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Patrick O'Callaghan



I joined the staff of UCC School of Law in January 2014, having moved from Newcastle University where I was a senior lecturer in law. Previously, I was a researcher (wissenschaflicher Mitarbeiter) at the Centre for European Law and Politics (ZERP), University of Bremen. 

Teaching Interests

At UCC, I teach Tort I (LW1106) and Jurisprudence (LW3367). I am also currently the Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Law and from 2014 to 2018 I was Director of Teaching and Learning. 
In teaching, I aim to create what Bain calls a ‘natural critical learning environment’, seeking to engender a sense of community in class so that learning feels like a collaborative effort that is also enjoyable. I am particularly interested in ways of cultivating independent thinking in students (in the sense of being aware of the risks of dogmatic thinking) while also helping them appreciate the relational contexts within which our thinking takes place. Against this background, working with the UCC Skills Centre, I have designed a digital badge on independent thinking which will be offered to UCC students in 2020.

Research Interests

I am especially interested in law and humanities-based research. My main area of research focus is on connections between law and theories of memory and forgetting. Building on work completed on the right to be forgotten funded by the Irish Research Council in 2017, I am researching the various ways law creates space for forgetting and being forgotten. An emerging area of interest is the right to freedom of thought and its potential use in the contemporary socio-technological context. I also maintain an interest in tort law and am currently undertaking work on the duty of care question in Irish law.  Work-in-progress and forthcoming essays include: 

‘Remembering Rightly in Law and Policy’
‘Towards a Taxonomy of Duty of Care Situations in the Irish Law of Negligence’

‘The Right to Freedom of Thought in the European Convention on Human Rights’ (with B. Shiner)

Selected Publications

'Internal Coherence and the Possibility of Judicial Integrity' in M. Nicolini et al (eds) Law and Imagination in Troubled Times (London: Routledge, 2020)

'The Right to be Forgotten in Ireland' in F. Werro (ed) The Right to be Forgotten: A Comparative Study of the Emergent Right's Evolution and Application in Europe, The Americas, and Asia (Berlin and New York: Springer, 2020) 

'The Chance to Melt into the Shadows of Obscurity: Developing a Right to be Forgotten in the United States' in A. Cudd & M. Navin (eds) Core Concepts and Contemporary Issues in Privacy (New York: Springer, 2018) 

'Privacy and Search Engines: Forgetting or Contextualizing?' (2016) 43(2) Journal of Law and Society 257-284 (co-authored with S. de Mars) 

‘Defamation: Part I', 'Defamation: Part II' & Malicious Falsehood’ in K. Oliphant (ed) The Law of Tort (3rd edn) (Butterworths Common Law Library) (London: LexisNexis, 2014) pp 1405-1543 [chapters in first and second edition authored by A. Mullis]

‘Monologic Thinking and the Eurozone Crisis’ in F. Allen, E. Carletti and J. Gray (eds) Political, Fiscal and Banking Union in the Eurozone? (Philadelphia: Wharton Financial Institutions Center Press, 2013) pp 181-190

‘False Privacy and Information Games’ (2013) 4 (3) Journal of European Tort Law 282–305

‘Collective Memory in Law and Policy: The Problem of the Sovereign Debt Crisis’ (2012) 32(4) Legal Studies 642-660

Refining Privacy in Tort Law (Berlin and New York: Springer, 2012) 169 pp 

Personality Rights in European Tort Law (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010) 640 pp (with G. Brüggemeier & A. Colombi Ciacchi (eds))

‘Privacy in Pursuit of a Purpose?’ (2009) 17(2) Tort Law Review 100-113 

Outreach and Public Engagement 

I have been a member of the Board of Trustees of the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) since 2015. BAILII is a prominent member of the Free Access to the Law Movement (FALM), an international movement of lawyers exercising an important civic function in making legal materials freely available to the public online.  I am also co-director (with Dr Maria Cahill) of the Irish Legal Information Institute (IRLII). We are currently collaborating with Luke Noonan, a PhD researcher and IRC Scholar, and a team of UG and PG students on the IRLII project which will provide a keyword searchable database of Irish legal materials. You can follow our work on Twitter @irishlawcases

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