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Aided Chuind Chétchathaig


Oided Chuind Chētchathaich annso

Edited by Osborn Bergin

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Oided 1 Chuind Cētchathaich annso

Book of Lecan 350a.

Eochaid Bēlbuidi mac Feidlimid Rechtmair brāthair Cuind. Luidside i crīch nUlad ar comairci do theiched Chuind a brāthar, ūair fa dobēsach dīchoisc Eochaid, ⁊ romillead rīgi ⁊ smacht a brāthar. Is andsin immorro cartais 2 Cond cūicer fear grāda dō co rīgaib Ulad conā beith Eochaid Bēlbuidi aco, no co mbetis fo sobēs. Ba hīad so in cūicer techtairead luidsead frisin .i. Foitin Forbair mac Fēigi Ēchtaig, ⁊ Ēnda mac Dega Laigen, ⁊ Ailill mac Fingein meic Luchta, ⁊ Tibraidi Tūaithebrach mac Cleitig, ⁊ Asal mac Forandāin a Formaīl. ⁊ luidsed fothūaid rompo a Temraig. Is andsin do hindised dōib Eochaid Bēlbuidi do beith ac seilc a Slēib Breg, ⁊ do marbsad in tEochaid andsin, ūair nī frīth neach mailli fris acht a chū, ut poeta dixit:

  1. Eochaid Bēlbuidi robīth
    i cath Chomair, ūada a ̇fich,
    ūair nī roibi neach 'na dū,
    frīth hē i mbāegal is a chū.

Rob olc didiu la rīgaib Ulad in gnīm sin ⁊ adubradar nach gēbdais coma ina sarugud acht a marbad, ūair nīr gobad rompo. Ar āi dorondad sīd eturru ⁊ Cond. Ba hīad rīga Ulad in tan sin .i. Cairpri Gnāthchorad mac Māil meic Rochraidi ⁊ Bresal mac Briūin. Adbathadur iar sin drem dīb. Adbert Breasal no Tibraidi mac Māil nā gēbad sīd, ūair nīr lam beith i nUltaib deisidēn ar ecla Chuind ⁊ la hecla rīg Ulad tre ̇foirēicin Chuind forro side.


Is ed doroindi Tibraidi dul i nAlbain co rīg Alban .i. co Failbe Findloga ⁊ bāi trī bliadhna aici side. Is andsin tuc rīg Alban comairli dō .i. tīachtain i nĒrind ⁊ sīd do dēnam re Cond. Donīth uili amlaid sin. Rāidid Ulaid fris beith sīdach 3 re Cond. Adbert som 4 do dēnam ⁊ nīr lam tīachtain ar comairci no a āenur co Cond, conid hī comairli doroindi tīachtain i rechtaib ban copchaillech d' indsaigid 5 Chuind. Is and bāi Cond in tan sin i tūaithemair 6 ic urgnum Feisi na Temrach ⁊ baidsi tūaith Themrach, ⁊ ba fūathad do Chond in tan sin. Is and doroindi Tibraidi andsidi Cond do marbad, ūair ba ūathad dō ⁊ ba līnmar do Thibraidi, conad amlaid sin īarum do marbad Cond.

Finit. Amen.

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Title (uniform): Aided Chuind Chétchathaig

Title (original): Oided Chuind Chētchathaich annso

Author: unknown

Editor: Osborn Bergin

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Electronic edition compiled by: Dennis Groenewegen

Funded by: University College, Cork

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1. First draft, revised and corrected.

Extent: 845 words

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Publisher: CELT: Corpus of Electronic Texts: a project of the Department of History, University College, Cork

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Date: 2010

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Manuscript sources

  1. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS. 23 P 2 (Book of Lecan): f. 183v = p. 350a.
  2. Dublin, Trinity College, MS. 1928 (olim H 2.7): part II, pp. 244–5.


  • Dan M. Wiley, 'An Introduction to the Early Irish King Tales', in: Essays on the early Irish king tales, ed. Dan M. Wiley (Dublin 2008) 13–67.

The edition used in the digital edition

‘Oided Chuind Chétchathaich annso’ (1912). In: Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie‍ 8. Ed. by Osborn Bergin, pp. 274–277.

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  address 	 = { Halle/Saale},
  publisher 	 = {Max Niemeyer},
  date 	 = {1912},
  pages 	 = {274–277}


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Creation: In the Middle Irish period, based on earlier models. c.900–1200

Language usage

  • The text is in Middle Irish. (ga)
  • Some formulaic phrases are in Latin. (la)

Keywords: tale/saga; prose; medieval; Ulster Cycle; aided (death-tale); Conn Cétchathach

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  1. 2010-11-05: SGML and HTML versions created. (ed. Beatrix Färber)
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T301043: The Death of Conn of the Hundred Battles (in English Translation)

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