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Patrick O'Callaghan


Background, Teaching and Research Interests

Patrick O’Callaghan is a graduate of University College Cork (BCL (Law and German), LLM) and the University of Bremen (Dr iur). From 2004 to 2007 he was a researcher (wissenschaflicher Mitarbeiter) at the Centre for European Law and Politics (ZERP), University of Bremen. He moved to Newcastle University in 2007 where he was a lecturer and then a senior lecturer in law. He joined the staff of the UCC School of Law in 2014. At UCC, Dr O'Callaghan teaches Tort I (LW1106) and Jurisprudence (LW3367). He is also currently the Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Law and was formerly Director of Teaching and Learning.

Dr O’Callaghan is particularly interested in interdisciplinary approaches to legal questions. Currently he has two main areas of research focus:

  • Connections between law and theories of memory and forgetting. Building on work completed on the right to be forgotten funded by the Irish Research Council in 2016, he is researching the various ways law creates space for forgetting and being forgotten. 
  • Developing a taxonomy of duty of care cases in negligence. He is also working on a theoretical analysis of the duty of care question in the Irish law of negligence. 
Dr O’Callaghan is a member of the advisory board of the European Journal of Comparative Law and Governance and is a trustee director of the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII). 

Recent publications include:
  • 'The Right to be Forgotten in Ireland' in F. Werro (ed) The Right to be Forgotten: A Comparative Study of the Emergent Right's Evolution and Application in Europe, The Americas, and Asia (Springer, forthcoming) [Link]
  • 'The Chance to Melt into the Shadows of Obscurity: Developing a Right to be Forgotten in the United States' in A. Cudd & M. Navin (eds) Core Concepts and Contemporary Issues in Privacy (New York: Springer, 2018) [Link]
  • 'Review of D. Wright & P. de Hert (eds) Enforcing Privacy: Regulatory, Legal and Technological Approaches' (2017) 25(4) International Journal of Law and Information Technology 336-338 [Link]
  • 'Privacy and Search Engines: Forgetting or Contextualizing?' (2016) 43(2) Journal of Law and Society 257-284 (co-authored with S. de Mars) [Link]
  • 'Narratives about Privacy and Forgetting in English Law' (2016) 30 (1-2) International Review of Law, Computers and Technology 42-56 (co-authored with S. de Mars) [Link]

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