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Patrick O'Callaghan


Patrick O’Callaghan joined UCC School of Law in 2014, having previously been a senior lecturer in law at Newcastle University, UK, and a researcher at the Centre for European Law and Politics (ZERP), University of Bremen, Germany. At UCC, Patrick teaches Jurisprudence (LW3367) and Torts I (LW1106). Working with the Skills Centre at UCC, he has also designed and currently coordinates the digital badge in independent thinking.
Patrick is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to legal questions and has a particular interest in law and humanities-based methodologies. More specifically, his main area of research activity is the field of personality rights, as that field is conceptualised in the civilian legal tradition. His most recent work has focused on the right to be forgotten and the right to freedom of thought in the context of socio-technological transformations. He has collaborated in over a dozen international research projects since 2005. As principal investigator, his work has also been funded by the Irish Research Council and Enterprise Ireland.

Patrick is currently co-director of the Irish Legal Information Initiative (IRLII) and was a Trustee Director of the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) from 2015 to 2021. He is a member of the advisory board of the European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance and a member of the International Network on Public Interests in Private Relationships, coordinated by the University of Groningen. 

Recent publications 

'Introduction to a Comparative Study of the Right to Freedom of Thought' (2021) 8 (2/3) European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance 107-111 (co-authored with B. Shiner) []

'The Right to Freedom of Thought in the European Convention on Human Rights' (2021) 8 (2/3) European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance 112-145 (co-authored with B. Shiner) []

'Between Pragmatism and Perfectionism in Legal Translation' in B. Akkermans & A. Berlee (eds) Sjef-Sache: Essays in Honour of Prof J.H.M van Erp (The Hague: Eleven International Publishing, 2021) 
pp 285-294

'Internal Coherence and the Possibility of Judicial Integrity' in M. Nicolini et al (eds) Law and Imagination in Troubled Times (London: Routledge, 2020) 
pp 157-172 

'The Right to be Forgotten in Ireland' in F. Werro (ed) The Right to be Forgotten: A Comparative Study of the Emergent Right's Evolution and Application in Europe, The Americas, and Asia (Berlin and New York: Springer, 2020) 
pp 141-161 []

Selected Other Publications

‘The Chance to Melt into the Shadows of Obscurity: Developing a Right to be Forgotten in the United States’ in A. Cudd & M. Navin (eds) Core Concepts and Contemporary Issues in Privacy (New York: Springer, 2018) pp 159-174 []

‘Privacy and Search Engines: Forgetting or Contextualising?’ (2016) 43 (2) Journal of Law and Society 257-284 (co-authored with S. de Mars) []

‘Article 8 ECHR as a General Personality Right?’ (2015) 6(1) Journal of European Tort Law 69-84 []

‘False Privacy and Information Games’ (2013) 4 (3) Journal of European Tort Law 282–305 []

‘Monologic Thinking and the Eurozone Crisis’ in F. Allen, E. Carletti and J. Gray (eds) Political, Fiscal and Banking Union in the Eurozone? (Philadelphia: Wharton Financial Institutions Center Press, 2013) pp 181-190 []

‘Collective Memory in Law and Policy: The Problem of the Sovereign Debt Crisis’ (2012) 32(4) Legal Studies 642-660 []

Refining Privacy in Tort Law
(Berlin and New York: Springer, 2012) 169 pp []

Personality Rights in European Tort Law
(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010) 640 pp (co-edited with G. Brüggemeier & A. Colombi Ciacchi) []

‘Ireland’ in A. Colombi Ciacchi & S Weatherill (eds) Unfair Banking Practices in Europe (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010), pp 339-352 (co-authored with A. O'Donoghue) []

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