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Imtheachta Æniasa



1. The Origin

The source of the Irish Æneid is the Book of Ballymote (pp. 449–485), the property of the Royal Irish Academy, and widely known by means of the facsimile. Prof. Atkinson has, in the Introduction to the fcs., given an account of the contents. Besides that account, and those in the printed catalogues, two others may be mentioned. The first is by O'Curry, in the R.I.A. Catalogue of Irish MSS., First Series, Part iii., 753–875. The second is by O'Donovan, MS. Cat. T.C.D., H. 2. 4. The Book of Ballymote is, so far as is at present known, the only source. Not even a copy of the tale is known to exist; for, in the paper copy of the The Book of Ballymote, deposited in T.C.D., the Story of the Æneid finds no place. The title is entered in the Table of Contents, but has again been cancelled. The scribe never began to write the tale, and its allotted space remains blank. The condition of the proper names shows that it was copied, probably, many times after it left the translator's hands; and other copies may yet be found.

The Irish Æneid has not received much attention at the hands of editors. Dr. Stokes and Prof. Atkinson occasionally refer to it. Prof. Meyer has selected it as one of the sources for his Contributions. Prof. Strachan has examined it closely for his History of Middle-Irish Declension, and for other articles in the Philological Society's Transactions. But the text appears to have been wholly inedited till Prof. T. Hudson Williams published, in the Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie, 1899, his interesting Episode of Dido (BB. 451a 36–459a 30). By that time my first draft of the whole tract was completed. I am  p.xii anxious to make all the acknowledgments that are justly due to the labours of my predecessor; but it will be seen that both in text and in translation there are a great many details, which cannot be regarded as unimportant, where I am unable to follow Prof. Williams. His Episode of Dido extends from line 210 to line 931 of the following transcript. The whole text is here edited for the first time.

2. The Text

The transcription I first made from the fcs.; and I then collated it with the original ms. This was done with a view to secure accuracy in regard to the marks of aspiration; but I also found that greater accuracy was attained with regard to the marks of contraction, which, in a few cases—e.g. tigi for troigi, 148—were omitted in the fcs. From the appearance of the ms., I concluded that many of the marks of aspiration, and probably some of the letters above (and especially below) the line, were added by a later hand. There is no evidence that the text existed in an older form. The passages quoted from older writings do not fit in well with the context. On the other hand, there are in the text itself many apparently late and even modern forms; and I have preferred to give the text in its late Middle-Irish dress, rather than to run the risk of destroying its character by a too zealous editing. In transcribing the text, I have been guided chiefly by the text itself; and I now set down the following explanations:—
Vowels written above the line represent the syllables ra, re, ri, ro, ru; and the r only is printed in italics.
Similarly, vowels written below the line—chiefly a—are printed in Roman characters.
Consonants written above the line are sometimes noted, especially in the first sheets of the text. The vowel which completes the syllable—chiefly -ud of verbal nouns—is printed in italics.
The contractions for -air, -ar 1, though frequent in mss. and in the printed copies of the Bible, are also printed in italics. The extension -ar is not otherwise expressed; and -air,  p.xiii represented by a stroke above the line, occurs only in two instances, mathair, 350, 568; 'air' is extended to ra in 1599, 1654; o written above the line is extended to or in Iutorna 2972, 2981, 3061, port 287; and u written above the line is not infrequently extended to ur 349, 677, 684, 821, 1834, 2210, 8, 2313.

Y 2, vero, occurs at lines 1168, 1751, 1800, 2970, and has been transcribed immorro.
In extending n to nn or nd, the latter has been adopted, as being by far the commoner fully-written form in this ms.
The sign ~ denotes usually m, sometimes um.
The sign - denotes usually n, but is used also for other letters, e.g. Caipes 664, gach 296, and for a considerable variety of syllables.
A hyphen is used to connect emphasizing particles or inseparable pronouns with their respective nouns and verbs; also, for the sake of clearness, it is inserted between the infixed pronoun and the verb; and between transposed consonants (except h) and initial vowels.
A comma above the line is used to indicate the elision of a vowel or consonant.
The article is written as one word except when its final d becomes t, in which case the t is joined to the following noun. It is written along with a preceding preposition as one word.
Prepositions are joined to the relative and possessive pro­nouns.
The accents I have, with a very few exceptions, omitted from the text. In the ms. they are freely used in a few passages; and, occasionally, they mark a long or accented syllable; but for the most part they merely serve to distinguish the letter i from part of an adjacent letter for which it might have been mistaken.
In the ms. the passive and deponent endings in -er or -ir are rarely written out. The following are the chief examples: rodbaithfider 839, gairmther 947, muirfider 2473, brister 3002, murfaidher 3114; cathaichtir 2517, ni fitir 1796, 2598.
The 3rd sing, of the enclitic perfect co ndechaid is written out in lines 1724, 2151, 3188.
The proper names have fared badly in one respect. Some ignorant scribe, having provided himself with a copy of Vergil's Æneid, wrote them down in the Gaelic text, regardless of  p.xiv their grammatical connexion. They have fared better in another respect, that in a number of instances the spelling of them appears to reflect the pronunciation of the time.

3. The Subject-Matter

This is, in the main, identical with the Æneid. The material is considerably curtailed. Genealogies and the speeches of the gods, and all matters peculiarly Roman that would fail to move the interest of an Irish audience, are omitted.

The additions, on the other hand, are just such as would rouse that interest. A specimen of the kind will be found on pp. 152, 154, and in many other similar places where it was found possible to give but few references to the text of Vergil. The additions consist sometimes of well-known passages in Irish literature, such as the description of Pallas (1924–1933), cf. O'Curry Lectures 45; Mann. iii. 140, 1; and of his sword ib. ii. 322 (1933, 7); and in a less degree of Æneas (348–351); of Ascanius (2363–9); and of Turnus (1488–1491); and most of all do the additions tell of “the battles, sieges, fortunes” through which Æneas, like Othello, passed. The woes of the vanquished, the sorrows of parting, gold and silver ornaments, the splendour of houses and of arms, and the charm of natural scenery and fine weather, find a place in the tale (1465). This beautiful passage probably does not owe all its inspiration to Vergil or to his translator.

The Tibermouth in Vergil corresponds to the entrance to Purgatory in Dante. The latter sings: ‘So dulcet were the notes that their melody still sounds in mine ears. My master and I, and his companion spirits, seemed wholly contented, as if naught else affected any of their minds’ ((Tozer's Trans., p. 158).) The Irish—in no unusual phrase—re-echoes the same words: “It was enough of joy to listen to the many strains which those birds used to sing.” Further: o li serce (350) may be compared with Tozer's Trans., p. 229, “the hue which love approves”; “thrice did I essay to put my arms about her neck,” &c., 648, cp. Tozer, p. 157, “Thrice did I clasp my hands behind him, and as oft I brought them back upon my breast”; “and now mayst thou conceive the intensity of that love where­with I burn for thee when I forget our unreality, and would handle a shade as it were a solid body,” p. 242. Due allowance  p.xv being made for a common original, there seems room for the suggestion of Dante's influence.

The matter, then, is in the main identical with the Æneid. The translator was a competent scholar, both in Latin and in Gaelic. A few instances of idiomatic phrases, idiomatically rendered, place his scholarship beyond the reach of cavil: velut agmine facto, amal tic slog namad, 220; ar ni fuil dod dichumung, potes nam que omnia, 1256 ; nochor' dichel, non ipse suo premit ore Latinus, 1521; fora belaib, ante gremium suum, 2859; ar ngnim muinterus, fide, 1581; aithescul, oraculum, 1509; and many other examples might be added.

But his main purpose was to produce a scél. Comparetti, in his Vergil in the Middle Ages, Pt. ii., chap, i., gives some account of the rise and spread of the “Romance of Troy”, and the “Romance of Æneas”. And the translator had, above all things, to produce a work with the leading features of the modern novel. He has the requisite literary talent. A thorough knowledge of his original enables him to begin effectively; to select, curtail, amplify, or transpose his materials in order to meet the taste of his readers. It is unnecessary to expatiate. His progress through the Æneid can be marked, at any point, by a glance at the references to Vergil's Æneid, on the left-hand margin of the text.

I will now remark on some elements in the text which are not Vergilian.

The three sons of Laomedon—Pulus, Foclointis, and Aimpiter (page 2, line 18)—are difficult to identify in Classical Mythology; but v. Roscher's Dictionary, s. Laomedon. TT1 ( = Togail Troi, Stokes's ed., Calcutta 1881) 623 has Pullus, and Vaclontis, and Ampiter; Dares, 3, has Hypsipylus, Volcontis, and Anyritos; and in the Welsh version of Dares, the Red Book of Hergest ii. 4, the names occur in the forms Nophilus, Aclius, and Ampiter.

If the translation which I have ventured to give of line 139 be the correct one, it reflects somewhat adversely on the Irish translator's knowledge of geography.

Trelawney (Records of Byron, Shelley, and the Author ch. xvii. ad fin.) gives this description of the spot:— “In the morning we entered the narrow strait of Messina, passed close by the precipitous promontory of Scylla, and, at the distance  p.xvi of a mile on the opposite shore, Charybdis; the waters were boiling, and lashed into foam and whirlpools by the conflicting currents, and set of the sea; in bad weather it is dangerous to approach too near in small craft.” It is possible to imagine that local associations led the translator to think of the danger from a shoal (múr), just as in another passage, line 1002, iarna lothrugad, immersion in the sea has apparently suggested be-mudding in a bog or morass, lodrach, Carmina Gadelica ii. 172.

One of the translator's additions to the Vergilian text is the remark:— “Some allege that Ætna is one of the doors of hell,” line 144. There is nothing to show whether he was moved to make this remark by his own theological leanings, or by the opinions current at the time. The idea was, no doubt, a common one. In The Last Days of Pompeii, Bk. ii., ch. viii., the same observation is made of Vesuvius: “Difficult was it then and there to guess the causes why the tradition of the place wore so gloomy and stern a hue; why in those smiling plains—to Baiae and Misenum—the poets had imagined the entrance and thresholds of their hell—their Acheron and their fabled Styx.” And Lavengro, chap, xix., apostrophises “Ab Gwilym” in similar terms:— “Thou startest, bendest thy crossbow, intending to hit Reynard with the bolt just above the jaw; but the bow breaks, Reynard barks, and disappears into his cave, which by thine own account reaches hell.”

And in the following passages of the poem Ætna, of the Augustan age, we find (Robinson Ellis's edition, lines 202–205):—

  1. Ipse procul magnos miratur luppiter ignes,
    Neue sepulta noui surgant in bella Gigantes,
    Neu Ditem regni pudeat, neu Tartara caelo
    Vertat, in occulto tacitus tremit:
“Jupiter himself looks wonderingly from afar at those mighty fires, and trembles silently in his secret place that a new race of Giants may rise to wage again the war that was buried in their graves.”

And, again, at lines 272–278 (cf. note, pp. 133, 134):—

  1. Implendus sibi quisque bonis est artibus: illae
    Sunt animi fruges, hae rerum maxima merces: p.xvii
    Scire quid occulto terrae Natura coercet,
    Nullum fallere opus, non mutos cernere sacros
    Aetnaei montis fremitus animosque furentis,
    Non subito pallere sono non credere subter
    Caelestis migrasse minas aut Tartara rumpi.
“Each of us should do his part to steep himself in crafts that are noble; they are the true grain of the mind, these the highest reward the world can bring us: to know what Nature keeps close within earth's deep heart; never to belie any of her workings, not to gaze in dumb amazement on the divine uproar and furious rages of Ætna's mountain; not to grow pale with affright at its sudden din, not to believe that the wrath of heaven has found a new home underground, or that hell is bursting its confine.”

Vergil's Sixth Book of the Æneid gave him a tremendous popularity throughout Europe in the middle ages. He figured in the popular imagination less as a cultured genius than the arch astrologer and mathematician, the sorcerer “who made witch-rhymes by which he could raise the dead.” That the Celts came under this influence is proved by the existence of such tales as Fearas Fursa and Fis Adamnáin. But the influence was slighter in proportion as the general state of education was better. And the fact that so careful and good a translation was made into Irish goes to prove that there was a demand for it. The popularity of the proper name Æneas in the Highlands proves that it had no evil associations, just as the prevalence of it points to the probability that the tale, in some form, was at one time widely known.

The first leaf of BB. is missing, but the contents may be supplied from TCD., H. 1. 15; H 2 4, and probably would throw no light upon the Æneid. But the opening page of the existing Book of Ballymote (3b 26) has the passage that gives the genealogy of Latinus corresponding to lines 1478–1480. It runs thus: “Oir is iat da mac Ioib meic Satuirnd meic Pallon meic Picc meic Peil meic Treis meic Trois meic Mesraim meic Caim meic Naei.” The TCD. paper copy has “Naoi”. Our text has ix = naoi: cf. O'Donovan's Supplement to O'Reilly's Dictionary. Gr. 432. TT1 opens thus: “Rogab rí uasal airegda ordnide rigi in  p.xviii domain .i. Satuirn mac Polluir meic Phic meic Phéil meic Trois meic Esrom meic Chaim meic Noe.”

There seems room for doubt whether Apollo, in Gaelic Apaill or Paill, ever stood in the text.

4. Extraneous Additions

On the top margin of the opening page (BB. 449), now illegible, but supplied from O'Curry's Catalogue, is the following sentence in an indifferent modern hand:—
“Imraid ar Æneas da reir an fili Romanach Virgil bo deasda, Tadg Ua Flannagain AT. 1784.” “An account of Æneas, according to the Roman poet, Vergil, follows.” Such is the meaning of the phrase, bo deasta (= “now”): cf. Zimmer, KZ 30, 18 ; O'Donovan's Supplement to O'Reilly's Dictionary Gr. 132, “indestar ann so bo deasta”, are narrated henceforward, MR = The banquet of Dun na nGedh, and the Battle of Magh Rath, ed. John O'Donovan, Dublin 1842, 100, 2. But this is apparently the source of O'Reilly's curious blunder in his Dictionary, p. 178b, where he has the entry: “Deasda, adj., eldest, Ballim.”

There are three marginal glosses:—
p. 449 “guba .i. go n-ead no mead broin”
p. 477 “fodhbh .i. gearradh no teasgadh
p. 479 “fuidhbh .i. buain éudibh dhe”
Under the words “co ruc urraind triana dhruim siar” 2549 (BB. 477) is faintly written, “bidh Valintín ruadh.”

The scribe, Solomon O'Droma, was, according to Professor Atkinson, a pupil of Mac Egan, first editor of the book, who probably sold it to Mac Donogh of Ballymote. The same authority puts the date of writing at 1400 A.D. Two other pieces are in O'Droma's hand, and end with his flourish, 281 fin., and 333 a17.

Following immediately upon O'Droma's signature is an appreciation in a practised, modern hand: “Bennacht for hanmoin a mhic Ui Droma gi gur ecc tu ccc bliadhain ria mesi do ghenedh.” “Blessing on your soul, Mac Ui Droma, though you died three hundred years before I was born.” This pious postscript, by an unknown admirer, does more than express a wish for the welfare of the scribe's soul. It suggests the identity of his name with the modern Mac Codrum. I, also, will add my tribute of admiration for O'Droma's beautiful penman­ship and his general accuracy.


Edited by George Calder

Whole text


Imtheachta Æniasa


O thairnic tra do Grecaib slad ⁊ inrad ⁊ dithlaithriugud rig cathrach na Frigia .i. in Træ, cend ordain ⁊ airechais na huili Aissia isside, tancadar rigraid na nGrec co dind Minerba isin Trae, ⁊ dorochtadar i n-æn baile uile ⁊ rofiarfaig Aigmenon, int airdrig dib, ca comairle dobertais do arin forind romairn in cathraig, no in comaillfitis friu. Doraidset foirend do Grecaib ni bud coir a comall friu, uair ni her ar ngrad-ni acht ar ar n-omun ⁊ ara n-anacul fen domairnset in cathraig, ⁊ doronsat, gen co rancadar, olc rind, ⁊ dogentais aris, dia cæmsad 10 leo. Roraid Nestor dono iarsin: “LX bliadan,” ar se, “gusin 11 aimsir-sea, o thanac-sa ⁊ Pelias ⁊ Tailimon ⁊ Castur ⁊ Pullux ar 12 æn re hErcail, lucht VII long im luing Argo, co roairgsim in 13 cathair-seo, ⁊ co tucsam fo gin gæ ⁊ claidim gach æn rob 14 inmarbtha inti, co rucsam i mbroid ⁊ a ndairi gach æn na romarbad, 15 ⁊ co rucsum a huili indmus esti, ⁊ co tarrdsim tenedh tairsi 16 iarsin. Don-farraid Laimidon iarsin, dorad cath dun, co 17 torchair dono Laimidon lind cona tri maccaib isin cath sin .i. 18 Pulus ⁊ Foclointis ⁊ Aimpiter. Dorochradar dono forgla rig ⁊ 19 tasech ⁊ trenfer na Troianu imailli fris. Rofucum lind i mbroid 20 mac ⁊ ingin Laimidoin .i. Esiona ⁊ Priaim ⁊ robai in Trai fas 21 iarsin fri re ar omun na nGrec. Dorat dono Earcail iarsin tar 22 cend set ⁊ maine deonugad do Priaim teacht dochum na Trai ⁊ 23 a hathnuigedh dorisi, acht na dernad aris cogad fri Grecaib, ⁊ 24 rochomaill Priam indi sin cen robo beo. O robo marb Ercail, 25 ⁊ o 'tconnairc Priaim daingni a cathrach ⁊ nertmhairi a sloig, 26 ron-gab meit menmun ⁊ dimus ⁊ nir'bo maisi les cena gan a 27 aincridi do iarraid for Grecaib, co rofaid a mac .i. Alaxandair ⁊ 28 Ainias for creich go Grecaib, co roinirsiut inis Cheithiria, ⁊ co  p.4 29 tucsat leo Elleand Legata. Tancamar-ne dono co lin ar 30 sochraiti i ndiaidh ar creichi, ⁊ ni dernad acht nemthni dind, ⁊ ni 31 thucad aissic dun tar cend ar sida, ⁊ rotinoilit moirneart na 32 hAisia inar n-aigid, ⁊ atrachtadar co bagach brigach borrfadach 33 righa ⁊ taisig, curaidh ⁊ caithmilid ⁊ laith gaili na n-uili Assia, 34 otha in Scethia thuaiscertaig, ⁊ in n-Innia n-oirrtheraig, ⁊ i 35 n-Eitheoip ndeiscertaigh, i cath inar n-aigid, co ndorchradar leo 36 hilar ar rig-ni ⁊ ar tusech ⁊ ar cathmiled, co ndorchradar-sum uili 37 lendi, ⁊ co ndorchair Priam fen cona coecait mac ⁊ ingen ⁊ clemnad, 38 ⁊ cona uilib curadaib ⁊ caithmiledaib, rigaib ⁊ taisechaib ⁊ 39 særclandaib na Trae and, acht lucht in braith nama .i. Ænias ⁊ 40 Antinor cona muintir. Ba he sin dered cardusa Priaimh fri 41 Grecaib. Is demin daibsi, dono, ni ba ferr cairrdius Ænias ribsi 42 dia facbaithi isin Trai, inas in cairdis sin Priaim fri Grecu. Is 43 mairg Greca dobera tairisim fair; ar is nama Grec dogress Ainias. 44 Sochaidi do curadaib ⁊ do caithmiledaib ⁊ d' an 449brudaib 45 Grec torchair lais dia laim fen isna VII cathaib LX ar C 46 dochuiredh rinde oc diden na Trae.” O rochualatar tra Greca na haithesca 47 sin roraid Neastor, is i comairli roraidset-seom ⁊ ronertsat, in 48 Trae do fasugud, ⁊ æs in braith do indarba esti gan a mbasugad, 49 uair tucad enech Pirr friu fria n-anacul ar brath na Trae. 50 Fororchongairt Aigmenon iarsin i comairli na nGrec for Ænias ⁊ for 51 Aintinor, in Trai d' fagbhail fas, ⁊ Antinor do dul co hIleric, 52 ferand fuil etir Grecu ⁊ Etail siar. Doluid immorro Ainias, gusin 53 lucht rolen, co Sliab Ido sliabh esside for ur mara Torrian co 54 fidbaid cain and. Ba maith do cumdach long in fidbad, ⁊ 55 cumdaigther lais XX long andsin, ⁊ o tairnic do cumdach a long, 56 doluid la tosach soinindi i tus samraidh for muir Torrian, ⁊ a 57 athair .i. Anaichis, ina senoir, ⁊ a mac .i. Ascan, ⁊ gach æn rolean 58 d'a æs cumtha, immalle fris. Ba bronach dubach derfadach 59 toirrseach imsnimach in n-imirci sin. Ba leasc in turus docuas 60 and. Ba truag tra in gair ghuil ⁊ basgairi ⁊ mairgnighi ac  p.6 61 fegadh a tiri ⁊ a n-atharda duichi iarna n-indarba dia naimdib 62 uathi. Roseolsat iarsin co Traicia, tir cairdiumail do Troiannaib 63 in Traicia sin, gen bai nert acu, ar ba ingin rig Traigia mathair. 64 claindi Priaim .i. Ecuba ingen Chesi. O rosiachtatar tir Traigia, 65 rocumdaigid cathair leo and, ⁊ tucsat ainm furri .i. Ænedoss o 66 ainm Ænias. Bai tulach i comfocus don cathair sin, 67 fualascach coisegartha inti. Doluid Ænias do buain neich de, do 68 thabairt a chraeb for altoire na ndea da denum edbarta doib. 69 Dorala ni ingnad aduathmar do Enias andsin .i. in cet craeb 70 robean a talmain, rosilset frosa fola esti, gur'bo lan do chru ⁊ 71 d'fhuil in talam asar'tallad in chraeb. Rosocht Ænias oc fegadh 72 na craibi ⁊ na hairrdi aduathmaire sin, ⁊ rogab egla ⁊ omon 73 mor, cona cæmnacair labra. Rochualai iarsin in acaine mor ⁊ 74 in labra n-enert n-atruag asin talmain, ⁊ is ed roraidh: “Na dena 75 sain, a Ænias, acht tabair anacul dam. Nachum-saraigh fon 76 fualuscach rofhas triam adnacul. Is mesi Polidorus, mac Priaimh; 77 ⁊ in tan tainic fainde don Trae, dom-radad-sa o Priaim, ⁊ imud 78 oir ⁊ airgit lium, cum cliamain co rig Traicia sund .i. Polimestor 79 ⁊ Eliona ingen Priaim mo shiur do mnai oca. O rochualamar in 80 Trai d'argain immorro rofeall-samh orumsa, ⁊ rom-marb, ⁊ romarb 81 mo shiair, ⁊ ros-fuc ar n-or ⁊ ar n-airget, ⁊ rom-adnaic-sea 82 sund, ⁊ triam adhnacul rofhas in fidh-sa rob ail duitsiu do 83 letradh. Fagaib in tir fealltach finghalach, ⁊ indsaigh co hEtail, 84 ar is and ata a ndan duit ferund du gabail.” Teit Ænias 85 iarsin, ⁊ adfet do Anachis in scel sin, ⁊ is ed roraid Anaicis, 86 ba comairli coir dorad Polidorus doib, ⁊ doniad na Troiana 87 teachta a adnacuil do Polidorus .i. dognither a fert, ⁊ clanntair 88 a lia, ⁊ scribthair a ainm, ⁊ dognither a ghairm dochum a 89 adnacuil, ⁊ ferthair a guba. O tairnic doib sin, tiagait dochum 90 a long,  450a ⁊ fagbaid tir Traigia, ⁊ seolaid as co hinis Del. 91 Is and robai Anius, ri ⁊ sacart Apaill; ⁊ daroine edbairt do Apaill 92 ar cend Æniasa, ⁊ is e aithesc dorad Apaill do, nach raibi a  p.8 93 ndan do Ænias crich na ferand do gabail, co risad Edail. O 94 rochuala Ænias int aithesc-sa Apaill, doluid dochum a long, 95 seach Naxon, seach Dionisa, ⁊ sech Paron, ⁊ sech Ciclaid, 96 do shaighid co Cred. O rosiachtatar cosin indsi sin, 97 cumdaigther cathair doib inti, Fergama a hainm na cathrach sin, ⁊ 98 oirisid fri re mis a Cred. Fagait inis Creid do reir faistine 99 Apaill, ⁊ tiagait for fairgi d'indsaighidh co hEdail, cona 100 faccadar tir na talmain acht in fhairgi umpu do gach aird. 101 Nosdoirtend sin ⁊ gaillim forro andside. Tic gæth ⁊ toirneach ⁊ 102 tene gelain isin ær, dorchaighit na neoill doib conach fedatar cia 103 leth nothegdis. Atraig in ainfine forsin fairgi, conus-rola a 104 ichtar fora uachtar, tri la ⁊ tri aidchi doib isin gabad sin, gan 105 soillsi grene a l-lo, gan soillsi re a n-aidchi. Isin ceathramadh 106 lo atconncadar uaithibh slebti indsi Sdrophaid. Telgid sodain 107 a seolu, ⁊ tiagait ar imrum, ar ni raibi coir seolta ocu, co 108 ruachtadar co port indsi Sdrofaidh forin muir Ionda. Is amlaidh 109 robai in indsi sin, lan do buaib ⁊ do cæraib ⁊ gabhraib, gan 110 nech aga n-anacul no aga n-imcoimet. Dogniat dono feolbach 111 imdha dona hindilib sin agna Troiandaib. In tan tra iarsin 112 tuctha a mbiadha ina fiadnaise, co n-accatar chucu dona slebiu 113 elta do enaib granda Airpi a n-anmand side ⁊ siat for grechaid 114  ⁊ srengaid a mbiada uaithib asa lamaib, ⁊ fagbaid a salchar fora 115 miasaib, ⁊ gabait na Troiandaigh a sciathu ⁊ a claidme, ⁊ 116 nosdicuirit uaidibh a l-los comluind. Seolaid iarsin na Troiandaigh 117 a hinis Sdrofaid seach na hindsi-seo .i. Sdacind, ⁊ inis Duilci, ⁊ 118 inis Saim, ⁊ sech Ithaig ⁊ il-indsi ele mara Torrian, co 119 ruachtadar co hEpir, ⁊ rolaset a n-acaireda a tir andsin, ⁊ dochuaid 120 do accallaim Elena, meic Priaim, uair ba he ba ri i n-Epir in tan 121 sin. Ar dorat Pirr mac Aichil Anromacha do Eleanus do mnai, 122 o dorat fen Ermiona, ingen Menalus, meic Atir, do mnai, iarna 123 hurnaidm ar tus do Oirestes, mac Aigminoin, co romarb Oirestes 124 Pirr andsin a tempull Apaill, iarna brath do sagart Apaill. Go 125 rotimna Pirr re mbas in mac ros-fuc Anromachæ do Molosus a  p.10 126 ainm side ar altram do Eleanus ⁊ d'a mathair, ⁊ co tuc Aichia 127 a feranus do Elena ar scath a meic .i. Molosus, rand iside do 128 Epir. O rosiacht tra Ænias co hEleanus, fuair morfailti aigi. 129 Doroine dono Eleanus tra faistine do, ⁊ roraid fris: “Indsaig 130 co hEdail, ar is and ata a ndan duid ferand d' fhagbail”; ⁊ 131 dorad comartha do, baili i n-ergebad do mucc find co  450b 132 trichait banb i tæb srotha Tibir, is and bias do tairisim co 133 cinnti, ⁊ cathair do chumdach, ⁊ ferand do ghabail; ⁊ roraidh ris 134 ni roairised isin Edail comfhocus do Epir, ar is Greic aitrebat 135 inte. Roscar dano Ænias mac Anaichis ⁊ Eleanus fo sidh ⁊ 136 cæncomrac, ⁊ doluid Ænias dochum a long, ⁊ seolaidh for fairgi co 137 ruachtatar co hoirer na hEtaili i n-aitrebait Greic, ⁊ doberat, 138 a lam fri hEtail gunus-tarrla etir Scill ⁊ Scaruibdis, ⁊ 139 rogabsat co mur and, co nus-rucc neart imruma ⁊ seolta estib. 140 Tiagait iarsin fo Cred ar merugud co port slebi Eathna, 141 ait i n-aitrebait Cicloipecda. Teni bithbeo 'sin tshleb sin 142 dogress, co maided a duibdiad ⁊ a lasra a huamaib ⁊ a haircelaib 143 in tshlebi sin amach dogress. Dia fhis do dainib conad do 144 suthine tine iffirn dogni dia sin, ar is ed aderait araile conad 145 dorus du dhoirsib iffirnd sliab Eathna. O thainic in maidin 146 doib isin purt sin con n-acatar cucu asin chaill, arracht duine 147 truaigh diblighi, ⁊ a lama ar lethad, ⁊ se ag dibrigoit, ⁊ ag atach 148 mor, ⁊ ass ed adbered: “Ar dia nime, ⁊ ar buide, ⁊ ar troigi rib, 149 a Troigiana, marbaid missi, no cuiridh for fairgi me resiu faicfi 150 me sunda”; ⁊ dobeir a lam fo glun Anachis, ⁊ gebid Anachis 151 a laim ndes i comartha anacail do, ⁊ fiarfaigid de can do, ⁊ 152 cuich he, ⁊ cid nos-tuc andsin. “Do Grecaib damsa,” ar se, “⁊ 153 Achenmedes m' ainm, ⁊ tanac a luing Uilix meic Letris gusin 154 port-sa. Dochuamar a tir sunda. Ron-la a n-uaim in 155 Ciclopecdai, ⁊ tarraid dis uaind, ⁊ ros-gab asa glacaib fo cairrgib na 156 huamad, co ndernait minbruar dib, ⁊ co nus-duaid oma iat, ⁊ 157 atconnarc-sa fen a mbuill etir na samlachaib fuil etir a fiaclaib, ⁊  p.12 158 ibid fin iarsin, ⁊ rochodail ina uaimh dia eis. Ni rofedamar-ni 159 Uilix do teacht uad, gan digail a muintire fair; ⁊ dochuamair-ne 160 dia indsaigid co rabamar uime, ⁊ se ina chodlad, ac bruchtaig ⁊ 161 slamrad a fhola ⁊ a sgeithi fora ulchain, æn shuil ina chind 162 medither cathsciath Gregda, no esca i coigid dec. Gonmaid in 163 suil sin ⁊ brismid ⁊ tiagmaid uad anfailtig, imeclaigh, ar long, ⁊ 164 rom-facbad-sa gan fis, gan fairiugud dom muintir, uair 165 rochuadus ar sechran uaidhib. Atu-sa fri re tri mis sunda gan 166 biad acht lusrad ⁊ scechora bega. Ata anosa Poliphebus, ⁊ a 167 uaim dunta fair, ic blegan a gabar ⁊ a cærach, ⁊ ticfaid chugaib 168 dochum in phuirt-seo, do nighi a ruisc asin saili, amal tic 169 gach læ, ⁊ ata C brathar aigi a macsamla fen isin tshleb sin. 170 Is mithigh duib, a Troianu, a theichedh, nachib-baitir sund.” 171 In tan tra robai Aichminides forna briathraib sin, co n-acatar cucu 172 dochum in mara, in torothar n-dermair sin dochum in morchuain 173 .i. Polipebus, ⁊ fedan fora muin, ⁊ bili giuis arna imscathadh 174 do luirg ina laim, ⁊ a ailbin gabar ⁊ cærach uime, ⁊ doluid 175 seocu fon fairrgi,  451a ⁊ glanaid a gor ⁊ a om asa rosc, ⁊ 176 rocluinti dresdernach a fhiacal ⁊ a cnetach a fhad ac glanad a 177 ruisc.


Cen robai-sium ag nighi a ruisc, nos-elad Troiana seacha 179 amach, ⁊ siat imeglaig co foill forin fairgi. Airigidh-sium gredun 180 na ndaine ⁊ forned na long ic teacht seocha amach. Imsai-sium 181 ina ndiaid dia tarrachtain, ⁊ ni ruacht do in fairgi Ionda tara 182 formna, ⁊ o nach tarraidh, air ni rourmais in chonair dochuatar 183 uad, dobeir a trombuiredh miled as, co rocrithnaigh sliab 184 n-Ethna, ⁊ gor'fagaib fo tondgar in fairgi n-Iondæ gor'gab 185 omun ⁊ imegla lucht na hEtaili ar adhuathmaire in gotha 186 rochualatar; co n-acatar na Troianaigh cuco asna coilltib sluagh dermair, 187 int olc difhulaing d'a braithrib, amal daracho dimora, co rolinsat 188 na purtu ina dochum. Tanic dono sochraidi granda garb and. 189 Mairg Troianu ara tairsitis tend.


Na Troianu immorro, o'dconncatar in sluag n-edig uathmair 191 na Cicloipegda ina ndochum a sochraide a mbrathar, nos-geb 192 egla ⁊ omun iat rompu, ⁊ nir'bo omun gan adbar doib. Seolait 193 for fairrgi uathaib in leth rofuc in gæth iat, ar ba fearr leo gabad 194 na fairrgi do fulang ⁊ techt for fordal conaire, ina tairisim for 195 cind na Cicloipecda. Rofacsat tra na Troianu as gach gliaid ⁊ 196 as gach gabad dib sin i ndiaid araile, co ruachtatar co port 197 Drepaine i Sicil. O rosiachtatar tra in port sin na Troianu, 198 doruacht Achistes rig na Sicili 'na ndochum, ⁊ dorad morfailti 199 doib, ⁊ rooirisiudar oga fri re, ⁊ adbath in seanoir Anachis acu 200 andsin i Sicil, daronad a feart and, ⁊ roclaidedh a lia, ⁊ 201 do-scribad a ainm, ⁊ rogairmedh he dochum a adnacail, ⁊ rofearad a 202 guba, amal ba bes la gentib in cluichi sin do denum dia 203 marbaib.


O tainic tra cend denus iarsin, tainic soineand a haieor ⁊ 205 coir gæthi dochum na hEtaili. Dotriall Ænias do rer forcedail 206 faisdine Casandra ⁊ Eleana, ⁊ roglanait a longa, ⁊ rolaid lais 207 forsin fairrgi, ⁊ o thairrnig do ecor a long, rosheol amach for 208 fairrgi o imrum urlum urmaisnech conach facatar uaithib ar cul 209 tir Sicile.


Arai sin, ba galar la hIunaind, la sedig Ioib, uair robai 211 a hancairdi fri Troendaib arin lethbreth ruc Alaxandair, mac 212 Priaim, imon ubull orda. Doluid iarum Iunaind do agallaim 213 Eoail, rig na ngæth, is ed roraid ris: “Atait seacht n-ogha 214 bindi agamsa, ⁊ at e rocæma, ⁊ ata æn ug and doderscaig dib 215 uile .i. Deopea a hainm. Doberthar duitsiu hi a lanamnus in 216 ogh sin, ⁊ teilg uait na gætha fon fairgi do buaidhrid ⁊ do badud 217 loingsi Ænias, teid anosa tar mo sharugud-sa co hEtail.” O 218 roghell Iunaind immorro in logh sin re hEoil, gresis Eoail na 219 gætha amach iarsin asa n-uamaib ⁊ asa n-aircelaib fon fairgi, 220 amal tic slog namad fo thir, ⁊ fuasnaid  451b in talmain ⁊ 221 int ær o anfine dimoir. Tinoilter ⁊ dluthaigter na neoil co 222 rodiclithset soillsi na grene arin loingis Troianda, ⁊ co tainic 223 dorchatu granna doib, cona fedatar cid noraghtais.  p.16 224 Nosdoirtend forro iarum in duibsin ⁊ dearrtan ⁊ in toirrnech ⁊ an 225 tene gealan, cona fedatar durais dia mbethaid. Tic iarum 226 ganngæth as cach aird fon fairgi .i. Eubrus anoir, ⁊ Notus 227 anes, ⁊ Africus aniar. Focerd in fairgi ina cnocaib ⁊ ina 228 slebtib, ⁊ bruigid ⁊ brissid muru na tond frisna halltaib ⁊ frisna 229 trachtaib, co clos a muirnd ⁊ a ngair fona tuathaib ⁊ fona 230 crichaib echtarcianaib. O 'tconnairc Ænias na hairdi sin, 231 adracht ina shesam, ⁊ rothocaib a lama ⁊ roraid na briathra-sa: 232 “Truagh duib, a uilicumachtacha, nach and adorchar-sa oc 233 cathughadh oc diten na Trae, baili i ndorchair Eachtair, ⁊ 234 Treolus, ⁊ Alaxandair, ⁊ Memnon dub, ri na Pers, ⁊ Sarpidon, ⁊ 235 Pentesilia, ⁊ anruid ⁊ særcland na Troiana ar cheana, resiu 236 dobertai in digal-sa aniu foraind.” In tan tra robai Ænias forin 237 sod sin, tic in gæth dianad ainm Aquilo atuaid a n-aigid na seol 238 cona sian-san ⁊ cona muirn moir le. Tocbaidh tonda in mara a 239 n-airdi co ruachtadar renna nimi. Dluigid in fairgi cor'bo ler in 240 talam sis trit in fairgi ⁊ tresin sal etir na tondaib, ⁊ dobeir side isna 241 seolaib, co roimpo tæba na long frisna tondaib adbulmhoraib na 242 fairgi, uair roshailset co ticfaitis forro isna longaib na tonda 243 batar ina cnocshlebtib osa cind. Brister na rama, ⁊ dogni 244 gadrach dia longaib, scengith a tairrneda estibh, ⁊ scailit a 245 claraid. Tocaibther in grian ⁊ in gainim a hichtar in mara, co 246 mbai aco for lar a long ⁊ a leburbarc in tæb anis, ⁊ forran na 247 tond annuas, ac dubdortad forro. Tic iarsin tond baiti co luing 248 na Liceta i mbai Oirentes, ⁊ adraig a n-airdi uasin luing, ⁊ 249 nos-dortand fuirri, co rola in luamairi tarin luing amach isin 250 fairgi, ⁊ co roimpo in sæbchoiri fo tri in long, ⁊ co roshluig 251 iarsin. Ba trog tra in gair dolecset na Troiandaig in tan sin oc 252 fegadh a muintire ica mbadud, ⁊ nachar'fedsat a foirithin, ⁊ 253 siat fen ica mbadudh. Scailther in coblach, co mbatar ica 254 mbadud seachnon in mara. Berid Notus .i. in gæth aneas, tri  p.18 255 longa dib, ⁊ nos-geb dona cairgib folaich robatar i ndomain na 256 fairgi, co mbatar immalle for badud. Berid dono Eubrus .i. in 257 gæth anoir, tri longa ele i ndomuin in mara .i. long Ilioni, ⁊ 258 long Achates, ⁊ long Eletes. Roscailset a comdluta, co mbatar 259 for badad .i. in tæmad oca mbadad ⁊ aga forrach anis, ⁊ in 260 ainfine ⁊ forran na tond annuas. Is e sin buaidrid ⁊ cumasc 261 tucsat na gætha for loinges Ænias.


Tocbaid Neptuin a cend uasin fairgi, ⁊ o'dconnairc Neptuin 263 in gne robai forsin fairgi, ba holc les inni sin, ⁊ rofergaig 264 frisna gæthaib .i. re Sdeiphir ⁊ Eoir, ⁊ roraid friu co ndigeltai 265 forro indrad ⁊ milledh a feraind uime, ar is la  452a Neptuin 266 rigi na fairgi. Techid na gætha iarsin, ⁊ tic feith ciuin forsin 267 fairgi. Rosægh iarum Ænias lucht VII long co port n-Afraiche, 268 ⁊ se lochairthi, lethbaiti, iar ngoid celli doib dia n-anmain. 269 Tiagait iarsin isin port, ⁊ fadoit tente iarsin, ⁊ doberait a 270 n-eallaigi chucu asa longaib dochum a tented dia tirmugudh.


Teid iarsin Ænias for bend aillt bui i focus doib, do 272 dechsain na fairge, tus in taicfed nech dia muintir for sechran 273 na fairgi. Adchi dono Ænias in tan sin tri doimh allta romora, 274 ⁊ ailbin d'aighib alltaib ina ndiaid asin caill, ag ingilt fheoir. 275 Gebidh Ænias chuigi a shaigidbolg ⁊ a bogha, ⁊ marbaid VII 276 n-aighi dib imna tri damaib resiu rosiacht leo scailedh uadh, ⁊ 277 berait lucht in coblaigh chucu iarsin agh gacha luingi dib, ⁊ 278 fuinit in biadh ⁊ nos-goraid ⁊ caithid biad ⁊ ebaid fin iarsin 279 tucad leo a Sicil.


Nos-neartand Ænias iarsin, ⁊ nos-gresind comdis 281 nertmeanmnaigh fri fulang gacha docrach dogebdais, ⁊ gacha gabaid 282 dotegemad doib, ⁊ roraid friu: “Bud aibind duib,” ar se, 283 “beth i n-Edail, ic indisin gacha gabaid fogebthai.” Tainic 284 dono doib iarsin a mbruth ⁊ a mbrigh ⁊ a soimenma, ⁊ rolaiset 285 bron ⁊ dogaillsi dib triasin nertadh tuc Ænias forro, ⁊ tic 286 dono adaich iarsin ⁊ cotlaid for feor dighaind in fhasaigh 287 inar'gabsat port.


O tainic dono soillsi in lai arnamarach, atracht Ænias,  p.20 289 ⁊ Acades imalle fris, ⁊ focerd cuairt imon airer inar'gabsat 290 calad, tus in faicfed nech, no in taicheradh do æn duine 291 don lucht rochuaid for sechran uaidib. In tan tra robatar 292 a ndis ac imdeacht na cailleth bai i comfocus in puirt 293 inar'gabsat, dorala doib Uenir, mathair Ænias, i ndelb 294 bansealgairi. Dobeir Ænias aichne fuirri, ⁊ acainedh fria a imned 295 ⁊ a documul. Dobeir dono Uenir nertad fairsium: “Na rub 296 lagad duid,” ar si, “gach gabad ⁊ gach docair fogebar, air gidh 297 mor do gabthib dogeba, elabair as cach gabud dib, ⁊ rosia 298 Edail fo deoid.” Ocus roraid ris: “Ata rigan i comfocus duid, 299 ⁊ is le in ferand-sa itai .i. Dido ingin Beoil, ⁊ ata ac cumdach 300 cathrach, ⁊ berat-sa eolus duid cosin cathraig sin, ⁊ dobera in 301 rigin .i. Dido, failti duidsiu, ⁊ doroised do muinter imslan 302 chucad iarsin corigi in cathraig.” Teid Uenir roimpi iarsin co 303 tulaig bai isin cathraich, co n-acatar na sluaga ac cumdach na 304 cathrach, foirind dib ac cor a fotha, foirind ic ordugud cloch, 305 forind ic imorchar gainim, foirind ic suathad æil, cach dib ria 306 hobair amlaid sin. O 'dconncatar in cathraigh, ros-faid Uenir 307 uaide iad gusin cathraig, ⁊ dorat dichealtair umpo, ⁊ dochuatar 308 gan fhaiscin etir na sluaghaib, co ndeachatar isin cathraig, ⁊ 309 rochuatar i tempull rocumdaich Dido do Iunaind cruthaigh isin 310 cathraig, ⁊ doconcadar arna rindad a slesaib in tempaill fuath (.i. 311 dealb) na Trai, ⁊ delb scor na nGrec; delba Priaim ⁊ na Troiana. 312 Rorindad and dono dealb in catha, amal robid Echtair ⁊ milid 313 na Troiana ac tafand na nGrec, ⁊ amal robid Aichil ⁊ milid Grec 314 ic tafand  452b na Troiana. Fuath Echtair ⁊ Aichil i comrac 315 desi, ⁊ amal adorchair Echtair le Aichil a comrac dessi, ⁊ amal 316 nos-fuc Achil corp Eachtair a timcheall na Trae a ndiaidh a 317 carpait, ⁊ rorindad ind dono amal rocathaig Pentesilia in 318 primrigan cona Cichloisctib, ⁊ amal atorcair le Pirr, mac Aichil. 319 Amal atconnairc Ænias tra in rem-sea forna delbaib, adnaig a 320 tromosnad ass, ⁊ caiidh gur'bo fliuch a edach, ⁊ roraidh re  p.22 321 hAchades: “Cia tir isin domun,” ar se, “nach clos troigi na 322 Troianach.”


In tan tra roraidh Ænias na briathra-sa, doroich in 324 rigan rosochraidh, Dido, ingen Peil, co dorus in tempaill, ic 325 ordugudh do chach a oipri, ⁊ ac cumdach na cathrach. 326 Doruachtatar dono in tan sin gusin rigain tuissich in lochta 327 rochuatar for easbaidh o Ænias .i. Andteo ⁊ Sergestus, ⁊ 328 Cloantus, ⁊ Ilionius, ⁊ sochaide ele 'malle friu. Rosocht dono 329 Ænias ic fegad in fiallaig sin. Roagaill Elionis in rigan 330 or'doruachtatar ina dochum. Is ed roraid: “A rigan,” ar se, 331 “oircis dona Troianaib truaghaib-sea, roimluaid gæth tre 332 ilmuire, ⁊ tancamar ar combadad dochum do chrichi-siu ⁊ 333 t'fheraind, ⁊ na longa fos na leg a loscad, acht dena trocaire arin 334 cenel craibthech-sa, uair nocho do denum uilc tancamar isin 335 crich so, acht legar aighideacht duin isin port i tangumar, co 336 rodaingnigim ar longa ⁊ ar rama. Robai ri craibthech againd: 337 nocho raibi nech ele bud fearr gal ⁊ gaisced na bud calma i 338 cathaib inas e. Ma ta a mbethaid in ri sin .i. Ænias, ⁊ co tora 339 cugaind, ragaid in leth rotriallsam teacht .i. co hEtail. Mini 340 thora immorro Ænias cucaind, rachmait ar cul co Sicil do saighid 341 Acasdes.” Dorad Didho fregra fair: “Rochualamar,” ar si, 342 “areor na Trai ⁊ na Troiana, ⁊ is mochen daib. Robar-bia 343 failti sund, ⁊ cumaidh crichi ⁊ feraind, ⁊ ni ricthi a les tocht a 344 tir n-aile etir, noco ti Ænias cugaib, ⁊ d'a tisad Ænias fen sunda 345 rod-fia morfailti.” O rochualaid tra Ænias int aithesc-sa, focerd 346 de co hobund in diceltair robai tairis, ⁊ doluid chucu Ænias 347 i soillsi moir, ⁊ ba suairc, ⁊ ba sochraid, ⁊ ba sercach 348 soicheneoil in læch tainic and. Mong findbuidi fororda fair, gnuis 349 cæm corcurda aigi, ruisc cochlacha caindelta ina chind cosmail 350 re delb ndea, in delb rola a mathair .i. Uenir, o li serce ina 351 ghnuis, co rocarad gach æn he in nech rosillfed fair, ⁊ agaillidh 352 in rigan, ⁊ is ed roraid fria: “A rigan, as tu at ænur airchises 353 diar sæthur ⁊ diar troighi, ⁊ dobeir failti dund it tigh ⁊ id 354 cathraig. Gid ed sin cena dedlaigh ar comain ort, acht co 355 roicad dei nimi frit a ndingnea do maith rinde, ⁊ i cen mairid  p.24 356 srotha ⁊ aibni, slebti ⁊ senchoillti, meraid duitsiu a chlu 357 ⁊ a urrdercus ⁊ a ardmholadh na maithiusa dogni orainde.” 358 O roraid Ænias na briathra-sa, rothæd chuigi Lionis, ⁊ 359 Sergestos, ⁊ Gian, ⁊ Cloantus, ⁊ Anthea, ⁊ cumaisgidh co 360 forbailidh fris, ⁊ ba fo leo in frithi fuaradar.


Rosocht Didain o 'dconnairc inni sin. “Masa tussu Ænias 362 mac Anachis,” ar si, “⁊ mac Uenire  453a bandea, 363 rochualamar-ni do seghuindeacht, ⁊ t' indleacht, ⁊ t' indrucus, do ghail, 364 ⁊ do gaisced, ⁊ do shærclantacht, ⁊ do mormaithius cena. 365 Rod-bia in failti sunda againni.” Ocus berair uaidi arsin, 366 XX boin, ⁊ XX dam, ⁊ XX tindi, ⁊ XX cærach cona 367 n-uanaib, do lucht na long. Berid Didho dono Ænias 368 le ina pealait righdha fen. Ba cæm in teach rancus and. 369 Batar imda edaighe srollda siregdha, ⁊ edaigi cumdachta gacha 370 datha inti. Batar imda cuirnd co n-imdenum, ⁊ bledheda, 371 ⁊ buancopain ailli orda ⁊ airgit i l-lamaib mac særclanda 372 soicheneoil oc fri dail inti. Batar imda biada særa somhillsi 373 for miasaib cæma cumdaigthi do airgit ⁊ d' fhinddruine ⁊ 374 gemaib carrmogail gacha datha inti. Badar imda lenda sena 375 somesca inti do chenel gacha dighi aga ndail forin teglach fial 376 forbhailigh fuil imun rigain n-uir n-oiregdha, im Didhain, ingin 377 Beoil. Ba haibind tra robas isin tigh sin.


Faidis dono Ænias Acates uad ar cend Ascain gusin luing, ⁊ 379 adbert fris in brat corcra corrthurach Elena, robai isin luing, tuc 380 le a Mecnib, do thabairt les, ⁊ in flesc rigdha d'or, nobith a 381 laim Iliona, ingine Priaim, ⁊ in muntorc oir do thabairt les dia 382 thabairt i n-aiscid do Didhain. O rofitir Uenir, mathair Ænias, 383 meic Anachis, teacht ar cend Ascain, tet side do saigidh Chuipit, 384 meic Ioip, dia febus a sherqui-sium o gentib, ⁊ ros-guidind co 385 rogabad delb Ascain, conid e notisad i richt Ascain ar æn re 386 hAchates do saigidh Didhaine, co rofaslaiged gradh Ænias i 387 cridhi Didaine, ⁊ rogab Cuipidh do laim o Uenir inni sin, ⁊  p.26 388 dobeir Uenir iarsin for Ascan suan codulta, ⁊ dobeir le co 389 mullach slebe Idala ina suan codulta. Teid dano Cuipith, mac 390 Ioip, i ndelb Ascain ar æn ⁊ Achates, ⁊ na haisceda leo, co 391 righsuidhi nDidhaine, airm a mbatar flaithi ⁊ maithi na Tirda ⁊ 392 na Troiana im Didhain, ⁊ im Ænias i cofleidh n-aibind 393 n-oiregdha.


O rotaisbenad na hasceda do Ænias, dorat Ænias do 395 Dhidhain. Roingantaigh Didha ⁊ maithi in rigdai, ⁊ romolsat 396 na haisceda, ⁊ ba buidech in rigan dib, ⁊ dotocair dia ndochum 397 Cuipid i r-richt Ascain, ⁊ ba faileth fris, ar bo doigh le ba he 398 Ascain fen bai and, ⁊ nir'bitir gur'be Cuipid. Ba cuimneach 399 Cuipidh imoni rogheall do Uenir, ⁊ rourail serc Ænias a 400 cridhe Didaine, cor'bo difhulaing di romet ⁊ rothruma serce 401 Ænias ina cridi. Ba subach forbailid rocaithed in aidchi sin: 402 ⁊ ag Tirdaib ⁊ ac Troianaib ba forbiseach. Bai gradh i cridhi 403 nDidhaine; ⁊ ba haibind le imagallaim le hÆnias ar med a 404 serce le. Rofiarfaig de mor do scelaibh Priaim ⁊ Echtair ⁊ 405 Memnoin, ⁊ rofiarfaigh cindus fear Diomidh ⁊ Achil, ⁊ cindus 406 docos acusam fo deoid arin Trae, ⁊ cindus terna-som esti, ⁊ cid 407 do tirib roimthigh co toracht Afraic.


O rofiarfaigh Dido na scela-sa do Æni 453bas, robatar 409 uile ina tost lucht na rigda ac frithalum na scel noindisfed 410 Ænias. Is e frithalum frecra dorat Ænias for Didain, ingin 411 Beoil: “A rigan,” ar se, “is trom lim ⁊ is lesc indisin na scel 412 sin, air is aithchuimniugud cumad ⁊ broin ⁊ doghaillsi dam na 413 scela sin do indisin. Gid ed dono, indisfed co cumair duitsiu 414 ni dib, ar is ed as maith leat. In tan tra rosithaigad Greic,” ar 415 se Ænias, “⁊ dorcratar a righ ⁊ a taisigh ⁊ a curaid ⁊ a 416 caithmilid fri re X mbliadan 'sin cathugad frinde, is e airic a 417 rancatar Greic, each cranda do denum, a mbiadh X traighi ina 418 fat, ⁊ L traiged ina lethad. Togtair ⁊ tinoltair forgla curad ⁊ 419 caithmilid ⁊ anraid Grec, ⁊ dobertar a mbroind in ech cranda 420 iat, ⁊ iathar forro int each. At iat so na taissich rotinoilit  p.28 421 ind .i. Steneleus, ⁊ Tesandrus, ⁊ Acharias, ⁊ Toas, ⁊ Pelides, ⁊ 422 Neptolinus, primus Machaon, Uilixes, Menalus ⁊ a n-as dech 423 anruid Grec immale friu, XC a lin uile. O tairnic tra do 424 Grecaib, amal rob leor leo, cumdach ⁊ egar in ech cranda 425 sin, fagbaid int each ina scoraib dia n-eis, ⁊ oclach a cuibrech 426 athach uad, ⁊ tiaghait immalle lin a loingsi, co mbatar for scath 427 indsi Tenedoss, a foluch. O rochualamair-ni scuru na nGrec 428 do beth fass, ⁊ in coblach do imtheacht ass, rofailtigsim fris, ⁊ 429 rofoslaigid in Trae, ⁊ dochuamar-ni d' fegad na scor fas, ⁊ ba 430 haibind duind ac siriudh gach longphuirt, ⁊ siad fas, co 431 fuaramar and int each cranda gan neach ina farrad. Ba hingnand 432 lind cidh 'mar'fhacsat Greic, ⁊ cid 'ma ndernsat isin romeid ut 433 he. Doruacht Timoedes ar ndochum, ⁊ is ed ronert, a breith isin 434 cathraigh. Capis immorro is ed roraid side: `Is demin,' ar se, 435 `ni rofagaibset Greic int arracht-sa gan indell uilc ecin and do 436 lot na Trae. Is ed as choir, a chor re hallt mara, no a loscad, 437 no a thollad'; co festais cid nobiad ina medon.”


“Doruacht Licon, mac Priaim, chucu in tan sin, ⁊ is ed 439 roraid: `A Troianu troga, is mor in bæs fora taithi, ma credid 440 na Grecu do fagbail in arrachta-sa ogaib gan celg and do bar lot. 441 Is demin,' ar se, `atait sloigh Grec a foluch isin chrund-sa, 442 no ata celg ecin d' ar lot-ni, no do scailedh muir na cathrach 443 roime. Na tabraid, a Troiana, tairisi don n-eoch-sa. Cid bed 444 bes and, amdagar-sa na Greic triasin tan-sa rofagbaised.' O 445 roraid Lucon na briathra-sa, crothaid in gai mor bai ina laim, 446 ⁊ focert urchur de co mbai ar bocad i mbroind in ech 447 cranda. Focerd airmgrith dona miledaib andsin i mbroind 448 in ech.”


“Dofuaratar na Troianaigh in tan sin ægairi in ech cranda 450 .i. oclach, ⁊ cuibrech fora lama ria druim anniar, ⁊ noberaid 451 co Priaim, co roindised do imthusa Grec, ⁊ cidh dos-fuc is 452 amlaid docuatar. O rosiacht co mbai i fiadnaisi Priaim  p.30 453 doroich cach ina dochum dia fegad ⁊ do chloisteacht ria 454 scelaib. In tan adconnairc na Troianu uime as cach aird, 455 tuc-sam a tromosnad ass, ⁊ caiid, ⁊ is ed roraidh: `Is 456 mairg damsa andiudh. Ni fhuil mo din i tal 454amuin toir 457 no tiar, uair gid iat Greic nom-tairsidh, romuirfidis me. 458 Troianaig, dono, ad buidin bidbudh dam. Romuirfet-sen me.' Ocus 459 dogni guba mor iarsin. Dothædh ar craide dhaine fair, ⁊ 460 oirchesmid de, ⁊ mhathmait a anum do, ⁊ dobeir Priaim comairgi 461 do do fuaislaigid de, ⁊ roraid fris: `Lec uaid Grecu, ⁊ bi 'malle 462 rinde dogress, ⁊ indis dund co fir cid ara ndernsat Greic in met 463 romor ut int ech cranda, ⁊ cid rob ail doib do rochtain trit.' 464 Torgaib Sinon a lama iarsin dochum nime: `Toingim,' ar se, 465 `fo deu nime nach abraim breg frib acht fir uile. Is ed dlegait na 466 Grecaigh dind a miscais. Dligthi-si immorro, a Troianu, bar ngrad 467 uaim, ar is sib dorad anacul dam. Menerba, bande na nGrec, 468 is i sailet dia foirithin i cathaib dogress. Dochuaidh Diomidh ⁊ 469 Uilixes, co rosharaigset tempall Minerba, co romarbsat a 470 coimedaigh, co tucsat arracht Menerba leo 'na scoraib. O doruacht 471 'na scoraib rolassat a ruisc, ⁊ tainic allus mor goirt amal sal 472 triana bullu. Roling a n-airdi fo tri. Rochroth a sciath forru, 473 ⁊ robertaigh a gai, ⁊ rogab tra omun mor na Grecu triasna 474 hairdib sin, ⁊ ba hecail leo Minerba do impod forru. Roraid 475 Calcus friu in tan sin: `Gabaidh,' ar se, `na scuru, ⁊ ergid 476 for fairgi; co tistair aris o Grecaibh for cul, nocho cuimgith dul 477 arin Trai.' Roraid dono Calcus friu co nderndais in dealb-sa in 478 ech cranda do Menerba do chotlugud a fergi. Is airi dono 479 doraidh a denum co romor ⁊ gu roard conach cæmsad sibsi a 480 breith isin Trae. Air dia mberthai co mbeth os muraib na 481 Trae oga fegad asa medon, rosestais lucht na hAisia co metis 482 os muraib na Grecia ica n-indrad.' Rocredid in scel-sa o 483 Shinon ac Troianaib.”


“Dorala dono olc ele and la tæb na tosca sin dochuaid 485 Sinon do bregadh na Troianach .i. Lucon, in tan robai ic 486 edbairt tairb moir do Neptuin, tancatar da nathraigh chucu  p.32 487 don fhairgi o insi Tenidos co ngrain n-adhuathmair ⁊ a 488 formnada ⁊ a cind a n-airde forro, ⁊ ruisc gera lasarda leo, ⁊ siat 489 teanna tenntide, ⁊ a crais forloiscthe, ⁊ a tengtha for bertnugad ⁊ 490 for fedughad ina cendaib, ⁊ teichmit-ne rempu fochetoir, ⁊ 491 tairthid maccu Lucoin, ⁊ nos-ethaid, ⁊ tegaid co Lucon fen asa 492 haithli, ⁊ iadait ima broind ⁊ ima braigit. Doniat circlu dib, ⁊ 493 ataigh Lucon oca taithmech de cona glacaib, ⁊ ac buiredach ⁊ 494 ac becedach as co clethi nimi, ⁊ tegait na nathracha iarsin co 495 tempull Menerba ina fiadnaisi, ⁊ nos-failgid fo chossaib ⁊ 496 sciathaib Menerba. Ron-geb oman ⁊ egla sinne uime sin, ar ba 497 derb lind ba hair doratsat na nathracha amus ar Lucon cona 498 maccaib arin gai tarrlaic a mbroind in ech cranda, ⁊ is ed 499 roraidsim uile: `Berar int ech isin cathraig, ar is ed is maith 500 lasna deib.' Scailmit-ni muru na cathrach reme, ⁊ berar dochum 501 na Trae, ⁊ rosiacht focetoir isin tairsech, co ndernsat na fir 502 robatar and airmgrith mor, ⁊ anddar lindi andside ba he rath 503 na bandea tainic  454b tarin toraind, ⁊ bermait in arracht co 504 mbi 'sin cathraigh. Ba subach forbailid lucht na cathrach don 505 gnim sin, ⁊ ba coro doib bron de, dia festais indi robai and iarsin. 506 Dogniam iarsin edbarta a n-onoir Minerba. Tic in oidchi iarsin, 507 ⁊ dotæd cach ina diaid dia tigh, ⁊ codlaid co trom na Troianaig, 508 scith a aithle a n-astair ⁊ a sæthair.”


“Tic dono coblach na nGrec o insi Tenidoss co foill, co 510 tarrachtatar port na Trae, ⁊ adhainter tobchaindeal i luing 511 Aigmenon i comarc fri Sinon in tan robud mithig do oslugud 512 don tshlogh robai 'sin ech chranda. Adracht dono Sinon 513 asa leabaigh in trath sin, ⁊ teid for muru na Trae, ⁊ o 514 'dconnairc in comarc, teid, ⁊ oslaigid don tshlogh robæ 'sin 515 ech cranda, ⁊ tiagait-sium focetoir, ⁊ marbait in fialluch robai 516 ic fairi na Trae, ⁊ oslacit doirrsi na Trae frisna Grecu, ⁊ 517 dochuadar uile co mbatar for lar na Trae. Ba cetchodlud 518 damsa andsin, co n-aca chucum Echtair co mbron mor ⁊ co  p.34 519 toirsi, ⁊ se ac cæ, ⁊ is i gne robai fair in tan sin, in gne i r-raibi 520 in tan ruc Achil iarna marbad a cengal a ndiaid a ech ⁊ a 521 carbaid timchell na Trae .i. a ulcha ⁊ a gnuis salach, a mong 522 lan do chru ⁊ d' fuil ⁊ luaithred arna cumasc, a corp salach 523 fuilide crechtnaigthi uime, ⁊ is ed roraid rim: `Teich, a meic,' 524 ar se, `resin tenid-sea. Atait namait ac inrad na cathrach. 525 Is duid aithnes anmanda do carat ⁊ a laimdeo. Cuinnigh 526 ferund fos i mbaile aile doib, ar adorchair in Trae annocht fri 527 lar.' Cen rom-ba-sa isin chodlud sin ⁊ isin aislingi, robatar na 528 Greic ac indradh na cathrach ⁊ dochualaid in gairguba ⁊ golgairi 529 ⁊ iachtach ⁊ eigmeach ⁊ mairgneach in tshloigh mormuirnigh 530 na namat ag sladbrat ⁊ ic indradh na cathrach. 531 Rom-duiscther-sa as mo chodlud imon mormuirn sin ⁊ in 532 tshlat-tuargain rolin in cathraigh, ⁊ rom-dhealb grain ⁊ egla ⁊ omon 533 ⁊ tegim for mullach mo thighe ic cloisteacht cid robai and. 534 Co n-aca in tan sin in cathraig 'na hænchorrthair tenedh ⁊ co 535 cuala in gair doronsat na sloigh ⁊ na stuic ica seinm seachnon 536 na cathrach. Rofhetar andside gur'bo iat Greic robatar and 537 oc inrad na cathrach. Rom-geb-sea ferg iarsin ⁊ don-gni 538 damh dasachtach dim ⁊ gebim m'arm gaiscidh ⁊ tegim ⁊ 539 in sochraidhi rom-len d' fhorithin in righ. Doruachtatar 540 dono chugum isin forithin sin Rifeus ⁊ Ipanis ⁊ Diamas ⁊ 541 Corebus ⁊ doruacht chucum sochaidhe ele do anradhaib 542 Troianach. Focherdsam iarsin a cumasc na nGrec ⁊ dothoit 543 sochaidhe dib lind. Robai tra aduath mor ⁊ duba ⁊ basugad 544 ⁊ comartha bais sechnon na cathrach isin aidchi sin. 545 Doruacht chugaind isin tan sin Androigius ardtuiseach do Grecaib 546 ac slaidhi ⁊ ac esargain ⁊ ac leodh ⁊ ac ledradh ⁊ ac dichendad 547 na Troianach ⁊ doratsam-ne amus calma  455a fair ⁊ dathoit 548 lind Androghius ⁊ sochaidhe do Grecaib imalle fris. Gabmait 549 foirn iarsin armu ⁊ sciathu na nGrec ⁊ adnaigim i cumusc friu 550 dia marbad in bail a faghmais a mbæghal triasin celg sin. 551 Doriachtsam i cumusc Grec iarsin co tempull Menerba. Ba 552 handside tucadh Casandra, ingen Priaim, ar egin asin tempull. 553 Tiaghmait-ni dia cosnum friu ar nir'bo fulaing duind beth ica  p.36 554 fulang gan dul dia foirithin. Doberaid na Greic dono aichni 555 foirn iarsin ⁊ impoid chugaind ⁊ focerdad ar n-ar ⁊ rothoit and 556 Croebus, ⁊ Rifeus, ⁊ Ifanus, ⁊ Diamus, ⁊ Panachtus, ⁊ sochaide 557 ele immalle friu. Elaim-sea a sin iarsin, ⁊ Ipitus, ⁊ Pelias, ⁊ 558 tiagmait co dind in righ d' fhoirithin Priaimh. Bai nert mor 559 andsidhe ac cathughudh tar cend Priaim. Badar andsin 560 teglach in righ fen ⁊ a amhsach ⁊ a sochraidhe as gach tir. 561 Roferad tra cath fichda, fergach, feochair andsin do cechtar in 562 da lethi etir gaiscedachaib Grec ⁊ trenferaib Troianach. Doluidh 563 dono Pirr mac Aichil cona Mirmedondaib ⁊ co n-ogbaid indsi Scir 564 uili triasin cath, ⁊ maididh rompu in cath ⁊ focerdaid ara mora 565 ⁊ murait in daingin ⁊ brisid in rigdæ ⁊ dathoit Priaim do 566 laimh Pirr meic Achil. In tan tra adconnairc missi Priaim do 567 thoitim, tic for mu menmain cuimni m'athar .i. Anacis .i. fer 568 cumtha ⁊ comæsa Priaim. Tic dono mo mathair, Uenir, in 569 bainde, ⁊ gebid mo lamh 'na laim ⁊ roraid frim: `Cia 570 morbruth fergi, no cia dasacht fil fort, in tan nach tabrai dot airi in 571 senoir Anachis ⁊ do mac Ascan ⁊ do sedigh Creuisa do beth 572 isin gabad atait ⁊ na Grecu ic indrad na cathrach ⁊ ica loscad 573 umpo do gach leth ⁊ tussu forin cathugud dimain fora tai, uair 574 rodhilsighset na dei adarthi uili dilgind na cathrach ⁊ na 575 Troianach annocht, ⁊ ni thig ditsu tesargain. Leig as in 576 drochciall fora tai ⁊ dena mu chomairli-sea, air is fearr duid inas 577 indi dogni. Erigh do thigh, ⁊ beir leat t' athair Anachis ⁊ do 578 mac ⁊ do bean ⁊ do laimdea asin cathraigh amach in bail a 579 fuigbea diden forna Greco, ar ni fuil do din isin cathraig-sea 580 anocht. Erg co luath dot tigh. Na len don dail fora tai. 581 Teich ass co calma ⁊ fagaib in cathraigh ⁊ cuinnich do din 582 i mbaile aile ar adorchair in chathair-sea annocht.' 583 Dochuadus-sa iarsin dom thigh do rer comairli Uenire, ⁊ rolegis uaim 584 mo cathugud ⁊ doraidus fri hAnachis: `Doruachtadar ar 585 namait i focus, ⁊ is mithig duin a teichedh, ar ni fuil ar ndin 586 sund.' Roraid Anaichis ni theichfed, ar ba fearr les a bas ica  p.38 587 naimdib inas beathu iar n-orgain na Trai. Ba dith in 588 fiadhnaisea roraidis-sa frisseomh: `Fogeba-su co luath annosa 589 inni sin, mad he do thoga; air doro Pirr cugut, ⁊ se croda fulidi 590 iar marbad a meic a fiadhnai 455bsi Priaim, ⁊ iarna 591 dhichendadh fen iarsin. Is demin fogeba-su bas uadh, mad ferr leat inas 592 teched. Dogebum uile in cetna dia n-anum sund.' Ticim-sea 593 iarsin ⁊ Ascan ⁊ Creuisa ac cai ina fiadnaisi ⁊ ic atach co 594 tisad ar æn rind asin cathraich amach, ⁊ na tairisitis innte for 595 cind na nGrec dia mbasughad. In tan tra adconnairc Anachis 596 in doghaillsi moir sin ⁊ in bron foraindhe, ba galar trom 597 laissium inni sin ⁊ ba cunntabairt lais cid dogenad, in dul 598 leo, no in anad, ⁊ tocbaid a lama ⁊ a rosc dochum nime ⁊ is ed 599 roraid: `A dei nime, tiged bar furtacht chugum, ⁊ nertaidh in 600 comairli coir form.' Tic dono in tan sin co hobond torand mor 601 and, ⁊ tic do retla thaitnemach co soillsi dermair le do nim co 602 ndesid for cleithi in tige i rabamar-ni co rosoillsigh coill slebi 603 Ida. O 'dconnairc Anachis inni sin is ed roraid: `Is maith in 604 celmuine,' ar se, `is relta inchoisc eolais moir ⁊ seda conaire 605 sut. Is intochta le. Misi leb,' ar se, `gan fhuirech fodesta 606 gibe leath tiaghthai.' Is ed dono roraidius-sa,” ar Ænias, “in 607 tan sin. `Is mithigh teichid calma and. Doruachtatar Greic 608 i focus. Ata tempull fas isin chnocthulaigh re cathraig amuig 609 .i. tempull Ceriuir, ⁊ cid beg d' ar muintir ternas asin orgain, 610 tiged connigi sin. Beraid-sea dono Anachis ar mo muin in 611 chonair raghat gu rub inand bas no betha duind. Tæd dono 612 Ascan iarsin immalle frim. Teid Creuissa ingen Es inar 613 n-airrchest. Tabradh dono Anachis ina laimdeo lais ar ni coir 614 damsa a thadhall ⁊ me crodha fuilidi ar marbad daine.' O 615 thairnic dhamsa,” ar Ænias, “int aithisc-sa do rad, gebim 616 Anachis ar mo muin ⁊ Ascan imalle frim, ⁊ Creuisa allaid 617 cendaidh inar ndiaidh. Nom-geb tra omun ⁊ egla mor. 618 And-dar lind is Greic nobetis ar ar cind gach conair dothegmis.  p.40 619 Doriachtsam tra as gach eslind co tempull Ceruire bai i tulaig 620 ed on cathraigh amach. Doroichet dono ar muinter uile coraigi 621 sin acht Creuisa 'na hænur ⁊ ni fedar cid ros-fasto dom es, in 622 scis imtheachta, no merugud for conair egin. O thellus mu chell 623 dia torachtain chugum, fagbaim Ascan ⁊ Anachis aga n-æs 624 cumtha ⁊ rom-geb ferg ⁊ bruth ⁊ gebim m' armgaiscidh form, ⁊ 625 teigim aris dochum na cathrach do iarraidh Creuisa. Tegim ar 626 mo lurg in conair tanag asan cathraig tus in tochrad im aigid. 627 Teigim dom thig fen dono fora hiarraidh, ar ba doig lim a 628 himpud for cul dochum a leaptha laighi. Ba lan dono in teach 629 isin dona Grecaibh ica loscad. Impoim-sea uaidib andsin co 630 foill, ⁊ teigim d'iarraid Creuisa in conair robo doigh lim a dul. 631 In tan tra robadhus ag siriudh na cathrach as gach inudh i 632 n-aroile co n-aca chugum delb Creuisa incus ba mo ⁊ ba haidbli 633 inas amal ba haichnid dam dogres. Sochtaim-sea ica faiscin ar 634 ba hin 456agnad lim in gne adconnarc fuirri ⁊ ni forcæmnacair 635 a hagallaim. Labhraid-si immorro frimsa ⁊ is ed roraid: `A 636 chomaim inmain,' ar si, `nocho deonaighit na dei duitsiu mu 637 breith-sea leat asin tir-sea, ⁊ nocho rom-lecfet do Grecaib acht 638 oirisfet sund icna deib. Tusu immorro bia for loingis co fata ⁊ 639 sirfea mor tire ⁊ muire n-anaichnid. Ni geba crich no ferand, 640 gid mor sirea dib, co ris co hEtail. Fogeba catha mora ⁊ 641 coctha inte, ⁊ is tusu bus fortail, ⁊ geba flaithius na hEdaili ar 642 egin, ⁊ dobera rigain do dingbala inte ⁊ is dot shil betit flaithi, 643 ⁊ righ, ⁊ ruirigh i n-Edail dogres. Lesaig dono in mac mbeg 644 rod-fuil etraind ar ndis, ar is coir a lesugudh co maith, uair is e 645 bus righ i n-Edail ad diaidsiu. Imthig fodhesta,' ar si, `⁊ 646 beir bennachtain. Misi, dono, na bidh m' iargno fort, uair ni 647 legit mar æn frit.' O rochuala-sa na haithesca roraid Creuisa, 648 egainim-sea sin co mor ⁊ triallaim fo tri adamh laim do thabairt 649 ima braighit, ⁊ elaid fo tri uaim, ⁊ ni mo tarrthus cend furre no 650 forin gæth. Impoim-sea iarsin co bronach, toirrseach, dochum 651 mo muintire. Tic dono soillsi maidni fai sin, ⁊ tinoilit cach  p.42 652 as gach aird don fhoirind roela asin orgain inar ndochum, ⁊ 653 doghniat uile a muinterus rimsa, ⁊ gellaid rim mu coimideacht 654 gach leth noraghaind.”


“Tiagmait uile iarsin ar æn la soillsi in læ .i. mesi ⁊ m' athair 656 .i. Anachis, ⁊ mu mac Ascan gosin slogh rolen dind co sliab 657 nd-Ida, ⁊ cumdaigther coblach againd and, ⁊ o thairrnic duind 658 ar coblach do cumdach, tiagmait co Traigia, ⁊ o Traicia co 659 hinis Deil, o sin co hinis Ciclaigh, a sidhe co hinis Creid, o inis 660 Creid co hinis Sdrofaigh, a side co hEipir, sech ur na hEtaili i 661 n-aitrebait Greic, seach Scill ⁊ Caruibdis co nguasacht mor co 662 port slebi Ethna ait i n-aitrebait na Cicloipecda, a side co port 663 Derpaine ⁊ co Sicil, ⁊ is andsin atbath in senoir m'athair-sea .i. 664 Anachis, mac Caipes. Tangamar dono a side co nguasacht mor 665 ⁊ go combadudh doruachtamar chugudso sund, a rigan. Is 666 i seo dono cumair in sceoil sin rofiarfaigis-siu dimsa, ⁊ mina 667 bedh t'uaisli-siu leamsa, robad lesc lim a indisin, ar dobeir 668 do-bron ⁊ dogaillsi dam athchuimniugud na scel-sa.” Rochaitset 669 tra in aidchi sin frisna scelaib sin, Ænias Dido, ⁊ ba 670 hoirfided mor don rigain cloisteacht Ænias ina cridhi gur'bo 671 difhulaing di truma ⁊ meid seirce Ænias aice cona liged longad 672 no codlad di.


O thainic la arnamarach roaigill a siair thairisi .i. Anna a 674 hainm side, ⁊ is ed roraid ria: “A siur thairisi, is uasal 675 oirbidneach særchlanta, ⁊ is maith a delb, ⁊ is bind a urlabra, ⁊ is 676 maith a gal ⁊ a gaisceadh in duine-sea, ⁊ is suairc socharthanach 677 he, ⁊ is urusa serc do thabairt do, ⁊ is demin gu rub do chenel 678 dea do. Meni chindind gan teacht co fear ele ar n-eg in chet fhir 679 robai agum, ata do meid a sherce agum co mud duthracht lim 680 feis les, mine gabad naire dim. A shiur inmain tra ni thoill 681 form a dichlith fortsu, uair is comrad ri tairisin he, rofuc mo 682  456b chond ⁊ mo chiall uaim a fuil do shearc Ænias agum. 683 Arai sin is fearr lim talam dom shughad beo inas mo genus ⁊ mo 684 nairi do mhillead”; ⁊ caiidh co mor in rigan .i. Didho, gur'bo 685 fliuch a edach fora ucht. A haithli na mbriathar sin do rad di,  p.44 686 rofrecair di a siur .i. Anna ⁊ is ed roraidh: “A shiur inmain,” 687 ar si, “gidh sochaide do rigaib ⁊ flathaib na hAffraice tanic do 688 tochmarc-su, tucais era forro uili, ⁊ ni rogab do meanma fear 689 dib. In tan fuarais neach rogab do meanmain, ⁊ is dingbala 690 duit, ⁊ dia tucais searc is difhulaing duit, is ed is coir duit, snim 691 ⁊ drochmeanma do dichar uait, do thir ⁊ do sochraidi do 692 chaithim i mbeathaid aibind, oiregdha, forbailidh ⁊ æntugudh 693 risin fher docharais, ar is ed dichuirfeas snim ⁊ drochmenmain 694 dit, ⁊ dobera forbailtius ⁊ æbnius i mbethaidh duit fein. Cid tai 695 dono nach tabrai dot uidh na tuatha nemnecha, olcacha etir atai 696 sund .i. Getoltai, ⁊ Munegdai, ⁊ Siregdai, ⁊ Baircetai. Ata do 697 mormiscais agna cebaib sin, ⁊ duthrachtain uilc do denum 698 rit ar duthracht fuil agutsu doib sin .i. in dimegin tucais doib 699 gan nech dib do thogha duit i lanamnus chugut. Is demin lim 700 is iad na dea doratsat in tshochraidi sin do Troiandaib do 701 torachtain chugaind i n-aighid na cenel-sa. Cid fodera duitsiu 702 na faice fen co mbia moṙnet ⁊ morgloir duit dia fasto na 703 Troianu agut ⁊ dia ngaba Ænias chugat a lanamnus? ⁊ is urusa 704 duitsiu a fastodh uair is ed a hadbar .i. aimsir gemridh ⁊ doininde 705 annosa and, ⁊ ni haimsir coblaig ar muir.” O roraid tra Anna 706 na briathra-sa fri Didain, is moide roadnustair serc Ænias 707 i cridhe nDidaine ⁊ rogab-si fo utmailli ⁊ siubal sechnon 708 na cathrach uair robai serc Ænias ica loscad conar'lec di a 709 fosugud i n-æn baili, ⁊ berid-si Ænias le sechnon na cathrach ⁊ 710 taisbenaid do a seodu ⁊ a mæne ⁊ a huile indmus etir or ⁊ 711 airget ⁊ sroll ⁊ siric ⁊ cornu ⁊ copana ⁊ gach inmus ar chena 712 bai aice. Rotriallad co menic indsaigidh for Ænias, ⁊ a indisin 713 do med a sherci aice, ⁊ rofemedh doris ar med a nairi. Nocho 714 bid a hoirfided acht imagallaim fri hÆnias ⁊ fiarfaigid scela de. 715 Nochor tairisim etir dia meanmain. Ni ba saim saidi no laighi 716 di, na codlad na longad, ⁊ nochon fedadh maith do denum, ⁊ 717 ros-ruc a cell uaithi ⁊ ros-buaidrestair hi roimadh serce Ænias 718 aice.


Tic dono ara menmain do Didain teacht do shelg ⁊ Ænias 720 imale fria, ⁊ foghabar o Ænias inni sin i cuibdius. Dothæt in 721 rigan in tan sin .i. Dido ingen Beoil, i comdail na sealga, ⁊ ba 722 cæm tancas andsin for each mbuada cona dillait cumdachta fair, 723 lene brecdathach cona cimus d'or derg uimpi, soighedbolg 724 fororda aice. Tancatar dono ocbaid na Tirda ⁊ na Sionda 725 'malle fria. O rosiachtatar in sliab tra coraighit coir a sealga. 726 Suidighid cach n-æn ina inad sealga amal ba coir ocus  457a 727 taifniter chucu iarsin na fedmila asin tshleb. In tan tra ba 728 haine ic tafand na fiadmil nos-dortend in duibhsin ⁊ in gaillim 729 ⁊ in casar ⁊ in toirneach ⁊ in tene gealan forro conus-rogab ecla 730 ⁊ omun ⁊ gu roscailset ⁊ gu rotheichset cach dib dochum a 731 thighi ar femeamh na sealga. Teid dono Ænias ⁊ Dido ina 732 n-æn dis ar teiched i n-uaim bai i comfhochus doibh, ⁊ dogniad a 733 n-æntaidh andsin a ndis uair dorala a ndesid doib.


Bai dono in tan sin in bandea robai ic comforchoimed 735 gnima caich, ⁊ ic indisin scel .i. Fama ingean Terra ica 736 forcoimet. Torothor grana dermhair iside, ⁊ si ac imteacht for lar ⁊ 737 a cend etir na nellaib, lan do chluim o ind co bond, suil fo gach 738 cluim ic forcoimet gnim caich, ⁊ bel ⁊ tenga gacha sula ac 739 indisin na ngnim sin, cluas gacha sula dib ic cloisteacht na 740 scel sin. Is and immorro robid ic forcoimet forna holcaib sin .i. 741 for muraib na cathrach ⁊ for clethib na tigeadh. Is cuma 742 roindisedh gai ⁊ fir. Adfed in bainde sin .i. Fama do poiblib 743 na hAffraice Ænias ⁊ Dido do fhes, ⁊ adfet dono don righ .i. do 744 Ithearba in scel cetna, ⁊ ba fergach Itherba don scel sin ar 745 dimigen mor lais, Dido dia obad fen, ⁊ fes la hÆnias di. Is e 746 ni doroine, dogni edhpurta mora do Ioib, ⁊ acainidh fris a 747 ndernaid Dido. “In bean,” ar se, “da tucus-sa inad cathrach 748 agam sund, roob tiachtain chugainne i lanamnus ⁊ rofai la 749 hAinias Troiannach, ⁊ is mor in galar lim inni doronsat gan a 750 digailt forro dia cæmsamis. Acht nama ni bern bægail in læch  p.48 751 fuil and .i. Ænias, uair is lam a nead nathrach, is lua brot ⁊ 752 lem chindh fri hall, is cuindchidh ugra ⁊ gledin gaiscid fair, ⁊ 753 as fearg nathrach ima ned aigi, ⁊ is nert leomain, is bruth 754 milead, is gal curadh, is lamach læch lais. Bid calma curata a 755 coimergi. Ni lamhaim insaigid fair, cid olc leam inni doroine. 756 Ni chuimgim a digail fair, a Ioib, mina digla-su, ar is rit doberim 757 tæb do digailt ar n-ancridhe for Ænias ⁊ for Didain.” O 758 rochuala tra Ioib in aines-sa doroine Itherba ris, roraidh Ioib 759 re Merchuir: “Erg do agallaim Ænias fuil ac cumdach a 760 cathrach ic Didhain. Abair ris, `fagbaid in cathraigh, ⁊ teigid 761 co hEtail.' Ar is i n-Eadail ata a cindeadh do catha croda 762 calma do denum, ⁊ righi do gabail esti ar egin, ⁊ airdflaithius in 763 domain do gabail dia shil a hEtail. Eirgidh iarum co hEtail ⁊ na 764 hoirisid i Cartacin, ar i n-Edail ata a ndan do gach maith ⁊ dia 765 shil dia eis.” Dochuaid iarsin Mercuir risin teachtaireacht sin, 766 ⁊ rogab a enceandaigh uime, ⁊ is cuma roimluaidhedh-se muir ⁊ 767 tir, ⁊ gabaid a luirg n-encheandaighi ina laim .i. indara cend 768 di fri beoad ⁊ in cend ele fri marbad ⁊ rosaigh co hÆnias in 769 baile i raibi ic cumdach na cathrach, ⁊ lend corcra 770 corrthurach uime ⁊ claideb orduirn co ngemaib carrmogail ina laim, ⁊ 771 roraidh re hÆnias: “Ni hi comairle Ioib du 457bid ⁊ Uenire 772 do mathar, beth ic cumdach cathrach sund don rigain 773 ro-cruthaigh do Didain, ⁊ dona Tirdaib, acht is i a comairli duidsiu, 774 flaithus ⁊ oirechus do gabail duid ⁊ dod claind dot eis, ⁊ doraid 775 ritsu int aithisc-sa ⁊ is e Ioib rom-faidis id dochum-su lesin 776 comairle sin.” O roraidh tra Mercuir na briathra-sa re hÆnias 777 dochuaid uada ⁊ ni fhacaidh iarsin. Ænias immorro rolaidh 778 socht mor fair imon aithisc rochuala o Mercur ⁊ nir'lec labra 779 do fri re. Ocus arai sin, tra, roshantaigh imon comairli tucad 780 o Ioib do dhenum, acht nama robai snim mor ⁊ cuntabairt ina 781 meanmain ar ni rofitir cindus roraghad on rigain rouasail, 782 rochar ⁊ doroine mormaith fris. Is i comairli doroine, Nestor 783 ⁊ Sergestos do gairm ina dochum, ⁊ roraid friu in coblach do  p.50 784 ullmhugud, ⁊ do scibadh, ⁊ int æs cumtha uile do tochuiredh 785 dochum a long, ⁊ gach ni do beth i n-urrlaime acu, ⁊ fis im 786 dhochum-sa in tan tairgeobus leo gach ræd iarna coir. 787 Do-gnither tra in triall sin gan fhis do Dhidain, ⁊ ni dechaidh a 788 hairi-si fri feall furri do Ænias ar med na serci ⁊ in grada robai 789 etturu. Tainic dono Fama ingen Terra in bandea co Didain, 790 ⁊ adfet di in coblach do scibad dona Troiandib, ⁊ Ænias do 791 triall uaithe dochum na hEtaile. Bertaid-si aichni aicbeil 792 forin scel sin, ⁊ teid a ciall uaithi ⁊ nos-geb fualung ⁊ dasacht, ⁊ 793 tic co hÆnias ⁊ is ed roraid ris: “A aingidh ⁊ a etarisi, in n-edh 794 doshailis dul a n-elud uaimsea amal sin gan fairiugudh damh? 795 Cid na tabrai dod meanmain ar coimsherc ⁊ ar cairdius ⁊ 796 m' eg-sa dod gradh dia ndechair uaim amal triallai? Cid nach 797 fairichi conad and triallai do choblach i n-aimsir dhoininde 798 moire? Arna deraib-sea teilgim-sea, ⁊ arin toirrsi moir, ⁊ arin 799 cæncomarc robai edraind, ⁊ arin coimsherc, airchis dimsa ⁊ 800 nachum-fagaibh, ⁊ na herig uaim mata ma chata no mo dhethide 801 agud, oirchis dim, ⁊ na mill mo muintir ⁊ cuir uaid int imradud 802 fuil id meanmain. A duine inmain, in fetarais co tucatar na 803 cenela feochrach-sa na hAffraice fuilet umum miscais mor dam, 804 ar dothogus tusu seocu fen? Is ar du thogo-su damh dorad 805 Itharba miscais damh. Is ortsu roleigius uaim in clu genus robai 806 form fri re cen. Is trog duitsiu m'fhagbail arsein ar atbel-sa 807 dot sherc-siu dianum-fagba. Ocus dia mbeth comorba beag 808 edraind, agum oirfided dut eis, as lugaide rocuirfed form do theacht 809 uaim, ⁊ dobenfadh toirrsi ⁊ maichnighe dim dia mbeth agum in 810 comarba sin dot eis-siu agum didhnudh.” Roraid Ænias aga 811 fregairt: “Is fir, is dethbir duit uile gach ni dia n-abrai, a rigan, 812 ⁊ biaid do chataid ⁊ do sherc acaind i cen beim fein i mbethaid. 813 Ni har do thechedh no ar t' imgabail tiagmait uaid amal  p.52 814 adberi-siu acht is e egin na ndea fuil ag  458a ar mbreith co hEtail uaid. 815 Uair dia mad lend fen ar comus is i in Trae rocumdaigfimis ⁊ 816 is inti rooirisfimis ⁊ nocho rachmais d'indsaigid tire no feraind 817 ele esti. Acht cena ni legaid na dea dund airisim a tir ele noco 818 roisim Edail .i. Apaill ⁊ Uenir ⁊ Ioib ocus na dea ar cena, uair 819 isin Etail ata a ndan dund airisim, ⁊ flaithus ⁊ oirechus do gabail. 820 Tic dono delb Anachis cugum gach n-aidchi im chodlud dom 821 gresacht im dul co hEdail. Tainic dono Mercur o Ioib chugum 822 aigid i n-aighidh ar lar in lai da radh rim gan oirisim a tir ele co 823 roisind Edail. Ocus an, a rigan, iarum don tshnim fora tai, ar 824 is egin rom-beir-se uait co hEtail, ⁊ ni dom dheoin fodhen 825 teighim, ⁊ ni thalla form tairisium agudsu, a rigan, gidh saint 826 leam.” O rochualaidh tra Didha na briathra-sa roraidh Ænias, 827 ros-gab ferg ⁊ londus re hÆnias, ⁊ is ed roraidh fris: “As 828 demin,” ar si, “ni hi Uenir bandea do mathair ⁊ nochon e 829 Anachis Troiandach t'athair. Is o cairgib clochdæraib slebi 830 Chugais rod-coimbris, ⁊ is o fhothrib agarbaibh slebi Ircain 831 rogenis, in tan nach impond t'aignedh frimsa, ⁊ me ac cai ⁊ ac 832 derfadaigh ar do gradh, ⁊ me do thabairt failti moiri duitsiu, in 833 tan tanacais do thuind baiti chugam ⁊ do ghabail i comflaithius 834 frim roaincis do mhuinter ⁊ do longa gan loscad. Tusa immorro, 835 a aingidh ⁊ a bregairi, ic cantain breg ⁊ ica radh is dei 836 doberat fort teacht i n-Eadail! Gluais iarum i n-Eadail ⁊ na 837 rub soraid ge roisir. Ar is demin limsa, ma ta buide na 838 trocaire ac deib nime, fogeba-su morimned don turus sin, ⁊ bud 839 aithrech leat dul uaimsea, uair rod-baithfider ⁊ adbel-sa dot 840 chumaidh ⁊ bud e sin ar ndhil ar ndhis”; ⁊ roboi Didho 'na tost 841 iarsin ⁊ rochoe gur'bo fliuch a hedach fora hucht ⁊ roimpa 842 uadha dochum a tighe ⁊ rofrithoilset a hinailte ⁊ ros-coraigset 843 fora derghud, ar ros-lai a tamh ⁊ a taisibh iar n-impod di 844 dochum a tighi iar n-agallaim Ænias.


Ænias immorro ger'bo lesc les scaradh re Didhain ⁊ ger'bo 846 duthracht les ni bud maith le do denum, ⁊ ger'bo scaradh cuirp 847 re hanmain les scarad fria, teid dochum a choblaigh la 848 forcongradh na ndea. Berid na Troianaigh a n-ellaighi uile leo 'na 849 longaib ⁊ rosiacht Ænias chucu. Ba gaibthech, osnudach, 850 inraithech beatha Didaine ac fegad a grianain ina timcheall ⁊ ac 851 feghad na Troianach ig ellmugud a l-long ⁊ aca mbreith for 852 fairrigi, ⁊ roraid re siair .i. re hAnna: “Erig, a shiur, do 853 agallaim Ænias, ⁊ cuindigh dam, resiu adbel fen, in æn aiscid-sea 854 fair ar ar coimsherc ar ndis, arisid agum co ti soinind do, ⁊ ni 855 chuindeoch fair beth am æntaid lanamnus agum acht is lor lim 856 uaidh a imagalaim ⁊ a fegad nama resiu ablur dia gradh, ⁊ 857 deonaichfed do  458b iarsin techt co hEtail.” Dochuaid tra 858 Anna do chuingidh na haisgida sin co hÆnias ⁊ doradad era for 859 Anna. O rofitir Dido era do thabairt fora siair, caiidh co mor, ⁊ 860 ba fearr le a bas inas a beatha in tan sin. Ni theighid Ænias dia 861 menmain ⁊ is ed adchidh in tan rochodlad a mbeth a ndis .i. i fen 862 ⁊ Ænias ac imthecht dithruib, ⁊ a fagbail fein do Ænias isin 863 dithrum sin. In tan doduiscedh, ba fearr le a bas anas betha. 864 Ni roibi ni doimraided acht fastad Ænias. Roraid re hAnna: 865 “A shiur inmain,” ar si, “ado tenid moir isin tempull ⁊ loisc 866 edaighi ⁊ armu ⁊ lebaid in fhir rom-fagaib ara selb tus in 867 tabhrait na dea in fer sin ar culu chugaind. Melfead-sa broin 868 dom laim fen agan altoir ⁊ indara cos dam nocht gan 869 iallagrand ⁊ in cos ele 'na hiallagrand. Is demin mene thi in fer sin 870 .i. Ænias for culu chugumsa ri sin, adbel-sa co demin dia sheirc.” 871 Doronad dono in sæthar sin cona thuilledh leosum, ⁊ ni thormaigh, 872 uair noco tainic Ænias co Didhain. Tainic dono in adaich 873 iarsin, ⁊ cidh cia rochodail and 'san aidhchi sin nochur'chodail 874 Didho. Robdar imda a himraiti, ⁊ a comairle, uair ni rofhetir 875 cidh doghenadh, ar ruc a cond ⁊ a ciall uaide, ⁊ robuaidrestair 876 med serci Ænias in rigan.


Ænias, immorro, rochodail-sen co saim i n-arus a luinge, ⁊ 878 tainic Mercuir chuigi ina codlad ⁊ roraid fris: “A meic na 879 baindea,” ar se, “is bæglach in codlud dogni. Cidh dia leci 880 uait coir na gæthi, uair ata do mhed fergi na rigna rit co 881 nduthraicend gach n-indell do denum umut dot fhasdud aici ar 882 is derb le adbela dod gradh dot eis ? Imthig co luath, resiu ti in 883 la, ardia n-oirise co maidin doberthar longa chugaib for fairrgi, ⁊ 884 not-berthar ar eigin for tir ar culu, ocus loiscfiter bar longa for lar 885 na traga in bar fiadnaisi dia n-oirisidh co soillsi lai. Eirg ⁊ teich 886 co luath asin phort atai.” Duiscis Ænias arsin asin tshuan 887 chodulta ina raibi, ocus nertaidh ⁊ gressid a muinter co fagbaidis 888 co luath in port i r-rabatar ⁊ co roseoldais amach forin fairgi 889 iarsin.


Tainic soillsi na maidni and fai sin, ⁊ roerigh in rigan fai sin 891 co moch ina grianan ⁊ rofegh uaithi na purtu ⁊ in fairrgi, ⁊ 892 adconnairc na purtu fasa ⁊ in coblach ar seolad tarin fairrgi 893 uaithi. Tuairgidh a bruinde fo tri andside ⁊ scailidh a folt, ⁊ 894 adnaig a gol esti, ⁊ is ed roraidh: “Uchan uch, dochuadar-sum 895 ass annossa. A deo nime ⁊ talman, is truagh in bregadh tuc 896 forrn in duine tangnach tainic chugaind.” Ros-geb buaidredh 897 ⁊ raibeis mor iarsin, ⁊ is ed roraid ria muintir: “Ergidh coimergi 898 calma curata, ⁊ gebidh bar n-armu, ⁊ berid bar longa i ndhiaidh 899 na Troianach, ⁊ tobraid lib iad for culu dochum tiri, ⁊ loiscidh a 900 longa ina fiadnaisi.” Impoidh a meanma fria o roraidh na 901 briathra-sa ⁊ fiarfaigis: “Cid raidim, no cia ni labraim? A 902 n-egmius mu celli atu ac imrad in neich imraidim, ar is me 903 foden foruair int olc-sa dom thiachtain, uair dia mad ed 904 dognend-sea  459a in tan tainic Ænias cona muintir chugum do thuind baiti, 905 a muinter do marbad, ⁊ e buden, ⁊ a longa do loscad, nocho 906 digelta forum, ⁊ nocho biad dund int olc-sa de .i. ar n-ec do 907 gradh Ænias, ar is ed immorro doronus-sa, gach maith co 908 n-rancatar a leas do thabairt doib la tæb a n- anacail, ⁊ doradus mo 909 flaithus ⁊ me fen re tæb gacha maithusa robai agum do Ænias, 910 ⁊ rofell-sam formsa ⁊ rom-facaibh iarsin. Gu rodiglat dei nime  p.58 911 fair inni dorone rim ar ni roichim-sea a digail fair. Masedh 912 rochindset na dei riachtain do eigin co hEdail, co rub aimreidh 913 do a aitreb, co tugat na dei coimerghi bagach, brigach, 914 borrfudach le tuathaib na hEtaile co fergach, fegh, fuilechdha, a 915 cathaib croda curataibh ina agaid, co rucad a coscar co tæthsat 916 leo a muinter ina fiadnaisi, ⁊ ni rub tualaing a n-anacail, ⁊ 917 romarbthar he fen iartain ⁊ cu raib a corp fo conaib ⁊ fiachaib 918 ⁊ ethaidib in aer ⁊ ni rofagba neach dia adnacul a ndhighail 919 in neich doroine rimsa. Is i mu thimna duib, a Thirda, fri 920 bas, gu rab bar cogad ⁊ cogad bar mac ⁊ bar n-ua dogres frisin 921 cenel-sa na Troianach teid uaind i n-Edail.” O roraid Dido na 922 briathra-sa uili, dochuaid isin codulteach i codlad ar æn ⁊ Ænias 923 ⁊ teid isin lebaidh i mbitis, ⁊ togbaid in lebaid, ⁊ silid dera, ⁊ 924 nochtaid a cloideam bai ina laimh, ⁊ nos-leg uime, ⁊ nos-marband 925 fen, ar ba ferr le a bass inas a betha a n-egmus Ænias.


In tan tra rofairichset a muinter in gnim sain do denumh do 927 Didain, atnagaid for gol ⁊ basgairi, ⁊ roclos co cleithi n-aer in gair 928 doronsat. Doroich a siur chuice iarsin .i. Anna, ⁊ gebid a cend 929 ina hucht ⁊ ba bronach, dubach, derfadach Anna don gnim sin 930 .i. do eg a sethar, ⁊ ba he sin, tra, derid cairdiusa Ænias ⁊ 931 Didaine.


Cen tra, robai Dido forin luaidren-sa, rosaig Ænias co mbai 933 for fairgi mara Torrian conach facatar tir na talmain acht in 934 fairgi umpu do gach aird. In tan tra ba haine do Ænias seolud 935 co hEtail, dorchaigid in la, dluthaighid na neoill, feochraigid in 936 gæth, tic ainfine mor isin fairgi, feraid tromfhliuchadh dermair 937 forsin fairgi ⁊ forsin cablach, impoid in gæth i n-aigidh na seol 938 cona cæmnacair soighidh co hEtail. Roraidh, tra, Palinurus, 939 luamairi luingi Ænias: “Roimpo in gæth,” ar se, “ri ar 940 n-aigid, robu fhearr in choir dund co Sigil inas co hEtail etir 941 risin gæth sin.” Is ed roraid Ænias: “Seolaid romaind,” ar  p.60 942 se, “co Sigil ar ni fuil tir ele is fearr lind dul inas in tir a fuil 943 Achestes i rige, ⁊ taisi Anaichis.” Impoid a seolta iarsin co 944 Sigil. O 'tches in coblach iarsin co port na Sigile, dotæd 945 Achestes in rig cosin port ina comdail, ⁊ ferait failti friu, ⁊ 946 dobeir aigideacht tairisi muinterda doib in aidchi sin. Isin 947 maidin arnamarach gairmther a mhuinter co hÆnias i 948 coimthinol ⁊ is ed roraidh friu: “A chenel  459b sær o bunadh 949 na ndea is bliadain lan cosin laithi-sea andiu o roadnaicsim 950 Anacis, ⁊ doronsam sollumain ⁊ edbarta dono ara anmain ⁊ bidh 951 sollumain agumsa dogres in la-sa cebe tir a mbiu. As demin 952 lim conid iat na dei dono doratsat sund co Sicil don chur-sa ar 953 daigh co ndernmais sollumain ⁊ edbarta dona deib sund ar 954 anmain Anachis. Tiagam uile dono imalle co hadnacul Anachis, 955 ⁊ denum edpurta dona deib, ⁊ cuindgem coir na gæthi dund 956 arna deib. Tiagam dono i cind IX laithi o 'niu dochum n-æn 957 baili uile ⁊ dentar cuibleng mor againd inar longaib ⁊ imarbaig 958 retha ⁊ dibraici ⁊ cluichi ⁊ tobarthar do chach a loighidheacht 959 amal dligfes do rer a buadha.” O roraid Ænias na briathra-sa, 960 dochuatar a lin uile co hadnacul Anachis .i. Achesteis cona 961 muintir ⁊ Ænias cona Troianaib ⁊ doronsat edpurta o bes gentligi 962 for anmain Anachis .i. doradadh do ardigh do nua fina forin 963 adnucul ⁊ do airdigh ele do lemhnacht ⁊ do airdig do fuil. Tic 964 dono in tan sin chucu asin adhnacul nathair adbulmhor ingantach 965 co ndathaib ilib ⁊ dotæt etir na hairdiogha ⁊ na telchuma, ⁊ 966 blaisidh na hidhbarta ⁊ impoid uaidibh gan urchoid aris isin 967 adhnacul. Ba failidh leosamh inni sin ar ba doigh leo is o 968 Anachis tainic in techtaire sin ina ndochum do airitin a 969 n-udbarta.


Isin nomad laithi iarsin tainic Ænias mac Anaichis ⁊ 971 Achestes imalle cona slogaib ⁊ co sochaidhe moir leo cosin port 972 i rabatar a longa co ndernta cuibleng long acu. O rosiachtatar 973 uili tra na longa co-hairm i mbatar, roordaig Ænias IIII 974 longa do breth isin coibling co ceithri tuisechib intu, ⁊ roordaig  p.62 975 luagh a buadh donti dibh roberad buaidh .i. airm cumdachta ⁊ 976 edaigi datha cona n-imdhenum oir ⁊ airgit. Is iat taisigh 977 rothogait isin coimling .i. Gias cona luing .i. Cimera a hainm side; 978 Cloandus cona luing .i. Sgialla a hainm side; Menestes dono 979 cona luing .i. Pistris a hainm side; Sergestius cona luing .i. 980 Centurus iside. Is e fod rohordaiged in coimling .i. carrag 981 robui forin fairgi tall ina fiadnaisi for aighid in puirt coraigi in 982 charraig sin anund ⁊ anall aris coraigi in port. Dochuatar tra 983 na taisigh sin co cæm ⁊ co cumdachta ina longaib, ⁊ rosuidighset 984 a longa, ⁊ rothocsat a forni leo, ⁊ roseolsat ara seasaib amal ba 985 coir, ⁊ rolasat a rama uili ina rumaib, ⁊ robatar iarsin ic urnaidi 986 in chomairc in tan bud mithigh doib coimleagan. O thairnic 987 doib a corugudh roshennedh stoc doib d' fhogra imtheachta for 988 fairgi tre chombaigh coimlenga. O rochualatar iarum guth in 989 stuic, rolaisit fo combaigh amach forsin fairgi fochetoir. Ba 990 talchar tren tairptheach, ⁊ ba calma curata, ⁊ ba fortren feramail 991 fureachair roferad in combaig sin ac trenmiledhaib Troianach do 992 chosnum tos 460asaigh. Robai a maccalla isna trachtaib re med 993 a muirni. Berid long Gias edh foda dib fochetoir; Cloandus, is 994 e ba nesa do luing Gias; Pistris ⁊ Cendturus ina ndiaidh side fo 995 coimrem ⁊ comluas rogabsat coimsiugudh don chomurdhudh. 996 Roraid in tan sin Gias re Menoistes: “Is romor,” ar se, “leigi 997 in long amach o thir.” Adraigh Menestes, ⁊ nir'leg dochum na 998 cairrgi in long a focus tire. Rocomfhoigsich Cloandus do luing 999 Gias, ⁊ rostiur Cloandus a luing etir Gias ocus tir. Rofergaiged 1000 Gias andsin ⁊ roindsaig Menestes ⁊ rola tar bord na loingi 'san 1001 fairgi, ⁊ rogab fen sduir a luinge. Rosoich dono Menestes 1002 iarna lothrugad docum tire .i. luamairi luinge Gias, ⁊ adnagaid 1003 an dæscursluagh o gairib uime. Berid dono Sergestus ⁊ 1004 Menestius for luing Gias ⁊ fobraid Sergestus broinde a luinge do breith 1005 seach luing Menestius. Ataigh Menestius ag gressacht a 1006 muintire andside: “A anradu inmuine,” ar se, “denaidh calma.  p.64 1007 Gen gu roisim tossach doraith, nachum-legid fo deiridh.” 1008 Doberaid andside co dichra lasin imrum foirind luingi Menestius. 1009 In tan tra robadar forin combaig sin .i. Menestus ⁊ Sergestus, 1010 focerd in long i roibi Sergestus ⁊ lenaid for carraic, ⁊ adnaghaid 1011 lucht na luingi a ngair estib, ⁊ adnaghaid ac tarraing oirech a 1012 luingi don charraic, ⁊ ic tinol na ramadh robristea do threthan 1013 na fairrgi acu. Cen tra robai Sergestus cona muintir isin gabud 1014 sin, teid Menestius, ⁊ se forbailid, secu, ⁊ fobraid for tarrachtain 1015 luingi Gias, ⁊ teid seach luing Gias, ⁊ ni roibi roime in tan sin 1016 acht in long i roibi Cloantus, ar is iside 'na hænur robai rompu in 1017 tan sin. Robhai tra combaig mor etir in da luing sin. Ni raibi 1018 neach dib i n-allsad. Ba laidir fortren feramail roferad an 1019 combaigh sin, Menestius ag gresacht a muintire co roistis 1020 tossach, ar ni roibi rompu acht æn long; Cloandtus, dono, ac 1021 nertad a muintire na rolegtis uaidib an tossach tarthatar don tus 1022 na cairrgi. Is doigh tra rosoisid Menestus tosach meni soised 1023 Cloandtus a muinigin na ndea muiridhi, ⁊ meni gellad edpurta 1024 do denum doib, ar tosach do tabairt do. Rosoich tra Cloandtus 1025 tria atach a deao, ⁊ tria dhaigimrum a muintire, port rompu uili 1026 ar tus. Fograid Ænias andsin o guth mor ba he Cloandtus ruc 1027 buaid na coimlinge. Bert do mind do luir fora chend i comartha 1028 buadha do breth do. Dobeir a onoir choir do cach dib iarsin. 1029 Dobeir talland airgit ⁊ lend chorcra chorrthurach do Chloantus. 1030 Dobeir do Menestus luirigh tredhualaigh cona cathbarr oir ⁊ 1031 airgit, ⁊ in cetna do Ghias, ⁊ dobeir do Sergestus druinig 1032 maith ar tesargain a muintire in tan ros-la forsin carraic.


O tainic tra in combaigh sin na long, teid Ænias gusna 1034 sloghaib robatar immalle fris i m-magh fairsing bai i comfhocus 1035 doibh i ndentais sloig Sigile ænach. O rosiachtatar tra uili in 1036 mag sin, roraid Ænias friu: “Dentar,” ar se, “combaig reotha 1037 ⁊ cebe beras buaid and, do 460bberthar do luagh a buada.”  p.66 1038 O roclos int aithisg sin do rad do Ænias, tainic cach as cach 1039 aird and .i. tancatar Troianaigh ⁊ Sigelda i cumusc fri araili. 1040 Tainic Nisus ⁊ Eoarilius a tus do muintir Ænias. Tainic dono 1041 Diores ⁊ Salius ⁊ Patron do Troianaib fos. Tainic dono Elinus ⁊ 1042 Paropesta oglach Sigealda. Tainic sochaidi la tæb in fhiallaigh 1043 sin. Roraidh dono Ænias friu sin: “Na bidh domeanmain 1044 foraib, uair dogentar bar riar, uair ni bia neach agaib gan ni. 1045 Doberthar a riar comadhais do chach uaib.” O roraid Ænias 1046 na briathra-sa, suidhigther cach dib ina inadh techta, ⁊ reathaid 1047 iarsin o rochualatar guth in stuic. Berid Nisus ead foda uaidibh 1048 fochetoir. Is e fa neasa do .i. Salius, ⁊ re fhota etaru, Epriailius 1049 isin treas lug, Elenus ina ndiaid sen. Diores dono i comfhocus 1050 do Elenus ina dhiaidh. Rosoighset amlaid sin co focus don 1051 chomhartha. In tan tra ba haine do Nisus ic rith rompu, focerd 1052 i fuil baili in romarbad mairt gairit roime sin, ⁊ Nisus isin 1053 fhuilredh sin, doroich Sailius cuigi. Nos-indsaighend Nisus dia 1054 tairmeasc ar chind daigh co ndeochad Ebrialas, ar ba fear 1055 caradraidh do he, ⁊ ba fearr la Nisus Ebrialus do breith buadha ina 1056 Sailius. Dothoit dono Sailius le Nisus co mbatar 'na ndhis ina 1057 laighi. Teit Aurilius seocu andside conid e rosiacht ar tus in 1058 comhartha, Elenus iarsin, Diores fo deoidh. O roferad tra in 1059 combaigh, dorad Ænias in tuarastal do chach dib amal 1060 ro-dechtait.


Roraidh Ænias: “Dentar,” ar se, “cluichi ceast againd 1062 fodesta.” Adracht andsin Daires Frighius ⁊ rogab ceasta uimi .i. 1063 lamana iadside do shechidh tairb robidis fo lamaibh na miled 1064 co roichtis a formna ⁊ a slinnena ⁊ cengal etaru tiar fora formna, 1065 ⁊ ialla a cendaib a mer ⁊ mill luaidi forrthaib, ⁊ congebid 1066 ceachtar in da miled na mill sin dia araile. In tan robitis 1067 coimeolaigh is and foceardaid na mill sin i cendaib araile acu. 1068 In tan dono nachad coimeolaich traiscirther int aineolach. 1069 Atraigh iarum Daires, dobeir les tarb, ⁊ a aiderc ina laim, ⁊ is ed  p.68 1070 roraid: “Ma ta don tshlogh neach lasin eter in tarb-sa da 1071 chosnum, tæt alle co feram gliaidh.” Bad comlund roghna Daired 1072 cluichi quest. Ni roibi do Troianaib fer a freagra acht Alaxandair 1073 mac Priaim a cluichi quest. Is lais adorchair buiden rotren isin 1074 cluichi sin fos ac leabaid Eachtair meic Priaim. Bai dono 1075 Daireid fri re cian, ⁊ ni fhuair neach do Troiandaib na do 1076 Shigeldaib dia fregra. Robai dono isin airecht in tan sin senoir 1077 iar cur a militachta de do muintir Acestes ⁊ is sochaidi dia ruc 1078 buaidh cluichi cest in tan fa hog .i. Eantellus a ainm side. 1079 Adaigh dono Acestes ic faslach for Antellus tocht i n-agaidh 1080 Daired, ⁊ is ed roraidh fris: “A threnfhir thoghaidhi ⁊ a 1081 chuingidh coimnert cotaigtheach, is dimain dund gach buaidh tucsam 1082 cugaind as gach aird in tan nach dingbai Daired dind andiu.” 1083 “Is demin,” ar Anteallus, “dia mad he in tan rom-ba-sa co 1084 luthmar lan dom brighaibh dotisad Daired do chuindghid 1085 chugat, rochoiscfind-sea co luath don muirnn fora ta. Andiu 1086 immorro in tan isim  461a senoir ni cubaidh rim comlund re fer 1087 n-og co luth ⁊ co l-lathar”; ⁊ taisbenaidh duib cesta Eirich 1088 robatar aigi, ⁊ as dib rochathaig Eiric fri hErcuil, VII seicheda 1089 tarb intib co mellaib luaidi estib. Rosochtsat uile 'ca fegadh 1090 ara romed leo ⁊ is mo dono roshocht Daired inas cach. Roraid 1091 in senoir andsin: “Robad ingnad lib dia mad iat ceasta Ercail 1092 adchithea o rochathaig fri hEric, ⁊ masa omun la Daired 1093 tiachtain i n-aigidh na cest sin fuil umum-sa, cuiredh a omun uadh, ⁊ 1094 cudrumaighther ar ceasta”: ⁊ focerd de a cheasta ⁊ 1095 cudrumaigther la hAchaistes ⁊ la hÆnias iat fri ceasta Daired ⁊ dothæd 1096 iarsin co hinad in chomlaind ⁊ doroich Daired ⁊ cumaiscit ⁊ a 1097 ceasta andsin ⁊ focherdaid gliaidh croda churata andsin .i. 1098 Daired ⁊ Antellus. Esairgther o cheachtar de a chele co fortren 1099 feramail ⁊ co læchda laidir lamchar ⁊ co fichda fergach fuirechar  p.70 1100 tara slesa, forna lecnib, ⁊ forna mullaigib comdar crechtaigh 1101 crolintigh ⁊ dobeir Antellus in tan sin sinidh fair i n-airde, ⁊ 1102 tocbaidh in laimh ndeis co mbai os mullach nDaired ⁊ rob ail 1103 do builli digla do fhuirmed a mullach nDaired. O'dconairc 1104 Daired inni sin, scuchaid ara cul riasin mbuilli cona tairtheadh 1105 in builli e, ⁊ o nach tarthaidh in builli tend for Daired, dothuit 1106 Anteallus a ndiaidh in builli rodichra tuc co mbai a gnuis fria 1107 lar. Laither gair mor andside co clos co clethi nimhe, ⁊ 1108 adnaghaid fo combaigh chuigi Sigelda ⁊ Troiandaigh, ⁊ rosoich 1109 Achestes chuigi for tus ⁊ ros-tocaib he, ⁊ ba nair le hAnteallus 1110 inni dorala do ⁊ dos-fic a brig ⁊ a bruth in trenmiled, ⁊ tintoidh 1111 aris dochum in comlaind, ⁊ ba mairg do Dhaired tairisimh ara 1112 chind in tan sin, ⁊ ba fearr do na toirised. Ron-esairgind 1113 Anteallus in tan sin co fichda fergach furechair co ngresaig d'a 1114 deis ⁊ d'a cli imalle cona cæmnacair a cend da tocbail lais, ⁊ 1115 cor'emhid fair ic teichedh remhe ocus Antellus ica sruigledh 1116 d'a deis ⁊ d'a cli i n-æn fheacht. O'dconairc Ænias Daired do 1117 forrach do Anteallus adraigh d' fhoirithin Daired ocus nos-tesairgind 1118 aire, ⁊ scuirid in deabaid, ⁊ berair Daired etir dis iarsin dochum 1119 na long, ⁊ nocho toirised a sceith fhola, ⁊ focerdad 1120 bruirigh a fhiacal amach lasin fhuil. Doberar in tarb iarsin co 1121 hAntellus ⁊ dobeir Antellus bem d'a cest do etir a da adairc co 1122 robris in cend cosin inchind ⁊ co ndorchair for lar gan anmain 1123 and, ⁊ dobeir fretech na dingned cluichi ceast o sin amach.


Roraidh Ænias iarsin: “Dentar imurbaigh shoigdeorachta 1125 againd fodesta.” Cengailter colum agaib iarsin do feren seoil 1126 luingi Sergesti, ⁊ dosæg Agestes ⁊ Ipocon ⁊ Menestius ⁊ 1127 Eredtion ⁊ tairthit a fidbaco ⁊ gabait a soighid ⁊ focearrtar 1128 craind etaru cia dia toicherad ar tus int en da lot. Tochraid 1129 do Ipocon tosach, Menesteus ina diaidh, Eretion iarsin, ⁊ 1130 Achestes fo deoidh. Doleig iarum Ipocon a shoighit co ndechaid  p.72 1131 isin feren seoil. Doleic Menestius iarsin a shoighit co roledair 1132 in snaithi robai im chois in eoin aga chengal frisin  461b crand 1133 ⁊ ni roletair int en, ⁊ dochuaid int en iarsin for foluamain fon 1134 reim sin i n-airdi ær. Dos-farrlaic dono in tan sin Eredsion a 1135 shoighit isin ær for amus in eoin, ⁊ ron-anic he, ⁊ dothuit, 1136 ⁊ se marb, dochum lair. Achestes dono ni roibi aigiside ni 1137 dothelgfed d'a shoighit a haithli in eoin do marbad, conid edh 1138 doroini isin uair sin do thaisbenadh a urchair ⁊ a dibraicthe. 1139 Rothelg iarsin a shoighit, ⁊ lasaidh in tshoighet isin ær amal 1140 soighnen, ⁊ roinngantaigh na sloigh inni sin. Roraid Ænias: 1141 “Is maith,” ar se, “in celmuine ut, uair is e uaisli Achestes 1142 icna deib fodera sud.” Dobeir dono Ænias aisceda mora ⁊ 1143 maine imda do Achestes d'es a buadha ⁊ dobeir a techta 1144 do chach o sin amach.


Dogairm Ænias chuigi in tan sin Epitiden comalta Asgain, ⁊ 1146 roraid ris ina sanais: “Eirg,” ar se, “co luath, ⁊ abair re 1147 hAscan tinolad æs ocbaid in tiri cona n-eachaib, ⁊ coraighed 1148 marcshluagh mor aigi co maithib in tire uime, ⁊ ticed co croda 1149 'chum in ænaigh chugaind, ⁊ Asgan rompu cona airmgaisced forin 1150 ech buada tuc Didhain damhsa, ⁊ dentar ænach suairc siræbaind 1151 aigi a n-onoir a senathar Anachis.” Doroine Asgan dono amal 1152 roraidh Ænias, ⁊ tancatar in gasraid gegdha sin rompo isin 1153 ænach, ⁊ roferadh co haibind oiregda int ænach.


Ocus ba hadbulcuimnech le hIunaind a aincride la Troianaib, 1155 ⁊ faidid Iris uaithi dochum bandrochta na Troianach baili i 1156 rabatar ica longaib, ⁊ slat ac toirsi ⁊ ag acaine Anachis ⁊ 1157 a mbethad fen ⁊ ara fot leo robadar for loingis a tir do tir gan 1158 oirisim i n-æn baile. In tan tra robatar forna himraitib sin, 1159 doroich Iris chucu, ⁊ saighidh etaru i medhon i ndelb Brea 1160 seitig Timoire. Is ed roraidh riu: “A Troianu trogha, is 1161 doiligh daib int imthus fora taithi o thir do thir fri re cian ac 1162 indsaighid Edaili, ⁊ Edail for bar techid. Ba coro tairisim  p.74 1163 sund ac Sigil ag Achastes uair tainic Casandra banfhaith 1164 chugumsa i fis, ⁊ is ed roraidh: “Denaidh Trae sund i Sigil, ⁊ 1165 oirisidh inti, ⁊ loiscidh bar longa”; ⁊ teit ina fiadnaisi, ⁊ dobeir 1166 tenid isna longaib, ⁊ rosochtsat andside in bandrocht Troianach 1167 ⁊ ni fhedatar cidh doghentais. Ba handside roraid Pirgo, 1168 muimech claindi Priaimh ⁊ is i ba sine immorro don bandrocht: “A 1169 maithri inmaini,” ar si, “ni hi Brea dochithi, uair rofagbus-sa 1170 Brea i n-eslainti ina leabaidh annossa, ⁊ ni hetear le tiachtain 1171 isin tinol-sa, acht is bandea eigin tuc in comairli ud duibh, ⁊ is 1172 follus asa rusc ⁊ asa himtheacht ⁊ a foghur a gotha conid bande 1173 hi.” In tan tra robatar forsna briathraib sin, teid Iris ina 1174 fiadhnaisi for foluamain isin ær. O 'dconncatar-sum sin ba 1175 derb leo is ona deib tucad in comairle ut doib. Doraidset 1176 uili ba combaidh do loscad a long. Rosoich in scel sin 1177 dochum  462a in ænaig na loscadh, ⁊ fegaid lucht in ænaich 1178 dochum na long co n-acatar in ciaich ⁊ in lasair dona longaibh ica 1179 loscadh. Dotæthsat tra lucht in ænaig etir cois ⁊ cairptheach 1180 do thesargain na long. In tan atconncatar na mna na sloigh 1181 ina ndochum nos-geb omun rompu ⁊ ba haithrech leo inni 1182 doronsat. Atnagait na sluaigh ac dibud na tenteadh ⁊ ac 1183 tesargain na long o doruachtatar. In tan doruacht Ænias dathogaibh 1184 a lama ag atach na ndea co tisadh cobair uaidib do tesargain 1185 na long. Nir'bo cian doib tra co tainic duibshin ⁊ fleachad 1186 trom gu rodibastair in tenid uili ⁊ cona raibi acht airim cethri 1187 long d'esbaid forna longaib. Ba snimhach tra Ænias don gnim 1188 sin ⁊ nir'fhidir cidh dogenadh. Tic chuigi in tan sin in senoir 1189 Nautes ⁊ roraidh ris: “Na dena snim don melladh tugadh 1190 fort, acht dena mo chomairli-sea .i. tobair Achestes chugut ⁊ 1191 athain do do sheanoire ⁊ t'æs mbædbudh ⁊ gach æn lasa scith 1192 beith imaille frit for fairgi ⁊ tuc t'æs mbeodha lat co hEtail.” 1193 Tainic adhaigh doib iarsin ⁊ rothogaib Anachis .i. a athair 1194 cend do Ænias isin aidchi sin ⁊ roraidh fris: “Dena,” ar se,  p.76 1195 “in comairle tuc Nautes duid, ⁊ beir lat a n-as fearr gal ⁊ 1196 gaisceadh dod muintir co hEtail, ar fogeba catha i n-Edail co 1197 dur doiligh, ⁊ rigi a les firu beodha do breth lat inti ocus fagaib 1198 th'anrighe a Sigil ag Achestes, ⁊ erig iarsin do agallaim Sibilla, 1199 ⁊ dobera Sibilla onoir ⁊ eolus duidsiu gusna grianbhrughaibh 1200 iffirn bail i mbim-sea, ⁊ adchifea-su andsin gach æn genfis uaid 1201 do righaib ⁊ flathaibh i n-Etail ⁊ a ngeba do dinghnaib ⁊ 1202 cathrachaib i n-Edail”; ⁊ o roraidh Anachis na briathra-sa roling 1203 isin ær iarsin. Doroine Ænias in comairle sin ⁊ roaithnestair 1204 do Achestes in foirind diar'b ail tairisimh i Sigil ⁊ rogab-sumh 1205 uad, ⁊ dorad failte ⁊ inad cathrach doib ⁊ doronsat a tomus a 1206 ndis Ænias ⁊ Achestes rigmhur na ratha, ⁊ dochoraigset do 1207 reir crandchair in chathair sin .i. a chuid do chach dib don 1208 chathraich, ⁊ doradsat cuma na Trae furre. Ocus o thairnic 1209 tra doib ordugudh a cathrach amal ba coir doib, ⁊ o thairnic 1210 aithniugud a long ⁊ a lesughudh, tainic feth ⁊ coir na gaithi 1211 doib. Tancatar ar æn dochum in puirt a mbatar na longa, ⁊ 1212 robatar re hedh lai co n-aidhchi ac imagallaim andsin ria 1213 n-imscaradh ⁊ ba bronach toirrsech ciamair geranach int 1214 imscaradh sin. In lucht diar'b ail toirisimh i Sigil arna 1215 toirrsiugud a tir do thir, ba ferr leo teacht ar æn ria muintir co 1216 hEtail anas toirisemh dia n-es a Sicil. Nos-comdhidnand Ænias 1217 dono in tan sin o briathraib ailgenaib ⁊ nos-aithnend a l-laimh 1218 Achesdes ⁊ toirisidh a Sigil.”


Dogni dono Ænias  462b edhburta dona deib .i. do 1220 Neptuin ⁊ dona deibh muiridib ar cheana, ⁊ tic feth ⁊ coir na 1221 gaithi doibh, ⁊ seolaidh in coblach amach for fairgi, ⁊ seolaidh 1222 rompu Palamurus .i. luamairi luingi Ænias, ⁊ seolaidh in la sin 1223 co haidhchi, ⁊ ba cendais rethineach in aidhchi sin ⁊ dothuit 1224 a codludh cu trom forna feraib, scithchaib iar sæthar doib 1225 imruma in læ co n-aidchi; ⁊ tic dono Somnus .i. dia in colluta 1226 esidhe a ndelb fir do muintir Ænias, Probandus a ainm side. 1227 Tic co Palamurus ⁊ adbert fris: “Ad scith adrasda, ⁊ atait  p.78 1228 cach ina codlud isin luing ⁊ is rethinech in muir, ⁊ codail 1229 athach becc, ⁊ leg damsa in sdiuir do gabail.” “Ni legiub,” ar 1230 Palamurus, “is morfeacht rom-breg in fairgi ⁊ ni thibur tæb 1231 ria.” Crothaid Somus andside, iarna tumad i sruth Lethi, in 1232 gesga bai 'na laim, ⁊ dothoit a chodlud fair focetoir. Amal 1233 rochodail, focheard Somus dar bord na luingi, ⁊ ni roibi a 1234 cobair de dia cur isin fairge, ⁊ adnaigh Palamurus ac digairi ⁊ 1235 ag atach luchta na luingi, ⁊ ni rofregairset do nogur' bathad 1236 Ocus in tan rofairig Ænias in long do bheth for fordul gan 1237 luamaire oga follumnugud, eirgidh fen, ⁊ teid forin lai. Is ed 1238 roraid: “Trogh sin a dei Palamurus. Is trom a ghalar form 1239 a beith anocht for muir gan adnacul”; ⁊ sdiuraidh Ænias 1240 in long iarsin co port Obea, ⁊ tiagait in coblach a tir andsin, ⁊ 1241 fadaid tenid doibh, ⁊ fuinit ⁊ berbaid biada fos.


Teid dono Ænias in tan sin do agallaim Sibilla, banfaith 1243 amra iside, i n-uaim i n-Eboea, ⁊ Apaill doberid fis di; ⁊ 1244 o rosiacht tra Ænias ina dochum, raidis fria: “A Shibill ronæmh, 1245 aga ta fis na todochaide ⁊ na cobra, nach can acht fir dogres, 1246 in roichim-sea Etail, ⁊ in fuil forba for ar nguasachtaib inar 1247 Troianaib?” Is edh roraidh Sibilla frissium: “Soichfiur-su 1248 co hEtail, ⁊ geba flaithus Edaili, ⁊ dobera rigan inte ⁊ fogeba 1249 morchogadh ⁊ morimnedh a fochaind na rigna sin aga cosnum 1250 rit. Arai sin, na treig-siu dona holcaib sin Edail, ar gidh mor 1251 n-imnid dogeba, is tusu bus fortail fo deoid, ⁊ in baile as nach 1252 saile furtacht d'fhagbail, is as dogeba .i. o Gregaib.” Is i 1253 fregra dorad Ænias fuirrisi: “A ogh,” ar se, “ni hanaichnidh 1254 damsa docair d'fhagbail guse, ⁊ rofetar fogeb fos. Acht ata 1255 æn itchi agum re cuindchidh fort. Is e m'athair Anachis 1256 romfaidh ad dochum do chuindgid na hitche sin, ar ni fhuil dod 1257 dichumung, ⁊ oirchis, a ogh uasal, dimsa ⁊ d'Anaichis imon  p.80 1258 itchi sin, ⁊ is i seo m'itchi .i. treorugudh ⁊ eolus uaitsiu damsa 1259 co rius do agallaim Anaichis fuil i ngrianbrugaib iffirn.” Is i tra 1260 fregra tug Sibell banfaith: “Is urusa duid dul i n-iffern, uair is 1261 oslaicthi dogres bis doirsi iffirn; ⁊ gidh edh is doiligh tiachtain 1262 ar culu ass aris. Gid doilig, dono, mased as saint  463a leatsu 1263 teacht egin i n-iffern do fhis Anaichis, erg ar tus isin coill ⁊ ata 1264 i medon na coilledh crand co nduillebar n-ordha fair, ⁊ dia fagba 1265 in crand sin, tarraing cugut gesgda de, ⁊ fasfaid gesgda aili ina 1266 inud fochetoir, dia ndeonaiged na dei duid. Ocus muna 1267 deonaiget, immorro, ni cumgai-siu ni do ben de dod laim na do 1268 iarund aid ail duit.” Roraid dono fri hÆnias: “Is marb,” ar 1269 si, “fer enecgrais duit dod muintir dot eis gein atæ sund, ⁊ 1270 is gad mor ic lucht in choblaig uile a eg in fir sin.” Ba dubach, 1271 dono, Ænias don sceol sin, ⁊ teid dochum in coblaigh, ⁊ Achates 1272 imalle fris. In tan rosiachtatar dochum a coblaigh, is and 1273 robai Misenus stocairi Ænias marb arin traigh ara cind arna 1274 badud do deib in mara ar imarbaig do fri stocairi Neptuin .i. 1275 re Triton. Adnaichther acu iarsin Misenus o bes gente. Teid 1276 iarsin Ænias isin caill do iarraidh in gesgdha ordha amal 1277 roraidh Sibill fris, ⁊ adnaigh ic atach Uenire co rofoillsighed 1278 do in gesgda ica mbai d'iarraidh. Nir'bo chian iarsin co n-aid 1279 da colaim for foluamain co ndeisitar for lar ina fhiadnaisi. 1280 Atgeoin andside conid i Venir ros-faid chuigi iat do tabairt eolais 1281 do in conair roraghdais na heoin roime co ndechsad ina ndiaidh. 1282 Tiagait iarsin na colaim for luamuin co hisil roime ⁊ sesium ina 1283 ndiaid ica leanmain cor'thoiris forin crand gusin duille n-ordha 1284 fair. O rosiacht Ænias iarsin gusin crand fora rabatar na 1285 colaim, ⁊ gne oir fora duillebur, brissid Ænias chuigi, ⁊ se 1286 failidh, gesgda don crand, ⁊ teid ⁊ a gesgda lais, co teach Sibill 1287 ⁊ dogni edpurta do deib iffirn amal roraidh Sibill fris, ⁊ o 1288 thairnic do denum na hidpurta, rola a muintir uadh dochum a  p.82 1289 coblaig, ⁊ rooiris a ænur 'malle re Sibill do teacht doib i n-iffern 1290 ar turus a ndis ar nir'bo toil do deib iffirn nech ele do riachtain 1291 imalle friu na do rochtain chucu acht mairb nama. O roscar 1292 cach friu roraidh Sibill re hÆnias: “Dena calma innocht,” 1293 ar si, “⁊ rigi a leas trenaigned do denum. Is olc ⁊ is aduathmar 1294 in chonair triallmait tocht”; ⁊ teit iarsin Sibill reme i n-umdorus 1295 iffirn. Teit dono Ænias co dana ⁊ co trenaigentach ina diaidh. 1296 Ba forgranda aduathmar dorcha doimtheachta in conair dacuas 1297 and tria cailltib duarca dubdoirchi gan soillsi grene intib na 1298 esca i ndorus iffirn. Ba handsin rosuidigit aidi ⁊ aitreba doib 1299 i ndorus iffirn dei in broin ⁊ na duba ⁊ na digla ⁊ in galair ⁊ na 1300 tedmand. Is andsin dono ata bas ⁊ teidm ⁊ sendatu ⁊ omun 1301 ⁊ uacht ⁊ gorta ⁊ aidilge. Atat and dono arachta granda 1302 aduathmara re feghadh. Atat dono de na debtha .i. Discordia iside, 1303 ⁊ is e folt fuil imo cend .i. trillsi do nathrachaib nemi. Robatar 1304 dono ill-delba aile torothar and, ⁊ siat aigthidhi aduathamar 1305 co mad phian throm la cach silledh fora ngnusibh. In tan 1306 adconnairc Ænias na torathair  463b imda aduathmara sin, rogab 1307 egla ⁊ moromun rompu, ⁊ nochtaid a chlaidem do chathugud 1308 riu. In tan atconnairc Sibill Ænias ac nochtadh a chlaidibh 1309 is ed roraidh ris: “Ni rigi a les inni dagni ar ni fhuilet sund 1310 acht scatha brege, gan churpu umpu, ⁊ ni hegen duit a n-omun 1311 fort.” Tiagait iarsin Ænias ⁊ Sibill a coir a seda co sruth 1312 Aiciron. Is andsaide bai Caron ag imorchor Aciron ina luing, 1313 senoir eside, ⁊ ulca liath imleabar fair, ⁊ se fen urda fuilide. 1314 Co n-acatar dono in tan sin na sluaga ⁊ na sochaidi isin purt 1315 ac cuindghid arrtharaigh fair oca atach ⁊ ac siniudh a lam 1316 cuigi. Nogebedh forend dib cuigi ina luing, roobad foirend ele 1317 ⁊ ni thabrad arrtharach doib tar sruth Aciron. Roiarfaigh, 1318 dono Ænias in tan sin do Sibill: “Cia sloigh so dosoigh 1319 dochum na haba, ⁊ cid fodera in darna lucht do gabail chuige 1320 do Charon, ⁊ in lucht ele do obad do.” Roraid Sibill: “In slogh 1321 mor-sa adchi-siu ac tiachtain dochum na haba do chuindchid  p.84 1322 imorchair go Caron, daine sin dona dernad techta n-adnucail, 1323 ⁊ bid fri re C bhliadan ar sechran for bru na haba-sa co ndentar 1324 techta a n-adnucail, ⁊ is iat sin in lucht dia tabair Caron obad. 1325 In lucht dia ndentar tecta adnacuil berid Caron iadsaide 1326 focetoir darin sruth-sa anund isna grianbrughaib.” 1327 Rosochtastair Ænias o rochuala int aithisg sin roraid Sibill, uair ba trog 1328 lais in sluag mor adchonnairc do beth a seachran, sochaidi dia 1329 aichintib fen dorala do co dubach toirrsech and. Dorala do, 1330 dono, Leocaspin ⁊ hOrentes tancadar ar æn rissim on Trae 1331 ⁊ robaided a luing na Liceada. Dorala do dono Palamurus, 1332 ⁊ se dubach dobronach toirrsech taidiuir, ⁊ roiarfaigh Ænias 1333 de cid fodera a toitim asin luing isin fairgi. Roraid Palamurus 1334 Somnus dia chur ar egin ina chodlud co ruc in sdiuir lais. 1335 Robai tri la 'na bethaidh forin fairgi ac leanmuin na sdiuire 1336 conidh isin ceathramad la robaided ⁊ roraid: “Mu chorp,” 1337 ar se, “⁊ tond na mara ica imluadh dochum tire”; ⁊ roguidestair 1338 Ænias co rugad imalle fris tar sruth Aciron isna grianbrugaib. 1339 Roraid Sibill frisseom: “Is bais duidsiu sin do chuindgid for 1340 Ænias, ar ni legaid dei iffirn nech ele do theacht in leth sin 1341 acht in lucht di ndentar tecta adnucail. Tusu dono forcerdar 1342 du chorp a tir ⁊ adnaicfither ⁊ biaidh th'ainm-siu dogres forin 1343 lug sin. Raga-su iarsin isna grianbrughaib.” Ba buidech 1344 Palamurus don athusg sin. Teit Sibill ⁊ Ænias iarsin co port 1345 srotha Aciron. Ocus doroich Caron chucu co forgarb 1346 ainsergach andiardha, ⁊ is ed roraidh: “Ænias, cidh dot-thuc sunda 1347 air techta lasna deib iffirn, duine corparda co n-armaib do 1348 thiachtain chucu. Eirg as, ⁊ na tarr chugaind seacha sin alle. 1349 Imthigh ar culu gusin mbaili asa tanaghais.”  464a Roraid Sibill 1350 re Caron: “Leig ass inni fora tai, uair ni do denum uilc frib 1351 tainic in fear-sa cugaib acht do fhis scel a athar .i. Anachis fuil  p.86 1352 a n-ifern tainic. “Togaib, a Ænias,” ar Sibill, “do Caron in 1353 gesga orda fuil agut, uair nach denand cendsa frind chena.” 1354 In tan adconnairc in gesca focerdh a feirg de ⁊ dobeir in luing 1355 chuigi ⁊ tiaghaid ar æn .i. Ænias ⁊ Sibill chuigi isin luing, 1356 ⁊ tiagait tarin sruth gusin port anund, ⁊ duroich Ceruir cu 1357 Oirc chucu andsin gu garbh ⁊ gu haduathmar ⁊ focherd Sibill 1358 a conmir do ina beolu, ⁊ oirisidh in cu ina tost iarsin fochetoir. 1359 Tancatar seacha iarsin Ænias ⁊ Sibill. Rochualatar isin inad 1360 ba coimnesa doibh acaine na naiden ciche as marb foa cich. 1361 Robatar dono isin inadh ba coimnesa dhoibsen i n-iffern in 1362 fhoireand forar'laied cin bregi nach dernsat ⁊ romarbait ind. 1363 Robatar isin inadh ba nesu doibside i n-iffern in fhoirend 1364 ros-marb buden. Indar leo beith i ndrochbeathaid isin 1365 domun abhus gur'bo fearr a mbas inas a mbetha. Atat dono 1366 circaill do Sdix do fhlaithib ifirn timcheall in fhiallaigh sin ica 1367 fasdudh i n-ifirn. Edh cian on inad sin atat muigi caintecha 1368 ifirn. Is intibside atait in foirind adbatar do sherc i fhos isin 1369 tshægal. Isin magin sin robi Pedra ⁊ Prosis ⁊ Eripeli ⁊ Eucateas 1370 ⁊ Pasiue ⁊ Ludamia ⁊ sochaidi diairmhide ar ceana. Is 1371 atarusen dono robai Didho ingen Beoil ros-marb i fen do sherc 1372 Ænias. In tan tra rosiacht Sibill ⁊ Ænias na maighi sin, 1373 dorala dono Didhain chuici, ⁊ dorad Ænias aichni fuirthi 1374 fochetoir, ⁊ is ed roraid ria: “Is sæth lim,” ar se, “⁊ is galar 1375 trom t'fhaisgin sund, a Dhidho, ar rofedar is ar mo sherc 1376 do-fuarais bas. Dos-tuingim-sea duid ar dei nimhi ⁊ talman ⁊ iffirn, 1377 is egin rom-ruc-sa uaid, ⁊ ní has mu dheoin fen tanac, ⁊ 1378 na teich romum, a righan, acht toiris rem agallaim.” Arai sin 1379 ni thard Didain fregra for Ænias acht dorad a gruaidi ⁊ a hedan 1380 ⁊ a gnuis fri lar cen robui Ænias ic labra fria: ⁊ o roraid Ænias 1381 na briathra so re Didhain, techid Didhain uadh do shoighidh 1382 Ibsichei in fhir oca mbai re hÆnias, ⁊ ní tard fregra for Ænias. 1383 O dochuaid Didhain uad gan fregra fair, nod-geib for toirrsi, ⁊  p.88 1384 imthighidh i ndhiaidh Sibille in chonair dochuaid reimhe. 1385 Tecmaidh ina n-aigidh and slogh mor do curadaib Troianach im 1386 tri maccaib, Antenoir .i. Glucus ⁊ Medontus ⁊ Tersilocus, ⁊ im 1387 Ideus, ⁊ im tri maccaib Priaimh .i. im Ectair ⁊ im Treolus 1388 ⁊ im Alaxandair ron-altad i sleb Ido ⁊ im ill-tuisechaib aile do 1389 Troiannaib. Rogallraig dono cu mor Ænias ac fegad in lochta 1390 sin. Dorala dono iarsin doib sochaidi do miledaib Grec, ⁊ o 1391 thucsat side aichni for Ænias dochuatar for teichedh remhe.”


Roraid dono Sibill re hÆnias in tan sin: “Ata delughadh 1393 da conaire sund,” ar si, “.i. conair for ar laim  464b deis, isside 1394 teid co muru dind in righ i n-iffern ⁊ isna grianbrugaib. Conair 1395 ele dono ⁊ is iside teid co lugu na pian co grinell iffirn.” Fegaid 1396 Ænias in tan sin fora laim cli co n-agaid in dunadh romhor ⁊ tri 1397 muir ina thimceall, ⁊ aband mor ina timcheall side ⁊ si for lassad, 1398 tor roard iarnaide for lar in dunaidh, ⁊ Tessifoine robai and, 1399 ocus brat derg uimpe, ⁊ si for mullach in tuir sin, ⁊ si gan 1400 chollud dogres ic fairi in dunaid sin. Rochualaidh dono Ænias 1401 in tan sin isin dunud in acaine moir ⁊ in mairgnid ⁊ in golghaire 1402 ⁊ in slattuairgnidh ⁊ in esargain ⁊ in luagair granda rotrom. 1403 Rola dono Ænias oga cloisdeacht sain ⁊ ron-gab egla ⁊ omun 1404 mor ⁊ roiarfaigh iarsin do Sibill: “Cia mor muirn-seo 1405 rochluinim?” “Isin dunad adchi-siu,” ar Sibill, “is andsin piantar 1406 lucht na col ⁊ na peccadh ⁊ æs in gæ ⁊ in ethigh ⁊ na gaide ⁊ 1407 na slat ⁊ na saraighi ⁊ na n-uili chol ar cheana; ⁊ is i an gair 1408 rochluini-siu aga sraigleadh anosa ⁊ ica pianadh; ⁊ ge nobeth 1409 C gin agumsa ⁊ C tengad in gach gin ⁊ guth iarnaidhi, ni 1410 cæmsaind a thuirim na fhaisneis duidsiu, a Ænias, an lanpian 1411 doberar forna peccachaibh a n-ifern ⁊ isin dunad adchi-siu ara 1412 n-imad ⁊ ara linmaire ⁊ arin egsamlacht na pian sin, ⁊ gach æn 1413 teid forsin conair-sea fuil for du laim cli is iat berar isin dunad 1414 ut na pian d'a ndamnad and. Is lor atam sund,” ar Sibill, “acht 1415 tiagam in leth rotriallsam.”


Tiagait iarsin for conair dia laim ndes gur'riachtatar  p.90 1417 grianbruigi iffirn .i. muighi ailli edrochta. Atet suarca solusta 1418 iatsaide co n-aibnius mor intu. Sluaigh imdha intib ic cluichi 1419 .i. buiden mor, ⁊ forind dib ig imrusgal, foirind ic lemnigh. ⁊ 1420 foirend ele, ⁊ tinol mor ⁊ airechtus and, timpanacht ⁊ 1421 cruitireacht ⁊ duanoirfidedh ecu. Tiagait-sium tra seach na sluagaib sin 1422 co ruachtatar gusin inad a roibi Anachis isna grianbrugaib. 1423 Amal adconairc Anachis Ænias ana dochum togbaidh a lamha 1424 ag atlugad dona deib Ænias do torachtain chuigi, ⁊ failtigis fris, 1425 ⁊ is ed roraid: “A mec inmuin,” ar se, “doruachtais fo deidh, 1426 gidh mor do mhuirib ⁊ do thirib anaichintib doshiris, ⁊ gidh 1427 mor do ghaibthib fuarais ic torrachtain. Is subach ⁊ is failid 1428 lim do thorachtain”; ⁊ ted Anachis rompu iarsin co tulaigh aird 1429 bail a taisbenadh co l-lus ⁊ i n-aichenad in lin do righaibh ⁊ do 1430 fhlaithib ⁊ do uaislib rogenfedh uait i n-Edail. Is amlaid robai 1431 in tulach a ndechatar ⁊ si lan do shluaghaibh ⁊ d' oireachtaibh, 1432 ⁊ o rosiachtatar in tulaig sin, roraid Anachis re hÆnias: “In 1433 slog-sa uili adchi, is e do shil-siu uile ⁊ do cland sain i n-Edail, 1434 ⁊ is uaid genfed uili in slogh adchi”: ⁊ teit Anachis fora tuiremh 1435 ⁊ fora n-aichni do Ænias gacha foirne dib fo leth. “Int oglach 1436 atchi, ⁊ in gai re ais, Silus a ainm sin  465a .i. mac beras Lauina 1437 ingen Laitin deitsiu sin, ⁊ is e gebus rigi Edaili a ndiaidh 1438 Asgain do meic-siu, Prochas as neasu do, Capus ina fharrudh 1439 side. Romolus in fer thall adchi ⁊ in cathbarr cirach fora 1440 chend ⁊ bid lais cumdaigfer in cathair .i. Roim ⁊ is uadh 1441 ainmnighfer Romanaig; Numa ⁊ Pampillus as nesu do 1442 Romul; Tullius ⁊ Osdilius as nesu do Numa.” Rotaisben do 1443 iarsin ⁊ rotuirim gach æn robai in gach oirecht fo leth dofacaib 1444 isin tulaig .i. na Taircind i n-oireacht for leth; na Deici a 1445 n-oireacht aile; na Druisi a n-aireacht ele; na Graice i 1446 n-oireacht ele; na Scipe i n-oireacht ele; na Pabe i n-oireacht 1447 ele; Iuil Cesair ⁊ Octafin airdri in domain co fine na Sesarda 1448 imalle friu i n-oirecht ele, cach dib amal sin ina oireacht, amal  p.92 1449 dogabadh fair. O tairnic tra do Anachis taisbenad in tshloig 1450 moir-sea rogenfed uaid a n-Edail do Ænias, rotimain Sibill ⁊ 1451 Ænias celebrad do Anachis. Tancatar uad a h-iffern arin dorus 1452 n-eburnete ⁊ dochuaidh Sibill dia huaim, ⁊ docuaid Ænias 1453 dochum a long, ⁊ ni roibi d'Ænias don sceol sin adconnairc acht 1454 taibsi ina menmain amal bis duine iar n-aislinge no i remeg.


O rosiacht tra Ænias docum a coblaig d'aithle na taibsi sin 1456 tarfas do oc Sibill, ocus o tainig rethinighe a ær do ⁊ feth forin 1457 fairgi, rofagaib port Epoea ⁊ roseolastair co hEtail ⁊ robi for 1458 seolad co rithinach in la sin co n-aidchi. Ocus rosheolatar sech 1459 in dind sin i raibi in bandrai rocuired na daine rightis cuici ina 1460 n-æs uallach ⁊ ina conaib allta tria brechtradh druideachta in tan 1461 ba hail di a fasdudh aici .i. Cirece ingen grene. Roingaibset 1462 na Troianaigh iarum in crich i roibi in bandrai sin ar na 1463 rofhastadh aici tria druideacht amal rofast Uilixes aice co cend 1464 mbliadna ⁊ rosai a muintir ina conaib alta. Robatar ac seolad 1465 isin aidchi sin co maidin. O tainic in maidin doib adracht 1466 seach fhorar talmun chucu in grian alaind orda ⁊ roruaimnigh a 1467 ruithne rempu in fairge or bu cæm corcorda a dath. Ba halaind 1468 aibind in maitin sin. Ba ræthinach ær inti, ⁊ ba fethamail 1469 fairrgi. Adconnairc Ænias uadh in tan sin fidnemedh alaind for 1470 bru in mara bail asa tic sruth Tibir, ⁊ elta do enaib gach ceniuil 1471 ein oc snamh for duim in inbir, ⁊ ba lor d'æbnius cloisteacht 1472 frisna hil-ceolaibh doghnitis na heoin sin. Atconnairc dono in 1473 cæmtracht gainmide n-alaind n-oiregda imon inber sin. Roraidh 1474 Ænias in tan sin ria muintir: “Tabraidh duind,” ar se, “in 1475 coblach innsa port n-alaind ut adchiam.” Doratsat an coblach 1476 a tir a n-inber srotha Tibir, ⁊ ba subach forfhailidh leo gabail and. 1477 Ba fada robatar aga indsaigid. Ba failid ⁊ ba hemh leo 1478 torachtain chuigi, in tan doruachtatar Laitin mac Puin meic Picc 1479 meic Neptuin meic Saduirn meic Pal  465b loir meic Pic meic  p.94 1480 Pel meic Tres meic Trois meic Mesraim meic Caimh meic Noe. 1481 Ocus is e ba ri a n-Etail in tan sin senoir sona soburthanach 1482 in Laitin sin. Ba foda ⁊ ba airegdha ⁊ ba hoirbidnech a 1483 flaithus. Robhai imud gach maithusa i n-Edail re remhis. 1484 Ni roime immorro do chlaind aige acht æn ingen. Ba suairc 1485 sochraidh sognimach særchlanda socheniuil in ingen sain. Is 1486 i ba cæmhi do mnaib ⁊ ba hingen dingbala do Laitin hi. Tainic 1487 æs tochmairc di. Robatar flaithi ⁊ maithi, rig ⁊ ruirig ⁊ 1488 urrigha na hEtaili ica tochmarc. Robai dono Tuirn mac rig na 1489 Rudulta ica tochmarc. Ni bai a n-Edail læch bud cæmi na bud 1490 fhearr gal ⁊ gaisced ina side. Ni roibi dono bud sairi na bud 1491 fhearr cenel. Righ immorro a athair ⁊ rig a senathair ⁊ rig he 1492 fen. Roshanntaigh dono in rigan Amata bean Laitin co mud 1493 do Turn doberthea a hingen ⁊ co mad e bud chliamain muine 1494 betis na dee ag toirmesc a tabartha do tria derbairde brechta do 1495 denum doib. At e seo na hairde isin .i. luir coisegarta do Apaill 1496 robai a medon cathrach Laitin ⁊ 's on luir sin ainmnighther 1497 Luirintighe do Laitintaib. Tainic iarum saithi beach go rogabh 1498 a mbarr na luire sin. Ocus is ed roraidset druidi ocus faidi 1499 Laitin, is e ni rothurchan in derbairde sin, fear do thiachtain 1500 asin aird asa rancatar na beich dochum Edaili ⁊ airdrighi na 1501 hEtaili do gabail do, ⁊ is e bud cliamhain do Laitin. Robai 1502 dono Laitin la n-æn ac denum idparta a tempull na ndea, ⁊ 1503 Lauina a ingen ina fharrad. Tainic lasair tenedh do nim a 1504 fhiadnaisi Laitin, co roloisc a trillsi im chend Lauina i 1505 fhiadnaisi luchta in tempaill, ⁊ co roloisc in uili chumdach robai 1506 uimpi, ⁊ co rolin in tempull uili in lasar sin. Ba haduathmar 1507 leosam in taibsi sin. Ba snim lasin righ immorro la Laitin 1508 'aduathmaire ⁊ a graindecht ⁊ 'agairbi. Is e ni doroine 1509 Laitin. Dochuaid co haithescul Puin a athar dia fhiarfaighi 1510 do Phuin cidh rothurchansat na hairdi aduathmara ut dorala 1511 do Lauina dia ingin-sium; ⁊ doroine udpurta mora do Fuin .i. 1512 romarb C cærach do amal ba bes doib ⁊ rolaigestair for croicnib  p.96 1513 na cærach sin. Rochuala-sam iarsin co hobund in guth isin 1514 aithesgul ⁊ is ed roraid ris: “A meic inmain,” ar se, “na tabair 1515 th'inghean do fhir Laitindai a clemnus, uair ticfaidh fear 1516 echtrandcrichi chugut sund. Is do ata i ndan clemnus rit. Is fis ata 1517 conach t'ingine. Ticfa clu mor ⁊ maisi diar ceniul-ne don 1518 clemnus sin, uair genfidh on fhir sin ⁊ o t'ingin-siu rigradh na hEtaile, 1519 ⁊ genfidh dono uaidib airdrigh na huili domun o thurgbail co 1520 fuinedh grene.” Ba failid tra don aithisc sin tuc Puin do, ⁊ 1521 nochor'dichel, ⁊ roclos fo thuathaib Edaili int aithisc sin. 1522 Doronsat dono na Troiandaigh in tan sin a coblach dochum puirt 1523 ic inber srotha Tibir, ⁊ tancatar fen for tir, ⁊ deisidar forin 1524 feoraind fallain i fosgadh na cailli for  466a bru in phuirt ⁊ 1525 doratsat chucu ubla asin chaill ar ba fogmhar in tan sin, ⁊ 1526 doradad biad asa longaib, ⁊ doduatar a miasa ar ba terc biad acu 1527 iarsin. Roraid dono Asgan: “As olc indi daronsam ar miasa 1528 do ithi.” Rofhregart do Ænias o rochualaid inni roraid 1529 Asgan: “A meic,” ar se, “ni ba holc bias de acht is maith 1530 uair is ed robai a ndan ⁊ a tairngire dund co mad e oired 1531 robemis arin sechran imalle gan ferand d' fhaghbail noco 1532 n-ethmais ar miasa (.i. bairgina robitis acu fo guit dogres) i 1533 baili i caithfimis iad is andsin dogebmus crich ⁊ ferand. 1534 Ro-chomaillead rinde aniu in faistine sin .i. ar miasa do ithi duin 1535 ar terci in bid againd.”


“Taisceltaid ⁊ bendaigidh, a Troianachu, in tir a tarla daib 1537 sain,”ar se, “uair is i bus atharda ⁊ bus forba diles duib in tir 1538 sin dogres, ⁊ denaidh udpurta dona deib, ⁊ aidchid Ioib ⁊ Apaill 1539 ⁊ Uenir ⁊ na dei ar chena gu rub soraid duib atrib in tiri-sea 1540 doruachtabair.” Doghniat dono iarsin a n-idpurta dona deib 1541 ⁊ tic torand mor and iarsin fo tri a comartha shoirrthiusa doib 1542 uili. Ar maitin roraidh Ænias friu tiachtain dochum n-æn 1543 baili co roiartais inad a cumdaigfidis cathair doib. O thainic  p.98 1544 tra soillsi in læ arnamarach tancatar na Troianaigh co hæn 1545 baili ⁊ rothocbatar inad cathrach ⁊ daingin doib a tæbh srotha 1546 Tibir, ⁊ rofæd dono Ænias uadh iarsin C læch dia muintir 1547 do agallaim Laitin ⁊ gesgadha pailme ina lamaib i comartha 1548 sitha. Rothoiris Ænias fen immorro ac cumdach na cathrach 1549 ⁊ ic togail a mur. Rosiachtatar dono techta Ænias co cathraigh 1550 Laitin. Ba haibind dono ⁊ ba subach forbailid robas for faithchi 1551 in dunaidh sin Laitin .i. foirend and ac imrim each, foirend 1552 ele ac soighdeoracht, foirend oc telgad fhogha, foirend ig ain 1553 liathroiti. O 'tconnairc in lucht sin in slog n-anaichnidh docum 1554 na cathrach, teid marcach uaidibh cona fis do Laitin fir a 1555 n-egusg anaichnidh do thiachtain dochum in duine. Roraid 1556 Laitin a tabairt cuigi isin righdai a r-raibi, ⁊ deisidh Laitin 1557 ina rigshuidhi imedon in righdai sin. Ba hurgna in pealaid 1558 righda i rabus and, C columan fora lar fuithi ica fulung. 1559 Batar dealba ailli imda arna rindadh inte .i. dealba a athar 1560 ⁊ a shenathar. Robai dono and delb Saduirn ⁊ Picc ⁊ Puin ⁊ 1561 Iain. Rorinta and dono delba rochaithigset o chen tar cend 1562 na hEtaili. Rorinta and dono delba ⁊ fuath na n-arm ⁊ na 1563 luirech ⁊ na sciath ⁊ na cloidim ⁊ na soighetbholg ⁊ cendmila 1564 tucsat a coscar catha ⁊ comlaind o echtarcenelaib amuigh chucu. 1565 O rodesid tra Laitin ina shuidhi isin pelaid righda sin, tugaid 1566 chuigi na Troianaigh ⁊ is ed roraidh riu iar torachtain: 1567 “Ro-fetamar-ni,” ar se, “bar cenel ⁊ docualamar bar righcathair. 1568 Indisid duind cena cid as ail duib sund,  466b ⁊ cid ni 1569 conaighid, ⁊ cid 'ma tancubair tar il-muirib ⁊ il-tirib otha 1570 Asia co tracht na hEtaile. In ar aineolus no ar merugudh 1571 tancubair, no in egindail ainfine rodus-tuc?” Rofregair 1572 Illeonius do muintir Ænias don righ do Latin: “A rig uasail airechda 1573 do chlaind portrathmair Puin meic Picc, ni merugudh ⁊ ni 1574 haineolus ⁊ ni hegendail ainfine dos-fuc co hEtail acht is d'ar 1575 ndeoin buden ⁊ is do reir ar comairle tancamar co hEdail.  p.100 1576 Ata rig firen craibthech againd as maith gal ⁊ gaisgidh .i. 1577 Ænias mac Anachis do chenel rigdha claindi Dardain meic 1578 Ioif, ⁊ is e dos-fuc sindi i ndochum-sa do cuingidh in foit 1579 bic i ndingnem cathraigh mbic dun a tracht na hEtaili ogutsu 1580 sund. Ocus ni ba domaisech duidsiu ar toirisim-ni agut. Bud 1581 maith ar ̇ngnim muinterus ⁊ ar ngnim catha ⁊ comlaind duid 1582 dia ris a leas. Sochaide targaid cumaidh crichi ⁊ feraind do 1583 tabairt duind acht nir'lecset na dei duind oirisium aco .i. Apaill 1584 ⁊ Ioib, ⁊ is ed roraidset rind torachtain co hEtail, uair is i 1585 n-Edail ar mbunad, uair is do sil Ioib duind. Atait dono 1586 againd sund aisgeda bega tuccad duit o Ænias .i. cuach ordha 1587 robai ag Anachis ⁊ ac Priaim ⁊ barrin .i. mind cind ⁊ flesc righda 1588 Priaim ⁊ brat corcra corrturach.” Nochor'thocaib Latin a rosc 1589 cen bai Ileoinius forna briathra-sa, ⁊ robai a menma ac scrutadh 1590 na faistine doroine Puin do im clemnus do denum re fer 1591 ectrandcheneoil ⁊ rogab a menma conad e Ænias in fer echtrandceneoil 1592 rotairngiredh do a clemnus fris. Roraid dono Laitin a haithli 1593 in scrutain doroine: “A Troianu,” ar se, “gebmait na haisceda 1594 tuc sib leib, ⁊ molmaid iad ⁊ rod-bia-su indi iari, a oglaig .i 1595 rod-bia inad cathrach ⁊ imud degtire, ⁊ eirgid-si ⁊ abraid re 1596 hÆnias tiged chugaine conaigi so, ⁊ rod-bia aigideacht ⁊ failti, 1597 ⁊ rod-bia tresi ⁊ caradrad, ⁊ bidh inill do, gia thi. Ata ingen 1598 agum, ⁊ ni legit na dei dam a tabairt d'fhir Laitinta, ar is 1599 ed aderait, is do fhir ectrand ata a ndan ⁊ a tairngire a tabairt, 1600 ⁊ is fris ata a conach, ⁊ genfidh uaidib riga na hEtaili ⁊ airdrighi 1601 na n-uili domun o thurcbail co fuinedh, ⁊ doberthar in ingen 1602 sain do Ænias, ar is demin leamsa is e in fer echtrandcrichi 1603 rotairngired do clemnus rim Ænias.” O roraid Laitin na 1604 briathra-sa, roforchongair fora muintir tri C each buada 1605 robatar for lesugud aige do thabairt chuigi cona srianaib 1606 cumdachtaib leo d'airgit, ⁊ d' or buidi, ⁊ dorad na heochu sin a lamaib  p.102 1607 muintiri Ænias. Doradad cuigi dono carbat cumdachta ⁊ da ech 1608 do sil grene fai dia tabairt for cend Ænias fen. Dochuadar 1609 iarsin a muinter for cend Ænias Laitin gusna hasg 467aadaib 1610 sin leo co sid ⁊ co tairisi do ⁊ co n-aididin clemhnusa fris.


In tan tra adconnairc Iunaind cruthach rigan Ioib na 1612 Troianaigh do dul forir i n-Edail ⁊ beth doibh ic cumdach 1613 cathrach inti, ⁊ sid ⁊ clemnus d' fagbail doib o Laitin o righ 1614 na hEtaili, ba galar trom lesi inni sin, ar ba cumain le a 1615 haincride re hÆnias dogres. Rochroith a ceand ⁊ roraidh na 1616 briathra-sa: “Is truagh damsa,” ar si, “nach cuimgim olc do 1617 denum risna Troiandaib misgnecha-sa rochuatar i n-Etail. 1618 Tucus-sa amais mora, ⁊ roelodar as gach amus dib ⁊ as gach 1619 gabud tugus-sa doib tar mu sharugud ar egin, ⁊ adchim dono 1620 annosa rosiachtatar in leth rothogsat .i. co hEtail, ⁊ atait amal 1621 is maith leo fen, ac cumdach cathrach doib dom 1622 aindeoin-sea ⁊ ata Laitin a clemnus friu. Rom-clos-sa Ænias ⁊ ni 1623 cuimgim olc bud leor leam do, ⁊ uair nach erghit lim dei 1624 nime do tochur for Ænias, raghat a muinigin dee iffirn do 1625 thochur fair imale frim.” O roraidh Iunaind na briathra-sa, 1626 dotæt co ferg mor le ⁊ londus dochum talman, ⁊ gairmidh chuice 1627 Elegto ingen Plutoin ina gradaibh, uair ba hiside bande na 1628 himchosaide ⁊ na deabtha ⁊ brisde sida ⁊ tabartha cogaid ⁊ 1629 catha. O doruacht Elegto co hIunaind roraid fria: “A ogh 1630 cumachtach,” ar Iunand, “tabair uait in aiscidh so chuindgim, 1631 uair tig dit, mad ail duit brisiudh caradraidh gacha æn bis iga 1632 denum fri aroili, ⁊ doberi imcosaid etir na derbbraithri ⁊ 1633 debaid co marband cach dib aroili, bris in sidh so fuil etir 1634 Laitin ⁊ Ænias ⁊ tobair imcosait aturu, ⁊ na leig clemnus na 1635 nuidhed cairdisa doibh ⁊ tobair imcosait etaru co romarbha 1636 cach dib a chele.” Rogab dono Electo do laimh o Iunaind inni 1637 sin ⁊ dochuaid focetoir co tech Laitin ⁊ dochuaid do shaighidh 1638 na righna .i. Amata il-cruthach righan Laitin. Rofhaslaigh 1639 fuirri a hingen do thabairt do Tuirn mac righ na Rudulda, ⁊ co  p.104 1640 mad eside bud chliamain di ⁊ na dernadh clemnus na caradradh 1641 re hÆnias ocus brisiud in tshida ⁊ in caradraid rotriall Laitin 1642 do denum re hÆnias. Rosæbad tra Amata tria faslach Electo, 1643 ⁊ rogab for bron ⁊ toirrsi ara hingin do tabairt do Ænias ⁊ ara 1644 nemtabairt do Thuirn ⁊ dochuaidh d' agallaim Laitin ⁊ is ed 1645 roraid fris: “A righ,” ar si, “oirchis damhsa ⁊ dot ingin fen, 1646 ⁊ nachum-saraigh ⁊ na dena clemnus risin laithighi Troianach 1647 ut fuil ic crechaireacht i tir a tir, ⁊ ragas uait amarach a tir 1648 n-aili acht co fagba coir na gæthi, ⁊ beraid t'ingin-siu les a slad, 1649 amal ros-fuc Alaxandair mac Priaimh Eleand Legata ingen 1650 Tinair ben Menalus meic Aidri lais a Laighdemondaib co Trae. 1651 Cid docuaidh dot tairisi-siu re Tuirn o cein, cid dochuaid in 1652 snaidm menic doroni dono Tuirn fortsu im tabairt Lauina do? 1653 Masa cliamain echtrandcrichi iarri doreir tegasc  467b na ndei 1654 fort, ni mo as eachtrancrichi Ænias anas Tuirn, ar is do Grecaib 1655 do Tuirn iar mbunad, uair is a Mecnib a cenel, ⁊ ni do 1656 Laitindaib do, ⁊ ni docho Ænias do toircetal dona deib i clemnus 1657 duidsiu amal sin inas Tuirnd.” Cia doraid tra in rigan co dichra 1658 in imcosaid-se Ænias re Laitin ic toirmesc clemnusa re hÆnias, 1659 nir'gab Laitin uaithi in imchosait sin acht is ed rosantaig Laitin 1660 clemnus re hÆnias. O roemidh tra in rigan Amata impide for 1661 Laitin imoni rochuindig fair, ros-gab ferg ⁊ londus re Laitin. 1662 Ocus ros-gab fualung ⁊ dasacht ⁊ dochuaid a cond ⁊ a ciall 1663 uaithi, ⁊ rofhuadaig a hingen le a ndiamraib ⁊ a coilltib ar na 1664 tuctai do Ænias hi. O rochualatar tra mna ⁊ maithi ⁊ ingenraid 1665 na Laitinda Amata do techt ⁊ a hingen i ndithrumaib ar 1666 imgabail feisi le hÆnias, dochuatar a ndiaid Amata isin dithrum i 1667 raibi ar ba catamail leo Amata. O rosiachtatar dochum n-æn 1668 baili ⁊ Amata, roraidh Amata friu: “A sheathra inmaine,  p.106 1669 denum idpurta dona deib cona rolegit clemnus do Laitin fri 1670 hÆnias.” Ocus doronsat edpurta amal roraid Amata friu. In 1671 tan tra ba lor le hElecto doroine do imcosait a tigh Laitin, 1672 dochuaid do thig Thuirnd meic rig na Rudullda co hairegda ⁊ 1673 nos-dealband a richt Calibe bansagart Iunaindi iside ⁊ is i 1674 ferais aduaith moir int egusc ⁊ is ed roraidh ris: “A Thuirn,” ar 1675 si, “is i Iunaind rom-faid-sea chugutsu da radh frit 'na leg do 1676 flaithus ⁊ do mnai cuindchidha uait do Ænias Troianda,' uair 1677 d'a leigea do Laitin clemnus re hÆnias, bud cuitmidi ⁊ bud 1678 athrigh is airi sin dobert Ænias fritsu. Erigh ⁊ geb t'armu ⁊ 1679 tinoil sloig, ⁊ sochraidi, ⁊ urriga Edaile, ⁊ indarb na Troianaigh 1680 a hEtail ⁊ loisc a longa ⁊ impo iarsin for Laitin, ⁊ muna thuga 1681 duit a ingen ar ais, tobaigh ar eigin hi.” Is ed roraid Tuirnd 1682 friasi: “Deithiti deaa ⁊ didin tempaill, is ed is latso, ⁊ ni 1683 himluadh catha etir rigaibh, a Cailibe.” O rochuala Electo 1684 na briathra sain roraidh Tuirn fria, nos-geb ferg ⁊ londus 1685 fris, ⁊ nos-dealband ina delb fen ⁊ ba hetig aduathmar in 1686 delb sin. Ba garb granda grugach a gnuis. Batar feochra 1687 feighi fuilide forderga foluaimnecha na ruisc londa lasarda 1688 robatar ina cind. Trillsi do nathrachaib nemi is e folt bai 1689 imon cend. “Fegh let, a Thuirn,” ar si, “mo dhealb annosa, 1690 ⁊ in tabrai aichni form? Is misi Electo,” ar si, “a hiffern, ⁊ is 1691 me dobeir dogres in onoir catha ⁊ debtha, ⁊ basa daine ⁊ is me 1692 dobeir fortsu comtriall catha fri Troianu.” Rochuala Tuirnd na 1693 briathra-sa Alecto. Rogab side bruth ⁊ brigh ⁊ ferg ⁊ londus ⁊ 1694 saint catha fri Troianu ⁊ fri Laitintaib ar æn rian. 1695 Roforcongradh uadh iarsin for Rudulltaib tinol ina dochum; ⁊ o 1696 do-ruachtatar ros-neart ⁊ ros-greseastair co rochothaightis co 1697 calma fri Laitintaib ⁊ fri hÆnias cona Troiandaib co rodilsigdis 1698 Edail ⁊ co rochuirtis in loinges echtrand ut esti  468a ⁊ co 1699 roindarbdais iat tar il-muire. Rogabsat Rutullta dono do laim co 1700 ndingnitis inni sin.


Teit Electo immorro iarsin gusin mbaili i raibi Asgan mac 1702 Ænias ag selg a tæb srotha Thibir ⁊ gresid co hAscan peata 1703 aige allta robai ic maccaib Tiri, ⁊ tainic co mbai for ingilt a 1704 tæb in tsrotha. In Tirus isin is e ba reachtaire ac Laitin. 1705 Is aigi robatar alma ⁊ indile Laitin oca leasugud. O 1706 rogluaisidar immorro coin Ascain in peata sin mac Tire, teichid in peata 1707 rompo co tech mac Tire .i. cosin mbaili inar'hailedh. Roleig 1708 dono Asgan in tan sin soighit fair go rogon he, ⁊ teid iarsin 1709 Asgan ⁊ lucht na selga imalle fris ac lenmuin na haigi co 1710 ruacht co tech mac Tire. O rochlos tra gair lochta na selga 1711 ⁊ in tafand dochum in baili dosoichet lucht in baili amach 1712 fon gair ⁊ tegait a n-aigidh luchta na sealga. Rosiacht and 1713 ar tus Siluia ingen Tire ⁊ ba hisidhe robeathaiged in agh. 1714 Dotæd dono in agh ina dochum sidhe focetoir o'dchonnairc, ⁊ 1715 robai in ingen ac fegad na hoighi ⁊ 'ga s-smerracht na 1716 gona doratad fair ⁊ rosaigh debaid etir maccu Tire ⁊ æs na 1717 sealga ac cosnum na haighi. Teit dono in tan sin Aleacto 1718 for mullach tige Tire ⁊ sendidh bondaiderc na hugra co garb 1719 ⁊ co haduathmar for mullach in tigi co clos fona crichaibh 1720 comfhoicsibh uili in senm sin. Tancatar dono na Troiandaigh 1721 asa sgoraibh d'fhorithin Ascain. Roferadh tra comruc crechtach 1722 crolinteach andsin, etir Laitinta ⁊ Troiandaib. In tan tra 1723 robruthaigh in debaid, dorat Ascan aurchur soighdi for Almon 1724 mac Tiri co ndechaid triana bragait gu rus-marb focetoir. 1725 Do-toitsit sochaidi ele imalle fris andsin. Dothoit and dono Galenus 1726 .i. brugaid V tret cærach ⁊ V n-ailbin do buaib ⁊ C n-arathar 1727 ag frithalum a tigi.


O rocumaisc tra Alecto a n-Etail ⁊ o dorat cach dib a cend 1729 araili, dochuaid ar culu dochum Iunainde ⁊ romaid ria in 1730 imchosait tuc etir lucht na hEtaili ⁊ roraid fos Alecto fri 1731 Iunaind: “Dober-sa,” ar si, “mad ail duitsiu, tuilledh uilc 1732 fos do Troiandaib .i. dober na cathracha comfoicsi do Laitindaib 1733 dia foirithin i n-aighid na Troiandach. Ni holc lim chena amal  p.110 1734 ata clemnus Laitin ⁊ Ænias.” Teid dono Alecto dochum 1735 ifferaind baile a fargaib a seathracha .i. Tesifone ⁊ Megera.


A haithli in air moir sin tra do chur do Asgan for muintir 1737 Laitin, berait a muinter co Laitin curpu na foirne romarbad and 1738 .i. Gailienus ⁊ Alman ⁊ na maithi ar chena romarbad and ⁊ 1739 furmidh na curpu a fiadhnaisi Laitin ⁊ adhnaghat ac gul ⁊ ag 1740 basgairi fris imon gnim doronsat na Troiandaig friu. Dos-nic 1741 Tuirn dono in tan sin co ferg ⁊ co londus mor chucu ⁊ doraid 1742 re Laitin: “Ni maith a iarmairt duib andiu bar cairdius ⁊ 1743 Ænias, ⁊ bud mesu sa chach cen bethir and ni bhus sia. Is ed 1744 as choir and, denum æn coimerghi choitchind i n-aigidh in 1745 drochcheniuil tangnaigh- 468bsea na Troiandach failet ic 1746 slatbrat i tir a tir; ⁊ dichuirther a hEtail ar egin”; ⁊ ba he sin 1747 aithesc coitcend in tsloig uile inni roraid Tuirnd. Is ed roraid 1748 Laitin re Tuirnd co truime moir ⁊ cosnumh fair ic foremedh a 1749 ænur beth a n-aighidh na sochaide, ⁊ is ed asbert: “A Tuirnd,” 1750 ar se, “is rit doraga inni doberi monair ⁊ is duit bias a 1751 frithorgain. Misi immorro,” ar se, “biad-sa im soinmighi ⁊ im sadaile 1752 ⁊ ni ticfa bar cagad-si frim”; ⁊ impoid Laitin a druim friu ⁊ teid 1753 uaidhib ina theach rig, ⁊ nos-legind dorer a comairle fen uair 1754 forfhemidh a cosc. Na hEadalta tra robatar fri re ciana roime 1755 sin a sidh ⁊ a soinmhighi ag tomailt ⁊ ic tomaithim a fesi do 1756 gach maithus robai ogaib. Santaigit in tan sin tria imchosait 1757 Alechto ⁊ trian gresacht Iunaindi coimerghi catha ⁊ cogtha do 1758 dichur na Troiandach a hEtail ar egin, ⁊ rogab æn baid uili 1759 lucht na hEtaili im cosnum na ferand ⁊ im choimergi a n-aigidh 1760 na Troiandach na rogabdais crich no ferand a n-Edail. Ba mor 1761 tra in slogh ⁊ in tinol tanic andsin. Ba bagach ⁊ ba sochraidh 1762 in coimerghi doronsat Edaildi i n-aighidh na Troianach in tan 1763 sin. Tardsat uili miscais dia trebaire ⁊ ros-lecset a faill ar saint  p.112 1764 in chogaidh ⁊ rochuirset iarnaidhi a n-arathar i n-armaib catha 1765 ⁊ comluind, ⁊ tancatar uili iarsin .i. gach ri ⁊ gach tuisech a 1766 n-Etail cona slogh ⁊ cona sochraiti lais a soichin Tuirrn. Tainic 1767 and Alessus ar imchosait ocus Aigmenon righ Grec co sochraiti 1768 moir lais. Tainic and dono Uffensus crodha coscurach cona 1769 shluagh. Tainic and in milid rod rotren .i. Umbro cona shluag. 1770 Tainic and Urbius mac Ipoledi cona sluag. Ocus tancatar and 1771 il-tuisig aile cona sochraiti isin tinol sin. Tainic and dono in 1772 righmilid .i. Tuirrn mac Duin ceand gaili ⁊ gaiscidh arai crotha 1773 ⁊ aillechta ⁊ mine ⁊ maccæmachta .i. rind agha ⁊ anratachta na 1774 huile Edalta. Ord esairgni catha ⁊ bruiti bidbad eside. Sciath 1775 dhidin ⁊ imdeghla crichi ⁊ ceniuil na Rudullta, ⁊ ni bai a 1776 samhail isin uile Edalta do bruth no do brig no do borrfadh 1777 no do mhed no do mhaisi no ar maine no ar mordacht no ar 1778 maccæmhdacht ar chruth no ar ceniuil ar gail no ar gaiscedh, 1779 ⁊ is amhlaid tainic co morshluagaib Rudullta imalle fris. Tainic 1780 and dono Camilla .i. rigan na Fillsgeta co morsluagaibh na 1781 Fuilsceta le a foirithin Tuirrn. Ba hamra in rigan tainic and. 1782 Ni bai a samail do bhanchuire fer talman in tan sin do gail 1783 no do gaisced na d'aine na d'athluimhe uair na romair 1784 Pentisilia, rigan na Cichloisgthe. O doruachtsat tra in mortinol 1785 ill-tuath-sa na hEtaili do æn baile dochum Tuirrn meic Duin 1786 ri na Rudullta, dochuatar a righ ⁊ a tuisigh ⁊ an degdhaine 1787 i n-æn comairli, ⁊ is ed rochindset uili, teacht doib d'indarba 1788 na Troianach a hEtail, ⁊ muradh na Trae bigi rochumdaighet na 1789 Troianaigh, ⁊ do brissiud a long ⁊ dia loscadh. O rochindset tra 1790 in comairle sin, rosinsedar a stocaireda a sduca d' fhuagra  469a 1791 imteachta doib d'indarba na Troianach a hEtail amal 1792 rochindset. Ducuadar and a tus seda ⁊ conaire rompu Meseapus ⁊ 1793 Uffenus cona sochraide leo ⁊ Mesdensius. Dochuatar dono 1794 iarsin na sluaig tancatar i sochraiti Turrn a hill-tuathaib Edaile. 1795 In tan tra rochuala Ænias in tinol sin na n-Edalta ina dochum 1796 ⁊ ba snimach, uireaglach, il-imraitech he, ⁊ ni fitir cid comairle  p.114 1797 dogenadh. Rola immorro Ænias d' aithli in tshnima sin a 1798 suan codulta, ⁊ tainic dono Tiberinus, dia srotha Tibir,'na 1799 dochum ⁊ is ed roraid ris: “A meic na bandea,” ar se, “na 1800 bid immorro snimh na homun fort in tinol-sa doberar chugut, 1801 ar is tu bus chosgarach cathbuadach de, ⁊ is remut muidfes 1802 in cath ⁊ is agut fuicfethar in ferand-sa dogress, ⁊ bud dilis 1803 duitsiu ⁊ dot chloind in ferand atai, ocus nar'at uaimnech-su 1804 coro' faistine bregi a n-abraim-sea rit, ⁊ doberim-sea comartha 1805 duit ria comull .i. dogheba-su crain fhind co XXX banb aici 1806 fona hilicib srotha Tibir ⁊ ria tæb in tshrotha, ⁊ dogena 1807 Ascan cathair iarsin bail a n-ereocha in muc sin romhut-su, 1808 ⁊ budh he ainm na cathrach sin Alba Longa .i. geal fada. 1809 Ocus doberim comairli dono duit, dena edpurta do Iunaind ⁊ 1810 damsa ⁊ do Ioib ⁊ d' Apaill, ⁊ erg iarsin forsin sruth-sa 1811 Tibir co tech Euaindir ri na hArcaite, ⁊ is amlaid bis 1812 siden dogres, ac cogad fri Laitindaib, ⁊ dena-su cairdine ⁊ 1813 muinterus risin rig sin na hArcaide, ⁊ gebaid leat, ⁊ dobera 1814 sochraidi duit i n-aigid Laitinda, ⁊ na bid omun na imegla in 1815 chogaid na in chatha fortsu, ar is tu bus fortail.” O roraid 1816 tra Tiberinus na haithesga-sa re hÆnias, teid uad, ⁊ dobeir a 1817 cend fon sruth, ar is and bai a aitreb fon sruth sin Tibir. 1818 Duisgidh Ænias arsin asin tshuan a roibe, ⁊ o thanic soillsi 1819 in læ arnamarach, adracht, ⁊ indlaidh a lama ⁊ a aighidh a 1820 husciu in tsrotha, ⁊ aitchidh na dei adartha, ⁊ tocbhaidh a 1821 lama friu, ⁊ is ed roraid: “A deo nime ⁊ talman ⁊ na n-usce 1822 ⁊ na srothand ⁊ na n-aband, rom-særaidh arna guasachtaib-sea 1823 fuilet ac tomaithem foramsa don chur-sa o Laitindaib.” Togbaid 1824 Ænias iarsin da luing cona forind, ⁊ teid for sruth Tibir do 1825 indsaighidh co tech Euaindir ri na hArcaite. In tan tra robatar 1826 ic imrum iarsin sruth co n-acatar in crain fhind cona trichait 1827 banb find ina diaidh fo hilicib for bru in tshrotha. O 'dconncatar 1828 in muic sin tiaghait isin port sin ⁊ edprait in muic cona hal 1829 og altoir Tibir do Iunaind. Tiaghait iarsin for seit a conaire  p.116 1830 co n-acatar cathair Euaindir ⁊ o 'dconncatar in chathair sin, 1831 impoit bruinde a long dochum na cathrach ⁊ i comfhocus in 1832 puirt. Ocus ba la sollumna in la sin. Euaindir dono ⁊ ba 1833 hand bai, i fidnemeadh a ndorus na cathrach ac denum 1834 edpurta dona deib. In tan adconncatar longa Ænias chucu 1835 dochum in puirt  469b sochtaid iarsin na hArcaidegda ac 1836 fegad na long n-anaichnid ⁊ na n-og ⁊ na n-armund ⁊ nos-geb 1837 egla ⁊ omun mor iat ⁊ ergit ona idpurtaib co hobund, ⁊ teit 1838 Ballas: “Can bar cenel, ⁊ cid teidchi? In sith no in debaid 1839 fuil agaib?” Rofregair Ænias do a hearus a luingi, ⁊ is ed 1840 roraid: “Is do sid tangamar“; ⁊ rothogaib in gesga olacraind 1841 robai ina laim. “Troiandaig sindi,” for se, “⁊ bidbuidh duind 1842 Laitinda uair atait agar n-indarba a hEtail a nirt catha ⁊ egni. 1843 Tangamar do shaighid Ebaindir do chuindchid cobra i n-aigid 1844 Laidinda.” Is i fregra dorat Ballas fair: “Cid be can daib, 1845 tigid alle do agallaim Euaindir.” Tiagaid na Troiandaigh 1846 iarsin a port na cathrach ⁊ comasgaid muinnter Anneasa 1847 ⁊ Pallas, ⁊ tiagait imalle co ruachtatar gusin fidnemedh a raibi 1848 Euaindir ac denum a edpurta dona deib, ⁊ o rosiacht Ænias 1849 co hairm i mbai Euaindir ⁊ is ed roraid ris: “A ri togaidi, 1850 ⁊ a fhlaith fhiren fosadh fedmnertmhar, rom-faidset ad 1851 dochum-su do chuindghidh chobra uaidsiu form i n-aighid Laidindai 1852 fuilet agum indarba a hEtail, ⁊ ta cairdine ⁊ cenel etraind ara 1853 coir duidsiu sochradi sloigh do thabairt damhsa, uair is i Maigia 1854 ingen Athlaint do shenmathair-siu, ⁊ Eleactra ingen Athlaint 1855 mo sheanmathair-sea. Araill and dono. In foirind fuil agar 1856 n-indarba-ni .i. Tuirnn cona Rudulltaib uime, ad bidbuid suide, 1857 duidsiu, ⁊ is doig leo bud rig fortsu, dianum-dichuired-sa a 1858 hEtail. Is ed is coir duidsiu, iarum, o thanac-sa dot atach, 1859 coimerghi calma imalle rimsa a n-aigid ar namat ar ndis. 1860 Tabair-siu tairisim forni, uair ni duiligh gabail againd, ⁊ ata m' ogbadh 1861 calma fri frithalum catha ⁊ comluind.” Cen tra robai Ænias 1862 ac rad na mbriathar-sa, robai Euaindir ac fegad fair, ⁊ is ed 1863 roraid Euainnir: “A ri rotren na Troianda, is cosmail do 1864 guth ⁊ d' urlabra ⁊ do delb re hAnaichis, ⁊ is cumain lium 1865 Anachis do thiachtain chugum co hArcait ⁊ cairdius do denum  p.118 1866 dund, ⁊ dorad Anachis saighedbolg co saighdib Licedaib, ⁊ 1867 leand corcra corrthurach, ⁊ da shrian cona n-imdenum oir ⁊ 1868 airgit, ⁊ mairid fos ag Paill in dara srian dib; ⁊ is cumail 1869 limsa,” ar se, “mu cairdis ⁊ t' athair-siu Anaichis, ⁊ is i do 1870 leath coir tanacais, ⁊ muchean duit sund, ⁊ dod-bia inni cuindchi 1871 co dichra duithrachtach acht nama is cumung ⁊ is becc ar 1872 ferand-ni ⁊ as uathad d' ar sluagaib, ⁊ aid uathad, as maith a ngal 1873 ⁊ a ngaisced, ⁊ is calma a cathaibh. Ocus gid uathad, dono, 1874 rachdaid leatsu fo mu mac-sa .i. im Pallas CCCC oglach imaille 1875 fris at fhoirithin-siu, ⁊ biaid ag foglaim gaiscid agat, ⁊ 1876 dober-sa duitsiu dono re taeb sin dia nderna mu chomairli sloigh 1877 imda ⁊ sochraidi mora dia targa do fosud-su a n-Etail ar 1878 egin, ⁊ righi na hEtaili do tabairt duid. Ocus a comfocus 1879 duid sund cenel croda calma cathach comrumach .i. Eubrusdagda. 1880 Ocus robai 470a rig fergach dimsach croda colach acuside .i. 1881 Mezentius a ainm side. Is e dognid riu in duine marb ⁊ in 1882 duine beo do cengal bel re bel i n-æn cuibreach ⁊ beth doib isin 1883 cengal sin co ma marb in beo. In tan tra robtar toirrsigh iad 1884 reme conar'fulaingset a crodacht, rogabsat a n-armu ⁊ sloidit 1885 a tech fair, ⁊ cuirit ar a muintire. Elaid-sium fen asin orgain 1886 sin, ⁊ teid co Tuirrn mac nDuin co righ na Rudullta. Atat 1887 tra in cenel sin ag iarraid righ doib do cathugudh Mezenti, 1888 ⁊ adberait a faithi friu gan righ n-Edalta do beith ogaib, ⁊ 1889 co mud fer ectrandcheneoil rogabdais doib in righi, ⁊ tangus 1890 uaidib chugamsa do thabairt righi damh, ⁊ nir'gabus uaidib 1891 in righi, uair robsam senoir, ⁊ roshearg mu brig, ⁊ nir'gab 1892 mu mac dono, ar ba do Eadailib a mathair. Dober-sa in cenel 1893 sin i muinterus duidsiu. Ata coblach mor acu, ⁊ atait sluaig 1894 imda, ⁊ bid mor a tuilled nirt duid, ⁊ bid failidh leo tusu 1895 d'fhagbail imaille friu do chogad i n-aigidh Tuirrn ⁊ Mezenti, 1896 ⁊ doberat rigi duidsiu, ⁊ is ed rotircanadh doib, co mad leo  p.120 1897 buaid a coctha, dia ngabad ri ectrandceneoil forro. Erg dono 1898 do saighid in ceniuil sin, ⁊ ragaidh mo mac-sa .i. Pallus imalle 1899 rit, ⁊ doberat rigi duid, ⁊ ereochdaid let a n-aigid Tuirrn.” 1900 A haithli na mbriathar sin do rad do Euainder, teid Ænias 1901 dochum a long, ⁊ fagaid foreand dia muintir isna longaib 1902 do breith feasa do Asgan d'a mac. Dotæd foreand ele dib 1903 imale fri hÆnias do thig Euaindir co ndeachfadis imalle fris 1904 co scuru na n-Eodrusdagda. O rosiacht Ænias for cul co 1905 tech Euaindir rothinoilet mortinol na cathrach co Euainder ⁊ 1906 rothoghait asin tinol sin forgla curad ⁊ caithmiled, anle ⁊ anraidh 1907 na hArcaide do dhul ar æn re Pallas mac Euaindir a sochraidi 1908 Ænias. Rohordaiged agaibside marcshluagh cæm cumdachta. 1909 Batar and dono eachrada ana urrluma, as iat luatha ledmeacha, 1910 fo ogbaid alaind allata isin marcshluag sin. Ba hurgna in 1911 congaib airm ⁊ edigh batar acu iar n-uaisle ⁊ iar n-oirechus 1912 gach æn robai and. Tuctha doib eiruda srolda siregdha cona 1913 n-imdenum d'or ⁊ d' airget ⁊ d' findruine ⁊ do legaib 1914 logmharaib ⁊ do gemaib gacha datha. Tuctha doib dono 1915 edaigi gacha datha etir gorm ⁊ corcra ⁊ uaine ⁊ brechtnaighi. 1916 Batar claidmi ailli orduirn, at e cruaidi comshintecha ⁊ 1917 cæmsceith cumdachta ⁊ gai gerglasa ⁊ slega semnecha ⁊ 1918 saigedbuilg co saighdib forordaib.””


O tairnic tra do Euainder togha ⁊ tinol in mharcsluaigh sen 1920 rofhaidh a cend seda ⁊ imtheachta co scuru na n-Eodrusdagdha 1921 co Tarcon tuisech ⁊ comairligh na n-Eodrusdagdha. Ba cæmh 1922 docos and .i. Ænias a tus dirma ⁊ Achisteis ⁊ airigh na 1923 Troianach ⁊ marcshluag na n-Arcaide fo Pallas mac Euaindir 1924 ina ndhiaidh. Ba cruthach an maccæm robai etarru. Mong 1925 fhochos orbhuidhi fuir, rosc gorm glainidi ina chird. Ba 1926 cosmail ri forcleithi cailli cetemuin no fri sian slebi cechtar a 1927 dha gruadh.  470b Anddar lat ba fras do nemandaib rolad 1928 ina ceand. Anddar lat ba dual partlairgi a beoil. Ba gilithir ri  p.122 1929 sneachta n-æn aidchi a braigi ⁊ a cneas ar cheana, {} at e seme 1930 fata fogeal co hindaib a lamh ⁊ a cos. Brat corcra corrthorach 1931 uime. Liagdelg oir ara bruinde. Muntorc oir ima braighit. Leni 1932 srebnaidi sidaighi fria gelchnes. Cris oir co ngemaib do ligaib 1933 logmuraib imo tæbu. Cloidem orduirrn fora cri, a suigedad, 1934 fillti a rind co urdorn, sinig amal colg. Ledraig finda fo usce, 1935 ledrad finda for cind, ⁊ ni tescadh tuind. Danid da leith don 1936 duine ⁊ ni cluined co hiarcen. Dergsgiath bocoidech co rindad 1937 ⁊ co tuaigmilaibh oir fora chliu. Ba suairc segunta in mac sin.


Lotar tra a ceand seta ⁊ imtectha amlaid sin. In tan tra 1939 ba haine doib a n-imtecht, rocluinset muirn in morshluaig 1940 ⁊ sdocairecht ⁊ armgrith na n-arm isin ær uaisdib, ⁊ adchiat 1941 and delrud na sgiath ⁊ na claidim. Gebid egla ⁊ aduath mor 1942 na sluaigh triasna hairrdiu sin. Roraid Ænias friusamh 1943 andsin: “Is maith in celmuine ut,” ar se, “bud lindi a n-aithus, 1944 uair is i mu mathair Uenir dobeir damsa in airdi-seo dia 1945 foillsiugudh co mbad buaid do Thuirrn. As truagh duid, a 1946 Thuirrn,” ar Ænias, “inni doronus .i. in sid do brisiudh, uair 1947 dobera imnedh duid ⁊ do Laitindaib ⁊ is sochaidi dibh raghas 1948 'cum bais trit fochuind. Roimthichset iarsin co ruachtatar co 1949 habaind Seritis .i. abund sidhe fuil a nglind domain, ⁊ fidnemedh 1950 coisegartha impe do Siluan, dia coillide eside. O rosiachtatar 1951 iarum in abund sin, scuirit a n-eocho and, ⁊ toirisit aice co 1952 roliget a scis dib. Tic dono Uenir in tan sin do agallaim 1953 Ænias, ocus tuc le na harmu dorine Ulcan gaba do do cathugud 1954 i n-aigidh Tuirrn .i. cloidim cruaidgher curata, ⁊ se ordhuirn 1955 il-egair, ⁊ is cuma roledrad feoil ⁊ cnaim, ⁊ da sleigh aithi 1956 imrindi, at e cæma coimnerta fri hurrsglaidi ⁊ fri himguin dib, 1957 ⁊ luirech treabraid tredualach cona cathbarr feta fororda fuirri, 1958 cona cir d'or orloiscthi fair; sciath cobrudach creduma cona  p.124 1959 tuaigmilaib oirfeta cona bili orloiscthi fora drumthimcheall. 1960 Rorindad isin sciath delb ⁊ ainm gach rig ⁊ gach ruirigh ⁊ gach 1961 flatha rogebadh flaithus na hEtaili ⁊ ardflaithus in domain 1962 do sil Ænias, ⁊ dorindad and dono a catha ⁊ a comruma ⁊ na 1963 buada doberat leo a hechtarcenelaib in domain amuigh isin 1964 sgiath. O dorat tra Uenir na harmu sin do Ænias, ronert ⁊ 1965 rogres do chathughad i n-aigidh Tuirn, ⁊ doraid fris gan imegla 1966 gan omun in catha do bith fair, uair is e noberad buaid, ⁊ is lais 1967 dofæthsad Tuirrn.”


In tan tra robai Ænias ac iarraid na sochraidi-sea, rofaidh 1969 Iunaind Iris bande do saigidh Tuirrn, ⁊ roraidh fris: “Do 1970 chuaid Ænias,” ar si, “do thigh Euaindir ri na hArcaidi 1971 ⁊ do saigidh na n-Eurasta do thinol sluaig do thabairt  471a 1972 catha duitsiu, ⁊ rofhagaibh a dhunad, ⁊ erg-siu dia eis, ⁊ 1973 loisc a longa, ⁊ trascair mur na Trai bige, ⁊ cuir esti na 1974 Troiandaigh, siu thi Ænias.” O roraidh Iris na haithesca-sa 1975 re Tuirrn, teid for foluamain uadh focetoir isin ær. Atracht 1976 Tuirrn iarsin lasin gressacht dorat Iris fair, ⁊ adrachtatar a 1977 sluaig uili lais, ⁊ dochuatar co tren ⁊ co tairpteach tar muigibh 1978 na hEtaili uile do saighid in baili i rabatar Troiandaigh. 1979 Robai dono nell duibchiach uaistib do luaithredh in talmun ⁊ 1980 do analaib na n-echradh ⁊ na læch batar forro in conair tancatar. 1981 Rorathaig oglach do muintir ar tus, sin, Caisus a ainm in 1982 oglaigh, tuisech togaidi esidhe, ⁊ is ed roraid: “A æs cumtha,” 1983 for se, “cia duibnell granda thic ina ruathar chugaind tarin 1984 magh?” Rofhuagair sin iarsin o ghuth mor: “Tigid a fhiru,” 1985 ar se, “⁊ gebidh co luath bar n-armu, ⁊ tait amach for muru. 1986 Atait sund bar namait ⁊ is calma duib uile,” for se, “tocht 1987 amach inas anadh amal ataithi.” Fasaidh gredan mor in tan 1988 sin a ndunadh na Troianach, ⁊ nos-geb moregla ⁊ moromun, 1989 ⁊ duintir doirrsi na cathrach acu, ⁊ tegaid uili for muraib na 1990 cathrach, uair is ed roraid Ænias riu in tan dochuaidh uaidhib, 1991 gebe dosoisidh iad, na deachsaidis asa scoraib amach do debaid 1992 re neach co toirsid sain chucu. Nirbo chian iarsin co torracht  p.126 1993 Tuirn chucu, XX marcach, ria cach, co dorus in dunaidh, ⁊ 1994 dobeir fochetoir urchur don gæi dibraicthi robai ina laim 1995 forin foirind robatar ac coimet na Trae, ⁊ na mur ar cheana. 1996 Roleagaid uili iarsin in foirind robatar imalle fris a ngæ uile 1997 forsan foirind cetna. Fosaidh gair mor tra iarsin amuig ⁊ tall. 1998 Tic dono a bruth ⁊ a brigh do Tuirn, ⁊ nod-geb ferg ⁊ dasacht 1999 uair na tancatar na Troianaigh amach asin dunadh do 2000 chathugudh ris, ⁊ oir na fhuair sin conair chucusum anund. Ataigh 2001 imon dunad ima cuairt ic iarraidh tus in fuighbedh conair 2002 bægail do thocht ind. Amal bis cu allaidh in tan as gortach 2003 ag timcheall leis cærach ac iarraidh conaire isin n-aidhchi and, 2004 in tan rochluin medligh na n-uan aga maithrib, is amlaidh 2005 robai Tuirrn ag timcheall dunaidh na Troianach ag iarraidh 2006 chonaire inti d' orgain na Trae robai acu. Uair nach fuair 2007 bæghul in dunaid rogab ferg ⁊ londus ⁊ forcongraidh forin 2008 sluagh uile na clascanna do linad ⁊ na longa do loscud ⁊ 2009 tenti do chur isin dunad ⁊ na muir do trascairt. Adaiter tenti 2010 mora acu focetoir ⁊ focerdaid isna muraib. Adnaighidh na 2011 Troianaigh don leth eli ac dibud na tenteadh. Robai tra 2012 gair mor do chectar in da lethi ⁊ robai cathugudh feigh feochair 2013 faeburda fergach fuilech foindmethi guinech crechtach crolinteach 2014  471b andsin. Ba huathmar agarb imamnus, ⁊ ba tren talchar, 2015 tæbchirrthi, dimsach, deglamaigh, doedragana rocuired in 2016 chuibleng sin etir rigraidh na Rutulda ⁊ triathu na Troiandu co 2017 luathurchurach in la sin.


In tan tra adconnairc Bericintia .i. mathair na ndea, triall do 2019 Thuirrn do loscadh na long, teid do agallaim Ioibh ⁊ is ed roraid 2020 ris: “A meic inmuin,” ar si, “na leig na longa ut da loscad, 2021 uair fidnemedh giusda rochoisegartha damsa doradus-sa do 2022 Ænias, in tan robai ac triall coblaigh do denum, conid de doroine 2023 na longa ut trialltar da loscad and, ar is limsa iarum in 2024 fidhnemedh dia ndernta. At inmuine limsa ⁊ na leg a loscadh.”  p.128 2025 Rofhregair Ioibh do Bericintia: “Uair is ed is maith letsu, 2026 ni lecfither a loscad, uair dogentar dea muiridi dib.”


In tan tra robatar Rudullda ⁊ Troiandaigh ic cathugud 2028 imna longaib sin, tainic torand mor and cor'chrithnaigh int ær 2029 ⁊ in talam ⁊ roclos guth mor iarsin isin ær, ⁊ rochualatar tra 2030 Troiandaigh ⁊ Rudulltaig e, ⁊ is ed roraid: “A Troiandu, 2031 connedaid bar muru, uair ni ricthi a les didin na long-sa, ar ni 2032 mo nos-ticc do Thuirnd a loscad ina loscad in mara fora tait. 2033 Legid damsa fen didin mu long.” Ocus roraid iarsin: “Ergid, 2034 a mu longa-sa, fon fairgi a richt bandea muiridi.” Robrisitar na 2035 longa focetoir a cuibrighi ⁊ tegait a richtaib ingen macdhacht 2036 fon fairgi. O 'dconncatar na Rutullda inni sin, rola a socht mor 2037 ⁊ roingantaighit uili ⁊ roingantaigh Mesapus buden.


Tuirnd immorro gal ⁊ gaisgidh rod rorebach robai fo 2039 bruindi side triasna hairdib sin, ⁊ rochoirig co mor a muintir ⁊ 2040 roraid risna Rudulltaib ba feardi les inni doronad and, “uair 2041 is e Ioib ros-ruc a longa ona Troiandaib ar maithib rimsa ⁊ 2042 dono is dia ndilsiugud ros-ruc Ioib na longa ona Troiandaib, 2043 ar ni fuil aco treoir n-eloid for fairgi a haithli a long do breith 2044 uathu do Ioib.” In tir dono atait is fa chomus-som ata side, ar 2045 atait sluaigh imda ⁊ rosochraite mor aigi do murad ⁊ do thogail 2046 in daingin. Atait ina ceand cona terno nech dib ina bethaid ass. 2047 Roraid dono Tuirrn fos: “Dogniam airidi anois do Troiannaib 2048 fodechta ar ni fuilet longa aco. Tanic urmor in læ sechaind, 2049 ⁊ doronad maith edraind gus drasta, ⁊ gabar longphort againd 2050 fodesta ⁊ coraigter na sluaigh imon mur as gach aird na rab 2051 conair eluidh aco.” Rognither tra in comairle amal roraidh 2052 Tuirrn, ⁊ coraigther cach ina inad choir, ⁊ ordaigther Mesapus 2053 a coimet dorus in dunaid, ⁊ adaiter tendti aco iarsin, ⁊ caithid 2054 biad ⁊ lind, ⁊ ordaigther æs fairi aco iarsin. Atnaighid na 2055 Troianaig for mu 472araib na cathrach aga forcoimet, ⁊ siat  p.130 2056 imeglaig, ⁊ ordaigid Menesteus ⁊ Sergestus cach dib cona armaib 2057 ina inudh choir, ⁊ ordaighit taibleda ⁊ ferte go slagrandaib ⁊ 2058 luithib aco ac frithalum in catha arnamarach, ⁊ adnaghaid iarsin 2059 ina foraire ag coimed a mur. Bai dono Nisus mac Irtaic ⁊ 2060 Ebrialis mac Opelteus ac coimed in dorais. Dias cumtha 2061 tairisi iadsaide in da maccæmh .i. da ainle, da tren, da 2062 tretill, da rind aga ⁊ imgona, da uaitni catha, ⁊ da ord esairgne 2063 ⁊ bruite bidbud. Batar feigi fuireachra ac forcoimet, ⁊ batar 2064 fiamaigh frithalmuaigh; nir'bo tabarta dia naimdib tairisi doib. 2065 In tan robatar na laich londa lanchalma sin ac fegad ⁊ ac 2066 faircsin uathu amach for scoraib na Rudullta, batar a n-imshuidhi 2067 forro acht nosoisdis as, adchiat araill dona tendtib amuigh 2068 iar ndibudh gan nech ica n-adudh. “Is bægul mor siut,” ar 2069 Nisus “.i. in codlud doniat na fir, uair is urusa fogail forro 2070 annosa. Robo saint limsa dul dia fhobairt.” “Misi lat,” ar 2071 Ebrialus. Is i comairle doronsat, techt do saighidh Asgain ⁊ 2072 maithi na Troiandach baili a r-rabatar ina seasam ⁊ a sceith fora 2073 mbraightib ⁊ a claidhmhi fora cresaib, ⁊ siat for lar in dunaid 2074 ic denum comairle cindus rogentais cathugudh i n-aigidh in 2075 morshluaig namut roiad umpu ⁊ siad ac iarraid cia rogebadh do 2076 laim uaithib techt cona fis do Ænias a mbith isin gabadh sin i 2077 rabatar. O rosiachtatar dono Nisus ⁊ Ebrialis ina dochum isin 2078 baili i rabatar ac denum a comairle roraidh Nisus riu: “A 2079 degdhaine, estidh frimsa bec. Atait na sluaig-sea amuig ina 2080 codlud iar n-ol fhina ⁊ rodibsatar a tente ⁊ ni fuil nech ica 2081 n-adnadh, ⁊ ni fuil furechrus ac æn dib, uair ni hegail leo ni. 2082 Dogniat airite dinne, ar rucsat na dei a longa uain ⁊ ni toracht 2083 sochraite etir cugaind. Mad hi bar comairle, raghmaid-ni do 2084 shaighidh Ænias, ar isim eolach-sa co dunad Euaindir,” ar 2085 Nisus, “⁊ raghmaid ar tus d'fhis in bæghail atconncamar a 2086 scoraib na Rudullta, ⁊ dia cæmsam, ni ba feardi don foirind 2087 gusa ricfam.” Ocus romolsat uili maithi na Troiandach in oirbert  p.132 2088 rotriallsat, ⁊ dorad seitrichi ⁊ somenmain don tshlogh uili inni 2089 rogabsat do laimh, ⁊ rogeall Asgan friu co tibred seodu imda 2090 ⁊ mæni ⁊ sirgrada doib, dia toirsidh leo chucu Ænias dia forithin 2091 asin gabad a roibe. Dochuatar iarsin uile leo co dorus in 2092 dunaidh dia n-idnucul, ⁊ roaithnestair Ebrialus a mathair do 2093 Asgan, gid bed dotegmud do .i. seanoir caillighi isidhe tainic 2094 a coimitecht a meic a thir do thir. Rogheall Asgan riusamh 2095 co leseoghad i amal roleseogad a mathair fen. Timnaid andsin 2096 celebrad dia muintir, ⁊ tiagaid a sguru a namhud gusin pubull 2097 i mbai Ramnestes ri, ina chotludh ina cholcaidh.  472b Fer 2098 grada dono eside do Thuirrn ⁊ mæthmarcoracht; ⁊ nochor'chobair 2099 in mæthmarcoracht, ar roben Nisus a chend de fora colcaid. 2100 Marbaidh dono triur n-oglæch dia muintir batar ina farradh. 2101 Marbaidh fer imuchair airm Rameis, ⁊ a ara, ⁊ benaid a chend 2102 de buden fora lebaid. Marbaid dono Lemirum ⁊ Latnillum 2103 ⁊ Serranum, ⁊ focherd Nisus ar mor a scoraib na Rudullta. 2104 Ni lugu immorro int ar rola Ebrialus ina Nistis. Marbaidh 2105 sochaidhe diairmidhi do lucht na scor gan fairiughudh 2106 nama. Marbaid dono Fadum ⁊ Erbesum ⁊ Ecrætum ⁊ Abarum. 2107 Tiagaid iarsin do saighidh muintire Mesapi, ⁊ cuirit ara 2108 mora forro. In tan tra robdar scitha ac cor a n-air adubairt 2109 Nisas re Ebrialus: “As lor atam andso,” ar se, “ar is derid 2110 aidchi and, ⁊ imthigium nachum-tair soillsi in læ isin longport.” 2111 Tiagait arsin asin longport amach, ⁊ berid Ebrialus cathbarr 2112 cirach cruthordha Mesapus ⁊ eochdillat Ramneste ⁊ cris 2113 Tiburrthi arna cumdach d'or orloiscthi ⁊ do gemaib. Fagbuid 2114 na scuru amlaidh sin. In tan tra batar ag imthecht a seta co 2115 subach ⁊ co forbailidh a haithli in morchosgair dorala doib, co 2116 cualatar chucu ina n-aighidh fuaim in marcsluaigh ⁊ se tainic 2117 andside Uoilcenus tuisech do muintir Laidin. Tainic CCC 2118 marcach o Laidin a fhoirithin Tuirn. O rochualatar in sluag  p.134 2119 ina n-aigid, teichid rempo don chonair. Airigid in marcsluag 2120 a teichid uaidib, ⁊ rolensat in marcsluag iat. Elaidh Nisus 2121 uaidib. Abrialus immorro is amlaid robai side, ⁊ cathbarr 2122 Mesapi fora chind, ⁊ nir'bo cuman leis a chor de, co mba forell 2123 don tshlog robai ina diaidh gach conair roteigid ⁊ co tarrus 2124 iarsin. In tan rosiacht Nisus din, adnaig ag urrnaidi a fir 2125 cumtha tus in toirsid chugi, ⁊ ona toirsidh, impoid for culu dia 2126 iarraidh co n-acaidh Ebrialus ar n-iadadh uime don tshluagh 2127 as gach aird, ⁊ se i medon etaru, ⁊ nir'legedh conair eludho do 2128 amach, ger'bu saint lais. O 'dconnairc Nisus in gabadh a roibi 2129 Ebrialus, ni fidir cia hamus doberad forin sluag naimdidhe do 2130 tabairt a fir cumtha as uaidibh asin gabudh a raibi ogaib, ⁊ is i 2131 comairle tra dorone, croithidh in gai robai fora meor ⁊ doleig 2132 dia n-indsaigidh, ⁊ benaidh etir a da formna do Sulmon co 2133 robris a druim and ⁊ co ndeachaid triana chridhi gu comtrom 2134 ⁊ co ruc a urraind asa ucht, ⁊ co torchair marb dochum talmhun, 2135 ⁊ adnaigidh ac fegadh umpo iarsin ⁊ ni facatar inti ros-dibhruic. 2136 Gabais Nisus gai ele ⁊ nos-croithind ⁊ roleg uadh ⁊ beanaid do 2137 Toga triana ara ceachtarda co ndorchair marb gan anmain 2138 dochum lair. Feargaigther Uolsensus andside, ⁊ dos-figh a bruth 2139 ⁊ a brigh ⁊ nochtaid a cloidem ⁊ is ed roraidh re hEbrialus: 2140 “Dofæthis-siu annosa a ndigail na deisi dorochair and”; ⁊ 2141 adnaig ruathar croda curata dochum Ebrialus, ⁊ saidhid a 2142 cloidim ina uchtbruinde co ndorchair Ebrialus  473a don æn forgum 2143 sin gan anmain. O 'dconnairc Nisus Ebrialus gan anmain da 2144 toitim 'cum bais, ba trom a galar fair ⁊ ni forlangair do gan a 2145 digail forinti romharbh ⁊ ros-tic a gal curudh ⁊ a bruth mhiled 2146 ⁊ a nert niadh ⁊ a lamach laich ⁊ dobeir trethan tairptheach 2147 trenfhuabartach for sluagh Laitin ⁊ slaidhidh bearn C reme 2148 tresin sluagh ⁊ nir'dhamh eadh na hosadh doibh aga slaidhi ⁊ 2149 ica ndicheandadh cu laechda laidir ⁊ co forthren fearamail co 2150 ruacht co hUolsensus bhaile a mbui a medhon in tshluaigh ⁊ 2151 saidhidh in cloidem ina cræs co ndeachaid triana chul siar 2152 gur'thoit Uolcenti for lar gan anmain, ⁊ teid Nisus iarsin ocus  p.136 2153 laighidh for bruindi Ebrialus ⁊ ablaidh iarsin amal rotogh bas 2154 do fen. Berid na Rudullta leo forsin longport Uolcenti marb 2155 dochum a scor, ⁊ beraid fodb in fhiallaigh romarbsat, ⁊ ba 2156 bronach dubach derfudach dochuatar o chumaidh a righ ⁊ a 2157 muinteri domarb Nisus. Nir'bo subaighe robas isna scoraib 2158 fora cind-sam ag guba ⁊ ag cained na righ ⁊ na taisech, na 2159 n-aradh ⁊ na n-oigthigern romarb Nisus ⁊ Ebrialus a scoraib na 2160 Rudullta 'san aidchi cetna. Doratad doro focetoir aichni forna 2161 fodbaib tucsat leo .i. for cathbarr Mesopi ⁊ forna setaib ele 2162 ar cena tucsat leo .i. echdilad Ramnestes ⁊ Tiburti.


Tainic tra maidin fai sin, ⁊ adhracht grian os talmain. Ocus 2164 roerigh Tuirrn dono ocus roghab a eirridh catha uime, ⁊ 2165 rogabsat na sluaig uili a n-armu imalle fris, ⁊ coraichther cach dib ina 2166 inud choir fri togail in dunaidh ⁊ tocaibther aco cind na deisi 2167 romarbsat for cuaillaib a fiadhnaisi na Troiandach. Doronsat 2168 dono na Rudullta in tan sin mongargair comaidme ac tocbail 2169 a ceand dona Troiandaib robatar forna muraib ig angail friu, 2170 acht nama ni raibi adhbar a comaidhmhi acu, ar rodighailset fen 2171 fora taib-sim iat resiu romarbsat. In tan tra atconcatar na 2172 Troianaigh cind a muintire, doratsat aichni forro, ⁊ batar 2173 toirrsigh dubaigh na Troiandaigh don gnim sin, ⁊ rosiacht in scel 2174 sin co mathair Ebrialis, ⁊ rosai a taisib focetoir o rochualaidh 2175 in scel sin. Ocus o doruacht asa taisib, dochuaid a ciall uaithi, 2176 ⁊ ros-gab fualung ⁊ dasacht, ⁊ roghab a hingne dia folt ⁊ dia 2177 haigidh, ⁊ roghab for gol ⁊ for basgaire sechnon in dunaidh ⁊ 2178 for mur in dunaidh ag fegadh na ceand, ⁊ is ed roraidh 2179 o'dconnairc ceand a meic: “A mheic inmuin,” ar si, “as truagh in 2180 coimiteacht doradus fort a tir do tir corigi-seo, ⁊ is truagh 2181 rom-fagbai andiu gan chæmu gan chairdi am sheanoir chaillighi 2182 o thir n-aineoil gan neach doberad fortacht on documul agum  p.138 2183 dod eisi-siu. Is truag dam, a mheic inmhuin, coin ⁊ braineoin 2184 tiri aineoil ac ithi do chuirp,  473b ⁊ nach rochim-sea chuigi 2185 do glanadh a chrecht ⁊ dia anacal for piastaib nemide. Uch, 2186 a mheic inmain, is truagh ar n-imscaradh ⁊ in delugud fuil 2187 edraind, ⁊ cid nom-fuirigind-se dot eis-siu gan eg fochetoir.” 2188 Roraid dono iarsin frisna Rudulltaib: “Ma rofetabair,” for si, 2189 “a Rudulta, buidhe na trocaire, benaidh in cend-sa dimsa, co 2190 fagar bas a ndiaidh mo meic.” Batar dubaigh toirrsigh 2191 dib-rigoitich na Troiandaigh ac coisteacht re hacaine na caillige, 2192 ⁊ tarrlaig fotaibh co mor ⁊ robuaidristair in sluag co tainic 2193 Idaeus ⁊ Ochtur ina dochum a comairle Ascain ⁊ Iliole, ⁊ 2194 rucsat ina teach ar egin.


Rosentea in tan sin co crodha ⁊ co haduathmar ac Tuirn 2196 stuic in catha do furfhogra forin sluagh comherghi do toghail in 2197 dunaid forna Troiandaib. Atrachtatar na sluaigh cechtarda lasin 2198 furfogra sin co hangbaidh agarb aniarmartach, ⁊ ba bruthmar, 2199 brigach, borrfudach in coimergi doronsat amuigh ⁊ tall. Roclos 2200 co cleithe nime in gair rolaiset ag comruc doib. Roferad tra 2201 cath fergach feochair fichda forderg fuilide andsin do cechtar in 2202 da lethi, uair ni raibi menma techid ac nech dib o 'raili. Ni 2203 tardh nech grad dia anmain acht co cosnadh a enech. Dobeir 2204 tra Tuirrn in tan sin cona Rudulltaib amus talchar tren, 2205 tairpthech, dur, dichra, dimsach do brissidh na mur ⁊ in daingin ⁊ do 2206 dhul ar egin forna Troianaib do chor a n-air ⁊ dia ndilgend. 2207 Doratsat na Troianaigh dono tres dichra difhulaing doibsim 2208 amach, ⁊ dibraigid iarum iat do armaib ⁊ do clochaib ⁊ libaraib, 2209 ⁊ trascraid slagbrandaib ⁊ sloighib ⁊ sundu ⁊ oilche cloch forru 2210 amach dia marbad ⁊ dia n-indarba ona muraib. Ba truag tra 2211 in imesargain ⁊ in imthuargain ⁊ in comsroighledh robai and 2212 etir anradu Troianda ⁊ rigraidh na Rudullta in tan sin. Ba 2213 handsin tra doronsat na Rudulda ⁊ na Laitinta sgealbolg dia 2214 sgiathaib fora sgath, ⁊ doratsat co dichra dia toghail in dunaidh 2215 forna Troiandaib. Forind dib ac linadh na clasach ⁊ ac brisid 2216 na fal. Foirind ele ac tabairt dremere ⁊ arad frisna muru.  p.140 2217 Foirendh ac dibrugud tened forro dia loscadh. Robai dono tor 2218 ard ⁊ forudh fo mur in dunaidh, ⁊ bidis na Troiandaigh andside 2219 ac soighdeoracht ⁊ ac dibrugud for sloghaib na Laidinda. Teid 2220 Tuirrn cona Rudultaib 'na dochum ⁊ dobeir urchur d' athainde 2221 for lasadh fair co rolen int athaindi iarna shedidh don gæth isin 2222 taiblidh co roloisgid he, ⁊ co torchair for lar tar ur amach gosin 2223 lucht robi re gnimrud and, ⁊ ni terno nech dib as a mbeathaid 2224 acht Licius ⁊ Elenor nama, na romarbsat a n-airm foden. Elenor 2225 dono in tan adconnairc na Rudulta ime do gach aird, dothuig co 2226 fuighbed bas leo, ⁊ is i comairle dorone, rogab a sciath ina laim 2227 cli, ⁊ ronocht a claidim in bail is lia ⁊ is dluithi doconnairc na 2228 firu i medhon, ⁊ dobeir borbruathar croda curata chuco, ⁊ nos-geb 2229 sroigleadh ⁊ esargain, leod ⁊ leadradh ⁊ dichendad co mbenadh 2230 bond fri  474a medi ⁊ medi fri aroile acu gach conair dotheghidh 2231 tresin sluagh. Dotoit-sim dono acusum. Licus, immorro, eluidh 2232 side triasna sluaghaib fora chul d' indsaigidh in dunaidh, ⁊ 2233 adnaig ac drem frisin mur ⁊ na Troiandaigh ica fritholum 2234 dona muraib. O 'dconnairc Tuirrn inni sin, rethidh ina 2235 dhiaidh, ⁊ amal robhi Licus ic drem frisin mur, nos-trascrand 2236 co lar chuigi, ⁊ benaidh a chend de. Ba handsin dono 2237 romarb Ilionus trenfer Lucretrum amach. Marbaid Litherus 2238 Emathona. Marbaid Asiltasc Coromeum. Marbaid Seneus 2239 Ortigeim. Marbaid Turnus anund cheana VI laich lanchalma 2240 do trenferaib Troiandach. Marbaid dono Capis amach 2241 Priuernum. Marbaid Mesentius do chloich a tabaill gilla og 2242 amulchach allata robai a n-edach cæmhchumdachta ag gabail 2243 na mur .i. mac Erentes. Robai oglach bæth buadnusach 2244 bagach brigach borrfudhach ar æn re Tuirrn, ⁊ siur do Thuirrn 2245 aigi do mnai, Numanus a ainm. Robai side ag athaisiugud 2246 na Troiandach gu mor, ⁊ ag bem forro gan teacht doib asin 2247 dunadh amach do chothughud, ⁊ is ed roraidh riu: “Nach náir 2248 libh,” ar se, “tæb do tabairt fri daingin mur dogres do bar 2249 n-anacul ar bas, ⁊ nach fhuil da ghoil na do gaiscidh agaib 2250 tiachtain amach as bar muraib? Is mor in dasacht ⁊ in  p.142 2251 drochchiall duib triall ar mna do breith uainne a cath, 2252 ⁊ gabail oraind ar eigin a nEdail, ⁊ sib i nbar ndhainib banda 2253 meta gan gal gan gaiscidh acht tæb re daingin agaib dogres. 2254 Is demhin derb ni rachai in bar mbethaidh uainni. Ni ba 2255 hinund duib ⁊ Greic.” Nir'fulaing tra do Asgan beth ac 2256 eisteacht fris ni bud sia, acht geibid chuigi a soigid, ⁊ roleig 2257 chuigi in tan robai forna briathraib sin co ndeachaid triana 2258 cheand on chluais go 'raill co ndhorchair dochum talman marb 2259 gan anmain, ⁊ roraid Ascan iarsin: “Is e sin in frestal 2260 doberid na Troiandaigh meta forna Rudultaib.” Doghniat dono 2261 Troianaigh gair commaidhmi in echta sin doroine Asgan, 2262 co riacht co clethi n-ær. Fearthar tra cuibleng crodha curata 2263 dia ndhiden, ⁊ dothuit dono sochaidhe etaru isin gliaid sin. 2264 Ba handsin rofhoslaigset in da brathair .i. Pandarus ⁊ Petius 2265 a n-anmanda in dorus robai forsin dunad, ⁊ ba he a n-adbar, 2266 do tocuiredh na Rudullta chucu dochum in dorais ⁊ tosdait 2267 ⁊ toirisid iarsin imon dorus fer dia deis ⁊ fer dia chli ag 2268 coimed in dorais co tosdach. In tan adconncatar na Rudulta 2269 in dorus fhoslaicthi, tiaghait co dana dochum in dorais do 2270 dhul isin dun. Tic and ar tus in caithmhilid Cerquuens, in 2271 comla catha, Aquicolus, ⁊ Timarus dian rigda ronaimdhidhe 2272 ⁊ Emon crodha cathbhuadhach ⁊ tegait buidni ⁊ dirma dermar 2273 deaghlæch ⁊ imad anradh imalle friu. Tinoilet do ghabail 2274 riu in dorais ogbaidh uallach allata na Troiandach robatar ac 2275 cuindghidh nois ⁊ allaid ⁊ urrdhurcus a n-anma. Fearthair 2276 tra gleo fichda feochair fergach andsin a ndorus in daingin ⁊ 2277 tuitidh anraid ⁊ laith gaile do chechtar in da shluagh andsin, 2278 ⁊ maidhidh maidm forna Rudulltaib on dorus ⁊ cuirther a 2279 n-ar ⁊  474b tiagait na Troianaigh a ndhiaid in madma 2280 asin dunad amach. Rosoich iarsin co Tuirnd in daingin 2281 do fhoslugud ⁊ na Troianu do thiachtain as amach, ⁊ 2282 maidm rompo forna Rudultaib ⁊ beth doibh ac cor a n-air. 2283 O rochuala dono Tuirnd na briathra borbuathbasacha sin 2284 fagbais ant inadh a raibi ic toghail in dunaid ⁊ dos-fig a gal  p.144 2285 curud ⁊ a bruth miled ⁊ a nert niadh ⁊ doshoigh cona shochraite 2286 lais a n-aighidh in madhma. Ocus merbaid focetoir inti Patenus 2287 dorala do a ndiaidh na himghona. Marbaid dono Meropen milid, 2288 ocus Eirimantha ocus Petien milid, a comruc deisi. Maidm 2289 remhi iarsin forna Troianaib dochum in dunaidh, ⁊ nos-lenand 2290 Tuirnd cona Rudultaib ac cor a n-air co ndeochaid ina 2291 ndunadh, ⁊ luidh Tuirnd ina ndhiaidh isin dunadh ⁊ nir'len 2292 nech dia muintir he, uair ni fhedatar a techt uaidhib a cumasc 2293 a namad. Robo turus gan tindtudh dosan sin, muna beth 2294 Iunaind aga imchoimhet. In tan tra adconnairc Pindarus a 2295 brathair do marbad .i. Peidias, ⁊ maidm fora muintir, adnaigh 2296 a formna re comlaidh in dorois ⁊ dunaidh frisna Laitintiu ⁊ 2297 forfagaib forind dia muintir fen frisin dorus, ⁊ tic foirend ele 2298 dib isin dunad. Ocus adconnairc tra Pindarus Tuirnd isin 2299 dunadh ic tafand na Troiandach. Fa forbailigh leis a tharrachtain 2300 Tuirnd i n-ecomland, ar ba saint lais a brathair .i. Petias do 2301 dhighail fair, ⁊ roraid fris: “Is tu is maith lend do beith amal 2302 atai. Ni hinund duit ⁊ beith i righdhai Amata ⁊ a cathraigh 2303 Duin .i. i n-Airdea. I scoraib do namhad atai, ⁊ ni bera 2304 'h anmain lat.” Ocus daleg chuigi in gai romor robai ina laim. 2305 Cocerd dono Iunaind in gai sech Tuirnd cor'bean a ndorus in 2306 dunaidh .i. isin ursaind. Dobeir immorro Tuirnd bem do cloidem 2307 dosamh cor'dluig a cend fair ar do co ntorchair marb andsin. In 2308 tan adconncatar na Troiandaigh Pindarnus do toitim, nos-gebh 2309 eagla ⁊ omun, ⁊ techid sechnon in dunaidh ria Tuirnd. Dia 2310 maid edh dogned Tuirnd andsin, in dorus d' foslugud ria muintir, 2311 dotæthsaitis Troiandaigh uile de, ⁊ robad e sin la dedinach na 2312 cathrach. Acht ceana ni hedh sin doroine, uair tainic a bruth ⁊ 2313 a brigh ⁊ a morfergmiled in churad co croda comrumach 2314 cosgurach cathbuadhach, ⁊ ros-geb for sraiglead ⁊ esorgain, leod ⁊ 2315 leadrad, brud ⁊ brisiudh ⁊ basagadh na Troianach gu mbenad 2316 bond fri medi aigi gach conair dotheigedh sechnon in dunaidh. 2317 Marbaid ar tus Pallemerus caithmilid, ⁊ Gigen ⁊ hAlimus ⁊  p.146 2318 Frigia. Ocus marbaid dono iarsin in luchi-sa robatar ac 2319 cathugud dona muraib amach, ⁊ nach feadatar a beith sin isna 2320 muraib ac cor air na Troiannach. Ocus marbaid ochtur sær 2321 soicheneoil do Troianaib ⁊ rosoigh in sgel sin co taisecha 2322 Troianach .i. Tuirn do chur air Troianach. Tic Menesteus ⁊ Sergeastus 2323 rotren isin forithin forroson in tan sin, co n-acatar a muintir 2324 for teched ina n-aigid, ⁊ Tuirnd ica faffand. Is andsin roraid 2325 Menesteus friu: “Cia leth teicthi, a Troianu? Cia daingen ele 2326 gusa teigthi ? Ocus nach náir lib æn duine  475a agaib a medon 2327 bar ndunaidh a cor bar n-air, ⁊ sibsi uime as gach aird?” 2328 Impoid arsain dochum Tuirnd uili, ⁊ rogabsat fora esargain as 2329 gach aird, ⁊ as e a med rothuaircset he, conar'imoilg a anal, ⁊ 2330 cona chæmhnacair armu do imirt, ⁊ co tuitfed leo, mina beth 2331 Iunaind ica coimed, ⁊ ac cur a n-arm seocha. Ba doilgi do 2332 Menesteus a ænur ina sluagh uile. O rogabad airc de amlaidh 2333 sin, ros-geb foilliugud rompu dochum in muir, o nach fuair 2334 conair eluidh aile uaidibh, ⁊ lingidh don mur amach, amal robai, 2335 cona armaib, a sruth Tibir, ⁊ rochuaid, ⁊ se lochairte lethbaiti, 2336 dochum a mhuintiri, ⁊ batar failtigh fris, uair ge rainic chucu, 2337 nir'shailset a riachtain.


Tic deridh don lo, ⁊ scuirthea in deabaid, ⁊ teid cach 2339 dia lebaidh, ⁊ scuirid co maidin arnamharach. Bai tra mor 2340 do cnedaibh ⁊ toirrsi ⁊ sireachtaib a ndunad na Troianach 2341 isin aidchi sin, ocus bai mor do dherfadhaigh ⁊ do ghuba 2342 ⁊ geran ⁊ lamchomairt, ocus bai mor nguil ⁊ mairgnighi ⁊ 2343 derchainti, uair doradsat dia n-airi gan imnedh ⁊ gan dochair 2344 fri re na VII mbliadan o tancatar on Trae gusin aidchi sin. 2345 Ba haithrech leo gan anmhain a Sigil no a Cartaigin. 2346 Rotallsat cell dia n-anmain in tan sin, ar ni roibi conair 2347 eluidh acu, uair doronsat baindea muiridhi dia longaib cona 2348 cæmnacair dul for fairgi, ⁊ roiadh dono morshluagh na Rudullta 2349 do leith tiri cona raibi conair eluid aco na teicnid, ⁊ ni torracht 2350 Ænias dia foirithin asin gabadh a r-rabatar.


Ba baghach brigach immorro ⁊ ba subach forbailidh robas 2352 a scoraib na Rudalltai, o rosailset muradh in daingin 2353 forna Troianaib, ⁊ a dilgend iarsin. O tainic tra in maidin 2354 in lai arnamarach atrachtatar na Rudullta ⁊ fobraid togail 2355 in duin forna Troianaib ⁊ ac brisiud ma mur ⁊ a loscadh. 2356 Fobrais in cur crodha cathbuadach .i. Caisius Umbresides 2357 ⁊ na fir airdmenmnacha anrata .i. Ecatonius ⁊ Timedes ⁊ 2358 Asaracus ⁊ Castor ⁊ Tibris.


Adnagaid anall anruith gaili na Troianach forna muraibh do 2360 chathugud ina n-aigidh .i. da mac Sarpetoin righda 2361 rocalma, brathair Lamhedoin ⁊ Ethimoin ⁊ Acomonus .i. 2362 brathair Mensedei ⁊ curuidh ⁊ caithmhilid na Troianach 'malle 2363 friu. Tic dono etaru sin isin cath in mæthoglach an urdirc allata 2364 ⁊ in maccæm ⁊ in mertretill ⁊ in rind agha ⁊ imghona iarthair 2365 .i. Asgan mac Ænias meic Anachis meic Ilois meic Trois meic 2366 Erectonius meic Dardain meic Ioibh meic Saduirnd int Asgan 2367 isin, fer suairc sochraid seghaind særcheniuil in mac sin, bunudh 2368 oirechus ⁊ ardflaithiusa in domain uili eside, ar is uada 2369 rogenetar airdrigha in domain. Tainic dono Ismarus ⁊ Menestius ⁊ 2370 Capis imalle fris. Roferadh tra coibleng croda crechtach 2371 crolinteach guinech fuilech fæbargher andsin. Ba baghach 2372 brigach borrfudach roferadh le caithmiledaib crodha curata .i. 2373 cechtar de  475b in da sluagh in coibleng sin etaru. Cen tra 2374 robatar forin cathugud sin na Rudullta ⁊ na Troianaigh, rosiacht 2375 Ænias ⁊ Paill co sgur na n-Edrusdegda baile i mbai Tarchon 2376 drui, ⁊ tuisigh ⁊ flaithi ⁊ maithi na n-Edrusdagda 'malle fris ac 2377 frithalum coctha Tuirnd ⁊ Mestenti roindarbsat a righa uaidibh. 2378 O rosiacht tra Ænias gusna maithib sin roindis doib inni fa 2379 rainig chucu .i. do chuindgidh sochraide uaidib a n-aigidh 2380 Tuirnd ⁊ Mestenti robatar ica indarba a hEdail. Roindis doib 2381 a slond ⁊ a chenel ⁊ a imtechta ⁊ fochund a tiachtana co hEtail. 2382 O docualatar inni sin roraid Ænias, dochuatar maithi na 2383 n-Edrusdagdha d'a comairle d'a fhis ca fregra dobertais for Ænias.  p.150 2384 Doraid Tarcon friu: “Is særclanda inti tainic chugaibh. Is 2385 uaitni catha, ⁊ is ord esoirgni ⁊ bruiti bidbad, is sgiath ditin 2386 ⁊ imdeghla crichi ⁊ feraind, is cur crodha cosgarthach, 2387 cathbuadhach, co mbruth ⁊ co mbrigh ⁊ co mborrfadh, co med ⁊ 2388 miadh ⁊ maisi, co mini ⁊ co mordacht ⁊ co m-maccæmdacht, co 2389 cruth ⁊ co cell ⁊ co cenel, go ngais ⁊ go ngail ⁊ go ngaisgidh. 2390 Ocus is drech ollumun ⁊ is gnuis righ lais ⁊ is coir fregra maith 2391 do thabairt fair.” Is ed roraidsit fri Tarcon: “In comairli 2392 berisiu, is i dogenum.” “Is i mo chomairli duib,” ar in drui, 2393 “is ed fuil a tairngiri duib, ri echtrandcheniuil do gabail, do 2394 dichur aindligidh Mesanti dib. Gebid Ænias do righ duib, ocus 2395 tabraidh sochraidhe leis a n-aigidh Mesenti.” Doberaidh righi 2396 iarsin do Ænias ⁊ a sochraidi ⁊ a sluaigh a hil-cathrachaib 2397 ⁊ a hil-poiblibh Tusgia ⁊ Ebrusdagdha ⁊ Lidia do teacht a 2398 forithin Ænias. Ba mor tra in sluag ⁊ in tinol tainic andsin. 2399 Ba baghach ⁊ ba sochla in coimerghi doronsat. Batar imda rig ⁊ 2400 tuisigh ⁊ ogthigern ⁊ uirrigh, curuidh ⁊ caithmilid ⁊ laith gaili ⁊ 2401 amuis ⁊ anruith ⁊ maccæm ac cuindgidh allaidh ⁊ oirdercus 2402 isin tinol sin tainic a forithin Ænias. O doruachtatar tra na 2403 sloig sin uili æn baile, dochuaid Ænias ⁊ Paill ⁊ Tarcon, righ na 2404 n-Eodrusdagda, cosin foirind rothogsat imalle riu, dochum in 2405 coblaigh ⁊ dochuadar lucht XXX long for fairgi ⁊ dochuaidh 2406 in sluagh uile for tir ar cena i comdail in choblaigh sin gusin 2407 dunadh a mbatar na Troiandaigh. Dochuaid Ænias in la sin 2408 a cend seda lin a choblaigh, ⁊ adnaig ar seolad co haidchi. 2409 In tan tra robhai Ænias for stiuir a luingi isin aidchi, tic 2410 bandia Cimodocia 'na dochum, ⁊ gebid erus na luingi ina 2411 laimh, ⁊ is ed roraidh ris: “A meic na baindea, an lin long 2412 tangumar let co hEtail ron-sai Cibille baindea a rechtaib 2413 bandea muridhe ar na loisged Tuirrn in la tanic diar losgad, 2414 ⁊ o rofetamar do thiachtain isin conair-sea tangamar-ni d'indisin 2415 sgel duidsiu. Dena calma ⁊ erg d'fhoirithin  476a Asgain fuil 2416 a ngabudh ac Tuirnd ⁊ tabair cath do Thuirnd amarach, ⁊  p.152 2417 muidfidh fair in cath ⁊ cuirfe dergair Rudullta and.” O 2418 roraidh Cimodocea na briathra-sa, dochuaidh uad iarsin ina 2419 luathshaignen, ⁊ dochuatar na bandea uili 'malle fria. Rosocht 2420 Ænias iarsin ⁊ ba hingnadh lais rochuala. O tainic tra soillsi 2421 in lai arnamarach, roforcongairt Ænias for lucht in coblaigh 2422 beth i fur in chatha arnamarach, ⁊ techt co ferdha ⁊ cu fortamail 2423 a fhoirithin a muintire robatar a ngabhadh ac Laidindaib ⁊ ag 2424 Rudultaib ag toghail a ndaingin forro. In tan tra adconncatar 2425 na Troiandaigh, robatar ac congbail na cathrach, in coblach 2426 dochum in puirt, doberait gair mhor estibh, ⁊ tegaid go dichra 2427 isin cathugudh gur'machtnaighset na Rudulta med ⁊ danadus 2428 in engnuma doronsat friu. In tan adconnairc Tuirrn in coblach 2429 dochum in phuirt, roraidh risna Rudultaib foghail in dunaidh 2430 do legan uaidibh, ⁊ teacht do gabail in puirt frisin coblach. 2431 In tan tra adconnairc Tarcon anni sin, rogres lucht in coblaigh, 2432 ⁊ roraidh riu na longa d'imrum co mbetis a mbruindi for tir 2433 ⁊ gach fer cona armgaisced do lem for tir ina urchomair ⁊ 2434 doronsat in comairle sin dorat Tarcon doibh a lin uili acht 2435 nama robrised long Tarcon fen im charraic conidh ar snam 2436 rosiacht a forend dochum tiri. Dochuaidh tra lucht in choblaigh 2437 a tir forro d'fhoregin isin port, ⁊ rotaifnit na Rudulta uad, 2438 ⁊ dochuaidh Ænias iarsin lucht a loingsi co ndesid a ndhorus in 2439 dunaidh i r-rabatar a mhuinter, ⁊ dochuadar cuigi amach a 2440 muinter asin dunadh focetoir. Doruachtatar dono chucu in tan 2441 sin na sloigh rodailset dia muintir for tir. O doruachtatar 2442 chuco dochum n-æn baili na sluaigh sin uile, doronsat a 2443 corugudh ina cathaib, ⁊ rochoraigset gach righ fo leth dib 2444 'sin cath cona shlogh diles ⁊ cona sochraiti fen. Rohordaiged 2445 a righ ⁊ a taisigh, a curuid ⁊ a caithmilid ⁊ a laith gaili ina 2446 fhiadhnaisi isin cath re diden ⁊ re himdegail ⁊ urrsglaidi 2447 dara ceand i n-aighidh a mbidbud isin cath. O thairnig 2448 tra do Ænias corugud in catha, rogres ⁊ ronert in sluag uili,  p.154 2449 ⁊ roraid riu: “Is coir duib,” ar se, “a anradu særclanta, 2450 calma do denum, ar bid sochla somainech duib madh romaib 2451 muidhfes. Rosia clu ⁊ urdurcus bar ngaile ⁊ bar ngaiscid gach 2452 leth fon domun. Biaidh bar n-egla ⁊ bar n-omun forna cenelaib 2453 comfhoicsib fuilet umuib, ⁊ lemthai gach æn, ⁊ ni lema æn sib, 2454 mad romaib muidfis in cath-sa aniu for Tuirrn. Is cosmuil rib 2455 calmacht do denum. Ad rigda ruaigmhera bar riga, trena 2456 talchara bar taisigh. Ad glica gætha bar comairligh. Ad 2457 læchda ledmeacha londgarga bar laith gaili. Ad croda calma 2458 curata bar caithmilid. Is maith  476b dono bar congaib airm 2459 dochum in catha, ⁊ at imda bar luirecha ailli umhaidhi, at iat 2460 trebraidi tredualacha co cathbarraib firailli forordhaib. At imda 2461 dono bar cæmsceith corcra cumaidhe cobsaidi, ⁊ bar ngai glasa 2462 gormchruaidhi, ⁊ bar slega semnecha slisgorma. Ad imda bar 2463 soighedbuilg ⁊ bar soigdi cæma cumdachta d'or orloiscthe. 2464 Uime sin is athais mor daib muna derntai calma amlaid sin, ⁊ 2465 febus in adbair fuil agaib.”


Cen dono robai Ænias ac corughud a catha ⁊ ac nertad a 2467 sloigh, rotinoilit a sloigh ⁊ a sochraidi dochum Tuirnd, ⁊ 2468 rocoraig a catha, ⁊ rogres a sloigh, ⁊ ronert co nderntais calma 2469 ac indarba in tshloigh teicthigh uaithib .i. na Troianach nach 2470 fuaratar a ndin isin domun acht a mbeth for indarba a tir i tir co 2471 torachtatar Edail. Roraid dono fos: “Bud andum leb bith fo 2472 chis ⁊ fo fhognum don drochcenel fheltach ut na Troianach; 2473 ⁊ gid ed on, ni gebthar uaibsi acht muirfider bar særcland ⁊ 2474 dærfaiter bar mna ⁊ bar meic ⁊ bar n-ingena. Bertar bar n-or 2475 ⁊ bar n-airgit ⁊ bar n-uili indmus ⁊ maine, mina cathaigthi co 2476 calma ac diden bar n-atharda i n-aighidh na Troianach.”


O ruscaig doib tra a catha do corugud ⁊ a sloig do nertadh 2478 ⁊ do gressacht, ⁊ o rogabsat a n-idhna catha forro, ⁊ rocomfoicsigh 2479 cach dib dochum a chele co talcar tren tarpthech, ⁊ co brigmar 2480 borrfudach, ⁊ ba failidh badb derg dasachtach ac imchosait etir,  p.156 2481 in da chath sin, ba trom sceo nemi ⁊ aingceoil ⁊ duabus for 2482 sluaghaib Rudultaib in la sin. Ni bai doib adbar sitha d'Ænias 2483 d'a festais indi robai de. Ba hadhuathmhar edigh in buiridhach 2484 robuirsed damraidh daghchalma na Troianach ⁊ na 2485 n-Eodruisdegda ⁊ na n-Arcaidegda do chath fri Rudultaib. Roferad tra 2486 cuibleng croda crolinteach fuileth guinech gabalach crechtach 2487 crolintech etarru 'sin chath sin. Ba brisc fidbuidh a lamhaib 2488 læch lanchalma isin cath cetna. Rochlos and dresachtach na 2489 n-narm ⁊ tulguma na sgiath ⁊ sgredgairi na ngai ⁊ fedgaire na 2490 cloidem ⁊ siangairi na soighed. Adceasa andsin sruthana fola 2491 fordhergi a hindaib laigin lanfhuiltech ⁊ colg nded nduaibseach 2492 n-aigthide imamnus ⁊ a hindaib cloidem corr coindealta 2493 corcordha. Dorochradar andsin tra don tslogh chechtardha gleri 2494 laech londghuinech for inchaib a tigernadh. Dorochradar and 2495 fos oirrigha ana ilardha don tshlogh cobsaid cechtarda sin. 2496 Ba haigthidhe aduathmhar, ⁊ ba cobsaidh curata in fhobairt 2497 tuc Ænias for slogh na Rudulta, ⁊ se ⁊ luirech trebraid 2498 tredhualach alaind umaidhe uime, ⁊ cathbarr fororda fora cind, 2499 ⁊ sgiath sechtfillti fora chliu, ⁊ claidem cruaidhgher 2500 colundledartha, is e daingen degfhæbrach særdenmach sechtleghtha 2501 co demin ina des laim aga slaidhi ⁊ iga slechtadh, ica leodh ⁊ 2502 ica letrad aga ndhichendadh ⁊ aga n-athcuma co mbenadh bond 2503 fri medi aigi gach conair rotheghedh tresin cath. In tan  477a 2504 tra bai Ænias forsin luinde sin, dorala chuigi ina aighidh in 2505 cur croda comrumach .i. Telon cathmilid. Focerd gliaidh do 2506 Ænias, ⁊ marbad Telon isin gliaidh sin. Doroich dono chuigi 2507 iarsin Licias lanchalma, ⁊ dobeir comram tend talchar do Ænias 2508 co ndorchair Lidsias la hÆnias. Dorochratar leisin curaidh 2509 Caisias ocus Gias coraidh ocus Paro ocus Sidon ⁊ VII meic 2510 Pairci doradsat amus for Ænias. Ocus Meon ocus Alcanor a 2511 brathair ocus Nuimitor cathmilid. Ocus ros-imrend dono 2512 Ænias iarsin fo sluagaib na Rutulta fo cosmhailius tairb 2513 dasachtaigh rogialla gail ⁊ gnathengnum. Dothoitetar lais rig ⁊  p.158 2514 taisigh ⁊ trenmilid ⁊ laith gaile na Rutulta, ⁊ teichid roime 2515 iarsin ac cor a n-air do. Tic dono Uilessus co sluagaibh 2516 Arcuinsia leis ⁊ Mesapus cona sochraidi a n-aighidh in madma, 2517 ⁊ fosaighit in cath 'gan muigh sin ⁊ cathaichthir co dur 2518 ⁊ co dichra do cechtar in da lethi andsin. Dothoit and ilar 2519 caithmiled ⁊ laith ngaili do cechtar in da shlogh. Dobeir 2520 dono Paill mac Euaindir fobairt co talchar tairpthech for sluagaib 2521 na Rudulta ⁊ sloidhidh bearn C romhi isin chath ⁊ dothuit 2522 leis Lagus lanchalma. Ocus Ispon ocus Sedemus ocus 2523 Anchemoluus ocus Lairdeis ocus Timeris ocus Roedes ocus Illus. Dobeir 2524 dono Aleasus do muintir Tuirrn fobairt for slogh na Troianach 2525 ⁊ dothoit Ladona ⁊ Fereta ⁊ Demodeus ocus Strimonus ⁊ 2526 Toans ⁊ Imoanus. In tan dono bai ac bein a fhodbha don 2527 cathmilid dia n-adh ainm Imaonus, doruacht Paill mac Euaindir 2528 ina dochum, ⁊ feraid comruc feig feochair fergach fæbrach 'na 2529 ndhis, ⁊ dothuit Alessus la Paill isin comruc, ⁊ beridh a fodb. 2530 Rofobair dono Lausus mac Mestensus slogha na Troianach ⁊ 2531 fobraidh na hArcaidegda, ⁊ focherd ár mor forro. Adnaig dono 2532 Paill mac Euaindir ina aigid do leth eli. Dofearadh combaigh 2533 crodha curata andsin etir na rigmileda .i. Paill mac Euaindir 2534 ⁊ Lausus, ⁊ torchair sochaidhi mor don tshlogh cechtarda na 2535 Rudulta ⁊ na n-Arcaidegdha.


In tan tra adconnairc Tuirnd in rebradh ⁊ in scannradh 2537 tuc Paill for sluagaib na Rudulta ⁊ dothæd triasin cath do 2538 frithalum Paill. In tan adconnairc Paill Tuirnd 'na dochum 2539 foicsighidh do frithalum co fhichdha fuireachair, ⁊ tic co 2540 talchar dana a n-aigidh Tuirnd, ⁊ in tan doruacht Tuirnd 2541 ina dhochum cona raibi acht edh urchuir etaru, crothaidh 2542 Paill in gai romor, ⁊ roleig co fortren feramhaill ar amus 2543 Tuirrn co ndeachaid triasin sgiath sechtfhillti, ⁊ ni rainic 2544 a chnes ar rola Iunaind seacha rind in ghai, ar is amhlaid 2545 robai Tuirrn in la sin, ⁊ Iunaind ica imdiden conach rictis 2546 airm a namat. Doleig dono Tuirrn aurchur don laigin lethan 2547 glas robai ina laimh co ndeachaid tresin sciath do Phaill ⁊  p.160 2548 tresin luirich trebraid tredualaigh ⁊ trena uchtbruindi ⁊ co 2549 robris a craidi ar dho, ⁊ co ruc urraind triana dhruim siar, 2550 ⁊ benaidh Paill  477b in gai ass, ⁊ rod-chroithind, ⁊ in 2551 trath rothom a thelgan aris for Tuirnd, tegaid airdi ega 2552 chuigi, ⁊ toitid marb gan anmain i cris a sceith. Doroich 2553 Tuirrn chuigi iarsin, ⁊ is ed roraidh: “Is amlaidh sin,” ar se, 2554 “as maith leam do beth a luagh do chairdiusa fri hÆnias”; 2555 ⁊ benaid de in cris bai 'mo thæb rochumdaigh do Cloandus 2556 d'or orloiscthi ⁊ do gemaib carrmogaill, ⁊ dia fesadh inni 2557 robhai dho dhe iartain, robad fearr do na robenadh uad in 2558 oirid sin, ar ba he fochund a bais iartain.


In tan tra adconcatar na hArcaidegdha Paill do thoitim 2560 la Tuirn, dosoichid co talchar dana do chosnum in cuirp fri 2561 Tuirn, ⁊ beridh uad in corp, ⁊ doberaid leo for cris a sceith, ⁊ 2562 doghniat morghair ghubha ⁊ guil ⁊ basgaire mor ac cainedh 2563 Paill. Roichidh tra in scel sin co hÆnias .i. Tuirnd do 2564 marbad Paill ⁊ a beth ac cur air na n-Arcaidegdha ⁊ na 2565 Troianach iarsin. In tan tra rochuala Ænias in sgel sin, 2566 doerigh a bruth ⁊ a brig and, ⁊ a fherg ⁊ a gal curudh, 2567 ⁊ adraig a en gaile co mbai for luamain uasa cind. Ba 2568 ferg nathrach ferg Ænias in tan sin. Ba bruth miled ⁊ ba 2569 luth leomain, ba gal curudh, ba nert niad, ba lamach læch 2570 lais. Ba handsa tra fulung a fergi ⁊ frithalum a 2571 mhac-comlaind in la sin. Noimrind in tan sin amal damh 2572 dassachtach rogialla gail, no amal leomain londbrighach, 2573 ⁊ nos-geb sroghled ⁊ esargain, ⁊ focerd ar dimor forro ag 2574 indsaighidh do triasin cath for iarraid Tuirnd. Dothoit les 2575 na ceithri cathmilid IIII meic ⁊ Magho milid ⁊ Anexirius 2576 ⁊ Taircitus ⁊ Anteus ⁊ Ludsius cathmilid ⁊ Ligear a brathair. 2577 In tan tra adconnairc Iunaind int ar mor sin rola Ænias 2578 for Rudultaib ac iarraidh Tuirrn tresin cath, ba homun le a 2579 torachtain co Tuirnd, ⁊ Tuirnd do thoitim lais. Is i comairle  p.162 2580 doroine, nos-dealband hi fen a richt Ænias cona airmgaisged, 2581 ⁊ tic a n-aighidh Tuirnd, ⁊ fograidh comlund fair, ⁊ dobeir 2582 athais o briathraib do. Tic Tuirnd co talchar dana ina 2583 haighidh ⁊ doleg urchur don gai robai ina laimh fora hamus. 2584 Teichidh Iunaind roimhi sin andsain ⁊ impoidh a druim 2585 ris iga theichid. Ba dearb la Tuirnd gor'be Ænias fen 2586 roteich romhe. Rogab ar cell coscur do thocur do for 2587 Ænias, ⁊ roraidh fris: “As nar duit teichedh,” for se, “ocus 2588 na fag do muintir isin tir dia tanagais iarraidh for il-mhuirib 2589 ⁊ il-tirib. Doberthar duit annosa om des-sea foimdin firchalma 2590 fon ferand, ⁊ oiris annossa co fessam cuich uaind bus crodha 2591 ⁊ na teich.” O roraidh Tuirnd na briathra-sa, nochtaidh a 2592 cloidem, ⁊ teid ina diaidh dia tarrachtain. Teichidh Iunaind 2593 roime dochum in cobhlaigh, ⁊ teid a luing Oirisius Ebrusdagda, 2594 ⁊ is amlaidh robai side, ⁊ ted esti a tir. Teid Tuirnd ina  478a 2595 diaidh dono isin luing. Impoid Iunand iarsin dochum na teidi, 2596 ⁊ nos-ledrand ⁊ dobeir in gæth ⁊ in sruth fhuadach forin luing 2597 amach forsin fairgi, ⁊ teid Iunand uad for foluamain isin ær, ⁊ 2598 fagbaid Tuirnd a ænur isin luing, ⁊ ni fhidir Tuirrn andside cid 2599 dogenad. Fuabraid for nemeli moir ⁊ toirrsi, ⁊ is ed roraidh: 2600 “A dhea nime, cidh 'ma tugadh in tromdighal-sa formsa? Cidh 2601 dogen, no cia leth ragat, no in rius aris mo thir ⁊ mo chairdi? 2602 Ocus is truag dham nach eg dofhuarus, ocus oirchisidh damh, a 2603 gætha, ⁊ brissid in luing imna cairgib-sea go nam-basat”; ⁊ 2604 triallaid a legad 'mo chloidimh, ⁊ tomaid fo tri lem isin fairgi 2605 dia bathudh acht rotairmisg Iunaind sin uime. Cen tra robai 2606 Tuirnd isin gabad sin, beridh in gæth ⁊ in sruth in luing co 2607 hAirdea co cathraigh nDuin. Ba heside athair Tuirrn in 2608 Duin isin ⁊ o robreg tra Iunaind Tuirnd le asin cath, conngbaid 2609 Mestentius in cath dia eis i n-aigidh Ænias, ⁊ nos-imrind co 2610 læchdha laidir fo slogh na Troianach, ⁊ focert ar mor forro, ⁊ 2611 dothoit lais Ebrus cathmilid, ⁊ Lathogus, ⁊ Palamus, ⁊ 2612 Euchaides, ⁊ Arcon, ⁊ Orodeis, ⁊ doberaid dono na Rudullta 2613 co dana dichra isin cath ar æn re Mestensius. Marbaid Cetacus  p.164 2614 Rudulta Alcatham. Marbaid Sagrator Itaspen. Ocus Rapo 2615 Partenim ⁊ Oirtes. Marbaid Mesapus Colonium Atroinium ⁊ 2616 Lichaonium ⁊ Eucaten. Marbaid Salius Troianach Atroinum. 2617 Marbaid Sailium. Fearthar tra cath fichda fergach andsin do 2618 cechtar in da lethi. Ni roibi menmna techidh ac cechtar de. Ni 2619 tarlaig nechtar de toirisi di' araile. In tan robai in cath a coimtend 2620 etaru, dobeir Mestensius tolg dermhair i cath na Troianach, 2621 ⁊ fobraidh scanrudh ⁊ sgaileadh for sluagaib na Troianach. 2622 O 'dconnairc Ænias inni sin, dobeir frithalum fair in conair 2623 tainic. In tan rofhairich Mestensius Ænias ica fhrithalumh 2624 doleg urchur don gai romhor robai ina laimh for amus Ænias 2625 co roscend do sgiath Ænias co romarb milid do muintir 2626 Euaindir. Doleg dono Ænias in gai robai ina laimh do 2627 Mestensius co ndeachaid triasin sciath sechtfillti, ⁊ triasin 2628 luirigh tredualaigh im Menesdensius co ndorchair for lar don 2629 æn urchur sin. Nochtaid Ænias a cloidim, ⁊ teid ina 2630 dhochum do bein a chind de. In tan adconnairc Lusus a 2631 athair do thoitim, ⁊ Ænias a los a chind do buain de dia 2632 cloidem, maidhidh a dera tara gruadaibh, ⁊ tic a n-aigidh 2633 Ænias, ⁊ tocbaid a sgiath ina agaidh d'anacul a athar, ⁊ ted 2634 Mestensius do nigi a chrecht, ⁊ tic as co ndesidh for bru 2635 in tshrotha oc forcoimet in catha. Gebidh Lusus comlond for 2636 Ænias d'es Mestenti, ⁊ doberait a muinter co dichra ar æn 2637 re Lusus a n-aigid Ænias. Dolegit uili a ngai for Ænias, ⁊ 2638 conngbaid Ænias a sgiath frisna gaib, ⁊ focerd  478b de na 2639 gai uile, ⁊ dobeir Ænias ruathar crodha curata i n-aghaid 2640 Lusais, ⁊ saidhidh in cloidem coraigi a urdornd triana slis, 2641 ⁊ thoitid Lusus marb gan anmain don æn guin sin. In tan 2642 adconnairc Ænias in gne tainic don maccæm iarna toitim, ⁊ 2643 tic a cridhi fair, ⁊ ba trogh lais, ⁊ fagaidh a airm ⁊ a fhodb 2644 uili aigi, ⁊ legidh a chorp dia muintir dia adhnucul. Beraid a 2645 muinter corp Lusais leo for crandaib a ngai dochum Mestensius 2646 baile i raibi for bru in tshrotha ina freslaighi, ⁊ se indlobhar 2647 don guin tuc Ænias fair, ⁊ siat-san for guba ⁊ for toirse 2648 dia indsaigidh. O rochuala Mestensius in guba sin, atgeoin a  p.166 2649 cride conid e Lusus dorchair and, ⁊ doruacht corp a meic. 2650 Fobraidh for guba ⁊ toirrsi, ⁊ is ed roraid: “A meic inmuin, 2651 is truagh in clæchmodh, tusu do marbad, ⁊ misi do beth i 2652 mbeathaid. Tabair damsa each mo meic ⁊ ragad-sa fair do 2653 dhenum comraig fri hÆnias co romarbur-sa he a ndigail mo 2654 meic, no co marba-sam misi ar æn re mo mac.” Ocus o doruacht 2655 chuigi a ech, teid fair, ⁊ berid lais lan a glaice d'fhoghadhaib. 2656 Adnaig for iarraidh Ænias, ⁊ legidh tri garmand fair, ⁊ rosiacht 2657 co hÆnias, ⁊ legidh tri hurchuir diaidh a ndiaidh fair. Foceard 2658 Ænias de. Doleig dono Ænias urchur fairsim co ndechaid triana 2659 ceand in Rebais .i. in ech robai fæ o chluais co'raile co roling 2660 int ech i n-airdi, ⁊ co ndorchair iarsin fri lar, ⁊ co ndorchair 2661 Mestenti for lar. Nochtaid Ænias a cloidem, ⁊ reithid 'na 2662 dochum. Doberaid na Troianaigh ⁊ na Rudulta co Laidintaib 2663 æn gair estib in tan sin co clos co cleithi ær. Roraid Ænias 2664 fris: “Caidi do brigh ⁊ do nert annosa?” Ocus saidhidh in 2665 cloidem trid, ⁊ adbath Mestensius don æn guin sin, ⁊ beridh 2666 Ænias a fhodbh ⁊ a arm. Maididh in cath iarsin forna 2667 Rudultaib, ⁊ focerdaid na Troianaigh a n-ar c'aidche, ⁊ o 2668 thairnic doib a n-ar do chur, tinoilit fodbu ⁊ armu in fiallaigh 2669 romarbad, ⁊ gabait longport in aidchi sin a scoraib na Rudulta, 2670 ⁊ berair lais corp Paill isin aidchi sin i ndunad na Troianach.


O thainic tra maidin in lai arnamarach, adracht Ænias, ⁊ 2672 rothinoilit chuigi a rig ⁊ a thaisigh ⁊ a degdaine, ⁊ doronsat 2673 edpurta dia ndeb arin cosgur dorala doib. Ocus ronert ⁊ 2674 rogres Ænias iarsin a righa ⁊ a thaisecha con nderntais calma, 2675 ⁊ co mbetis urluime do thecht co cathraich Laitin, acht co 2676 tairsidh do chach adnacul a carat, ⁊ co rohidnaicthea corp 2677 Paill uadh ar tus co cathraich Euaindir. Ocus o roraid na 2678 briathra-sa rochai cor'fhliuch a ucht ⁊ a aighid gusin 2679 dunadh bail a mbai corp Baill, ⁊ Achates airmimcoraidh 2680 Euainir ic imcoimed in chuirp. O rosiacht Ænias gusin corp  p.168 2681 doroine gubha mor, ⁊ is ed roraidh: “A meic inmuin,” ar 2682 se, “ni he sin imscaradh  479a rob ail dunn etraind. Truagh 2683 nach tugadh cairdi duid co mbemis a comflaithius. Is mairg 2684 damsa, ⁊ is mairg d'Asgan, in dedhail sin.” O roraidh 2685 Ænias na briathra-sa, roforchongair in corp do breth co 2686 cathair Euaindir, ⁊ faididh mile fer n-armach dia idnucul, ⁊ 2687 doberait seoit ⁊ maine imda leis, ⁊ berair fuidb ⁊ airm na 2688 miled romarb, ⁊ imthighet uad in foirind sin.


Dochuaidh Ænias ina scoraib iarsin, ⁊ doroich teachtairi 2690 chuigi o cathraigh Laitin, ⁊ gesga pailme ina laimh, do 2691 chuindgidh deonaichi do Laidintaib, cuirp a muintire do 2692 adnacul. Is i fregra tuc Ænias forro: “Ni sinne as cintach 2693 ribsi, acht sibsi robris sidh foraind, ⁊ rothogh cairdius re Tuirn 2694 seochumsa. Robad fhearr sidh frib fos inas debaidh. Ni do 2695 dhenum cogtha no catha frib tangumar chugaib, acht na dei da 2696 radh rind isin Edail robhai a ndhan duind ferand do gabail; ⁊ 2697 berid-si cuirp bar muintire lib, ⁊ denaid adnacul doib, ⁊ robad 2698 fherr lim comdibi duib.” Batar buidhich teachta Laitin don 2699 athaisc fuaratar, ⁊ doradhadh doib osadh da la deg re hadhnacul 2700 a muintire gan indsaighidh forro, ⁊ roimtigset dia tigh lasin 2701 n-aithisc sin teachta Laitin. Rosoich dono in sluagh docuatar 2702 la corp Paill co dunadh Euaindir. Rosoicheadh lucht in 2703 dunaidh co nguba ⁊ co cainedh mor ina n-aigidh, ⁊ o rosiachtatar 2704 for æn baile, roferad mor nguba aco 'malle. Tanic dono 2705 Euaindir triasin sluag andsin gosin fuat fora roib a mhac co 2706 tugad do for lar in fuat, ⁊ go rolaig forin corp, ⁊ se for 2707 derfadaig, ⁊ is ed roraid: “A meic inmuin,” for se, “as truag 2708 damsa nach me dochuaid d'eg romut, ⁊ is mongenar dod mathair 2709 andiu a heg remhut.” Berair Paill iarsin isin cathruigh; ⁊ robas 2710 co dubach inte in aidhchi sin. Doronadh dono techta a 2711 adnacuil do Paill iarsin, ⁊ roraid Euaindir risna sluaghaib 2712 tangatar do idnacul Paill: “Ergidh do shaighidh in righ ⁊  p.170 2713 abraidh ris, `as trogh mo betha-sa andiu do es mo meic, ⁊ is coir 2714 dosam a dighailt for Tuirrn.'” Rosiachtatar dono a muinter 2715 iarsin co hÆnias, ⁊ dochuatar do briathra Euaindir. Doronad 2716 dono in tan sin ac Ænias ⁊ acna teachtaib adnacul dia cairdib ⁊ 2717 dia muindtir o bes genti. Robai mor do ghuba ⁊ toirrsi dono 2718 in tan sin i cathair Laitin. Robatar maithri inti ac cainedh 2719 a mac, ⁊ meic ac cainedh a n-athar, ⁊ seathracha ac cainedh 2720 a mbrathar ⁊ comfochraib ac cainedh a chele. Ba dubach 2721 toirrsech robas inti ⁊ batar dimdhaigh toirrsigh do Thuirnd uile, 2722 ⁊ aderdis ba lor do Thuirnd e fen a ænur do dul a comrac re 2723 hÆnias do chosnum a mna cen co tartar for maithib Edaili 2724 tocht dia muintir in n-aighidh Ænias dia marbad do chosnum 2725 mna fris. Roraid dono Dranches: “Is ed toghus Ænias,” ar 2726 se, “Tuirn a ænur do thiachtain a comlund chuigi, ⁊ cach do 2727 beth a sidh.”


 479bIn tan tra robatar forna briathraib sin, doruacht cucu 2729 Uenelus do choid do saighid Diomit do chuindchidh sochraidi 2730 chuigi i n-aigidh Ænias, ⁊ o doruachtatar na techta cuigi, 2731 roforcongair Laidin for righaibh ⁊ for taisechaib na Laidinta 2732 tiachtain ina dochum i n-æn oireacht cor'indisidh Uenelus scela 2733 doib ⁊ co ndentais a comairli i n-æn baili. O doruachtatar uili 2734 iarsin a maithi co roraidh Laitin re Uenelus scela a imtechta 2735 do indisin doib, adfed Uenelus doib iarsin a scela. “Ranac-sa,” 2736 ar se, “co sguru in rig Diomit, ⁊ rothaisbensam do na 2737 hairrceda rucsat lind, ⁊ roraidhsim ris conid do chuindhghidh 2738 sochraidi uadh i cath i n-aigidh Ænias dochuamar-ni cuigi. 2739 Rofhregair Diomit duinne co cenais: `Cid dia rag-sa do 2740 chath fri hÆnias uair is me is cintach fris, ni he as chintach 2741 frim? Robuailus do chloich agon Trai, ⁊ rocuidicus iga toghail, 2742 ⁊ romdagar e trid sin. Ni dligim ni de. Ni huis in læch rofhuil 2743 and. Maith a lus claidim ⁊ sceith, calma a lus gai, ⁊ aner in fer 2744 doful an. Ni ba me brisfes firindi fair. Ocus tabhraidh do 2745 Ænias na haiscedha dorat sibh lib damsa, ⁊ denaid sidh fris. 2746 Rochuingidh na scela sin,” ar Uenelus, “⁊ denaidh in comairle  p.172 2747 bus maith lib fodesta im sidh no im cath re Troianaib, ar ni 2748 foil toirmesc o Dhiomit ara caradrad na ar loidigheacht.” 2749 Roraidh Laitin in tan sin. “Ni andiu robo choir dund comairli 2750 uime sin, acht in tan doruachtatar ar namuit co muru ar cathrach 2751 cugaind. Nir'bo choir duind cogad na catha do thabairt don 2752 chenel nemclæti ut na Troianach, ar na cuirend dogres catha 2753 na cogadh do denum, ⁊ ba fearr dund sid ⁊ caratrad riu ina 2754 coghadh.” Roraidh Drainses in tan sin: “Dar lind,” ar se, 2755 “a Laitin, is ed as saint la cach uili in sidh dia lamhtais a radh 2756 la Tuirnd, ⁊ is e ni dia targha in sith suthain .i. Lauina ingin 2757 Laitin do thabairt do Ænias uair is leor leo a med dia mathaib 2758 ⁊ d'a flaithib torchair a cath la hÆnias cen co tisadh ni is mo 2759 lais.” In tan tra rochuala Tuirrn int aithisc roraid Drainses, 2760 ron-gab fearg ⁊ londus fris, ⁊ rochoirich co mor, ⁊ roraidh ris: 2761 “Glorach meta, teichedh cach rofhuil and, is mor do chuit 2762 gloir, ⁊ is beg do cult gaile ⁊ gaiscid.” “Uair is tusu is maith 2763 gaisgidh,” ar Dranses, “ba coru duit cosnum Lauina re hÆnias 2764 ar gaisgid ⁊ ar comrac desi, ar tairgidh Ænias tiachtain do a 2765 comrac ænfhir frit ⁊ cach cena ina tost inas ferg rimsa arin sidh 2766 do nertadh, ar na toitedh maithi Laitinta i cath re hÆnias ni 2767 as mo na dorochratar isna catha dochuirset gus aniu.” Roraid 2768 dono Tuirnd in tan sin: “A Drainces rofhetadar Troianaigh 2769 mo gaisgidh-sa in la dorochair lim Bitas ⁊ Pinsiarus, ⁊ docuadus 2770 im ænar forro 'na n-ænur, ⁊ rolass  480a a n-ar and, ⁊ tanac 2771 imshlan uaidib for cul. Madh omun dono la Latindo cath do 2772 tabairt do Ænias, raghad-sa a comrag ænfhir ina aighidh, ⁊ bidh 2773 na sluaigh uile do beth ina tost co rochuirim ar ngleo ⁊ Ænias. 2774 Gidh cath dono bus fearr la Laitintaib do thabairt d' Ænias, ata 2775 sochraidi mor agaib do tabairt catha leo .i. il-cathracha Edaili 2776 ⁊ Mesapus ⁊ Tolominus ⁊ ill-tuisigh aile cona sochraidi, ⁊ Camilla 2777 co slogaib na Fuillsgita imalle riu.”


In tan robhatar forna himraitibh sin Laitin ⁊ Tuirn ⁊  p.174 2779 Drainches ⁊ tuisigh Laitinda, cumscagaidh Ænias a scoru do 2780 saighidh cathrach Laitin, ⁊ rosoigh cucu Tarcon cona 2781 marcshluagh tar madhredhib na hEtaili dochum a cathrach ⁊ Ænias 2782 cona shlog troigtheach uime i conair aile tar amhredhibh in 2783 tshlebi ina dochum. O roclos in scel sin fasaigh gredhan 2784 mor ⁊ omun lucht na cathrach, ⁊ gabaid egla mor, ⁊ gabaid 2785 cach a arm, ⁊ sgailther int airechtus, ⁊ teid Laitin dia tigh, 2786 ⁊ ba haithrech lais in tan sin gan clemnus re hÆnias. Sentear 2787 stoc aco do comartha tinoil a sloig. Tucad foireand dibsiden 2788 do dhaingniugudh a mur, ⁊ foirind ac doimniugud na class, 2789 ocus foirind ac tinol cloch, ⁊ ag suidiugud slabrand forna 2790 muraib. Ba hegalach uaimnech tra robass i cathair Laitin in 2791 tan sin. Gabaid dono Tuirrn a erredh catha uime, ⁊ teid asin 2792 cathraich amach, ⁊ rothinoil a tir ⁊ a muintir uime .i. a shloigh 2793 ⁊ a shochraidi cona tuiseachaib .i. Mesapus, ⁊ Coras a brathair, 2794 ⁊ Camilla rigan na Fuilsgeta, ⁊ na maithi ar chena, ⁊ rannaidh 2795 a sluagh ar do, ⁊ ordaigther Camilla ⁊ Mesapus ⁊ Coras riana 2796 marcshluag i n-aighidh Tarcon ⁊ marcshluaigh na 2797 n-Ebrusdagda, ⁊ teit Tuirn cona chath troighthech i n-aighidh Ænias 2798 isin sliabh, ⁊ doghni cath etirnaidi i cuimgib in tshlebhi for 2799 cind Ænias. Cen tra robhai Tuirn ac corughudh a shloigh 2800 amlaidh sin, rocomfhoicsigh marcshluagh na n-Ebrusdagdha im 2801 Tarcon ⁊ im thuiseachu Tuiscia ⁊ Eaururia dochum cathrach 2802 Laitin. Dochuaidh dono Mesapus, ⁊ Coras a brathair, ⁊ 2803 Camilla rigan na Fuillsgeta co marcshluagh Laitin ⁊ Rudulta ⁊ 2804 Uilsgita leo i n-aigidh marcshluaigh na n-Ebrusdagdha ⁊ na 2805 Troianach. O rosiachtatar tra in da marrcshluagh sin co 2806 mbatar a comfocus di' araile, doronsat tromgair mor ac comrac 2807 doib, ⁊ rogab cach dib for dibrugudh araile co feochair fæbrach 2808 fichda ⁊ co fergach feg fuilidhi. Tirenus, do muintir Ænias, 2809 ⁊ Acontenus .i. brathair Tuirnd, at e taisigh co n-rancatar and, 2810 ⁊ gresidh cechtar de a each dochum araile co dana dichra co 2811 rancatar na hech ucht fri hucht, ⁊ co ndorchair Acontenus 2812 don chomrug sin, ⁊ co romuidh for marcsluagh Laitin dochum  p.176 2813 na cathrach. Nos-lenaidh na Troianaigh. Ocus  480b lenais 2814 Asilus tuisech do Troianaib co doirrsib na cathrach. 2815 Gnodhaighit aris Laitinta ⁊ dichuirit ar culu na Troianu on cathraig. 2816 Rothaigir dono na Laidinta fo di dochum a cathrach. Ruititer 2817 dono na Troianaigh fo di on cathraigh amach. In tres feacht 2818 rorethit on cathraigh, doratsat uili in marcshluagh cheachtarda 2819 co dur dichra fri cathugud, ⁊ ni roibi menma techid ac nech 2820 dib ri aroile, ⁊ ni tard nech dib grad dia anmain ac 2821 cuindchid allaidh ⁊ oirdhercus anma dia eis. Roindsaigh 2822 cach dib dochum araile co fortren fearamhail ⁊ co talchar 2823 tren, tairptheach, laidir, laimteanach. Tarlaicthe andsin frosa 2824 fola fordergi a sleasaibh segaindi soibesacha særclannta. 2825 Rochlaiset laighni leathanglasa a tæbaib trenmiled. Rotregdsat 2826 soighdi semneacha curpu cæmcuradh comrumach. Dorochradar 2827 and glere læch leitmeach mamchar laimhtinach isin gliaid sin 2828 siu ⁊ anaill, ⁊ dorochradar and anruidh ⁊ amuis ⁊ maccaimh 2829 robatar ac cuindchidh nois ⁊ allaid.


In tan tra b'aine in gleo sin, ⁊ robai in cath i coimtend 2831 ⁊ i comtabairt, dobeir Camilla trenfobairt for marcshluagh 2832 na Troianach ⁊ nos-geb tafund ⁊ dibrugudh, ⁊ ni telgidh 2833 urchur d' imruill gan guin nech no gan marbad duine. 2834 Ros-comthoitset isin fobairt sin in ingenraidh .i. Lairina ⁊ 2835 Tuileala ⁊ Tarpen ⁊ Aca ⁊ in ingenraid ar ceana. Dothoit dono 2836 sochaidi mor do laim Camilla isin fobairt sin le Eurmesus 2837 ⁊ Laris ⁊ Pagesus ⁊ Imnastrus ⁊ Ipotades ⁊ Terea ⁊ Tarpalicus 2838 ⁊ Demopontus ⁊ Cromis ⁊ Ornitus ⁊ Arsilocus ⁊ Buites. Ba 2839 handsin dorala Ligus caithmilid iarna esgar roimpisi dia cois, 2840 ⁊ sise fora heoch ica togairm. In tan rogabad airc de, 2841 roraidh Ligus ria: “Is cora duit torling, ⁊ comlund dod 2842 chois rimsa ar do druine as do gaisgidh 'nas beith for'h ech 2843 amal atai.” O rochualaid-si int aithisc sin tuirlingidh ina 2844 dhochum. In tan adconnairc Ligus Camilla do thoirling 2845 rethidh secui dochum in ech fora raibi, ⁊ lingidh fair, ⁊ 2846 adnaigh 'san imruagadh. O'tconnairc Camilla inni sin, is ed  p.178 2847 roraid: “Ni bera ass tu fen forsin mbreg”: ⁊ rethidh ina 2848 dhiaidh, ⁊ tic timcheall in ech, ⁊ gabaidh aradhain in ech 2849 ina laim, ⁊ trasgraidh Ligus donn eoch, ⁊ nos-marband 2850 iarsin.


In tan tra adconnairc Tarcon in sraigledh ⁊ in esorgain 2852 ⁊ in basugadh tuc Camilla for marcsluag na Troianach, dos-fic 2853 a bruth ⁊ a brig ⁊ fobraidh for gresacht a muintire ⁊ fora 2854 nertadh, ⁊ roraid riu: “Nach nair libh,” ar se, “bean a cor 2855 bar n-air ⁊ go bar tafand”; ⁊ dobeir badbruathar calma curata 2856 co mbai a medon in marcshluaigh Laidinta, ⁊ dirgid a ech 2857 co Venelus robhai aigidh im inchaib fris isin marcshluag 2858 Laidinta, ⁊ dobeir a laim ndhes ina timchell, ⁊ rofuaidgend leis 2859 fora belaib uai 481adib co clos co clethi nime. Doradsat dono 2860 a muindter co dichra 'sin cath ar æn re Tarcon.


Ba handsin tucc Aruns amus for dibrugudh Camilla, ⁊ 2862 doleig in gai robai ina laim fora hamus gan fhaisgin gan 2863 fhairiugudh di cor'bean triana cich ina cliab. Rethid chuice 2864 fochetoir a mna cumtha, ⁊ nos-frithailet in tan bai ic toitim, 2865 ⁊ agaillidh Aca, a bean cumtha-si isidhe, ⁊ is i ba tairisi 2866 disi do mnaib in domain, ⁊ is ed roraidh: “A shiur inmuin,” 2867 ar si, “beir lat int aithisc ⁊ in timna-sa. `Teit d'fhoirithin 2868 na cathrach fodesta ⁊ nachas-legidh do Troianaib hi.'” 2869 Dothoit-si d'aithli na mbriathar sin ⁊ asgnaidh esti a hainim. 2870 Ocus o dorochair Camilla, tra, maididh for marcshluag na 2871 Laidinta dochum a cathrach, ⁊ ros-leanait na Troianaigh ac 2872 cor a n-air co doirrsib na cathrach ⁊ imna doirrsib, ⁊ inti 2873 rotheghid anund, ni thiged amach for culu. Rolad tra ar mor 2874 andsin forna Laidintaib ⁊ forna Rudultaib. Robatar maithri 2875 gan mac andsin, ⁊ mna gan chele, ⁊ seathra gan braithriu. 2876 Rosoich tra a fhis co Tuirn Camilla do marbadh ⁊ maidm fora 2877 marcshluagh ⁊ a n-ar do chur, ⁊ Troianaigh a togail an dunaid 2878 for Laidin. O 'dchualai Tuirnd na sgela sin, fagbaidh int inudh 2879 i raibi ina eadarnaidhi, ⁊ tic d'fhoirithin a chathrach la Laidin. 2880 Tic dono Ænias fochetoir dar a n-es isin inad i raibi in  p.180 2881 edarnaidhi oc Tuirn, ⁊ teid ina diaidh dochum na cathrach, ⁊ 2882 tic in aidhchi doib iarsin ⁊ toirmisgidh cathugudh umpu, ⁊ 2883 adnaghaidh na Troianaigh co maidin fon dunadh. Ba bronach 2884 dubach derfudach robas a cathair Laitin in aidchi sin. Ba 2885 trogh gair guil ⁊ basgairi robai inte .i. cach ac cained a 2886 carad ⁊ a coibnesta. Bai aithber imaithber ogaib in aidchi 2887 sin. Bai dono a n-aithber uili for Tuirrn, ar is e rofaslaig 2888 brisidh sidha for Laitin fri hÆnias. O rochuala Tuirn 2889 cach dimdaigh de ⁊ o rofairigh in anfaindhi ⁊ in nemnerte 2890 tainic do Laidintaibh tria dith a righ ⁊ a taisech, a curud ⁊ 2891 a cathmiled isna cathaib rochuirset fri Troianaib, roraid fri 2892 Laitin: “A righ,” for se, “na bidh a snim no a n-omun fri re 2893 foraib cogtha no catha fri Troianaib o sund amach acht denaidh 2894 sid riu, uair ragad-sa amarach i comruc ænfhir fri hÆnias, ⁊ 2895 bid Laidinta ⁊ Troianaigh na tost ogar feghad, ⁊ dobera mo 2896 des-sa Ænias dochum bais isin comrug sin, no mad essim bus 2897 coscurach bid Lauina aigi. Rofhregair Laitin do Tuirn iarsin: 2898 “A oglaich rochalma,” for se, “gach med do arachtus doni, is 2899 modi is egail lindi ni d'fhuaidh. Dena anois comairli choir 2900 orainde uile, air ata righe mo thuath agut, ⁊ atait cathracha 2901 imda, ⁊ ata imadh oir ⁊ airgit ⁊ set ocus maine ⁊ is liach duit 2902 uime sin do lott. Atait fos  481b dono ingena særa soicheninil i 2903 n-aentumha i n-Eadail ⁊ fogebair-siu do roga mna dib ⁊ leig uaid 2904 Lauina, uair is sarugudh dona deib a tabairt do fhir a n-Edail, 2905 uair is ed as toil doib, a tobairt do fhir echtrandcheniuil, ⁊ in 2906 fer echtarcheniuil dia rotoirberi-siu hi, rofellus fair ar do 2907 gradsu ⁊ ar deraib Amata, ⁊ doradus cath do immalle ritsu co 2908 ndorchratar isin chath sin maithi ⁊ flaithi na Laidinta cor'bo derg 2909 fuilide usce srotha Tibir dia fuil, ⁊ gur'bo geal muighi na hEtaili 2910 dia cnamaib ar met in air rolad forro. Cid adber rit, a meic 2911 inmuin, acht is imdemin in ræd e in comrac, uair ni fes cose  p.182 2912 cia ticfas a mbethaid ass, ⁊ mad tuso dofæth and, bud egin Lauina 2913 do tabairt do Ænias; ⁊ mad egin duind Lauina do tabairt do 2914 d'aithli in comraic, robad fearr duind a tobairt focetoir gan 2915 comruc duidsiu ris edir.” Roraidh Tuirn re Laidin: “Na 2916 bidh mo shnim-sa fortsu, uair nim midlach-sa re teacht a 2917 comhruc. Is sochaide torchair dochum bais dom 2918 deas-laimh-sea. Dofæth dono Ænias teichteach a thir i tir dom 2919 laim-sea dochum bais.” Ba handsin roraid in rigan Amata 2920 rissium ⁊ muidhidh a dera tara gruadaib: “Ar na deraib-sea 2921 legim-sea ⁊ in tairisi fuil edraind, oirchis dimsa ⁊ don tsenoir 2922 dot athair .i. do Duin ⁊ na herg a comrac re hÆnias, uair 2923 dia tæthais and, adbel-sa 'malle rit resiu adcear-sa Ænias a 2924 cleamnus rim.” In tan adconnairc Lauina a mathair ac cai, 2925 caiidh-si imalle ria, ⁊ muidhidh a dera fora gruaidib cæma 2926 corcardha, ⁊ imdergthair uimpe, ⁊ ba cæmh in ruidhiudh 2927 gnuisi tainic di, ⁊ ba himdergadh særchlainde le. In tan tra 2928 adconnairc Tuirrnd imdergadh na hingine roforbair a shearc 2929 ina cridhe, ⁊ ba fearr leis comrac uimpe inas dilsiugudh do 2930 Ænias. Roraidh Tuirnd frisin righain: “Is demin,” ar se, 2931 “nach dingin-sea ar duine gan in comrac-sa do denum amarach”: 2932 ⁊ roraidh re hIdmon: “Erg,” ar se, “⁊ abair re hÆnias tæt 2933 trath ergi amarach im chomdail-sea isin mag-sa amuigh a 2934 ndorus na cathrach ⁊ biad-sa fora chind and, ⁊ bit Troianaigh 2935 ⁊ Rudulta ina tost gan cath do chor do chechtarde dib fri 2936 araile, acht beth ina tost icar fegadh, ⁊ fearum comlund ar 2937 ndis isin muig-sea amuigh amarach, ⁊ bid Lauina do sedigh 2938 aganti ternabhus asin comlond sin, ⁊ bid sidh etir na tuatha 2939 o sin amach.””


Ba faileth tra Ænias dona scelaib doradadh chuigi, ⁊ robai 2941 sidhe a fur in chomraic arnamarach amal rofogradh do.


O thainic tra maidin in læ arnamarach, tancatar Troianaigh 2943 ⁊ Rudulta isin magh ar dorus cathrach Laitin cona n-arm 2944 gaisgidh, amal tistais a comhdhail catha, ⁊ tegait a righ ⁊ a 2945 taisigh, ⁊ tic Laitin cona rigraid. Tic dono Tuirn  482a2946 luirech trebraid tredualach alaind umaide uime cona cathbarr  p.184 2947 fhororda fhuirri co cir d' or oirloiscthi, ⁊ cloidim ordhuirnd 2948 airgdide fora cris, sciath sechtfillti fora muin, gai romor 2949 rocoimnert ina dheslaim. Tainic dono Ænias cona armghaiscedh 2950 cumdachta ⁊ tanic Ascan ⁊ Tarcon ⁊ taisigh na Troianach ar 2951 chena. Tancatar mna ⁊ seanoraigh ⁊ dæsgarsluagh for muraib na 2952 cathrach d'fhegadh in comruic. Doronta dono edburta acu 2953 dia ndeib co madh soraidh doib a sidh do dhenum. Atacht 2954 dono Ænias iarsin ⁊ a cloidim ina laim og denum in comluind, 2955 ⁊ torgaib a ghuth n-ard n-oiregda n-imscailti os aird. 2956 “Tuingim,” ar se, “ar dea nimhi ⁊ talman ⁊ ar dea na muire 2957 ⁊ na srotha ⁊ na n-aband ⁊ dar mo gail ⁊ dar mo gaiscedh, 2958 mad e Tuirnd bus coscrach, co ragad Troianaigh go cathair 2959 Euaindir, ⁊ na dingned cogadh re Laitintaib iarsin co bruine 2960 mbratha. Ma misi bus chosgrach immorro ni tiubar for 2961 Edaltaib fognum do Throianaib, ⁊ ni chuindeach dam fen 2962 righi forru acht sidh suthain ⁊ caradrad edraind dogres.”


O roraid Ænias na briathra-sa, rofhegh Laitin dochum 2964 nime ⁊ talman ⁊ roraidh: “Tuingim-sea,” ar se, ⁊ a lamh 2965 dochum nime ⁊ na ndei, “dar na huile lughis, a Ænias, co 2966 tæth nemh dochum talmhan ⁊ co ti in diliu tarin domun 2967 nocho brister in sidh-sa etir Laidintaib ⁊ Troianaib, gidh bedh 2968 tochrus do bar comhrag-si don chur-sa.” O rocindset a sidh 2969 amlaidh sin, dogniad edpurta dia ndeib iar-sin.


Na Rudulta immorro on lo rofhairigset corbo forland do Thuirn 2971 Ænias do chomruc ris, ba snim leo, ⁊ ba mor a gearan acu. 2972 In tan rofhairich Iutorna siur Tuirn imegla, in chomraic for 2973 Tuirn, nos-delband a ndelb Camermitis oglach soicheniuil 2974 rochalma esiden, ⁊ imtighid etir oireachtaib na Rudulta ⁊ is ed 2975 adberedh: “Nach nair lib, a Rudulta, æn fer do dilsiugudh 2976 tar bar cend uile i comrac, ⁊ ni ferr gaisgidh in tshloigh ut 2977 inas bar ngaiscidh. At uaiti d'fheraibh ina at sisi. Nochon 2978 fhuilet etir daine dund d'a tairgim uili amus forro. In tan  p.186 2979 dofæth Tuirn, bid aithreach lib in comhdail fora tai annois.” 2980 Is ed ba saint leo tra uili in cath do triall, in tan roan dib 2981 Iutorna. Dorad se airdi ele doibh beos dia togaithadh .i. 2982 ealtain robai forin tracht ina fiadhnaisi, tainic en ele 'na ndochum 2983 co rotheichset na heoin uile roime, ⁊ co tard les int en ba 2984 mo ⁊ ba heargnu dib, ⁊ co ruc les 'na chrobaib, ⁊ gu rathinoilit 2985 int enlaith ina dhiaidh, ⁊ gur'thallsat ar egin uadh int en, 2986 ⁊ co rotaifnetar a fot fairgi. In tan tra adconncatar na Rudulta 2987 anni sin, rosubaighet co mor, ar ba derb leo ba maith an 2988 celmuine adconncatar. Roraid Tolaminus: “Is maith in 2989 celmuine,  482b a Rudulta, is amlaid sud særfai-siu Tuirn for 2990 Ænias, ⁊ taifnemait Ænias ar egin for fairgi,” ⁊ roraid riu: 2991 “Gabaidh bar n-armu, a Rudulta, ⁊ fobraidh na firu, ⁊ ragat-sa 2992 romaib dia fobairt.” Asaidh gair mor in tan sin a scoraib na 2993 Rudulta, ⁊ gebidh cach dib a arm d'fobairt na debtha, ⁊ teid 2994 Tolominus rempu, ⁊ crothaid a gai, roleigh 'sin oiricht robo 2995 neasa do dona Troianaib. Robatar IX meic Gillipe do Arcaidib 2996 ina farrud isin inud sin, ⁊ benaid in gai tarrlaic Tolominus do 2997 nomad fer co mbai trid co comtrom. Adragait a braithri 2998 andside ⁊ gebit a n-armu dochum na debtha. Adrachtatar 2999 na Laidinta d'fhoirithin na Rudulta. Eirghit na Troianu dono 3000 ⁊ na hArcaidegdha ⁊ na Tuisgia ina n-aigidh. Fasaid morgair 3001 andsin ac comrag dona sluagaib co clos co clethi nime. 3002 Cumaisgter na sloigh ⁊ toirmisgter na hidpurta ocus brister 3003 in sidh. Teichid Laitin dochum a chathrach ⁊ adnaigh cach 3004 dochum araile. Ba handsin dorad Coroneus Troianach robai ac 3005 idpuirt ag altoir na ndea bem do'thinni for lasadh fora ulchain 3006 do Ebus Rudulta tainic chuigi co roibi a ulchu ⁊ a folt for lasad. 3007 Marbaid dono Podalirus Troianach Alsum primædhaire Laitin. 3008 Ænias immorro in tan rochuala in gredan ⁊ in cumusc roba 3009 isna scoraibh adracht ⁊ togbaidh ⁊ roshin a laim gan arm inte 3010 ardaigh a luighi do chomull ⁊ na robristea in sidh doronsat  p.188 3011 ⁊ is ed roraidh riu: “A Troianu ⁊ a Rudulta, na denaid debaid 3012 ⁊ na brisidh in sidh, ⁊ toirmisgidh bar ferg, ⁊ legid damsa ⁊ 3013 do Thuirnd debaid do denum ⁊ bidh uile i nbar tost ogar 3014 forcoimed.” In tan tra robai Ænias forna briathraib sin, dolegar 3015 urchur do shoigit fon slogh, ⁊ ni feas cia ros-tarlaig gur'ben 3016 do Ænias triana sliasaid cona cæmnacair imteacht. Dosoich 3017 chuigi Menisteus ⁊ Achates ⁊ Asgan in tan sin ⁊ nos-berid 3018 dochum a scor. In tan adconnairc Tuirrnd dochum a scor ⁊ 3019 tuisechu Troianach imalle fris, rogab ar ceill co madh lais a 3020 coscur isin lo sin, ar ba doig leis is ar techedh dochuaidh 3021 Ænias, ⁊ teit ina carpat ⁊ fobraidh in slog Troianach co 3022 læchda laidir lamchar ⁊ foceard ar mor for sluag na Troianach. 3023 Ocus marbaid Sdenelum ⁊ Tamirum ⁊ Polum ⁊ Glucom ⁊ Laden 3024 ⁊ Eumneden ⁊ Goloria ⁊ Sibarum ⁊ Dareta ⁊ Tersilocom ⁊ 3025 Timœden ⁊ Pegum. Cen robai Tuirn ag slaidhi na slogh 3026 amlaid sin, doberthar dochum Ænias do ben na soigti asa cois 3027 in primliaigh .i. Iapix ⁊ Iasides di dalta do 'Paill ⁊ femid a 3028 ben as. Tic a mhathair .i. Uenir a hinis Creid ⁊ in lus dia 3029 n-ad ainm Dictanium le, ⁊ curidh ar usce ⁊ sredhid asa beolaib 3030 imon crecht  483a ⁊ sgendid fochetoir in soighid asin crecht, 3031 ⁊ tic a fhuil ⁊ a nemh asin crecht iarsin ⁊ tic a nert ⁊ a shlainte 3032 a n-Ænias amal nach gontai etir. Roraid Iapix iarsin: “A 3033 Troianu,” ar se, “tabraidh a arm d' Ænias fodhesta ar ni fuil 3034 easbhaidh slainte fair na brotha na brigi na goile na gaiscidh 3035 ⁊ denaidh calma imalle fris a n-aighid na Rudulta fuilet ac 3036 cor bar n-air.” O roraidh Iapix na briathra sin ⁊ o rochengail 3037 in cois iar coir, rogabh Ænias a chlaidemh cosgrach comrumach 3038 ⁊ a luirech trebraidh tredhualaigh cona cathbarr feta fororda ⁊ 3039 a sciath sechtfillti fora chliu. Gebidh dono Asgan a erridh 3040 catha uime ⁊ nonertand ⁊ rogres a athair co ndernadh calma. 3041 Dothæd Ænias asa scoraib amach, ⁊ tic Sergestus ⁊ Menesteus 3042 ⁊ Anteus ⁊ taisigh na Troianach ar cheana, ⁊ doghniat cath dib 3043 ar doirrsib na scor ⁊ tiaghait co tairpthech tren talchar a 3044 n-aigidh na Rudulta. In tan tra adconnaircset na Rudulta  p.190 3045 Ænias cona Troianaib ina chruaidhrem catha chucu, ros-geb 3046 egla ⁊ omun ⁊ tic egla mor do Thuirn fen ⁊ nir'bo egla 3047 gan adbhar doib, ar ba calma curata ⁊ ba fergach feochair 3048 forniata ⁊ ba hagarb ainnsergach aindiarraid in fobairt tucsat 3049 forro, curaidh ⁊ cathmilid ⁊ laith gaili na Troianach do dhighal 3050 forro in tshidha do brisiud ⁊ in fhiallaigh romarbsat iar ndhenum 3051 comhluighi ⁊ cairdiusa doib. Ba læchdha lamhchar laidir 3052 in fhobairt tucsat forro. Batar imdha leacht ⁊ laighi læch 3053 ⁊ curud gan chend don fobairt 'sin mhuigh fo dhorus cathrach 3054 Laitin. Ba handsin romarbh Timirus Troianach Osirum Rudulta 3055 .i. cathmilid. Romarb Menesteus Arrcheidsim. Romarb Achtes 3056 Apulione ri. Romarb Gitas Afentem. Dorochair and dono 3057 Tolominus mathmarcoir. Ba hesidhe robris in sidh ⁊ rothelg 3058 in cet gai a n-oireacht na Troianach. Ænias immorro nir'ghon 3059 sidhe neach in tan sin ⁊ nochor'la a aid for duine acht robai 3060 ag iarraid Tuirn seachnon in catha do comrag ris. In tan 3061 tra rofairig Iutorna bandea siur Tuirn Ænias for iarraidh 3062 Tuirrn, teid isin carbat i raibi Tuirn, ⁊ cuirid Mestigoin 3063 ara Tuirn asin carbat ⁊ nos-delband hi fen a richt in arad 3064 ⁊ berid in carbat for imgabail Ænias. Gach conair rothegidh 3065 sechnon in chatha, tigedh Ænias fora lurg ⁊ se iga gairm o guth 3066 mor. Ba handsin rola Mesapus chuigi ⁊ tarrlaigh urchur do 3067 gai for amus Ænias. O rofhairigh Ænias in gai chuigi, roleig 3068 roime for scath a sceith, ⁊ benaidh in gai dar ciran cathbairr 3069 na luirighi ⁊ brisid in ciran. Tic a bruth ⁊ a brig ⁊ a ghal curud 3070 do Ænias iarsin, ⁊ fobraid for slaidhi  483b ⁊ for slechtadh na 3071 slog in conair rothegidh 'mon cath for iarraidh Tuirrn ⁊ marbaid 3072 focetoir Surcon cathmilid do Rudultaib. Marbaid dono Tuirn 3073 Amicom ⁊ Diorem. Marbaid dono Ænias Talon ⁊ Tanaim ⁊ 3074 Cadegaim ⁊ Achonium ⁊ Menoiteam ⁊ Murranus. Marbaid dono 3075 Tuirnd Ilum. Marbaid Ænias Cupenum. Marbaid Tuirrn Cretea  p.192 3076 ⁊ Eolum. Dos-ratsat uile co dichra fri cathugud ⁊ muididh for 3077 Rudultaib in cath ⁊ ona tarraidh Ænias tend for Tuirnd, ar 3078 ros-ruc Iutorna 'na diaidh forindh do Troianaib robatar ic 3079 teichedh remhi, is i comairle doroine Ænias. Docuaid for 3080 tulaigh aird ⁊ tinoilter a tuisigh ⁊ a sloig dochum Ænias ⁊ 3081 roraidh riu: “In cathair ut adchithi, is esti sin doberar gach olc 3082 dund. Tegam go ngabam dund ⁊ tiagam ina dochum. Muchum ⁊ 3083 murum in cathraigh ⁊ tabram tenidh tairrsi, ⁊ cuindchim ar 3084 egin duind sid ⁊ cairdius, ⁊ na tabram coigill doib acht tabram 3085 d'ar n-uid a ndernsat d'ulc rind ⁊ denum gach n-olc riu gen co 3086 ti Tuirrn a comlund cugaind no noco tartar cairdis no sidh ceana 3087 duind.” O roraidh Ænias na briathra-sa adnaghait uili co 3088 hænmenmnach dochum na cathrach ⁊ marbait gach æn tarthatar 3089 re cathraich amuigh ⁊ adnaghait for ceand, foirind dib ag 3090 linad na clas, ⁊ foirind ac brissidh na mur ⁊ ag tabairt arad 3091 ria; foirind ac cur tenedh 'sin cathraigh; foirind ag dibrugudh 3092 cloch ⁊ arm isin cathraig ⁊ adnaig Ænias o guth mor og bem 3093 aisgi for Laitin ar brisid in sidha. Robai troighi mor isin 3094 cathraigh in tan sin. Rofhas eguibdhe mor etir lucht na 3095 cathrach fen, foirind dib ag iarruid in cathair d'fhoslugud 3096 re nÆnias ⁊ in sidh do denum ⁊ rigi do tabairt do ⁊ foirind 3097 ele ag gabail na cathrach ⁊ ic denum na deabtha ⁊ ag obad in 3098 tshida.


In tan adconnairc in rigan Amata Troianu ag togail na 3100 cathrach ⁊ gan Rudulta do chath friu, ba dearb le romarbad 3101 Tuirnd, ⁊ ros-gab for guba ⁊ for cainedh ⁊ for toirrsi moir, ⁊ 3102 dobeir sas co rith ima braighit ac ceangal do thuiridh ⁊ 3103 nos-marband fen amlaid sin. Ba bronach Laitin don gnim sin, 3104 ⁊ batar dubaigh lucht na cathrach ⁊ in baili sin uili ⁊ doroine 3105 Lauina guba mor dono ac cainedh a mathar. Dluighidh a 3106 hedach 'mo cend ⁊ a folt ⁊ doni a sgribudh fesin fora aighid.


In tan sin dono robai Tuirn amuigh a ndiaid forni do 3108 Troianait robatar i m-maidm reme, rosoich cuici Saces do 3109 muintir Laitin ar teichedh iarna goin do soighid ⁊ se ag diugairi  p.194 3110 ⁊ ic nemele ⁊ is ed roraidh: “A Thuirn,” ar se, “as truagh 3111 atathar a cathair Laitin as trasta ⁊ Ænias aga mbrud ⁊ iga 3112 loscad ⁊ ni sailend Laidin cobazr d'fhagbail o neach ele acht 3113 uaitsiu. Ros-marb dono Amata in righan ar omun Ænias, ⁊ 3114 mine fhoirther co luath airgfider ⁊ murfaidher in cathair uile.” 3115  484aBa trom tra la Tuirn in sgel sin ⁊ ba dimdach d'a 3116 shiair, ar ba fearr lais anad isin cathraigh na bregad di uaithi, 3117 ⁊ ba fearr lais a bas ac denum a enig inas a elud fo mebail, ⁊ 3118 lingid co feochair fergach asin carbat ⁊ berid borbruathar tren 3119 talchar triasin cath co riacht co dorus na cathrach. Ocus 3120 roraidh o ghuth mor: “A Rudulta ⁊ a Troianu, na denaid 3121 cathugud ni is mo fodesta acht legidh damsa ⁊ d'Ænias comlund 3122 in bar fiadnaisi ⁊ bid bar sidh suthain, gid bed uaind ternabus 3123 asin comrug.” In tan tra roclos int aithisc sin do rad do 3124 Thuirn, rothoirmisgid in cathughudh ⁊ rosguc cach o 'raile ⁊ 3125 tarlaigidh rai comruic doib .i. do Thuirn ⁊ d' Ænias ar dorus 3126 na cathrach ⁊ rosguch cach o 'raile dib, ⁊ ted cach uaithibh 3127 gach leath, ⁊ batar na sloigh ina cru umpu ⁊ siad uili ica 3128 forchoimet in da chathmiled croda curuta i n-aighidh araile ⁊ 3129 focherdaid gliaidh fergach fochetoir etaru, ⁊ ni riacht ceachtar 3130 de eitim gona na letartha for araile fri re clan. Is and dobeir 3131 Tuirrn bem dichra do Ænias co romid in cloidim a cathbarr 3132 na luirighi cona fargaib acht a urrdorn 'na laim. In tan rofairich 3133 Tuirrn a cloidim do maidm, teichidh focetoir re n-Ænias ⁊ 3134 adnaigh Ænias aga thogairm acht ba luaithi Tuirn ⁊ ba mall 3135 Ænias on ghuin tugad fair ina chois cona cæmnacair tarrachtain 3136 Tuirrn. Robai Tuirrn ag atach a muintire in tan sin ag 3137 cuindgidh cloidimh. Robhaig dono Ænias a bas frisinti doberad 3138 cloidim do. Rochuartaigset fo coig ina rai catha ⁊ Tuirrn 3139 ac techedh re n-Ænias inti thall ar ni fhuair conair 3140 teichid esti amach, air robai loch do thæb de ⁊ in cathair don 3141 tæb ele ⁊ sloigh na Troianach etaru ⁊ in magh amach 3142 cona raibi conair teichidh na heluda aigi acht beth ima  p.196 3143 cuairt a medhon na ræ comraic ⁊ Ænias ina dhiaidh ica 3144 thafond. O na cæmnacair Ænias a tarachtain ar luas, a robai 3145 lenudh na gona ina chois ag milliud a reatha uimi, gabaid 3146 Ænias in gai dia dhibrugud uair na tarraidh fair. Roleig 3147 Ænias aurchur don gai do. In tan adconnairc Tuirrn in gai 3148 ina dochum, ted ar teichead ar sgath alochraind coisegartha 3149 do Puin robai for lar na ræ comraic, ⁊ benaid in gai isin 3150 crand ⁊ rethid Ænias dia bein asin crund ⁊ femidh a buain 3151 as, ar dochuaid Tuirrn a muinigin Fuin cona roleged d'Ænias 3152 in gai do ben asin crand dia guin-sium de, ⁊ gebidh Fuin 3153 imon gæ cona cæmnacair Ænias in gæ do ben asin crand. 3154 Tic dono in tan sin Iuturna bandea siur Tuirn dia fhoirithin 3155 ⁊ ros-delband a richt Metici arad Tuirn ⁊ dobeir cloidim Duin 3156 ina laim ar ni rolam nech aile don tshlogh arm do thabairt do. 3157 In tan ad connairc Uenir in cloidim do thabairt  484b do 3158 Thuirn arai sin dotæd-si do foirithin Ænias ⁊ benaid in gai 3159 asin chrund co raibi arm ac cechtar .i. gai a laimh Ænias 3160 ⁊ cloidim a laim Tuirn. Ba handsin tangatar ardi bais ⁊ 3161 drochreachta do Thuirn .i. tainic Dira a hifernd i ndelb en bis 3162 ag adnuclaib co Tuirn ⁊ adnaigh ic foluamain 'mo ceand ⁊ 3163 ica tuargain cona etib. In tan adconnairc Iutorna inni sin 3164 roghab for cell bas Tuirn ⁊ rosgail a folt ⁊ rocirr a haighid 3165 ⁊ rotuairc a bruindhe ⁊ tuc a hiachtad ⁊ a hardgol esti ⁊ 3166 roraid ris: “A brathair inmuin,” ar se, “is celmhuine bais 3167 soin ar rodilsighset na dei thu,” for si, “⁊ ni cuimgim-sea ni 3168 duit fodesta”; ⁊ impoid a druim ris iarsin ⁊ teid uad dochum 3169 a hinaid fen. Croithidh Ænias in gai o dorat asin crund 3170 in rolean, ⁊ tic a n-aighidh Tuirnd, ⁊ roraid ris: “A Thuirn,” 3171 ar se, “ni combaig retha no teichid is dual a comlund acht 3172 is cathugud o armhaib aigid i n-aigidh co calma. Impo for 3173 cul chugumsa ⁊ na teich uaim ma ta brig neirt no gaile no  p.198 3174 gaiscid agot, ar ni fuighbea do dhin romumsa gan do bhas 3175 leam, ge theichis, muna deachais isin ær edrauas for foluamain, 3176 no muna deachais a fudomuin talman romumsa.” Impoid 3177 Tuirrn cuigisium iarsin ⁊ croithid: a cend fair ⁊ is ed roraidh 3178 ris: “Ni rigi a les morbriathar do denum rimsa, ar ni fhil 3179 do brig agumsa na d'armuib 'mu degfregra, muna thugat na 3180 dei damh”; ⁊ fegaid uime iarsin ⁊ adchi gallia comruine crich 3181 i focus do fedhm da fher deg do dhainib na haimsiri 3182 deidincha-seo ina toghbail. Non-geb Tuirn fora baiss ⁊ 3183 rethid le ⁊ nos-leg for amus Ænias, ⁊ ni ruacht in cloch co 3184 hÆnias etir. Gebid egla mor Tuirrn andsin, ⁊ ni fitir cia ni 3185 doghenad, ⁊ ni roibi adbar teichidh na imgabala aigi in tan 3186 sin, ⁊ adnaigh ag feghadh na cathrach ⁊ na Rudulta uadh. 3187 Croithidh Ænias dono in gai romor bai ina laim, ⁊ doleig 3188 aurchur de for Tuirnd co ndeachaid triasin sgiath sechtfillte 3189 ⁊ triasin luirigh tredualaigh ⁊ triasin sliasait co ndorchair 3190 Tuirn ⁊ a bel fri lar, ⁊ t' egaid, na Rudulta gair mor os aird. 3191 Soighidh dono Ænias iarsin dochum Tuirn ocus nochtaidh a 3192 cloidim ⁊ gabaid Tuirrn fora atach. “Roclos,” for se, “is lat 3193 Lauina, ⁊ is lat Edail, ⁊ as tu as cosgrach, ⁊ oirchis don 3194 tshenoir do Duin .i. dom athair-sea, uair robai seanoir a 3195 macsamla agut fen .i. Anaichis. Leig do mo chorp dia 3196 adnucul iarna fhodbugud do Duin. Na cuimuigh duind ar 3197 misgais o chen agut. Adchiat Edaltai as tu as cosgrach ⁊ is 3198 lat buaid.” Sochtaid Ænias iarsin ⁊ oirchisidh a meanma de, 3199 ⁊ rotriall a anacol. Focerd dono Tuirn cor de co n-acaidh 3200 Ænias in tan sin cris Paill meic Euaindir im Tuirrn  485a co 3201 ngeb ferg ⁊ londus fris ⁊ is ed roraid ris in tan sin: “Int 3202 anacul doradais-siu d'ænmaccam na Cartago .i. do Phaill,” 3203 ar se, “dober-sa duitsiu.” Saidhidh Ænias in cloidim trid 3204 iarsin ⁊ is ed roraid: “Paill dobeir in guin sin,” ar se. 3205 Atbath tra Tuirrn focedoir, ⁊ berid Ænias a airm ⁊ a fhaidb  p.200 3206 lais. Ocus legid a corp do Dhuin dia adnacul, ⁊ dogni 3207 Ænias iarsin sid ⁊ clemnus re Laitin, ⁊ faiid Lauina lais, ⁊ 3208 robai a righi Edaili co ceand tri mbliadan. Ocus adbath 3209 Ænias iarsin, ⁊ berid Lauina mac do Ænias iarna eg .i. 3210 Siluius a ainm side. Geibid dono Asgan a ndiaidh Ænias 3211 righi na hEtaili fri re VIII mbiadan XXX, ⁊ faiidh Lauina 3212 la hAscan ⁊ cumdaigther cathair lais di .i. Alba Longa ⁊ berid 3213 Lauina mac do Ascan .i. Ilus a ainm sidhe, ⁊ is do shil 3214 Æniasa ⁊ Asgain ⁊ Lauina rogenetar flaithi ⁊ rigraidh Roman 3215 ⁊ oirigh in domuin o sin riam co ti in brath. Conidh iad 3216 imtheachta Æniasa meic Anaichis conaigi sin. Finit, Amen, 3217 finit. Solamh O Droma nomine scripsit.

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Title (uniform): Imtheachta Æniasa

Title (translation): The Irish Aeneid

Author: unknown

Editor: George Calder

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Electronic edition donated by: Margaret Lantry

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Funded by: School of History, University College, Cork

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1. First draft, revised and corrected.

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Manuscript sources

  • Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 536, 449–485 (olim 23 P 12, Book of Ballymote) (Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, fasc. 13, ed. Kathleen Mulchrone (Dublin), 1610–1655). For details see Robert Atkinson (ed.), The Book of Ballymote, a collection of pieces, prose and verse, in the Irish language in part compiled in the fifteenth century, published from the original manuscript, by the Royal Irish Academy with an Introduction, Analysis of contents and Index (Dublin, 1887).

Editions and Translations

  1. Imtheachta Æniasa: The Irish Aeneid, being a translation, made before A.D. 1400, of the XII books of Vergil's Æneid into Gaelic. The Irish text, with translation into English, introduction, vocabulary, and notes by George Calder (London: Irish Texts Society, 1907).
  2. T. Hudson Williams, Cairdius Aenias ocus Didaine. The Love of Aeneas and Dido [Text from Book of Ballymote 451a with translation], Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie 2 (1899) 419–472.


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  12. Ralph O'Connor, Classical Literature and Learning in Medieval Irish Narrative (Woodbridge/Suffolk 2014).

Online resources

  1. Calder's edition is available online in various formats on www.archive.org.
  2. The Latin text by Publius Vergilius Maro is available at the Latin Library: http://www.thelatinlibrary.com/verg.html.
  3. O'Reilly's Dictionary is available on www.archive.org; courtesy of the national Library of Scotland.

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Calder, George, ed. (1907). Imtheachta Æniasa‍. 1st ed. one volume. London: Irish Texts Society.

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  address 	 = {London},
  date 	 = {1907},
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Creation: By an unknown Irish scribe 15th century

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  • Some phrases in the introduction and the text are in Latin. (la)

Keywords: Classical; histor; prose; medieval; adaptation; Aeneid

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