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Freke Estate (Cork) Survey of 1787/88

Freke Estate (Cork) Survey of 1787/88 by Thomas Sherrard

Sir John Freke (1765-1845), who succeeded to the title of 6th Baron Carbery on the death of his cousin John Evans, fifth Baron Carbery in 1807, was an extensive Munster landowner of the late eighteenth/early nineteenth century. Thomas Sherrard (1750-1837),  a prominent Dublin-based land surveyor,  learned his profession as an apprentice to Bernard Scalé (1738-1826), the most notable pupil of the renowned 18th century Huguenot cartographer John Rocque (c. 1705-1762), who revolutionised cartography and surveying in Ireland during the circa six years he spent based in Dublin during the 1750s. As well as his salaried public appointment as surveyor and secretary to the Dublin Wide Streets Commission (Sherrard Street, Upper and Lower, in Dublin is named after him), Sherrard was a leading player in the business of mapping and valuing private estates in Ireland. (see History Ireland article by P. Duffy, St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth, and references therein, for an overview of 18th century estate maps).  One of these commissions was to carry out a survey of the County Cork holdings of the Freke estate. A black and white photostat copy of this survey in good condition is held by the National Library of Ireland (Manuscript Map 21 F 105).

The original document survives intact in private hands, information that came to the author’s attention several years ago courtesy of his cousin Joseph McCarthy. Its custodian, the Dean of Ross, Christopher Peters, has generously granted UCC access to digitize the document, and the digitization work was carried out in 2017 by Mr. Tomas Tyner of UCC Audio Visual Services with funding provided by UCC School of History. The document, of width 73 cm and height 52.5 cm, comprises a front coverthumbnail and title pagethumbnail, both dated 1787, a 'General Survey'thumbnail showing the relative locations (identified by page numbers) of all maps, and 37 numbered survey maps for 46 townlands (55 when including cases where single townlands in the survey correspond to multiple townlands today), distributed across 14 civil parishes in three baronies stretching from Durrus at the mouth of Dunmanus Bay to Athnowen near Cork City. With the exception of Maps 5,11 and 28 which are undated, all maps are dated 1788. A referencethumbnail for the town of Rosscarberythumbnail (Map 17, which is framed) tabulates occupier names and corresponding house indices for some 140 dwellings and a minimum of 126 distinct occupiers (when multiple ocurrences of the same name are assumed to relate to one individual). The breakdown in dwelling categories is as follows: 90 cabins, 37 houses and 14 slate houses which equates to an approximate percentage breakdown of 65:25:10. A similar referencethumbnail for the Borough of Baltimorethumbnail lists the 20 distinct occupiers of 28 dwellings or land holdings, whose locations are identified on Map 21. With the exception of Map 17, all maps are on a scale of 1 inch to 20 perches, or 1:3960. An index of all townlandsthumbnail in the survey, together with their acreages, is also included and gives the total area of the surveyed lands as 15, 276 statute acres (with minor exclusions).

The main table below (Table 1) with the title 'Townland Survey Maps' comprises nine columns, the contents of which are described in the column headings. The individual survey maps are accessed from the first column. The linked image corresponds to the survey page number given in the second column. These page numbers are shown both in the 'General Survey'thumbnail and in the 'Index of townlandsthumbnail'.  In most cases, the boundary of a townland in the survey is readily identifiable with the current townland boundary (accessed via links provided to townlands.ie in the third column), albeit often with an implicit rotation (by as much as 90 degrees, see for example the townland of Clodagh, Map 27) of the survey map given that the North Arrow is rarely pointing straight upwards, and moreover is frequently oriented incorrectly. In general, the 1787/88 and current boundaries match very well, and this is mirrored by the similarities between the survey acreages given in column eight and those taken from townlands.ie in column nine (the letters a, r, p  refer to acres, roods, perches (recte square perches); one acre = four roods and one rood = forty (square) perches and all quantities are in statute measure).  In some instances, however, additional composite maps are provided via links in the second column. These were deemed necessary where the correspondence between 1787/88 and current townland boundaries is not easily discernible, or where a single townland boundary in the survey encompasses multiple present-day townlands. This is most pronounced in the case of Bally Island (Map 26 of the survey), where what is described as a single townland of 823 statute acres encompasses (with minor boundary changes) no fewer than six distinct townlands today. The converse also occurs, e.g. in the case of the modern townland of Curraghbeg (Athnowen civil parish) where the same boundary encompassed three separate townlands in 1787/88 (see Maps 32-34).  In such cases, the acreages given in columns eight and nine disagree; however curly brackets in one of the two final columns are used to indicate a grouping of vertically adjacent acreages whose sum, in each of the four cases where this circumstance arises, is very close to the corresponding unbracketed total acreage in the other column.

In eight of the 37 maps (Maps 4,10,11,13,16,18,19 and 24) the names of individual tenants and the location of their holdings are specified. This information is reproduced in Table 2 with the title 'Named tenants and their holdings'.

The information in the Town of Old Ross reference is reproduced in Table 3 ('Reference for Town of Old Ross'). In like manner, the information in the Borough of Baltimore reference is reproduced in Table 4 ('Reference for Borough of Baltimore').

All but one of the maps contain information on lands bordering Freke Estate lands and their owners. This information is reproduced in Table 5 with the title 'Adjacent lands (not belonging to the Freke Estate) and their owners '. It also includes occasional topographical features.

A lettings advertisement for circa two thirds of the lands included in the 1787/88 survey appeared in the Cork Evening Post edition of 31/8/1786thumbnail (referenced in "Old World Colony, Cork and South Munster 1630-1830", David Dickson, (CUP, 2005) p.341). This reproduction of the advertisementthumbnail from microfiche (courtesy of the National Library of Ireland) is of sometimes challenging legibility, and for convenience the contents are provided in the form of a transcription presented in Table 6(a-c) with question marks appended to poorly legible text. (Text from the advertisement is in italics or enclosed in quotes to differentiate it from notes referring to the tables.) It includes the number of plowlands (sic) in each townland as well as townland acreages. The wide variation in the acreages associated with each ploughland - ranging from 101 acres for one ploughland in the case of Milltown to 456 acres per ploughland for the three ploughlands of Ballycomaune - reflects the use of the ploughland measure as an indicator of the quality of the land rather than of a fixed acreage: Milltown is described on Map 4 as "Arable Meadow and Pasture" whereas only 266 acres of Ballycomaune (Middle Division) is rated as "Arable and Pasture", corresponding to 87 acres of good land per ploughland. Of the remaining land, 318 acres is labelled "Course Mountain Pasture" and the balance of 730 acres is described as "Arable and Mountain Pasture". The 1787/88 survey acreages, as recorded by Sherrard in the course of the two years following this advertisement, are reproduced in the last column for comparison. Spelling of townland names in the advertisement deviates, sometimes significantly, from those of the survey in the first column of the main table.

Pádraig Mac Cárthaigh, Earrach, 2019

(I wish to thank Kenneth Nicholls and Paul MacCotter for their invaluable guidance in preparing these notes and Andy Bielenberg for pointing me towards the work of David Dickson. I take sole responsibility, however, for any inaccuracies that may lurk in the text.)

Front Coverthumbnail

Title Pagethumbnail

Civil Parishes and Townlands in the Freke Estate (Cork) Survey of 1787/88 by Thomas Sherrard

General Survey key to mapsthumbnail

Thomas Sherrard

Civil Parishes and Townlands in the Freke Estate (Cork) Survey of 1787/88 by Thomas Sherrard

General Survey key to mapsthumbnail

Civil Parishes with number of survey townlands and parish total listed. (Links courtesy of townlands.ie; leaganacha Gaeilge buíochas le logainm.ie)

Table 1: Townland Survey Maps (Leaganacha Gaeilge buíochas le logainm.ie)

Townland map from Freke Estate SurveyMap number (old/new boundaries)Modern name and boundaryLeagan GaeilgeCivil ParishBarony in Survey IndexBarony in townlands.ieLand Area in SurveyLand Area in townlands.ie
Castlefreke Domain thumbnail 1   (1787/88 andthumbnail   modern boundaries)thumbnail Castlefreke Ráth an Bharraigh RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane325 a   2 r   5 p381 a   3 r   36 p
Castlefreke Domain Referencethumbnail Castlefreke Ráth an Bharraigh RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane      
Warren of Castle Frekethumbnail 2 Castlefreke-Warren An Coinicéar RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane163 a   3 r   27 p192 a   2 r   8 p
Castlefreke Islandthumbnail 3   (1787/88 andthumbnail   modern boundaries)thumbnail Castlefreke-island Oileán Ráth an Bharraigh RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane229 a   3 r   10 p204 a   0 r   6 p
Carrigfadeenthumbnail 4   (1787/88 andthumbnail   modern boundaries)thumbnail Carrigfadeen Carraig Pháidín RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane152 a   2 r   26 p79 a   0 r   33 p
Maullatrahanethumbnail 4   (1787/88 andthumbnail   modern boundaries)thumbnail Maulatrahane Meall an tSrutháin RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane65 a   0 r   0 p112 a   0 r   3 p
Milltownthumbnail 4   (1787/88 andthumbnail   modern boundaries)thumbnail Milltown Baile an Mhuilinn RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane103 a   3 r   32 p81 a   0 r   5 p
Gortagreenaunethumbnail 5 Gortagrenane Gort an Ghrianáin RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane119 a   0 r   20 p121 a   3 r   16 p
Little Islandthumbnail 6 Little-Island An tOileán Beag RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane118 a   3 r   5 p121 a   0 r   6 p
Knocknagapplethumbnail 7 Knocknagappul Cnoc na gCapall RathbarryIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane102 a   1 r   0 p100 a   1 r   22 p
Knocknageheethumbnail 8 Knocknageehy Cnoc na Gaoithe RossIbaune and BarryroeEast Carbery (West Division)247 a   0 r   39 p249 a   0 r   32 p
Ballymackshoneenethumbnail 9 Ballymacshoneen Baile Mhic Sheoinín LisleeIbaune and BarryroeBarryroe235 a   0 r   5 p239 a   2 r   1 p
Woodfieldthumbnail 10   (1787/88 andthumbnail   modern boundaries)thumbnail Woodfield Doire Luain KilkerranmoreIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane{169 a   3 r   8 p603 a   1 r   27 p
Paulbegthumbnail (Part of modern Woodfield) 10 (Ainm Gaeilge le deimhniú) KilkerranmoreIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane{241 a   0 r   32 p    -    
Ballyvackey*thumbnail (Part of modern Woodfield) 10 Baile an Bhacaigh KilkerranmoreIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane{190 a   3 r   15 p    -    
Gorralockathumbnail (1787/88 and modern boundaries) 10 Garralacka Garbhleaca KilkerranmoreIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane233 a   0 r   13 p228 a   2 r   39 p
Maullicorcoranthumbnail 11 Maulycorcoran Meall Uí Chorcráin KilkerranmoreIbaune and Barryroe  Ibane135 a   3 r   19 p135 a   3 r   19 p
Keenraththumbnail 12 Keenrath Caoinráth FanlobbusEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)417 a   1 r   8 p428 a   2 r   25 p
Coolcraheenthumbnail 13 Coolcraheen Cúil Chraithín CastleventryEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)288 a   0 r   14 p270 a   3 r   39 p
Cahirbegthumbnail 14 Caherbeg An Chathair Bheag (Ross) RathbarryEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)363 a   1 r   20 p370 a   3 r   7 p
Garranethumbnail 15 Garrane An Garrán RossEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)132 a   3 r   20 p133 a   0 r   24 p
Lissardthumbnail 15 Lissard An Lios Ard RossEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)86 a   3 r   25 p88 a   0 r   19 p
Bohenaughtsthumbnail 16 Bohonagh Bothanach RossEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)367 a   2 r   18 p368 a   2 r   26 p
Ballywoolaghanthumbnail 16 Ballyhoulahan Baile Uí Uallacháin RossEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)77 a   2 r   3 p77 a   2 r   29 p
Town of Old Rossthumbnail 17 Townlands Talamh an Bhaile RossEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)40 a   1 r   36 p60 a   0 r   6 p
Town of Old Ross Referencethumbnail Reference for Old Ross Townlands Talamh an Bhaile RossEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)      
Curragheenthumbnail 18 Curraheen An Curraichín RossEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)87 a   1 r   6 p85 a   3 r   5 p
Meaulethumbnail 18 Maul An Mhaoil RossEast Carbery (West Division)East Carbery (West Division)114 a   3 r   0 p114 a   2 r   35 p
Ballyvireenthumbnail 19 Ballyvireen Baile Uí Mhirín RossWest Carbery   (East Division)East Carbery (West Division)287 a   1 r   20 p287 a   0 r   36 p
Cregthumbnail 20 Cregg An Chreag KilfaughnabegWest Carbery (East Division)East Carbery (West Division)191 a   3 r   35 p187 a   0 r   15 p
Borough of Baltimorethumbnail 21 Baltimore Dún na Séad RossWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)575 a   2 r   34 p636 a   1 r   33 p
Baltimore Referencethumbnail Reference for Baltimore Baltimore Dún na Séad RossWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)      
Ballylincheythumbnail 22 Ballylinchy Baile Uí Loingseacháin TullaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)781 a   0 r   6 p811 a   2 r   39 p
Ballymacrownthumbnail 23 Ballymacrown Baile Mhic Eiriúin TullaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)637 a   3 r   9 p669 a   2 r   30 p
Rathmorethumbnail 24 Rathmore An Ráth Mhór TullaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)708 a   3 r   18 p713 a   0 r   24 p
Lackahanethumbnail 25 Lackaghane Leacachán CreaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)190 a   3 r   25 p182 a   1 r   26 p
Bally Islandthumbnail 26 Ballyisland Baile an Oileáin CreaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)823 a   0 r   0 p{107 a   1 r   5 p
(Part of Bally Island)thumbnail 26 Ballyoughtera An Baile Uachtarach CreaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)    -{156 a   1 r   26 p
(Part of Bally Island)thumbnail 26 Lahernathee Leathfhearann an Tí CreaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)    -{121 a   1 r   10 p
(Part of Bally Island)thumbnail 26 Curravally An Corrbhaile CreaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)    -{106 a   0 r   21 p
(Part of Bally Island)thumbnail 26 Ballyally Baile Uí Áille CreaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)    -{198 a   3 r   38 p
(Part of Bally Island)thumbnail 26 Drumadoon Drom an Dúin CreaghWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)    -{139 a   2 r   34 p
Clodoughthumbnail 27 Clodagh An Cladach DromdaleagueWest Carbery (East Division)West Carbery (East Division)1026 a   0 r   33 p1048 a   0 r   10 p
Mohenaughthumbnail 28 Mohenagh An Mhúchánach (Abbeystrowry) AghadownWest Carbery (West Division)West Carbery (East Division)662 a   2 r   5 p675 a   3 r   29 p
Rathinethumbnail 29 Rahine Ráth Choinn AghadownWest Carbery (West Division)West Carbery (East Division)157 a   3 r   20 p156 a   2 r   38 p
Fohurlaghthumbnail 29 Fotherlagh Fotharlach AghadownWest Carbery (West Division)West Carbery (East Division)210 a   1 r   16 p211 a   2 r   14 p
Towermorethumbnail 29 Toormore An Tuar Mór AghadownWest Carbery (West Division)West Carbery (East Division)140 a   3 r   0 p142 a   1 r   38 p
Knocknamahallaghthumbnail 29 Knocknamohalagh Cnoc na mBathlach AghadownWest Carbery (West Division)West Carbery (East Division)129 a   0 r   0 p{92 a   1 r   10 p
(Part of Knocknamahallagh)thumbnail 29 Gneeves Na Gníomha AghadownWest Carbery (West Division)West Carbery (East Division)    -{38 a   1 r   5 p
Coolbaunethumbnail 30 Coolbane An Chúil Bhán CaheraghWest Carbery (West Division)West Carbery (West Division)470 a   2 r   11 p518 a   3 r   27 p
Ballycomaunethumbnail 31 Ballycomane Baile Uí Chomáin DurrusWest Carbery (West Division)West Carbery (West Division)1315 a   0 r   29 p1350 a   2 r   13 p
Sir Mount Domainthumbnail 32   (Part of modernthumbnail Curraghbeg)thumbnail    -AthnowenMuskerryEast Muskerry{298 a   0 r   38 p    -
Curraghbegthumbnail 33   (Part of modernthumbnail       Curraghbeg)thumbnail Curraghbeg An Chora Bheag AthnowenMuskerryEast Muskerry{367 a   1 r   17 p1073 a   4 r   33 p
Curraghmorethumbnail 34   (Part of modernthumbnail       Curraghbeg)thumbnail An Chora Mhór AthnowenMuskerryEast Muskerry{414 a   2 r   33 p    -
Castle Inchthumbnail 35 Castleinch Caisleán na hInse AthnowenMuskerryEast Muskerry376 a   0 r   8 p371 a   1 r   13 p
Ballynamernagh alias Walshestownthumbnail 36 Walshestown Baile na mBreatnach AthnowenMuskerryEast Muskerry304 a   0 r   39 p303 a   1 r   6 p
Mullaghroethumbnail 36 Mullaghroe An Mullach Rua AthnowenMuskerryEast Muskerry204 a   2 r   33 p204 a   1 r   29 p
Lackiniragethumbnail 37 Lackenareague An Leaca Réidh AthnowenMuskerryEast Muskerry190 a   1 r   10 p188 a   3 r   8 p

* Map 10, entitled Woodfield, contains four distinct townlands: Woodfield, Paulbeg, Ballyvackey and Gorralocka. The first three of these combined together accurately match the border of present-day Woodfield, while Gorralocka’s perimeter barely deviates from that of Garralacka today. The townland bordering Gorralocka and Ballyvackey to the east of the Freke lands in Map 10 is also called Ballyvackey, which is the name of the townland bordering present-day Woodfield and Garralacka to the east. Among the townlands listed in Petty’s 1659 ‘census’ of Ireland in the civil parish of ‘Keilkerawnemore’ (now Kilkerranmore) are ‘Ballyvackimore’, ‘Ballyvackybegg’ and ‘Garrylucky’. The acreage of modern Ballyvackey is 294 acres while that of the second Ballyvackey within the 1788 Freke estate is 190 acres. This suggests that the larger modern Ballyvackey corresponds to Ballyvackimore (Baile an Bhacaigh Mór) and the smaller Freke-owned Ballyvackey corresponds to Ballyvackybegg (Baile an Bhacaigh Beag).

Table 2: Named tenants and their holdings

Townland name recorded in Freke Estate SurveyMapTenant(s)Area of tenant holding
Carrigfadeen 4thumbnail Hurley and Crimeen  69 a   3 r   0 p
Carrigfadeen 4thumbnail Daniel Donovan  31 a   2 r   4 p
Carrigfadeen 4thumbnail Daniel Connolly  51 a   1 r   22 p
Woodfield 10thumbnail Denis Hayes169 a   3 r   8 p
Paulbeg 10thumbnail Darby & Pat Sheehy118 a   2 r   14 p
Paulbeg 10thumbnail John Collins122 a   2 r   18 p
Ballyvackey 10thumbnail Denis Carthy  50 a   0 r   15 p
Ballyvackey 10thumbnail John Bateman140 a   3 r   0 p
Gorralocka 10thumbnail Timothy Carthy233 a   0 r   13 p
Maullicorcoran 11thumbnail Widow Cambridge  44 a   0 r   16 p
Maullicorcoran 11thumbnail Peter Cusack   91 a   3 r   3 p
Coolcraheen 13thumbnail William Wolfe118 a   1 r   26 p
Coolcraheen 13thumbnail John Wolfe  90 a   1 r   24 p
Coolcraheen 13thumbnail Samuel Wright  79 a   1 r   4 p
Bohenaughts 16thumbnail Hea’s land110 a   2 r   22 p
Bohenaughts 16thumbnail Priest’s land  69 a   1 r   0 p
Bohenaughts 16thumbnail Toombrock  74 a   0 r   6 p
Bohenaughts 16thumbnail Crowley’s Division113 a   2 r   30 p
Curragheen 18thumbnail Owen Harrington   9 a   1 r   14 p
Curragheen 18thumbnail John Hungerford   3 a   3 r   28 p
Curragheen 18thumbnail John Hungerford   8 a   0 r   38 p
Curragheen 18thumbnail Long   3 a   1 r   19 p
Curragheen 18thumbnail Coveny   5 a   1 r   35 p
Ballyvireen 19thumbnail Widow O’Hea108 a   0 r   36 p
Ballyvireen 19thumbnail Widow O’Hea’s Mill-holding  21 a   0 r   21 p
Ballyvireen 19thumbnail Daniel O’Donovan110 a   2 r   0 p
Rathmore 24thumbnail Gortcathleen186 a   0 r   0 p
Rathmore 24thumbnail Lahernavedoragh* or Weaver’s Land132 a   3 r   8 p
Rathmore 24thumbnail Berry’s Division134 a   0 r   10 p

* The dual naming indicates that the original Irish placename is Leathfhearann na bhFíodórach: fíodórach is an old genitive singular form of fíodóir/figheadóir, a weaver, see edil, headword 22047. Caora has the same genitive singular and plural form caorach as illustrated in the placename Gleann na gCaorach (Glenageary). This suggests that fíodórach is likewise both a genitive singular and plural form of fíodóir.

Table 3: Reference for Town of Old Ross

(Up/Down arrows point to combined acreage of multiple lots with shared garden)

StreetNo.OccupierDwelling Typearp
Main Street North Side1Matthew MahonyHouse0031
    "     "     "     "2Widow BrienHouse
    "     "     "     "3John Hungerfordnew Slate House0038
    "     "     "     "4John BrienHouse and Yard
    "     "     "     "5William GashHouse & back House
    "     "     "     "6John CoosheenHouse0119
    "     "     "     "7Thos. TobinSlate House
    "     "     "     "8John BarrySlate House
    "     "     "     "9Edwd. WilliamsonSlate House012
    "     "     "     "10Timmy DawleySlate House
    "     "     "     "11Andrew DonahoeSlate House0137
    "     "     "     "12Florence DonahoeSlate House
    "     "     "     "13James TobinHouse, back House & Garden0034
    "     "     "     "14John LeeHouse, back House & Garden0017
    "     "     "     "15Widow GalwayWarehouse
    "     "     "     "16Widow GalwayDwelling House, Yard & Garden010
    "     "     "     "17In handsWaste
Front to Fair Green West Side18Daniel Clancya Cabbin
    "     "     "     "19Widow Driscolla Cabbin
    "     "     "     "20Mathew Higginstwo Cabbins0012
    "     "     "     "21  "     "  "     "
    "     "     "     "22William Hayesa Cabbin
Fair Green East Side23John Roea Cabbin
    "     "     "     "24Dennis Donovana Cabbin
    "     "     "     "25Late John Milesa Cabbin
    "     "     "     "26Timothy Lahythree Cabbins
    "     "     "     "27  "         ""         "
    "     "     "     "28  "         ""         "
Main Street North Side29Widow Hurleya Cabbin0317
    "     "     "     "30James Hamilton  "       "
    "     "     "     "31Daniel Driscoll  "       "
    "     "     "     "32Daniel Harrington  "       "
    "     "     "     "33Bartholomew Brien  "       "
    "     "     "     "34Daniel Dillon  "       "
    "     "     "     "35John Donahoe  "       "
    "     "     "     "36Revd O'Brien  "       "
    "     "     "     "37Sylvester HurleyHouse020
    "     "     "     "38Timothy CollinsHouse
    "     "     "     "39Patrick LovejoyPotatoe Garden, N. side Road to CastleFreke2311
    "     "     "     "40Several Cabbins & rocky WasteHeld in common1223
    "     "     "     "41Richard Smiththe Paddock, S. Side of CastleFreke3312
    "     "     "     "42Timothy Dillonthe Marsh2125
    "     "     "     "43The Pound, Fair green &c1325
North side of Fair Green44Timothy HayesGarden Arable120
North side Road to Skibereen45Several Cabbins & rocky WasteHeld as Common200
    "     "     "     "46Francis Dillona Cabbin
    "     "     "     "47Widow Downesa Cabbin
    "     "     "     "48Francis DillonForge
    "     "     "     "49  "         "a Cabbin
    "     "     "     "50Florence Sullivantwo Cabbins0015
    "     "     "     "51John Sullivana Cabbin
    "     "     "     "52Dennis Sullivan  "       "
    "     "     "     "53John Carthy  "       "
    "     "     "     "54Timothy Carthy  "       "
    "     "     "     "55  "         "Garden Arable1136
Main Street south Side1Richard SmithDwelling House, Yard, Offices,2327
    "     "     "     "1Richard SmithMalt House, Garden & Orchard
    "     "     "     "2Sylvester Hurleya Cabbin
    "     "     "     "3Darby Coghlan  "       "003
    "     "     "     "4Daniel Keefe  "       "
    "     "     "     "5John Ferrall  "       "
    "     "     "     "6Thomas Driscoll  "       "
    "     "     "     "7Mary O'Brien  "       "
    "     "     "     "8Patrick Lovejoy  "       "
    "     "     "     "9James Collins  "       "
    "     "     "     "10Owen Harrington  "       "023
    "     "     "     "11William Driscoll  "       "
    "     "     "     "12Edwd Scanlon or Donahoein Ruin
    "     "     "     "13John Hamiltona Cabbin
    "     "     "     "14Darby Canty  "       "
    "     "     "     "15John McNede  "       "
    "     "     "     "16Dennis Regan  "       "
    "     "     "     "17James Brooke  "       "
    "     "     "     "18Daniel Hamilton  "       "
    "     "     "     "19Jeremiah Donovan  "       "
    "     "     "     "20Widow Collins  "       "
    "     "     "     "21Daniel Brien  "       "
    "     "     "     "22John Mahony & Denis Donovan  "       "
    "     "     "     "23Denis Herlahy  "       "
    "     "     "     "24Edwd FitzGerald  "       "0226
    "     "     "     "25Cornelius Collins  "       "
    "     "     "     "26Widow Galway  "       "
    "     "     "     "27Peter Hurley  "       "
    "     "     "     "28Dennis Donovan  "       "
    "     "     "     "29Daniel MahonyHouse
    "     "     "     "30Richard Long  "       "
    "     "     "     "31Jeremiah Shanahane  "       "
Market Place South side1Timothy HayesHouse
    "     "     "     "2Dennis Donovan"
    "     "     "     "3John HenessyHouse & back House
    "     "     "     "4Francis Donovan  "       "       "
    "     "     "     "5William Donovan  "       "       "
    "     "     "     "6Daniel Donovan(Island)new Slate House
    "     "     "     "7Stephen LegoeHouse
    "     "     "     "8Widow DuganSlate House0332
    "     "     "     "9Widow DangerSlate House
    "     "     "     "10Widow Dawleya House
    "     "     "     "11John Harrington  "       "
    "     "     "     "12Cornelius Donovan  "       "
Barrack Lane East side13Formerly Daniel HarringtonWaste
    "     "     "     "14Darby Spillanea Cabbin
    "     "     "     "15Dennis ?ouloo  "       "
    "     "     "     "16John O'Brien  "       "
    "     "     "     "17James Bennettfour Cabbins & Garden0018
Barrack Lane West side18Edward Pursellfive Cabbins & Yards0011
    "     "     "     "19Several Cabbins in Ruin
Tanyard Lane South side20Melachya Cabbin
    "     "     "     "21Dennis Mohony  "       "0226
    "     "     "     "22Widow Collins  "       "
    "     "     "     "23Widow Sullivan  "       "
    "     "     "     "24Dennis Munnick  "       "
    "     "     "     "25John Galway (late)Field Arable & Malt House0316
    "     "     "     "26John HungerfordOrchard0332
    "     "     "     "27Formerly John GalwayField2021
    "     "     "     "28Rocky Pasturein Common1035
Tanyard Lane North side29Late J. GalwayTan Yard &c0036
    "     "     "     "30Darby CarthyHouse and Bleach Green0238
    "     "     "     "31Stephen GalwayField134
    "     "     "     "32Maurice CoosheenCabbin and Yard0031
    "     "     "     "33Charles Collins  "       "       "
Tanyard Lane34Daniel Donovan or Blackstaffa Cabbin
    "     "     "     "35Waste
    "     "     "     "36John Donovana Cabbin
    "     "     "     "37Darby Donovan  "       "
    "     "     "     "38Michael Carthy  "       "018
    "     "     "     "39Charles DempsyHouse
    "     "     "     "40Widow Lane      "
    "     "     "     "41Widow Dillon      "
    "     "     "     "42Widow Long      "
    "     "     "     "43Stephen GalwaySlate House, Yard and Garden0036
    "     "     "     "44Peter CarthyHouse, back House and Garden
    "     "     "     "45Waste
    "     "     "     "46John CarthyCabbin
    "     "     "     "47Catherine Sullivan      "0028
    "     "     "     "48John Scanlon      "
    "     "     "     "49John Collins      "
    "     "     "     "50John Scanlon      "
    "     "     "     "51Timothy Harrington0022
    "     "     "     "52Owen Harrington
Church Lane North side1Widow Smithnew Slate House and Garden0025
    "     "     "     "2Widow Kellya House
    "     "     "     "3Richard Carneya House
    "     "     "     "4Michael Regan from T.HayesHouse0110
    "     "     "     "5Widow ReganSlate House
    "     "     "     "6John Hayes
    "     "     "     "7Cornelius BurkeCabbin
    "     "     "     "8Martin Regan0024
    "     "     "     "9James Feehely
    "     "     "     "10John Collins
    "     "     "     "11Darby Dawleytwo Cabbins
    "     "     "     "12  "     "  "     "0032
    "     "     "     "13Darby DempseyHouse and back House
    "     "     "     "14Henry DineenHouse
    "     "     "     "15John Brien or MunganHouse and Garden formerly Slopyard0215
    "     "     "     "16Daniel HayesHouse and Garden0333
    "     "     "     "17Widow MunroeCabbin and Garden008
    "     "     "     "18John LegoeHouse and Orchard0230
    "     "     "     "19    "       "Field, Pasture1112

Table 4: Reference for Borough of Baltimore

1The Castle, Rocks and Waste    02  6
2Dennis Driscoll    0115
3Charles Davis    0136
4James Meldrum    0222
5Four Cabbins and Waste    0113
6Cabbins and Garden    0117
7Cabbins and Garden    0021
8Archibald Molloy    02  9
9James Freke    1229
10Florence and Mary Driscoll    0236
11Richard Baker    0316
12Thomas Byers    0313
13Francis Bush    3117
14James Freke    0213
15Darby Fowler    0222
16James Freke    03  0
17John Crowley    0232
18Jeremiah Lynch    2138
19Widow Ahern    1022
20Richard Bush    0121
21Henry Bush    0222
22Dan Harrington    0135
23Denis Harrington    1019
24Richard Bush, Coney Island  192  0
25Henry Bush, Harbour's Mouth  46112
26Thomas Roche and Richard Bush, Hill of Baltimore236212
27Jeremiah Lynch    6222
28John Neale    20  0
29Widow Baker    8024
30James Freke  74020
31James Freke, Lahern or Cloghboaley  921  5
32Richard Bush, Francis Bush and Partners, Gerrynane  70125

Table 5: Adjacent lands (not belonging to the Freke Estate) and their owners

2thumbnail DondedySir Edward Barry
3thumbnail KilkerranSir Edward BarryDondedySir Edward Barry
4thumbnail CarrigroeJames Bernard Esq.KilkerranSir Edward BarryGarranecoreSee of Cork & Ross
5thumbnail AughaglaslinJohn O’Hea Esq.
6thumbnail BurrigasheeSee of Cork & RossAughaglaslinJohn O’Hea Esq.
7thumbnail AughaglaslinJohn O’Hea Esq.
8thumbnail FarrencantreeSee of Cork & RossGarranecoreSee of Cork & Ross
9thumbnail Garrigeen Deer ParkJohn Bernard Esq.BallylugeHon. John Smith BarryBallymacreddanJames Bernard Esq.Thravarra(shoreline)
10thumbnail KnockfeenThomas Hungerford Esq.CoorcraheenThomas Hungerford Esq.CoolnageaghThomas Hungerford Esq.CorleaghJohn Howe Esq.
AughagileyCharles Allen Esq.BallyvackeyCharles Allen Esq.BallydivaneThomas Allen Esq.CurraghJames Bernard Esq.
TullyneskeeMiss Jermyn
11thumbnail CreighbegJames Bernard Esq.CreighmoreJames Bernard Esq.TullyneskeaMiss Jermyn
12thumbnail DroughArthur Lemial Shuldham Esq.ShanagraneGilbert Mellefont Esq.TogherHoare Esq.InchereaHenry Cox Esq.
DurrincorraHenry Cox Esq.
13thumbnail KnockfeenThomas Hungerford Esq.TullneskeaMiss JermynDerryduffJames Bernard Esq.
14thumbnail KeeleaghThomas Hungerford Esq.KnockfeenThomas Hungerford Esq.DerryduffJames Bernard Esq.CahirmoreSee of Cork & Ross
15thumbnail DerryduffJames Bernard Esq.FarrencantreeSee of Cork & RossCahirmoreSee of Cork & Ross
16thumbnail FarrencantreeSee of Cork & RossAughaglasslinSee of Cork & RossBurgesheeSee of Cork & RossCahirmoreSee of Cork & Ross
17thumbnail ArdaghLord RiversdaleDowneeneSee of Cork & RossEnglish IslandLord Riversdale
18thumbnail ArdaghSee of DublinDoneenSee of Cork & RossGullaneSt. Ledger Atkins Esq.DerryThomas Townsend Esq.
19thumbnail DerryThomas Townsend Esq.GullaneSee of Cork & RossBallynacloghDaniel O’Regan Esq.KilleenleaghDan O’Regan Esq.,   Beecher Esq.
ThralongWorkman Esq.Drombeg    -
20thumbnail Drombeg    -ThralongWorkman Esq.Brew-leaFitzgerald Esq.CarrigluskaDunbar Esq.
21thumbnail Thrafraskey or Bruce Cove(shoreline)Church Strand(shoreline)
22thumbnail Kedge Island(island)Bruce Cove(shoreline)Church Strand Bay(shoreline)
23thumbnail ArdaghWilliam Wrixon Esq.BarnaboeWilliam Wrixon Esq.BallynardMorgan Donovan Esq.
24thumbnail High-FieldSt Ledger Atkins Esq.ArdaghWilliam Wrixon Esq.
25thumbnail InnesbegSee of Cork and RossCreeWilliam Wrixon Esq.
26thumbnail DrishanemoreRichard Boyle Townsend Esq.BoaleybauneRichard Boyle Townsend Esq.LickSt. Ledger Atkins Esq.MunnickWilliam Wrixon Esq.
PookeenWilliam Wrixon Esq.Lough Ine(marine lake)Bullock Island(island)
27thumbnail KaunkillishSamuel Jervois Esq.LetraSamuel Jervois Esq.PookeenTimothy Deasey Esq.AcresRichard O'Donovan Esq.
LougherutRt. Hon. Lord RiversdaleDerrygruaghJames Kingston Esq.StronacartonRt. Hon. Lord Riversdale
28thumbnail New CourtRichard Beecher Esq.Tavermore-BarnagowlauneEdwd Townsend Esq.LissanebegRichard Boyle Townsend Esq.
AbbeyBeecher Esq.RossnagooseRt. Hon. Lord Riversdale
29thumbnail KnockeenRichard Beecher Esq.MunnaneRichard Beecher Esq.ProhoonusRichard Beecher Esq.LyreRichard Beecher Esq.
SkaiRichard Boyle Townsend Esq.BaarnagowlauneEdward Townsend Esq.KnockgorumRichard Beecher Esq.RenmurraghaRichard Beecher Esq.
GurteenrughRichard Beecher Esq.LitterscanlaghtRichard Beecher Esq.
30thumbnail CurraneWilliam Wrixon Beecher Esq.ClahaneNewman Esq.KielnageeshoughRichard Beecher Esq.SkaiRichard Boyle Townsend Esq.
CooranellerRichard Beecher Esq.
31thumbnail CarrigbuoyJames Bernard Esq.DromtineheenJames Bernard Esq.CrutteeJames Bernard Esq.West CloneeArthur Hyde Esq.
CloneeHugh Hutchinson Esq.KnowlavardHugh Hutchinson Esq.GlenloughHugh Hutchinson Esq.KielreaghRt. Hon. Lord Riversdale
DromreaghRt. Hon. Lord Riversdale
32thumbnail KnockaunemoreSir John Miller
33thumbnail KnockaunemoreSir John MillerGlebe of InniscarraClashesCol. John WalshBarnagroveHon. Judge Bennet
34thumbnail CurraghgleeBryan Sheehy Esq.CorrigeenSir Nicholas ColthurstGlebe of Inniscarra
35thumbnail FoghaghJames Chatterton Esq.CurraghgleeBryan Sheehy Esq.Glebe of Inniscarra
36thumbnail ClashenureRev. John MeadeEnnislingheyDuke of DevonshireFoghaghJames Chatterton Esq.
37thumbnail ClashenureRev. John MeadeKnockaunemoreSir John Miller

Table 6: Lettings advertised on behalf of Sir John Freke in the Cork Evening Post, 31/8/1786

"To be LET from next November for such term of Lives or Years as may be agreed on, the following Parts of the Estate of Sir John Freke, Bart."

Table 6(a): In the barony of Carbery
1786 acreage1787/88 acreage
3Plowlands of Ballyisland849029 82300
3Plowlands of Ballmacrowne641335 63739
3Plowlands of Ballcomane1367313 1315029
3Plowlands of Baltimore561016 575234
1 ⅓Plowland of Keenrath57704 41718
15Gneeves of Cluddagh99238 1026033
2Plowlands of Bohennagh371112 367218
Plowland of Ballyvireen282122 287120
1Plowland of Meaul and Curraheen1193012 20206
9Gneeves of Coulbane333213 470211
½Plowland of Ballywholahane8006  7723
3Plowlands of Ballylinsheen761129 78106
2Plowlands of Woodfield2837236 834328
1Plowland of Garrane and Lissard1219013 21935
2Plowlands of Rathine366227 637336
1Plowland of Lackahane196128 190325

"These lands, except for Keenrath and Cluddagh, are in Sir John Freke’;s manors of Cloghane, Ballinava, Gortnahona, Kilfinnin, Rinco? and Baltimore, are contiguous to the towns of Ross, Skibbereen and Baltimore and are good Pasture and Tillage."

Notes on lettings in the barony of Carbery:

  1. The two townlands of Meaule and Curragheen (see Table 1) have a combined acreage of 114a 3r 0p + 87a 1r 6p = 202a 0r 6p. Similarly, the combined acreage of Garrane and Lissard is 219a 3r 5p.
  2. See Table 1 footnote relating to Map 10/Woodfield. The combined acreage of Map 10 is 834a 3r 28p which strongly suggests that all four townlands in Map 10 are included in this proposed letting. Note that while these lands are counted among those in the barony of Carbery in this 1786 advertisement, they are listed under Ibaune and Barryroe in the 1787/88 survey and this remains the case today. Ibaune and Barryroe also appears in the record (Irish Records Commission, Reports 1821-25, p.393) of the Freke Purchase in 1703 of these lands - then known as Derrylone/Derryloone from the Irish Doire Luain - following their confiscation from David Barry who took the Jacobite side in the Williamite wars. It is noteworthy, however, that in three Memorial Deeds of Lease from the years 1721, 1729 and 1742 (Registry of Deeds Nos. 39847, 41805, 74429) these lands are described as being in the barony of East Carbery, consistent with this advertisement.
  3. Map 29 is entitled 'Rathine, etc.' and includes the townlands of Rathine, Fohurlagh, Towermore and Knocknamahallagh. Their combined acreage is 637a 3r 36p which strongly suggests that all four townlands are included in this proposed letting.
Table 6(b): In the barony of Barryroe and Ibawne.
1786 acreage1787/88 acreage
1Plowland of Milltown101016 103332
1Plowland of Gortegrenane17820 119020
2Plowlands of Rathbarry130406 32525
½Plowland of Croghnah?27100 ---
1Plowland of Ballymaishoneen?23121 23505
1Plowland of Carrigfadeen17710 152226
1Plowland of Knocknageehe25220 247039
½Plowland of Knocknagapol10000 10210
½Plowland of Maulatrahane3916 6500
5Gneeves of Maullicorcorane131033 135319
½Plowland of Little Island9000 11835
Mill and Holding of Newmill21710 ---

"These Lands are most excellent tillage, and pasture, and meadow."

Notes on lettings in the barony of Barryroe and Ibawne:

  1. Due to their similar acreage, it is assumed that this is Castlefreke townland, which was formerly known as Rathbarry and whose Irish form is Ráth an Bharraigh.
  2. These names cannot be identified among those in the survey.

    A question mark indicates uncertainty in the spelling due to poor reproduction quality of the CEP advertisement.

Table 6(c): In the barony of Muskerry.
1786 acreage1787/88 acreage
½Plowland of Curraghbeg189110 3671117
½Plowland of Lackareige190110 190110

"These lands are part of the Estate of Sirmount or Castlehinchy and are within seven miles of Cork."

Notes on lettings in the barony of Muskerry:

  1. In the 1787/88 survey, Curraghbeg is divided into an East Division of acreage 190a 2r 35p and a West Division of acreage 171a 0r 34p, hence the proposed letting may have referred to the East Division only.

"Proposals in writing will be received by Sir John Freke, Bart, Percy Lodge, near Enniscorthy. Every Encouragement will be given to resident, solvent and improving tenants, and no notice will be taken of any application from persons, who will not reside or hold the Farms in their own hands."

"Also to hold on binding? Leases, the greater part of the Town of Ross and Sword Parks* adjoining it; manufacturers in every Branch, will meet? the utmost encouragement: apply as above. Aug 28th."

* This unusual term may be an anglicised version of Fearann claidhimh, sword-land, conquered territory. (Seán Ó Coileáin, priv. comm.)

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