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Monuments: I

1. Iona, St. Martin's Cross. West Face, General View. Top.

RecordAuthor Máirín Mac Carron
ISODate 2002-06-07
Date 7 June 2002
PictureCredit Jane Hawkes
County Argyll, Isle of Mull
Townland Iona
OSMapRef NM 285242 (128525, 724212)
Area Scotland
GeneralContext High Cross
Location SW angle of the nave of the abbey church
GeneralContext Stone type: Epidiorite
Dimensions 4.3 m high, 0.67 m wide, 0.26 m thick.
GeneralDescription West face of St. Martin's Cross tapering in width towards the top.
West W1 Lower Panel: Probably once an inscription, now illegible
West W2 Lowest ornamental panel: 6 bosses forming two triangles on 12 interlaced serpents.
West W3 (i) 4 figures, 2 pairs, pair one, one bigger and one smaller, (David and Goliath) Old Testament. 1 Sam. 17:49.
West W3 (ii) pair two, one figure standing, one kneeling
West W4 Musician seated with harp, facing kneeling figure with multiple pipe, small triangular object at foot of panel. David and his musicians/ David playing the harp? Psalms. Old Testament. I Sam. 16:19.
West W5 central figure "wig" like hair carries sword on right shoulder, touches figure on right with his left hand, between them is a rectangular shape (altar?) smaller figure fills space on left. Sacrifice of Isaac. Old Testament. Gen. 22:7.
West W6 top of shaft and lower part of cross head, figure facing front, seated with right hand raised in blessing, beside and below him two lions rest their forelegs on his knees. Daniel in the lion's den. Old Testament. Daniel 6:18.
West Centre of Cross Head: Virgin and Child, surrounded by 4 small angels. Virgin frontal, child in profile on left knee.
West Side arms: beast/ quadruped tail curled above its back
West Top arm: 3 lions back to back tails entwined.

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