Cps. 312; ¶  naval battle of Ardae nespi betw. C. G. and C. Loairn, Au. i. 170; ¶  nr SW. coast of Scotl.; ¶  held Argyle and Kintyre; ¶  Dun Add, or Dún Att, in the centre of their l., was the capital of Dal Riada, Cps. cxiii.
c. ngeigill
one of the 6 Sogan of Hi Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 72. c. ngeno; ¶  race of Ginfhiach, son of Conall Costodach of Dál Fiatach, Ll. 330.
c. nglaisne
al. the Glasraighe in Luigni of Meath; ¶  held the l. of Hui Becon, the Hui Fiachrach and the "Luighni"; ¶  they were exterminated at the battle of "Cloithrean" by Nathi, son of Fiachra, and ever since Síl Nathi hold Tír mBecon and Tír Fiachrach in Meath, Bb. 88 a, Lec. 252.
c. nglaisne
in Uls., Ll. 331; ¶  same as previous place (?).
c. nglas
race of Glasne, of the Cland Chonchobair, X. 151; ¶  recte C. Glaisne (?).
c. guaire
desc. fr. Guaire Aidhne, branch of Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, of which O Maghna first, and then Mac Giolla Ceallaigh, were chiefs, Fy. 2, 64, 54.
c. iafedh
in Eoraip and in Tuaiscert Aissia, Cuig Cenela deugh dibh intibh, Lec. 54.
c. ianna
branch of C. Guaire in Ui Fiachrach Aidhne; ¶  O Catháin, its chief, had as followers O Mochan, O hOirechtaig, O Marcachain, Fy. 62.
c. n-illaind
race of Illann, son of Eogan, son of Niall Naoi-Giallach, Lec. 129, Bb. 43 b.
c. imchomais
in Ailbe, Lec. 451.
c. laeghaire
fight betw. them and C. Arddgail, Au. i. 282; ¶  in Meath and Bregia, Au. i. 161; ¶  held l. round Trim, Ch. 169, Mi., Ui.; ¶  Cinaed mac Caindelbain, lord of, Fm. ii. 626.
c. laegairi mic neill
W. of L. Erne, Lec. 271; ¶  leg. L. Aindindi (?).
c. laegairi
Ua Donnchada, K. of, in Desmond, Fm. ii. 1050, Lc. i. 134; ¶  cf. Ui Laegaire; ¶  the O Donoghoes desc. fr. Laegaire, 4th in descent fr. Corc, K. of Mun.
c. laegaire
the Clann Cucrichi, i.e., the Hui hAedáin of C. L. at L. nAindindi (this C. Laegaire at L. Ennel in Westm. is far away fr. C. L. Breg and C. L. round Trim), Lec. 146, Fir. 189, Bb. 52 b, Hx. 216, col. 2; ¶  C. Loegaire, in Meath, Au. i. 416, 400; ¶  in finibus Loiguiri Midi, A. 16 b b; ¶  nr L. Ennel, I think. c. laegairí breg; ¶  Fm. ii. 670, Au. i. 472; ¶  in and round Trim, in Áth Truim in finibus Loiguiri Breg, A. 16 b b, Tl. i. 68.
c. laindeamain
i.e., Clann Ruairc, Clann Aileabra, Clann Loinseachain 7 Clann Feagnis, I. 67 a 2.
c. laindinín
in Monach, I. 67 a 2. c. lathron; ¶  in Mag Sereth, A. 15 a a.
c. loairn
in Lorne, Dal Riada, Scotl., Of. 470; ¶  in Dalriata, Bb. 84 b, Lec. 240, X. 69; ¶  its chief branches were C. Fergusa, C. Cathbath and C. n-Echach meic Muredaig, Cps. 313; ¶  genus Loerni, genus Loerni, Ad. 178; ¶  their l. in Argyll lay N. of L. Awe, and ext. to L. Leven on the N. and the Crinan Canal in SW.
c. loairn
in Íle in Scotl.; ¶  race of Eochuidh Muinreamhar, K. 151 a.
c. loairn máir
one of the 4 prímchenéla of the Dál Riata in Scotl., Ll. 336, Bb. 84 b, Lec. 240, Fir. 402, X. 68.
c. luachain
in Oughteragh p. at Slieve an ierin, in c. Leit., Fm. iii. 191, note; ¶  in N. of b. Carrigallen, Fm. iii. 424, 428, iv. 718; ¶  al. C. Duachain, Au. iii. 198; ¶  race of Luachan, son of Onchu, and 4th fr. Cumscrach branch of Conmaicni Réin, Fen. 389, q.v.; ¶  in Breifne O'Ruairc, Con. 43 a; ¶  Mac Dorchaidh, chief of, Hx. 853, Au. ii. 304, Obr. at word "Darchuighe"; ¶  seem neighbours of Mag Samhrughain, Con. 21 b, Au. ii. 350; ¶  Uachtar Achaidh, or p. Oughteragh, is in it, Fg. 132, Md. 188, Tp.; ¶  seems nr Drumlane, c. Cav., Au. ii. 504; ¶  in p. Oughteragh, al. Ballinamore, in b. Carrigallen, c. Leit., Fm. iv. 719, Au. iii. 194, Ci., Ac. 310.
c. luchta
one of the 6 Sogain of Hui Maine (in O Mainnin's l. round Castleblakeney), Lec. 187, Im. 72.
c. lugair
Bb. 123 b, Lec. 112; ¶  seems in b. Gorey, Wexf., but v. Cellín Ua Lugair, Maccu Lugair; ¶  the 7 bps., 7 priests and 7 virgins of Andlatha of C. L., Lec. 112; ¶  at Sir T. Esmonde's place of Limk. and Tara Hill nr Gorey, to which Dubthach Maccu Lugair belonged (?).
c. lugdach
in Scotl. and Ireland, N. cvii., desc. fr. Sedna. c. lugdach; ¶  al. C. Luigdech, q.v.; ¶  Ua Domnaill rí C. L., Au. ii. 76, 64; ¶  in Ulst., Lis. 144 a, Lec. 188 b; ¶  race of Lughaidh, son of Seanna, who was grandson of Conall Gulban, the tribe name of the O Donnells; ¶  their tribal terr. ext. fr. Dobhar (Gweedore) to the r. Suilidhe, Lct. 131, Au. i. 525, Fen. 138; ¶  b. Kilmacrenan; ¶  v. Cenel Luigdech.
c. lugna
one of the 3 Conmaicnes, Fm. ii. 950; ¶  descendants of Lugna, son of Fraech, son of Cumscrach, a sub-section of the Conmaicne, q.v., Fen. 382; ¶  Ua Maeliacc, chief of C. L., Fm. ii. 1148.
c. luigdech
al. C. L. mic Setna; ¶  now b. of Kilmacrenan, c. Don., Adr. 192, xli., Ar. 40; ¶  fr. r. Dobar to r. Suilide, Ci., St. B. 617, Mi., St. B. 598, K. 171 b; ¶  O Donnell, chief of C. L., Fm. ii. 762, 966; ¶  O Canannán had been chief, Fm. vi. 1928; ¶  descendants of Lughaid, great grandson of Conall Gulban; ¶  seems original name of the O Donnell sept before Clann Dalaigh, as Dalach being 5th in descent fr. Lugaidh, Fen. 139.
c. luigheach
I. 107 a 1; ¶  in Uib Néill in deiscirt, Hz. 217; ¶  v. C. Luigdech.
c. maccu edagur
in Lein.; ¶  St. Fintan of Cluain Eidnech was of that stock, Cs. 289.
c. macc n-eirc
A. 18 b, Tl. 144; ¶  S. of the Boyle r. nr the fall called Ess macc nEirc; ¶  C. mac n-Erca in Connacht, Of. 375, Ct. 134.
c. maein
Cs. 329; ¶  in b. Raphoe, c. Derry.
c. maein
in E. of Meath, Cri.
c. maelche
an Ulaid sept, Fm. ii. 612, Au. i. 428, Ch. 195; ¶  a sept of the Ulidians of Dal-Araidians or Dal Fiatach, nr Moira, c. Down, or in Ant.; ¶  al. Monach, Ra. 355, Fm. ii. 584; ¶  Cerran mac Colmain, chief of C. Mailche in Ulst., Lg. 206; ¶  C. Muilche in Ulst., Lec. 138 b, 198, Fm. an. 923; ¶  in Monach, I. 67 a 2.
c. maeldoraidh
Fen. 138; ¶  a branch of the C. Conaill, desc. fr. Maeldoraid, great-great-grandson of Flaithbertach, monarch 727–734; ¶  they were alternate with the O Canannans in the lordship of Tirconnell, until displaced by the O Donnells.
c. maeni
Au. i. 82; ¶  v. C. Máini.
c. maile andich
Cs. 283.
c. maile uídre
race of Maelodar, Bb. 94 a; ¶  C. Maoilughra, al. Clann M., Fm. iv. 690; ¶  v. Clann M.
c. main
desc. fr. Enna toraide mac Main, I. 107 a, col. 6.
c. maine
in Cenel Fiachach, Lec. 143, X. 173; ¶  al. ancient Teffia, Cg. 36; ¶  C. Máini maice Néill; ¶  St. Fintan's mother, Fedelm, of that stock, Cs. 393; ¶  in the E. of Meath, Ch. 191; ¶  recte in Tethba, in W. of Westm. and adjacent parts of c. Longf. and King's c., Au. i. 82; ¶  Eremon mac Ceindeidig, K. of C. M., slain at the battle of Áth Cliath, Lec. 139, Z. 359; ¶  Au. ii. 46 has C. Máine where Fm. an. 1090 has C. Moen; ¶  Ui says they held bb. Kilkenny West and Clonlonan in Westm., Kilcoursey, King's c., and b. Shrule, c. Longf.
c. maoilughra
al. Clann M., now Glenmalire, along the Barrow, in King's c. and Queen's c., Fm. iv. 690.
c. meca
Kenalmeca, Os. II. ii. 4; ¶  b. Kinalmeaky, c. Cork; ¶  v. C. mBece.
c. mechair
Fm. ii. 768, Ch. 250, Cg. 148, Ai. 22 b; ¶  seems a tribe in the following of the K. of Meath, though Cg. clxvi. says they were the Ui Cairin of Ikerrin in Tipp.; ¶  the O Meachairs of Ikerrin.
c. megan
in it is Monasternenagh or de Magio in c. Limk., Sw. an. 1200, for C. mBegáin (?).
c. mengáin
al. C. mBengáin in Ultaib, Ha. 766, 734.
c. mic coinde
desc. fr. Coinde, wife of Lughaidh mac Oililla Flaind Big, I. 96 a 1, Lec. 388, Ha. 736.
c. mic erca
al. Tír Ceara, of Crích mic Earca, in Húib Fiachrach, Bb. 63 a.
c. mic erca
cath etir C. m. E. 7 C. Feradhaig, Fm. i. 248, Au. i. 98, 276; ¶  Ui. puts it nr b. Clogher, c. Tirone, so do I, as the C. m. E. and C. F. must have been neighbours, as they were at war.
c. mic lenin
C. m. L. and C. mic Duimnich in Fir Cherda in Araibh Cliach, Fir. 781.
c. moen
the O Gormlys and their kinsmen, in b. Raphoe, c. Don., formerly in Tyr., Fm. iii. 36; ¶  al. C. Moain, C. Moghain; ¶  O Donnell, lord of it, Fm. v. 1594, iv. 858, iii. 296, 567; ¶  O Donel, lord of C. Conaill, Insi hEoghain C. Moain and Iachtar Connacht, Ar. 262; ¶  Árd Sratha i cC.M. in Ultoib, Md. 226; ¶  nr Derry, Adr. 409, Au. ii. 196; ¶  cartacha nuaidhe maille re daingniughudh na sencartach do thabairt la hUa Néill d'Ua Domnaill ar Ceniul Moain 7 ar Innis Eogain 7 ar Feraibh Manach, Au. iii. 514; ¶  buannacht of C. M. claimed by O Domhnaill, Au. iii. 472; ¶  anciently in b. Raphoe, but driven off by the O Donnells they settled on E. of the Foyle fr. nr Derry to Strabane, circ. an. 1178, Tp., Mis. i. 231, Ac. 234, Ci. Fm. ii. 938; ¶  Kilalmoyan, SW. part of b. Strathbane, Cv. 128; ¶  Ua Gailmredaigh, chief of, Au. ii. 286, 330, Ai. 65 a; ¶  neighbours of C. Conaill; ¶  C. Conaill 7 C. M., Fm. ii. 1030; ¶  desc. fr. Moan, son of Earca of Alba, by Muireadhach, son of Eoghan, Fen. 334, Bb. 43 b.
c. moghuini
Tuarasdal rígh Oiligh to Rí Ceineil, I. 137 a; ¶  leg. C. Moen.
c. mongain
in Cenell Conaill, Bb. 180 a; ¶  C. Moain (?).
c. múain
in Tír Eogain, Con. 9 b; ¶  Ua Goirmlégha taoiseach of C. M., Hb. 113; ¶  al. C. Moen.
c. múan íchtarach
al. Clann Fianbeartaigh, Bb. 44 b, Lec. 130, Hx. 185.
c. muan uachtarach
al. Clann Tennalaigh, Bb. 44 b, Lec. 130, Hx. 185.
c. mugdarn
Cenél Mugdarnorum, Cs. 915.
c. muilche
v. C. Maelche.
c. muinremar
in the glens in the N. of c. Leit.; ¶  St. Patrick fd. but one ch. in their territory, Domnach Sratha; ¶  Lecc Patraic, Coll Patraic and Srath Patraic were nr it, Tl. liv. 144; ¶  Glencar, Glenade and Glenariff are in it; ¶  prob. nr L. Muinremair, L. Ramor.
c. muiredaig
race of Muiredach, son of Eoghan mac Neill, Bb. 43 b.
c. nechtain
in Ui Fiachrach or Ui Fiachach, Lec. 452.
c. nemongein
in Muscraige Trí Maige, X. 112.
c. nochra
in Hi Bairrchi thíri, Lec. 197.
c. noenand
in Muscraige Tri Maige, X. 112; ¶  cf. C. Nemongein. c. oengusa; ¶  in Cenel Eogain; ¶  v. C. Aengusa.
c. oiliolla
al. C. nAilello; ¶  race of Oilioll, son of Eoghan mac Neill, Bb. 43 b; ¶  in b. Tirerrill, Sli.
c. oingosso
A. 18 b b; ¶  v. C. Aengusa.
c. oisine
C. O. and others are Cland Diarmada mic Lairein, branch of Cenél nBindigh, Bb. 44 b.
c. n-othi
A. 9 a a; ¶  in Mag Arthicc.
c. rechta
one of the 6 Sogan of Ui Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 70; ¶  v. Sogan.
c. ruadh
Fionntan of, Ai. 150 b.
c. runtir
A. 10 a a; ¶  in Uls., Colgan; ¶  Dál Ruintir E. of Louth, Tl. 226; ¶  al. Mocu Runtir, Ad.
c. sái
Tl. p. 104, 318; ¶  the Cenél Sái of Cianacht fr. Domnach Sairigi at Domliacc-Cianáin; ¶  al. Curcu Sái, nr Duleek; ¶  al. Sairige, A. 12 b a.
c. salaigh
in Loarn in Scotl., X. 68, Fir. 402, Of. 470.
c. saráin
of Muscraigi Tretherne, Bb. 82 a, X. 109.
c. sciathraidi
in Cruithentuaith, of the Cland Concobair, Lec. 252.
c. sédna
C. Sétna, in Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, Fy. 54; ¶  in b. Corcomroe, c. Clare, Tp.; ¶  C. Sédna, in Brefny, Tp., but?
c. seim
Seacht Cenéla fichit Seim in Aissia, Lec. 54.
c. setna
in Íle (in Islay), Bb. 118 b.
c. sinill
i Seanach Rátha of the Dál Fiatach, Fir. 498.
c. sirlaim
Of. 362; ¶  race of Sirlam mac Fiachrach mic Eirc, X. 57.
c. sochenélach
Cenéla Socenélacha i Leith Moga .i. Dal n-Ógain, Dal Fiachach, Dal. Fiatach, Dal Ceide, Dal mBardine, Dal Cais, Ha. 790.
c. tigearnaigh
race of Tigearnach, son of Eoghan, son of Niall (in Tir Eogain or Inis Eoghain ?), Bb. 43 b, Tp., X. 3.
c. torbaigh
.i. Ui Cellaigh Breg, Fm. i. 420; ¶  Conn na mBocht was of this clann; ¶  in Bregia, Lan. iii. 252.
c. treisi
the 8 sons of Treisi, dau. of Nadfraoch, i.e., the Cenel Treisi, al. Clann Amalgaidh; ¶  about the mouth of the r. Muaid, Bb. 128 a, Lec. 124.
c. tréna
one of the 6 Sogan in Hi Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 70.
c. ucha
Clann Manchine, betw. C. Ucha and Liphe, Ll. 316, Lec. 204; ¶  Síol Cairbre, betw. C. n-Ucha and the Liffey, Fir. 476; ¶  la Huibh Bairrchi thiri foghnam thaighi Hua mBriuin sin dareisi, I. 57 b 2, Bb. 73 b; ¶  comprised the Hui Fithcellaigh, Hui Maili Derir, Hui Bóetain, Hui Broscai and Hui Folaing, X. 72, Fir. 434; ¶  Ros Mic Erc in Cruain (al. Cruachan), C. Ucha, I. 108 b 2, Bb. 123 a; ¶  in Lein; ¶  race of Aucha, son of Augen Urgnaid, Ll. 311 b, Lec. 189, Fir. 434; ¶  Cath Rige in 776, in which the Leinstermen were defeated by the Brega, and the Lein. lord of C. Uchae was slain, Fm. i. 382.
g. Cenetige; ¶  St. Brecan of, Bb. 124 a, Lec. 115. cengobu; ¶  Cengoba; ¶  toet ingen dib co raib isin cnuc-haise thair; ¶  dodeochaid Cruimtheris . . . corogaib ic Cengobu, nr and E. of Arm., Tl. 232, 366; ¶  in monte vulgo Kenngobha vocato Ardmache versus orientem vicino, Ct. 163; ¶  the rocky hill now called Kinnegoe is exactly 4 m. N. of Arm., and is most likely to be Cengoba; ¶  a fort is still to be seen 6 furlongs NE. of the rocky summit of the hill; ¶  St. Patrick took the apple-tree out of the fort in the N. of the place to plant in Aball Pátraic.
voc. a Chinn, O Kincora (!), Mac Liag's poem, Hm. ii. 198; ¶  Cend kat eEoXnu.
c. aba
Aba (Aeba), St. Abb's Head, Sk. ii. 200.
c. abrat
ds.; ¶  Ciunn Abrat, Ll. 288 b; ¶  v. Cenn Febrat; ¶  is hi rand Chormaic Chais i gCliu Mail, ó Mullach Clairi co bearnai tri Carbad agas ó Charn Fearadhaigh agas otha Ceann Abrad bo thuaidh co Focharmháighi, agus le táibh Máighi anair co Luimneach, Lec. fol. 204; ¶  Fintán went over Sliabh Cua, and thence over C. A., Fer. 9; ¶  in Dál Cais, Bb. 98 b; ¶  in N. of Dal Cais, Lec. 409; ¶  in Mag Locha, Lec. 367; ¶  al. C. Abhrad Sléibhe Caoin, fortified by Brian mac Cinnéide, K. 171 a, St. B. 377; ¶  prob. nr Kilfinan in SE. of c. Limk., Cg. 140; ¶  C. A. slébi cháin, Lis. 206 a, Hz. 142, K. 122 b; ¶  S. of Aine Cliach, Ll. 264 a; ¶  hill S. of Ardpatrick, c. Limk., betw. Aenach Cúile mná Nechtain and Árdpatric, Sas. 708; ¶  seems N. of Ard Patrick in b. Coshlea, c. Limk.; ¶  3 glens there, and 3 hills and a lake, L. Bó; ¶  v. Sas. 890; ¶  battle of C. A., Tig., Rc. xvii. 10, Mm. 187, Lec. 361, Bb. 7 a, 13 b, Ca. 314; ¶  the 3 Brúchnig of C. A., Ll. 101; ¶  by some said to be Sliab Riach, by others the Ballyhoura hills on borders of Cork and Limk.; ¶  v. Cenn Febrat.
c. aichle
battle of, Sa. 61 a 2; ¶  Achill Head (?).
c. aife
Ll. 198; ¶  seems in Limk. of Tipp.; ¶  Cenn Febrat, C. Cuirrigh, C. Claire, c. Aife, Bb. 201 b, Sa. 33 a 2.
c. ail
Irish name of Pictish Peanfahel; ¶  Welsh, Penguaul; ¶  English, Peneltun; ¶  about 2 m. W. of Abercorn, Max. 66.
c. ailbhe
prob. a hill in Magh Ailbhe, in S. of c. Kild., O'D., or in Mag nAilbe in Meath; ¶  Lein. defeated by Cairbre macNéill, Tig., Rc. xvii. 123, Au. i. 34, Ch. 35, Fm. an. 494, Hb. 57; ¶  cenn Ailbe, the head of the hound Ailbe cut off in Mag Ailbe, c. Kild. c. ailbhig; ¶  Helvick Head, SE. of Dungarvan.
c. aille
in Cinel-Aedha na hEchtghe, B. lix. index; ¶  now Kinawlia 5 m. fr. Durlas, the loftiest cliff of Burren Mountains, in p. Oughtmama.
c. airt
in Corcu Roide or b. Corkaree in Westm.; ¶  now Kinnard, Ah.
c. airtt
c. Áird, c. Airtt, Kinnard, nr Caledon, c. Tirone, Au. iii. 578, 528, 446, 448; ¶  O Neill's castle there, Au. iii. 272, Ci.
c. aithemna
at Fid Cuillind, Bb. 70 b.
c. áitt ferchon
seems in Crích Ross in Ulst., Ll. 80. cennalethe citra; ¶  dry. in d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  al. Bambech citra, Tax.; ¶  v. Cenél Aeda.
cennalethe ultra
dry. in d. Cork, Tax.; ¶  v. Cenél Aeda.
c. an aillt
Kinauld in p. Dornoch, Sutherland, Inv. xx. 328. c. an mhara; ¶  a bold headland, on W. of Tiree, Scotl., Max. 41. c. árd; ¶  Kinard, al. Caledon, in b. Dungannon, c. Tyr., Fm. iv. 1254; ¶  Caislén Cinn Áird, Lc. ii. 276.
c. atrach
a seat of K. of Cashel, I. 136 a 2.
c. bainbh
al. C. Tuirc, Kanturk, c. Cork. Ra. 116.
c. bairche
Breccán of, Ll. 366, Bb. 124 a, Lec. 115, Ai. 150 a. c. belachoir; ¶  Pc. 8; ¶  in the region of the Scots of Alba.
c. bera
the d. of Ráith-deisceart ext. fr. Baoi Béarra to C. Beara, and fr. Féil to Dairbhre, K. 174 a; ¶  Mac Roig, of the Altraighe Cúile, or Cinn B., Fir. 729.
c. beara
in Ultaib, Hk. 404.
c. bóirne
Black Head in b. Burren nr Lisdoonvarna, c. Clare, Wc. 245, 61, Os. v. 286, Ll. 152 a; ¶  al. Rind Bóirne, Rd. 78; ¶  there is a Canburrin in c. Kerry; ¶  Irgus, the Firbolg, got C. B. in Connacht, Bb. 16 b.
c. buga
battle of C. B. in Connacht, won by Ui Briúin, Bb. 37 a, Ll. 41, Fir. 245, 298; ¶  is Cenbuigh in Au. i. 92; ¶  Canbo, al. Cambo, in p. Killummod nr Rosc., Fy. 312.
c. buigi
battle of, Au. i. 92; ¶  al. C. Gabha; ¶  al. C. Bughgha, Fm. an. 617; ¶  Cambo, c. Rosc., Od.
c. bughbha
Fm. i. 240; ¶  v. C. Buga, C. Guba.
c. buge
in Ui Macguais, Cs. 362; ¶  St. Cainnech bred there.
c. caille
Ua Broighthe rí Cinn C., Au. ii. 146; ¶  in Ossory or Ui Ceinnselaig, b. of Galmoy, c. Kilk., Ui.; ¶  3 sons of Indnaiscai macu Luigde at C. C. were monks of moChaemog Léth, X. 160, Fir. 781; ¶  there are Kinkillew tls. in cc. Leit., Longf. and Sli.
c. caille (?)
Kenkelli in Manor of Fore, Meath, Gormanston Register, 7 b.
c. ceidi tíre tuathail
in Moylurg or nr it, Au. ii. 386; ¶  C. Ceti Tíre T., Con. 25 a; ¶  nr Boyle (?); ¶  v. Tir Tuathail.
c. cláir
at Killclare, al. Clare, Athmoynie, Westm., Fm. iii. 182; ¶  v. Ath Maigne, Kinclare, in Westmeath; ¶  also Kinclare tls. in cc. Galw. and Rosc.; ¶  W. of Lismoyny was a tl. in p. Ardnurcher, b. Moycashel, c. Westm. Fm. iii. 182; ¶  Cronan Ua hEiline, in Disiort, son of Mugna in C. C. at Fidhoin, Bb. 121 a; ¶  v. C. Cláire; ¶  Hui Dannbarr ext. fr. C. C. to Scuintine and fr. Dubathaib to Raith Nairbri, Lec. 215.
c. cláire
Ll. 198; ¶  hill E. of Knocklong, c. Limk., Kj. iv. 378; ¶  Cend Febrat, C. Cuirrigh, C. Claire, C. Aife, Bb. 201 b, Sa. 33 a 2; ¶  Cronan, in C. Clari, in Fidh Eóin, Lb. 17; ¶  Mac Mughna of C. C. in Fiodh Eóin, Lb. 17; ¶  Mac Mughna of C. C. in Fiodh Eóin, Fir. 750; ¶  cf. c. Cláir i Fid Eoin; ¶  dorala Cormac mac Cuilindáin rí Muman co C. Clairi, Lis. fo. 141 b.
c. cláire
in Connacht, Sil. 308; ¶  perh. in Thomond of Connacht (?).
c. cnáma
Fy. 188.
c. choiche
Iubhar Chinn Choiche, old name of Iubhar C. Tragha, or Newry, Fm. iii. 290.
c. choille
Kinchoil, nr. Ayr; ¶  .i. Pen Coed in Welsh, Max. 45; ¶  there is Kincuillew tl. in c. Sli., and Kincullia in p. Loughrea, Galw.
c. chomair
they marched to Brúg mic in Og, in Crích Chrindo and in C. C., Lec. 421.
c. con
Cath Cinn Chon, Au. i. 106; ¶  cf. Cathair Cinn Ch. and Áth Cinn Conn; ¶  but perh. vil. of Kincon in p. Kilfian, b. Tyrawley, Mayo, Pgi. ii. 552; ¶  or Kincon in p. Knock, Mayo; ¶  or Kincon in p. Kilmore, Arm.
c. conlocha
in C. Con Locha (?); ¶  do ghluaiseadar ... tar an nGaillimh ... do Chonmhaicne Mhara ... do Chruaich Aighle ris a ráidhtear Cruach Phattraicc aniu, do Ghleann Mhic an Treoin 7 do Thulaigh na Faircsionna, do C. C. 7 tar Sál srotha ris a ráidhtear an Mhuaidh, St. B. 379; ¶  nr the Moy, Kilcon tl. in Tyrawly.
c. connlosgadh
battle of, in 642, Hb. 65.
c. corad
C. Coradh, Fm. ii. 762, Tig., Rc. xviii. 37, Hm. ii. 208; ¶  at Cell da Lua, Of. 437, Au. i. 424, 524, ii. 8, Fm. ii. 968, Cg. 142, K. 170 b, Fir. 765, Gc. 160, Fen. 220, St. B. 439; ¶  now Kincora, a hill at Killaloe, over the bridge nr the Catholic ch., Ce. 46; ¶  in the Icelandic Sagas called Kuniátta-borg, .i. Connachta-borg.
c. coradh
Kincora, tl. in p. Wheery, al. Killegally, b. Garrycastle, King's c., Fm. v. 1340; ¶  nr r. Brassinogh, Of. 437; ¶  leg. Borsna.
c. coradh
in N. of Hy-Many; ¶  comprising 5 ballies in O'Beirne's country, on N. side of Coradh na dtuath, Fm. iv. 1154.
c. corbadan
Tig., Rc. xvii. 196; ¶  seems in Meath or Louth; ¶  K. of Ciannachta and K. of Ardciannachta slain there, Fm. i. 270, Ch. 96, Hb. 67.
c. corcaighe
Fm. v. 1560, 1566; ¶  seems in or nr Ely O Carroll; ¶  v. Mag Cinn C.; ¶  prob. Cangort nr Shinrone, which of old was in Ely.
c. corrann
Brian marched to Magh Adhair an Chorrainn, and took the K. of Cenel Conaill a prisoner to C. Corann, Ai. 22 b; ¶  leg. C. Corad.
c. corbuilg
the meadow of, Fen. 284.
c. craibhighe i conachail
in Connacht; ¶  Uaim Cormaic was in it, Bb. 142 b.
c. crete
Cg. 26; ¶  in c. Waterf. (?).
c. criadáin
S. Decies ext. fr. the Suir S. to the sea, and fr. Lismore to C. C., K. 147 a; ¶  now Credan Head, b. Gaultier, c. Waterf., Fm. iii. 147.
c. crichain
in Eichtge, Ll. 199.
c. crochain
at Echtga, or Sliabh Echtga (S. of L. Riach, Lbl.), Ll. 170, Lbl. 916.
c. cruadhrachna
in Uib Baiscne, Cf. p. 69.
c. cuirrig
Ll. 198; ¶  nr the r. Suir, Rc. xiv. 242, 245; ¶  Kincurry tl. on S. side of Suir, in c. Waterf., 1/4 m. fr. Killaloan old ch., in b. of Iffa and Offa East, Lec. fo. 237, Ods. 593, Cg. 24, 32; ¶  al. Ráith C., Bb. 201 b; ¶  Muscraige Treitherne ext. S. fr. Leath Breogaind to C. C., Lec. 233, X. 109, which has fr. Léith Breguin S. to C. Cuirrich.
c. curraig
Dobert Fínn a ceand leis co Comarnaigh gusin Sliabh co faca Feimhin aniar 7 focht i Laiginn in C. Churraigh, rucadh uadh a cheand gus in Sleibh ós Bodhamair, Sa. 32 a 1, 32 b 1, Lbl. 951; ¶  same as C. Cuirrigh (?).
c. cumad
Carraic of L. Cé seized by Mac Diarmada, its defenders conducted to C. C., Con. 45 b.
c. daire
maidm Cinn daire for Uib Echach Ulad, Au. ii. 98; ¶  battle of, Fir. 760, Fm. 1, 112; ¶  Ui Echach were beaten by Ua Ruadacháin, Fm. ii. 1006; ¶  in Iveagh, C. Down, or nr it; ¶  O Ruadacháin was chief of Iveagh, Mi., Ui.
c. delcae
battle of, Lbl. 911, Bb. 33 a, 49 a; ¶  al. C. Delgen, q.v.
c. delgen
battle of, Ll. 25 a, Lec. 619, I. 25 a 2; ¶  Hb. 74; ¶  Mi., Ai. 16 b; ¶  v. C. Delca, C. Delga, C. Delgten.
c. delgten
a battlefield an. 622, Hb. 64, Ch. 76, Of. 478, Fia. 52 (which has Cinndelgtin at p. 108); ¶  C. Deilgthen, Lec. 53; ¶  C. delgden, Au. i. 92, 174; ¶  seems in Meath, is the same as C. Delgen, C. Delga; ¶  .i. Kildalkey, c. Meath (?).
c. drochid
Cenndrochid in d. Dubl., Cr. 1179; ¶  Kildrought p. in c. Kild.
c. drochit
Kindrochit in Aberdeen and Perthsh., Kindrought in Banff, Max.; ¶  C. Drochit Albhan, al. Condrochedalvan, al. Kindrocht, al. Braemar p. E. of the Clunie Water,which enters the Dee, Rc. 258.
c. droma
al. Ceanna Droma, at Carn Tigernaich, in the terr. of Fear Muighe Feine; ¶  ch. of, fd. by Lugad, son of Dindtan, of Dal mo Dula, Cbb. Ch. 10.
c. droma
belonging to Mac Cille Cellaigh in b. Clare, c. Galw., Wc. 371, Z. 189 a.
c. droma
Kendromma in d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. droma
Candroma tl. in p. Clondrohid, Cork.
c. dúin
in Asal, Ll. 19, Lg. 107; ¶  in Assal, battle by Sirna against the Erna, Lec. 64, 581, Z. 470 col. 2, Fm. i. 58.
c. ebrat
battle of, Ll. 289 a; ¶  al. C. Ebra in Mun., Lec. 228; ¶  v. C. febrat.
c. ecain
in Trian Tearmuinn Brighi Gobhunn in Hi Cain, in Hi Ingarduil, a Tuath of Caoille in Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  nr Mitchelstown.
c. ech
ingena Conaill i Cennaib Ech a Mide, Ll. 353, I. 108 b, Lb. 21 d 8.
c. ecla
al. C. Eacla, Achil Head, in Achil Island, Fy. 483; ¶  v. C. Aichle; ¶  Sruth Chinn Eacla, Fm. iii. 278, note.
c. eich
Cenn Eich in d. Glendal., Cr. 1179; ¶  seems nr Mugna; ¶  Kinneigh in c. Kild., Ch. 41, 43; ¶  adjoining c. Wick., Fm. i. 174; ¶  Finan Cam of, a st. of Dal Mesincorb (v. Cenn Eitig), Bb. 122 a; ¶  Maeldub of, Ll. 368, Lec. 118.
c. eich
battle by the Clann Eogain, Ll. 182 b, Bb. 48 a; ¶  battle by Muirceartach Mac Earca against Ardgal, K. of Meath and Breg, Lec. 138, Lg. 182, K. 158 b; ¶  the Laigin beaten there by Muirchertach mac Ercae, Au. i. 42, Hb. 59; ¶  Dondchad, K. of Erin, slain there by the men of Bregia, Lec. 619; ¶  on borders of Meath and Louth (?).
c. eich
i Cennaib Ech i Mide, Ll. 353, I. 108 b, Lb. 21 d.
c. eich
in Mun.; ¶  Mac Cairthigh went through Musgraidhe S. to Cinneich, Ai. 36 b, 50 b; ¶  Kinneigh tl. and p. in c. Cork.
c. eich
E. 93; ¶  seems in or nr O Mulloy's terr.
c. einnis
ch. in Mun., C. 418; ¶  St. Camgan; ¶  v. Cenn Indis.
c. eitig
Finán Cam of G. Ettig on the borders of Éle and Fir Cell, Ll. 353 a, Bb. 123 a, Lec. 111, Lism. 147 a, Fir. 720; ¶  ó C. Eitigh ocus ó Sliabh Bladma, Fg. 72; ¶  nó Cell Eti, F. 73; ¶  C. Eitich, Md. 96; ¶  v. F. 73, 74, Fia. 210, Ch. 145, Bd. 15, Fm. i. 482, Au. i. 422, Cg. 18; ¶  juxta montem Sinoir, Cs. 313; ¶  Kinnity tl. and p. in b. Ballybrit, King's c., 10 m. E. of Birr, Au. i. 422, Ac. 139, Fm. iii. 182, Ci.; ¶  so called fr. Etech, fosterer of Teafa, dau. of Eochu Aireaman, Bb. 155 a 1, I. 95 b 1.
c. eitig
Cuirrech Cinn-eitigh is in Machaire Connacht, Au. iii. 32; ¶  Caissel na hOilidhe for bru Curraidh Cind E., Lc. ii. 424; ¶  seems in c. Rosc. in p. Kilronan.
c. esgrach
C. E. of the Orchards; ¶  Muine Lucair is in it, Bb. 159 b.
c. fáil
Cen ail; ¶  now Kinneel; ¶  Pictish, Peanfahel (Baeda); ¶  British, Penguaul (Nennius).
c. febrat
Caille Chinn Fhebrat, Ll. 350, Au. i. 220; ¶  v. C. Abrat; ¶  fr. Kilmallock Essex went S. to C. Feabhrat Slébhe Caoín mic Deirccdualaig to go into Roche's country and to Fermoy, Fm. vi. 2118; ¶  part of Sliab Riach, Slieve Reagh, in S. of c. Limk., O'D., ibi. and an. 186; ¶  on borders of Cork and c. Limk., nr. Kilfinan, Mm. 395, 416; ¶  either Sliabh Riach or Suidh Finn, in c. Limk., on road fr. Kilmallock to Cork, Ods. 593; ¶  betw. Ardpatrick and L. Longa in Fir Maige Feine, and the pass of Belach Legtha went through it, Tl. 208, Ct., lib. 3, cap. 48; ¶  E. of the Shannon, Lg. 2; ¶  that part of Slieve Reagh left of the road fr. Kilmallock to Cork, Fm. v. 1720, Au. i. 220, Fm. i. 106; ¶  some say it was the Seefin Mts. betw. Cork and Limk.; ¶  battle of C. F., Ll. 27, Bb. 375 b, Of. 326, War. 367, Fir. 673; ¶  origin of the name, Bb. 375 b. Cenn Febrat Sléibe Chaoin, Mi., Lg.; ¶  v. C. Abrat. c. feprad; ¶  Fir. 673; ¶  v. C. Febrat, ns. Fepra, g. Feprat, Sa. 32 b.
c. feradhaig
in Ulst., plundered by O Donnell, Con. 70 a; ¶  Leg. Cenél F. (?).
c. ferna
fr. Im Scuaip they went to Cend Ferna, Lu. 56; ¶  NE. of Tim Scúaib, Ll. 56; ¶  "for Feoruinn fo thuaith for Fionnapair for C. fearno," on Meadhbh's rout fr. SE. of Cruachain to Ulst., Hf. 5 a.
c. finichair
i samud Caemgin, Ll. 191; ¶  at Glendaloch (?); ¶  C.F. forsin tsléib út, a quo mons nominatur, Ll. 200.
c. fuait
C. Fuaitt; ¶  1º. in the glen above Tech Moling, Lg. 209, Fm. ii. 590; ¶  2º. in airiur Laigen, Au. i. 434, Cg. 34, Fm. ii. 588; ¶  3º. a Norse fleet reached it; ¶  therefore 1st. nr St. Mullin's on the Barrow; ¶  2nd. in the district of Lein.; ¶  airer = coast, border, district, mistaken by Od. for airther, east quarter; ¶  the battle fought there is mentioned also in Bb. 36 a, Fir. 427, K. 168 a, Ch. 188; ¶  I venture to place C. Fuaitt isin glinn uas Tigh Moling (of Fm. ii. 590) in Glynn, 1 m. N. of St. Mullin's, and 1 m. E. of the Barrow, to which the tide comes up, there Sitruc co n-a choblach landed and defeated the Leinstermen at C. F. in Glynn, over St. Mullin's; ¶  and again the Danes of C. F. plundered Kild.; ¶  but (?) as C. F. of Tech Moling is over 50 m. fr. Kild. this raid may have been fr. C. Fuait, now Confoy, al. Confey, nr Maynooth and Leixlip, which is only half as far away as St. Mullin's; ¶  O'D. and McCarthy identify it with Confey in Kild., nr Leixlip; ¶  Hennessy objects that airer meant coast, and Confey is 9 m. fr. the sea; ¶  but Airer Gaedel (Argyle) does not mean the cost of the Gael.
c. gabra
in Bregia, Lec. 421; ¶  Cairpre annihilated the Fiann there; ¶  v. Gabra.
c. galarat
bishop of, Fep. and Tigernach; ¶  leg. Cend Garad (?). c. garad; ¶  féile Blaani Cindgarad in Gallgaedelaib, on III. Id. Aug., Ll. 361, Md. 214, Mt. 31, F. 130, Fg. 154, Fep. Bo. lxvii.; ¶  this points to Galloway in Scotl.; ¶  it is Kingarth in Butesh., Cps. 447, 441, Sk. ii. 133; ¶  v. Rc. xvii. 195, Ui., Mi., Cri., Md. 36, 52, 60, Fg. 46, Mt. 17, Hb. 66; ¶  C. Garath, Au. i. 138.
c. garaid
Sas. 3956; ¶  seems to be in Inis Cuind Cétcathaig.
c. giusaig
Kingussie, Max.
c. gobha
hill N. of Arm. city, Ct. 163; ¶  v. Cengoba; ¶  Kinnegoe, betw. Arm. and Blackwatertown.
c. gualainn
now Golamhead, and Goldenhead islet W. of Lettermullin, c. Galw., Wc. 64.
c. guba
al. C. Bughbha, Fm. i. 240; ¶  v. C. Buga; ¶  Cambó nr t. of Rosc., Ch. 77, Cri.; ¶  Cath Chinn Ghubai in quo cecidit Colman mac Cobhthaigh athair Ghuaire la Raghallach mac Uadach, Hb. 64.
c. guba
al. Cnoc Glinne in Gaband; ¶  Ainm an Cnuic in Dál Araide ac ar rochair Tuathol Techtmhar, Sc. 31 b 1; ¶  hill at Móin an chatha in Moylinny, c. Antr., where Tuathal Teachtmhar fell, Fm. i. 100; ¶  in Dal Araide, Lec. 41, Lg. 141; ¶  cf. Glenoe and Headwood, place names in the locality.
c. hittich
Cenn hEttich nr Sliab Sinoir, now Kinitty, Cs. 307, 313; ¶  v. C. Eittig.
c. indis
not far fr. Cluain Credail and in Thomond, Lan. ii. 89. c. in locha; ¶  .i. Eirne, oir as a ccenn Locha Eirne atá, Fg. 144. c. lacha; ¶  a t. of N. Clann Uilliam in Conmhaicne Chuile, Fir. 804; ¶  Kenlacha in dry. Sruthir, d. Tuam, Tax.; ¶  in N. Clann Rickard, Fa. i. 3; ¶  Siadal Chinnlacha, Fg. 50, C. 315, Md. 70; ¶  Kinlough tl. in p. Shrule, b. Kilmaine, Mayo, at head of L. Corrib, Fm. vi. 2000.
c. lacha
Kinlough in b. Rosclogher, c. Leit.
c. leccaig
of the sons Oengus 3 stopped in Erin—Mothrianoc in Ruscachaib in Huib Fálge, Itharnaisc in Cloenad, and Eoganán in Cend Leccaig, Ll. 354.
c. léime
Slime Head or Slim Head, the most W. point of Connemara; ¶  improperly Slinehead in maps, &c., Wc. 6, 109; ¶  also Leap Head.
c. loch
Kinloch in Lairg, Sutherl., Inv. xx. 115; ¶  leg. C. Locha; ¶  Kinloch in p. of Golspie, Sutherl., Inv. xix. 178.
c. locha
Cuppa of, VII. Id. Sept., Ll. 362; ¶  Sechnasach, ab. of, Fg. 146 Md. 204; ¶  Siadal of, Fg. 50, Mt. 18.
c. locha silend
Coitchend and Critán of, Féile VII. Id. Sept., Ll. 362.
c. locha techet
Áth Chinn L. T.; ¶  now L. Gara, Fm. iii. 540; ¶  Áth Cinn Lachan there, Lc. ii. 346–8.
c. losnada
battle of, in Mag Fea, Ll. 316 b; ¶  C. Losnado no Cell Losnaigh, in Mag Fea; ¶  al. Cell Osnaid, Au. i. 28, 30, 4 m. E. of Leighlin; ¶  in Mag Fea i. Laignib Desgabair, Lec. 206; ¶  Kellistown tls. and p. in b. and c. Carl.
c. magair
Ll. 25 a, 298 a, Sil. 409, Bb. 50 a, 49 a, Mr. 204, Au. i. 442, 154, 158, Fen. 41, K. 160 b, Sil. 390, Fm. ii. 604, Lc. ii. 236; ¶  Kinnaweer at head of Mulroy L. in Fanaid, in p. and b. Kilmacrenan, Don., Fm. v. 1584, Fia. 28; ¶  i Ciunn M., a n-airer thíre Conaill, Au. i. 442, Fm. ii. 605; ¶  nr Glend Éile, Au. iii. 542.
c. maghair
Findtracht Cinn M. i Ciarraige, Lis. 29 a, 30 a.
c. maige
"Rí Clochair is Chind M.," Ll. 128 b; ¶  al. C. M. Lemna in which Clochar was.
c. maighe
Chapel of Kinmoy, in dry. Omorthy, d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  in dry. Castledermot, Cr.
c. maige
head of the great plain of Maenmag; ¶  Canvoe, al. Castlebragate in b. Boyle, Rosc., Lc. ii. 293, Tp., Ci.
c. maige, Lu. 96 a
in Isle of Man (?).
c. maige draighen
N. of Inber Locha dá Dáil, Lis. 196 b.
c. maige in imarraic
in Lein. betw. Carnmagh and Cregfhiadh, Lis. 196 b.
c. maige mi
E. of Áth Frenair and S. of Móin Móir in Mun., Lis. 196 a.
c. mairtine
fr. Cúil Feagha in Sliab Eiblinne they went to Cend Mairtine in Mun., Lis. 172 b.
c. mara
Keynmara in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax.
c. mara
the head of Glandore Harbour, Gc. 48; ¶  fr. L. an Bhricin to C. M. and fr. Miodhros to Beul-an-Átha Solus in Corca Laoighe was land Ó Cendedigh, Fir. 677.
c. mara
battle of, in the south, Sas. 3999; ¶  Ros Ailithri and C. Mara plundered by Danes, Cg. 18, Sas. 3999; ¶  may be the head of Glandore Harbour, or of Kenmare Bay.
c. mara
Mogcorb Cindmara, Ll. 128 b.
c. mara
Ailbe of C. M., Fm. i. 426, Rc. xiv. 36; ¶  Kinvarra, c. Galw.; ¶  Sen Lianán of C. M., Sil. 42; ¶  may be Kinvarra or Kenmare; ¶  Lionan Chind Mara, Leenaun in Connamara, Fm. iii. 278.
c. mása
Masson Head nr the haven of Cassin, c. Galw., Wc. 97.
c. mona
Hi Diarmada, in Lein., ext. fr. C. M. to Cuirreach, Lec. 215.
c. mhuir
Caput Maris; ¶  in Inishowen, O'S. iv. 1, 5; ¶  leg. C. Maghair (?).
c. na coille
in p. Lairg, Sutherl., Inv. xx. 110.
c. naithle
battle of, by Síl Eogain, in which fell Oingus and Eithne, Ll. 182.
c. nathrach
seat of K. of Mun. or Cashel, Bb. 149 a, Lec. 377, Lis. 143 a; ¶  al. C. Sléibe nr Corofin, c. Clare, Lct. 92; ¶  Aengus Cinn nathrach, son of Cas, ancestor of the O Deaghaidh.
c. reamhar
Kenramer, a promontory in W. end of Raghery Island; ¶  cf. Hamilton's Letters, p. 25.
c. reamhar
Canrawer nr Oughterard, Galw.
c. righmona
Au. i. 208; ¶  Cell Righmonaig in Felire Aeng., St. Andrew's in Scotl.; ¶  c. rígmonaidh, Rc. xvii. 249, Cs. 216, Mi., Sk. ii. 320, Cps.; ¶  Reymonth, old name of p. of St. Andrew's, Fife; ¶  v. Chell Rigmonaig.
c. sáile
C. Sále, Kinsale, c. Cork, Fm. iv. 872, 890; ¶  in Desmumhain, Bb. 22 b, Sc. 19 a 1, Fer. 162, Ll. 14; ¶  in deisciurt Erenn, F. 182, Fg. 236; ¶  in iarthar Erenn, Md. 190; ¶  Becán of, Md. 58, C. 415, B. xlv. 143, Ar. 298, 320, Ui., Mi., Ci.; ¶  a ég a Cinn tsháile, Lec. ii. 152, Au. iii. 104; ¶  Kennytaylle, Dl. 54; ¶  Kinsale, al. Kynsaly in dry. Bambech, d. Cork, Tax.
c. saile
al. Fán an Tiobraide, Cf. p. 60.
c. saile
Kyn Sale, in d. Lismore, Tax.
c. sáile
Kinsaley, in Fingal, c. Dub.; ¶  Cenaunsale, Kensale, in d. Dub., Cr. 1179, 1199; ¶  Garbán of C. S. nr Malahide (Bollandist Vita St. Kevini, 3rd June); ¶  Cend Saile; ¶  Mt. 29, F. 110; ¶  ó C. S. i Fine Gall, nó i taeb Suird Choluim cille; ¶  nó i n-iarthar Érenn, nó i cind Locha Seimne ocus Cend Saile nomen Ecclesiae, F. 118; ¶  ó Chind tSaile leith a n-iar do Shurd nó i n-iarthur Erenn, Fg. 132, Md. 190.
c. salach
maidm cinnsalach hi Cloich Chinnfhaolaid in b. Kilmacrenan, Don., Fm. v. 1534; ¶  if, as O'D. says, it means Dirty Head, leg. cinn salaigh, now Kinsallagh, Mi.; ¶  prob. Bloody Foreland, O'D.
dp Cennselachaib, Fm. ii. 940; ¶  al. Ui Ceinselaig, in Wexf.
c. slébhe
Comar Cinn tSlébhe in Ciannachta Glinde Geimhin, Lis. 26 a; ¶  in c. Derry.
c. sléibe
Killevy, c. Arm.; ¶  Land Leri and C. S., Cg. 6, Z. 351, 98 b.
c. sléibhe
Sil. 24; ¶  seems nr Cell Earga, St. Finnachad's place. c. sraite; ¶  Cath C.; ¶  gained by Ailill, son of Dunlang, against K. of Ireland, Ll. 300 a; ¶  in Lein. or its border (?).
isin Cenntar, in this world, Fm. ii. 712, 922; ¶  v. alltar.
cenntar alban
the borders of Scotl., Fm. ii. 1112. cenntar laigen; ¶  C. L. and Fir Breagh, Hb. 96.
c. tire
Cantyre, in Scotl., Ll. 186, 204 b, 297 b, Lbl. 550, Cps. 67, Ch. 78, 106, Au. i. 66, ii. 144; ¶  Cg. 152, Mi., Cri., At. iv. 122, Sil. 276, Mm. 621, Hb. 69, Rc. xvii. 151; ¶  held by Cenél nGabráin, Cps. 34, Fir. 403; ¶  .i. Caput regionis, Ad. 57; ¶  sruthair na Máile Chind Tíri, Ll. 172 b, Mongan docer la féin Cindtíre, Ll. 31.
c. trachta
Collidan, Barri, Finán, Midnan 7 Manchán and the 3 daus. of Ercdath in C. T., Ll. 353; ¶  names otherwise spelled in Bb. 123 b, Lb. 22, Lec. 113, Fir. 753; ¶  either Iubar Cinntrachta, Newry, or Buirgéis C. T. in Connacht, or "Caput Litoris" on the Liffey, Cs. 172.
c. trachta
Cróne of, Ll. 369, Bb. 126 a, Lec. 119; ¶  Bray Head, nr Kilcrony, c. Wick.
c. trachta
al. Ibar Cinntrachta, Lh. 162; ¶  Newry.
c. trachta
Buirgéis Cinntrachta burned by O Connor Roe and O Tuathail, Ai. 55 b.
c. trachta ceperion
ó C. T. C. fades i coicrich Greci 7 Ettaile, Ll. 397.
c. trága
at Newry, St. B. 462.
c. trága (?)
"Caput litoris," a lake fr. or through which the Liffey flows; ¶  seems towards source of the Liffey, Cs. 172.
c. trága turrscair
al. Tráigh Chind Chearthan, SE. of Dunadh Rátha Morgain in Iorras, Connacht, Ll. 360.
c. tuirc
caislén Cinn Tuirc, a n-Ellaib (Duhallow), Kanturk, c. Cork, Au. iii. 492, Fm. v. 1304, Con. 69 b, Mi., Ci., St. B. 745; ¶  in Ealla, Lc. ii. 208; ¶  Barrfhind of, Ll. 366, Bb. 124 a, Lec. 115.
c. tuirc
Kinturk, in p. Ballyhean, b. Carra, Fy. 483.
c. tuirc
Cennturc in terra Arklo, d. Glendaloch, Cr. an. 1173, 1192.
c. tuirc
Kenturke in Tachnehi dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  nr. Dub., Ah. 54–5, there written also Kanturk, Kiltork.
c. tuirc
Kenturc in c. Wexf., Kj. iii. 218.
c. uachtarach sruthra
O Floinn slain by the son of Roibin Laigles in C. U. S., Con. 20 b; ¶  in Connacht.
c. urin (?)
Ken Uren in d. Glendaloch, c. Wickl., Cr. an. 1192. cenond; ¶  Cath Cenond betw. Ui Echach and Conaille, i.e., betw. Iveagh and N. Louth, Au. i. 262; ¶  Canonstown in p. Termonfeckin, Louth.
al. Cúil Sibrille, Lu. 58 a, Ll. 19 a; ¶  v. Cenannas. cenrig; ¶  ns. in Inis Eogain, Au. i. 440; ¶  perh. Dunree Head over L. Swilly.
Congarlon in Saxon, .i. Cent in British, Bb. 106 b. cente; ¶  Wm. Fitz-Adelm, Earl of Cente, Fir. 798.
centic elinit
do rigne Eigist fleid do Gortigernn is in tig dianad ainm C. E., Ha. 817.
Ceapach, g. Cepcha, d. Cepaig; ¶  in Tuath Caoille in Mun., opposite and E. of Magh Fece, Lis. 182 b; ¶  Cappagh tl. and in the p. and b. of Fermoy.
dsf. Ceapaigh, Ti. 68; ¶  Cappagh or Kippagh, in p. of Castle Magner nr the Blackwater, c. Cork.
Ceppoch in c. Dub., my "Description of Ireland." cepach; ¶  the p. Cappagh adjoins Termonaguirk on NW. in tl. of Dunmullan, Cv. 4; ¶  Cappagh p. in Tyr.
Cath Cepcha by Fergus against the Clann Durrthacht; ¶  Cath C. ar Eoghan os aird, Lbl. 347, but marked 228; ¶  in c. Tyr. cepach; ¶  McDonnell of Kepoch in Scotl.
Cappagh, a bog nr Newtown-Bellew, c. Galw.; ¶  bog nr Castlebar; ¶  demesne 4 m. NW. of Dungarvan; ¶  p. and vill. 3 m. NE. of Rathkeale, Limk.; ¶  p. 2 m. N. of Omagh; ¶  a hill nr Kilcock; ¶  hill nr Skibbereen, &c.
cepach an airgid
in Lein., Bran. 92 a; ¶  Cappanargid tl. in p. Cloncurry, Kild.; ¶  gs. Ceapaighe, Bran. 92; ¶  gs. Ceapaighe; ¶  Cappanargid tl. in p. Cloncurry, b. E. Offaley, 3 m. NE. of Rathangan.
c. cuinn
i gCeapa Chuinn na nDéiseach, Cappoquin, c. Waterf., Ra. 202; ¶  Ceapachúin, O'Brien's Dict.
c. dub
Trían na Ceapcha Duibhe, lx. 7; ¶  Cappagh Duff tls. are in Mayo, Clare and Westm.; ¶  this seems in c. Clare.
c. ferna móire
Ll. 285; ¶  at Ferns.
c. na buaile
Keapanoboly, c. Galw., Sp. 1606, p. 59.
c. na coise
Cappanacusha, nr. Kenmare r., c. Kerry, Fm. iii. 188, note; ¶  O Sullevan of; ¶  in Desmond, Ai. 133 b, Hz. 79.
c. na fian
in Hi Cuscraidh Shléibhe, in Mun., Lis. 183 a.
c. ui chermada
i fearann Mathghamhna mic Murchaidh, lx. 21. c. ui mheadhra; ¶  in Hi Cuscraidh Shléibhe, in Mun., Lis. 183 a. ceppán; ¶  i sléib Mairge, Ll. 286 a.
isin Glind i Cepten, Ll. 279 b; ¶  at Ess Cepten, Askeaton, Limk. (?).
Crich Cera, Ll. 213 a; ¶  b. Carra, Mayo, Tp., d. Ceru, Ll. 358, Au. i. 52, Ll. 24 b; ¶  now b. Carra, or Burriscarra, Wc. 3; ¶  ext. ó Ródhba go Rathain 7 ó Fhinnghlais go Máiteóig Achaid gabhair; ¶  the r. Robe is S. boundary; ¶  Rathain, a bit W. of Castlebar is N. boundary; ¶  Finnghlais, the E. boundary seems the stream at Ballyglass on border of bb. Carra and Clanmorris; ¶  Máiteóg, now Maus or Mace, is tl. E. of Aghagower, Fy. 150; ¶  in it are Ui hUada 7 Ui Cinnchnamha, Tuatha Partraighe, Tuath of Magh na bethighe, Baile an Tobair of B. Craoibhe, Baile Cagail, Baile Cille Buainne, Tuath Maighe Fhiondalbha, Fy. 148; ¶  in Cera were Baile an Chriathraigh, Fy. 158; ¶  Balla, Md. 90; ¶  al. Balna, F. 66, Fg. 64, Mt. 20, Odar. 58; ¶  Féile Crónain Balli in Ceru on the III. (Sunday) Kal. Ap., Ll. 358; ¶  Brechmag i Céra hi n-iarthar Chonnacht, F. 90, Fep.; ¶  Cúil Conaire, Ll. 24 b, Au. i. 52; ¶  Mag Eo na Saxan, F. 181; ¶  Odhbha, Lism. 41 a; ¶  of the early Christian kings of Connaught, Eoghan Beal Ailell Ionbhanna Aodh a Crunmhaol, resided in Cera, Fy. 95; ¶  v. Fia. 50, Lg. 145, Ch. xi., Ci., Mi., B. i. 48, lviii. 892, Ct. 137, Lc. ii. 142.
Ceara in Breifny, Tp.
r. Cearan, 4 m. N. of Thurles, Triumphalia 120.
in c. Louth (?); ¶  Aed Finnliath defeats Conallu 7 Ultu there, Hc. 201, Bb. 48 a, Lec. 130; ¶  cath Cerbai by Fland, K. of Erin, against Conaire, Lec. 39, Carba in p. Tynagh, c. Galw., Pgi. iii. 433 (?).
the O Carrolls of Ely.
Cath Cerbdha by Tuathal Techtmhar against Conaire, Lg. 143, Fir. 49; ¶  v. Cerba.
cerc boirche
Bairche mac Aedha ón abar Cerc Boirche, Ha. 845. cerda; ¶  Ui Dimai le C. at Findglaisi (Forsloindti Hua Failgi), Lec. 201; ¶  in Ofaley (?).
Cashel was entitled to Cerda and Umaige fr. Cerdaige in Mun., Lbl. 339; ¶  leg. Cerdraige, q.v.
cerdcha ghoibnend
S. of Mullach Maisten in Lein., Lis. 119 b. cerdd cuind; ¶  al. Leth Cuind; ¶  v. Cert Cuind.
cerdraigi beirri
race of Dairfhine Cerda, Lec. 453. cerdraige temrach; ¶  Gc. 10; ¶  at Temair in Kerry.
cerdraige tuilche gossa
Ll. 320; ¶  C. Thulcha Gosa, Bb. 99 b, Lec. 406.
ceretic element
Hengist made a feast for Gortigearnd in the royal house called Ceretíc Element, Bb. 116 a.
the t. of Wick., O'Brien's Dict.; ¶  v. Dun C.
Pd. viii. 38.
Cearmna fearann i Midhe, I. 160 a 2, Bb. 208 a, Lec. 495, Fir. 66.
Cath Cermna in Mun. by Tuathal Teachtmhar against Caicher; ¶  v. Dun C. (Old Head of Kinsale), Lg. 144, Fir. 49, Tor. 303.
v. Cerne.
gsf.; ¶  Ecclessia Cerne in Campo Breg, A. 10 a a; ¶  Síd Cerna i tír Breg, Au. i. 378; ¶  in Bregia (and seems nr the coast), Lu. 83 a; ¶  chief burial-place of the men of Bregia and E. Meath, Rc. xvi. 67, Lec. 518, Bd. 46, Ll. 168; ¶  "cloenmíla Cernai," mentioned in connection with Bregia and Tara, Bdd. 18, Lu. 83 a; ¶  Cernniam ainm toisigh in tSidal fil ann, unde Cernoi nominatur, al. Cernai .i. coernia daigh is ann atá primreilec Airthir Midhi ocus Breagh, H. 3, 3, T.C.D. 15, 1; ¶  ón tsídaighe fil isuidiu dianad ainm Cernan ro hainmnighead Cearna, Sa. 70 b; ¶  fir Breaghmhaighe 7 Cherna, 7 Columna Temrach were Cairpre Lifechair's faction in the hurling match against the Fianna, Dg. 9; ¶  dorat se dóibh Aenach Taillten 7 Cerna 7 Raith Cennaigh i Midhi, Sa. 46 a 1, 2; ¶  Enna won 12 battles "for tuathmaig na Temra, for sluag Cerna," Mm. 492; ¶  the K. of Tara is styled K. of Cearna, Fen. 362; ¶  C. seems nr Tara (v. Rc. xxii. 26, 391); ¶  Conn collects the men of (Meath, Breag, Odba, Cnodba, Cearna, Cleitech and Tailltiu), Ml. 66; ¶  Cellach, tigerna Breg is called Cellach Cerna, and in connection with C. are given Odba, Colt, Cnodba, Fm. i. 544; ¶  thou shalt not go righthandwise round Tara and lefthandwise round Bregia; ¶  the evil beasts of C. must not be hunted by thee, thou shalt not go out any night beyond Tara, Bdd. p. 27; ¶  Conaire went past Uisnech towards Tara, righthandwise round Tara, and lefthandwise round Bregia, and hunted the clóenmíla Cernai, then S. on Slige Cualann to Dub. and Bruden Da Derga, Bdd. pp. 33, 41; ¶  Crimthand cend Cerna 7 Cuilt, Ll. 139 b; ¶  Ráith Gniad in Cernae, al. Cerno, Teh. 242, Zc. iii. 242; ¶  Sidh Cirine a ainm ochen; ¶  no ó Cerna Chas mac Cairpri mic Edaine ro hadhnacht ann, Sa. 70 b; ¶  Mullach Cerna, Ll. 185 b; ¶  cath Cerna, Ll. 194 a; ¶  Cernna, Collamair, Cnogba, Pd. viii. 40; ¶  I have not tasted a juice preferable to the ale of Cerna, Lbl. col. 786; ¶  these texts help to identify to some extent this interesting word; ¶  O'Curry, in Ml. 66, says: "C. was a hill in Meath, and according to the Dinnsenchus was a place of noble sepulture in pagan and Christian times; ¶  it lay in a straight line between Slane in Meath and Lusk in c. Dub.; ¶  the name is prob. preserved in the tls. of Carnes, E. and W., in p. Duleek, Meath"; ¶  in Mm. 259 he says: "Conaire drove by the hill of C., Lusk, and the Great Road of Cualann to Dub., and crossing the Liffey above Dub. went on to Bruden Da Derga"; ¶  O'C. must have found Lusk in some version of the tale, or found that it lay on or by Slige Cualann; ¶  the crossing above Dub. would be at the ford, afterwards called the Ford of Cell Moshamoc at Island Bridge; ¶  in support of O'Curry's view, I add that there were Ath Carne and Dona Kernie .i. Domnach Cerne .i. Ecclesia Cerne, in b. Duleek (my "Description of Ireland in Year 1598," p. 93); ¶  but I identify Ecclesia Cerne with Celcarne Castle and Kilcarne in b. of Skreen (cf. my "Description of Ireland in 1598," p. 92), and also the Cerna by which Conaire passed; ¶  this C. is a tl. and p. 3 m. SSE. of Navan, and 5 m. N. of Tara, where there are also Templecarne and Kilcarne bridge over the Boyne, and an ancient "fort," mound or rath (the Síd prímreilec); ¶  this suits the statement in Bdd. that Conaire went NE. of Tara, leaving it on his right, hunted the Clóenmila Cernai, then went on the road to Midluachair and on the Road of Cualu southwards.
Cearna; ¶  part of the dowry brought by ingean an hAlaboidigh to her husband, Lord Delvin, Fir. 840 b; ¶  this is Domnach Cearna, Donnycarney in p. Artane, Dub.; ¶  Alaboideach was Sir R. Holywood, Lord of Artane (Archdall's Peerage i. 222); ¶  v. Domnach Ceirne. cernabhorg; ¶  Delbach rí na Fomorach went to C., Z. 471 b; ¶  i.e., Cerne and its Síd (?) q.v.
cernan clonegunethe
nr the Coombe and Kilmainham, John's Charter of 1192; ¶  leg. Carnán Clono Ui Dhunchadha which became Donohoe's Barn and now Dolphin's Barn, where there is a carn or great mound still.
Pd. viii. 38; ¶  context suggests Cerne, q.v.
Drummut Cerrigi, Cerrigi (Árthig), Cerrigi (Arne), A. 9 a a, 13 a a, a b; ¶  Drummut Cerigi, A. 9 a a; ¶  now Drummad, Tullanarock, d. of Elphin; ¶  in tl. it is called Drummat Ciarraigi Arthicc; ¶  in b. Costello, Mayo; ¶  v. Ciarraigi.
cert cuind
Cerdd Cuind, al. Leth Cuind, Rc. xx. 406; ¶  the N. of Ireland.
Clann Finghín (Mac Cairthigh) na Cearthaine in Gleann O Ruachtain, Ai. 137 b, in b. Glenerought, Kerry; ¶  rather Carhen nr Cahirsiveen, O'Connell's birthplace.
cesar agusta
in Spain, at the r. Ebro, Lis. 104 b.
ces coraind
in Magh Coraind in Connacht, Lec. 494; ¶  v. Ceis C. cescrad muighe breagh; ¶  in Bregia; ¶  fr. C. M. B., W. of Beoludun, For. 210; ¶  al. Cesradh M. B., Sa. 88 b.
ces chuir
S. p. 346; ¶  Keshcorran, c. Sli.; ¶  dá choluim as an Ceas Chuirr, Proc. of R.I.A. vii. 188.
ces scaible
Hui Maonaigh Cesi S. in Hui Bairrche tíre, in Lein., Fir. 466.
cesradh maige breg
ó C. M. B. co Beolo Dúin, Sa. 88 b 1; ¶  v. Cescrad M. B.
certhruim na capall
in c. Rosc., Lc. ii. 348.
one of Pictish divisions of Scotl., Lec. 303. cetharlach; ¶  Cethurlach, Carlow, Lc. ii. 110, 210; ¶  Ceithiorlach, Fm. iv. 784.
Colmán Cetharletan, Ll. 366 (place-name ?); ¶  C. Cetharleathain, Lec. 115; ¶  C. Ceathairléithinn, Ai. 150 a. cetharlocht; ¶  a chaillech ón Chetharlocht, Ll. 308 b; ¶  Carlow (?). cethei; ¶  descendants of Cethim, fr. whom is called Cathir na Cipercda, i.e., Cithenm, Lu. p. 1, Bb. 2 a.
ds. Lu. 68 b, 77 b; ¶  ó Méthiu 7 C.
cet móamnai
Cermat milbel slain there by Lug mac Ethleann, Lec. 59.
X. 163.
Cethraime, Ceathraimhe, Ceathramha, is name or part of name of about 800 tls. or places; ¶  modernised Carrow, Carhoo, Carrive, Carhoon, Carri, Carry, Karu, Cary, Cara; ¶  it means a quarter (of land).
c. aingilín
tl. in p. Kilgarvan (nr Carrownaglough), b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 420.
c. an
v. C. in.
c. árda maoil
Fir. 227.
c. bec caisléin
in Carrowcastle in W. of p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421, Lec. 174.
c. bhrechmaige
in b. Tirawly, Fa. 4.
c. bricín
v. Cúl cille Bricín.
c. cael
in p. Attymas, b. Gallen, Mayo; ¶  belonged to Sliocht Tailtigh (O Dowd), Lec. 174, Fy. 422, Fir. 227; ¶  there are 66 Carrowkeel tls.
c. chaisle
in b. Tirawly, Fa. 4.
c. caisléin
Carrowcastle in p. Kilgarvan, in Coolcarney, b. Gallen, Fy. 483.
c. cille domhnaigh
portion of Ua Cleirigh's estate as ollamh of Tir-Conaill; ¶  Kildoney, p. Kilbarron, c. Don., Fy. 80.
c. chlochach
i nGlenn Neimhin i Tir Amhalghaidh, Fa. 3 b.
c. cluana
in Connacht, Fir. 227.
c. chuigeadhach
in Glenn Neimhin, Tir Amhalghaidh, Fa. 3 b.
c. chúile remuir
part of O Clery's l. as Ollamh of Tir-Conaill, Fy. 80.
c. dairbhin
in Tirawly, Fg. 456.
c. dairín
in b. Tir Amhalghaidh, Fa. 4.
c. droma an chinn
in Magh Ene; ¶  part of ua Cleirigh's estate as Ollamh of Tír Conaill, Fy. 80; ¶  a tl. is so named in p. Templecarne, b. Tirhugh, c. Don.
c. droma scuabaighi
in the Leath-baile Rusgaigi, in O'Dowd's l., Lec. 174.
c. dhubh
it and Dún Ogáin was part of the l. of Morogh O Brien, Hb. 76, Ai. 107 b; ¶  there are 4 Carrowduffs in c. Clare.
c. in chairn
in b. Tír Amhalghaidh, Fa. 3 b.
c. in chairthi
Carha; ¶  al. Carrownacarha tl. in p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 420.
c. in chaisil
in Tir Fhiachrach, Lis na draighine is in it, Fy. 174.
c. in charbaid
in Glenn Neimin, Tir Amhalghaidh, Fa. 3 b.
c. in drochaid
Kerodroched; ¶  later and now Kildrochat, in Wigtownsh., Max.
c. in labáin
Carrowlabaun tl. in Coolcarney, p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 420, 483.
c. in longphuirt
isna Cuanachaibh, belongs to O Briain, Hb. 11 a, Ai. 110 b.
c. in tige cloiche
in p. Kilbarron, b. Tirhugh, c. Don.; ¶  part of ll. of Abbey of Assaroe, Fy. 80.
c. locháin
Carrowloughaun, in N. of p. Screen in Tireragh, Sli., Fy. 120.
c. manach
was Kerowmanach in 1505, but now Kirminnoch, in Wigtownsh., Max.
c. meic carra
in p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421, Lec. 174.
c. mic conín
Carrowconeen in W. of p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421; ¶  O Dowd's l., Lec. 174; ¶  in NE. of p. Skreen, b. Gallen, Fy. 483.
c. mic geirble
in Leath-baile Rusgaigi, in O Dowd's l., Lec. 174; ¶  Carrowkeribla in W. of p. Attymass, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421, 483.
c. mór
in b. of Tirawley, Fa. 3 b.
c. mór beltraighe
is na Baireadachaibh Tiramhalghaidh, Hz. 75 b; ¶  one of the 2 Carrowmore tls. nr Ballina.
c. mór caisléin
in Carrowcastle in W. of p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421, Lec. 174.
c. na cairge
in Leath-baile Ruscaigi, in O Dowd's country, Lec. 174.
c. na gcloch
tl. Carrownagloch in N. of p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 420, 483.
c. na corradrisighi
in Leath-baile Rusgaigi, in O Dowd's l., Lec. 174.
c. na craoibhe
in Connacht, Fir. 227; ¶  4 tls. of Carrownacreevy in c. Sli.
c. na cuchtrach
in p. Kilbarron, b. Tirhugh, Don., Fy. 80; ¶  l. of Abbey of Assaroe; ¶  part of O Clery's l. as Ollamh of Tirconail. c. na fionnanach; ¶  in Connacht, Fir. 227.
c. na grelligi
Grallagh or Grallach, nr Graffy, in p. of Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421, 483; ¶  O Dowd's l., Lec. 174.
c. na madadh
Carrownamaddoo tl. in p. Ahamlish, nr and N. of Ben Bulben, b. Carbury, Sli., Fy. 483, Fm. v. 1360.
c. na madraidhe
O Briain of, in Thomond, Ai. 107 b, Hb. 7 b; ¶  Carrownamaddra, in p. Kilnaboy, c. Clare.
c. na hoilige
in O Dowd's country, Lec. 174; ¶  for C. na Grellighe (?).
c. riabhach
Carrowreagh tl. in p. Kilgarvan, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421; ¶  there are 50 Carrowreagh tls.
c. ríabhach
in Glenn Neimhin i Tir Amhalghaidh, Fa. 3 b.
c. riabhach
Carroreigh, in Carrane, Aghaboe p., Queen's c., Aq. 28.
c. stíallaigh
b. of Tirawley, Fa. 4, Hz. 75; ¶  Carrowsteelagh tl. in p. Kilcummin, b. Tirawley, Mayo.
c. tholchain an tsamha
in Connacht, Fir. 227.
c. tulcha cleibh
in the Baireadachaibh, Tír-Amhalghaidh, Hz. 75.
c. ui dubagáin
Carrowmagooaun, in NE. of p. Attymas, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 421; ¶  in O'Dowd's l., Lec. 174.
c. ui scorra
l. of Sliocht Tailtigh (O Dowd) in O Dowd's l. Lec. 174; ¶  in Coolcarney, Fy. 22; ¶  C. Ui Sgorra, in p. Attymas, b. Gallen, Mayo, Fy. 422.
cethri fine temrach
i.e., Conall, Colman, Eogan, Aed Slán, Ll. 14.
Cashel of the Kings and Eastern Cethtraigi, Cg. 20; ¶  seems nr Cashel.
battle of, Ll. 47 a.
Dimeittiu for Cettiu dá chnocc i Maig Mogna, Ll. 161 b; ¶  v. Cethiu.
in Ile, Scotl., X. 68; ¶  place (?).
the Argonauts went to Muir Point fr. Inber Srotha Cí, Ll. 220.
ciall fiodna
plundered by O Byrne, Bran. 92 a; ¶  Caille F. (?).
island in Indian Ocean, Lis. 129 b.
Cianacht; ¶  not indexed by O'Donovan, Hennessy, M'Carthy, who give Cianachta as if it were plural, like Connachta, g. Connacht; ¶  I find dat. and acc. sing. Ciannacht; ¶  g. Ciannachtae and Ciannachta; ¶  Ciannachtai, Ciannachte, ds. Ciannacht, Ll. 329, Bb. 148 a, Tl. 104, Au. i. 238, 246; ¶  as. Cianacht, Au. i. 246, 338, 362, Ch. 44, 106, 140, Fm. i. 484, g. Ciannachta (-ae -ai -e), Ch. 96, 138, 361, Fia. 32, 86, 116, Ll. 132 b, A. 12 b 1, Au. i. 46, 62, 74, 210, 228, 230, 250, 262, 298, 322, 382, 402, 426, 412, 414, 126, Lct. 128, Fm. iii. 146; ¶  al. ds. Ciannachta, Fm. i. 36, Ch. 166, Lis. 26 a, F. 33, Md. 170, and always in O'Donnell's Life of St. Columba; ¶  dp. Ciannachtaib, Au. i. 306.
descendants of Cian, son of Ailill Ó-lom, Ll. 288 a, Lct. 122, 51, Sr. 79 a.
doluidh tar Ciandachta ocus tar h. mac Carthaind ocus tar L. Febuil ocus i Corthib Snámha ocus co hArd mac n-Odhráin i n-Inis Eoghain, Lh. 187; ¶  al. Ciannachta glinne geimin. ciannachta; ¶  C. tess 7 tuáid in Leth Chuind are of Clann Ebir, Ll. 328, Bb. 107 b, Lec. 420; ¶  na Ciannachta theas agus tuaith; ¶  called after O Conchubhair Ciannachta, descendant of Cormac Gaileng, K. 145 b; ¶  in N. of Ireland, Cs. 361; ¶  settled in b. Keenaght, c. Derry; ¶  these were C. of Gleann Geimhin; ¶  their chief, O Conchobhair of G. G. dispossessed by O Catháin, Lct. 50, 122, Tp., Fm. iv. 778, Fm. iii. 106; ¶  in Oirecht Hi Chatháin, Ct. 146, 177, 405, B. lxi. 74–5, Li. 644. In Ciannacht al. C. Glinne Geimhin are: Cluain nó Both da Fhiach, Md. 344; ¶  Domnach Airthir Ardda, Domnach Brechmaige, Tl. 160; ¶  Druim Cetta, Lb. 238 c, Bco. 13 a; ¶  Dún geimin, Md. 10, Fg. 12, F. 181; ¶  Mag Lughna, Bb. 23 b, Fm. i. 36; ¶  Tamlacht Findlogain, F. 33, Fg. 8; ¶  Tamhlachta Finnloga, Md. 6; ¶  Tipra Patraic, Tl. 16 (now Tobar Domhnaigh), nr Castlelecky at Magilligan.
c. glinne gaimen
Ll. 329; ¶  C. G. Geimhin, now b. Keenaght, c. Derry, Au. i. 220, Fm. vi. 1930, Of. 332; ¶  in Ultaib, Md. 270, K. 160 a, Au. i. 402, Bb. 148 a, 48 b; ¶  Idhnait ingen Fhlainn Leithdeirg do Chiannachta G. G. ó Chomar Cinn tSlébhe, Lis. 26 a; ¶  descendants of Cian, son of Medhbh and Fergus MacRoigh, Au. i. 62; ¶  v. Tig. Rc. xvii. 206, 339, Sr. 79 a, Au. i. 62, Md. 316, Ch. 106, Adr. 110, Ar. 46, Ci., Mi., Cri.
al. Ciannacht Breg; ¶  i Maig Breg, Fm. i. 110, 480, Cri., Au. i. 338, At. iv. 182, Cs. 891, Ct. 135, Adr. 110; ¶  ext. fr. r. Liffey to Dromiskin, c. Louth; ¶  granted to Tadhg, son of Cian, in reward for assistance given Cormac mac Art in the battle of Crinna, O'D., Fm. i. 110.
ciannachta bec
in Meath, Lec. 423, 453.
ciannachta breg
ext. fr. Glaisnera to the hills of Maldodi, nr r. Liffey, Of. 332; ¶  in it were: Ard Ciannachtae, al. Fir Ardae Ciannachta, (b. Ferrard, c. Louth), Au. i. 250, 382, 414; ¶  Domliacc (Duleek), Domnach Sairigi, A. 12 b, Tl. 104, Md. 170, Fia. 116; ¶  Fir Árdae C., Au. i. 412; ¶  Gailenga (q.v.); ¶  Insull, Cs. 891; ¶  Óchtar ugan, (q.v.); ¶  Ráith Aldain (Ráith Altan, Cg. 22), Au. i. 362, Fm. i. 484 (Rahalion, Rathalron), Saithne, (q.v.); ¶  Rahalion, Rathalron, Rathaldron is in b. of Navan (my "Description of Ireland in 1598", pp. 94, 97); ¶  also Tech mac nEchach in it, Fm. ii. 598; ¶  Ciannacht defeat Ui Teig at Dub.; ¶  bellum itir firu Deisceirt Breg 7 C. i torcradar ili di Chiannachtaib, Au. i. 238, 360.
ciannachta in ghlinne
al. C. Glinne Geimhin, Fm. ii. 966. ciannachta luigne; ¶  in Connacht, Lec. 459.
Cath Ciarmaige, Tig., Rc. xvii. 23, Hb. 54, Fm. i. 122; ¶  in Lein.; ¶  the Leinstermen defeated at Duiblinn, Sliab Tuad, Smetire, and C.
desc. fr. Cíar, son of Medb and Fergus, Lec. 253, It. ii. 150, Ll. 331 b; ¶  of this stock is O Conchobuir Ciarraige. The several septs in different parts of Ireland desc. fr. Ciar, son of Medhbh and Fergus mac Roig are one sept settled in C. Luachra, fr. which c. Kerry is named; ¶  one in c. Rosc., one in c. Mayo, Fen. 30; ¶  but named fr. Ciar, son of Mughdorn dubh, desc. of Colla Meand, Bb. 64 b; ¶  there were C. Luachra, C. Chuirci, C. Aei, C. Choincind, C. Trimaige, C. Lacha are nairnead, C. Broengair, Lec. 253.
al. Ciarraige Luachra, now c. Kerry; ¶  do Chiarraidi Luachra do Brenainn, i, do Alltraigi Caille, Lis. 30 b; ¶  Mac Muris Ciarroighe; ¶  of Kerry, Fm. iv. 784; ¶  ext. fr. Tralee strand to the Shannon, Tp., Ox. iv. 298; ¶  on W. coast of Ireland, Ck. 56 b a; ¶  a great part of Desmond, Obr.; ¶  chief family, O Conchobhair, whose l. reached fr. Tralee Harbour to the mouth of the Shannon, and fr. Sliab Luachra to Tarbert, Lct. 48; ¶  Ua Conchobuir Ciarraighe, Lord of it, Au. iii. 554, Fm. ii. 928; ¶  Tech Donn in it, Of. 182; ¶  Ciarraigib, dp. Kerrymen, Fia. 130, Fm. ii. 1096.
of Connacht, Lct. 100; ¶  their country comprised—1. b. Clanmorris, Mayo (except termon of Balla, and pp. of Aghamore, Knock, Bekan and Annagh), C. Locha na nAirneadh; ¶  2. C. Aei, now Clann Ceithearnaigh, in Rosc., extends fr. Cloonalis nr Castlerea, W. to Clooneane on the border of Mayo, and fr. Clooncan to Cluain Creamhchoille (Clooncraffield), where it adjoins Airteach, and also to Cloonciff, adjoining Lord Mountsandford's demesne; ¶  3. C. Airtich comprises pp. Tibohine and Kilnamanagh, c. Rosc.; ¶  the three Ciarraighe assembled at Carad—viz., C. Iartharach, C. Moighe Ai and C. Artig, Con. 29 b; ¶  O Ceirin rí Ciarraige, Au. ii. 336.
c. ái
Crích C.A., Lu. 21 b; ¶  v. Mag Ái; ¶  fr. Cíar, son of Medhbh and Fergus, Ll. 331 b, Bb. 88 b; ¶  l. occupied by Clann Fergusa, Lec. 37; ¶  now Clann Cethern in Rosc., Of. 276; ¶  nr Castlereagh, c. Rosc., subsequently known as Clann Keherny, Au. i. 276, Fm. i. 399; ¶  in Mag nAí, Fm. ii. 738; ¶  al. Clann Ceitherne al. Ciarraigi Maige, Ci.; ¶  Ath Féne in it, Tbf. 213; ¶  ó Cluain Aird na Liatan i C. hAi., F. 90; ¶  Caelchu Cluana Causa of the C. hAei; ¶  St. Caelann of Termann Caelainne and Tobar Caelainne in p. of Kilkeevan nr Castlereagh is patroness of C. Ai, Lb. 23, Fir. 732, H. 3, 17, p. 875.
c. aidne
in d. of Kilmacduagh, Fy. 52; ¶  in Ui Fiachrach, X. 48. c. áirne; ¶  docóid Pátricc i Ciarraige n-Árne; ¶  in Connacht in which St. Patrick fd. a ch., Tl. 110; ¶  C. Airne, occupied by Clann Fergusa, Lec. 37, in bb. Clanmorris and Costello, c. Mayo; ¶  P. went to it fr. Telach na cloch, now Tullanarock.
c. airtig
prob. in Campo Airthicc, A. 9 a a, 13 a a; ¶  Mac Dermot ravaged all fr. the Shannon to Caraidh Cúla Cuirc, where were seated Ciarraige iartharach, C. Maige and C. Airtig, Lc. i. 576; ¶  Hen. says C. Airtig was in p. Tibohine, c. Rosc.; ¶  Maincin, Senach, Fionnoll, Drenon, Colman, Feradhoch, Aodh Fionn and Fedbor, children of Cael, son of Cenannan, son of Aengus, son of Fergus, son of Oilill, son of Eochaidh Muighmeadhoin; ¶  they are in Cluain Árd, in C.A., and in Imleach Gaileng in Luighne, Fir. 712; ¶  held by the Clann Fergusa, Lec. 37; ¶  v. Airtech, Mag Airtig. c. choinchenn; ¶  descendants of Ciar, son of Fergus mac Rosa, Bb. 88 b.
c. conmend
descendants of Ciar, son of Medb and Fergus, Ll. 331 b, Fir. 502.
c. connacht
Imleach Each is in it, Md. 190, A. 16 b a, Tl. 68; ¶  al. Clann Ceithernaigh or Clankerny, nr Castlereagh, c. Rosc., Au. i. 354.
c. cuirche
desc. fr. Medb and Fergus, Ll. 331 b, 327, Lec. 37, Ls. i. 82; ¶  now b. Kerrycurrihy, c. Cork, Fen. 380, Au. i. 420, Tp., Ch. 181, Fir. 500; ¶  the Lords of C. Cuirche and C. Luachra slain at the battle Belach Mugnai, Fm. ii. 568, Lg. 205, Ai. 19 a; ¶  C. Luachra and C. Chuirche held by Clann Fergusa, Lec. 37; ¶  Ui. wrongly puts Kerrycurrihy in c. Kerry; ¶  it is bounded on NW. by the Liberties of Cork, and Passage and Monkstown are in it; ¶  Kyrricurith dry. in d. Cork, Tax.
c. cuircheach
Lis. 29 a, 29 b; ¶  .i. C. Cuirche, or a native of it.
c. descechair
Gen. of the Hui Corpri, Ll. 322.
c. diurgi
beyond Sliab Luachra, Cs. 316; ¶  in Kerry.
c. iartharach
nr C. Artig and C. Maige, Lc. i. 576; ¶  in b. Costelloe, Mayo, Hen.
c. iochtair
C. Uachtair and C. Iochtair, al. Goisdealbhacha in c. Mayo, Fir. 556; ¶  the McCostelloes l. in b. Costello.
c. irluachra
do C. I. dia máthair, i. do Glasraigi insainnriud, Lis. 35 b; ¶  of that stock was Darerca, Ciarán's mother, Md. 240; ¶  v. Irluachair, in Kerry, nr C. Luachra.
c. locha na n-airne
in b. Costello, Mayo, Of. 277; ¶  Ua Ceirin, K. of, Au. ii. 272, Con. 1b; ¶  Kerylochnarn, Sw., an. 1282, p. 429; ¶  co-ext. with pp. Aghamore, Knock, Bekan and Annagh, Fm. iii. 214, Fy. 484; ¶  S. half of b. Costello, Ci., Ui.
c. luachra
bb. Trughenacmy, Clanmorris, Irachticonnor in N. Kerry, Au. i. 534, Tm. 164; ¶  the N. half of Kerry, Fm. iii. 632; ¶  fr. Ciar, son of Medb and Fergus, Ll. 331 b; ¶  Ua Conchobuir, K. of, Of. 276, Au. ii. 150, Fm. ii. 1058, 890; ¶  O Conor Kerry's l. nr Tralee, Cf. p. 62. In C.L. were:- Alltraigi Caille, Lis. 30 b; ¶  Cell Íte, Ll. 309; ¶  Cros Ui Fhloinn, St. B. 408; ¶  Fianach, Ls. i. 214; ¶  the r. Casan Ciarraige, now Cashen r. and Disert Ui Trillaigh, W. of Listowell, Fy. 38; ¶  Rath Maige Tuaiscirt, F. 155, Fg. 190; ¶  Daire Mochua for brú Fhéile, F. 155; ¶  Mag Arcaill, Fm. i. 50; ¶  Sliab Mis, Lh. 103; ¶  Ui Saithghil, Md. 266; ¶  Ui Luchtai, F. 74; ¶  Mi., Ci., Ch. 151, say it is the c. Kerry; ¶  Epscop C. L., al. Bp. of Kerry, Fm. ii. 1140.
c. maige
nr C. Artig in b. Costelloe, Mayo, Lc. i. 576; ¶  al. Clann Ceithernaigh = p. Kilkeevin, nr Caslereagh, says Hen., who adds, that O'Donovan (in Fm.) errs in placing it in Mayo, Lc. i. 452; ¶  in Tp., O'D. puts it as p. Kilkeevin, b. Castlerea, Rosc. c. maige glais; ¶  Ll. 327.
c. mec ceithearnaigh
Clann Keherny, in b. Castlrea, c. Rosc.; ¶  al. Ciarraige Ai.
c. múman
fr. Ciar, son of Fergus and Medb, are the C. M., and O Conchobair Ciarrighe, Hk. 374, K. 137 b.
c. óic beathra
in Connacht, Lec. 450; ¶  in d. Kilmacduagh; ¶  3 Cineula in Aidhne—viz., C. Óg B., Tradraighe Dubhrois, and Caonraighe Aird Aidhne, Fir. 256.
c. sléibe cua
Lec. 450.
c. uachtair
Ciarraichi Superni of A. 17 a 1; ¶  C. Uachtair and C. Iochtair, al. the Goisdealbhacha, in the c. Mayo, Fir. 556; ¶  Upper Kerry in c. Mayo = b. Clanmorris, except the termon of Balla, Fy. 484.
cích cualann
one of the 3 árds of Erin, Lbl. 237; ¶  in Lein.; ¶  cf. Crích Cualann, Slige Cualann; ¶  one of the Dub. or Wick. mts. cichi anand; ¶  gs., il-Luachair, Ll. 9 b; ¶  in Urluachair, Lg. 45; ¶  Dá cích n-Anainne, Cormac; ¶  dp. Cichaib Anann, in or nr Ciarraige Luachra, Sas. 774, the Paps mts. in b. Magonihy, on E. border of Kerry.
the Amazons, Bb. 7 a, Ll. 44 a, 130 b, 135–6. cicil; ¶  Mairt buried (isin traic trén Chicil), Ll. 134.
an ancient people, Bb. 171 b; ¶  but cf. Cyclades; ¶  Aeneas sailed fr. Del, ... by Ciclaid to Crete, Bb. 249 b; ¶  Cyclades in the Aegean.
tribe of Greece, descendants of Mesraim, son of Cam, Bb. 2 a, Lec. 69.
cidh cuillind
al. Teach Cearmna i Sléibh Cuillind, I. 65 a 1. cidnumus; ¶  r. 500 staide fr. Sliabh Tuir, Bb. 269 b.
cignopus mons
.i. Parrona, of St. Fursa, Cs. 105, 108; ¶  Peronne in Picardy.
cillain achaidh
Mochuma Dromai bó 7 Ciallain Achaidh, in Leth-Cathail for úr tragha Dúine Dromma, Lb. 17.
7 sons of Muireadach in Cilliain, Fir. 719.
cillian beg
Aodh, Bp. of, Fir. 718.
Esp. Cillíd Petran (the Bp. of Cillíd-viz., Petran (?)) of Cill Laidibh; ¶  this bp. was of the Dail Mesincorb, Bb. 121 b. cillín; ¶  v. Cellin.
now Killin opposite to Aran, nr SW. point of Casla Bay; ¶  ruined old ch. there, Wc. 7; ¶  Killeen tl. in p. Shankhill in b. and c. Rosc., Mis. i. 248; ¶  plundered by the followers of Fearghal mac Maoldúin on going to the battle of Almhain, K. 164 b; ¶  in Kild. (?); ¶  rectory of Killine, d. Meath, Sp. 1606, p. 57.
c. an pluingcedaigh
plundered by Aodh mac Seuin (O Byrne), Bran. 92 a; ¶  Killeen Castle, the Earl of Fingal's place in Meath.
c. arbelaigh
in Magh Luirc, Con. 59 b.
c. chormaic
in p. Kilbelfad, in SE. b. Tirawley, Fy. 484.
c. cormaic
nr Colbinstown Station, c. Kild.; ¶  Ogam stone there.
c. dubh
in tl. Killeenduff, p. Easkey, b. Tireragh, Fy. 486.
c. fachtna
i Muscraighe Cuirc (q.v.), Md. 410.
c. na mbuiden
Meic Gillibuidi of C., in the Criathrach in Duthaidh Hi Mailchana in Cera; ¶  in Criathrach, b. Cara, c. Mayo; ¶  Killeen nr Ballinrobe, Lec. 168, Fy. 158, 202, Fir. 272.
c. na buidheanach
Kilboyne in b. Carra, Mayo; ¶  seat of Sir Ch. O Mally, Fy. 192.
c. na ngarg
Killeen, in p. Robeen, b. Kilmaine, but anciently in b. Ceara, Fy. 158, 198, 486.
St. Andrew's; ¶  Kilrimont, Cartae of 1144.
Ui Saráin Chimbeada of Ui Garrchon, Lec. 194; ¶  for Sarán cimbid the captive (?).
in Connaught; ¶  so called fr. Címe Cheithirceann, a Firbolg, at L. Cími, Bb. 208 a, Fir. 67, K. 124 a, Lec. 554; ¶  cath C. gained by Amalgaid, Lbl. 909, Fy. 22, Lec. 162; ¶  at Lough Hacket, c. Galw.
Ll. 135 b; ¶  the Cimmerian Bosphorus or Straits of Kaffa.
cinaid aeisimail
9,000 of Parthalon's people died in one week in Cinaid Aeisimail, Lec. 545.
cinaidh chind conrui
C. C. C., son of Daire; ¶  in Críoch Berri, in Corco Laigde, Bb. 207 a; ¶  a place or tribe (?).
cinaidh echach
Cath Segsa in it, Bb. 156 a.
Hui Colman Cindeand; ¶  of the For-sloindti Hui Garrchon, Lec. 194.
cined cathaír
Mr. 124.
cined cuinn
race of Conn, fr. whom Leth Cuinn.
cined eogain
al. Cenel Eogain, Tl. 154.
at Cruach Aighle in Connacht, Fir. 67; ¶  Cath Cinge, al. Címe; ¶  fought by Amhalgaidh, Fir. 250, Fy. 22.
cingit ferchon
in Crích Ross; ¶  the 13 tombstones of the band of Fercu are there, Lu. 82 b; ¶  al. Cinnit Ferchon, Ll. 80 a.
a terr. of the Cruithni, Z. 175 a; ¶  v. Cinne, Cint. cinnard; ¶  Caeldon in b. Dungannon, Tirone, Fm. v. 1404. cinnbera; ¶  in Ulltaibh, Hb. 75 a.
battle of, by Amalgaidh, Lu. 38 a; ¶  won by Nathi, Bb. 63 a.
a terr. of the Cruithni, Z. 175 a; ¶  v. Cinn.
the second city of Egypt visited by Mary, lb. 142, Fer. 105.
castrum de C.; ¶  burned by O Tothile, Gr. 122; ¶  seems in Wick. or Dub.; ¶  Pembridge has here castrum de Lions; ¶  New Castle Lyons; ¶  v. Cint.
Ciomhsóg; ¶  in France whence the Ciosógaigh (Cusacks) get their name, Fir. 835.
the Cusacks of Tirawly, Fy. 328.
Cyprian, Bb. 36.
Cir 7 Cuirrel mná in Dagdha; ¶  .i. Da Chnoc ag Brugh na Bóinne, I. 145 a 1, Bb. 190 b, Lbl. 407.
Barnewall of; ¶  Crikston in my "Description of Ireland, 1598" p. 93; ¶  Baile circais or curcais (?), in b. Ratoath, c. Meath, Fir. 840; ¶  Barnabhalach Circistoún, Au. iii. 494; ¶  Circustoum, Fm. v. 1306.
Cath Circhind, Tigern. 596; ¶  prob. Kirkintulloch, a p. NE. of Glasgow, Adr. 35, Cps. 440, Hb. 62.
an ancient people, Bb. 171 b.
cirig céthach
one of the 7 Pictish divisions of Alba (Cirech, Lec. 303), Bb. 113 a.
in dry. Clonard, d. Meath, Tax.
cithamair fer mochtaiti
Zc. iii. 466; ¶  cath Cúile Cóiláin i tóib Cithamrae, Arc. ii. 376.
C. Benchuir, C. Murchon, Cs. 295, F. 99; ¶  in Irish Mainistir, Cathair and Cell.
Oilén Clabaigh i Tír-cendfhada, Clabby island and Cronnog, in b. Tirkennedy, c. Ferm., Au. iii. 530, iv. 70. clachan mucadha; ¶  on Sliabh an iarain, c. Leit., Lc. i. 408, Con. 15 a.
clach oilen
in Brefney; ¶  Mac Raghnaill, chief of Muintir Eoluis, slain there, Con. 26 b, 27 b.
the Clady r. in Gweedore, c. Don., das. Cladaigh. cladacha sylva; ¶  O'S. III. vii. 7; ¶  seems nr Cork.
cladach dubh
Claddiochdow, in Wigtownsh.; ¶  Max.
ds. Cladaind; ¶  the plundering of O Néill in C. in Clann Connmaigh, Con. 50 b; ¶  Cladann tl. in Clanconway, c. Galw., on W. of r. Suck; ¶  now obsolete, Fm. iv. 818.
cladh carad
in Hy Maine, I. 41 b 2.
clad chonachla
Síl Daithi ext. fr. it to Codnach Cloindi Puint, Lec. 349.
clad in renda
Tig. Rc. xviii. 50; ¶  at Tuam ... timchell coitchend Tuama da gualand otá cend descertach Cluidh in renda co Finnmagh. clad na féine; ¶  nr or "around" Cuillend Ua gCuanach in Limk. and Tipp. borders, Sas. 5735.
clad na muíce
great ditch or wall erected by Severus to keep out the Gaidil and the Picts, I. 92 a 2, Bb. 115 a, Lec. 300, N. 65, Ha. 812; ¶  fr. the Solway to the mouth of the Tyne.
clad rois
al. Cladros; ¶  in Islay, Cps. 312, Bb. 84 b, Lec. 240, X. 68.
clad sachsan
al. Guaul, Bb. 115 a; ¶  al. Clad na Muice, q.v.; ¶  Clad Saxan, Lec. 41, Ha. 812.
Clane vil. and b. in Ui Faeláin, c. Kild., Fm. iv. 946; ¶  i n-Uib Faelain a Maig Laigen, F. 80, 88, 183, Fg. 98, 244, Md. 132, F. 183; ¶  Claonadh, Fg. 98, Mt. 24; ¶  on left bank of Liffey on road fr. Dub. to Rathangan (Ráith Imgain); ¶  a beautiful ráith or dún there; ¶  g. Cloento, Au. i. 254; ¶  Banban, abb. Claonta, Fm. i. 382; ¶  cath Claenta, Sil. 409, Fia. 108, in which the Leinstermen beat the K. of Éire; ¶  ds. Cloenad; ¶  National Synod there in 1162, Au. ii. 140; ¶  das. Cloenath; ¶  Cellach Cualann beat Bodbcath Mide there, Au. i. 152, Ch. 115; ¶  v. Casán Claenta; ¶  Cloinad, Cassán Clóinta, Cruachan Cláenta, Rc. viii. 56, XXV. 50; ¶  d. Clóinud, g. Clóinta, Ll. 116 b.
this oldest best form is preserved in asf., Of. 335; ¶  v. Ferte; ¶  ns. in Chlaenferta i Temraig, Ll. 299 b; ¶  ataít in dí Claenfherta fri Raith Grainde an-iar, isin Claenfherta dhescertaigh ro horta an ingenrad la Laighniu Dia Samhna, isin Ch. thuaiscertaig rug Lughaidh Mac Con an ngubreth, Sa. 4 a 1, I. 143 b 2, Pd. viii. 16; ¶  a place on the W. slope of Tara, where Dunlang, son of Enna Niad, massacred 30 princesses and their 300 women; ¶  Cormac the monarch put 12 princes of Lein. to death, and increased the borumha or cow-tribute imposed on Lein. 80 years before by Tuathal the monarch in punishment of another outrage on the women of the royal house, Fm. i. 114, Bb. 142 b, 118 b, Lbl. 888.
Cloenferta at Clonmacnois; ¶  ro hadhnaicedh cend 7 taisi Diarmada isin C. i. gCluain Meic Nóis, no isin ceiti, ar as innti ro thogh fein a adhnaccol, I. 134 a 2, Lbl. 875.
Clonlish in b. Up. Connello, Limk., bordering on Cork and Kerry, Tp., Lc. ii. 288; ¶  gf. na Claenglaise, Fm. ii. 1116; ¶  in SW. of Limk.; ¶  "commons of Cleanlish" in p. Killeedy, b. Glenquin, Ods. 598; ¶  Ó Cuiléin, rí Claenglaise, A.D. 1266; ¶  Mac Gibun, tigerna Claonglaise, Con. 19 a, 81 b, Fir. 787.
Clenglasia in Atharla, O'S. II. iv. 15; ¶  in the region of the Glen of Aherlow, c. Tipp., same as previous place (?).
claenglais breg
C. hi Maig Breg, Ll. 205 a; ¶  Feacht aile do choidh Maine Moepert for orgain ind Ulltaibh contaraidh Conall Cernach fair a C. B. .i. ainm na h-abha sin; ¶  Ocain iar Maine do goirthear di ó sin alle, Sto. 28 b 1; ¶  al. Sruth maine; ¶  táinic Conall roimhe ina chathruathar confathach go Claonglaisi B., Hf. 47 b, 2nd part; ¶  a r. in p. of Maine, 5 m. SE. of Dunleer (?).
Claoininis for L. Éirne, Fg. 216, Fm. v. 1330, 1341, Au. iii. 530, 44; ¶  Cleenish island on L. Erne gives name to p. of Cleenish, d. Clogher, Fm. iv. 966; ¶  7 a ég for Oilen Locha Iamhrugan a Claín-inis Muinntiri Cianáin for L. Éirne, Au. iii. 168; ¶  St. Sinell of, Au. ii. 66, 412; ¶  Meg Uidhir, i. airchideochain Clochair 7 persun Achaid Urchuire 7 tigh. Claín-indsi 7 Rossa Oirrthir, Au. iii. 94.
in Mayo, Oilén Etgair was in it, not far fr. L. Con, Sil. 53; ¶  nr Castlebar, Ci., Fm. iii. 326; ¶  in Clann Chuain, Fm. iii. 78, 420; ¶  Innisntór Claonlocha, in Connahct, Fm. iii. 326, Hb. 123, Ai. 55 b.
now Belhavel L. in p. Killarga, b. Dromahaire, c. Leit.; ¶  the Duff, al. Diffagher r. runs fr. it to L. Allen, Fm. iii. 322, Ci.; ¶  the Pgi. calls it Clean Lake; ¶  at Fedh Conmaicne, in Brefney (?), Con. 12 a.
battle of, in Kinelea, Fy. 373, Hb. 59, Fir. 182; ¶  Cloenloch, Mane slain there, Ch. 44, Au. i. 48; ¶  in Cinel Aedha na hEchtge, round Gort, c. Galw., Ac. 74. claenloch; ¶  nr Leitir in Scotl., Cps. 89.
claenloch sléibe fuait
in Ultaib, E. 19; ¶  Brian went thither, and received the pledges of Cenel Eoghain and Ulad, Lg. 222; ¶  Cloenloch S. F. at Fews Mts. in b. Upr. Fews in SW. of c. Arm., Au. i. 522; ¶  nr Newtownhamilton, Ch. 246, Cri., Fm. ii. 763; ¶  ó Claen mac Ingair, mac rígh Bretan do cer ann, Sa. 71 b 1, Lec. 518, I. 167 b 1.
al. Tara, Bb. 152 a, Lbl. 938, Lct. 188. claenráith; ¶  cath Claonrátha by Conall mac Néill Naoighiallaigh, Fen. 329, St. B. 596; ¶  there are tls. named Cleanrath and Cleenrath in Cork and Longf.
burial-place of the Húi Fhinn of Cul Baili Húi Fhinn in a Trian belonging to O gCongairb in Tuath Muighi finne in Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  in b. Fermoy, Cork.
W. of Gort an gráin in Leath-Baile hI Conchubhair, in Caoille, Lis. 182 b; ¶  v. Caoille.
cath Claidighe etir Cenél Eogain 7 Conaill; ¶  Clady, vil. 4 m. S. of Lifford, Fm. i. 390; ¶  al. bellum Cloitigi, Au. i. 266; ¶  it is in p. of urney, c. Tirone.
in Scotl.; ¶  al. Fodresach, Pc. 10, Sk. 10.
.i. Clíu Arae .i. Are 7 mullach Cli Clíach, Corm. 11. cláire; ¶  Fm. i. 78, 58, Fen. 329, Ch. 321; ¶  hill nr Duntrileague, c. Limk., O'D., Hennessy; ¶  sometimes put for all Mun., Fm. ii. 902; ¶  in b. Small County, Limk.; ¶  Ailill O-luim buried there under a cromlech, Tp., Ll. 128 a, 128 b; ¶  cath Cláire in E. Mun., Fir. 49, Ll. 128 b, Lec. 591, Lg. 107, Mm. 586; ¶  rí Cláre is Chodail, Ll. 157 b; ¶  Tuad Clare Coirpri, A. 19 a b; ¶  i tóeb Clare oc Raith Coirpri, Tl. 200; ¶  al. Mullach Clare, Lec. 204; ¶  Sliab Claire, Ch. 320; ¶  Dún gClaire, nr Duntrileague, Cam. Ev. i. 273; ¶  but Duntrileague tl. is in p. Galbally, b. Coshlea, Limk.; ¶  seems part of Galtee Mts.; ¶  a Ríoghport of K. of Cashel and Mun., I. 136 a 2, Bb. 149 a, Lct. 92, Lis. 143 a, Lct. 92; ¶  Mullach Sléibe Cláire in Mun.; ¶  Ailill Ó-lom slain there, Lis. 209 a; ¶  fr. Claire to Dergderc was part of the l. given by Fiacha Muilleathan, K. of Mun., to Cairbre Musc for an historical poem he recited at Aine Chliach, Fir. 441; ¶  there are two forts called Dún gClaire:- 1. Lios Dún gclaire, b. Coshlea, c. Limk.; ¶  2. Dún gClaire, b. Corcaguiney, Kerry; ¶  also Clare Hill, a mt. which forms the N. termination of the Slieve Logher range.
the r. Clare; ¶  al. the Tuam r. in p. Tuam.
N. of Sruth in Chaisleáin, in Pobal Bhriain, Ai. 107 b.
r. entering the Fergus above Ennis.
secht catha C., Zcp. iii. 461, Mm. 621; ¶  Clareen, name of many places.
i Francaib, Clairvaux, Fm. ii. 1084.
clais an aifrinn
Clashanaffrin, 1 m. fr. Kilcrea in p. of Ovens, c. Cork; ¶  al. Clashanaffrin in p. Desertmore, c. Cork.
clais an chairnn
in d. Kilmore (Ref. lost).
clais bhán
in p. Lairg, Sutherl., Inv. xx. 114. clais duirdrind; ¶  re Caisil a tuaid, Ha. 770.
claithar cell
betw. Mag Lena and the Brosna r. of Slaib Bladma, Ll. 263 b; ¶  prob. in Fir Cell, now the b. of Eglish, King's c., or part of it.
claith cliath
Nuaga died there, Tor. 310.
clann ádaim
race of Adam Staunton in b. Carra, Mayo, Fm. iii. 324, Ci.
clann aeda
tribe name and l. of the Magennis, of Down, Tp., Ci.; ¶  in Ui Echach Ulad, Au. ii. 172; ¶  Mag Aengusa, lord of C.A. Ua nEchdach, Fm. iii. 158; ¶  Aed Magnus Mag Angasa dux Clanaeda Oveach Ulad (Newry Charter of an. 1158).
c. aeda
the clan Shaw of Scotl.
c. aeda
nr Mag Treagh in b. and c. Longf., an O Farrell sept, Fm. iii. 606, v. 1312, Au. ii. 501; ¶  al. C. A. an tsléibhe, q.v. c. aeda an tsléibhe; ¶  Sept. of O Farrells in b. and c. Longf. at foot of Carn Clanhugh, Mis. i. 240, Fm. v. 1312, Fir. 534.
c. aeda
Clanhugh of b. Clanawly, Ferm.; ¶  al. Clann Aedha Cloinne Amhlaim, Au. iii. 182.
c. aeda buide
Clannaboy, E. of L. Neagh in cc. Ant. and Down, named fr. Aed Buide Ua Néill slain in 1283, Fm. iii. 522, v. 1282, vi. 2044, Ui., Ci.; ¶  al. C. Aedha Bhuidhe Ui Néill; ¶  v. Au. iii. 228, 276, 374, 518, 590, 526, ii. 434, B. lviii. 658, lix. 178, 658, Obr., Lec. ii. 306.
c. aedacain
in Hi Crimthand in Connacht, Con. 17 b; ¶  C. Aedhagáin, sept. of Ui Maine; ¶  the Mac Egans, who supplied hereditary Brehons to different parts of Ireland, Im. 30, Ci., Fy. 433; ¶  McEgans, Brehons of McCarthy Mór; ¶  Ui Crimthaind and C. Aedacain plundered, C. 17 b.
c. aengusa
followers of Brian Bóraimhe, at the battle of Clontarf, K. 171 b.
c. aengusa
Magennises of Down, Fm. v. 1352.
c. aenghusa
in b. Clogher, Tirone, Fm. iii. 66, Lc. i. 174; ¶  now Clananeese, glebe and tl. in p. of Donaghmore.
c. aengusa fert
in Connacht, Fir. 59.
c. ailebra
in c. Down, Fm. iii. 6; ¶  seems in Ulaid, Mac Gilli espuic, rechtaire Catha Monaigh, its chief, Tig. Rc. xviii. 286, Hb. 18, Ai. 43 a.
c. ailello
Bd. 30; ¶  dwelt in Tír n-Ailello, now Tirerrill, c. Sli.
c. ailello
i. Muintir Muigi Bili, Lec. 138; ¶  v. Mag Bili.
c. ailgenain
in Huibh Muinnigh, X. 115.
c. aindriu an bhaic
Barrets of Tirawly in the l. of the Two Bacs, Fy. 326.
c. ainnsin
Fen. 387; ¶  a sub-div. of Clann Finoici.
c. airnealaigh
St. B. 609, 610, 611; ¶  in Tír Conaill or Tír Eoghain; ¶  Inis Locha Beathach seems in this district.
c. alaistir
of Innsi Gall, Scotl., Con. 136 b.; ¶  C. Alexandair, the McDonnells of the Isles, Ui.; ¶  C. Alexandair, Lc. ii. 32.
c. amhlaibh
C. Amhlaim; ¶  Cnoc Ninthi 7 Baile Uí Mhanchain 7 C. A. 7 Cill Naale do losgadh, Au. iii. 622, iii. 182, 214; ¶  Clanawley, al. Glenawley b., c. Ferm., al. Muinter Pheodachain, Fm. iv. 1040.
c. amhlaibh
al. C. Amhlaimh, b. Clanawley, in SW. of Cav., Fm. v. 1264, Au. iii. 458, Con. 85 a.
c. amlaib
sept. of Ui Maine, Im. 32.
c. amhlaibh
C. Awly, C. Owly of Ui Duach, c. Kilk.; ¶  held Kyledonoghouekilly, Cruitt, Loyne, and Kilnabolyskeahanagh, Kj. i. 240.
c. amhlaibh
the McAuliffs of b. Duhallow, c. Cork; ¶  Castle MacAuliffe was the seat of its chief, Kj. i. 478; ¶  of Aes Ealla, nr Newmarket, c. Cork, Ti. 66; ¶  C. Amhlaoibh, Mi.; ¶  betw. Sliab Luachra and Muscraighe, Ar. 306; ¶  in c. Cork, Mi.
c. amhlaibh ui fearghail
in b. Moydoe, c. Longf., Mis. i. 240, Fm. iv. 998, Au. iii. 412, Ci.
c. anairc
Fen. 387; ¶  a sub-div. of C. Faelghusa, q.v.
c. an bháird
sept of the Sodhans in Ui Maine, Lc. ii. 14, Ac. 299.
c. an chaoich
C. an Chaoich Ui Raighilligh; ¶  O'Reillys of b. Clankee in E. Breifne, c. Cav.; ¶  al. C. in Cháich, Lc. ii. 54, Fm. iv. 670, 884, Ui.
c. an fhailghe
in Ui Amhalgaidh Fiachrach, Connacht, Fy. 325; ¶  a Welsh sept, Fm. iii. 378.
c. arcain
Fen. 387; ¶  a sub-div. of Clann Calbrainn.
c. artchuirp
i nDeisib Muman, Lec. 222.
c. baeiscne
al. Fian Laighnech, Lein. Militia, Mac Curtin's Antiq. 83; ¶  C. Baeiscne, Sil. 307, Ry. 124.
c. báird
in cantred of Sodhen in Hy Many, Ac. 299.
c. bhalldair
Gc. 12; ¶  in Corca Laighde (?).
c. bethaig
Clanna Bethaig, Ll. 8 b.
c. bibsaigh
Mag Raghnaill dux of C. B.; ¶  Clann-bibsy; ¶  nr the Shannon in c. Leit.; ¶  "McGranell, chief of C. B.," Mis. i. 249; ¶  C. Bibsaigh in b. and c. Leit., Fm. iv. 1024. c. binnig a tuaith; ¶  al. C. B. na h-Insi, X. 18. c. birn; ¶  Fen. 387; ¶  a sub-div. of C. Faelghusa.
c. birthrago
were O Neill's Brehons, Fy. 432, where the word is C. Biortagro; ¶  I have met n. viri, Birragra of 17th cent.
c. bhloscaidh
the McCloskeys in c. Derry, Lc. ii. 206.
c. bolcain
in Connacht; ¶  Ó Maelchonaire got C. B. in 1232, Ro. c. bradáin; ¶  Fen. 387; ¶  sub-div. of C. Calbrainn, q.v.
c. brain
in Mag Itha; ¶  desc. fr. Braen, son of Niall Cailli, Bb. 44 a, Lec. 129, X. 4, Hx. 183.
c. bresail
C. Breasail; ¶  betw. Ballinasloe and Loughrea; ¶  in Ui Maine, Tp.; ¶  al. Muindter Domnalláin, in Húib Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 32, 76, Fm. iii. 54, note.
c. bresail
in C. Arm.; ¶  l. of the Mac Cana's, Obr.; ¶  nr L. Neagh; ¶  now Clanbrassill or McCann's country; ¶  al. Tír O mBreasail, Fm. iv. 1076; ¶  al. b. Oneilland E., Ui.; ¶  Mac Amhalgadha, chief of, an. 1082, Fm. ii. 918.
c. bresail bric
the Leinstermen, S. of Rath Laegaire, at Tara, Bb. 188 a.
c. bresaill meg duilecháin
in c. Ant., Tp.; ¶  al. Clonbrassell McYoolechan in c. Down (my "Description of Ireland in 1598," pp. 6, 9).
c. bhriain
in Connacht, Fir. 195.
c. briain
Ch. 323; ¶  descendants of Brian Borumha; ¶  C. Briain of Atharlach, in c. Tipp., Fir 640; ¶  in Aherlow.
c. briain ruaidh
a branch of the O Briens, Au. iii. 8.
c. bruaidheada
the Mac Brodys, historians of the O Briens, Fy. 433.
c. bruidgi
Ll. 315 c.
c. buigill
the O Boyles, Au. iii. 628.
c. cába
Mac Cabes of Breifne Ua Ruairc, Fm. iv. 774.
c. caba
in Ferm., Au. iii. 64, 70, 160; ¶  the McCabes(?).
c. chairbri
buried at Clonmacnois, Pi. i. 5; ¶  the descendants of Cairbri Lifechair.
c. cairpri cruim
sept of Ui Maine, desc. fr. Cairpre Crom, 5th fr. Maine Mór, Im. 26.
c. cairbri cruith
in W. Mun.; ¶  of the Dál Cais, Bb. 98 b; ¶  v. next word.
c. chairpri chruithneacháin
in Iarmumhain, that part of W. Mun. belonging to the Dál Cais, Lec. 410; ¶  Ormond in d. Killaloe; ¶  leg. Airmumhain.
c. chairpri guill
in Feimenmag, Lec. 415; ¶  around Clonmel, Tipp.
c. cais
E. § 53; ¶  Clanna Chais, Lct. 62; ¶  the Dalcassians(?).
c. chaisín
the Macnamaras of Clare, MacCurtin's Antiq. 118; ¶  held the l. of the present dry. of Ogashin in E. Clare, Tp.
c. calbrainn
Fen. 387; ¶  branch of Conmaicni Réin, comprising C. Martain, C. Maelduilighe, C. Bradain, C. Arcain and Tellach Uanan.
c. cána
the Mac Canns on S. of L. Neagh, c. Arm., Fm. iv. 1208, Au. iii. 378; ¶  in or nr p. Tartaraghan, Dc. ii. 137.
c. canan
nr Deer in Scotl., D. lvi.
c. chaoich in fheadha
upper part of b. Clankee, Hx. 859; ¶  v. next names.
c. chaoich na clainne oige
the lower part of b. Clankee, Hx. 857; ¶  v. C. an Chaoich.
c. chaoich na seanchloinne
al. Clann Chaoich an Fheadha; ¶  upper part of b. Clankee (v. C. an Chaoich), Hx. 859.
c. capa
the Mac Cabes, Lc. ii. 40; ¶  in Brefney O Reilly, Con. 40 b.
c. carnáin
3 Clancarnans in d. Tuam, Tax.
c. cárthaig
the Mac Carthys, Fm. ii. 1062, Au. iii. 306, Ch. 322, Zc. iii. 32; ¶  al. C. Carrthaigh.
c. carthaigh muscraidhe
in Mun., Hz. 63; ¶  McCarthys of b. Muskerry, Cork.
c. cathail
betw. Elphin and Mantua, c. Rosc.; ¶  O Flannagáin its chief, Con. 30 b, 45 b, Ch. 296, Fm. ii. 578, Au. ii. 286; ¶  l. betw. Belanagare and Elphin, Ar. 280, Mis. i. 247.
c. c. maige haí
the O Flanagan of Mag n-Aoi in Rosc.; ¶  their l. compr. the pp. Kilmacumshy, Kilcorkey, Shankill, and parts of pp. Creeve and Elphin, Tp., Au. i. 190, Fm. iii. 448, iv. 1058, Ci., Pi. i. 6; ¶  al. C. C. mic Muireadaigh Muillethain, Lc. i. 306; ¶  Mac Dermot was K. of Mag Luirg Airtech and of 7 bailes of C. Cathail, Au. ii. 476, Con. 68 b.
c. catháin
the O'Kanes of Derry, St. B. 629.
c. cathaoir
the chief families of Lein., Tp.; ¶  descendants of Cathair Mór.
c. cathmhail
al. C. Cathmhaoil; ¶  Mag Uidhir slain by them, Au. ii. 506; ¶  Lc. ii. 16; ¶  the McCawells; ¶  al. Campbells of b. Clogher, c. Tirone, Fm. iii. 612, Ui.
c. cathnia
al. Caenraige, descendants of Celtchar, Ll. 331.
c. cathusaigh
Fen. 387; ¶  sub-div. of C. Faelghusa, q.v.
c. chéin
Diarmaid mac Findbairr, K. of, i.e., of three Luigne, Corcotri Cloindi Flaithusa and the Gaileanga, Lec. 125; ¶  al. Síl Taidg, son of Cian, in Midhe, Bb. 128 b.
c. céir
the Ciarraige, or descendants of Cíar, Tp.
c. ceithernaigh
Clann Keherny in p. Kilkeevin, b. Castlerea, Rosc., Fm. vi. 1962, iv. 992, Lc. ii. 124; ¶  next Airtech, which is in p. Tibohine, Fm. iii. 469, note; ¶  v. Ciarraige Maige; ¶  Clann Kehernyes in p. Kilkeevin, nr Castlerea, Mis. i. 238.
c. cella
v. Magh Chlainne Cealla, which lay to the W. of Athy, St. B. 448; ¶  leg. C. Cellaigh.
c. cellacháin
Fen. 387; ¶  a sub-div. of C. Fermaighe.
c. cellaigh
the O Kellys of Connacht in Ui Maine, Au. ii. 428, Im. 62, Pi. i. 6.
c. cellaig
at Druim bó, in Ulaid, Mac Firb. Gen. 508–9, Lec. 277; ¶  desc. fr. Cellach, son of Bec Boirche, K. of Ulaid; ¶  betw. Comber and Drumbo in p. Lisburn, c. Down, Dc. ii. 239.
c. cellaigh
b. Clankelly in SE. of Ferm., Fm. iv. 1058, Au. iii. 220, Ci.; ¶  Cú Chonnacht Mac Pilib Meg Uidhir do marbhadh le Clainn Domnaill Clainni Ceallaigh, Au. iii. 2, 146, 214, 246, 284, 300, 324, 440.
c. cellaig
al. Ui Cellaig Cualann, Fm. i. 312, ii. 676; ¶  S. of the Liffey; ¶  Cluain Tibhrine is in C. C., Fg. 202; ¶  which C. C.? c. ceniúil colmáin causain; ¶  Lec. 234; ¶  seem to hold Roscar Crae, Tír Ratha mic Siláin, and fr. Card to Slige Edair na da Chairthi; ¶  v. Tír Rátha mic Siláin and Slige Edair; ¶  Cenel Colmáin were the O Melaghlins of Meath.
c. ceoch
Lc. ii. 4; ¶  of Ballymakeogh in Owney, c. Tipp., Fm. iii. 598; ¶  al. C. Ceoach; ¶  al. C. Ceothach, Lc. ii. 4.
c. cerbaill
a great family of Ossory; ¶  the O Carrolls, Kj. i. 257.
c. chernaig
Cormac, abb. of it, Ll. 42.
c. cernaig
sept of Tuaiscert Ui Maine, including Ui Fináin (properly Ui Uain), Ui Laidhin, Ui Lachtnain, Ui Conbhuidhi, Ui Ullscaidh, Ui Ceinneididh, Ui Dorchaidhi, Ui Sidhachain, Ui Furadhain, Ui Cuillen, Ui Crabhadhain, Im. 28–9.
c. chernaig meic diarmata
gegnatar cuana cose in tháebu úara Aichle, Pd. viii. 50; ¶  SW. of Tara, Fer. 38.
c. cethern
al. Ciarraige Ai; ¶  in Rosc., Of. 276.
c. ciairmheic
Gc. 10.
c. ciaracan
Fen. 387; ¶  sub-div. of Clann Finoicci.
c. ciaráin
in Tír Conaill; ¶  belonged to Síol Séadna, St. B. 601. c. cille aladh; ¶  Bb. 62 a; ¶  at Killala; ¶  desc. fr. "Tomaltach; ¶ " I think it is in O Dowd's l.
c. cinaith in triucha
Au. iii. 140, Ci.; ¶  C. Cionáit an Triúcha, the MacKennas of Triuch chéd an Chladaigh, or b. Trough, c. Mon., Fm. iv. 906; ¶  C. Chinath, Lc. ii. 156.
c. chinneide
C. C., E. and W., Tor. 53; ¶  the O Kennedys(?).
c. chinnfhaelaidh
held in NW. of Don. the pp. Raymunterdony and Tullaghobegly, Tp.; ¶  O Baigill, chief of, slain by Muintir Ui Mailgaithi, A.D. 1284, Con. 22 b.
c. cionáit an triucha
v. C. Cinaith an T.
c. chionaoith
Munter Kenny in b. Dromahaire, Leit., betw. L. Allen and the r. Arigna, Tp.
c. cir
Clanna Cir in Ciarraige Luachra, Lis. 151 b.
c. chirdubháin
Fen. 387; ¶  a sub-div. of Clann Finoicci.
c. cléirigh
of Breifni Ui Raghallaigh, descendants of Aodh Cléireach of the stock of Ui Fiachrach Aidhne, Fy. 69, 88. c. clothachtaig; ¶  sub-div. of Síl Maelfitrig, Fen. 386.
c. cnaimhsighe
Zep. v. 72.
c. cobthaig meg Samhradháin
in b. Leyney, Sli.
c. choiléin
al. C. Chuiléin, q.v.; ¶  the Mac-Namaras, followers of Brian at Clontarf, K. 171 b, Ti. 78; ¶  tribe name of the MacNamaras of Clare, co-ext. with dry. of Ogashin, betw. r. Fergus and the Shannon; ¶  terr. of the Eastern MacNamaras in E. Clare, Fm. v. 1636, Ti. 78; ¶  Of. 388; ¶  in Huibh Caisin, Ai. 58 b; ¶  Abha O gCearnaig in it, Fm. an. 1564, 1597; ¶  Cloinn Choiléin Uachtaraigh in Thomond, W.(?) of the Shannon, Ai. 73 a, Tor. 78; ¶  v. C. Cuiléin.
c. coilin
Mac Suibhne Baghaineach do mharbhadh i mbaile meic Suibhne lá C. C., Fm. v. 1518; ¶  in or nr Don.
c. coinleccain
nr Shinrone, King's c., Tp.
c. choinneiccein
Mac Suibhne baghaineach do mharbhadh i mbaile meic Suibhne la C. C., Fm. v. 1518.
c. colcan
of Tigh Cainen in O Failge (Clann Cholcain of the Life), Lec. 200; ¶  C. Colgan; ¶  co-ext. with b. Philipstown, King's c., Fm. iv. 818; ¶  C. Colgan, branch of Sliocht Cathaoir mhóir; ¶  St. B. 622; ¶  al. Clár Colgan, nr Croghan in b. Lower Philipstown, King's c.; ¶  O hAenghusa dux of Clann Colgan, Con. 50 a; ¶  fr. Colgu, son of Maelduin, Bb. 43 b; ¶  v. Mi. an. 1414.
c. colla
in Ferm., Au. ii. 204; ¶  Ci., Mr. 142, Fen. 402; ¶  McCawell, chief of, Au. an. 1185; ¶  C. Collu in Ferm., towards Tirone, Fm. iii. 66.
c. colla dá crích
Bb. 110 a; ¶  the Maguires were of it.
c. colmáin
nr Tailtiu, Bb. 50 b; ¶  .i. ríoghrad Midhe, K. 170 b, St. B. 622; ¶  tribe name of the O Melaghlins of b. Clonlonan, Westm., Fm. iv. 1062, v. 1388, 1498, Ac. 51, Obr., K. 180 a; ¶  the Ui Maelechlainn and others said here to be desc. fr. Colmán Beg, son of Diarmait mac Cerbhaill, but really fr. Colman mór, his brother, Hen., Au. i. 74, 484, Fm. ii. 694; ¶  desc. fr. Conall, who gave Domnach Patricc to our apostle, Lb. 27; ¶  b. Clonlonan, Mis. i. 250; ¶  desc. fr. Colman mór, 2nd son of K. Diarmaid Mac Cerbheoill, slain 552; ¶  branch of the southern Ui Neill, of which the O'Melaghlins were the chief family, Fen. 244–5, Sil. 34, Ch. 220, Cg. 130, Mi., Cri., St. B. 450, 437.
c. colmain bic
i.e., Lucht Críche na Cetach, Lec. 452.
c. colmáin meic chobtaig
Sil. 59.
c. colmáin móir
i.e., Ui Mailechlainn with their relations and Hui Domnallain in Fearaibh Tulach, Hui Charraic, Mic Muirichen and Muindter Mailchein in Cenél Fiachach Meic Neill Naigiallaigh, Lec. 452; ¶  Clann Cholmain 7 Calraighi d'eirghi doibh 'sa nGairbh-eisgir, Au. iii. 254.
c. comain
a sept of Ui Maine desc. fr. Coman, 7th fr. Maine Mór, Im. 26, 30.
c. chonaigi
in Connacht; ¶  desc. fr. Lugaid Laga, Lec. 406.
c. conaill
Oa Gormáin of that stock, connected with Kells, Bk. 6 b; ¶  perh. fr. Baile ui Gormáin, now Gormanstown.
c. conaill
al. Cenél Conaill, Lc. i. 104.
c. conaill
al. C. Colmáin or O Melachlainns, desc. fr. Conall Cremthainne; ¶  they were buried in Clonmacnois, Pi. i. 5.
c. conaill
Mr. 142, 162.
c. conaill
Clanda Conaill ocus Eogain, Bco. 30 a 1.
c. conaill chernaig
Clanna Ch. Ch., .i. Dál n-Araide 7 Ui Echach Ulad 7 Conaille Muirtheimne 7 Laigse Laigen 7 na secht Sogain, Ll. 331 c, Lec. fo. 140; ¶  al. Cruithnig .i. Dalnaraide held fr. Carrec Indbeir Uisci or Indbeir Uacht to Lind buachalla, Cps. 318.
c. conaing
descendants of Conaing, son of Fergus, son of Amhalgaidh; ¶  al. Ui Airmeadhaigh, in p. Killala, b. Tirawley, Fy. 8.
c. conaing
i.e., Muintir Screbda, at Druim Cheraind, in Huibh Echach, i.e., the Clann Forballaigh na Cailli (Cenél mBindigh), Lec. 131.
c. conairi
of Aine, pay no tribute to K. of Cashel, Bb. 148 b. c. chonairi; ¶  the "dá Tuaith an Fhochla uile" do C. Ch., dual do Ó Caolaidhe a gcoiméd," Bran. 153 b.
c. conairi
Mr. 122.
c. conallaig
Mg. xiv.
c. conchobair
the O Conors of Connaught, who desc. fr. Conchobar, K. of Connaught, in 970, Tp.
c. conchobair
Ua Mail Brenaind taisech of, Au. ii. 150, 440; ¶  in p. Baslick, nr Ballintober, c. Rosc., Fm. ii. 954, Ch. 342; ¶  Ci., Ui; ¶  Lisalway in it, Ui.
c. conchobhair
of the Hy-Fiachrach, Fy. 114; ¶  seem the O'Dowds or their connexions.
c. chondlai
the Ossorians, and also Leinstermen, Ll. 339 a; ¶  C. Conla, .i. the chiefs of Ossory, Fia. 8; ¶  C. Connla in Ossraigib, fr. Sliab Bladma, S. to the Sea, Lis. 152 a.
c. chongail
in Tirone, Fm. iii. 294, Au. iii. 508; ¶  al. Trían Congail.
c. congaile
in Tír Eoghain, in S. of c. Tirone, Lc. i. 348, Ci.; ¶  C. Conghaile in Tír Manach, c. Ferm., Au. ii. 296; ¶  Mac Gille Míchil, chief of, Au. ii. 418, Fm. iii. 496.
c. congalaig
Ua Dubthaig of; ¶  seems in Meath, nr Kells and Domnach mór, Bk. 7 a.
c. conmail
of this stock were the Eoganacht, Cianacht, Gaileng, Luigne, Dál Caiss and Hui Echach, Lec. 62.
c. connmaigh
betw. Athlone and t. of Rosc., Fm. v. 1316; ¶  Clanconow, al. Clanconway on W. of r. Suck, a branch of the O Finaghtys, Fm. iii. 23, note; ¶  Clanconoo, b. Ballymoe, Galw., Tp.; ¶  on W. of the Suck, and also E. of it in Rosc., Ci., Kj. ii. 342, Mis. i. 207; ¶  Mac Daibhith Burke occupied it, Au. iii. 410, Fir. 806; ¶  Crecan in it, Lc. ii. 120; ¶  C. Conmaig, a sub-div. of Síl Muiredaig, Tig. Rc. xviii. 159, Lct. 108; ¶  O Fionnachtaigh its chief, Lct. 108; ¶  Fir. 240; ¶  about the r. Suck, Fir. 240; ¶  betw. Mag Aoi and Ui Maine; ¶  i crích Maine mic Echdach, Ar. 130, 238.
c. chorcráin
Sil. 307.
c. cormaic
Ua Buachaillén of that stock, Bk. 27 a; ¶  in Meath. c. chormaic; ¶  al. C. Lugan, so called fr. Cormac mac Cairpri Damargait, Ll. 333.
c. corpmaic cais
the O Briens of Thomond and their correlatives, Tp.
c. corpmaic maenmuighe
in Moinmoy, in Ui Maine, Tp.
c. corrdercain
a sub-div. of C. Faelghusa, Fen. 386.
c. coscraigh
on E. of Galw. Bay, Tp., Fm. ii. 882; ¶  sub-section of Ui Briúin Seola, on the E. of L. Corrib, c. Galw., Ch. 268; ¶  held b. Clare, c. Galw., Ui.; ¶  desc. fr. Duach tengaduma, Bb. 90 b.
c. coscraigh
held b. Bantry, c. Wex., Tp.; ¶  ó Bhearbha go Sláine soir cuid Críche Chloinne Chosgraidhe, Sluagh Bentraighe na ccíabh ccam, an F(h)ian sheabhcaidhe shúilmhall, Bran. 153 a.
c. craith
the Magraths of Thomond, poets of the O Briens, Fy. 433, Fm. iv. 1180.
c. chreachain
in Connacht; ¶  desc. fr. Lugaid Laga, Lec. 406, 423, Bb. 109 a; ¶  Madadhan Ua hIfernáin taoiseach of, Hb. 89; ¶  C. Crecháin, Tig. Rc. xvii. 387; ¶  a people of Bregia apparently; ¶  C. Crecáin in Bregia, Fm. ii. 852; ¶  Ua hIfernáin, chief of, Hb. 89, Ui.
c. cremthaind
sept of Ui Maine desc. fr. Crimthann Cael, 4th fr. Maine mór, Im. 26.
c. cromáin
sept of Conmaicni Réin, Fen. 384.
c. cronáin
a sub-div. of C. Finoicci, Fen. 386.
c. cronnmaoil
in Tír Conaill, branch of Síol Séadna, St. B. 601. c. cruitín; ¶  the Mac Curtins, Antiquaries of the O Briens of Thomond, Fy. 433, Fir. 6.
c. chruthnig
destroyed the Tuatha Fidga, Pd. 30; ¶  Picts. c. cuain; ¶  al. Fir Thíre, al. Fir Sliúire, around and in Castlebar, Fy. 160; ¶  in b. Carra, Mayo, Fm. iii. 78; ¶  in pp. Islandeady, Turlogh and Breaffy, Fy. 205; ¶  al. N. part of b. Carra, Fy. 486, Tp., Au. iii. 62; ¶  Clancuan in dry. of Mayo, d. Tuam, Tax.; ¶  a Cera a Clainn Cuain, Au. iii. 62, Kj. ii. 346; ¶  al. Fir Thíre, or Fir Sliúire, fr. r. Siuir, which flowed by Caisleun an Bharraigh, its chiefs are O Cuinn, Ó Maoilfhiona, Mag Flannagáin, Lec. 168, Fir. 272; ¶  O Conor went into Gailenga, Clann C., Cera and Conmaicne Cúile Toladh, Lc. ii. 142, Con. 49 b.
c. cuain
al. Aicidheacht, in McDermot's country, Fm. iii. 262; ¶  in Elphin; ¶  Pearsún Maighi Luirg, Airtig 7 Cloinne C., Fm. iii. 352.
c. cuanach
desc. fr. Diarmait of Cenél Fergusa, Rí Cairrce Brath Sude, X. 8; ¶  leg. Ri C. Bracaide(?).
c. cucrichi
al. Ui Aedáin in Cenél Loegaire at L. nAindinne, Bb. 52 b, Lec. 46, Fir. 189; ¶  nr L. Ennell, Westm.
c. cuilen
C. Cuiléin; ¶  Cú mara Mac Con mara, taisech of, Au. iii. 2, Lc. ii. 168; ¶  Cú Meadha Mac Conmara, adhbur taisigh Clainni C., Au. iii. 72; ¶  until 1318 was a small district containing pp. Quin, Tulla, Cloney, Dowry, Kilraghtis, Kiltalagh, Templemaley, Inchacronan, and Kilmurry na gall; ¶  after 1318 they got the l. betw. r. Fergus and the Shannon, Fm. iii. 206, vi. 2048; ¶  v. C. Coiléin.
c. chuilén uachtarach
named fr. Eogan Mac Cuílen, of the Hui Caissin, Bb. 104 a.
c. cuinn
chiefs and folk of the N. half of Ireland, Au. ii. 478, Lec. 460, Fm. i. 516, Bco. 30 a 1; ¶  dp. clannaib Cuind, race of Conn Cétchathach, Mr. 216, Fy. 52; ¶  Clanna Cuinn Chétchathaig, the Ulst. and Connachtmen, Lb. 216 a; ¶  bardic name.
c. chuinn
comprised 20 baili na Colaman, 30 trichaid Fini Gall 7 Airgialla, Lec. 460.
c. cuirc
Cg. 84; ¶  in Corco Duibhne, Lis. 151 b.
c. cummaiscc
in or nr Mag Luirg; ¶  Mac Diarmada, K. of Mag Luirg, captured there by O Conor, Con. 31 b.
c. cuscraigh
W. of r. Succa, in Connacht, Lec. 157; ¶  cf. C. Coscraigh.
c. daimin
in Mon.; ¶  St. Ende of Aran was of that race, Of. 365. c. dairine; ¶  in Mun., Ml. 2; ¶  Corcaille mac Conn, the ruidlius Clainne D., Lis. 176 a; ¶  a Chlanna Dairfhine! Mr. 122.
c. dálaigh
the O Donnells, Fm. v. 1312–3; ¶  descendants of Dalach (d. 868), grandfather of Domhnall, fr. whom the O Donnells are named, Fen. 138, 356, Tp., Ti. 54, Lc. ii. 98, Zcp. v. 30. c. dedad; ¶  .i. Síl Conaire 7 Érnai, Lu. 51 b, 41 b; ¶  their burial place was Temair Erand, Lu. 41 b; ¶  of Temair Luachra or Lochra, a warrior clan of Mun., Mac Curtin, Lu., Tbf. 215, Ml. 8.; ¶  they were one of the three warrior clans of Érin (not hirelings, I trust), Lu., Tbf. 215; ¶  best soldiers of Curoi, in W. Mun. Hk. 398; ¶  got and held the l. fr. Áth na Bóroimhe to Léim na Con, and fr. Fiodh Ceidinis and Easgar Ríada to Luimneach; ¶  this was the l. whereon had been the Seantuatha Fear mBolg, Ai. 87 a; ¶  were they Firbolgs? in W. Mun.; ¶  Curúi's subjects or followers, Ll. 264 b, K. 140 a, Hk. 398; ¶  Rob aibhind do Claind Deaghadh dia raibe a teach a Teamair (Luachra), Sa. 33 b 2.
c. deguail
in MS. Clain D., Edin. MSS. xxviii. Kilbride 24, in Rc. xx. 338; ¶  Tuatha Bolgraighe 7 C. Deguail placed by Cairpre Cindchait "for Cenél Conaill."
c. deirg
the soldiers of the K. of Lein.; ¶  their place of muster was Dinn Ríg over the Barrow; ¶  Rr. 22, 38, and §§ 16, 19, 29. c. delbaith; ¶  al. C. Dealbhaoith, tribe-name of the O Neills of Tradry in S. Clare; ¶  Tradry dry. contains pp. Tomfinloch, Bunratty, and 8 other pp., Tp.
c. dercctine
the people of Desmond, Fm. v. 1732, Ml.
c. diarmada
in E. Teffia, Fm. ii. 962.
c. diarmada
fr. Diarmaid, son of Aedh Ornidhe, Bb. 44 a.
c. diarmada
the McEgan's of Duniry in S. of c. Galw., Fm. iii. 186.
c. diarmada
al. the Campbell Clan of Scotl., claiming descent fr. Diarmuit ua Duibhne, Dl. 31.
c. diarmada
Mac Eidigan, the Flaith of, in Hui Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 74, Tp.; ¶  McEgans, tribe-name of the MacEitigen; ¶  al. situated round Duniry in S. of c. Gal., Fm. iii. 187; ¶  Duniry is a tl. and p.
c. diarmata
Port rois in Ulst. seems in it, Au. ii. 236.
c. diarmata
O Cairelláin, chief of; ¶  p. Clandermot, al. Clondermot, b. Tirkeeran, c. Derry, Ci., Cv. 129, Au. ii. 46, 246; ¶  called Ua Cianalláin of C. D. in Md. xxxii.; ¶  v. Domnach Mor Clainne D.; ¶  a sept of the Cenél Eogain on E. of r. Foyle, Fm. ii. 938, iii. 32.
c. diarmata
called Clandermot till 17th cent.; ¶  consisted of Tullyrusk p., tls. of Ballymacward, Tornagrough, and Ballydonaghy nr Belfast, c. Ant.; ¶  Clondermot dry. comprised the N. part of d. Down, fr. the Lagan at Belfast to L. Neagh, Dc. ii. 454, 463. c. diarmata mic larein; ¶  i.e., C. Ossene, Hui Tomrair, and Muinter Thaige na Commairche, X. 6.
c. diarmata ruaidh
a n-imel Coillted Concobuir, attacked by O Donnell, Au. iii. 516; ¶  the family of MacDermot Roe, al. clan of MacDermot Roe, Ci.
c. dinnachain
Fen. 387; ¶  a sub-div. of Clann Faelghusa, q.v.
c. domnaill
the McDonnells of Ant. and the Isles, Au. ii. 524, Ci.; ¶  C. Domnaill na hAlban, Au. iii. 384, 328, 372; ¶  the genelach of C. Domnaill is in Sr. 79 a b; ¶  but which C. Domnaill?
c. domhnaill
the O Lavertys of Tirone, Ui.
c. domhnaill
one of the free tribes of Tirconnell, Fen. 356; ¶  descendants of Domhnall mór, the O Donnells of c. Don., Fen. 356, 353.
c. domnaill clainni ceallaigh
Fm. v. 1260, Au. iii. 2, 246; ¶  of Clankelly; ¶  v. Clann Cellaigh; ¶  Cú Chonnacht Mac Pilib Meg Uidhir do marbadh le C. D. C. C., Au. iii. 2.
c. domhnaill duinn na banna
Fir. 121 a; ¶  descendants of Domnall Donn O'Neill on the Ant. side of the Bann, called Clandonnells by English writers, but wrongly McDonnells and McConnells by Camden, &c., Proc. vii. 214.
c. domhnaill gallocclach
the MacDonnells of Mayo, Fm. v. 1848. c. domhnaill locha con; ¶  a branch of Ui Dubhda of Tir Fhiachrach settled at L. Con, c. Mayo, Fy. 13, 350, Ci.
c. domnaill na coninnsi
Au. iii. 534, Fm. v. 1349; ¶  in b. Dartree, c. Mon., Ui.; ¶  v. Coininis.
c. domhnaill sléibe ruaidh
nr Blessington, c. Wick.; ¶  al. McDonnells, Lc. ii. 408.
c. donnchadha
the O Dunphys of Ossory, Kj. i. 257.
c. donnchaidh
a Galw. family; ¶  branch of the O Flahertys, desc. fr. Donnchadh Aluinn O Flaherty, Fm. vi. 1882; ¶  in Iarthar Connacht, Fir. 203, Con. 54 a.
c. donnchaidh
Clann Donough; ¶  branch of the Mac Dermots of Moylurg, Fm. iv. 836; ¶ 
c. donnchadha
or C. Donnchaidh; ¶  the Mac Donoughs of Tirerrill, c. Sli., Au. iii. 562, Ci.; ¶  al. C. Donnchaidh an Chorainn, Ar. 176; ¶  C. Donnchaidh Tíre hOillella, Au. iii. 70, 58, 42.
c. donnchaidh ui dubhda
C. Donough O Dowda, Fm. iv. 912; ¶  in district or Coolcarney, Mayo, Fy. 354.
c. donnghaili
of Mun., Lis. 148 b; ¶  the O Gradys; ¶  v. C. Dungaili. c. duach; ¶  Fen. 237; ¶  descendants of Duach Galach; ¶  al. the O Conors, MacDermots, O Flahertys and other Connacht tribes, ibi.; ¶  banished into Iarthar Muman, Ll. 319.
c. dubhgaill
Lc. ii. 352; ¶  in c. Rosc., Ci.
c. dublaind
al. C. Flaind Duib; ¶  Diarmaid blessed them for giving him Ros Reided in Connacht. Lec. 123.
c. duibh
i Maigh Ascad, Fg. 196.
c. duibdíorma
Finn's friends in Allen, Sil. 336.
c. duibgind
O Duibgind, chief in Hi Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 76.
c. duibhinrecht
desc. fr. Duibinrecht, son of Niall Caille, Bb. 44 a; ¶  in Ferm., An. ii. 204; ¶  a branch of the Mac Cawells; ¶  in b. Clogher, in c. Tyrone, Fm. iii. 66.
c. duinnchuain
E. 85.
c. duiphshíth
C. D. na h-Alban, Lc. ii. 416; ¶  settled and fighting in Ireland.
c. dungaile
in Ossory, Fia. 242.
c. dungaile
tribe-name of the O Gradys of Clare, Ui.
c. dunghalaigh
in Uib Briúin Breifne, Fm. ii. 1134.
c. ebir
the Clann Ebir are Dál Cais, Dal Céin, Dealbhna, the N. Desi (Dal Mesicorb, as some say), Dal Mathrach, hÚi Derduibh, Catraighe, N. Ele, Tuath Thuirbhi, Eoganacht of Cashel, of Aine, of L. Lein, of "Raithlend," of Gleannamhnach, of Ara, of Ros Airgid, and the Eoganacht beg in Araibh, Bb. 97 a; ¶  Dál Caiss, Dál Céin, 7 Delmna, 7 Dése in Tuaiscirt, et Dál Moscorb, ut quidam putant et Dál Mathra, et Hui Derduib 7 Catraige 7 hEli et Tuath Turbi 7 na secht nEoganachta, Ll. 319; ¶  C. Ebir i Leith Cuind: i.e., the Gailenga E. and W., the Ciandachta S. and N., the Luighne E. and W.; ¶  the 7 Dealbna; ¶  viz., D. mór and Dealbna beg in Mídhe, the D. of Tír da Loch in Connacht, the D. of Cuil Fabair, the D. Eathra in W. Meath, the D. Nuadat Tendmaighi, Gailenga and the Ciannachta of Cland Taidg mic Céin, Bb. 107 b, Ha. 790; ¶  banished by the Clanna Degaid; ¶  they held the points and borders of Mun., Ca. 298; ¶  C. Ebir, Gc. 6.
c. echach
in Ele, Fir. 199; ¶  in Ely O'Carroll.
c. echach doimlen
in cc. Arm., Mon., Ferm., Fy. 180.
c. echdach
of this race was Fethgna, al. Seiginech, Ll. 42.
c. echdach breic
Cenél Aeda na hEechtgi were of that stock, Lec. 124.
c. héil
(McHales?); ¶  in Ui Amhalgaidh mic Fiachrach, Mayo; ¶  Fy. 324.
c. eirc
in Scotl.; ¶  fr. Erc, son of Eochaidh Muinreamhar, K. 151 a.
c. eirc culbhuidhe
in Ui Fiachrach, Fy. 160.
c. eiremóin
i Leithmoga; ¶  al. Laigin 7 Ossraige, na Deissi, Síl Conaire uile 7 iltuatha ar ceana, Ha. 790; ¶  C. Eremóin, Gc. 6.
c. elcmair na sinda
fr. Elcmar, son of Comgall, Lec. 418.
c. elge
fr. Forannan, in Laighis Ramne, Ll. 318.
c. enna
ext. fr. the r. Swilly to Barnesmore and Sruthair, and eastwards to Fearnach, c. Don., O'D., Mr. 156.
c. eochada
Maige Finn, Keogh's country in Imany, Im. 166.
c. eodusa
fr. Congal, son of Uargalach, of the Conailli Murthemne, Lec. 251.
c. eogain
Mr. 142; ¶  al. Cenél Eogain, Con. 5 b; ¶  al. C. Eoghain mic Néill, Fen. 236; ¶  clans of Tirowen and Inishowen.
c. fhacarda
their tuath of Clanaghartie is E. part of b. of Lower Toome, in Clandeboy, Procs. R.I.A. vii. 156.
c. faelchon
a sept of Conmaicni Rein, Fen. 384.
c. faelgusa
branch of Conmaicni Réin comprising Clann Corrdercain, C. Gemáin, C. Cathusaigh, C. Dinnachain, C. Birn. C. Anairc, Ui Conbhuidhe, Ui Gellustain, Ui Riaglachain, Fen. 386.
c. faghartaig
Cairgín Riabhach of C. F. is Castlerea, c. Mayo, Lc. ii. 186.
c. feorais
the Bermingham's country; ¶  al. b. Carbery, N. Kild., Au. ii. 526, Fm. iv. 908, 948, Con. 57 a, Ci.; ¶  also the Birminghams of Connacht, Au. ii. 476.
c. ferchar
fr. Fearchar, son of Niall Frossach, Bb. 44 a.
c. fergaile
O hAllmuráin, chief of the 24 bailes of C. F., Bb. 54 b, Fir. 204, Mi., H. 2, 17 in T.C.D.; ¶  O'Halloran, its chief; ¶  E. of Galw.; ¶  Roscam was in it, Wc. 253, 368; ¶  on E. bank of the Galw. r. in W. Connacht, Of. 376; ¶  contains Galw., Clare, Roscam in the d. of Anaghdún, now in d. of Tuam, Of. 376, 30.
c. fergaile
in Ferm., Tp., Au. ii. 516; ¶  Mag Uidhir, chief of, Fm. iii. 626.
c. fergaile
in Don., Tp.
c. fergna
the Conmaicni or tribes of Breifne, viz., the O'Rourkes, &c., Fen. 236, 246.
c. fergusa
the Mag Rannells and O Ferralls of Leit. and Longf., Rf.
c. fergusa
i.e., Dál Conláid in Ulst., Ll. 331.
c. fermaic
with Brian at Clontarf, K. 171 b.
c. fermaighe
Bb. 59 a; ¶  al. C. Fernmhaighe, Glanfarne in b. Dromahaire, c. Leit., Tp., Ci.; ¶  branch of Conmaicni Réin comprising C. Cellachain, C. Maelsamhna, C. Taebhachain, C. Ubhan, C. Lughann, and C. Uanan, descendants of the first wife of Findellach, the son of Neidhe, and 5th fr. Cumscrach, Fen. 386; ¶  Ua Raghallaigh tig. Dartaige 7 Cloinne Fermaighe, Fm. iii. 298, Con. 21 a.
c. fiachach
in b. Carbury, Sli., Bb. 128 a, Lec. 123; ¶  C. F. Firleamhna in the North, Fir. 169.
c. fiachrach
in Cuailgniu Eitheandca, Lec. 253.
c. fiachrach
of Dún dá Lethglas, fr. Fiachra, son of Aedroin, Bb. 94 b, Lec. 277.
c. fiachrach
theas agus tuaith in Connacht; ¶  Guaire mac Colmáin, K. of S. and N.C.F., K. 160.
c. fiachrach
=Tír Fiachrach, Lis. 41 a, Fy. 100, Ll. 303 b, Sil. 50.
c. fiachrach
in c. Mayo, Fy. 148.
c. fiachrach elgaigh
in Tireragh, Fy. 100.
c. fiachra finn
sept of Ui Maine, Im. 32.
c. fiamain
a tribe-name of the O Dogherties of Inishowen, Fen. 346; ¶  of the Cenél Conaill, St. B. 598, fr. Fiamain, Cennfailid, Garb, Ronán, Lugaid, Setna.
c. fianbertaig
al. Cenél Muaníchtarach, Lec. 130.
c. fiangusa
in or nr Cenél Conaill, as they slew Maelruanaidh, son of Flann, son of Eicnechan son of Dalach of the Cenél Conaill, an. 963, Ch. 270, Au. 478, Fm. ii. 824, 684.
c. finghin
Au. ii. 196, Ci.; ¶  seems in Ulst.
c. finghin
Fen. 344; ¶  sept of Tir Enna in b. Raphoe S., c. Don.; ¶  their terr. corresponded with p. Kilteevogue according to the limits set out here.
c. fhingin
Muns. clan, of Sliocht Éibhir, St. B. 464.
c. fhind
in Gorrgha, Gc. 10; ¶  in Corca Laighde(?).
c. finn
a sub-div. of Clann Finoicci, q.v., Fen. 386.
c. finoicci
a branch of Conmaicni Rein or Sil Findellaig, comprising Clann Telline, Clann Cronan, Clann Ainnsin, Clann Chirdubhain, Clann Finn, Clann Ciaracan, Clann Ibill, descendants of Finoicc, 2nd wife of Findellach, son of Neidhe, and 5th fr. Cumscrach, Fen. 386.
c. firbisigh
Mac Firbises first settled at Magh Broin, at Rosserk, in p. Ballysokeery, lastly at Lecan, to E. of r. Moy, in p. Kilglass, b. Tireragh, Fy. 237; ¶  a family of C. Muireadhaigh mic Fearghusa in Tirawley, a branch of the Ui Lachtna; ¶  they were poets and genealogists of Ui Amhalgaidh and Ui Fiachrach, Fy. 10, 32, 100, 106; ¶  in Iochtar Connacht, in Ibh Fiacrach Muaidhe, in Ibh Amhalgaidh, and Cera in Uibh Fhiacrach Aidhne 7 Eachtgha, 7 i Sliocht Colla Uais—i.e., Clann Domhnuill, Fir. 5.
c. flaithbhertaigh
families O Lafferty and O Laverty, Ci., Mi.; ¶  in or nr Cenél Moain in Ulst., Fm. ii. 1008.
c. flaithemail
in Hi Maine, its chief was Mac Gilli Enáin, Lec. 187, Im. 747; ¶  one of the 7 septs of Ui Maine, Fm. ii. 1130; ¶  C. Flaitheamhla, Fm. iii. 54 note; ¶  al. C. Flaitheamhail mic Dluthaigh, Im. 30.
c. flaitheamhain
in Ui Maine, Tp.; ¶  leg. C. Flaitheamhail.
c. fhlannacháin
in Bairrchiu (the Genealogy of the Laigsi Rámne), Ll. 318, Lec. 216; ¶  in Ui Bairchi.
c. fogartaigh
in Connacht, Mi.; ¶  in c. Rosc., Ci.
c. fogartaigh
Mac Artan toisech C. F. in Uib Echach, Au. ii. 148, Of. 372; ¶  in b. Kinelarty, Down, Ui.
c. fhogurtaigh
in Ferm., Au. ii. 204.
c. fogartaigh
Fogartach, son of Aed Oirnidi, fr. whom are the Clann Fogartaigh of Ard Dailoig, Lec. 129, Bb. 44 a, Lec. 129. c. fógartaigh; ¶  in b. Clogher, c. Tirone, Fm. iii. 66.
c. fogartaigh
v. C. Fagartaigh.
c. forbailli na cailli
al. Clann Conaing of Druim Cheraind in Huibh Echach, Lec. 131; ¶  al. Muintear Sgeamdha in Druim Cearmáin, in Iveagh, Fir. 143.
c. forgusa
C. Forgusa; ¶  fr. Forgus, son of Muirceartach mac Erca, Bb. 43 b.
c. formalaigh
Fergal, son of Conchobhar O Raighilligh, K. of Dartraidi, and of Clann Formalaigh na Brni (Brighni?); ¶  fr. the mt. E., according to another book, Con. 9 b.
c. fothaidh
b. Iffa and Offa West, c. Tipp., Tp.
c. fothaid
in peninsula of Muntervary in b. W. Carbery, Cork, Gc. 10.
c. fhuacorta
Lec. 142 a; ¶  Mac Firbis Gen., p. 510; ¶  perh. Clanaghartie in W. Clandeboy.
c. fuadach
al. C. Fhuadach and C. Uadach in b. Athlone, c. Rosc., Fm. ii. 798; ¶  v. C. Uadach.
c. ghabhfraidh
crecha móra do dhenam a Cúil mhec Thighernain air Chlainn Ghabhfraidh, Au. iii. 604; ¶  Clann Ghabhfrait, Au. iii. 606; ¶  C. Gaffraidh; ¶  family of Mac Gaffraigh, in c. Ferm., Au. iii. 590; ¶  branch of the Maguires of Ferm.; ¶  they went later to Clann Keherney, c. Rosc., Fm. iv. 1058.
c. gaedil glais
the Gaels, Sil. 263.
c. gaible
al. the 7 sons of Fothadh, son of Echo Lámderg -Nazair, Garchu, Nar, Fergus Laebderg, Catt, Oescu, Eimre, Ll. 312.
c. galeoin
seize Insi Orcc, N. 50; ¶  Clanna Galeoin mic Ercail were Cruithnig fr. Thrace, Lec. fol. 286, and 13.
c. germain
a sub-div. of C. Faelghusa, Fen. 386.
c. geanainn mic deala
of this race were Tradraige Dubrois, nr Kinvara, Fy. 52.
c. gerailt
the Geraldines, Au. i. 392, Fm. iii. 380, Ci.
c. giobúin
Ti. 42; ¶  in Iar-Umhall, W. of Croaghpatrick, c. Mayo, Fir. 807, Mi.
c. giobúin
Ti. 70; ¶  the Fitzgibbons; ¶  half b. of Clongibbons in S. of c. Cork.
c. goggan
at L. Drochait, X. 7.
c. goisdelbh
the Mac Costellos of E. Connacht, Au. ii. 456, Fm. iii. 322; ¶  in b. Costello, Mayo, Ci.
c. golman
al. Clann Colman or O Melachlainns, buried at Clonmacnois, Pi. i. 5.
c. gormáin
the Mac Gormans; ¶  branch of Sliocht Cathaoir Moir, St. B. 620, 621.
c. griogóil
of the Fianna Erenn, E. 26.
c. iactan
in India(?), Bb. 5 a.
c. iaféd
C. Iafeth; ¶  inhabited all Europe, fr. the Sleibte Riffi to the Gaetlaigibh in the N. to the Tráigh lescbáin leastraigh, to Spain, Lu. i. Bb. 4 b.
c. iareóil
Ll. 146; ¶  in Mun.(?).
c. ibill
a sub-div. of C. Finoicci, Fen. 386.
c. ifernain
in Thomond; ¶  O Cuinn its chief, slain by the Cenel Aeda na hEctge, Fm. ii. 1178, Mi.
c. imair
branch of the Magaurans, Ui.
c. imorrosa
(C. Ui Muirgusso?); ¶  in upr. part of Gesill, Ac. 326. c. in bháird; ¶  tribe-name of Mac Wards; ¶  in Hy Many, Ci.
c. in chaich
Clann of O Reilly the Blind; ¶  now b. Clankee, c. Cav., Au. ii. 560, iii. 240, Ci., Mi.; ¶  C. in Chaich hui Raighilligh, Au. iii. 116; ¶  v. C. an Chaoich.
c. indrechtaigh
in Hi Maine, Lec. 187, Im. 88; ¶  al. C. Innrachtaigh mic Maelduin, branch Sil Anmchadha, including Muinter Ruairc, Mac Brain, Mac Muroin, Muinter Mailchadha (of whom are Muinter Dubhlainn, Ui Flannchadha, &c.), Muinter Mailcroin, Mic Dungail, Muinter Arrachtain, Muinter Dubhgilla, Muinter Conrui, Im. 42.
c. in gascunaigh
Gc. 12.
c. inmainén
C. Ionmainén, in Ely O'Carroll, Tp.
c. intogha
Gc. 10.
c. ir
Gc. 6; ¶  Clanda Ir i Leithmoga, .i. Laigis Laigen, na tri hUaithne i Mumain, Ciarraigi uile, Corcamodruad 7 Fir Muighe Féinde, &c. Ha. 790.
c. laegairi
of Glend Mailiduin, in Eidiugh, Lec. 163; ¶  branch of Ui Eathach Muaidhe, sprung fr. Eochaidh's son, Laoghaire; ¶  they comprised Ui Creadhchen, Ui Leanain, Ui Flaitile, or Ui Laitile, Fy. 50.
c. laithbhertaigh
in Cenel Eoghain, Fm. ii. 1060; ¶  O Lavertys. c. lathgusa; ¶  Ll. 338; ¶  seem of Luigni Connacht.
c. latin
the race of Latinus, Sg. 33 a.
c. leoid
in Scotl., Dl. 100, 132; ¶  C. Leóid na hAra; ¶  Domhnall mac Emhin of the Clanna Leóid na hAra, Fir. 776; ¶  the McLeods.
c. lewin
seems in Dub. or Meath, Kc. 158.
c. lobuis
Ry. 166; ¶  upstarts(?).
c. lorcáin
Fen. 237; ¶  descendants of Lorcán, grandfather of Brían Borumha, the O Briens, &c.
c. luchta
in Femun, X. 112; ¶  in or nr Clonmel.
c. lúghadha
Gc. 12.
c. lughaidh
Gc. 352.
c. lughaidh mend
al. Dal gCais, Hz. 38; ¶  Clanna Luidech, al. Dail Cais Boruma, Cg. 52; ¶  Clanna Lughdach, al. Dal Cais, Cg. 84.
c. lughann
Fen. 387; ¶  a sub-div. of C. Fermaighe, Fen. 386.
c. lugdach
the Leinstermen, Ll. 339 a; ¶  genelach Clainne Lugdach meic Loegairi, Sr. 79 a; ¶  seems in Lein. or Meath.
c. lugdach
of Connacht, fr. Lugaid Laga, Lec. 406.
c. luighdheach
belonged to Tír Conaill, St. B. 610, 599; ¶  Clanda Luigdeach mic Itha i Leith Cuind .i. Dartraige, Callraige 7 iltuatha ar cena, Ha. 790.
c. luigdech
the O'Driscolls of Beare and their correlatives, Tp.; ¶  C. Luigdech mic Itha, a Mun. clan, Ml. 2.
c. luingsigh
branch of Síol Séadna; ¶  in Tír Conaill, St. B. 601. c. luirc mic augaine; ¶  mac Gillapadruig, K. of, Lbl. 340.
c. luirgine
fr. Fiacha Lurgan; ¶  in Dal n-Araide, Ca. 396, Hc. 2, 592 b; ¶  C. Lurgan; ¶  la Dál nAraide, I. 187 a 2, Bb. 129 a; ¶  C. Lurcan, Lec. 445.
c. mac n-earca
their l. was sequestered for the slaying of Brian, of Niall 9 Hostaged, Fy. 94.
c. mac n-eoghain
b. Clanmacnowen; ¶  al. Clonmacnoon, c. Galw., Fm. iv. 840; ¶  an O Kelly, chief of it, Lc. ii. 466.
c. mac giolla ceallaigh
in W. Connacht, Fir. 6.
c. maeilcoluim
ruled in Scotl. a long time, Bco. 13 a.
c. maelduibh
Mac Amhalgadha, chief of, Fm. ii. 1104; ¶  v. next word.
c. maelduib
ag Ros na Righ oc Cloinn M. ar bru Bóinne Bregh, Hc. 47 a.
c. maelduilighe
a sub-div. of Clann Calbrainn, Fen. 386.
c. maelruanaidh tís
the McDonoghs of Tirerrill, Sli.; ¶  "C. Maelruanaidh tuas," the McDermots of Moylurg, c. Rosc. Fm. iii. 612, Lc. ii. 16, Fy. 214, Tp.
c. maelruanaidh
l. of O Flainn-line in Connacht, Obr.; ¶  the O Daigenans of C. Maelruanaid, Fir. 5.
c. maelsamhna
sub-div. of Clann Fermaighe, Fen. 386.
c. maenaigh
the Ui Dubhlaighe on W. slope of Slieve Bloom in Ely O'Carroll, Tp.
c. maghnusa
of Tír Tuathail, Fm. v. 1464; ¶  a sept of O Conors in NE. of b. Boyle, Rosc.
c. maicne eoghain
in Hui Maine, Hb. 126, 137, Con. 52 b; ¶  Clanmacny Eogyn, Mis. i. 245; ¶  b. of clonmacnowen in E. Galw., Ac. 317.
c. mailighra
Ua Diumasuig Taisech of C. M. 7 rí hUa Failghe, Au. ii. 220; ¶  a branch of Ui Failge, Fm. ii. 1065; ¶  v. C. Mail-ugra. c. máillí; ¶  the O Malleys of Umhall, in bb. of Burrishoole and Murresk, Mayo, Fy. 180, Con. 59 a.
c. mail-úgra
O Dimusaig, chief of, Tig., Rc. xviii. 185, Lc. ii. 102, Con. 46 a, Ac. 203, Ci., Mi., Tor. 291; ¶  now Clanmaliere, co-ext. with bb. Portnahinch, Queen's c., and Upr. Philipstown, King's c., Tp., Obr.; ¶  al. Cenél Maoilughra, Glenmalire along r. Barrow, Fm. iv. 690.
c. mainchine
betw. Cenél nUcha and the Lifi, and N. of the Liffey, Lec. 204.
c. mairtín
sept of O Neills of Tirone, Fm. iii. 524; ¶  C. Martain, a sub-div. of Clann Calbrainn, Fen. 386.
c. mathghamna
b. Clonmahon, in SW. of c. Cav.; ¶  Ua Raghailligh, lord of, Au. iii. 592, Mi., Ci.; ¶  in Breifne, Hx. 852.
c. mathghamhna
i mBaisgnibh, Tor. 9; ¶  the McMahons of Corco Baiscinn, c. Clare.
c. meibric
nr the O Mailles in Connacht in Mayo, Fm. iii. 560, Au. ii. 458; ¶  the Meyricks, Welsh or English.
c. mercuir
the Kings of Greece, Lec. 69.
c. mic conill
sept of O Brenans of Ui Duach, c. Kilk., held Kildergan, al. Uskerty, Arderey, Cúlbán and Smittestown, Kj. i. 240.
c. mhic conmara
the McNamaras of Clare, Ketings Díonbhrollach. c. mic daibhíth; ¶  in Mun., K. 183 a.
c. mhic kelowe
al. C. mhic Gillenanaomh; ¶  sept of O Brenans in Ui Duach, c. Kilk.; ¶  held Croghtenely, al. Achevonky, Monynerow and Clonyne, Kj. i. 240.
c. mhic mhathamhain
the Clan Matheson of Scotl.
c. mic siúrtain
C. mac Jordan, in Connacht (the Jordans; ¶  "in 1585, Evagher Mac Jordan, chief of the b. of Bellalahán, al. Gallen, c. Mayo," my "Description of Ireland in 1598"), Fm. iv. 738.
c. miledh
Ls. i. 46, Hm. ii. 282, Ac. 19, 28; ¶  Milesian Irish. c. misdel; ¶  branch of Ui Dubhda of Ui Fiachrach, Fy. 138.
c. móirne
their l. was Maonmagh in Ui Maine, Im. 7; ¶  C. Mórna, desc. fr. Cet mac Magach, Of. 270; ¶  were the Damnonii of Connacht, Of. 175.
c. morgainn
seems nr Deer, in Scotl., D. lvii.
c. muirchertaigh
descendants of Muirchertach Muimhnech, son of Toirdelbach Mór O Conor, sept of Síl Muiredaigh or O Conors of Connacht, Fm. iv. 660, Au. ii. 524, 346, Lc. ii. 56, Rc. xviii. 158.
c. muircheartaigh
of L. Eanaigh, fr. Muirceartach, son of Niall Frossach, Bb. 44 a, Lec. 129, X. 4; ¶  v. L. Enaig.
c. muirchertaig
of Cluain Mór bfhear n-arda and at Colpa in Breagaibh, Bb. 44 a.
c. muirchertaigh
of Ui Duach; ¶  in Ossory were O Brenans, held Rath-cally, Kilrobbin; ¶  al. Rath Tomyne, Ballenchomoe, Ballyhomyne; ¶  al. Dúnegid, Ballene al. Newtown, the Skeahanagh, Moy-howregh, Dromachedogher, Knockan na Shynagh, Dromgoly, Kj. i. 241.
c. muireadaigh mic fergusa
this sept of Ui Amhalgaidh held the cantreds of Bac and Glenn Nemhthinne and the half cantred of Bredach, Lec. 161, Fy. 10.
c. muiris
b. Clanmorris, Kerry, Ti. 72, Mi.; ¶  also the b. Clanmorris, in Mayo, Ar. 114, Mis. i. 214, Ci., Mi.
c. muiris na mbrigh
Lc. ii. 142, Fm. vi. 2040; ¶  Clannmorris of the Bryes; ¶  sept of Fitzgeralds in b. Clanmorris, Mayo, Mis. i. 214.
c. muiris tsucaigh
in Connacht, Con. 33 b; ¶  C. M. Shuccaig meic Gearailt, Fm. iii. 554; ¶  v. previous word.
c. murchadha
one of the free tribes of Tirconnell, Fen. 356. c. murchadha; ¶  Ua Finnachta, chief of, Conb. 25 a, Au. ii. 204; ¶  al. C. Fínnachta on E. of r. Suck, Lc. i. 290, Ch. 220, Ac. 294, Fm. iii. 236.
c. murchada
seems nr Kells; ¶  Oa Sneain of that family, Bk. 6 b. c. murthuile; ¶  in Rosc., Tp.; ¶  it seems in Mag nAoi.
c. nadsluaig
al. Fir Fhermaighe, Ll. 333, Fir. 309, X. 60; ¶  al. Fir Erndmaighi; ¶  Nadsluagh mac Cairpri Daimairgit, mic Eochach mic Cremhthaind, Bb. 65 a.
c. na h-eamhna
Dg. 18; ¶  An Eamhuin, now called Navan, in c. Meath, O'Grady; ¶  but?
c. narchon
in Tuaith Rois, Lec. 131.
c. néill
al. Ui Néill, Fm. v. 1312, Sil. 51; ¶  their genelach, Sr. 79 a, Cg. 104, Fen. 400; ¶  C. Néill 7 Temrach, N. 188.
c. néill in tuaisceirt
al. Cenél Eogain 7 Cenél Conaill, Fm. ii. 976; ¶  Clanna Néill uile, Au. iii. 184.
c. neimhidh
Clann Nevye, Gc. 2, Ac. 15.
c. nemnainn
Sil. 307.
c. oengusa
in Ferm., Au. ii. 204; ¶  the sept of McCawells; ¶  v. C. Aengusa.
c. oirechtaigh
sub-div. of Clann Maelfitrigh, Fen. 386.
c. hoirreorum
fr. hOiresus, son of Seir, Lec. 71.
c. ollaman fotla
al. Rudraige, Conmaicne, Ciarraighe, Corcco Dalaidh, Corc Mond, Dalmogaidh Ruaidh, Fir Muighi, F. Laighsi Laigen, Araidh Cliach the 7 Sogain, Lec. 61.
c. hosdegh
in Hy-Amhalgaidh Mic Fhiachrach, Fy. 326.
c. phiarais
in Kerry and in b. Clanmaurice, Fm. v. 1780.
c. philip
branch of the Mac Costellos, Ci.
c. puint
fr. the Rodba to the Codnaid of C. Puint in Crich Cairpri Droma Cliabh in Connacht, Lec. 351.
c. raghnailt
in Scotl., Dl. 100, 132.
c. raibni
C. R. mic Muindig of Cell Ceri, X. 102.
c. ricaird
in C. Galw., Md. 414; ¶  in Connacht, Mi., Ci.; ¶  C. Riocairtt, now Clanricarde = bb. Loughrea, Kiltartan, Clare, Dunkellin, Athenry and Leitrim = SE. c. Galw., Fm. iv. 916, 1096, Ar. 132, Im. 18; ¶  ext. fr. Cell Corbáin to Buirenn, Ti. 38; ¶  bounded on the N. by Conmaicne Cuile in b. Kilmaine, Fm. iv. 1096; ¶  in it are: Cell Cornáin, Md. xxxix.; ¶  Machaire Riabhach and Baile in Cláir, Au. iii. 222; ¶  Cnoc Tuagh, Au. iii. 468; ¶  Béal Atha Lighean, Au. iii. 80; ¶  al. C. Ricaird a Burc, Clanrickard, Au. ii. 454.
c. ricin
in Tirawley, Fy. 326.
c. rosa
Lis. 41 b, Mr. 206.
c. ruadhrach
Ua Tuathchair toisech of, Au. ii. 170; ¶  Mag Madagháin, chief of, Au. ii. 314, Fm. iii. 342; ¶  C. Ruadrach nr Kells, .i. Mac Ruadacháin and Mac Congain, Bk. 6 b.
c. ruainne
in Ely O'Carroll, Tp.
c. rudhraighe
in Ulst., K. 171 a; ¶  Clanna Rudraige al. ind Fír-Ulaid, Hk. 302; ¶  the warriors of Conchobur, Hk. 394; ¶  the Ultonians, Mac-Curtin's Antiquities, 46, Sil. 238, Au. iii. 584, Md. 256, Mr. 42, Ry. 118; ¶  al. slicht Ír mic Miled, St. B. 462. c. ruis; ¶  in Hi Maine, Lec. 187.
c. saráimh
fr. Saram, son of Shem. inhabited Glend an ghoit, fr. Sruth Find to Sruth nEofrait, Bb. 4 b.
c. scannláin
C. Scandláin, a Dalcais tribe, Fm. ii. 774, 824; ¶  Eochaidh, prince of, with Brian at Clontarf, K. 171 b.
c. seáin
1 of the 2 branches of the O Farrells in c. Longf., Au. ii. 501, Fm. iii. 606; ¶  al. C. tSeaain, Fm.
c. séimh
ext. fr. Sruth Gaind to the Torrian Sea, fr. Muir Remair to the Ruin, to Sliabh Cucais, to Sliabh Tuir, Bb. 4 b, Lec. 75.
c. tselbaigh
the O Donoghues of Kerry, Tp.
c. seniguanacht
in Fingal, Ah. 132.
c. simioin
all the Galeóin and Firdomnand, Ll. 8, Bb. 17 a.
c. sinaich
in Airtheraib, or Oriors, in Arm., Fm. ii. 876, Au. ii. 4, 574, Lc. i. 19.
c. sinaigh
a sub-div. or followers of Cenél Eoghain, Au. i. 542. c. sinnill; ¶  Tp.; ¶  in or nr the dry. of Ogashin in E. Clare.
c. sir dauid
round Glinsk, nr the r. Suck in b. Ballymoe, Galw., Mis. i. 249.
c. síthigh
mórán gallóglach aile do C. Domnaill 7 C. t-Sithigh, Au. iii. 538, Lc. ii. 238, Fm. v. 1352, Keting's Dionbhrollach; ¶  MacSheehys.
c. shiurtain d'eisreta
Au. iii. 62; ¶  the MacJordans in Connacht; ¶  desc. fr. Jourdan d'Exeter.
c. slebene
in Fearnmaigh in Ulst., Ll. 333, Lec. 177, Bb. 65 a, Hx. 255, X. 60, Fir. 309.
c. smóil
Finn's friends and allies, Sil. 336, 307.
c. snedgaile
C. Snédgile, now Clanelly, in Glen Swilly, b. Raphoe, W. of Letterkenny, c. Don., Ci., Au. ii. 228, Fm. iii. 138.
c. suibni
Tig. Rc. xviii. 192; ¶  on W. shore of L. Swilly, Ar. 6; ¶  tribe-name of the Mac Swineys, Au. iii. 4, Lc. ii. 78; ¶  their chief seat was in c. Don.; ¶  but as they were hereditary Galloglaeich or Galloglasses we find them in Breifny and in Mun.; ¶  they were stout warriors; ¶  the chiefs were Mac Suibhni of Tír Baghaine and Mac Suibhni Fanad.
c. suibni fanad
in b. Kilmacrenan, Fm. v. 1320.
c. taebhacháin
a sub-div. of C. Fermaighe, Fen. 386.
c. taidhg
sept in Iochtar-tíre, in c. Rosc., Tp., Lc. i. 268; ¶  C. Taidcc, Con. 1 a.
c. táil
the people of bb. Corcumroe and Burren, in Clare, Tp. c. tairrdelbaigh; ¶  a branch of the O Briens, Au. i. 594, Lis. 6 a; ¶  b. Clonderalaw, c. Clare, Ui.; ¶  al. Ui Toirdhealbhaigh i dTuadhmhumhain.
c. tais
Húi Cormaic in Lein. ext. fr. Uado in Laigis, to Clandtais and to Leathnocht at Sleibtib, Lec. 193.
c. taithligh
branch of the Ui Dubhda of Ui Fiachrach, Fy. 136; ¶  C. Taithligh Óig, descendants of Brian Dearg of the Hy Fiachrach, Fy. 112.
c. telline
a sub-div. of Clann Finoicci, Fen. 386.
c. temin
branch of Ui Fiachrach, comprising Ui Muirgheasa, Ui Maonaigh, mac Giollariabhach, Ui hAodha and Ui Dunnchadha, in Tireragh, c. Sli., Fy. 106.
c. tesail
al. Teasalldai; ¶  fr. Teasal, son of Jove, Lec. 69.
c. tigernaigh
Fen. 332; ¶  sept of Tír Eoghain desc. fr. Tighernach, son of Earc, dau. of Loarn of Alba by Muireadhach, son of Eoghain; ¶  in Tír Eogain, St. B. 600.
c. toimin
in Iorrus, Fy. 324; ¶  the Barrets of b. Erris, c. Mayo, Fy. 326.
c. toirdhealbhaigh
i crích Caisil, Tor. 80.
c. toirdhelbhaigh
b. Clonderalaw, c. Clare. Ui., Ci.
c. toirdhelbhaigh
sept of the O Connor Donn, Lc. ii. 460.
c. tómair
somewhere nr Tara, Ml. 66.
c. tomaltaigh
nr Ratheroghan, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 214; ¶  in p. of Baslick, nr Ballintubber, c. Rosc., Kj. ii. 342; ¶  in Rosc., Mi., Ci., Ch. 296; ¶  Ua Radhuibh, chief of, Au. ii. 216, Con. 1 a, 10 a, Ai. 28 a.
c. tórna
in b. Kerrycurrihy, c. Cork, Tp.
c. tregamain
in Lein., Lec. 591.
c. trena
St. Comhghall of, Ai. 150 b.
c. trichim
in Connacht, Eg. 145, Fir. 50.
c. tuirinn
sons of Tuirenn were Brian, Eochaid and Iucharba, Ca. 356.
c. uadach
al. C. Uattach, Tig. Rc. xviii. 156; ¶  Druim Drestan in it; ¶  Ua Fallamain toisech Cloinne hUadach, Lc. ii. 214, Au. ii. 200, 220, 458, Fm. iii. 98, 236; ¶  comprised p. Camma, and most (or all?) of p. Dysart in b. Athlone, c. Rosc., Fm. iv. 866, Tp., Kj. ii. 342; ¶  O Fallons in b. Athlone, c. Rosc., Ch. 328.
c. uaithne
al. Uaithne Tíre and Uaithne Cliach, Fir. 681; ¶  v. C. Uathne.
c. huamoir
Damnonians of Connacht, Of. 175; ¶  Firbholgs of Mayo; ¶  Inse Modha named fr. one of them, Fm. iii. 326, note.
c. uanan
a sub-div. of C. Fermaighe, Fen. 386.
c. uatach
Ua Nialláin taisech of C. U., Au. ii. 162; ¶  O Fallon, chief of, Con. 24 a; ¶  al. C. Uadach.
c. uathne
i.e., Uathne tíre and Uathne Chlíach descendants of Celtchar, Ll. 331.
c. ubban
al. C. Uban in Connacht, Lec. 132; ¶  X. 10, Hx. 187; ¶  C. Ubhan, a sub-div. of C. Fermaighe, q.v., Fen. 386; ¶  C. Ubain i Connachtaib, Hx. 187.
c. uibhilin
the Mac Quillins of Antr., St. B. 629.
c. ui dhuibhne
the Campbells of Scotl. who claim desc. fr. Diarmait ua Duibhne, Dl. 31.
c. uillíam
on the borders of the Shannon, Fm. vi. 2144, 2278, Ar. 304, Ci., Fir. 798 (7th p.); ¶  Clann Uillíam Aés trí Maighe, the de Burgos of Castleconnell, Limk., Fm. vi. 2040.
c. uillíam
Ac. 255, Ti. 76; ¶  bb. Clanwilliam in Limk. and Tipp., Fm. v. 1714.
c. uillíam
al. C. U. a Búrc, Au. iii. 62 (the Burkes); ¶  beside the Siuir, Fir. 806; ¶  C. Uillíam na Siúire .i. iarsma an Iarla Ruaidh, Lc. ii. 426; ¶  b. Clanwilliam in SW. of c. Tipp.; ¶  al. Muscraige Cuirc, Mis. i. 258, Ci.
c. uillíam
Ar. 222; ¶  in Mayo or Galw.
c. uilliam cloinne riocaird
in c. Galw., Fir. 798 (4th p.). c. uilliam iochtair; ¶  Burkes of Mayo, Fir. 798 (4), Fy. 122, Lc. ii. 463.
c. uillíam na siuire
descendants of the Red Earl, Lc. ii. 426; ¶  Burks of b. Clanwilliam, Tip.
c. urchadha
Aos Cuillinne and the Hui Chuanach Cúile, in Lein., Fir. 442.
c. aodach
an Chlaodach flows S. of the Paps, through the vill. of Claodach, and joins the Blackwater on S. side above Mallow, c. Cork; ¶  g. Claodaige, d. Claodaig; ¶  i Sídh Bainne cois Fleasca 's ar Chlaodaigh, Ry. 128, 144.
flows into the r. Lee, c. Cork.
Clady r., c. Don.
claoidhinis shinill
O Corcran of, Fir. 313.
Clappy island, in L. Erne, p. Derrybrusk, Fm. v. 1342. clár; ¶  g. an Chláir, a town in Thomond which gives its name to the c. Clare, Obr.; ¶  Clár (Abbey de), 1464, in d. Killaloe, al. de Forgio, Tr. 455, Mis. i. 72; ¶  vil. 1 m. S. of Ennis, Ar. 240. clár; ¶  in d. Enachdun, Tr. 171; ¶  an Chlair, of Clare, Ti. 44; ¶  nr t. of Galw.
in ucht in Chláir opposite Clare, in tl. Clare, p. Cloonfinloch in b. and c. Rosc., Fm. iv. 1180.
al. Machaire Oirghiall, c. Louth, Fm. iii. 302.
Leathbhaile an chláir; ¶  Ballyclare in p. Cloontuskert in E. of c. Rosc., Mis. i. 244, Fm. an. 1490.
a Corann, Sa. 84 b 1.
ds., Ti. 66; ¶  nr Millstreet, c. Cork.
Cath Cláraigh, Sas. 100; ¶  seems nr Tobar Trága Da Bhan and in Bregia.
Colmán of, Ll. 367, Lec. 116; ¶  Seigeine Cláraich, Fm. i. 346.
born or bred in Clare or Thomond, Au. ii. 418.
clár an tseachtmaidh
O Dwyer's country, in b. of Kilnamanagh, c. Tipp., Tp.
an. 1192; ¶  "near the sea," at mouth of the Dodder r., Gn., Hmd. p. 51; ¶  Clarada, an. 1200, "nr the sea" (nr Donnybrook), fr. Clarada to Rinn Ivelain, Sw.
clár átha da charadh
t. of Clare, 2 m. SE. of Ennis, c. Clare, Fm. iii. p. 412, Ci.; ¶  K. of Cashel's tribute fr. Corco Baiscind, ext. fr. Léim Conchulaind to C. A. dá Carad, Bb. 106 b, Ha. 767. claraualis; ¶  i fFrangcaibh, Md. 296.
clár mbeire
b. Beare, c. Cork, Tp.; ¶  O'Sullivan of, Hm. 333. clár birra; ¶  Ua Cerbaill's l. round Birr, St. B. 529.
clár bóinne
the plain of the Boyne.
Clairvaux in France, Hb. 334.
clár chairbre
Clann Feoruis of Clar Chairbre, Fir. 824; ¶  round Carbury or Bermingham's country in Kild.
c. carad
nr the r. Grean, in c. Clare, Tp. 68.
c. carad
Carranadoo, in b. Ballintober E., Rosc., Tp.; ¶  O'D. xliv.; ¶  it is the previous place.
c. céin
al. Mag Feimin, Tp.
c. chille dhá lua
on the E. side of the Shannon, K. 171 b; ¶  plain of Killaloe, Fm. iii. 94, Hb. 117, Z. 372; ¶  seems bb. of Owny and Arra, and Upper and Lower Ormond in d. of Killaloe.
c. chlainne muiris
Claremorris in c. Mayo.
c. cobha
the Hui Eachach of, in Ulst., Fir. 592; ¶  v. Mag Coba. c. colgan; ¶  O hAengusa of, Bran. 152 a; ¶  in Lein.
c. connacht
Ti. 36; ¶  ext. fr. Rosc. to Elphin, and fr. Strokestown to Castlerea.
c. chormaic
Ireland, Of. 19.
c. crimthainnn
al. Ireland, Gc. 352; ¶  al. Lein. or Wick., Hm. ii. 284.
c. criona
St. B. 519; ¶  cf. Cath Crinna(?).
c. cualann
i Laignib; ¶  the l. S. of the Liffey; ¶  v. Cualann.
c. cuind
Fer. 6 a; ¶  N. half of Ireland; ¶  Ulst., Obr.
c. chuirc
in it were the Aes Ella betw. Newmarket, c. Cork, and the confines of cc. Kerry and Limk., Tp.; ¶  in modern poets it seems to mean Mun., as Ry. 136.
c. daire móir
in Lein.; ¶  went to Áth Cliath, to C. D. to Drochiut Cairpre, Ll. 272; ¶  in Osraigibh, Au. ii.128; ¶  S. of Ros Cré in c. Tipp., Sas. 702; ¶  betw. Ros Cré and Corracha and Cnámhchaille, ibi., cf. Rc. xiii. 383; ¶  al. Lathar bó Lodain, SW. of Ros Cré, Lis. 206 a; ¶  level tract in p. Kilcolman, b. Clonlisk, King's c., Lis. fol. 230, Ods. 598.
c. doire móir
in the Desib., Lg. 213; ¶  in Decies of Waterf.; ¶  fr. Clár Daire Móir Phortláirge to Cnoc Bréannain, Ai. 46 a.
c. da thí
Ireland, St. B. 547; ¶  cf. Temair da thí, Fód da thí. c. dúine domhnaill(?); ¶  Clardun Dunul in d. Annadown, Tax. Clare; ¶  Ll. 128 b; ¶  in c. Limk.; ¶  v. Claire; ¶  in terr. of Arada Clíach, where St. Patrick fd. a ch., over which he placed Colmán of Cell Rátha, Tl. 200; ¶  v. Claire.
a mt. in Mun., Ct. 157; ¶  same as the previous name; ¶  v. Sliab or Cnoc Cláire, Hm. 314.
clare coirpri
A. 19 a; ¶  in Mun.; ¶  v. two previous words.
clár eibir
bardic name for Éire, Hm. 314; ¶  but v. Clár Luirc. c. feidlimtheo; ¶  Ireland, Hm. 314.
c. laigen
the plain of Leinster.
c. life
"plain of the Life of the black ships," the plain of Kild., through which the Liffey flows; ¶  in it were Killossy and Kilcullen, Tp.
c. luirc
al. C. Éibhir, al. Munster.
c. machaire in coraind
Sliabh na Segsa and C., in Connacht, Lis. 240 a, 211 a.
c. mhachuire ui ccaisin
Tor. 121.
c. magh laighen
betw. Fánaiche Art and Cend Maighi na Boruma in Lein., Lis. 197 a.
c. maighne
tar Ard Sratha, tar Sliabh Truim: as cosgrach cuairt Uí Domhnuill; ¶  an cuilén ó Chlár Maighne; ¶  láimh re Muinél Moghairne, St. B. 616; ¶  in Tirconnell(?).
c. mide
Ll. 129 b; ¶  g. Cláir Midi, Bb. 48 a; ¶  the Plain of Meath. c. mór; ¶  t. of Clare nr Ennis, c. Clare, Fm. v. 1562; ¶  an Clár Mór, Fm. vi. 1562, Mi.
c. na ccuan
Clár mín na Ccuan do chosáin tir is dúal do Dhiomsoigh, Bran. 152 a; ¶  l. of O Demsey, Viscount Clanmaliere. c. na muman; ¶  betw. Eile and Machaire nr Clíach in Luachair Dedad, Mac Conglinne p. 114.
c. oirgiall
the plain of Louth, Lc. i. 352.
c. ona
(Clár abhna?), Cod. Sgall 225, p. 473; ¶  nr the r. "Lindimaci."
c. raoighlionn
St. B. 502; ¶  i.e., Eire(?).
c. sceith
"Clar skeith," Island of Skye, Dl. 106, 140.
c. táil
around Cashel, Tp.
or Clathra, hill nr Bruiden Da Chocae and Cell Lasra, Bdc. 388; ¶  Clare in c. Westm., Mm. 37; ¶  Clare Castle, in p. Killane, Westm.; ¶  Fm. v. 1484; ¶  al Clatra(hill), q.v.; ¶  or Clatter's town, tl. in p. Ardcath, b. Up.Dulcek, Meath(?).
Irard, son of Coise's stronghold, Tl. xxxii.; ¶  same as Clartha(?).
c. thyaune
in d. Glendal., and nr Wick., Cr. an. 1189–1219.
c. ua rongaile
in Thomond, Ai. 71 a.
c. ui chobhthaigh
b. Barryroe, c. Cork, Tp. clárún; ¶  l. of O Bhriain in Pobal Bhriain, Hb. 8 a.
Lotar co hAengus (an Bhogha); ¶  tancadar rompu co C., condernsat mucclas and conidh ona clasaibh do ronsat ráitear C. fris, Sa. 43 b 2.
Roinsech ingen Coirpri in Clasloch, Lb. 21; ¶  St. Roineach, dau. of Coirbre, in Tír Folaigh in Clasloch, Fir 751. classach; ¶  cath Classaig, Tig. Rc. xvii. 13, Fm. i. 112; ¶  seems in Mun.; ¶  Classagh nr Killaloe(?).
classach micaileoin
at Rind Dúin in Connacht, Con. 8 b. clatra; ¶  do rochair Clathra Claon la Cet mac Magach i Clatra, conid uaidh ainmnigtear in Telach (at Bruighen da Coscor), Hc. 2, 719; ¶  v. Clartha; ¶  Clatter's t. in b. Ardcath, Meath. clebach; ¶  gp., Fons Clebach, A. f. 12 a 1; ¶  a well on the E. of Rath Crochan, c. Rosc.; ¶  this would be tobar Clebach; ¶  the Ord. Survey shows Tobercroghoor in this position; ¶  al. Cliabach, Clibech, in Tl. 98, 100, 102; ¶  cf. luas cliabaig, a deer's fleetness, Lu. 80 a.
gs. Dá taisech C., Bk. 27 a; ¶  seems in Meath; ¶  but cf. Cleaveragh and Cleavry tls. in c. Sli.(?).
Cape Clear and Clear island, c. Cork, Obr.; ¶  dp. Cuanaib Cléire, Sas. 737; ¶  Cleare Island.
in Corco Baiscind; ¶  Oengus Olmucaid defeated the Marthaine there, Lec. 579, Lg. 92; ¶  in Corca Baiscind is Coora-Clare t. in p. Kilmacduane, Clare.
Cath Cléire in Connaught, K. 132 a; ¶  Clére .i. Clare Island in d. Killala, Triumphalia S. Crucis, p. 198.
Cath Cléire by Conmael against Síl Eremóin, Ll. 16, Lg. 85, Hk. 326; ¶  cath Clére of, Fm. i. 38; ¶  may be Cape Clear, Cork, or Clare Island, Mayo, O'D.
native of Cape Clear Island; ¶  Ciarán C., Ston. A. p. 37.
Lu. 104 a; ¶  atá Lecht Murchertaig for táib Chettig anairtuaid, Ll. 31; ¶  over the Boyne, Lec. 517; ¶  nr Sid mBroga, Bd. 40; ¶  gs., Cletig ós Boind, Bb. 48 b, Bb. 50 a, Au. i. 44; ¶  in Mag Breg, Ll. 66; ¶  ós úr na Bóinne 7 ós úr an Bhroga, Fm. i. 115 note, where O'D. adds "S. of the Boyne, nr Stackallon Bridge; ¶ " but O'Curry says: "on N. of the Boyne, nr the bridge of Slane, and Brug na Bóinne on a height called Ucht Cleitig," ML. 66; ¶  ds., Clettiuch; ¶  where Murchertach was drowned in a butt of wine, Ll. 24 a, 129 b, Au. i. 44, Fen. 8, Ch. 42.
Uí Brain ón Cleitig, in a Trian of Ui Congairb in Tuaith Muighi finne, Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  nr Fermoy.
they went fr. the Deisi SW. to Bunraidi in the S., to Cleitig and to Dun Dailche, Lis. 176 b.
cleithir finneach
Genus Caithern Síol Finn ó C.F. .i. Caithern mac Tighernain (Do Ghlúin Chloinne mhaic Carrthainn), Hx. 259. cléith na con; ¶  W. of Cera in Connacht, Ll. 151; ¶  leg. Cliath na Con(?).
cléith na cor
cath Cleith na Cor; ¶  in Tir in air in Umhall, Lec. 502; ¶  leg., Cléith na Con(?).
v. Cléire.
clesan brigde
one of the Trí Tibrada Éirenn, I. 190 a 2; ¶  al. Braicleasan Brigde, Bb. 42 a; ¶  Braithleasan Brigde, Z. 183, col. 4.
v. Cleitech.
Tl. p. 98; ¶  a well at the side of Cruachan in Connacht, where St. Patrick baptised Ethne and Fedelm, the daus. of Loegaire; ¶  v. Clebach.
cliabhán modhairn
Raghallach mac Uadhaich badh flaith ar Tuaith Taoithin 7 ar Breifne Ui Ruairc go Cliabhán Modhairn a muidh, Hx. 853, K. 160 b; ¶  in or nr Breifne Ui Ruairc.
clíac mór
in the N., Lu. 64; ¶  but?
gs. of Clíu; ¶  v. Clíu, Aine Cliach, Arada Cliach. cliara; ¶  ds.; ¶  Clare Island, in Clew Bay, Mayo, Lc. i. 330, Fm. iii. 282, Fy. 486.
cliara cedach
ac Cruaich Phadraic, Sa. 84 a 2; ¶  seems same as Cliara, which is under Croagh Patrick.
al. Senchoill na bhFiann, Cf. pp. 60, 61; ¶  Clare Island, nr Westport, as seems from the context.
cliathairigh laigen
i.e., dá Primhshloinnedh Laigen; ¶  i.e., Fothart and Laighis, Ll. 380; ¶  Cliath Aireadha Laigen; ¶  al. Fotharta of Cenél Eathach fuath nAirt, and the Laoighis of Cenél Conaill, Fir. 439.
al. Áth Cliath, Ll. 156 b.
cliath bearnaibh
S. of Blend Smoil in Lein., Lis. 197 a. cliath na con; ¶  Ll. 151 b; ¶  v. Cléith na con.
cliath na cor
v. Cleith na Cor.
cath Clidna, in which Finn lost many men, Sas. 4990; ¶  g. and as. in Bd. 12; ¶  Clíodna in Tp. and ML. 76; ¶  in S. of Erin, Cg. 138; ¶  Toun-Cleena in Glandore Harbour, c. Cork, Mi.; ¶  Sluag Clídna, a name for Cork-men, ML. 76.
clithar bó n-ulad
gabsat dunad isin Bhreslaich mhóir hi Maigh Murtheimhne 7 do chuirset a mbúar 7 a broid Seacha budheas i C., Z. 348 a, Hf. 33 a; ¶  S. of Muirtheimne.
clithar fidbaidi
betw. Cluain dá Dam and Commur Cetharsliged, Lu. 104 b, 105 b; ¶  ds., Clitair Fiduidhe, in Ulst.; ¶  nr Cluain da Dam, Zk. iv. 169.
g. Clíach, d. Clíu, A. 18 b a; ¶  in Idrone, c. Carl.; ¶  Conaire slew Nuadu Necht "i cath Cliach in Uib Dróna," Ll. 23 a, 129 a, Hk. 406, Fm. i. 88, Ch. 42, Ac. 48, 77; ¶  named in connexion with Airgetros nr Ballyragget, which is not far fr. Idrone; ¶  Dáu and Dá were sons of Aengus, Dáu was in Clíu, and Dá in Airgeadros, Fir. 628, Lec. 413; ¶  there was a monastery of St. Brigid in Clíu, B. iii. 106; ¶  now in the p. of Tullowcrine, in b. of Idrone W., nr the Barrow, "the principal antiquity is the ruin of St. Brigit's ch." (Pgi. iii. 420); ¶  if Clíu be not there (and I think it is), it may be around the demesne of Tullowclay (Tulach Cliach?), in p. Fenagh, b. Idrone E.; ¶  in support of this I suggest that place names in this parish reflect the place names mentioned in connexion with Clíu in A. 18 a a, a b; ¶  Clíu, g. Clíach (Tullowclay), Féna (Fenagh), Fid (Druim fedha, Drumfey chapelry and hill), Ráith bilich (part of b. Rathvilly is in p. Fenagh), Áth Fithot (Aghade demesne); ¶  according to A. 18 a, Iserninus, al. bp. Fith, St. Patrick's companion, was a native of Clíu; ¶  v. Arada Cliach in Carlow.
g. Cliach, na Clíach, d. Clíu; ¶  al. Clíu in Maige, Clíu Máil maicc Ugaini, Clíu Muman, is in Mun., Bb. 204 b, Lbl. 646; ¶  Fir. 49, Mm. 585, Ll. 128 b, Lec. fo 204, C. 11; ¶  S. of the Shannon, Tbd. 196, Fir. 441, Lbl. 646; ¶  reached Loch Derg: Fiacha Mullethan gave Clíu as far N. as L. Deirceirc to Cairpre Finnmór maccu Muscae, "poeta regius," and also Crích Aradh fr. Cláire to L. Deircdeirc, as a reward for a poem, X. 144, Fir. 441, Bb. 71 a; ¶  in it were Ara Cliach, Arada Cliach, Aine Clíach, Cnoc Aine, Carn Feradaig, Crotta Clíach (part of the Galtees), and Temair Luachra, Ll. 128 b, ML. 76, Gc. 40, Fm. i. 46, Fen. 328, Cam. i. 426, Au. i. 96, Hb. 65, Ll. 268 b; ¶  also Áth na Déise, Bél Átha na Déise (Athneasy p. in b.Coshlea and Small County, Wes.), Fm. v. 1719, Ods. 581; ¶  Brugh na nDéise (Bruff p. and t. in b. Coshma), Fm. v. 1530, Tp., Ods, 587, this was in Déise Bec, which, as "Crích na Dési Bice," is equated with Clíu, in Ll. 263 b, 264 a, 288 a; ¶  Aney p., in S. of b. Small County is of 9,248 acres, and contains the conspicuous and most fertile hill of Knocaney and Monastir na hAine, al. Monastir an Maige; ¶  2 m. NE. of Aney are the vill. and p. of Hospital, designated in the old records as the hospital of Aney (Pgi. ii. 304); ¶  in b. Small County; ¶  Domnach Mór Maige Aine (Tl. 307) is Donaghmore p. 21/2 m. SE. of Limk. city and in b. Clanwilliam, the only Donaghmore in c. Limk.; ¶  L. Gur tl. is in the p. Ainy; ¶  Caherhussoc p. in b. Small County in Ainy dry., Wes.; ¶  Cluain Aine p. in b. Pubblebrian (Cluain anny in 1418, Clonany in 1291), Wes.; ¶  Arada Cliach, Tl. 200; ¶  was nr and E. of City of Limk. (Of. 275), and ext. to E. of Ui Fidgente, separated fr. it by the r. Samair (Morning Star r.), Lbl. 913; ¶  Cnoc Aine Chlíach in it, Hk. 304; ¶  Knocklong, al. Cnoc Luinge, al. Long Clíach, al. Druim Damraide (Lis. 179 b) in it, and also in dry. Aney and b. Coshlea, Wes. p. 451; ¶  Cluithri Clíach i Maig Cliach, Ca. 368, Ha. 746, Hc. 2, 585 b; ¶  also Clothrén, Hc. 2, 585 b; ¶  Crotta Clíach in it, that is, the Galtee mts., which for 41/2 m. are in b. Coshlea, and 61/2 m. on its border and that of c. Cork; ¶  the Tp., p. 130, put Uaithne Cliach, Ara (Cliach), Crotta Cliach and Ui Cuanach in consecutive stanzas, and so point to their proximity to each other; ¶  Clíu Mail maic Ugaine was the l. of Curúi, son of Daire mac Dedad, al. Crích Dési Bec, Ll. 264 a, al. b. Small County; ¶  Killeady p. in Deise Bec, B. i. 1062, lviii. 647; ¶  Ane des in dry. Kilmallock, Tax.; ¶  Grian Cliach (Au. ii. 160) in it, that is the p. and dry. of Grene; ¶  Grean p., of which 5,680 acres are in b. Coonagh, and 1,511 in b. Clanwilliam; ¶  the surface hilly and the best grazing ground in Limk.; ¶  the chief seats are Derc, which commands an extensive view of the brilliant circumjacent country, and Sunville, Pgi. ii. 288; ¶  Sunville reflects Grian; ¶  Pallasgreen vill. is in this p.; ¶  Greene dry. comprised p. Cahercorney (in b. Small County), Tax.; ¶  Liscormick, al. Aglishcormic p., of which is in b. Coonagh, and in b. Clanwilliam, Tax. and Pgi.; ¶  Kilkellane, or Kilcullane p. (31/2 m. SE. of Sixmile-bridge), in b. Small County, also Dronmon Church of the Manor of Any in dry. of Aherlow, Wes.; ¶  also Corbally, Tax., and Kilfrush p. S. of Hospital in b. Small County, Wes.; ¶  also Aglishcormick p. in b. Clanwilliam, Grean p. in b. Coonagh, Ballinlough p. in b. Coonagh, also Tuath Aoise Gréine or Tuogh p. (in b. Owneybeg, 4 m. NE. of Pallasgreen), Wes.; ¶  Aes Gréine, q.v., included Castleconnell and Singland; ¶  again, Uaithne Cliach, q.v., was in Clíu, which is the b. of Owneybeg, Tp. 128, Au. i. 432, and dry. Owney; ¶  in the dry. Owney are Caherconlish, Oola, Caherelly nr L. Gur, Rathjordan, Wes.; ¶  it seems also that Clíu, al. Aine, included Glynn in b. Shanid, as the knights of Glynn are called the Knights of the Valley of Anye, Sw. an. 1215; ¶  Dún Cuille of Clíu was in Uib Cuanach, Lec. 208 (Doon in b. Coonagh); ¶  as it seems from Ll. 268 b that Temair Luachra was in Clíu Máil maic Ugainí, and Luachair ext. into cc. Cork and Limk., and was conterminous with Claonghlais, a district in b. Upr. Connelloe, c. Limk. (Tp. lxxiii., lxxv.), so did Clíu. From all this I gather that Clíu included E. half of c. Limk., plus the b. of Owney and Ara to Killaloe (at L. Derg)—viz., the bb. Owneybeg, Coonagh, Clanwilliam, Small County, Coshma, Coshlea, Pubblebrien, Upr. Connelloe (and even Shanid?); ¶  if the extent of Clíu is, perh., overstated by me, it is unduly restricted by others:—as co-ext. with bb. of Coonagh and Small County (MacCarthy in Ui.), in b. Coshlea (O'Curry, Mm. 480), in b. Coshlea, betw. Knockany and Slievereagh (O'Don., Fm. v. 1648), in SE. of c. Limk. (Hennessy, Au. i. 96); ¶  the following refer (?) to Clíu Muman: Cath Cliach, Hk. 326, Of. 206, Lbl. 325 a, K. 132 a, 158 b, Au. i. 44 (Regio, terra, campus) Cliach, B. xlii. 27, Cs. 225, 235, 237, Ll. 146, 156 b, Lec. 217, Ll. 339 a, Sto. 18 a; ¶  v. next three words.
clíu an maige
Ui Threna of, Lec. 407; ¶  the genealogy of the Cairbri of C. an M., Bb. 112 a; ¶  the 3 Cairpri Cliach, Ll. 101. cliú mail; ¶  K. Eogan's chief abode, Lu. 119 a; ¶  is hi rand Chormaic Chais i gCliu Mail, ó Mullach Clairi co Bearnai Tri Carbad, agas ó Charn Feradháigh agas otha Ceann Abrad bo thuaidh co Fochar mháighe, agas lá táibh Máighi anair co Luimneach, Lec. fol. 204; ¶  v. ML. 93, Fm. i. 84, Ca. 400, Fir. 104, Lg. 119, Lec. 585, Hk. 348, Mm. 480.
c. máil maic ugaine
al. Clíu, Au. i. 96, Ll. 2623 b, 264 a, 268 b, Fm. v. 1718, Bb. 98 a, Lec. 409; ¶  in Min-Mairtine in Mun., Lis. 176 a, 196 a.
cliub sruibeach
in Uib Degad, Lec. 413; ¶  v. Clíu in Uib Dróna(?).
now Clogh, Clough; ¶  forms part of over 400 tl. names. cloch; ¶  Cath Comair tri n-Uisged roe o Chloich co muir toir, Z. 469, col. 2; ¶  but I find Cloch Comuir in Os. v. 264.
c. an bhodaigh
Mac hui Néill 7 muinnter Meg Uidhir do dhul d'iaraidh creichi ar Ghallaibh co Cloich an Bodaigh, Au. iii. 174; ¶  "not identified, but manifestly in the Fews" (MacCarthy); ¶  in Machaire Oirghiall, Fm. iv. 976; ¶  in plain in Oriel, Louth; ¶  in Conaille Muirtheimhne, Mi.
c. an chéitinigh
in Pobal Bhriain, Ai. 108 a; ¶  and Hb. 8 b, which has an Cheitingicc.
c. an chógtha
N. of Sruth in Caisléin, in Pobal Bhriain, Ai. 107 b, Hb. 8 a.
c. an commaigh
Aed Rón's head was taken off on Cloch an Commaigh at the door of Teampall Focháirde, Lg. 197, Fm. i. 330; ¶  "the cloch is still pointed out at doorway of ch. of Faughard," O'D. c. an dalatúnaigh; ¶  i Cuanachaib, belonging to Domhnal O Briain, Ai. 110 b, Hb. 11 a, which has Dalatunaicc.
c. an iarla
the earl's house or stone nr the quay of Galw.; ¶  St. Brendan's Well is there, Wc. 33.
c. an línsigh
betw. Oranmore and Galw., Fm. vi. 2010; ¶  al. Clochán Línsigh, Ar. 132.
c. an phoill
remarkable stone mentioned by Keating, in t. and p. of Áth Fadhat; ¶  al. Ahade, c. Carl., Ods. 599.
c. an phlóarta
i Cuanachaib, Hb. 11 a.
c. an riadirada
belonged to Burke, Baron of Castle Conaing, Hb. 14 a.
c. an stacáin
a port opposite Torinis Island, in Tirconnell, Of. 18; ¶  Ireland's length is measured fr. C. an St. to Carn Ui Neid, K. 118 b, 122 a; ¶  Clochstacan, O'S. I. i. 4.
c. an stuacáin
Cloghastokan, al. Cloghastucan, S. of Red Bay, c. Antr.; ¶  ó Cloith a Stocain go huí Beura, Ston. A. p. 43; ¶  Cloughastookan, a well-known pillar of limestone, about 10 feet high, by the roadside at Garron Pt.
c. an stuaicín
Ti. 40; ¶  Cloghastookeen, nr Loughrea, c. Galw., in b. Dunkellin.
c. an tsagairt
in Kinnigrelly, nr Collooney, Sli.; ¶  mass was offered out here in 1798, Pb. 107.
c. an uabhair
Burcaigh Muintire Murchadha of C., Fir. 798; ¶  Cloghanower, c. Galw., Fir. 798; ¶  in p. Killeany.
c. baile mhóir
Cloghballymore, in p. Killeenavarra, b. Dunkellin, Galw., Fy. 69.
c. bán
in Gleann Sdalluinn on the boundary of Cloch Naighe, Ix. 65; ¶  Cloghbane tl. nr Athlone and in Westm.
c. barraige
C. Barraide; ¶  battle of, in tl. N. Gortolinny, p. Kenmare; ¶  now Cloch Borrogh, "ar chuan Chinn Mara," ML. 30, 32; ¶  v. C. Berradh.
c. beathach
in Ossory, Ai. 19 b.
c. bherradh
nr Cuan Cinn Mara, Hx. 678; ¶  nr Kenmare Harbour.
c. cinnfhaelaidh
Ua Baighill, chief of, Au. ii. 364; ¶  Cenn Salach in it, Fm. v. 1535; ¶  in Tirconnell, Mi.; ¶  Cloghineely, in NW. of b. Kilmacrenan, Don., comprises pp. Raymunterdony and Tullaghobegley, Fm. iii. 134, 440, v. 1534; ¶  opposite Tory.
c. comuir
Os. v. 264; ¶  v. Cloch (supra).
c. chorr
in Ferm., Au. iii. 182.
c. fhada
nr the Neale, on the boundary of pp. Kilmolara, Ballinchalla and Cong in b. Kilmaine, Fy. 486.
c. fhada na gcarn
nr Carnfree in tl. Carns, 3 m. SE. of Rathcroghan, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 221.
c. ghlas
tl. in p. Templemore, c. Derry, Ly. 213.
c. ghleanna
on S. bank of the Shannon in Gleann Corbraighe; ¶  it belonged to the Knight of Glinn, Ods. 599, Fm. vi. 2174; ¶  .i. Rupes Vallis, O'S. III. vi. 3; ¶  Castle of Glen, c. Limk., Fm. v. 1592; ¶  Baile fil for bhruach na Sionna, Fm. vi. an. 1600.
c. insi na ttorc
on L. Fionnmoighe, Fm. iii. 360; ¶  in O Ruairc's country, Con. 16 b; ¶  Cherry Island in Garadice Lake; ¶  E. of Ballinamore, b. Carrigallen, Leit., Fm. iii. 360, Ci.
c. in tiprat
nr Deer, D. fo. 3 b.
c. laban
in Crích Artigh in Magh Luirc, Con. 46 b; ¶  in Moylurg. c. labrais(?); ¶  Leac Logha in Hy-Feathach, c. Tipp., Fm. iii. 147 note.
c. labhrais
Cloghlowrish, 2 m. NW. of Stradbally, c. Waterf. c. labhrais; ¶  Clolourish, nr Enniscorthy, c. Wex.
c. liath
Cloghlea Castle on the r. Funshion, c. Cork; ¶  Cúntunach na Cloiche Léithe, Ston. A. pp. 43, 64 (Tuireamh na hÉireann, 398); ¶  called Léith Chloch, Kp. 564.
c. liathmuine
in p. Kilgullane, b. Fermoy; ¶  and in p. Marshalstown, bb. Condons and Clangibbon, c. Cork, Ods, 670; ¶  C. Liathmuin, nr Mitchelstown, Obr.; ¶  Cloghleafin tl., Lc. ii. 399. c. lighi conchorp; ¶  at Sliabh Uidhe, Ll. 380.
c. lobhrais
nr Bunmahon, c. Waterf., Ods, 599; ¶  v. C. Labhrais. c. locha na n-onchon; ¶  on a mt. nr Glenn da Locha, Bb. 140 b.
c. locha huachtair
in O Reilly's country, Au. ii. 536, 544, iii. 324, 22; ¶  al. C. Ui Raighilligh; ¶  L. Oughter Castle, nr Kilmore, c. Cav., Fm. iii. 646; ¶  Ci., Lc. ii. 42.
c. luigdech
Tigernmas fought 7 battles in one day at C. L., Ll. 17.
c. luingi
in Hi Bece Uachtarach in Mun.; ¶  Luimnec beg, in Hi Bece Uachtarach, extends across Taedan W., and thence E. to Cloch Luingi, Lis. 183 b.
c. maceredaig
in Glenn na Mochart in Connacht, Con. 2 a.
c. mairtin
castle in p. Fertiana, b. Eliogarty, c. Tipp., Ods. 599.
c. mhionuirc
battle here betw. the Dálriada and the Breathnaigh in the reign of Fearghal, son of Maol Dúin, K. 164 a.
c. mór
in p. of Killannin Cloughmore, b. Moycullen, Galw., Fy. 63.
c. na n-arm
in Lein., Sas. 4196; ¶  seems at or nr Áth in daim on the Slaney r., Cf. 4431, 4464; ¶  S. of Carn na Curadh in Lein., Lis. 226 b, 227 a.
c. na caoireach
Piarus (Butler) of, Fir. 822.
c. na coillte
Clonakilty, c. Cork, Mm. 306; ¶  al. Cloghnakelty, in Seward's Top. Hib.
c. na heilite
nr Tobar Muire and the churchyard of Tullylease, c. Cork.
c. naighe
Ag so teorain Cloiche Naighe; ¶  .i. a dhul ac Raithin Thomseaain 7 lorg an uisge do ghabháil suas fán Raithin suas ar feadh an tSilteáin go Leic an Esboicc 7 in Easga ó'n Leic go Tobar na ccopocc 7 lorg an uisge ón Topar go hÁth an Ghreallaigh ghil, Ix. 64; ¶  v. Cloch bán.
c. na togbhála
stone of the raising, al. Table of the Giants; ¶  a cromlech on W. of railway opposite Ardnarea nr Ballina in p. Kilmoremoy, Fy. 34.
c. pette mic garnáit
nr Deer in Scotl., D. 3 b.
c. roca
Burke of, nr Athenry.
c. rogha
Eoghan Chloithe Rogha Mac Carthaig in Muscraige, Hz. 64; ¶  Cloghroe tl. in c. Cork.
c. ruad
an Chloch Ruad at Ráith Cno, Gartan, c. Don., Bco. 5 b; ¶  now Cloghroe.
c. sílte fola
in a ch. in Ulst., and if the ch. were to be plundered this stone used to bleed previously, Bb. 141 a; ¶  Cloghskelt tl., c. Down(?).
c. toll
in d. Lismore, in catnred of Ywoghin, and half cantred of Yffathiatha, Tr. 84; ¶  Día torchair léo (Feini) Conberba Art 7 Artúr amra illeith a túaid don chloich thuill ina fuil Dega mac Dicuill, Ll. 205.
c. uí raighilligh
al. Cloch Locha Uachtair, q.v., Lc. ii. 42, Fm. iii. 646.
Clifden, c. Galw., Wc. 112.
or Clochána; ¶  Na Clocháin in N. Clann Uilliam, in Conmhaicne Chuile; ¶  Uater de burg dona Clochánaibh, Fir. 804, 800. clocháin; ¶  in tl. Cloghans, in p. Kilmainemore, in b. Kilmaine, Fy. 486.
the Bishopric of Cluain hIoráird, as defined by the Synod of Ráith Breasail, ext. fr. Clochán W. to the Shannon, and fr. Urchuilte to Clúain Conaire, K. 174 a; ¶  v. Clochán an imrim. clochán; ¶  in dry. Achadeo, d. Ardfert, Tax.; ¶  Clothan, in dry. Offeria, d. Ardfert, Tax.
in d. Killaloe, Tax.
Cloghan, in dry. Kinalea, d. Cork, Tax.
genealogy of the MacCarthys of Clochán, Ai. 133 b, Hz. 77.
clochán an imrim
leg. Clochán ind imrime(?); ¶  prob. Clochanumera, NE. of Mullingar; ¶  the Synod of Uisnech divided Feara Midhe diocese (Fairce ceall Fer Midhe), betw. Clonmacnois and Clonard; ¶  the former lying W. the latter E. of C. an Imrim, Ch. 314, Ai. 31 a.
c. chille fobhair
in Barúntacht Chloinne Mathghamhna, in Breifne Ui Raghallaigh, Hx. 852.
c. chille móire
in Breifne O Raghailligh, bordering on b. Clann Mathon, Hx. 852.
c. cinn chait
in E. of Corcu Duibne, Sil. 264; ¶  in W. of Corcu Dhuibne, Sil. 275.
c. in phuca
Cloghaunaphooka, in c. Kerry.
c. leo
in Inishark, isle of W. Connacht, Wc. 115.
c. liath
al. Dungloe, in p. Templecroan, b. Boylagh, Don., Pgi. ii. 153; ¶  in Anglo-Irish, Cloughanleagh, c. Clare.
c. mór
Cuan fr. C. M., Ll. 305 b; ¶  Cloghaun More tls. nr Kilrush, c. Clare.
c. na gceapach
Cloghan Castle, 3 m. S. of Banagher, Fm. v. 1510. c. na ndall; ¶  nr Carn Castle, in tl. Garranard, p. Moygawnagh, b. Tirawley, Fy. 336; ¶  nr Carna, in Tír Amhalghaidh, Fir. 843.
c. na bhfómorach
the Giants' Causeway, c. Antr., Obr.
c. na rigraidhe
through Magh Luirg to Tuilsce, and thence to C. na R., Lc. ii. 414; ¶  seems nr Tulsk, c. Rosc.
c. uladh na dtrí gcros
at Clonmacnois, Fm. ii. 598; ¶  this causeway and this ulaid or penitential station still exist, O'D. clochar; ¶  Ll. 216; ¶  name of 45 places, and also part of 42 place-names; ¶  ns. Clochar, Clocher, A. f. 8 a 2, Ad.; ¶  g. Clochir, Ad.; ¶  Clochair, Ll. 128 b, Au. ii. 32; ¶  ds. Clochur, Au. iii. 308, Tl. 158, 174; ¶  but I find ds. i. Clochair, Au. iii. 266, Ll. 22, and (?) Md. 182; ¶  prob. an error; ¶  Clocherum, Ad. 111.; ¶  clochar, Ll. 128 b; ¶  Clogher in c. Tirone; ¶  al. Clochar Mac nDaimini; ¶  vill. in b. Clogher, fr. which d. Clogher is named, Tl. 158; ¶  the following (not identified in the texts), seem to belong to it:— Mt. 14, Fg. 58, 126, 156, F. 64, Fg. 60, Md. 268, 218, 182, 220, 36, Lis. 6 b, Bco. 38 a 2, Au. iii. 632, 530, 466, 468, 428, 292, 280, &c.; ¶  St. Maccarthen of Clocher, B. xxx., index; ¶  Bp. Ermedach of C., Tl. 60, 256; ¶  espucóid Clochair, Ch. 336, Au. iii. 242; ¶  espuc Clochair, Au. iii. 122; ¶  forácaib Pátraic iarum espoc macc Cairthinn hi Clochur, Tl. 176, Au. i. 34; ¶  airchideochain Clochair, Au. iii. 150; ¶  mainistir Clochair, Au. iii. 482; ¶  cananach coradh Clochair, Au. iii. 22; ¶  Domhnach Móin is in it, Md. 376, xlv.; ¶  Clochorensis urbs, Cs. 211; ¶  Clocherum, B. i. 930; ¶  St. Maugina of C.; ¶  St. Tigernach, Bp. of, B. ix. 901; ¶  Clochara, B. xlix. 257; ¶  Clocharia, Ct. 96; ¶  Clochora, Cs. 211, 218, 804; ¶  v. Clochar macc nDaimeni; ¶  ó Raith móir uas Clochar, F. 72; ¶  Clochar, in Cinel Feradhaigh, Au. iii. 598.
Sen, son of Ugaine Mór, settled in C., Ll. 22. clochar(?); ¶  Liber of, Bb. 125 a.
in dry. and d. Cashel, Tax.; ¶  in b. Kilnamanagh, c. Tipp.; ¶  Clochar, in d. Dub., Cr. 1179, v. Clochar Duilig; ¶  Clochar, in MacDermot's country, Lc. ii. 382; ¶  Clogher, in b. Boyle, c. Rosc., Ci.; ¶  Clochar, a ch. in Conallia Murthemne, Ct. 168, Clogher rectory in d. Arm., b. Ferrard, c. Louth.
claustrum vechunt boves a loco qui Clocher vocatur, ab oriente Findubrec(h) de pecoribus Conail electio clarificavit boves et exierunt ad Dún Lethglaise ubi sepultus est Patricius, A. f. 8 a 2; ¶  tucaiter dá ócdam disciri do cethrai Conaill a Findabair, .i. o Chlochur, ocus suidigther do chorp hi carreine forru ... rucsat na daim conice baili itá indíu Dún Lethglasi, Tl. 252; ¶  tuchtar dá ócdam dhisciri do cethrib Conaill a Finnabair, i. ó Clochar, Lis. 7 a; ¶  this is, I think, Clogher in c. Tyrone, a p. and b. in which is the tl. of Findermore (Findabhair); ¶  this Clocher and Findabair are closely connected, as Patrick left Macc Cairthinn in Clochar; ¶  thereafter he went to Lemain (nr Clochar mac nDaimine, q.v.), i.e., Findabair, Tl. 176; ¶  may be one of 4 Clogher tls. in c. Down, and there is Finnabrogue House, 3 m. N. of Downpatrick (Philips' Atlas), and Finebrough E. of Newtown-Ards (Scale's Atlas of 1776); ¶  adjacent to the r. Quoile lies the demesne of Finebrogue, Pgi. ii. 312; ¶  Mr. Hanna, of Belfast, suggested Clocha (wood), at Finnabrogue, nr Down.
c. chliar maighi
betw. Áth Chind and Cend Maighi Nuagat, Lis. 196 b.
c. cruachan
Clogher Croghan, a little SE. of Hill of Croghan, King's c., Ac. 311.
c. deasa
a boundary of Airgialla, K. 160 b; ¶  seems nr the Boyne; ¶  v. Airgialla; ¶  K. of Oriel, fr. Clochar Deasa to Fionncharn on Slíabh Fuaid, K. 160 b.
c. duilig
F. 164; ¶  fri Faeldruim andes i Fine Gall, Fg. 220; ¶  i. Clochar Duilig fria Faeldruim andess [a Fine Gall, Laud 610], i. i taeb Suird Coluim Cille, F. 169; ¶  C. Duilech, St. Doolagh's, c. Dub., Bo. lxxxi.; ¶  Dúileach Clochair fri Faoldruim a ndess i Fine Gall acus Clochar Duilicch ainm a bhaile la taobh Shuird Choluim Chille, Md. 312; ¶  the l. around St. Doolough's is called Tertia Pars de Clochar in Bull of Alex. iii. an. 1179, and Trian Clochair in Bull of Urban, an. 1186.
c. fergusa
named fr. Fergus, son of Maolduin, son of Muindearg, Fir. 497.
c. nguill
in Sliabh Eachtga, Lbl. 916.
c. mac ndaimen
Au. i. 380; ¶  Clogher, c. Tirone, Fm. iv. 738; ¶  v. next word.
c. mac ndaimín
Au. ii. 114, Im. 10; ¶  C. mac nDaimine, Fm. ii. 1026, 624; ¶  the Psalter of Cashel and the Book of C. Mac nDaemhin, I. 39 b 2; ¶  the Fera Lemna, al. Síl Tuathail in Tuaiscirt, about C. mac nDaimin, Bb. 51 a, Fir. 169, X. 173, Hx. 210; ¶  et Fera adberthar Síol Tuathail in Tuaithsciort a Clochair mhac Mic Damhain, Hx. 210, col. 1; ¶  Clochar macc nDaimeni, Au. i. 346, 476, 452, Ad. 111; ¶  Rath mór Maige Lemna was in it; ¶  fr. it the d. of Clogher is named; ¶  in Tír Eogain, Fm. vi. 1944; ¶  C. mac nDoimeni, Au. i. 236; ¶  C. macc n-Doimni, al. C. m. nDomini, Tl. 178; ¶  C. hua nDoimhín, Lc. i. 120; ¶  in Cenél Feradaigh, Au. iii. 368.
c. ui muirghile
in MacDermot's country, Lc. i. 550, Con. 27 a, Ai. 67 b; ¶  Clogher tl. in c. Rosc., in d. Estersnow, b. Boyle. clochrán; ¶  C. Surdais was part of the dowry brought by the dau. of "an hAlaboidigh" to James Nugent of Delvin, Fir. 840; ¶  i.e., Clogheran in dry. Swords, d. Dub., Tax., Cr.
Clocheran in dry. Taney, d. Dub., Tax.; ¶  in Tachnehi, dry. Dub., nr Finglas and Cloghran p., Castleknock, Cr.; ¶  this second part refers to previous entry, as Cloghran is just at the top of the hill betw. Drumcondra and Swords about 2 mls. fr. the latter.
cloc-tech cille dara
ro sen Brigit in caille ic Ros na Ferta i Cill Dara fri Cloc-tech a-tuaith Lh. 121; ¶  round tower of Kild. clodach; ¶  in dry. of Ui Bairche, d. Kild., Tax.; ¶  Clodach, a ch. of St. Brigit in d. Lechlin, Cr. circ. 1180.
a r. nr Mallow in c. Cork, Obr.
cloena (of Sagas)
"perh. for Clúain (Maccunois)," Zcp. i. 450; ¶  rather for Cloenadh, now Clane, c. Kild.
Mt. 39; ¶  i n-Uib Faeláin, F. 183, Au. ii. 140; ¶  now Clane in c. Kild.; ¶  v. Claonadh and Clóinad; ¶  Cloenath, Au. i. 152; ¶  gs. Clóinta, d. Clóinud, Ll. 116 b; ¶  Clóinad, Cassán Clóinta, Cruachan Claenta, Rc. viii. 56, xxv. 50; ¶  the Feile Brain Bic of Cloenad, on XV. Kal. Junii, Ll. 360; ¶  Cath Cloenta ria Ceallach Cualand i torcair Bodbgal mac Diarmada, Z. 468, col. 4.
Itharnaisc Cloenta in Huib Néill Naoi Giallaigh, Ll. 354, 350; ¶  same as Cloenad in Uib Faeláin(?).
Cloenclocha, gs.; ¶  Cath C. in 543(?), Ll. 24 b; ¶  leg. Cloenloch.
cloen comardai
v. Cluain Chomharda.
cloenfhertai temrach
the two C. at Tara are "fri Rath Gráinne a tuaidh ... C. descertach and the C. th(uaiscertach), Ll. 30; ¶  nsf. in Chloenfherta Temrach, LL. 291 b.
nr Usnagh Hill; ¶  Cainchi, Urchur, Airir, and the 9 sons of Coll, and the 9 sons of Draigen, with the 8 sons of Celtchar Cass, slain by the Féini in C.; ¶  Cloenglas Maige Uisnigh áird, Ll. 205.
Cloenglasse in b. Upr. Connello, Limk., Ac. 246; ¶  v. Claenglais.
al. Clain-inis, Au. iii. 572; ¶  v. Cláeninis. cloenloch; ¶  origin of the name, Ll. 169 b; ¶  v. Claenloch. clóenloch; ¶  in Cenel Aodha, Kinalea or O Shaughnessy's country around Gort, c. Galw., Au. i. 48; ¶  perh. L. Cooter, c. Galw., Ui.; ¶  Mane mac Cerbaill Cluana, K. of Meath, slain "i Cath Cloenlocha," Ll. 184; ¶  v. Claenloch.
Bd. 47, 49; ¶  prob. Claenloch Sléibe Fuaid in c. Arm.; ¶  there is also Cloenloch nr Gort.
Inis mór Cloenlocha, burned by Conor Ruadh, an. 1247, Con. 12 b, Lc. i. 380.
cloenloch na ndeisi
in the Deisi of Mun., Lis. 176 b. cloenloch sléibe fuaid; ¶  Au. i. 522; ¶  Clay L. in b. and c. Arm., Ui.; ¶  v. Claenloch Sl. F.
clogan dilmain
Colmán, K. of Midhe, slain there, Bb. 33 b. clogás an dísirt; ¶  i cloictheach Muirdheabhra. in b. Coshma, c. Limk., 1 m. W. of Croom, Ods. 622.
cloichin tighe taidhg na bearbha
Cúil I Shanasáin in C. T. Thaidhg na Bearbha, nr Carraig Ciotal, Hb. 12 b; ¶  Cloicinn Tighe T. na B., Cell tSile and Cúil Í Shanasáin in it, Ai. 111 b. cloicthech árda macha; ¶  Fm. ii. 796.
cloictheach eanaich dúin
built an. 1238, Hb. 122, Ai. 54 a, Con. 9 b, Fm. iii. 296.
cloictheach tulcha aird
Cloictheach Tulcha Áird cona lan do daoinibh do losgadh le Tighearnán Ua Ruairc, Hb. 117; ¶  v. Tulach Árd.
r. Clodiagh, b. Upperthird, Waterf., flowing into the Siuir, nr Portlaw; ¶  ds. Clóidigh, Kp. 228.
Clane; ¶  v. Clóenad, Claenad.
Cath Clóitige by Aedh Ornide against Domnall Mac Aeda Muindeirgg, Ll. 183 a; ¶  cath Clóitigi betw. Cenél Conaill and Cenél Eogain, Au. i. 266; ¶  al. imairecc Claidighe, now Clady, 4 m. S. of Lifford, Od., Fm. an. 784.
Cath Cloithrean, in which Cenel nGlaisne, al. Glasrige of Luighne in Meath, were defeated by Nathi mac Fiachrach, Bb. 88 a, Lec. 252, Ha. 866; ¶  Cloghran tl. in p. Clonmacnoise(?). clomraige; ¶  gs., Cf. p. 14; ¶  cf. Glomraige.
al. Mag Lemna in Tirone; ¶  in 1598 known as "the countrie of Cormac mac Baron," Tp.; ¶  v. Lemain, Tl.; ¶  comprised the greater part of pp. Clogher and Errigal-Keeroge, Cv. 126.
clos dubhóg(?)
Closdufog; ¶  in dry. Fermoy, d. Cloyne, Tax. clothra; ¶  the 3 Coscraich Clothra, Lbl. 640.
the "Three Clothraighe" of Erin are: Ardmacha, Cluain mic Nóis and Cell Dara, Bb. 42 a.
gs., Cg. 100; ¶  i.e., Inis Clothrand(?), Clothranna, an island, Cs. 753.
in Maigh Chliach, Hc. 2, 585 b.
Fergal Ua Neill went to "Clú Chlothbind" in Meath, and blinded Maelsechlainn, Ll. 184.
cluach lochan
St. Dabrigh Cluacha L., Bb. 117 b.
the r. Clyde; ¶  cath Sratha Clúada, Zcp. iii. 463. clúain; ¶  means "pratum," O'S. p. 138, C. 748; ¶  "latibulum," C. 354, "a plain betw. two woods, a fine level, fit for pasture," Obr.; ¶  "saltus," Cluain Ferta qui dicitur Saltus virtutum; ¶  fr. which, as "qui" is masculine, I gather that "Cluain" is also; ¶  but it is feminine in Au. an. 542; ¶  three Cluana of Erin are: Cluain mic Nóis, Cluain Eóis, Cluain Iraird, Bb. 42 a; ¶  when Cluain alone is mentioned it is not always possible to know which of those three is meant, or whether it is Cloyne or another place; ¶  but, as a rule, it is Clonmacnois and next Cloyne d. or t.
Clonmacnoise, Of. 10, Fm. an. 246, Ll. 358, Fg. 70, Au. an. 623, 736 (Au. an 747, 759=those of Clonvicnose, Ac. an. 756); ¶  Ciarán Chluana, .i. mic Nois, F. 137; ¶  St. Ciaran's Monastery; ¶  .i. Clonmacnois, Ck. 147 b; ¶  Cummian's Paschal Epistle calls Ciarán "Queranus Coloniensis," the first "o" being a short, irrational sound, and the second "o" long; ¶  Ciarán Cluana (of. F. 137, 149, Sil. 51, 65, Ll 274 a, Md. 36, 152) = Cluain mic Nois of Fg. 172, and F. 84, 143; ¶  also Au. i. 294, 149, Mt. 17, 20 (= C. mic Nois of Fg. 70), Md. 238, 122, 130, 132, 168, 246, Zcp. i. 62, F. 94, 37; ¶  Clonoensis; ¶  .i. c. of Clonmacnois, Ad. 23, Cps. 108; ¶  familia Clóna of A. 12 a, 15 a; ¶  seems the muinter Clono, muinter Cluano of Au. an. 747, 759 (= those of Clonvicnose of Ac. an. 756), and muinter Cluana of Petrie's R. Towers 330; ¶  Mac Nissi Clúana, Ll. 369; ¶  .i. ab Cluana meic Nóis, Fg. 116.
i Laigis, F. 132; ¶  Clúain; ¶  .i. C. Caoin, F. 154, 155, Fg. 190; ¶  al. C. Luicell, F. 154–5; ¶  Clonkeen tl. in p. Clonenagh, Queen's c.
Cloyne t. and d. in c. Cork, C. 309; ¶  Colmán Clúana, Zcp. i. 64; ¶  Cloyne, easpog Chorcaighe Chluana et Rois, St. B. i. 140, 349; ¶  airchideochain Cluana 7 Corcaighe, Au. iii. 448; ¶  epscop Cluana, al. Cluana Uama, Cgg. 28; ¶  v. C. Uama; ¶  Cloun, Cloune, Clone, Kc. 88, 110, 103.
Clonmeen nr Banteer, c. Cork; ¶  Uí Cheallacháin uasail Chluana an reightig, Ry. 196, 50.
Ite Cluano, Au. i. 52, Ll. 24 b; ¶  i.e., Cluain Credail. cluain; ¶  ch. betw. Sliab Crot and Sliab Mairg in Mun.; ¶  St. Sedonius of, C. 573.
F. 80; ¶  al. Cluain Ferta, Fg. 98, Mt. 24; ¶  al. C. Ferta Brenaind, F. 86, 87; ¶  Clonfert in b. Longf., c. Galw.; ¶  Comarba Brenaind Cluana, Au. i. 572.
Fg. 84 = Cluain Aird, Mt. 22.
Pol Mag Tethechan, comorba Cluana, i.e., Cluain Conmaicne or Cloon, b. Mohill, Leit., Lc. ii. 56, Fm. vi. 58. cluain; ¶  Féile Beccain of Cluain, on VI. Kal. Maii (Beccán ó Chluain mo-Becóc a Muscraige Breogain hi Mumain, F. 90), Ll. 359, Md. 110, Fg. 84.
nr Tuam; ¶  Archideochain Tuama do badhadh ar Glaislind Cluana, Fm. iii. 308.
Emant ó Cluain, Md. 184; ¶  recte "Domitian ó Cluain Emaint," as Fg. 128.
not identified; ¶  Cobran of, Fg. 138, Mt. 29, Md. 196; ¶  Dealbnat, Cainear, Dearlir, Fuin, Fainear of, Fir. 752; ¶  Ernín of, F. 110, Md. 146; ¶  Fland et quo Camin Cluana of the Hui Felmeda, Ll. 217; ¶  Féile of Oenu Ab. of C. on the XIII. Kal. Feb., Ll. 356; ¶  Scandal of, Mt. 28; ¶  Tigernan of, bp. and founder of an abbey, B. ix. 901; ¶  leg. Tigernach Cluana (Eoais)?
cluain abann abair
Baedan .i. Mobeoc mac Ualada o Chluain Abann Abair in Uaibh Muiredaigh, I. 106 b, col. 5; ¶  Baethán .i. Mobi mac huí Alta ó Ch. abann abair in uib Muiredaig, F. 182; ¶  cfr. Cluain dá andobair.
c. accuir
i n-Ardgail, Fg. 186; ¶  = Cluain Achuir, Mt. 35; ¶  Rothan and Daigri of, Feast. II. Kal. Oct., Ll. 363.
c. achaid
Maeltuli of, Ll. 368.
c. achaidh coin
Clann Mail C(am)aran are the Hui Gusain, and the Hui Murgusain, son of Mugroin of C. A. C. at the Adharca in Lein. (seems in Mag Lifi), Fir. 470; ¶  v. C. A. Doim.
c. achaid doim
the Hi Muirgiusain of Cluain Achaid Doim (the Cland Cholcon a Life), Lec. 200.
c. achaidh leaga
Cloonakilleg tl. in p. Tisara, c. Galw., Kj. iv. 455.
c. achaín
the Clann Mailcarman Hui Duibhgind mic Gusain mic Mugroin ó Cluain Achaín; ¶  Genealogy of the Clann Mugroin Liphi, I. 58 a 2; ¶  v. C. Achaid Coin.
c. hadaird
Finden of, Lbl. 324.
c. aedha aithmet
i Luighne, Fg. 110, Md. 146; ¶  ?Clooneagh tl. in c. Sli., where were the Luigni Connacht.
c. aeda find
in Lein.; ¶  "Is Cluain immar Noemrelic Aeda Find," Ll. 44.
c. aei
in Tearmann Brighi Gabhunn, Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  in p. Brigown, in which Mitchelstown is.
c. ai
Hi Dubain ó C. Ai lucht Conmideachta Hi Flaithbertaigh, Z. 188 b; ¶  O Dubhan of C. Ai was attendant of O Flaherty at his common house; ¶  Cloneen(?) in p. Killenay, b. Clare, c. Galw., Wc. 370.
c. ái
Fg. 156, Md. 218; ¶  Dianland bán is Brigit (Cluana hAi), Fg. 156; ¶  =Brigit Cluana diailama, Mt. 32.
c. aichit
Maeltuili of (C. Aiched, Bb. 125 b; ¶  C. Aichidh, Ai. 151 b), Lec. 118; ¶  v. C. Achaid.
c. ailbhe
Clonalwy, in dry. Duleek, d. Meath, Tax.; ¶  cath Luachra Móire etir dá inber al. cath Ailbhe i mBregaib ria T. for Ciannachtaib Mide, Fm. i. 176; ¶  in b. Upr. Duleek, O'D.
c. ailill
C. Ailello(?); ¶  Hui Aodháin (of the Hui Briúin Cualand) in it; ¶  v. Ui Aodhain, Ll. 389.
c. aíne
in Krigh ne Kedaigh in Offalie, Ac. an. 1406; ¶  i gCrích na gCédach in Uachtar Geisille, Fm. iv. 788, 790, Con. 47 b, Lc. ii. 118; ¶  Clonany, nr hill of Croghan, b. Warrenstown, King's c., Fm. iv. 790.
c. aine(?)
Clonany, in dry. Adare, d. Limk., Tax.
c. airb
Md. 132; ¶  .i. o Cluanaib, Fg. 98.
c. aírbelaig
Falbe mac Rónáin of, Feast on Kal. Sept., Ll. 362, Mt. 33, Md. 232.
c. airbhinn
Clonarvyn in dry. Mullingar, Meath, Tax.
c. aird
a Ciarraige Airtig, I. 108 a, col. 3; ¶  in d. Elphin.
c. airdd
do Bécoc, of, al. Cluain ard mo Bécoc, al. Cell Bécain; ¶  now Kilpeacan, in b. Clanwilliam, c. Tipp., Au. i. 140 and note; ¶  but v. Cluain Ard.
c. airdne
Mochonna of, Fg. 186, Fm. i. 312 = Mochonna Cuairne, Mt. 35; ¶  ch. of St. Mochonna, Ct. 178, where Colgan thinks it is Cluain Aird in Airtech, d. Elphin.
c. airgid
nr Frenchpark, c. Rosc.; ¶  Cloonairgid, 5 m. SW. of Ballaghadereen.
c. airthir
7 bps. of, Ll. 374, I. 110 b 1; ¶  7 sts. of, Lb. 24; ¶  Fionntan of, Ai. 150 b; ¶  now Magheracloone, c. Mon., Ch. 78, Au. i. 94, Mi., Cri.; ¶  Cailcú of, Mt. 35, Ll. 363; ¶  = Caelchú ó Lúi Airthir, Fg. 182; ¶  Mongan mac Fiachnae, lord of C. Airrthir, Hb. 64.
c. aithchein
hi Laigis, F. 53, 155, B. lv. 898, C. 385, Fep.; ¶  C. Aithghen, B. lxii. 580, Fg. 210; ¶  Mothiolócc of, Md. 192; ¶  Clonaheen tl. in p. Rosenallis, Queen's c.
c. aithrech
in Connacht; ¶  in Fearand na Sithe in Roscoman(?), Con. 50 a; ¶  or Clann Aithrech?
c. aladh
ecclesia in c. Louth, Ct. 131, 174, 271.
c. alad deirg
ch. which, with Cell Lothair, the monks of Clonard exchanged with those of Clonmacnois for Caill Uallech, Tl. 76. c. alchuinn; ¶  in Leathbhaile Locha Muighe Brón in Tirawley, Hz. 75.
c. an annsín
belonged to Thomas a Burc, Fa. 2.
c. anbfothaid
St. Mælanfaid of; ¶  in Ossory(?), Lec. 220.
c. an dobor
Cronan of, III. Kal. Sept., Ll. 362, Mt. 33; ¶  C. Andobair, Fg. 166, Md. 228, 334, Fm. ii. 638; ¶  v. C. dá andobair; ¶  sloiged la Gallu Átha Cliath a cCluanaib an dobair 7 argain leiss Chille hAchaid, Fm. i. 464, Au. i. 350; ¶  nr Killeigh, in b. of Geashill, King's c., Fm. ii. 650; ¶  Baetán Cluana andobair settled in Lein. at Indse Fualae in Huib Failge, then at C. andobair, Ll. 349; ¶  v. C. in dibair; ¶  seems to have been in ancient Ui Fáilge. c. an doim; ¶  Mobi of, Fir. 733; ¶  leg. C. andoboir(?), q.v.
c. annabar
Baethán .i. Mobi of C. A., F. 182; ¶  v. C. an Dobor. c. an tsnáigh; ¶  v. Port Cluana an tSnáigh.
c. arathair
deochain Nenn of, Fg. 84, Mt. 22, Md. 110; ¶  Dechonen of, Feast on VII. Kal. Maii., Ll. 359, Mt.
c. árd
.i. C. Árd moBecoc on N. of Sliab Crait in Muiscrigi in Mun., Cs. 521; ¶  Beccán, al. Dabecog Cluana Airdo, and Cluana Áird, Fm. i. 294; ¶  Kilpeacan Ch., N. and at foot of Sliab gCrot in Muscraige Chuirc in b. Clanwilliam, c. Tipp., Keating and O'D.; ¶  in Muscraige, C. 615; ¶  al. Kilpeacan in c. Tipp., B. lix. 274; ¶  Beccán hi C. Aird a adba, F. 81, Ll. 350, Lec. 96; ¶  roloiscset C. Áird moBéccóc, Ll. 309 and in Cgg. 223; ¶  C. Árd muBeóc, Cgg. 6, Z. 351; ¶  I find ds. and as. Cluain áird, and gen. Cluana aird and Cluana airdeo; ¶  is the nominative C. árd or C. áird?; ¶  C. A. Mo-Bhecócc; ¶  Kilpeacon, 6 m. S. of city of Limk.; ¶  a great rath there; ¶  Beccan of C. A. M. i Muscraighe Breoghain, Fg. 104, Md. 138; ¶  i Muscraige Breogain hi Mumain, F. 90; ¶  Cluain Ard, Mt. 25; ¶  Cluain Mo-Becóc, F. 90; ¶  Cluain Ard Mo-Bhecócc, Fg. 104.
c. áird
ag Tigh Conaill i n-Uibh Briuin Cualann, Md. 138; ¶  Stagonil p., al. Powerscourt, 3 m. SW. of Bray.
c. ard
Clonard, in dry. Athy, d. Dub., Cr.
c. árd
Clonard in d. Elphin, Tax; ¶  Cloonard in p. Tibohine, burial place of Mac Dermot Gall, Fm. iii. 469.
c. árd na cros
Cloneycross in b. Ballycowan, King's c., Kj. iv. 450.
c. árd na liatan
i C. Aird na Liatan i Ciarraig(e) hÁi, F. 90. c. artraige; ¶  Art, son of Mugdornd Dubh, fr. whom are the Artraige in Ulst. It is fr. him (?them) is Cluain Artraige Homomon, X. 59; ¶  in Ulst., Lec. 180. Fir. 329.
c. auiss
A. fo. 9 b 1; ¶  C. Auis, Au. i. 148, 240, 344, 430; ¶  Clones in c. Mon.; ¶  Obitus Celi Tighernaigh Ab Chluano Auis, A.D. 716, Hb. 73; ¶  C. Eois (Eoais, Euis), F. 67, F. 72, Fg. 70, Mt. 20; ¶  C. Eois, Ll. 351, and Codex Palatinus 830; ¶  C. Eoais, Lb. 19, Fm. ii. 952; ¶  C. Eoauis, C. 50; ¶  C. Euis, Fm. i. 376; ¶  C. Eois, C. Eoais, Fep.; ¶  Clonooys, dry. in d. Clocher, Tax. 212, Tr. 268 an. 1335, Ct. 633; ¶  in Dartraighe-Oirghialla, c. Mon., Mi., Cri., Ci., Ui., in b. Dartry, Mis. i., 207; ¶  Cluenes, in Aurilia [Oirghialla] principatu prope Macguieris fines, O'S. III. ii. 6; ¶  Tigernach of C. Eóis in Fearuibh Manach, Fir. 724, Lec. 95, K. 158 b; ¶  a bFeraibh Manach, nó gomadh etir Feraibh Manach acus Oirghialla atá, Md. 94; ¶  Clonies in the Dartry, in McMahowne's country, Sp. 1606, p. 68; ¶  Tigernach Epscop of Cluain Eois; ¶  Feast on II. Non. Apr. (T. epscop Cluana Eoais, Lb. 19), Ll. 351, 313, 358, Cs. 917.
c. bainb
7 epscoip. of, Fg. 48, Ll. 374, Md. 62, Fep.; ¶  7 sts. of C. Bainb, Lb. 24; ¶  St. Philip of, C. 457; ¶  prob. at or nr Cloonbony House, in the p. of Rathcline, which p. also contains Lanesborough and L. Bannow (L. Bainbh?), all in c. Longf.; ¶  but Wh. Stokes, Fg. 302, suggests Clonbonniff, a tl. in King's c., which I cannot trace; ¶  there is also Cloon-bonny House in Westm., 2 or 3 m. SE. of Athlone.
c. báird mac n-ugairi
some of the Corco hOiche left Ulst. and got l. fr Fland Bec, K. of Mun., in Feimin, bb. 96 a, Lec. 271; ¶  nr Clonmel.
c. bairend
Leide MS. Rc. xiii. 10, Fg. 238, 120; ¶  C. Bairenn, i n-Uibh Maine, Fg. 32, Md. 42, Ct. 381, C. 340, 713; ¶  in Uib Maine for brú Sinda, hi C. Boirend, Lb. 84, F. 50; ¶  on the banks of the Shannon, Fir. 706; ¶  Sithmaith banabb of; ¶  Clonburren in p. Moore, b. Moycarn, Rosc., Au. i. 248, 216, 250, Adr. 113, Fm. ii. 630; ¶  Cairech (sister of Ronan of Druim Inasclainn) of C. B., Ll. 352, Bb. 123 a, Lb. 21, Lec. iii, 113, Lbl. 903; ¶  Cairech Derg of C. Bairind, Lbl. col. 90; ¶  Cairech Dergan of, Lbl. 903; ¶  v. C. Boirenn.
c. bairnig
Sinech of, Ll. 369.
c. baoith
a ch. in Ui tuírtre, Ct. 184.
c. bec
bet. Crota Cliach and Sliab muicce, Bb. 118 b; ¶  Scothnat of, pupil of St. Finbarr's at Etargabhail, Cbb. c. 10; ¶  St. Setna Mac Sesen of Artraigu Cliach, dwelt at C. bec, betw. Crotach Cliach and Sliabh Muici, Lec. 90; ¶  Magna, sister of Duid Cilli Muine, mother of Sedna mic Cén do Artruga Cliach, he who lived in C. beg, betw. Crota Cliach and Sliab Muicce, Bb. 118 b; ¶  Faolan was slain by Aodh in Cluain beg in Atharlaigh; ¶  ?Clonbeg, in d. Cashel and c. Tipp.; ¶  fr. Lis. 199 b it seems in Aherlow.
c. beoan
Ciaran of; ¶  "Beoan soer m'athair do Dálaraide, Dareca mo mhathair si," Z. 397 a; ¶  ? in Dal Araide.
c. bigín
now Clonbiggin in Ui Maine, Im. 166.
c. bile
al. Cluan fota i Feraib Bile, Lan. ii. 125.
c. bini
7 eps. of, Ll. 374, I. 110 b col. 2; ¶  7 sts. of C. Binne, Lb. 24.
c. boirend
Tig. Rc. xvii. 254, Md. 174, Lb. 21, Adr. 113, C. 340, Ct. 381, Ac. 123, Fm. i. 208, 376; ¶  v. Cluain Bairend; ¶  C. Boirenn in Ibh Maine, Md. 42; ¶  Cloonburren in b. Moycarn, Rosc., Fm. ii. 630, 605; ¶  Mors Scannláine Chluaine Boirionn, A.D., 753, Hb. 78.
c. bolcáin
Fm. iii. 264, Lc. i. 310; ¶  at Clonahee nr Strokestown, c. Rosc.
c. bolg
Clonbolg in dry. Muscri, d. Cashel, Tax.; ¶  Clonbulloge, p., 41/2 m. SE. of t. of Tipp., c. Tipp., Pgi. i. 428.
c. bolg
Cluain Bolg 'sa Bothar Cuill dohairgedh re hUa Remuinn (O Byrne), Bran. 91 b; ¶  vill. and p. in b. Coolestown, King's c., Pgi. i. 428.
c. bragáin
Clon Bragan; ¶  l. of Abbey of Connall, c. Kild. Sw. an. 1205.
c. brain
Modichu Cluana Brain, Ll. 368, Bb. 125 b, Lec. 118; ¶  Féile of Dicollo of C. Brain on Kal. Maii, Ll. 359, Mt. 23; ¶  Dichuil of C. Braoin, C. 92; ¶  C. Braoin, Md. 116, Fg. 88; ¶  nr Louth, Ct. 115.
c. bresnighe
Lord (Plunkett) of C. Bresnighe in Meath, Fir. 644. c. briain; ¶  Cloonbrien, tl. in p. Athlacca, nr Bruff, c. Limk., Fm. ii. 1035.
c. brónaig
Samthann of, Fir. 723, Bb. 121 b, Lec. 100, 620, Ll. 365, Au. ii. 82, i. 196, 256, Tl. 20, Ct. 120; ¶  Ceallbhille of, an. 765, Hb. 80; ¶  i cCoirpre i Tethba a ngar do Ghranard, Md. 340, Ct. 73, Mm. 538, F. 176, Mt. 38; ¶  i cCrích Choirpri i tTethba, C. 347, Fg. 236, 242, F. 183, Tl. p. 91; ¶  a convent of nuns subject to Granard fd. here for the two Emers by St. Patrick, Tl. 90; ¶  nr Granard, in c. Longf., Of. 403, Ch. 127, Mi., Cri.; ¶  Fainder Cuicir in C. Brónaig, subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 353.
c. bronich
on confines of Ui Neill and Mun., not far fr. Birr, Cs. 378, 390; ¶  Clonbrone tl., in Birr p., King's c.
c. bruices
i fail Flesci a Mumain, F. 167; ¶  C. Bruchais, Md. 192, B. lxii. 340; ¶  Mochoemóc of C. Bruchaisi, Ll. 368, Lec. 118, Ai. 151 a; ¶  Mocaemog of C. Bruachais, Bb. 125 b; ¶  Colman of C. Bruchaise, Mt. 29, Fg. 134, Ll. 367, Bb. 124 b, Lec. 116, Ai. 150 b; ¶  Cluain Bruicheas, ch. of Bp. Sinell, pupil of St. Finnbarr's at Cork, Cbb. c. 18.
c. buadain
St. Blathmac of, C. 129.
c. buarain
Im. 166.
c. buidige
nr Bruiden Da Chocæ, NE. of Athlone, Bdc. 388; ¶  di cer Buidech ingen Fargemen oc C. Buidige, Hc. 2, 719.
c. c.
in Glenn C. C.; ¶  its Comhorba, Donnchadh Mag Niallusa, Con. 79 b; ¶  in Lc. ii. 274 we have "Donn Mag Niallussaigh, Comfhorba Choluim-Cille i nGlionn Cille; ¶ " in Glencolumbkille p., c. Don. c. cáa; ¶  7 bps. of, feast on V. Non. Oct., Ll. 363, Fg. 188; ¶  Cluain Cua, Mt. 36, Md. 264; ¶  ? Clonka in dry. Garth, d. Limk., Tax.; ¶  but v. C. Cae.
c. cachaidh
Colmán of, Ai. 150 a.
c. cactni
Fiachra cael of, Fg. 142; ¶  = F. coel of C. Cain, Mt. 30. c. cae; ¶  the 7 sts. of, Lb. 24; ¶  7 bps. of, I. 110 a col. 3, Ll. 374, C. 73; ¶  Féile of Cainche of C. Cae in Eoganacht Caisil on the XII. Kal. Feb., Ll. 356; ¶  C. Caoi in Eoghanacht Chaisil, Md. 24; ¶  Berchan mac Ultain in C. Cai, Ll. 351; ¶  C. Cái, Fg. 80, 102, Mt. 25; ¶  i n-Eoganacht Chaisil, Fg. 20; ¶  becomes C. Caein in Eoganacht Caisil, Mt. 13.
c. caein
v. C. Cáin.
c. cái
v. C. Cae.
c. caichni
at the Barrow, Ll. 195—6; ¶  the Féile of MoShinóc of, on VI. Idus. Maii, Ll. 360; ¶  Fínan of C. Caichne, Ll. 367, Bb. 125 a, Ai. 150 b; ¶  Finan of C. Caithne, Lec. 116; ¶  in Lein., Lbl. 436; ¶  C. Caichni of Mt. 23 is C. Cainchne, Fg. 94; ¶  Conapadh Dóee ic Lind Dóee for Berba 7 Caichne a C. Caichne, Sa. 25 b 2; ¶  nr the r. Barrow; ¶  v. C. Caicin.
c. caichtne
Md. 202; ¶  .i. C. Caichne(?).
c. caicin
at the Barrow, in Lein., Lec. 466; ¶  C. Caecin, at Lindidh or Linn Doee, in the Barrow, Bb. 198 a.
c. caidh
Dia ndechaidh Siar co C. Caidh Colum Dían re duain Chíarain, buár na hech na hór engach, ni ro ghab na ro chendach, Acht tri duirnn a huir deirg déin, Sa. 57 b 2.
c. cáin
i nDruim Mór hi Crích Rois ós C. Cáin, Tl. 226; ¶  i Feraib Rois, Adr. 47, Ct. 162, 185, 187; ¶  C. Caoin Fer-Rois, Fm. ii. 996, Au. ii. 88; ¶  Clonkeen, in W. of c. Louth, Adr. 47; ¶  nr Ardee, O'D.; ¶  in b. Ardee, c. Louth, Ui., Ci., Mi., Cri.; ¶  Aruin epscob Cluana Caoin (cúig mile ó Athriagh clog mirbaile), Md. 354; ¶  Athriagh for Ardee or Áth Fhirdeadh(?); ¶  Aruin, bp. of C. C., Fep., Fg. 148; ¶  v. C. Caoin.
c. cain
ch. in Hi turtre, Ct. 184; ¶  Colmán (al. Lucell), ab. of, Fg. 190; ¶  Cluain Cain, Finan of, Au. i. 370; ¶  Clonkeen, nr Ardee, O'D.; ¶  Martin, bp. of C. Caoin; ¶  Finán of, bp. and anchorite; ¶  Crunmaol, bp. of, Fm. i. 454, 494, 526.
c. cain
the d. of Emly, fr. C. Caoin to Abhainn-mhór, and fr. Cnamhchoill to Abhainn Ealla, K. 174 a; ¶  i cCondae Luimnigh, Md. 402, and in d. of Emly, a beauteous old ch. doorway there; ¶  Clonkeen, nr Abington, b. Owneybeg, c. Limk., Cam. ii. 790.
c. cáin
in Eoganacht Caisil, F. 39; ¶  Dimmocc of, Fg. 84; ¶  moDimoc of, Mt. 22; ¶  C. Cáin moDimoc in Iarmumain, Tig. Rc. xviii. 11, Fm. ii. 1050, Hb. 96; ¶  Mun., plundered as far as C. C. Modiomog, Clonkeen, Fm. ii. 936, in Eoghanact-Chaisil, now b. of Middlethird, O'D. and Mi.; ¶  Sochaide mhór do Desmumain do thuitim la Tuathmumain for Tochur Cluana Cáoin moDimog, Lc. i. 134.
c. cain
Cluon Cain, ns.; ¶  Colmán Elo's brethren there; ¶  seems in King's c., and was plundered by the "provincia Laigse," or Queen's c., Cs. 436; ¶  Cluoin Cain, al. Cl. Cuin in Lein., Cs. 446. c. cáin; ¶  Clon Kyne, old name of Abbeyleix; ¶  Clonken in Leix, Tax. c. cáin; ¶  Clunken belonged to canons of Disert Keivin, Cr. 1263; ¶  Clonkeen tl. nr Rathdrum, c. Wick.
c. cain
Cloncen, in Bre dry., d. Dub., Cr.; ¶  grouped with Dalkey and Stachlorgan.
c. cain
Cell Fidhne in C. C. in Dealbhna Ethra; ¶  Berchán, son of Fidhne of Cill Fidhne, in C. C. in Dealbhna Ethra, Bb. 122 b, Lec. 109, Lb. 19, Ai. 149 b, Fir. 749.
c. cáin
a Cell in Connacht, Rawl. B. 512, fo. 44 a.
c. cáin
Clonken in dry. Othir, d. Clonfert, Tax.
c. cáin
in Achud (Cáin) Colmán of, A. 16 b 1; ¶  that is in Achad Cáin in Achad Chonaire hi Luignib Chondacht, F. 130, O'Dav. 66; ¶  now p. of Achonry, d. of Achonry.
c. cain
fr. Iobar Breacmhuighe to C. C., and fr. Bealach Eachla to Móin-an-Inbhir, was the l. of O Luasgan, Fir. 483.
c. cáin
all or most of the following prob. belong to Clonkeen in Louth:—Clairenech of, Fg. 94, 110, Mt. 26; ¶  Colum Cule mac Midgnai of, Ll. 314, F. 155, Fg. 190; ¶  Colmán (i.e., Colam Cúili) of Cluain Cain in Samad Fintain, of the race of Cathair mór, Bb. 75 a, Fir. 483; ¶  Enna maccu Laisich of C. Cáin (in Lein.?), Lec. 274; ¶  Fiachra coel of, Mt. 30 = F. cael Cluana Cactni, Fg. 142; ¶  Fionán of, C. 46, Fia. 152; ¶  Fintán of, Fg. 32, 94, Mt. 23, 94, 14; ¶  Muinter Gusain of, Ll. 394; ¶  Lassar and Cummain, daus. of Cólman, in Cluain Cain, Ll. 353, Lec. 113, Fir. 753; ¶  Moingionn of, Fir. 732; ¶  there are 48 Clonkeen or Cloonkeen tls.
c. cáin arad
isin Mumain, i. Ros Conaill isin Mumain, F. 181; ¶  isin Mumain, Fg. 236; ¶  in Ara Clíach or Ara Tíre, q.v.
c. cáin cairrill
the Comharb of one of the 7 Primhcomharbada of Hi Maine, I. 41 b 1, Lec. 187; ¶  Clonkeen, or Clonkeen-Kerril, in b. Tiaquin, Galw., and d. Clonfert, Im. 78.
c. cáin cairill
Cairell mac Curnain a C. C. Cairill Tainic Cianóg co Cluain Ciarill Cianóg bean Crechain Brugaidh Ceatach in Iar-Connacht, Sto. 24 b; ¶  cf. C. Cáin Cairill.
c. cainchne
moShinóc of, Fg. 94; ¶  = C. Caichne, Mt. 23; ¶  C. Caoinchne, Md. 124.
c. caine cúine
Macraidhe Endacc in Cill Ailche; ¶  i.e., the 150 in C., Lb. 23 (?).
c. cain cumni
Ind Romanaigh in C. C. C., Ll. 373.
c. cáin fionnabrach
ó Ch. C. Fi. 7 ó Chill Ilin atuaidh do Fhochaird, Fg. 7, nr Fuaghard.
c. cáin
Modhimóg, Clonkeen, c. Tipp., Ci.; ¶  v. Cluain Cáin.
c. cáin móir
Ind Ailithir in C. C. M., Ll. 373; ¶  Cluain is fem. here.
c. chain na corcaidi
W. of the Succa in Connacht; ¶  the Fearand Sodain ext. fr. C. na Corcaidi to Firilleim Atha Gluinchind, Lec. 157; ¶  fr. C. C. na C. to Firillen Atha Gluindchinn, l. W. of the "Soich" (river) in Connacht, acquired by the Síl Senchan, Bb. 60 b; ¶  Fearonn Soghain ext. fr. Glas Buidiotha to Glas Uair Chluana Chaoin, and fr. Tráigh Riasg-feadha Tuama, and fr. C. C. na Corcaighe to Fir Falleann atá Gluincind, Fir. 138.
c. cain na fairchi
in Mun., Sas. 4423; ¶  now Clonkeen; ¶  it seems to be at or nr Daire na fin-fingaile.
c. cairbre
Aedán of, Fg. 148 = Aedhan Cluana Tarbh, Mt. 31; ¶  v. C. Cairpri.
c. cairbreach
in Eoganacht Glennomhnacht of Caoilli, Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  nr Fermoy.
c. cairbthi
Cluain C. for bru Sinna, fo coinne Beraigh, Lc. ii. 116; ¶  v. C. Cairpthi.
c. cairill
St. Caireall of, Fir. 737; ¶  v. C. Cáin C.
c. cairpri
Beirech of, Ll. 173 a, 347; ¶  al. C. Cairpthe(?), q.v.; ¶  Fintan and Bearach of, on the bank of the Shannon, Lec. 160, Bb. 61 b, Md. 210; ¶  Aodh Ua hAinlighe taoiseach Cheineil Dophtha d'ég 7 a adhlacadh a cCluain Coirpre Beraidh or Loch Lainn, A.D. 1405, Hb. 136.
c. cairpthi
al. C. Coirpthe; ¶  Berach in díthrib Cenel Dobtha i Connachtu, i. i C. Cairpti, Lb. 14, F. 51; ¶  C. Coirpthe ic-Connachtaib, Fg. 36, Md. 48; ¶  C. Corpi in d. Elphin, Tr. 454; ¶  a cConnachtaibh, a cCenél Dobhtha do shonnradh, Md. 56; ¶  St. Berach's monast. in it; ¶  the ruins are in tl. Kilbarry, 2 m. N. of Termonbarry Bridge, in Cenel Dofa, c. Rosc.; ¶  it is not Clooncraff nor in b. Athlone, as Archdall says, Fm. iv. 784, 700, 922; ¶  Clooncorpey, al. Kilbarry, in p. Termon-barry, c. Rosc., Mis. i. 232, Fm. ii. 592, Ci., Ll. 347; ¶  Fiontan and Bearach of C. Cairpthe on the Shannon; ¶  they were of the Clann Dofa Mac Aonghusa, Fir. 242, 710, C. 340, Con. 47 a; ¶  Brecan of, Bb. 119 b. Lec. 102; ¶  St. Berach its patron; ¶  his crozier in possession of O'Hanly; ¶  Kilbarry in p. Termonbarry in Disert of Kinel Dofa, c. Rosc., Kj. ii. 340; ¶  in b. N. Ballintober, Lc. i. 358.
c. caisil
belonged to the O Congairb of Tuath Muighi finne, in Mun., Lis. 183 a; ¶  in b. Fermoy.
c. caman
in d. Waterf., Tax.
c. camhuin
St. Ailill of C. C. in c. Rosc., C. 339.
c. cannan
in Crích Ele, Ll. 155, Bb. 203 b, I. 156 a 1; ¶  Torchair Candan cathmilidh, ro ghab tuaidh Insithbe sé a C. Chandain Críche Ele, Sa. 35 b 1, Ll. 169 b; ¶  Slige Dála seems to pass nr it, Ll. 169 b; ¶  Crea dau. of Fedlicu, fr. whom is called Roscrea; ¶  Cannan, son of Fedlicu fr. whom is called C. C., Ll. 169. c. caoi; ¶  i n-Eoghanacht Chaisil, Md. 24; ¶  v. C. Cae
c. caoin
C. Cáin.
c. caoláin
Md. 76.
c. carna
Md. 98.
c. carnach
Ch. of Brogan given to St. Finnbarr, Cbb. c. 10. c. carpat; ¶  at colptu in Ulst., Lu. 65, Lbl. 589, Lb. 25 a; ¶  C. Carpait; ¶  in Cualnge at Glaiss Crund, Ll. 62; ¶  ag Glas Cruinn (abha) in Crích Cuailgne, Hf. 21 b.
c. carpait
in Breicthír; ¶  al. Firchuing, in Connacht; ¶  Sas. 6333; ¶  seems W. of Breicsliab.
c. cartha
Clooncarha, in p. Kilmovee, b. Costello, c. Mayo, Mis. i. 256; ¶  in Sliabh Lugada in C. Carthaigh(?); ¶  an attack was made on Emonn in Machaire Mac Gosdelb (Costelloe), Con. 60 b.
c. catha
Battlefield tl. in b. Corran, Sli., 4 m. S. of Ballymote, Fm. iii. 290, Fy. 486; ¶  maidm Cluana Catha, in which O Conor defeats McDermot, Lc. i. 342, Au. ii. 294, Fm. iii. 290; ¶  there are Clooncagh in c. Rosc. and Clooncagh in c. Galw., Pgi. c. catha; ¶  in n-Inis Eoghain, Md. 194; ¶  now Cloncha in b. Inishowen, c. Don., Cv. 67; ¶  Brecán of, Fg. 138, Mt. 29.
c. causa
Caelchu of, in Ciarraighe hAei, Lb. 23.
c. cé
al. C. Cetna; ¶  Cloen, son of Gar or Ingar (mac Ingair) of C. Cé, fr. whom Cloen Loch is called, Ll. 169.
c. celbind
"Whence comes the student?" "I come from C. C., after reading my lesson I am going down to Sord," Bb. 160 a(?); ¶  nr Swords.
c. cessain
al. Ros Meic Treoin in Fid nGaible; ¶  there was a sruth and linn (river or lake) there, Fer. 191, Sas. pp. 14, 15, 276. c. cetna; ¶  Cloen mac Ingair of Cluane Cetna in Alba; ¶  v. C. Cé, Ll. 169.
c. ciarraigh
belonged to the Sliocht Uateir Burc, Fa. 2; ¶  ? Cloonkerry House in p. Killofin, c. Clare, Pgi. ii. 483.
c. ciaráin
.i. Cluaín-mac-Nois, Ch. 139, Kj. iv. 349; ¶  Ernán of, Bb. 126 a, Ll. 369, Lec. 119, Ai. 152 a; ¶  but cf. Clonkeeran House in p. Mylerstown, c. Kild., Pgi. ii. 840.
c. cichmaighi
Coipp ingen Chairnáin of, Fg. 82, Md. 108; ¶  called Cúil Cichmaighi in Mt. 22.
c. claidbaich
monast. in Ui Conaill Gabra in Mun., Cs. 478, Lan. ii. 339; ¶  C. Claidheach, Clooncagh, in b. Upr. Connello, c. Limk., Petrie's Round Towers 178, Ods. 599, PRIA. viii. 448–50; ¶  St. Maidoc fd. monast. there, C. 212; ¶  St. Mogue is its patron; ¶  Mogue = Maidoc. c. cláir; ¶  Cloonclare in c. Leit., Kj. iv. 451.
c. clarith
St. Kainer of, Cs. 266; ¶  Cainner Finn of C. Claraighe, Fl. 370; ¶  ?Cloonclare in c. Leit.
c. chnoc
in Hi tuirtre, Ct. 184; ¶  leg. C. Cnuic.
c. chobthaig
Muredach mac Domnaill, K. of Meath, reigned over C. Chobthaig Cain, Ll. 185.
c. choine
in Connaught, Ct. 204.
c. coirinn
St. Caimer of, Fir. 752.
c. coirpthi
Fm. ii. 1028, 1080; ¶  Kilbarry, in p. Termonbarry, c. Rosc.; ¶  v. C. Cairpthi.
c. colgan
or C. Colcan; ¶  Cell Colgan at Áth Cluana Medraige is in or nr it, Lec. 104.
c. collaing
a Muintir Eolais, Md. 342; ¶  Fraech of, Fg. 242; ¶  C. Cullaing, Mt. 38; ¶  in Muintir Eolais in b. and c. Leit., B. lix. 285.
c. collann
l. of Monasternenagh, c. Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. colmóc
Lambeg, c. Ant., Dc. ii. 336.
c. comarda
the fleet of Lumnech ravaged Marthin Muman, and carried off Forannán comarba Patraic (the Bp. of Arm.), fr. C. C. to Lumnech, and broke the shrine of Patrick, Ll. 309, Cg. 227; ¶  Forannán was taken prisoner, the shrine of Patrick was broken, and the churches of Mun. plundered, Cg. 14; ¶  these facts are given also in Ch. 148, Fm. i. 466, Au. i. 348 (which has Cloen Comhardai), Ac. 139; ¶  Fm. has C. Comharda, Ac. "Cloncowardy; ¶ " fr. Ll. it is clearly in Mun., in which Forannán was in exile for 4 years; ¶  O'Don. says "not identified; ¶  Cg. civ., note 3, says that Reeves identified it with the vil. of Colman's Well, nr Kilmallock, but does not say on what grounds; ¶  I place it at Clooncoorha 21/2 m. N. of Kilrush and the r. Shannon, c. Clare (see Philips' Atlas), the fleet of Limk., "longes Lumnig," could reach him there more easily than at Colman's Well, which is 27 m. away fr. the Shannon; ¶  Colman's Well p. is indeed called Clouncoragh in Pgi. i. 469, 474, and Cloncorth in dry. Kilmallock, in Taxatio of 1306, p. 272, and Clonecoure in Tax. an. 5, Caroli. i.
c. conachaid
Colman of, Ll. 366, Bb. 124 b, Lec. 115.
c. conaire
there are three C. Conairi—viz., in Uib Faeláin, in Uib Failge, in Uib Bairrchi.
c. conaire
Cloncurry, 41/4 m. NW. of Kilcock on N. border of c. Kild., Pgi. i. 430, Fm. iii. 137; ¶  i tuaiscert Ua Faoláin, Md. 248; ¶  Monenn of, i ttuiscert Úa fFáelain; ¶  Monenn of C. C. Tomain hi Tuaisciurt hÚa Fóeláin, Fg. 178, F. 146, Ll. 362, Mt. 34, Fep.; ¶  Clonconnyre, Irish Pat. Rolls i., p. 4; ¶  d. of Clonard ext. fr. Clochán W. to the Shannon, and fr. Urchuilte to C. C., K. 174 a.
c. conaire
Maeldub of, Fg. 240, Md., Dec. 18; ¶  Cloncurry p. 3 m. NE. of Rathangan in b. of E. Offaly, c. Kild., Pgi. i. 431; ¶  al. C. C. Maelduib, q.v.
c. conaire
in Huib Bairrchi in Lein., Ll. 314, I. 58 a 1, Bb. 74 a, Lec. 198, Fir. 466.
c. conaire maelduibh
Fg. 240, Mt. 38; ¶  K. of Ui Foilghi slain there, Au. i. 256; ¶  in p. Cloncurry, b. E. Offaly, Kild.; ¶  Mongloch, Mocellóc and Maeldub of C. C. Maelduib, Ll. 353, Lb. 22, Lec. 113, Bb. 123 b, Fir. 753.
c. conaire tomain
Ll. 43 a, Tig. Rc. xvii. 158, Mt. 34; ¶  i ttuaisciurt Ua fFaelain, F. 146, Fg. 178, Fep., Au. i. 256, Fm. i. 456; ¶  Cloncurry, nr Kilcock, in N. Kild.; ¶  battle of Magh Ochtair by Bran Dubh against the Hui Neill "is in Telaigh ós C. C. Domain a ndeas," Hb. 62; ¶  a "Righdáil" at C. C. T., betw. Feidlimid, son of Crimthann, K. of Cashel, and Niall Caille, K. of Erin, Bb. 48 a, Lec. 139.
c. conbruin
monast. on the r. Suir, fd. by St. Alban, Cs. 521; ¶  in Mag Femin, c. Tipp., C. 616, B. lix. 274, 283, 286; ¶  nr Clonmel.
c. conghail
belonged to Sliocht Uateir Burc, Fa. 2.
c. conghusa
Diarmaid Ruanuid and the Herenach of C. C. with many others took Mochuda away fr. Rathan, K. 163 a; ¶  in Cenél Ardail, Fer. 43.
c. conmaicne
in Mag Raghnall's country, Au. ii. 560; ¶  Mór, dau. of O Ferrell and wife of Mag Raghnaill, buried there; ¶  in Muinter Eolais, Md. 56, Con. 14 b; ¶  Cloone, in b. Mohill, c. Leit., Fm. ii. 966, iii. 348, 350, Ci.; ¶  Crumthir Fraech of, Ll. 335 a, 349, C. 340, Fir. 729, Ct. 410, 452.
c. connaidh
i cCuircne, Fg. 196; ¶  = C. Condaid, F. 156; ¶  ? Cloonconny tl. in p. Kilbride, c. Rosc.; ¶  C. Connaidh; ¶  Clooncunny in b. of Elphin, c. Rosc., Mis. i. 223.
c. connaid
in Laighis Laigen; ¶  this and L. Luaignich formed the "Orbba" of Luignech, son of Lugna, Ll. 318, Lec. 216, 274.
c. connin
a Connachtaibh (seems betw. Áth Luain and Ros Comáin), Au. iii. 500.
c. corcaige
i n-Uib Failge, Lh. 119; ¶  ? Clonyhurk p. in King's c.
c. corco óche
Bard, son of Ugaine Mór, settled there, Ll. 22, Lec. 585, Hk. 348, Lg. 119, Fir. 104.
c. corind
Cainer, dau. of Airmend in C. C., subject to St. Brigid, Ll. 353, Lb. 22.
c. cormaic
Ailgal of, Au. i. 218; ¶  al. Imlech Fordeórach, Fm. an. 751; ¶  ?Clooncormac Demesne in p. Kilcommon, Mayo, Pgi. ii. 299. c. corr; ¶  Clooncor in p. Ogulla, b. and c. Rosc., Mis. i. 223.
c. cracha
Torbach, al. Calbhach of, scribe and abb. of Arm., Au. i. 292.
c. craeibhe
Cloncreue, in dry. Garth, d. Limk., Tax.
c. craind
St. Tua of, Bb. 126 a, Lec. 119, Fg. 222; ¶  is na Baireadachaibh i Tír Amhalghaidh, Hz. 74 b; ¶  v. C. Cranum; ¶  cf. Clooncrann in p. Kilkeevin, c. Rosc.
c. crandche
Odrán of, Ll. 368; ¶  C. Crannchae, Bb. 125 b, Ai. 151 b; ¶  C. Crandcha, Lec. 119.
c. cranum
Tua in C. Cranum, Ll. 368; ¶  of C. Cruinn, Ai. 151 b. c. crectain; ¶  l. of Monasternenagh, Limk., Sw. an. 1200.
c. chredail
at foot of Sliabh Luachra (in Life of St. Ite and in the Life of St. Brendan); ¶  now Cell Íte (Life of St. Brendan); ¶  Killeedy tls. and p. in b. Glenquin, c. Limk., Ch. 519, Mm. 486, Ods. 599, Mi., Cri.; ¶  Itae of, Au. i. 62, Lan. ii. 83; ¶  M'Ide of, Hb. 60; ¶  al. Cell Ite at the foot of Sliab Luachra in Ui Conaill Gabra, Ck. 56 b b; ¶  in Mun., F. 28; ¶  Colmán of, Ll. 305 a, Lec. 616; ¶  v. Fg. 16, Md. 16, 252; ¶  in regione Desiorum, B. i. 1062, lviii. 647; ¶  2 or 3 m. NE. of Killeedy is Kilmeedy (Cell m'Ite). c. crema; ¶  so in 1336, 1418; ¶  Cluencrema in 1201; ¶  Cluoincree in 1410; ¶  Cloncrew p., c. Limk., Wes.
c. crema
A. 19 a, Tig. Rc. xvii. 253; ¶  Clooncraff p. and tl. nr Elphin in b. and c. Rosc.; ¶  Fep. Kj. ii. 340, Mi., Cri., Mis. i. 230, Ch. 128, Au. i. 216, 304, Fm. iv. 974; ¶  Congall of, Ll. 367; ¶  Osbran of, K. of, 164 b, Hb. 78; ¶  Laegaire, Fg. 214.
c. crema
Meldan of, i nDelbna Assail, Tl. 74; ¶  in Meath, C. 90, Ct. 113, 130, 270; ¶  this is, I think, Cloncrave tl. in p. Killucan, Westm.; ¶  there are 2 tls. of Cloncraff in King's c.
c. cremhchoille
Lct. 102, note; ¶  Clooncraffield, nr Castlereagh, c. Rosc.
c. crucha coirpre
i Feraib Maige Féne (?), F. 172.
c. cruich
Féile of Fintan of, on XVII. Kal. Junii., Ll. 360, C. 355, Mt. 24; ¶  ?Cloncrew tl. and p. in c. Limk.
c. cruinib
in Connacht; ¶  O Floinn, Lord of Sil Mailruanaigh, slain by Mac Gosdelbh in it, Con. 60 a; ¶  in Costelloe's country(?).
c. cruinn
Tua of, Ai. 151 b; ¶  v. C. Cranum.
c. cua
Fep.; ¶  in Queen's c.; ¶  C. Cua "rectius C. Cáa," Md. 264, Mt. 36; ¶  = C. Caa, Fg. 188; ¶  Cluain Cua, Fg. 188; ¶  Cluanuigh Cua, in Laighis, Ll. 383; ¶  fr. Glais Crice in Cluanaib Cua in Lein., Fir. 450; ¶  ?Cloncough tl. in p. Clonenagh, Queen's c.
c. cuada
Cluanaib Cuada, in N. or NE. of Laigis, Ll. 312; ¶  v. Cua.
c. cúallachta
Cobrán of, Fg. 148, Md. 208; ¶  is C. Cuanlach, Mt. 31; ¶  Féile of Cobran of C. Cualachta on IV. Non. Aug., Ll. 361, Md., Fg.
c. cuanlach
Mt. 31; ¶  = Cluain Cuallachta, Fg. 148.
c. cúasa
i Tethbai, Lec. 32, 577, Sc. 20 b 2, Sb. 4 a 1, K. 131 b, Fm. i. 40, Lg. 86; ¶  Fm. has C. cuas, Cloncoose tl., b. Granard, c. Longf.; ¶  Caolchu (of the Ciarraighe Aoi) of, Fir. 732.
c. cuifthin
al. C. Cuibhtin, Au. i. 224, 238; ¶  Clonguffin in p. Rathcore, Meath; ¶  Tailefhlaith banabb of, Fm. i. 382, Ac. 125, Dm. i. 127.
c. cuiléin
l. of Cathol mac Tomais Ui Fheargoil, Hb. 128; ¶  Clooncullen tl. in d. Noughaval, c. Longf.
c. cuill
Clonquill in p. Kilkerrin, Galw., Kj. iv. 455.
c. cuirc
Ronnat, dau. of "Fiachna mic Aeda," in C. C. in Magh Locha, Ll. 354, Fir. 705; ¶  Coned, Odba, Richell and Ronait, of C. C. in Magh Locho, Bb. 124 a, Lec. 113, Lb. 21.
c. cullaig
(? Cloncully tl. in Queen's c., or Cloncollog in King's c.); ¶  Crumthir Fraech of, Ll. 365; ¶  v. C. Collaing.
c. cummuiscc
in McDermot's l. of Moylurg, c. Rosc., Fm. iii. 526; ¶  C. Cummaiscc, Lc. i. 600; ¶  Cloncumasge, Ac. 284.
c. dá acra
Sarán of C. isin Cechair, Fg. 180, Md. 252.
c. da an
Baethin mac Alla in, Ll. 356, Md. 268; ¶  recte C. da andobair, q.v.
c. da an dobair
Mobaoi Cluana Fannabhair, nó Cluana da an Dobair i n-Uibh Muiredhaigh, Md. 334; ¶  as cosmhail gurab de ghoires an naoimhshenchas Baodan Cluana an Dobair, Md. 334; ¶  Baoithin, son of Alla of Cluain da andobar, Fir. 749.
c. dá annabair (?)
C. Annabar; ¶  al. C. Abannabair, i n-Uib Muiredaig, F. 182 = Cluain Fannabhair i n-Uibh Muiredhaigh, Fg. 238, called simply Cluain, F. 175; ¶  Cluaindaanauair in d. Glendal., Cr. 1179; ¶  Moboe mac Hui Alla (his mother was Sin of the Huib Conaire Léime Conchulaind), of C. da andobair, Ll. 372; ¶  Mobi qui dicitur Mac Hua Alla of C. Da andobar, I. 111 a 1; ¶  Mobhi, who is called Mac Ui Alla, held C. D. anobar, Bb. 117 b; ¶  Mobi, called Mac hUi Alla, occupied C. da antobar, Lec. 89; ¶  v. C. an Dobair. c. dá baetócc; ¶  Boetoc of, Fg. 140; ¶  a bhFanaid a tTír Conaill, Md. 198; ¶  Cluain dá Bodog, in d. Raphoe, Tax.; ¶  Clondavaddog in Fanad, N. Don., Ad. 409; ¶  a p. in b. Kilmacrenan, 9 m. N. of Rathmelton, Pgi. i. 433.
c. dabhail
Clondawell, bounded on N. and NW. by the r. Blackwater, on the S. by Arm.; ¶  the r. Dabhall and L. Dabhaill are in or nr it, Fm. v. 1330.
c. dabcha
Ulltan 7 Eilltíne of, in Fid Eoin, Ll. 353, I. 108 b 2, Bb. 123 a, Lec. 111, Lb. 21, Fir. 751; ¶  ? Clondaw in p. Kilcormick, c. Wexf.
c. dá chaillech
seems not far fr. Tara, Sil. 85; ¶  S. of Tara; ¶  W. of Ath Truim in Huib Loegaire, Lbl. 766, Hc. 2, 756.
c. da charadh
Cloondacarra, in c. Rosc.
c. dá chon
Cloondacon in Mayo.
c. dá chrann
Cronan, abb. of, in Meath, C. 303; ¶  nr Rahan, Tullamore; ¶  nr Tullabeg College, S.J., is the Crann Field where a battle was fought.
c. dachran
al. C. Deochra; ¶  Clonrane, on r. Brosna, 7 m. SW. of Mullingar, Dm. iii. 555.
c. dá cró
Moirseanóg of, Ai. 151 a.
c. dá dam
Caerthend of C. dá D., betw. Áth na Mórrígna and Clithar Fidbaidi, Lu. 104 b; ¶  Caeirthenn ban Fhinn, al. Caeirthenn of C. da D.; ¶  betw. Sliabh Fuait and Fochairt Murthemne, Lis. 216 a; ¶  Cairthenn Cluana da dam in Sliabh Fuait in Ulst., Lbl. 613. c. dá damh; ¶  ó Uarán co C. dá damh, Fm. v. 1744; ¶  Cloondagaw tl. in p. Ballynakill, b. Leitrim, c. Galw., Fm. v. 1744; ¶  al. Cloondadav.
c. dá n-each
Cloondanagh in c. Clare.
c. daeimh
7 bps. of, I. 110 b 1; ¶  v. Cluain Daim.
c. dá en
al. Dún da en; ¶  Duneane p. in d. of Conor, B. lx. 348. c. da en; ¶  ch. in d. Down; ¶  S. Ercnat Virg. of, C. 42.
c. daethcain
Mo Siloc of, Mt. 29; ¶  = Mo-Shíloc ó Cill Mo-Shílócc i n-Uibh Ceinnselaigh, Fy. 136.
c. da fhiach
Colmán of, féile on X. Kal. Dec., Ll. 365, Mt. 39, Fg. 244; ¶  atá Cluain (nó Both) da Fhiach a cCiannachta Glinne Geimhin i n-Ulltoibh, Md. 344.
c. dá fhíach
in Laigis Laigen, the Forba of Erc mac Lugnai, Lec. 274, 216, Ll. 318.
c. dá ghamhna
Ods. 614.
c. da gat
1464; ¶  canonry and prebend in d. of Killaloe, Tr. 455; ¶  now Clondagad, 61/4 m. SW. of t. of Clare, c. Clare, Pgi. i. 431. c. daigri; ¶  Colman of, Ll. 367, Bb. 124 b, Lec. 115, Ai. 150 a. c. daim; ¶  is Clondyme in 1306; ¶  now p. Clonduff in d. Dromore, Ra. 114, 115; ¶  Mochoemoc, al. mo-Chommóc of, C. Daimh i n-Uibh Eachach Ulad, Fg. 246, C. 598.
c. daim
in the Deisi, where Mac Amlaib defeated the Deisi in battle, Ll. 310, Cg. 22, Z. 355.
c. daim
the 7 sts. of, Lb. 24; ¶  the 7 bps. of, Ll. 374.
c. daimh
St. Senchell of, Ct. 269.
c. daimur
in Echar Liki, Sinchell's place, Cs. 249.
c. dá laogh
Clondalee in p. of Killyon, c. Meath.
c. dá lárach
Cloondelara, nr Clonmacnois.
c. dalláin
i bfail Snámha Ech. i. an Cuan láimh risan Caol i n-Uibh Echach Uladh, Fg. 68, Md. 92, Fm. iii. 344; ¶  Clondallon nr Newry, Ra. 114, O'D.; ¶  nr Rostrevor, Dc. i. 10; ¶  Conall of, in Dál Echach nr Cuan Snáma ech, Ll. 348, Fir. 732; ¶  Conall of, in Dal Echach, hi fail Snamach, Lb. 15, Bb. 120 b, Lec. 105, C. 281. c. dalláin; ¶  betw. the confluence of the Blackwater and the Fuinshion, O'Longan on the Triacha an Caoille, which he calls the Two Fermoys; ¶  Hui Dallain of Duthaidh Cluana Dallain in Leath Baile hI conchubhair in Caoille, Mun., Lis. 182 b; ¶  in Hibh Ingair, or Magh Feigi in Caoille, Mun., Lis. 182 b.
c. dá loch
Find went fr. the Oenach Life to Cachér and to C. da Loch, Ll. 206; ¶  ? Clondallow, in p. Eglish, King's c.
c. da lotha
7 bps. of, I. 110 b col. 2; ¶  leg. C. dá Locha(?). c. dam; ¶  Crundbec slain there, Lis. 199 b; ¶  C. Damh, C. 748; ¶  Cloondaff in c. Mayo (?); ¶  Clondaw hamlet in p. Kilcormuck, d. Ferns(?), Pgi. ii. 386.
c. dá mael
in Corca Laighde (Ahamilly?), Gc. 54.
c. dhamhna
tl. Clonawney or Clononey nr Moystown, in b. Garrycastle, King's c., Fm. v. 1346.
c. daingin
Clondangen, given by O Tothel to Abp. of Dub., Cr. an. 1260; ¶  in O Toole's l.
c. dá ochra
Moernóc of, Ll. 368, Bb. 125 b, Lec. 118; ¶  v. C. Deochra.
c. dá olcan
Cronan or Mochua of Cluain da Olcan, Lec. 90, Bb. 118, I. 111 b, which has C. Daolchon; ¶  Cronan, al. Mochua Chluana Daolchon, I. 111 b 1 ; ¶  Clondalkin, v. C. Dolcáin.
c. dá rath
Cloondara tl. in p. Killashee, in W. of c. Longf., Fm. iii. 528.
c. dá rath
Cloondara in p. of Tisrara, c. Rosc.
c. dá ros
garb Crot caol in Cluain da ros, Lis. 194 b; ¶  nr Sliab Crot (?).
c. dartada
the Forba of Erc mac Lugnai, in Laigis Laigen, Lec. 274, 216, Ll. 318; ¶  Cluain dartada in d. Glendal. in terra Ua Murethaig, Cr. an. 1173, 1179, 1192; ¶  Sw. an. 1200; ¶  Aedan of, Ll. 366, Bb. 124 a, Lec. 115, Md. 46, Lb. 23; ¶  Beologo saccart of, Md. 46, Fg. 34, Mt. 5; ¶  Ind Romanaigh of, Ll. 373.
c. da shailech
Cainer of, máthair secht mac Lugada, Ll. 372; ¶  Cairer of, máthair VII. mac Lugada, I. 118 b 1, Bb. 118 a, Lec. 90.
c. da thorc
Au. iii. 20; ¶  tl. p. Cloonyhorc; ¶  Portarlington is in p. Cloonyhorc, Fm. iv. 714; ¶  O'Flaherty places it in Clann Maoilughra, ibi.
c. dedad
Feidelm, dau. of Dallbronach, mother of Ite of C. D., Ll. 354, I. 110 b col. 3, which has C. Degad; ¶  cf. C. Credail. c. deochra; ¶  Flant fer leigin Cluana mic Nois epscop 7 airchindech of, Fm. ii. 708; ¶  Ernán of, a gContae Lonphoirt, Md.; ¶  now Clondara in p. Killashee, c. Longf., Ch. 224, Cri., Au. i. 238; ¶  on borders of Meath, C. 138; ¶  Ernán of, Fg. 14, Mt. 12, Md. 12, Lis. 10 a; ¶  Féile of Ernine of, on III. Id. Jan., Ll. 356; ¶  v. Cluain Dochre. c. derg-rátha; ¶  seems in b. Carbury, Sli., Fm. iv. 748; ¶  tl. Derrygra in p. Toomna, b. Boyle, Rosc. (?), O'D.
c. diamhair
Comgall of, Md. 200, Fg. 142; ¶  Cluain Diamair, Mt. 30.
c. dianlama
Féile of Brigit of, on II. Id. Aug., Ll. 361; ¶  Brigit Cluana diailama, Mt. 32; ¶  = Dianland bán is Brigit (Cluana hAi), Fg. 156.
c. dicholla
in Lein., C. 210; ¶  al. Cl. mór, in b. Bantry, Wexf., PRIA. viii. 448, 450; ¶  al. Cl. mór Dicholla Gairbh, St. Mogue its patron.
c. díothrach
Ros Findchuill Cluana D., al. Ross na Rig on the Boyne, Adr. 236.
c. dob
(leg. C. Dobair, or C. Andobair); ¶  Baedan of, Bb. 120 b, Lec. 105.
c. dóbail
i n-Almain in Lein., Fia. 36, Rc. xxiv. 46; ¶  al. C. Domail, q.v.
c. dobhair
C. 598; ¶  St. Beodan; ¶  al. Mobeoc of; ¶  C. andobair.
c. dobtha
MoChua of, Fg. 46, Mt. 17, Md. 62.
c. dochre
al. Cl. Tochne, Fm. an. 765; ¶  al. Cl. deochra, Fm. an. 977; ¶  Cloondara in p. Killashee, c. Longf., Au. i. 238.
c. dolchaill chaem
Fir. 128; ¶  leg. C. Dolcáin.
c. dolcáin
Clondalkin, 5 m. W. of Dublin; ¶  C. Dolcáin 20 times, C. Dolcan 8 times and C. Dolchan in Bb. 122 a and Lec. 109; ¶  MoChua of C. Dolcan, F. 122, Fg. 150, Mt. 31, F. 130, Md. 212, Ll. 305 b, 308 b, Bb. 122 a, Lec. 109, Fm. ii. 606; ¶  Cronán, al. MoChua of C. D., Ll. 351, Fir. 727; ¶  the Antiphonary of C. Dolcan is preserved in T.C.D.; ¶  its round tower stands 5 m. W. of Dub. city; ¶  Ailbran Ua Lugadon was its abbot, Au. i. 252; ¶  so were Fer-fugill, C. 577, and Fedlimid hUa Lugadon, Au. i. 282; ¶  Dún Aomhlaoibh, fortress of Amhlaoibh, K. of the Danes at C., c. Dub., K. 166 b, Lbl. 939; ¶  the 12th and early 13th century form of C. Dolcan found in Cr. and Hmd. favours C. Dolcan, of Au., which generally preserves the best spelling of place-names.
c. domail
Flannán and Aedan of C. D. in Almain (C. Dóbail, Fia. 36), Ll. 351, Fir. 378, Lb. 19, Md. 142, Lec. 99, Fg. 108; ¶  St. Aed of, Lec. 115, Bb. 124 a, Ai. 150 a., Ll. 366; ¶  7 bps. of with Aedán, Ll. 374; ¶  the 7 sts. of, Lb. 24.
c. dothartaigh
Aodhgán of, Ai. 150; ¶  ?Clondahhorky p., in b. Kilmacrenan, c. Don., Pgi. i. 432.
c. draignige
Colman of, Ll. 366, Bb. 124 b; ¶  Aibind, dau. of Mani in C. D., subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 353, Fir. 752, Lb. 22; ¶  Cloondrenagh tls. in c. Clare, or Clondrinagh tl. in p. Killeely, c. Limk.
c. droichid
S. O Donchadha escaped fr. prison wherein MacCarthy placed him, and fled to Teampall Muire in C. Droichid, Ai. 78 a; ¶  Clondrohid p. in b. W. Muskerry, 2 m. NW. of Macroom, c. Cork, Pgi. i. 433.
c. duaach
B. xx. 314; ¶  cf. C. Duma.
c. dubháin
Cloonoan in p. Kilkeedy, b. Inchiquin, Clare, 6 m. NE. of Corofin, Fm. v. 1632, Gc. 194, Ci.
c. dubáin
in Connacht, Lc. ii. 470; ¶  same as previous name, as Clare was sometimes placed in Connacht.
c. dubháin
S. Cinnia of, nr Cloghar, C. 134.
c. duilech
O Fergal and Dalton (of Westm.), pursued by the Clann Conchobair into C. D., Con. 55 a; ¶  seems in Westm., and nr Cell Gréine.
c. dumha
Enostán of, Fg. 210; ¶  C. Dumae nr Bruiden Da-Chocae, Bdc. 390; ¶  C. Dumae for Sindaind, Hc. 2, 720.
c. duma na lios(?)
Clondumnales called Olderfleet, Sp. 1606, p. 67.
c. heabain
7 bps. of, "ar brú Shiura," I. 110 b col. 3; ¶  v. C. Eamain.
c. eamhain
v. C. Emain.
c. ech
Feile of Caurnán of C. Ech on IV. Kal. Maii, Ll. 359, Md. 112, C. 299, Mt. 22; ¶  Cairnán of C. Eich, Fg. 86; ¶  Fursa of C. Eich, C. 291; ¶  Ingena Cetain in C. Ech, subject to St. Bridget, Ll. 353.
c. echach
Indeadan of, Lec. 112; ¶  Ingedan of, Fir. 752, Lb. 22, Bb. 123 b.
c. edir dhá abhainn
Cloonederowen, c. Galw.
c. edir dhá bhaile
Cloonaderavally, c. Sli.
c. édnech
al. C. Edhnech, F. 43; ¶  C. Edhnigh il-Laighis, Fg. 38, F. 60, 169, Fg. 46, 200, 222; ¶  K. 120 a, 168 a, 173 b, Md. 50, Mm. 21, Md. 62, Fep. B. lvii. 579, C. 356, Fm. ii. 580; ¶  in Laighis in N. of Lein. at foot of Sliab Bladma, cap. 3 of Comgall's Vita 2 a in Fleming's Collect. Sacra.; ¶  Clon-oynach in Leix., Tax.; ¶  ar brú na hEoire a Laoighis a Laighnibh, Md. 72; ¶  Cluain Irarrois, frisa n-apar C. Eidhnech inniu, Lis. 28 a; ¶  Ch. of St. Ganneni of Clonena in d. Lechlin, Cr. c. 1180; ¶  Ciarán of, and in Glonnan and Breccan and Clethnat, Ll. 367, Lec. 116; ¶  i C. Eidnech atá Aedan Oilithir, F. 170; ¶  Daire Mic Dimmai is nr it, F. 167; ¶  Fachán of, Ll. 14 a; ¶  Fintán of, A. 19 a, Ll. 24 b, Lec. 99, F. 159, 200, Mt. 16, Fg. 40, B. lvi. 328, C. 356, Fl. 444, Lan. iv. 216; ¶  Fintán ua Eachach ab Cluana Eidnech, Fia. 10, 244; ¶  Froechán i mBóchlúain il-Laighis ó C. Eidhnech soir, Fg. 22; ¶  Muccnat, ingen Gabráin, deirshiur Fhinntain Chluana hEigneach, I. 108 b 2; ¶  Leabhar Chluana h-Eidhnioch Fionntain a Laoighis, K. 120 a, 173 b, 156 b; ¶  i.e., latibulum hederosum, in St. Fintan's Life, Obr.; ¶  Hui Ruaghni of, I. 77 a col. 2; ¶  Hui Ruaidine of, Lec. 216; ¶  Clonenagh proper is 11/2 m. E. of Mountrath; ¶  it gives its name to p. Clonenagh, Pgi. i. 427; ¶  nr Mountrath in Queen's c., Au. i. 240, 348, Fep., Ch. 66, Mi., Cg. 18.
c. eich
Fg. 86; ¶  v. C. ech.
c. éicni
Bp. Oengus of, Ll. 365. c. eidnech; ¶  Ll. 14 a; ¶  v. C. Ednech.
c. eilte
Clonalty in dry. Garth, d. Limk., Tax., 2 m. S. of Rathkeale, c. Limk., Pgi. i. 437.
c. éis
Con. 84 b, Lc. ii. 308; ¶  Clones, c. Mon., better C. Eóis, q. v.; ¶  C. Mac Nois, C. Eis and C. Iraird were the 3 Cluains of Erin, Z. 183 col. 4; ¶  leg. C. Eois(?).
c. eithne
7 eps. of; ¶  Ll. 374; ¶  7 sts. of C. Ethni, Lb. 24.
c. emain
7 bps. of Cluain Emain on the banks of the Shannon, Ll. 354, 374; ¶  Lec. 89, Ct. 463, Lb. 24, I. 110 b; ¶  in Ui Maine, I. 41 b, Lec. 187; ¶  Cloonowen in p. of St. Peter, SE. of Athlone, c. Rosc., Im. 78, Ch. 228, Fep., Fm. ii. 936, Pgi. iv. 175; ¶  Ailill of, Mt. 28 = Ailill Árd Macha, Fg. 128; ¶  al. C. Emhna, C. 339; ¶  Colum of, Mt. 26; ¶  but in Fg. 110, Colum cruimthir Domhnaigh móir Maighi Imcláir, and Ernín Cluana.
c. emaint
in d. of Lyons, France, Fg. 128, 353.
c. ena
Ll. 306 a; ¶  in Lein.; ¶  then arose Moling and told the poet Toillcend of C.E. to go with him to the K. of Erin's house, Lec. 616; ¶  Clonanny in p. of Lea, b. Portnahinch, Queen's c. (Pgi. ii. 59)? or Clonaney ch. in b. Delvin, Westm. (Pgi. iii. 518)? or Clonanna, 3 m. WSW. of Ferbane (Pgi. i. 461)?
c. enaigh
in Corcaigh móir, O Brien's l., Hb. 8 b, Ai. 108 a; ¶  at Cork city or Cloonanna nr Croom, c. Limk.
c. enaigh
C. Eanaich in d. of Derry, Ct. 494.
c. eo
Sil. 56; ¶  ? nr L. Con in Mayo.
c. eoais
Clones, c. Mon., Fm. iii. 602, 624, iv. 902, Lc. ii. 482; ¶  v. C. Auis.
c. eochaille
'sa Chorann; ¶  Aedán of; ¶  now p. Cloonoghill in W. b. Corran, c. Sli., Fy. 36, 486, B. lix. 383; ¶  in Corann, Fir. 253; ¶  Aedán of C. Eothaile in Corann, Lec. 163.
c. eoin
Maelcoisne of, Ll. 368, Lec. 118, Bb. 125 b.
c. eois
Ch. 49, &c.; ¶  v. Cluain Auiss.
c. eorainne
Mt. 33; ¶  Crumthir Catha mic Oengusa, Feast on Nones of Sept, Ll. 362.
c. eosain
= Cluain Eois, Au. iii. 480.
c. eossain
Fg. 172, Md. 238; ¶  = C. Eorainne, Mt. 33.
c. eothaile
in Corann; ¶  v. C. Eochaille.
c. eraird
Clonard p. and vill. in Meath, 9 m. NW. of Kilcock; ¶  once a bishopric, isin Midhe, Md. 332, B. xxxv. 661, xlv. 150, Fm. ii. 952; ¶  v. C. Iráird.
c. erc ...(?)
Lonán of C. Erc, F. 167; ¶  C. Ert(?).
c. ernáin
Colomb of, A. 19 a; ¶  i nDelbna Assail; ¶  the ch. of Presbyter Columb, a contemporary of St. Patrick; ¶  here was the Breifnech Patraic, a wallet of the hide of a seal or of a cow, which hide St. Patrick used to spread on his chair and bed; ¶  the relic was adorned with gold and white bronze, Tl. 74; ¶  in Meath, C. 580, Ct. 130, 270.
c. ert
Clonert, al. Ballyslatery, in Tanelach, d. Dub., Cr. 1266.
c. escrach
the Féile of Moedóc of, on XV. Kal. Ap., Ll. 357, Fg. 56, Md. 80, Mt. 19; ¶  there is Cloon-ascrach, in b. Clonmacnoon, a hamlet in p. Clontuskert, 5 m. SW. of Ballinasloe, Pgi. i. 466; ¶  and Cloonascrach hamlet in b. Dunmore, nr Tuam, Pgi. iii. 399. c. etchen; ¶  Oileoc of, Mt. 30.
c. ethnich
C. Edhnich, Cs. 289; ¶  ns. Clóin Ethnech, 452; ¶  d. ó Cluoin Ethnech and g. Clúana Eidnich, 455; ¶  v. C. Ednech.
c. etir dá áth
O Conor Donn slain there by O Kelly; ¶  in c. Rosc., Lc. ii. 384; ¶  this is Clonadragh, I think; ¶  cf. Clonadragh is separated by the Suck fr. Castle-gar, in b. Kilconnell, c. Galw., Pgi. i. 362.
c. euis
Fm. i. 376; ¶  al. C. Eois.
c. fada
v. C. Fota.
c. fada baedhain abha
Clonfad, b. Farbill, 5 1/2 m. SE. of Mullingar, Dm. iii. 553.
c. fada fine
al. Cl. fada Librain, Clonfad, b. Fertullagh, 2 m. N. of Tyrrell's Pass, Dm. iii. 554.
c. falach
nr Cloch na n-arm nr the r. Slaney, Sas. 4488; ¶  Lia na n-arm, al. Cloch na n-arm in C. F.; ¶  S. of Carn an Curadh in Lein., Lis. 227 a.
c. fannabhair
Mobaoi of, or of C. da an Dobair i n-Uibh Muiredhaigh, Md. 334; ¶  i nUibh Muiredhaigh, Fy. 238; ¶  al. Cluain dá n-Annabar, F. 182.
c. fergaile
i nDelbna Tíre dá Loch, F. 182; ¶  i nDelbna Tíre, Fg. 240, B. lviii. 103.
c. ferta(?)
Clonfert p., including Newmarket and part of Kanturk, c. Cork, Pgi. ii. 441; ¶  i.e., saltus virtutum, Ck. 57 b a.
c. ferta
(C. ferte, Cs. 287); ¶  in Connacht, Sk. 63 a a, Cg. 24; ¶  E. of Síl Anmchada, Fm. v. 1745; ¶  in b. Longford, c. Galw., Im. 76; ¶  B. lx. 392; ¶  Comarba Brénainn Cluana ferta, Fm. ii. 948, Lc. ii. 52, Tg. 98, Mt. 24, Cs. 320.
c. ferta
Mt. 31, F. 177, 183; ¶  al. C. Ferta moLua, F. 128, 177, 183, Mt. 39, Fg. 150, 246; ¶  v. C. Ferta moLua; ¶  Fiachra Goll of, Ll. 352, Lb. 20, Fir. 724.
c. ferta brenaind
Clonfert in b. Longford, c. Galw., F. 53, Fg. 40, F. 60, 73, 168, Fg. 46, 216, Lis. fo. 43 b 1, Ai. 16 b; ¶  St. Brenaind fd. a ch. there, an. 557 or 563, Au. i. 54, Md. 8, 34, 54, 60, 128, 130, Im. 165, Ch. 52, Fia. 162; ¶  C. F. Brendind, Au. i. 54, 348, ii. 96, Mi., Cs. 261, 274, Bb. 42 a.
c. ferta molua
Clonfertmulloe, p. in b. Clandonagh, Queen's c, Fm. ii. 614, Au. i. 64; ¶  2 m. NW. of Borris-in-Ossory, Pgi. ii. 583; ¶  al. p. Kyle; ¶  Clonfertmulloe Graveyard, giving name to a p. at the foot of Slieve Bloom, b. Upr. Ossory, Queen's c., N. 200; ¶  on border of Lein. and Mun., and betw. Osraige, Hele and Laiges, Fleming's Collect., p. 374; ¶  in Laoighis at the foot of Sliab Smoil, al. Sliab Bladma, Of. 381; ¶  nr Sliab Smoir or Sinoir in Leix; ¶  St. MoLua fd. the monast. there, Cs. 884, 274, 437, Cg. 16, Z. 353; ¶  v. F. 34, Fg. 14, Md., B. lviii. 895, viii. 32, xxxiii. 341, C. 57; ¶  Linn Muilind in it, Bb. 140 b; ¶  Aengus of, Fia. 152. c. fertae mongain; ¶  Au. i. 266; ¶  prob. for Cl. F. Mughaine, now Kilclonfert in King's c., Hen.
c. ferta mughaine
Colmán of, in Uib Failgi, Md. 382, F. 141, Fg. 168,