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Monuments: E

1. Eccleshall

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-07-30
Date 30 July 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Staffordshire
Townland Eccleshall
OSMapRef SJ 535295
Area England
GeneralContext Cross shaft fragment.
Location Eccleshall Church.
Dimensions 20'' in length and 9'' in width at the top tapering to 7'' at the base.
GeneralDescription Cross shaft.
GeneralDescription At the top of the shaft there is what remains of a broken interlaced pattern. A bar, one inch wide, divides this panel from the rest of the shaft.
GeneralDescription This panel depicts a man and probably a horse, as the animal's head is missing. The man seems to be holding a bridle in his left hand, and he is holding a long staff in his right.
GeneralDescription Below this panel there is a broad plain band. Below that, on the left side, there is a small cross.