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Monuments: D

1. Dacre

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-07-26
Date 26 July 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Cumbria
Townland Dacre
OSMapRef NY 456272
Area England
GeneralContext Cross shaft fragment.
Location Church at Dacre.
Dimensions 96.5cm (38'') high, 37cm tapering to 29cm (14.5'' to 11.5'') wide, and 10cm (4'') thick.
GeneralContext Stone type: medium-grained, micaceous yellow sandstone.
GeneralDescription Cross shaft fragment, dated to tenth or eleventh centuries.
GeneralDescription There is a border formed by a single incised line at the top and bottom of the shaft.
GeneralDescription At the top of the shaft there is a backward turning quadruped with a small scooped ear.
GeneralDescription Below this there are two figures, the bigger one on the right. Their hands are joined over a rectangular object with two pellet-like legs. The ground to their right has curling or circular branches. The two figures have been identified as Abraham and Isaac, Old Testament, Genesis 22, (Hawkes).
GeneralDescription Below the figure on the left there is an uncarved area shaped like a boat that partially separates this scene from the one below, which is of a horned quadruped with a crouching wolf/dog on his back. The wolf/dog has a curling tail. These are possible a hart and hound (Hawkes).
GeneralDescription There are two parallel lines that separate this panel from the next one. This panel depicts the Fall of Adam and Eve, Old Testament, Genesis 3. The female figure, left hand side, is reaching to pick a fruit pellet from the tree. The right hand figure is holding a branch. A snake coils to the left of the tree.

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